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CAUTION: This story is not politically correct. It includes the humiliation and degradation of willing and maybe not so willing black women. The "n" word is used liberally.

Puerto Esclava

by Neal

Chapter 3 - Tamika's Second Interview

Tamika felt nauseous during the whole bus ride to her appointment. It was even worse than the last time when she didn't know what to expect. Now she knew exactly what it would be like.

Arriving at nine thirty, Tamika was determined to make no further mistakes. By no means was she eager to spend six months as a slave on a plantation themed resort island, but it was the only chance she saw to get herself and her mother out of their financial straights. She'd just have to suck it up, figuratively and literally.

After knocking on the office door, there was no answer. Tamika tried the knob, but it was locked. Perhaps Mister Smith wasn't there yet, she thought. After all, she was half an hour early. With nowhere to sit, the young black woman stood outside the door, waiting nervously.

About fifteen minutes later, the door opened up. Tamika looked over to see a short black woman, perhaps in her late thirties, emerge. For a second their eyes met, but the other woman quickly looked away and hurried down the hall towards the exit. Like herself, the woman must have been ashamed to be seen by someone who knew why she was there.

Once again, Tamika knocked on the door. This time, Mister Smith opened it and let her in. The front room looked the same, barren and unfurnished. She heard the door close behind her. He walked to the door to the huge empty back room and opened it. The colored girl followed. This room was unchanged as well. The heavy table, the metal folding chairs, the old desk, and the pile of cubicle partitions were where they'd been before. There was no sign of Doctor Jones.

"I'm real sorry 'bout last time, Mister Smith," she apologized. "Thank you for givin' me another chance."

"Don't worry about it," he said. "Let's continue from where we left off. Remove your clothing. All of it."

All of the emotions she'd felt that first time came rushing back to Tamika. The embarrassment. The shame. The feeling of powerlessness. It was humiliating and she hadn't even taken a single thread off yet. But, it couldn't be helped. She'd asked for another chance and hit had been granted. She couldn't back out now.

Willing her hands to action, Tamika took off her jacket, blouse, and skirt as she'd done before. Mister Smith looked on from his seat in the folding chair on the other side of the table. Her face burning, she reached back and unclasped her bra, pulling it off. Resisting the temptation to cover her bare breasts, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, finally stepping out of them.

Mister Smith's eyes roamed leisurely over Tamika's naked body as she stood naked with her hands at her sides and her head bowed in shame.

"That's better," said Mister Smith. "It seems Doctor Jones is late, so we'll have to proceed without him for now. I'll start with some questions about your sexual history."

Tamika shifted nervously on her feet, very aware of the fact that she was naked and standing while Mister Smith remained fully dressed and sitting down. He clearly had all the power in this situation and she had none.

"Okay," she replied in a small voice.

"When was your first sexual experience?" asked Mister Smith. "Not necessarily intercourse. Could be anything of a sexual nature."

"Um... well... I guess when I was thirteen...," answered Tamika. "I made out with a guy an' let him... you know... go under my blouse. Is that what you mean?"

"Yes," he replied. "How about oral sex? How old were you when you first sucked a man's dick?"

Tamika's face blushed hot. Revealing these intimacies under these circumstances was humiliating but she knew she had no choice. The colored girl feared that if she didn't answer, Mister Smith would end the interview and her chance at getting her and her mother's financial situation fixed would be lost. She suspected that the white man was purposely trying to embarrass her, but that didn't change anything.

"Fifteen," she said.

"Same guy?" he asked.

"No," she answered. "That guy was jus' a neighbor... The guy I... did that with... was... well... I thought he was my boyfriend."

"I see," said Mister Smith. "When did you first have intercourse?"

Tamika shifted on her feet. Answering Mister Smith's questions like this made her feel even more exposed than standing in front of him naked did.

"Fifteen," replied Tamika. "It was the same time I did... you know... did oral sex with him."

"The guy you thought was your boyfriend?" Mister Smith asked.

"Yeah," Tamika answered.

"How many sexual partners have you had up until now?" he wanted to know.

"Three," she told him.

"Only three?" he seemed surprised.

What did he think she was? Tamika felt a tinge of anger that momentarily had her forgetting the situation she was in. Just as quickly, she remembered she was standing naked in front of a stranger, interviewing for a job that would entail her having sex with whoever paid for her. It wouldnt' be unreasonable to assume that that kind of girl would have had sex with dozens of men.

"That's right," Tamika replied.

"You understand that you could be expected to have sex with three different men the day you arrive in Puerto Esclava, right?" Mister Smith pointed out. "And, three different ones the next day? Do you think you can handle that?"

"I thought I'd jus' get... sold... to one man an' he'd... be the one I'd be... doin' that with," Tamika responded.

"That all depends on who owns you and what they want to do with you," he explained. "Sometimes a guest will buy a slave and she'll be used by him exclusively. Other times, a group of guests will buy one and share her amongst themselves. If we don't get the asking price for you at the auction, you'll end up working at one of the resorts facilities and be used by different men every day."

"What would I have to do?" asked Tamika. "I... don't have that much experience."

"Oh, don't worry about that," Mister Smith answered. "No one expects much more that some nigger cunt that just lays there with her legs open for 'em so they can get off. It's not hard."

Tamika bowed her head in shame. Of course, she thought, all she'd be was a sex toy. An object for the gratification of the resort's guests, nothing more. If all she had to do was spread her legs for one man after another, it would just be a matter of enduring it until it was over. Then she'd be back home with no worries.

"I guess not," she said softly.

"So, you think you can handle it?" he asked again.

"Yeah," she said.

"Good," said Mister Smith. "Get up on the table. On your back."

"Uh... what are you gonna do?" asked Tamika nervously.

"I'm going to continue the interview," Mister Smith answered. "Now, get up there."

The table creaked when Tamika sat on it and lifted herself further towards the middle of it. Mister Smith remained seated, waiting until she was on her back before standing. The colored girl turned her head away from him as he slowly looked over her naked body.

"Spread your legs," he instructed her. "Feet flat on the table with your knees bent so I can see your vagina properly."

Without speaking or even turning her head, Tamika bent her knees until the bottoms of her feet were flat on the table top. Her face burning with shame, she moved her legs apart.

"Wider than that," ordered the white man.

Tamika fought back her urge to get up and storm out. Instead, she spread her legs further apart. She knew that her most private parts were now displayed obscenely for the white man.

"Hmmm...," mused Mister Smith. "Grab your thighs and pull your knees up to your chest. Keep your legs apart."

"Can't you see enough already?" Tamika complained.

"Do you want to stop the interview?" he asked. "If you can't do this, you might as well forget about the deal. Slaves are examined regularly on the island. You could easily be inspected by a dozen potential buyers before you're sold at your first auction. It's also a favorite form of foreplay with many of our guests. There's nothing like checking out the goods to get a man worked up before using a slave."

Closing her eyes, Tamika willed herself to calm down before speaking.

"No..., I don't wanna stop the interview," she said softly.

"Then get those legs up and open," he replied.

"Sorry," she apologized, defeated.

Taking hold of her thighs just above the knees, Tamika pulled her knees up. Letting her legs splay open, she could feel the cool room air on her exposed pussy and asshole. Utterly humiliated, she waited for whatever degradation the white man had in mind for her.

The sudden sound of a cell phone ringing startled Tamika. She turned her head to see Mister Smith answering it. The negro started to relax and let her legs down, but the white man looked her in the face and shook his head. Immediately she pulled her legs back into position.

"Hello?" Mister Smith spoke into the cell phone, never taking his eyes off of Tamika's exposed sex.

"Where are you?" he asked after a brief pause.

"You've got an exam to do here," he said upon hearing the response.

Mister Smith listened for a few seconds.

"No, not three ninety eight," he said. "She's a repeat so they'll just check her at the dock. It's the nigger from the other week. The one that walked out on us."

Tamika realized that it must be Doctor Jones on the phone and they were talking about her. Mister Smith said nothing for a long few seconds.

"Yeah, she's more cooperative," he said into the phone. "Got her on her back with her legs gaping open right now."

Feeling like a piece of meat, Tamika tried to think about the positive results that would come of her humiliation. The house and car paid for. Her credit cards all taken care of. All she had to do was lay there and take it for six months.

Mister Smith laughed at something Doctor Jones said. Tamika fumed silently.

"Ten minutes then," he said, snapping the cell phone shut.

Tamika was startled again when she felt Mister Smith's hand touch the inside of her thigh. She turned her head so she could see him. His gaze was directed between her spread legs. He ran his fingers across her pussy.

"Dry as a bone," he said to himself.

"Did you think I was gonna be wet?" asked Tamika, unable to restrain herself.

"Just checking," said Mister Smith. "You never know. Sometimes the complainers get turned on in spite of themselves."

"Well, havin' to do this don't turn me on at all," she said.

"That's perfectly fine," he assured her. "Most of our guests would be happy dry fucking a nigger like you. When a man has sex with a slave, he doesn't really care if she likes it or not. Some of 'em would rather she didn't. Personally, I like the way a dry pussy feels on my dick and how it always gets wet after a minute or so no matter how much the nigger fusses about it. Hell, I wouldn't mind fucking you right now."

"Is that part of the interview?" she asked sarcastically.

"No, it isn't," he answered. "No sex is required until the contract is signed. After that, we own you and we'll do what we want. Of course, just because it isn't required, that doesn't mean it's forbidden. Like I said, I'd be happy to fuck you right now. I'm sure I'd be finished before Doctor Jones gets here."

"No thanks," said Tamika. "Can I put my legs down now?"

"Not yet," Mister Smith told her. "I have a couple more questions. When did you first have anal sex?"

Here we go again, thought Tamika. More embarrassing questions. Funny thing was, now that she was a little pissed, answering didn't seem so bad.

"I never done that," she replied. "My first boyfriend wanted to, but it hurt an' I made him stop."

And after that, Tamika remembered, her so-called boyfriend stopped seeing her. Bastard.

"You won't have that luxury as a slave," Mister Smith explained. "If your owner wants to butt fuck you, you're just gonna have to take it."

"I figured that," said Tamika.

"Have you ever had sex with another woman?" asked Mister Smith.

"I'm straight," Tamika answered.

"Some of our guests find it entertaining to make two slave girls have sex with each other ," he told her. "Plus, some of our guests are female and enjoy being serviced by a female slave. You'll be expected to do as you're told in that regard. Will you be able to?"

"I'll do it," she said. "It's not like I have a choice."

"True," he agreed. "The only choice you have is now. Once the contract is signed, you'll have none."

It just keeps getting worse, thought Tamika. Her legs were getting tired from holding them up and fatigue was becoming more of an issue for her than the embarrassment of keeping her sex presented to Mister Smith.

The door opened suddenly, sending hot flash of fear of discovery through the naked negro's body. Tamika lowered her legs and used her arms in a futile effort to cover her bare breasts and pubic mound. Doctor Jones walked into the room.

"So, I see you really did get some cooperation out of this one," said Doctor Jones, his eyes roaming over Tamika's naked brown body. "Not bad."

"Yeah, she came around," said Mister Smith. "I was just getting some sexual history from her when you came in. I'm done, so she's ready for you."

"All right," said Doctor Jones, looking at Tamika. "Sit up."

Tamika got up and sat on the edge of the table. Doctor Jones took a pen light out of his shirt pocket and began to closely examine the black girl's face. He started by looking in both eyes. Putting his finger on the tip of her nose, he tilted her head back and examined both nostrils.

"Open your mouth," instructed Doctor Jones.

Embarrassed by the impersonal inspection as Mister Smith looked on, Tamika nevertheless opened her mouth. Doctor Jones peered inside for a moment before clicking the pen light off and slipping it back into his shirt pocket.

Turning his attentions lower, Doctor Jones took hold of one of Tamika's breasts and squeezed it several times before tweaking her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. It was unlike any breast exam the colored girl had experienced and more like being groped. However, she sat there and took it. The white man then proceeded to give her other breast the same treatment.

"On your back," directed Doctor Jones. "Legs up, like you were before."

Tamika lay back down on the table and grabbed her thighs, pulling them up until he knees were almost touching her chest. Doctor Jones donned a pair of rubber gloves while he watched the black woman get herself into the humiliating position. He clicked the pen light back on and closely examined the negro's vagina. With one hand, he parted her labia. She shuddered when his gloved finger brushed across her clit.

Without warning, Doctor Jones pushed a finger up into Tamika's unlubricated pussy causing her to gasp from both the pain as well as the surprise of it.

"Ow!" she vocalized.

"Stop fussing and hold still," he ordered.

After a few more moments of fingering the black girl's pussy, the doctor withdrew his finger. Tamika felt him moving his hand down further until the tip of his finger was on her anus. Slowly, he started working it up her ass.

"That hurts," she complained.

"Push back against my finger," he instructed. "It'll go in easier."

Her face burning with shame, Tamika pushed back against the intruding digit and the doctor's finger slowly made its way up her ass.

"Pretty tight," said Doctor Jones. "She been ass fucked?"

"She says no," replied Mister Smith.

"Somebody's in for a treat," remarked Doctor Jones.

Removing his gloves, Doctor Jones tossed them in a wastebasket next to the table, never taking his eyes off Tamika's nude body. The colored girl turned her head away from the two white men, but continued to hold her legs open, exposing her sex to them.

"Not bad," said the doctor finally. "Strong negro features, even coloring, fairly big tits, nice cunt, tight asshole. Depending on what else is available that day, we should get a decent price for her."

"We'll see," replied Mister Smith. "She's got some attitude and wasn't very responsive."

"You know that doesn't matter much," shrugged Doctor Jones. "Hell, that might even drive the bidding higher. Some of these niggers are such sluts, there's no resistance. Pissed off and bitchy usually goes high since they don't stay that way too long."

"True," conceded Mister Smith.

Tamika's face burned with anger and humiliation at the way the two white men were discussing her sales potential as if she were an animal. Doctor Jones looked at his watch.

"We got another nigger at one, right?" asked the doctor. "A new one?"

"Yeah," answered Mister Smith. "Don't know anything about her."

"Okay," replied Doctor Jones. "I'm gonna go get some lunch. Want me to bring you back anything?"

"No thanks," said Mister Smith. "I'll get something after the last interview."

"See you around one then," Doctor Jones said as he walked out of the room.

After the door closed, Mister Smith fished a digital camera out of his pocket and walked around to the end of the table. Tamika could see him standing between her legs.

"I'm gonna take the standard set of pictures to send with the report," he said. "Don't worry, they won't leave the company and if you don't sign, we'll destroy them. Is that a problem?"

Pictures, too? There seemed to be no end to her degradation, thought Tamika. She knew she had no choice anyways and so did he.

"Fine," said Tamika, a hint of disgust in her voice. "Where should I stand?"

"Since you're already on your back, we'll just take that one now," replied Mister Smith. "Spread wide."

Tamika moved her legs further apart and turned her head away.

"Don't turn away," said Mister Smith. "Look at the camera. You don't have to smile."

Looking back at Mister Smith through her spread legs, Tamika glared at him. The white man clicked the camera and the flash went off. He waited a few seconds before taking another picture.

"Perfect," he said. "I think of that shot as the personality picture. It always captures the mood. Stand up."

Sliding off the table, Tamika stood and faced Mister Smith. He took a close up of her face before backing away and taking a full length shot.

"Turn to your side," he directed her.

Tamika turned to one side and Mister Smith took a profile picture. He had her turn away for a back view and then turn to the other side for another profile.

"Are you done?" asked Tamika.

"One more," said Mister Smith. "Turn away from me again, but bend over as far as you can. Spread your legs as far as you can."

If she hadn't already come so far, Tamika would likely have refused. However, she was well aware of her situation and there was little she could do other than comply. Turning her back to Mister Smith, the colored girl bent at the waist and moved her feet apart.

"Squat down some, I want the cunt and asshole clearly visible," directed Mister Smith.

Her face continued to burn as Tamika bent her knees and squatted to further expose her most private parts to the white man's camera. She saw the flash go off and waited a few seconds before it flashed again.

"That's all," announced Mister Smith.

Straightening up and turning around, Tamika faced Mister Smith. The colored girl felt used and exposed as she stood naked watching as the white man reviewed her pictures on the camera.

"Can I get dressed now?" asked Tamika.

"Yeah, go ahead," said Mister Smith. "Well, unless you want to fuck."

If that's what it takes, what choice would she have? Tamika sighed.

"Will that help my chances?" she asked.

"Honestly?" he replied. "Not really. I'm pretty sure they'll take you."

Tamika was a little surprised at his honesty. Had Mister Smith told her that having sex with him was a requirement or would help her get the deal, she'd have spread her legs and taken it. However, she had no desire to be any more intimate with the white man than she had already.

"Then I'll just get dressed," Tamika responded.

Mister Smith watched intently as Tamika put her clothes back on. Once she was dressed, she sat down. Despite the fact that her nakedness was covered, she still felt exposed. After all, the white man had just directed her to humiliate herself in ways she'd never before experienced. It had been a humbling experience.

"When will I know...?" she started

"I'll send your stuff in tonight," he replied. "They'll make a decision pretty quick. I'll call you tomorrow or the next day either way."

"When would I be... leavin' for... that place?" asked Tamika.

"First of next month," answered Mister Smith. "We'll give you a plane ticket to where the boat for Puerto Esclava leaves from. You'll get a quick medical check and sign the contract. Once you've verified that your financials are taken care of, you get on the boat with the others and leave."

"Okay...," she said. "Is... that all?"

"That's all," he confirmed. "We'll be in touch."

Tamika stood up and walked towards the door. She thought about saying something like "thanks" or "good bye", but her treatment here today left her feeling that social niceties like that were out of place. Instead, she just left the room without saying anything and headed outside to the bus stop.

*       *       *

Monday evening, Tamika's cell phone rang. The number was blocked, just as it had been when Mister Smith had called before. She felt a knot grow quickly in her stomach before she flipped the phone open.

"Hello?" she answered the phone.

"Tamika?" said Mister Smith's voice.

"Yes," she replied.

"We're accepting you for the terms we agreed upon previously," he informed her. "Is that acceptable to you?"

Tamika swallowed hard. She knew that she was agreeing to surrender her body and her freedom for six months in exchange for having her and her mother's debts paid off. She'd already had a taste of what Mister Smith and his associates were like. But, with no alternatives, there was little choice.

"Yes," said Tamika.

"Good," replied Mister Smith. "We'll be flying you down to your departure point on the thirty first. Your flight leaves at eleven forty that day, so be there a couple hours early. Your ticket will be waiting for you at the Tropical Tours counter. Any questions?"

"Um... what should I bring?" she asked.

"Nothing," he answered. "We'll be providing everything you'll need. Anything you bring with you will be stored and returned to you at the end of the contract when you come back. Any other questions?"

"Um... no," Tamika replied.

"Okay," said Mister Smith. "You have our number. If we don't hear otherwise, we'll be expecting you on the thirty first."

"Okay," said Tamika.


Tamika closed the phone. Her financial problems were just about over, she thought. Half a year of slavery was about to begin.

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