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Sometimes change is a good thing. Sometimes it's an amazing thing.

Her breath felt good against me; small puffs barely stirring the hair on my arm. I liked it. It was delicate, like her. She held my upper arm with both of hers, hugging it. Like a limpet mine, my daughter clung to me. I was still in shock at the intensity of it. The utter joy I'd experienced still overwhelmed me.

Taking stock, I explored my body. My muscles were relaxed. They had that melting softness that comes only with total, utter release. Languidness and contentment permeated me so completely even my mind was lazy. Blood was reaching parts of my body it usually didn't letting me know by tingling - my fingertips, my toes. Drowsiness plagued me, a need to close my eyes and sleep, to rest and recuperate. Yet I couldn't. I wasn't ready to let the fresh memory fade. I wanted to etch it onto my mind - to never forget this.

Haley stirred next to me emitting a small sigh in her sleep. With my free hand I reached across and combed my fingers through her short hair. She was so small, so exquisitely delicate, such a beautiful girl. Pride mixed with desire flushed through me. Rolling carefully, I gathered my little girl in my arms. She snuggled close, a small kitten seeking comfort. Finally, with my nose buried in her short silken hair, I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply, and let myself go. This utter pleasure was all thanks to Haley's haircut. With a smile I thought back to how it all started.

Haley looked up at me, her hand tightening in mine. Her worry was plain for a father to see. Her nervousness was evident in a damp hand clutching mine. Her pretty face looked even sweeter with the frown. Beautiful, warm, chocolate brown eyes stared at me for comfort, for reassurance, for validation.

"Haley, honey, I told you, you'll be just as beautiful. Maybe even more beautiful."

We pushed the salon's door open. The smell of fruity shampoo, acrid hair dye, and drying hair washed over us. Noise was everywhere. Hairdryers whined loudly, stylists speaking even louder to be heard by their clients, each uttering reassuring words about the lady's unmatched beauty, her distinctive looks, how her new hairstyle suited her; rote compliments delivered with practiced suaveness guaranteed to increase tips.

An assistant swept hair up with a broom mixing blonde, brunette, and dark brown hair; a melting pot of colors. Stepping on a lever, a clever little opening appeared and sucked with the power of a vacuum whisking away the shorn locks with a ravenous appetite.

A pretty, young receptionist looked up at us after hanging up the phone. Behind her, in the back of the salon, water ran into a sink, someone getting their hair washed. The receptionist glanced at Haley and smiled at me. "Can I help you?"

"Yes please. You have a reservation for Haley Jensen."

She checked a computer monitor, clicked a mouse furiously and sighed as if a disaster had been averted; she wouldn't have to disappoint a new customer with bad news. A reservation for a Haley Jensen did indeed exist. I smiled at her politely. She'd been the one to make the reservation only yesterday. Clearly her mind was as vacuous as her smile.

"Leo will be with you in a moment," she announced. "Please take a seat."

We did.


Glancing down at my side, Haley looked up at me with her big eyes. She wasn't asking a question. There were no words to follow. She was seeking reassurance. Her commitment was waning with every passing minute. I understood my daughter better than any being on Earth, better even than her mother. I knew the exact cause of her trepidation and the worry in her expression almost broke my heart. Yet, had I succumbed and agreed with her and fled the salon I knew she'd be disappointed in herself before the day was out.

With a gentle caress of her head, I smiled in reassurance. "It'll be fine. Trust me."

Leo, a large, rotund, mid-thirties man came bustling over to us, all smiles and apologies for making us wait. He gushed over Haley, fondling her hair as if it was manna from heaven. Following him to a stylist's chair, he made Haley comfortable and asked me, "So what are we doing today?" His fingers combed through her ash-brown, almost blonde hair. I could see his mental excitement or perhaps arousal as his imagination explored what he could do with silky locks like hers.

I nodded towards my daughter. "You should ask her. It's her hair, not mine."

Without missing a beat Leo looked into the mirror, combing her hair with both hands. He smiled at Haley's reflection. "So what are we going to do with this beautiful hair?" he asked.

Haley's eyes flicked to mine in the mirror. I smiled. "It will be fine. Honest, honey," I reassured her again. "Just remember why you wanted to do this."

Her pretty little face grew determined. She nodded. "I want it all cut off," she said.

Leo was dumbstruck. His hands stopped playing with her hair. "Off? All of this?" he asked in astonishment as if he was being asked to paint over a Rembrandt. I understood his shock. Haley's hair fell to below her bottom in a gorgeous silky curtain.

"Uh-huh. I want to keep it all, too. It needs to be long."

Leo's astonishment changed to confusion. I smiled. Haley's way of communicating was oblique at times. She assumed you were in her head with her and you understood how one statement was linked to the next. It was charming and sometimes frustrating.

"Haley, you have to explain it to Leo. He's not hearing your thoughts."

Haley looked at Leo in the mirror. "I want to give my hair to charity for other kids who have lost their hair. It has to be cut long. You know, so they can have long hair."

"Ah. I see," Leo said, smiling broadly, pleased he now understood her. "That's very good of you. How much did you want to give?" he asked, his fingers once again combing through her long hair, almost fondling it sensuously.

My daughter hesitatingly brought her hand up. She paused again. Uncertainty and trepidation emerged. She watched her hand in the mirror. Her eyes flicked to my face. I smiled and nodded.

"This much."

Leo was good. He was very good. He picked up on her insecurity immediately and proceeded to shower her with a running commentary on how pretty she was, "You don't need all this hair to be pretty," and how much easier short hair is to manage. Each comment, compliment and smile distracted Haley from a snip of scissors and a long, long lock of hair being set aside carefully. He did it without seeming to look away from Haley's face.

But eventually he could hide it no more. Haley saw her un-styled short hair in the mirror and I watched a wave of regret wash through her despite her determination. I knew what she was experiencing. My heart clenched.

For years we had found closeness, a special father and daughter moment that happened every single night. Starting when Haley was four years old, she'd stood between my knees in her pajamas as I'd sit on the couch, her back to me, eyes riveted to the television, and let me brush her hair. It had started out of necessity. Haley had tried to brush her damp hair after her bath and made an utter mess of it. The tangled, knotted mess had taken half an hour of careful work and a little girl uttering, "Ouch, Daddy," before the brush could pass through un-snagged. It had happened again the following night and thus a tradition was born.

Through the next six years, despite arguments, snits, or growing independence, I had brushed Haley's increasingly long hair every night. There were a few exceptions; Haley on sleepovers, me on the occasional date, and Haley in hospital getting her tonsils removed. But aside from those, it was a routine never missed.

Over time brushing Haley's hair became more than simple grooming. It became a bonding, an intimate ritual between a father and daughter. It was the one part of the day dedicated to us. Now, on the cusp of eleven years old, Haley had hit a vertical growth spurt that made reaching her head awkward and tiring. She'd naturally taken to sitting on the edge of the couch between my legs, her small bum pressed to my groin. Now, brushing took much longer by choice. The brush strokes were slower with fine hair flowing through the brush bristles. It was a relaxing event we both found pleasure in. It was, more than anything, my favorite thing in the world to do.

While my little girl watched television, I'd brush her hair dry. Comforting scents of fruity shampoo would waft at me mixing with fragrant soap. My daughter would smell clean and fresh and I'd study the damp spots on her back where she missed drying herself. She'd gradually press her bum back into me, her back losing its rigid uprightness. Brushing became an almost sensual affair.

While we never spoke of how much we both enjoyed it, we knew. Words weren't needed.

Haley's announcement that she was going to donate her hair was greeted with great pride, big smiles and whole-hearted enthusiasm. It wasn't until we were in the car heading to Leo's Salon and Spa that doubts and worries emerged. I knew what Haley was afraid of. She was afraid she'd just sacrificed a ritual she'd practically grown up with.

Haley's beautiful chocolate eyes stared at her shorn hair in the mirror. She looked at me, her expression forlorn.

Smiling in reassurance, I said, "Don't worry. It'll be okay. Just trust me."

She nodded, not convinced, not happy, her attention going back to Leo who, full of bright smiles and enthusiasm and energy, started styling her hair.

I watched her transformed. It was as strange for me as it was for her. My sweet, lovable little girl lost that ethereal beauty that exceptionally long hair bestows. As ash-brown hair was trimmed around her dainty ears, feathered over her forehead and layered and styled to the nape of her neck, her hair gained body and waves and curls. An elfin girl emerged and she, too, was breathtakingly pretty. Blessed with small features, her hairstyle now emphasized her delicate beauty. Her hair, rather than being the focus of attention, became the frame that focused attention on her naturally arched eyebrows, her long dark eyelashes, her now larger exotic eyes. It made her small nose cuter and her lips sweeter.

In that chair, Leo worked magic and an achingly pretty girl emerged, one that promised laughter and brightness and mischief and joy. It made my heart ache and I fell in love with my daughter all over again.

"Et voilà!" Leo exclaimed with great fanfare, yelling at the other stylists to come see this incredible transformation, this beauty, this pretty girl. He gushed and fawned and finally made my little girl smile shyly.

She touched her hair tentatively and immediately sought out my face in the mirror to see my reaction, to see what Daddy thought. I knew that one small facial twitch could bring her world crashing down. But I didn't need any self control. My Haley was just gorgeous! I beamed at her. Her smile broadened into radiance.

Leo presented her with her long locks carefully combed, tied with an elastic band and securely placed in a clear plastic bag. He walked out with us, smiling and complimenting. I was both grateful to him and very, very impressed. With a final shake of my hand, he shook Haley's and winked at me before heading back inside.

For the rest of the day I paid tribute to her, commenting and showering her with compliments. My hand couldn't stay out of her hair and she responded with a "Daaaady!" and a smile of pleasure. The charity was absolutely thrilled when Haley presented her hair and Haley glowed with pride. We went shopping for a new outfit at my insistence. I argued successfully that the new girl with the new hair needed new clothes. I took her out for dinner and showed her off, telling her that I was showing her off, too. She glowed. She smiled. Everything seemed to be fine.

And then Haley took a shower.

Sitting on the couch, I listened with half an ear to the shower running while absorbing the upheaval that was taking place in Egypt . . . again. I didn't hear the water stop but when the news came to an end I felt her absence. Rising, I went in search of her. I found her sitting silently on the edge of her bed in her nightshirt facing the wall mirror, her hairbrush loosely held in one hand in her lap. She was staring at her reflection with tears slipping down her cheeks.

Haley broke my heart. No father can take a daughter crying. There's a direct link from a little girl - no matter how old - to a father's heart. There's a primal protective instinct in a father, a genetic imperative to protect daughters from pain. But, of all the types of pain a daughter can exhibit, to a father silent tears are the absolute worst. They speak of agony not pain. They speak of emotional angst not physical hurt. They lance into a father's soul more sharply than a scalpel.

"Haley," I said softly, moving to sit next to her. Wrapping her small body with one arm I pulled her to my side. It hurt how she melted against me. I didn't need to ask. I didn't need to probe. This was usually the time when she was sitting between my legs having her hair brushed. I knew what she was thinking. Short hair didn't need brushing. For as long as she could remember it was part of everyday life and now her hair was gone. To a ten-year-old it was traumatic.

She wiped a tear away.

"Come on, silly. I've been waiting," I told her.

She was too easy to pick up with one arm. Her slender arms wrapped around my neck. A damp face pressed to my shoulder. My forearm supported her small butt. Back on the couch I sat her between my legs and started brushing her short hair. "Now I can do this," I said, leaning in to kiss her neck.

She tilted her head to protect herself.

"And this," I added, kissing the other side.

Haley let out a small giggle, soft and tentative.

"And now, since I only need one hand to brush your pretty new hairstyle I can do this," I said, brushing her short hair with one hand and tickling her side with the other.

Her giggle intensified. She wriggled, her small bottom pressing back against my groin.

"And now I can hug my beautiful girl, too." My arm slipped around her and pulled her tight into me.

Placing the brush at my side, I combed fingers through her silken, fine hair. Combing evolved into caressing. She relaxed. She let out a deep sigh as though all the angst was finally escaping. Her hands held mine on her stomach and, when I kissed her neck again, she tilted her head lovingly giving me room. Warm shampoo aroma filled my nose. I caressed her tummy.

Haley pulled my hand tighter. Somehow it ended up on her chest. It was then I discovered my little girl had small breast buds. It thrilled me. It excited me. It aroused me. That first sign of puberty called to me with a powerful tug. Haley was still so petite, so slender, still a little girl. Yet with those small buds she announced that her journey into puberty was beginning and my perspective was for ever altered.

Nothing happened beyond awareness; mine for her newly emerging pubescence and how it attracted me so, hers to a physical reaction I couldn't help. She demonstrated that awareness by moving, fidgeting between my legs subtly, each move exploring the new sensation.

Our evening routine had changed with her haircut.

The next night when I welcomed her between my legs, hair brushing was short and sweet. We watched television together and I held her, caressing her hair. Haley now offered her neck up for soft kisses. She guided my hand up from her tummy to her chest and I carefully caressed tender buds. My little girl sighed and pressed her bottom back against the firmness in my pants.

Our routine had become overtly sensual and four days later, when Haley sat between my legs, she offered up no hairbrush. We cuddled. I caressed and kissed and we watched television. It was very special.

They say that personality drives style. In Haley's case it was the opposite. She'd always been calm, bright and eager to have friends; a level-headed girl. She'd been a girlie girl with dolls and tea parties and dress-up, all softness and sweet. But that haircut changed her. Not only did it change her looks dramatically - from sweetness into elfin - her personality seemed to evolve as well. She became more bubbly, full of fun, spontaneity, and mischief. At times it felt like losing her long hair had freed her spirit.

She was the source of giggles galore and laughter that would have made a Buckingham Palace guard break tradition and smile. She was the tap that replenished me with pride and pleasure and love every day. Our evening ritual spilled over into mornings, too. A loving girl would now come to the breakfast table and crawl into my lap, pulling my hand to her chest and resting until she was sufficiently awake to demand breakfast. During the weekends she was full of "Daddy! Guess what?" and would talk endlessly about something she'd seen or an event at school, her delicate hands accenting and punctuating her commentary, chocolate eyes twinkling.

It was a beautiful time to be around Haley. But it was a Saturday morning when things changed.

It was probably heading that way. I just wasn't conscious of it. Friday night I'd stayed up late after Haley went to bed. I drank too much and in my inebriated state found a deep appreciation for my little girl. Drinking heavily was an exceptionally rare event. Nevertheless, morning was greeted with less than charitable feelings. The hand shaking me only bothered my painful head.

"Go away, Haley. Daddy needs to sleep," I mumbled pulling the covers over me.

The bed moved. A small person clambered over me. I grumbled and complained. The covers were tugged open. Chocolate brown eyes peered in at me.

"Are you sick?"

"No. It's not morning yet. I'm sleeping."

"It is morning. Look!."

"No. It's not morning enough yet. Leave me alone," I complained. The pounding in my brain was startling in its intensity.

My little girl wormed herself under the covers. I heard the television turned on. She settled down next to me. I slept.

When I returned to the land of the living it was two hours later. My head had cleared. My body had finally processed the alcohol and I was spooning a sleeping Haley. In my arms a gentle angel slept quietly. Short hair tickled my nose. Small buttocks pressed against an erection, her legs curled up.

I was hugging her. My thumb was caressing her little breast bud and Haley was emanating an aroma of beautiful little girl and sunshine and sweetness. All the little things coalesced in my mind; the giggles, the innocent kissing, the caressing, her smiles, and her sweet little bum, and the shape of my fatherly love changed, desire rising. Now I wanted to play sexy games, too.

I indulged. Taking my hand away from her chest, I reached down and held her hip. I caressed the sensual shape of a small, sweet, panty-covered buttock. Fingertips traced the dip in her panties formed by her bum crack.

My erection surged, straining and aching when I traced the beginning swell of her little pussy where it pressed against cotton. Eyes closed, I explored with a feather-light touch. It was amazing. Even at ten years old it seemed to fill the gap between slender legs. It bulged out forming a sensual mound and, pressing very, very carefully, I actually felt her sexy cleft. Excitement and arousal surged in me, the illicitness thrilling.

Her small buttock was firm in my palm and I could picture its sensual shape in my mind. Haley's bum was petite, not yet touched by pubescence, narrow and boyish. When standing she had no waist, but when resting on her side a bony little hip curved up merging into her bottom. My erection strained, restricted uncomfortably in boxers where it was caught pointing down.

Haley moved. I paused. She muttered something unintelligible and settled down. It hit home. I was sexually fondling my daughter and nothing had excited me so much. I was touching my little girl's pussy and damn if it wasn't the sexiest thing ever. In my excited state Haley's still-childish body was arousing beyond belief, my attraction to her intensifying with each caress. I wanted her. I really wanted her.

For fifteen minutes I fondled my daughter, stunned at how sexual I now found her, and dreamed of exploring her naked body, my cock aching for release. I tried to imagine what it would be like to make love with her and that picture almost made me cum, precum dampening my boxers.

I couldn't help picturing Haley under me, me hovering over her, her legs hooked over my thighs, both of us naked, both poised to make love, and the mental image thrilled me. The ache in my groin grew painful, my need for relief becoming desperate.

With a final gentle fondle of her sexy pussy and bum, I kissed her short hair and slipped from bed. In the bathroom, sighing when I finally let my erection out, I closed my eyes and replayed touching Haley. Stroking myself, I tried to picture her immature pussy, how small it was. I imagined my erection touching her and imagined I was stroking myself with the tip nestled to a bald little cleft. My orgasm slammed into me with surprising force and it intensified when I pictured cumming on my daughter's little pussy, thick semen covering her. I heaved and erupted, cum exploding into the toilet. Pleasure suffused me, release washing through me as I came hard.

When it passed, rigidity fading, heart thumping, my mental arousal remained. I'd just discovered a new erotic thrill like no other I'd ever experienced.

With boxers in one hand, the front stained with precum, I left the bathroom. Haley sat on the edge of the bed. She stared at me, her eyes passing down to look at my still-thickened penis. Resisting the automatic urge to cover myself, influenced in no small measure by lingering arousal, I let her look. When her eyes returned to my face from their journey south, I smiled gently.

"You're bare," she told me.

My smile grew into a grin. "Yup." I moved to the dresser to find fresh underwear.

"How come?"

"It happens in bedrooms sometimes," I answered.

"Your thing is bigger than Jimmy's."

With boxers halfway up my legs I paused and glanced over at Haley. "Who's Jimmy?"

"At school. Last year he showed Lacy and me his thing."

"His penis? Why?"

"Dunno," she shrugged, watching me. As I buttoned up my jeans she asked, "Why did you stop?"

Knowing what she was talking about, I tried to be calm. "I didn't know if you liked it."

"I did," she confirmed with a small nod. "It felt much better than when I do it."

I was balanced on the edge. Fall one way and I'd return to the safety of propriety and fatherhood, fall the other and who knows what new pleasures I might experience. Without thinking I made an entirely selfish decision, succumbing to a new desire that was astonishing in its intensity. "In that case, would you let me do it again?"

"Uh-huh. If you want."


"Kay. What's for breakfast?"

Saturday passed in a blur. I was abnormally conscious of the weight of my partial erection. It refused to go away and Saturday was Haley's activities day. It didn't help matters that she ran around in her soccer outfit with bare legs flashing and a busy little tush draped with silky shorts. It didn't help that, now I was aware of them, those little buds on her chest showed when wind pressed her top to her. It didn't help that Haley showered me with smiles and waves and happiness and adoration, to all intents and purposes her usual self. But I knew. I couldn't forget that she'd been quite comfortable with the thought of letting her daddy fondle her and that kept me partially erect.

Soccer practice over, Haley, with flushed cheeks and sparkling chocolate brown eyes, begged me for ice cream before lunch and gave me a big hug when I agreed. Ice cream before lunch became ice cream for lunch when I let her have a second order.

After lunch was karate class. Saturdays were always busy. Haley looked cute in her karategi, the white uniform. Without her long hair she now seemed to have a lovely ferocious yet cute expression when practicing her kicks, and the way a grin would emerge when she'd glance at me just melted my heart. I'd become so used to seeing her with straight hair, I couldn't take my eyes off the soft wavy curls that now framed her pretty face.

Saturday was also junk food day, so Pizza Hut it was. Greasy deliciousness was consumed with great enthusiasm, many mmmm's, cute tomato sauce-smeared cheeks and smiles galore. A running commentary on the soccer game punctuated by moving and jabbing fingers and interrupted by noisy slurps of soda kept me entertained. An elderly couple at the next table thoroughly enjoyed the show as well.

By the time I was settled on the couch, television on and the sound of the shower filtering in to me, I had a partial erection. When Haley appeared in a Disney Princess nightshirt, white with blue piping, her feet bare and hair damp, I welcomed her with open arms. Her smile was so pretty.

Settling between my legs, Haley wafted soap and shampoo at me. She giggled when I kissed her still damp neck and she changed the channel to a sitcom without asking. I spent minutes combing my fingers through her short damp hair and occasionally kissing her neck, my partial erection forming into a full erection tight in my pants at the feel of her small body pressed back against me.

Haley squirmed every so often, her small bum pressing against my groin deliciously. Arousal and illicit attraction seduced me. My daughter felt far too good in my arms. She smelled too sweet and wiggled too delightfully. With one hand on her tummy, I let my other rest on her bare leg, caressing gently. Her skin was soft, her leg slender, young. Naughty thoughts filled my mind with teasing illicit excitement.

Haley leaned back into me. Her hand rested on mine, her attention on the television. When a commercial break started Haley parted her legs; an invitation to caress her leg higher.

The inside of her thigh was silky soft and warm and exciting. Her hand stayed over mine. I sighed deeply when I cupped my little girl's pussy, her cotton panties not able to hide its glorious, petite, sexy shape.

My hand was way too large for her. Haley spread her legs further and I pressed my palm against the sweetest little mound in the world.

She sighed. "That feels good, Daddy," she assured me softly. Commercials ended. The sitcom resumed, her attention absorbed once more.

My erection surged tight in my pants, heart racing. Haley's pussy was shockingly small, excitingly small, mounded and pressed against soft cotton panties. It had the most amazing shape, sexy and plump, almost chubby on her beanpole body. And distinctly against my middle, finger soft cotton outlined her short cleft. My erection strained and pulsed, precum leaking. Fondling my daughter was so damned sexy, so arousing.

While Haley watched television I kissed her neck gently and touched her, my erection aching. I couldn't feel her clitoris, just a tightly closed cleft, a sexy mons, a ten-year-old's vulva. Closing my eyes, my face pressed to her neck, I pulled her back into my crotch with pressure on her tummy and pussy. Haley's small bottom, pressed against my erection, sent shivers of pleasure into me. She moved her bum, fidgeting. Sweet arousal washed over me. This was heaven.

Eyes tightly closed, I concentrated. Not even three fingers wide, Haley's pubis was soft under the cotton. I couldn't tell if her pussy was warm or if it was me. Her chubby mons, a seductive thick pad, yielded to pressure partially forming around my finger. The sides of her vulva were steep.

I caressed my daughter's pussy wondering what she was feeling. Every so often she would press my hand into her crotch and shiver slightly. Every so often my erection would ache, throb, and leak. I so wanted to cum, the need for relief becoming urgent.

Several quiet, exciting minutes passed. Then Haley pressed my hand against her panty-covered pussy again, harder this time. As I kissed her neck inhaling her clean scent, she held her breath. Her hand pressed mine to her sweet little pussy even harder, her head bent slightly. She humped my hand and her whole body trembled against me. Her hand gripped my thumb. She jerked her pussy, inhaled sharply yet quietly and her legs closed trapping my palm against her pubis. Her sweet bum rubbed my groin.

It thrilled me. I discovered the ultimate in erotic.

I'd never seen such a gentle, sweet climax. I'd never even thought of a ten-year-old girl climaxing. The erotic excitement of my little girl cumming at her daddy's touch was more than enough for me. Hugging her slender climaxing body tight but gently, rubbing her sexy, chubby pussy, and inhaling her scent deeply, ecstasy washed over me and I came, my erection swelling and pulsing, thick cum spurting into my pants. I hugged Haley tighter and came again, pleasure cascading over me, semen pulsing out in a burst of joy. I held my child and came, pulsing and spurting in an intense climax, soaking myself and drowning in utter pleasure.

So involved with the experience, I didn't realize sounds around me had faded away. Canned laughter from the television was the first sound to filter back. My heartbeat was the second - elevated. I opened my tightly closed eyes and inhaled Haley's scent deeply before sitting up straighter.

Wet boxers and a lost erection didn't diminish the sensual joy that filled me. I probed my psyche and found only pleasure and excitement, not one trace of guilt or regret. Haley murmured quietly when I kissed her neck.

That night sweet dreams filled my slumber. Bouncing on the bed woke me in the morning. It was Sunday and Haley wanted a cooked breakfast.

For the next few days my world revolved around our evenings together. Work was a distraction. Haley's school was an intrusion. My daughter was light and bright and happy. And every night she'd sit between my legs and sigh and giggle and guide my hand, "Right here, Daddy." Every night I experienced the pure beauty of touching my little girl, fondling her and bringing her to a soft, quiet climax. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to bring me off. That first time was so unique, so exciting, I'd cum spontaneously. But through the week Haley gave me massive erections and intense desire and, in the privacy of the bathroom once she'd gone to bed, excruciatingly pleasurable climaxes.

Through the week I battled with myself. It wasn't a battle of to touch or not to touch, but a battle of how to move to the next step. I wanted to feel inside my daughter's panties, actually touch her naked pussy, fondle her cleft, and perhaps even feel her entrance against the tip of my finger. The excitement of those thoughts was manifested physically; I hadn't had so many erections since I was a teenager.

Friday late afternoon I fired up the barbecue. Haley was excited and full of energy, bouncing around in eager anticipation. A couple of her friends were arriving for a sleepover. She'd planned it all; the games, the movies, the meal, "Burgers, Daddy, with cheese!"

I'd reluctantly agreed to the sleep-over. It not only stole my daughter away from me in the evening but kept her from crawling into my bed on Saturday morning. Both made me ache with disappointment and yearn for her even more. Nevertheless, the event was hugely popular and very successful.

One side benefit was watching three ten-year-old girls running around in nightshirts and flashing panties at me. I'd discovered a new passion.

Saturday passed in a flurry of activity; Haley playing soccer - her team losing, a consoling ice cream cone - strawberry, a quick sandwich for lunch and karate class in the afternoon. Late afternoon we went grocery shopping. It was a stressful day. Teased by three girls all evening yesterday, teased by my gorgeous little girl in her soccer outfit, and teased by the prettiest girl in karate class, full of brilliant smiles and sparkling eyes, and finally teased by Haley's tight little shorts that hugged a tiny bum far too snugly, I was physically exhausted by dinner time. I had passed the day with an on again - off again erection. My boxers had stayed damp, sensual at times, cold and uncomfortable at other times. But the agony was worth it.

My gorgeous little girl wandered in from her shower wearing a terry bathrobe looking lost and damp and cute. When I spread my knees to give her room she picked up the remote and started changing channels. Without looking at me she pushed my knees together and crawled up onto my lap, her legs falling to my sides. Leaning back against me, one hand still flipping through channels, her other hand found mine and drew it to her tummy.

Home Improvement showed. Haley giggled and dropped the remote. Her hand found mine, bringing it to a slender, silky soft thigh.

With her on my lap I leaned against the back of the couch and relaxed.

My erection ached from the pressure of her small bottom. I bent and nuzzled her neck. She tilted her head giving me access and sighed when I kissed her neck gently. Shampoo and soap filled my senses. Damp hair brushed against my cheek. My hand on her tummy found the opening of her bathrobe and I shuddered. Bare skin greeted me. I touched the smallest bud on her chest, my little girl's breast. Closing my eyes, concentrating, erection pulsing, I caressed it with a delicate touch; the smallest mound, the first sign of puberty, intoxicatingly erotic. Her tiny nipple was a hard bead against the pad of my finger.

Haley communicated her pleasure with a little wiggle, pressing herself back at me, her attention still on the sitcom.

I caressed a bare leg up under the bathrobe, inhaled her scent, and rubbed her nascent bud, quite lost in the eroticism.

The shudder that hit me was a full body shudder. The moan, quiet as it was, was heartfelt and deep. Time stopped. My hand touched Haley's pussy and it was bare, no panties! Haley was completely naked under her bathrobe!

Every sense zeroed in on my fingers. From the deep side of the thigh, Haley's pussy mounded out. Her cleft was open, her clitoris a sensual bump between. Her pussy was silky soft, so small yet beautifully chubby on her small body. My erection ached. I wanted her so much.

Eyes shut tightly and concentrating, I caressed the small tip of her clitoris, circular movements, light, slow. I mimicked the movement with my fingertip on her breast bud, caressing her raised areola. My reward was an exquisite bum clench.

"This feels so beautiful, sweetheart," I whispered into her ear, kissing her earlobe.

"Uh-huh," she replied equally softly.

Fighting the urges attacking me was supremely hard. Arousal and desire assaulted me and eroded resolve. Sexually fondling my daughter was the most exciting thing I'd ever experienced. And then it got better, unbelievably better!

Unable to resist the invitation her parted cleft offered, I carefully explored lower, below her clitoris, deeper into her little pussy. Moist, silky heat greeted me, smooth, exciting. The very tip of my finger caught at the base of her labia and I found the source sweet ecstasy; the shockingly small entrance to Haley's most private place.

Haley trembled at my touch.

"Is this okay?" I asked in another whisper.

"Uh-huh," she whispered with a small nod, her hand resting on my forearm.

Desire coursed through my veins like the most addictive drug. It gave me a raging erection. Cuddling my daughter, I kissed and caressed and dreamed of more. Cuddling my little girl I let her sweet, soft gasp for breath send shivers of pleasure through me. I let her small body tremble and stroked her clitoris gently to bring her pleasure. All too soon I let my daughter's stunningly sweet climax wash over me in a wave of pure joy, her little body clenches, her small gasps and gripping hands flooding my senses; so utterly beautiful.

Haley melted into me. I hugged her and drowned in the illicit pleasure of bringing my little girl to a climax.

An hour later my desire hadn't eased. My erection hadn't faded. My ache for release hadn't calmed. An hour later I wanted Haley more than ever; dangerously so. I needed relief badly. But as soon as I started easing Haley off my lap she complained.

"Don't, Daddy."

"I need to get up."

"No. Don't," she insisted, squirming back into me.

"Haley, sweetheart, I really have to," I insisted.

Haley wiggled in my lap. "Because of this?" she asked, pressing her little bum down on my erection.


"How come?"

It wasn't how I'd envisioned giving my daughter the "Talk" as it were. I hadn't imagined talking about sexuality with a raging erection, or after fondling her either. Perhaps that's why my explanation was slanted, influenced by horniness and arousal. Perhaps I should have calmed down first. But I didn't. Instead I might have made sexy play sound like too much fun. I might have misrepresented the appropriateness of a father and daughter exploring together. In my defense, I wasn't really thinking rationally.

So when I suggested tomorrow night we both get to feel good, Haley happily agreed, "Kay, Daddy," before snuggling back against me.

Sunday started with sunshine and an erection. I was naked in bed, on my front, my erection pressed to the bed. Wakefulness arrived slowly with teasing thoughts of Haley drifting through my mind. My fingers twitched as they caressed her pussy again in my mind.

It was lazy and erotic remembering the feel of my little girl's soft skin and the shape of her remarkable pussy. I humped the bed slowly and in my mind cuddled my daughter, led her hand to her daddy's erection, and showed her how to bring me the pleasure she'd felt.

Precum suddenly made the sheet slippery against my crown. I humped the bed slowly and, dreaming of touching each other, of fondling, even kissing, my morning climax arrived, erection swelling and straining with the first wonderful spurt, semen making the sheet slippery. In a gentle orgasm I humped and spurted, humped and spurted, cum drenching the sheet and a wonderful feeling of peace and pleasure settled over me.

As the orgasm passed and faded it left behind gentle pleasure, melted muscles, and excitement at what the future would bring.

Haley greeted me with sleepy eyes being rubbed by small fists and gorgeous messy, spiky short hair that gave her a pixie appearance. She crawled into my lap. "Morning, Daddy."

It was easy to hug her with one arm. I kissed her hair inhaling the unique scent of a sleepy girl, a warm comforting scent. "Morning, sweetheart," I said before sipping coffee.

Haley relaxed against me, happy to be in my lap and do nothing until hunger hit. With a grumble of her tummy, Haley came alive, jumping up. "Cereal! Frosted Flakes!"

A couple of minutes later she sat at the table, legs swinging back and forth, and her chocolate brown eyes twinkled. The sound of teeth against a metal spoon broke the silence. Milk dripped down her chin and she chewed with a smile. Beautiful.

"What should we do today?" I asked. I thought for once I'd be bad and skip some weekend chores. I'd rather spend time with my daughter.

"Could we go to the mall?"

"Okay. What for?"

Haley looked at me as if I was being deliberately stupid. "To hang out."

"Are your friends there?"

"Dunno." She took another spoonful of cereal.

Just before noon, Haley dragged me into a store called Garage. From the outside it looked like an aged wood building. The inside assaulted me with noise, unrecognizable music thumping with a rhythmic whump-whump, whump-whump. Clearly it was a song as Haley started shaking her little ass and wending her way through tables and displays of clothes.

Despite the noise I was enjoying myself. I decided to buy her whatever she picked out even though we'd recently bought her a new outfit. Thus I was caught off guard when we left the store empty-handed.

"Didn't you find anything?" I asked.

"I wasn't looking," Haley said, grabbing my hand and leading me.

"If you weren't looking what were we doing in there?" I questioned.

"Looking," she answered.

Once again we were in that confusing world of Haley. While she pulled me by the hand towards another clothes store I wrestled with the interpretation. Ah ha! It became clear when two little words were added, "for anything." Haley wasn't looking for anything, just looking.

Smiling at my brilliant insight, I didn't pay attention to the store she was leading me into. At the sight of lacy red braziers draped on a display I blushed. Victoria's Secret? What in tarnation were we doing here?

"Haley . . ."

She'd gone. I stood in the middle of the store afraid to look anywhere lest the exclusive female shoppers thought I was some sort of pervert with a lingerie fetish. I silently called for my daughter to come back while trying to spot her without appearing to look. She must have heard her father's plea.

A small hand slipped into mine and she led me out. "What were you doing in there?" I asked.

"Looking," she replied. We strolled in a criss-cross pattern following the pattern of clothing and shoe stores. Mostly it was window shopping with an occasional diversion inside.

Victoria's Secret stayed with me and as embarrassment faded interesting notions arose. I finally had to ask. "What were you looking at in Victoria's Secret?"

"Pink. Oh. Look over there. Let's go see." She tugged my hand.

I came to a full sudden stop. Haley was jerked to a stop. She looked back at me in surprise.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "Are you tired? We don't have to go to that store. I was only suggesting."

"Stop," I said, tamping down the smile that wanted to emerge. "I need more information."

"About what? It's just a shoe store."

This time I smiled. "Stop talking and let me finish."


"Pink," I said.



"Well what?"

Damn! "Okay. Let me start over. You said you were looking at pink in Victoria's Secret. What is pink? Information, Haley."

"Oh. It's their undies and bras. Pink. You know. C'mon. Let's go," she said pulling my hand.

No I didn't know. By the time we walked in the front door at home I did know. Pink, as in a brand name, was apparently a line of lingerie for older teens. Over dinner I asked her if she wanted new underwear and, since she was growing into a little lady, would she want a bra. She did. A couple of her friends even had bras so she wanted one, too.

I promised a shopping trip the next weekend.

Later, while Haley was showering, I had time to change before, in a state of excitement, I sat and watched television. I'd put on a soft cotton T-shirt and soft flannel pajama bottoms. That was it. I was partially tumescent, a condition brought about by the prospect of my little girl sitting on my lap and a repeat of last night.

She meandered in wearing her terry bathrobe, her hair damp and dark. As she always did, she ignored me. Her eyes brushed over the television to check what was on and turned to seek the remote control. Grabbing it, she crawled up into my lap, preoccupied with flipping the channel. I wrapped my arm around her, pulled her back against me, and nuzzled my nose to her neck.

Floral soap and fruity shampoo filled my nose. Haley found a sitcom and dropped the remote beside us, her hands settling on my forearm. She tilted her head to give me room.

"Okay. Now, Daddy," she instructed.

I had to smile. My little boss.

Taking my own sweet time - I wanted to enjoy every moment - I kissed her neck and then her earlobe earning me a soft giggle, her head tilting to protect her ear.

Holding my little darling around the waist, with my free hand I touched her bare leg, so slender and silky. I caressed and as I did, with the feel of her small body against me and the prospect of touching my daughter intimately again, my partial erection grew into a full erection, rising to press and throb against her bottom.

The journey up from her knee was wonderful. It was full of anticipation, silky skin slipping under my palm as I caressed higher and higher. With her legs draping on either side of my lap, the bathrobe was the only obstacle. It just fell away to the sides, held closed at her waist by the belt.

Soft giggles filled the air as Haley followed the TV show, a rerun of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I adored her giggles. They warmed my heart, massaged my love and communicated youth so beautifully. It made me yearn for her, too.

Her thigh was slender, the inside exciting. My hand edged up slowly, drawing out the erotic anticipation and intensifying my excitement. Before I touched heaven, I lifted her and shuffled slightly, my erection freed to pop up against my stomach. When I lowered Haley her bottom pressed to my shaft. The bathrobe was in the way but I didn't pull it up. Not yet.

Settled, my palm caressed up the inside of her thigh. I shivered with pleasure when my index finger nestled to her groin, sandwiched between her thigh and her little pussy. Once more I made the exploratory journey; slipping my fingers up and over her remarkable pussy, sensing the plump, almost chubbiness of it, the sensual roundness of little labia and the slight dip of her cleft. With legs spread her cleft was open, her clitoris a small nub. She trembled when my finger brushed across it.

Kissing her neck gently, with my eyes closed, I held my daughter's pussy. God it was small. Three fingers wide, it was mounded and sexy and silken and hairless. My erection swelled when the tip of my middle finger discovered just a trace of moisture at the bottom of her little cleft.

Haley shuffled and whined quietly in complaint when I removed my hand. Smiling, I drew her bathrobe up and let her small bottom settle on my erection, two soft buttocks cradling me beautifully. Before reaching for her pussy, I licked my finger tasting her. My cock ached. She was sweetly musky, lightly fragrant, fresh and young.

My saliva made her cleft very slippery. She trembled in my arm when I caressed her. Unable to resist, the lure just too damned much, I probed her cleft until I found her tiny entrance buried deep. Smaller than the pad of my finger, I rubbed it in little circles and pressed. It refused to yield, my cock pulsing at how small she was.

Arousal was settling over me. Her scent was intoxicating me. Her damp hair against my cheek tickled. My erection cried out for stimulation. Holding my darling gently, my hand inside her robe, my thumb caressing the tiny nub of her not-yet-breast, I returned to caressing her clitoris with my other hand.

Haley rewarded me with a sigh, her hands gripping my forearm tighter. She rewarded me by pressing her sexy little bum against my erection, buttocks occasionally flexing and sending bolts of pleasure through me. She rewarded me by moving. She started humping my caressing finger, pressing her pussy into my hand. Each little hump caressed my shaft, sweet little buttocks massaging sensuously.

I kissed her neck, nuzzled her, inhaled the scent of my little girl, arousal fogging me. My world narrowed to my daughter's pussy, the feel of her, small, moist and beautiful. My world narrowed to her buttocks, petite, soft and flexing, sandwiching my erection and humping it gently. My world narrowed to holding my little girl and listening to her sounds of pleasure, small moans, fast breaths, quiet little gasps.

Haley intoxicated me with every sexy move. I started hunching my hips slightly. My erection slipped back and forth, precum dampening my pajamas. It felt like I was fucking her, intensely arousing. Then Haley gasped quietly. Her hands gripped my forearm. Her little body trembled. Haley was cumming!

It was fantastic. Unbelievable. My orgasm rolled in gently, cock swelling. With my little girl climaxing, trembling and shaking on my lap, and fondling her pussy, hairless and slippery and so damned small, I came with her. Semen rushed up and erupted into my pajamas in a burst of orgasmic pleasure, my cum hot, thick and wet on me. Haley humped my erection with her little bum gasping out her climax and I erupted again, exquisite pleasure washing over me, my heart racing. Holding my sweetheart, fondling her little pussy, we came together. I humped and spurted, humped and spurted in an intense, gentle orgasm, cumming beautifully, my climax peaking and cresting with joyful release, slowing and ebbing and fading leaving me at peace.

Haley calmed in my arms. I cupped her little pussy and hugged her gently. We relaxed.

For the next several days we repeated it every night and would have probably continued it except I couldn't. I adored sexually touching my daughter. I adored her sweet climaxes. I loved my orgasms, too. But I couldn't leave well enough alone. The first time I eased my erection out of my pajamas to nestled into her bum crack, skin against skin, soft buttocks caressing me, and my precum silky slippery, I came with an intensity I'd never felt and harder than ever, a gut-wrenching climax that left Haley's bottom soaked in cum.

In the post-orgasmic lethargy - that utter drained feeling - with Haley leaning back against me, she wiggled her bum.

"It's wet, she observed.

"Yup. Sorry," I said.

"Is it on my bathrobe, too?" she asked, curious but not upset.

"Yup, probably."

With a child's logic, Haley calmly suggested we should take the bathrobe off next time.

Nakedness changed everything.

Friday started out damp and dull, the skies laden with rain. It was the type of rain I hated, a steady drizzle, no drama, just one continuous light rainfall that annoyed the Hell out of me. I dropped Haley off at school. Her bright smile and kiss goodbye briefly raised my spirits. The drive to work with wipers running intermittently erased my brief joy.

Nothing helped. I suffered from a blanket of blah, a feeling of indifference. By the time I picked Haley up I was desperate for distraction. Thus, home was bypassed in favor of a late afternoon movie and popcorn and soda and indulgence - ice cream for dinner, cake for dessert - and my daughter, on a sugar high and exploding with energy, lifted me out of the doldrums.

We laughed and went silly. In her abandoned pleasure I found joy. By the time her sugar high passed we were home. It was late.

She crawled up onto my lap after her shower, changing the channel with the remote. I was erect in anticipation. But this time she changed her routine, shrugging her bathrobe off before leaning back against me. I had a naked little girl in my arms, a beautiful, warm, cuddly naked girl.

Haley reached between her spread legs and tugged my pajamas. "Take them off, Daddy," she instructed.

It's difficult to describe the first time my erection touched Haley's pussy. I lifted my butt and tugged the pajama bottoms down. It forced my erection down and, when the waist passed over it, my cock popped up and slapped against Haley's pussy. Pajama's slipped to my ankles. Haley looked down.

Her hand touched me, warm and soft. She explored the shape of my crown with squeezing fingertips. Arousal assaulted me. Before I lost all control I reached under her, cupped her small buttocks and lifted her, my cock slapping onto my stomach. Easing her down, Haley wiggled her bum forcing my erection into her butt crack.

"Better," she commented before taking my hand and bringing it to her little pussy. "Ready, Daddy," she advised adding an exquisite bum squeeze.

Nakedness changed everything. This was no longer sexy cuddling and naughty touching. This was sex. We were naked together and I couldn't have been more excited. My little girl felt different. Having her silky skin touching me had my heart palpitating. Hugging a naked daughter was a completely different experience, thrilling and erotic as heck.

My erection flexed, two sweet little buttocks cuddling it in a warm embrace. Precum oozed. Haley's cleft was parted, her pussy so small and delicate in my hand. Deep down I touched her tiny opening and pressed. It yielded slightly sending a flash of excitement through me. Would I be able to actually penetrate her little pussy?

Rubbing her gently I spread her slight moistness, took a deep, bracing and calming breath, and pulled back, finding her little clitoris and caressing.

She sighed and melted against me.

"Good?" I asked in a whisper.

"Uh-huh," she nodded.

I kissed her neck, caressed the small buds on her chest, held her gently and stimulated her clit. Haley graced me with sighs of pleasure. She started her exciting hip movement pressing her pussy against my finger, her bum caressing my shaft. Precum spread along her crack. I humped her bottom.

This time, when I came, I felt each hot spurt. I felt hot cum spreading against my stomach and her bottom. Each glorious pulse of pleasure, each achingly beautiful spurt, spread more cum between us. This time I felt Haley clenching her buttocks as if milking my spurting erection. I came hard, thrusting slightly, slipping my erection back and forth, spurting hard, and drowned in pleasure, in sweet release.

This time it was different for both of us. When I finally calmed down I was still erect and mentally horny. I hugged Haley tightly while we relaxed. As lethargy emerged, Haley melting against me and me feeling weak and sleepy, I switched the television off and carried my daughter to bed - my bed.

Too much sugar combined with a draining climax left Haley sleepy and soft and uncomplaining. With her cleaned up I cuddled her to me. Naked, we slept together. Lord I was happy.

A clatter woke me. The bed was empty. Noise filtered in from the kitchen. For a moment I relaxed. Memory rushed back. An erection formed. I was shocked to realize the powerful memory that was fueling my erection was not Haley and me on the couch. It wasn't what we'd done, either. The memory that was making my heart race, erection strain, and making desire flood my system like a shot of heroin was holding my naked little girl in bed with me.

There was nothing in the world that could approach the sensual beauty and excitement of sleeping with my daughter. I wondered what it might be like to cuddle and kiss, to fondle and kiss, and even, oh God, make love with her.

It didn't take much in the shower to find release. But my mind wouldn't let go.

Late morning had me hooting and hollering from the sideline as Haley raced down the field chasing a soccer ball. The long loose silky shorts hung over her little buttocks beautifully. Every so often she glanced my way giving me a big smile and quick wave before racing again. I stood and pointed and told every parent in earshot, "That's my girl." They smiled knowingly, all of them having suffered pride like me.

A flushed, sweaty little girl held my hand tightly when I led her into McDonalds. Lunch was inhaled between replays of each kick, "Did you see, Daddy, when I . . ."

Haley was a bit weighed down with two cheeseburgers and a chocolate shake at Karate class, her kicks not quite as high or as forceful as normal. It didn't matter. She had fun, she smiled, she radiated happiness, her impish short-haired look beautiful, and she warmed my heart.

It was a great Saturday.

That night, when Haley ambled into the living room in her bathrobe, I didn't let her grab the remote. I'd already changed the channel. This time I also changed something else. When she neared me I reached out and lifted her easily under her arms. She grinned, legs parting and knelt astride my lap facing me.

"I want kisses," I said.

Haley agreed. "Kay," she said and puckered up.

Her lips were soft and small when I brushed them with mine. My hands slipped inside her robe.

"Brrr. You have cold hands, Daddy," she accused with a shiver.

Rubbing her slender back vigorously I warmed them before, with a burst of excitement, slipping them down to cup two small, gorgeous, rounded buttocks. My erection flexed up against her.

Haley helped by shrugging the bathrobe off. She held onto my shoulders when I bucked up to slip my pajama bottoms off. My erection did its usual and popped up against my stomach. Haley settled back in my lap and I discovered heaven. Her small, cubby mons pressed to my shaft. Her warm body pressed to my length. She bumped my cock experimentally sending a bolt of arousal through me.

"Tonight we'll make each other feel good like this, okay?"

"Uh-huh," she answered with another small hump. "It feels bigger this way, Daddy."

Haley felt even smaller this way. My hands returned to her glorious bum. I agreed with her and nuzzled her neck. "Delicious," I whispered.

Haley giggled.

I nipped her earlobe, my lungs full of her scent, her damp hair tickling me. "Yum. Dessert," I claimed to more giggles.

Haley rested her cheek on my shoulder. With my hands cupping her little buttocks I guided her body, encouraging her to hump my shaft. My fingertips explored her sexy little pussy and eased her cleft open. She tilted her bum and suddenly Haley discovered how to masturbate against my erection, her clit stimulated. Precum dampened my crown and made us slippery. Haley humped and spread it. Soon we were gliding where we rubbed.

I pressed the pad of my index finger against the small entrance to her vagina and as she humped my shaft my finger pressed and eased off, pressed and eased off.

Face to face, humping against each other, it felt almost like real intercourse, my crown slipping up and down, my little girl humping her pussy at me, my child light and petite in my arms. Face to face the stimulation was stronger and arousal higher. Humping my little lover my orgasm stirred. Haley took me over the top.

She announced her pleasure with a soft, cute grunt, her body pausing for a second with her pussy pressed hard against my cock. A tremor shook her. She inhaled sharply and let loose, humping my erection with gusto, small arms wrapped around my neck. In the utter beauty of her joy my cock swelled and ached. I felt the wave approach, my testicles tensing, pressure building and, as I fell into my orgasm, as my cock swelled and exploded launching hot semen between us, Haley grunted and thrust. She cried out when the tip of my index finger penetrated her to the first knuckle. I exploded again, semen erupting in a long agonizing spurt of bliss. My fingertip was clenched in a velvet vise. Haley grunted and hunched and cried out again. Together we came, semen soaking us as we writhed against each other, my orgasm rough and powerful and all consuming. I came hard and completely, drained of energy.

When we slowed my fingertip was still clenched by her vagina. When we stopped, I withdrew it gently. Haley melted against me, limp and spent. She didn't complain when I carried her to bed, the excesses of sugar and cumming draining her of life.

She was asleep in my bed when I cleaned the semen off her. In her sleep she unconsciously snuggled when I drew her into my arms. I was tired but sleep wouldn't come. Now I was unable to forget her little pussy gripping my fingertip. Now I couldn't help wonder if I could really have intercourse with my little darling. God I wanted to!

Sunday was chore day. I didn't like it but it was unavoidable. At least the sun was out. The smell of fresh cut grass pleased my senses. It was warm enough in mid-September for me to wash the car and warm enough for me to spray Haley as she helped me. Her screams of delight had me grinning like a fool.

Weekly grocery shopping was done and my daughter reminded me I'd promised to buy her her first bra. I was thrilled. Very thrilled.

"Why are we driving in circles, Daddy?" she asked as I followed the perimeter of the mall for the third time.

"I'm deciding which store to go to," I lied. I was actually waiting for an erection to subside. I'd pictured my little lover in a training bra. Had I stopped there I'd have been fine. But I didn't. I made the mistake of adding some high cut little panties, a white lacy garter belt, and thigh high stocking to the image and man!

"There!" she exclaimed pointing to Saks. A minute later, "There!" now pointing at Target. "Daaaady, stop driving!"

I did.

Haley hopped out of the car with enthusiasm. I took my time, fishing into my pants to rearrange myself before getting out. With her hand in mine, she led me into Saks. I didn't trust myself not to react and end up arrested. We found a nice young teenage salesgirl. I explained my daughter wanted underthings and to please help her select anything she might want.

Haley positively beamed at me. She developed a new sparkle in her chocolate brown eyes. "Anything?" she asked in awe.

I should have been suspicious when the sixteen-year-old salesgirl echoed Haley's question. Stupidly I wasn't; too preoccupied with avoiding embarrassment. So I nodded yes and parked my butt at the counter.

I discovered there's an inverse relationship to the size of female clothes and the price. When the perky salesgirl started scanning scraps of cloth and little packages - Haley on tiptoes watching with a huge smile - the cash register seemed to jump by increments of twenty and thirty dollars. So preoccupied with the phenomenon was I that I paid no attention to the actual items being purchased.

At one hundred dollars my heart was racing. At one hundred and forty-three my blood pressure was excessive. It stopped there and I was too shocked to ask what was so damned expensive. I paid. Haley grabbed the bag and smiled.

"Thanks, Daddy!" she exclaimed.

On the bright side, I didn't embarrass myself. Financial matters never aroused me. However my curiosity was burning by the time we got home. Haley, my little helper, deserted me as I unloaded groceries. She vanished with a Saks bag clutched in her hands.

I'd sometimes debated if there was a God. I'd also wondered if there was any truth to ESP, or mind reading. I was happy to discover there was, on all counts.

While communication might have been slightly muffled, the outcome was incredible. Unpacking the groceries took longer than normal. My mind wasn't in it and we'd bought a ton of food. The tab for Haley's underwear was still astonishing me.

"Daddy! Come and see!" Haley yelled.

"Be right there," I yelled out. I decided the last scattering of canned goods could wait.

Walking into my daughter's bedroom I came to a dead stop. I'd assumed when people used the expression, "My jaw dropped," they'd been speaking metaphorically. They weren't. My jaw dropped.

"Aren't they nice?" my little girl asked, eyes sparkling. She twirled around.

She'd bought a little white cotton bra, flat triangles over each little nub edged with lace. The matching panties weren't high cut but skimpy things, plain front and back panel with matching lace joining them at each side. And covering her slender legs were thigh-high stockings, white with lacy tops. With the exception of a missing garter belt it was almost exactly what I'd pictured.

"I got it in pink and black, too. Do you like it?" she asked full of enthusiasm.

That little bra emphasized nascent nubs. Those panties were thin enough I could see the outline of her little cleft and snug enough her mons mounded full. Those stockings emphasized the slenderness of her legs and drew attention to a gap that had me shaking. In that gap cotton panties coddled a chubby little vulva.

I had an erection and had found faith, thanking God for her fashion sense and for putting my ideas into her pretty little head.

"So do you like them?" Haley asked again.

"Do you?"


"In that case I can honestly say, wow!" And it was wow. The effect of sexy lingerie on her prepubescent body was shocking and hugely arousing.

"Thanks! What's for dinner?"

It was my cue to leave. Haley turned to her clothes and showed me a compact little bum. I retreated with a hard erection and desire rampaging through me. Now I wanted to touch and caress and map the almost nonexistent curves of her body.

I did.

After an over-cooked meal, messed up by inattention, and after cuddling in front of the television, Haley announced she was going to shower and hopped up off the couch. I grabbed her hand stopping her.

"Would you put your new undies on after the shower instead of the bathrobe?" I asked without a trace of shame.

"Kay! The pink ones?"


Alone, I dwelled on the lingerie. Haley admitted she'd picked the undies and bra. But it had been the teenage salesgirl that had suggested the stockings. Had she seen something in my demeanor that revealed the attraction I had for my daughter? I hoped not and resolved to be more conscious of my behavior when in public. But I wasn't in public right now. A deliciously sexy idea occurred to me. With a smile, I turned the television off and headed out of the room.

Twenty minutes later my daughter yelled from the living room, "Daddy! Where are you?"

"In the bedroom," I yelled back. I had the television on tuned to her sitcom and the bedside lamp on. I'd showered quickly and was happily naked under the covers. My blood raced in excited anticipation.

It was worth it.

Haley ran into the bedroom, short hair damp and scraggly, big dark chocolate eyes shining and, Lord almighty, pink, pink, lots of sexy pink.

"What 'cha doin' in bed?" she asked.

"Waiting for you."

Puzzlement emerged on her pretty face. "But the couch . . ."

Smiling, I suggested, "I thought we'd be more comfortable here."

Haley grinned, "Kay," and scrambled into bed, all pink, everywhere pink loveliness.

It was cute how she assumed we'd watch television. She actually watched the sitcom. I didn't. I played.

It was like playing with a doll, just bigger, and real, and warm, and soft, and sexy. She paid me no heed when I unbent her legs and laid them flat. She didn't respond when I moved her down, her attention on the sitcom and issuing an occasional giggle.

I luxuriated in caressing my daughter. Those thigh-high stockings slipped under my hand, the lacy tops slightly rough. A handful of silken bare thigh slid by and I admired the rise and shape of a ten-year-old pussy. It was a remarkable piece of anatomy. Delightfully small, it managed to appear large and full and chubby when compared to her slender young body. It rose majestically, her mons full and sexy, a sensual pad against my palm.

The pink panties stretched tight enough to form a seductive little camel toe. Haley shuddered lightly when my fingertip trailed along it. She reacted by, without taking her attention from the television, reaching down and taking my hand, guiding it up to her little bra.

It, too, was sexy. The fact that it really had nothing to hide, nothing to support, no rational reason to be worn other than to be sexy, I found very arousing. Somewhere there was a clothing designer that was a lover of little girls.

I caressed little nubs gently, each smaller than my thumb tip. They promised future pleasure and teased. I explored the bra seeking a clasp and found it. The plastic hook sat between the two triangles under a small pink bow. It opened easily.

Pink areolae mounded up from her flat chest. The bra slipped to her sides forgotten. When I kissed a small nub, Haley tilted her head to peek around and watch TV, her hand rising to rest on my head as if guiding me. I sucked and teased the surprisingly hard nub and toyed with the other. Her areola darkened slightly, flushed with blood.

Pleased with my handiwork, I turned my attention to her pretty panties. I fondled and explored, my erection aching. Haley let me roll her bottom from side to side, not helping in the slightest as I eased each side of pink panties down, slipping them off stocking-clad legs.

It was a perfect hairless peach, triangular and sensual and mounded high; a chubby little thing that had my pulse racing. Twin little hips rose, her tummy slightly concave. At the peak of her mons a dimple formed the beginning of a tightly shut cleft that plunged down and disappeared between her thighs.

I played to my heart's content, caressing and lightly pinching, feeling its resilience and softness, its seductiveness. Haley twitched when my fingertip eased into her cleft to be hugged by sexy labia. I smiled when she let me part her legs. She made no attempt at assisting me; my little doll!

I couldn't have been more horny. The way my daughter let me explore while watching television was extremely arousing. She reacted just enough to let me know she felt what I was doing without stopping me. Thus, when my fingertip eased down her silky cleft and caressed a small clit, Haley pressed her pussy at me. When I leaned over and kissed her hairless mons, pressing my lips into it, her plump mound yielding, Haley's hand rested on the back of my head.

When, driven by intense arousal, I moved down the bed, Haley parted her legs to give me room, her attention mostly on the sitcom, occasional giggles sounding.

Haley's pussy was absolutely beautiful. Even with her legs parted her cleft remained closed. The sexy line merged with her bum crack, little buttocks bulging where they pressed to the bed. In the continuous line of her bum crack and cleft there were two dimpled depressions, one where her anus must be and the other where her vagina must be. My hands trembled when I reached out and pried her buttocks apart, her tightly closed anus appearing.

Holding my breath, I pried her chubby labia apart to expose reddish pink that glistened moistly. Deep in her sexy cleft I could see the tiny entrance to her vagina, a dark and alluring opening. Peeling her cleft open further, Haley's clitoris emerged hidden by a hooded cowl and below, two immature inner labia, tiny and delicate.

Moving in, I kissed her pussy, a shudder running through me. My little girl tasted of sexiness. Her pussy, silky soft, had an aroma that teased the senses, delicate and young. Unable to stop myself, I touched her cleft with my tongue and tasted her; pure and lightly musky, so erotic.

She giggled again. I kissed and, closing my eyes, licked her cleft from bottom to top pausing at her clit to caress. Haley's reaction was to reach down and hold my head. She curled her pussy at my mouth. I sucked and probed the bottom of her cleft with my fingertip touching warm, slippery moisture.

Hot labia gripped my fingertip. Warm moisture drew it deeper and, shaking with excitement, I pressed my finger into Haley's tiny vagina, a moist velvet sensation surrounding me. My cock strained where it pressed against the bed. The combination of eating her and touching her was suddenly intensely arousing.

Glancing up, sucking her clit and probing her pussy with tongue and finger, I watched Haley close her eyes, concentrating on the sensations in her body. She started humping my mouth gently, each hump pressing my fingertip into her tight vagina. Her nostrils flared with each deeper breath, stomach clenching, hips moving. With my fingertip penetrating her to the first knuckle, easing out and penetrating her in a fucking motion, with my mouth pressed to her hairless pussy and sealed to her short cleft, my tongue caressing her clit, Haley gradually built to her climax.

My excitement built along with hers. I found myself rubbing my erection on the bed, precum leaking, watching my little girl's sexual response.

Her climax came, announced with an almost silent grunt, a cute frown, a gasping mewl and sudden little undulating humps. She snorted and climaxed beautifully, pressing her little pussy to my mouth. Waves of pleasure made her body clench and release until, with a final gasp, she collapsed limply. Her chest heaved. Her hands fell from my head. Her body relaxed.

I was now achingly horny.

Moving up over her, I gathered my little girl in my arms and hugged her, rolling onto my side. She was petite and cuddly and warm and soft. Silky stocking-clad legs brushed against me. Haley purred like a kitten, emitting little sighs and mmm's. My damp, slippery erection pressed to her tummy. I held a spectacular little ass in one hand.

Try as I might I couldn't remain still. I humped slightly against her, just enough to stimulate my crown on her tummy. Drawing her up higher, I finally kissed her, giving her a gentle peck on her small mouth. It felt wonderful. I did it again, brushing my lips against hers. Haley stirred. Her eyes opened. She smiled against my mouth. Dark chocolate eyes twinkled.

I humped slightly and discovered, in drawing my daughter higher, my erection had found the valley formed by closed thighs and my crown was pressed to a chubby pussy. Precum added a silky slipperiness to her. Holding her compact bottom tightly, I hunched and groaned, my crown pressing and sliding along her cleft, her thighs surrounding my tip.

Withdrawing, I hunched again, still holding her small bum tightly. My crown glided along her cleft to slip between her thighs. My erection swelled, thick and rigid. It felt like I was actually fucking her.

Nibbling her lower lip, holding her small body in a hug and gripping two little buttocks with one hand, I eased my cock back and forth, my eyes closing, the feeling so intense. I probably would have been happy doing just what we were doing, but Haley tilted her hips slightly as if finding a more comfortable angle. The effect was astonishing.

Now the tip of my cock was sliding through her little cleft and catching at its base. I felt the tip slip over her pelvic bone and sink slightly. I felt the tip catch. Precum oozed and made her very, very slippery and I lost myself in the sensation.

Then, on one gentle forward press, my crown seemed to ease into her slightly. I paused to try to picture it. Haley slipped her knee up onto my thigh. My erection slipped slightly and there was no question where it was. I was lodged at her entrance, that tiny entrance I'd probed with my fingertip.

I had no plans to penetrate her. Visions of cumming in my little girl, of filling her ten-year-old pussy with semen, was more than enough. I wasn't far from cumming, either.

Holding Haley to me I pressed and eased off, my erection achingly stiff. I pressed and eased back, cock swelling. I pressed and relaxed and tried to picture it, picture my large erection pressing into her little cleft. The image made me twitch. Haley gasped quietly. Warm velvet gripped my crown.

Holy cow! I'd penetrated her!

"Sorry, honey," I whispered, easing my tip out of her incredible grip.

Haley's arms held me. "S'okay, Daddy. It didn't hurt."

"It didn't?" I asked, disbelievingly.

"No. You can do it again if you want."

If I want?! Hugging her, I eased my aching erection back, nudging into her slippery cleft, a warm moist feeling greeting me. My cock flexed. Damn I was hard. Gripping her little bum, I pressed as gently as I could and, God Almighty, labia oozed over me, a moist velvet sheath slowly enrobed my crown and I was penetrating my daughter again. I was penetrating my ten-year-old little girl and nothing in this world could have prepared me for how fantastic it was.

The combination of holding her slender petite body against me, my cock achingly hard, and the tip gripped in the tightest velvet clasp, had my heart racing. I was dizzy. Conflicting desires were screaming at me. Cum! Thrust! Be careful!

I stopped moving and tried to catch my breath. My erection swelled and pulsed dangerously. Inhaling deeply, I looked at her and smiled. Haley smiled back at me, such a sweet smile, such a pretty girl, my imp.

"How does it feel?" I asked.

"Okay. Are you all in?"

I grinned. "No. Just the tip."

Her eyes lost focus. She tested with a clench. Focus returned. "Try putting more in." She reinforced her instruction by pressing her pussy at me.

I actually felt another inch slip in, her entrance snug around my shaft, her insides a molten velvet vise. I was so close to losing control. When my little lover pressed lightly again and I edged a bit deeper I lost it.

I couldn't restrain myself any more. I couldn't control the powerful urges, those basal urges that drive desire. Holding my darling, one arm around her back, one hand gripping the sexiest little bum, I eased my erection out and in slightly and realized I was fucking her!

Easing out and in, I slipped slightly deeper, a tight velvet sheath gripping me. Slowly, with infinite care, I started fucking Haley, each gentle thrust penetrating her little pussy deeper, my ears and eyes locked on her for any sign of discomfort.

Haley relaxed, her face calm, eyes studying me as I fucked her gently loving the exquisite feel of penetrating her gorgeous pussy. It was heaven. Slowly, with gentle strokes, I slipped deeper and deeper wondering when I'd hit her end. Gradually her pussy eased down my shaft until, with just a bit remaining, my crown nudged against her end. I was almost completely sheathed in her. My cock ached and swelled, thick and harder than I could remember it being. I paused, buried in her, enjoying the incredible sensation, that exciting contrast of actually having sex with such a young girl.

Need washed at me like waves on the shore, each making my cock flex and thicken, each reinforcing just how tight my little girl was. Need fed desire and, unable to stop myself, I started fucking my darling. Using gentle and slow strokes, I fucked her incredible tightness, desire building. My body started tightening, tensing.

I fucked Haley gently, each stroke slightly longer until the crown was almost breaching her before stroking back into heaven, so tight, so wonderful. I drowned in the sensation of fucking my little girl. I drowned in the bliss, the feel, the excitement. And slowly, with each exquisite stroke, the familiar sensation of a looming orgasm emerged. I knew this was going to be a furious climax. It was going to be painful and aching and disorienting. I could tell, my cock pulsing and hard.

I fucked my little lover moving gently but firmly. Then things changed. Haley started moving! She started fucking me back with small pelvic moves in counterpoint to my gentle stokes. Suddenly we were truly fucking and, before I could say anything, my daughter gasped.

"Daddy!" she whispered forcefully. Haley was cumming!

It took me over the edge. Fucking into her tight pussy my erection swelled. I held my breath. Semen released suddenly and, with a burst of exquisite pleasure, it raced up my thick shaft to explode deep into her. Holding her more tightly, I withdrew and fucked into her, cum exploding in a mind-blowing eruption, an endless spurt flooding my darling's womb. Now controlled by my orgasm I withdrew and stroked into her, lodging myself as deeply as possible, exploding, cum spurting, ecstasy washing over me. I withdrew and thrust and exploded, hot thick cum bathing my cock. I withdrew and fucked, exploding again and now the ache started. Thrusting, hugging my darling, I exploded, cum spurting, my body straining. I thrust, swelled and erupted again, pain now teasing my groin. The next overwhelming wave cashed into me. I thrust and had nothing left to give, my body hurting. One final shuddering thrust and the orgasm passed. Relief rushed in, pleasure returned, bliss, bliss.

The bedroom was silent except for the quiet sound of the television. It cast a blue flickering light over us. Her breath felt good against me; small puffs barely stirring the hair on my arm. I liked it. It was delicate, like her. She held my upper arm with both of hers, hugging it. Like a limpet mine, my daughter clung to me. I was still in shock at the intensity of it. The utter joy I'd experienced still overwhelmed me.

Taking stock, I explored my body. My muscles were relaxed. They had that melting softness that comes only with total, utter release. Languidness and contentment permeated me so completely even my mind was lazy. Blood was reaching parts of my body it usually didn't letting me know by tingling - my fingertips, my toes. Drowsiness plagued me, a need to close my eyes and sleep, to rest and recuperate. Yet I couldn't. I wasn't ready to let the fresh memory fade. I wanted to etch it onto my mind - to never forget this.

Haley stirred next to me emitting a small sigh in her sleep. With my free hand I reached across and combed my fingers through her short hair. She was so small, so exquisitely delicate, such a beautiful girl. Pride mixed with desire flushed through me. Rolling carefully, I gathered my little girl in my arms. She snuggled close, a small kitten seeking comfort. Finally, with my nose buried in her short silken hair, I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply, and let myself go, this utter pleasure all thanks to Haley's haircut.



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