Fm15, moth/son, inc, oral, anal, cons, 1st

Before any, a son's first love and sexual fantasy is his mother. What if it was reciprocated?

Chapter One

Mom and I had been alone since Dad passed away five years ago. It had been hard losing a father at the formative age of ten. Despite that, Mom's loving attention had steered me through the rough years of puberty, into a short-lived teen rebellion, and to where I was now; a relatively healthy, mentally balanced fifteen-year-old. Being fatherless had forced me to grow up faster than some of my friends.

Mom gave me my dark complexion from her South American heritage. She had impossibly dark, thick, glossy hair flowing to the middle of her back. She was petite, and I mean really petite, standing less than four feet, eleven and a half in bare feet. I'm surprised I didn't inherit that trait from her. Actually, I'm for ever thankful my height came from Dad who, at a sigh over six feet, used to tower over Mom. Mom, at thirty-seven, had retained her shape after giving birth thanks to a dedication to yoga. She wasn't body-conscious; it was fitness that drove her, a requirement for an active sports social life. With the exception of a slight rounding of her lower belly you'd never guess she had a fifteen-year-old son.

I wasn't ignorant of the benefits of an active physical regime, either. Being in the middle of raging teenage hormones, I had no problem admiring her slim physique. She was, perhaps because I was around her so much, my definition of what a sensual mature female should be; her hips still slender flaring to curve around a beautiful pear-shaped rear, shapely legs, and tiny ankles and feet. With her beautiful smile that seemed to light up a room and very unusual sparkling blue, expressive eyes that could dance with mischief glee or punish worse than harsh language, it was hard not to stare at her. In fact many men did, much to my consternation. I mean, it was my Mom for goodness' sake.

Our life was fairly comfortable. A reasonable life insurance policy on Dad meant Mom didn't have to work. While I busied myself with all the normal activities of a young man, video games, sports and lusting after anything in a skirt or with boobs, Mom kept herself occupied with home, charity work, tennis, golf, and an extensive network of friends.

My relationship with Mom was unusual; it was really good. We talked a lot when I was home. With the exception of very personal stuff there was no subject we couldn't carry an interesting and easy flowing discussion on.

On this particular Friday night, everything was the same as usual. Mid-May meant the weather was coolish in the evening. The usual routine for a Friday night was for me to head out with some friends, perhaps to hang out with some girls at the mall or visit the local arcade or, even rarer, take a date to the movies - I was somewhat shy and hesitant around girls. Mom usually had some social engagement with one or another of her friends.

So when I say everything was the same as usual, I meant except for a couple of things. My rare and thus much-anticipated date had cancelled due to some family thing that popped up, so I decided to stay home and watch TV. At around nine I finished a beer - Mom let me have some on the theory that it was better to learn to drink at home than get wasted when out - and went up to change into my pajama bottoms and a tee. I was way too cool to wear a pajama top. I figured I'd have another beer and snooze in front of the television until Mom got back; a perfect use of energy balanced with an ideal amount of brain activity for a Friday.

About nine-thirty I heard the front door open and Mom enter. It was a little earlier than she usually came home.

"Hey, Mom. What's up? How come you're home so early?"

"Nothing special, David. I wasn't really interested in going out on the town for a drink with the girls. What are you up to?" she asked, walking into the den.

"Watching a movie and having a beer."

"What movie?" she asked.

"Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. It just started." I know, a fifteen-year-old guy watching a romantic comedy? So sue me. I love romance when there are great comedic moments building the storyline.

"Maybe I'll join you," Mom said, smiling that wonderful smile.

"Sure. Good idea."

With Mom heading out of the den, I went back to watching the movie. It must have been ten or fifteen minutes later when I heard her come downstairs, the fourth stair from the bottom creaking. Some rattling in the kitchen followed and then she appeared in the den.

A quick look at her and I saw she'd prepared for bed too with one of her well-worn soft long tee shirts and a glass of white wine in her hand. Now, we have a couple of armchairs in the den, comfortable enough in their own right, but only the one couch. And quite honestly, I was glad I had dibs on it. It was the most comfortable spot to watch TV. I expected her to take one of the armchairs but she surprised me. She came over to the couch and, putting her glass on the coffee table, started to sit. I quickly twisted onto my left side, against the back, giving her room to sit.

"Do you mind if I share the couch?" she asked.

"No problem." Feeling only slightly put out at losing my comfortable position, I started to sit up.

Mom put her hand on my shoulder saying, "No. Don't move. I'll lie down beside you."

With that she rolled down in front of me so we ended up in a spooned position, about three inches apart. This wasn't the usual position for us to watch TV, but being so petite I could see over Mom's head and easily watch TV.

"Can you see?" she asked.


Now, when I said Mom and I had a great relationship, I meant that we were more than the average mother and son. We talked and enjoyed each other's company a lot, unlike my friends and their mothers. However, we were not an overly physical family. Sure I'd reluctantly give her a hug if it seemed she needed it. She'd give me a quick kiss on the cheek if there was ever a reason. But that was about it. So when she plonked herself down in front of me, it was a first. And truth be known, it sort of felt nice, cozy. Looking down at her hair I appreciated how thick and shiny it was. Even the scent of her shampoo was nice.

We watched the movie for a few minutes. Then she reached for her glass of wine. As she reached, her back arched and her bottom pushed back. While up to this point there had been nothing sexual about our situation, I was fifteen. The feeling of firm buttocks pressing back into my crotch was VERY interesting, no matter whom they belonged to. After her sip of wine she again reached out to put the glass back and her buttocks once again pressed into me.

Now I don't know about you, but at fifteen, the vibration from a lawn mower or even the pressure of a counter edge can give me an erection. In fact, pretty much anything can do it. So when Mom pushed her rear back into me the results were no surprise; my penis twitched in response and started to wake up. No, I wasn't responding to my mother in a sexual way. My body was just responding to the pressure of a female rear end. None the less, I was embarrassed.

After Mom finished putting her glass down, she once again settled her head down and watched the movie. I breathed a sigh of relief. How exactly would I explain an erection, well really a partial erection, to Mom?

Five minutes later Mom must have decided to get more comfortable. She reached for my arm and pulled it under her neck to her front where she held it. With her lying on her left, my hand rested under her neck and up across her body, my hand just above her right hip. I was happy. My arm had slowly turned numb in its previous position up against the arm of the couch. It now tingled back to life.

Then with a sigh, Mom made a wiggling movement which scooted her body back into me; full contact from shoulder to ankle, knees bent.

Now I can say that under other circumstances with any other female I would have relished this cuddling. I'm an ass man. I love beautiful pear-shaped asses, and the crease where the cheeks meet the thighs on a girl is the sexiest sight I can imagine. The thing is, this was my Mom! But what did hormones care? The feeling of a soft and firm bottom pressed back against my groin elicited an immediate reaction. I felt my penis begin to expand despite my abject horror at the situation. I pushed my butt back hard into the couch to try to limit contact.

Unfortunately, two things happened with this move. My penis decided this was perfect for it to spring up, now there was no restraining pressure, and align itself towards my navel. The second disastrous event was Mom wiggling her bottom backwards to re-establish contact. And she did. Now I was mortified as my penis happily found the groove between her buttocks.

Mom's movements stopped. I'm pretty sure she realized her son had an erection. Hell, it would be impossible not to notice at that point. I wrestled with what to do. Should I get up and go to my room? Should I lay there and ignore the situation and hope my erection would fade? This was a severe dilemma for me. I wasn't harbouring any secret desires for Mom. I hadn't wanted my body to react this way. And to top it off I was really embarrassed.

Deciding retreat was my only option, I made to move off the couch. "Mom, I think I'll go to bed now", I said softly.

Mom reacted by holding my arm tighter. "Not yet David. Please, let's just relax like this until the end of the movie."

"Uh Mom . . ."

"Shhh," was her immediate response. With that she cuddled back against me, watching the TV.

It wasn't nearly so simple for me. The feel of her buttocks against my groin was fantastic. My penis was perfectly aligned between her cheeks, so warm, comfortable, firm and soft. I couldn't control the pulsing throb of my traitorous erection and couldn't not think about it. When you're an ass man, this is the type of situation you dream of, just not with your mother.

Nevertheless, I resolved to concentrate on the movie in hope that it would distract me enough for my penis to get a conscience.

Okay, that didn't work out as planned. No matter what was going on in the film, I couldn't get my mind off the wonderful comfortable and sexy position I was in, and my erection remained determinably firm. I was the good son, though. I didn't move an inch, lying like I was dead meat in order to avoid triggering any further reaction that would heap further embarrassment on me.

That worked until . . .

I felt Mom's cheeks stroke my erection slowly when she bent for her glass of wine! The pressure on my penis was exquisite, her buttocks gently and slowly squeezing around it generating an automatic sympathetic pulse of my own. I could feel a wet spot developing at its tip. My embarrassment was overwhelmed by teen hormones; it just felt so damned good.

I lay as still as road kill, enjoying the sensation. When the wine glass was returned to the coffee table her buttocks relaxed from holding my erection like a hot dog coddled in a soft bun.

I wondered what was going through Mom's mind. Why had she clenched her buttocks? It wasn't as if she had been celibate all these years; or at least I thought not. Perhaps it was just an accident. I could live with that. Between the clenching of her buttocks and the feeling of her shapely, soft, firm bottom pushed into my groin, I had food for several evenings of self gratification.

Unable to stop myself, I closed my eyes and pictured Mom's perfectly pear-shaped ass in my mind. God it was lovely. Until now, when I had admired her rear it had always been as an inanimate object. Somehow I always enjoyed the sight but never associated it with sexual feelings for Mom. It was like looking at a perfect piece of art; very subjective with no care for the artist. But now, with one arm around her and the feeling of her bottom firmly pressed to my groin, there was absolutely no question I was thinking about sex, and a little of the artist, too. It was very arousing, too arousing. I shouldn't have thought about it.

When she reached for that damn glass again, her butt cheeks massaging me, my response was immediate.

With a grunt my scrotum tightened and my penis expanded and I ejaculated time and again into my pajamas. Mom's bottom was nestled tightly to my erection as spurt after spurt of hot semen exploded out, soaking me.

Finally, after what seemed like hours but was probably less than a minute, my spasms died down.

I immediately felt guilt, shame, and embarrassment wash over me. I wanted to apologize, say how sorry I was that I had cum, and try to rationalize away my inappropriate behavior. I was confused to say the least. But more importantly I wasn't relaxing in the afterglow of an orgasm, one brought on by an incredibly sexy, firm, soft, beautiful bottom. In truth, I was mortified.

What should I do? Say sorry or just get up and leave, which my mind was screaming for me to do. However, before any of these conflicts could resolve themselves in my mind, Mom moved. She rolled forward slightly and sat up. Reaching for her empty glass of wine, she rose and walked towards the kitchen. As she walked away I could see the damp stains of semen on her night shirt at the top of her ass.

Without saying anything or even looking at me, Mom left the den, passed through the kitchen and headed upstairs.

I lay there mortified. It didn't occur to me that Mom might have been an active participant in what happened. All I knew was I had possibly ruined my relationship with her. How could things ever be the same? For that matter, how could I ever look Mom in the eyes without feeling ashamed? Instead of feeling the warmth and satisfaction of a great orgasm, I felt like a prig. With a deep sigh, I got up, turned the TV off and headed up to my room. Cold sticky semen in my pajamas did not feel good.

After cleaning myself in the bathroom, without putting on new pajamas, I fell into bed and tried to sleep. Eventually, after wrestling with demons for a while, I did.

Chapter Two

As the morning light brought me out of my deep sleep, in that semi-awake phase, I inadvertently recalled last night. Still half asleep, I felt none of the guilt I had the night before. Remembering the delicious feel of a bottom gently squeezing and rubbing me gave me an immediate erection. Reaching down, I grasped my penis and slowly started stroking and squeezing it; making it feel like it did last night. My slow self pleasuring unfortunately came to an abrupt halt as guilt and embarrassment once again flooded through me, memories of cumming against Mom's ass returning.

Jumping out of bed I went through my morning rituals while desperately thinking about how to behave with Mom today, Saturday. Oh how I wished it was a weekday so I could sneak out of the house, go to school and avoid her. But no such luck. Finally dressed I headed down to the kitchen, hopeful that she would sleep in today. Nope. When I entered the kitchen I saw her at the sink filling a carafe with water for the coffee maker. She was dressed in her usual weekend attire, jeans and a T-shirt and barefoot.

She heard me enter, her head turning towards me. A lovely and familiar smile greeted me. Her smile told me right away that I wasn't in the dog house. Putting the coffee carafe on the counter, she came over to me and gave me a hug. And with that the whole day brightened.


"Morning, Mom. How'd you sleep?" I asked routinely as she went back to making coffee.

"Fine," she replied. "Coffee will be ready in ten minutes, so get whatever you want for breakfast."

While I made a bowl of cereal, Mom and I chatted about the chores for the day and our plans. Before I knew it everything was back to normal in our lives and I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

I went about the chores while Mom went grocery shopping. In my mind I realized how glad I was that things between Mom and I were okay. Of course, I couldn't help but think about last night. Only now, I could do so without feelings of guilt. With that barrier dealt with, I realized just how erotic last night had been. As a confirmed ass man I love looking at girls' rear ends and imagining fondling them. I love the seductive shape of buttocks in jeans, panties or naked. I absolutely adore the crease where buttocks meet thighs and the sexy gap at the crotch. Browsing for porn on the internet had strengthened my love of pubic hair peeking out between legs from the rear; in fact, just thinking about it gave me a raging hard-on.

What I thought interesting was that I didn't find girls that had shaved their pubic hair into a small strip or some decorative shape attractive at all. I really liked natural pubic hair, not wild growth but trimmed pubic hair as long as it still looked natural or, if shaved, the completely bare look, all of it gone.

With an erection pushing the front of my jeans, my mind turned to Mom. I wondered if she shaved her pubes or left it natural. With her head of thick glossy hair, I imagined what Mom's pussy might look like. This vivid image resulted, predictably, in a hard erection and precum leaking. I'd have to change before Mom got home so I quickly finished my chores and ran up to the bedroom. Stripping jeans and underwear off I grabbed my rock hard cock. With imagined images of Mom naked, picturing her pussy and her shapely rear, it took a couple of strokes and I came in gushes into the sink.

Sanity returned with the release and I dressed. Surprisingly I still didn't feel guilty about my imagination. Mom was an incredibly attractive Latin American with beautiful dark coloring and, what I had to admit to myself, a stunning mature figure. I knew I was going to get a lot of mileage from my memories of last night.

It was almost noon. Grabbing a jacket I headed out to meet friends. By the time I returned it was late afternoon. Mom was rattling around somewhere in the house.

"Mom! I'm home!"

From upstairs I heard her response. "Be down in a sec, David." A couple of minutes later Mom arrived in the kitchen.

"Are you going out tonight?" she asked.

"No. Sean and Jeremy are heading out of town for some party I don't want to go to. Julie's still out with her family and I don't feel like hanging out at the mall, so I thought I'd stay in tonight. Are you going out?"

"Not tonight."

Being a foodie I enjoyed cooking so I asked Mom if I could cook the dinner. She thought that was a splendid idea and left to go upstairs. I set about cooking veal a la crème flambé with tagliatelle pasta and a side salad. It's a complicated dish but one of my favorites. I get to play with fire when I flambé the mushrooms and shallots.

Around 6:30 Mom came back into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of Chardonnay. "Mmmm. Smells good" she commented.

"It's almost ready. Probably ten minutes until the pasta's done."

She wandered out into the den and I heard the TV turn on to ABC World news. We were pretty casual about meals around the house. Most evenings when we were alone we'd eat in front of the TV and watch sitcoms or dramas.

When dinner was ready and served, we sat in the den watching TV. Our conversation ranged from comments about the news to chatting about friends. What was absent from out chat was any mention of last night. I sure wasn't going to bring it up. I assumed Mom was embarrassed about what happened and I didn't want to broach the subject. Either way, it was just like every other evening; relaxed chats, trading funny stories, laughing at an inane sitcom on the TV; easy and familiar.

At about nine, Mom, after consuming her self-imposed limit of two glasses of white wine, got up and headed upstairs. While it was odd that she hadn't said good night to me, it had happened before when she had a lot on her mind. About a half hour later I found a good movie about to start, a long one, Abyss. Hopping up, I dashed upstairs and changed into PJ bottoms and a tee and brushed my teeth so I could comfortably fall asleep in front of the TV and not have to worry about that stuff when I dragged my ass to bed. It would be past midnight when the movie ended.

Back in front of the TV with two minutes to spare, a beer on the floor in front of me, and sprawled out on our comfy couch, I tuned in to the movie. About twenty minutes into it I heard Mom coming down. She walked into the den again dressed for bed with another of her old longish nightshirts on. Smiling at me, she asked what I was watching.

"Actually," I said, "it's a good one. Something about an underwater lab. Sci-fi. It's been pretty good so far."

"Sounds good. Scoot over and let me watch with you."

Mom smiled at me and turned to sit on the couch. I moved to the back. In one smooth movement Mom lay down in the exact same position as last night.

It was dangerous. An erection formed. Reaching down, I pulled it up so it wouldn't get caught in the leg of my PJ's. Then I relaxed and started watching the movie again. It was an absorbing movie. My erection faded away and I completely forgot about the potential embarrassment of this situation, lost in the story.

Fifteen minutes later Mom reached over her left shoulder and grabbed my arm, pulling it under her neck and across the front of her body. She scooted back against me and once again I had her gorgeous butt pressed to my crotch.

Rampaging hormones took control, ignoring my plea. The result was inevitable. What was interesting was this time, unlike last night, I didn't feel embarrassed wash over me this time. I figured Mom knew what sort of impact she'd have on me and, since she didn't seem to have a problem with what happened yesterday, I needn't worry. So I didn't. My erection naturally found the valley between her buttocks.

As it turns out, just lying there with my rigid penis firmly ensconced between Mom's buttocks was really nice. I don't mean it wasn't sexy, it was. But it was also comfortable in an oddly loving way. I thought I'd be quite content to let things stay just the way they were for the rest of the movie. I liked the gentle feeling arousal brings.

It wasn't long though when Mom gently squeezed my erection with her behind, this time without the excuse of reaching for a wine glass. Unlike last night, this time I didn't try to stop the automatic flex of my penis.

Once again, no words had been spoken. Mom moved her right hand off my arm and rolled her body forward slightly. I'd closed my eyes to focus on the delicious feeling of Mom's ass, so I was disappointed with the loss of contact when she moved. Opening my eyes, I looked to see what Mom was doing and almost came on the spot! Mom had reached down to her hip and pulled the bottom of her T-shirt up to her waist. What almost brought on an involuntary orgasm was the sight of Mom's smooth hip. She didn't have panties on underneath!

My erection strained and throbbed with the sexy sight of her gently curving hip, the soft roundness of her right ass cheek and her shapely thigh. I had never laid eyes on her bare buttocks before, well any female bare buttock for that matter, and it was everything my imagination had made it out to be and more. So sexy. So desirable. I yearned to reach down and gently cup her cheek in my hand and feel a real bare ass.

Before I could act on my desire Mom's hand, having pulled her T-shirt up to her waist, moved back and landed on my waist right at the waistband of my PJ's. Her fingers curled around underneath the elastic and gently tugged them down about an inch. Well, I may be a teenager but I'm no-one's fool. One doesn't ignore a signal like that.

Reaching down, I pushed the PJs, raising my hips so they slid down to mid-thighs. The elastic pulled at my erection, temporarily pulling it down. When the elastic finally released it, it sprang up slapping against my belly, delighted at being released.

While I had been wrestling with my PJs, Mom's hand had returned to softly rest on my left arm. When I brought my hand up and placed it on her waist Mom rolled back into me.

Oh, God. I now felt the silky cool bare skin of Mom's buttocks pressed against my erection. What an exquisite feeling, so hard to describe. The seductive swell of her bare ass nestled wonderfully into my groin. The softness, warmth and smoothness were beyond words. My penis was sensually held between her buttocks, aligned with the deep valley between them. This was heaven. It was hard not to start rubbing myself against her amazing ass. A constant throbbing was pushing precum out of the tip and I had this overwhelming urge to thrust, to rut, to slide my erection up and down between those sexy, firm globes. But I resisted.

Instead, I quietly groaned to myself. Using willpower I didn't know I had, I managed to resist the urge to cum. I refused to let my hips hunch forward. Fighting intense urges I regained control of myself. Just. Cock swelling dangerously.

Mom and I lay there with neither of us moving. I dragged my eyes away from the sexy curves of her hip and ass and turned my attention to the TV. While I may have been watching TV, I had no idea what was going on. My mind was firmly locked on the situation I found myself in. It was just so damned erotic. Nothing in my fantasies approached this reality. I was in heaven and wanted to stay there for ever. I was acutely conscious of her sexy rear, her now warm silky buttocks, and the scent of her in my nose.

Then I felt Mom's hand leave my arm and at the same time she clenched her buttocks gently around my erection as if measuring its length and girth. The exquisite action generated another pleasurable throb on my part and more moisture seeped out. I felt Mom's hand move down and wondered if she was touching herself.

About a minute later, Mom again clenched her ass cheeks, but this time added to the movement with a slow press of her ass back against my groin. This caused her sexy bum to rub up my erection, squeezing more precum out in the process, milking me. When her motion reversed, the slickness created by so much lubrication let my penis slide deliciously through her butt crack and my groin ended up pushed tightly into her rear once again. I knew I wasn't going to be able to take much more of this. I had the overwhelming urge to hump against her and knew that when I did, I'd cum, hard.

Another minute passed and Mom again clenched and moved. My right hand held Mom's waist more firmly and I moved my hips in counterpoint to hers. My erection made a long slide up and down her butt crack spreading the slippery moisture further. Man it was exquisite. This time I used pressure on my hand to move Mom's rear against me again so she wouldn't stop. We started a slow sensual grind against each other with only me making the occasional sound; a groan of ecstasy.

I don't know if Mom was feeling herself at this point. In fact, truth be told, I really didn't consider if she was getting any pleasure out of our movements. I was too self-absorbed with the feeling of my cock sliding through her ass cheeks; too turned on imagining what it would look like, my penis slowly sliding up, emerging between her buttocks then disappearing as it retreated. This tactile experience was so new to me and far too erotic for me to think about Mom's pleasure.

Our hips moved in a slow, subtle yet sensual dance, mine forward, hers back, mine back, hers forward, repeated over and over. It was a slow soft rubbing that was increasingly slippery.

I wanted it to last for ever; to drown in the sensual eroticism I was feeling. But that wasn't to be. It was just too much for a teenager to take. My hip thrusts increased their speed slightly; I felt my scrotum tighten up and pressure build in the well-recognized signal that my orgasm was near. My erection swelled and, unable to control myself, an orgasm washed over me. Pulse after pulse of semen exploded from me. Stars appeared behind tightly closed eyes, intense pleasure rushing in, and the first words spoken were mine.

"Oh God," I whispered, as warm semen sprayed out over Mom's ass and lower back. Smooth motion was lost as I pulled Mom's ass into me in time with my spurts.

"Oh Mom," I whispered in pleasure, erection swelling, humping her sexy rear, spurting beautifully, pleasure flooding me.

When my orgasm peaked and began to fade, senses returned and I could feel thick warm semen spread from my belly to the base of my softening erection. I gradually came to rest and my breathing slowed until I was back to resting against Mom but now with a wilting erection and full of post-orgasmic peace.

I don't know if Mom had an orgasm. I do know that her right hand came down on my left arm that was still hugging her. Her hand gently squeezed my arm and she wiggled her hips as they pushed back into me suggesting she was still fine with what had happened and the mess I'd made.

Based on last night's experience, it should have been about now that I would be desperate to escape our situation and hide in my room, overcome with guilt and embarrassment. But this time I felt very different. There was a feeling of love flushing through me. Despite my orgasm, I still loved cuddling against Mom, even as wet and messy as it was. It was exciting, too. This time I tightened my hug and Mom responded with another gentle push of her bottom against me. It seemed she was as happy to stay in this position as I was.

I lay there in post orgasmic bliss; only half following what was going on in the movie. Looking at the cable box I realized it was only 10:45. Being a Saturday night, this was early by my standards. Hugging Mom, I replayed what had just happened in minute detail. I think every boy has sexual thoughts about their mother at some point. I knew I did before I started dating. I think it's a function of your mother being the first adult female around when puberty hits and, being in the family so to speak, a boy has time to observe his mother's body and female curves covertly, and catch exciting glimpses of her in a bra or panties. This gives rise to a sexual imagination, amongst other things. But never in my imagination had I dreamed of a situation like this. It was a combination of intense, guiltless sexuality coupled with a deep love for Mom that made it so intriguing.

While I replayed the events in my mind, I felt my penis respond. As it did, the warm slipperiness of semen added to my renewed excitement. While my happy thoughts drifted between remembering the exquisite feeling of cumming against Mom's wonderful ass and the feeling of the warm wetness between her buttocks, my penis lengthened and slowly expanding up Mom's butt crack.

I let my hand slide off Mom's waist and down over the gentle slight swell of her bare stomach so I could hold her against me more firmly. It only took a couple of minutes and my erection was once again at full mast, recovering as only a teenager can.

Mom moved her hand to rest over mine on her stomach. She squeezed my hand reassuringly while at the same time flexing her buttocks around my freshly returned erection. I indicated my pleasure with a tiny twitch of my hips and a throb in my cock.

I started to gently caress Mom's soft stomach. Her hand stayed on top of mine. As I caressed her, I felt pubic hair brush against my pinkie. When I realized what it was that I'd touched, my penis throbbed in excitement. I hadn't thought about touching Mom before, as all my senses had been focused on her bottom. However, with that slight feel of her pubic bush my mind started to imagine what it might be like to feel Mom's pussy.

I wondered if Mom's pubes were as dark and glossy as the hair on her head. Did she trim her bush? How thick would it be? Each question brought sexy imagery to mind. Thinking about touching Mom's pussy made my erection grow even stronger. However, despite the return of arousal, I was too inexperienced to know how to seduce a woman, let alone Mom. I had no idea if I should initiate anything or not, what she'd accept or reject. So far the only action I had instigated was moving my hand onto her stomach. Mom must have realized this as, with gentle pressure, she moved my hand lower and lower on her stomach.

With growing excitement I felt my fingertips comb through the pubic hair at the top of her mons. It felt silky and soft and illicitly thrilling. I couldn't tell if there was a lot of it, but from what I could feel, I imagined there was. I had no point of reference from experience. I'd never touched a girl's pussy. Nevertheless, with Mom clearly indicating what she wanted, I moved my hand down into her crotch to gently cup her, my cock achingly hard.

My mind was flooded with sensations. When Mom raised her leg slightly to let my hand fully cup her, I felt her butt cheeks clench around my erection. I felt Mom's rounded, plump pussy fill my hand and the silky pubic hair tickle my palm. These sensations made my penis throb. Precum leaked out and my hips again jerked slightly, sliding my erection up along the slippery crease of her ass.

Lifting my head slightly I tried to see what my hand was feeling. Unfortunately, nothing was visible. I could see half of Mom's face. Her eyes were closed. My nose was full of the fruity scent of shampoo from her recently washed hair.

I felt Mom move her hand, covering mine so that her fingers rested directly over each of mine. With gentle pressure, Mom showed me how to proceed. Cupping her full mound, I felt her put pressure against my middle finger and push my hand further down. Following her lead I moved my hand down so it was holding her completely. I felt moisture on my middle finger and realized with shock that Mom was moist with arousal. Mom was horny! Don't ask why I was shocked. I hadn't really been thinking about Mom's pleasure in all the events up to now.

However, with this discovery all thoughts of my own erection fled my mind. I became like a blind man with a heightened sense of touch. With Mom leading the way, I curled my middle finger gently and felt it slip between her labia to discover even more slippery wetness between, eliciting another groan on my part. My mind raced, heart raced. I was feeling Mom up! I had made Mom horny! I was touching Mom's pussy!

Mom's hips twitched forward and I heard a quiet moan from her. Emboldened by her apparent pleasure I cautiously moved my middle finger up and down. It slipped deeper between her labia. As I increased the pressure of my hand against her mound I felt Mom move her hips back. My middle finger slipped up to rest on her clitoris. I was no babe in the woods. I knew what I was feeling and had read about how sensitive the clitoris is to females. So even though this was my first time actually feeling one, I treated it gently using soft circular movements to rub the pad of my finger around and over it.

Mom's reaction was immediate. She hunched up against my hand, her ass squeezing and massaging my penis in the process. I groaned, the pleasure so good.

Taking the initiative, I slid my hand down over her mound deep into her crotch, my finger sliding through her lips until it once again rested over her damp center. Curling my fingertip, I let it slowly penetrate deeper until I actually felt the entrance to her vagina. Sweat broke out on my forehead when I felt the warmth and wetness on my finger. I couldn't believe I actually could feel Mom's vagina.

Mom took her hand off mine and brought it up to grasp my left arm. I slowly slid my finger up through her cleft to once again stimulate her clitoris. This time it felt larger, more prominent than last time. Mom started moving with the stimulation, hunching her hips forward and backward to rub my finger over her clit.

At this point all self control left me. As Mom humped her clit against my finger, her gorgeous ass rubbed and clenched against my erection. My hips joined her in sympathetic movements driving my penis in smooth motions up and down against her warm firm, semen covered buttocks, nestled perfectly between them.

There was no pause at this point. I heard Mom's breathing increase, as did mine. Our synchronized movements brought me closer and closer to achieving another orgasm and, when Mom started twitching her hips in short strokes and breathing quiet gasps as she experienced a climax, my penis throbbed in sympathy. I groaned and semen rushed up my shaft to explode between Mom's ass cheeks once, then again, and again, pure pleasure thundering into me.

We hunched against each other in increasingly shorter and firmer movements, orgasmic bliss washing over me, cumming on Mom's ass, until gradually we both slowed, stilled, heart racing and short of breath.

I was happy. Happier than I'd been in a long time. Two orgasms in one night and, more incredibly, both with my mother, I was completely and utterly sexually satisfied.

I think we both might have dozed off for a few minutes because the next thing I remember was Mom getting off the couch and heading upstairs. I didn't even open my eyes as she left, such was my contentment. However, without Mom cuddled up to me, the mess of semen rapidly started to cool and become unpleasant. I forced myself off the couch, pulled my PJs back up, turned the TV and lights off and headed to bed. I slept like a log that night.

Chapter Three

Sunday morning I woke up with a raging hard-on. I lay half asleep with last night playing in my mind. I only had to stroke my penis a couple of time before I was cumming all over my belly. I always woke up with an erection but this was the first time in a long time I came so fast.

Satisfied and with a smile on my face, I completed the morning ritual, shower and all the rest, before heading down to the kitchen. Mom wasn't there so I started the coffee maker and poured myself some cereal. Finishing the cereal I took my bowl over to the sink to rinse it and get myself a coffee. As I rinsed the bowl, I felt Mom hug me around the waist from behind.

"Morning, David," she said and then gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

"Hey, Mom. Coffee?"

"Sure, thanks. What are you up to today?"

"I've got to finish some of the chores and I thought I'd head over to the tennis court this afternoon." I replied. "What are your plans?" I asked.

"I have a date with Judith for coffee later this morning, and then I thought I'd lounge around the house this afternoon," Mom replied. As she did, she smiled at me with that radiant smile that brightened the room. "Good luck with your game," she said before turning and leaving the kitchen, a coffee mug in her hand.

Well, Sunday passed normally. When I got home Mom was out somewhere. She had left a note in the kitchen that she'd be out to dinner with friends, which left me to do my own thing.

My evening passed quietly. I daydreamed of Mom and I and wished she was at home for a repeat of last night. I wondered about everything that had happened between us. Our relationship didn't seem any different during the day. But when I thought about holding Mom's pussy in my hand I got an immediate erection.

The whole situation was odd. I understood it was incest. That didn't bother me in the least. What did, to some extent, was that Mom didn't talk when it was happening. In fact, she didn't talk at all about what had occurred between us. I was pretty sure she was okay with it since she'd smiled and acted fine the mornings after. But I really wanted to know what was going on in her mind. Unfortunately, I was not going to initiate that discussion. Despite what we'd done, I was too embarrassed to open a conversation about it. I also wondered if it was a one-weekend occurrence. Would it happen again? I knew I sure as hell wanted it to continue. The pleasure and excitement was fantastic. I wanted to go further, too. I hadn't felt Mom's breasts and wondered how firm they'd be. Would I fit one completely in my hand? What were her nipples like? I hadn't actually seen any of Mom's body. The most I had seen was the curve of her hip and the gentle roundness of part of one buttock. Man, there were so many things I now wanted to do, all of which had never entered my mind before.

However, regardless of what I hoped, Sunday was spent alone. Monday rolled around and life went back to normal. As the week progressed I thought ahead to Friday night and wondered if it might be a repeat of last Friday. My anticipation was great. My imagination kept me horny on and off all week. My thoughts were not of casual teen girlfriends but Mom; the feel of her gorgeous bare ass pressed to me, her sexy pussy in my hand. With mounting anticipation, I declined invitations from friends for Friday night so I could be home with Mom.

Of course, it didn't work out that way. Mom was out late on Friday, returning well after midnight. I was out Saturday at a late movie with my pals and Mom was asleep in bed by the time I got home. It seemed Mom and my schedules just didn't match for the weekend.

By the middle of next week I had more or less resigned myself that what had happened was a onetime thing. Yet, I couldn't get it out of my mind. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to repeat it. I'd get an immediate erection when remembering Mom cuddled back against me and couldn't help but look at Mom with different eyes when watching her surreptitiously.

Despite it preying on my mind, I drew up my courage and asked Sandra, a pretty fourteen-year-old to go out to the movies on Friday night.

It was a fun evening but I was still a little shy around girls, not knowing how far I could go with them, so Sandra and I only kissed chastely when I dropped her off after the movie. Still, it was nice.

Eleven thirty, at home, a Friday night and Mom was asleep. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and watched TV until one then headed to bed.

Chapter Four

Saturday morning I woke with Mom on my mind again. I wondered if she had decided not to repeat our intimacy because she thought it might be bad for me, or perhaps she thought I might not want to continue. I decided find a way to subtly let her know that I wanted a repeat. But how?

It happened sooner than I thought. Yawning, I went downstairs for a cup of Joe. Walking into the kitchen I saw Mom at the sink filling the coffee carafe with water. My eyes admired her. She was wearing her soft night tee which fell off her shoulders and outlined her magnificent ass. Raven black hair had been pulled back around her small ears and cascaded down to below her shoulders. Her bare legs and bare feet looked very sexy.

Without thinking and a semi-erection beginning to tent my PJs, I moved up behind Mom, slipped my arms around her waist pressing my body against her and whispered into her ear.

"Morning, Mom."

Mom leaned back against me, tilted and turned her head. Smiling at me she said good morning. Of course, with her body pressed back against me I'm sure she could feel the rising presence of my penis as it inched up to press against her the back of her thighs.

Without moving Mom asked, "What are your plans for today?"

"I don't have any," I told her.

"How about a nice home-cooked dinner and maybe a movie?" she asked.

Yup. Erection returned in full force with that thought. "Sure, Mom. That'd be great," I said with a big smile.

"Why don't you get dressed? Coffee will be ready by then," she said. And with that she gave me a playful thrust with her butt to push me away.

I let her go and quickly left the kitchen, for some reason trying to hide the erection that was now firmly evident, saying over my shoulder, "Okay, back in a couple."

With that, I took the opportunity to relieve myself in the shower, hoping I wouldn't have to walk around with a hard-on all day.

The Saturday ritual took over. I attended to the weekend chores. At noon, Mom came back from shopping and I helped put the groceries away.

"How was your date with Sandra last night?" Mom asked while she emptied one of the paper grocery bags, handing me the contents one-by-one.

"It was good, Mom. We saw an action movie. It was Okay."

"That's good. I bought us steaks for dinner."

"Mmm," I replied. "I'm going to watch Nascar this afternoon."

Mom let me know she was going out shopping again with a girlfriend of hers so I had the afternoon to myself. That really suited me. Every time I was around Mom all I could think about was what might happen later that night and that inevitably led to a painfully constricted erection in my jeans.

So Saturday afternoon I lazed around watching TV. At about six Mom returned with a few bags from some shop. As she headed upstairs she yelled for me to marinate the steaks, which I did.

I heard Mom take a shower while I made the marinade. Not quite an hour later, after I had gone back to watching TV, I heard Mom rattling around in the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later I could smell delicious steak scent wafting out to me.

"David," I heard Mom yell.


"Will you open this bottle of red? Perhaps you'd like some with dinner, too."


I opened a bottle of Chianti while Mom continued to fuss over dinner. Grabbing the bottle and a couple of wine glasses I returned to the den, poured the wine and plunked down on the couch.

Mom brought dinner and we enjoyed ourselves. Sitcoms were the entertainment of choice over dinner so there was plenty of laughing involved. It was, all-in-all, a very relaxing dinner. When we were finished, Mom took the plates and, over her shoulder, told me she was going to change into something more comfortable while I picked a movie. I quickly decided to change too and zipped upstairs, put on PJ bottoms and a tee, and was back sitting on the couch going through the movies when Mom came down.

Yes! She was in another of her night tees! Instant erection! Man her legs were beautiful. I really wondered what the rest of her body looked like.

While lost in thought, Mom asked with a smile, "What did you decide on?"

Turning my attention back to the TV, I asked, "How about Miss Congeniality? You know, the one with Sandra Bullock?" Not to mention Sandra had been lucky for me the first time.

"That sounds good," Mom replied and moved over to the couch.

I sort of froze at that point. Was I supposed to lie down? Wouldn't that be a bit presumptuous of me? Should I scoot over to one side? Inexperience sucked.

Mom solved my dilemma by smiling and gently pushing my shoulder so I tipped over. I quickly lay on my side and arranged the cushions for our heads. Mom bent over and sat her butt down right at my hip. She then rolled down so she was once again cuddled up to me with her back against me in a familiar and very exciting position.

The erection I'd had from admiring Mom's legs was stiffly pointing up to my belly. When Mom scooted back against me I was in heaven once again with my cock nestled between Mom's fantastic ass cheeks. I felt like sighing aloud.

There was no hesitation on my part this time. I reached around Mom and hugged her to me. Her arms came up to rest against mine and, with the scent of freshly shampooed hair in the air, we laid snuggled together watching the movie.

Of course my mind wasn't really on the movie. While I did lie as still as I could, I couldn't stop my penis from throbbing every so often, the sensual feeling of Mom pressed against me was just so great. Mom didn't respond. She still had her T-shirt covering her to her thighs which made me realize I'd have to wait for her to initiate anything. That was fine. I liked feeling my erection pressed to her sexy ass.

It was about twenty minutes into the movie when she moved. By this time precum had leaked out to dampen the front of my PJs. Mom's first movement was to move her hand off my arm. I felt her roll away from me slightly and knew she was pulling up her T-shirt. While she did that I removed my arm from around her and quickly pushed my PJs down, kicking my feet to push them completely off. When Mom rolled back against me my proud, naked erection nestled naturally into the crack of her ass.

Mom responded to this with a gentle squeeze of her buns sending chills down my spine and causing some major throbbing of an already hard erection.

My arm went back around Mom. But this time, I slipped it under her tee so I was resting my hand on the bare skin of her stomach. We held this position for a while, every so often enjoying a little squeezed or a small hip movement to stimulate us. Then Mom made another move.

Mom's hand moved down to cover mine; the prelude to moving my hand down to her bush. But she surprised me when she guided my hand upwards.

Oh man! I was going to feel Mom's breasts! I'm sure she felt my excitement in the throbbing and pulsing of my over-excited cock. I knew she did when she pushed her rear into it in response. It was as if our bodies were talking, even if we weren't.

All attention was now on my hand. The blind man had returned with extra acute awareness of the sense of touch. I felt my hand slide up her stomach. I felt the beginning of her rib cage. And then, holy-of-holies, I felt the swell of the bottom of her breast touch my fingers.

I know I moaned when I slid my hand slowly up and over her breast. Applying only slight pressure, I felt the texture of her skin change when I reached her areola and then the rise of her nipple as it slid under my fingers to rest in the palm of my hand.

Mom had smallish sized breasts. I guessed, later confirmed, that they were about a b-plus cup size. However, at that point, I didn't know that or care. What I did know was that Mom's breast fit perfectly into my hand and that I was actually fondling a real bare breast, another first. I loved the feel of her large stiff nipple poking the palm of my hand. I took the opportunity to explore and experiment. Lifting my hand slightly to the point where the palm of my hand touched only her stiff nipple, I moved my hand around, sliding her nipple in circular motions. Then, opening my index and middle finger, I again took Mom's breast into my hand letting the nipple slip through my fingers.

Closing my fingers to lightly pinch her nipple, I increased the pressure of my whole hand on her breast and squeezed gently. Mom must have really liked it because she moaned quietly and pushed her succulent ass back against me hard while clenching her cheeks.

"Oh Lord," I exclaimed in a hushed whisper as I hunched my hips forward, sliding through the lubricated crease of her ass all the way to the top. With no break, Mom started moving her bottom in counterpoint to mine while I caressed her breast.

Unlike last time, there was no hesitation with our movements. They weren't wild, but firm and assured. The strokes of my erection started getting longer with the head sliding from the top of her ass crease all the way down and back again, teasingly stimulating the crown.

Mom was clearly enjoying this as much as I was, indicated by the occasional "mmm" sound coupled with an increasingly long hip movement. I felt Mom's hand leave mine and move down and knew she was feeling herself. That excited me even more. My climax approached and I was doing everything I could to stave it off and prolong this great feeling. It felt as close to having sex as I'd ever experienced.

My strokes against Mom's ass started to become more frantic, faster as my orgasm approached. Precum had made Mom's rear incredibly slippery and silky and sexy. That combined with her flexing, rubbing and clenching and my fondling her breast brought me to the edge of exploding.

I felt my balls pull up into my body. I slid my hard-on down through Mom's cheeks. Mom let out a louder groan and curled her hips. When I pushed back against her I felt my penis push against her, but this time it was surrounded in warmth. With a shock, I realized it had slipped between Mom's legs and up along her pussy. I could feel her pubic hair rub along the tip of my penis and warmth and dampness between her legs. And as I pushed forward, the tip of my penis came into contact with Mom's hand. She moaned and moved her hand letting my erection push its way under her fingers. Suddenly I was being held in her hand; held tight against her pussy.

It was too much. "Oh God, Mom," I gasped as my orgasm took over. I felt sperm racing up my shaft. I groaned when the first jet of cum exploded out into the palm of Mom's hand, a wave of pleasure following. Stars burst in my mind and I hunched back and forth, ejaculating explosively against Mom's pussy each time. The feeling of Mom's now drenched hand drove me crazy, to the point where I was still jerking even though I had no more semen left. I heard Mom groan and felt her hips twitching through her climax as a wave of ecstasy washed over her.

Eventually, far too soon, I came to rest. Mom still had my now-shrinking penis in her hand. We lay there breathing deeply. I took my hand off her breast and moved it down her arm until I was cupping her hand in mine. I could feel how soaking wet it was in her crotch, most of it was probably my semen as I had cum more than ever.

I squeezed her hand gently, lifted my head and kissed her on her cheek. Her eyes were closed but there was a slight smile on her lips.

"Love you, Mom," I whispered into her ear. Resting my head back on the cushion, we stayed like that for the next ten minutes or so.

Mom finally moved, bringing me out of my post orgasmic bliss. Whe she made to get up I said, "Don't go, Mom."

She sat up on the couch, looked down at me and said, "We need to get cleaned up, David." It didn't occur to me until much later that night that those were the first words Mom had spoken throughout the events to date.


Mom got up off the couch, moving towards the door, when she paused and looked back at me. She smiled, a warm loving smile, and turned and headed upstairs.

Chapter Five

Smiling to myself, I grabbed my PJ's and headed up to clean off. After hand-washing myself clean, a naughty idea came to mind. Without putting my PJs back on, I returned to the den and lay back down. I figured Mom had seen me naked so where was the harm?

I rewound the movie - thank you PVR - to the last part I remembered. It was almost at the beginning. Just as I put it on pause, I heard Mom descending, glanced up and watched her come into the den. She immediately took in my nakedness without a break in her stride. I could see her examine my body as she came over to the couch where she stopped, facing me.

I wondered what she'd do or say. Had I really taken it too far?

As these thoughts flit through my mind, Mom grabbed the hem of her fresh T-shirt and slowly pulled it up. I was riveted to the sight of the hem sliding up her thighs to reveal her dark glossy pubic hair. It formed a lustrous and sexy vee in her groin. I noticed a couple of things with great interest; her pubic hair was as thick and shiny as the hair on her head, neatly trimmed at the edges, and there was a breathtaking one-inch gap between her thighs at her crotch.

I don't know if she was expecting a reaction from me, but, like any teenager, I showed my appreciation with a return of sexual arousal, my penis thickening slowly. I'm pretty sure Mom saw my reaction as she paused, the hem of her T-shirt hovering at her waist.

When she resumed removing it I again admired the gentle curve of her slender thighs and how her body swelled around her bottom, narrowing to her hips. I watched as her stomach came into view with its slight convex swell just below her delicate navel. It reminded me of the shape of nude women seen in classical paintings, only smaller, more firm. With a final shrug Mom pulled the tee off over her head and I found myself studying her breasts; small, firm, with dark crinkled areolae and large prominent nipples riding high. They were twins of beauty, seemingly hefty from the sexy curves underneath, slightly outward pointing nipples, and a gentle slope above.

Mom stood letting me study her naked body fully, the T-shirt hanging from her fingers. A slight smile remained on her face as she slowly turned in front of me and paused. Heavens above! Mom's ass was stunning! It was a perfect pear shape sloping out from her back and sweeping down, curving in to meet her legs forming sexy creases where they joined. The sexy gap between at her crotch teased with a glimpse of dark pubic hair that formed a seductive mound; mom's pussy!

If I hadn't physically demonstrated my appreciation of her body before, I sure was now. My erection was so hard it was painful. I've always been a visual person so, while everything we had done so far had been wonderful, the sight of Mom naked was without doubt the most arousing sight I had ever witnessed. Before she completed her turn, I rose from the couch and moved to her. As she turned to face me surprise registered in her eyes, not expecting me to be standing there. With no hesitation I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me, trapping my erection against her silky stomach.

Mom was so petite that, without heels, the top of her head only reached my chin. In my arms her head nestled against my chest and her breasts pushed into my diaphragm. I could feel their firmness and her hard nipples pressed against me, my cock flexing with excitement at actually holding a naked female.

I lowered my face into her hair and held her tight against me.

"I love you, Mom," I whispered.

Mom loosened my arms, leaned back and looked at me with her deep blue eyes. She smiled softly and slipped her hand into mine. Without a word, she turned tugging my hand, and led me out of the den and up the stairs.

My eyes were riveted to her ass cheeks as I followed her. Each incredible globe moved in a sensuous motion, one cheek up, one cheek down, with only the slightest of sexy jiggles. My erection waved in front of me pointing towards Mom's beautiful rear end. There was no question I was an ass man through and through. Mom's rear was sumptuous.

She led me into her bedroom, my cock waving back and forth as I remained riveted on the view of her rear. When I finally tore my eyes away, I saw we were at the side of her bed.

There was nothing fancy about Mom's room. Simple pastels on the walls and one-color bed linens, no frilly stuff, and a regular queen sized box spring mattress. Nevertheless, it appeared to me to be very feminine. I inhaled a familiar scent, traces of Mom's perfume in the air.

With no hesitation Mom turned to face me, wrapping my arms behind her. She reached around my waist and gently pulled me to her in a hug. As we came together I felt the tip of my penis poke her in the stomach. Precum smeared on her when it slipped up into a vertical position, her sexy breasts pressed into me.

At first Mom rested the side of her face against my chest and I nestled my face into her raven hair, inhaling the pleasant scent of shampoo. After a moment, though, Mom withdrew her arms from around me, leaned her head back and turned her face up to look at me with those beautiful blue eyes. Her hands came up to hold each side of my face. With a small warm and inviting smile she pulled my face down and brought my lips to hers.

It wasn't an open mouth kiss, just a sweet kiss. Nevertheless, it was one of the most exciting I had experienced. With our lips touching, my eyes closed and I tightened my hold on Mom, pulling her naked body harder against mine. I let my hands slide up and down her bare back feeling each knot of her spine, her small shoulder blades and finally, at the small of her back, the beginning outward swell of her sexy ass.

Lips still closed, I moaned, my hands slipping further down to hold one gorgeous ass cheek in each hand. They felt so good to touch; firm, slightly cool and beautifully shaped. I didn't grasp or grip her rear. I gently caressed with my palms moving over and around them feeling the sensual curves, memorizing her topography as I touched, and feeling that sexy crease where ass cheeks met legs. I wanted to reach around further to feel between her buttocks and down between her legs, but I resisted. My confidence, while growing, was still not enough for me to initiate anything.

Mom ended the kiss. Looking at me in the eyes she pulled away from me and sank onto her bed, moving to lie in the middle. My eyes left hers and slowly moved down her body taking in every single detail.

Even on her back her breasts remained firm topped by large, dark nipples. I could see her ribcage lightly outlined. Her stomach was concave when lying prone and swept up to prominent hipbones on each side. Even more sensual was the upward sweep to an incredibly lush mons, densely covered in glossy black pubic hair. I couldn't even see her labia through her bush.

I stared at my mother's pussy, a shapely vee tapering between sexy thighs, one knee resting over the other leg. What could I say? Mom was beautiful, sexy, a true wet dream for me. My appreciation showed, too, from an erection bobbing up and down.

She let me feast on her nakedness then reached out her hand to me. She pulled me onto the bed next to her and rolled onto her side to face me, placing her free hand on my upper arm. I opened my mouth to tell her how much I liked what we were doing, how exciting it was, but before anything came out, Mom took her hand off my arm and placed a finger over my lips.

"Shhh," she whispered and gave me a slight smile as she pushed my shoulder until I was flat on my back.

I was still as hard as a rock. On my back my erection pointed up at a forty-five degree angle from my crotch and pulsed with the accelerated beat of my heart. Dampness slowly leaked out of the tip. My stomach muscles were trembling, too.

Mom, still on her side, leaned over me bringing her face close to mine. I could smell the unique scent of Mom tickle my nose; the scent of freshness, soap, shampoo and something indefinable. Her hand moved off my shoulder and came to rest on my hairless chest. She leaned in and softly kissed the corner of my lips, her deep blue eyes on mine as she did.

I felt her hand move down my chest, over my stomach and towards my erection. It throbbed strongly with the anticipation of feeling her hand on it. Still staring at me in the eyes, Mom once again smiled and her fingers gently traced the underside of my cock, her thumb scraping across the helmet and gently smearing slippery precum over it.

Her hand came to rest with the head of my erection nestled in her palm, her fingers aligned with the shaft. I groaned when she pushed it against my stomach, her smile broadening into a radiance that lit up the room. After what felt like an eternity, Mom dragged her hand back up my erection, up over my stomach and back to my chest. Slowly she raised herself into an upright position using her hand on my chest as leverage until she was kneeling next to my supine body.

Leaning over, Mom kissed me gently on my lips before rising up. She lifted her right leg and moved it over my body to rest on my left side. Now astride me, her second hand came to rest on my chest. I finally tore my eyes away from hers and let them slide down taking in the view of her perky breasts with their dark areolae and rigid nipples and the sexy gentle swell of her stomach until they came to rest at the juncture of her legs.

It's hard to describe what I was seeing and feeling. Her sexy, silky, dark pubes filled the vee of her crotch. She had held herself up so her pussy wasn't touching me and, with my erection raised at a forty-five degree angle, I couldn't see any details of her crotch. Nevertheless, the sight was so erotic my penis pulsed in appreciation. Her mound was large, full and sculpted, sexy and absolutely gorgeous! I noticed a drop of precum slip down my crown to fall in a long string to my stomach.

Thoughts rushed through me: Were we finally going to have intercourse? What would it feel like? Would I even last long enough in this state of excitement even though I had cum earlier?

I looked back up at Mom. She hadn't moved at all, still poised over me. When she saw me looking at her she smiled, rose into a full upright position and slowly lowered herself to let her pussy nestle against my aching erection.

This time it was Mom who moaned quietly when she settled on me. Her sexy labia seemed to spread around my shaft as if hugging it in a welcome, warm embrace. I felt the heat emanating from her, the weight of her pressing down, and her silky thighs gripping my hips and I couldn't help but groan in response.

When Mom finished settling down, only the head of my erection peeking through her bushy crotch and the rest was comfortably hugged by her labia. She stopped moving. I looked her in the eyes. She smiled. My aching erection throbbed and her smile broadened, eyes suddenly glinting with pleasure. Mom looked so damned sexy it was driving me wild. Her raven hair cascaded down over her shoulders ending above small pert breasts with now very prominent dark nipples. Her sides narrowed to a slender waist before sweeping out gently to her trim hips. Her hips sculpted around the swell of her rear to taper into her thighs straddled on each side of me. She was a wet dream! I couldn't imagine anything sexier at that moment.

Mom held still, her hands now resting on her thighs. I brought my hands up and placed them over hers letting my fingers slip between hers, feeling the smoothness of her skin. I could feel a moist heat encompassing my erection which continued to pulse every so often.

Mom made her first move, tightening her thighs. Her labia clenched around my penis. I think I may have gone cross-eyed when I felt it. My hips jerked, sliding my erection through her soft moistness. She relaxed, releasing her labia's grip on me. Turning my gaze back to her face, she smiled softly and clenched her thighs again. Her labia again tightened around my shaft eliciting a throbbing response from me with an accompanying groan. I smiled rather crookedly at her. The game of teasing had begun.

And teasing it was. Excruciating, exciting, like nothing I had ever imagined. Mom set the pace, one minute resting, the next a squeeze. Another rest followed by another squeeze.

I tried to let her control the game. But it was too much to ask of me. How could anyone lay unmoving with these sensations pouring through them? I started to react to her moves involuntarily with slight jerks of my hips, adding to the delicious sensations flooding my mind. Her pussy was so warm, soft and wet. I began to think I might reach a climax too soon, the sensations I was feeling were so strong.

Then Mom changed her movements. Her right hand slipped out of my fingers. She moved it down to where we were joined and let her fingers gently caress the tip of my cock, smearing precum around the head. I involuntarily jerked my hips even harder pushing my erection through her crotch and hard against her fingers.

Mom started moving her hips for the first time, and oh, God! Her vulva slid up along me and I felt her clitoris slide over the head of my penis. As I watched, I saw my erection disappear into her pubic bush. Then Mom reversed her movement sliding her pussy back down my erection. My crown emerged through her bush, parting her labia and pushing out. I hunched when Mom moved her hips back and half of my erection was uncovered, its head rising up from my stomach, a string of precum connecting the head to my stomach.

Without pausing, Mom moved her hips forward again applying more pressure this time. Her labia bulged erotically on each side of my erection when she slipped her pussy back up in a smooth motion. I moved my hands up to her waist to feel her movements. My eyes were riveted on our crotches, absorbing the incredible sight of our mutual masturbation. I felt Mom tense and release her hips through my hands while watching the movement of her sexy pussy over my erection. Perhaps two minutes later, my breathing started to speed up and I felt the building pressure of an incipient climax.

Mom's breathing picked up, she increased the speed of her movements, her hips hunching up and down my erection faster and faster as if we were having intercourse. My aching cock felt like it was in a slick, warm, soft embrace. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold back too much longer.

As Mom and I moved together I glanced up at her face. Her eyes were closed, her lips were slightly parted and I could see her breathing harder through the rise and fall of her breasts. I reached up and gently cupped each small breast in the palms of my hands spreading my middle fingers so her hard, erect nipples popped through between them. Closing my fingers, I caught her nipples and gently squeezed while massaging each breast. Mom's eyes opened to look down at what she felt. The pace of her hip movements increased and as I watched, she groaned and I watched a rosy flush spread over her upper chest above her breasts.

When I realized I was watching my mother climaxing it was too much for me. My hips hunched forward, my hard cock expanded, semen rushed up and exploded onto me in a blindingly pleasurable pulse. It was so intense hot cum hit on my neck. Mom hunched her pussy forward and I felt another explosion of cum jet out over my chest, bliss drowning me. Again and again, each time Mom's pussy ran up my erection, cum spurted out with exquisite pleasure.

With hands still on Mom's breasts, my caressing eased, ever gentler as my climax faded until I was softly cupping them, her nipples softening slightly. Mom's orgasm faded, her hips slowed and she gently leaned forward to lie on my cum-covered chest with her head under my chin, her arms by my side and hands up behind me resting on my shoulders.

I hugged her damp, warm body to me, completely relaxed with an incredible sense of satisfaction flowing through me, my soft penis trapped between us. As breathing slowed, I realized I loved Mom more than just as a mother. We hadn't even had intercourse yet I was completely sexually satisfied. Holding her petite, warm body to me felt natural. It gave me a sense of peace.

"Love you, Mom," I whispered to her and closed my eyes, completely relaxed and drained. I felt her hug in response.

We both dozed, although I don't know for how long. I woke when I Mom stirred. She raised her head, looked me in the eyes, smiled and kissed me gently on the lips. Mom slipped off me to the side, reaching down for the sheet and blanket. She drew it up over us and settled into the crook of my arm resting her head on my shoulder. I could feel one firm breast press into my side. My arm came up around her to hold her to me. In this position we drifted to sleep without anything more being said.

Chapter Six

I woke to morning sun streaming into the bedroom. It was a lazy wakening. Memories of last night played through my mind and my penis thickened under the sheets. Turning my head, I realized I was alone in bed. I didn't hear any sound from her bathroom so I assumed she was downstairs. With a smile on my face, I hauled my ass into the bathroom to shower and dress. Once done, I headed down to the kitchen, my stomach growling with hunger.

Mom was at her usual spot, at the sink filling the coffee pot. She was wearing the night shirt I was growing very fond of; it naturally hugged her bottom and outlined her panties.

"Morning, Mom."

Turning her head, Mom gave me one of her million watt smiles and said, "Good morning."

I made myself a bowl of cereal and asked Mom what her plans were for the day, perfectly normal, as if nothing had happened.

"I'm playing a round of golf this morning with Janice," she answered. "I'm planning on having lunch at the golf course, so you're on your own until this afternoon."

And so I was. I occupied myself, or should I say I tried to, puttering around the house doing odd chores, eating and watching sports on TV. The problem was my mind wouldn't rest. Memories of last night with Mom had me in a constant state of horniness. I didn't dwell on the incestuous aspect of what had transpired. I was way beyond that.

What really occupied my mind was wondering how Mom felt about what we had been doing. I admit I also wondered if I'd ever get to actually have intercourse with Mom, which resulted in an immediate boner. I wasn't conflicted in my feelings for her. I loved her unconditionally as a mother yet found her to be one of the most attractive, sexiest females I knew. What I loved most was that even though Mom had an incredibly attractive, petite body, it was her sensuality that turned me on the most. She seemed to understand how incredibly exciting it could be and how much enjoyment could be had without actual intercourse, something I had never considered before. When she looked at me there was no shame in her eyes. I had the feeling she was enjoying this new aspect of our mother-son relationship at least as much as I was.

Nevertheless, I felt a need to talk to her about it; bring it out into the open so-to-speak. I resolved to try to talk about it later tonight.

Somewhat apprehensive, I cleared the dishes after dinner. Mom and I had chatted over dinner of inconsequential things, her golf, her lunch, my morning, sports on TV; trivialities. When the dishes were done and I was heading towards the den, I heard Mom calling me from upstairs.

Climbing the stairs, I walked into Mom's room. Mom was lying on her bed with her night shirt on. I could tell from the lines that she still had panties on but no bra. She was resting on her side, her head resting on the hand of her bent arm.

I stopped in the doorway, my eyes traveling from her lovely face down to her feet. I adored the swell of her hips from where they rose from her waist and curved down to her thighs. It was such a sexy curve, full of allure and promise.

"David," Mom said, breaking me out of my reverie. "Come lie down," she said, patting the bed behind to her.

I moved onto her bed, lying on my left side. Mom rolled onto her right side to face me.

"What are you thinking?" she asked.

I shrugged, my courage suddenly AWOL.

"How do you feel about what's happened?" she asked, quietly, seriously.

I was somewhat shocked. Mom had broken her silence and opened the door to talk about what had been happening. She had taken the first step, not me. My first reaction was relief. I had been building my courage to broach the subject and was understandably nervous. I didn't answer her right away. I wanted to think about it, to get it right. There were so many thoughts running through my mind it was hard for me to sort them out.

Still looking at Mom in her eyes, I answered, "Mom, I can't tell you how much I like what's been happening with us. You know I find it sexy and exciting but there's so much more to it, I'm not sure I can explain it."

"Why don't you try?"

"The first time we . . . you know, I was mortified afterwards. I thought I had taken advantage of you. I felt guilty for that and incredibly embarrassed. When you didn't say a word, it reinforced what a cad I was. But then, when you smiled at me the next morning, I knew it was okay with you.

"After that, the next time was wonderful. I felt no guilt, only love for you. I liked that you enjoyed yourself, too. But I have to admit I was still a little confused since you didn't say anything to me. Still, I was sure you were fine with what was happening by the way you treated me afterwards. Was I right?" I asked.

"David, I am perfectly fine with what's happened between us. When I first felt your erection against me it felt good, natural. It felt good that I could turn you on. It might be hard for you to understand, but feeling sexy is something I haven't felt in a long time. When you ejaculated it really turned me on, I was oddly proud you found me arousing enough to cum.

"But like you, I was lost in the moment, not really thinking about what we were doing. Afterwards, I felt bad, even ashamed. I tossed and turned all night worrying about what you must think of me; how I thought of myself.

"Yet, towards morning I realized I was the one that had fled from the den, not you. You seemed to accept what had happened. Deep down I know I enjoyed it, it excited me. I got aroused when I remembered how you felt against my rear. I decided to accept that there was an aspect to our relationship that might be perceived as slightly unconventional but rather compelling, worth exploring. With that resolved, I finally slept.

"The next morning, when you came into the kitchen, you looked so apprehensive. I couldn't help but smile."

I smiled. "That was the one thing that made me feel better, as though I hadn't taken advantage of you."

"Are you a virgin?"

Heat grew in my cheeks. "Uh-huh."

"I like what's developed between us, honey. And, I think I'd like it to continue, if you're okay with it."

I reacted physically, tightness growing in my jeans when Mom told me she wanted to continue. Yes. I wanted to, too.

"But, I'm not sure how far I'm comfortable going. Would you be okay with taking things slowly? Would you be okay if we never progressed past where we've been so far?"

My first thought was a stab of disappointment. I really wanted to feel what it was like to have intercourse. But, like any teenage boy, the idea of sexy play with Mom, with a chance to get sexual relief without having to rely on my hands, was thrilling.

"Mom, if we never do more than what we've done so far, I'll be happy. No - delighted. I really enjoy the, um, the stuff we've done. But it's the closeness to you, the idea of us enjoying each other that really, really excites me."

"Okay. As long as we understand each other, I'd like us to continue. It's wonderfully thrilling and exciting for me too. How about giving me a back massage now? I'm sore from the golf."

When Mom rolled onto her front, she added, "Perhaps you should take those jeans off."

I didn't need to be told twice. With a straining erection inside my Jockeys I admired her lying on the bed, her slim back and waist flaring and rising around the swell of her sexy bottom and hips. God but it was so erotic to see Mom almost naked and knowing she was going to let me touch her intimately. She had her cheek on the pillow, hair cascading down her back, and her blue eyes looking at me as I hopped from foot to foot kicking jeans off.

The smallest of smiles emerged on her lips when her eyes dropped for a quick glance at the tent of my underwear before rising to my face.

"Come on, David. Massage my back. But be gentle, I'm sore."

It wasn't her words but the gentle side to side rocking of her lovely ass as she talked that almost had me cumming. Man it was sexy. Yup, ass man through and through.

I straddled her legs, a knee on both sides and leaned over, brushing her hair away before squeezing her shoulders. Working with knuckles and palms I massaged down Mom's back. Her murmurs and the occasional inhalation guided me to the sore spots. The thing is, I was not watching what I was doing. My head was hanging down, my gaze riveted on her amazing bottom, admiring the sensual swell of buttocks and the line of her panties under the T-shirt. I was fascinated as the view changed, two sensual hillocks rising high when I was bent over her massaging her shoulders, to the flare at the sides when I straightened up, and, God, the white satin of her panties peeking out below the hem, her pussy full and rounded between the her thighs, had my heart racing.

My erection was throbbing as I massaged Mom's bottom, soft and firm under my hands. But watching the satin gusset move and caress her pussy was one of the wonders of the world. Small, dark pubic hairs escaped the elastic bringing a flush of heat inside. In mounting excitement I shuffled down to massage Mom's thighs, her T-shirt hem now part way up her ass. Riveted, I massaged, and every time my hands slid to the outside of her thigh muscles, her crotch would open, the full majesty of her plump pussy revealed, a white, double gusset sensuously caressing her.

Every stroke of her thighs brought my hand close to Mom's pantie-clad pussy. Every motion made it move in astoundingly sensual ways, pouting one moment, a sexy camel toe the next. My heart jumped when I thought I saw a tiny damp spot form and, horny as hell, I moved my hands up towards Mom's crotch.

When the edges of my thumbs caressed the sides of her pussy deeply and the damp spot in her panties grew, Mom aroused and horny, it was too much for me. I snorted and cum blasted into my underwear. My erection pulsed and exploded, semen covering the head and soaking me. Oh man, it was unbelievably good, so sexy, Mom's crotch inside white satin. I ejaculated again and again just staring and wishing and imagining actually taking her from behind.

"David, did you climax?"

"Um. Yeah."

Mom giggled. "So tell me, what was it that so excited you?"

"Uh, it was your panties, Mom."

"Really? How interesting," adding in a softer, more seductive voice, "Would you like to see them?"

Jesus, I could almost feel myself recover, a pulse in my cock. Did I want to see them? Was she crazy? How could she even ask?

"Could I?"

"Lift yourself off me for a sec."

I rose to my knees and Mom turned over, pulling her T-shirt down to mid thighs. Surprised I looked at her. Her eyes were twinkling.



"So look."

With that, Mom started edging the hem of her T-shirt up slowly, teasing me. I was very quickly realizing there were some things beyond nudity that were incredibly sexy and erotic. Anticipation was killing me. I even felt desire return, although I had no erection. Yet, when I saw the white gusset appear I felt a twitch.

"David, why don't you take your underwear off?"

Without taking my eyes off Mom's panties, I climbed off, striped the cum-dampened underwear off and returned to my previous position, straddling her knees.

When Mom's hands didn't resume removing her T-shirt, I looked up. There was a glint of mischief in her eyes and something else, I wasn't sure what. Her hand movement distracted me. Mom drew it out, inching the T-shirt up. Finally, though, I saw Mom's panties in all their glory, white satin, string bikini panties. The front panel was dimpled and raised by pubic hair underneath, a few escaping over the top. Her pussy looked so full and plump, with the leg bands disappearing deep down the sides accentuating the sensual mound between her legs. It was such an erotic vision - a dream really - Mom in panties, letting me see her. But when she whispered, my erection returned.

"You can feel my panties, David."

I lay a trembling hand on top of her mound feeling the springiness of pubic hair beneath. I let my palm glide across the mound, measuring its succulent shape, soft white satin tickling me. My thumb slipped down between her thighs and I shuddered when i felt mom's clitoral hood, a bump against the pad of my thumb.

"Oh," escaped me in an almost silent whisper, my penis stiffening, slowly erecting.

I became braver, pushing more firmly and caressing every part of her pussy gently, still absorbed by the sight, still amazed I was feeling Mom up.


Her murmur really excited me. But when she slowly pushed her pussy up against my thumb while I was circling her clitoris, I was fully aroused, completely erect and mesmerized by how soft and plump Mom's pussy felt. My pulse raced as her hips moved more insistently, rhythmically, an up and down motion pressing her pantie-clad pussy to my caressing thumb. I heard her breathing deepen. My cock throbbed, now fully erect.

"David," she whispered.

Looking up, Mom reached out for me. I lowered myself on to her body, thrilled by the feel of my erection settling in the crease formed by her warm thighs. Our heads were not quite level but Mom cupped my face. Looking into my eyes she leaned up towards me and kissed me, lips closed, and then placed my head on her shoulder. Her hands slipped down my T-shirt to my waist and with pressure urged me to slide up.

"Oh Mom," I moaned when the tip of my erection nestled to her pantie-covered pussy. The sensation was unbelievable. I couldn't help thinking that only a thin piece of satin separated my erection from Mom's pussy.

Mom used her hands to set up a rhythm; me pushing the tip of my cock into her pussy, her turning her hips slightly. My arms slipped under her shoulders unconsciously holding her tight with every thrust. The tip of my cock was pressing into her clitoris inside her panties, her breasts firm pads rubbing my chest.

Mom moaned. "Yes, David," she gasped quietly, her body twitching under me. She jerked her pelvis hard against the tip of my erection. "God yes."

Mom's climax brought on my own, my cock swelling, tip pressed hard to her panties. "Oh God, Mom," I gasped, cum burning up my shaft and spurting against her panties, weaker than the last time but intensely pleasurable.

Mom felt it, her hands gripping me harder as the second pulse took control and cum erupted, the tip of my cock sliding up and over her mound. I pulled back quickly and thrust again, my erection suddenly slipping down along her crotch between her thighs, a third spurt of cum soaking the gusset. I humped and came against Mom feeling like we were actually having intercourse and, as my climax peaked and slowly waned, my full body weight collapsed on her. I was panting heavily. Man, it was so good, just so good.

Eventually I stirred. She pushed my shoulder, sliding from under me. "Let's get cleaned up," she suggested.

I briefly thought about following Mom into her bathroom, but when she closed the door behind her, I went to my own.

It was weird. Even though Mom and I had had this sexual contact, I couldn't figure out if I should go to her room or wait in mine. It was only 9:30, too early for sleeping. Problem unresolved, I decided to get a glass of milk and watch TV. About half an hour later Mom drifted past the door in a bathrobe with a glass of water in her hands.

"Goodnight, David."

"Night, Mom."

Chapter Seven

Monday morning was hectic as usual and everything seemed back to normal between Mom and me. I wasn't worried any more. I knew eventually we'd experiment a bit more and I was eager to learn more. The sensuousness of Mom in panties had surprised me and I wondered what else might be in store.

"Mom," I yelled walking out the door, "I'm going to be late tonight. Remember?"

"Okay, David. I remember. Are you home for dinner?"

"Nope." I had a computer Phil and I were building tonight.

The rest of the week sort of followed the same path. Mom was out Tuesday, we ate together Wednesday in comfortable companionship. Our little trysts were not mentioned and I certainly didn't feel confident enough to instigate anything. But Thursday night I masturbated to visions of Mom - I could only go so long without release. I was a teenager for goodness sakes.

Fate intervened on Friday as well. Julie, my sometimes date wanted to see a movie, a double date. It was fun, but I only got a chaste kiss from her at the end of the evening and it was 12:15 am by the time I dragged my ass in the front door.

But Saturday, Saturday morning, well, all the waiting paid off. When I entered the kitchen that morning Mom was at the sink, slightly bent filling the carafe. She had on a thin T-shirt that showed no signs of a bra underneath and the softest looking sweat pants I'd ever seen, powder blue. They draped over her ass, around the gentle flare of her thighs, and between two beautiful buttocks forming an enticing valley between.

What had my blood stirring was realizing Mom had no panties on!

In no time I was erect and horny. Mom was so sexy like that, poised, slightly bent over the sink, her bottom curved and shapely. A grin spread on my face, and despite my shyness at initiating anything, horniness gave me courage. Slipping up behind her, I nestled my groin into her wonderful bottom and slipped my arms around her waist, hugging her as I breathed in the aroma of Mom.

"Morning, Mom." I kissed her shoulder. Very courageous I thought, excited.

"Mmmm. Morning, David."

She lifted her shoulder into my kiss, her hands resting over mine at her waist. As I nuzzled the side of her neck, inhaling the wonderful aroma of morning Mom, she straightened slightly and pulled my left hand down, then up. I felt soft bare skin. My erection was painfully constricted by jeans but I wasn't going to stop Mom now to fix it.

She guided my hand up over her stomach and chest. Lord, the feeling of cupping the underside of Mom's breast in my hand was amazing, so soft, curved but with a mature weightiness. My thumb grazed over her nipple, stopped and rubbed. I felt it grow and harden, stand out surprisingly prominently, a rubbery button that I caressed lightly.

Mom murmured softly and her other hand moved my right hand under her T-shirt, down across the soft swell of her tummy and under the waist of her sweat pants. My erection was damp, and thrumming as she guided my hand through her pubic hair, her middle finger pushing mine deeper. God, soft moist lips separated, the hard nub of her clitoris slid over the pad of my finger, and still she pushed me down. My breath was racing as I felt the hot, damp moisture of her vagina.

I was breathing heavily when she curled my finger. I felt heat and velvety smoothness surround the tip up to my first knuckle. It surprised me that her opening was so small, it gripped my middle finger and I wondered how it could expand to take a penis and how it might feel.

Mom moaned, her body trembled. I felt it through her bottom pressed tight against my groin. Incredibly she pushed my finger harder and it slipped into her silky vagina up to the second knuckle.

Suddenly she pulled my hand from her crotch, out of her sweats, her other pulling my hand away from her breast. I froze wondering what was wrong, what had I done? Mom twisted in my arms to face me, her blue eyes glistening and intense. There was something else there, but I didn't know what it was.

She smiled, her radiant smile, reached behind her back and took my hand.

"Come," she said leading me out of the kitchen. We climbed the stairs and my excitement returned. What was she going to do now?

Her hand dropped mine when we entered MY bedroom. Mom walked over to the messy bed, turned and, looking at me in my eyes, dropped her sweat pants. Jesus, her pussy was gorgeous. Full, shiny, dark pubic hair gave me only hints of her labia, but I thought I could see inner lips nestled between the outer. Mom pulled her T-shirt off and lay back on my bed. Smiling, she parted her legs only an inch or two at the ankles.

The movement shocked me out of that funny frozen state you feel when you watch something that's just too unbelievable, too good to be true. I stripped, fast. The relief of letting my erection out was wonderful and it bounced in front of me.

Is this it? Is Mom going to make love with me? Were we going to have sex?

I was trembling when I moved to the bed. What do I do? How should I lie? Do I climb over her now? Suddenly I was worried I'd show my inexperience; maybe make it worse for Mom or look stupid. I just didn't know what to do next.

Mom's smile encouraged me, her raised arms guided me. Before I knew it I felt soft thighs cradle my hips, Mom's pubic bush against my lower stomach, breasts pressed to my chest, and the soles of her feet caressing my calves. Unfortunately, the excitement of it had my heart pounding, breath gasping, and I was beginning to hyperventilate. It was too much for me. I was beginning to get dizzy.

"Just relax, David," she said softly her arms wrapping around me. "Breathe deeply."

The momentary panic, at least that's what it felt like, gradually faded. My erection had softened slightly, but as senses returned, as I felt Mom's petite body under me, her breasts against my chest, and as I realized how close my cock was to her pussy in this position, my erection returned with full vigor.

It got stronger when Mom's hands caressed my back, up and down, moving lower with every sweep. With my face nestled into the side of her neck, Mom's hands ran over my ass, one hand slipping across my hip and easing between us. Her touch, a warm softness encompassing my erection, made my body jerk. Mom guided me with her hand on my shaft and slight pressure on my butt.

The tickle of pubic hairs against the tip of my penis almost had me hyperventilating again. Realizing how close I was to Mom's pussy was so exciting. But a groan emerged, loud and long, when I felt moist labia, soft and warm, nestle against and then surround my straining, flared helmet, my erection touching a hot, moist, velvety spot.

I instinctively hunched forward, driven by the erotic feel of Mom's pussy and a wild imagination. A stunningly soft, silky smooth glove slipped over my erection, slid down my shaft, encompassing me snugly in heat and moisture. Jesus. I never knew. It was unbelievable.

"Oh God, Mom," I groaned, feeling slightly dizzy.

Her pelvis pushed up at me and I was fully buried. I was completely buried in Mom's pussy! Suddenly I felt calmer, I don't know why, but now I was here it felt so right, snug, warm, moist and sexy.

Mom's hands moved my head, urging it up from her neck. When I looked into her glistening blue eyes, our bodies against each other, hips cradling me, and my erection buried in her, throbbing and harder than I could remember, I felt a burst of love.

She pulled my mouth down and a shudder ran through my body. I hunched trying to burrow deeper into her pussy when her tongue touched my lips. That was it. I couldn't take any more. It was too much for this virgin to take. As we kissed sensually, tongues intertwined, I started stroking in and out, her pussy massaging me. Mom's hips responded and our strokes lengthened. We moved together, long, exquisite strokes, fucking each other, the pace slowly building, building, faster, urgency emerging. I felt my climax gathering strength, fuelled by the feel of penetrating her, of making love to my mother.

"Oh, David," Mom tore her lips from mine and gasped my name.

Suddenly her thighs tightened against me, her hips thrust up, her vagina gripped me hard. Her body paused for a second before relaxing and surging up at me, burying me deep inside her pussy. I started thrusting wildly, burying my aching erection in her. My climax rose and crashed over me. Cum tore up my shaft and exploded almost painfully, a huge wave of pleasure slamming into me. I managed to gasp and another load charged up as Mom's hips strained against me, cum erupting deep in her pussy. My orgasm raged over me. I arched up, slammed my cock as deep as it could go, groins banging each other, and a massive blast, a painful blast of cum exploded, flooding into her, ecstasy overwhelming me. I was into the biggest orgasm I had ever experienced, Mom's hands pulling my ass, pulling me into her urgently with every deeply gratifying spurt. I was aware of nothing, nothing but my cock expanding and spurting, desperate to go longer, to make it last, to feel this exquisite pleasure for ever.

But all too soon the climax faded, ran away. I collapsed over Mom with my hips jerking softly from the fading remnants of the best thing I had ever felt in my life.

It was Mom stirring that woke me up. I had slipped into an exhausted and satisfied doze. When she shifted under me, her vagina contracted and expelled my flaccid penis.

"David, honey, we need to get cleaned up."

I rolled off Mom to her side. Why? I wondered. I was so comfortable. When I felt the bed move I cracked my eyes open. Mom, naked, her gorgeous butt swaying as she walked to my bathroom. At the door she turned and smiled at me, that smile that radiates and brightens a room. She turned and entered the bathroom, but didn't close the door.

Despite my exhaustion, I felt a slight increase in my pulse. Was she inviting me? Should I go? With only slight nervousness and surprisingly no embarrassment, I got up when I heard the shower start and walked into the bathroom.

Mom, standing naked, beautiful, smiling, asked, "Care to join me?"

I was treated to the most sensuous shower I had ever had - well, actually the only sensuous shower I'd ever had, so my point of reference was somewhat limited. But the feel of soapy hands gliding across soft skin, of cupping small mature breasts with soft nipples, of the shape of two perfect sexy buttocks, and of soapy bodies rubbing together had me mentally aroused. It was unbelievable how seductive washing could be.

"Mom?" I was sitting on the bed when Mom walked to the door, towel around her body and clothes in her arm.


It amazed me that, with that one act of intercourse, I no longer felt shy or embarrassed. It was a new feeling, I was seeing Mom with new eyes, I felt a comfort and ease with her.

"Could you teach me?" I asked.

"Teach you what, David?"

"Everything, Mom. Like how to seduce and tease, how to give you pleasure. I want to learn."

"Well, you're pretty good at giving pleasure already." She said it with a small smile curving her lips and I felt a flush of pride, maybe with a tinge of embarrassment. "But okay. Let's talk about it later."

Sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, lots of milk, I wondered how women felt about making love compared to pure sex. The Internet seemed to suggest women liked both but preferred the warm and cuddly stuff. Then again, the Internet hadn't told me how sensuous a shower could be. I began to doubt what I had read. Other questions drifted through my mind when I toiled at my Saturday chores, vacuuming - which I hated, but it was either that or the laundry - cleaning up the kitchen, and other nameless things. Mom was out meeting friends and planned to shop for dinner on the way home.

"Mom?" We were in front of the TV again with lasagna and micro greens salad, a basic vinaigrette dressing. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. Ask away."

"Is there a position, for intercourse that is . . . that women find most satisfying?"

"Well, how many positions are you aware of?" Mom said it with a hint of amusement, sipping her glass of red.

"Um, well I read the Kama Sutra. It was a bit confusing. I mean I understood how many positions there are, but there were so many, how do you know which you like best?"

"Well, experimentation would be my guess. You just try them."

My penis twitched when she said it. I wondered.

"So, what about the difference between making love and quickies?"

"There's a time for both, David. Sometimes when you're aroused enough," she looked at me, a twinkle in her eyes, "when you're horny enough, a quickie is very satisfying."

My imagination strengthened the developing erection in my jeans. "How do you know when it's right for a quickie? I mean how do you tell the difference?"

"It's something both partners feel. If they know each other well, and if they have an open and honest dialogue about sex, they just know."

"So what makes a woman want a quickie?" I was pretty sure I knew what made a male want a quickie; basically anything, anywhere, at any time. At least I did.

"There's no simple answer to that. It could be an emotional thing, a sudden desire. It could be the result of teasing over time, or even as simple as a need for release. Women have as strong a sexual appetite as men, well most women do."

"Do you?"

She smiled at me. "I don't know, David. I've never compared notes. But with your dad, we seemed quite compatible."

A whole raft of questions flooded my mind. Did Mom and Dad make love often, what was Dad's favorite position, what was Mom's, what had Mom done for sexual relief since Dad's passing, did she masturbate? Ooh, that thought struck a chord somewhere.

"Mom. How come we made love today? I thought you wanted to take it slowly."

"Ah. Well there's an example of wanting a quickie. I was already somewhat aroused from thinking about last night when your arms wrapped around me this morning and you pushed your erection against my butt."

"That was a quickie?" It didn't feel like that to me. I thought we had made love for hours!

Mom laughed. "Yup, that was a quickie."

"Then how long is a . . . not a quickie?"

"Perhaps you'll find out one day." She said it with a little twinkle in her eyes. At that point, my mind was more interested in a quickie, this talk was exciting me. Mom was being so open, maybe I'd press my luck a little further.

"Do you have a favorite position?" I asked.

"Do you?" After a brief pause she giggled lightly, eyes sparkling with amusement.

Yeah, she was right. Having only made love, no, having only had a quickie in one position, it was my current favorite. "So do you?" I asked again.

She got this gleam in her eyes, clearly up to no good. "Well, let me think. Sometimes for a quickie I like to bend over the kitchen sink and have my panties slipped down, maybe my bottom caressed and feel a . . . Then again, sitting on a lap in a dress with no panties on, in front of the TV and feeling a hard . . . Or laundry day, sitting on the washing machine as it spins, my legs apart and my butt at the edge feeling a . . . Mmmmm."

Her eyes had lost focus.


"Oh. Sorry. Let's see. When making love, sometimes simple missionary is enough, sometimes on all fours, but . . ."

She drifted off, but I saw just a hint of flush dust her cheeks. I vowed to myself to discover what that was all about. At this point I was as horny as hell and still clueless about how to initiate anything.

"Um, Mom? What happens when one partner is horny and the other isn't?"

"Why David, aren't you aroused?"

Holy Shit! Mom was horny? I was at a loss for words. All I could do was nod furiously. She giggled at me.

"Um. Well . . . Um . . ." I felt like a fool, a horny fool. Somehow I couldn't get a word out.

Mom stood, took my hand and pulled me upright. "Stand here."

Moving close to me, her hands unbuttoned my jeans, the sound of a zipper being lowered had me straining in my pants. She bent her head resting her forehead against my chest. I couldn't see what she was doing but I could sure feel. Her warm hands pushed the waist of my jeans down and they fell to mid thigh. Her hand stroked my erection softly over the underwear making it pulse painfully. When her hand slipped under the waist band I was breathing heavily and moaned when she wrapped her hand around me, squeezed and let me go. I felt underwear being pushed down, my erection released and springing out. Jesus. Her hand was so soft and warm, and her grip so firm.

Oh no! Please, not yet. She stroked me once, only once, and I came, hard; knee weakening. Cum spurted, my erection throbbed and I came again. Jesus, I had no control. I came and came, thrusting my erection through her hold, my hands on her shoulders supporting myself as my climax washed over me.

Mom stepped back, her face turning up to me. "See. That's what teasing does." She said it with a smile of satisfaction, of mischief.

Well, what's good for the gander, I thought. I smiled in what I thought was my sly smile, reaching out to rub the tips of my index fingers against nipples poking through her bra and blouse, watching as mischief faded from her eyes.

Gently and slowly I traced the outlines of her small breasts, seeing Mom inhale deeply. I turned her by the shoulders to face away from me, moving close enough that my cum-dampened penis brushed against her skirt. With a feather touch, my hands slipped down her chest to brush lightly across her hard nipples, a delicate touch of the palms of my hands. I grinned at her sharp inhalation. See Mom? I know how to tease too, I thought.

Slipping lower I caressed her lower stomach, feeling her draw it in. Both index fingers slipped inside the waist of her skirt before I moved them slowly out to her hips and around to her back, unbuttoning it. The sound of a zipper broke the silence followed by a swish, Mom's skirt falling to the floor.

My eyes were closed. I was completely focused on my hands and the sound of Mom's breathing, a heavy sound.

An erotic thrill coursed through me when I felt pantyhose on her buttocks. It amazed me how sensuous they felt when I caressed them, explored the shape firmly held within. Bending slightly, I inhaled her aroma at her neck while my hands slipped down the back of her thighs, grinning when I heard her moan. I dragged my fingertips up the inside of her thighs, close to her crotch, along the crease where her bottom met her legs, around her hips, up over her blouse, and onto her nipples. Mom was trembling now. I teased her hard nipples, refusing to cup her breasts even when she arched her chest.

With one fingertip teasing a nipple, my other hand slipped down across her stomach, a feather light touch, down over her pantyhose, down over the swell of her pussy, just the tips of my fingers.

Mom gasped, grabbed my hand and thrust it down between her legs, pulling it hard against her. I felt her arousal, dampness in her panties as I squeezed her pussy, middle finger curling, my other hand squeezing her breast. I caressed, teased her clit, rubbed, and fondled her small breast, tweaking her hard, prominent nipple through her bra. Mom groaned, shivered.

"Oh good Lord!" burst from her.

Her hips thrust, body trembling, and she held my hand tight to her pussy. She started gasping as she climaxed, humping against me, he body shaking. I felt her begin to fall. Quickly my hand left her breast and hugged her around the waist, holding her back against me, holding her up until I felt her body shake through her climax and finally calm.

"See Mom? That's what teasing does," I whispered.

After a couple of minutes Mom turned. "I deserved that," she said with a smile. "My-oh-my you are quite accomplished, aren't you?"

I laughed. Mom smiled and then started laughing with me. It felt good.

"Let's go to bed, David."

While Mom picked up her skirt, I pulled my underwear and jeans up, holding them with one hand as I turned off the lights and followed Mom's beautiful bum up the stairs, dinner plates forgotten.

Chapter Eight

I woke Sunday morning at some point with an erection nestled between Mom's thighs against her pussy and a petite breast in my hand. I was still half asleep, quiet and comfortable, when I felt Mom's nipple tighten, grow and harden. The pressure of her thighs eased and her hand cupped my erection, the head against her palm.

Slowly and languidly we started to move together, my erection slipping between moist labia, warm and inviting. With no fanfare our movements became longer, the crown sliding and rubbing against her clitoris. Mom's fingers pushed the crown deep, pushing me back until it caught at her opening. Slowly, sensuously her vagina yielded to the pressure and I slipped into her incredible heat, soft, velvety soft, silky vaginal walls parting as I slipped deeper and deeper into heaven.

We both paused when I was buried inside her, erection throbbing. My hand caressed her breast. I felt my erection swelling in her tightness, or perhaps Mom massaging. Her hand released her crotch and covered mine, pressing it harder against her breast and pushing her bottom back against me. As if we were talking, we both started moving, short arousing movements slowly growing into long, deeply erotic strokes. Mom was wet, really wet. I could hear the noise, a soft squelching as I stroked in and out of her and the noise intensified my arousal.

I made love to Mom, slow delightful love. No rush, gentle motions. And slowly, very gradually our orgasms stirred. When we came there were no loud sounds, no frantic thrusting, no moans, just incredible, amazing bliss as semen burst deep into her, as she gripped my erection, as I stroked again, semen erupting in beautiful pleasure, Mom's pussy gripping again. We came together for what felt like ages, beautiful, loving climaxes, the most satisfying climax ever.

Gradually I drifted to sleep, my softened erection held inside Mom in a warm wet embrace.

Sun from the window woke me. I was still spooning Mom, the tip of my penis still in her and my hand cupping her breast. I felt relaxed and very happy. Mom had shown me something new, making love. Marvelous. Wonderful. I wondered how much more I could learn.

"I think we're a bit wet."

Mom's voice broke into my musings and, as she squeezed her vagina, my penis was ejected. Yup, we were wet.

"Can we shower together?" I asked.

Before long I was lovingly washing a boob, admiring the nipple as it perked up. "Can I taste it, Mom?"


It was surprisingly rubbery in my mouth and it felt much larger. When I added suction it seemed to grow even more. How interesting. The dark areola which had been sort of smooth puckered with tiny bumps when I licked them. When I sucked them and backed off to look they seemed darker and almost raised from her breast. How delightful.

I tried opening my mouth to see if I could get Mom's entire breast in, but couldn't. As I gently massaged it, while sucking her nipple, I noticed that her breast wasn't a uniform soft pad as I expected. I could feel occasional lumps or firmer bits and wondered what they were.

I rather enjoyed myself, moving between one and the other. I tried twirling my tongue around the nipple, and generally having a good time. Until, for some reason, Mom pulled my head away when I playfully nipped her stiffened nipple.

When I looked up in confusion, Mom had that look in her eyes, one I couldn't quite identify.

"Enough, David." She said it rather breathlessly with a smile.

After drying and dressing we were sitting at the kitchen table.


"Mmmm?" She responded, sipping coffee.

"Why was this morning so different?"

"Well, this morning we made love, David."

"I know. But why was it so different? I want to understand. I liked it a lot."

"I think it has to do with how excited you are. If you're aroused by constant teasing your passion and your orgasm are closer to the surface. When you start from the beginning, those things take more time to build, so you're not as frantic for release. But I could be wrong."

"Is it possible to tease and still make love?"

"Sure." Mom grinned. "With practice."

Practice was a great idea, I thought. But still, up to now I felt Mom was accommodating me, doing what she thought I'd like.

"Mom, you know I'm sort of a happy camper with all this. I mean it's all new to me so everything is fresh and really, really good. But what about you? If you could choose something, sort of a wish, you know, for the two of us, something you'd really like, what would it be?"

"I haven't given it any thought. Hmm, let me see. Well, if I had to identify something I'd say it would be . . ."

Then she told me. Jesus Christ. I mean, Jesus, Mom?

She made me wait. Next Friday, she said.

Chapter Nine

It was a tough week for me. My concentration was sort of missing. I couldn't seem to get interested in things my friends were interested in and every time I looked at Mom I kept getting the same thought, Mom? Really?

Our sleeping arrangements were also weird. I didn't get to sleep in her bed at all, even that Sunday night. When I asked her about it, she simply said, "too much of a good thing, David." It took me a while to figure out she wanted to sustain some of the newness or freshness to this exciting aspect of our relationship. While I understood, I didn't agree. How could it ever not be new and fresh?

Nevertheless, Friday, freshly showered, freshly calmed from masturbating in the shower - a precautionary move on my part - I was dressed neatly in slacks, Polo and a sweater. Tonight was dinner on the town, the first part of Mom's request, her rather long and complex request, and I admit to being slightly nervous.

I was quite proud escorting Mom on my arm into Antonio's. She wore a simple black sheath, a small white gold chain around her neck, two tiny diamond studs, and had her lustrous hair pulled back into a thick wavy pony tail. Yes, I was quite proud.

We were seated in a booth, typical leather bench, side by side at Mom's request. Over appetizers of snails, a new experience since I was feeling rather manly, Mom had the first of her two glasses of wine. The snails were as slimy as I had imagined. But while we ate I'd touch Mom's arm when making a point or let my hand rest on her back every so often and always look her in the eyes when talking to her. Our entrees were lamb shanks, quite delicious. And, as the main course was cleared for dessert, I started, my pulse ticking up.

"So how did you like the lamb, Mom?"

"Mmmm. Delicious. Did you like . . ." she paused. Her eyes widened for just a second, "yours?"

"Yup. It was great," I claimed with a grin. My hand was resting on Mom's thigh. She had paused when she felt me slide my hand up to just under the hem of her dress, my fingers caressing the inside of her thigh.

I had picked dessert carefully. I needed something that required only one hand to eat. Fruit bowl it was.

Mom's crème caramel kept both her hands busy, but she almost choked when she felt my hand slide up just a little more, to the middle of her thigh.

"How's the crème caramel?" I asked innocently.

A rosy flush appeared in her cleavage. "Um, good, very nice."

I was aroused by the time my hand touched her panties. They felt like pure silk, exotic and sexy. I think it was my finger lightly tracing her cleft that brought color to her face. When I tickled where I thought her clitoris was, Mom closed her thighs together tightly, quickly, her flush growing. Interesting, this wish of hers.

I left my hand on her smooth thigh while we sipped coffee. For some reason Mom seemed to be less chatty, wonder why?

"Mom, are you going to have a liqueur?"

"Not tonight. Why don't we go home?"

She appeared more normal when we left, my hand at the base of her back steering her.

"That wasn't nice, David," she said in the car, her smile robbing her comment of any strength.

"Mom, you said, and I quote, "I'd like to start with touching.""

She smiled. "True, but I didn't mean in the restaurant in public. And I didn't mean under clothes, either."

"You didn't tell me not to," I pointed out.

"Perhaps I should clarify some of . . ."

"Nuh-uh. Too late. You'll just have to go with the flow."

It was fun. Mom wasn't angry, she seemed quite pleased, even excited. It made me excited.

As we drove home I was surprised to feel dampness in my pants. I hadn't had a full erection up to this point. While there was a definite thickening when I felt Mom's silk panties, it wasn't a hard erection. And that also surprised me. Perhaps it was that I was on a journey, so the urgency wasn't there, or perhaps it was because I knew where the destination was. Oh. There was a definite twitch!

Hopping out of the car, I opened the passenger door, offering Mom my hand to help her out. With her hand in mine, I led her up to the front door, paused, looked down at her, lifted her chin with a bent finger and kissed her on the cheek, right at the edge of her mouth. Her eyes widened briefly before I turned to unlock the door.

Still hand in hand, I led Mom to the sitting room, pausing in the doorway. The room was lit by a low light on a rosewood side table. You couldn't tell the walls were painted with barely a tinge of pastel yellow. A white couch and two armchairs faced the flickering fire, shadows dancing around the room. On the coffee table, two glasses and a bottle of Brunello Del Montalcino, a rich, dark and complex Italian red, Mom's favorite.

"Well, well. How nice," she said.

I led Mom to the couch, poured two glasses and handed one to her as I sat next to her. She took it without noticing it was her third of the night, or perhaps not caring.

"So, Mom. How am I doing so far?"

"When did you do this?" Her hand waved around the room.

"While you were changing. Like it?"

"Mmmm." She sipped wine.

"You're not going to back out are you?"

"Oh no."

Mom said it quietly. But she blushed. My Mom blushed and I loved it, absolutely loved it. With a broad smile I stood and went to the stereo, turned it on low, preset to a slow romantic radio channel playing music from the '70s and '80s, Mom's youth.

I reached out my hand. "Care to dance?"

Mom smiled, stood and came into my arms, her head on my shoulder as we slowly moved to the music in front of a crackling fire.

She had asked me to seduce her, asking for little things, touches, gestures, and eventually, more specific requests, exciting requests. I thought I might be doing okay. Mom was holding me close, her body swaying gently and I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest.

For the first little while I kept my hands on her back, one above the other. But eventually, I let them drift down, over the swell of her pert bottom to cup her buttocks. I discovered a new sensation, a very erotic sensation, the feel of a dress sliding across pure silk panties. It was almost frictionless, allowing my hands to softly caress each sensual buttock. It woke my penis from its slumber.

Mom murmured against my chest while I caressed her, both of us languidly dancing together. Slowly I used my fingers to gather up the dress, inch by inch, pulling the hem up. When my hands held her silk-clad rear Mom pushed her pelvis into me. Man but it was good. Cool silk, soft, sexy and slippery. I was getting an erection. Time to back off.

Stepping back, Mom looked up at me. There was something in her eyes I still couldn't identify. I bent, kissed her, soft lips against mine. Her tongue touched my closed lips and she moaned, pushing herself into me, arms wrapping around me. It was a thrilling kiss, a sensual kiss. Me, kissing Mom, her tongue in my mouth, hot and probing.

Gasping I broke the kiss. It was still too soon.

"Let's have some more wine, Mom," I suggested.

For the next half an hour or so, we sipped wine and chatted. But Mom wasn't talking to me like Mom. It was different. We were still easy with each other, but she had this something in her eyes, and a different quality to her voice. It was intriguing.

When we danced again, I repeated my previous moves, eventually ending up with two silk-clad buttocks in my hands. They just felt so damned good the way they undulated and swayed as she danced. I slipped my fingertips under the elastic of her panties below her cheeks, sliding them along the elastic to her sides. Mom was pushing her pelvis against me with slow sexy moves, and I felt a low murmur from her through my chest. My erection was being massaged, her mound pressed tight.

"Would you like to go upstairs, Mom?"

Her head nodded against me.

I reached behind to take her hand and without turning the light out or the radio off, I led Mom up the stairs, down the hall to my room, Mom trailing behind, almost shyly. Hmmm.

I had cleaned and dusted, organized and planned all week. Soft lighting and fresh simple white sheets greeted us.

Turning Mom around, with a smile, I unhooked her dress and the silence was broken by the rasp of a zipper. Two hands on her shoulders, I pushed the dress off. It fell with a quiet swish to her feet. Holding my breath, I turned Mom to face me. Oh man, lacy bra, small full breasts, dark areolae, and hard nipples. So sexy. White pure silk panties gently puffed by pubic hair. So desirable. Bright blue eyes sparkled with love and something else, even stronger now.

I stepped back, remembering her explicit instructions. Had I done it? Had I succeeded? Had I been seductive enough? My heart was thudding.

Mom cupped my cheeks, pulled me down kissing my lips lightly. She smiled. "Perfect," she whispered. "Thank you."

One by one she unbuttoned my shirt, slipping it off, fingers trailing down my chest to my belt. A chill ran through me, my erection straining and damp. The belt fell open, pants unhooked, zipper lowered. I felt her hand brush against my penis briefly. Mom slipped my pants down, they fell to my feet, her hands reaching for my underwear, my tented underwear.

Excitement pulsed through me as I watched Mom pull the waist out and over my erection. It strained up at forty-five degrees, hard, really hard, the head dark, red and inflamed. With a gentle shove, she pushed me back onto the bed. I kicked off shoes, pants and underwear. Mom slipped out of her shoes, smiled at me, her eyes drifting to my erection, smile broadening.

She told me what she wanted to do last Saturday, things she wanted, things she hadn't done for over five years, things I'd never experienced or expected to so soon. She told me, Mom, my Mom, Jesus!


I nodded, too excited or too afraid to talk. Kneeling before me in a lacy bra and pure silk panties, Mom caressed the sides of my raging erection. I held my breath then gasped as she wrapped her fingers around it, gripping and squeezing me. With a final look, Mom bent her head. Oh God! Her warm mouth enveloped my crown, hot and moist sensations flooding me. She cupped my balls, gripped my shaft hard and sucked, her tongue caressing. I felt dizziness hit me when Mom's mouth moved down, her lips sliding down my shaft. I was gasping, trying to breath when I felt my erection touch her throat, suction, God, suction. Suddenly Mom's mouth moved down further, impossibly further, completely taking me, all the way to my pubic hair. Mom was deep-throating me! She pulled up, slid down, pulled up and took me deep into her throat again, her lips in my pubes. I felt her swallow, a tightness on my erection, and I climaxed spontaneously, cum blasting into her throat. She sucked and I exploded again, stars dancing in my eyes. I thought this was it, this was the best, but she pulled off to my tip and slid me back into her throat, and I exploded again, my groin cramping, pleasure crashing into me. I came time after time as Mom moved, exquisite bliss flooding my senses, I heaved and pulsed and came until there was nothing but wishing left.

My climax calmed and faded way too soon. I was sweating, shaking. Jesus Mom.

Mom rose, a smile on her face. "How was that? Good?" She giggled at my crossed eyes.

"God, Mom. I never . . . I never . . ." I was trying to tell her I never knew it would feel like that, not in my wildest dreams.

"Ready to continue?"

"Uh-huh." It came out breathlessly.

She unhooked her bra and let it slip to the floor, her lovely breasts topped by hard prominent nipples. Her silk panties followed her bra before she moved to the bed, stretching out on her back, something in her eyes now intense.

I moved to the bottom of the bed, leaned over and held her delicate ankles, she had been specific. My eyes were riveted to her thick glossy bush as I spread her legs. For the first time I saw Mom's labia through her pubic hair. Thick sexy reddened lips with her clitoral hood and inner lips nestled within. Despite just having cum, I felt that tickling of arousal at the sight.

Mom had been specific. Kneeling on the bed, I caressed her legs, bending to kiss one thigh then the other. My hands caressed up avoiding her pussy, but I could see the glisten of moisture, of Mom's arousal. Amazingly her inner labia seemed to redden, fill, and plump out.

As my hands moved up over her stomach, caressing her in small circles, I kissed one hip then the next and the sexy swell of her lower stomach. My fingertips teased her hardened nipples when I kissed her navel. Mom moaned and twisted trying to push against my hand for more stimulation. I grinned. So far, so good. It was all new to me but, jeez it was exciting. I decided I quite liked this sexual teasing, quite a lot in fact.

Looking into Mom's eyes, I cupped and caressed her wonderful breasts. Her eyes seemed feverish, I thought, somewhat unfocused. Her eyes closed and I turned my attention to her delicious breasts, leaning down, suckling, licking and nibbling. Mom's pelvis surged up. She groaned, her hands holding my head and pulling my mouth against her breast hard.

Pulling out of her grasp I caressed her nipples one last time. I felt an urgency in Mom's movements so I moved down, hands cupping the sides of her buttocks while I admired her thick pubic bush. Leaning in, I inhaled the musky aroma of Mom's arousal. It was my turn to moan. I kissed her springy bush and probed with my tongue wanting to taste her. Her hips twitched when my tongue found her clitoral hood, pushing in until I felt her hard clitoris.

"Oh," exploded from her at the touch and her hips thrust hard against my mouth.

Probing between her moist labia, I slid the tip of my tongue down until I felt the opening of Mom's vagina, wet against my mouth. Mom's hips starting to move rhythmically, she held my head pushing her pussy against my tongue. Mom tasted amazing, a musky, alluring flavor. I couldn't believe how wet she was and it aroused me no end. I could tell from the sound of breath rushing in and out that she was close. I could feel slight tremors in her thighs.

Using the thumb of one hand I rubbed her clit and the other I eased into her hot clasping vagina.

"Yes," she sighed.

I penetrated her moist pussy gently with my thumb, rubbing her clit at the same time, adding my tongue to her cleft, stroking, and stimulating. Mom gasped and held her breath. Her body stiffened. She climaxed suddenly, violently, banging her pussy against my mouth and bruising my lips. Her hips shook, ass rising off the mattress, body trembling. She collapsed and rose again, crying out, a hot flush of liquid pouring from her into my sucking mouth.

"God yes!"

Her body lurched hard and her hands tugged my hair painfully. She ground herself against my face, moaning as her climax overwhelmed her and I was rock hard, achingly erect at this display of Mom's intense climax. God it was amazing, simply amazing; the violence of her orgasm so incredible, and I did it! I'd made Mom cum that hard!

"Enough! Enough! Please!" She pulled my face away by my hair. "David, please," she begged.

Feeling abnormally proud I moved up and cuddled Mom's sweaty, trembling body, thrilled at what I had achieved, my erection straining anew at the memory of her orgasm, of the flush of liquid. Wow. Female climaxes were powerfully sexy.

"Beautiful, honey. Beautiful," Mom said. She said it in a soft, exhausted whisper against my chest.

Yes, beautiful indeed, I thought.

We lay together in comfortable silence but my erection held strong. I knew there was one last thing Mom wanted and it excited me.

Eventually Mom's hand started stroking my chest and the four chest hairs I had proudly sprouted. She kissed my side and her hand moved down, flat on my belly, slipping it under my raised, throbbing erection. With the back of her hand she stroked me and raised herself to kiss me. I felt her passion return through her tongue. It became more insistent, pushing into my mouth, playing with me. I quite liked it, her passion, Mom, aroused by me.

"Now, David."

I could see that intensity in her eyes and finally I knew what it was. It was arousal. I wondered if my eyes showed the same intensity. I sure felt it as I contemplated our next act.

Mom broke the kiss, smiled heatedly as she lay on her front, her breasts swelling out to the side where they pressed to the sheet. I looked at her, her blue eyes intense, thick black hair glossy, the sweeping curve of her spine, and, oh, the swell of her rear, two gorgeous buttocks with a deep valley shadowed in the low light. I could feel my excitement burning. I was almost trembling as I rose and straddled the back of her knees.

With shaking hands I caressed Mom's buttocks, adding pressure, watching, riveted, as they spread. An unbelievable sight unfolded before me, Mom's pussy covered in black pubic hair nestled between sexy thighs, glistening with dampness from her orgasm. But even better, deep between her buttocks a small rosebud appeared, puckered, tightly closed.

Sweat beads popped on my brow as I watched Mom reach behind her to hold her buttocks, then spread them apart.

"Ready?" she whispered breathlessly.

I couldn't answer. My heart was pounding as I contemplated what I was about to experience. My erection was harder than I ever remember it, rigidly pointing up, the crown slippery and soaking with precum.

Slowly I lay over Mom's back, her hands still holding her buttocks apart. She felt quite small to me in this position. The tip of my erection slipped along the deepest part of her crease, sliding over her anus and up. A surge of arousal hit me. With my full weight on Mom's smaller body, I reached down, grasped my aching shaft and slid the crown down to nestle the tip against her rectum. It was tightly closed, refusing to yield when I pressed and I began to doubt I could fit in.

Almost imperceptibly at first we started pushing and backing off, slowly, exquisite torture. In tiny thrilling increments, as pressure built, I felt Mom's butt opening, slickened by copious precum. I couldn't believe the sensation of her ass, a tight ring slowly squeezing my over my crown, creeping up. Blood roared in my ears, my heart racing. I was about to fuck Mom's ass!

Suddenly Mom gasped. I gasped. My crown popped into her, her opening sealed tightly below the flared ridge, tight against my shaft. Her bum was hot, tight and unbelievably warm.

"Uh. Good, David," she murmured.

I was panting when Mom let her buttocks go. Suddenly it felt as if I was so much deeper, her buttocks warm against my straining shaft.

Her hands came up on the bed, her fingers intertwining with mine against the sheet. Then she curled her ass up. I heard her hiss as she inhaled and I thrust, my cock sinking into her rear in one intensely exciting stroke. Jesus, it was amazing. Mom's tight, tight ass squeezed my erection deliciously and her soft sexy buttocks pressed into my groin erotically. I couldn't hold myself any longer, the need to rut into her was too strong.

Pulling my hands away from her I reached for her hips underneath me. Holding them, I pulled out and thrust into Mom's ass deeply. She curled her rear up, pushing hard against me, her hand slipping under her crotch to touch herself. I was completely buried in her warm, buttery soft rear.

The need pounding me was too much. I loved feeling Mom underneath me. I loved feeling Mom's sexy buttocks pressed to my groin. I adored the feeling of my cock buried in her ass and it all combined to overwhelm me. The dam burst open. We started fucking, long deep strokes, penetrating and withdrawing, moaning, snorting, fucking. Our pace increased, Mom thrusting her bottom up as I ploughed into her tight ass. My groin was bouncing off her bottom, erection thrusting into her sexy ass, my orgasm rushing at me as sweat dripped off my brow.

Suddenly we were there. Together. Mom cried out and clenched her buttocks, her sexy ass clamping my erection. I swelled, inhaled sharply, thrust hard and cum roared up my shaft to flood into her bum explosively in a huge, painful spurt.

"Oh God, Bob!" Mom gasped.

I heard Mom cry out Dad's name as I withdrew and thrust hard, hard, semen exploding deep in her bum, a tsunami of ecstasy crashing into me. Gulping for air, heart racing, I withdrew and slammed into her rump again, burying my erection as deep as I could possibly go, my cock expanding and blasting hot thick cum in exquisite, beautiful release.

"Oh God, Mom!" I cried out.

Pleasure slammed through me. I held Mom's hips and thrust desperately, fucking her, painfully ejaculating into her ass with each exquisite thrust. I fucked wildly and chased my climax all the way to dry pulsing heaves, collapsing, sweaty and exhausted and totally drained. Weak throbs finally faded, blood draining from my erection.

It must have been five minutes before I could find the energy to pull my softened penis from Mom's ass, slide off our sweaty bodies and collapse next to her face down.

Mom's blue eyes looked at me. Her black hair was damp against her brow. She smiled at me and whispered, "Wonderful. Thank you, David."

This story was inspired by another story written by Caesar. I enjoyed his short story but wanted more.



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