Daddy's Whore

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Published: 7-Apr-2012

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I would never do this in real life or participate in any activity like it. Fantasy is fantasy.

Chapter One

It was just another normal day as I rode my bike home from school, except as I pulled into our driveway, I saw my daddy's car. It was too early for him to be home from work, I thought. Then my heart leapt as I knew he must have come home early to celebrate my birthday! I was 12 years old today and very excited about it!

The house was dark and quiet as I opened the front door. I felt a chill run up my spine. For some reason, I had a strange feeling of doom. I quietly shut the door behind me.

With the feeling of dread getting worse, I searched the house for my daddy.

Finally finding him seated at the kitchen table, his head cupped in his hands.

My eyes took the scene in, afraid. They didn't miss the almost empty bottle of liquor in front of him. The ashtray, overflowing with cigarette butts, the one burning down between his fingers.

I stood there quietly, afraid to move for what seemed hours. My presence must have occurred to him. He raised his head to look at me. His eyes red- rimmed, and unfocused, trying to pinpoint me.

"Daddy?" I questioned. "Did you come home early for my birthday?"

Knowing that wasn't the reason.

A short snort of laughter came from him.

"No birthday for you today," he said. "No birthday's for awhile for anyone I'll bet. Got canned today. No notice, no reason, nothing!" He took another shaky drink from the bottle.

Cautiously, I sat at the table across from him. His hollow, far away eyes, attempted to focus on me.

"I'll bet your fucking mother had something to do with this. Just one more humiliation to load on me. As if leaving me to go whore around with that boss of hers, and leaving me with all these bills, and a brat daughter to raise, wasn't enough!" He slammed his fist on the table making me jump.

"No. Whoring isn't the right word," he said around another drink of the bottle. "If she was whoring, at least she might be making some money, and be able to help with all the damn money it costs to feed and buy clothes for you. No, that bitch is just giving it away!" I was getting more scared and uneasy at his language, and temper. I had very rarely seen him like this. Never this drunk!

"I don't need a birthday daddy," I said hopefully, trying to help.

"Fucking right you don't!" He snarled. "What you need is to help with some of the money problems around here!"

"Okay, daddy," I said. Unsure of how I could possibly be of any help with money.

I saw a strange, almost evil expression come to his features. I drew back in my chair, alarmed.

He continued. Seeming to be speaking more to himself, than to me. "Yeah, that's not a bad idea. Your mother is nothing but a dumb whore. Dumb because she doesn't charge, but still a whore. As your loving daddy, it's my duty to make sure you don't turn out as stupid."

I nodded, agreeing, but not really understanding what he meant.

Seeming to realize I was there. He glared at me.

"You a virgin?" he demanded.

"No! No daddy! I stammered shocked. The whole idea, totally outrageous to me.

He looked at me for a few minutes in silence. His gaze going into me, and through me. Me, becoming more and more frightened with each passing second. The look growing on his face, totally alien to me. Had I been older. I might have recognized it as lust.

He stood suddenly. His chair falling backward. I let out a small cry of alarm.

He walked over to me, jerking me upright by my arm painfully.

"Seems like you'll be getting a birthday present after all," he laughed.

Daddy half led me, half dragged me to his bedroom. My mind was in turmoil! What was going on? Was I going to get a spanking? I hadn't had one in almost a year. Since the time I broke some dishes, while putting them away.

I knew my daddy was angry and upset about losing his job. Plus all the bills, and as usual, mad about mommy leaving. I felt sorry for him. I didn't want a spanking, but if it would make him feel better, I wouldn't fight it. Maybe I had done something wrong too? He closed the door behind him, and let go of my arm. I watched bewildered as he began taking off his shirt. He had kicked off his shoes, and was in the process of lowering his pants, when he stopped and looked at me.

"Take off your clothes."

"Daddy" His hand slapping my face sent me sprawling backwards onto the bed. Tears welled in my eyes. I choked back a sob, in shock, and pain.

"T a k e o f f y o u r f u c k i n g c l o t h e s n o w!" he snarled drawing each word out slowly.

The terrible look on his face, and the cruelty in his voice left no other choice. I began removing my blouse. My fingers fumbling with the buttons.

Impatiently, he ripped it from my body. He stepped back to look at my small frame. His fingers brushed, and then slightly twisted my small nipples. He rubbed my small breasts, hardly bigger than the nipples protruding from them.

"More than a mouthful's a waste, eh?" he chuckled.

Not understanding. I continued to stare at my feet, unable to meet his gaze.

I heard him removing his pants, and saw his boxers drop next to my feet.

My daddy was naked! He was totally naked, right in front of me! Despite myself, I looked up. His penis hung limply in front, a jungle of coarse black hair behind it. I was in shock and stared in disbelief. I had never seen a man's penis before. Once a boy at school wanted to show his to me. I had caught a quick glimpse, but had turned away embarrassed before seeing it all. The quick look I had seen didn't resemble this thing before me at all!

"Take off your shorts, and panties."

Numbly I did, as he instructed, not even bothering with my sneakers. Just slipping my shorts and panties over them. I stood in front of my daddy, naked.

Shivering, even though it wasn't cold in the room, and my body felt flushed. I could feel my face getting red with shame.

My daddy looked me over for a minute.

"Not much to look at," he commented. "No hips, no tits. Nothing."

My face got even redder with shame. Even though I knew this wasn't right. I wanted my daddy to be proud of me.

He took my hand and placed it on his penis. It was a little warm and twitched slightly as my hand touched it.

"Lesson one," he said. "This is an important lesson for you to learn if you're going to be a successful whore. Very, very important."

I nodded. My mind was in total confusion. I was dizzy, and everything felt unreal.

"On your knees," he demanded.

I knelt before him. His penis eye level - the purple end of it fat, and almost touching my nose. I could smell it. It had a funny smell. Sort of like pee, and something else, I couldn't place. "You are going to give me head. What you do is take it in your mouth, and suck on it. You move your mouth up and down on it. Sometimes you lick it too. The head, the shaft, and the balls. You can also use your hands to rub it up and down. Understand?"

"Daddy?" I whimpered. "I don't think this is right."

He lowered his face to mine. His features contorted with rage.

"Listen you little slut!" he hissed. "It's right because I say it's right! You do what I say from this point on, or you'll get the beating of your life! Then you'll have to do it anyway. So, it's up to you. Easy, or hard?"

Starting to cry a little. I slowly opened my mouth and placed my lips over the purple top of his penis. I had to open my mouth wide so it would fit in. I began to move my head up and down, like daddy had said. I heard him from above tell me to hold onto it with my hand, and to work up some spit. I did, and it started moving in my mouth easier. To my surprise, and dismay, it began to get bigger! Suddenly, it was a lot harder, firmer. I couldn't fit as much in my mouth. I heard my daddy telling me to lick his balls. I knew what those were, so removed my mouth, and lowered my head to lick them. The smell down there was very strong! Sweat and the other smell both combining to make me feel light-headed. I dutifully licked and nuzzled the heavy sack, feeling the skin tighten as my tongue traced over them.

Daddy pushed his penis back towards my face, and I open my mouth to accept it in. He put his hands on both sides of my head. He began slowly and then with more force, pushing in, and out of my soft mouth. My lips stretched wide, and my cheeks puffing out as the thrust in, and out.

I became scared as more and more entered my mouth violently. Gagging me, making it hard to get a breath. Working up spit was no problem now. My mouth was overflowing with it from the object forcing itself in my throat.

From a great distance. I could hear my daddy talking. Telling me what a great natural little cocksucker I was. Perversely, that pleased me, and I tried hard to keep from gagging. Thinking it might insult him.

Eventually, he withdrew his penis from my mouth. Telling me to lie on the bed. I did so, my arms at my sides. I looked at his penis as he stood by the bed. It had grown to a huge size! The top was now a deep angry looking purple. Veins stood out from his penis like ropes. It seemed to pulse, and move like it was alive. I could see it shiny and wet from my saliva.

Daddy placed himself next to me. His fingers sought out my vagina. He wet his fingers in his mouth, and started pushing a finger inside me.

"Open your legs wider," he instructed.

His finger felt big in me. Not painful, but the pressure was starting to build.

He slowly moved it in, and around inside me. I could feel me loosen some, and the pressure let off a little.

Daddy raised himself above me, leaning on one elbow. My face was about even with his chest. I felt him pressing his penis to my vagina. I wanted to cry out, 'no!' I felt sure there would be no way it would fit inside me. Not after I had seen to what size it had grown! I shut my eyes tight in anticipation.

I felt it begin to enter me. It was painful from the start, my tiny vagina not wanting to admit the huge organ. More and more entered me. It burned, the soft walls of my vagina stretching with the invasion. Then, my eyes flew open, and my mouth gaped wide to emit the scream of pain as he drove the steel like shaft into me with a might thrust. Heedless of the pain it would cause, daddy buried his penis inside me. Ripping away my virginity he bucked into me, his penis tearing my hymen, and shredding the pure inside of my once unsoiled vagina.

My agony continued as I fought to keep from passing out. Slowly, the pain became less; with only an occasional sharp twinge when it felt like another tear occurred. It became a steady throbbing mostly.

I could hear daddy grunting above me. I could see sweat forming on his chest as he worked in and out of me. He began talking to me. Telling me what a sweet little pussy I had. How it felt so soft and nice on his cock. Tight like a glove. That I was going to be such a great little money-maker. Guys would be lined up for blocks to get some of this sweet thing.

With a huge bellow, Daddy stiffened above me. I felt warm jets of wetness surging in my vagina. From some talk I had heard in school from some of the older boys. I was sure it was his cum. In reality, I still wasn't quite sure what it was, or what it meant. Except it was how a woman got pregnant. Would I get pregnant now? The spurting stopped. Daddy was moaning above me, slightly shaking. I felt a little fear at his reaction. Was he okay? His penis became smaller gradually.

The pressure in my vagina lessened. With a soft plop, his penis came out.

After it gushed some thick slimy feeling liquid, I took to be his cum. My vagina still throbbed, and burned, but not as bad.

I lay still for awhile. Thinking about what had happened. Was I a woman now? Would I be pregnant? Was I the wife and daddy the husband? I started to ask daddy, then realized he was snoring, and asleep. I got out of bed, my legs unsteady, and weak. Tip toed out, and to the bathroom to wash up.

Chapter Two

Weeks passed. My lessons continued. I became very good at cock sucking. I was even able to deep throat most of daddy. He rented porn movies for us to watch. They taught me names for things. Between those and daddy, I learned how to fuck. What guys liked and wanted.

My pussy {I didn't call it that stupid name, vagina anymore!} became able to take daddy's cock with ease. I was even able to do anal without hardly any pain.

I was very proud of how good I had become.

It was summer now. With school out, we had more time for practice, and spent a lot of time doing it. I remained nude almost all the time.

Giving daddy easy access to any orifice he desired. He was overjoyed, and said he had never had so much sex! Often, he would call me over to suck his cock. Even if he wouldn't get hard, he enjoyed my soft wet mouth around his manhood. It was then that daddy said it was time for me to put it to use. Money was running out.

Daddy told me he had lined up a date for me. He laughed when I asked, and said no, not a real date. The man would come over here. He was special, because he had a lot of contacts, and would be able to set up the good customers.

I was nervous. I had seen some hookers in some of the movies. I didn't have clothes like them, and asked daddy to buy he some. He got angry, and slapped me.

He said when I started earning money, I could buy some clothes. Right now just put on what I had. I wouldn't be wearing any for long anyway! He had me suck his cock while we waited. I had just finished wiping the cum from the corners of my mouth, when the man arrived.

Daddy had me bring them beers as they sat down. The man was old.

Even older than daddy! Mean looking, and he scared me. He looked at me in a way that made me shudder. I lit a cigarette, as they talked. I had just learned how to inhale, and I thought it made me look grownup and sexy.

Daddy asked the man if he wanted to sample. He said yeah, 'a blow job to start'.

Daddy motioned for me. This would be the first time sucking a cock other than daddy's, and I wondered if it would be different. Trying to act cool, and worldly, I walked over to the man. I unbuckled his pants, and took out his cock.

He didn't even look at me, as I inhaled him down to the balls. His cock was about the same size as daddy's, so was confident I could give him good head. I was still trying to be cool, like it was no big deal, and not filled with nervous butterflies, like I was. I took a drag off the cigarette, I was still holding. I had seen a woman do it in a movie, and it seemed to me she was really tough! Like giving head was so normal and everyday to her, she didn't even bother to put out her smoke.

I went back to work on his cock, sliding my tongue along his shaft as I enveloped it in my wet mouth, nibbling gently on the head, as I cupped his balls with my free hand. Slurping sounds came from my mouth as I took it deeper. I started moaning softly as I worked my skill on his cock.

"Stop the theatrics," he said. "Just suck it and keep the fuck quiet cunt.

We're talking!" I blushed, and stopped the moaning. I listened to the conversation.

"Young pussy like this is worth money sure," he said. But there's all kinds of young pussy running around out there if you know where to look. Hell. I know of four off the top of my head, younger, and more experienced than this," Indicating me with a shove of his cock in my mouth. "What's your point?" Daddy asked.

"The point is. There's not much special about her. Also, if you just gonna sell it out. Straight fuck, suck all that. You're not dealing with the best. Not the real money. The real money is in specialty stuff. Granted, some of it gets pretty rough, but hell. Nothing is forever. She has maybe 2, 3 years max. Then she's just common snatch. Workin' the street."

"Okay," Daddy said. "Set something up."

"Done," I heard him reply.

Daddy turned on the TV the man took me to my bedroom. He wanted anal. He didn't even bother to take his clothes off. Just leaned me over the bed, and drove himself in. He was very rough. Slamming his cock in my ass as hard as he could and pulling my hair. Then he erupted inside me, filling my bowels with his slimy spunk. Without a word, he pulled up his pants, and left. I heard him and daddy exchange a few words and him leave. I wondered what they meant about all specialty stuff?

Three days later. Daddy had me pack a small overnight case. The man had arranged something for us. I felt a knot of fear in my stomach. I had been thinking about what they had talked about that night, and even though I still wasn't sure what it all meant. I didn't think I'd like it.

We drove for about 2 hours into the country. Finally, we pulled up to a large 2-story house standing far from any other homes. I gasped! The place was huge! Whoever lived there must be so rich! It was such a lovely home. It looked so quiet, and peaceful. Like a nice family live there. I could even hear the friendly barking of dogs in the background.

My mind went dreamy with the thought of living in a palace like this! I imagined playing in the fields, running with my dogs, having lots of room to play in, and a nice huge bedroom. So different from the tiny, dingy place we lived in. Maybe if this man was right, and I could make real money, we could? Then, I started to wonder again.

I looked down at my faded jeans, my old blouse that had lost its color from too many washings, and my old, dirty sneakers. I was ashamed. Who'd want to pay money for me? Also, some nice people must live here. What would they think about what I would be doing? I was very confused, an apprehensive now. The momentary dream world gone.

"Don't talk unless asked a direct question," my daddy instructed me.

"Don't embarrass me either! I don't care what's wanted, you do it." Then as an after thought, "make me proud, baby."

"I will, daddy."

The door was answered by the man who had been at our home. Not even looking at me, he let us in. He and daddy talked quietly together. I saw him pass daddy an envelope. Then he stood off to the side. Daddy came over to me.

"Okay baby. Now follow him. He'll take you to where you need to go."

I felt the fear clutch my heart again.

"But daddy! Where will you be? Where am I going?"

"I'll be waiting right here for you. You'll just be down the hall. I'll be here the whole time. Don't worry. This is the big time! We can start making some big money now."

"And live in a big house like this?" I asked.

"Oh yes. Even bigger if you want. Then we won't even have to do this anymore. Just live like a normal family."

I felt my eyes getting moist and bit down on my lip so not to cry.

"Will I be the wife?"

That had been my fantasy these past weeks, to marry my daddy. To be his wife, have babies, and be a mommy. I wouldn't leave him like my mommy did!

"Yes baby. If that's what you want. That's what we'll do."

I jumped into his arms. So happy! I gave daddy a big wet kiss. Then a deeper more passionate one, like a wife would do, my tongue deep in his mouth.

The man led me down the hall. It seemed to run forever. We went down some stairways, and finally to a big door. Inside was just a normal room, a small bed with a nightstand, a closet, a vanity, and also a small bathroom. There was another door leading from it close to the vanity.

"Strip," the man ordered.

So he wanted to do it again, huh? Was this the big deal? Sex with him? Why was this for the big money? After I removed my clothes, I found out it wasn't with him.

"Go through that door. They're waiting for you."

I wanted to ask who, but the look on his face changed my mind. What greeted me on the other side caused me gasp in dread!

In some of the movies daddy had shown me. I had seen places like this. Seeing it in real life was terrifying. I didn't know names for the things I saw, didn't want to know.

There were a couple of big wooden X's on the walls with ropes, and straps attached. Wheel like things with ropes around them hung from the ceiling. Straps attached to the ropes. Some even had hooks and those made my knees weak with panic. Displayed on the walls were a huge assortment of whips, paddles, dildos of all shapes sizes, and colors. I recognized dildos from some of the movies. Though I had never see any that were as big, or looked as evil! Some had huge bumps, and some even spikes. There were tables with straps and ropes. What looked like big pail type things hanging over them, but with hoses attached.

The list went on and on. My mind going numb with what I was seeing.

Things I couldn't begin to describe since I couldn't put a name to them.

Daddy had wanted me to become a whore. I had wanted to in order to make him happy. I thought that I had learned all I needed to, and felt I was pretty grownup and tough. As I looked around me at the bizarre, and cruel devices, I knew then that I had been very, very wrong! I was neither grownup, nor tough. This time, biting my lip only succeeded in drawing blood. Not stopping the tears.

Chapter Three

I watched as a couple walked through another door joining the room.

There were several doors leading to it, besides the one I had entered through. Both were dressed in leather like outfits. Both had black masks covering most of their faces, leaving only eyes, nose and mouth exposed. His outfit allowed his cock to be exposed. I was shocked at the size of it. Even soft it was huge! Hers allowed her pussy to be exposed, as well as her large firm breasts. As always when seeing a grown woman with fully developed breasts, I was reminded of my pitiful tiny buds. Not much more than bumps. Looking at this regal, beautiful woman, I had to wonder in a corner of my mind why someone would want me for sex?

Yet, I knew too in the same corner of my mind. Sex wasn't really what they were after. Or at least, all they were after.

They walked over to me, both saying not a thing, studying me dispassionately. I was an object. Another door opened and in came the biggest black man I had ever seen! Everything was huge. His cock was almost impossibly large. Black guys I had seen in the movies always had big cocks, but never anything like this! Behind him followed a woman who looked to be around my daddy's age. She had a dog collar around her neck with a leash that was in the huge hand of the black man. Behind her trailed a girl I guessed to be around my age. She had the same terrified look on her I imagined was on mine. She was nude. Looking closer at her, I thought maybe I was wrong about the age. She had full breasts, too large for her body. The rest looked like a normal 12 or 13-year-olds body. Yes. I was sure now we were about the same age! I knew about breast jobs. Had she had one? I watched as the woman from the couple lit a cigar, and drew on it leisurely. She gave me a small, cold smile.

"I can see you are alarmed by what you see. You have good reason.

There is much to be alarmed about. I'm glad also that you're smart enough to be afraid. That should mean you're not doped up, or an idiot. I wouldn't accept either one of those. Now, I would imagine you would like to know exactly what role you'll be playing?"

I didn't answer not knowing what to say. Lightning fast, her hand struck the side of my face, sending me reeling backwards, catching myself just in time to avoid falling. It was no small slap. My ears rang with the blow.

"First off, I am your mistress. He is your master." She indicated the man she had entered with.

"If either one of us asks you a question. You will respond with yes mistress or master, no mistress, or master, etc. Also, for instance. If I have the need, or desire to slap you again. You would respond with thank you, mistress. Anything I desire to inflict on you, you will be thankful and respond accordingly. Understand?"

Being a quick learner, and very afraid, I did. "Yes mistress," I responded.

Again the small, icy cold smile. "So, that being said, we have purchased you to provide entertainment for us, and any guests we might have."

"You want me to fuck some guests too?"

I wasn't as quick as I thought. I received another rocking blow to my face.

"You will never speak unless spoken to, or unless to thank us for some punishment!" Just as I was almost over the last blow, another rocked me back.

"Maybe you are an idiot?" she said.

Then I understood, "Thank you mistress," I whispered.

"Today, we start your training. It will be intense. As an added treat, we have a guest master with his new slave and her daughter, both desperately wishing to join his stable. Today we'll see if they are worthy. The same goes for you. Today is the first day of your training, and possibly you're last. Don't think that just because we bought you, we won't just as quickly sell you. And, since I'm a very vindictive bitch, if you force me to sell you because you're worthless to me, the people I sell you to won't be kind like me. As a matter of fact, your stay with them would probably be quite brief."

I was trying hard to understand all she was saying. I had a terrible sinking feeling that I wasn't here for just a short time.

"I can see that you might have some questions," she said. "You may ask."

"Mistress? Will I be going home with my daddy?"

My heart sank with dread at her laughter.

"Poor, silly, stupid child! Your daddy has sold you to us. We don't rent! We own! You now belong to us, our property, to do with what we wish."

I couldn't help it. My knees buckled, and I sank in a heap to the floor, sobbing. I felt myself lifted and carried over to an X on the wall.

Through the frenzy of my mind, I felt myself strapped tightly and painfully to the X. the tears blurring my vision. I saw the woman select a dildo from the wall. She carried it over to me, holding it close to my face. I followed her hand with my eyes as she lowered it and felt her pushing it against my pussy. I was of course, dry there. I saw her reach for a tube, and smear a gel over the rubber cock, then inserting 2 fingers roughly inside me smearing more in my pussy. The dildo was bigger than anything I had had inside me, and I was afraid of the damage it may cause. The bumps, and ridges on it alone were huge!

Slowly she pushed it in, watching my face, smiling, my pussy opening to accept it. The gel helped, but the fit was still intense and painful. I felt I was slowly being split in two. When it was fully inside me, she strapped it in place to keep it in. It felt like it was halfway in my belly.

She looked at me expectantly.

"Thank you mistress," I managed.

They turned their attention from me then. I watched as the huge black man strapped the older woman to a table, face down. He took one of the buckets overhead and filled it with water The water must have been hot judging from the amount of steam rising from it. He then took the hose attached to the bucket, and inserted the end into her ass. The end of the hose was shaped like a small dildo. I learned later, first hand, that it inflated, causing intense discomfort. From the woman's moaning, it was obvious the water was hot!

He then took hold of the daughter. I could see she was very afraid, and my heart went out to her, despite my circumstances. She was strapped to what I later learned was called a sawhorse facing her mom. Then the black giant took his mighty cock in his hand rubbing it. I watched in horror, and awe, as it grew, and grew. It was easily fatter than my forearm, and as long! He placed it against her. From my vantage, I could see he was placing it to her ass. My God! I thought. She'll die surely? Her screams filled the room as he entered more and more into her. She passed out several times, but always the mistress was there, to place something under her nose which brought her wide awake again to continue the screams. The mom was forced to watch all of this. Her own sobbing was due to what she witnessed, as well as the hot fluid filling her. Eventually, the black man shot his semen into her. As he withdrew, I could see globs, and globs of sperm running from her gaping ass. I stared in amazement at how large her hole was now!

The mistress took his place, having put on a dildo, at least as big as his member, and drove it into her. She was not as gentle as he had been. The girl was constantly thrown violently against the restraints. The master moved to her mouth. He placed his cock to her open mouth. The violent fucking she was receiving drove him balls deep into her throat with each thrust. Choking her. The master unleashed his sperm onto her face, covering her with the huge amount.

Only then did the mistress stop her rape.

The black master released the mom from the table. Her belly was so bloated; she looked 8 months pregnant. She was in obvious pain. They then released the girl. Her face and hair still covered with semen; she was placed face up on the floor.

The black master spoke to the mom.

She sobbed and shook her head. He spoke again, more harshly, slapping her belly several times. Then I noticed the dildo end was still in her!

Sobbing, she squatted over her prone daughter. The girl was spoken to next. Seemingly in a daze, she reached up an pulled the plug from her mother's ass. A torrent of brown nasty water flooded onto the girl. I noticed with horror. She had her mouth open!

The black giant still watching walked over to me. I cringed inwardly.

He pulled and twisted my nipples painfully, until the downpour of water had stopped. He then ordered the mom to have her daughter clean her with her tongue.

I could hear the daughter licking and slurping underneath the mom. It was soon after that I noticed the mom was obviously enjoying the tonguing from her daughter. I was shocked! Soft moans issued from her mouth.

Several of her fingers were inserted in her daughter's pussy. I could hear her urging daughter on.

"Eat me baby. Oohhhh eat mommy's ass. Tongue me, lick me! Oh God yes!" The black master was now moving the huge dildo inside me, in and out. My body was responding on its own gyrating as much as was allowed by the restraints.

I was soon released, my knees weak and barely able to support my weight. They didn't have to for long. I was tied to another sawhorse, this one slightly lower than the other. I assumed I was next with the anal rape. I was wrong.

I heard a door open behind me. I heard a sniffing, then something cold and wet press against my exposed pussy. Then a long, rough tongue began lapping me. Oh my god! I knew it was a dog. Was I really going to be? The beast was led around to my front, and it was huge! The biggest dog I had ever seen! Jutting underneath it was an ugly huge red/purplish cock. Oh god! Was it big!

"Show him you appreciate his cock slave," the mistress instructed.

Its front paws supported next to my head, its cock was in line with my mouth. The dog was moved forward and into my open mouth. My mind whirled with the humiliation! Sucking the cock of a dog! I knew I was being watched closely so I sucked as if I was sucking a man. Doing the best I could. Giving it pleasure! My lips stretched wide over the disgusting penis, it began spurting jets of its stuff in my mouth. Watery, and bitter, I thought it was cum, but learned later, only pre-cum, but still huge amounts of it.

They took him from my mouth. He was then mounted on me. His cock was guided in my pussy, and with a violent lunge buried himself, ripping me open! With the power only a dog of that size could produce. It raped me. No other word for it. I must have resembled the girl when she had the anal rape before. My own screams filled the room. When I finally thought my pussy had loosened enough so I wouldn't be split wide open, it happened. We tied up. His knot {I learned later} entered me. As big around as a baseball it went in. One long blood curdling scream as I passed out. Like the girl before me, the mistress put the smelling salts to my nose, and I came back.

The monster was no longer ramming itself into me. It was passive on top of me. Yet now its cock was alive the most! For what seemed like hours, it shot cum into me, following its instinct, trying to breed me.

To my shame, and humiliation, I came. The effect of its knot putting pressure on my clit, the constant warm sticky semen pumping into my pussy, and even just the perverseness of it all, caused me to orgasm - my first. It didn't go unnoticed by the others present judging from the laughter.

During that time I was tied with the dog. The black Master was using a whip on the back of the mom as she hung suspended on an X, the daughter kneeling before him, doing her best to fit some of his massive meat in her small mouth.

Eventually, the dog was able to pull out. What must have been a gallon of cum erupted from my gaping hole. I wasn't done. Immediately another dog took his place, then another. Three dogs in all had their pleasure with my torn and battered pussy. Maybe 2 hours of almost continuous fucking. All the dog semen was collected in the same bowl. A dog collar was attached around my neck with the words 'bred bitch' stitched into it I was then forced to lap it all down.

I was broken. For what seemed like days. I was raped vaginally, anally, and orally, by men, women, and dogs. I was whipped. Hung suspended from the wall while taking enemas that I thought would surely make me burst. Raped again. Whipped again. I was considered so lowly that even the mom and daughter were allowed to abuse me. To my shock, the girl, to whom my heart had gone out to, could be the cruelest. She had asked permission, and received it, to fist fuck me, anally, and vaginally. I still think her intention was to kill me. For some reason, she seemed to despise me. I ended up being kept by my mistress, and master. Almost two years I have served them. They were my life, and loves. I was devoted utterly to them. When I wasn't serving them, I despaired. Any minute not with them was like a day. As I was told in the beginning, I would serve guests also. Many a time I was loaned out for whatever was desired. Gang rapes, torture, dog or horse training. The most humiliating, and therefore the most dear to me, was toilet service, anything! Never am I happier than when my mistress or master calls me to them to orally be their toilet.

Now, I am 14. Used up. My owners have tired of me. How could they not, when I can endure now any amount of pain? The more severe the torture, the happier I am.

I can fit almost any size object in my cunt, or ass. My labia hang so low from all the weights that have been attached, my pussy is hideous, and is constantly gaping wide. Even the breast job my owners purchased for me is almost destroyed due to the hangings and whippings. I have served out my usefulness.

I've been sold. I haven't been told to whom, or for what purpose. That is not my business. I have a feeling though. I believe it is to be used one last time - one time only. I will do it well, and make my both my previous and future owners proud.

The End


I welcome comments, but only if they're positive. If negative, you didn't have to read the story! *smile* I know some might be shocked a girl would have such perverse fantasies, but there are more of us out there than you know.

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Great story. I especially liked the chilling and cryptic ending. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more stories.


I like this story, but I actually read this one about 10 yrs. ago.

I luv both

I loved the story. Such a sweet young innocent girl, being raped and betrayed by her daddy is so erotic. And the rape and abuse as a sex slave is a great turn on. You have a very perverse, twisted mind ( that was meant as a compliment)) Thx for the story


will there be a part two saying what happens after she sold

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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