Devil Babysitter, Part 5

[ fgbmM, coer, Fdom, spank, humil, size, toys, ws ]

by Woton


Published: 6-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Little girls are made of sugar and spice. The person who said that, has not met any teenage girls recently.

I lent Nate jr to a bunch of girls, and they have filled my inbox with a ton of cell phone videos. So as Toby, Nate jr's little brother, is sucking each of balls one at a time in his little boy mouth, I'm uploading and checking the girls' videos.

How Many?

Nate jr's face was shown in a close up. He stated his name and age. The camera pulled out and Nate jr was wearing crisp new thin white material bikini briefs and was standing next to a table with several large glasses of water on it.

"How many glasses will it take?", He said being coached off camera.

Nate jr picked up one of the glasses and started chugging it down, at the same time the camera slowly went down his toned fine chest and stopped, zooming in on the pouch of his bikini briefs showing the outline of his dick and balls.

Girls where heard counting off glasses of water till, it happened. With girls laughing, a small wet spot appeared where Nate jr's dick was in his white bikini briefs. The Spot grew and grew, the front of Nate jr's undies became soaked and see thru as fresh boy piss ran streaming down his leg. After it had ended and Nate jr stood there for a while in piss filled undies, the girls had him take them off and put them in his mouth after he licked clean the puddle of boy piss he made. The video ended when Nate jr could prove to the girls, he had sucked cleaned the underwear.


Nate jr was even nice to little girls. He was in a to small full detail pink fairy ballet girls costume. He danced around waving a wand and serving a group of little girls at a tea party.

Baby Change

Nate jr was on a dressing table. He had on a one piece footie with matching bonnet and sucking a pacifier. Female hands removed the one piece, and Nate jr was left on the table in a diaper. The diaper was then removed and Nate jr was then changed and redressed after a towel wash and powder. The full messy diaper was shown to the camera before it was given to baby Nate jr. Nate jr took out his pacifier and then went to work cleaning his used diaper. After pleasing all his new mommies by making the diaper spotless, he was allowed back his pacifier and tucked into his crib.


Nate jr stood in a wetsuit and holding a surf board. Doing a striptease, he lost the wetsuit and surf board and was moving in his swim trunks. The trunks were next to go and he was shaking his boy ass in sparkly gold G-string.

"Ha! I can do better then that," I forced Toby's head back down and as he went back to sucking on me, I went back to the video.

Nude, Nate jr let the girls have their way with him. Groping girl hands pinched his nipples, squeezed his butt as fingers probed it, and yanked hard on his boy dick and balls. Nate jr could only take so much before shooting a load. With the girls all around, he had to get on his hands and knees and lick up his boy slime.


Nate jr was pulled onto a pool deck on his hands and knees nude by a girl pulling on a leash tied to a spike collar around Nate jr's neck.

"It is now time for the doggie's treat," as the girl controlling Nate jr said that, the other girls on the deck removed their swimsuits.

Nate jr was given many treats. He was allowed to suck with just his mouth, his first breast. He sucked toes and tongue washed feet. He got to rim girls and even received a fart in the face once and a while. He also got to tongue young teen pussy with the prize of either fresh girl cum or a load of hot piss down his throat.

"Yuck, girls. Give me a cock or a real dog doing my ass," I grabbed Toby by the hair and placed his face in my ass before going back to the video.

One of the girls was shooting sun tan lotion all over Nate jr's rear. The girl rubbed it all in, making his hole slippery. The group of girls lined up behind Nate jr wearing adult sized strap on sex toys.

"We should have done him dry and messed up his ass."

"Do you want your turn or not?"

"Okay, I was just saying."

Each of girls got a chance to ride Nate jr as long and as hard as they wanted, and when their turn ended and the next girl was going Nate jr sucked the last girl's toy clean.

Mud Fight

The camera showed someone's bare backyard. It had no grass cover, so in no time water from a garden hose turned it into a mud pit. Girls in bikinis and some holding paddles, were calling out, "Piggy!"

Nate jr nude with his hands tied behind his back was brought out. He wore pig ears, a pig nose and a pig tale taped to his butt. One girl jerked on his dick till it was as hard as it could get and was ready to blow. The girl stopped at that instance and slapped a lock on poor Nate jr's equipment. It was kept hard and throbbing with no release.

The girl left Nate jr with the other girls and went across the yard, "Piggy if you can make it over here, I'll finish what I started."

The girls closed in on Nate jr. With his trapped hard wood and hands, he tried to make it over to the girl, but slipped and fell over and over in the mud. The group of girls, tripped him, rubbed his face in the mud, spanked his bare ass with their paddles. He had to wallow in the mud rubbing his wood against the ground. The boy was at the mercy of evil girls.

Nate jr with mud everywhere in and on his body finally made it to the boss girl. She freed Nate jr and with a mud coated hand he was allowed to bring himself long pent up pleasure, as fresh boy cum shot all over mixing with the mud already covering the boy.

Helping the Champ

It was the high school's boys locker room. Banners were up saying how a senior division wrestler had won state. Not knowing this, one would never believe the huge black man blind folded in a red wrestling uniform being guided into the locker room by a group of girls was anywhere close to being a student.

"This really going to happen."

"Yes. But she's shy, so keep the blind fold on."

The champ removed his team uniform and stood there in just his jock. The jock the largest he could find just barely held in his massive cock and balls. Also it was crusty with trace piss and cum stains, turning the white material a sick yellow color.

Nate jr was brought in and made to face the supporter. His face showing his disgust, his tongue started licking the jock. After a few passes, Nate jr took the pouch in his mouth sucking on it. The spit in his mouth went over and over the material freeing the left over piss and cum that Nate jr swallowed down.

"Oh Lord! I's hoping your a white chick cause that would makes this hotter!"

The champ grabbed Nate jr by the hair and pulled him off. The champ then freed his massive cock and then by the hair pulled Nate jr back to him.

Was it a real cock or did he just have a third leg without a foot on the end. The champ had as much personal care as he did for his jock. It was a good thing for wrestling because, Nate jr wondered if he knew what or could even spell soap.

With a nose full of stink, Nate jr tried to get what he could of the horse cock in his mouth and down his throat.

"Don'ts worries baby. You is doing better then most. Waits tills its in your pussy hole."

Nate jr gagged at the thought and as more monster cock was forced down his throat.

"Wow! What's his number?" Toby let out.

Knowing I would not get any work done, I stopped the movie and flung Toby face down on the bed. After a bounce landing, he stuck his ass up in the air.

"Do him dry and mess up that ass," He teased doing the girl from the movie.

"Not even one drop of spit," I told him.

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