One if by Son, Two if by Mom: Chapters 1-5


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Chapter 1

Helen stopped the car at the nearby gas station for a fill. Her backseat was loaded with groceries, and the passenger seat suffered her son, Eric's bored fidgeting. She hurried to pay the cashier and start the gas pumping. She could have filled up tomorrow, but the station was more convenient on the way home. She hoped the frozen goods wouldn't melt too much.

Eric seemed to be playing some game with the wiper mechanism. She shouldn't have left the keys in the car. Her son was as inquisitive as a tax reviewer, but he was a good boy, and they got along well. She had feared after her husband abandoned them her son might blame her, but the boy had always been her son. The jerk never bothered with his son, except to tell him goodbye when he was five years old. Eric was years older now and already pretending to be the man of the house. His loud opinions amused her as much as her boss's opinions at work. She managed in spite of all the advice offered.

The hose jumped to a halt. "Turn off the wipers, Eric!" She struggled to fit the awkward nozzle back onto the pump. Her car was now unkempt because the dusty wipers had left tracks on the windshield. Helen sighed and grabbed a washing squeegee from the rack. In mock anger, she threatened her son with the dripping T. "I should make you clean it." Eric stuck his tongue at her and smiled.

Shaking her head, Helen quickly began washing the wide sedan's front glass. She didn't want to waste time by wiping from both sides so she stretched across the windshield as far as she could. Her well rounded hips propped upon the hood and her voluptuous tits pinned her cotton blouse to the windshield. Helen was wiping the farthest spot she could reach when suddenly the washer jets burst open and soaked the length of her body.

"Eric!" Helen yelled. The jets calmed as quickly as they had tagged her. Through the glass, she could hear her son's peals of laughter. Ohhh, she was really mad! She gave the wet glass three quick wipes and returned the handle. She almost snorted as she grabbed a handful of towels to wipe her body.

Wet and angry, Helen opened the car door and thunked down within, jarring the shocks potently. She turned to Eric and said fiercely. "What the heck where you thinking? I don't want you to budge an inch on that seat until we get home."

Eric tried and failed to look penitent. His young smile creeped into the edges of his pout.

Helen started the car with a roar, and she nearly left tire tracks on the pavement, driving away. She almost yelled again when she noticed her top was so soaked she could see the dark rings of her nipples through the blouse and her thin bra. She hoped the cashier and customers hadn't noticed. She would have died from embarrassment and the potential gossip. In her concern for modesty, she wondered even if Eric had noticed. She glanced over her shoulder and saw him peek quickly at her body. For the remaining brief trip she couldn't shake a mental image of her son staring at her tits. He was far too young for that she told herself.

Helen steered into her driveway and looked around for neighbors who might be able to see her predicament. She wondered if she should go right in and change or put the groceries in the refrigerator first. No one seemed about.

"Young man, I want you to help me carry bags into the house and then go straight to your room. You have a lot of thinking to do about squirting your mother before you can come to supper." She stepped out of the car and opened the driver's back door.

"Aw geez, mom. It was just a joke." He got out of the car and opened the other door.

"Well laugh off this one, sport." She lifted two paper bags. "No ice cream tonight."

"Big deal. I've never seen you like that before." He smiled pointed to her clothes between the two sacks she held against her side. "They're funny."

Helen blinked at her son. Then she peeked at her jutting tits and their barely visible dark centers. Not knowing what to say, she pushed the two sacks together and shut out her son's indecent view. She stamped angrily into the house. The rest of the groceries were retrieved in silence and then Eric marched up to his room, and she changed into dry clothes.

Attempting to relax in front of the TV before making dinner, Helen wondered what her son had seen. Probably not much of anything. But what if he had seen her tits? He sure acted as if something important had crossed his eyes or his imagination. She tried to forget about it, but she looked at herself a couple times and even touched one nipple briefly.

Her rat fink husband had left her for good, and she was glad, but after six years she hadn't been on one date, not seriously. She told herself she was too busy with work and raising a child for a chance to repeat that nonsense. Still her body was young and beautiful. She wouldn't be normal if she didn't feel desire regularly. She took care of it as best she could by herself and with a battery powered vibrator. She missed the touching and talking and game playing almost as much.

Shaking all these thoughts out of her head she got up to make supper and eventually called her naughty child out of his banishment. The meal was eaten in the silence of defendant vs. judge. The meal concluded and Helen spoke first.

"All right, tell me you're sorry."

"I'm sorry, mom. I guess it was a stupid thing to do."

"Yep. Now give me a hug."

Eric smiled and he scrambled out of his chair and into his mother's arms. "So, can I have ice cream now?"

"Heck no. You're forgiven, but you still have to complete your punishment." Helen batted his hair teasingly.

"Okay." Eric looked down and began to walk to his room.

"Just the ice cream. You can watch TV if you like. I'll join you after I finish the dishes." Her son became a blur that raced into the living room. Helen cleared the table.

She found her son glued to the big glowing screen. He seemed perfectly content. Helen felt restless. She wanted to talk with him about what he had 'seen' that afternoon and what it meant to him. She felt like time was passing too fast, and her boy was growing too fast for her to keep up with. Her notions of childhood were based on her own boring upbringing. She knew the world was a stranger place than she had been led to believe. Kids today seemed to be more aware of sex than she had as a young adult. The old guard Puritans were fighting a losing battle to keep them ignorant.

Wandering among these thoughts Helen sat down next to the television absentmindedly. She looked into his eyes for any sign of adult interests, but they were as empty as anyone's who had watched as much TV as he had. Helen looked at her covered breasts. She had rushed redressing and had slipped on a sweatshirt without putting on a bra. The warm, green cotton felt softly arousing against her pert nipples. The sound of the TV seemed far away as she focused on feeling her nipples' reaction to her clean garment. She closed her eyes.

A commercial loudly interrupted her dream like state. She looked out and saw Eric looking at her now. Maybe there was something in his eyes. He seemed now as reflective as she felt.

"Need anything sport?" She asked calmly.

"I dunno."

"What are you thinking about?" Helen reached around to the television's control panel and lowered the volume.

"How funny you looked when I could see through your shirt." He smiled broadly.

The boy's honesty caused Helen to blush somewhat.

"I would have thought you had forgotten about that by now." She tried to brush her son's comment away.


Helen knew if she made a big deal about it so would her son. She tried changing the subject.

"Pretty soon you have to go to bed before school."

"I wish I could see it again."

Helen blushed deeper, but she held her ground. "Well take a good look at this." She shook a fist at him. "Have you brushed your teeth yet?"

"No." Eric pouted. He slid off the chair and trudged to the bathroom. Helen sighed within. What kind of thoughts were in her son's head, she asked herself.

She stood and went into the kitchen to fetch the obligatory glass of water her eleven year old still used as a cheap excuse to delay his bedtime. She met the boy at his bedroom door.

"Okay sport, let's tuck you into bed." She handed him the glass. He led her to his single bed and snuck into the covers without spilling the water. Helen tucked him in and bent over to give him a kiss. With her impressive tits hovering over the boy, he suddenly poured half the glass of water on her clean sweatshirt.

"Eric!" Helen yelled and jumped from the cold water spreading rapidly through the absorbent material. She looked down at her soaked shirt and saw it clinging tightly to her bulging, shivering breasts. Her nipples had become rock hard and poked out half an inch. Eric was giggling uncontrollably, and his eyes stared brightly.

Helen grabbed the glass from her son's hand and angrily banged it on the nightstand. "Mister you've gone too far now. What do you think you're doing?"

"They look so funny!" Eric pointed at one nipple. He was so caught up in his amusement he wasn't even afraid of his mother's threatening tone.

"Ohhh!" Helen gasped in exasperation. Her thoughts were so mixed up. She didn't know if she should run out of the room, cover her shivering titties, or spank the boy. The only thing she was certain of was she didn't want Eric to ever soak her again. Out of pure frustration, she suddenly said, "I've had enough of this." She indicated her dripping sweater. "If all you want is to see your mommy's tits, then here!" She angrily reached down and pulled off her sweater in one stroke. The air chilled her wet, luscious breasts even more and her nipples stuck out so hard she could feel them stretch. She tossed the wet shirt on the floor and told him, "Now I suppose you think this is funny."

Eric instantly quieted and his body tensed up solid. He stared almost frozen at his mother's quart-sized tits that jiggled in plain view from cold and anger.

Helen was struck by her son's reaction and she suddenly realized what she had done. She had never really spanked or otherwise struck Eric out of anger. She had always relied on her instinct to decide an appropriate punishment for his misdeeds. Now here she was sitting on her son's bed with her tits fully exposed in front of her son. What on earth had made her do that?

The tense moment was fractured by the boy bursting with giggles. Instantly, Helen broke into full laughter. The situation turned on its head, and both mother and son could no longer bear its absurdity.

As their outbursts faded Helen covered her open tits with her arms and said. "I guess we both did the wrong thing, but now you're going to have to sleep in a wet blanket, in case you think you will every try it again."

"I'm sorry."

"Just don't catch a cold. I'll change your covers tomorrow. Try sleeping on the drier side."

Helen stood up from the water-stained bed and left her son's room after picking up her sweatshirt. She entered the master bedroom using the dry side of the unfortunate shirt to wipe her breasts. Her rock hard nipples tingled in response to the soft material. Helen found herself squeezing her nipples with pleasure. She looked at her naked top half and almost smiled. The thought of having exposed herself in front of her son, no matter how innocently, had aroused her. Feeling guilty she shut her door and then undid her pants. She climbed into her own queen sized bed, switched off the lights, and snuggled under the covers, trying to forget the whole episode.

Unfortunately is seemed that the punishment for her error was to not forget. She worried about her son. He had deliberately soaked her clothes just so he could see her tits. What on earth possessed him to act so vulgar? Were his friends at school telling him things? Perhaps the other boys were whispering half-truths and wild lies to her son. Or maybe he had seen pictures in a nudie magazine. Or maybe he was just growing up and his natural desires were influencing him. Helen tossed and turned, wondering what she was going to do about her son. It wasn't right for him to look at her as a sex object. It wasn't... decent.

After further struggles with her conscience she finally crept asleep, but did not sleep well.

Chapter 2

The next day was Saturday. In the morning Helen checked on her son to see if he had frozen in the night or caught a cold. She wore her dark blue, house robe in the mornings because she liked to roam around the house and fix breakfast before dressing for the day. Helen knocked softly on Eric's door.

"Anybody still alive in there?"

"Yeah, come in." Eric's voice sounded down hearted.

Helen cracked the door open and peeked in. "You okay lazy bones? It's almost nine."

"I guess so." He yawned and stretched and struggled out of the still damp covers. He shivered having slept the night in a cold bed.

Helen immediately felt sorry. She shouldn't have made him sleep under a wet blanket. "Come here Eric, let me hug you and make you warm." Eric smiled and went to her. She walked in and met him half-way in the room. They hugged for a while until the boy could move without shivering.

"You were such a naughty boy, but I guess you've learned your lesson."

"I'm sorry mommy. I'm pretty dumb huh?"

"No Eric, you're too smart. You just have to learn to behave when you get too clever for you own good."


"Now take a hot shower and I'll fix you a big breakfast. That will start you moving again." She released him and exited the room.

They met again at the breakfast table. Both were famished. It wasn't until Eric's second helping of pancakes when he broke their cordial silence.

"That was pretty funny, wasn't it, when you took off your shirt, huh?"

Helen shook her head. "The thoughts you keep in your head these days, really!" She said only half surprised. "My little baby is growing up, aren't you?"

"I'm not a baby."

"Oh, you'll always be my baby. That's the way mommies are. Let's forget last night happened. I was really angry with you. Finish your pancakes."

"Why did you do that?" Eric wanted to know.

"Just forget about it." She answered shaking her head.

Eric ate a few bites quietly. Then he spoke again.

"They looked nice." He smiled with amusement.

"Eric!" Helen cried. "What's gotten into you?" She stared at him in renewed amazement. Her son was really testing her patience, but at her outcry he stilled himself, solemnly watching her. He was looking at her chest. Helen's mouth dropped open when she realized her son had become fixated on looking at her breasts. She looked down just to make sure he wasn't seeing something she didn't want him too. From her angle she could easily look into the vee of her robe and sight the rounded tops of her ample tits. Everything else was properly covered. She looked up. Eric was still looking at the bulges in her velvet robe. Was he actually excited by her breasts? Wasn't he too young?

Her son chewed slowly on a bite of pancake. Helen saw a wishful glint in his eyes. They never left her upper body. "Can I see them, again?" He asked her softly.

"Why on earth would you want to see your mother's, eh chest?" She asked him despairingly.

"I dunno. They're kinda neat." Eric stopped eating and stared at her hopefully.

"Kinda neat?" Helen echoed her son's words feeling almost insulted.

"Yea. I bet that my friends' mommies don't have those as neat as yours."

Helen felt strange. Somehow she was being drawn into a competitive conversation. She wasn't sure she liked were it was going, but at the same time curiosity compelled her to continue. What could compel her son this much? It couldn't be sex. That seemed ridiculous at his age.

"I hope you don't start trying to make a comparison." She almost laughed.

"Well..." Her son began awkwardly. "Last week, when I was playing with Jimmy, his mommy called him from the window and she wasn't wearing anything."

"Heavens! Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I dunno. What's the big deal?"

"That was very wrong of Mrs. Justin. What did she do around you?" Had her son been molested by his friend's mother?

"Nothing. Jimmy couldn't play any more so I just came home."

"So you really didn't see anything at all." Helen was relieved, but she was slightly jealous. Her son had seen someone else's body before he had seen hers. What if he had been shocked? At least she would have been able to explain it to him.

"A little bit, but I think hers weren't nearly as big or as neat as yours."

"You've seen too much already."

"I dunno."

"Oh, so you're trying to tell me that you want to reevaluate your impression? Didn't I tell you you are sometimes too clever for your own good?" Helen looked stern.

"Please mommy?"

Helen's body was shooting off odd signals. Maybe she should let the boy's curiosity run its course, but how far would it take him? She didn't feel afraid. She was uncertain how it would affect the boy. She believed naked bodies were nothing bad. Helen worried about the situation escaping her control. She was terribly curious what her son would do if she did show him her tits again, and in the back of her mind she thought it might even be fun.

"Uh, Eric, now you have to promise to behave. This is serious okay?"

"Sure!" Her son's eyes lit up with anticipation. He appeared glued to his chair.

Helen gave her son one last worried look, and then she began to pull away the vee of her robe. Eric's eyes grew as wide as saucers! She was actually going to show her tits to him! The thought surprised them both. Helen watched her son's fascinated look. Her hands began to tremble. She felt strange. She kept pulling the two edges of her robe away from her chest. More and more of the dark shadow between her wonderful tits became exposed.

Simultaneously, her two dark circles felt the cool air. Eric gasped at that moment. "Wow! I can't believe it."

Helen couldn't believe it herself, but she found herself feeling very pleased that her son liked her tits. She felt dizzy and she had to breathe harder to keep up with the warm that grew inside her. Her son's eyes, watching her reveal her tits for just him, compelled her to show even more, and she opened her robe wide.

Her two titties blossomed forth and jiggled slightly from their release. Like two bright, luscious treats, they hung from her chest begging to be acquired. Helen looked at them herself and admired them in a new light. Her son looked so excited he was going to fall from his chair. His open mouth lost all control. He was almost drooling over his mother's tits. The sight was so funny Helen started giggling.

Eric chimed right in and playfully clapped his hands. They laughed for a long time, and after they caught themselves, Helen's beautiful, nurturers of life remained exposed to her son. His smiled glowed at her. He still couldn't take his eyes of her his mother's tits.

"You're looking at your mom's breasts. Aren't you ashamed?"

"No. Are you?" Eric answered straightforwardly.

"I should be. But I'm not. I don't know why. Maybe because you're my son, and I raised you to be a good boy."

"Uh huh." He nodded cheerfully.

"So how long are you going to stare at your mother like this?"

"All day."

Helen laughed again, but her son remained serious.

"You'll let me see them all day, won't you mom?"

"Eric, what a thing to ask. You'll get bored of looking at them soon enough, and I have to clear the table. I don't want to have to take another shower this morning."

"Aw, please? They're awfully pretty. I promise I'll never squirt water on your clothes again."

"You had better not, unless you like sleeping under a wet blanket."

"Okay." Eric acted his age. He pouted and finally looked away.

Helen felt the fun go out of the situation. She actually felt sorry. She had never seen him so delighted except at Christmas. She covered herself again with the blue folds of her robe, and she cinched the belt tighter. It made her great mounds press outward through the thin material even more.

She and Eric quickly finished their meal, but there stirred between them a wonderful secret. Both felt excited and dangerous. They exchanged naughty glances for the remainder of breakfast. Eric rushed out to play, and Helen cleaned the kitchen.

She felt full of energy and next began cleaning the living room. What was it about exposing her tits to her son that had made her feel so alive and daring? It was as if she had captured some of her son's youth and playfulness. She turned on some popular dance music as she cleaned. Any thought of misconduct had been shed on the kitchen floor as her son had looked on with compelling approval.

Eric returned later, and like most children on a slow Saturday he plopped immediately in front of the television. Helen was cleaning out the main bath. She still hadn't changed into regular clothes. The music was interrupted by the sound of cartoons, and she smiled to herself once more over the morning's amazing event. Then she sighed. Her son had probably already forgotten her tits like he would any naked animal he might catch outdoors, play with for a while and then let go. She finished cleaning the bathroom and headed for her bedroom to shower and change. She hadn't anticipated cleaning the entire house this morning, and she was hot and sweating.

Half an hour later, Eric was still watching cartoons. Helen entered the living room with a flourish, saluting her son who was glued to the screen. She hoped he would notice the loose, white tank top and her bright orange shorts. He didn't. Hmmph. She thought. Kids, oh well, it was certainly easier this way. If her son should happen to see a naked woman, perhaps from some phony, painted nudie magazine, he might think it less important now. The advice of ignorant friends might have less impact. Then she remembered Jimmy. Was it true, what Eric had said? How could any mother completely undress in front of her children?

"Hey, sport. Are you ready for lunch?"

"Sure!" His eyes didn't move from the screen.

"Let me guess sandwiches, right?"

"Yeah. Thanks mom."

"And you want your personal slave to deliver them to you in the living room on a paper plate?"

Eric didn't answer. She hadn't meant him too. The question was rhetorical. They both knew the routine, another of their little jokes. Still she wished he had shown some preference to her over the stupid television. He had been fascinated enough with her at breakfast.

Sandwiches were easy. They didn't take her twenty minutes, and she was already munching on hers when she gave him the plate. She then sat on the nearest chair.

It never ceased to amaze her how much television kids watched. She wondered inside if it was healthier for them to see naked tits than an hour of television. She kept wondering about her son's interests as she finished her sandwich. Maybe that was just the test she needed. Would her son actually prefer to see her tits than to watch television? The thought excited her more than she immediately realized. Inside her body, an almost forgotten warmth sparked inside her. He had already seen her tits for about as long as he really wanted. That hurdle had been leaped. It was a bit difficult unhitching her bra inside her top as she watched to see when her son would notice her. She almost grew worried. She finished freeing her jugs from the restraint without a blink from her son.

She frowned, but began hitching up her top with attention to the exact moment Eric noticed. The bottom bulges of her tits peeped out.

Then with radar like detection he noticed her from the corner of his eye. His head spun like a top and his eyes lit up just as intensely as they had that morning. He was suddenly watching her with his complete attention?

Helen blushed deeply. She hadn't even begun to reveal her nipples and the boy was already engrossed in her heaving sacks. Her breath quickened. She felt as if she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and she was deliberately trying to get caught.

"Mommy, what are you doing?" He asked brightly.

"J-just, uh, u-adjusting my, err. Uh, you know." She shrank away, feeling more embarrassed than she had ever felt before. "I didn't think you'd notice."

"Your titties? Is that what they are?"

Helen let her top drop out of embarrassment. "Where did you hear that word?"

"Uh, Jimmy said it a couple days ago. I asked him about his mom."

"You shouldn't be asking him questions like that."

"I didn't know I wasn't supposed to. Why did you drop your shirt? Are you done adjusting them?"

"You could have asked me." Helen wondered how she would have reacted only a couple days ago. This day had changed a lot of her feelings about nudity.

"Oh, are you going to show me your titties again?" He returned to his main train of thought.

"They're breasts, Eric. Don't call them titties." Helen corrected him.

"Wow. Breasts. That's what old people call them, huh?"

Old people! Helen was taken aback. How old did he think she was? She confronted him. "Do these look like the titties of an old person?" She pulled her top up over her tits with one swift tug. The word 'breast' sounded bland to her after her son's remark.

"Gosh! You're showing me them again. Oh wow!" Eric was delighted.

Helen again blushed, until her tits turned bright red. What had come over her? She should cover herself right away she thought. But she had initiated this whole incident in the first place by exposing her pillowy globes. She felt a rush of emotion as she watched her son bask in the sight of her proud, pointed treasures. Her nipples had hardened on their own. They radiated heat. She wanted to touch them to see how hot her son's stare had made them. Helen also began to feel warmth deep inside her, from a place lower than her tits. She had never felt such potential inside her before.

She hadn't masturbated in months, but now she wanted to go to her room and see just how hot she could make herself. She started thinking about her special spot between her legs, and she blushed even more.

Eric continued to stare. He was unable to see enough of them. Rooted to his chair his head pointed directly at his mother. He wanted to get up and look at them closer. His mother hadn't told him he had to stay in the chair. She hadn't given him any warning whatsoever. She just pulled her shirt up and flashed her tits at him. It was the most amazing thing he could think of. Now she seemed total self absorbed. She was looking right at him, but her mind mulled elsewhere.

Ever since yesterday, when he saw the shadow of his mother's tits, they were all he could think about. His little peter had swelled up and gotten hard several times. He had wanted to touch it when it got hard like that, but last night the cold covers shrunk it down after it had swelled from looking at his mother's tits. Now it was quickly growing and hardening again. He stood up out of the chair so it didn't cramp up inside his pants.

The movement startled Helen out of her introspection. The building fire in her loins wavered. "What are you doing?" She asked Eric uncertain.

"I had to get up. I want to see more."

Helen knew her son should have stayed in the chair, just as she knew she wasn't suppose to be showing her tits to him, but the warm fire within her comforted those worries. Her curiosity and desire buried them.

Eric stepped closer. His face was a mask of innocent delight. Helen puffed up her chest so her son could take a good look.

"Do you still like your mother's titties?" She giggled. "You didn't answer my other question."

"Uh huh! They're even neater up close." Eric's face was about a foot away from her uplifted reddened globes and dangling bra triangles.

She wondered if he would touch them. Her tits ached to be caressed, squeezed, and pressed against her body. She was barely able to keep from running into her bedroom and locking the door, so she could do just that.

"Eric, I really have to go..." She started.

"No mommy, please?" He reached up for her shirt. "I'll hold it."

Helen instinctively shrunk back. But wasn't this her own son? He just wanted to get a good look at her tits. That's all, she thought. Then she noticed his other hand. Unknowingly it had dropped below his waist and was pulling on the front of his pants. And there, behind the rugged material she could see the plain outline of his young cock!

Oh, my goodness! Helen was shocked. Her son was actually getting turned on by looking at his mother's breasts! It was incredible. His own little hard-on pushed out of his jeans at the same time she hung her ample jugs of milk right in front of him. She couldn't speak.

Sensing his mother's apparent loss, Eric took her shirt hem from her and leaned his face directly in front of her bulging tits. He was in heaven. He could smell her recently washed flesh. His peter was hard as a rock. As he prodded his dick, feeling how hard he had become, he realized his mother was staring at it. He looked up at her and smiled.

"Oh, Eric, you really are growing up. I never realized that was why you wanted to see my, uh, body. What are we going to do? You have to let go of mommy's shirt."

"Oh gee, just a little longer?"

Helen pulled the fabric from his loose grip and dropped it. She crossed her arms over her tits to be doubly sure, but she blushed when she realized she couldn't take her eyes off his mound of hidden cock.

Eric watched her expression for a moment hoping she would again lift her shirt and let him smell her titties. Maybe he could even touch them? But her mother seemed adamant. Still she kept staring at his pants. His cock felt even harder knowing she was looking at him. Maybe that was it?

"If you look at this, can I see you again?" Eric asked enthusiastically. Then before she could bring herself to say anything, he had unzipped his pants and pulled down his underwear. Out popped his beautiful cock. Only it wasn't the size her mother had imagined. It was twice as big! It was almost as long as a man's, longer than even some of theirs. It jutted out a full six inches, and it was nearly two inches thick!

"Eric!" Was all Helen could choke out in her total loss of motor control.

"See mommy? I think it likes you." Eric sounded pleased. He pushed his pelvis out and pointed his impressive peter right at her.

"What am I going to do with you?" Helen finally composed a complete sentence.

Eric heard the displeasure in her voice. "Don't you like it mommy? It got hard just because you let me look at you." He began to feel less brave.

His mother was confused. How could she explain her awkwardness? Her son had pulled out his pulsing boner right in front of her and wanted to see her tits, and maybe even do more than see. "O-of course, I like your, uh thing. It's just that..."

"Didn't you want to see it? I wanted to see your titties." Eric interrupted her, trying to reestablish her consent.

She couldn't lie to him. "Y-yes. I guess I did, but I wasn't going to ask."

"Now you have to show me again." Eric reminded her.

Helen was numb. Her arms fell to her side. Eric reached up and pulled the tank top straps over her shoulders and down. Her beautiful tits bounded into full view.

Eric laughed. Helen continued to look at her son's peter.

"Dearest, please put your pants back on." She whispered, unsure what she really wanted.

"Aw, mommy. You aren't going to hide your titties again are you?"

Helen gulped with difficulty. "Uh, n-no. Not right away if you want. I-I just feel a little dizzy."

"Oh, okay mommy." Eric stepped back as he let his mother sink down into the large chair. The noise on the television added to her confusion. He carefully replaced his lovely cock back in his pants, but all the while he continued to stare with a self-pleased grin at his mother's round globes.

Helen breathed swiftly and deeply. She felt her hands on her lap. They fidgeted on her knee, wanting very much to probe between her legs. Her vision of her son's sex tool remained. She wasn't sure how long she would continue like this, frozen half naked in front of her little boy. She wanted to run to her room and fuck herself as hard as she could.

"Eric. Mommy has to go to her room soon."

Her boy smiled. "Oh, okay." He didn't move. He wished he could touch those wondrous shapes before they disappeared again. His arm jostled in a phantom spasm. His other hand returned to his sheathed cock to adjust it. The simple movements did not go unnoticed by his mother.

"Oh Eric, I'm sorry. Mommy has to go." She raised her arms to restore her shirt, giving her son a final, stretched out display of her mesmerizing breasts. The curtain lowered, and Eric blushed.

"That was terrific!"

Without thinking, Helen reached out and hugged her boy. "Mommy loves you very much." She then noticed that she could actually feel his rigid cock behind his clothes. It nestled up against her thigh in a nice fit. As if it belonged there, she mused. At once she felt ashamed. She didn't say another word, only kissed Eric's forehead and stood. Then she walked into her room.

She kept a rubber dildo in her clothes drawer. It was a monster. Helen didn't like to waste time. She liked her jacking off hot and fast. She never doted on herself. Hardly thinking, she went straight to her hiding place and plucked the slightly worn toy out of the dresser. She moved unconscious of her surroundings back to her bed were she dropped the thick, fourteen inch long, plastic cock on the bed. She tugged at her shorts and pulled them down efficiently. Her cunt was so moist she could smell it. If only there was time for a new man in her life. She had always believed that any romance would take valuable time from raising her child, and she had compromised with artificial substitutes for most of the boy's life.

Helen sat on her bed and reached for the dildo. As she turned back she looked straight at her bedroom door. She had forgotten to close it, and there, standing right in the middle of it was her son.

"Aaaaa!" She yelped.

They both jumped back.

"Mommy, w-what are you doing?"

"Oh my God!" Helen instantly realized that her firm thighs were lewdly splayed open and her son could see every pore of her seeping cunt! In her hands she gripped a huge replica of a man's livid cock!

To his credit, Eric didn't run away at the sudden intensity between them. He merely shrank back a step and looked down. His eyes peeked up as if he were struggling to control them.

Helen dropped the fake penis and closed her legs. She covered her crotch with her hands.

"Good heavens! Eric, I meant to shut the door." It had become understood that her son was always free to come into his mother's room unless the door was shut. In her passionate rush to fuck herself she had forgotten this signal.

"O-okay mommy. I'm sorry." He reached for the doorknob and started to back away as he shut his mother in, then with an inch of space still open he stopped.

"Mommy, were you going to hurt yourself?"

"Somehow her deep shame could not overcome her roused desires. But when her boy asked his last question something popped inside her head. She visualized herself plunging the massive rubber tool into her body. What could she say? Maybe she should just refuse, she told herself, but she and her son had always shared a special openness between them.

"No. No sweetheart. Now just go back to your TV and let mommy be.

"Okay." Eric said simply and he shut the door.

Chapter 3

A couple days passed. They were as uneventful as all others before that strange, revealing evening. Eric didn't say anything further to his mother about her body, and he seemed content not to plague her with tricks to soak her tits.

It was a couple days later that Eric's friend Jimmy was poking around their house. Eric had gone to play with a little girl named Naomi, who lived a few houses away. Jimmy dropped by to see if Eric was home, but he wanted to surprise him. He snuck to the side of the house where some bushes grew, and he looked into the small window there. He didn't know it, but it was a bathroom window, and Helen was just finished taking shower.

Normally the window was shut, and its cloudy glass protected anyone inside from stray glances, but Helen had opened it to let the hot steam escape, thinking that the bush was a decent curtain. She was very wrong.

Jimmy could see everything. Helen was toweling her body with languid strokes. She kept turning around and looking back into the mirror in case she had missed any spots, but this just let Jimmy, only a couple feet away, ducked down, to see every inch of her skin, including her incredible breasts and her curly haired cunt. He had never noticed how beautiful Eric's mom was. He had just thought she was like every other mom, except for his mom, one who baked cookies and served lemonade. Jimmy was very different from other boys in the neighborhood.

His mom was a 'free woman', or so she told him. She rarely wore clothes in their house and she compelled him to do the same. Early on, he had stopped feeling embarrassed, but of course he never invited his friends to his home. The other day when he and Eric were playing and his mother called him from the window had been a close call. He thought she wasn't quite normal, but he still loved her like any son would.

His mother had pretty much left him alone besides her philosophy of nudity, which is why he suddenly found Eric's mom absolutely fascinating. She was really much prettier than his mom, but most of all, he was looking at her naked body when he was quite sure she wouldn't have wanted him to.

Jimmy felt his cock grow inside his pants. Even his mother's body, of which he was so familiar, occasionally turned his little pee pee on, as he still called it. He really didn't know what to do about it, and he quickly returned to feeling embarrassed around his naked mother. He could only guess that she ignored his stiff prick when it happened to pop up, but then again he was always quick to cover himself by standing behind something or going into another room.

For the first time he was really enjoying himself as he watched a naked woman, but only because she didn't know he was there. It was the sun that gave him away. Jimmy wore corrective lenses. Just as he was really getting turned on by looking at Helen Drost's naked body, the sun crept over a leaf and reflected off his glasses.

Helen easily spotted the jittering mote of light and looked out the window. Right there in the bush, only a couple feet away she saw Jimmy crouched down, staring intently. He even had his hand between his legs as was rubbing the crotch of his jeans.

"Oh no!" She yelled and jumped back covering herself with the towel.

Jimmy yelped at his discovery and he tried to run away, but his jacket suddenly caught in the bush and he thrashed wildly trying to escape. He only managed to trip and fall. He landed with a whumph!

"Oww!" he yelled, and he found it difficult to get back up because he had hurt himself.

Helen quickly recovered her senses. She watched in mild shock as the boy Jimmy tried to escape, but when he fell so awkwardly she laughed, but only for a second. Almost immediately her surprise turned to concern.

She leaned toward the window, a towel covering her recently exposed and jostling tits. "Jimmy, are you okay?"

He managed to roll over and sit up. Then he started to stand. "Uh, I-I'm so sorry Mrs. Drost. I-I have to go."

"Don't you dare move one inch!" She commanded in her sternest mom voice. The boy could really have been hurt. She had to at least check him before he tried to run all the way back home. "You march yourself right in here, young man. I'll see you in my living room in half a second. If you're not there in six seconds, I'm calling your mother.

Jimmy nodded and raced to her front door.

After stepping out of the bathroom Helen paused briefly to put on a large, warm robe. She went to the living room and let little Jimmy inside.

"Now sit down, young man. Let me see if you've hurt yourself. I should be really angry with you, but we can talk about that later."

The frightened boy gulped and nodded. He sat down in the big chair in the room.

Helen moved closer to inspect his arms. "Did you hurt yourself badly?" She turned each arm over gently as she checked both sides, without realizing how she was bending over the boy. His lenses began to steam up because he could look right inside the robe and between her large tits!

When the boy didn't answer right away, she looked at him and immediately clasped the collar of her robe. "How dare you?" she scolded him at once. "Here I thought I was trying to help you, and all you do is peek at me disgustingly."

"I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to..."

"Oh yes, and I suppose you didn't mean to be sneaking around looking at me in the bathroom either?"

"Oh, please Mrs. Drost. Don't tell my mommy! I promise it will never happen again."

Helen just was not the angry type. Jimmy was too much like her son, sweet and innocent. We'll maybe not so innocent if what Eric had said about Jimmy's mother was true, but that was their business. She told herself, this is my business. She could see that the boy was really shaken up, and there was still the possibility he had hurt himself.

"Are you sure you're okay? You looked a little scratched up, but I don't want you running home if you twisted your ankle or some such."

"Um, I'm okay now. Please, please I didn't know you were there at first, but you are so beautiful. I couldn't help myself. I'm so sorry." He hung his head.

"Hhmph! I'll bet." She mustered a growl, but she was already softening to the boy. She was sure he was as innocent as her Eric. At the thought, she suddenly remembered the other night. The sight of her son's pale, stiff prick came back to her. He had not been so innocent then, and Jimmy was equally guilty, rubbing his cock through his pants.

For a second neither said anything.

Helen found herself looking down at Jimmy's small pant's button. She licked her lips. The same warm sensation returned to her.

Jimmy was still hard. His pants bulged gently having been looking between the vee of her robe. He looked up at her and noticed were she was staring.

Suddenly, Helen's hand lost its grip. The two folds in her robe slacked and the vee opened even wider that before. Jimmy could now see most of the firm globes of her tits. He didn't know what to think. Was Mrs. Drost inviting him to look at her tits? All he could feel was the strong tension between them and the even stronger tension beneath his pants. He looked.

Helen caught her hands as they fumbled with her sash. What was she doing? Some incredible force wanted her to show her tits to little Jimmy. He was once again staring at everything that was hanging in view already. She knew she should be angry with him, but it was her fault she had let her grip slip. Now what was she going to do? Helen quietly wondered if Jimmy thought her tits were prettier than his mother's. Then she wanted very much to know. Still she struggled with her hands at her sash. Some powerful force inside her, warming her secret places, made her want to open her robe in front of the poor boy.

"Mrs. Drost?"

Her head shook involuntarily. "Wh-what Jimmy?"

"Should I go now?"

"I-I don't know. I guess, maybe, yes." She seemed to have lost the authority in her voice. "Unless..." She heard herself say.

Jimmy was mightily confused. Unless what? "Excuse me?"

"Jimmy, why are you still looking at me?"

"I'm sorry." He said quickly and turned away.

"Th-that's o-okay. I guess it really doesn't mean very much. Is it true your mother lets you see her?"

Jimmy was surprised at the question he turned back and looked at her eyes as a blush crept across his face. "Yes." He said slowly.

"Wh-why would you want to look at me then?"

"I dunno, because you're prettier?" It was a question. The right question.

Helen was gripped with curiosity. She then asked him without thinking. "Would you like to see more?"

Jimmy was dumbfounded. But he wasn't stupid. "Uh, huh." Was Mrs. Drost really going to show him her tits?

Helen took the answer and acted deliberately. She was going to show him more than just her tits. She stood fully erect as she released her sash. Then she slowly opened the full length of her robe and stood before the poor, confused boy. "Do you really think I'm prettier than your mother?" Her body had the figure of a goddess. Her tits stood firm and proud and her hips were like two arcs enclosing a temple. Her pussy hair curled every which-way between her legs, and her legs were like marble pillars.

Jimmy almost choked. His dick was harder than it had ever been. His hand moved to cover its pointing stiffness out of pure embarrassment. All he could say was, "Yes, you're really, really pretty."

Helen couldn't help but notice the boy's hand. Her arms went slack and the warm folds fell down to her side, but she didn't close them. The alabaster path between her glorious breasts pointed openly to her cunt.

Jimmy gulped as he tried desperately to watch both.

"Jimmy, you didn't hurt yourself there, did you?"

"Huh?" He roused from his fascination.

"I asked if maybe you hurt yourself there." Helen pointed at his guarding hand.

Again Jimmy was too confused to give any informed answer. He just said. "I dunno."

"Maybe we should have a look."

"What?" He asked, easily surprised.

"I can't let you go unless I'm sure you didn't hurt yourself, young man." She felt her authority return.

"Um, okay. I guess."

Helen motioned him to stand up. He did, and she was very soon helping him unbutton his pants and pull them down. She let him pull his undershorts down by himself.

Very quickly, he stood as exposed to her as she was to him. It became immediately clear he had not hurt himself there. His boyish cock was not quite as long as Eric's, but it might have been a little thicker. Helen noticed all this in an instant. Then she was once again captivated by the beauty of a teenager's penis. She felt she could stare at him for as long as Eric had stared at her. Her body was warm and slick. She could feel the heat rushing to her pussy, and drip out like a leaky faucet of hot water. She wanted to feel her cunt right then and there. She knew she would cum in a second.

She kept perfectly still.

Jimmy began to fidget. His own awareness of his erect penis and Mrs. Drost's tits and cunt were more than he could stand. His hand crept slowly to his dick. He couldn't help himself. He had only just learned to jack off, and all he could think of was doing it right then and there.

Helen watched him touch himself. She bit her lip. Oh how she wanted to touch him herself, but she struggled desperately to keep still. Maybe the boy was just trying to adjust it and make his prick more comfortable.

She forgot that notion as his hand gripped the protruding shaft and began to rub it slowly. He aimed it purposefully at her body which was turning him on so much. He couldn't believe how hot he felt.

"Please, Miss Drost, show me some more." It was not a request. The command surprised both of them.

But Helen had lost her control. As if she were in a trance, she reached again for her robe, and this time she tugged it down over her shoulders as the boy continued to jack his beautiful meat slowly and deliberately. She stood in front of him totally naked.

It was unlike anything he had ever experienced. Jimmy wanted to shout. He wanted to grab her and do things to her. What, he didn't know. All he knew was that he wanted to rub his cock like it had never been rubbed before. His fist began to move faster up and down. He began to breathe harder.

Helen was completely transfixed. She stared and stared at the smallish boy jacking off at the sight of her naked body. She felt an urge to hear his voice, telling her things.

"Jimmy, what are you looking at?"

"Oh, Miss Drost. I'm looking at your ti... uh, boobies."

"Dear child, you can call them what you like. Do you like to call them tits?"

"Uh, huh." The boy nodded. His voice was raspy.

"Now tell me again. I want to hear you say it."

"I-I'm looking at your tits."

Helen couldn't deny herself any longer. She reached down between her legs and fingered her own cunt. She let out a gasp of relief as her fingers slid inside and began to fuck her pussy, in and out.

"Jimmy, dear sweet boy."

"Ohhh, Mrs. Drost. What are you doing?"

Helen blushed fully. "The same thing you are." She whispered huskily. Her hand had penetrated the inner folds of her pussy, and she was already zooming to an incredible orgasm.

"Wow. Does it feel real good?"

"Yes, Jimmy. Oh yes."

"I'm really glad. I like you so much. I didn't know mommies could do it."

Jimmy's hand flashed across his cock as fast it could. He was almost there, jacking dick so frantically to feel that incredible rush of bliss.

"Do you wish I was your mommy?" She leaned closer with a hopeful smile. She loved the boy dearly for what she was doing with him.

"Oh, Mrs. Drost, I-I think you are a beautiful mommy."

"Call me mommy, dear. Please. It will make me feel so much better. I think I could cum very hard if you called me mommy."

"Yes, mommy."

"Oh Jimmy, do you feel good, looking at me fucking myself?" Helen could hardly stand the tension between them she had to know if he would spurt his little cock.

"Mmmm, f-fucking?" Jimmy didn't know the word.

"Oh, what you're doing. What I'm doing. This mommy wants you to feel very good, dear sweet thing." She stroked her pussy like a dog digging after a rabbit. Her breath was quick and difficult. She kept staring at Jimmy's fast stroke and she suddenly wished the boy's cock was inside her.

Jimmy started to gasp. His hand gripped his dick like a vice for just a second, holding back his rush of cock juice as the first great pulse of energy shot into his head. Then, releasing, he blasted his cum straight at his play mommy.

A thick wad of cream leaped between them. It struck her hip.

"Oh, Jimmy! You're cumming on mommy. You're going to make mommy cum." Helen cooed. Sure enough her pussy responded with shimmering waves of bliss which rushed up to her head and made her shut her eyes. She felt more jets of Jimmy's cum strike her leg and knees as her own orgasm pounded and pounded her thoughts with joy. Her fingers clawed and gouged her clit for every possible sensation.

Then she collapsed on the couch next to the spent boy. Jimmy was smiling as he watched the beautiful woman lay down, moaning softly.

"Jimmy, Jimmy." She said.

Without thinking, he fell on her and hugged her with all his heart.

It took her a few moments to clear her head of the sex crazed fog that had engulfed her and soaked her with joy and cum. She felt the small boy's warmth, and she wished she could lay with him forever. He was so sweet, and innocent just like her own son, Eric.

Yet at that moment, Eric was learning his own lesson with the opposite sex.

Chapter 4

Across the road and several houses away, Eric had wandered over to an open lot and met his little play friend, Naomi. Naomi was younger than Eric, probably, he guessed. She was quite pretty and always wore cute little dresses, but ones she could play in. Even now her feet were bare. She wanted to play house, but Eric wanted to look for bugs in the open lot. She thought that was disgusting and she said so.

"Ewww! Daddies don't look for bugs, they go to work and carve the turkey, and then take the mommy into the bedroom." she said, because that was exactly where her mom and dad were. She didn't have the faintest idea what they did in the bedroom, but she was awfully curious. She used to think that people just slept or read books, because that is what she had always seen, but just recently she realized that there was something more, something special that made her parents laugh and shout, but they always locked their door when they did it.

"What does your mommy do in the bedroom?" she asked curiously.

"I dunno, sleep, maybe listen to the radio. Hey, we could catch grasshoppers. See there's one now." he pointed, responding to her question without really thinking about it.

"I don't want no dumb grasshopper. I want to know what happens when they lock the door."

Grasshoppers weren't dumb, but girls sure were, Eric thought. Then he realized he might know something she didn't. That was always a fun game to play, better than stupid play house.

"Oh, that." He said smoothly.

"What? Eric what do you know about it?"

"I saw my mom about to do it just the other night."

"Yeah, but your mom doesn't have a daddy." Naomi already could tell he wasn't going to just out and say what he knew. She had played this game too many times. He probably didn't know anything at all, but he was older, and that made a big difference to a girl.

"Oh, daddies are all right, if you have one," Eric strung his story out. "But mommies don't need them if they have a large plastic sausage." Eric didn't know how close to the truth his story was. He was just making it up, but in the back of his mind he too had been wondering what his mom had been doing with the plastic sausage, so he put together those little bits of memory into the first thing he imagined.

Naomi, didn't know what to think. Large plastic sausages didn't sound very fun.

"You're making it up."

"No, you're just a dumb girl."

"Am not."

"Are too!"

"No, you think you're so smart. What does your mommy do with the sausage? I bet you don't even know."

"I do too."


"Well," Eric said quickly. He didn't want to look dumb in front of a dumb girl. He thought back to that night with his mother. "First she opens her legs..." He said hinting, and that was about all he remembered before being asked to leave.

Naomi looked down between her own legs. She picked up the hem of her dress and looked closely at it.

Eric noticed her legs as she examined the sturdy cloth that covered her thighs. He suddenly realized that his little pee pee was starting to twitch as he looked at her legs. She did have cute little legs, and then he realized something else.

"Hey, it's not something you do with your clothes. My mom didn't have her clothes on."

Naomi released the hem of her dress and it fell back over her exposed legs. "Huh, you mean like Jimmy's mom?"

"Well..." Eric really didn't what to talk about his mother. She had asked him not to, but he had already let something slip. He tried to turn the direction of the story away from his mom. "My mom wears clothes most of the time. Even your mom has to change into her pajamas, and she takes off her clothes to take a shower too.

"Well, yeah, of course." Eric was such a dumb boy. Naomi thought. "Come on, Eric tell me what your mommy did. I bet you don't even know."

Eric did not know. All he could do was make it up. But now he didn't want to play that game anymore. He kept thinking about Naomi's legs. Maybe he could get her to let him see them some more. His cock twitched a little harder at the thought. Maybe she would even let him see what was between her legs, maybe it was like his mother, very different than himself, with all that hair and dark lips.

Eric smiled. Maybe he knew how to make her do it too!

"Naomi. I can't just out and tell you. I-I have to show you."

"Show me what?"

"Here, come over here." He walked over to a row of bushes. "I can't show it where anyone could see." He pointed at the base of the bushes. "Crawl in there, and I join you."

Naomi had played in the bushes before, crawling around as if she were a little mouse. She didn't think much about it and plunked right down and crawled under them until she found a bit of a clear patch hidden from view.

Eric followed her, looking quizzically at her wriggling behind. When they were both ducked down under the thick shroud of leaves, he said, "Like I said, mommies and daddies have to take their clothes off."

"Why?" Naomi was getting tired of the run around.

"Because. You'll see. I'll even take my clothes off first.

Well, Naomi thought, if he was going to take his clothes off then she could do it just as well as a dumb boy could.

Very quickly both children were nude and sitting on their dirty clothes. At first they just sat there, looking at each other's bodies.

Eric was really disappointed. Naomi didn't have any tits like his moms, just a couple of brown nubbins. She didn't even have hair between her legs, and he couldn't really tell if there was anything down there at all.

Naomi was having all the fun. She was really surprised to see Jimmy's semi-erect penis. It was the strangest thing on earth to her. But Jimmy still hadn't told her what mommies and daddies did in the bedroom.

"I don't get it at all. I think you're lying." She challenged him.

Eric was still looking at her body. It wasn't at all like his mom's. But it wasn't all that bad either. The little tart had a very cute belly and really nice little legs he noticed. His cock got just a little harder.

"Hey it moved!" Naomi pointed at Eric's growing penis.

"Spread your legs a little more, Naomi." he continued to ignore her. He now realized that the little girl did have something there. It was just a fine line in her skin, but the sight of it made him feel funny. Good, funny, very good. His cock began to fill up.

"Wow," Naomi said. "Hey it looks like a sausage."

The words broke Eric's lusty concentration. He looked down. Hey, she was right!

Naomi parted her legs more for the boy. He was really giving her quite a show. She decided she liked the funny little thing. It was like a snail uncurling outside of its shell, but not nearly as icky.

Eric continued to look at his own penis. Wow, he said in his head, and suddenly he was thinking about his mother. His mother had really liked to look at his pee pee too! If he could just figure out what she had wanted to do with that giant plastic sausage. It suddenly meant a lot to him. He looked back at Naomi, really closely this time.

Naomi was delighted as Eric's cock stiffened into its full six-inch shape.

"Can I touch it?" she asked carefully.

Eric thought about it. His little dick did feel like it wanted to be touched, and he had always liked touching it, but he now thought there must be something more than just touching it. He wondered what it was and looked again at Naomi's body.

"I guess so. C-can I touch you? There?" he pointed between her legs at the little vee that now seem to have puffed up a bit too.

Naomi was feeling something where the boy pointed. It was kind of a tingle, and she wasn't sure he wanted him to touch her, but she knew she wanted to touch him.

"Okay, I guess so."

They moved closer together and their hands reached out to touch each other's things.

It was kind of soft and hard. Naomi thought.

It was like a little fold of skin that was very warm. Eric thought. He pushed his finger a little farther.

"Ouch!" Naomi yelped.

"Oh, sorry."

"Be careful." She told him, but the sudden intrusion had been more of a surprise than any discomfort. Most of her attention was still on the fabulous toy that Eric kept between his legs. She wondered if her daddy had one of these. If so, she imagined it was much bigger and probably way prettier. She kind of grabbed hold of the stiff cock with an awkward grip.

"Hey, be careful there too. Okay?"


Eric was just starting to find out how deep the little fold of skin was. It was more like a mouth with tight lips, he thought. The first digit of his finger was already inside her. He was amazed! But his own piece of property between his legs regained his attention.

Naomi had begun to rub her hand up and down Eric's dick to feel all of its silky smoothness. She was also feeling funny in her little coozie. Eric's poking finger was making her all jittery. She suddenly felt her tiny cunt soften and grow sweaty on the inside. It was a wonderful feeling.

"Naomi, don't stop that rubbing. I-I kind of like it." Eric asked her.

"Mmm, Eric, but you have to promise to keep poking me. Can you put your finger in a little more, huh?" she responded.

Eric was surprise to find that her little fold was getting very wet and his finger began slide deeper inside of on its own. Just how deep was this hole in Naomi's legs? Eric also wondered how deep a hole his mother had between hers! Golly, the fingers on his cock were feeling more like a tease. He wanted more sensation.

"Well, I'll poke you more if you rub me faster. Okay?"

"Okay." Naomi began to rub his cock very fast, hoping he would poke her really well. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the incredible sensations that were creeping up from her pussy.

The two children were lost in their intense fascination with their partners' bodies and their own reactions to their tit for tat jacking off. Each felt spasms rippling through their petite bodies. Eric worried that the pressure building inside his cock would shoot his whole peter off like a rocket, but he was too enthralled with the other overwhelming feelings to stop Naomi. Her hand felt like a piston, jacking him up and down putting more glorious pressure into his cock. He concentrated on his own hand pushing into her moist, tight cunt with a ruthless mind of its own. The more pressure he felt in his rock hard dick, the faster he plugged his hand in and out of the little girl's hole. Naomi was crying as if he were hurting her, except she kept telling him. "More, more!"

Suddenly his body began to jerk and his cock pumped up and down in its own deep rhythm contrary to the girl's swift hand pace. White milk jumped out of his piss hole and covered Naomi's arm. Her eye's when white at the sight and just as she was about to yell at the disgusting surprise, her own body shook like an earthquake. She wailed instead.

"URRAAAAHHAAIIIEEEE!!!!!!!!" Her mind blanked and she babbled for the next few seconds as Eric slowed his finger-fucking her. He was completely drained. Every ounce of cum had been jettisoned at the pretty little girl. Gobs clung to her skirt and her arm. Even her cute face displayed tiny drops of his orgasmic cum.

She was oblivious to it all. Suddenly, she released Eric's cock and grabbed his hand, forcing it back into her cunt for a few last fucks, all the while babbling like a baby and cooing at the last seizures of ecstasy.

Eric and Naomi were quiet after that. They just looked at each other as if the other had changed into some dangerous animal they both wanted to touch again. Naomi wiped her arm and dress on the dirt and used a handful of earth to clean her face. Eric smelled his fingers then wiped them on his pants. Eventually the spell broke.

Naomi was the first to say. "I gotta go home."

"Yeah, me too." Eric echoed.

It was all they said to each other in the afterglow and strange new fear about the other as they each stood up and put their clothes back on. Without further word, they crawled out of the bushes and went their separate ways.

Secretly, Eric wondered if his mother had ever acted like Naomi, convulsing and hollering. For an answer, he suddenly realized what his mother had been doing with her large plastic sausage. He now knew the reason she had been so defensive about him catching her with it. He hoped he might catch her again.

If he had only returned home a few minutes earlier, he might have caught Helen at an even worse situation.

Jimmy felt his cock rise up again, lying on top of Mrs. Drost. He liked the feeling of it against her skin more than anything in the world. Helen also woke.

"Jimmy!" she barked. "We have to put our clothes back on!"

Jimmy jerked up looking sorrowful. His cock was all hard again and it seemed like he could cum again if Mrs. Drost was also willing. But the tone of her voice convinced him to reach down from the couch and grab his pants.

"Oh, Jimmy, You mustn't breathe a word of this to anyone! I don't know what came over me. I promise it'll never happen again."

"Aw, gee. I thought you liked it."

"Uh, oh dear. Jimmy. I can't. It just isn't possible." Helen caught sight of his fresh erection. It looked more than willing. She swallowed hard and turned her head while picking up her robe. "I'm sorry, but you mustn't come here again unless it's with Eric. And I don't want to hear about you peeking into any more windows again either. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, Mrs. Drost. I'm sorry."

"That's okay. You're a good boy. There are just certain limits we all have to face." Helen gave him a comforting smile. "Now off you go." She finished wrapping her robe around her.

Jimmy left the house just as Eric approached down the street.

"Hey, Jimmy! I'm over here. You wanna play some?" Eric just assumed his friend had been looking for him.

"Oh Eric. Yeah, sure!" Jimmy answered.

The two boys ran off after that.

Chapter 5

Helen was in a state. What was happening to her? In the last few days she had become possessed by desire for young people. Her body yearned so hard for release she had actually masturbated with a neighborhood kid. So far she had kept most of her actions in check, but she could see a frightening possibility in the future when she might lose all control.

In order to burn off her frustration, she began to clean her house from top to bottom. All the while she kept asking herself, why, why. The alarming rationale that answered told her she might have needed it.

Eric returned home by the time she was cleaning his bedroom.

"Hi mom."

Helen was now wearing some old jeans and a heavy, long sleeved shirt. She had tied the ends of it around her waist.

"Hi sport. Have fun?"

"Yeah, Jimmy's a swell guy. Don't you think?" Eric asked innocently.

Helen coughed. "If you say so, sweetheart."

"We just played ball for a while in his backyard until his mother called him in for dinner."

Helen was reminded of Jimmy's mother's perpetual state of undress.



"Does Jimmy's mother ever talk to you?"

"Nah," Eric answered automatically, and then he said. "Well, once she asked me if I wanted some cookies." He paused. "I-I told her I didn't. I was too embarrassed."

"Because she doesn't wear any clothes?"

"I guess so. I-I mean it isn't like that with you when you let me see your, you know."

"My breasts." Helen's heart skipped a beat. There it was again that inviting calling from her insides. How much she wanted to go on talking about her tits, maybe even showing them again to Eric. But she contained herself.

Eric nodded his head. His cheeks were red with warmth.

"Eric. You know I have a lot of faith in you. If Jimmy's mom ever asks you again if you want some cookies. It's okay by me if you say yes." Helen listened to herself not sure how she had come to that conclusion.

"What? Really? You mean you don't mind that she doesn't wear any clothes?"

"Well, honey, if it's just inside her own house and maybe her yard, then what business is it of mine to tell her differently?" Helen realized she was actually proud of what she had just said. "Who knows maybe me or you might one day decide not to wear any clothes in the house." Helen once again was shocked at her own words. "I mean maybe everyone should have their own privacy."

"Wow! You mean I can just take off my clothes when I want to?" Eric was suddenly excited at the prospect. He was already imagining himself with his mother, both naked in his bedroom right then.

"No, Eric, I just mean Jimmy's mom has her own house rules, and we have ours. We have just as much right to wear clothes as she has not to." Helen finished her lecture with a nod of approval.

"Aw, darn." Eric knew his fantasy was too good to be true. Still, his mother had showed her tits to him before. He was pretty sure she might some other time. He wished it was right then.

Helen didn't miss his absorbed look. She had seen it before. If stares could make breasts grow like sunlight grew plants, she would have to haul her tits around in a wheelbarrow.

"Well, I'm finished in here. You can clean the rest up yourself." With that, Helen turned around and left Eric to his fantasies. Outside his door she exhaled mightily. With just one look from her son she had almost given in again to her boy's desires. What was happening to her? She kept on cleaning house until bedtime. She let Eric fix his own meal. She skipped hers.

Lying on her back in her king sized empty bed, Helen's body surged with energy. She was so horny she could barely breathe. Her only hope lay with her vibrating rubber cock. She went to it with a will. She took the large shiny prong and gripped it tightly, trying to squeeze all of her frustration out on it. She quickly disrobed and lay back on the bed.

Her pussy was too ready. It dripped like a faucet. She could barely control her shaking hands to fit the obscene head into her blustering red cunt. It went inside her like a greased pig.

"OHHHH!" she cried.

Outside her door Eric crouched. As soon as he saw his mother go to her room for the night he crept up to it and put his ear against the door. He had to find out if his guess about the fat sausage was right! He knew her door wasn't locked. Even after the last time he surprised her, she hadn't begun to lock it.

His mother moaned with pleasure from behind it. That was his clue. She sounded just like Naomi. Eric turned the doorknob and opened it very, very slowly. It didn't even creak. He opened it until he could see her bed. It was rocking gently, but her voice wasn't gentle at all.

"Oh, God fuck me! Sweet lord in heaven and on earth. FUUUUCCCKK MMEEEEEE!!!" Helen cried with passion. She plugged her juicing cunt with the vibrator until its fake balls were banging against her pussy lips. She ripped it in and out of her cunt like an animal rutting against a fence post. Juices slimed the length of her inner thighs. Her sheets were soaked with sweat and cunt slime. She was oblivious to everything except the staggering desire inside her. She'd have plucked it out with a dagger if she had had one, spilling her blood onto the mess as well. Helen fucked herself heroically. The giant prick plugged her hole like a ramrod, too large to fit but forced in spitefully.

Eric's jaw fell open. His own prick answered the call of his mother's pervasive lust. He was quickly hard as steel. The giant dildo in his mother's hands seemed inadequate to him. Only his own prick was the right tool for the job his mother applied herself to. He put his hand on his pajamas. The door creaked open a little further, and his cock popped out like cuckoo. His hand felt warm and comforting, even pleasing to Eric's bald testicles and rock like prick. He began to rub himself.

Helen missed the door squeak open even further still. She was solely possessed by her urgent need to cum. Her pussy was nearly ragged from her pounding. Still she bore on, slamming the massive bulk into herself and dragging it out as swiftly, over and over.

Finally, her body began to show the signs. Her vision blackened, and her mind soared. Her brain flooded with rapture and her cunt rippled. Even her tits ached with pleasure. Then everything exploded. Her body jumped and twisted on the bed. She ripped the cock out and held it with a vice like grip as her body convulsed with violent orgasm.

"UURRRAAAAHHHHHHGGGGGG!!!!!" she yelled, and yelled again. She sounded like a trumpet of destruction as her brain dissolved into ecstatic mush. Her whole body wracked with pleasure. She even swore the rubber cock began to cum all over her body, drenching it with warm, sticky milk. For a second or two her other hand rubbed the goo into her belly button and all over her tits.

A horrible realization thrust her mind back into reality. There really was cum all over her! She opened her eyes already dreading what she knew she must find.

Eric stood next to her, swiftly jacking off the last cum from his balls!

"Nooooooooo!!!!!" Helen cried.

Eric jumped back and sudden fear shot across his face. He raced from the room.

Helen slumped back having dropped the fake dick, and covered her face with cum-soaked hands. It was the worst! Her life was over. From the pinnacle of heaven she fell even swifter into self-mandated hell. She just knew her life was ruined, and so she fretted.

Eric saved her. Knowing he would have to face his mother sooner or later, he decided that sooner was his only option. Who knows what would happen if she lingered on his intrusion? He had become so enthralled by his mother's sexual interlude he couldn't help himself from grabbing his dick and jerking it. Without even realizing it he had slowly pushed the door wide open and, step by step, crept into the room. His eyes were hypnotized by his mother's incredible naked body as she fucked herself with the large plastic sausage.

Always before, she had been more merciful in punishing him when he admitted his mistakes than when he had kept them from her. He hoped this wouldn't be any different. He showed his face from the edge of the door.

"I'm sorry." He said with the smallest voice in his register.

Helen's hands dropped and her head snapped up. Her mind was swirling with guilt. At first she wasn't sure she had heard him, but when she saw his fully afraid expression, she caught her breath.

"Eric?" She felt the boy's cum cool on her face, but all of her attention was on her son.

"I'm sorry mommy. I didn't mean to..."

"Oh my God son, what have you done? I-I don't know what to say to you." she spoke openly.

"I don't even know it. I just saw you and I couldn't stop myself."

The boy's words matched her own experience. Helen had been all set to bawl her son out until she judged herself first, and found herself lacking. "Oh honey!" she gulped, suddenly losing her fiercer words. Tears streamed down her eyes. She was an emotional wreck.

All Eric knew was that his mommy was suddenly crying. He went to her. She was still wiping her naked body (forgotten by both of them) with the bed sheet when he wrapped her in his small arms.

"I'm so sorry. I'll never do it again. I promise. Please don't cry."

"Oh mother's sorry too, honey. What are we going to do? I just don't know." Helen continued crying.

They held each other for a long time. Without further consideration Eric crawled onto the slimy bed with her and she covered them both up together. They both fell fast asleep.

The next morning started as calmly as the previous night had not ended. Helen lifted her eyes open. She could feel the stiff, dried puddle of cock and pussy goo beneath her. Next to her, Eric's soft pajamas pressed against her. She knew she was completely naked, but in the warm moment of the sun peeking into her window she felt as natural as a kitten. It was her mind that slowly broke out of the mist and haze of a beautiful Sunday morning.

Last night while she was fucking herself with her pseudo-cock, her own son had found his way into her room and had masturbated to the sight of her own pleasure-taking. Alarm seeped into every corner of her brain until it ran up against the unwarranted visualization of her son gripping his big, full penis and jacking it, unable to control himself because of her. That's when her body started waking. Just thinking about her own son and how he had cum all over her, far more than Jimmy's friendly cock had showered on her body. The image slowly drove out her original fear. Every part of her body responded to the call. Her nipples hardened and she ran her hand down the side of her thigh. Her lips were dry and she licked them into shininess. Her son lay against her, sound asleep.

Helen was once again at war with her feelings. She knew already she had become horny thinking about her son's tumescent cock. She was feeling the same thing he did when he looked at her breasts, she knew. She didn't do anything but watch the silent, still form of her own flesh and blood sleeping comfortably in warm, green pajamas.

When Eric opened his eyes, the first things he saw were his mother's breasts. It took more than a couple of seconds to fully realize what he was seeing, but when he was sure, he sucked in his breath from the immense proximity of them.

Helen heard her little boy waken. "Good morning son." Her voice was low and throaty.

Eric peeked up and everything was okay. His mother's eyes were kind and gentle. Without thinking he put his arm around her and pressed the side of his head into her breasts.

Helen responded by cupping his head and pressing it lightly more into her soft pillows.

Eric smiled and felt more loved than ever before. Everything was going to be all right. His mother's hand cradled him to her titties and the other stroked the length of his back. Occasionally she would reach his behind and give it a firm squeeze. She kissed his head.

"Oh Eric, I've been so bad to you."

"What do you mean?" Eric's eyes darted upward, catching a long angle of her face as if upside down.

"You've grown up so much, and I still treat you like a child. I wish you could stay a boy forever. Every mother does, but there comes a time when you will have your own needs. Needs a mother can't always fulfill.

Eric wasn't sure what his mother was talking about, only that she spoke with soft reassuring tones, and she held him to her naked body like he was still part of her. Slowly, it dawned on him that he was right next to his mother's tits! What was he thinking? Eric suddenly felt his cock stir. It began to harden and rise up. He couldn't help but look at the giant nipple just in front of his face. If he reached out with his tongue he could touch it. If only he dared.

"Go on Eric," His mother continued. "Take what ever you like. I promise I'll try to fulfill any of your needs for as long as I can, and when I have given you all you will ever want from me then I know I will have a son who was never neglected, a son who has everything he needs to go into the world and be his best. After all, you are everything that I have in this world."

Somehow, it seemed as if she were talking about exactly what he was thinking. Without a word of request, Eric stuck out his tongue and carefully licked the dark, puffed end of her mother's tit.

"Oh Eric!" Helen took a deep breath at her son's taboo contact. Her nipple punched out like rivet from the light touch. She wasn't sure it was exactly what she expected, but she knew the barriers had fallen. Her son was now more than her son. She turned so slightly to bring the nipple closer to his mouth and she relaxed her hand on his head so he could choose to move it anyway he liked.

Eric opened his mouth and drew his mother's dark tittie ring inside with a single breath. He began sucking on it instinctively. His cock was now fully composed and urging him to touch it again, like he had the night before.

"Ohhhh." Every ounce of tension relaxed in Helen's body. Her son was sucking her tit as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"Mommy, oh mommy." Eric muttered with his mouth full of warm, soft nipple. He put his hands between his legs and felt his new erection through the soft material.

"It's okay honey. Everything's going to be okay." Helen noticed her son's hand. She felt something spasm deep inside her cunt. Wetness began to pour out of her pussy, and she could feel the heat rise quickly between her legs. She clenched her thighs in erotic response. Her son was now licking the nipple as he sucked on it. Helen pinched her other nipple with one hand while her other reached boldly into the lip of his pajama pants and touch the extremely soft skin of her little boy's behind.

"Eric everything you do is okay. Let your needs guide you. I promise I'll never drive you away from me again, if you promise to let me know how you feel about anything I do for you. Okay?"

"Uh-huh." came the pleased but muffled reply.

"How does this feel?" Helen emphasized her hand on the child's ass underneath his pajama bottoms. She rubbed it smoothly over his skin, around in small, warm circles.

"I dunno." Eric said. He was actually somewhat embarrassed that he had his prick in his hand while his mother patted his smooth backside. He stopped sucking his mother's heaving nipple and looked up.

"Aw honey if you don't like it then mommy'll will stop."

"No! you can keep doing that. I mean, I kind of like it." Eric quickly reassured her. It did feel nice, especially since he was carefully squeezing and rubbing his very happy cock. He still worried that somehow what he was doing wouldn't upset his mother like the night before, even though she did promise. He hoped she wouldn't see where his hand was.

Helen could see everything and she was specifically looking at the more than hand sized bulge that moved beneath his jammies. She was thrilled. All former concern had fled. Her son was the most beautiful person in the world and she wanted him in every way, because he wanted her. Helen lightly urged his head to return to its current pleasure.

He gulped on her tit even more urgently.

"Ohhhhh." Helen was now unable to stop her hand from seeking out her own legs and the inflamed nest between them. Her fingers entered her flowing pussy as easily as her son sucked down imaginary milk. She was less than easy with herself. Her hand thrust all four fingers inside her quite vigorously. She gasped and moaned. Her tits commanded her. Her pussy demanded from her, and her son gave and gave her so much pleasure from a simple, natural act that she was soon cumming in small spasms.

Eric noticed her mother's gentle, internal shaking, but he was far more attentive to his prick, and it's building load of hot cum. Then from out of the blue his mother said.

"Oh Eric. You lovely boy. You have to cum on mother again. Please, for mommy." Helen barely heard herself speak. Her cunt reached around the inside of her brain and massaged it with luxurious oil. Her hand was ablaze inside her cunt.

Eric didn't want to stop jerking his dick even a second to unsnap his pajamas, but before he knew it, his quivering mother had pulled her other hand off of his ass and reached around to pop the front panel of his bottoms with one clean jerk.

Hand and hard cock spilled out. Eric didn't stop pulling at his dick. It was too close now. His balls trembled and his ass clenched as he began biting on his mother's black nipple in unexpected nervousness.

"Aaiiiieeeee!!!" His mother screamed, not from his son's sharp teeth but from her whole body as it writhed with intense cum-sucking orgasms.

His mother's cry would have scared poor Eric to pieces, if it weren't for his own cock and balls exploding at the same time. He cried out and echoed her own fantastic release.

Cum jetted out all over his mother's stomach. The flood of hot spume triggered yet another wild stampede through Helen's nervous system. It was almost too much. She staggered under its fury and she lost her sight in ecstatic blackness.

Soon all she knew was that she was kissing him, her son, with her lips and her tongue probing across every inch of his body.

Eric giggled and laughed. His body glowed with happiness, and he thought his mommy was just playing with him, as she kissed head, shoulders, chest, back, arms, and further, until he felt her licking all the cum off of his cock. The playful tickling stopped and his young cock responded most adult-like. It filled with blood until it was fully hard again.

"My, my. You are a growing boy." Helen cooed. The taste of her son's cum thrilled her. She wanted her son to never fear her again. She would give him so much. But even then her mind wasn't willing to commit to how much she would indeed give him.

As she finished licking his strengthened prick she wondered just how far would she go. Her mouth was so close, and it had already cleaned her son's beautiful and delicious cock of every drop of cum. Cum he had given while milking her with his mouth. She was still swooning from her last, dazzling cum.

She looked at Eric. "Son, you are so beautiful."

Eric smiled. For some reason he had always feared that his mother wasn't going to like his penis. Now he found out that she loved it.

"Thank you mommy. I love you."

"I love you so much Eric." Helen melted. "Is there anything you want from your mommy now?"

Eric thought about his newly engorged cock. He really didn't know anything more to do than jerk it with his hand. Then he remembered Naomi. Eric nodded his head.

"What Eric, what?"

Eric reached for his mother's hand and cautiously led it toward his wonderful prong.

Helen smiled at her son's simple request. Yesterday she would have been shocked and might have yelled at him, but today was a different and more perfect day. She gratefully received her son's bulging prick into her hand and she immediately began to jerk on it. She puffed out her tits so he might get the best view of them.

But Eric wasn't so interested in his mother's breasts as much as he sneaked glances at her curvaceous thighs and the dark cleft inside. He had watched her mother put a large plastic sausage in there and this morning what looked like her whole hand. He remembered Naomi and with his bravest move yet, he reached his hand out to touch her thick bramble of dark hair.

Helen's eyes went wide. Not for a second did she stop jacking off her own son's cock, but when he put his fingers on her pussy hair electricity snapped in her brain. She slowly brought her other hand around and led his down the pile of shaggy fur and deeper into their midst. There she left him, reassured that he could do what he wanted there.

Eric laughed, he hadn't expected to find the hot, wet hole hidden inside his mother's loins so quickly. He took a second to just feel her juicy cunt before he started to press his fingers deep inside her and run them slowly back out again.

Helen gasped. Her son's dear, sweet fingers were fucking her, and she had drawn the child's darling hand inside her. He fucked her like he knew what joy he was giving her. She could barely keep her breath and her own hand's pace on his solid prick. She began to pet her son's head and take brief kisses from his lips to reassure them both, that their efforts would be rewarded, perhaps even greater than before.

Eric's other hand grabbed her tit. He played with it awkwardly, but made up for his fumbling with precise strokes inside his mother's cunt. He heard her moan and felt her kisses. It was like driving a car, but Eric wasn't old enough to drive a car. He knew instinctively what he was doing was far better than driving a car. He plugged his mommy's cunt with more vigor.

"Aaaarrrrrraahhh! Oh, yes, Eric you keep hand-fucking your mommy and I'll keep jacking your beautiful cock. We are going to cum and cum, together. Helen flashed her hand up and down her son's ample prong. She licked his face and he giggled, but his cock just got harder and harder. His balls began to twitch. Helen's pussy was shuddering, she couldn't believe how quickly her little boy's hand was sucking out all the moisture from her brain and right out her cunt. She knew her head was going to crumple into dust any second.

Fucking his hand in and out of the giant pussy-hole was the most exciting thing Eric could imagine. His cock was going to explode all over again, and his mom was aiming his pee hole right at her tits. She wanted his cum all over her tits. He loved his mother very, very much. He dare not hold back on her account, and every time he came on his mother it was like watering a thirsty plant. She grew perkier and perkier with each dose of sticky goo.

White hot white spewed forth. Helen's body jerked all the right ways, inside and out, at the boiling sperm plastering her tits. Her cunt sucked Eric's hand so hard as she came in response to his blasting cum he couldn't move his hand. He didn't care. He just grabbed his mother with his other hand and leapt on her. He bowled her over, hand stuck inside her convulsing slit, and buried her with kisses. His cock poured out its last bucket of slop into his mother's navel.

For many more moments the two were locked in an embrace of ecstasy.

Finally, Helen said, "Honey, mommy has to shower. I have work to do. You have to go to school."

"Ah, gee mom. I just want to say here with you."

"I love you too, but there's a world out there. And you have lots of friends you want to play with too."

"Un-uh. You're the best."

Helen patted Eric's mussed hair and she kissed him one more time as she got out of the bed.

Helen showered leisurely. As she was drying her hair, she heard Eric rummaging around downstairs, something he usually did in the morning before jetting off to school. The house almost felt like normal, except for the warm feeling of satisfaction and potential horniness deep inside her. Helen didn't want to think about failing to control her and her son's sexual appetite. She wasn't sure it was failure, but it did trouble her. She tried to imagine telling Eric that they had gone too far with their playfulness, but her mind conjured visions of more ice water and sneaky peeks whenever she wasn't watching out for him. Eric had developed an appetite for her, and Helen knew even her matronly power probably couldn't enforce his cooperation. Helen's far greater worry was Eric might think they hadn't gone far enough! Helen promised herself she would put a stop to anything more.

Finish the story at One if by Son, Two if by Mom: Chapters 6-10

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