Mg11, g11, uncle/niece, inc, cons, ped, 1st, oral

Taking care of a motor-mouth niece is a lot more fun than it first sounded.

THERE ARE TIMES IN one's life where, unbeknownst to you, events unfold that fundamentally change your life. You might imagine that these events, given their disruptive impact on your future, would be significant, memorable, and jarring; a wakeup call.

They aren't; at least for me they weren't.

In our family I was the responsible one, a good family member, the kind uncle, a generous brother. I thought I could handle anything life threw at me given my self confidence was so high. I was capable of anything; at twenty-nine I was accomplished in my field, successful and respected.

But it turns out I was a sadly disillusioned fool and unaware of my limits; in fact my limit, just one. That limit was called Mollie. That's right, Mollie, my eleven-year-old niece, my sister's beloved daughter. She was my limit.

It started so innocently, too. Just a phone call . . .

"Mr. Jarvis, phone call," Lilly said poking her head around the door looking at me with her pretty but vacuous blue eyes.

"Who is it?" A reasonable question I thought. But clearly it was beyond my new secretary's capabilities.

"Um. I don't know. Should I ask?" She seemed surprised her responsibilities included more than picking up the receiver and filing her blue nails. What the hell was wrong with HR these days?

"Never mind, Lilly. Which line?"

"Oh. Let me check." Her blond bouffant hair disappeared from the door. "LINE THREE," she screamed from her desk six feet away. I sighed. I hated breaking in new secretaries, it was such a pain.

"Hello, George Clooney speaking. How may I direct your call?" I asked on line three. Occasionally I'd get some twit confused enough to believe I was George Clooney and it always gave me a laugh. But, not this time.

"Rick, listen I need a favor. Jim has this little trip to Spain and he's been told he can take someone along and, well, we were thinking of extending it a bit, too, and isn't it exciting? So I thought it would be a nice thing to do, you know. We haven't been away together in, I don't know, like eons. And I've never been to Europe. Imagine Spain! So say you will, please? Pretty please? It would be sooo nice and I'd owe you for ever. So can you?"

"Hi Mary," I interrupted as soon as she took a breath. My sister was kind of excitable. But her bubbly personality helped me overlook her shortcomings, like asking me to do things when I had no idea what she was talking about, except it involved a trip to Spain . . . and she was excited.

"So say you will bro. Please?"

"Um, Mary, do what?"

"Look after Mollie," she said with surprise in her voice, as though I was the stupid one in this conversation.

"Aah, all is clear." And without thinking or checking the conditions associated with the commitment, a fatal mistake, I added, "Sure, why not?"

I yanked the handset away from my ear at the scream, delight I assumed, although one could easily mistake it for fingernails being removed. When silence returned, I cautiously brought the handset to my ear, ready to yank it away.


I listened to sobbing at the other end. Typical. Now she was so happy she was crying. Bracing myself for what was to inevitably follow I said, "MARY!" rather sharply.

"Oh Rick," she sobbed, "you're so good. What would I do without you, bro? I'm so lucky to . . ."

"Oops, gotta go, Mary. My next meeting just arrived," I interrupted. "Call me tonight, okay?"

I hung up quickly. Her lovey-dovey could drag on for hours if left unrestrained.

So you see? My fall started completely innocently, one call from my sister and one unthinking agreement.

It turns out this "little" trip to Spain was two months long. Little trip my ass. TWO MONTHS! What the hell was I supposed to do with Mollie for two months?

TEARS OF JOY DRYING, Mary said, "He agreed, Mollie," her mind immediately turning to what she'd need to pack. What events would she have to attend with Jim? God, she'd need to shop for a new bikini. Maybe if she starved herself she could lose a pound or two before she left, she thought, her hands smoothing down her blouse, checking.

Mollie grinned, thrilled. Two whole months with Uncle Rick! Walking back to her bedroom, she wondered what it would be like to have Uncle Rick to herself for so long. Until now, the most she'd had was a sleepover.

She loved Mom and Dad, but Uncle Rick, oh, he was such a hunk. All her friends thought she was so lucky to have him as an uncle when they'd seen him at her eleventh birthday party. Janet had ogled him and even offered to jump into bed with him to keep him warm. His dark hair with those green eyes, and his smile, gawd it was so sexy. When he smiled at her she'd flush hot, every time.

It hadn't been like that always. Until a couple of years ago, Uncle Rick had just been the fun uncle to be around, the one that actually played with her and talked to her; treated her as though she wasn't a kid. He was Mom's much younger brother who actually knew about music and movies and liked some of the same TV shows she did.

Then she'd discovered masturbation and the little pleasure button called a clit. It had surprised her when her clit had tingled while washing herself in the shower. That night, she'd explored, feeling it. It had made her feel good, sort of warm and nice. Talking to her friends, she'd been told with authority you were supposed to rub it hard to make yourself feel really good. She'd tried. It hadn't worked. It had just hurt, instead.

But, thanks to Uncle Rick, she'd had her first mind-blowing orgasm and she was immediately addicted. He'd taken her to the movies when Mom and Dad went out to celebrate their wedding anniversary. "Let's go on a date, too, Mollie," he'd said with that sexy smile, "How about the movies? Bet we can have more fun than your Mom and Dad."

"A date?" She'd asked.

"Yup! Dress up and everything, okay?"

And it had been a date! He'd held her hand and even put his arm around her shoulder when they walked through the mall. His sexy green eyes only looked at her; he smiled at her all the time. He'd raised the armrest between their seats and hugged her to his side throughout the movie and they'd shared a large bag of popcorn. After the movie he'd taken her to a real restaurant, Le Petite something-or-other and actually listened to her nervous chatter. And after that, God, Uncle Rick had stopped before they went back inside her house and kissed her on her cheek! Her first date and kiss!

That night, diddling herself in bed, replaying her "date" with Uncle Rick, his attention, his big arm around her, his sexy green eyes looking at her and that kiss, she'd experienced an explosion inside her, something bursting, a hot wave cascading through her feeling so good she'd cried out, dizzy with pleasure, toes curling. She'd experienced her first orgasm.

After that, she'd seen Uncle Rick differently. She took every opportunity to cuddle with him when he visited and he always smiled at her, those sexy green eyes twinkling. She'd even sat on his lap once after Janet had told her about sex and erections, wondering if he would get one. He didn't, at least not that she could tell. But he did hold her tight as he chatted with Dad. She'd rested her head against him, his smell so sexy, his arms so strong. It was the first time she felt the heat of arousal flush through her uncontrollably, her panties getting damp. He'd kissed her cheek gently, so lovingly, before she'd slipped off his lap.

She'd heard Dad as she was heading up to her room for the night. "I think Mollie has a crush on you, Rick."

That night, her orgasm was really, really strong, replaying Uncle Rick holding her, kissing her. No, she decided Dad was wrong. It wasn't a crush. She loved Uncle Rick.

She was pretty sure Uncle Rick loved her, too. He'd given her that gold locket for her eleventh birthday, the one she never took off. When she'd squealed with delight after opening the present and thrown herself into his arms, telling him, "I love you," he'd said he did too! He said he loved her!

But best of all was when she'd asked him to be her boyfriend and take her to the end of year school dance. "It would be my honor," he'd said. She'd worn her best dark blue velvet dress, hair done-up by Mom, nails polished and everything! And he'd danced with her, much to her friends envy and her joy. She'd felt so excited and naughty when he dropped her off at home, turning her face suddenly when he bent to kiss her cheek so he kissed her mouth. His blush was sexy, his smile heart-stopping. God, that night's orgasm had been the strongest ever. Uncle Rick's lips were delicious and she wanted more.

Mollie wanted Uncle Rick as her boyfriend, a real boyfriend who would kiss her and touch her and want to do more; her first real lover.

And now she'd have two whole months with him! Just her and Uncle Rick! Wait until she told Janet. Gawd, she was going to be so jealous.

Mollie had done her homework. She'd talked to her friends and done research on the Internet. She knew all about sex and how to make your boyfriend happy, although some of the things girlfriends were supposed to do to guys sounded a bit yucky. She knew all about what guys liked and decided Uncle Rick was going to be her first. It wasn't like she was too young. Mindy had had sex, and she said it was okay; it only hurt a bit. Mind buzzing, Mollie wondered what clothes to pack. What would Uncle Rick like? She tried to figure out how to get to the mall to shop without Mom, smiling at what she needed to buy.

WITH THE WEEKEND OF Mary and Jim's departure approaching, the reality of what I'd agreed to began to sink in. I loved my niece, but how was I supposed to entertain her for two months? How exactly did one keep an almost-twelve-year-old busy?

Mollie was a lot of fun, but so far I'd only looked after her for the occasional evening and once, a sleepover. Bloody hell, it was her summer vacation, too! I was beginning to regret being so generous to my sister.

I kept gnawing away at the problem. Mollie was remarkably well behaved and I trusted her, but leaving her home alone every day for two months didn't feel fair. Even I'd go stir crazy. I decided to consult an expert, Bob, one of my partners in the firm. He had three kids. He'd know what to do.

"Eight weeks, Rick? You agreed to eight weeks? What a hoot!" he said, leaning back in his chair and laughing. I didn't really think it was a laughing matter.

"Funny, Bob. So, what do you suggest? I need some advice here. I'm very open and receptive at this point."

"Well, do you like being with Mollie or do you want to minimize the time you spend with her?" he asked, still smiling at my predicament and enjoying it far too much I thought.

"I like her, Bob. She's fun." And I did, too. Mollie, motor-mouth and all, was a bright, personable girl.

"In that case, take two months off."

"Do what? Are you nuts?" I asked, astonished at his suggestion. "I can't afford to take two months off. And besides, that doesn't solve my problem about how to keep her occupied, does it?"

"Rick, relax. It's summer. We can handle the business without you for a couple of months. As a founding partner it's about time you took a vacation anyway, all the other partners have. Take Mollie on a cruise, or go to Disneyland."

"I don't even like Disneyland! And you know I get seasick."

"Then take her camping," Bob suggested.

"Camping? As in tents? Roughing it? No toilets or TV? Who the hell would enjoy that?" I countered.

Bob shook his head at me chuckling. "Jesus, Rick. Haven't you heard of Recreational Vehicles? RVs?"

I immediately saw a VW camper or little Winnebago; small, cramped, noisy, and underpowered. My voice dropped an octave. "Bob, I'm not living in a tin can."

He laughed. "Jeez, Rick. You're so out of touch. They have really nice larger RVs these days. Go look."

Hmmm. Maybe Bob was right.

I threw Mollie's bags in the trunk of my Mercedes, listening to my sister with half an ear.

"Remember, Rick, she can be a pest at times, so don't be afraid to send her to her room to . . ."

"MOM! I am not!" Mollie fumed, frowning delightfully at her mother.

"Yes you are, dear," Mary said with a smile, her hand ruffling Mollie's thick, raven hair. "Where was I? Oh, yes. Make sure she gets to bed before ten or she'll be cranky all day. And she needs to eat properly, Rick. Make sure you give her lots of vegetables and roughage or she'll have problems . . ."

"MOM!" Mollie looked like she was ready to blow a gasket, eyebrows narrowed in indignation. When she looked at me I grinned and winked. She suddenly grinned back at me, a remarkably impish grin. Catastrophe averted.

I think my sister was still talking to us when we closed the car doors and left.

Driving away, Mollie was all energy, fidgeting in her seat. "Where are we going? Isn't this great! This isn't the way to your place. Two whole months, Uncle Rick! It's gonna be fantastic! Are you working? That's okay. I don't mind. We can still do stuff after work and on the weekends. Maybe we can see some movies. Wanna?"

"Mollie . . ." I said.

"And swim in your pool, too. Is it warm? I brought my bathing suit. It's new. You'll like it. It's a bit small and Mom didn't see it but I think . . ."

"Mollie," I said again, louder, making a left turn at the lights.

". . . it looks great. I can wear it when we go to the beach on the weekend, too. Do you like the beach, Uncle? I do except for when sand gets inside the bottoms of my bathing suit and then it's scratchy. Did I tell you my new bathing suit is orange? It's . . ."

"Mollie! Take a breath," I interrupted, smiling.

"What?!" she asked indignantly, eyebrows scrunched.

I grinned. What a personality. "We're not going to my house."

"We're not? Where are we going?"

"There," I said, nodding out the windscreen at the large sign, 'RV Masters, The Biggest Selection West of Hollywood'.

"There?" she asked, pointing at the rotating forty-foot neon sign.


Mollie fell quiet.

After filling in forms and paying, Jim, the manager of RV Masters, led us to our recreational vehicle. Mollie and I stood staring at it.

"It's big," Mollie said in awe.

It was. In fact, it was fucking huge. It looked as big as an intercity bus with metallic dark blue paint, smoked windows, and chrome trim. This was no RV. This was a motor-coach, no, a motor-mansion.

When I'd phoned RV Masters and asked for a rental, the manager had asked what size. Using my intimate knowledge of recreational-type vehicles, I'd replied, "The biggest one you have," picturing a minibus, still cramped in my humble opinion.

"Very good, Sir," he'd replied with sudden enthusiasm. "We have a new Newell you'll find has plenty of room."

Mollie, hand in mine, tilted her head to look up. "Really big," she said.

"Yes, ma'am, it is big. Forty-five feet of pure rolling luxury, a six-hundred and twenty-five horsepower diesel engine, auto transmission and cruise control, three TVs, a home theater, satellite television, and rides as smooth as a baby's bottom," Jim claimed, his chest puffed up as if he'd built it himself.

"Big," Mollie agreed, nodding. "Three TVs?" she asked.

Just what had I committed us to? I'd never driven a bus. Jim pressed a button; the pneumatic door opened with a hiss, the scent of new leather and new car flowing out. We were given the tour. It was outrageously luxurious. It even had little blue LED lights in the floor!

"Who uses these RVs?" I asked, somewhat in awe.

"Oh. Well we rent them to all the movie stars for location shoots," Jim replied. "And people like you," he added with a grin, rightly taking me for an ignorant sucker.

Half an hour later we were loaded, ensconced in deep leather Captain's chairs, surrounded by luxury and trying to figure out how to start the damned thing. It felt as big as the Titanic from where I was sitting.

"Try that button," Mollie offered helpfully, pointing her small index finger at a red button that said "Start."

I tried. A deep rumble sounded. There was a slight shake and the sound faded to background noise. I had a stupid grin on my face; the first hurdle had been overcome. With a hiss of airbrakes releasing, the motorhome inched forward while I clung to the exceptionally large steering wheel. We cautiously left RV Masters' lot, making a wide, wide right turn onto Mercer Road. I grinned with pride as I completed the turn, suddenly confident I had the Titanic's number.

Our adventure was off to a great start.

"Sorry Officer," I said as Officer Robinson and I stood side-by-side studying the flattened signpost. I frowned at the storm of giggles coming from behind me. Turning, I threw Mollie a fierce frown. It only made her giggle harder as she sat on the bottom step of the Titanic's entrance, eyes sparkling with amusement at my predicament.

Officer Robinson studied the flattened "Stop" sign, my driving license and rental papers in his hand.

"At least I stopped," I offered. The right turn had been a bit problematic. I'd forgotten I was the pilot of the Titanic thanks to automatic transmission and straight roads. It was pure misfortune that Officer Robinson happened to be following me in my blind spot; behind us.

A burst of laughter, bright and from the gut, erupted from Mollie. It made me grin. It also made Officer Robinson smile. "I'll pay for it," I offered, stepping up and bending. Grabbing the pole, I heaved. With a suspicious squeak, I managed to bend it back into the upright position.

We both studied it, inspecting it from different sides. I adjusted it slightly.

Officer Robinson handed me back my license and rental papers. "It looks fine to me, Mr. Jarvis. Why don't we forget it ever happened," he suggested, adding, "as long as you don't make it a habit of running over signs."

"Thanks," I said, offering my hand. We shook. Mollie's and my journey resumed. We'd now covered seven miles in one hour. I should have opted for the highway, I thought ruefully.

"Here," I said, thrusting the map at Mollie. "Make yourself useful instead of just laughing at me. Navigate," I ordered.

MOLLIE TOOK THE MAP Uncle Rick proffered. She was already having a riot of a time and they'd hardly gone anywhere. But two whole months in an RV! Two whole months of living with Uncle Rick! Wow!

She giggled, remembering his expression when the policeman had stopped them. Uncle Rick had looked like a little boy caught being naughty, his gorgeous green eyes sparkling, dark, dark hair flopping over his forehead. But his broad grin at her giggles had made her heart jump. Jeez he was just so handsome.

Looking at the map in her lap, she asked, "Why don't you use the GPS?"

"What GPS?"

"That one," she said, pointing to the large screen in the dashboard, the one that looked like a twin of the one in Mom's mini-van.

"That's a GPS?"

"Jeez. You're hopeless," she said, leaning forward and touching the screen. Suddenly a rear view from behind the Titanic appeared. "Wow! How 'bout that!" Mollie said, bending and studying the image.

GLANCING DOWN AND SEEING the rear view, I asked, "How did you do that?" A car horn blared. Steering back onto the right side of the road and smiling at the angry driver as he waved his fist at me, I concentrated on piloting the Titanic. Route seventy-four, leading us to Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park with "warm showers, flushing toilets, a playground, and a Nature Center," was a winding road that was proving to be hard for the turning-challenged Titanic. However, the ever-climbing pine tree-lined road was really quite pretty.

"You didn't tell me where we're going," Mollie said. "Where are we going?"

"I thought we'd go to the Gulf of Mexico."

Mollie glanced up at me, her head tilted, remarkably warm dark brown eyes studying me. "Why?"

"Have you ever been there?"


"Well, there you go," I stated with finality. Mollie didn't seem convinced.

"Why do I have to sleep on the sofa?" Mollie complained. "How come you get the bed?"

"I'm older, I paid for the RV, I'm the driver, and I'm a great person," I answered, heading towards the rather luxurious, cozy bedroom to unpack. We'd found ourselves a parking lot in Caspers Wilderness Park to stop for the night. It wasn't the official RV park. I'd taken one look at the sharp right turn I'd have had to negotiate in order to enter it and, with images of a bent "Stop" sign, decided the Titanic was incapable of turning that tightly . . . or the driver was incapable.

This parking lot was empty and shadowed as the sun slowly slipped towards a cloudless horizon hidden behind tall pines, yellow sun taking on a golden tint. Mollie hauled her suitcases into the bedroom to unpack still muttering about the sleeping arrangements; we were sharing the closet and drawer space. I loved her grumping. I really didn't sense any meanness behind it.

Unpacked, we took a walk before dinner. It was deathly quiet; very disturbing. Mollie laughed when I mentioned how ominous the silence was and how the smell of pine was too strong, like floor cleaner. When her small hand slipped into mine, I felt rather pleased for some reason. Glancing down, I admired her raven hair, how it bounced heavily; she'd pulled it into a ponytail. Tendrils had escaped to frame her pretty face, small button nose, the slight ski-jump end adding lightheartedness to her face. She glanced up at me and smiled, her eyes sparkling and full of personality. I felt that smile in my chest. It was spectacular. I really liked Mollie.

Eventually we circled back to the RV. I was now tired of nature. Mollie laughed as I explained nature was essentially trees, dirt, brambles and a disturbing silence broken by unidentifiable birds chirping "I'm lost. Is anyone out there?" Dinner was sandwiches and pop; beer for me.

Our first night on the road did not go as planned, though. The bed was surprisingly large and comfortable and I appreciated the flat-panel television but couldn't figure out how to get a signal. As I stretched out on my back, arms under the pillow and admiring the LED lights in the ceiling, I reviewed progress for the day, quite pleased we'd made it safely to our first stop.

Through the closed bedroom door I heard Mollie muttering indistinctly, followed by a thump, then more muttering. It made me smile. She was a total character, I thought. She'd even suggested we flip a coin for the bedroom. "It's only fair, Uncle," she'd tried to reason with me to no avail.

More thumping, now louder, emanated from the front and I heard what sounded like cursing. I grinned broadly. If nothing else, I figured Mollie was going to provide me with an endless source of entertainment for the next couple of months. I definitely liked her. She was no shrinking violet afraid of her own shadow or too shy to speak up, that's for sure.

Turning back to fiddling with two remotes, trying to get something on the television, I was interrupted by the bedroom door bursting open, Mollie, dressed in a large purple sleeping T-shirt, was standing in the doorway, long bare legs, dainty ankles, small feet.

"It's not gonna work," a delightful frown announced, thick raven hair loose and messy as it cascaded over slender shoulders.

I grinned at her appearance. Very cute. "What isn't going to work?" I inquired.

Dark brown eyes stared at me intently. "Look at that," she said, pointing at me. "It's huge. It looks soft and comfy."

"What does?"

"The bed, you goof!" she said. "It's not fair!"

"Mollie . . ." I began to say.

She pointed behind her back to the living area, arm outstretched. "Have you tried that? Have you tried sleeping on it? No! You haven't. I'm not sleeping on it!" And without further ado, Mollie lifted the covers and slipped into bed beside me. "Oh, man," she moaned with pleasure before grabbing one of my pillows, fluffing it and turning away from me. "Nice," she sighed. "What's on TV?"

"It doesn't work."


In the silence that descended I had to smile. I loved her forcefulness. She was full of piss and vinegar and I loved it. Rolling away from her, I listened to her breathing and gradually let its soft cadence lull me to sleep.

Morning arrived slowly, comfortably, with early light brightening the luxurious RV bedroom. I heard birds chirping. There was a scent in the air, intoxicatingly calming and attractive. My nose twitched and tickled. Awareness seeped in. My eyes opened.

Thick raven hair tickled my nose. I was holding Mollie and spooning her from behind. Her scent, a unique aroma I'd never smelled before, filled my lungs. She felt soft, cuddly and warm, her bum pressed back against me. I felt like sighing, maybe just lazing in bed for a while, maybe all morning, and hugging her to me. It was a new experience and one I found amazingly pleasurable. She fit me so well; delightfully petite. Her body molded to mine, alive yet peaceful.

I felt great.

Suddenly I realized why I felt so great. Embarrassment flushed through me. I gently rolled away and made for the bathroom, hiding the bulge in my boxers.

MOLLIE SMILED TO HERSELF, not moving as Uncle Rick slipped out of bed. For the last half hour she'd laid in his arms smelling him as he hugged her tightly, thinking, I'm in bed with Uncle Rick! Her pussy had pulsed feeling heavy and moist, aroused from feeling Uncle Rick's erection pressed against her. It had felt huge and hard and very exciting. Uncle Rick was horny! How fun was that!

She reached down and held her pussy, squeezing. It ached with need. She could feel it pulsing. Hurry up Uncle, I need the bathroom, she thought, needing release. She curled her fingertip to press her panties into her slit, trembling slightly at the pulse of pleasure from her clit. Did she have time to diddle herself before Uncle Rick finished? Another caress and she moaned quietly.

I STOOD WITH A rigid, determined erection, my morning wood unusually impressive, and pressed it down towards the toilet bowl. I tried imagining calming mountain streams, gentle ocean swells, then the Mohave Desert, moving on to complex algebraic equations, tensile calculations for support beams, construction safety regulations. No luck. It remained rigid and now my need to pee was becoming painful, an ache in my bladder.

I replayed the last meeting with my least favorite client, recalling his bombastic, money-fueled arrogance. Ahh. Success. Pee started as a dribble. Slowly the flow increased, building stronger, relief flooding me as I finally emptied my bladder. It brought about a rather intense feeling of joy.

Unfortunately, I let my relieved mind wander and, to a sharp, distinct and wonderful memory of Mollie's petite young body pressed to me, my erection stormed back. Frowning at it did nothing. Swearing at it did nothing. A knock on the bathroom door distracted me.

"Hurry up, Uncle. I need to go!"

Glancing around, I grabbed a towel. With it carefully draped in front of me hiding my inexcusable erection, I opened the door and slipped by Mollie, presenting my back to her. She grinned at me and closed the door. By the time she came out I was dressed in snug jeans and a polo shirt and sandals, and busy making coffee.

MOLLIE SAT ON THE toilet, white cotton panties stretched between her ankles, her bladder pleasantly empty, and thought about Uncle Rick's erection pressed to her. It had felt huge, much larger than she'd imagined for some reason. It had filled her bum crack and higher, up to her lower back. Reaching down, she cupped her pussy, a familiar spark of arousal returning. Dreaming of Uncle's erection, what it might feel like to touch it, to stroke it, she caressed her pussy, her finger slipping between the lips to find her clit. Her other hand moved under her T-shirt to caress aching boobs, tiny little mounds that had recently formed, half areolae, half mound topped by hard, bead-like nipples. Her heart beat harder as a finger strummed her clit, imagining Uncle touching her, Uncle Rick bending to kiss her, his hand slipping inside her panties to fondle her and feel her pussy.

She shuddered, moisture forming in her slit as she daydreamed, Uncle Rick whispering how much he loves her, how much he wants her, only her. Her finger strummed faster, pleasure building as she pretended it was Uncle Rick touching her, playing with her pussy, "God, Mollie, you're so incredibly sexy. Would you kiss me? Please?"

Mollie's head dropped as she imagined kissing Uncle Rick while he touched her. Her hair fell forward in a cutain as her body shook, a wave of bliss crashing through her, her orgasm making her hold her breath. Her legs snapped together, finger strummed, breath exploded and bliss flooded her starting deep in her belly and flowing out, radiating down to her curling toes and up to her sore nipples. Gaaawd! Cumming, Uncle. Cumming!

WHEN MOLLIE EMERGED FROM the bathroom, her face flushed, cheeks rosy, I asked, "Are you feeling okay?" I was preparing cereal and fruit for breakfast. I still hadn't worked up the courage to try the stove.

"Yeah. Fine," she replied, scuttling into the bedroom. It seemed like her flush intensified. Very attractive.

By nine we were back on the road, carefree and chatting. Approaching an intersection on Route Seventy-four, Mollie, studying her paper map, pointed left.

"Go that way," she instructed.

"Are you sure?" I asked. Left was north. The Gulf was supposed to be to the south.

"Yup. That way," she confirmed, little finger jabbing left.

"But . . ."

Mollie turned and stared at me. "You're driving, right?"


"Then I'm navigating. So hush up and turn left. Jeez you're a pain, Uncle."

I grinned and turned left, wondering where she was taking us. It sure as heck wasn't the Gulf of Mexico. However, what did it matter? We were a travelling hotel without room service. We could go wherever she wanted as long as she was happy.

MOLLIE GRINNED. SHE WANTED to stay in national parks or forests. It was so private. Going to a beach somewhere would mean lots of people, crowds. No. She wanted Uncle Rick to herself, alone, maybe doing stuff, she thought with a grin and a flush of heat. Yeah, definitely doing stuff. Two whole months! You could do a lot of stuff in two months, she thought with a big smile.

WHILE WE DROVE SLOWLY through the national forest following a winding single-lane road, I glanced across at Mollie and studied her. She'd tied-up her thick raven hair in a ponytail that sat high on the back of her head, the tail bouncing heavily to the top of her shoulder blades. In a yellow cotton tank top I noticed for the first time the small mounds on her chest, widely spaced, breast buds hinting at the approach of pubescence. They looked very good on her, making her look even more feminine for some reason.

Her bare feet were up on the dash, small toes, her toenails painted a pink color, dainty feet, slender ankles. Mollie's legs were thin, long, well formed but not shaped by maturity yet. She wore cut-offs that seemed to be cut very short, lime green with a brass button at the front and loops for a missing belt.

I studied her profile; a slight ski-jump at the end of her small nose adding character, her youthful, un-plucked eyebrows and long dark eyelashes framing dark eyes full of character and emotion. From the side I saw her lips. While small they were full, the corner of her mouth slightly upturned as if on the brink of releasing a stunning smile. When her head turned towards me, I quickly looked away. Why was I so fascinated? Why was she so appealing? Why was the memory of her cuddled in my arms still so powerful?

I felt a bit embarrassed staring at her so personally. I really liked Mollie. Her personality fit me. I was comfortable with her and actually enjoyed her for who she was. But there was more. Inside me I was reacting to her in a different way, a new way. Mollie wasn't just my niece, she was a girl.

"Well?" Mollie asked.

"Well what?"

"You were staring at me. So?"

"So what?"

She giggled. "So waddaya think?"

"You're a pain," I answered with a grin.

"You, too. Turn right here," she instructed, her little finger pointing.

"Just where are we going?" I asked.

"None of your beeswax."

In fact, she directed us, even if it was by accident, to a beautiful parking lot high in the Sierras, overlooking a vast swathe of green in the valley before us. Once again we were alone as the sun's intensity eased and it started its long slide behind us towards the horizon. I figured we'd made about fifty miles, or more, or less. I didn't really care. I had no idea where we were and sort of liked it.

Dinner, made on the propane stove, was simple pasta, jarred basil marinara over penne rigate, a side salad with Newman's Own vinaigrette, and oven-warm buns; simple and filling. We figured out how to get the television working, a matter of unlocking the satellite dish to let it seek a signal and, sitting side-by-side, we enjoyed a couple of movies. But unlike when I'd watch a movie with Mollie at her house, this time her bare arm and bare legs were impossible to ignore. This time when I placed my arm around her small shoulders and she sort of cuddled into my side, I discovered she had fine hair on her arms, silky soft hair I inadvertently stroked with my thumb.

This time I noticed when she curled her legs up under her and was intensely aware of her hand on my thigh, warm and light. This time I caught the scent of Mollie.

It was confusing. My awareness of Mollie was intense and, surprisingly, I felt a strong attraction to her; an inappropriate attraction. I was actually feeling a sexual attraction. I could feel it, magnetic and arousing, my awareness of her heightened, my mind dwelling on her, the seductive hint of a smile on her pretty face. It was so not an "Uncle" reaction that, when it was time for bed, I sent her to the bedroom and chose the safety of the fold-out sofa; memories of waking with Mollie in my arms too strong and too arousing.

MOLLIE LAY IN BED. It felt large and empty without Uncle Rick there; sort of lonely. She curled up on her side. She could still feel the gentle caress of his thumb on her arm and hear his heart beating through her ear on his chest. But the twinge of excitement, that tickle of arousal that was making her pussy throb and nipples want to be touched, was entirely due to her hand. She'd placed it on his thigh, his jeans soft and well worn. It was the excitement of her hand being only a couple of inches away from his cock. It was the excitement of caressing the inside of his thigh gently and imagining being able to move her hand up and cup his crotch, maybe feel the outline of his penis, maybe excite him, maybe feel him get an erection.

Mollie shuddered, warmth flushing through her. It had been so close this time. What would it feel like? What would Uncle Rick's erection feel like in his jeans? Mollie smiled. Reaching into her panties and cupping her aching pussy she found her clit, caressed, and to lovely images of Uncle Rick, brought herself to a gentle, quiet cum, shuddering and dreaming of being naked and cuddling and kissing and touching. Sighing with relief she let sleep drift in, lovely dreams following. This was the best holiday ever! Now if she could only get Uncle Rick back in bed with her.

"No, sir. You need to empty the waste over there," Jerry, the site manager, said, pointing and grinning. "Then fill up the water tank. Water can be topped up over there," he added, smiling at my flummoxed confusion over why my shower had just stopped.

I WAS FEELING STUPID, a dunce. How come no one had mentioned we needed to empty the waste container? And how come I hadn't known we'd need to fill up with fresh water? It seemed so obvious, now the kid was explaining it.

We'd stopped at this recreational park on purpose. I figured there'd be someone who would know about the minor mechanical difficulties we were experiencing. Mollie sat on the bottom stair of the Titanic with a big grin on her pretty face, her chin resting on her hand, elbow on her bare knee, a nice knee, I thought.

"How do I empty it? Actually," I added, "what do I empty? Where is the tank?"

Jerry, the helpful eighteen-year-old, smiled. "Would you like me to show you?"

He did. God, what a dirty job! I gave him twenty bucks and my thanks. He gave me his RV-ing wisdom, "Do it every three days." I wondered if I could teach Mollie to do it.

Mollie's hoot of laughter when I suggested she handle it next time was all the answer I needed.

We decided to stay for the day. Despite having other campers around, none of which had a motorhome as impressive as our Titanic, they proved to be remarkably friendly, offering all kinds of advice for how we could improve our careers in Hollywood, my last film being a bit of a disappointment according to Barry, a large retired unionized pipe-fitter. He didn't believe we weren't in the movie industry. Nevertheless, Mollie completely charmed everyone she met. I felt quite proud, then jealous at her attention on everyone else but me.

MOLLIE LAY IN BED listening through the open door as Uncle Rick muttered, tossed, and turned on the sofa. She knew from experience how uncomfortable it was and couldn't understand why he was so insistent that he sleep there rather than in the big bed. He really was a goof. Honestly, there was plenty of room in this bed.

Besides, getting him back in the bed with her she could . . .

Mollie grinned and crawled out of bed. The motorhome was brightly lit from a full moon in a cloudless sky, colors muted to grays and blacks. The blue blanket covering Uncle Rick to his waist looked black. She liked his sprinkling of chest hair and briefly imagined her fingers brushing over it. How soft would it be?

At his side, she paused to study his face. He was frowning, eyes closed. Unshaven, his black hair an unruly mop, he looked so young and sexy, she thought, his lips so kissable. Reaching out she grabbed his hand and shook it.

"C'mon, Goof," she said. "Come sleep in the bed. I promise I won't assault you."

His green eyes popped open and studied her. She watched as a battle went on in them, his frown intensifying. What was his problem?

"C'mon, Uncle," she insisted, tugging his hand. "You're just going to hurt your back. You're too old and frail to be sleeping on the sofa."

His growl made her giggle. His frown melted away and she shivered slightly when his large hand turned and gently held hers. He let her pull him off the sofa and she felt something inside tremble as she led him to the bed. Our bed! It was such a special feeling; Uncle Rick naked except for boxers and leading him to their bed! Yes, very sexy, Mollie decided with a secret smile.

I WOKE UP TO the sounds of other campers moving outside our smoked-glass windows. I woke up to the intensely attractive scent of Mollie, a sleepy little-girl aroma in my nose, her hair tickling me. I woke up to a hard morning erection pressed against a small, warm body, her face pressed to my chest, her leg lodged between mine. I woke up with a gorgeous little girl in my arms and one hand resting on a remarkably shaped bottom. For just a moment I let myself dream of staying like this, of Mollie waking in my arms, of her turning her face up to me, maybe kissing me, her small hand reaching down to hold me and caress my aching shaft gently. My cock pulsed.

With infinite care I extracted myself and made for the bathroom. It took no time for me to relieve the ache, cumming hard as I tried to imagine what her naked little bum would look like, what it would be like to actually kiss a young eleven-year-old girl; kiss that bum. I shaved and, looking into my eyes in the mirror, I tried to regain the restraint Mollie's cuddling had demolished. I was presentable by the time I emerged and had a new vow; I was NOT going to get into bed with Mollie again. It was far too dangerous for her and me. Jesus, she'd be horrified at some of the thoughts going through her uncle's mind!

Later that morning we left the camping area to continue our eight week journey to nowhere. Conversation was sparse that morning. I was completely preoccupied.

Living with Mollie had become very stressful very quickly. I was learning something startling, something I'd never known about myself; I had no morals whatsoever. None. At least, none when it came to Mollie. It was partly her personality which fizzed with life and excitement. She made everything so much brighter, so much more interesting, bringing life into sharp clarity and making me want to experience her enthusiasm. I became caught-up in her effervescence. It was also her. At eleven years old, she really didn't look like anything but a little girl, almost flat, curve-less, slender, and immature (if you discounted the remarkable swell of two small buttocks and the riveting little bumps on her chest). Yet her behavior, smiles, grins, little hip swings, and eyes that glistened with life, pleasure, and impishness, added sexiness to her, making her seem all little girl but not too little.

And that was a problem - a huge problem. I was discovering I was intensely attracted to her, physically and emotionally, and reacting to her sexually. It was becoming hard to hide it, too . . . literally. I'd catch myself looking at her and wanting to hug her, hold her petite body close to mine. I found my mind wandering into the inappropriate with alarming frequency; what would she look like in just panties, what would those small breast buds look like, were her areolae pink or brown, did Mollie have any pubic hair? Just imagining slipping my hand inside her shorts to fondle her panty-clad bum gave me a physical response, my cock thickening, awakening.

It was increasingly difficult to redirect my attention, to behave with adult restraint and not let her become aware of my new unacceptable secret self. It was a slow war building inside me, agonizing, harsh, and challenging.

Late afternoon, high into the hills on the Pines to Palms Highway, we pulled into a large gravel-covered parking area, a sightseer's lookout offering a spectacular view of forest-covered hills and valleys gradually descending towards the flatlands city of Palm Desert. A few other cars were parked, their occupants out admiring the view. There was a shady grass area between the parking area and the road, protected by trees, and wooden picnic benches scattered here and there.

Stretching my back as I stood, Mollie left to inspect the view. I grabbed two Cokes from the fridge and followed her out. She was leaning precariously on the wood railing, peering over at the sharp drop-off below. It made me nervous.

"Here," I said, offering her a Coke, placing my hand on her back just in case she decided to fall over the precipice into the void below.

"Thanks. It's pretty," she declared, taking the can of Coke. We admired in silence until she spoke again. "Can we stay here overnight?"

"Why not," I answered, rubbing her slender back absentmindedly. Mollie stood straight and leaned into my side, slurping Coke. It was very comfortable. Her arm slipped around behind me and she dug her hand into a back pocket of my jeans. A little of my restraint was eroded.

My vow of not sleeping in the same bed with her was completely demolished that evening. In fact, Mollie got me back into bed with a kiss. That's all. One incredible kiss. It happened when, after we finished dinner, she tumbled down the steps as she left the Titanic, falling to her knees.

"Ow! Shoot!"

"You okay?" I called out, sitting at the dining table, relaxing after a satisfying meal, a glass of red Merlot in my hand.

A disheveled and remarkably pretty girl climbed back into the motorhome, a frown on her face, gorgeous dark eyes glinting, holding her wrist with one hand, palm face up.

"I cut myself! That hurt!" she proclaimed.

"Where?" I asked feeling a surge of concern.

With a quick move, Mollie sat on my lap, sitting sideways, her big eyes looking up at me, all soft and sexy-ish. Her eyes glinted with very attractive mischief, tendrils of raven hair hanging loose framing a remarkably pretty face.

"Will you kiss it better?" she asked softly, a very appealing smile curving rather attractive lips.

"Where?" I asked, enjoying her light weight in my lap, placing one arm around her waist.

Mollie's eyes glistened. "Here," she said, offering me her palm, one little finger pointing.

I took her hand into mine, tore my attention away from her enchanting eyes and looked at her palm. There were small red scrapes on the heel of her hand at the base of her thumb and a bead of red blood. Looking back into her eyes, smiling at her, I brought her hand to my lips and gently kissed the scrapes. She watched me intently.

"Better?" I asked softly with a smile.

Mollie's smile broadened. Impishness emerged. "Better," she said in a soft voice. She bent her arm and showed me her elbow without losing eye contact. "And here, Uncle. I hurt myself here," she said.

I drew her elbow up, noticing slight discoloration, and kissed it gently, smiling as her eyes twinkled, unidentifiable emotions flitting through them; so damned charming.

Mollie grinned, a deeply attractive grin. She pointed to her upper arm near her shoulder. "Here?" she offered softly as a question.

I kissed her upper arm gently, slowly, letting my lips linger on her soft skin. Unsurprisingly I felt an erection form from her kittenish flirting.

She smiled, her fingertip moving to her cheek. "Here?" she inquired.

My pulse rate jumped. I didn't even try to stop myself. I bent to her cheek and kissed. It was so silky soft against my lips, warm, exciting, the scent of her filling my lungs. My kiss lingered, pressing. I sighed when it was finished, drawing back slightly to see her remarkable eyes shining.

Her fingertip moved to her chin. "Here?" she offered.

I grinned and gave her a soft peck on her small chin, my excitement surprising me. I could feel her soft breath on my cheek. I was so close to her mouth I was inhaling her breath. Would she? Would she be that forward?

Gorgeous eyes stared at me, bright and sparkly. A fingertip moved slowly, very slowly, her index finger gently touching her lower lip. "Here?" she whispered softly, eyes wide.

Yes. Here definitely. Riveted by her beautiful eyes, aroused by her surprising seductiveness, and feeling a firm erection from her sexy play, with rational thought long since departed and befuddled by a remarkably pretty niece, I bent and kissed soft, warm, sexy lips. I kissed my eleven-year-old niece gently, my cock throbbing, heart pounding. I watched pleasure appear in gorgeous eyes. I watched eyes close as our lips kissed. And when a murmur emerged and a soft, moist little tongue touched my lips, all rational sanity left me.

I'd never experienced such a sweet, arousing seduction. Nothing in my life had armed me to resist Mollie's sweet charm, her youthful appeal. I felt like I was caught in a whirlpool, dizzily drawn to its center, unable to counter the current, helpless and, for some strange reason, happy at my predicament. Kissing an eleven-year-old was stunningly exciting.

I cuddled her to me when the kiss ended, my mind swirling with emotions, love, arousal, need, desire; the illicitness seemingly adding to the sensual appeal of Mollie. Through my palm resting on her slender back I could feel her small heart beating fast. I wondered what it would be like to rest my ear against her bare chest and listen. I wondered what it would be like to kiss her silky skin, all over. With a firm erection constrained and throbbing in my jeans, I wondered what the skin on the insides of her slender thighs would feel like if I kissed her there. Would I see her panties? Would I see her young pussy pressing against them?

God, what would it feel like to kiss Mollie's mound. Would she get aroused? Did eleven-year-olds get aroused? Would I be able to detect her scent? What was a young girl's arousal like?

Damp precum brought me back to reality, my erection aching. Jesus Christ! I'd been contemplating fondling my eleven-year-old niece! What had possessed me? Just one kiss and I'd started dreaming of so much more!

Reality forced its way into me, shoving aside uninhibited, arousing ideas. I took a deep breath. I was on the edge of a cliff and I had almost leapt off without thinking. I reminded myself that, no matter my attraction, I was the adult here. I was the one responsible, in charge. It saddened me.

Sitting straight, I took Mollie's hand in mine, looking at her pretty face.

"Mollie," I began, holding her small hand. "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have kissed you like that. I'm afraid what I'm feeling for you is inappropriate. In fact, it's just plain wrong."

Dark brown eyes stared back at me, so deep, so beautiful. They seemed hopeful, wishful. The tiniest of smiles played at the corner of her luscious lips as if she knew me and was toying with me; letting me say what I had to and knowing she was going to ignore it. I was very conscious of her bare legs, her short shorts, her silky soft skin. I could smell her; lightly floral with a fresh citrus note and something underneath, something uniquely Mollie. I had an urge to hug her. I had a strong desire to carry her into the bedroom and explore her hidden charms, revealing each slowly.

Taking a deep breath I continued.

"Honey," I said, squeezing her small hand, "we need to return to L.A. I'm afraid of what I might be tempted to do. I'm afraid I'm finding you just too attractive in the wrong way. You're too gorgeous to me and that's very, very wrong, and illegal and . . . well, very wrong. Do you understand?" I asked, struggling to explain.

Dark eyes studied me, peering into the recesses of my confused mind with an awareness far too old for her. A smile blossomed on her lovely face, eyes twinkling and eroding my mature self-restraint. Her hand turned taking mine. She guided it down onto a silky thigh, a slender bare thigh, so soft, so sexy; so wrong.

"You like me," she stated.

"Yes. I do, unfortunately."

"You're attracted to me."

"Yes. I am," I admitted.

She stared at me, smiling. "You love me, too."

I drowned looking at her pretty, pretty face. My pulse rate increased. "Yes. I probably do," I answered.

Mollie's smile broadened, a gleam entering her magnificently attractive eyes. "And you liked kissing me," she said, her hand guiding my palm up her silky thigh.

I mentally groaned. God give me strength. Mollie's firm, warm slender thigh was intensely sexy. My hand was so near her crotch; my niece's crotch, an eleven-year-olds crotch. "Yes. I did. Far, far too much," I agreed.

"I've got a secret," she said, her hand still resting on the back of mine, preventing me from removing it. "Wanna hear it?"

"Okay. What is it?" I asked.

"I've been dreaming of you and me. I knew you loved me. I've dreamed of us being in bed together and kissing and touching and stuff . . ."

And, as Mollie finished with a determined nod, her eyes dazzling me, she moved my hand higher. The side of my index finger nestled to her crotch, to the side, touching her soft, warm cotton panties through the open leg of her shorts. I was feeling the side of my niece's sexy eleven-year-old pussy! She closed her thighs trapping my hand.

". . . like touching me here," she said softly.

A wave of dizziness hit. I could feel the side of Mollie's pussy! I felt myself falling off a cliff, willingly. With one hand between Mollie's legs, the other rising to hold the back of her head, I bent, drawing her face to me, staring into her eyes. Discarding moral restraint and yielding to my desires I bent and touched her lips with mine, a spark of pleasure hitting me at her moan. Her beautiful eyes closed, her legs clenched, her arm reached up for my neck, and a small, moist tongue emerged.

Game over. I'd been beaten by an eleven-year-old named Mollie.

With great care, my heart racing, I touched my tongue to hers and sucked her plump lower lip. Mollie moaned, her arm clutching at me. I became hyper-aware of my finger pressed into the valley formed by Mollie's panty-clad pussy and thigh. Trembling, I kissed her again, this time pressing my tongue into her mouth tasting her, toying with her little tongue. At the same time I eased my finger out and over her panty-clad pussy, under her shorts, feeling the amazing shape of a prepubescent pussy, plump, illegal and sexy. Mollie sighed and parted her knees giving my hand room. Like a blind man, I used my index finger to trace the remarkable shape of her immature mons, how it mounded out from her groin, pressed tight to cotton panties. I kissed Mollie again, probing between her lips with my tongue gently and groaned as I felt the dimple and cleft formed by immature labia clad in soft sexy panties. My body trembled as I explored the sexy valley as far as her shorts would let me. Jesus H. Christ! I was fondling a little girl and nothing in this world had felt so exciting.

My cock ached it was so hard. Kissing and fondling Mollie was by far the most erotic thing I'd ever experienced and, with mounting astonishment, I felt how close I was to cumming. It took a huge effort to pull my hand out from her crotch. It took a huge effort to break the kiss. But it felt fantastic to hold Mollie in my arms, her head under my chin, and listen to her little murmurs as she wiggled sexily on my lap, her movements pressing delightfully against my cock.

We cuddled for a moment; long enough for me to start thinking again. I didn't pick Mollie up and jump into bed. I have no idea why not. But I didn't. Instead, I picked her up and moved to the sofa, turning the television on. For a few minutes we sat together while I surfed looking for a movie or show. Suddenly Mollie squirmed away from me, dark eyes glittering with excitement.

"Be right back," she said.

I watched her shorts-clad bum move as she disappeared into the bedroom. Taking the moment of privacy, I reached into my jeans and rearranged my erection, pulling it up and to the side to relieve the pressure. My boxers were damp from precum. My heart was racing. Anticipation crackled in the air around me like electricity. God, it was so, so illicit doing what I'd just done. And it was terrifying how much I liked it. I resolved to be very, very cautious. I could easily go far beyond anything Mollie actually wanted. I reminded myself Mollie was only eleven years old.

She emerged wearing an oversized purple T-shirt again, long bare legs, bare arms, sweet face smiling at me with puppy love. I liked how her slender body was hidden by the T-shirt, yet it revealed little bumps on her chest, immature, intensely attractive and sexy. She bent and opened the refrigerator giving me a peek at pink cotton panties as she retrieved a Coke. My erection pulsed. With her other hand she grabbed my glass of wine and handed it to me before settling to my side. Her settling involved much wriggling, pressing against me, pulling my arm over her shoulders and soft sighs, her head leaning against my chest. She curled her bare legs up under her to the side and a can of Coke popped and hissed.

"Kay. Start the movie," she instructed.

I did. As we watched Two Weeks Notice with Hugh and Sandra, Mollie giggled and laughed. I played with the fine hair on her forearm and sipped my wine, intensely happy and relaxed and pleasantly aroused. Every so often I'd caress her thick dark hair.

At some point Mollie finished her Coke and put it on the side table. When she settled back against me, she turned slightly and curled up, her attention on the movie. Reaching for my hand, I assumed she was going to redirect it back to her arm. Nope. Casually she directed my hand to her panty-clad bum, sort of flexed it and sighed. I had a raging hard-on and completely lost focus of the movie as I gently fondled a perfect, petite eleven-year-old buttock, sensually rounded and firm, and young and so small it fit my hand perfectly. Her cotton panties were stretched tight, soft and very sexy. The dips and curves of her buttock and bum crack were intoxicatingly arousing, too.

Mollie's hand fell to my lap. I inhaled sharply when it came to rest over the bulge of my erection. Not a word was said. Through denim I felt Mollie gently feel the outline of my cock. I was leaking precum profusely. My erection jerked when my probing fingertips found the seductive mound of her pussy bulging out between her thighs, thick and full with a cotton camel toe. I was hard, hard and throbbing as I traced the slight camel toe up and down, feeling her short little cleft, touching it lightly like a feather. It was intensely arousing; fondling such a private part of her, touching Mollie's sweet little pussy while we watched television was made more arousing by her hand gently caressing the outline of my erection.

Fondling my niece, I knew I was prepared to explore our relationship all the way except for intercourse. Feeling her little cleft, I could tell she was way, way too small for that; much too young. But, God, there were so many sexy things we could enjoy, my mind running rampant.

"Mollie, let's go to bed," I suggested, withdrawing my hand and turning the television off.

The lights were out, the motorhome dark and quiet. Moonlight lit the bedroom. Beneath the bathroom door a strip of light glowed. The sound of running water came and went as Mollie brushed her teeth. I had an aching erection tenting my boxers and a heart racing as I contemplated how illegal what I was about to do was; how illicit it was to sexually touch Mollie, to fondle an underage girl. And it was stunningly exciting, too.

The bathroom light went out. The door opened. I watched Mollie emerge, her hair brushed and tidily contained in a pretty ponytail. It emphasized her youth. Dark brown eyes, almost black in the moonlight, looked at me, a smile on her pretty face. The T-shirt still draped on her, but shadows emphasized the seductive little swells of newly appearing breasts underneath.

When I held up the covers for her, a grin appeared, white teeth flashing, and she dived into bed, snuggling close with little sighs, the scent of minty toothpaste strong.

MOLLIE COUD FEEL HER nerves fluttering inside her, little tremors of excitement. Uncle Rick's green eyes seemed so intense and filled with love. Snuggling close to his bare side, she inhaled deeply and sighed. This was everything she dreamed of, being in bed with sexy Uncle Rick. His erection had felt huge inside the jeans. Would she get to hold it now? Feel it? See it? What would they do? What did Uncle want to do? Was she supposed to start? How? Would they go all the way?

Her worry faded when he gently rolled her onto her back, his face looming above, eyes intense. Her heart skipped when he whispered, "Gorgeous, Mollie. Do you have any idea of how beautiful you are to me? How attractive you are? Do you have any idea how much I want to kiss you again?"

Yes, she thought. This was just like she dreamed; Uncle Rick wanting her. Reaching up she held his neck, tugging, smiling as his face came closer. "So kiss me," she suggested. The kiss dazzled her, sending waves of pleasure though her body, her pussy growing heavy and full. She trembled when his hand moved up to her chest; Uncle Rick was touching her boob! It was gentle and hesitant, making her shake with desire, her nipple sensitive, boob sore, pussy aching.

But when Uncle Rick, still kissing her, his tongue teasing hers, pulled her onto her side and into a gentle embrace, pulling her body against his and she felt his erection pressed to her, thick, long, hard, she shivered. Uncle Rick was turned on. She had turned him on! She had aroused him!

His hand found her bum and caressed it over her panties. She felt him draw the back of her T-shirt up, hugging her to him, his hand sliding up her back under her T-shirt sending sparks of arousal through her. The kiss broke. She gasped for air. Uncle Rick's hand stroked down her spine and, trembling, Mollie felt him reach into her panties; Uncle Rick touching her bum! Moaning, pushing her face into his neck, she ached inside. Pressing her pussy to his erection she felt a spark of pleasure pulse from her sensitive clit to her hard nipples, his warm hand fondling her bum gently.

She trembled and hunched, an irresistible urge driving her, needing stimulation. Mollie hooked her leg over his body, curled her bum and groaned, her clit scraping up Uncle Rick's erection, pulses of pleasure cascading through her. When she reversed she felt the tip of his finger against her pussy from behind. Her body jerked. Arousal stormed in.

Suddenly Mollie was overwhelmed with sensations, curling forward and rubbing herself against Uncle Rick's cock, curling back, his fingertip probing her slit, probing, pressure building deep inside her. She moaned. More, more, Uncle! When he groaned too, his large hand gripping her bum, pulling her, pressing her pussy against his cock, and arching against her, she gasped, her clit pulsing. Heat swept though her. Her pussy ached. Eyes closed tight, Mollie humped Uncle Rick's erection, lost, need driving her, dizzy, horny.

All was forgotten. All thoughts vanished. Her world narrowed down to Uncle Rick moaning in pleasure, his hand pulling her bum, fingertip slipping into her slit and out, into her slippery slit and out. She was wet and horny, needing to cum, an eruption building. Her world narrowed to the feeling of Uncle Rick's erection pressed to her pussy, big, thick, hard, rubbing, humping him slowly, pressing against her clit, sparks of pleasure, sparks. Her world narrowed to humping Uncle, curling her pussy against him, humping Uncle Rick, humping Uncle Rick, need bursting to get out.

A buzzing roar built in her ears. She clutched at him, humping harder, faster, faster. So close Uncle. So close!

Suddenly Uncle Rick gasped, "Jesus, Mollie!"

She felt her climax erupt, clit exploding, pussy moist, pleasure crashing in just as hot wetness spread between them. She felt Uncle Rick's erection pulse and, as her orgasm tore through her, she realized he was cumming, Uncle Rick was cumming! Mollie grunted and jerked, pressing herself to the hot wetness, Uncle Rick's cum, her toes curling. A wave of heat and pleasure pulsed up from her feet, through her clenching pussy, through her aching boobs and mushrooming in her head, "Oh gawd!" she gasped, heart pounding. Ecstasy hit, a wall of bliss slamming into her.

She grunted and humped, nothing mattering except the intense pleasure pounding her and the feeling of Uncle Rick cumming against her. She shook and trembled and strained, gasping with relief when the crest of her orgasm passed, releasing her body, releasing her, quietness returning, peace, muscles melting, the scent of Uncle Rick and something else suddenly strong.

Mollie didn't feel Uncle Rick slip away. She didn't feel him return. In her slumber she reacted to his hug, snuggling close, sweet dreams making her smile.

I HUGGED MOLLIE GENTLY. She murmured and cuddled close as if trying to climb inside me. It was intensely attractive. In the moonlight I held her petite body with immense satisfaction. Having a writhing little girl humping me, feeling her slippery aroused cleft with a fingertip and listening to the sexy sounds of her climax had made me cum spontaneously in an intense, intense orgasm. I wondered what it might feel like without clothes on, skin-to-skin. I intended to find out.

Drowsiness rolled in. My body was drained of the sexual tension I'd suffered from. I was happy and satisfied. Smiling, I decided I could easily live with this sort of sexy play with Mollie and nothing more.

WAKING UP SLOWLY TO morning brightness, pressed to Uncle Rick's side, his arm around her, Mollie didn't move. She luxuriated in being held by him. She inhaled deeply and sighed with pleasure. Memory of her climax returned, of his sexy kiss, of his hand fondling her bum, his sexy eyes twinkling, Uncle Rick touching her pussy. A stir of arousal followed, that first beautiful tingle in her pussy that made her want to clench her legs together. It was a soft wave of nice flowing down to her crotch, her nipples tingling, too.

She remembered him holding her and humping. Moving carefully she felt the dried crusty part of her T-shirt where he'd cum. She'd made Uncle Rick cum! How exciting. She thought for a while, smiling to herself; how could she tease him, how could she arouse him, what would his eyes look like as he came? What would his cock look like as it spurted? The call of a bursting bladder forced her to move, slipping out of his arms carefully. She winced at the hard spot in her panties where she'd leaked. It was dry and uncomfortable.

Pausing at the doorway Mollie looked back at Uncle Rick. He looked yummy and edible, so sexy, rumpled black hair, a shadow on his face, sexy lips she wanted to kiss again, bare chest. She smiled. Closing the bathroom door quietly, Mollie wondered what sex with Uncle Rick was going to be like. Would it hurt a lot even though she'd broken her cherry by mistake?

Sitting on the toilet, pee hissing, she wondered if he'd like a blow job. The first time Janet had mentioned it Mollie had been disgusted. Yuk! Then, with giggles, Janet had shown her Cosmo, "How to keep your man happy." There, in the list of things was number three, "Oral sex, fellatio," a blow job.

Mollie wiped herself, flushed the toilet and washed her hands, her mind now considering blow jobs. She grinned when she realized she wasn't thinking of it as, like yuk, but wondering if she could really get Uncle Rick's cock in her mouth. It had felt so big. Still, it would be fun to try, she decided brushing her teeth.

SOFT LIPS WOKE ME up. I smelled coffee and Mollie. I smiled even before my eyes opened and reached out and grabbed. A beautiful giggle made my heart thump. A sexy little girl wrestled with me as I pulled her over me onto the bed. I opened my eyes to a gorgeous face beaming with pleasure.

"I made you coffee," she said, lovely dark eyes sparkling.

"I don't want coffee. I want you," I growled and, to the joyous sounds of my niece giggling up a storm, I proceeded to feast on her small neck, my unshaven chin tickling. She filled me with pure pleasure and I might have evolved into other things had my bladder not protested so painfully.

The arrival of other tourists to our scenic look-out spot prevented me from having some sexy play with Mollie, something I was now eager to do.

We left, bright morning sun warming the air and Mollie fiddling with the GPS before turning the radio on. Unfamiliar music filled the RV, an interesting mix of melodic and thumping rap.

"Turn right." The regal little finger pointed, demonstrating her doubt at my ability to tell right from left. Dappled sun became strong and blindingly bright as we emerged from the National forest. I was thankful for the air-conditioned cool air. Mollie's small pink-painted toes were parked up on the dash, toes moving with the rhythm of music, map in her lap, and long bare, kissable legs highlighted by the sun. I saw small, fine dark hairs on her legs, very, very fine, like a baby's bum hair. Unable to resist, I reached out to caress one leg.

"Careful!" Mollie yelled.

"What?" I asked, casually steering the Titanic back into the right lane. We were descending from the hills towards civilization, a small city by the looks of it sitting between these and another range of hills across from us. The valley spread out left to right, north to south, I think. "Tell me again. Where are we going?"

"The Salton Sea."

"The Salton Sea? You know it's just a flat piece of water, don't you?" I asked, still confused at why she'd want to go there. "It's drying up and no one goes there. Actually, some days it smells like rotten eggs, too."

"So? I wanna see. Do you have somewhere to be?" Mollie asked.

"Yes. The Gulf! It's much nicer," I told her, hauling the Titanic around a gut-tightening bend.

"You've been there?" Mollie asked, turning to stare at me.

"Uh . . . no. Not exactly."

"Then how do you know?" she asked with a smile of satisfaction. I was admiring her logic when she told me to pull over. "There," she said pointing again rather urgently.

I did. "Why?" I asked once we were stopped, turning towards her.

"You wanna kiss me," she said with a big grin.

Well damn! Now that she mentioned it . . .

The emergency lights blinked as one eleven-year-old niece with a frisky tongue wriggled in my lap. I almost but not quite went for a gentle grope of two little buds, small, disturbingly attractive mounds highlighted in a pink cotton tank top. Instead I settled for a stroke of silky soft bare thighs. My erection ached. Damn. Mollie was proving to be an accomplished tease.

The Salton Sea was depressing. It was shrinking, surrounded by vast tracts of land that had once been water-covered, reminding me of the Ural Sea with land-locked old wooden boats rotting away. When we finally found water it was flat and featureless; an exceptionally large pond, I thought. Old bare aluminum Airstream trailers seemed to have taken permanent residence here and there. I was not impressed. I wanted to leave, looking towards high hills in the distance with longing. I told Mollie, "We're NOT staying here." She insisted we were until I mentioned no more kissing unless we moved on.

A small regal finger pointed south. "Let's go. Whaddaya waiting for?" Her grin made my heart skip. Absorbed by sparklingly beautiful eyes, I almost drove over a "Stop" sign.

South of Route Eight we found a pleasant RV campsite full of pensioners, small RVs, garden lawn chairs, water and electrical connections, and the welcoming inquisitiveness of the bored. Once again they took one look at the Titanic and we were pigeonholed as Hollywood escapees. "Aren't you that young thing, Natalie something-or-other?" one grizzled man asked Mollie. Mollie seemed quite pleased.

The good news was, since it was a family joint, it had a nice little swimming pool, even if there weren't many kids around; actually no kids as far as I could tell. On seeing the pool Mollie announced we were going to swim. "I have a new bathing suit," she stated. "Just wait till you see it," she said with a grin and shoved me out of the bedroom. "Gotta change, Uncle."

I wondered, given what we'd enjoyed together last night and the fact that we actually slept in the same bed, why I couldn't enjoy watching her change. Actually, I had yet to see her naked, too. Tonight. I'd correct that oversight tonight, I thought with a nod and a nice twinge below. Down boy, I instructed the wayward appendage.

Mollie emerged with a blue and white striped towel wrapped around her and a big smile. I smiled at her. Had I known what she was wearing, I wouldn't have smiled quite so readily. Thus, when the towel dropped at the side of the in-ground pool, all the male pensioners and I gawped at a neon orange creation loosely called a bikini. I wondered how much they charged Mollie or my sister for those four strings and three rather small pieces of cloth, two upper, one lower.

"That's really orange," one pensioner with a rather impressive comb-over said, nodding towards Mollie, his eyes riveted.

"Very orange," his neighbor agreed, as he sat in his folding lawn chair with a can of Coors, ogling Mollie.

There was a splash.

"Nice! Come on in, Uncle!"

I did. In fact, I dove in with gusto. A quite remarkable wedgie had revealed two little buttocks, perfect little pear-shapes of magnetic attraction that had given rise to a problem that might have proved very embarrassing. I needed the cover of water, and cold. In the late afternoon sun I played with Mollie in the pool, refusing to get out since, every time she came near, the magnification properties of water drew my attention to sexy little buds outlined on her chest, rounded sweet buttocks flexing and moving so sensuously that I wanted to grab, and worst of all, a tiny triangle of neon orange accentuating a plump mound and a fold of material teasingly forming to a young vulva, a delicious but dangerous sight.

I studiously avoided groping Mollie in the pool, what with the crystal clear water and a bunch of pensioners watching. But I still had to wait half an hour after Mollie left the pool before I was in any condition to get out and retain my dignity.

Mollie was dressed in her short shorts and a blue tank top, laughing when I climbed into the Titanic.

"What's the matter, Uncle? What took you so long?"

I grinned to myself before frowning at her, letting loose a growl as I closed the motorhome door to prevent sounds from escaping. I made a lunge for the little tease. Mollie, with a scream of excited delight, scampered towards the rear. Charging after the little tease, I followed her twitching little butt. I caught her in the bedroom and had her face down on the bed, her body still shaking with laughter.

Lying over her to trap her, my nose buried in her hair, I slid both hands up each side of her, bringing the hem of her tank top with me. Mollie's laughter died away when the tips of my fingers gently brushed the sides of her small buds. She moaned and lifted her chest off the bed in an invitation. I became erect in my damp swimming trunks.

Reaching under her, for the first time I palmed her petite boobs, tiny, firm, and sexy bumps. "Jesus, Mollie, they're beautiful," I whispered, caressing gently. They were.

Mollie hunched up. "Let me turn over," she said into the blanket.

I lifted my body just enough for her to twist onto her back. Hovering over her, I stared into her eyes. Her knees were at the edge of the bed, feet hanging over. Bending slowly, slowly, I kissed Mollie, gently at first, lips closed. Her exotic dark eyes stared back at me, she smiled against my lips, her eyelids dropped, arms rose to grab my neck, head tilted, and Mollie gave me the sexiest kiss I'd ever experienced.

Her mouth opened at the touch of my tongue. A shiver hit me when her tongue touched mine. Tongues played, twisting, probing, retreating, soft and warm. Mollie murmured and surprised me by nibbling and sucking my lower lip. I had a hard, hard erection in the bathing suit.

The kiss ended. I gasped. "Jesus H. Christ, Mollie. Where did you learn to kiss like that?" I asked.

Mollie grinned with pleasure and proceeded to shock me. "Janet and I practiced."

"Which one is Janet?"

"The blonde one. You know."

I did; a blond version of Mollie.

Suddenly I had a picture in my mind of Mollie and her friend Janet locked in a French kiss, two preteens kissing. What a turn on! "And," I asked, staring down into her eyes and smiling, "what else did you two practice?"

There were things about Mollie that constantly amaze me. One of them was how expressions played through her marvelous eyes. She lay below me, her tank top rucked up to just below little nubs, her small and slender body so remarkably attractive to me, and in her eyes I watched pure impishness emerge. It was absolutely beautiful.

"I'm hungry. Feed me and maybe I'll tell you," she said with a grin.

I grinned right back at her. "Tell me or I might not feed you," I countered.

"Nuh-uh," she laughed. Her hands shoved me on my chest. "Off. I'm hungry."

I rolled and collapsed onto my back next to her, smiling. She got off the bed and, as she was leaving the bedroom, tugging her tank top down, she called out, "You've got a boner, Uncle," followed by a giggle. I grinned. I did. A hard one.

I still had one when we sat down to dinner, albeit a bit softened. Burgers and coleslaw were served, simple and delicious with aged cheddar melting, crispy lettuce, sweet tomatoes and crunchy pickles; the humble burger a marvel of fine American cuisine. A bag of chips completed the culinary tour de force. We sat across from each other at the small dining table. Mollie had ketchup on her cheeks and delightfully twinkling eyes as she munched, nodding her approval. I was impatient.

"So tell," I said when she finished the last bite.

"Tell what?"

I grinned. "You know exactly what. You and Janet."

"Oh. Okay. Well Janet's like my best friend and we tell each other everything. Well, not everything, but almost everything. Anyway . . ."

I watched Mollie's hands move expressively as she talked. It seemed she'd use her whole body to talk, fidgeting her bum on the seat, nodding, hand movements, eyes beguiling. I listened as motor-mouth Mollie gave me a rundown of why Janet was her "best" best friend and how they'd "like do everything together."

Mollie happily told me about the other girls she didn't like and the boys, "yuk," who tried to look up her skirt and something about Janet's mom buying Cosmo and eventually she completely confused me.

"Mollie," I interrupted, "you and Janet, tell me about that," I reminded her.

"I'm getting there!" she said with a lovely frown. "So, as I was saying, it was Cosmo."

There was a silence. I was quite befuddled. Had I missed something? Was I supposed to ask something?

"And?" I encouraged.

"It was Cosmo that told about kissing so Janet and I tried with each other." Mollie paused and tilted her head slightly, a smile emerging, "It's much better with you!"

"I should hope so," I smiled, "But? The other stuff?"

A blush rose. "I'll tell you later, in the dark so you can't see me," she said.

Darkness arrived far too slowly for my taste. It was nice watching television and gently stroking Mollie's arm, but my mind was preoccupied with visions of her and Janet. What did eleven-year-old girls do together?

"Is it dark enough?" I asked for the third time. "Tell me now."

Mollie giggled quietly next to me. "No! I told you, when we go to bed."


I smiled at her giggles, though. They truly pleased me. There's nothing in this world as attractive as a little girl giggling.

In bed, listening to Mollie in the shower, my erection strained. An active imagination was driving my arousal ever higher. Imagine, two little girls experimenting! How sexy was that? Were they naked when they practiced?

Stretched out on the bed in boxers, my erection very obvious, the shower ended. Two minutes later Mollie emerged with a towel wrapped around her, her hair wet but brushed into its usual ponytail and, when she saw me on the bed, a big smile appeared on her pretty face.

She crawled onto the bed. Staring at her I tried to figure out if she was wearing anything under the towel.

Mollie lay on her side facing me. "So?" she asked.

"So what?"

"Turn the lights out. Don't 'cha want to hear about Janet and me?"

The lights winked out. On my side I watched Mollie's face in the moonlight, pretty.

"It's still not dark. Don't look at me," she said.

"Right." I rolled onto my back, arm under my head. "Go. Start. Don't leave any details out," I instructed. Mollie giggled softly. She took a deep breath.

"Kay. So, we were changing after swimming, I was wearing my old blue bathing suit, the one that was from last year. It was one piece and . . ." she paused. "Anyway, we were changing and talking about Cosmo. The magazine talked about how girls should ask their guys to give them cunni . . . uh, cunni . . . something."

"Cunnilingus?" I asked, my mind flooded with sexy images all of a sudden, erection jumping inside boxers.

"Yeah. Being eaten out, you know? Anyway, Janet asked if I'd ever done it. AS IF! I asked her and she said no and we talked, you know, like what it would feel like to have a guy do it and . . . well, you know."

"No, I don't know. Details, Mollie. This is very interesting."

Mollie giggled. "Well . . . it's like this." Mollie squirmed a bit. "See, Janet suggested . . . and I wanted to know, you know? So . . . um . . . we tried on each other," she added with a rush.

I had visions of Mollie naked with Janet, two girls eating each other out. Bugger me! "So tell me the details," I pleaded.

"Um . . . well we tried and it was okay, I guess."

"Okay? Just okay?"



"I think I was, like, too nervous, or maybe we didn't do it right. I tried kissing her down there and then she tried kissing me down there. It was nice, but that's all."

Damn. Imagine! Rolling onto my side, I noticed Mollie had a lovely blush on her face. "Good for you for trying. I think that's really sexy."

"You do?"she asked.

"Yup." Supporting my head with my hand, I asked, "You said you practiced French kissing, too. Did French kissing Janet feel the same as when you and I kissed?"

Mollie considered, a smile emerging, eyes twinkling in the moonlight. "No. Your kisses are like waaaay better." She paused. Her eyes opened wide. "Does that mean if you do that cunni . . . that . . . if you like eat me out it'll be better, too?"

Halleluiah! I grinned. "Maybe."

Mollie grinned back at me. "Wanna try?"

"Only if you insist," I said, trying for casual.

Mollie laughed. "Insist? Don't 'cha want to?"

"Is the sky blue? Do birds fly?" I asked, moving close. Mollie smiled before my lips met hers. I was taken away again by the sensuousness of her kiss, soft lips pressing gently at me, her mouth opening under mine. I was taken by a little tongue touching mine. French kissing an eleven-year-old was far more exciting than kissing a mature woman. The quiet little moans she emitted when I sucked and nibbled a plump lower lip sounded like purrs to me, so damned sexy.

Mollie's towel fell open as we kissed. My hand caressed bare skin, rising up a slender body to find freshly sprouting little buds, seductive firm bumps perhaps the size of large grapes. I shuddered, my cock aching. The kiss broke. I need air.

Glancing down, I studied her sexy mounds, unbelievably attractive, half pink areolae, half little mounds, topped by tiny perky nipples, the first sexy blush of puberty. It was extremely erotic. She wore a gold chain and locket that I recognized; my gift to her. But her gorgeous little breasts were too much, too sexy, so fresh and young. Unable to stop myself I bent to gently kiss her nipple.

Mollie moaned quietly her fingers combing through my hair. Taking her entire little bud in my mouth I caressed it with my tongue before sucking gently. God it felt amazing, tiny but so firm.

"Wow," she whispered. "More. Can you do the other one?"

I moved to the other as directed, first kissing gently then opening my mouth to take the whole little grape in, sealing my lips, sucking carefully. Unbelievable. Mollie groaned. Her hand gripped my hair. As I rose with a final kiss I was pleased to see her areola flushed and puckered in arousal. It was amazingly sexy. Rising to my knees I studied Mollie, naked with two gorgeous little buds, slender young body, pretty face flushed with arousal, dark eyes glistening. I studied her narrow body and surprisingly alluring plain white cotton panties that hugged her body.

Mollie's bum was pressed to the bed giving her a sensual curve. I was fascinated by her pubis. Unlike mature women, Mollie's eleven-year-old pussy appeared to have more padding at the front, mounding up off her stomach to press seductively against soft, thin cotton. Elastic cinched deep at each side, emphasizing the remarkable delta-shape of her pussy, a sexy, plump form narrowing and filling the sexy gap between slender thighs, labia cosseted by a soft cotton double gusset.

I wanted to reach down and cup her, just feel her prepubescent pussy covered by simple cotton. It was chaste, childish yet intensely attractive; a sight that made my pulse race. I had visions of me between those little thighs, her small ankles locked behind me, Mollie in my arms. Jesus I was horny.

Reaching down I caressed her tummy carefully, letting my hand draw down across silky skin. "Lovely," I murmured, my palm slipping over her sexy mound, rounded and beautifully prominent. Bending, I kissed her pussy, pressing my lips to cotton, my erection now aching. I caught the intoxicating scent of her arousal, lightly musky, female, so sexy.

Glancing up, my hand automatically finding her pad of seduction, my thumb gently caressing it, sensing the amazing shape of a young immature pussy, I saw Mollie watching me with a Mona Lisa-like smile on her face. I was learning something about myself. I found this particular preteen the sexiest, most desirable female I'd ever come across, bar none. I found her budding pubescence, that stage between child and young lady, intoxicating.

Mollie glanced down to my caressing thumb then across to my tented boxers. "Can I see it?" she asked.

It showed me how far gone I was. I didn't have the slightest hesitation in stripping off the boxers, my erection waving in the air. I wasn't aware of her reaction, either, my eyes locked on the sensual mound pressing against soft white cotton and a short little camel toe. I could feel desire coursing through me like never before, heavy and aching, heart racing. My hands trembled slightly when I reached for Mollie's panties. Anticipating taking them off, sliding them down to expose her preteen pussy, was suddenly making my heart palpitate! I'd never felt such desire, such horniness.

Breathe. Breathe.

Why did her young body, her immaturity, appeal to me so, so much? Mollie slowly raised her bum, arching up to let me slip her panties off. It made her sexy mons strain against white cotton. It made her camel toe deeper, starker. It made my cock ache painfully.

"Go on," Mollie said softly. "You can take them off."

I glanced at her and smiled. "I'm sorta nervous," I admitted.

Mollie smiled. "S'okay. Me, too. But, this is exciting." She bumped her hips up at me. "Go on. Or do you want me to?"

"No!" I exclaimed, adding with a smile, "I'll do it. I just want to cherish this. It's not every day I get to undress such a sexy girl."

Mollie's skin felt soft, the waist of her panties tight as I wormed fingertips under the elastic. I held my breath as I edged them down, one side at a time, my eyes riveted to her pussy. Arched up, her hairless mound appeared huge. Bare skin appeared, the start of a rise, creases at the sides appeared and, gasping, fingers shaking, the start of her immature cleft emerged, a dimple, a slit, plump labia. My heart thumped.

She lowered herself to the bed, knees together. I peeled soft cotton panties over thighs. Her legs rose. Panties dropped to the floor. Laying on the bed, legs together, letting me inspect, I felt a huge sexual draw to Mollie. Her small buds rose prominently on her chest, so sexy. She had a flat stomach, innie belly button, two bony narrow hips, a flared bum pressed to the mattress and this intoxicatingly plump pussy, so different from mature women. It looked baby soft and hairless. Her little cleft was hugely arousing. But seeing her vulva between her thighs, rounded and exciting, labia forming a sexy, sexy cleft had me physically shaking.

With a quiet moan of desire I bent and kissed her mons, pressing my lips against her bare mound, loving how it yielded to me, silky and warm. Moving, I parted her legs and knelt at her feet. Spreading her thighs I was riveted to the sight of her sexy little cleft and stunning rounded labia peel apart to reveal a long clitoral hood, small clitoris and immature inner labia. My heart was pounding. I stared at the magnificence of youthful pre-pubescence, a sexy little cleft flowering open, the glisten of moisture below and nestled deeper, a shadow, deliciously dark and alluring, impossibly tiny, Mollie's vagina. I'd never seen anything so sexy, so desirable.

Mollie was staring at me intently. I noticed when I finally glanced away from her spectacular pussy. I smiled. "Unbelievably beautiful," I commented.

"You like it?" she asked.

"Nope. Love is more along the lines I was thinking of. I feel a need to kiss your loveliness."

Mollie giggled softly, her little buds shaking slightly, dark eyes shining.

"May I?"

She nodded, still smiling.

I watched an amazing sight. I watched a smile fade away as my lips touched her smooth hairless cleft. I kissed, staring at her, pressing my mouth to her seductive pussy. I smelled her arousal and, parting my lips, trembling, I tasted an eleven-year-olds' arousal, very slightly acrid, intensely feminine, slippery. Soft arousal filled her mesmerizing eyes, her eyelids closing when I gently probed her hard little clitoris with my tongue. She moaned and pressed her pussy to me, her hands holding the sheet.

My tongue gently caressed her clit before I let myself delve deeper, lower. Silky and slippery, Mollie's cleft tasted delicious, smooth inside, warm. Her sexy labia caressed my tongue. She trembled. I felt it through her thighs as the tip of my tongue probing a tiny entrance, licking up, slipping up gently to return to her clit.

I added suction and Mollie inhaled sharply, her hips twitching. A feeling of dizziness overcame me when my fingertip probed her vagina and slipped in easily to the first knuckle, no cherry. Suddenly I wondered if intercourse, if full sex was really possible with an eleven-year-old. Her tiny vagina was so tight on my fingertip. I shuddered at the exciting, erotic thought. Sucking her beaded clitoris, caressing it with my tongue and probing her vagina gently as if fucking her, Mollie started to move. Her legs slipped over my shoulders, thighs closing around my head. Her scent became stronger, intoxicating and heady.

Her hands slowly curled into fists and she started humping my mouth, grinding her pussy up and down with sighs and moans, her eyes tightly closed. Her pretty face lost its smile, mouth partially open. I sensed an increase in moisture on my probing finger, her hips now humping me with rhythm, her moist pussy pressed hard against my mouth. Slowly my finger slipped deeper, to the second knuckle, Mollie's incredible vagina gripping it, warm, moist and incredibly arousing. She gasped. A frown emerged on her pretty face. She humped my mouth with increasing speed and pressure. I sucked her clit harder. Mollie gasped and a red flush emerged on her chest. She seemed to hold her breath, thighs closed tight around my head, stomach straining. There was a pause. She shuddered and suddenly Mollie was climaxing, her body jerking and thrashing, breath snorting though her nose. Mollie came spectacularly, her little body heaving and trembling, pussy humping my mouth. She cried out finally, body freezing, arched up.

"Oh Gawd! Oh Gawd!"

Mollie humped my mouth, grunting and thrashing in a stunningly sexy orgasm, eventually collapsing, panting, her hands pushing at my head. She rolled onto her side, body twitching as if she was being electrocuted, curling up, hands pressed to her pussy. I moved up and spooned her shaking little body, stunned myself at the intensity of her orgasm. It was so different, so exciting, so intensely arousing. I realized I was utterly addicted to her; I wanted to see her cum again and again.

Holding Mollie, loving her naked little body pressed to my side, I pulled the covers over us. My aching erection naturally found her naked butt crack. It felt so, so good. Damn, I was so horny I wondered how I was going to fall asleep. Mollie breathed gently, as if asleep. I had a raging erection, my arousal a heavy, aching weight in my groin. The need to get out of bed, go to the bathroom and relieve the ache was strong, yet I was loathe to move, liking a naked little Mollie next to me too much to let go.

My first thought when consciousness returned, that slow awareness that comes on a lazy morning, was how fantastic my cock felt, like it was ensconced in a warm embrace, being squeezed gently; a completely arousing feeling.

I flexed my morning erection. More sensations cascaded in; a small naked bum pressed to my groin; a sexy little bud pressing against my palm; the uniquely addictive scent of sleepy little girl.

More sensations cascaded in; a quiet moan, not mine; two delectable buttocks flexing; movement on my erection.

Full awareness thundered in. Full wakefulness arrived. Fuck me. I was hugging a naked Mollie, spooning her with my aching erection lodged along her pussy between slender silky thighs. Mollie was obviously awake, too. Her small bum was flexing as she stroked my cock with tiny, exquisitely sexy movements as if humping my shaft. My heart started racing. I felt the pressure of her thighs ease and her hand gently cup my crown, pressing the shaft to her pussy, her thighs clenching again to lock it in place.

My cock ached, flexed and swelled. Mollie moved, curling her sweet ass back at me and reversing, stroking my erection against her pussy, her fingers holding me tight. My cock pulsed. I felt slippery precum spread, silky. Suddenly my erection was gliding. It felt like I was actually having intercourse with her and I couldn't stop myself.

"Jesus," I murmured and thrust slowly, exquisitely, pressing my erection along Mollie's pussy, her hand pressing my shaft to her.

"Mmm," sounded softly. Mollie curled her bum away, dragging my crown through her cleft, spreading slippery precum. She reversed. I slipped back, sliding between her thighs to press the tip of my crown into the palm of her hand, her buttocks nestling to my groin. So sexy. She murmured and reversed.

Suddenly, as I hugged Mollie's small body to me, as I held a hard little breast bud in the palm of my hand and inhaled the scent of sexy little girl, I realized we were almost fucking. The rhythm was there. The sensations were there. We were moving together slowly, as if I was fucking Mollie from behind and it was stupendously arousing.

"God, this feels good," I whispered, stroking between her thighs slowly, beautifully slowly, my arousal steadily building stronger.

"Mmm-hmm," Mollie responded pressing her ass back against me harder.

We were very slippery from precum. My cock was gliding smoothly against her pussy, the tip pressing into her palm at each thrust, her fingers pressing my shaft to her slit and clit. Her sexy little buttocks flexed against my groin. I wanted this to go on for ever yet wanted to get to my climax, to release, to cum.

Slowly, gradually we moved slightly faster, driven by increasing need, aroused. It truly felt like I was inside her; having sex with an eleven-year-old, fucking my little niece, and I loved it. Nothing in my life had excited me or aroused me so much.

We moved slightly faster, the urge to cum growing quickly. I'd been horny from last night and now imagining actually having intercourse with Mollie, actually making love with her, fully, properly, was making me ache. Now I could imagine penetrating her small body and it was what I wanted, badly.

Mollie moaned quietly. I kissed her hair and thrust gently, long strokes, sliding my erection along her sexy hairless little pussy, her fingers holding me to her. I felt my climax begin; heaviness in my groin, an ache for release, my cock swelling. I wasn't going to last.

"I'm almost there," I warned with a whisper. Mollie trembled and shoved her ass back at me. She moaned slightly louder, becoming more aggressive, pressing back hard, curling away, pressing back, humping my erection, moving faster, faster.

"Me, too." Mollie twitched.

"Cum with me," I urged with a strained whisper, my hand reaching down to cover hers and keep it on my straining erection.

"Uh," she grunted. "Yesssss," she moaned, buttocks clenching.

Mollie's little body trembled and jerked as she gasped, legs squeezing, and my climax thundered in. I thrust, sliding my cock along her cleft, the tip pressing into her palm, groin pressed to her small bottom. Hugging her sexy little body tight, pressure burst and stars appeared behind my closed eyes. Cum burned up my shaft. Pleasure exploded and I erupted into Mollie's palm, hot and wet, agony. I pulled back spreading slippery semen and thrust as Mollie shoved her ass back at me, exploding again, what felt like a ton of semen jetting out into her hand. She grunted and pressed my spurting cock against her pussy, hunching and trembling in my arms. The full rage of my orgasm was on me. Withdrawing and thrusting, cum exploded sending pure pleasure through my cramping body. I thrust and came in an intense morning climax, heart racing, holding Mollie's sexy little body tight, cumming hard, hard, cock swelling, spurting, cumming completely, almost painfully.

"Jesus, Mollie," I gasped when my climax finally released me. We were soaked in cum. My heart was still pounding. But what amazed me was I knew; at that moment I knew, if she'd let me, I was going to have full intercourse with Mollie at some point. I had to, her attraction was far, far too strong for me. Despite having cum I could still feel desire thrumming through me; sex with an eleven-year-old was now a massively attractive and exciting prospect.

The rumble of the big engine started. Mollie's pink toes wiggled on the dashboard as she lazed in the captain's chair, map on her lap, dressed in her short shorts and a green T-shirt. She'd been all giggles and smiles and twinkling eyes, completely charming me again and seemingly without a shred of embarrassment at what we'd done. I'd watched a spectacular bum jiggle as she ran to the bathroom telling me over her shoulder, "You came a lot!" The memory still had me smiling.

"Which way?" I asked my sexy navigator as we stopped at the exit of the RV park. A couple of pensioners waved. Mollie grinned and waved back, making their day, no doubt.

"That way," she said, pointing a regal little finger to the right. "So, are we gonna have sex?" she asked.

I turned right carefully and grinned. "What do you think we've been doing?" I asked.

Three hundred yards down the road she pointed a regal little finger. "Turn here. Not that. I mean going all the way."

I turned, cautiously, keeping a wary eye on the stop sign. Straightening the Titanic we picked up some speed. "I guess we can try at some point," I answered. I hadn't really considered when. I just knew it would happen.

"Turn here," she said, finger pointing. "Waddaya mean "at some point"? How about tonight?" she asked with a sparkling smile. Her hand rose, regal little finger pointed. "Turn there."

Maybe it was insufficient caffeine. Or maybe Mollie was befuddling me with her talk of sex; the concept of an eleven-year-old niece pestering me to have sex was very distracting. But, when we passed the entrance to the RV park we'd left not three minutes ago, I realized she'd steered me around in a circle. "Hey!" I said with a frown.

A storm of giggles ensued, making me grin. I pulled over, blinkers on, and turned to her. "So, are you going to navigate or what?" I asked.

Mollie laughed. "Kay. That way," she said, pointing behind us, a pleased smile emerging.

Damn! She was so cute.

By noon we were climbing into hills again. I had no idea where we were and Mollie refused to tell me. All I knew was we were heading north . . . away from south . . . not towards the Gulf. What started as stands of trees here and there as we wended our way ever higher slowly turned into a forest of deep green. Tall trees seemed to lean over the road, limbs stretching out to greet each other, almost forming a tunnel. For a while I forgot to worry where we were and, surprising me, enjoyed Mother Nature. A sign flashed by, Joshua Tree National Park. Where the hell was that? What was a Joshua tree?

By five in the afternoon I was tired from piloting the Titanic around corners. We stopped at a parking lot full of sightseeing buses and cars packed to the gills with camping stuff. As the shadows lengthened and a hot sun slipped away below the treetops, the parking lot emptied eventually leaving just us. I sipped my beer, Mollie's hand in mine while we strolled through trees. Dark, thick tree trunks obscured the view. Birds seemed inordinately vocal. I smelled wood, and decaying leaves. Mollie excitedly pointed to a couple of chipmunks. We paused and watched them; they reminded me of Alvin in cartoons, the way they'd move, sit, scamper and frolic. Nature was sort of nice, I decided, grinning at myself. Who knew!

Eventually we emerged from the forest at a point where the hills dropped off into a gorge. The western sky was putting up a spectacular array of harvest gold, soft yellow, and a hint of red as the late sun edged over the distant horizon.

I squeezed Mollie's hand. "We better get back before it gets dark," I said, finishing my beer. We returned.

Dinner was a well received Kraft Mac and Cheese which brought back memories of University; I'd practically lived off it back then. With a beer it went down well. But, surprising for me, I wanted dessert, a rare sweet tooth making an appearance.

"What do we have?" I asked Mollie.

She looked through cupboards, "Chocolate chip cookies," and checked the fridge, "and . . . nothing." Glancing up at me, an impish grin emerged. "Or me!"

The erection that stormed in felt surprisingly good. "Okay," I smirked, "You're gonna be my dessert. Yum!"

Mollie giggled and, when I made a grab for her, she deftly scooted away. Her giggles were all that was left when she disappeared into the bedroom. "Hurry!" I heard echoing back at me.

Smiling to myself, I dumped dishes in the sink, turned lights out, locked the Titanic's door and headed towards the bedroom, a tent in my pants, absorbed by the idea of Mollie as a dessert. Yes. Perfect.

A wicked, wicked idea suddenly popped into mind. "Wait a sec," I called out, turning and opening the refrigerator. Ah-hah! I found what I was looking for and headed to the bedroom. Mollie was in bed and smiling, gorgeous eyes twinkling with mischief. Her arm emerged from under the covers and tossed something at me. I grabbed reflexively. Soft yellow cotton, Mollie's sexy little panties. Damn but they were arousing.

She burst into laughter when I brought them up to my nose, inhaled deeply and proclaimed, "Delicious. Lovely, sexy-girl aroma. Mmm!"

Holding my other hand up and wiggling it, I proclaimed, "Dessert."

"What is it?" she asked, staring intently.

"Just wait," I answered, undressing quickly. Mollie saw my erection and grinned. I slipped under the covers, pushing her onto her back and drew the covers off her body, revealing her sexy breast buds again.

"What is it?" she asked again as I fumbled behind me.

"Dessert. I told you, you're my dessert." I grinned. A hiss sounded. Mollie screeched with the sudden cold of aerosol whipped cream topping her nipple. Before she could react, my mouth descended and I devoured whipped cream and little boob, sucking harder, tongue teasing.

Mollie gasped, her eyes growing wide in astonishment. She stared at me, a beautiful smile gradually forming. "Again," she instructed with a giggle. "Do the other one."

There was a hiss, a sharp inhalation, a second little boob topped with cold whipped cream. My mouth descended, sucked, teased, my cock aching. Rising, I looked at her and grinned. "Yum! Dessert!"

Mollie hooted with laughter. Her laugh became giggles when a belly button was filled with whipped cream. Her giggles became laughter when my tongue cleaned her up. Laughter faded away when I rose above her and looked into her eyes. I grinned. "Now, don't move," I instructed with a grin, shuffling down.

Mollie parted her legs, a smile appearing.

"Ready?" I asked.

She nodded, still smiling with amusement.

I took in her gorgeous hairless little pussy, a ripe peach, her sexy little cleft. Damn, gorgeous! Aiming, Mollie screamed in laughter as whipped cream topped her remarkable mons.

"COLD!" she gasped.

"Yum!" I exclaimed with a grin.

"You're a goof, Uncle," she stated between laughs, her eyes sparkling with pleasure.

"Yes I am," I agreed, settling between slender legs, laying on the bed, my erection pressed to the sheet. I contemplated the majesty of Mollie's pussy, sexy cleft, alluring, white whipped cream on top; my dessert.

My mouth descended on the cream, eating my way down to her mons. I glanced up and grinned at her before starting to lick up all remaining cream. Mollie's giggles faded as I caught some of the whipped cream sliding down over her clit and into her cleft.

"Again?" I asked, holding the can up.

Mollie nodded, smiling. "Again," she agreed.

The can hissed. Mollie gasped. I ate. This time I licked the deep creases at the side of her vulva. I paid studious attention to the top of her cleft, cleaned her clit religiously to soft murmurs, her hands finding my head. Moving down, I gently licked her slit, pressing my tongue in to probe her opening, and caught the last of melting whipped cream at her anus with a kiss and lick. Mollie shuddered, her knees rising.

When I returned to her sexy slit, her delicious arousal now strong, Mollie pulled my head to her pussy. She arched her pussy up seeking more. My lips settled over her small clitoris. My fingertip probed the opening of her vagina, warm, slick, excitingly small. I rubbed my erection against the sheets and ate Mollie's sweet, hairless pussy, loving her little gasps, how her body trembled. She was so expressive in her arousal.

I teased and sucked, caressed and aroused. My fingertip probed her vagina, so tiny and tight, so damned arousing. And slowly Mollie's gasps evolved into moans, her pelvis hunching up at my mouth. Slowly her moans evolved into groans. Her hips took on a rhythm, humping my mouth. Her thighs closed against my head. I felt them tremble. And all-too-soon, Mollie graced me with her climax.

It started with a soft gasp, "Uncle." Her whole body trembled. "Ahhh" she moaned and, with a deep tremor, pressing her moist pussy to my mouth, Mollie inhaled sharply. Her back arched up. She froze. "Uh," she grunted, her body shaking. She grunted again, "Uh."

That was it. Mollie collapsed back onto the bed, her thighs trembling, body shaking. She gasped and groaned trying to close her legs, jerking as wave after wave of pleasure slammed her little body ravaging her. She gasped, grunted and finally cried out her surrender, "Stop! Please! Too much!"

I did one of my favorite things. I moved up and cuddled her petite body. Heat radiated off her. She trembled in my arms and let out these sexy little sighs. She felt small and young and wonderful. She felt perfect in my arms. I buried my nose in her dark hair and inhaled the unique scent of Mollie.

Perhaps five minutes later Mollie stirred, her knee rising over my thigh. Her hand toyed with the sparse hair on my chest. She sighed loudly.

"That was the best one yet," she declared, her hand trailing down my stomach. "Thanks."

"You're very welcome," I replied with a smile.

My smile faltered when a small hand found my erection, little fingers curling around my shaft. "Thick," she said softly. She moved slightly to look down. Mollie's hand squeezed. My cock jerked. She giggled softly. Gripping my shaft rather firmly, Mollie moved my erection around studying it. Then she shocked me.

"Do you want me to suck it?" she asked. "Cosmo said guys love fellatio. That's, like, a blow job." Dark brown eyes glanced at me sparkling with mischief. "Do you? Huh? Would it make you happy?"

I groaned loudly, deeply. Fuck me.

"Wow, so big," she murmured when I swelled at the thought, giving me an agonizing squeeze.

Suddenly she scrambled away from me. "Wait!" she exclaimed, grinning at me, utter mischief in her dark, sparkling eyes. She turned and bent over the edge of the bed, providing a remarkably sexy view of her small naked bum, twin buttocks mounding seductively, sweet moist little pussy peeking at me. I was contemplating fondling her when she rolled back up. "Tada!" she announced with glee, a big, big smile on her pretty face. In her hand she held the aerosol can of whipped cream.

What exactly . . .

Jesus H. Christ! The hiss sounded loud as she knelt at my side, whipping cream on my erection feeling icy cold.

"My turn!" she declared with pleasure. Her eyes turned from looking at me to staring at my erection now decorated with a line of whipped cream. "Yum!" she said and giggled.

Fuck. I was in love, like seriously in love. I'd never experienced such unabashed enthusiasm in my life. And as it twigged that my niece, an eleven-year-old, was about to eat my cock, a surge of arousal hit, my erection jerking up off my stomach. I stared, my attention rapt, heart thumping heavily in my chest. I stared as she bent, her hand slipping palm up, under my cock, lifting it slightly, gently. I stared as her mouth neared, lips parting, my heart palpitating. One small hand cupped my balls. I hurt, agony and need straining in my body as soft, soft lips gently ate whipped cream, nibbling, licking and kissing up my shaft. I stared as she reached my crown, her small lips parting. When Mollie slipped my crown into her wide open mouth I shuddered, a deep full body shudder. It was obscenely erotic to see a young girl with an adult erection in her mouth, traces of white whipped cream on her cheek and lips that looked almost like semen.

I was in agony when she withdrew and slowly kissed her way back down my shaft, "Yum," "Really nice, Uncle," "Do you like?" "Does it feel good?" "You're big!"

I was close, so close when a small hand cupping my balls squeezed gently, a beautiful face smiled at me, bent and a tongue emerged to swipe up my shaft collecting the last of whipped cream. My arousal was so high I wanted to grab her head, hold it in position and thrust myself into her. It was a herculean effort to remain motionless, my heart now pounding, my erection aching, sweat beads forming on my brow. I did nothing except moan, which brought out a gorgeous smile of pride.

My limit was near, pressure in my groin, heaviness in my balls, my body strung taut. My limit grew nearer when Mollie straitened my erection, lifting it vertically. With a smile and twinkle of mischief, Mollie sprayed some more whipped cream on the tip, icy cold, grinned cheekily at me and opened her mouth to slip my swollen crown in, her lips tight as they slid down to seal around my shaft, her small mouth full, swallowing. My cock was pulsing, my heart racing. A tongue caressed me. Cheeks indented. Mollie sucked. A loud plopping sound filled the air as she pulled her mouth off.

"Good?" she asked with a grin.

Fuck me. "Good," I agreed. "But, be careful. I'm close. You know what comes next."

Mollie giggled. "Uh-huh. You do!" Her mouth sealed itself to my crown again, one hand cupping my balls, the other holding my shaft.

It was difficult to assimilate. The sight of a small, underage girl kneeling naked at my side, holding an adult erection, her mouth locked around it, and lips stretched, was stunningly erotic. And, as I felt her moist mouth, as I felt her soft tongue caress me and saw her cheeks indent when she actually sucked me and sucked hard, her small hand stroking my shaft, I no longer had control of my body.

Her head bobbed, lips sliding up, my crown emerging. Her mouth fell, lips stretching to encompass my crown. Silky soft lips began to caress the ridge of my crown, her head moving up and down in counterpoint to her hand. Every time she engulfed my crown she sucked, cheeks indenting. And I was helpless, unable to control myself.

Reaching down I guided her head up and down. My erection swelled.

"Mollie!" I gasped.

Suddenly semen rocketed up my shaft. I felt my crown swell in her moist mouth. Agony tore through me and I exploded, shooting cum, pleasure erupting. Gasping, another wave hit me, my hips jerking spasmodically, erection swelling and bliss hit, pure ecstasy, a huge load exploding into her small mouth. Her cheeks bulged and hot, thick semen flowed from her lips, running down my pulsing shaft. Her hand stroked.

"Mollie!" I gasped, again. Another wave hit. I surged up, exploding in her mouth. Mollie choked and tore her mouth off, cum pouring out. Another hard surge hit, white semen spurting high, pleasure wracking my body. When her hand holding my shaft stopped, I groaned and reached down, covering her hand, stroking my erection, cumming, cumming, heart racing.

The relief I felt as my orgasm ebbed was intense. I closed my eyes and caught my breath, heart racing. A soft, warm body cuddled to my side, a sheet gently covering me. Rolling, I hugged Mollie to me. That was my last sensation before, utterly drained, utterly satisfied, sleep rushed in.

MOLLIE STIRRED, WARM, COMFORTABLE. Morning sunlight brightened the room. She inhaled and smelled Uncle Rick. Sighing, a smile emerged and she drew his arms tight around her, snuggling back against him, liking the feel of his naked body against her skin. She loved spooning him, all her naked body touching him.

When her bum came into contact with his penis, she smiled, memories of last night and whipped cream flooding back. Jeez he'd cum a lot. Her pussy reacted, pressure, heaviness, the first signs of arousal. She'd actually given him a blow job! Just wait until she told Janet. Squeezing her bum, Mollie grinned when Uncle Rick's penis started growing.

He murmured in his sleep and hugged her tighter. It felt good. She still had a hard time believing she and Uncle Rick were doing so much. All that was left for her was sex, real sex. A twinge of arousal hit her pussy and her nipples tingled. Moving her bum she caressed his erection. Jeez it felt so big in her bum crack, the tip all the way up to her lower back. Mollie remembered Uncle Rick's erection between her legs, how hard he'd been. It was almost like they'd been having real sex.

Her arousal grew. Carefully she drew his hand up from her tummy to press it to her aching boob. Reaching behind, curling her bum away, she guided his erection down, sighing as it slipped between her thighs, scraping along her pussy. She curled her leg slightly and squeezed. He was so thick.

Reaching down, she caressed the tip poking out in front, trembling when she found silky slipperiness. Hunching, pussy pulsing, clit aching, Mollie slid her pussy up, sighing when his erection rubbed her clit. She reversed, pressing her bum back, his erection gliding between her slit, slick, moist. This was very nice.

Excitement built, her nipples aching, boobs heavy. Imagine Uncle Rick's erection inside. Gawd! So big. A shudder shook her. Dare she try? Could she stretch that much? Arousal coursed through her, needing and wanting to try. And right now he was asleep so he couldn't stop her either. With a shudder, Mollie used her fingertips to push the tip of Uncle Rick's erection back, curling her bum. She felt the tip slide over her clit, a pulse of pleasure. She paused and breathed, heart thudding. Lifting one leg slightly, she pressed the head back some more, into her slit and right to her opening. Gawd he felt big.

I WOKE UP FEELING horny. I woke with a recognizable feeling; my erection between Mollie's legs, her back to me as I spooned her small, preteen body. In one hand I had a petite nub of a breast. A succulent bottom undulated sensually against my groin. Something moist was caressing the tip of my erection.

God, I felt good.

Curling my hips I pressed my erection, the tip meeting a firm wall, as if it was at the wrong angle, trying to press up, not through. A groan echoed. Not mine. Wait!

Oh Jesus!

Soft, warm silk spread over my crown, moist and slippery. My erection strained. A little bum pressed back, another groan echoing. I had a strong aroma of seductive little Mollie in my nose and, inhaling sharply, holding her little body tight, my erection now a rigid rod, something slipped over the crown, something tight and velvety, exquisitely tight.

Realization struck. My cock swelled. Mollie moaned as if in pain and twitched. Sanity finally arrived and I jerked back, feeling my crown slipping out of the tightest velvet grip I'd ever experienced.

"Nooo," Mollie moaned. "Put it back, Uncle."

"Mollie . . ." I began.

"Put it back!" she insisted, pressing back at me.

A head turned. A gorgeous face looked back at me, dark brown eyes flushed with arousal pleading with me, cheeks flushed. "Please! Don't stop now!" she pleaded. "It was almost in." Her hand pressed mine to her petite boob. Her compact bum arched back.

An aching erection and intense desire made the decision for me. "Okay," I whispered, hugging my little Mollie tighter. She sighed, her head falling back to the pillow. When the tip of my erection touched her pussy, Mollie almost purred with satisfaction and wiggled her bum, angling herself, pressing.

I felt it again; that amazing sensation of soft, moist labia parting, slowly letting my crown in. I felt that amazing sensation of Mollie's tiny vagina pressing against the tip of my erection and I wanted. God I wanted her so much.

Moving gently, up and down in a micro-movement, Mollie's tiny entrance dilated again and molten velvet gradually surrounded my crown in a tight, unbelievably tight grip, Mollie gasping. Jesus Christ, I was penetrating her! I was actually penetrating my eleven-year-old niece. It must hurt, I thought, she was stretched so much. But then she murmured.

"Uhhh, goooood," she sighed. "This feels so good, Uncle," her hand pressing mine against a petite boob harder. "It feels huge."

"Does it hurt?"

"Nope. Feels like I'm stuffed, though."

And, with morning sun streaming into the motorhome, holding a sexy little preteen, I had one of the most amazing experiences I'd ever had. With just the crown of my erection penetrating Mollie, we started moving in a slow dance of love, my crown oozing out of her velvet pussy, reversing and sliding in, just the crown, a tease, a stupendously arousing tease. We moved slowly, crown popping out, slipping in, out, in, Mollie trembling in my arms. She murmured and purred and sighed, undulating her sweet little bum. I moaned and buried my face in her hair, inhaling the scent of sexy Mollie, imprinting it on my mind, the thoughts screaming in me; Jesus, we were fucking! I was actually fucking an eleven-year-old girl!

We moved, crown squeezing in, popping out, slippery, hot, Mollie trembling in my arms. My erection felt huge and harder than ever and, as I imagined actually spurting into her, actually cumming in Mollie's little pussy, cumming in an eleven-year-old, my body reacted.

"Mollie! I'm gonna . . . Oh Lord!" It hit like a baseball bat before Mollie was there, a tsunami thundering in. My body jerked, pressure erupted, pleasure stormed in. My cock swelled and semen exploded, pure bliss erupting as I came in Mollie's tight little pussy. My body strained, I moaned into her hair, held her tight, swelled painfully and exploded, cum basting out of my straining cock in an exquisite wave of pleasure, spurting into her tight little pussy. FUCK! Lost, my ears ringing, I tip-fucked Mollie, my crown now sliding in and out of her cum-filled pussy easily, swelling, spurting, cumming blindingly hard. I swelled, ached, pulsed and exploded, hot, thick semen deposited in her snug pussy, cumming, cumming, beautiful agony, and finally, finally my climax crested, pulses waned and calm returned. I slowed, Mollie trembling in my arms, peace and satisfaction permeated me. Mollie's pussy clenched expelling my fading erection. She trembled in my arms.

Mollie moving woke me. Somehow I'd fallen asleep.

"I'm leaking," she said. "Gotta go." Wriggling out of my arms, I cracked my eyes open long enough to see an eleven-year-old run to the bathroom with her hand covering her pussy, compact little ass jiggling. Smiling, I closed my eyes. Damn! How good was this! I'd found heaven.

"Wake up!"

Shaking rocked me. My eyes popped open. Damn. Dark brown eyes twinkled at me. Mollie grinned.

"I'm tired," I complained, wanting some more sleep.

"It's time for lunch. I'm hungry. Get up. Besides, I want to ask you something."

"Lunch?" I asked, confused. "It's lunchtime?"

"Yup. Get up."

Mollie, dressed in a white tank top and short pink terry shorts, left the bedroom, her pony tail bouncing. I watched succulent little buttocks move and studied the outline of little panties underneath. Those terry shorts emphasized just how narrow Mollie's bum was, tiny, without hips, buttocks swelling out behind. I groaned, rolled, remembered actually penetrating her from behind and got an erection. Bugger me. By the time I was brushing my teeth I couldn't stop grinning. I still had an erection by the time I emerged to a table set for lunch and tight little sexy terry shorts that were rather hypnotic.

The makings of sandwiches were set out, Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese, light rye, whole grain mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo. A jar of pickles and left-over coleslaw finished the selection and suddenly I was ravenous.

I stared at Mollie, entranced by her smiles, animated eyes, and every-so-often, a lovely little blush. God, I'd cum in that angel! At first I thought nothing was going to be said, but then Mollie stormed into the silence when I asked, "Are you okay?"

"Uh-huh," she nodded, adding, "I'm sore down there." She blushed. "I keep leaking, too."

Refreshed, filling myself with food, I got a hard, hard erection imagining Mollie leaking cum into her panties. "Now that is a crazy sexy thought," I said, smiling, maybe leering just a bit.

Still blushing, Mollie grinned, her head tilted slightly and she stared at me. "Can I ask a favor?"

"Sure, anything," I answered, feeling magnanimous . . . and still mighty horny.

"Anything?" she confirmed.

"Yup. Anything at all," I agreed.

Oh how foolish horniness makes us men.

"That's a lot of scratches," Mollie observed. "Look, it's even dented there," she added pointing.

"Bugger!" I stared at the long paint scratches running along the otherwise pristine metallic dark-blue side of the Titanic. Glancing to the side I inspected the flattened road sign, "Scenic Overlook, 2 miles," the arrow pressed to the ground. "It was all your fault," I informed Mollie.

"No it wasn't! You were driving."

Damn! Thank God I had insurance.

I'd been confidently piloting the Titanic along the scenic two lane road winding though the National Park when Mollie had asked for my cell phone to call Janet and tell her the good news. She went back into the motorhome and, as I drove, I overheard bits of conversation; disjointed.

"Yuh-huh!" "I know!" "Can you believe it?"

There were whispers I couldn't make out, silences and giggles.

I had smiled at what sounded to me like a typical girl's conversation. Earlier today Mollie had essentially blackmailed me into letting Janet join us on holiday, if her mom would let her, "You'll need to talk to her mom, Uncle." I'd reluctantly agreed in principle and rued the loss of a sexual relationship we'd only just begun to explore. When I'd told her that was the end of our sex fun, she'd given me an enigmatic smile and said, "Maybe."

And, as I drove, listening to her giggles and her exclamations, I'd heard . . .

"No, really! Whipped cream! . . . Uh-huh . . . That's right, whipped cream!"

I'd jerked in shock. The Titanic swerved and ran off the road onto a gravel shoulder. Mollie let out a screech behind me and thumped onto the floor with an "Ooof." There was a thunk and a teeth-grating screech before I'd slammed the brakes on, bringing the motorhome to a standstill, my heart racing, hands shaking. Whipped cream? Oh shit!

I turned in the seat. "What the heck did you tell Janet?" I'd demanded, my heart racing. Mollie glanced up from the floor, cell phone in hand.

"None of your bees wax. What the heck did you just do?" she threw back at me, grinning. As casually as you please, still on the floor, Mollie had put the cell phone to her ear. "The goof just had an accident," she said. "Uh-huh. Okay. I'll call back but probably tomorrow."

Now, with both of us standing and studying the damage to the Titanic, I asked, Mollie. "By the way, what exactly did you tell Janet? You know what we've been doing has to be kept secret."

Mollie stared up at me. "I know that, goof. Don't worry. It's Janet."

And that was that; subject over. No matter how I probed, Mollie just smiled and refused to answer any of my questions about that phone call.

Eventually, after failing to resurrect the signpost, we slinked off in the Titanic hoping no one had seen us. Mollie had resumed her seat, bare feet on the dash. She pointed her regal little finger and sort of wiggled it, "Los Angeles that way."

Descending from the National Park, I oriented myself, picking up Route 10 through Palm Springs. Afternoon sun was arriving and I was completely, totally distracted. Mollie was chatting on about something and painting her fingernails pink and I was riveted to how her knees parted and came together, parted and came together. The part that had me almost mesmerized was pink terry outlining her pubis. It seemed to cling to her pussy making it awfully obvious; or perhaps it was just me. Several car horns brought me back as the Titanic meandered dangerously across lanes, Mollie casually telling me, "Watch out," and "You're not a very good driver, are you?" stretching out her hand to admire her nails.

By six in the evening I pulled off at a Redlands highway stop, too nervous to drive. Besides, Mollie's little pussy was moving in an entirely fascinating way, thighs opening, closing, pouty pussy bulging. Finding a parking lot for trucks behind a gas station, I stopped, killed the engine and turned to her.

"Mollie, I swear, you CANNOT wear those shorts when I'm driving."

Mollie looked surprised, dark brown eyes wide. She glanced down and back up. And there it was. Understanding arrived, mischief appeared, a smile emerged. "This?" she asked, closing her legs, little pussy bulging. "Do you like? They're pink! Like my nails!" She flashed her little fingers at me, grinning.

Yes they were pink, and I wanted to feel that pink terry material, sort of cup it, maybe explore inside it, too. So did my erection. "I like it far too much, you little tease," I said with a grin. "Let's go back to the bedroom for a while," I suggested.

Mollie giggled, and pointed through the windscreen. "Look. McDonalds! Let's eat!" She proceeded to laugh at my grumbling and hopped out of the captain's chair. "I'll get my sandals."

Fishing into my jeans I rearranged my erection to reduce its prominence before we exited the motorhome. But God it was tight in my pants as I followed Mollie's spectacularly arousing little bum clad in pink terry. It looked so much smaller in terry, so exciting, so sexy, a perfect handful of rounded underage buttocks. My brain remained bum-fogged until we ordered.

Grabbing an empty table, Mollie carefully arranged her Quarter-Pounder, six-piece McNuggets, fries, and strawberry shake. She seemed to bounce in her chair as she contemplated the feast arrayed before her. Ketchup packets were carefully opened and squeezed, eyes twinkling. "Yum! I'm hungry!" she declared and dug in.

It was completely mesmerizing to me. She ate with such gusto, relishing each bite, sometimes nodding, "Mmm," emitted after a sip of milkshake, fries carefully dipped in ketchup and inspected before popping into her mouth, two bites and gone. I was so absorbed in her meal, so completely charmed by her and her sparkling eyes, I didn't taste my Big Mac at all.

It was a real experience for me. I felt quite lost in the personality of Mollie and the sexual undertone, my sexual attraction to her. It was so illicit and exciting to find a little girl so desirable. It was a new experience and as McDonalds says, I was "lovin' it." Then she paused, sighed and took her last bite of a McNugget, chewed and swallowed. Her head tilted to inspect me. A beautiful flit of impishness entered her mesmerizing eyes. She grinned and looked around before leaning towards me.

"I'm horny," she whispered. "Wanna mess around?"

Well, bugger me!

Mollie was laughing as I closed the motorhome door behind us. I raced after her busy little butt and caught her as she threw herself on the bed.

"Ooof," she gasped when I landed on her back.

Using my body to keep her pinned down, I brushed hair away from her little neck and nuzzled. She smelled of grease and fries and McDonalds. Reaching down I caressed the side of her slender body, my hand finding soft terry shorts. To a burst of giggles I gently humped a tiny butt, sweet and petite, so sexy. Visions of that bum filled me. I was hard and very aroused. My excitement grew with the feel of Mollie's young body, so small under me, so petite and delicate. Suddenly I wanted to be buried in her. I wanted to feel myself fully inside her. Could I? Would she be able to take me? How much could an eleven-year-old girl take? I was going to find out!

Reaching under her little hip, kissing her neck gently, I finally did what I'd wanted to do all afternoon. I slipped my hand down under her and cupped her terry-covered pussy. Mollie sighed. I felt her legs part slightly giving my hand room. With a sexy little preteen pussy in my palm, I caressed with a middle finger, tracing up and down along her cleft and squeezed her whole pussy. It felt fantastic, full yet small, ripe; all mine.

Mollie groaned. Her hands above her shoulders gripped the blanket. Her sweet bum moved. She was so damned small under me, so excitingly small, so young. My erection strained against the confines of jeans, my heart racing. God I wanted her so badly.

Mollie moaned as I pulled my hand away from her pussy. I lifted my pelvis and fished for the waist of those sexy terry shorts, slipping fingers under, feeling soft cotton panties. I moaned quietly, fishing deeper and slipping fingertips under the elastic waist of Mollie's girlish panties. Soft, warm skin welcomed me. Seeking deeper I found heaven, the hairless rise of a prepubescent mound, a sexy smooth pussy. Reaching further my erection pulsed, precum leaking, and I had Mollie's perfect little pussy in my hand. It was so petite, so soft. The crotch of her panties pressed to the back of my hand and I shuddered at the feel of dampness, of Mollie's arousal moistening her panties. My fingertip pressed and curled.

Mollie twitched and groaned, breath expelled. I found the source, slippery, moist and warm, little labia hugging my fingertip. A flush of heat and desire stormed into me.

"Mollie," I whispered, "don't move."

"Kay," she answered quietly.

Rising from her body I stripped quickly, my erection jutting out, rigid and throbbing, swollen. Bending over her I caressed her back, slowly drawing her white tank top up, caressing her little spine, small shoulder blades. "Lift," I instructed quietly, slipping her top off.

Mollie looked so desirable laying face down on the bed, tight pink shorts, a compact little bum. I kissed her back and saw goose bumps appear on her arms. I nuzzled her neck, kissing her gently. "I want you so much, Mollie," I told her softly, fondling her little bum.

Mollie moaned and wiggled her bottom, the action driving me to a new intensity of need. I wanted her like nothing before. Her sexy teasing through the day and her sweet seduction were too much for me. I knew exactly what I wanted. I could see it. I ached, cock straining.

Reaching under her I pulled her up onto her hands and knees, stroked her tummy and up, gently caressing the sexy buds on her chest. Mollie shook slightly.

"Don't move, Mollie," I whispered. "Like this. I want you like this."

My hands shook. I caressed her sexy little rear, so small, so compact, so spectacularly arousing. Moving to my knees behind her, I reached for the terry-cloth waist, easing it down, collecting the cotton waist of her panties. Heart racing I drew her shorts and panties down, slowly exposing one of the most erotic sights ever; a sweet, underage bottom, two small buttocks, wondrous curves appearing with her legs together. My heart was palpitating as I lowered her shorts and panties to mid-thigh, her little anus showing and, Jeeezus, Mollie's hairless pussy oozing out between her thighs, seemingly too big for her small body, plump, ripe, with a sexy, sexy little cleft.

I was shaking, erection bobbing, precum slipping down my shaft. The tip of Mollie's clit peeked out at me. Then Mollie looked back over her shoulder, smiling, sexy eyes glistening with excitement, hot with arousal. She wiggled her ass.


"God help me, Mollie, damned nice," I said in awe.

Mollie shook her rear again. I ached, my erection felt heavy, arousal a punishing pressure. Bending, I kissed each gorgeous succulent buttock, petite and firm and cool to my lips. I caressed a small slender back and, bending further, drawing her scent deep, I kissed her little pussy, tasting slight moisture as my tongue probed between tightly closed labia.

I gently removed her shorts and panties before shuffling up, staring at my erection as it loomed over her, seemingly so large and long, huge next to her underage body. I shuddered as I imagined how snug she'd be, how deep I might go. Precum leaked profusely. There was no way she'd take all of me.

Moving close, her legs between my knees, I gripped my erection and aimed, touching her sexy little cleft with my crown, shuddering at the contact. A glistening trail of precum was left when I slipped the tip down her short cleft. Pressing gently, plump hairless labia oozed apart to kiss the tip of my crown. I dragged it up, staring, riveted by how large her little pussy made me look. One hand gently held her slender waist and I pressed, heart thumping. The crown flattened against her cleft making no progress.

Moving my knees I pried her legs apart.

"Okay?" I asked heatedly.


Mollie's little cleft flowered open slightly when her knees parted, revealing a reddened and swollen clitoris and deeper, glistening red, a tiny opening, her impossibly small vagina. There was no way. There was no way she'd take me. How had she before? Her entrance was no larger than a pea; I was huge. Lord almighty!

Yet need was in the driving seat. Intense desire was thrumming though my body. Nothing, nothing was sexier to me. Holding my stiff erection I started carefully stroking her little cleft with the tip, precum glistening. Mollie twitched every time I rubbed her clit. I could see her back moving as she started breathing faster.

"Still okay?" I whispered.


Slowly I added pressure, thrilled with how her labia now bulged out, as if hugging my cock. Slipping the tip along her cleft, it popped over her pelvic bone and nestled to the indent of her vagina, just below her tightly closed anus. God I was huge! Excitement punished me, blood racing.

With slow pressure, holding her waist, I tried to penetrate her, my crown flattening. I made no progress but felt her little opening against the tip. Using gentle pressure, I began to press, ease off, press, ease off, fucking her gently and was slowly rewarded with Mollie's little vagina dilating, stretching, so slowly, so gently, excitement almost overwhelming me. I stared at the amazing sight of my adult erection slowly stretch and penetrate her, the crown half in.

Mollie moaned.

"Does it hurt?" I asked quickly.

"No. It's really, really big," she said softly. But, importantly to me, Mollie pressed back, now joining my efforts.

I was treated to a sight beyond belief. I watched as Mollie's little pussy slowly oozed over my crown, so tight. The ridge of my crown oozed in, squeezed tight and disappeared into her. We both gasped. Mollie clenched, a twinge of pain hit me, so tight. I'd never seen anything so outrageously erotic in my life.

"You're in," she whispered, her head now bent down.

"No kidding," I just managed to reply, still amazed, my erection swelling. It was the wrong thing to have said. Mollie giggled. Her pussy clamped down, agony lanced through me. But, when she relaxed, suddenly I slid into her, her vagina like liquid butter, smooth, silky and warm. "Oh God that feels so good," I groaned, staring in amazement as my erection slowly penetrated her deeper, her labia stretched tightly around my shaft. It looked like she was being stretched monstrously and yet I kept pressing, small back and forth motions easing my aching erection ever deeper.

Mollie moaned softly as her sweet little buttocks touched my groin, the tip of my erection nudged into a rubbery resistance; her cervix. My hands on her waist felt her body trembling. I was sheathed inside her. I was completely buried in an eleven-year-old, held inside a silky prepubescent vagina, held tight, gripped by warm moisture. I stared at the sight of this small girl on her hands and knees before me, her body so slender and young, my adult cock buried in her, sexy little buttocks pressed to me. I was in heaven.

Neither of us moved, except for agonizingly arousing clenches and swelling, Mollie almost excruciatingly tight. Neither of us moved. I didn't want to. I wanted to keep this feeling, hold onto it. Holding her slender waist only reinforced how young and petite Mollie was. It only made my erection flex and swell, rigid and aching, precum oozing deep inside her.

Bending, I reached under her to caress her little buds, teasing her nipples with my thumbs. Mollie moaned, her body shaking slightly.

Caressing her body I reached underneath and found her pussy. I felt her little clit pressed to my shaft and how her whole pussy seemed to bulge from being penetrated by an adult cock. She shook when I caressed her clit, collapsing to her elbows with a moan. It was too much for me.

Holding her narrow, boney hips I pulled myself out, drawing my erection out, her labia clinging to me, velvet caressing me. When the edge of my crown breached her entrance I reversed, slipping in, sliding deep, sheathing myself in her tightness, stunningly arousing. Mollie grunted. I withdrew, reversed and gently thrust in, the tip nudging against her end. A rhythm emerged. Staring at where my thick erection was penetrating her, I moved, each extraordinarily arousing stroke making my cock ache. I felt bigger, thicker and harder than I'd ever been.

Slowly we moved faster. Mollie started moving back at me. Our movements picked up speed, full withdrawals, deep thrusts, arousal growing into a fever. I stared at erotic sight of my cock penetrating her hairless stretched little pussy and it hit. In the fever of arousal it hit me; I was fucking a preteen, I was fucking an underage little girl, I was really fucking Mollie!

Need stormed my body and took control. I moved faster, thrust harder, strokes slowly getting shorter, urgent, thrusting, thrusting, pressure in my cock building. As an imminent climax emerged, Mollie snorted, her body jerked in my hands, her already tight vagina clamping down.

Mollie came spectacularly, grunting deeply, her whole body twitching and jerking. I thrust into her, fucking with short desperate strokes and she cried out, her body going limp. Holding her light body up by her waist, physically moving her as I fucked her, I groaned and thrust into her climaxing body, froze for a moment, "Oh God, Mollie!" and came.

My erection swelled impossibly thick. Semen burned up. Agony hit and, lodging my crown deep into her, I gasped, cum exploding against her little womb. Hot wetness flooded my crown. I pulled back, thrust and erupted like a volcano, semen exploding in a body-wracking spasm, cumming into her hard, cumming harder than I'd ever cum in my life. The full rage of my climax descended. Dizzy, staring at the incredible sight of my thick erection penetrating such an immature little pussy, I came hard, spurting, flooding her tight vagina, pleasure crashing into me. I came hard arching my back, holding her up, pulling her sweet little bum to slap into me, swelling, exploding, sweet release, sweet release until nothing but dry heaved remained. Finally the crest passed. Perspiring and panting, my erection still weakly pulsing, I gently collapsed down covering Mollie's inert body with mine.

With a deep groan I rolled off her to the side and let peace roll in. I was utterly drained, completely sated unlike ever before. A flush of love hit me for what Mollie had just given me, the ultimate sexual experience of my life. Rolling towards her I gathered Mollie in my arms, murmuring to her.

At first Mollie simply sighed. Then she wriggled around to face me, dark eyes looking at me.

"That was simply unbelievable, Mollie," I said. "I've never cum so hard. It's never been so good."

Mollie smiled in pleasure and snuggled close. There was silence except for trucks and cars arriving and leaving the stopover, gassing up or eating late.

"Tell me. What did you say to Janet?" I asked, casually pulling a sweaty little Mollie tighter to my side and a sheet up to cover us. I really didn't want Janet joining us now.

She lifted her knee over me, her hand finding chest hair. "I told you, none of your bees wax." she said.

"But, you understand how dangerous it is to ever talk about what we've been doing, don't you?"

Mollie's fingers combed my chest hair. "Of course I do. I wasn't born yesterday, Uncle. Anyway, you don't need to worry about Janet. She thinks you're all that, too."

All that? "All what?" I asked, confused.

"All that."

"What the heck is "All that"?"

Mollie giggled softly, her knee rising slightly as she pressed herself to me. "All that; as in fine, smexy."

"Smexy? Fine? What language are you talking?"

"Jeez, Uncle," Mollie giggled gently. "Fine – good looking. Smexy's like smart and sexy. She likes your green eyes. They're like so sexy."

It must have looked odd to see a huge bus pull up in front of Janet's two-story apartment building. I saw people stop and stare. The door opened with a pneumatic hiss and Mollie scrambled out, dashing up walkway to the apartment building. I reacted to the sight of pink terry short shorts. Mollie knew how I reacted to them and, with an impish twinkle in her eyes, had worn them again today.

Several minutes later she emerged, lugging a suitcase behind her. Janet appeared with a backpack and, before I had time to study her, her mother appeared. I stepped down and, as Mollie and Janet climbed into the Titanic, chatting away, I held out my hand and shook her mom' s hand.

"Hi. I'm Rick," I said.

"Yes. I know." She studied me with sky blue eyes.

"You do?"

She smiled. "Mollie's last birthday party? Mary introduced us?"

"She did?" I asked, wracking my brain.

Mrs. Jarvis laughed lightly, a very nice sound. "You were being pulled in all directions by a bunch of girls."


Like her daughter, Mrs. Jarvis was blonde. She was slender and tall, dressed in well-washed jeans, a cream blouse and flat shoes. The way she held herself she reminded me of a ballet dancer, upright and moving with an easy grace. When she smiled, exposing white teeth, her whole face smiled.

A flush of embarrassment hit when I realized I was still holding her slender hand. "Um, so, we'll be back in six or seven weeks," I said. "You have my number and we'll never be more than a day or two's drive from here."

Mrs. Jarvis smiled. "Are you sure you can handle those two? They can be quite rambunctious when they're together."

"No problem," I answered. "I'll just threaten them with ending the trip if they misbehave, or cleaning the toilet."

Mrs. Jarvis smiled again. "Okay. Best of luck."

I nodded watched her return to the apartment building, admiring a very trim physique and a rear that moved rather sensuously.

"Hey! Uncle! Let's go!"

Traffic bogged us down on the 405. We inched along as we headed back to the Joshua Tree National Park. We'd continue our journey from there. Sitting in traffic gave me the opportunity to study Janet in the rear view mirror.

She and Mollie were chatting away. Janet, like her mother, was very blonde, straight hair pulled back in a ponytail at the nape of her slender neck. She was smaller, shorter than Mollie, perhaps a few months younger, certainly less developed as she exhibited no signs of buds under her T-shirt; a skinny little beanpole. Her face was animated, eyes quite arrestingly blue and a smile that, like Mollie, radiated pleasure and character, but unlike Mollie, communicated shyness, too. I watched her hands move, emphasizing what she was saying, moving gracefully, very much her mother's daughter.

A burst of laughter sounded followed by a, "NO!" and, "Really?" and, "Oh my gawd!" and furious giggles. Jesus, was Mollie telling her everything? Nerves battled with a stir of interest in Janet. She was pretty and petite, like Mollie; two peas in a pod, one a blonde, one raven-haired. And, if Mollie was really telling her what we'd been doing, Janet was showing no signs of shock or disapproval.

Traffic opened. We started to motor along and as we left Los Angeles and smog behind, the highway opened up ahead. I blushed when there was a scream of laughter from behind followed by a "Whipped cream?" from Janet and an "I swear!" from Mollie, both of which made me even more nervous for some reason.

I accepted there was nothing I could do to stop Mollie telling Janet. It was too late for that. I had to hope Janet would keep our secret. But, inside me, I felt a tickle of interest at the concept of Janet maybe participating. Would she?

"You didn't," Janet exclaimed breathlessly, followed by several whispers, a giggle, more whispers and, "It did?" "That good?" and "I couldn't!"

Somehow, whatever was going on behind me made me horny and embarrassed and nervous, a very odd feeling. As darkness neared I finally turned the Titanic into a parking lot in the National Park we'd used before, Palm Springs behind us. Grabbing a beer I went for a hike to stretch my legs, leaving the girls to figure out dinner.

Dusk was slowly arriving, the sun a red slash in the sky to the west behind dusty hills. I studied the valley spread out before me, winking lights of a small city far below. Crickets started their nightly music. I smelled pine and fir in the air, and slowly I relaxed, muscles that had tightened from driving, easing and softening. Trepidation for having Janet with us just melted away. I'd sleep on the sofa and, when the opportunity came, find a way to have a sexy frolic with Mollie. There was no rush. I had seven weeks ahead of me with nowhere to be. It actually was quite liberating.

A faint burst of youthful laughter reached me from the motorhome. With a last sip of beer, I smiled and turned to go find out what the two trouble-makers were up to.

"Is Janet scared of me?" I asked Mollie as we ate breakfast. The shower was running, Janet washing. On the road for two days we'd reached deep into Arizona, finding an astonishingly neat and beautiful RV park with water and electrical hook-ups. The park was lush, green and sat on the side of a deep lazy river shaded by large old trees that seemed to lean over the water, complex root systems partially exposed. One, a massive Weeping Willow, had cascading branches laden with small yellow flowers forming a curtain that almost touched the river surface. Kids of all ages played friskily, noisily, yelling out their delight.

"It's just she's shy around you, Uncle," Mollie insisted. "She likes you but she's a bit nervous around older guys."

Janet had proved to be remarkably quiet around me, never initiating conversations but politely responding to me in her soft, light voice. Her eyes, a deep and stunning blue, watched me carefully, shy smiles emerging when I talked to her. But there was no question she was that way just with me as, when Mollie and she were together, the giggles and laughs were loud and full of pleasure.

"Why would she be shy?" I asked. "She knows about us, doesn't she?"

Mollie turned all serious. "Janet doesn't have a dad or uncle. Her dad is gone. Janet told me it was because he was hitting her and her mom and . . . and . . ." Mollie paused. "Um, her dad forced her to do stuff and it hurt her. So, she's sorta shy. But she wants to, ya know?"

"No. I don't."

Mollie gave me an exasperated look, the one that clearly communicated how dense I was. "She wants to do stuff, Goof. Like you and me do. But she's shy and a bit scared. I told her it was amazing but she's not sure."

"I . . ."

"And she gets nervous because your eyes are too green. She thinks they're too sexy." Mollie paused and studied me. "She's right, too. They're way sexy," she added with a smile.

I grinned, feeling quite pleased with the compliment. Mollie took a sip of orange juice and continued.

"Maybe if you hug her or cuddle with her she'd feel less shy. How about if . . ."

"No. That I won't do," I said with firmness.

"How come?"

"I won't start anything, Mollie. I can't know what she wants to do or not. She has to let me know." The spoon of cereal left Mollie's mouth slowly as she considered what I'd said. I became fixated by the smallest drop of milk that sort of hung at the corner of her lips. In slow motion it rolled down as she chewed on the mouthful of cereal, her lips moving in a remarkably arousing way. I remembered kissing those lips. I got an erection and suddenly missed kissing her.

Reaching over the table I pulled her head forward, smiling. Her dark eyes watched me as I bent and kissed the drop of milk, kissed the corner of her mouth and straightened. "Damn I miss kissing you," I lamented.

Mollie grinned, swallowed and, dropping her spoon, slipped around the table to settle in my lap. "So let's kiss," she said.

Small red lips drew me in. Smiling as she squirmed on my erection, I took her lower lip between my teeth and pulled. She giggled, beautiful eyes sparkling. When I sucked the lower lip her giggles faded away. She pressed her mouth to mine, eyes closing and proceeded to French kiss me, her moist little tongue emerging. Damn but she was a sexy kisser. My erection strained inside jeans as I carefully caressed a sensual little bud over her T-shirt. Mollie moaned. I broke the kiss.

Her eyes popped open, heated, aroused, surprised, lips redder, questions unspoken.

"That's all," I said.

"But . . ."

I smiled. "That's all you get for constantly teasing me when Janet's around."

A delightful frown appeared. "Not fair!" she exclaimed and scrambled off my lap. When a gleam of mischief appeared I knew I'd made a mistake.

She strolled off to the bedroom, giving me a parting toss of her head and some sexy butt movement. The bathroom door opened as she passed, Janet emerging with a towel wrapped around her, her hair long and wet, darkened by dampness and falling long and straight to the swell of her rear. She looked at me and then Mollie, shrugged and turned to the bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, drying the last of breakfast dishes, two preteens strolled out of the bedroom. My heart palpitated. Mollie led wearing a neon orange bikini with a blue and white striped towel over her shoulder, and a serious, determined expression, completely ignoring me. Janet followed, smiling somewhat shyly, yellow towel in her hand. I reacted, growing hard at her amazing bikini. It seemed like it was metallic blue, glinting, light rippling across it; three little pieces of material. The refractive light emphasized a stunningly ripe mons and tiny camel toe.

They passed and I turned, feeling short of breath, and watched them leave to head to the river. Janet's tiny bottom appeared so bubbly, so firm, rounding out and meeting slender thighs, forming sexy little creases. Her little buttocks moved with such perkiness, true wonders of nature.

"Be back soon," Mollie called out. Janet giggled and, as they moved away, I heard Mollie join in with a giggle. Reaching down I rearranged myself to relieve the pressure and grinned. Yup, I was going to pay for teasing Mollie.

I did, too. Both girls fidgeted and wiggled and giggled though sandwiches for lunch. Their bums seemed to undulate when they departed to return to the river, Janet seemingly relaxing more and more in my presence. She certainly saw my appreciative ogling.

Despite the heat, I kept jeans on to restrain my constant arousal, grumbled and bemoaned my situation - a lack of young female companionship - and grabbed a beer. Sitting outside the Titanic in the shade, something that was, judging by all the others sitting in lawn chairs, de rigueur for RVers, I sipped the Rolling Rock. Watching the kids splash, play and swim I discovered something about me. Mollie had opened a door to my sexuality that I suspected was never going to close again; I found all the prancing, playful, running and screaming little girls quite riveting. From pleasantly plump and cuddly-looking, to sexy, slender and petite, they were all very cute. I quite liked how their wonderful rumps moved in bathing suits. It was with no small measure of relief when, as I studied a red-headed mother of one and admired her sensual body in a bikini, my erection strengthened at the idea that her pubes were as fiery red as her head. Thank goodness my condition was an appreciation of all females, I thought, otherwise life would have become very lonely.

I followed the mother's pear-shaped ass, my mind drifting to Janet's mom. Now she was a beautiful young woman, I decided. Aside from a classical beauty, she carried herself so well. Slender hips, smallish breasts under her draping cream blouse, white teeth and deep blue eyes full of intelligence and a hint of amusement, petite dancer's feet and tall enough to almost be eye-to-eye with me on tiptoes, hmm, very nice. Maybe I should take her to dinner sometime. Would she accept?

That night I hugged two girls to my sides. It was a minor breakthrough. Janet actually sat next to me and didn't stiffen when I put my arm over her slender shoulders. It wasn't without punishment, though. Mollie was clearly still peed-off at my ending our kiss so suddenly. I could tell. When she and Janet had changed in the early evening after swimming, Mollie had emerged from the bedroom with a smirk on her gorgeous face. She'd put on short pink cotton terry shorts, those sexy little things that emphasized all the delectable curves that made one drool, the outline of tiny panties underneath making my heart palpitate.

Then Janet emerged in tight lemony yellow terry shorts and I'd come-over all lightheaded and eagle-eyed.

"Told ya," Mollie said to Janet with a laugh, Janet smiling and blushing prettily at my appreciative attention.

We sat and watched television as they munched on home-made pizza, thin crust, crispy, with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and arugula, another with organic tomato sauce, Buffalo mozzarella and pepperoni, and a paper thin crust. Between the two they consumed three pizzas, an amazing achievement given how small their bodies were. Coke was slurped, shrieks of laughter interspersed bites and sips as they watched Kung Fu Panda. I sipped a simple but nice Chianti and basked in their youthful joy.

Much later two little girls fell asleep at my sides, exhausted from swimming all day and stomachs satisfyingly full of pizza. Taking advantage of their condition I gently kissed Janet's hair, then Mollie's raven hair, inhaling each of their unique girlish scents, intensely attractive.

"Come on, girls. Bed time," I said gently, shaking them.

"Aw, do we have to?" Mollie complained in a small voice.

"It's early," Janet added, yawning widely.

"It's late," I advised them, hustling them to bed despite tired complaints.

Turning off all the lights, I found a news channel and sipped wine.

Three minutes later Mollie emerged from the bedroom. She smiled softly and straddled my lap, knees to my sides. Her night T-shirt rode up giving me a peek at a lime green cotton-panty-clad pussy. She bent forward, small hands holding my cheeks, smiled and kissed me, biting my lower lip, sucking it before a little tongue swiped, imitating what I'd done to her that morning. I got a raging erection and, as I contemplated grabbing her she broke the kiss and stood.

Smiling at my quiet groan, she said, "Serves you right, Uncle. Don't tease me next time. Night."

Having Janet with us was pure agony, I decided. No, pure torture!

The next night I decided Mollie had been right. The sofa was astonishingly uncomfortable. For the past three nights, since Janet had joined us, I'd struggled and slept badly. How could the makers claim it was a bed? A constant state of horniness didn't help, either! Rolling to my other side, I tugged the blanket over me and stared at the moonlit interior of our luxury home-on-wheels. It was very impressive. From the angle of the sofa, I spotted two buttons recessed into the wall I'd never seen before. What were they for?

Reaching out I pressed one. Nothing. I tried the other and suddenly a grinding sound erupted. To my utter astonishment, the side of the motorhome started expanding outward, the sitting area suddenly roomy, the home theater television moving away from me. Two minutes later the living area was twice the size it had been before! How about that!

Pattering feet raced out of the bedroom.

"What hap . . . Wow," Mollie declared. "How did you do that?" She wore an oversized T-shirt, one of mine I thought, dark hair pulled back in a scrunchie, her face so attractive.

Before I could point to the button, Janet appeared. I sucked my breath in. Clad in a little white ribbed-cotton camisole type of thing that ended at her navel, and wearing matching bikini-style white ribbed-cotton panties, she looked scrumptious. Long blonde hair fell almost to her rear and I saw she had little gold studs in her earlobes. There wasn't a womanly curve on her, yet man she was sweetly pretty and sexy.

Turning away, I pointed to the buttons and pulled the sheet tightly around me.

Both girls, now awake and excited decided, at close to midnight, that popcorn and a movie were needed, despite my groans and complaints. Two pretty little girls yakked and discussed movies, the scent of buttered popcorn arriving in conjunction with popping noises from the microwave.

Lights off, television on, and Cokes in hand, they told me to sit up and give them room. Before I knew it I had Janet on one side, Mollie on the other and a bowl of warm popcorn in my blanket-covered lap. They tugged the blanket over their legs and settled. I was quite sure Paranormal Activity was inappropriate for two eleven-year-olds, despite their reassurances. By twelve forty-five I'd been proved right, both girls screaming in fear and trying to crawl into my sides, holding the blanket over their faces, instructing me to let them know when the scene had passed.

Actually, I quite enjoyed the experience. Nevertheless, two very scared girls finally returned to bed after the movie. I stretched out and watched another movie. Not fifteen minutes later first Mollie lifted the blanket and nestled to me, "I'm scared, Uncle Rick." A couple of minutes later Janet scampered out and tried to join us, shaking, eyes wide. "Ssscared, Mr. Jarvis."

"My name's Rick. I keep telling you," I corrected trying to provide room for her. There just wasn't enough on the sofa. "Girls, there's not enough room here," I said.

Both moved and shoved. "Yes there is, Uncle," Mollie insisted, twisting. Janet fell off the sofa with a squeak, rose and dived back under the blanket.

Suddenly it felt like a fight was about to break out, both trying to cuddle to me. Lifting the blanket I ordered them both. "Out." Two pairs of eyes peered at me in surprise. "There's not enough room for three people here," I said. "Go back to bed."

Mollie looked astonished. "But we're scared," she insisted.

"Yeah, really scared," Janet chimed in.

Mollie stood. "Come sleep in the bed, Uncle. We need you there so we can sleep," she suggested tugging my hand. "Help, Janet!"

They hauled me up and led me back. I was of two minds about this, given that I could not keep my eyes off Janet's ribbed-cotton-panty-clad bum moving with remarkable sexiness. Knowing how seductive Mollie's scent was I knew I'd probably react inappropriately, too. Damn!

I picked one side, turned my back as Mollie snuggled against me, Janet on her other side. "Better?" I asked.

A couple of uh-huhs and silence fell. Almost two in the morning! Sleep came easily.

MOLLIE FELT UNCLE RICK cuddle up behind her. Her nipples reacted, becoming hard little beads. His arms gently surrounded her, slowly hugging her. She felt his chest against her back, his knees press to her legs, and his hand gently settle over her T-shirt on her little boob. Her heart beat faster, an ache growing in her boobs when his thumb caressed it with a feather-light touch. Opening her eyes she saw it was still dark.

A smile grew when his erection pressed to her. Uncle Rick was horny! Reaching behind her she fumbled around until she found the opening of his boxers and inside, his erection. She curled her hand around the thick shaft and gave it a squeeze. Uncle Rick buried his face in her hair and moaned very, very quietly.

A shiver ran through her when his hand caressed her bum. She let his erection go and sighed as he gently inched her panties down over one hip. Lifting, heart now beating hard, pussy throbbing, Uncle Rick eased her panties down to mid thigh. She felt that first touch of his erection, a damp touch. With panties around her thighs she opened her legs as much as they'd let her and sighed when Uncle Rick's erection eased between, warm, pressing at her pussy.

Reaching out slowly she touched Janet's arm. Janet's eyes opened. Mollie grinned and, reaching for her hand, brought it to her, guiding it down to Uncle Rick's erection. Janet's eyes grew wide.

Janet couldn't believe she was touching Rick's erection. She couldn't believe he was going to do it with Mollie right in the same bed, right in front of her. Her pussy clenched. She squeezed her thighs together and shook when she felt slippery wetness on her hand. A part of her was afraid, a part excited. Mollie was grinning at her and, as Mollie's hand touched hers, Mollie guided her to push Rick's big erection back through her pussy.

Janet moaned quietly, excitement overwhelming fear, and reached with her other hand to cup her throbbing pussy, pressing, touching, caressing. She felt Mollie's pussy, really wet and slippery. Rick's erection felt huge and very exciting. And, watching Mollie's eyes lose focus, her smile fading, Janet knew; Rick was putting it into her pussy! Would it hurt?

Mollie moaned to herself. Tremors shook her. Uncle's erection pressed at her pussy, pressed and eased, spreading the moisture leaking from her pussy and his slippery stuff. She felt her pussy opening slowly, exquisite pleasure. An ache formed deep in her lower belly, an ache only Uncle Rick could reach. She pushed his hand to her boob and pressed her butt back, eased off, pressed back, stretching, stretching. Reaching down she pulled her buttock, stretching herself. At that perfect point where ache, desire and pain met, his thick erection popped in, easing the strain, stretching and filling her beautifully. Gawd she loved sex with Uncle Rick.

With his erection firmly lodged inside her pussy Mollie slowly undulated her bum. With his help he slowly started penetrating her, spreading her insides, stretching and filling her, slowly, slowly as if he didn't know Janet was awake and watching or didn't want to wake her.

Gradually Mollie felt him fill her pussy, so big, so incredibly thick, so deep. God, Uncle, you're so deep. Her moan was louder when his erection reached the ache, that spot inside her that needed stimulation. His erection swelled. Oh! It felt like she was stuffed.

With his arms holding her tighter, with Janet staring at her, Janet's arm moving as she diddled herself, Mollie felt Uncle Rick move, just a bit, just enough to scratch the ache inside, just enough for his shaft to scrape along her clit sending pulses of pleasure through her. He held her gently, moving just a tiny little bit, just enough. She felt every millimeter of his thick cock inside her, hot, alive. She felt him swell and throb, stretching her beautifully, her heart racing now.

Slowly, carefully she pressed back, just a bit, a rhythm emerging. He was so gentle, moving slowly, excitement pulsing though her. She'd never heard of making love like this and it was exquisite. Gradually pressure built in her, tiny movements, little thrusts. She felt her pussy becoming slippery and wet, Uncle Rick's erection moving smoothly, in slightly, out just a bit, so sexy, so arousing.

Her orgasm came over her slowly, gently, completely different from ones she'd experienced before. Breathing deeper she felt her chest flush with heat, her toes curl. It started in her pussy, a wave of sweet pleasure radiating up. She saw Janet watching her and closed her eyes as another wave cascaded through her, a hot wave full of nice and bliss and heaven, her nipples aching. And, hugging Uncle Rick's arms tight, breathing deeply, pleasure suffusing her body and the ache inside blossoming into exquisite ecstasy, she actually felt him.

It was stunningly arousing, amazing, fantastic, and unlike anything she'd ever experienced. In the middle of her orgasm, her body flushed and hot, she felt his erection grow bigger, thicker. He pressed it deep into her, right against where it had ached and, with a quiet moan into her hair, his cock throbbed. Hot wetness flooded deep into her. She shivered through her orgasm feeling him, pressed deep in her, not moving, his erection swelling and spurting hot cum into her with rhythmic pulses. She shook and let herself float away, overcome with the pleasure of cumming and feeling Uncle Rick climaxing, spurting into her, spurting into her, so good Uncle, so good.

MY RACING HEART CALMED. Sleep came to me slowly, slinking in and washing over me like a soft wave. I'd never experienced anything like it. This time, sex with Mollie had blown my mind. It had been slow, soft and loving. My climax had been so different, strange even, yet intense, very intense. Somehow hardly moving as I was cumming deep inside her heightened each and every exquisite pulse. I'd never felt anything like it and wanted a repeat very soon. Making love this way, with Janet in bed with us, was an experience I wanted to treasure.

Smiling, my still-engorged erection nestled inside her warm, wet pussy, I hugged Mollie and drifted to sleep, completely relaxed, muscles melting, sated, hugely satisfied.

BEFORE FIRST LIGHT ARRIVED, Mollie woke up. She could just make out the shadow of drawers and closets, feel Uncle Rick's hand resting heavy on her back and sense discomfort below. She felt panties still moist but uncomfortable, pressed to her pussy, and a bladder almost in pain. Next to her Janet slept quietly, mouth slightly open, breathing softly.

Moving carefully, Mollie climbed over Janet, trying not to wake her. Successful, she slipped into the bathroom to pee and clean herself, dumping her messy panties on the floor. Back at the bed she nudged Janet to move and slipped in beside her, sighing with relief, sleep returning.

I CAME AWAKE SLOWLY with an aroma of sleeping girl in my nose, very nice, and the feel of a little cotton-covered bum in the palm of my hand, incredibly nice. I mentally explored the shape, rounded, almost bubbly, sexy and very petite. My penis stirred, thickening and extending, pressed against the bed. Opening my eyes I twitched in surprise. Janet lay on her front, face turned to me, a soft, shy, hesitant smile, remarkable blue eyes open. She flexed her little rump in my hand, a sensual move. My erection strengthened. Damn she was cute. Her long blonde hair spread over her back and sides, slightly messy. I could see the white ribbed-cotton camisole that emphasized her slenderness.

Janet's lovely shy smile was very, very attractive. I felt her move. A hand touched the back of mine and pressed it to her succulent little bum.

"It feels good," she said very softly, staring at me.

Bending my face close to hers I asked, "Would you like me to kiss you?"

Janet nodded. Moving my face closer, I kissed a soft cheek and inhaled her beautiful sleepy girl scent, intoxicating. Up close her eyes seemed huge. "Again, please?" I asked.

A smile played across her face, beautiful. Eyes sparkled. She nodded. I bent. But as I moved to kiss a soft cheek, Janet turned her face. Soft, soft little lips touched mine, closed and chaste, perfect. I held my lips against hers, my cock now fully erect. Holding her slender little bum and kissing her small mouth was very, very arousing.

"Wonderful," I whispered when I broke the kiss and caressed her soft cheek.

Soft, shy, and alluring blue eyes smiled at me in pleasure. I couldn't resist her sweet sexiness. It was stunningly attractive. Gathering her in my arms, I hugged her small body to me.

"You're gorgeous," I whispered.

Janet's hair tickled my nose. She felt so petite, so delicate in my arms. Then she sort of snuggled into me as if relaxing, her warm, sexy body pressing against my now hard erection. She wiggled her stomach against it and sighed, one arm reaching around me.

I was stunned when bright morning light woke me. How had I fallen asleep again? My erection had melted away. I held Janet gently, her little body feeling spectacular against me. Bright blue eyes peered up at me.

"I've gotta pee," she said with a blush.

Releasing her, I noticed Mollie wasn't in bed and watched Janet's spectacular little bum move inside her white panties. Damn they were sexy, I thought as the bathroom door closed. I wondered what it would be like to bend her over and peel those panties down to her slender thighs. An erection stormed back in. The aroma of coffee reached me. My nose twitched.

The girls happily chatted away at breakfast making plans for the day, "We're staying here for a day or two, right, Uncle?" Spoons clattered in cereal bowls, orange juice was gulped between excited chatter. I sat quietly watching two remarkably pretty girls as, so full of life, they ate and planned. Something had changed with Janet. It was immediately obvious. Despite still blushing slightly when she looked at me, her eyes radiated pleasure, a puppy love. She smiled brightly and, as she and Mollie chatted, I noticed how animated her hands were; they moved fluidly and fingers pointed as she talked. Then I understood. Janet had relaxed around me. Something I'd done or said had eased whatever was holding her back before.

And I couldn't get the memory of her sweet little bum and bikini panties out of my mind. As the two scrambled from the table to head out, I yelled, "Teeth! Brush your teeth!" at them. They giggled and made a dash for the bathroom. Five minutes later they dashed past me and out. I sat quietly sipping coffee. I think I'd somehow stumbled upon heaven. It felt like it. I had two preteens living with me, two gorgeous, bright, full-of-life little girls.

An erection threatened. I counted my blessings. I'd had sex with one, fantastic sex, amazing sex. The other was so sweetly sexy, shy and beguiling around me. Yes, I'd inadvertently found heaven.

Refilling my coffee, I went out and did the RV thing; sat in a chair and enjoyed the morning, nodding greetings to other RVers doing the same thing. Children filled the air with yells, laughter, splashing. Glancing around at the lush, beautiful campsite I caught no sight of Mollie and Janet. Where were they?

JANET SAT WITH HER bare feet dipped into the river, flicking water with her toes.

"So, what happened," Mollie asked, sitting cross-legged beside her.

Janet blushed. "He kissed me," she said, still feeling his lips on hers.


Janet's blush intensified. "His erection was pressed to me, too. Gawd it's big."

"Uh-huh," Mollie agreed, thinking about it inside her last night.

"Doesn't it hurt when he puts it in?" Janet asked.

"Yeah. Well that first time, anyway. But once it's in, oh man it feels good. It's like he's touching something I've never felt before and it gives me sparks of pleasure. And Gawd, Janet, the climaxes are, like, wow," Mollie told her.

"Do you think he'd want to do the same stuff with me?"

"Probably. He kissed you, didn't he? But you have to start it. He won't start anything cuz he's scared you might not want to."

"I don't know how," Janet said, kicking the water.

Mollie laughed and with a voice of authority said, "Just pretend he's your boyfriend. You know, like all the other boys who don't know anything. Tell him, or better yet, show him what you want. I know he likes you and he's so, you know?"

Both girls laughed. Janet thought for a while and spoke. "Do you think you could, like, give me some time alone with him? So I can, um, maybe try some stuff?" Unlike Mollie, she felt shy about doing anything sexy with Rick in front of her friend. She still had a knot of fear inside her.

Mollie grinned and leaned in, whispering into Janet's ear. Janet's face flushed bright red, a gleam of excitement making her blue eyes sparkle.

"You think?" she asked breathlessly.

I LET THE MORNING pass me by relaxing in the shade. My mind turned to supplies and our journey. Not quite two weeks into this holiday and six weeks to go, I wondered where we'd go, both physically, as in would we make it to the Gulf, or further, and sexually. Six weeks of two preteen girls, teasing, stolen moments with Mollie, cuddles on the sofa, and hugs and kisses and sparkling eyes was a lot to look forward to.

Smiling to myself, I thought about dinner and frowned. Supplies were running short. We'd need to hit town. We'd go to Benson probably. It was the closest town. Rising, I disconnected us from the water and electrical connections in preparation to head out.

Two girls appeared as if from nowhere, running up, hair bouncing, big, big smiles, eyes stunningly bright and sparkly. Damn they were cute.

"Are we leaving?" Mollie asked.

I smiled. "Nope. We need to shop for food."


Both scampered into the Titanic.

Twenty minutes later there was a loud thump, the Titanic shaking slightly. Mollie and Janet were bent peering at the LCD display on the dash.

"Yup," Mollie declared. "You backed up too far."

"Look," Janet added, pointing, "the fence is all bent back."

Bugger!! Why didn't small towns have parking for motorhomes? In fact, why didn't this Safeway have a large parking lot? You'd think, what with an RV site in the vicinity, they'd accommodate us.

Mollie and Janet took off with a shopping cart, laughing as I explained to the young store manager how I'd pay for the damage. He seemed befuddled, not able to grasp that I'd knocked down their fence in the rear parking lot. After several calls to his head office it seemed they had insurance to cover the damages. The young manager smiled in relief at having a knotty problem resolved. I shook his hand and went hunting for the incorrigible twins.

I found them in the refrigeration section, both screaming with laughter. It made me smile, as did several other ladies in the vicinity. Our shopping cart was half full of what appeared to be junk food. But as I approached, a massive blush made my face burn with embarrassment. Janet spotted me and, grinning shyly, held up her hand and showed me a can of Land O'Lakes aerosol whipped cream.

"Guess what?" she exclaimed.

I didn't want to guess anything. I wanted to grab the cart and make a quick exit.

Janet had other ideas, bringing up her other hand she held a second can. With Mollie bending over in laughter, Janet proceeded to tell me, "You're gonna need two cans . . ."

"I . . ."

"For tonight!" Janet added. Mollie snorted in laughter.

Shopping became rather confusing. I lost track of my meal plan as two little girls whispered and giggled, occasional words being emphasized for my benefit, "It's cold," "It makes them hard and ache," "Tastes really good," and, "You should see it!"

By the time we returned to the RV site, I was looking forward to distracting myself by preparing the meal and planned on cracking open a bottle of nice icy-cold Californian Chardonnay.

"It's dented," Mollie said, staring at the rear bumper as I reconnected the utilities.

"Scratched, too," Janet pointed out with a little finger.

"He can't drive very well," Mollie advised. "He's already had two accidents and it's only been two weeks."


I muttered and left the two brats, opened the wine and poured a large dose. The dent at the back was their fault. Mollie was supposed to have warned me when I was close to the fence.

Evening arrived, air cooling, the sun dipping towards the horizon, bugs buzzing. Echoes of kids still playing reached me through open windows. The frying pan sizzled as I browned a sirloin roast before adding spices and putting it in the oven with potatoes to roast.

Mollie and Janet had disappeared into the bedroom, alternately taking a shower. I sipped a delicious dry white wine. And to loud, excited voices, a grinding sound erupted from the rear of the Titanic scaring the hell out of me. Panic hit. I raced back and stopped, gaping. Mollie and Janet were smiling, Mollie's finger pointing.


The side of the motorhome, like the living area, was slowly extending, the bedroom getting bigger and bigger. What the . . .

Janet pushed another button and the opposite side started expanding. Jeez, this was a master-sized bedroom!

"Maybe there's another one in the living room," Mollie exclaimed. The two of them raced past me.

I stood in awe at the size of the bedroom. It was huge! How come that twit at RV Masters never told me? More grinding sounded.

"Hey! Uncle Rick! Come check this out!"

The living area had almost doubled in size. I was amazed. Burning aroma had me tending to the roast, putting it in the oven to cook and, with a full glass of wine in hand, I stepped out of the Titanic to inspect the outsides.

Two men joined me. They nodded in appreciation and envy at the technical achievement. "This must have set you back quite a bit," one said. The other nodded. "Movies, right? Hollywood?"

I heard Mollie and Janet inside, laughing together, "Big!" exclaimed with glee. It made me smile.

"So," the first man asked, "what films were you in?"

Dinner was a hit. Dusk settled. The television came on, a movie selected. I was feeling mellow and happy. Both girls left to change for bed before the movie started. With the windows closed, air-conditioning brought the internal temperature down to where a blanket over bare legs felt good. Mollie slipped onto the sofa next to me in her usual T-shirt, pulling the blanket over her lap.

"Janet needs you," she said.

"Why?" I asked innocently, taking a final sip of wine. Maybe I'd open another bottle.

"Dunno. She asked if you could help with something."

I can be awfully dense at times. I found Janet on the bed, on her side, wearing the sexy white ribbed-cotton ensemble I'd so admired before. Her pretty face looked up at me, shy yet excited. I reacted to the sight immediately. It was so sexy. She was so damned cute.

"Can we, um, mess around?" she asked in a hesitant voice.

"You sure, honey?" I asked.

Janet nodded. "Uh-huh."

Crawling onto the bed, I gathered her into my arms, so small and delicate. I smiled. Bright, sexy blue eyes glinted at me. A smile formed on her sweet little lips. She reached a hand up and tugged at my neck, her eyes closing. For the second time I kissed Janet, warm little lips against mine. It was sweetly chaste, sweetly sexual. Holding her in my arms reinforced her youth and that only added to the pleasure of kissing her.

When she sort of moved in my arms and the tip of a little tongue lightly touched my lips, arousal stormed in. For just a moment I forgot, my eyes closed, I tilted my head and probed her mouth with my tongue. I heard myself moan and hugged her little body tighter, drowning in a sexy kiss.

When it ended I was almost breathless.

"That was nice," Janet murmured.

I inhaled her scent deeply, my hand finding her delectable little panty-covered rump, sweet and petite, succulent buttocks. "Yes. I loved it," I said softly. "We need to do this lots more."

Janet's body moved as she giggled softly.

She was all soft and sexy little kitten, purring, smiling shyly, delicate and fine-boned like her mother. She was intensely arousing, different from Mollie, no better, no worse, just different.

Janet sighed when my hand slipped inside her panties. I caressed her remarkable sexy little ass, loving the perfection of her pre-adolescent buttock and her tight bum crack. Kissing her harder, my fingertips probed down, finding warmth. Janet murmured into my mouth, sort of wiggling her little body against me.

And then I gasped and broke the kiss. Rolling her onto her back, I rose, leaning over. "Please, can I see?" I begged.

She studied me and shyly nodded. Drawing her camisole up and off, I bent and kissed flat pink areolae, her nipples tiny and beaded. Tossing it aside, I moved down slightly, caressing her slender, almost boyish body. Staring into her gorgeous blue eyes, she smiled again, a stunningly sexy shy smile.

"You sure?" I asked, my hands finding the waist of little bikini panties, sexy panties.

She nodded, watching me. Slowly, without looking, her bum lifted from the bed. I edged her panties down, still looking into her eyes, edging one side then the other, slipping her cotton panties to mid thigh. Her bottom settled, eyes still studying me intently, legs rising. Panties fell to the side. I inhaled, smiled reassuringly, and holding my breath, looked down.

God almighty! There it was, exactly what I'd felt. Janet was the proud owner of a thin sprinkling of pure blonde pubic hair despite no boobs. It accentuated her mons, making it appear fuller, more plump, more ripe. Under her intent gaze, I leaned back and, as she parted her legs for me, I finally gasped. Full, rounded labia formed a sensual mound between her thighs, each lip dusted with fine blonde pubic hair. Nestled deep her clitoris peeked out, held like a delicate pearl. An aroma hit me, intense, sexy, all female. My body actually trembled.

Without having touched her, I kissed her lips gently. "My God, Janet, you're gorgeous," I said softly.

It was as if she'd been worried what I'd think. A beautiful smile erupted on her face, pure pleasure radiating from her. I ached for her. While I wanted to dive into her and taste her, I gathered her into my arms instead, pulling her excitingly small body to me. She sort of melted and pressed herself against my erection, one arm rising to hold onto my neck.

We kissed, soft, sexy, tongues playing, a smile still on her lips. Our kiss intensified with a gentle suck of her lower lip. She murmured sweetly, arm around me tugging, and imitated me, sucking my upper lip, her other hand worming down between our bodies, searching and finding my erection. Arching my body away from her slightly while kissing, Janet's small hand slipped inside my boxers to gently grip my erection.

I flexed at her gentle, exploring touch and knew she discovered precum, her hand gliding over my swollen crown, suddenly slippery as it spread it around. She seemed to respond to my excitement. It felt like she was familiar with my erection. Little moans emerged. Her delicate little body undulated against me. I had a handful of sweet eleven-year-old bum, slightly smaller than Mollie's, compact and exciting.

Still kissing, my tongue slowly pressed into her open mouth. Heat flushed through me. My fingertips traced a butt crack and Janet clenched her little buttocks when I felt her rosebud. But, when I touched a slightly furred cleft and felt a tiny clit nestled between thick labia, Janet seemed to go wild. Delicate little Janet began to writhe in my arms. Her hand began tugging at my boxers as if desperate to remove them.

Our kiss broke suddenly.

"Please," she pleaded in a small voice, desperately tugging my waistband. I shucked my boxers and pulled her sexy little naked body to me, loving how soft her tummy felt against my straining erection.

Janet writhed, rubbing her tummy on my erection, her mouth seeking and finding mine. She was a little dynamo, warm, and all movement, murmurs, as if she'd suddenly found freedom. Her moves were urgent, arms clutching, mouth nibbling, and I was drowning under her assault.

She tore her mouth away from mine and inhaled when my fingertip slipped along her moist cleft, her body shuddering. As if driven, she reached down and grabbed my thick erection, writhing in my arms, pressing my erection down, down. Little murmurs evolved into tiny whispers, almost a chant, "Please, please," her hand pressing my erection down.

An explosion of breath erupted when my erection slid along the tight cleft of her pussy and she began to moan and hump. I was stunned. It felt like demons were driving her. Petite, delicate Janet was almost raping me!

"Janet, sweetheart," I murmured into her hair.

As if not hearing me, she humped and continued, "Please," pressing herself against my erection. This was so strange, so uncharacteristic from everything I'd seen of her, her bashfulness and quiet gone.

"Janet, honey," I said louder, rolling her onto her back and rising to look down at her sweet face. Deep blue eyes stared at me, burning with something. Arousal? Determination? I couldn't tell.

She looked at me, clouds entering her beautiful eyes. "Don't you want me?" she asked in a small voice.

What in the hell gave her the idea I didn't or wouldn't? "Of course I do," I reassured her. "Rather badly, actually," I added with a soft smile. "Here, feel. Would I be like this if I didn't?" I guided her small hand back to my raging erection.

It was amazing. Janet's eyes softened, losing the hard edge they'd had. I still didn't know where it had come from or what it was, but she smiled softly gripping my erection. She sighed deeply, very deeply, and parted her legs, trying to pull my erection while worming a knee under me.

I bent and kissed her gently, lovingly. She murmured, eyes closing, relaxed. Lifting myself I let her lead me over her small body, settling between her legs and holding myself off her little body, so small.

I kissed her gently, soft lips, a gentle kiss, tongues touching lightly. Janet murmured and, holding my erection with the fingertips of both hands, her legs spread wide, knees flat on the bed, she guided me.

An electric shock hit when the tip of my erection touched her pussy. I glanced down and shook at how big I appeared, thick, filling her groin, her plump pussy so small.

"Are you sure, sweetheart?" I asked again.

Her eyes opened, startling blue lancing into me. "Uh-huh, I'm sure," she said, sliding the tip of my erection along her sexy cleft. I saw her eyes narrow slightly when I passed over her clit.

Bending, I kissed her lips gently. "Okay. Be careful, go slow and stop if it hurts too much. Promise?"

She nodded, her eyes losing focus, concentrating on holding my erection, both hands now sliding the tip up and down her cleft as I hovered over her on straight arms.

I trembled at the sight of my thick crown sliding up and down her little cleft, pressing against straight new pubic hairs, her labia slowly bulging out. I seemed far too thick to penetrate her, my crown as wide as her pussy, filling her groin.

I did nothing to stop her. This was her show. She'd taken control. She was deciding what she wanted, not me. Yet my cock pulsed and throbbed, held by the fingertips of both of her little hands. Her eyes closed. A frown of concentration appeared as she scrubbed the tip up and down, up and down, each pass getting more slippery, precum coating her. Each pass her plump labia parted further, my crown slightly deeper, scrubbing over her clitoris. She started breathing deeper and moving her pussy slightly as if masturbating with the tip of my erection.

I felt the tip press up over her pubic bone and under it as she pulled me tighter to her. Each time the tip snapped down across her clit she'd shudder and the crown would lodge at the bottom of her cleft. It was agonizing. I wanted to grab her little body, hold her tight and thrust for my life. I wanted to cum just like this, too. Yet I did nothing but stare at the amazing sight, lost in how she was working herself up to it.

Then, on one swipe, she curled her pussy at me. I was lodged at the base of her little cleft.

"There," she whispered, holding my shaft. She pushed at me, eased off, pushed at me, eased off, and to my utter amazement, Janet literally fucked herself onto my erection.

First her labia flattened and bulged. Then, unable to resist the onslaught, they oozed apart to reveal immature inner labia, slowly hugging my massive crown. I felt her tiny vagina pressing against me and watched her undulate, press, slowly work me in deeper and deeper, her breath ragged and, without seeming to suffer any pain or discomfort, no blood, no complaints, a tight, tight vagina let me in, surrounding me in moist silken heat. Janet sighed deeply, eyes still closed, the frown melting away, my crown gripped tightly, very tightly.

Her incredible eyes opened, sharp blue. She smiled. "It's in," she said with pride.

Fuck yes it was. With the crown penetrating her little vagina I bent and kissed her lips gently. Her arms locked around my neck, refusing to let go even when the kiss ended. She tugged insistently at me.

"I'm heavy," I warned.

"I don't care. Please?"

And, as I gently lay myself on top of her sweet little body, slightly off to the side, my aching erection slipped in a bit further. Eyes crossed at how tight she was. Settling on her, I was shaking. I loved how tiny she felt underneath me, so delicate. She moaned slightly, still holding onto me and pressed up, my erection slipping slightly deeper into her tiny vagina. I moaned. Fuck. Incredible.

Reaching down, sliding my palm down her sides, I slipped my hand under her bottom, trembling when I almost held both sweet little buttocks with my hand. With a curl and pull, pressing gently, my aching erection slipped into her, moist velvet gradually surrounding my shaft. Janet's little vagina was so tight, so snug.

She groaned and humped at me, the final inch slipping into her and I was buried to the hilt in another sexy little girl, my cock swelling as it pressed against her end. She curled away, her bum flexing in my hand. I pulled back, half my shaft extracted before she reversed, breath puffing out when I pressed in, fully sheathed.

Slowly we began to move. I let her lead, acutely conscious of how small, how delicate she felt under me, yet intensely exciting, amazingly erotic. We began slowly, holding her delectable little butt, withdrawing, thrusting, pleasure, withdrawing, thrusting gently, pleasure. Janet gradually moved faster, her arms still holding my neck. We were very slippery. She was amazingly tight and silken. We moved faster, urgency emerging, out, in, beautiful, out, in, beautiful. Slowly we moved faster, my heart thumping. I felt tightness in my groin and began to worry I might not last for her to climax, if she could.

Then Janet started singing a song of love, murmurs evolving into sighs in my ear, humping at me, long strokes, long strokes. Sighs evolved into quiet little moans as she began to fuck me, hugging and thrusting up at me, sliding deep, so tight, so tight, the crown now thumping into her end, pure pleasure cascading through me.

Perspiration broke out on my back, heaviness in my groin, so close, Jesus fucking an eleven-year-old. Her hug tightened, tremors emerging in her movements, moans evolving into sweet little grunts as she fucked up at me, humping my erection, so tight.

And, when little legs hooked behind me, her sweet little bottom flexing in my hand, and grunts took the shape of quiet words, "Good, good, good," as I hunched, stroking into her tiny vagina, erection painfully swollen and gripped in a vise of velvet, Janet grunted and shook. Her buttocks clenched. She froze and held her breath, her little pussy clamping down on me. A grunt exploded, "Uh!" She jerked. "Uh," she gasped and began to writhe against me emitting little squeaks, body arching and thrusting.

It was enough. I'd held on too long. To the erotic feel of a little girl climaxing under me, holding a sexy, flexing little bum, and my painful thick erection buried in her, I gasped and let myself go, thrusting hard, freezing, swelling, crying out as semen exploded in a gut-wrenching burst of ecstasy. The storm of my orgasm descended, heart racing, erection swelling, thrusting, freezing, crying out. I exploded again, hot cum jetting into her immature pussy. Holding her little bum, I humped, thrust, and exploded my way to heaven. I came hard, hard, and, when I had nothing left to give, I was still cramping and swelling and trying to cum, chasing my orgasm until it released me, panting, collapsing to her side.

Eventually I rolled off her little body and pulled her to me, nuzzling her neck, kissing her gently. I didn't know if she was awake or asleep. I fell asleep, not aware of Mollie slipping into bed, not aware of the two of them whispering to each other. I slept, deep, gone to this world, drained, sated, a smile on my face.

I woke to the incredible sensation of someone making love to my cock. I had one little girl against my side, my arm around her. Opening my eyes I saw Mollie, kneeling, holding my erection, her lips kissing the tip, eyes watching me with uninhibited mischief. She slipped her mouth down and took the crown in. I throbbed at the sight and sensation of moist warmth.

The groan that escaped at the caress of her tongue must have woken Janet. She stirred and opened her eyes, watching Mollie intently, still pressed to my side. With Janet watching, Mollie gently sucked me, her hand stroking my shaft, tongue caressing. I ached, my cock feeling heavy and stiff. God I was horny.

Mollie's mouth came off. She smiled at me. "You're awake," she said, giggling.

"What's it like?" Janet asked Mollie quietly.

Mollie paused and considered, squeezing my shaft. "Sort of rubbery," she said. "Nice, too." Rising, she straddled my thighs, her hairless pussy full, cleft parting to reveal her clitoris. Both hands held my shaft and she contemplated it briefly, smiling.

Somehow having Janet at my side watching Mollie made everything more intense, more arousing, sexier. My hand caressed Janet's perky little bottom. She moved, giving me better access, fingertips tracing down a sexy bum crack. Mollie moved up, straddling my groin and, with a slow, exquisite move, she settled her pussy on my shaft, her plump labia spreading to hug me like a hotdog bun, mons bulging out. I studied her pubis and suddenly understood what it was about prepubescent pussies I found so intensely arousing. Unlike mature women, preteen pussies had a thickly padded mons. Their mounds rose starkly up off their stomachs and looked plump, full yet alluringly small, so dam arousing, almost padded.

I fingered Janet's bum crack and squeezed her buttock as Mollie slowly dragged her pussy up my shaft, paused and dragged it back down. I felt her moist arousal, slippery. She shuddered, a pink color blossoming above perky little boobs.

Janet sighed, her hand curling into a small fist when my fingertip teased her little rosebud. She stared at Mollie, watching like a hawk.

My erection ached and strained. Mollie started stroking me with her moist, slippery pussy, up and down, almost squeezing more precum out on the upstroke. She emitted little sighs, her strokes growing longer, her delectable pussy slipping over my crown to hide me, reversing, peek-a-boo.

My heart thumped. Janet moved slightly and my fingertip found her pussy from behind, soft pubic hairs, slippery moisture, labia clinging to my finger, warm and silky.

Mollie's eyes closed, both hands squeezing her little boobs. Her hips moved, engulfing my crown again. I twitched.

"Wait," Mollie instructed. She moved her pussy; more like wiggled it, pressing down. It felt hot and moist on my cock. "There. Feel that?" she asked, dark aroused eyes staring down at me her hands on my chest, supporting herself. "Wait," she added, her eyes losing focus.

My heart was tripping at this point. I loved how silky soft Mollie's pussy was, hot and delectably moist, or perhaps it was me. My erection was throbbing and pulsing and no doubt leaking quite badly. The sight of Mollie's sexy pussy pressed to my crown and hiding me, her labia sort of bulging, her mons plumped out, was intoxicatingly arousing.

Janet trembled next to me, still watching Mollie intently. My finger slipped into her tight little vagina, moist and slippery with my semen. She shuddered, her hand curled into a fist on my chest and she pressed her pussy back at me, curling her bum to press my finger deeper.

"There. Feel that?" Mollie said, now smiling at me, her arms straight, hands on my chest holding her up, little buds so edible.

I felt more moisture, heat envelop my crown, and pressure of Mollie sitting on my erection. My cock pulsed.

"Ooh. I felt that," she said. "How does it feel? No. Wait."

Mollie seemed to curl her bum back. "Uh. Wow! You're in," she declared with wonder, eyes wide.

Fuck me!

In a single, incredible motion, hot velvet encompassed my erection, Mollie's velvet walls parting, stretched by my cock. In a single motion Mollie took me, all of me, her pussy bulging at my groin.

She huffed. "So big," she whispered quietly. Her hand pressed against her lower stomach as if testing how deep I was penetrating her. She moaned, her head falling forward, body trembling. I swelled inside her making her even tighter. It felt like I was about to burst. "I felt that," she whispered with a smile.

"So did I," I answered, and groaned when she clenched down on me. This was far too arousing for me. Having Janet watching us intently, my fingertip gently slipping in and out of her little pussy, and Mollie sitting on my aching erection, buried completely in her moist, warm vagina, was more than my poor body could take.

I pressed up. Mollie closed her eyes and lifted, drawing me out of her, reversing and impaling herself on me. I withdrew my finger from Janet's pussy and found her little clit, stroking and caressing it. She trembled, her head in the crook of my shoulder, watching Mollie fuck herself on me, rising, falling, my shaft glistening with our combined liquids.

My heart was racing, sweat forming on my brow. The pressure of a climax built, weight in my groin, need and desire for release raging through me. Mollie fucked me, rising and falling, the tip of my erection thumping into her cervix. She moved faster, small grunts emerging with each downward thrust, hands on my stomach supporting herself. Beside me Janet started snorting, her body trembling as she climaxed on my finger.

All the erotic sensations were overwhelming. It was too much to take.

My erection swelled painfully and, unable to hold back, I thrust my hips up, shoved myself deep into Mollie. She tumbled forward onto my chest and I came, one hand holding her sweet little bottom down, the other fondling Janet's wet pussy. Semen erupted into Mollie as I cried out my pleasure, hot wetness flooding back at me. I hunched and fucked into Mollie, making her ass bounce and exploded, cum jetting out in an exquisite wave of bliss. Wrapping one arm around her slender waist, I came, thrusting up, swelling, exploding, thick cum jetting into my little lover. I humped and came to the sounds of Mollie snorting and Janet gasping. I came hard, chasing my climax, each spurt an agonizing one, body cramping. It peaked. I cried out and collapsed, erection spitting, drowning in pleasure, drowning in bliss, calm descending, peace arriving, peace. Jesus, I wasn't going to survive this vacation, I thought, actually concerned for my stamina.

The thought made me smile. Who'da thunk?

With the RV site well behind us, I steered the Titanic along winding back roads never designed for long vehicles. It was a full time job, my concentration almost total. We were heading through brown rocky hills towards Fort Stockton where we'd stop and rest. I was determined to reach San Antonio by tomorrow and the Gulf by nightfall; swim in the Gulf, nice.

Sandstone ridges and cliffs, eroded by endless winds, showed layer upon layer of strata, a geologic map dating back to prehistoric times. Coming down out of the barren hills, we descended towards Fort Stockton. With the hilly bit behind me I relaxed, the road straightening.

Now, no longer concentrating so hard, I heard the two girls talking. Nosy, I strained to hear what they were saying. I just caught enough.

"No," Mollie told Janet behind me, "It'll keep leaking out into your panties all day."

The Titanic swerved sharply. Two screams erupted from behind. Two preteens thumped to the floor as I wrestled the Titanic back onto the road. I didn't even stop at the terrible screeching sound from side-swiping a sign post, just checking that we were still alone on the road.

"What happened?" Janet asked.

"The goof had another accident for some reason," Mollie said with authority. "He's really a bad driver!"

I wasn't. But God! How could any normal man drive safely with images of sexy little girls leaking cum into their panties? I slowed and pulled over, stopped and breathed deeply. That had been close, too close.

"You okay back there?" I yelled.

"Uh-huh. What happened?" Mollie asked.

"I, uh, got distracted," I answered, still shaking slightly.

Parked temporarily, I got up to get a glass of water giving the girls a hairy eyeball along the way. I noticed they'd been painting their toenails pink, the bottle open and leaking. Mollie saw my look and responded.

"What?!!!" Then grinned, wiggling her toes at me. "Pink!"

Janet giggled. I knew I'd never last. Six more weeks? I wasn't going to survive. I just couldn't.

I was inordinately pleased to find a turnoff three hours later. Just outside Fort Stockton, our perch looked west down over rolling brown barren hills.

The troublesome girls quickly pressed buttons expanding the Titanic, argued over what movie we were apparently going to watch, and disappeared outside to "see what you did this time, you goof," as Mollie claimed, Janet giggling.

I prepared dinner, sipping on a Rolling Rock beer. Tonight it was simple burgers but this time I was stuffing them with incredible Canadian cheddar. A bag of chips would keep the girls happy. Two burgers would keep me fuelled, I thought.

"It's really bad, Uncle," Mollie announced on her return. I glanced at her. She had a serious expression on her gorgeous face, arm out, finger pointing out the open door. "You should go see."

I absorbed the sight, thick raven hair in her perennial ponytail, dark, mesmerizing eyes, red lips, sexy bare legs. My physical response was uncontrollable. Muttering, I opened another beer and followed her delectable shorts covered butt and bare feet.

"Big dent," Janet opined, staring.

"Look, no paint left," Mollie offered, pointing a regal little finger.

Jeez it looked like we'd been hit by a roadside bomb. We'd even picked up some green paint from somewhere.

"Should we exchange it?" Mollie asked.

"Get a new one," Janet added helpfully.

"Or a chauffeur?" Mollie added with a laugh.

Jeezus! "Leave my driving skills alone! Besides, it's both your faults."

"How come?" Mollie asked with a grin.

I muttered to myself and left them to tend to burgers, my penis stirring as I replayed the comment about leaking. Bugger! Now I wanted to see.

A movie it was. As darkness arrived just past nine, Janet and Mollie assumed their positions at either side of me. With bowls of strawberry ice cream and spoons clinking, we watched The Avengers, Mollie mooning over Thor, "Isn't he just, like, to die for?"

I frowned. He was, too! Bastard.

It was the can of aerosol whipped cream that did it.

In the bathroom brushing my teeth before bed, door ajar, the movie long since over, I heard a scream of laughter. "COLD!" Janet yelled. I knew immediately what had happened and got an erection. Mollie had introduced Janet to Land O'Lakes.

Rinsing quickly I shoved the bathroom door open and froze. Mollie, naked as a Jay bird, was kneeling over Janet, also naked as a Jay bird. One mound of whipped cream was left, Mollie busy cleaning up the first, Janet's big blue eyes watching, a massive grin on her beautiful face.

I stood naked, my erection slowly growing, rising, and stiffening as Mollie ate the other mound. With her succulent ass towards me, I stared at her hairless pussy bulging out between her thighs, cleft tightly closed. Damn!

A hiss distracted me. Janet screamed again, "COLD!"

Mollie finished with a little twirl and Janet's prominent little pussy was topped by whipped cream.

"Move," Mollie said, shifting down. Janet's legs parted. Mollie knelt between them. I was achingly hard. Was she really going to eat Janet's pussy?

Janet caught sight of me, grinning, her eyes staring at my erection first, then rising to my face. "Look!" she exclaimed, finger pointing. "Whipped cream!"

Mollie glanced back at me and grinned. She lifted her sexy little butt and wiggled it at me. "Wanna?"

That was it. Before I knew it I was kneeling behind Mollie as she bent to Janet's whipped cream-covered pussy. I held my erection, admiring the sight.

Mollie's sexy little pussy and slender preteen body made my average-sized erection look huge, thick, and long. It sent shockwaves of arousal through me. Then Janet moaned from Mollie's mouth on her pussy.

Suddenly I had the tip of my erection pressed to Mollie's short cleft and urgent need pulsing through me. The sound of a slurp had precum oozing out onto her cleft. I ached and my cock felt heavy with the pressure of arousal. Holding Mollie's little hips I pressed forward, stunned at how sexy it was to see her cleft resist. Easing off and pressing again, holding her slender waist firmly, and to the sound of Janet moaning, Mollie's plump, ripe labia oozed apart around my crown. I pressed more, withdrew and pressed again, shuddering when Mollie trembled and moaned into Janet's pussy.

Another hiss sounded. More whipped cream.

Janet's knees came up. Her hands reached for Mollie's head. I heard a loud slurp, a rude slurp, a sexy slurp, and jerked in arousal. The tip of my erection squeezed into Mollie's velvet pussy. She gasped.

"Uh," Janet groaned. "Deeper, Mollie. Put it in deeper."

"You're wet," Mollie exclaimed.

Deeper what? A sucking sound had my erection swelling, Mollie's sweet pussy so tight.

My erection glistening with our combined moisture, partway lodged in her tiny prepubescent pussy, her hairless labia stretched around my shaft as if hugging me with love, all framed by two sweet little buttocks. Another sucking sound, followed by a deep, deep groan from Janet had my heart thumping, cock aching. Need crashed in.

"Try two fingers," Janet groaned.

Holding Mollie's slender hips, I pulled back, my eyes locked on the sight of the ridge of my crown oozing out of her, her stretched labia desperately trying to hold me in. As her little vaginal opening stretched to its widest, I reversed, shuddering and groaning silently at the intoxicatingly sexy sight of a thick erection slowly disappearing, sliding deep into a tight velvety grip. I pressed deeper holding her little hips, pressing slowly, feeling every glorious millimeter, her insides parting as my cock searched for her end.

"You have to suck it," Janet moaned, her hands holding Mollie's head. "Uh. Yeah. Like that."

Sexy little buttocks pressed to me, bulging beautifully. I held Mollie, pulling her bum to me tight and felt the very tip of my erection press against the rubbery resistance of her cervix, the entrance to her immature womb.

"Jesus, Mollie," I said with a groan. "You're so tight."

Mollie pressed back. "You're really deep. Is all of it in?"



"Keep sucking," Janet pleaded.

Another lip-smacking sound and Janet moaned loudly. I was beginning to lose it. Mollie eating Janet while I took her from behind was wilder than my wildest dreams. The sounds assaulted my arousal. Seeing Janet's eyes tightly closed, a frown of concentration on her pretty face as she was being eaten was very, very sexy.

And then Mollie slowly clenched her vagina. It was exquisite, a velvety hug, tighter, almost painful. I swelled, a pulse of pure pleasure hitting me. The image of me spurting into her little womb, cumming deep inside my sexy eleven-year-old niece passed through my mind. Self-control slipped away.

"Harder," Mollie murmured and pulled away slightly, reversing and pressing her sweet bottom to my groin. Another exquisite squeeze of my erection and need took over.

Holding her slender hips, loving the sight of her small preteen body on all fours being penetrated by my large cock, I withdrew, sliding out. As the crown emerged I reversed and in a smooth thrust buried my erection into her moist heat again, the tip pressing to her end. Her body shoved up the bed; Janet moaned and her body moved, too, Mollie's face pressed to her pussy.

Holding little hips I began thrusting gently, in, out, my cock aching. I thrust firmly, drowning in the sensation of penetrating her, fucking her. My erection had never felt so hard, so large, my need never so intense.

Bending, still thrusting, her sweet bottom hitting my groin, I reached under her. "Damn this feels good," I whispered, my hand finding her mons.

"Uh-huh," she mumbled.

Reaching further I found her clit and caressed it, still thrusting into her, slow withdrawals, slow deep penetrations. Mollie twitched. I heard her gasp. Her head fell and she shoved her pussy back at me hard, burying my erection in her tight vagina, the tip thumping into her cervix.

"Gawd, yes. That's good," she moaned.

Janet gasped and started rubbing her pussy, Mollie fingering her and kissing her mound.

The pending fury of an orgasm drew close. I rose and started thrusting, holding her hip with one hand, caressing her exquisite bottom with the other, my erection straining. I thrust faster, firmly, long strokes. Mollie collapsed onto her elbows, grunting into Janet's pussy each time my erection thumped into her cervix.

But, when my fingertip caressed her anus, she jerked and shoved back at me. I pressed my fingertip and her little anus yielded, accepting my finger to the first knuckle. Mollie's reaction was immediate and startling. Her body heaved. She cried out, her vagina clamping down.

She collapsed forward over Janet and cried out again, her body twitching. I had to reach around and hold her up by the waist to keep her from sliding flat to the bed and, as Mollie climaxed, I thrust hard, stroking into her clenching vagina and probing her bum. I thrust deep, an agony building inside me, pressure, a desperate need to cum.

Janet cried out and lurched up, her face frowning as she climaxed, desperately fingering herself.

Mollie became limp, gasping and twitching as I thrust into her. Pulling my finger out of her rear, I tried to hold her up by her little hips. But she cried out again. Her vagina clamped hard and she collapsed fully onto Janet and off my erection just as my climax hit. Grabbing my erection I stroked once. My erection swelled, there was an exquisitely painful pause . . . thunder crashed and the storm of my climax was released.

A huge load of cum exploded, a long, long pulse of semen, pleasure crashing through me. Semen launched up and over Mollie's back, landing on her hair. Another exquisitely agonizing wave hit. "Oh my God!" Pressure released. I growled, my erection swelled, swelled more as I stroked, and massive explosion hit, hot, thick cum erupting over Mollie and hitting Janet on her chin. As if brakes were suddenly released, I started stroking and cumming all over two sexy little bodies, thrusting with short strokes, gloriously exploding, hot thick semen splashing over them. I came hard, beautifully hard, straining and spurting, white cum filling Mollie's sexy little bum crack. I came so hard my body began to cramp until nothing was left, finally collapsing over Mollie and Janet's cum-covered little bodies.

The sound of trees rustling quietly in the darkness reached me through the open window, the only sound of a quiet night, the type of quiet that can only be found far from civilization. The lonely, haunting hoot of an owl echoed and faded away. On the gentle night breeze wafting through the open window I could smell trees and dust mingled with the scent of sex permeating the inside air. It was so quiet I could hear my heart beating a dull, rhythmic thump-thump, thump-thump. My muscles were liquid.

I wondered what the future held for me. Everything was different now. Looking back, I realized I had been sadly disillusioned and unaware of my limits; in fact my limit, just one. That limit was called Mollie, the one sleeping so peacefully on my left, her naked little body generating heat like a small nuclear reactor. She was my limit. I realized it was her kiss, her sexy, seductive kiss that had started all of this. I lovingly caressed her perfect little rump, so sexy and compact.

Janet stirred in her sleep, murmuring and pressing to my right side. I held her little buttock in the palm of my other hand, so beautifully petite.

Smiling, relaxed, I wondered what the next six weeks were going to bring. What new experiences? Would I even survive these two remarkably adventurous preteens? Would the motorhome survive? Thank God for insurance.

Mollie's hand slid down my stomach. She muttered and sighed, still asleep. Her hand found my flaccid penis and curled, holding it.

I smiled. Sleep edged towards me; two little lovers in my arms. Damn, how good was this. Mollie and a motorhome. Who knew!



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