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A stuborn daughter, a tickling father, a surprising attraction revealed.

"No! It's not fair!"

Looking at Angela, I had to hide my grin. Her pout and revolt against authority was cute. Pointing to the door, I ordered her again, "Bed. Now." I added a firm expression despite wanting to smile at her determined resistance.

"Fine! You're MEAN!" she grumped, rising from the couch and stomping out.

I loved my daughter something fierce. I loved sass and spunk. I loved personality. Angie had it all, in spades. It made it very hard to maintain discipline. Trying not to smile at her cute frown, or persist with an order when she'd pout, was very taxing. There was something so cute about a nine-year-old trying to stomp; she was just too light to make any major impact with the floor.

We'd been alone for a few years, her mother off finding herself with a local accountant. It had come as a surprise to me that Phil, the accountant, had enough personality to even attract attention, let alone my ex. Then again, perhaps his personality was exceptionally long . . . or thick.

Fortunately, Angie was only six when Margery took off. A few rough months followed and all was well in her world. I overcompensated by doting a bit, letting rules slip, and leveraging ice cream and chocolate cake like a two-bit whore. For several months I was a hero and basked in the glorious adulation of a six-year-old. I was a champion, "The best Daddy in the world! Chocolate! Yum!"

Then, when common sense returned, withdrawal set in; Angie's for ice cream and chocolate cake, mine for adulation. Denied access to the sweet bribes, Angie showed me her true temperament, unabashedly whining, finagling, bribing, pouting, and, most enjoyably, stamping her feet in anger at a "MEAN Daddy!"

We survived. She grew. Balance returned; she manipulated me unceasingly and I loved her unconditionally. All in all, life was good.

When Angie turned nine, she became smart. I noticed it in how she started adding rational logic to her arguments; "But if I don't have the blue bike, how can I ride to school, Daddy?" she asked with sincerity in her expression. She never rode to school. And besides, she had a very nice red bike. Or, "Daddy, I need a cell phone . . . with texting . . . a pink one, just in case I'm kidnapped. Then I can call you . . . and text you, too!" Right, and pull the other one, honey.

Needless to say, she never got her way. I was firm, a rock.

Okay, maybe she got a few things; like those jeans she didn't need, and a new backpack, "to match my sweater, Daddy."

"Which sweater?" I'd asked rather innocently and foolishly.

"The one you were going to buy me. That one," she replied, pointing at a burgundy thing with rhinestones.

Okay, and a new sweater.

But I was firm! She did not get a cell phone.

So, life was set; a harmonious arrangement of co-habitation with Angie kindly residing in my house like a guest, keeping her Daddy company, poor man.

However, she paid the rent religiously whether she knew it or not, with a hug, a "Love you, Daddy," a cuddle on the couch, a soft kiss on my cheek, a smile of delight, twinkling eyes, and giggles galore. I was a rich man indeed.

I wasn't really sure where her stubbornness came from. Margery, the ex, wasn't stubborn and neither was I. Nevertheless, Angie was truly impressive when she dug her heels in. Be it sitting at the kitchen table at seven years old, frowning at the three Brussels sprouts on her otherwise empty plate, arms crossed, and not moving for two hours, at which point I caved, or at eight years old frowning at me as I removed the bowl of chocolate ice cream she'd served herself for breakfast and grinning at me as she walked into the den ten minutes later with another bowl containing even more ice cream, she had a determination about her that made me flush with pride. There were times when the distinction between who was in control and who was being controlled became a bit blurred.

This latest episode, not wanting to go to bed, seemed to have something to do with it being a Friday night, "I get to stay up, Daddy!"

Stay up my ass. Eleven fifteen, long week, two Scotches and I was ready to hit the sack.

I sighed to myself, stood and turned out lights. Maybe I was getting too old to keep up with nine-year-olds, especially those with sass and attitude. It's just, thirty-three shouldn't feel so old.

I dumped dessert dishes and glasses off in the kitchen sink, smiled at the Modigliani-style portraits of me, her school teacher and some "unknown man" with four legs on the refrigerator door, and, looking forward to a long refreshing sleep, trudged up the stairs, my ass drooping.

Passing by Angie's bedroom door I saw her fully dressed playing with her Sony PSP, on her bed, knees up, leaning back against the headboard, eyes intent on the screen, bedside lamp on.

"Hey! Bed!"

"In a minute," she replied without looking up.


"In a minute."

"Angie, now," I said with more authority.


I waited, standing in the hall. Damn, I was such a sucker. You'd think I'd learn, but nope. Angie sat playing, not moving one inch, head bent, eyes riveted on the PSP, thumbs-a-blur.

All righty then.

I walked over to her bed and started grappling with her as she played, yanking sneakers off, unbuttoning her jeans. I wrestled with her, pulling her t-shirt off, yanking her socks off, tickling her feet before unzipping her jeans as she squealed in laughter and dropped the PSP. She laughed harder, grasping the waistband of her open jeans as I tugged the legs to pull them off, her bum rising from the bed, legs high in the air. She lost her grip as she almost hit vertical, laughing, sweet brown eyes twinkling. Suddenly jeans slipped off, pulling the back of her white cotton panties down over her little bum, a butt crack and two petite buttocks appearing.

She screamed in laughter again, hands now desperately grasping the back of her panties to pull them up. I tossed the jeans to the floor and, overcome with pure enjoyment of her laughter, started tickling.

Angie tossed and turned on the bed as if she was being electrocuted, trying to get away from my hands, screaming, "STOP DADDY, STOP!"

And, accidentally, as she twisted to escape and I grappled to restrain, her panties were snared and pulled to mid thigh. Suddenly I was staring at a small pussy, a smooth, hairless pussy. I gasped. Not at Angie's pussy, but at the hard, hard erection that stormed in. I stared at the most seductive pubis I'd ever seen in my life. It was an unexpected surprise finding my nine-year-old daughter's pussy so arousing.

Angie's laughter died away, her brown eyes watching me. I blushed deep red, fire in my face.

"Sorry, honey," I said, heat flushing through my body, erection tight in my pants.

"S'okay," she said softly, eyes locked on my face as she slowly, slowly lifted her bum off the bed, pussy mounding ever higher and drew up her soft white cotton panties to just below a cute belly-button.

When the incredible sight disappeared, reality returned, time speeded up to normal. I bent and kissed her forehead gently, with surprising feeling. "Night, Princess. Don't forget your pajamas and brush your teeth."

"Kay. Night, Daddy."

That night I lay in bed with a rigid erection. It was such an unexpected reaction, a complete surprise that I found my little girl's immature pussy the sexiest thing I think I'd ever seen. Why? I'd always loved pubic hair and found images of women who shaved less than erotic. And Angie's pussy was small, hairless, and utterly smooth. Yet, because her body was so petite and legs so slender, her pussy seemed unusually large, a plump peach at her groin, a seductive pad rising majestically from her flat stomach, narrowing sensuously and curving down. The deep creases where pussy met thigh seemed to accentuate the bulk of her pubis, the seductive V-shape very, very erotic. And her small cleft was stunning. Part way down her slit I'd even seen her clitoral hood nestled by sexy labia.

I stroked myself slowly, mentally replaying that image, my cock straining harder than I remember since being a teenager. What would my little girl feel like? What would it feel like to touch her pussy? To hold such a sexy little pussy in my hand, cup it? I stroked my hard erection slowly, thumb spreading slippery precum, small tremors of pleasure coursing through me, wondering what it would be like to kiss that impossibly plump little mound, or press my lips to her cleft, feel that tight little slit against my mouth, kiss her tiny clit. I stroked myself imagining Angie smiling at me, a soft loving smile, letting her legs part slowly, sexy brown eyes watching me intently, "Look Daddy, I'm wet."

Groaning, I gripped my erection hard, squeezing it as I pictured Angie's knees spreading, her little peach appearing in all its glory, rounded and full between slender legs, a small cleft seamlessly flowing into her bum crack, her tiny clitoris peeking at me teasingly. Would her labia spread apart? What would the inside of her cleft look like? Would it be red, moist, silky? Would I see her vaginal opening? Would she have a sexy little indent at the base of her labia, pointing the way to her tiny vagina?

I caressed my shaft wondering what a nine-year-old vagina looked like. How tiny would it be? Did Angie touch herself? Did she play with herself? What would it look like to see her caressing herself? How did nine-year-olds masturbate? Did they masturbate?

I stroked my cock hard, pressure building, wondering what my little girl would taste like, what her moist arousal would taste like? Would it be musky? Sweet? Heavy or light? I pictured her spreading her legs, knees touching the bed, cleft flowering open. I imagined Angie smiling at me, "Do you want to see, Daddy? You can if you want."

I imagined bending down to kiss her seductive little pussy, her nine-year-old immature pussy. Pleasure pulsed, pressure exploded. I came.

Hips surged off the bed, erection swelling. Semen burned up my shaft, pleasure erupting. Gasping, cum jetted out onto my stomach, hot, wet. I wondered what making love to such a small girl would be like. Another wave hit, straining, straining, sweet relief, cum spurting hard, pleasure shaking me. I imagined her small body under mine, her small bottom in my hands. I came hard, spurting to the image of my little girl's sweet little pussy. I came hard, hard, pleasure crashing in with every glorious spurt, wishing I could touch her, kiss her, have sex with her.

As my climax ebbed, tiredness flowed in. I fell asleep after wiping myself with tissues, exhausted, sated, remarkably surprised at the intense sexual attraction I'd discovered.

IN HER ROOM, ANGELA lay in bed, the Sony PSP forgotten on the floor where it had fallen, her pajamas on. Her mind was occupied. She lay on her front, eyes closed picturing Daddy's expression. He'd blushed so hard when he'd seen her pussy, his warm brown eyes suddenly hot. It had sent a shiver of pleasure through her. Why?

She felt it again as she remembered, a tingle in her little button. Reaching down under her, lifting her hips, she slipped her fingers inside her pajama bottoms, inside her cotton panties, fingers sliding over her pussy. Spreading her legs slightly, she cupped her pussy, feeling a pleasant ache deep inside. She recognized it. Horny; she was horny.

With her pussy in her hand, she replayed Daddy seeing her, his eyes so intense. She replayed his soft kiss on her head, his whisper, "Night Princess," so gentle this time. Her heart thumped. She loved Daddy. He was her best friend in the world, her real-life teddy bear. He was a softie, always helping, always trying to make her smile, laugh or giggle.

But the way he looked at her pussy made her flush hot. She wiggled her finger, sighing as it squeezed between her slit. Her body trembled when she touched the hood of her clit, nice tingles. Starting slowly she diddled herself, slowly, gently, imagining Daddy caressing her hair, bending down, whispering, "I love you, honey." She sighed again, her hips twitching gently as moisture spread, her lips rubbing together. Reaching further down, in a well-practiced move, Angela slipped her index finger deep, collecting silky arousal at her vagina and drawing it up through her slit.

Her body twitched as she touched her clit, a silent moan uttered into the pillow. She wondered if Daddy would like to touch her there. What would it feel like? What would it be like to have Daddy touch her pussy, find her clit, make her feel good? Her hips undulated as she fucked the bed, her finger diddling her aching clit.

With her free hand she pulled her stuffed Paddington Bear to her side, hugging him. She imagined Daddy's hand exciting her, Daddy's hand slipping into her panties, his whisper, "Can I touch you, Princess, can Daddy touch you?"

Her little body shook, hips thrusting, urgency building, horny Daddy, I'm horny. She imagined Daddy's hand slipping deeper into her panties, his fingertips finding her pussy. She diddled herself harder, spreading her legs more for Daddy's big hand. Hips thrusting, climax near, she imagined Daddy's hand finding her pussy, cupping it, heard his excitement, "God, Princess, you're so sexy."

Turning her face into the soft pillow, Angela hunched her body and grunted, her climax upon her. She humped the bed, finger rubbing her clit, pleasure exploding, "Cumming Daddy." Her body thrashed as she grunted into the pillow, perspiration beading her brow, humping, humping the bed, humping Daddy, cumming, uh, cumming.

Movement slowed and died away, chest heaving. Angela's eyes closed as she removed her hand from her damp panties. She hugged Paddington Bear, curling up on her side. Peace settled over her as she slipped into dreams; dreams of Daddy, of murmurs, cuddling, love, Daddy loving me.

AN ATOM BOMB EXPLODED. It had to be. I came awake suddenly, rudely, the world shaking. No! Earthquake!

"Daddy! Get up! I'm hungry!!"

Jesus. I groaned as Angie leapt on top of me, all energy, light brown hair flying, eyes way too awake, scent of my daughter wafting at me. It was almost too much to take. Sunlight hurt my eyes. "Go away, you pest!"

Giggles stormed me. Shaking continued with greater urgency. "It's Saturday, Daddy. Waffles!"

Squeezing my eyes shut, I chased sleep to no avail. "Go away, Angie! I'm asleep!"

Giggles echoed, hands tugging. "No you're not!"

Reaching out, smiling, I blindly grabbed the bundle of enthusiasm, drawing her into my arms, hugging her tight. I flipped the covers over her. The calming aroma of daughter filled my senses, her warm little body feeling so reassuring. When she wriggled closer into my arms, face nestling into my chest, my heart ached.

Sound from outside woke me. I'd fallen asleep with Angie in my arms. Even more amazing was she'd fallen asleep, too. I held her quiet body, not moving, just enjoying the luxury of holding her. I could feel her small breaths on my chest, warm air. I could feel her slender little body, one hand on her back, the other on her petite bum. I smelled her, an intensely appealing aroma of Angie, sleeping Angie, soft and seductive.

And then I felt it. Rolling out of bed carefully, I took me and my new erection to the bathroom. As I brushed my teeth I studied my face, looking into my eyes. I was seeking, but for what I wasn't sure. Perhaps I was looking for the sign; the sign that I was attracted to little girls; a shifty, beady-eyed, dirty expression with a hint of sliminess. I saw me, nothing more, just me, square jaw, brown eyes, longish un-brushed light brown hair falling onto my forehead, a slightly too-large nose. I felt my erection tenting my pajama bottoms and it twitched as I remembered Angie's sweet little pussy. What was wrong with me? Why wasn't I horrified that I found my daughter sexually arousing?

As I shaved I wondered where this had come from. I'd never felt anything like it in my life. I couldn't remember being this turned on by anything; not even the first time I had sex with a real female. I was magnetically attracted to Angie.

"Daddy! Breakfast!"

Angie's pounding on the bathroom door distracted me. "Be right there, Angie. Go get some OJ!"


The sound of small feet running echoed. I left the bathroom and hid my erection in a pair of jeans.

I was welcomed to the kitchen by orange juice puddled on the table, a large glass held by two hands, slurping, bright brown eyes glistening. As I started preparing waffles with a grin, Angie outlined my plans for the day.

"Shopping, Daddy. We need more Sony games." When she heard no denial from me, spotting a potential opening like an eagle spots a field mouse, she continued. "You want to see a movie, too. Dr. Seuss," she added with a nod. "And hotdogs for dinner, Daddy. You want hotdogs for dinner."

I felt pride swell in my chest, smiling to myself as I checked the waffle. Gee I loved her.

We did go shopping . . . for food. Angie grumped a bit, found chocolate ice cream and smiled. But, as we shopped, I realized life was no longer normal. Angie, wearing a pair of jeans she'd insisted I buy, the ones that matched a burgundy sweater she never wore, seemed so alluring. It was her small bum, the way it was held tight by denim, the way it rounded out, one of the only curves on her immature body that I found myself hypnotized by. And every time I saw her crotch I could not help imagining what was hidden by blue denim, what was gently pressing against the jeans, mounding slightly. I couldn't help but wonder which pair of panties she hand on, and how they might emphasize her pubis. Did she have a camel toe? I loved her thick ponytail, long light brown hair that seemed so fine. I adored her sparkling brown eyes. Jeez, she's my daughter!

I walked though Ralf's with a tight erection and, as we stood at the checkout, felt dampness of precum leaking into my underwear. It made me feel like a pimply teenager, unable to control my hormones.

It also shaded my behavior. I found opportunities to hug Angie, surreptitiously getting a feel of her spectacularly arousing little bum, or kissing a silky soft cheek. I couldn't help imagining what it would be like to hold her naked in my arms when I lifted her for a kiss. She felt so delectably petite in my arms.

By the time we finally got home, six fifteen in the evening . . . after a horrendous movie . . . Dr. Seuss, my underwear was quite unpleasantly damp from precum. I'd battled an erection all day. Angie had made my life immeasurably harder when she insisted on sitting on my lap in the cinema, "Can't see, Daddy."

My erection had gently pulsed its way through a movie, my hands gently holding my petite daughter, so light, so small, so cuddly. I'd caressed a small tummy, inhaled the sweet innocent scent of Angie and buttered popcorn, and generally ached for her.

Dinner, hotdogs, was a hit. The Saturday night movie a hit with us both, Independence Day, and, surprising me, when I announced bedtime at eleven, got no complaints, Angie yawning and departing.

With the den cleaned up, dishwasher filled and started, doors locked and lights out I headed to bed, stopping off in Angie's room. Her light was out, the hall light casting a gentle glow over her bed.

Sitting on the side of the bed, I bent and kissed her rounded cheek. "Night, Princess," I whispered, my hand resting on the side of her chest over the covers. I caressed her gently, nuzzled her neck to inhale her addictive aroma. Her light giggle made my heart swell.

"Night, Daddy."

My erection was rampant as jeans and underwear hit the floor of my bedroom. I turned the TV on, sound to low and crawled into bed. My mind was full, busy. Images and senses flooded back at me from the day; a small compact bottom in my hand, fine hair tickling my nose, sweet little girl fidgeting on my lap as she laughed at the movie.

I drew a pillow to me, turning slightly to bring it to my chest, one knee rising as I lay face down on the bed. I imagined the pillow was about the size of Angie's body, petite, sexy, and immature. My crown rubbed slightly on the sheet as I hunched, imagining hugging Angie, my little girl pulled to me naked in my arms. Precum suddenly leaked, slippery on the sheet.

I groaned silently, hugged the pillow close, hunching, imagining fucking my little girl. I wondered what it would feel like to have her slender legs spread under me, to feel her little body against me. I wondered if my adult erection could really penetrate a nine-year-old pussy. What would it feel like? How tight? God, what would it feel like to penetrate her, press my cock deep into her, feel her tightness, feel my erection gripped.

I humped the bed, cock aching, precum slippery on the sheet, picturing holding my little girl, small in my arms. I imagined feeling her under me, her tiny body, her tiny pussy, my adult erection tight inside her. How deep would I go? How deep could I go? Would she like it? Would she like her Daddy loving her, having sex with her?

Moaning, pressure building, erection straining, I hugged the pillow tighter, imagining fucking my little girl, shoving deep, her tiny pussy hot, slippery, so tight. I imagined the tip pressing against her tiny womb, how it would feel, how I'd swell. I imagined withdrawing from her velvet grip, fucking in, desperation building as the need to cum punished me. I imagined the intense excitement of fucking my daughter. I groaned, humped hard. I came.

Clutching the pillow my erection swelled. I hunched forward and a pulse of pleasure tore through me. Pressure suddenly released, semen charging up my shaft. My cock swelled and, with a groan of pure delight, I came on the sheet, semen spurting out, beautiful release. I had time to breathe in loudly and I fucked Angie again, semen exploding out onto the sheet in a glorious burst of pleasure. Holding the pillow tight, I fucked and came, fucked and came, pleasure drowning me as I spurted hot, wet cum onto the bed, arching my body, straining, cumming, God cumming baby.

Released from the agony of my climax, I didn't even move. Holding the pillow I let myself drift to sleep, images floating through my mind; images of a beautiful girl, a sexy girl, my Angie.

TWO DOORS DOWN THE hall on the opposite side, Angela turned on her side, knees pulled up, hugging a pillow. She let her mind wander back to the movie. She'd felt Daddy under her bum.

At first, after she crawled into his lap, she'd sighed when his big hand rubbed her tummy. Angela smiled at her small deception. She could see the movie just fine. But sitting in Daddy's lap was much more fun. It had happened when she wiggled a bit to pick up her popcorn. Under her bum something had moved. And, as the film played, every time she giggled or laughed, her body shaking, she'd felt that thing get harder, bigger. And suddenly she knew what it was. It was Daddy's penis!

Through the film she'd felt Daddy's penis hard under her bum, making her fidget, making her pussy tingle with pleasure.

As she remembered the feel of Daddy's penis, his erection under her bum, she pushed the pillow down, parting her legs. With the soft pillow at her crotch, she closed her legs, moving slightly, a twinge of pleasure in her clit. She imagined Daddy between her legs, Daddy holding her close, whispering, "You're so sexy, Angie. Daddy loves you so much."

Slowly Angela rolled onto her front, pillow underneath her. She imagined it was Daddy under her, his sexy brown eyes looking up at her, his big hands gently holding her bum. She sighed as she imagined Daddy's big penis hard and pressed against her pussy and tummy. How big would it really be? Humping the pillow, her clit rubbing against her panties, she imagined it was Daddy's erection pressed to her, Daddy's erection rubbing her clit.

Angela moaned, face buried in another pillow, humping slowly, hands pressing the pillow between her legs hard to her pussy, clit tingling, humping, nice pulses of arousal making her nipples ache. She held the pillow tighter, humping harder, little bum arching, scrubbing her clit back and forth, moisture in her panties, pressure building. Close, Daddy.

She imagined Daddy underneath her, Daddy moaning with excitement, excited by her, excited by her body. She humped the pillow faster, pleasure tingling in her pussy, panties damp, slit slippery. She groaned, mouth open, panting, close Daddy. Humping Daddy she wondered if his erection would fit. What would it feel like? What would it be like to have sex with Daddy? Have him look into her eyes with that soft, sexy look, feel his hands on her bare bum?

She humped faster, her bum curling, scrubbing her pussy on the pillow, spikes of pleasure going from her pussy to her nipples, humping Daddy, humping Daddy. Breath panting, Angela held the pillow tight, imagining Daddy telling her how much he needed her, wanted her, how sexy she was. She grunted hard, body jerked, legs thrusting out. Uh. She froze, legs squeezing together, pressure, pressure. Uh.

Her climax crashed down on her, body trembling, pleasure coursing through her. She scrubbed her moist pussy on the pillow hard, bum undulating, pleasure pulsing, pleasure pulsing, cumming, oh, cumming Daddy!

She woke slowly, Paddington Bear being hugged tightly. In the early morning light she remembered masturbating last night. Smiling to herself, she let the warmth of the memory flow through her.

Angela wondered what it would be like to actually have sex. She'd talked about it with her friends, giggling at the illicit pictures of nude men they'd seen on the computer and whispered in awe at the erection they'd seen. She'd probed into her pussy to find her vagina, a tiny opening that hurt if she pushed at it, not believing that something so small could stretch to let a penis in. But, somehow, with Daddy, everything seemed different. It wasn't like the pictures. It didn't feel naughty or bad. Dreaming of Daddy touching her, caressing her, and loving her made her shiver with pleasure, ache for him.

"Gotta go," she whispered to Paddington Bear, giving him a kiss before rolling out of bed.

She saw Daddy asleep, his hair a mess, chin darkened with day-old beard. She liked how he smiled in his sleep. This time, instead of assaulting him, she crept into his bed, moving gently, carefully.

She smiled when his arms tightened, pulling her into his chest again. Sighing with pleasure at his warm hug, inhaling the smell of Daddy, she let herself relax. Sleep drifted in.

I WOKE UP SUDDENLY, jolted as if electrocuted, my erection pulsing, semen wetting my pajamas. I woke with Angie in my arms as I came in my pajamas. Extricating myself, I rolled out of bed, my erection spitting semen in fading pulses.

In the bathroom, with the door closed and locked, I tried to calm myself. God, but it had felt so real. I didn't know I was dreaming. I actually thought I was having sex with Angie and it had been the most amazing experience I'd ever had.

Stepping into the shower, I could not get it out of my mind. I still felt aroused, horny, even though I was flaccid. She'd felt unbelievably good underneath me, so deliciously small, so excitingly young. Fucking my little girl had been the most intense experience I'd ever had, even if it was just a dream.

As I shaved, I studied this strange creature in the mirror. Nope. Not strange at all, just me, Mark, father of a beautiful girl. I searched unsuccessfully. I found no regrets for my dream, no horror, no embarrassment or shame. Just me; excited sexually by a nine-year-old, by my daughter.

Angie was asleep in my bed when I left the bathroom, her light brown hair spilling over the pillow. As I dressed quietly I studied her face. Long, long eyelashes rested on an intensely pretty face. In sleep Angie showed just beauty, the beauty of innocence and youth. There was no hint of the sass or impishness of her personality, just soft loveliness. She made my heart ache.

In my bed she looked so, so small, slender arm over the covers, her petite body mounding underneath. I stared at my child with love and lust. I wanted her.

"Time to get up," I whispered into her hair, inhaling her addictive scent, massaging a small bottom over the covers. Her buttock fit my hand perfectly.

Angie smiled, rolled onto her back, stretched and yawned, her eyes popping open. "Morning, Daddy."

I could not resist. I couldn't. Bending closer I kissed her small mouth gently, quickly. "Come on. Up you get. I'm making breakfast."

I left her and headed to the kitchen.

ANGELA LAY STILL, HER lips burning. Daddy kissed me. Oh. Daddy kissed me! She smiled, feeling so pleased. Everything seemed brighter, the sun, the light, colors, everything. Scrambling from his warm bed, she went to her room to get dressed. Daddy kissed me!

I FOUND SUNDAY TO be an unusual day. Angie was subdued. She was much more touchy-feely, hugging me, staying close, curled tight to my side as I watched Sunday afternoon football. I could see her watching me, her eyes soft and bright, inquisitive, assessing, and some other unidentifiable expression in them. She smiled at me whenever she'd catch me looking at her, a warm loving smile, not the impish grin I'd grown so familiar with. Throughout the day, Angie showed a gentler side, a soft, loveable, girlish side to her I'd never experienced before. And I loved it. I loved it as much as her stubborn, intractable personality, her whirlwind side.

Dinner was eaten in front of the TV, sitcoms followed by a movie. Unusually, Angie yawned and decided to go to bed, rising and giving me a sweet chaste kiss. What shook me was her kissing me on my lips, just like I had that morning.

I relaxed, caught the late news, cleaned up and, forty-five minutes later, climbed the stairs.

I studied my little girl from the doorway, hall light casting a shadowed glow into her room.

I walked in, drawn by an invisible string tugging at me, and sat on the side of her bed, her soft brown eyes following my every move.

I studied her laying in bed, covers to her waist, blue pajamas, soft silky light brown hair spread on the pillow. I studied her face, so pretty, sexy eyes, small nose, petite mouth and full lips. I studied my little girl, so attractive, so alluring, so exquisitely petite. I felt my erection straining, the seductive befuddlement of arousal descending over me. God I wanted her.

"Angie," I asked hesitantly, my thumb brushing her soft cheek, "can I ask you a big favor?"

She looked up at me, soft brown eyes studying me. "What?"

"Would you let me kiss you, on your lips, like a boyfriend?" I asked, heart thumping at my action. It was a definitive action, one that would take me beyond the realm of active imagination. It was an action that would for ever change me, change my perceptions of myself, change our relationship. Yet, I could not resist, the draw of sexually kissing my daughter, of kissing a nine-year-old was far too strong.

Angie studied me, her gaze flitting from one eye to the other. I saw a decision pass through her eyes, a smile form, soft and shy. "Kay," she whispered.

I shuddered, my erection straining in my pants as I bent, my thumb caressing her silky cheek. Her face grew as I bent closer, then winked out as I closed my eyes, concentrating on my lips when they touched hers, so small, warm, so welcoming. I kissed my child gently, lingering. I let the tip of my tongue touch her and shuddered deeply when I met her small tongue.

I felt my silent groan as I slipped my tongue between her lips, felt her mouth open slightly, letting my tongue in. I caressed the cheek of my little girl as we French kissed, my heart thumping.

When I straightened up the smile that radiated from her face slayed me. God I loved her so much and I wanted her desperately.


I stared into beautiful eyes, eyes that glistened with pleasure, a smile curling moist sexy lips.

"What, honey?"

"Can I ask for a favor, too?"

My heart thumped. "Of course you can."

"Would you kiss me again?"

My body trembled. I felt slightly dizzy. God, Angie wanted another kiss. She wanted one! This time I slipped my arms under her small body, raising her into a sitting position. I gathered her into my lap and bent, kissing her sexy lip. The moan was mine. It seemed to echo. Angie slipped her arms around my neck, pulling at me as her tongue probed, her small tongue pressed, seeking entry.

I opened my mouth to her and let her explore, our tongues playing, my mind dizzy at the sensuousness of her kiss. My body shook with excitement. Kissing my daughter was thrilling.

"Can I ask for another favor?" I asked her when the kiss ended. She nodded, eyes riveted on my face. "Would you sleep with me tonight; in my bed?"

"Kay," she answered softly, her head resting on my shoulder.

Shaking with excitement I stood, Angie in my arms. I carried my little girl to my room and lay her on the bed. I needed her. God help me, I wanted her.

She watched me quietly as I undressed to my underwear, my erection making a tent. Lifting the covers I slipped into bed. Angie smiled and scrambled under the sheets, pressing herself close, wiggling seductively like a kitten. I turned and drew her to me, my hand slipping under the pajama top to caress the soft skin of her back. I held a small buttock in my other hand and felt her shiver when she pressed herself to me, my erection poking her thighs.

I kissed her lightly, gently, so sexy, so beautiful.

"Angie, honey, can I take your pajamas off?" I asked, my erection pulsing.

Sexy eyes stared at me. A smile appeared, and Angie started wriggling to move away from me. "Help, Daddy," she asked as fingers wrestled with buttons on her top.

I stilled her hands. "No. Me. Can I do it, please?" I desperately wanted to undress my little girl, reveal her naked body; the action incredibly arousing.

She smiled, rolled onto her back. "Kay."

My hand trembled as I fiddled with the first button. Angie's hand rested over mine. She smiled sweetly, softly. I calmed. One by one the buttons yielded to me. As her pajama top fell to her sides I gasped. My little girl had tiny little nubs, mounded areolae topped with tiny beaded nipples. She was gorgeous, right on the edge of flowering into pubescence.

I inspected those small nubs while pulling the top off her, wondering if they were sensitive, if she caressed them, touched herself. "You're beautiful," I whispered. She smiled.

"Can I kiss them?" I asked.

Angie stared at me, smiling. She nodded. My erection pulsed. Bending I kissed one. It was remarkably firm, as if there was a hard pad right under the areola. I touched her tiny beaded nipple with my tongue and shivered as Angie's hands gently held my head. Moving to the second, its twin, I kissed gently, caressed with my tongue, erection pulsing inside my underwear and leaking precum. Angie was delectable. I sucked very, very carefully, thrilled with her sigh.

Rising, I pushed the covers down to her feet, using my foot to push them down even further. When I reached for the elastic waist of her pajamas, Angie raised her bum off the bed, her eyes intently watching mine. I smiled. She responded. I eased pajama bottoms down over the swell of her bottom, then the front.

Angie was wearing little-girl panties; cotton, full cut, white with small yellow and blue daisy-like flowers printed on them. Her small hips poked up at the sides. But my gasp was from the sight of her pussy. My daughter's pubis mounded up off her stomach, small gathers in her panties accentuating the remarkable plumpness, the fullness of her pussy. At the top, a small fold showed where her cleft started.

"Beautiful," I murmured as I pulled her pajama bottoms off. And God, she was; a sexy angel.

I propped myself up on an elbow, my palm gently resting on her soft tummy. Bending over her, I kissed her lips gently. "Angie, you're beautiful," I whispered to her. "I love you, Princess."

ANGELA FELT ANOTHER PULSE of pleasure in her pussy. Daddy's kisses were so sexy. She'd never known how exciting it was to touch his lips with her tongue. And, pushing her tongue into his mouth, when he sucked it lightly, she'd felt dizzy, her nipples aching. But better, much better, was the look in his eyes as he stared at her body. The intensity was almost burning.

And, jeez, when he kissed her nipples she felt a wave of arousal storm into her. It felt like nothing she'd ever experienced. A spike of pleasure went from her nipple all the way down to her pussy and moisture started. She could feel it, slipperiness in her slit, a need to touch herself.

Daddy's hand on her tummy felt good, too. But she ached much lower. Not her tummy, but lower. She trembled when he said she was beautiful, that he loved her. And he did. She could see it in Daddy's eyes. He looked at her with such sexy eyes, hot, handsome.

Reaching down, Angela took his large hand, pushing, guiding it. She shuddered as it slipped over her pussy, on top of her panties. Parting her legs, she guided Daddy's hand to her pussy, groaning as he cupped her, squeezed gently, arousal flowing inside, deep, an ache building. She shuddered again when his finger traced over her slit, pleasure blossoming as it passed over her clit.



"Can I ask a favor?"


"Can you touch me inside my panties? I ache down there."

"Yes, I'd love to, Princess."

I TREMBLED WITH EXCITEMENT. Angie guided my hand up to her tummy, her eyes sparkling with heat, expression serious, need showing. I could feel my hand shaking slightly as fingertips slipped under elastic, soft cotton on the back of my fingers.

I moaned quietly when her tummy started rising. Jesus, I was about to touch my daughter's pussy. And then I did. Everything evaporated. My world narrowed to my hand.

A soft hairless mound rose, warm and silky. A soft hairless mound filled my palm. I shuddered at the sensuality of cupping my little girl's pussy, my fingers tracing the deep creases at each side and following a sexy, sexy cleft. I trembled when I touched silky moisture where her labia met, my little girl's arousal. It was stunningly sexy. My little girl was wet!

As Angie held my arm, I curled my middle finger, the tip slipping between plump warm labia. She was exquisitely soft inside, her clitoris a small firm bead. Probing deeper I touched the entrance to her vagina, a tiny entrance smaller than the pad of my finger. She was hot and moist, slippery. I needed to see, to smell, to taste.

Withdrawing my hand, I knelt at her side.

"Can I take your panties off?" I asked breathlessly.

Angie smiled, a sweet sexy smile. "Uh-huh," she said, nodding.

She reinforced it by lifting her bottom off the bed again, the action making her mons mound high. My fingers shook as I slipped her little-girl cotton panties down, eyes riveted to the incredible spectacle of a prepubescent pussy slowly being revealed.

Angie's pussy was so smooth, seemingly hairless, a plump sensual mound filling her groin. As she raised her legs to kick off the panties I saw how seductively her vulva curved down between slender thighs. Needing to see her, I moved down between her legs, kicking off my underwear as I moved, pressing my erection to the bed as I gently parted her legs.

God but she was magnificent; the purity and innocence of her prepubescent pussy had me aching with need. It filled her crotch, the cleft snugly closed except for the tip of her clitoris that peeked out half way down. As I moved between her legs, as I caught the delicate scent of my daughter's arousal, I noticed she wasn't hairless. Her beautiful, plump labia were covered in fine blonde baby hair.

I groaned inside, my erection aching and precum oozing onto the bed when I kissed her remarkable pussy, warm against my lips. Angie sighed, her hands seeking my head.

"Nice, Daddy."

God yes.

With my lips pressed to her yielding pussy, dizziness hit, her scent so seductive. Excitement had me shaking. I tasted my daughter, my tongue gently probing, soft labia parting. She moaned loudly when I found her clit and hunched against my mouth. I pressed my aching, pulsing erection to the bed. Jesus, I was so, so turned on. This was heaven. This was perfect.

I began to arouse my little girl, caress, probe, stimulate, wondering if I could give her a climax. What would it be like? What were prepubescent climaxes like? Man I wanted to find out.

I caressed her little hard clit with my tongue, holding her sexy small bum in my hands. I helped her move, a hunching, fucking motion, legs clenching and relaxing. I probed her tiny vaginal opening, tasting my little girl's incredibly sexy arousal. I caressed her silky smooth cleft with my tongue, slowly driving her higher, rewarded with soft sighs, sexy little moans, two small hands curling into fists holding my hair. Gently, carefully I brought my daughter to the brink of a climax, and, with a gentle suck of her clitoris, massaging it with my lips, Angie fell over the edge.

She grunted, "Uh." Her hips jerked lightly. Another grunt followed, "Uh." Her legs clenched. "Daddy!" she exclaimed as she started scrubbing her pussy on my face. She writhed on the bed, her sexy bum clenching and relaxing, legs closing. Moisture flooded my mouth as she heaved off the bed, her fists tugging my hair.

"Oh! Daddy!"

I carefully sucked and licked, easing off as her orgasm crested. She became sensitive, suddenly trying to turn on her side, legs curling. I let her, moving up to hold her petite body, comforting her as she jerked with the fading waves of her climax.

I was rigid, hard. Her orgasm was stunningly sexy and I wanted to see it again and again. I cuddled my daughter as she recovered, replaying her pleasure, her sexy little grunts, drowning in the amazing experience.

For what seemed like ages we lay quietly. Then Angie squirmed, turning to face me, a gorgeous smile on her face.

"That was like wow, Daddy. Really big!"

I kissed her lips gently. She smiled and tugged at me. Suddenly I found myself on top of her small body, her legs pressed to my sides. I supported myself on my elbows, her delectable pussy pressed to my stomach, erection raging.

I kissed her again. She smiled as I kissed her, eyes twinkled. When her arms reached up to hold my neck, when her head tilted slightly, eyes closed slowly, and a soft warm tongue teased, the sweet seductive fog of arousal settled over me. I wanted to fuck my little girl. I needed to fuck her, I was desperate. I kissed her hard, tongue probing into her small mouth insistently. I needed my little girl. God, I wanted her.

Rising, I squatted on my heels, knees spread, erection pointed up at a sharp angle.

I gently took Angie's knees, spreading her legs and bringing them over my thighs. Angie's sexy little pussy filled her crotch and, as her legs spread, her little cleft slowly peeled apart, glistening with moisture. Her long clitoral hood appeared taking up half her small slit, the tip rounded and flushed red. Her plump lips parted further gradually revealing two immature inner labia, deeper red, and a tiny dark shadow below at the confluence of her lips; my daughter's vagina.

I shook from excitement, precum sliding coolly down the shaft of my pulsing erection as it bobbed. Angie's vaginal opening was tiny, tiny, dark, flushed deep red. It glistened with moisture. I pictured my erection stretching her and groaned aloud. How tight would she be? Oh God, would it hurt her a lot? How could I make it good for her? How could I make it not hurt?

I glanced up at her beautiful face. She had a pensive expression, her eyes watching me carefully. I smiled weakly. I couldn't. I couldn't. Not to my Angie.

"Sorry. I can't. I. . ."

"Daddy?" she interrupted. "Can we try? Please?"

Angie reached down between her legs, her small hand curling around my pulsing erection.

"Please, Daddy?" she whispered, her expression intent. "Just try, okay?"

I looked back down at her impossibly tiny vagina, her sexy, sexy pussy. I moaned as I imagined how tight she'd be. God I wanted her. "Okay, Princess. Let's try."

Angie smiled and squeezed my erection. I removed her hand and pushed my erection down. The wet tip touched her pussy, precum glistening. Gently, carefully, I dragged the tip through her sexy little cleft, shuddering at the sight of her small lips bulging around the tip of my crown. Her clit oozed out as I slipped down, glistening from precum. I reached the base and reversed, dragging my crown up, spreading slippery moisture, labia bulging seductively, hugging me in an erotic embrace. Pushing slightly, I felt her pubic bone slip across and the crown popped up over her mound. Jesus I looked huge. How would she ever take me? And suddenly I pictured how deep I'd be if I penetrated her fully. I shook with excitement. God almighty, I'd be so deep.

With arousal storming my body I reversed, sliding the tip of my penis down through her sexy slit. I felt her pubic bone and then the softness below, a yielding softness. I loved how it looked. I loved seeing such a small pussy with a large erection nestled to it. I guided the tip, shuddering when I found the indent at the base of her lips. Pressing in, her sexy little lips bulged out, stretched more, pink fading to pale. Her little clit dipped to kiss my crown gently. Precum oozed into her, erection pulsing, throbbing, need driving me.

I pressed, eased off, pressed again. Exquisitely slowly Angie's labia parted more. Exquisitely slowly my crown sank deeper until only the ridge was visible. I pressed, eased off, and pressed again. Angie's legs clenched suddenly, her stomach muscles outlined. She moaned in pain as a small red line of blood appeared.

I froze; erection rigid and pulsing.

"Baby?" I whispered, glancing up into my daughter's pained expression.

"That hurt," she said quietly, softly, her small hands curled into fists clenching the sheet. Soft brown eyes looked at me, glistening with unshed tears.

With my erection lodged at her entrance, her hymen torn, I leaned forward and, slipping my hands under her small body, one under her shoulder, one under her bottom, I raised my child into a hug, sitting up, holding her tight. Angie's arms found my neck, her face found my shoulder. She trembled in my arms, so petite, so delicate, so slender and young. I held her, the tip of my thundering erection still lodged at her vagina.

I held her. And then she moved, lifting her head from my shoulder, soft sexy eyes looking at me, a smile emerging.

"Better now."

I kissed her lips gently. Angie pressed her mouth to me harder, lips parting, tongue coming out to play. As she tongue wrestled with me emitting quiet moans, I caressed her sweet little bum. She shivered and moved her pelvis.

With barely a pause, my crown slipped into the tightest sheath I'd ever experienced. Angie moaned into my mouth and clenched. I saw stars, exquisite agony hitting me as her vagina contracted. She curled her legs behind me, arms hugging me tight, the kiss breaking with a sigh, her face nestled into my neck.

I held my little girl, the crown of my erection buried in her tiny, tiny pussy, holding her up with one hand on her little bum. God, but I wanted to fuck, I wanted to lay her on the bed and fuck her hard, thrust into her, and yet I wanted to stay just like I was, holding my child with the tip of my erection inside her, inside a nine-year-old pussy, inside my daughter. My heart was beating so hard I felt as if I was having a heart attack, sensations overwhelming me.

But, it wasn't me who did anything. Angie's legs tightened as she hung onto my neck. She pushed and, in one exquisite move, my erection slipped into her, her insides parting as I pressed deep, her tight, tight vagina gripping my shaft. She slipped down, sighing as I penetrated deeper and deeper and, as I felt all but an inch surrounded by velvet, the tip nudged against her womb.

"It's in," she whispered.

"Yes. Beautiful. It's beautiful," I said softly, feeling the tightness increase when I swelled inside her.

We stayed motionless, the only parts moving was where we were joined. Angie explored the feeling of having her Daddy's erection stretching her by gently clenching her tight, tiny pussy, emitting little moans. I explored the stunningly arousing feeling of being buried in my daughter's tight, velvety pussy by carefully flexing my erection. I held a glorious bottom in one hand, my other supporting her slender back. I held my little girl to me and I was in heaven, excited by her youth, her smallness, a completely sexy little girl.

Slowly the urge built. Slowly I felt the need, almost a desperate urge, a need to fuck, take my daughter. I felt it in a rhythmic swelling of my erection, so tightly held. I felt it in how delicate and small she felt in my arms, just a child.

With ultimate care, I gently laid Angie back on the bed, my erection buried in her. Carefully I laid on her slightly off to the side. She felt so petite, so small under me, so intensely arousing. My erection swelled.

Reaching down, I slipped a hand under her bottom, tiny, compact, sexy. She curled her legs around my thighs, her arms barely able to hold my chest.

"Okay, Princess?" I asked.


With a deep breath I withdrew, pulling my erection out. Angie's pussy clung to my shaft as if reluctant to let it go. As the ridge of the crown oozed out I reversed, slowly sinking into her velvet grip, pulling her small compact buttock, fucking into her gently, deep, deep, deeper. We both sighed as the tip nudged against her womb. So tight.

Angie moaned and clenched, twitching slightly.

I withdrew, sliding my throbbing erection out, her vagina caressing my shaft, tight, so tight. Moaning I gripped her buttocks and fucked back into her, dizzy, dizzy as I penetrated her little pussy, delving deep, her vagina caressing my crown. I felt her twitch again as I hit her end.

"Okay?" I asked heatedly.

"Uh-huh. Good, Daddy," she sighed, reinforcing it with an agonizing clench of her moist pussy.

ANGELA FELT DADDY. SHE felt stretched, stuffed, as if Daddy was in her all the way to her tummy. His penis was rubbing an ache deep inside, making her shiver, her nipples sore. She liked how big he was, how solid he felt on top of her.

When he'd penetrated her at first, pain had lanced through her bringing tears. But, when he'd held her so gently, hugging her with such love, she'd felt the pain wash away, leaving behind the feeling of being stretched down there. When she sighed and relaxed, he'd slipped up into her, his penis stretching her, filling her. It was amazing, fantastic, Daddy inside her!

And then it got better. He moved, laying her down, pulling out of her and slipping back in, arousal storming her body, nipples aching, pussy throbbing, so good Daddy. She clutched him. More, Daddy, more!

I WITHDREW FROM ANGIE, slightly faster, more urgently, pressing back into her, pulling her little bottom to me, need now hounding me. Slowly I started fucking my little girl, fucking into her tight, tight pussy, groaning with pleasure, erection swelling. I fucked her gently long strokes, gloriously delicious strokes, tight, fucking my little girl, so tight.

I fucked her gently, agonizingly slowly, feeling every millimeter of her vagina caressing my aching erection. I felt huge, monstrous in her. Her petite body felt fantastic under me. I fucked her gently, exquisite pleasure flooding me.

I heard her grunt. I felt her clench her vagina, her body twitch. Was she going to cum? Was Angie going to climax again?

Holding her little bum, I fucked her, long strokes, deep strokes, excitement building, pressure building, erection swelling. She twitched underneath me again, little grunts, her legs now curling, heels pulling me. I fucked my daughter, slightly harder, slightly more firmly, slightly faster, the tip of my erection thumping into her end. She twitched and groaned, clutching at me.

I fucked her harder, desperation now emerging, needing to cum, needing release, pressure building. She felt too good, so small under me, a sexy little girl, her pussy so silky, so warm, so tight.


Angie grunted loudly, her body jerked, buttocks clenched in my hand.


She jerked, thrust her pussy up at me, legs thrashing out, arms grasping. Jesus, Angie was cumming again!

I fucked my little girl harder, shorter strokes, her body jerking under me as I thrust, deep, deep. I fucked her harder, shorter strokes, desperate, desperate, need to cum, need to cum.


Her body heaved under me.

Too much.

Holding her tight, I fucked her hard, thrusting into her tight, tight pussy. Pressure built, built.

"Oh God. Cumming baby!"

My erection swelled, painfully tight. I exploded, pressure releasing. Semen burned up my aching erection, spurting deep, spurting deep. I groaned, pleasure crashing into me as I fucked Angie deep, erection swelling, semen exploding into her. I held her bum tight and fucked her beautiful little body in desperate short strokes, cumming, spurting hard with each thrust, fucking my little girl, fucking her, cumming, God cumming! I heaved, spurting into her tiny vagina with desperate thrusts until nothing was left, dry heaving, swelling, exquisite pleasure, exquisite pleasure, God, baby, so good.

Perspiration coated us as my body was finally released from the agony of my climax. I wanted to go sleep. I wanted to sleep with my semi-hard penis buried in my little girl. I could feel the warm wetness of cum leaking from her. I could feel her breathing under me, so petite, so small, so enticingly sexy.

With a reluctant moan, I withdrew from her velvety hold, sliding out effortlessly. I slipped to her side and drew her to me, hugging my child. She murmured into my chest. I held her gently, my daughter, my nine-year-old lover. Unbelievably, I felt my cock stir. Tomorrow, I decided. Tomorrow morning; morning sex for the first time in almost four years.

As sleep wafted towards me, with the smell of sex and the aroma of sexy little girl in my nose, I smiled, happy, at peace.



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