September Fith, 2020 - Hey, just because it was so nice out today, I thought I'd leave it out. Cops weren't so happy about that, tho'.

To commemorate Cheese Pizza Day, I thought I'd let it all hang out and then post a couple more of Paul's The Gang chapters, since some of you were so nice to let me know you like the story. So two new chapters are online today. You're welcome! Again!

Ya know, you can read over 200 chapters of Paul's story on our . We're posting 2 a week in addition to the we add from time to time. Over 200 chapters is worth the price of admission. Good Deal!

I'll probably have another chapter of my Zoo Mom series to post soon. If that'll make y'all happy. Don't forget to bang on that and let me know. You can read some of the comments I've received on the quite aptly named Comments page. Heheh

Until I get another urge, Tip o the hat to yer
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Why is it that all of the instruments seeking intelligent life in the universe are pointed away from Earth?

August Two Dozen+1, 2020 - OK, in recognition of National Kiss and Make Up Day and National Banana Split Day, kiss your babe on her banana split... or treat her to one. But first, give a read to the next two (like in deux, zwei, duo) chapitre of Paul Turner's The Gang series. You're welcome! OKAY!!

I would have posted this on the two dozenth, but I was busy adding more of Paul's chapters for our . We've published over two hundred of The Gang there so far. Keeps me busy... but not out of trouble.

There have been a few good comments about Paul's nice story. If you want more, let us know by using my and pounding out a few digital bits. Not that hard. It's the only payment we get for posting our stories for you to read free here on Least you can do. And I'll put your digital bits up for everyone to see... or make fun of... on my Comments page. Just think, you could have your utterances published and be famous on the internet! Er... sumpin'. Laughing my Ass off

That's pretty much all I got for today. But isn't it enuf? Shrug

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Announcing "I'm offended" is basically telling the world you can't control your own emotions, so everyone else should do it for you.

August One Dozen, 2020 - Since some of you have been so nice to have thumped yer rodent on that ol' and sent me a few words of encouragement about Paul's lovely series, The Gang, I figured that warranted adding a few more of that series. So today I've posted another deux chapitres. (Ain't I just so multilingual? Or is that cunning lingual? Whatevah!)

I've been working on some of my Zoo Mom future chapters. You can read some of the short synopses of the series up to about chapter 30, but I've got at least another 20 or so that are mostly done. Some have a bit of editing or writing needed to complete them, but a bunch are finished. The problem with posting a series is that I can't post a chapter that's further along in the story timeline as that would leave a big hole and I've found that readers don't like that.

Then there are the offshoots from the main storyline, like Tessa the weathergirl or Karen's mischievous babysitting session or the newly formed porn vid company, PainStim Productions. Then there's the whole spinoff adventure with the house next door. Still developing that one. Bobby gets a lovely fuckbuddy - well, in addiion to hot teach Adrienne. And Sissy and family sex tutoring the twins, Taylor and Jeff.

As I've mentioned before, I do post all of my new stuff on my first and then will post some of them here later on. There are many that are posted exclusively for our menbers there, along with several other authors' series. We;ve posted over 200 chapters of Paul's The Gang story and he's just promised to send me chapters 300-400 after he's finished proofing and updating them.

Even with the writers block wreaking havoc on my productivity, once in a while there's still a flash of inspiration and I can bang out into digital bits an episode or so. Some just don't want to seem to end. Others are only a chapter or two and then fizzle out.

As long as there's an indication of someone out there in readerland who's reading my stuff, I guess I'll keep posting them here. After all, I've got a ways to go to catch up to Paul's now 1271 installments of his story.

Plausible arguments can be constructed for the dumbest ideas.

August Fith, 2020 - It has been brought to my attention that I'd promised previously to post chapter 23C of my Zoo Mom saga here on the first of the month. I was so excited by the great feedback that Paul's The Gang has been getting and posted two, count 'em two, chapters of his story again, and fergot to put my own pervy family's chapter online. I'm hereby remedying that gross error and posting said chapter. There. Are ya happy? If so, mash on that and let me know. Otherwise I'll just go back into shamflu isolation and hibernate a while longer.

Guess it's fitting for National Work Like A Dog Day, trying to keep all three of you entertained. Or at least providing some fapping materials for you.

Why do they call it a SAD lamp if it's supposed to make you feel good?

August Fool's Day, 2020 - Since this is the start of our new regal month and National Mahjong Day, I figured that it would probably pass inspection if I posted two more of Paul Turner's great UK village saga, The Gang. So for those of you who are keeping score, I've beaten chapters 8 and 9 into posting form and they are now online for your viewing pleasure. Yay!

Hope you're all staying somewhat safe, despite getting cabin fever from being locked down and suffocating from wearing masks. So if you can dodge all those Kungflu things, give yer mah a jong. Or whatever...

"If idiots could fly, this would be an airport."

Juli's two duznth, 2020 - Hope everone is enjoying being confined in either your home or a mask. Too bad we can't wear those Lone Ranger type masks... much cooler! Eh, Tonto?

Since it's National Tequila Day (hic), I thought it might be a good time to just add another couple of chapters of Paul Turner's The Gang, so I've posted chapters six and seven of his huge and quirky work. Paul really would like to know if you're enjoying the series, so mash on that and let me know so I can forward the good word to him. C'mon, give him a thrill!

I'm planning on putting the next episode of my Zoo Mom saga - chapter 23C - here on the first of the month. Just fair warning for those of you who check daily for any updates. Seems there's a few people who have indicated they would be appreciative if I added it. Ok, so there ya go. Now ya know.

Ya know, I'd really like to know what the ladies who read my filth think. If you're interested in previewing some of my stories and helping me with your thoughts and comments, I might be able to get some special access to our area where my has all that I've published so far. I'm working on several different stories and would like some input from the ladies who are interested in that kinda stuff. Just use the to let me know you're interested. No obligation.

Not much else to tell ya on this Tequila day, so...

"If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life." --Henry David Thoreau

Juli's sweet 16th, 2020 - Well, in my neck of the woods, it's been getting a little warmer. Apparently this time of year is supposed to be summer. Not sure you could prove it by me, but I thought we were supposed to be sweltering in the Globull Warming. You guys in Oz are probably freezin' yer balls off and hoping for a little of it down under, huh? At least I think I've got a reader or deux in Oz. Dunno Mash on that and let me know if you're receiving down there.

I figured we'd celebrate getting through the middle of Jooleye by posting a few more of Paul's wonderful The Gang story. He says he really would like to know if anyone enjoys reading his little tale of a quiet UK village and its waking up to different sexual romps and shenanigans. I'll be happy to post more if you bang on that and let him and me know you want more. Not askin' a whole lot, but if you do, I'll keep posting them here.

I've still got Zoo Mom chapter 23C to post if anyone is interested. In it, Bobby uses what he's learned from mom to sweet talk the gorgeous young teacher at school. Adrienne appreciates Bobby's interest and finds out that he has quite a bit of experience for a young guy his age. One thing leads to another and soon Bobby has the hot teach under his control. Both really enjoy that. if you want to read a bit more of their prurient activities.

Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.

US Independence Day, 2020 - Wow, things are poppin' around here... literally. Lots of fireworks and celebrations. And just to celebrate the US independence from England, I talked our wonderful UK author, Paul Turner, into letting me post his voluminous and ongoing story of coming of age and sexual awakening in England, The Gang.. It's a wonderfully delightful story that he has over one thousand chapters of it written. So it may take a while for us to catch up to him, but I've posted the first chapters here and will continue as I get them converted over to html format.

Paul really would like to know how you like his story, so if you use my to send some feedback, I'll forward it to him. It's the only way any of us authors can tell whether anyone is reading our stories. And providing the stories here for free, it's the only "pay" that any of us have for posting our stuff for your reading pleasure. Yeah!

Speaking of reading pleasure, which I was, my friend and co-author, Data001, has started a new story series titled and it is really a hot, juicy fun storyline. A lot of our are avidly reading the first chapter that we've just posted on the site and Data says he's already gotten chapter eight mostly done. So it should be a real fun continuing series.

I'll see about posting either chapter 8B of my Summertime at Grandpa Dicks story, or the next chapter, 23C of my Zoo Mom series, if anyone is interested. Just stomp on that and write a few words of encouragement. Doesn't even have to be wordy or fully coherent. Just enuf for me to know which you want posted next. Cheers

" argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead." --Thomas Paine, "The Crisis".

Joon Thirty, 2020 - Whew! Made it through the first week of Summer. I've been tryin' to figger out just which day summer will come on this year. Yeah, you can tell I live in a usually dreary, rainiy part of the HewHessHay. Like they allus say around here, we don't tan, we rust. Uh huh [ sunglasses just in case ol' Sol peeks out]

A couple of you have been kind enough to mash on the ol' to let me know someone's alive out there. Most of the latest comments have been for Teen Slut Karen or Summertime at Grandpa Dicks but I figgered that since I had the next chapter of Zoo Mom ready to go, I'd post it for your reading pleasure. Rob gets a video call back from his colleague in Germany, who puts on quite a show with his wife and daughter for Rob and Lynn. I'm sure those who are into a little BDSM or S/M will enjoy the exhibition.

In the next chapter, 23C, Bobby finally gets up the courage to talk to the gorgeous young teacher, Adrienne. It goes better than he could ever have planned and they have quite a nice time together. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. If enough of you out there give me a little jolt by clanging on the and putting in your vote for it, I'll try to whip it into shape for posting. If nobody cares, I won't bother. It's up to you.

I'd still like to hear from the lovely ladies who've stumbled upon my filth in their search for some nice clean porn. If you'd like to help with some ideas or comments for my stories, just let me know. I'd love to let you preview some of the episodes and chapters that I've got partially written. Or even some that are finished and just haven't been posted yet.

A diplomat thinks twice before saying nothing.

Baker's Duzen Joon, 2020 - OK, since yesterday was National Loving Day and today is National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day and I kinda, sorta promised to add a new episode of luscious, spectacular and stunning Teen Slut Karen, to celebrate I've done so. See what happens when you bang on that and let me know there's somebody at least semi-conscious out there? OK, yay!

Some of you Teen Slut Karen enthusiasts might be interested to know that I've recently had some major epiphanies (epiphanii ?) and have started a new offshoot starring our gorgeous and outright nastly slut Karen, her family and Zoo Mom friends. It's a new company that does (what else?) lovely tit torture Tits videos... with Karen as the first star. The new company is tentatively called PainStim Productions and some of their work is patterned after the famous and long lived Torture Galaxy video production site. Now, if the subject matter wasn't so popular, would TG and their group of lovely lady masochists have been around for probably twenty years or more?

I'm in the process of writing the first new stories for the series and will get a summary page put together soon, I hope. If all my time isn't taken up writing and watching TG vids. If any of you ladies are into or interested in those type of activities, real or fantasy, let me know by banging that . I'd really like to discuss either real world activities or any fantasies about them. You can help me create new and interesting storylines and fun fantasies. Yeah!

I've been adding to my Zoo Mom and new Porn Families series along with the new Karen stuff lately. Guess that's what I get for watching all those pr0n vids again. Yipppie

So hit that ol' and let me know what you would like to see posted. Read some of the latest comments I've had from others who weren't too lazy or lethargic to do so.

I NEVER CALL SOMEONE A FRIEND if they're not around to deny it.

Joon Wunth, 2020 - So let me see if I've got this. The first of January is New Years, the first of April is Fool's Day and the first of May is May Day, so would that make the today Joon Day or Half Year Day? Or whut? Who comes up with this Krap anyway?

Speaking of Krap, and I was, with a little help from some of our , I've been able to actually complete several more of my Zoo Mom chapters that had been languishing under my writers block. Not only that, but another episode of my new Porn Families series. Then there was the completion of the heavy S&M session that is chapter 9 of my Summertime series. Actually got a lot done, with some help from my friends until my writing muse petered out on me at that point.

I was planning on adding another chapter of my Teen Slut Karen series today, but I found I didn't have the next one ready yet. Plus there seems to be little or no interest in it. So if anyone mashes the and lets me know they want it, I'll get my digital hammer out and bang it into shape. Or outa shape. Whatever. A few dents won't make a difference, I guess.

I HAVE NO PREJUDICES: all my hatreds are based on solid evidence.

The Middle of May, 2020 - Apparently sometime in the dim past, I promised to post chapter 23A of my ongoing deviant and bawdy story series, Zoo Mom. Hokay, so today I've added that one for those few who have been clamoring for it. See what ya get when you aggravate me by mashing that above and send me a few cheers of approval or jeers of approbation. grinz

I picked this day because it's National Pizza Party Day Yay! Pizza!, so partyhearty! Well, as much as you can while being quarantined, isolated, masked, gloved and unemployed. Grrrrrr!

So what do you eat after you've had a ? Why, since it's , what else? Yummm! Oh, yeah ...

I've been obediently social distancing, isolating, sequestering and generally avoiding human interpersonal contact... oh, wait. That's what I do usually. But occasionally, I hitch up the team to the carriage and make the onerous trip into the nearest population center for mail, packages, supplies and what could laughingly be called 'food'. So I've been dodging the ol' Kungflu virus so far. Luckily. I've got a piece of zinc that I've been chewing on, since I heard that helps. About the only way you can find that damn mineral at the moment.

I checked my inventory and it seems that I have chapter 4 of Teen Slut Karen that is able to be posted, if anybody cares. That and chapter 23B of my wonderfully depraved Zoo Mom family and their antics if you slam your rodent against that and let me know.

With some help from a couple of our members at our , I have been able to get more done on some future Zoo Mom chapters, along with my new . I've also been editing Amy's chapters and getting them ready for posting on that site. I have her second sample chapter that I'll put up here later on. You can read her first one here and let me know if you want more.

The light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off due to budget cuts

The Sex of May, 2020 - Just wanted to both of you fans out there know that I'm still planning on posting Chapter 23A of my depraved, bawdy and filthy Zoo Mom series later on this month. That doesn't obviate you from mashing that ol' up there at top and letting me know that there's actually a warm body somewhere out there who would like to read it. grinz

That goes doubly for my distaff readers who have accidentally stumbled upon this site and were totally appalled and disgusted by my wicked prose. If you're in any way disposed to enjoying my trash, let me know. I might be able to provide previews of some unpublished coming attractions. Yeah, that's a naked, wanton bribe. smooch!

If you're looking for those brilliant, brave and good looking people who have sent me comments, just squash this link with your rodent - or whatever you have at hand.

Never get into a farting contest with a skunk.

May the Day, 2020 - Seems that I promised to post something new on May Day, and my lovely tri-sexual friend AmyMac wondered if my readers, all three of them, would like to read some of her stories. I figured I love her stories, so why not? Thus I'm posting the first edited sample chapter of her Goeff Sterling - Expanding The Family series.

Amy is a good friend and prolific author who initially read my Zoo Mom series and contacted me. After reading my Goeff Sterling story on our , she asked if I'd like her to write something for us. We're pretty finicky and exacting when it comes to the quality of writing for us, so we were naturally a bit skeptical... until she sent us a little bit. And with Amy, a little bit means reams and reams and reams. She's like me, can't write anything short. But I was fascinated and impressed by the quality of the writing, let alone the sheer perversity she portrayed in it. In other words, Wonderful!

Starting with my Geoff Sterling character who works for the shadowy White Global organization in the White Corporate Relations (YES, those kinds of relations) division by recruiting new models and hopefully their children for all kinds of deviant and wicked positions (YES, those kinds of positions) in the global company, Amy started developing him, his personality and capabilities into a storyline that has at least 300 thousand words so far, with several offshoots that get raunchier and raunchier with each chapter. She said it would be much easier to list the sexual story codes that aren't included in the story than to list the ones that are. So much fun!

So I've reformatted a couple of her chapters that I've edited down to a little shorter excerpts and I'm adding the first one from her 2nd Geoff chapter that has been posted for our members. I hope you enjoy it. There have been published on our that our members have full access to. And many more are in the process of being edited and readied for posting there.

Hey, I've wondered if females respond to written better than visual porn? I know there are ladies out there like Amy who have somehow (not purposely, wink, wink) stumbled upon my stories. I'd really like to hear from my female readership. That's how Amy got started, by writing me a simple comment in feedback. Naturally, I replied, as I do to any who provide an email address, and the rest, as they say, is sordid literary history. Send me a comment to let me know what you think, ladies.

Naturally, you can use my to send any comments or thoughts about her story to me and I will pass them on to her. If there's any interest shown - that is, if any of you are alive out there in readerland. I've been working on an excerpt of another one of her chapters which describes the wild orgy Geoff sets up during the layover on his flight. So mash that and bang out a few words... if you can type one handed after reading her story.

I received a comment from one of the scattering of fans of my work out there, which I've posed on my Comments page, suggesting that May Day would be a good holiday to post chapter 23A of my Zoo Mom series. I figured that you'd like something new, so I decided on Amy's story. But the suggestion that Mother's Day would be appropriate for posting the new Zoo Mom chapter works for me, so I'll do that. Ya know, for all you Mutha's out there. And Mom's too who like my stories.

I'll be posting chapter 23A of my Zoo Mom series in the next update, probably around the middle of the month for all you who are shut-ins with this virus thingie going on. So look for it and if you want to give me any encouragement, use that feedback form and let me know. You can read some of the feedback that I've received on my Comments pages.

"Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest." -- Mark Twain

April Double Snake Eyes, 2020 - Just wanted to post a short update to let everyone know I haven't been consumed by the terrible, horrible, awful viri yet. I"ve been good, doing my social distancing. Like I said, nobody wants to get within a social distance of me anyway. BO possibly? Maybe it's my brand of hand sanitizer, huh? Eau de Toilette. What's that you say? I'm not supposed to actually use water from the toilet? Damn, learn something new every day. But that would 'splain the social distancing thingie.

Did you all enjoy the fireworks worldwide and the drunken orgy celebrations of the famous porn author's birthday? Yeh, neither did I. Thoroughly dejected by the lack of recognition of such a stellar author and personality. Oh well, another year shot to hell, huh?

The only good thing I can see about this almost world wide quarantine is that it provides more time to read my stories. Hope you're all taking advantage of that. And you can always give me a piece of your mind by using my . God knows my brain cells, such as they are, can use any help anyone can provide. So mash on that link and let me know there's someone out there who can't get out of their house and as a last resort is reading my stuff.

Looks like Zoo Mom chapter 23A will be the next to be posted. That is if anyone cares. As I've pointed out, I post my new stories on my at the first, along with a number of other stories published exclusively there. I just started posting some of my new there. They are exclusive to our member site.

And if you want to see the comments that have been made here, just check out the new Comments page. I'll try to keep it updated as anyone sends me comments, criticisms or just simple salutations. I'd really like to hear from any ladies who have stumbled upon my stories and would like to let me know what they think of 'em.

Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed. --Mark Twain

Famous Author's Aprul B'day - Boy, am I getting tired of this social virus thingie. Social Distancing? Whutz that? There ain't anybody who wants to get within a social distance of me anyway, so it seems I'm not a big threat to anyone... at least as far as the Hydroxy Viri go.

So, if you eat a package of Hydrox Oreos, will that be a workable substitute for all that icky pharmaceutical stuff? From what I can tell, cookies don't have as many side effects. Well, other than increasing the spare tire I've already got. But that would just make me more weighty. So that's kewl, right? LOLing

As I promised, I've added chapter 3 of Teen Slut Karen for your salacious perusal. Hope you enjoy our little teen pain slut and her (mis)adventures with friends and family. Believe me, she ain't about to do no 'safe distancing', especially when it comes to sharp implements in her tits. So I hope you have a fun read during your forced confinement. Stay safe and keep the fucking in the family. And remember- with anal, you don't have to worry about making any new kiddies. Natural (or unnatural, depending on yer point of view) birth control. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh

I'm thinking that I should probably add Zoo Mom chapter 23A pretty soon. Whut ya think? If anyone shows any interest by using my , I'll consider it. But only if there's anyone out there to read it. The only way I know is if you tell me. And you can read a few of the latest comments I've gotten on my new Comments pages. Remember, I reply to those who include their email address and I'm posting comments I get and my response, even if there's no email included.

Enjoy your Quarantine and keep taking your D3, Quercetin and Zinc. Natural alphabetical is better than pharmaceutical.

"Animals can be driven crazy by placing too many in too small a pen. Homo sapiens is the only animal that voluntarily does this to himself." --Robert Heinlein

Aprul the Fifth - OK, fess up. How many of you tried to call your local Dept. of Sexual Health Services? Say Whaaaat?

Just wanted to remind everyone that I ain't ded yet as I've been sheltering in place and social distancing. Not hard to do when nobody wants to even be around me -- anywhere. But I'm using the time to decide on which new story to post - Zoo Mom or Teen Slut Karen? Or something else? Decisions, decisions! Well, the birthday of the renowned sex writer is coming up in five days. Will celebrate with posting something.

Remember, use protection! if you're doing anything that doesn't require social distancing. For some reason, like the huge power outage in the NE of the US many years ago, there's probably gonna be a surge of babies born in about nine months. Funny how that happens. Like they say, "Idle hands makes people get busy with other appendages"... or something like that. Wonder if my stories might have any influence on a few of them?

So far, I've seen all kinds of information on how to make your own masks, hand sanitizers and even respirators. The only problem is there hasn't been much about making your own TP subsitute. Napkins? Nope, out of stock. Paper towels? Ouch and out of stock. Corn cobs? Uh, haven't looked for that. Guess we could all go back to "" thingie again.

This corona virus panic TP shortage reminds me of the saying by Milton Friedman, "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand." I don't really think it'd take that long. Grrrr

"Its terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged today." --G. K. Chesterton

Aprul of the Foolz - I've just received this notice courtesy of the lovely , our resident dog slut and diabolically evil author, who is an expert in and keeps up with these type of things.


We have just been unofficially informed that in light of the current health issues due to the pandemic, and the resulting orders for 'Stand apart' or 'social distancing', Great financial harm is dramatically affecting our beloved sex workers. It seems that they have decided on a safer, more remote arrangement.

Beginning 1-4-20 (Aprul Oneth for those of you in the non-metric countries like the US), prostitutes, escorts, strippers and other sex workers will begin performing LIVE shows on various internet seminar or meeting apps, such as webex, Zoom and many more. The workers, mostly female so far, will include a number of Transexuals as well. They will be performing live sex acts, mostly as singles, but a number of already close couples will be involved, as will a number of animals, primarily dogs, but at least a few minature horses could also be included.

If using already existing apps is a success, they intend to develop their own web seminar sites, perhaps webXXX, ZoomZex, and others such as that.

We understand that there will, of course be a charge for viewing and even recording the seminars, but it will be significantly less than a one on one session with an escort.

These live sex shows will be similar to but in addition to the thousands of amateur live webcams already providing paid and unpaid sex acts to the world population, but are not intended to replace them. The pros just want to get their share of the revenue stream.

Contact your local Department of Sexual Health Services for local times, schedules, URLs and type of performer and/or animal involved.

Oh, and I'll be posting a new chapter of one of my story series this month on the birthday of a renowned adult sex writer. Just so you know.

* If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space

Happy St Pat's Day  Idus Martiae, 2020 - I think I promised to add another story in tribute to ol' Julius, who didn't have a very good time on this day many years ago. Had quite a stabbing pain in the back, if I remember correctly. And there's few things that I'm remembering, correctly or not, in my advancing years. Wonder why they call them 'advancing' when everything seems to be deterioratingl these days. Like they say, a mind is a terrible thing to waste and I'm wasted. Or so I've been told. LOL

Happy Green Beer DayTo those of you of Irish descent, Happy St. Patricks day on the 17th. According to legend, he drove the snakes out of Ireland. Only problem is, they came here and got elected to Congress. (My apologies to all the serpents out there.) Like Mark Twain said, "Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself." Nothing much has changed since his time. Actually, Marcus Tullius Cicero opined that "Politicians are not born. They're excreted" way back during Julius' Roman heyday. Wonder if that's why he was beheaded? So we've had that plague on us since then. Or like they say, "Time Immemorial".

Since I promised, I've added Zoo Mom chapter 22B today. I hope you enjoy Lynn tutoring some of Bobby's friends on the finer points of bawdy, salacious sex acts. And Sissy wants to get her good friend, Annie, laid. And who better to do that than... uh oh, don't want to give away too much, but Annie is excited about getting fucked. Can you blame her? giggle

I'm still looking for a few perverted ladies who would like to... well, uh... take a look around our with a Free Limited Trial Membership. Can't find a better price than Free! We just posted the second chapter of Noel's Best Xmas Yet, a story by our resident female tri-sexual Amy. I think it has more perversions than the , but that's where the fun is. So any of you ladies just let me know you want in and I'll set you up. Such a Deal! Thumbs Up!

I'll have to see about getting the next episode of Teen Slut Karen ready to be posted next time. Maybe on some great holiday next month? Are there any? Remember, your feedback/comments are the only way I know anybody is out there reading my noxious filth and wants more. Drop me a few digital bits so I get motivated to add more. So wash yer hands and other... ahem, parts and mash on that , since you can't get the virus from it. You can give me a little thrill though, if you do. And maybe get me to post more stories.

"Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys." -- P.J. O'Rourke

March the Oneth, 2020 - Happy last month of the first quarter! Glad both of you have survived the ever so dreaded Leap Day. According to wikipedia, "These extra days occur in each year which is an integer multiple of 4 (except for years evenly divisible by 100, which are not leap years unless evenly divisible by 400)." Ouch, my head hurts already. 'Course that could just be the hangover.

Yup, I'm still alive, contrary to the wishes of some. Just wanted to let both of my readers know that and that I'll try to add another story somewhere around the Idus Martiae this month. What better time than the stab in the back time. For you youngters, look up what happened on . See, ya can learn something other than about pervy fucking here. You're welcome. grin

Ladies!! I'm more than overjoyed that you read my filth here and, maybe, enjoy it. If you do, please use the and let me know. I might even be able to give you something to preview that I'm working on and maybe add your ideas to. You can always take advanage of me and get a Free Limited Trial membership on our . For all you male perverts, you can see what I've posted for our members of my there. We've added a chat box to the members area too.

Don't sweat petty things....or pet sweaty things.

HumpYerHunny Day, 2020 - I hadn't planned on doing an update until March, which has its Ides about the middle of the month. [You young whippersnappers, go look up 'the Ides of March' - and don't use Goggle, they've EVIL. Use or - they don't slurp your private information, data, location and history, then sell it to anyone who wants to spam you. Or worse.]

Speaking of Valentine's Day, and I was, we've been getting more subscriptions for our from females - or those who purport to be such. That's great. I've often wondered how many females read my stories here. I'm sure it's a lot. In college, we had a song with a verse that went "if the women would sing this song, it'd be twice as dirty and twice as long.' You ladies can confirm that. Clap

Anyway, I would be quite happy to have more ladies perusing my filth and . Well, I'd like anyone to do that, but since I'm a dirty old man, I could use some help from the female POV. (Actually, some have said that I'm beyond help, but I continue to prove them wrong - daily.) The Free Limited Trial subscriptions are still available, especially for ladies, if you're interested in taking a look around and see if the wallpaper is to your tastes. Just use the and tell me you'd like to take advantage of me... er, the free offer. ROFL

I've been posting the few recent feedback or comments that I have received on my Comments page and I'll try to keep it current. There has been a couple of comments over a period of time by one reader who is interested in belly riding as depicted in some of the Woodenhorse series that I've posted for Goldfish, a fellow author. So today I posted the next chapter in his series, which is linked to on my Other Authors page. Hope both of you readers enjoy!

Since I've gotten into such a magnanimous mood, I'll see about getting the next Teen Slut Karen chapter posted in that series next month. Apparently somebody out there likes it enough to have sent me some comments about it, which got me to post again. See what happens when you and let me know someone is alive and kickin' out there?

A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.

February Le Deux, 2020 - This is the short month, but it really shouldn't feel bad, 'cuz it has the Hump Yer Hunny day in it. Well, that's gotta be fun most any day of any month. Humpin yer hunny That and Groundhog day in the US. Which date this year (only) can be written the same, forwards or backwards - 02/02/2020. Don't know how that works, but I've never understood math.

And did you know that they have a special day this month in my honor? Yup, National Do A Grouch a Favor Day on the 16th. Remember, if you're nice and smash the and send me a little lovin', I might just un-grouch enuf to post another episode of either Zoo Mom or Teen Slut Karen and put it on my notorious Comments page. A chance to see your comment in lights! Well, er, bits or somethin' anyway.

I haven't been feeling myself, lately. Well, not enuf, I guess. So I watched some porn vids and got to feeling more augmented. Well, better. Some ideas for some new chapters started to spurt... uh, flow out of my cesspool of a subconscious and I was able to get parts of a few new chapters of my Zoo Mom series banged out. It will be a while before they get finished and posted anywhere, but at least something was spewing out. That's a good sign.

My Zoo Mom series does just keep swelling... er, lengthening... ah, expanding. The kids have recruited some friends and Lynn and Rob have helped. And the house next door has been seeing some usage. I just love having that perverted family living in my head and letting me document their pervy life. I hope all three of you reading this enjoy my stories as much as I do writing them.

Remember that anything new in any of my series is posted first on . If you haven't already, you can see what all the stories I've published there, along with stories by our other authors.

My works, so send me your comments or thoughts.

The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

The Oneth of Jan, 2020 - Hooray, we made it through another year! [Do those look like bullet holes in that date from being shot to hell already? Maybe it's telling me I just need glasses.] It's been said that time is just something to keep everything from happening at once. Guess that's a pretty useful thingie then, huh? ROFL And I've been known to say that t's not getting old that's the problem, it's being old that's the pits. Everything seems to be breaking down.

Speaking of breaking down, it seems that hasn't been doing that for some time. I did take advantage of that to post the new Teen Slut Karen chapter in a prior update. And over the holidays, I compiled a few of the feedback/comments that I have received over the past months. I thank everyone who took the time and made the effort to click on the and bang out a few words. Some fewer than others, tho'. All are sincerely appreciated. And yes, I'll post critical or negative comments as well, but I just don't seem to get many. LOL (See my info page regarding that.)

Again, if you want to read all of the latest updates of my , they're all posted first on . The Teen Slut Karen series is there, along with new series by some of our friends, like Amy macBitch's series, which is becoming a huge story. We've also published all thirty chapters of Neel Down's story and begun posting his new series. Then there's the weekly addition of by UK author Paul Turner. So there's a LOT of reading available, which you can tell by going to the .

Limited Free Trial access is still available if you want to look around a bit. Just use my to request the link or to send me any comments, thoughts and whatnot. All are appreciated and I DO respond to all who include a valid email address. Check out what a few readers have been saying on my new feedback/comments page. Then hit the ol' and maybe I'll put yours up there next. Whee!

I TRY TO TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

12/15/19 - Hey there, it's the middle of December! Another year shot to hell, huh? I'd like to wish those one or two lone souls who stumble upon my pages here and anyone else a Very Merry Christmas season Ho Ho Ho and a safe and prosperous New Year. Hangin Over

I've actually gotten a couple of nice comments from readers using my . Thank you to them. I appreciate it. So I went through some of my stuff and found another Teen Slut Karen chapter to add. Take a look at the TPC stories page and see what's been added. There are more Karen chapters, so I'll be posting them in the future. That is, if anyone lets me know there's any interest in them. []

We've added a private Members Only chat service to the which lets our members post public messages and send private messages to other members. Sort of like the old BBS type bulletin boards from back in the DOS days. You oldies remember that, doncha? uh whut? So now our members can share ideas and thoughts about the stories and anything else with other like minded ones.

I'll still give the free limited trial accounts to for anyone who is interested in looking around and seeing just . Just use the to request. There's NO obligation. It's FREE.

There also is a which has six excerpts from the Little Model Annie chapters, two of our fellow author Neel Down's Nude Like Me story and another two of our resident lady perv Amy's Geoff Sterling- Expanding the Family series. If you like my stories, it might be worth the click to read some of those samples. Betcha can't read just one, to paraphrase an old advertising line.

You see what happens when you hit that ol' and let me know you're alive and reading my smut? It gets me going and lets me know that I should add another story to this site. And I DO respond to all who include their email address, just to show that I'm for real and still alive too.

"I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it."

Dead Horse Whacks11/15/19 - Hey there, you lonely souls who have probably wandered to this page by mistake. Seems there are few reading here, at least by the lack of interest being shown for my adding chapter 22B of my Zoo Mom like I said I would do if there was any interest. Doesn't seem like it's much worthwhile to add more stories if nobody is reading anything here already.

Maybe Novem-brrrrrrrrrr is just too cold for anyone to tap on the , which is still working... as far as I can tell. Hard to say when nobody uses it to let me know they want more posted here. Or maybe all my stuff is just so bad that no one wants any more of it. Either way, let me know so I don't go wandering around thinking that there's nobody out there but me.

It does seem like asstr is working most of the time. At least for reading, and I've been able to upload my files without some of the problems in the past. Asstr is such a wonderful treasury and archive of so much 'alternative' literature for adult erotic fiction readers. Quite a huge variety of themes, storylines and interests. Even though I've been posting all my new material - and some of my old stuff too - on my on our , I still do post things here so others can enjoy them. If you like that sorta thing. Toothy Grin

10/1/19 - It's Octo-brrrrrrrrrr. "Octo" means "eight", so I wonder just why this month is considered the tenth month. Guess it was when someone was messin' with them calendar thingies, way back when. I think I remember something about somebody saying that history may not repeat but it does rhyme. Or somethin'. Refer to my L J Peter quote below. [Smart guy!]

Well, see what ya get for following my directions and sending me some comments with my feedback form. Apparently, at least a couple of someones out there like my stories and want more. So I've posted another episode of my Zoo Mom series, Chapter 22A. If you keep it up and continue to let me know you like them and want more, I'll have to post 22B.

One of the recent comments asked what was happening with Hellifino. Over the last few months it's been pretty stable, if still limited. I've been able to upload my files to the site and keep Neel Down's website updated. I don't know if there's some admin actually checking things once in a while or if the system is just sorta fixin' itself. I know there are a lot of both readers and authors who would really like to see continue and even thrive. The last that I heard through the grapevine is that the owners/admins don't have the time or desire to do much of anything with it. I share the desire of many in hoping that someone who could manage and maintain it could do that.

If you want to see what I've been doing as far as writing, all you have to do is take a look at the new at our . Just mash on the 'updates page' to see all of the updates for the last 5 or 6 years. It's been a huge undertaking. Or go to my .

Free limited trial subscriptions are still available if anyone is interested. You won't get access to everything there, but you can see the new site design update and see how much is there. Just use my , which is housed off-site of asstr and does work. I respond to all comments, criticisms, ideas and inquiries. Just let me know that you're interested in the Free Trial.

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it." -- Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Principle

9/17/19 - Happy mid-September, when the leaves start to fall 'cuz they know they're going to freeze their ***** off if they're around much longer and it really gets cold. For those in the southern half of the globe, welcome to the coming warm season. The babes will be taking off their clothes and you'll be thinking thoughts of... well, what I write about. Us here up in the North will be putting on layers of clothes, brewing hot cocoa and trying to think of... well, what I write about. Guess I've got the best of both halves of the world.

Since it's been a whole lotta years since we first put the together, we've felt like it needed a little new paint, wallpaper and carpet. So we finally got the new site design finished and we put it online on the last update, Sept. 15th. Still trying to find all the errurs and misteaks, but we haven't received any complaints so far. Give my a look and let me know what you think. You can read a few excerpts of our stories on the newly refurbished and of course you can see a listing of all of my stories and other authors works that have been posted on the site at the .

We have been posting new story chapters weekly for the past year. That's a lotta stuff for you to read. Amy macBitch's huge, ongoing story series keeps growing and a couple of samples from her story are on our . The prolific UK author, Paul Turner's story is being added to weekly and is up to chapter 166 so far. With many more hundreds of chapters to go. Whew!!

From reader request, we added SSL certificate back in January '19, so you have an encrypted connection to the , which means that others, like your ISP, can't see what you're looking at. None of their business, but with all the monitoring and data recording going on, every little bit helps.

I received a few nice comments and , but c'mon, out of the thousands of readers, only 5 or 6 can say "thank you" or "what KRAP" or anything. LOL To those couple who sent nice comments but didn't include an email address so I could reply, THANKS! I DO respond to all who send me a comment and include their email address. And no, I don't collect, share, give away, rent, leak, or slyly slip any of it to anyone. I'm a very privacy oriented guy... mostly. But thanks for those anyway.

I do hope that more than a few readers enjoyed the installment of my Zoo Mom series, chapter 21C. For some reason, I've had a bit of a burst of inspiration lately and have banged out a few more future chapters about my perverted familiy's hot sexual antics. Either that, or they got irritated with me enough about me not writing to yell and scream loudly and try some more extremely depraved and twisted sex acts that I had to start banging on the keyboard to get their new exploits down and out of my head. You know, they live rent free there. But it's so pleasant being their landlord that way.

We just posted the last chapter of Neel Down's . Which reminds me that I've gotta add another chapter to his asstr website. His feedback link works too, so let him know how you like his story. He's already sent me the first 15 chapters of his next one, so there will be more coming in the future for his site. They will first be posted on our members area.

My fellow author and collaborator, Data001's asstr website has his full Head Teacher story posted there. Visit it if you'd like to read a hot story about a school Head Master and his young submissive sex slave. Since hasn't been maintained and updated, it's hard to find his or many author's stories unless you have a link to them.

If any of you have any ideas about my stories or just comments or criticisms, use my to let me know. Again, I respond to all who include their email address so that I can. If I get a showing of any interest in having more of my stories posted here, it will prod me to get some more added. It ain't that hard to just click the link and bang out a few words.

"Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before." -- Steven Wright

Thanks!8/10/19 - Because I've received some nice comments in and have been somewhat consistently able to upload files to this site, I decided to post the next installment of my Zoo Mom series, chapter 21C. Thank you to those few who took the time and made the effort to let me know they liked my stories and wanted more.

I hope you enjoy this last episode of the three part section of Zoo Mom where Sissy recruits another girl to join her in the asst. priincipal's office and get the "punishment" they deserve for being bad girls. Then she and Annie have some sexy fun on the bus trip home. See what you get when you let me know what you think and whether you like the story.

I've been trying to keep Neel's asstr website updated with his that is featured on our . He's having me add a chapter occasionally after they've been posted on our site for a while. His next story, Across the Stree and One House Down is delightful and if you like his story of pixie minx Summer, you'll like Across the Street.

As usual, if you like my Zoo Mom or Summertime story series, you can see all the latest that have been posted at my and join us for full access to all the , in addition to Amy macBitch's bawdy and ever expanding tale of series.

See what happens when you take the trouble to send me ? It gets me appreciative enough to add more here for your reading enjoyment. Or whatever it is that they do for you. Or to you. Or something.

Like the old saying goes, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." Nasty Grin

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8/1/19 - Hey, Happy the Oneth of August. Since my last update of this page, I've actually gotten a few emails. A few? Yeah, is it so hard to click the link and let me know if you enjoyed the stories or any comments you want to make about them? Out of the 100's if not 1000's of people who read any of my stories here, there are only enough to count on the fingers of one hand who provided any feedback. The good news is that after the last posting complaining about it, I did receive a "flood" of them... all four or five. A hearty THANKS to those who did. seems to be working a little better. Well, from time to time anyway. If this keeps up, I'll have to try to add some new files to my Zoo Mom series. I keep hoping that something good will happen and the owners/admins will take an active hand or hand it over to those who want to keep it going.

Summer's half over, at least for those of us in the upper half of the globe. I hope everyone is doing well, enjoying the sun up here or the snow and cold down under. I haven't had much inspiration lately, but have been working on other's stories, such as Neel's and Amy's , getting them formatted and ready for posting on our .

Just wanted to let everyone (all three or four of you) who sent me that I DO really appreciate it and I respond to all who provide an email address. You can use the same to request a Free Limited Trial access to our huge and my .

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled." -- Mark Twain

7/25/19 - Hey Fellas, Gals, Boys and Girls!! I'm still wondering if anyone is even seeing or reading any of this stuff. Seems nobody wants to send any comments or feedback using my , that does still work OK. If nobody is reading or cares, why should I continue to add any stories here? I know isn't really completely functional, but most stuff is still available for reading [ if you can find it] so if you like my stories, at least click the link and tell me so. Uh huh

My writer friend, Neel Down, gets pretty dejected about writing his stories and posting them, then never getting any comments or feedback and not knowing even if anyone is even seeing them. His Nude Like Me series has 27 of 30 chapters posted on our , and we can at least see by the log files if anyone is reading them. You can see a list of his posted chapters at , where they are being published. He's started another new series and it will be posted after the Nude Like Me series completes.

We've had some inquiries about whether there is any censorship of theme or ideas on our . There isn't and apparently there are few story sites still available that don't censor story ideas. is one of the few left and with the lack of interest in maintaining it, it's a shame that it might crash and burn someday. A few authors have asked if we could publish their stories, but we tend to be pretty picky about writing quality, and few have met our standards. Neel is one we publish and Amy macBitch's perverse and continually growing is another one that our members exclusively are enjoying. Hubba hubba! A couple of short excerpts of her story are posted on our .

If you're interested, the Free Limited Trial Subscriptions are still available. There's no obligation and anyone can use my to request one. Or, of course, send me comments, feedback and thoughts. I answer all who include an email address to respond to.

"It's hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." --Thomas Sowell

6/25/19 - Still seeing problems with asstr. Sometimes I can upload a file, sometimes it won't transfer, sometimes it errors out. Some authors are still being able to get some files uploaded, but I suspect I'm not the only one having problems. Lots of zero length text files showing in the new files pages, but I don't know if that's some automated test or if some human bean is actually trying to find out what's wrong. I suspect the former, since there have been so many problems and the admins/owners have indicated that they don't have the time or inclination to fix or maintain anything. So it seems things are just on autopilot and not everything is working. I can't even be sure that this new page/post is going to actually upload and display. Doh!

I am still posting my new stories, and a few other author friends' stuff, at our . My shows what I've posted online there. We're actually adding 6 or more new stories every month; not just mine but Amy macBitch's hugely perverted series Geoff Sterling - Expanding the Family, Neel Down's 30 part series Nude Like Me and the seemingly unending series by UK author Paul Turner, The Gang. So there's a lot of good stuff to read. Free limited Trial Subscriptions are still available; just use my to request one.

I really do appreciate any comments, thoughts or feedback from readers. While the asstr feedback form doesn't work, my alternative does. Let me know what you think.

"There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters." -- Daniel Webster

6/5/19 - I don't know what's going on with asstr. At one point, I kept getting error messages when I tried to upload files. Then I was able to get another Zoo Mom chapter uploaded OK. There are a lot of odd zero length files being added to the server as evidenced by the Most Recent files listings. I don't know if a human is actually testing the server to try to figure out the problem, or if it is a script or diagnostic that is adding them. Since there seems to be no human administration of the server, I have to assume the latter and that it is going to continue and be intermittent. Guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

I don't even know, as I type this, if I'll be able to get this page uploaded or not. But if I can, I just wanted to give anyone who cares a heads up. I really hope someone can either take over the administration of the server or that the owners/admins can find a little time to try to clean it up and keep it going. It's such a valuable resource for both authors and readers..

I know I sound like a broken record (you youngsters probably don't even know what that is or what it means! LOL) but I am still posting my new stories at our . You can see what I've posted at my . Zoo Mom Chapter 27A has just been posted. It's a three parter where Sissy stops at a photography studio and gets more than her picture taken. Lynn and Kari join in the action in the 2nd and 3rd parts that will be posted soon.

I also have a whole new, really raunchy series called Porn Families that I've written and those will start to be posted. My 3DX graphics guru friend, Onix, who did the Zoo Mom Christmas and New Year's illusrations for me (scroll down to 2018 updates) and my Zoo Mom gallery, has outdone himself and has created eight (Yes, 8!!) multiple graphics galleries illustrating one of the stories, which in itself is a 2 parter. I've been holding off on posting it on our site as I need to get a few more captions of the story graphics done. Thankfully, I've had some help from some of our female members (yes, we have a number of female readers/members - and would like more). They have helped with some different story ideas and with proofing and reviewing chapters and story series.

I've also been trying to update my friend Neel Down's new asstr website, but I'm worried that if I try to upload any of his new story that it could "break" his site if asstr is acting up at that time. But I'll keep trying.

Just wanted to give a quick update for those few who can find my stories here on asstr or who care. My alternative does work and I appreciate any reader feedback and comments, letting me know if there's anyone out there reading the stories and who may want me to post more. If I never hear from anyone, I have to assume there's no interest. Doh!

"The urge to save humanity is nearly always a cover for the urge to rule." -- H.L. Mencken

5/21/19 - Just wanted to let both of my faithful readers know that I recently got inspired and wrote another couple of Zoo Mom chapters. They're up into the 30's now. That perverted family just has ALL the fun! I know there are a few who might enjoy reading some more of their adventures so I'm adding a chapter to my library of the Zoo Mom series here. So Chapter 21B is now posted in the Zoo Mom section. Sissy gets sent to the principal's office because of what she wore to school. Or rather, what she didn't wear to school. Naturally, our little slut takes advantage of the opportunity to corrupt another male who can't resist her charms.

Remember, I post my new stories, Zoo Mom and other ones that I write on our on my . I had given up on posting anything on for a long time, not knowing if the site will be functional or not. It hasn't gotten any better, but it hasn't gotten any worse and I at least still can access and post things to my area. So I'm adding another chapter today. It's not the newest one, but it will be a new addition to this site.

My alternative does still work and I respond to and appreciate any feedback, comments or questions. I answer all who provide an email to reply to.

Politicians are the same all over: they promise to build a bridge even where there is no river. -- Nikita Khrushchev (1960)

5/1/19 - Just wanted to wish both of my faithful readers a        H A P P Y   M A Y    D A Y!   

Yup, I'm still here and lookin' at the green side of the dirt. Haven't had a lot of inspiration for writing lately, but have been busy editing the huge, pervy story that Amy macBitch has been sending me. She's having a great time writing it and I'm having a great time reading it, then posting it on our .

Don't forget to take a look at my friend Neel Down's new asstr website. A new chapter of his Nude Like Me story is being added once in a while. I'm helping him keep it updated.

And while Data001 is languishing in some sunny clime on hols, you can still read his Head Teacher Young Sex Slave story on his Data001's asstr pages.You can also read about his Head Teacher series page on .

My alternative works and I appreciate any feedback, comments or questions. I answer all who provide an email to reply to.

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something." --Plato

4/7/19 -     H A P P Y   E A S T E R!   

Looks like we're working on getting the majority of a thurd of a year going so far. Hope everyone enjoys the April showers that will hopefully bring the May flowers. And hot, sexy young girls dancing around the Maypole... or some kind of pole... or on one... or something. Smooooch

My alternative works and I do get requests, feedback and comments with it. I appreciate your feedback and I answer all who provide an email to reply to.

The Free Trial at is still available for anyone who wants one. We're adding four or more new stories/chapters each month lately, so there's a lot of content being added to the huge amount already there. The trial account gives limited access to some of it so you can see what things look like and how much there is there. You can visit there to see the huge amount of my stories available, or go to the page to see all the other stories posted there. Just use my contact form and tell me you want to take advantage of the Free Trial, and I'll send you the URL to register.

One of the authors who has helped us and whose 30 part story we are posting, Neel Down, has a new asstr website that I helped him setup and his Nude Like Me series is being posted there. I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think, and I'll pass on your comments to him since the asstr feedback forms aren't working. Uh huh

Just wanted to let everyone know that despite not being fully functional, I'm still somewhat functional and will try to keep updating things. Until the next update,    Bye

Ole   Crazy Ole
-=- Giving You the Elbow -=-

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3/2/19 - H A P P Y   S A I N T   P A T ' S   D A Y! [Oh for goodness Snakes!]

I hope everyone gets through the Ides OK. Especially those of you named Caesar. [For those of you millenials who don't get it, crack open some history books. Like maybe on the Roman empire. ROFL Or Irish history.]

Hey, if you want to send a comment, idea or throughts about any of my stories, my alternative is working and I do get requests, feedback and comments with it. I appreciate your feedback and I answer all who provide an email to reply to.

We had a bit of trouble with the Free Trial form at the not working for a while, but I got some help and fixed it so it's now working great. Anyone interested in a limited free trial should and I'll send you the URL so you can sign up for it. You can visit there or to see the huge amount of my stories available, or go to the page to see all the other stories posted there. We keep adding more each month.

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2/20/19 - H A P P Y   F E B R U A R Y   and   V A L E N T I N E' S   D A Y!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year and with the one you love. If not, then love the one you're with. Or at least keep warm/hot reading some of my stories and fantasizing. That's what they're there for.

Thankfully, I'm still able to upload files to the site using FTP, so I'm trying to keep this page updated a little bit. Letting everyone know I've survived two weeks of being snowed in and I'm still lookin' at the green side of the dirt, just to taunt some people who'd like that to be otherwise.

I haven't heard any more about the new alternative asstr site that some were trying to get going, nor is there any information on what's happened or happening with itself. I really hope that somehow it can continue to stay alive and provide great, uncensored reading material. My alternative does work and I do get requests, feedback and comments with it. I answer all who provide an email to do so. I appreciate your feedback.

I'm still waiting to see what happens before I add or upload any new files. To see all of my latest work that's been posted to our , you can visit there or to see the huge amount of stories available there, go to the page. New stories are being added almost weekly.

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.
- Hector Berlioz

2/3/19 - Hey all! We made it through to the New Year! Yay. At least if you're reading this, both of us did.

I've still been able to upload files to the site using FTP. Many things still aren't working on asstr and don't know if that will change at all. Until something positive happens, I'm not uploading new story files, as we've seen that the site could be down or have major problems at any time and they could last for... well, quite some time. I'd really like to add a few new Zoo Mom stories that I have posted on our . That series is continuing as well as some others of mine. We've been addiing up to 6 new stories every month, with a couple of new authors contributing their works. Our good friend, Neel Down, has allowed us to post ongoing chapters of his Nude Like Me series and we're up to 136 chapters of UK author Paul Turner's The Gang series, which is a story about sexual coming of age in the UK. So lots of new stuff there and continuing to get better.

Our good friend, Onix, created a whole set of 3DX graphics for us for Christmas and New Years, featuring my Zoo Mom family, which I posted a couple of on my Story Notes page and one below, plus my Solitude gallery page. He really does excellent and very erotic work. He also did a lot of graphics that I put into 8 3DX graphics galleries for a new story I developed for the site. It is really depraved and perverted, just as we all like.

Free limited trial memberships are still available if anyone is interested in seeing what's there. Just use and make sure you let me know it's a request for a free trial. You can use that same form for any thoughts, ideas or comments you have about my stories here. I respond to all who provide an email to reply to.

So until next time,    

12/31/18 - From me and all of my perverted characters that live rent free in my cesspool mind.
H A P P Y   N E W    Y E A R

12/20/18 - From all of the Zoo Mom family and all of my characters that live in my head, we would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas

[3DX characters graphics courtesy of Onix]

And as the year comes to a close, have a good holiday season and the best Happy New Year.

11/26/18 - Hope all of my US readers (both of them) had a good Turkey day. Just wanted to post a short note to let everyone know that things still seem sorta working at I won't be posting any more of my stories until things are resolved and it is back to full funcitonality again.

I posted my chapter 26 of Zoo Mom on our . I've also had a bit of inspiration and wrote a short series about Bobby's new young girlfriend from school. Naturally, she's exposed to his perverted family's sexual practices, including being double teamed by Bobby and... well, you'll have to wait to find out. And we find out her family has a bit of an interesting background. I think it needs some work but should be posted there on my sometime in the future. Probably two or three chapters, so far.

As the year comes to a close, I hope all my readers (again, both of them) have a good holiday season and the best Happy New Year.

9/26/18 - Just wanted to add a quick update to let everyone know that, contrary to popular requests, I'm not dead yet. I know that disappoints a huge segment of the population, but that's the way life is sometimes. Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.

ASSTR still is only partly functional, in comparison to what it was. It's disappointing but there are some dedicated people trying to work on keeping it going and maybe setting up a new one. We can hope. The good thing is that most of the story sites and content is still available, just the main pages have been down or unreachable for so long. All we can hope is that something can be done to get ASSTR up and running again. We keep hoping. At least I can get access to my area and update some pages like this one. I'm not adding any new stories until something is resolved, one way or the other.

I'm still writing new stories. All of my new Zoo Mom chapters are being posted on our membership area. I recently wrote several stories in a new series I call Porn Families. It's really quite perverted and depraved, if I do say so. Plus a great 3DX graphics artist has done some illustrations for one of those stories, plus some for my coming Zoo Mom stories. He also did some nice illustrations of the blue skin Orion waif from my Solitude series. I'll be working with him on a lot more in the future. You can see what stories of mine have been posted there on .

In addition to my own stories and the Little Model Annie series, we've added some new authors and are publishing their series on the site. There's a weekly chapter of a UK author, Paul Turner, titled The Gang that we just recently posted the 123rd chapter of. Our resident tri-sexual author, Amy macBitch, is writing more and more of her series Expanding the Family. Her 8th chapter was recently posted and her story is getting more twisted and perverted as she goes. We're really enjoying it. And our felllow author, Neel Down, who has helped us on our Little Model Annie series has had his 8th chapter of his own 30 part series, Nude Like Me posted. So we're continually adding more reading material. And having a great time doing it!

We are still offering free, limited trial subscriptions to our continually growing . All you have to do is just let me know you're interested by using the direct email address below or our contact form . There's no obligation. Just a free limited time access to some of the member's area stories.

The asstr feedback forms still aren't working, so I have a contact page that does work. If you want to provide a note of appreciation, questions or crticism, you can email me using , or just email me at and it will be forwarded to me. I read and respond to all emails.

7/8/18 - It looks like ASSTR is back to at least a partially functional state. There is a group trying to communicate and work with Rey del Sexo to get the site back up and working, plus maybe adding some desired mods to it. This is good. I really hope that we'll see asstr back again to at least what it was previously. The problem is that the originators of the site don't have the time to work on upkeep, maintenance and development. Maybe a small group of independent coders and developers can assist in getting things back to at least where they were before all of the hardware problems started and the site was migrated to new servers.

The asstr feedback forms still aren't working, so I've updated my contact links to a page that does work. If you want to provide a note of appreciation, questions or crticism, you can email me using , or just email me at and it will be forwarded to me. I read and respond to all emails.

All of my new Zoo Mom chapters are being posted on our membership area. You can see what stories of mine have been posted there at .

We are still offering free, limited trial subscriptions to the huge and growing . All you have to do is just let me know you're interested by using the direct email address above or our contact form . There's no obligation to subscribe or continue, just a free limited access to the member's area.

2/18/18 - Looks like we've rolled into another year already. I've tried to wait until asstr and the new servers settle down before adding anything. At least the admins got the site restored and working... mostly. There was an issue with the SSL certificate on Valentines Day that seemed to have been fixed, but the feedback forms, page hit reports and author's control pages still aren't working. If you want to provide incentive to the admins, you can go to the Donate to ASSTR page and add a note to your check/donation. I'm sure they will get and read that much faster than any email that's going to their already inundated/ overloaded email account.

Having spent the last 2 months of '17 with a bit of a health problem, then the first month plus of '18 having it worked on by the medical profession, I'm still not up to speed. Got a lot of doc appointments as they try to figure out how to make an old guy's body work properly. I think it's a rather uphill challenge for them, but I'm trying.

I did get a little burst of creativity at one point recently, writing a whole new series that I've tentatively titled Porn Families. It's still not complete and I hope I can add more to it, if not finish it. I'll be posting the first 2 chapters about one of the families on our membership area in the near future. You can see what stories of mine have been posted there at .

I've had some readers tell me they tried to use the feedback form here on asstr and it still isn't working. If you want to send me a note of appreciation, questions or crticism, you can email me at and it will be forwarded to me. I read and respond to all emails.

This seems about as good a time as any to post one of the next chapters of my Zoo Mom story series. Chapter 21 is a three parter, with chapter 21A being posted today. It does help if you let me know whether you like the stories and want more.

Free, limited trial subscriptions to the huge and growing are still available. Just let me know you're interested by using the direct email address above or our contact form . There's no obligation to subscribe or continue.


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