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In the magic of the Greek Islands, looking after a twelve-year-old girl takes an interesting and enjoyable turn.

Chapter One

SIPPING AN ICE-COLD COKE straight from the bottle, the glass damp from condensation, and slouching in the chair with my bare feet up on the balcony wall, I studied the sweeping vista before me. In all the years I'd lived here I'd never tired of it.

Heat beat down in an unceasing wave from an azure sky, small cotton-ball clouds almost immobile as if they were playing a trick on me, refusing to move until I looked away then inching across the sky just to freeze again at my glance. Perspiration formed at my temples, tickling slightly as each drop slowly found a meandering path down the side of my face, gaining speed as it hit the clear runway of my neck. The back of my white cotton shirt was stuck to the wood chair, not the most comfortable feeling, I thought. And I was too lazy to unwind the blue and white striped sun awning to give me some respite. I didn't care. Eight hundred plus feet below me the Aegean Sea moved like slow liquid sapphire, ripples crossing the caldera, the crater formed by a sunken extinct volcano. I watched ripples catch the sun, sending winking diamond-like pulses of intense light lancing into my eyes and making me squint. I knew from experience those ripples were, in fact, foot-high swells. But from this distance and height, they had the appearance of ripples on a pond, lines of nature's aqua army marching across the sapphirine expanse with regimental precision and perfect geometric beauty.

The air, usually crystal clear, was slightly opaque, almost smoggy, a haze of distorting heat hanging over the island. We hadn't had a decent wind in several days and the meltemia - a summer wind that normally swept across the island - was not in the forecast. In the distance across from me I could see Therasia, a long seemingly barren brown-gray rocky island and home to two hundred and fifty hardy souls. Shielding my brow I casually watched seagulls circling over the distant marina below, tiny white dots moving, some clockwise, some counter clockwise, creating an avian wind-devil. They must have found a school of fish or discarded chum or floating garbage.

Sharp car horns honked, bleating, and echoing. Mopeds sped by sounding desperate, tinny and frail like angry wasps, drawing my attention to the noise of a bustling town around and behind me, a miasma of sounds blending together. One had to concentrate to discriminate them; a bicycle bell ringing out a warning, two males arguing vociferously, unidentifiable clunking and clattering, cars revving high as they climbed the steep street; all sounds I had grown used to, the background music of my life.

Condensation on the Coca-Cola bottle dripped and dampened my shirt as I took another swig.

Glancing at the old wind-up Timex on my wrist, I realised I'd need to head out soon. I also noticed the leather wristband fraying. I'd have to replace it soon before it broke and I lost my most precious possession. Eleven-twenty. Should I eat before leaving? No. I could stop and get something fresh on the way back.

Nerves fluttered in my stomach. It was an unusual feeling for me. And, to be honest, I didn't really like it. But the fact was I was very nervous. What would she look like?

I hadn't heard from my sister in going on thirteen years. Her call had come as a huge surprise as I sat watching satellite news in the living room, a late sun dropping towards the horizon casting a yellow-gold parting display of glory through the glass and wood double doors. Sunlight on the wall was distorted, small imperfections in the handmade window panes magnified by light passing through them, adding decorative swirls and splotches on the wall.

Lost in the developing situation in Syria as reported by al Jazeera, the sudden startling ring of the telephone had made me jump as if electrocuted.

I'd reached for the cordless phone on a side table without thinking, without looking and, typically me, knocked it to the floor. Scrabbling around on hands and knees, I finally found it. It had made its way under the side table somehow, as if the damned thing had a mind of its own, deliberately trying to hide from me, maybe protecting me, a warning, "Don't answer, you'll regret it."

"Hello?" I said into the recalcitrant handset, still on my hands and knees.


"Yes?" I articulately responded, rising and flopping back on the couch, bare feet finding the coffee table for support.

"It's Alexis."

I sat with the phone to my ear, stunned into immobility. I hadn't heard my younger sister's voice in over a decade. It immediately brought images to mind, her fine-boned slenderness, long ruler-straight dark chestnut hair, pretty face, intense dark and serious eyes, a smile that warmed me inside.



"It's me, Alexis! Don't you recognise your sister's voice?"

Her voice sounded the same; soft, clear, intelligent, and articulate. I knew she was an accomplished scientist, a marine biologist, and highly respected. I'd read her articles even though I couldn't understand them, followed her exploits, and kept track of her speaking engagements. But that voice; I hadn't heard it in over a decade.


"Sorry, Sis. I . . . You shocked me." Absentmindedly I bent forward and reached for the remote, looking for the unfamiliar mute button. Aiming it at the TV, I stabbed the button several times, the sound flickering off, on, off, on, off, on. Shit! Finally silence descended.

I seemed to have become mute and dumb all-of-a-sudden, listening to the hissing silence of several thousand miles of telephone line. I guess I could have talked had my mind decided to show up. But it hadn't.

"Aidan? Are you all right?" Alexis asked. "Is this a bad time?"

"Yeah. No. Sorry. You caught me off guard." What did she want? Maybe I should ask? "Uh, what's up?"

"How are you?" she asked.

"Good." Man I sounded stupid.

Silence filled the void again. I'd had thousands of things to say to my sister over the years, thoughts and feelings I'd wanted to tell her about. I'd had successes and failures in work and in love that I'd wished I'd been able to share with her. And, with a decade of accumulated news, I couldn't find my voice. I couldn't start.

It was an awkward, stilted conversation that followed, Alexis actually asking me for a favour after all these years. I'd agreed instantly, unhesitatingly, and unthinkingly before hearing what the favour was. Had she asked for the world, I'd have stolen it for her. It had always been that way with Alexis. Since she was born I had been driven to protect her. Adolescence, rather than driving a wedge between us, kept us close. Much of it had to do with the family constantly moving as we followed Dad's job, friends increasingly hard to make, isolation a lonesome burden we'd shared.

Now I was nervous, stomach flittering. Now I was regretting my largesse. Sitting sweating on the balcony, in the harsh light of day, I wasn't quite sure I'd made the right decision.

With a final sip of Coke, draining the bottle, I burped to release built-up gas and swung bare feet off the balcony wall. Rising, I stared at the town to my left and right as it clung to the edge of the cliff, whitewashed walls blindingly bright, sapphirine blue domes and minarets sharply standing out, the jumbled mishmash of square homes seemingly piled one on top of the other in an unplanned, haphazard spread. From my viewpoint I could see sparkling crystal clear swimming pools in enclosed back yards glittering blue in the sun. Oia was quintessentially Greek. It was quaint and charming. It was home.

Turning, I stepped through open wood and multi-paned double doors into the cool dimness of my living room. The hardwood floor, ebony-dark with age, felt beautifully cool on my bare feet. I wended my way to the kitchen, dropping the empty Coke bottle into a half-full recycle bin, glass clinking against glass, Coke and green Mythos beer bottles. Glancing at my watch again I decided to head out, even if it was a bit early. I was too antsy. I could mosey along and enjoy the scenery; try to relax. Santorini National Airport was only half an hour away.

Peeling the sweaty shirt off my back, I headed upstairs to change, maybe put on some socks and shoes, too.

WEATHER WAITED PATIENTLY FOR the cramped aisle line-up to move. She felt sticky heat flow through the aircraft cabin when the door opened. It made her shiver involuntarily. Standing, backpack over one shoulder, she leaned against the airplane seat headrest with one arm, waiting. Her mind was mulling over the sight of Thira as they'd approached. It seemed like a large, elongated brown rock from the air, rather dull and uninteresting. As they'd descended she'd seen blindingly white towns hanging onto steep cliffs at water's edge, hills rising behind, towns scattered haphazardly across the island and finally, the ugliness of an airport, long runways like scars marring the landscape. The island was a singularly unappealing sight from the air. She just couldn't imagine how she was going to cope over the next six months.

She was still ticked off. It wasn't fair. Mom's work always came first, Weather knew that. But Mom taking a six month scientific oceanographic expedition was just too much! Why did Mom make her come half way around the world? Why did she have to leave her friends behind? Why did she have to take correspondence courses to stay caught up in school?

It wasn't fair!

Her stomach churned with nervousness and mild anger, anger that had followed her all the way from Illinois.

The passenger line-up started moving like an accordion or caterpillar, front first, gaps growing between passengers, pauses, gaps collapsing as people paused to let another passenger in. She followed, picking up the strange scent of unfamiliar surroundings mixed with aircraft fuel and exhaust fumes. Weather was surprised when she had to climb down stairs to deplane, and even more surprised to see a double articulated bus waiting to take passengers to the terminal. She'd never seen an airport like it before. It seemed to take forever before the bus moved and it was too hot inside, its open doors and windows counteracting any air-conditioning effect, if it had air-conditioning.

As the bus jerked side to side, Weather holding onto a strap, her body swaying as lateral forces tugged at her, she wondered why Mom rarely talk about Uncle Aidan? She'd never explained their estrangement. Weather wondered what he'd look like now. Would he still be like the single sun-faded photo on Mom's dresser; the one with the two of them when they were young, Mom about Weather's age, twelve?

Her stomach churned as she contemplated spending six months with someone she knew next to nothing about. A flash of anger hit when she remembered Mom taking her cell phone away from her. "We can't afford long distance calls, Weather." It just wasn't fair! How was she supposed to stay in touch with her friends?

Weather followed the other passengers into the terminal, spotting a couple of luggage carousels in the large arrivals hall. She looked around wondering if she'd be able to recognise Uncle Aidan. All she saw was a crowd of people, almost all of them Greek, loud, shouting and waving in groups. Some strange garbled announcement came over the public address system, unintelligible even if she could speak Greek. A rumble followed. She saw one of the luggage carousels start to turn. Like a bunch of lemmings passengers surged towards it.

What would Uncle Aidan be like? Would he be like Mom, calm, smart, and seemingly proficient in everything he did? Nervously she looked around, the carousel squeaking and rumbling with no sign of suitcases. She waited.

Weather caught sight of him as he entered the arrivals hall from a blindingly intense brightness outside. Her breath caught. There was no doubt at all it was Uncle Aidan, his face carrying familiar traces of Mom. Her heart tripped. She felt an immediate, immediate attraction. It was completely uncontrollable, totally surprising her. Why?!

Heat flushed through her. She felt her cheeks get warm. Damn! But, jeez, Uncle Aidan was . . .

Frowning, she turned away before he spotted her, swearing under her breath. Anger rose. What the hell was wrong with her?

Turning slightly, she glanced at him again out of the corner of her eye. It hit her again, a flush of heat, heart palpitating. She didn't understand. It wasn't as though she'd never seen more handsome guys, but there was an unidentifiable quality about him that hit her hard. She liked how his sandy brown hair with darker roots seemed to fall into his eyes. She liked how it seemed un-brushed, unkempt. She liked how his angular face was lightly stubbled and unshaved. And he appeared tall, almost six feet. He stood relaxed and at ease scanning the crowd. He had broad shoulders but was lanky, slender, a trim waist, both of his hands tucked into the back pockets of well-worn jeans. He looked fit, healthy, and intensely male and she couldn't take her eyes off him.

Weather preferred dark haired guys, muscular with clean-shaven faces. So why did she feel such a strong attraction to him? Then he spotted her. She saw his eyes and shivered. Steel-gray eyes bored into her. She stopped breathing when he smiled, his smile radiating pleasure and making her feel even warmer, her knees weak. What was wrong with her?

Weather frowned and turned away, staring at the luggage carousel as bags started arriving. She pleaded with God, please, please let my blush go away! Gawd! She'd never reacted this way before.

SWEAT HAD RETURNED, MY shirt sticking uncomfortably to my back. Why didn't they air condition the arrivals hall? It would surely reduce the swearing and frustrations of tired travellers. I'd clearly taken too much time to drive to the airport, or the flight had landed early; very un-Greek-like. Passengers were crowding around a luggage carousel, waiting impatiently for their bags, jostling each other for prime positions at the front. I heard the tinny P.A. System announce the arrival of Aegean Airlines flight A3365 from Athens with typical Greek efficiency; half an hour after it had landed and disgorged its passengers.

My eyes flicked from one female to the next, searching. I recognised Weather immediately when I caught sight of her. It was impossible not to. She stood in simple blue jeans and white T-shirt, a black backpack over one shoulder, her gaze taking in the surrounding arrivals hall. Weather was the spitting image of Alexis, just younger, smaller, petite. She had the same slender, willowy body. Despite being only twelve it was clear she was going to grow up tall, slim and fine-boned like her mother. She had the same dark chestnut hair, just cut short, feathered in layers, sort of spiky, framing an intensely attractive face, her features so familiar. I saw Alexis in that face; slim nose, darker eyebrows, high cheekbones, a mouth ready to smile, and an angular jaw. I smiled at the familiarity of her face, at a memory of Alexis at twelve.

Briefly I wondered why a slight rosy flush grew on her cheeks and what she suddenly frowned about before I was distracted. I saw her eyes as she turned away. It was like a punch to my gut. A wave of dizziness overcame me. Breathe, breathe! My heart constricted, chest tight. When she turned away from me to face the luggage carousel I bent at the waist to breathe, hands on my knees, inhaling deeply, tamping down the sudden fear that had almost overwhelmed me.

Finally, I could straighten. A few deep calming breaths and I walked over, hands trembling slightly.


She turned, her beautiful eyes studying me. A trace of pink still graced her cheeks. "Hi. Uncle Aidan, right?" Her smile was beautiful, full of warmth, soft and open.

"Yeah." I smiled back at her, fascinated by how her blush intensified. Even the frown that made a return appearance was really charming on her. And then I wondered what I was supposed to do. Should I shake hands? Should I hug her? Kiss her cheek? I felt a bit like an idiot. She solved the problem by moving to me, arms slipping around my waist and hugging me briefly before turning back to the carousel.

I hadn't time to hug back. But her hug lingered on my body like a ghostly remnant. A waft of lemony scent tickled my nose. "Just point your bags out and I'll get them," I offered.

"You sure?" she said, glancing up at me. "They're a bit heavy."

"Yup. Don't worry. I'm big," I claimed thrusting my chest out, "and strong," I added with a curl of my arm. "A manly man."

WEATHER GRINNED. UNCLE AIDAN seemed like a bit of a goof. But, with his antics, she felt something inside melt a bit. She had a sigh of relief inside that needed to get out. His smile was amazing. She turned her attention to the rumbling and squeaking carousel.

I WATCHED SUITCASES PASS ON the baggage carousel which moved in fits and starts, jerkily, as if it had been maintained by Greek mechanics. I could picture them; three guys that just stared at it while they took a break from the grueling fifteen minute journey to the airport, and maybe passed a bottle of ouzo around, too, before hitting the carousel with hammers and verbally assaulting it with plenty of swear words, ordering it to work properly.

"That one!" Weather pointed. I scrambled after the passing blue suitcase. I think I wrenched a shoulder picking it up. Dropping it to the ground I was surprised when a crater wasn't formed in the concrete.

"That one, too," she exclaimed, pointing, her finger jabbing the air.

I scrambled after another blue suitcase.

"No, not that one. That one. Over there," she said with urgency, finger jabbing away. "Not that one. The other one!"

I gave up and turned to her. "Listen, Weather," I said with a grin, "feel free to use identifiers. Hints, you know? Like what colour your suitcase is, or maybe other things that will, I don't know. . . identify it?"

WEATHER LAUGHED AND BLUSHED again at his grin, a remarkably charming grin. "Sorry. It's big," she said with a smile and stretching her arms apart. "This big."


"And what?"

She might have pulled it off, but her giggle ruined it.

"That one," she said, smiling, arm lifted, finger pointing.

I WAITED, NOT MOVING an inch. In fact, I didn't even look at the carousel. She smiled, waited a bit and pointed again. "That one?" she offered in a softer questioning tone, dainty finger wiggling, her smile growing.

I tried a frown and received another charming giggle.

"The red one with a blue tag," she finally conceded.

I looked over my shoulder and dived after the passing red suitcase. Wrenching every muscle in my shoulder I hauled it off the carousel and dumped it on the ground. I think the concrete floor might have shuddered slightly. I hoped it hadn't wakened the extinct volcano.

"What did you bring? Spare parts for a tank?" I asked.

She laughed, a lovely light laugh. "Shoes," she replied cheekily.

I liked her. I couldn't help it. And, importantly, she made me smile. In the span of the very few minutes I'd known her I'd found her quite charming.

I liked her just a bit less when sweat poured out of me while lugging two extraordinarily heavy suitcases into the afternoon heat, Weather following me closely. I led her to the outdoor parking lot wondering how she'd managed to change planes with her suitcases being so heavy. I was about to inquire when she insulted me.

"That's yours?" she asked, laughing and staring at my car.

I was not amused. A slight rush of indignation hit me. I happened to be very proud of my Fiat 500. It was beautifully petite, cute, black and red; a wolf in sheep's clothing. I had the Esseesse Abarth version, the one with one hundred and seventy Italian horses rampaging under the little hood.

"Yes it's mine. And it does not like being laughed at," I said with a frown. "And don't diss it. Small is almost always better; like watches, and electronics, and headaches . . . and suitcases, and, as it happens, Fiats, too."

"But . . . where do you put the suitcases?" Weather asked, now laughing at Uncle Aidan's indignation while studying the tiny car. It was cute, she thought. So was his frown.

Hmm. Good point. I hadn't expected two lead-filled suitcases.

WEATHER BEGAN TO RELAX around Uncle Aidan as he struggled with the suitcases. His smile, even if it made her heart behave oddly, was warm and welcoming. He was soft spoken, seemingly gentle, easy-going, and witty, too. She just adored his eyes. Seeing his indignation when she laughed at his car was funny. But, what was even funnier was, when he climbed into the car, seeing that he was wearing two different colour socks. How come?

"Your socks don't match."

GLANCING DOWN, I TUGGED my jeans up a bit. Huh. How about that? "I like it that way," I lied, not realising what I'd put on; probably too preoccupied. But blue and white? How preoccupied did one have to be? "Very Greek . . . the colours, you know."

WITH ONE SUITCASE TIED to the roof, the other shoved into the tiny back seat, Weather stared with fascination at the passing scenery as Uncle Aidan navigated impossibly narrow roads, other cars barrelling along as if the Devil himself was chasing them, horns blaring for no reason. She'd never seen houses so spotlessly white. And all of them were white, as if it was the law, no other colours allowed.

"How come every house is whitewashed?" she asked.

"No air conditioning. It keeps the interiors cool."

"No. I mean why not pink, or green. Why white?"

PINK? I GLANCED ACROSS at her. Man, she was dangerously pretty. "It's the law," I said with authority.


I laughed. "It's not the law, Weather. It's tradition. White paint was made from ashes, limestone. The island is an extinct volcano, you know."

"How was I supposed to know that?" she asked.

I gave her a running tour guide as we made our way back to Oia on the North Western tip of the island, climbing through the tall hills, winding back and forth on the narrow main road. Every so often I saw Weather cringe at the passing of a large truck, its turbulence buffeting our small Fiat. Gradually, over the half hour of our trip, I calmed down in her presence to the point where I could breathe evenly.

It was as I was explaining about the archipelago and Santorini being only one of the islands that she interrupted.

"Where's Santorini?"


"Isn't his Thira?" she asked.

"Yup." I grinned. Too many people got confused.

"I don't get it," she said with a frown of her brows.

So I confused her. "Thera, spelled with an 'e' is the classical name for Thira, spelled with an 'i', the official name of what everyone really knows as Santorini."


"You understood that?" I asked with slight disbelief.

"Sure. Thera, Thira, and Santorini. Easy."

Huh. Impressive. This girl was quick, too.

I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road, though. She fascinated me. I couldn't help but study her, take in the shape of her face, her mouth, or enjoy her smile which seemed to bring an intensity to the light in the car. She was a remarkably attractive girl. Not what I'd consider stunningly beautiful, but incredibly attractive, made more-so by her emerging personality.

WEATHER WATCHED AS THEY entered Oia, streets narrowing, whitewashed square and rectangular houses with window planters, or homes hidden behind tall whitewashed walls. Bougainvilleas and trumpet flower vines tumbled over the walls with fiery red or pink blooms. Noise assaulted her when she wound down the car window, every driver seemingly tooting their horn at pedestrians who didn't notice it was a road, and bicyclers weaving through traffic as if under the influence of several bottles of wine. Mopeds buzzed like angry bees. Small shops seemed to bustle with shoppers, goods spilling out onto store-front displays under colorful awnings. The scent of spices, cooking lamb and blooming flowers filled the car. It was quaint and very pretty, far different than the view from the airplane.

Through it all, she was very conscious of Uncle Aidan studying her. She deliberately avoided looking at him after the first couple of times brought heat back to her cheeks. She couldn't ever remember blushing so much. Why? It made her a bit angry that she had no control over it.

"Here we are."

Weather looked around. Uncle Aidan had parked on the side of a narrow cobblestone street just off a main road, half on the sidewalk, next to a white wall covered in tumbling dark pink bougainvilleas, and a small blue wooden door inset into the wall. This did not look like a house to her.

Following him in as he struggled with the suitcases, she entered a small courtyard, white planters everywhere filled with various flowering plants adding colour and character. She saw a blue-painted wooden table and chairs on the cobbled ground and a blue-painted front door, and intricate black wrought ironwork protecting windows on either side. What's with the blue?

Inside, she felt it immediately, the air so much cooler than outside. The house felt small and cozy and sorta cute. The entry hall was small, ebony-dark hardwood floors, a black iron banister and dark wood stairs leading up on the right, a small wrought iron and glass topped side table with mail on it, a living room ahead, and an arched doorway on the left that led to what seemed to be a study. Walking into the living room she saw wide glass and wood double doors, sunlight intensely bright outside, and an open plan kitchen to the left. The living room furniture was simple and plain, sort of a meeting of Amish and Swedish; minimalist in rich woods. Peering out the doors, she gasped. The large balcony, whitewashed with a terra cotta floor, gave out a spectacular, jaw-dropping vista.

Unable to resist, with the sound of Uncle Aidan clattering up the stairs as he carried her suitcases muttering something about tanks, Weather opened the doors and stepped out onto the balcony resting her elbows on the stone wall balustrade. There were a couple of houses below, some sparkling turquoise pools to the right and left and, several hundred feet below, water, a vast lagoon-like expanse with a ring of islands shimmering in the heat-hazed distance. The smell of salty brine and seaweed filled the air. Sun beat down bathing her in warmth. Weather felt the last of her tension seep out of her. It was simply too beautiful to be worried. Uncle Aidan lived in paradise!

"It's a caldera, the crater of an ancient volcano."

Weather glanced to her side. Uncle Aidan was bending over, resting his elbows on the wall, forearms corded with muscles. He was squinting, his eyes taking in the view, his face in profile. From the side, she recognised Mom in his nose and the shape of his mouth. Her heart ached. Damn. Why? What was it about Uncle Aidan that seemed to touch her so deeply? She'd never seen him before, yet he seemed familiar. Why?

"How about a tour?" he asked.


I TURNED MY BACK to the magnificent view, leaned back against the stone balustrade and pointed at my home. "There, living room. There, kitchen. Back there, study." Aiming up to the second floor, I pointed as a smile grew on her face.

"No. Let me, Uncle," Weather said, smiling. She pointed. "There, bedroom. There, bathroom. There, bedroom?"

I grinned. "Bravo! Tour over. Want a drink? How about a cold Coke?"

I did like her laughter. In the sunlight her steel-gray eyes twinkled rather nicely.

That night I couldn't get to sleep.

The ceiling fan rotated lazily doing a fine job of not disturbing the air. On my back with my arms under the pillow supporting my head, I wondered if the fan really made any difference at all. Was it one of those things we just took for granted; assumed it worked because people told us it did; a mechanical placebo? Oh well.

The white Egyptian-cotton sheet felt cool on me. I could hear faint laughter and glasses clinking from a nearby tavern, their sounds floating to me on the air though open bedroom windows. Outside seemed almost daylight from a waxing gibbous moon; everything a bright, flat bluish-gray.

I had to admit I was impressed. Weather, despite her age, was really impressive. I had no doubt Alexis was very proud of her. I sure as hell was.

I think I had been expecting a petulant preteen fighting acne, hormones and adult rules; a girl filled with angst, in full revolt at having to relocate halfway across the world just because her mother was doing her job. I knew I had been full of nervous worry at the prospect of meeting her, never having seen her before. She was a stranger to me, yet in so many ways not. She reminded me strongly of Alexis.

Weather was not what I had expected. Not at all.

She was a personality waiting to happen, full of life, inquisitive and so much smarter than I'd ever imagined. For a twelve-year-old she was remarkably articulate. Then again, what did I know about twelve-year-olds? Her smile was quite attractive and I wasn't sure why she'd blush and frown so frequently, but I found it cute.

Over dinner of moussaka and salad I'd finally convinced her to call me Aidan, not Uncle. But only after I started to call her, "niece Weather," as in, "niece Weather we're having, don't you think?" She'd giggled and finally agreed to call me Aidan. I very much liked her giggle, too.

Having travelled for thirteen hours to get from Illinois to here, she was beat. I'd shown her to her room, small as it was, and where the bathroom was and left. A couple of Mythos beers later and I too had retired. I had to admit I was charmed by her. I could feel it in my chest, a vaguely aching feeling when I looked at her; a visceral reaction. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad having her near. Maybe I'd survive her. Sleep finally rolled in. I succumbed, tired from emotional stress.

IN HER ROOM, WEATHER lay in bed, too tired to sleep, if that were possible. She was still buzzing inside, still confused with her reaction to Uncle Aidan, or Aidan as he insisted she call him. She'd never found any guy so strongly attractive. Why was it so hard to keep her eyes off of him? And, even when she did, she was acutely conscious of his presence, sensing him, wanting to look, to study him. Why?

But his smile, and those eyes, wow. And he seemed so casual and relaxed; so at ease. It was as if he had nothing to prove, so unlike the boys she knew. He laughed so easily and didn't seem to be trying to be, unlike the boys at home.

Gradually sleep crept in, eyelids drooping. Her final thought was perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to be here.


Chapter Two

SUN BEAT DOWN FROM another almost cloudless sky. The breeze made it deceptively temperate. I knew sun was going to burn Weather.

Over the last two weeks I had slowly fallen under Weather's spell. It was hard not to. She was perfectly charming. Alexis had done a spectacular job at raising her. I found myself enjoying her company like no other person I'd ever met. Weather had a fascinating mix of innocent naïveté and worldly awareness, probably because of Alexis. At twelve, Weather still exuded a rambunctiousness I associated with childhood, a joie de vivre, a contagious enjoyment of the simplest of things. Yet she had a developing maturity, a deeper side. I'd spot it in her behaviour, how she moved, tilted her head, or ran her hand through her short silky hair. I experienced it with her sharply insightful questions as we watched the International news every night, sitting side-by-side on the couch. I was really quite taken with her. She was going to be a devastating woman one day; she was already a pretty devastating girl.

Watching her at the bow of my once-fishing boat, a thirty-two foot wooden Greek trawler-style boat painted white with a blue hull, the wind fluffing her short hair, I had to smile. In a white polo shirt and light blue cargo-style shorts she looked as if she was supporting the Greek colours. It wouldn't take much for her skin to darken and tan, either, if it didn't burn first.

"Put more sun block on," I yelled through open portholes from inside the pilothouse.

Weather waved back at me, smiled and started applying sunscreen lotion to her exposed arms and legs, bending to rub it over slender thighs and down her calves.

One hand shot out to steady herself against a raised cargo-hold cover when we crested a wave, the boat quartering and moving in a slight corkscrew motion as we rounded the headland of Therasia. I'd offered to take her out to see some of the outlying islands and packed a picnic. We planned to anchor in the cove of a small island, Nisida Stroglio, and swim in the deep cool waters if she wanted.

I was so preoccupied with watching Weather I failed to anticipate the complex crossing waves. Out of the corner of my eye I saw it approach, too late for me to take corrective action. The rogue wave hit the side of our bow at an odd angle, the boat shuddering before shaking it off. Spray was tossed into the air and a curtain of salty seawater cascaded over the bow. I watched it slap into Weather, knocking her back a few steps and drenching her from head to foot. She screamed at the unexpected cold dousing. Dripping, looking drowned, she turned towards me, shock and indignation on her pretty face.

I was hit, a mallet smashing into my chest stealing my breath away. Weather's white Polo shirt had become translucent; a delicate little lace bra had appeared underneath. Plastered to her body as it was, the Polo shirt accentuated perfect little breasts rising from her slender chest. The outline of her lacy bra added a sexiness to her that I reacted to on a visceral level, my penis awakening at the alluring sight. Her shorts were plastered to her, hugging her crotch, outlining a very full pubis and what looked like the elastic of her panties. I gulped trying to draw oxygen back into my lungs.

When I looked at her expression of shock, I had to grin. Damn she looked so cute I wanted to go and hug her. And then, when she saw my grin, she frowned at my apparent amusement and that made her look even cuter. It was like falling off a cliff, the ground under me disappearing. A sense of vertigo hit. I found Weather more attractive than anyone I had ever met, ever! I felt the attraction in my pants and my chest, a yearning ache.

Then she looked down and saw her condition. Arms immediately crossed her chest hiding her bra. She glared at me as I laughed. Just too cute for words! A gorgeous drowned rat.

"That's not funny!"

"Yes it is."

"No it's not! And it's frigging cold!"

Another wave took us both by surprise, rocking the boat violently. Weather, arms wind-milling trying to retain her balance, went flying with a screech. Shocked, I watched her tumble over the side and disappear from view.

Panic hit. Shoving the throttle to off and cutting the engine and spinning the helm, I raced to the gunwale. She was flopping around eight feet away and drifting. I didn't hesitate. I didn't even think. I dived in. Fuck, it was shockingly cold after the radiant heat of the sun.

Swimming fast I reached her. She was treading water, watching me with a puzzled expression, eyebrows knit.

"What did you do that for?" she asked.

"I didn't. The wave just hit," I replied, confused and surprised to see her quite calm. "I didn't even see it."

"No. Not the wave. Why did you dive in?"

"To save you. Why do you think?"

"But . . . I can swim."

"Well, I didn't know that," I exclaimed, treading water, foot-high swells lifting and lowering us. "If I had, I would have stayed in the boat."

Weather stared at me. A grin appeared. She nodded. "Maybe you should have. Look."

I turned and just about had a heart attack. My boat had drifted about forty feet away and was moving further with each passing swell, caught in the current. Fuck me!

I started swimming, a hard crawl, my heart pounding.

Eventually I overhauled the wayward boat. Eventually I steered it over to haul Weather out of the sea. She was laughing at me. I was not impressed. It could have easily been a complete disaster. I glared at her, frowning. "Where the hell was your life jacket?" I asked, now I was thinking again.

She grinned at me. "There." A regal finger pointed. "Where the hell was yours?" she asked cheekily. Then, when she caught me staring at her little lacy bra, her arm quickly covered herself again. "Stop staring!"

"I wasn't."

"Yes you were!"

"I wasn't! Okay, I was." I smiled. "You've got boobs!"

Her peal of laughter was a pure delight, making me feel warm inside.

WEATHER LAUGHED AND FELT her nipples tighten up even more. Aidan's staring, while at first embarrassing, suddenly felt good. His eyes seemed to grow so wide and his smile took her breath away. He was soaked head to foot, light brown, sun-bleached hair plastered to his forehead, polo shirt plastered to his chest and sexy eyes glittering with pleasure. In that moment Aidan was sexy! Her uncle was sexy!

She shivered, but not from cold. He'd ogled her boobs! Aidan had ogled her boobs! How nice was that?

He suddenly turned and yanked out a blanket from a storage locker in the pilothouse, handing it to her.

"You're cold," he said, watching her from inside the pilothouse.

She didn't bother telling him that wasn't why she was shivering, or why her nipples were so hard. Wrapping the blanket around her shoulders she sat down on a bench. Now, with the warmth of the blanket, she started feeling cold.

"I need to change out of these wet things," she said.

"Okay. Good idea."


"Well what?"

Weather grinned. "You've got to leave the pilothouse so I can change. Or would you rather I change in the open?" When he didn't immediately respond, she giggled, blushing. Damn! Why did she blush so much around him?


AS MUCH AS I suddenly wanted Weather to change on the open deck, I tied the helm down so we'd putter along in a circle and stepped out, closing the pilothouse door behind me.

Watching the horizon, lost in thought, I didn't hear Weather emerge. I was consumed with how, from an accident, my complete perspective had changed. I knew I'd found Weather charmingly attractive as a young girl. But I had no idea I'd find her sexy and desirable. A twelve-year-old sexy? Why? Yet, it was an uncontrollable, visceral attraction. I could still feel my partially erect penis heavy in my shorts. I could still picture every tiny detail of her lacy bra. I could still feel the amazement at how shapely her little breasts were. I could still see the very strong resemblance to Alexis in her face. I had no control at all; no say in how I was reacting and that made it quite unnerving. It was, in fact, slightly terrifying finding Weather sexually attractive.

"All done," Weather announced, opening the pilothouse door.


She laughed. "I'm changed. Thanks."

I turned. Fuck me! Weather had put on a bikini, a blue bikini, a small bikini, little strings holding bits of blue cloth, strings knotted into bows on naked hips, and at the nape of her neck, and behind her back. I ogled expanses of smooth, naked young skin without realising it until she giggled. I shut my mouth.

"You're staring," she said.

Damn right I was. That little thing should have been illegal! "No I'm not. I'm observing. That's different."

"Nope. Staring. That's definitely a stare," she responded with a tinkle of pleased laughter.

When I realised what I was doing, carefully absorbing every surprisingly sexy curve and swell of her budding beauty, I had to mentally shake myself. Tearing my eyes away from a spectacularly gorgeous preteen body, I looked at her. The grin and blush on her was beautiful, beautiful. I felt the ground below me fall away again. For some reason I wanted to hug her, draw her close. I had some very adult thoughts tumble through my mind unbidden, especially thoughts involving those little bows and my lips, before sanity returned. Weather's charm and allure was a storm assaulting me.

"Right. So. Picnic?" I asked, turning away and giving myself a brisk mental shake . . . no, more like a kick in the proverbial pants.

"Yup. I'm hungry."

"We'll make for the island. Twenty minutes, I think. You should put some sunscreen on," I advised.

"Kay. I'm gonna sunbathe a bit to warm up."

Piloting the boat towards a distant island, I was unaware of my shivering body, polo shirt and shorts still soaking wet. Through the forward open portholes I watched Weather moving about, laying her wet clothes over the raised foredeck. I was inordinately hypnotised by her small white cotton panties when she carefully placed them out to dry. No matter where I looked they were all I saw, little white things. Why were they so fascinating? Eventually, shaking myself, I became distracted by Weather rubbing sunscreen on her body, a sensual act that quite riveted me. I wondered what it would be like to take those strings tied in bows at her sides, the ones that held her bikini bottoms on, and tugging them, slowly unravelling the bow, seeing them fall, those little triangles of cloth over her front and rear falling away to reveal . . .

"How much longer, Aidan?"

"For what?"

"Till we get there."

"How would I know?"

"You're piloting the boat!"

"Oh. Right." I glanced away from her and made a quick slight adjustment so we wouldn't hit the island, as we seemed about to do. "Five minutes."

"Kay. I'm hungry!"

Me, too. But not for food. Shoot! What was wrong with me? I felt like I was a teenager again with a sudden crush. I had a feeling Weather could become a dangerous obsession.

Seven minutes later I dropped anchor, the boat gently rocking in the lee of the island, mid-day sun beating down strong and hot. There was absolutely no breeze at all. Lunch, crusty bread, hard and soft cheeses, dried cured meats, a variety of fresh fruit and drinks, coke for Weather, and Mythos beer for me, was well received. But, as we chatted about Santorini and Greece, I couldn't help the feelings that were growing inside me.

WEATHER TOOK A FINAL sip of her Coke. "Oops, excuse me," she said after inadvertently burping, her hand covering her grinning mouth, a blush hot on her cheeks. She could feel perspiration trickling down both her back and under her boobs, the sun punishingly hot. Through lunch she'd had a hard time concentrating on what Aidan was saying. His startlingly sexy eyes and easy smile were so distracting. Once he'd changed into a bathing suit and slouched back against the gunwale, she'd been able to study his body for the first time. And she did, intently.

He was lanky, just as she'd thought. He carried not one ounce of fat, not one, and she surreptitiously checked every inch of him. His physique was lean like a marathon runner, muscles clearly showing, but not big or over-developed. Based solely on his physique she would have expected Aidan to move with feline grace and fluidity. Yet, he didn't. Every so often he'd stumble, or hit his leg against something, grunt and swear lightly, rubbing himself before continuing. As they ate she saw all the discoloured bruises from his clumsiness; a dark grouping of splotches on his shins, some old and fading, some new.

And then she looked at his face again, her heart fluttering uncontrollably. She frowned at the feeling, annoyed with her seeming lack of control. She saw him smile at her frown and she flushed, warm, cheeks heated. There was a very, very attractive quality to Uncle Aidan that she didn't understand in the least. He seemed to be able to touch her deep inside with just a look. He could steal her breath with a smile or youthful grin. And looking into his eyes made her lose time. Why?

"Let's swim!" she exclaimed, jumping up, needing to move. Maybe cool water would help.

THE SUN WAS HEADING towards the horizon by the time we tied up at the dock in Ammoudi, the harbour below Oia. Weather was sunburned, although she didn't know it. I saw the signs, rosy red shoulders and knees. With the picnic backpack thrown over one shoulder, I held out my hand for Weather's. Taking her hand, we set off. It was a long serpentine road climbing over eight hundred feet to town.

We walked in comfortable silence. I liked holding her hand. I only wished I was at peace, too. But I wasn't. So much had changed in me and all in one afternoon. We passed occasional residents. I greeted them, nodding with familiarity at many I knew and smiling back at their smiles of welcome.

"What did you say to them?" Weather asked.

"KaliSPERa, means 'good afternoon'. I said 'hello' to the other man, yahSU," giving her the phonetic sounds.

Weather tried the words on her tongue, repeating them to get familiar with them. It made me grin. She had no idea how people were smiling at her as she practiced, repeating them over and over, eyes turned down to the steep road as we climbed steadily higher. Watching a twelve-year-old repeating 'good afternoon' and 'hello' over and over to the road was very cute.

By the time we were entering Oia, Weather was happily saying "YahSU" to everyone.

By the time we were eating dinner on the balcony, enjoying the cooling evening air, the hustle and bustle of the town quieting as stores closed, and a small lantern casting a flickering yellow light over our balcony table, I knew I was falling for her. And not an "uncle" type of love, either. Weather was quite spectacularly pretty, her short feathered dark chestnut hair sort of spiky, as if it had been carefully brushed that way in a high-end salon. As night fell, her steel-gray eyes had darkened and softened into a warmer, putty-like gray. Her sun-burnished cheeks glowed. Her smile hurt.

I let her have half a glass of a local red wine with our meal of yoghurt-marinated grilled lamb with roasted rosemary potatoes and watched as she ate with gusto.

"Will you teach me?" she asked out of nowhere.

"Of course. Teach you what?"

"To cook?"

Bright eyes twinkled at me, my heart fluttering! Jeez. "Sure. We'll start tomorrow morning with how to boil water. Once you master that, in, oh, a couple of weeks, we'll move on to the more challenging, how to boil eggs."

WEATHER PAUSED, TILTING HER head, fork half way to her mouth as she considered Aidan's response. She could feel a smile tugging at her. But she also felt something else tugging at her as she studied his gorgeous eyes that seemed to have darkened. She let the smile out, but whatever the other thing was, it felt heavy in her chest. "I'll try real hard, I promise," she said. "Want to bet I can learn how to turn the stove on in one lesson?"

She loved his grin, boyish and handsome.

That night Weather lay in bed and replayed each memory from the day. She smiled to herself, feeling warm at the memory of Aidan staring at her wet shirt. She remembered his surprise that she had boobs, how he stared, his eyes so big. She shivered slightly.

Weather wondered what it would be like to kiss that smile, press her mouth to those sexy lips. She felt arousal bloom. Trembling, she gently caressed her boobs, tweaking her nipples, feeling a delicious ache of arousal grow in her groin.

She wondered if kissing Aidan would be different from kissing Barry, the furtive kiss he'd given her after the movie. She wondered what Aidan's hands would feel like on her back, her thigh, mmm, maybe touching her down there. Weather squirmed and squeezed her legs together. She rolled onto her side and curled up, her nipples pleasantly aching. Sleep arrived, dreams following closely behind, Aidan holding her gently, pulling her to his lean body, sexy eyes looking down at her. Dreams of a kiss made her moan in her sleep. Dreams of loving whispers and of soft declarations of love dampened her panties. Weather dreamed with a smile on her face.

I LAY ON MY FRONT with my erection pressed to the mattress and castigated myself. It was simply unacceptable. It was so, so wrong. I could feel the anger in me, anger at myself. I could feel my erection, too, rigid, throbbing. What would Alexis think? Would she shoot me on sight? Groaning I rolled onto my back, my erection tenting the soft white cotton sheet. I resisted grabbing it, even though my need was rather desperate.

I battled an epic battle, desire fighting common sense. But, gradually, as I remembered and admonished, common sense slowly took the upper hand and the fever of need eased. Slowly resolve returned. Slowly I found the strength to dominate my more basal desires. I assuaged myself with the thought that loving Weather platonically was good enough for me. Having her with me for the next five months was a precious gift, one I'd never expected. I should relish it. I would relish it.

Sleep took a long, long time to arrive.


Chapter Three

Despite my resolve, despite the best of intentions, it seemed as if Weather was waging a war on my commitment. Over the next two weeks she seemed to invade my world. I became hyper-aware of her wherever she was. I noticed how she always walked around in bare feet and how she'd painted her toenails light pink, not her fingernails, though. Why? She seemed to exit the bathroom whenever I was headed towards it, too often wrapped in a towel and giving me a heart-stopping smile, "All yours." I noticed her short hair, damp and dark, picked up the scent of floral shampoo as she passed in the narrow hall and, turning, how long, slender, and youthfully firm her bare legs were. I couldn't stop myself from wondering what it might be like to see that towel unravel and fall. What would a naked twelve-year-old butt look like?

I became fascinated by her right foot. She'd curl it up under her when sitting at the dining table or on the balcony chair and, as she ate, her toes would wiggle, just on her right foot, though. Why? It seemed the more she liked a particular dish, the more her toes would move.

I watched how her small mouth and lips moved as she talked or ate. I loved how her lips curled slightly as if on the cusp of bursting into a radiant smile or a sparkling laugh, a promise to brighten my heart.

I was acutely aware of Weather as she moved, like a cat, smoothly, and how her T-shirts seemed to drape over her little boobs and, once or twice, I was quite convinced from the way they jiggled under soft sky-blue cotton when she laughed that she was bra-less. I couldn't stop the erection that formed.

And then she'd wear those little terry shorts that emphasized the sweet swell of her preteen bottom and the delectable shape of her small buttocks, and I'd feel my pants get tight in appreciation.

She'd look at me, watchful, beautiful steel-gray eyes twinkling at me as if she knew what I was thinking and found it amusing.

I admonished myself. I fought. I swore. And, one fateful night as I lay in bed, almost six weeks after she entered my life, I held my erection and let my mind take flight. I let images of Weather flood in; wet shirt, small lacy bra, petite breasts. I remembered a skimpy bikini, laces tied at the side, acres of bare skin and small triangles of cloth not hiding her modesty at all. I let images flood in as I stroked my aching erection and imagined what her hidden charms might look like, what a naked twelve-year-old body would look like. Thinking of holding her delicate little breast and feeling the inside of her slender thigh, I let my guard down and masturbated to a strong, strong orgasm. Guilt rushed in to erase the sweet pleasure. I condemned my weakness and renewed my commitment to behave. I also slept badly.

WEATHER'S EYES POPPED OPEN, morning light brightening her room. It was if her mind had been working through the night. She saw the intricately carved old ebony-dark chest of drawers, the chair with her clothes from yesterday draped over the back of it. From below she heard the crash of a pot or pan falling to the floor followed by a string of curses. She smiled at Aidan's swearing. With some people they'd say the most innocuous swear word and somehow it would sound dirty and make your skin crawl. With others, like Aidan, they could swear up a storm and it was nothing but funny.

For almost six weeks now she'd lived with Aidan; he'd been the first male she'd ever lived with. She'd never known her father, long gone before she was born. Mom had never married, telling her she was happy with Weather and didn't need more. She'd refused to talk about her father, no matter how Weather probed. Mom had no boyfriends either, at least none that she'd ever seen, even though Mom was still young.

But, living with her uncle was so different. Maybe it was because of the closeness dictated by his cute house, or the immediate comfort she'd felt with him, or because he was so gently sexy and considerate and kind. Maybe it was because of the almost constant attention he'd paid to her, or those sexy expressive eyes that seemed to be hard-wired to her heart. Maybe it was because she'd felt an immediate pull; from the first time she'd set eyes on him it seemed as if she knew him. From the first time her eyes had settled on him in the airport, his hands shoved into his back jean-pockets, lanky, tall, and completely at ease, she'd felt her heart ache, her chest heavy.

Whatever it was, when she woke up she knew, beyond doubt, she loved him. More than that, he made her feel special, attractive, beautiful, and made her tingle with pleasure. He filled her with warmth and security and love. He wrapped his irresistible personality around her, making her feel special and wanted and even desirable. She wanted to kiss him. She wanted Aidan to hug her, touch her, caress her, and sweep her off her feet.

Springing from bed, Weather dressed and hit the bathroom, blushing at some of the sexy thoughts passing through her mind.

Descending the stairs, she stood at the archway to the kitchen watching Aidan as he cooked. He looked good in the navy blue T-shirt and khaki shorts, legs bare, feet bare. His T-shirt hung on him as if it was made of the softest cotton, draping off his shoulders, hanging loose at his trim waist. Idly she wondered if she could steal it for herself. Maybe she'd offer to do the laundry and grab it. With a smile, she decided she'd just raid his bedroom dresser and find one that smelled of him.

Then Aidan swore up a storm, a carton of eggs hitting the terra cotta floor with a noisy splat. Broken white shells, yellow yolk and thick egg whites splattered over the kitchen floor.

Twisting to stare at the disaster on the floor, an attractive frown on his face as if affronted by the eggs, like they'd deliberately fallen to annoy him, the frying pan in his hand swept across the counter. An orange juice carton went flying, the plastic cap bursting off as it hit the tiled floor, orange juice spurting out to join the eggs.

"Fudge, bugger, damn!"

Weather burst into laughter.

Gorgeous soft eyes turned to her. "What exactly are you laughing at, young lady?"

"You! Has anyone ever told you you're a klutz?" she asked with another snort of laughter.

"I am not! I can't help it if the egg carton was slippery."

Weather grinned at his indignation. "So, what about the orange juice carton, or all those bruises?"

"What bruises?"

"Those." She nodded at his legs, "on your shins."

"Wow. How did I get those?"

Weather laughed. He was such a kid. "Aidan, you hit anything within twenty feet of you."

"No I don't!"

"Okay." She smiled. Within the hour she bet he'd be swearing at having run into some piece of furniture with his knee, toe or shin. He was worse than a blind man. She'd never have guessed this was his home the way he seemed so unfamiliar with it. "Let me help clean up."

With a final bite of perfectly fried eggs, a last bite of freshly baked baguette sopped in egg yolk and a sip of naturally sweet orange juice, all freshly bought, Weather sighed and leaned back from the small dining table. Aidan, despite being a goofy klutz, was a spectacular cook, far better than Mom. "Good breakfast," she nodded. She liked how he smiled with pride. Very nice.

IT PLEASED ME HOW she seemed to enjoy my cooking. I'd thought young girls were either picky eaters or had the appetites of anorexic chickadees. Not Weather. I wasn't quite sure where all the nutrition was going, given how slender she was. Maybe it was her personality burning all the calories. Nevertheless, I liked the gusto she showed when eating. "I've gotta work this morning, Weather," I said, "What are you going to do?"

"I thought I'd wander around town. Maybe try my Greek," she replied.

"Good. Just remember not to swear accidently. E-nun-ci-a-tion," I advised with a smile. She'd shocked several locals when accidently mispronouncing one word and denigrated their mothers. "How about I meet you for lunch?"

"Great! Can we try Ouzeri?"

"Sure." I felt her smile in my chest, a tightening feeling. She was truly a beautiful girl. She was also gradually working her way through every restaurant in town.

WEATHER WANDERED AIMLESSLY THROUGH Oia, enjoying the hustle and bustle, the noise, and busy shops. She liked the way the town smelled, in parts salty from the sea, in parts fishy from the docks, and then suddenly strong aromas of cooking lamb, or spicy scents of Greek dishes assaulting her, mouth-wateringly appetizing. She liked how the people seemed so friendly, smiling at her, nodding greetings, grinning at her Greek. She liked how they didn't seem to care if their clothes weren't the latest fashion, work pants and white shirts for the men, calf-length dark-coloured dresses for the women, some with scarves covering their hair. These Greeks were loud and vociferous and full of life. They made her smile.

To her, Oia was unpretentious, so unlike home. She liked the winding lanes that followed no perceivable pattern, so different from the boring ruler straight, rectilinear grid pattern of streets back home. Despite the intense brightness of a burning sun reflecting off of whitewashed houses she liked how cute they were, so much smaller than what she was used to. In fact, everything was smaller in Oia. Remembering Aidan's comment at the airport, "Small is almost always better . . ." she smiled. He was right. Oia was picture-card perfect, a white dazzling jewel hanging on the edge of a cliff over sapphirine water.

Greeks liked colour, too. It showed in the women's scarves and the proliferation of vivid blooming plants that seemed to fill window boxes everywhere. It was, she decided, the most charming town she'd ever seen. And, as she wandered the streets, she felt at home. That surprised her. No school, no friends, no shopping mall, no cinema, no Starbucks, no cell phone, no text messaging, so how come?

Glancing at her Swatch, she saw it was close to one o'clock. Stopping and glancing around, she oriented herself and set off for Ouzeri. She was beginning to feel hungry.

I SAT AT THE outdoor patio at Ouzeri waiting for Weather and a bottle of Assyrtiko dry white wine sitting in an ice bath waiting for me. My mind was occupied.

This morning Weather had begun to break through carefully constructed defenses with her bright laughter, her giggles, her sharp wit. My resolve of last night had bent under the assault of her charm and personality. When I'd finally been alone sitting at my desk, an old, scarred dark wood-topped desk with intricate woven black iron legs, staring at a twenty-seven inch monitor, I'd found myself lost. Computer code that, for my entire adult life, had sung to me like perfect arias, allowing me to create hugely popular programs for PCs, Macs, and iPads and provided a lucrative income, sat staring at me in defiance on the monitor, laughing at me. For the first time in my life, computer code looked like metaphorical Greek to me, unintelligible.

I was struggling and I knew it. For almost six weeks Weather had charmed me, enchanted me, and beguiled me. She was a perfect blend of intelligence and growing maturity offset by the incredible attractiveness of carefree youth, a bubbly personality, deeply attractive giggles, and the amazing glorious promise of pubescence. But, she was also . . .

Her waving hand pulled me from my thoughts. Her bright, bright smile made my lips curl in response, and, as Weather approached along the narrow sidewalk, I felt a tremor of fear return when startlingly beautiful steel-gray eyes twinkled at me. I'd been strong for so long, yet, faced with Weather, I was a puppy with no resolve, just wanting to please her. She was dangerously appealing to me.

"This town is just amazing, Aidan," Weather enthused as she pulled out the metal patio chair, sitting, and rearranging the cutlery. She grabbed the white cloth serviette and shook it out, covering her lap. "Can I try some wine?" she asked, spotting the bottle. "Is it Greek?"

Without waiting for an answer, she picked up her wine glass and held it out.

I was drowning. I took a deep breath, a fortifying breath. Better. "Sure," I said, pulling the cold bottle from the battered pewter wine cooler. I poured for us both, watching as Weather gazed around her with a smile of pleasure, caught sight of a menu, grabbed it and, after taking a sip of the dry white wine and passing judgement, "Mmmm," opened the menu to select her meal.

I caught myself again. I was wondering when she was going to behave like my preconception of a preteen girl. This creature across from me, this girl my sister had raised, was simply amazing, I thought.

"What's calamari?" she asked.

"It's squid."

"Oh. Yuck!" she exclaimed with a scrunch of her face. "I think I'll skip that. What's Klef . . . Klef . . . Kleftiko?"

"It's lamb marinated in garlic and lemon juice and slow roasted on the bone."

"Ooh, yum. I'll have that," Weather stated with satisfaction, laying the menu down, eyes returning to scan the patio and busy street, eyes twinkling with enjoyment.

We ordered, my lunch a light Greek salad. I wasn't hungry. I was far too busy staring at the angel across from me. With the memory of water slamming into her on the boat and what it revealed, I was now acutely conscious of Weather's budding sensuality, made more intense by her personality. I now noticed how her small breasts gave her T-shirt a seductive shape. I noticed the fine hair on her unshaved arms, and how in the glare of the sun, her short, feathery chestnut hair seemed to flash with reddish highlights. I noticed how her eyebrows were unshaped, full, yet giving her a sensually intense look that, with her youth, seemed even more attractive. I noticed how incredibly long and thick her eyelashes were, how lovely they were as she blinked, and how large her pretty eyes were.

As we leisurely consumed a second bottle of wine, Weather providing a funny running commentary on other patrons and passing pedestrians, and afternoon slowly passing into late afternoon and then early evening, I noticed how her nose flared gently and how agile and animated her small mouth was, lips so full. I wondered what they'd feel like to kiss and got an erection.

Then we strolled through town after leaving the restaurant and early evening gradually yielded to dusk, putting on a spectacular sunset of reds, yellows and golds. I was acutely aware of how Weather graced me with her attention, how she held my arm with both of her hands, our hips bumping occasionally. I was very conscious of her small breast pressed to my arm. In the dying flames of the red and gold sun as it plummeted below the horizon, departing with a final spectacular flare, in the magic of the Greek islands, and under the gentle suppressing influence of too much wine, despite my best efforts, I fell in love with one of the most charming, most beautiful people I'd ever met.

And, when we stood side-by-side looking at the harbour below us, alone, Greek fishing boats bobbing in the swells, seagulls circling, and a breeze finally breaking the heat, darkness shrouding us, when Weather looked at me, her small fingers intertwining through mine, and soft eyes glittering with pleasure, "It's so beautiful, Aidan," I did what I'd been thinking of since she walked into Ouzeri. I bent and kissed her gently.

It was a chaste kiss, lips touching lips. But it was anything but innocent. Weather's small lips were soft against me, warm and silky. I shuddered at how sensual the kiss was. I drowned in the surprise in her eyes. I died at her soft smile afterwards, her little blush, and how she held my arm, resting her cheek on it and sighed. She was beautiful, gorgeous.

The magic of the Greek isles had hit. Weather said nothing as we strolled home. She held my arm tight.

WEATHER FELT LIKE SHE was walking on a cloud. Aidan had kissed her! And, God, it was such a perfect kiss, soft and loving. She'd melted at the look in his eyes, the adoration she'd seen and even desire. It had shaken her to her core. Never in her life had she known a simple kiss could be so amazing. It wasn't like any of the other furtive or overenthusiastic kisses she'd had.

Her lips tingled. Her body ached. She was in love. She couldn't stop looking up at him as they walked home, Aidan so handsome, his smile so, so sexy. He kissed me!

She was in a fog, isolated from life around her. Sounds of cars, horns, and town life were muted. It stayed that way for the rest of the evening. She trembled when she kissed Aidan goodnight on his lips, wishing she could sleep with him and feel him next to her, be held in his arms, be cuddled, be loved.

In bed, the feelings and memories flooded back, making her ache for him. She cupped her pantied crotch, squeezing gently as she replayed the kiss, soft lips, warm lips. She trembled at the intensity in his sexy eyes, adoring eyes, heated and piercing her.

Curling up on her side, her heart aching, Weather caressed herself, let arousal build gently, pussy throbbing. Her small boobs ached and grew heavy. She replayed kissing Aidan over and over. Groaning with need and desire, she caressed herself, hips responding, pussy moist, slippery, clit pulsing. Slowly, gently, Weather brought herself to an orgasm, clenching and shaking, sweet release, sweet pleasure, Aidan kissing her, Aidan kissing her, Aidan loving her, oh Aidan!

IN MY BED, LYING on my back, I battled. Weather's lips had been so soft and sexy. The adoration in her eyes had made my heart ache. God I wanted her, so sweet and innocent, so incredibly alluring. I'd never experienced young pubescence and, when matched with her stunningly appealing personality, I was lost.

I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to sweep her up in my arms and hug her, hold her to me. I wanted to kiss her sexy mouth endlessly, kiss her chin, cheeks, and beautiful eyes. I wanted to carry her to my bed, undress her, and make love to her. My erection strained needing attention, wanting Weather.

An image of Alexis intruded. Shame flooded in. You CAN'T, Aidan, I chastised myself. You CAN'T! But it was so hard, just so hard. If only Weather . . .

Groaning, I rolled over, pressing my erection into the mattress, my face into my pillow. For the first time since I was twenty-four, I felt like crying. It was agony.


Chapter Four

The gloom of an overcast sky greeted me in the morning. It was nature warning me. Had I been more alert and not so preoccupied I might have taken the warning to heart. But, only hindsight is twenty-twenty. A light rain started to fall as I prepared breakfast, feeling depressed from my new-found resolve. It felt like the clouds were pressing down on my shoulders. But, I was going to do the right thing. Whatever it took, I was going to do the right thing.

WEATHER DANCED DOWN THE stairs, her heart singing. She'd slept well to dreams of Aidan's kiss. She'd woken to his swearing as a pot clattered to the kitchen floor, a smile breaking out. Even a dreary sky, the first she'd seen since arriving, couldn't depress her.

She grinned at the sight of Aidan at the stove, bending to inspect a pancake, his light brown hair unkempt and stubble on his face. A rush of love hit her. Smiling, she went up and slipped her arms around his trim waist, hugging, resting her head on his back. "Morning," she said.

She was surprised to feel him stiffen. She was stunned to feel him gently remove her arms from him. She was shocked at his remote expression and the coolness in his eyes. What happened? Yesterday he kissed her, he KISSED her! And now it was if he didn't like her.

Stepping back and away, she stared, fear creeping in. "What's wrong, Aidan?" she asked, her heart beating.

She didn't like his frown, not at all.

"I . . . Yesterday was a mistake, Weather. I shouldn't have kissed you. We can't . . . We just can't . . ."

MY VOICE TRAILED OFF. I didn't like the frown on her face, nor the hurt or betrayal that emerged for that matter. She looked at me and I missed the signs; dark storm clouds gathering in her eyes turning them a hard flinty, smoky gray and anger flashing like lightning. But I didn't miss her actions. A storm erupted.

The first mug hit my chest with a painful thud. I had time to raise my arm and a plate smashed painfully into my elbow, numbing me and shattering into pieces that rained to the floor. I drew a breath to yell and a second mug caught me on my eyebrow, warm blood flowing.

"YOU . . . YOU . . ." she screamed at me. Her voice suddenly faded away. Tears welled in her enchanting eyes before she turned and stormed out of the kitchen. I heard her run up the stairs, a door slamming.

Jesus Christ. What a temper! I'd never suspected it. She'd been so even keeled since arriving. Maybe it was a girl thing, I thought, holding a dish towel to my eye. Rain started falling. Gusting wind arrived, splattering rain against kitchen windows and balcony doors as they rattled. I was quite immobile, my mind churning. In my mind's eye I saw dark flinty gray eyes flashing anger at me, beautiful eyes that suddenly glistened with unshed tears, disappointment, and hurt. The image made my heart ache, made me fill with shame. Seeing Weather go from such a radiantly happy girl to one so hurt made me feel like a shit. It destroyed me, tearing me apart. What had I done? How could I?

What I should have done was sit on the couch and wait her out. What I should have done was wait for her to emerge and explain everything, make her understand just how wrong that incredible kiss was. I should have been honest.

But I didn't.

What I did was slowly take a first leaden step, then another, and another, gradually gaining pace and conviction. I discarded rational thought and let my emotions guide me. I let the intense, intense attraction I had for Weather lead. And, all too soon, I was standing in front of her bedroom door, my knuckle gently tapping.


"Go away."

I didn't. "Please, Weather."

"Go away, Aidan."

And so I didn't. I opened a door instead. Weather was sitting on the edge of her bed. Her soft gray eyes, full of the pain of rejection, lanced into me, my body actually shook. The utter sadness on her face felt like an ice pick in my heart. Big eyes brimmed and a single tear fell taking my breath away. Wind gusted rattling the window, rain hitting glass like small hard peas; nature either warning me or chastising me.

I should have waited. I should have explained. I didn't. The utter need to make her smile at me, to look at me like she had before I'd ruined everything, was all that mattered. It was an imperative. I moved into her room, sat next to her, the mattress yielding. I drew her stiff body into my side, my face finding her hair. "I'm so sorry," I whispered. "I was wrong."

I felt Weather physically melt into me. Her hands rested on my arm and thigh. She tilted her head against my chest and sighed. My heart broke, rational thought took flight, desire and love of this twelve-year-old sweet, sweet girl clouded my brain. An index finger found her small chin. It turned her spectacularly pretty face up. I drowned in her enchanting eyes so full of love and longing and forgiveness. Bending, my lips touched hers. I heard her moan as her eyes closed slowly. I felt her arm slip up to reach around my neck. She partially turned to me. A sense of vertigo overcame me. I felt lightheaded. And then the tip of a small warm tongue hesitantly, shyly touched my lips.

Walls crumbled. I heard my moan and felt the earth tremble. God, Weather's kiss was so sweetly sexual. Her tongue was so hesitantly arousing. I pulled her tighter and let myself respond, my tongue-tip touching hers in greeting, encouraging, welcoming. It was as if the dam burst. Weather moaned and turned, straddled my lap, both arms wrapping around my neck, and her mouth opened, head tilted, and I tasted her, probing into her small mouth. She groaned and chased my tongue into my mouth. It was a fantastic kiss, full of sensual promise, hot yet sweet. Holding Weather, such an attractive little girl and French kissing her was intensely thrilling. And I had a raging erection from her kiss, one of the most exciting kisses I'd ever experienced.

Eventually I ended it and hugged her slender body to me. "I'm sorry," I murmured into her hair again.

I felt her sigh deeply, her whole body shuddering, snuggling into me. "S'okay, Aidan," she said softly.

"Then good. Let's get breakfast." It wasn't really what I wanted to do. I actually had some rather amorous and sexy ideas that involved us getting naked slowly. It seemed my hesitancy and worry had evaporated and a very, very nice feeling of freedom had replaced them. But still, she was twelve. Tumbling into bed wasn't quite appropriate. Some damage control was called for. A bit of seduction was an exciting prospect.

Weather positively glowed as we made breakfast together. With my arms around her from behind, I showed her how to gently spread the omelette mixture in the frying pan, my hands guiding hers. I let her try it on her own and held her stomach. She was doing quite well, too, until my hands sneaked up, reaching for a not-so-subtle grope of little boobs.

Her body jerked as if hit by electricity. "Hey!" A partially cooked omelette went spilling from the pan onto the stove and floor.

I apologised with a grin, not feeling sorry in the least. Her little breasts and small bra were very, very attractive. I wanted to see rather badly, and explore, and feel, and maybe taste. I didn't. A new omelette was mixed and, as I cleaned the previous one off the stove and floor, Weather happily cooked. "Behave, Aidan!" she admonished with a grin of pure delight when I accidentally stroked a soft bare leg. With a giggle as my hand moved up, she twisted away. I halted my journey when the omelette pan rattled rather loudly.

However, I paid no heed to her order. I didn't behave in the slightest. Through breakfast I tried to grope Weather gently. She positively radiated pleasure at my attention, smiling, blushing at times, laughing and dancing away from me only to let me catch her again and almost feel. I basked in her pleasure and playfulness. It was addictive. Anticipation was intensely exciting.

Then, as the storm passed and rain ended, and afternoon sun broke though to dry the island, we went shopping for dinner.

WEATHER DANCED AWAY . . . AGAIN. "Stop already! Jeez, Aidan," she exclaimed, her heart fluttering. And, contrary to her words, she hoped he wouldn't. "Ouch! Hey!" She couldn't stop the giggle as she rubbed her bum, smarting from his pinch. Weather loved his attention. She loved it. After the heartbreak that morning, after the hug and another spectacular kiss, he suddenly seemed to change. Aidan became a flirtatious octopus. Like a kid he touched, groped and grinned, his sexy eyes twinkling with mischief and pleasure. It made her heart race.

As morning had turned into afternoon and the storm passed, sun breaking up the clouds, Aidan only had eyes for her. He seemed to drown her in love and attention and she loved it, absolutely loved it. She loved him. It was an ache in her heart she felt even when she was laughing or giggling, which she seemed to be doing a lot of suddenly.

"Hey! Behave! The shop's right there and there are people everywhere!" She blushed. Gawd, what if people had seen him squeeze her bum? His innocent grin and the pleasure in his eyes made her melt. Aidan was a hunk.

Shopping with Aidan was interesting. When it came to food he was quite serious, a real gourmand, showing her what to look for in fresh vegetables and fruits. She absorbed his lecture on meats, although there were too many cuts of lamb for her to follow. In the store he behaved, but she saw the twinkle in his eye, mischief never far away. And, like a kid, he resumed right where he left off when they headed back home.

"Here, take these," he said, handing her a couple of shopping bags. When she took them he nodded. "Good."

It didn't register at first. But, with both hands now carrying bags, she was helpless to stop him! She giggled and twisted away as a hand caressed her jean-covered rear. She gasped and quickly looked around when he tried to slip his hand inside her jeans to feel her bum. "Don't! Someone will see!" When he made a play for her boobs, she stopped walking suddenly and tried to cover herself. Her small boobs ached and felt heavy. She felt her pussy clench, too, moisture leaking. Damn!

Blushing, she yelled at him, "STOP! Jeez, Aidan."


A giggle escaped at his attempted innocent expression. What a goof! She tried to look angry. Her body was aching and she was as horny as hell! It wasn't fair. Then it struck her. Hold on! This could work both ways. Hmmm.

Smiling sweetly at him, she placed the shopping bags on the sidewalk. "All yours." She walked off, crossing the street to avoid going near him. She grinned at his yell. Several yards later she waited. His grumbling and frown made her laugh. It was like she'd taken his favourite toy away from him. Huh. How about that? Her!

Pleased beyond reason, Weather let him lead the way home, watching his trim butt in jeans. She wondered what it looked like. How firm would it be? A shiver shook her. Reaching out, she grinned and pinched.

"Excuse me, young lady!"

She loved his pretend indignation, her heart aching so much.

THAT EVENING AS WE sat on the balcony, I asked, "Do you know your toes wiggle when you eat?" Humidity had been burned away in the afternoon by the return of an intense hot Aegean sun. Now, with nightfall, the sounds of music and laughter floating at us from the tavern, I was watching pink toenails wiggling as Weather took another bite of homemade pasticcio, a sort of Greek lasagna consisting of a layer of cheesy tubular pasta topped by ground veal and lamb in a tomato sauce, topped by more pasta in a layer of Béchamel cheese sauce, baked and browned in the oven.

Her toes paused. Bright eyes twinkled at me. A smile appeared and then disappeared as she took a large bite of crusty bread. "Mmm, gooood," she mumbled. I sipped a Greek red, a light-bodied local wine and sat back in the chair. Light from the lamp on the table cast shadows over Weather highlighting the angles and planes of her pretty face. It made her short spiky hair seem almost black and added a smoky quality to her eyes. I studied the too-big navy blue T-shirt she'd changed into. It looked familiar. With her leaning forward she didn't show one of my favourite sights, the small gentle mounds of barely pubescent breasts.

"Can you lean back for a moment?" I asked, taking another sip of wine, smiling.


"Please? Just for a moment? I need to check something."

I liked the suspicion in her eyes. She stared at me and leaned back, one hand still holding a piece of crusty bread. Ah yes, there they were, small twins so widely spaced, so sexy and alluring. "Yes, still there. Beautiful. Thanks."

A momentary look of confusion crossed her face and then, as if clarity hit, she looked down at her chest, looked back up at me, blushed and grinned. "Like?"

"Yes indeed," I answered with a smile. "Very much so. I look forward to introducing myself to the twins. Did you notice how, in Greece, we kiss when greeting?"

Weather burst into a fit of giggles. Her cheeks flushed bright red. The large neck opening of her rather large T-shirt slipped to the side. I saw a slender white bra strap over a shoulder peek at me. It looked remarkably sexy, I thought.

Small pink-painted toes started moving as Weather leaned forward and continued eating, her eyes now studying me, a smile hovering at the edge of her lips. She was so damned attractive. Her youthful sexiness and sweetness, and the personality that blazed brightly in her eyes, was incredible. With my feelings of guilt left behind in the dust this morning, I basked in the love and desire that made me ache so pleasantly, feeling a constant state of arousal, and the exciting promise of discovery ahead.

I knew exactly what was going to happen and, even if I wasn't going to lead the way, I knew beyond doubt Weather was going to become my lover. In hind sight I realised it was fate, written from the moment I set eyes on her at the Santorini airport. There was arousal and passion in the air as we ate. It almost crackled. I was intensely aware of Weather, as she probably was of me. The anticipation was thrilling.

But, as she pushed her plate away with a groan, she crossed her arms on the table, resting her chin on them, sexy eyes looking up at me. A smile appeared. "I'm full. I ate too much."

"So no dessert then?" I asked, knowing she had the biggest sweet tooth on the island.

"Depends. What's for dessert?"

I took a sip of wine, swallowed and smiled. "Whatever you want. Anything. Everything I have is yours."

I knew she was smart. And she didn't disappoint. "Anything?" she asked slowly, drawing the word out. Man I liked that flit of mischief, a sparkle in her eyes. It was astoundingly attractive.

"Anything," I nodded. There was a slight tremor in my hand when I took another sip of wine.

"Ice cream then," she declared forcefully, jumping up from the table.

Damn! Not quite what I had in mind.

I listened to her clattering around in the kitchen. "Oops. Damn." The sound of cutlery rattling across a tile floor followed. I didn't bother getting up to clear the table. The kitchen cast a long beam of light through the open window, brightening the whitewashed balustrade at the end of the balcony and highlighting the stucco-like texture of the brickwork. I heard another crash and a cuss word and then the fridge door being slammed closed.

Her dark outline appeared, lit from behind. She moved out onto the balcony, a bowl in one hand, spoon in another, a beautiful smile on her face. Walking around, she stood at my side and nudged me with a slender hip. "Move."

I turned the chair slightly, backing away from the table. Weather turned and sat in my lap sideways. She took a bite of vanilla ice cream, the chocolate sauce very, very dark. "Yum." I was entranced watching her face. She smiled at me, a spoon rising. "Open."

Like a robot I obeyed, opening my mouth. She slipped a spoonful of ice cream in, watched me eat and swallow. "Good, huh?"

I was treated to a sexy dessert. Weather, with her buttocks pressed into my lap and against my partial erection, proceeded to spoon feed me dessert, one spoon for her, one spoon for me. She smiled. Her eyes twinkled at me. And then, well, and then she bent, her face nearing me, and softly kissed away ice cream that had smeared at the corner of my lips. Beautiful eyes peered at me. A soft smile emerged. "Mmm, chocolate," she said quietly. "More?" she asked, holding up her bowl. My heart clenched. Weather was seducing me! It worked!

I took the bowl out of her hands and placed it blindly on the table, my gaze riveted to her. With a hand on the back of her head, I gently drew her face to me. Her lips parted slightly. They glistened. I kissed her small lips tasting chocolate and vanilla and Weather. Slipping an arm around her back and an arm under her knees, I stood, carrying Weather, kissing her gently. She held on to my neck, turning and wiggling, her lips pressing harder.

Lights were left on. Dirty plates left at the table. Balcony doors were left open. The old wood floor felt cool on my feet as I carried Weather. Despite her five feet height, she felt petite in my arms, so light, and, perhaps because of it, so desirable, a sexy little kitten. My shin caught the edge of the coffee table as we kissed making me stumble and grunt in pain. Weather giggled into my mouth, her eyes shining with laughter, so sexy.

It broke the kiss.

"You're a klutz," she said, resting her head on my shoulder.

"Am not."

"Are too," she said softly.

"Am not," I claimed quietly as I carried her, walking sideways up the narrow stairs.

When I knocked her head against the bedroom doorframe, she giggled again. "See? You are. Totally a klutz."

Putting Weather down I opened the large double windows to let the evening breeze in. My erection was tight in my jeans. I had Weather in my bedroom! I was going to see Weather naked! And, even better, I was going to make love with her. I was going to make love with a twelve-year-old. It was an intense overwhelming feeling.

DESPITE THE GIGGLES, WEATHER had been shaking as Aidan carried her. She knew exactly what she wanted to do; all those things that had seemed so nasty and dirty when she'd talked and giggled about them with her friends at school, now made her horny. Imagining holding Aidan's erection made her tremble. What would it be like? How big? She could even imagine herself kissing it to make Aidan feel good. And a pulse of arousal hit as she thought about actually taking Aidan into her mouth, maybe sucking him. Would he like that? If it made him happy she'd have to try. Suddenly the idea of seeing a penis spurting semen was sexy, not gross. Making Aidan cum? Wow! God, all those nasty things now seemed sexy and arousing. Suddenly she wanted to try them, even those really, really naughty ones. Would they hurt? With Aidan, they seemed okay and sexy and exciting.

When he put her down, she stood, boobs aching, pussy throbbing, panties dampening, heart beating. She couldn't take her eyes off him as he opened the bedroom windows, moonlight behind him making him seem so big, tall, and strong. His bed loomed large in the corner of her eyes. Aidan's bed! What was she supposed to do? Was she supposed to undress? Was he supposed to undress her? Would he like that? His bed looked big, the white cover glowing in the moonlight. Was she supposed to undress Aidan? How? How did you undress someone and make it sexy and exciting?

Weather stood absolutely still. Her mind was churning with indecision. As she realised just how inexperienced she was and how much she didn't know, she began to feel childish and immature. Nerves stirred in her stomach. She began to worry she wouldn't be good enough for Aidan. How could she be? She barely had boobs. And she was a virgin. She didn't even know how to make it good for him! Fears began to worm their way in. She wasn't good enough for Aidan; he wouldn't like it; he wouldn't like her; she wouldn't satisfy him; she was just a little inexperienced girl, not a woman.

As she felt something close to panic at not being good enough for Aidan, he turned from the window.

The look in his eyes took her breath away. Like a fresh spring breeze, it blew all her worries away. Aidan looked hungry! It made her shiver. And, like a deer caught in the headlights, the love and desire in his gaze held her, immobile, unable to feel her legs or arms. She trembled. All she could see was soft eyes, desire, sexy eyes drowning her.

She trembled as Aidan moved close, his arms gently wrapping her in affection. She felt her nipples perk up as they pressed against her bra, Aidan's hands caressing her back, sliding down to caress her bum. Tilting her head, she held her breath as he smiled and bent.

He whispered softly, "I love you, Weather."

Weather relaxed, a weight lifting, his voice so full of emotion. Aidan's lips touched hers setting off sparks of pleasure. She shuddered, eyes closing. His kiss released her. Her arms circled him. She moaned when his tongue pressed at her lips wanting entry. She ached for him when she opened her mouth, Aidan's tongue gently probing. A flush of moisture hit her when he sucked her lower lip.

When she felt his hands slip under her T-shirt, she trembled. The kiss broke, her lips feeling swollen and tingling. She stared into his sexy eyes, felt him lift the hem of her T-shirt. Smiling, Weather raised her arms for him.

I'D NEVER BEEN SO turned on by a kiss. Weather actually moaned into my mouth and melted against me and it was without a doubt the most arousing kiss I'd ever experienced. When she raised her arms for me, encouraging me to undress her, letting me undress her, I raised her T-shirt. A slender tummy appeared followed by a small, simple white cotton bra hugging delectable petite breasts. In its simplicity and youthfulness it was perhaps the sexiest bra I'd set eyes on.

The T-shirt fell unnoticed to the floor as Weather stared at me, eyes expectant, shy but excited. I saw a twitch of her arms, an automatic reaction to cover herself. My hands found slender, delicate bare shoulders.

"Absolutely gorgeous," I told her softly. "Very, very sexy, Weather." My erection strained at the sight of barely pubescent breasts held by soft white cotton, her bra so excitingly girlish. I slipped two narrow bra straps off her shoulders.

Weather smiled and blushed but didn't move. She didn't flinch from my visual inspection, her eyes large, watching me. Perfectly charming, intensely attractive. I let my hands slip down her sides, across silky skin to rest on slender boyish hips. Kneeling, I kissed her navel and saw goose bumps rise. My fingers found the brass button of her jeans. My erection ached as Weather sucked in her tummy, giving my fingers room. I opened the button, her young skin warm against the back of my hand. A zipper rasped loudly, echoing in the bedroom followed by the exhalation of breath; me. It was my breath rushing out as matching little white cotton panties appeared in the gap, a tiny white silk bow at the waist.

Weather's hands rose to my shoulders. I glanced up at her and smiled nervously, suddenly feeling a bit hesitant, almost shy. Taking her jeans off seemed so definitive. She saw my hesitation. And then she grinned at me, the first significant expression she'd had since I'd started undressing her. I liked it. A lot.

"Go on," she encouraged softly. "You can take them off."

She wiggled her slender hips and bum for me while supporting herself with hands on my shoulders. I tugged. Jeans crumpled to her ankles. I stared at a sexy preteen mound pressing and stretching white cotton. I stared at a twelve-year-old pussy hugged by small panties, the elastic digging deep and accentuating a youthful plumpness, a perfect vee, amazingly full and intensely arousing. Weather started shifting, raising one leg then the other. I wasn't aware of why, but God! Her pussy undulated and moved giving me glimpses of a full vulva filling her crotch. Her pussy pressed against soft white cotton, the crease of a camel toe appearing and disappearing. My heart was racing. I'd never seen such a sexy sight.

Jeans went flying from a foot. So that was what she'd been doing. For just a second I wondered if I could put those jeans back on her and get an encore. Then, with my painful erection gently pulsing and leaking precum, I held her sexy hips, pulled her full, plump, panty-covered pubis towards me and kissed it, shuddering at how my lips seemed to sink into the incredibly prominent pad.

A scent hit me, light with a hint of musk, earthy. I recognised it and moaned, dizziness almost overwhelming me. Weather was aroused. It was the scent of her arousal, a preteen's arousal! God help me it was amazing.

"My turn."

"What?" I looked up reluctantly. Weather smiled, excitement glistening in her eyes.

"It's my turn."

"For what?" I asked, thinking only of pressing my lips back against that amazing mound, arousal and lechery fogging my mind.

Weather giggled at me. I liked that, too. She tugged me under my arms.

"Get up!"

"But . . ." I looked at her sexy, sexy mound and exciting panties.

She giggled again, her hand pulling my face up. "Stand, Aidan. It's my turn."

WEATHER LAUGHED AT HIS frown. She was still tingling from his kiss on her pussy. Her panties were now really damp in the gusset, her clit aching. Aidan had looked like he was worshiping her. Her! And the heat in his eyes made her even hornier!

Now she wanted to undress him. It was her turn to explore. She wanted to see his erection, see how big it was. She clenched her legs at the exciting thought. God, she wanted to make love with Aidan so bad. Bending she kissed his lips quickly. "Stand up!" she ordered.

She felt free all-of-a-sudden. Her shyness and worry had evaporated when he'd kissed her pussy so lovingly. And look at that! Her hands didn't even tremble when she unbuttoned his shirt. She liked it. White, cool cotton with rolled up sleeves, like a suit shirt, she thought. Slipping it off his shoulders she decided she might steal it, too. She liked the idea of wearing Aidan's clothes.

Weather draped the shirt over a chair and moved back to Aidan. Standing in front of him her face was level with his bare chest. She combed her fingers though the light, soft chest hair and across tiny hard nipples. The tip of her index finger traced down, across his belly button and followed a line of baby-soft hair that disappeared under his jeans. She smiled when he inhaled sharply and grinned when he sucked in his tummy, her fingers slipping inside the waist.

"Nice," she murmured, eyes riveted on the jean button. With a bit of a struggle she popped it open, her eyes now studying the bulge of his penis underneath. Excitement building at the prospect of seeing her first penis, Aidan's erection, a real one, she reached for the zipper and tugged. It stuck slightly then released, sounding loud as she lowered it. White underwear appeared in the gap. Now Weather was holding her breath. Her complete attention was on his underwear as she pulled and tugged the jeans' waist, moving one side down then the other, slowly stripping them off him.

Her breath expelled suddenly when jeans fell. He wore boxers! And, wow! She clenched her pussy.

The front tented out. Vaguely she heard him mutter, or say something. She ignored him. That tent looked huge. That was Aidan's cock! Now she just had to see. Reaching for the waistband, unaware of anything but the tent, she tugged hard, stripping his boxers down.

"Wow," she whispered softly.

She clenched her legs again, automatically. That? Inside her? How? This close, an erection looked much, much bigger than she'd imagined. It thrust out from his dense pubic bush, the mushroom crown red. Aidan was circumcised. His shaft was thick, veins noticeable. His cock seemed so big. When it bobbed, it broke her concentration. She glanced up at his face. "Like, wow!" she said with a grin. She giggled from nervousness when he started hopping around, yanking his jeans off, his cock waving around. It looked funny.

ALMOST TRIPPING OVER AS I stripped, I smiled at Weather's giggle and said sternly, "Stop giggling! You should be awed by my magnificence!" I'd sort of frozen, absorbed by the intensity of her inspection, her eyes so large. But it was her "Wow" that had me grinning. Her giggles had me chuckling. Suddenly the sexual intensity vanished. Playfulness emerged and I liked that, too.

Actually, I think I liked that more. Weather was so much more relaxed, her face animated, eyes twinkling at me with amusement. Yes. I liked it more.

I loved her giggles when I reached behind her back to unhook her little bra. She grinned at me. I searched.

"Wha'cha waiting for?" she asked with a grin.

I couldn't find the clasp. This was damaging my pride. Me? Not being able to open a bra? Hmm.

"Try the front, Goof," she instructed with a giggle.

I did.

I stared quite rudely at her small breasts. A vision of Marty Feldman's eyes flashed through my mind when I observed how her young breasts seemed to diverge, the nipples pointing slightly outward. They were stunningly attractive; small, delicate, soft nipples, petite breasts communicating budding pubescence, yet small and virginal and intensely arousing. Like a little cupcake, her breasts were double-mounded, sexy boobs topped with mounded, puffy areolae, her nipples like cherries on top. I was to learn areolae only puffed out when she was aroused.

I realised she was watching me intently as I blatantly ogled her. I grinned. "Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous," I said. "Very nice twins. Hello, I'm Aidan."

To the sound of furious giggles, the sight of a blush starting on her upper chest, and sweet little breasts jiggling like very firm Jell-O, I bent. Giggles were replaced by a sharp inhalation when I kissed the first perfect boob, giving it a gentle kiss, so warm and arousing against my lips. Small hands combed through my hair when I introduced myself to the twin, so, so sexy.

Weather's eyes were burning when I straightened up, locked on me, her adoration making me shiver. There were no smiles, just heat.

I reached for her panties without breaking eye contact. My excitement surged when I touched them. Her eyes softened slightly as white cotton slipped over slender young hips, over the swell of a young bottom and fell to her feet. I was conscious of her legs moving as she moved her feet, my eyes still locked on hers, my erection pulsing.

Finally, after an agonising tease, I glanced down.

Oh God.

Weather had a wispy sprinkling of pubic hairs, darker than her head, small, individual, glossy and silky; new pubescent pubic hairs that accentuated her beauty beneath. Her pubis was stunning, full, plump and sexy as hell. A long clitoral hood was nestled between rounded labia. A gap at the top of slender thighs seemed filled with her sex, achingly arousing and desirable, soft silky little hairs dusting her vulva; a preteen goddess on the cusp of womanhood, a bud preparing to flower.

My body reacted to this vision of loveliness, this prepubescent beauty. I reacted to Weather stronger than almost any woman I'd been with. I had to have her. I just had to have her. Lifting her under her arms, I brought her sexy body up to me effortlessly, so light, slender, so young. Weather seemed to melt into me, her head finding my shoulder, her legs rising to wrap around my waist.

"Aidan," she sighed.

I held two spectacular buttocks in my hands, fingertips exploring. Weather shuddered and sucked in a breath when I gently caressed her open cleft. She was silkily moist and slippery with arousal. My heart was thumping. Moving to the bed, she clung to me as I bent, her arms tightening around my neck, legs gripping. She clung to me, holding on for dear life as I moved to the centre of the bed. She held on tight as we lay side-by-side, her legs still hooked around my torso, refusing to let go. I moved slightly and moaned as the tip of my erection found her small cleft. She was moist. I was slippery. Holding her tightly, as she buried her face in my neck holding onto me tight, I humped gently to slide my crown along her cleft.

Weather moaned and trembled.

I reached down behind, slipping my hand over a seductive little buttock, reaching deep. Fingertips found hot, silky arousal and two seductive labia. They parted and hugged my fingertip, moist and slippery. I hunched again, sliding my aching crown through her small cleft, spreading precum, her pussy feeling so hot against me. Arousal burned like a fever in me. She felt so young, so exciting, so sexy.

Weather moaned into my neck and tightened her arms when my fingertips found a small clitoris. She trembled, so sexy, so sexy. She smelled delicious, a mixture of seductive little girl, the faint aroma of a floral soap, and the intoxicating scent of young arousal. She felt wonderful in my arms, petite, slender, soft, a sexy little kitten. And, when I caressed her clit, Weather purred, her hips gently responding. She murmured and moaned, her hips gently moving, encouraging.

Weather sighed, her face still buried against my neck, arms holding tight, slender firm legs wrapped around me. Her hips moved. I had reached the point where my arousal was becoming agonising. My cock was a rigid bar, achingly hard and throbbing. Her sexy slippery cleft was caressing my crown, soft labia hugging me. My fingertip slipped down, sliding though her cleft and I shuddered when I found the tiny entrance nestled deep, hot and slippery, promising untold pleasure.

I probed gently amazed at how small the opening was. I hunched, rubbing the head of my erection along her sexy cleft, rubbing her clit, almost fucking her cleft. Holding a naked twelve-year-old in my arms, touching her, rubbing her with my adult erection, feeling how sexy and alluring her petite body was, and feeling her cling to me, her body trembling as she undulated in my arms, her breath hot against my neck, little sighs and purrs attacking me, and the scent of aroused little girl assaulting me, had me as taut as a bow, on edge, wanting to shove, to penetrate, to fuck.

But Weather suddenly jerked in my arms and snorted. Her arms gripped me, her sweet little bottom hunching towards me. My crown slipped into the indent of her entrance. Weather snorted again inhaling though her nose, her small body jerking. Oh God, Weather was climaxing! Weather was cumming in my arms before I'd even penetrated her!

Trying to stop my response would have been futile. I was already lodged at her tiny vaginal entrance. I simply held her sweet bottom and let my orgasm storm in. Weather held onto me for dear life as she climaxed, snorting with each wave of pleasure, hips humping at me. I held her small bottom and as the first wave of my orgasm hit, semen burning up my shaft, I thrust. Weather cried out as my crown penetrated her. My erection swelled and I exploded, pleasure crashing in. She cried out her climax again, arms holding tight. She humped at me and my erection slipped deeper into a velvet sheath. I swelled and exploded, semen blasting out into her tight little pussy, a long agonisingly painful spurt. She snorted into my neck, so sexy, so sexy. I moaned and, unable to stop myself, I thrust again, my erection pressing deep, slipping in further as it swelled. I came again, hard, hard, hot wetness flooding my crown. Weather snorted and thrust herself at me and suddenly I was buried to the hilt in her tight, tight pussy, the tip pressing against her womb. I swelled, my body ached and cum exploded into her. All of a sudden we were rutting, stroking, pleasure crashing though me. I held her sweet little bottom pulling her to me, burying my erection deep, spurting hard. I thrust and jerked in an intense climax, Weather's sexy little snorts driving me higher and higher, my stomach cramping as I came and came again, chasing my climax, chasing it, holding her to me tightly until I froze in a rigor-like state, the last pulses of semen oozing out into her. I gasped and collapsed, done, drained, heart racing; the strongest climax I'd ever experienced.

Holding Weather tenderly, our pulse rates slowed, breath calmed. Tremors shook her small body every so often. I loved holding her. Her breath was very warm against my neck. She felt perfect in my arms. Slowly her legs relaxed and slipped from around me. I lifted my side to let her pull her leg out from under me. The move made my flaccid cock slip from her pussy. Now body-to-body I held her.

Eventually she sighed, nuzzled my neck and kissed it. It was an intensely loving gesture.

"I love you," I whispered.

She answered me with a wiggle of her bottom in my hand, another kiss of my neck, and nuzzling into me. She may have spoken but her voice was muffled.


Chapter Five

Sun brightened the room. Sounds of a town waking gradually filtered into my consciousness. Wakefulness arrived. I lay next to Weather, my hand gently resting on her bare back, enjoying feeling her slender back rising and falling in sleep. She was beautiful, perfect. I was in love. I loved her deeply, an ache in my soul. Yet now, in the stark morning light, I realised my worse fear had come true. I'd succumbed. She was so like . . .

I let memories drift back, memories I had cherished and agonized over, memories that had shaped my life. They came back in a rush, as if it was only yesterday, crystal clear.

Mourners drifted away, smiling gently in sympathy, shaking our hands, and giving soft words of condolences. Alexis stood at my side, ramrod straight as if holding her body rigid would control her emotions and lessen the pain. Sorrow poured through me, heavy and unwelcome. Staring down at the side-by-side graves, two coffins resting at the bottom, my sinuses blocked up, tears prickled behind my eyes, a lump choked my throat. I'd never thought I'd be burying Mom and Dad together. It wasn't something one ever, ever thought about. But here I was.

Silence slowly filled the graveyard, birds twittered. Cherry trees provided shade, sunlight dappling the lush, green, well manicured lawn. In the distance over the sloping lawn and field of headstones I could see tall buildings of Los Angeles and a haze of smog hovering over the city like a dirty cloud.

Alexis' hand slipped into mine her fingers intertwining with mine. I squeezed it. We left, starting a long, silent, and emotional walk back to the rented Ford. I was twenty-four, Alexis twenty. We were alone in the world.

The house felt empty, dead, lifeless. Without the sparkle of Mom's personality or the bigger-than-life bluster of Dad's presence, the house seemed frail, dark, and lonely. Alexis moved mindlessly, searching through cupboards and the fridge for the makings of a dinner despite our lack of appetite, almost as if it was a duty of the living to cook and feed.

I drank. Three scotches, Dad's fifteen year old Scotch. Memories haunted me. The future had evaporated in a flash of loss, my parents passing robbing me of security and comfort, stealing my dreams, my happiness. I missed a mother's care, her soft smile, her gentle chiding for me to do better, her warm hug. I missed a father who lived life large, filling a room to bursting with his energy, making you feel excitement at the most mundane things, wanting to please him.


Glancing at Alexis, slender, fine-boned like Mom, young, her soft brown eyes glistening with unshed tears, my heart ached for her. How hard it must be, so much younger than me. I moved to her, wrapping her in my arms, hugging her as she finally, finally let go and cried into my shirt, dampening it with her agony.

I held her head gently to my shoulder, another arm around her back. I whispered, "It'll be okay, Alex. It'll be okay," even though I wasn't sure it would. I could see no light ahead, just a long, endlessly long dark tunnel. I let her release the pent-up emotions she'd held under such tight rein. I held my sister, hurting for her. When she turned her face up to me, I wiped the tears from her reddened eyes with a thumb. I looked into her soft brown eyes, smiling. She smiled back, reached up, her slender hand slipping to my neck, pulling me.

It seemed the most natural thing in the world. To bend and kiss my sister's lips seemed right. And, as if we'd both been starved of affection, or needed to reaffirm life, the kiss suddenly became passionate, insistent, demanding. Alexis' mouth opened, her tongue meeting mine. She clutched at me and moaned, or perhaps it was my moan.

Alexis moved her body slightly and we were pressed against each other, her slender body moulding to mine, her stomach pressing to a growing lump in my black slacks. Her tongue thrust into my mouth urgent and seeking, her hands slipping through my hair, curling and holding me as she pushed her pelvis into me.

My hands fell, slipping down her back to gently hold her petite, firm rear, pulling her against my erection. She moaned into my mouth. Bending, I swept her up, no thoughts, no plans, just living the moment, drowning in feeling, losing myself in Alexis' kiss, hiding from pain.

Carrying her, I found my old bedroom. We tumbled onto the bed. The kiss broke. Hands suddenly started grasping, opening buttons, eyes feverish, small kisses on cheeks and swollen lips and soft necks, fingers fumbling, murmurs and moans. Clothes were discarded onto the floor, feverish need in the driver's seat.

And suddenly I was naked. Suddenly Alexis was naked in all her glory; small firm breasts with dark, dusky areolae and turgid nipples, a flat stomach, slender hips, a full silky dark pubic bush, and gorgeous slender legs. Suddenly Alexis was bared to me, a goddess, youthful, sexy and seductive with alluring slender curves in all the right places. Suddenly I felt intense, intense desire. She was the prettiest, most attractive woman I'd ever seen.

When she smiled and reached for me I melted into her embrace, felt her small breasts against my chest. No words had been spoken, but volumes had been said. And, in that empty house, two people found comfort and love.

Alexis cried out when her hymen yielded. I moaned as she took me deep, sheathing me in warm moist velvet, her body trembling under me, her legs curling around me. I felt love aching inside me as we moved together, hesitantly, clutching at each other as we slowly discovered rhythm, found closeness, entered heaven. We kissed, hot and insistent, tongues thrashing. I caressed youthful breasts, tweaked large nipples, held a beautiful bottom. We thrust and moaned at each other in a growing urgency to mate, be close, be as close as two human beings could possibly be. And as I thrust into her deeply, pressing against her very end, as Alexis writhed, clutching and hugging me tight, I felt ecstasy approach.

Alexis heaved off the bed. She let out the only word spoken, a gasp, "Aidan," and sang out her climax with sweet moans and grunts, her slender hips thrusting up at me. She twitched and jerked under me, clutching, pussy clenching.

My climax hit. "Alex," I groaned, my erection swelling. Hunching hard I buried my erection in my sister's tight warmth. It swelled and ecstasy hit, semen burning up to explode into her, deep, deep. Pleasure crashed in as I hunched again, spurting into my sister even harder. We writhed together, came together. I spurted hard and desperately, hot semen flooding her. I hunched and thrust into Alexis until I was empty, drained, too exhausted to remember.

Alexis twitched occasionally as remnants of her orgasm faded. We hugged each other tight, rolled and, with my softening penis slipping from her velvety grasp, sleep came down. I fell asleep with Alexis in my arms, the black sadness inside temporarily held at bay.

Sometime during the night Alexis slipped out of bed. When I woke with first light, I felt her absence. In an instant I knew she'd gone, not just from my bed, but from the house. I could sense it.

Three months later she called. "I'm pregnant, Aidan."

Despite my pleas for her to get an abortion, she refused. She also refused to see me, ashamed of me, of what we'd done even though I wasn't. She made me promise to move away, to stay away, and never contact her. I loved her far too much to fight. Alexis went to college and became a marine biologist. I moved to Greece, Mom's home, Santorini.

Looking at Weather in bed next to me, I agonised over it. Should I tell her? Did she deserve to know she was my daughter? Did I even have the right to tell her?

And, even worse, what would she think if she knew she'd just made love with her father? What would it do to her? With a heart-felt sigh, I rolled over and reached for my Timex watch, glancing at the dial before winding it up. It was my single most treasured possession. I could still see the shy delight in Alexis' twelve-year-old eyes as she gave me the birthday present she'd saved for, excitement and adoration in her soft brown eyes. That was the moment I'd fallen in love with my sister. I was sixteen and, until Weather arrived on Santorini, my sister Alexis was the only woman I'd ever loved.

Now I had two loves.

I felt Weather stir. I watched her eyes open. I felt the radiance of the smile that blossomed on her face. Her "Morning, Aidan," made my heart ache. The love in her eyes was a physical blow. Drawing her into my arms, I hugged my little girl to me.

"Morning, Gorgeous," I whispered into her short messy hair. I inhaled the smell of love deeply, the scent of Weather, cuddly and warm wafting at me. I wouldn't tell her. I couldn't. I couldn't risk this. This was too special.


Chapter Six

For three days I lived in paradise, basking in the love and adoration of my daughter, drowning in the pleasure of our love, physical and emotional. I relaxed. I was happy, extremely happy.

The morning after our first night together I'd had a frisky shower with her. As she giggled her pleasure, beautiful eyes twinkling at me, I'd greeted her sexy little boobs, not quite as large as an espresso cup. "Hello again," I'd said, giving them a long overdue kiss and then, to her soft moans of approval, a gentle suck and soft nibble. Her areolae crinkled and puffed up beautifully and small nipples became turgid, just like her mothers.

I'd kissed my way down my daughter's slender body, tasting nothing but clean, washed silky skin, water cascading over my head. My hands found her sexy rump, curvaceous, perfect handfuls, just as her gorgeous pussy filled my view. Water cascaded down her body running in rivulets, following sexy creases, plastering small newly formed pubic hairs to the sexiest pussy in the world. Up close, as I moved in for a taste and a kiss of her proud pudendum, I saw a small birthmark on her left labium, a little kidney-shaped mark. Trembling, I greeted it, welcoming it with a gentle kiss. I loved how Weather's nervous giggles faded away into soft sighs, her hands finding my head.

That first morning I let the shower almost drown me as I probed my daughter's twelve-year-old pussy with my tongue, tracing her long clitoral hood, kissing and caressing. She shuddered and, had there been more hot water, I might have brought her to a climax, or had her bend over for some arousing pleasure. But a sudden cooling had her screaming and fleeing, shivering as she wrapped a thick fluffy towel around her, hair plastered to her pretty face, and a grin making my heart palpitate. My Weather was gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

That first day Weather was all hugs and cuddling and soft and sexy and loving. She was spectacular. That first day I unabashedly fondled as we stayed home. I fondled little unfettered boobs hidden under a large navy blue T-shirt, one that looked suspiciously like one of mine. I drowned in her addictive giggles and died for her murmurs when my hands somehow found the inside of her shorts and caressed a sweet panty-clad little bum. I relished her squeals of annoyed pleasure at my loving pinches. I pursued Weather all morning, never getting enough of her sweetness.

And, that afternoon, we sort of found the bed. Somehow clothes were shed and, with an afternoon breeze wafting through open bedroom windows, Weather cuddled and kissed. She smiled with pleasure and shyly reached for my erection, her hand not quite surrounding it. She squeezed, testing its stiffness; it was very, very stiff. She stroked hesitantly until I showed her how. And I groaned deeply when she discovered how silky and slippery precum was.

I had fun too. I discovered fine baby hair in some rather exciting places. I caressed perfect preteen boobs, small, firm and sexy. I liked how they remained youthfully upright even when she was on her back, and how her areolae darkened as they flushed and swelled up, Weather trembling at my oral attention. I adored how her sexy eyes watched me so carefully. I loved her silky young skin. In the brightness of afternoon light I discovered the marvel of baby hair, fine soft blond hair that became noticeable when I was a few inches away. Weather had it on her lower stomach. She was ticklish there, too, writhing and laughing as I kissed lightly. I found myself very excited to follow that baby hair to the beginning of a remarkably lush mound. I liked how, as I stared at a gloriously sexy preteen pussy, the fine blond baby hair mixed with strands of dark chestnut pubic hairs, some straight, some beginning to curl. I tried to kiss each little hair, sighing with pleasure at the thickness of her perfectly shaped mons.

When I caressed a silky inner thigh, adding pressure to encourage them to part, and my lips locked on her mons right where a sexy cleft started, Weather tugged at my hair trying to prevent me from exploring. She closed her legs and murmured something.

Rising, I smiled reassuringly. I liked the arousal in her eyes. Leaning over her, I kissed her navel, her right nipple, smiled and kissed her left nipple, heat in her expression growing. Smiling, I cupped her gloriously plump pussy, warm and soft, sparse pubic hairs tickling my palm, my middle finger slipping along her short cleft. Bending, I kissed Weather on her lips, soft and supple lips. I caressed her incredible pussy and whispered in her ear, "Turn over."

I was incredibly aroused. Weather was quite spectacular, a nymph, gorgeous. When she rolled, her exquisite bum filled my vision, a perfect bum swelling up from her slender back, parting into two seductive firm young buttocks that together formed a pear. My erection ached at the sight.

I found even more soft baby hair on her lower back, just above her bum, just above the valley formed by two perfect preteen buttocks. She murmured when I kissed that baby hair. I was fascinated by how her rump swept up from her slender back so seductively. I smiled at the indents that appeared in each gorgeous cheek when she clenched, two buttocks gripping my probing fingers. Her bum was cooler than the rest of her. She didn't seem to care as I whispered that fact into her ear while caressing the cool skin. She clenched her buttocks again when I kissed one then the other, pressing my lips deep into cool firm muscles. I caught the aroma of Weather's arousal and my excitement surged, erection straining up, precum leaking.

Weather moaned into the pillow when I parted her legs and slipped my hand down over sweet buttocks to find and cup her warmth and moisture. She moaned and clenched her beautiful bum when a finger found her small clitoris. I had her pressing her pussy to the bed as I slipped a finger in to probe her opening, kissing her back gently.

She looked spectacularly attractive when I slipped over her back and between her legs, my erection jutting out over her small bum. She helped when I slipped a pillow under her hips, lifting for me, her pussy rounding and filling her crotch, appearing so large on her slender young body. Light glistened off her moist arousal, her labia flushed, slightly parted, glistening deeper red shadowed inside.

The fever of arousal gently settled in my head. Bending in worship of her perfect prepubescent body, I kissed her left buttock then the right, my hand stroking her short, moist cleft. I caressed two perfect cheeks, watching them part, her small anus winking at me. And below, God, below, her labia separated to reveal her aroused clitoris and the intensely exciting tiny opening of her vagina, dark, so erotically small.

Weather's body jerked hard when I kissed her sexy pussy and probed with my tongue, tasting her youthfully musky flavour. She twitched when my tongue touched her clit. She moaned when I kissed it. I was in a sexual fever with need thrumming my body. My erection felt tight and swollen.

Rising, holding my shaft, I nudged the tip against her small cleft, leaning forward slightly to add pressure. I loved the upsweep of her small bottom, so young, sexy and exciting. Her labia oozed apart, slowly spreading to hug the tip, then the crown. I felt her tiny opening. Weather's compact little rear end looked stunningly sexy with my large erection pressed to her. Her smallness was absurdly arousing, reinforcing her youth, her allure, God, only twelve! But, when she wiggled her bum, her arms slipping up under her head on the pillow, and when she murmured her arousal and encouragement, my erection strained and ached. I reacted by pressing home, a tiny, tiny opening slowly dilating, slowly yielding. I pressed harder as she wiggled working my large tip in and suddenly heaven held my crown in a warm tight velvet grasp. Weather moaned and clenched her bum, tightening her pussy on me, so damned sexy! My vision dimmed for just a moment and I had to calm myself. I was so aroused. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced.

"This feels so good, Aidan," she whispered.

"Better than good, Weather, unbelievably good," I whispered back.

It was; utter heaven. With a final, longing look at her beautiful small bottom, I lay over her, sweet buttocks pressing to me. I nuzzled her ear and kissed her neck and drew my daughter's seductive scent deep into my lungs. Weather murmured and curled her ass up. I sank into her, slowly, oozing into her, her tight pussy caressing my crown then my shaft as I penetrated her deeper and deeper. When her buttocks were pressed hard into my groin, I paused and flexed my erection; man she was tight.

Weather giggled. "Again. Do it again." She reinforced her instruction with a clench of sweet buttocks. I didn't giggle. It was more of a groan of perfect agony. I flexed my erection, God so tight, and then withdrew slowly feeling her snug pussy clinging to me, holding tight, reluctant to let me go. Reversing before completely out, I pressed in with an erotic thrust.

Weather clenched. "Oh. Good. Again."

Sliding my hands under her chest, Weather lifted for me and I held two perfect little preteen boobs. With Weather's small sexy body under me, I started stroking into her slowly, long strokes, in, out, slow arousing strokes, in, out. I thrust into her gently, loving how tight and velvety smooth she felt. I kissed her neck and sucked her earlobe, holding small boobs, thrusting gently. I wanted this incredible feeling to go on forever, to never stop.

But Weather sighed and undulated, her bum curling up to meet my thrusts, pulling away, curling up, surrounding my aching erection in hot, tight velvet. She assaulted me with murmurs, sighs and moans, singing an erotic song of love, moving ever faster, driving my need higher. Moans turned into cute grunts. Thrusts grew more urgent. She shoved her sweet little bum back at me harder, faster. We fucked, long strokes, long strokes, my groin now bouncing off her sexy little bottom.

And then ecstasy hit. My little lover snorted and jerked, shoving her bottom hard at me. She snorted again, her small body jerking as if electrocuted. Her bum clenched, her pussy cramped. She snorted again and I came, erection swelling, semen charging up, shoving deep, freezing; a blinding pleasure burst hammering me. "Oh God, Weather!" I gasped, cum exploding from me. It was agonizing. I hunched, thrust and exploded, semen blasting out in an endless spurt, my body cramping, sweet agony, pleasure thundering. Holding her little boobs, laying on her petite body, to the sounds of her incredibly sexy snorts, I came hard, thrusting desperately, spurting deep, cumming in her, cumming in her, God cumming Baby.

It was much later when I rolled off her sexy little body. She was asleep. I left the pillow under her hips so I could admire the seductive mound of her bum, the beauty of her buttocks, and wallow in the joy of knowing I'd just had sex with that angel. Had I been capable I'd have developed another erection at the sight of my thick, milky semen leaking from her tiny reddened pussy, slowly flowing along her cleft to pool on the pillow under her pelvis. I didn't wake her until late afternoon. I simply stared at her for a while before pulling a soft sheet over her.

Weather and I made love, slowly, gently and frequently over the next couple of days. It was intensely satisfying. I was quite sure I'd never tire from her sweet sexy climaxes. At the height of her ecstasy Weather would always emit small sexy snorts and grunts as her body writhed and jerked. They seemed to drive me wild, inducing my orgasm every time. Making love to Weather lasted as long as she did, no longer. In those first days I never managed to survive her orgasm.

Despite our intimacy, while I'd have thought Weather would let me touch and fondle during the day, she didn't. She teased me spectacularly by giggling, blushing and dancing away from my hands. I could see how she loved my attention and I died every time she decided it was time for a bit of love, how she'd let me grope and fondle with a sweet blush, become all kittenish, snuggle and seek a kiss. I was completely addicted to her.

But, three days after we first made love, Weather stunned me.

It was over breakfast on the balcony, crusty rolls, toast, jam, feta cheese and honey, orange juice and freshly brewed coffee, that Weather demonstrated her remarkable maturity, intellect and insight, and also shocked the hell out of me . . . twice! It was a very difficult and trying day for me.

She'd set the table when I'd gone out to the local bakery to buy fresh crusty rolls, and helped put food out. Weather was developing an interest in food, becoming quite an accomplished chef, in fact. And like me, I think she found long leisurely meals very pleasing, especially when taken on the balcony. I loved her company and attention. It had nothing to do with the fact that I was having sex with her, but everything to do with the overwhelming charm of her personality. I was totally and completely in love. I also smiled every time I watched her pink-painted toes wiggling as she ate. I didn't think I'd ever tire of it.

The blue and white striped awning was open, providing shade and refuge from an intense morning sun. A gentle sea breeze provided comfortable coolness. Weather, wearing one of my T-shirts and, from what I could see, nothing else, sipped her orange juice and put the glass down. Bending, I tried to casually peek under the table, fascinated and titillated by the possibility she wasn't wearing panties, or even if she was, wanting a peek. Her hand pressed the T-shirt into her crotch. A giggle made me straighten and look at her. She tilted her head slightly and stared at me with those enchanting eyes. There was no discernible expression on her pretty face as she studied me intently but I knew that look, that thoughtful look. I began to squirm under her inspection, wondering what was going through her mind. Then she let me know. She dropped the bomb.

"You're my dad, aren't you?"

Kabooomb! It sucked all the oxygen from around me. It deadened sound, muffling the town around us. It made my heart thud painfully and blood drain from my face. Paradise shattered into a million little pieces. A full minute passed before the effect faded enough for me to breathe.

"Why would you think that, Weather?" I eventually asked, hoping the quiver in my voice was unnoticeable.

She smiled. She smiled!

"I think I've known since I first saw you," she said. "I was, like, immediately attracted to you, you know? And, for some reason I felt like I knew you, that we'd met somewhere." Weather paused and smiled at me again. "We haven't, have we?"

I shook my head, not trusting myself to speak. This, this was what I feared. How to face the fact that I'd essentially abandoned her, my own daughter. From her perspective there could be no excuse, none that would be acceptable.

"But, you are my dad, aren't you?" she asked with a slight tilt of her head.

A shiver of fear hit. When Alexis found out I'd told Weather, when she found out about Weather as my lover, my daughter as my lover, she'd find the nearest kitchen knife, or go out and buy the biggest gun she could hold, place the muzzle against my forehead and pull the trigger without a second thought. I shuddered. What the fuck was I going to do? In one casual comment I was going to lose everything.

I found my voice. "Yes. I am," I answered. Weather deserved the truth. "How . . .?"

"It was the eyes," she interrupted calmly. "Mom has brown eyes. I have yours. I remembered. I saw my eyes in pictures of Grandpa. You've got his eyes. Mom has Grandma's eyes. I've got your eyes. You're my dad and it explains everything; why Mom never told me who my father was, why she's never married and almost never had a boyfriend, and why she rarely talked about you."

"Aren't you, um, angry? Or shocked? Don't you hate me now?" I asked, somewhat perplexed by her calm acceptance of the harsh truth.

She graced me with a radiant smile. "Why? I love you. You love me, right?"

I nodded. "But, we've, you know, had sex."

Weather grinned. "I know! Good, too. Besides, you had sex with Mom. That's incest. We've had sex. That's incest, too. Same thing, right? And I like sex with you!"

She proceeded to tell me how much better sex was then she'd imagined it would be, how much stronger her climaxes were, and asked, "how many different ways can we make love? Will you show me? Wanna?" With a bite of toast and honey, she continued, "I think Mom misses you, Aidan. She get's this look when I'd ask about you." Weather chatted away asking about when we'd been lovers, why weren't we still lovers, did I love her? How come I left?

She probed and essentially mined me for all the information I had, which wasn't much. But, at one point she stopped and stared at me, her head tilted at that angle again.

"You love Mom, don't you?"

"Of course I do," I replied.

"No. I mean you LOVE her, like a girlfriend."

When I nodded, she grinned, a big grin. "Great! That's really great!"

I was about to ask her why it was great, but, as if I hadn't had enough of a shock that morning, Weather calmly electrocuted me.

She licked a honey-covered finger. "That reminds me, I need pads, Aidan. Remind me to get some when we go shopping."

The mug of coffee paused halfway to my mouth, my hand trembling. Coffee sloshed. Had I just heard right? Pads? As in feminine pads? As in periods? Fertile? Oh shit. Since when?

"Um . . . Weather? Uh . . . Do you mind me asking when . . . Uh, how come now?"

She shrugged. "I dunno. Why?"

Jesus Christ! She could have gotten pregnant! "Do you have any idea how lucky we've been?" I asked.

She tilted her head and looked at me strangely, as if I was acting weird. "What are you talking about?"

"Weather, you could have gotten pregnant! I could have gotten you pregnant. Jesus, you're twelve!"

Weather burst into laughter, eyes glittering with amusement. "You really are a goof, Aidan."

Maybe so, but I was not impressed. My frown might have communicated that to her. She stopped laughing and proceeded to chuckle instead.

"I've been on the pill for a year to try to regulate my periods, twit." She grinned and went back to chuckling at me, her eyes turning to contemplate her empty plate. Reaching out she grabbed another slice of toast, giggled and shook her head. "Jeez, Aidan."

I pouted and left the table, feeling wrung out and utterly exhausted. And it was only nine a.m.! But, as I cleaned the kitchen and Weather happily chuckled on the balcony, I thought of Alexis. Telling Weather about Alexis and I, about our childhood, and our one night together brought it all back. It made me miss my sister. I ached for her.


Chapter Seven

Standing up from the desk, chair scraping across the floor, I stretched my aching back. It had been a grueling eight hours straight of reviewing code and writing more and I was only a third the way done. I wasn't worried, though. These days I was taking my time. I didn't really need the income, my other published software programs providing more than enough. Leaving the small study I walked to the living room, pausing at the entrance. Weather was turned partly away from me towards the balcony, bent over the dining table studying a text book. Her laptop sat open and ignored on the table, a picture of my white and blue boat lazily rotating horizontally, her latest screensaver.

I felt a sharp stab of fear and melancholy. Three and a half months had slipped by in the blink of an eye. It was far, far too fast. Six months was rushing at me like a runaway freight train. Mid-October felt like it was just around the corner. In less than three months Weather would be gone. I was afraid of her leaving. I stared at her working quietly, already feeling the sorrow of her departure, the melancholy of being alone again. I so loved her I couldn't imagine life without her. But, like a recurring nightmare, it was going to happen. Like it or not Weather would leave me, and I was going to do absolutely nothing to stop her.

"Eíste chtypitós."


Weather looked up at me and smiled. "I said you're staring."

"I know that. I'm not. Hold up! You said that in Greek!"

"Yup!" she smiled with pride.


"Jeez," she said, lifting the cover of her text book, "you don't think this is school work, do you? It's how to speak Greek in forty-six easy lessons. They're not so easy," she added with a grin.

"Wow. I didn't know. But . . . Why?"

"Gawd, Aidan. You can be so slow sometimes. Cuz I'm staying with you. That's why. I'm not going back so I need to learn Greek."

I paused for just a moment to bask in that wonderful thought. Then I pictured Alexis charging after me with a large knife gripped in her raised hand. "No." I shook my head. "No, Weather, you're not staying here with me. That's just not possible."

I saw a grin fade. Storm clouds gathered in her eyes turning them a hard flinty gray and anger flashed like lightning. Oh shit! I recognised that look; stormy Weather.

I held up a hand before the thunder could crash. "Your mother would never allow it," I said. "But, I'd give the world to have you stay, Honey." It was with a sigh of relief that I watched Weather's eyes clear and a smile emerge. I'd experienced a stormy Weather once and that was quite enough, thank you very much.

"Would you? You'd really want me to stay?"

"Yup." I nodded.


She grinned, a flit of something passing through her enchanting eyes, and then she turned back to the text book. "S'agapo, baba," she said softly.

My heart tripped. I felt tears prickle my eyes. She'd said she loved me a few times, but never in Greek, never so softly with such feeling. And that was the first time she'd called me Dad and it almost killed me. I found myself a Mythos beer and retired to the balcony, my mind busy, eyes damp, heart aching.

WEATHER STARED AT THE text book. It had shocked her to think she wouldn't live with Aidan. It had angered her that he'd accepted she'd go back to the States. She loved him. There was no way he'd be able to get her off Santorini; she just wouldn't go. It was a huge relief when he said he'd give the world to have her stay. She'd seen the truth in his eyes. He loved her just as much as she loved him. That was good.

She sat, mind obsessing on what to do. Eventually it dawned on her. She knew. Now, how?

WEATHER INTERFERED WITH MY cooking as we prepared dinner. She'd been a mischievous sprite all afternoon, practicing her Greek on me, not the language, but behaviour, groping and pinching, laughing with twinkling eyes and dancing away from me when I tried some reciprocal actions. I had a partial erection from her gropes and, when I rearrange it, Weather just giggled and asked "What's wrong?" with pure impish glee. I was very glad she didn't call me Dad again. It seemed to affect me very, very strongly.

With Weather happily having a ball at my expense, she set the balcony table. Dinner was delicious; grilled lamb chops marinated in garlic and crushed fresh mint leaves, a side of rice, and a tomato, cucumber, feta, and onion salad. Her company was wonderful. I quite lost myself in her gorgeous, expressive steel-gray eyes and her smile, her laughs, her love, and her undivided attention.

Almost an hour later I pushed my empty plate away. Weather sighed and did the same with one last longing look at it. Judging by her active toes, she'd liked the meal. She leaned back and looked at me. I smiled.

It was quite fascinating to see her expression change, first contemplative, then sly, followed by pure, unadulterated mischief. It was intensely attractive. And then she grinned. Oh-oh.

"Do you remember me feeding you ice cream and chocolate sauce?" Weather asked.

Did I ever. And the way she kissed off the ice cream, wow. I felt an erection return just at the memory. "Yup," I answered with a grin. "I will never forget it."

Weather grinned at me. "So, can we try it again, but just a bit different? Waddaya think? Would you like to?"

I thought yes indeed! I smiled and nodded. "Sure, why not. If you insist."

Weather laughed. "Don't move. I'll be right back."

I watched Weather jump up from the table and run inside. I heard her running upstairs. What was she doing? Sipping a glass of Pavlidis Thema, a rich, violet-hued red wine, I waited, eventually hearing her descending, followed by a fridge door slamming, the clatter of cutlery, a fridge door slamming.

I had a nice partial erection pressing in my jeans as I expectantly waited for Weather to sit on my lap, her lovely bum pressed to me, and letting her feed me ice cream. I especially looked forward to her licking any spilled ice cream from my face. I wondered if I could reciprocate. That would be nice. In fact, it would be very interesting to take some ice cream upstairs and see how her small, delectable body would react as I spooned it over her and ate it up. Man, her perky little boobs would positively . . .

Weather appeared in the balcony doorway. I sucked in a breath. She stood with a bowl in one hand, a spoon in the other, a big, big grin on her face, her hips cocked, and my white dress shirt on, her long slender coltish legs bare.

"Whaddaya think?"

What I thought was, to hell with the ice cream. I could throw her over my shoulder and, fondling her sumptuous rear, carry her to the bedroom, throw her on the bed and assault her, that's what I thought!

"Um, very, ah, um. Actually, it's a bit hard to think with you like that," I finally got out, nodding at her attire.

She laughed. "Good."

Strolling around the table, she gave me a bump with her hip, "Move."

I dutifully pulled back from the table and turned slightly, fully expecting her to sit sideways in my lap. She didn't.

"Here, hold these."

I held the proffered bowl and spoon, confused. She leaned in, sexy eyes sparkling with mischief, and kissed me lightly. "Don't move, Aidan."

Her hands fumbled.

"Excuse me? What are . . ."

"Shhh! Don't move!"

Don't move?!! I quickly looked around to make sure no neighbours were watching Weather open my jeans. I was still inspecting the vicinity when her small hand started tugging.

"Weather . . ."

"Hush! Lift," she ordered. "No one can see with the awning down. Now don't move. And don't drop the ice cream."

She seemed quite pleased with the bulge of my erection, judging by her grin, her eyes sparkling. "Now, don't move, kay?"

I nodded, unable to talk. She tugged some more.

Jeans and boxers fell to my calves. The chair felt cool on my naked ass. I felt stupid sitting with pants at my ankles, bare-assed, a spoon in one hand and a bowl of ice cream in the other, my erection jutting up from my groin. But I didn't mind in the least when Weather straddled my knees. She grinned at me and shuffled up, her hand gently holding my now rigid erection.

Leaning in, she whispered, "I'm not wearing panties."

The bowl almost fell. I groaned. Weather smiled at my distress, knelt astride me, lifted up and, guiding my now painful erection, slipped the tip along a very moist slit, back and forth, spreading her moisture and mine. I groaned.

"No. Don't move," she instructed when my body twitched involuntarily.

Jesus fucking Christ. Not moving was agony.

"Ready?" she asked, glancing up from our laps.

"Weather . . ."

"Good. Don't move."

I felt her little cleft spread on my crown, and then the tiny opening to her vagina pressing down on me. It oozed open, stretching, heat and moist arousal covering my crown. Weather was breathing hard, moving up and down gently, and then the tip popped in, warm velvet gripping me. My body twitched.

"Don't move! Jeez, Aidan."

"But, Weather, you don't . . . Oh God." Weather started rising and falling on me gently, small up and down motions. Her hand let go of my shaft. She was panting lightly, frowning in concentration, trembling as she worked her incredibly tight, intensely arousing pussy on to me. Slowly she sheathed me, muttering to herself as her pussy pressed to my groin, the tip of my erection firmly pressed to something rubbery deep inside her.

"There," she declared, satisfied, looking at me. "Now give me the ice cream." She smiled at my agony. "Good, huh?"

Fuck me.

As if she was back on her chair, Weather ate a large spoonful of ice cream. "Mmm, good. Open up."

With my erection buried to the hilt in her tight pussy, swelling and throbbing, like a moron I opened my mouth, trying to tamp down a rather desperate urge to sweep all the plates off the table, lay her down and vigorously seek release.

Weather proceeded to spoon feed me ice cream, smiling and instructing, commenting and teasing, "Good," "Don't move!" "This is nice, don't you think?" "I like ice cream, here, have some more, open."

She grinned at my moans and with a cheeky smile, squeezed her little pussy. "You're big tonight, how come?" she inquired with a giggle that caused even more exquisite squeezing. But every time I put my hands on her slender waist she responded, "Nuh-uh," and made me let her go.

I discovered the true meaning of agony and ecstasy.

Eventually she announced, "All finished," showing me the empty bowl. I thanked God and reached for her waist.

"No. Don't move Aidan. Not yet."

Weather twisted to put the bowl on the table behind her. It had an immediate impact on a part of me that was buried in her. I swelled, growled, grabbed her and, holding her slender boyish hips, pressed her down firmly into my lap. My eyes crossed as I came, semen exploding up and into her.

"Wow! I felt that!" she declared, her hand dropping to her tummy.


My cock ached and expanded, gripped by her tight tiny pussy. I wrapped her in my arms, held her petite body tight and semen exploded into her, hot wetness bathing my crown. She twitched her hips. I exploded, spewing my guts out into her, cum blasting in a long, long spurt and, as pleasure crashed into me robbing me of breath, I came again, I came hard, spurting desperately. I shook with the intensity of my climax, cumming completely, my cock swelling and spurting, depositing everything I had deep, deep into her, utter bliss dimming my sight. Holding her small body pressed to me, I came in an intense orgasm; the most unusual I'd ever had.

As sound gradually returned, laughter and music from the nearby tavern, Weather's soft breaths in my ear, and a distant car passing, I felt my penis gripped in her snug, warm pussy. I was still partially erect, sort of thick, small pulses feeling good. She felt wet inside, my semen. She felt tight and petite and young and sexy.

A breeze cooled the sweat on my brow. I regained strength; it flowed back into me. Weather lifted her head from my shoulder. She grinned.

"So, whaddaya think? Good, huh?"

I kissed her. Damn. "I think spectacular, amazing. I've never experienced anything like it."

"You liked dessert?"

God, I was so in love with her. I drew her close into another hug, nuzzled her neck and started kissing it, inhaling her sweet scent, my heart swelling with love. She giggled and then, as I nibbled an ear lobe, she murmured. Her bum started moving. Incredibly I felt myself grow.

"Ooh, you did like dessert," she said softly.

Rising with both hands holding two sweet buttocks, Weather held onto my neck, her legs rising to wrap around me, pulling herself against me, pressing my cock deep. She sighed into my neck. She then giggled as I struggled to kick jeans and boxers off without dislodging myself or dropping her.

It was an awkward walk, too. I banged my knee on something and swore. Weather giggled again, the action making her pussy clench on my renewed erection. I had to walk sideways up the stairs while Weather tried to distract me with little moans or sexy bum wiggles, "you're getting bigger, Aidan. This is very interesting. I like it." I'd never been driven to distraction, but Weather could do it to me every time.

WEATHER DISCOVERED TWO AMAZING things, no, three. She loved teasing Aidan. He was so sexy and sweet, his eyes burning with love and showing every emotion. Just watching his eyes she knew what he was thinking or feeling. It was very exciting knowing him so well. She also discovered she could actually feel him spurt inside her; that is if she wasn't cumming. And, maybe best of all, feeling his penis grow, lengthen, push deep and become hard inside her pussy was amazing! Gawd, it made her so horny!

She couldn't help giggle when the klutz knocked into something, again. What was it about him? She loved hugging his neck and hanging on to him. As he walked his erection bumped into her very end, sending delicious pulses of pleasure all the way to her boobs. She rubbed them against his chest, sighing with delight. God she loved him!

When he lay back on the bed she found herself astride him, kneeling, legs spread wide to his sides. She felt tight, her pussy stuffed, hot and very, very wet. She shuddered when Aidan gently caressed her small boobs, her nipples responding. She shivered when his hand dropped to her pussy, a finger finding her aching clit and caressing, so good, Aidan caressing her, Dad caressing her. A wave of dizziness hit.

"Daddy," she moaned.

His gasp took her by surprise. He yanked her down to his chest, his lips banging into hers. She trembled at his urgent tongue. And, as hands caressed her back working their way lower and lower, as she played with his tongue, chasing it into his mouth, as hands found her bum and caressed and his mouth gently sucked her tongue, she closed her eyes and lifted, drawing his thick erection out slowly. His hands tightened and pulled her bum down hard, slapping her onto him. She gasped into his mouth, her pussy stretched, stuffed. So big, his erection so filling.

He did it again when she pulled off, tugging her down hard with his hands, a spark of arousing pain hitting her deep inside. She trembled, her clit scraping on his cock, her sore nipples rasping on his chest.

She did it again and pleasure blossomed in her pussy, radiating out through her. Suddenly she knew she was close, her pussy tight and heavy, pressure inside, boobs aching. Weather started bouncing on his erection, pressure building. She moved faster, urgent, humping him, humping Aidan, close, close.

A snort escaped. "Cumming, Daddy," she gasped.

"Oh God! Me too, Baby."

Weather felt him thrust up into her, his hands holding her bum and body hard. He thrust again and she exploded, knees clenching, toes curling. She snorted, blood roaring in her ears, and pleasure crashed through her, climaxing hard. Her legs jerked, body jerked, nipples hard and sore. She gasped as another wave of pleasure tore through her, dizzy, dizzy, pussy cramping.

And then she felt it, his erection swelling, expanding, God so big! Her body jerked again as another wave of bliss punished her and, as she felt faint, she heard him cry out her name and felt warmth flood her, Daddy's cumming! Darkness rushed at her, dizzy, so dizzy, pleasure overwhelming her, falling, falling.

Weather didn't know she'd passed out, a rag doll on top of her father, her small body still trembling with her ebbing orgasm. She didn't hear her father whisper his love, or hold her tight. She didn't feel him slip her onto the bed, or cuddle her. She didn't hear him inhale and sigh.


Chapter Eight

I FOUND HER ON the balcony where she usually was in the morning, her favorite spot. Standing at the open double doors, the cool morning breeze giving me small goose-bumps, I studied Weather. She was wearing my button-down dress shirt, the one from last night, white, sleeves haphazardly rolled up to mid forearm. With her elbows on the whitewashed balcony wall, bent at the waist, slender bare legs straight and ankles crossed, Weather's rear gained magnificent curves, sexy curves, the swell of her bottom stunningly attractive. It seemed so petite, so young, but those curves added allure. I felt their sexiness, an erection forming. My mind pictured me walking up behind her, gently sliding the back of my dress shirt up over her gorgeous bum, nestling my groin to her, leaning over to inhale her sexy morning scent, an addictive innocent yet sensual aroma. I pictured her softly pressing her rump back at me, smiling softly as her face turned to me, her lovely buttocks clenching slowly to caress my growing erection.

She'd sigh at the feeling. I'd slip my hands around her slender waist and let them glide up soft cotton unbuttoning a dress shirt one button at a time until it would fall open, letting me cup her barely pubescent breasts, soft and sexy yet firm, and feel her raised areolae, maybe tease her nipples.

"Are you staring?"

She jolted me out of my reverie. I grinned. "Nope."

"I think you were," Weather said laughingly, moving her rear in a rather hypnotic way. "You were staring at my bum, weren't you?"

She hadn't even turned her head. How the hell did she even know I was there? "Was not," I denied, smiling broadly. I wondered how shocked the neighbours might get if I took her from behind, just like she was, leaning forward on the wall. Damn. "Want breakfast?"

"Yup! I'm hungry. I used up too much energy last night. How come you don't have a pool?"


"Look," she pointed, "lots of people have pools and they look so refreshing. I bet they're a lot warmer than the sea."

I moved over to the balustrade next to her where she leaned over, rather precariously, I thought. Placing a hand on her back I answered, "I do."

"Do what?"

"I have a pool."

She turned her head, steel-gray eyes studying me. "No you don't."

Grinning I pointed to the right, one level down, our neighbour. "There. That's my pool."

"No it isn't." She looked at the pool and back at me, now frowning at my apparent joke.

I bent close and kissed her cheek. "It is," I said quietly. "I own the house next door and rent it out. It used to be one big house joined with this one, the servant's quarters. It was too much for me alone."

Her eyes darted to the pool again then the next door neighbours, their house seemingly stuck to the side of mine. "Really?"

"Yup. What do you want for breakfast?" I asked straightening and taking the opportunity to fondle her sexy panty-clad bum under my dress shirt before heading in. Man she had the sexiest little rump.

She wiggled her bum at me as I left. I was sorely tempted to forget about breakfast. "French toast!" she called out.

It was only eight-thirty and already the interior felt cooler than outside. It was going to be a scorcher, the last hurrah of the summer, an Indian summer at the end of September. As the days slipped by, despite my wanting to halt time, I was beginning to panic. I could feel it creeping over me when I'd sit and observe Weather silently, my heart would palpitate. I felt restless, constantly shifting, and had a heavy heart. There was a deep sigh in my chest I couldn't get out.

Pulling a frying pan out, I started warming it, turned the oven on to keep French toast warm, and began preparing the egg-wash. There were times I felt disjointed, as if disconnected from myself. In those dispassionate times I'd wrestle with how to see Weather again. I knew Alexis didn't want to see me. It was only exceptional circumstances that had forced her to ask me for a favour. I couldn't imagine how hard that must have been.

Soaking sliced bread, I tossed a knob of butter into the pan, watching it sizzle and melt. Dropping a couple of slices into the pan, I soaked two more in the egg-wash. The inevitability of my future was rushing towards me. I saw it; lonely, the house echoing and haunted by her missing personality. Should I move? Would that help? I knew what I really wanted to do; grab Weather and hold on for dear life. But, of course I wouldn't. I couldn't. I couldn't hurt Alexis.

Weather had promised not to tell her mother about us. Thank God for that. It would kill my sister.

The scent of burning drew me back. Fuck. I'd never burnt French toast! Tossing them in the trash under the sink, I started two new ones.

"I think I'll have cereal, Aidan," Weather announced from behind me. I turned. Man, that grin. Actually, that shirt, too!

She slinked up to me, hugging me. "Just kidding."

"Go get dressed," I suggested. "We're going to the beach today." I wondered if the strenuous physical activity of swimming would ease my growing panic at losing her.

"Kay." Weather stood on tiptoes and kissed my cheek before leaving the kitchen. Her kiss lingered.

THAT NIGHT, AS WEATHER cuddled to Aidan's side, she listened to his soft breathing, her hand resting on his chest as it slowly moved up and down. Moonlight lit the bedroom almost as if it was day. A tingle of pleasure and pride warmed her. She felt his semen leaking from her pussy, warm and wet on her thigh. She should get up and clean herself, but it was too comfortable next to Aidan. Besides, she was exhausted. She'd cum twice today.

Weather rested her cheek on his chest, nestled into the crook of his shoulder, her body tight to his side. His hand felt good on her bum. He smelled of sweat and sex and Aidan, all yummy. She let her mind drift back over the day. It had been different, to say the least. She felt herself blush, hot, cheeks burning. Gawd. Her friends back home would never believe her, not in a million years. It had been so naughty!

Aidan had decided for some reason he was going to take her to Perissa beach. "Have you ever seen black sand?" he'd asked with a grin and a twinkle. The beach really was black! Lava rock had been pounded into fine black sand. It seemed so weird. On top of that, with the late September sun so hot, the black sand absorbed heat. It was burning on her feet when walking. Laying on a towel with Aidan swimming, she shielded her eyes to admire an enormous rock rising from the sea. Aidan had said it was lit at night, Mesa Vouno it was called. She'd wondered if they'd stay all day so she could see it lighted.

Then she'd become distracted.

Feeling naughty, Weather had checked around the almost deserted beach, smiled and rolled to her side next to Aidan as he flopped down to sunbathed, his eyes closing. Surreptitiously she'd started stroking his damp thigh, gently, softly. She liked his twitch. Then, with a final check around her, she'd let her hand slip up over his bathing suit and stroked his front, sort of fondling. She'd smiled when Aidan jerked, his head rising to stare at her, then look around. She'd grinned as his cock grew under her palm, thickening and lengthening. It was so sexy and arousing! She just loved turning Aidan on, knowing she could turn him on. It was a powerful feeling.

Then he'd groaned. He'd tried to pull her hand away. She'd resisted. As he frowned at her and opened his mouth to chastise her, she'd bent close and, her imagination running away, asked if she could see him cum. "I know what it feels like, but I've never seen you cum. Would you show me?"

His growl had her laughing hard. He'd jumped up, grabbed his towel to hold in front of him, frowned at her, eyes flashing heat and arousal at her, and reached for her wrist, hauling her up and dragging her to the Fiat.

She was screaming in laughter as he muttered, "Show you? Show you? I'll show you!"

Then, he'd driven like a maniac swearing at her every time she reached for his crotch and fondled his erection, removing her hand, the car swerving dangerously, other drivers riding their horns. In under half an hour he was pulling her from the car and into their house, dragging her upstairs. She had tears in her eyes as she laughed at his urgency and almost peed herself when he threw her on the bed, his hands wrestling with her bikini, his erection tenting his swimming suit.

When he had her bare-assed naked he stripped, his erection jutting out. Weather had watched, horny as hell from his actions and the pure lust in his gorgeous eyes. She'd felt her pussy moist, swollen, throbbing, her clit aching for a touch. And she'd been fascinated at how he calmed and stared with such longing at her body. Then he'd shocked her.

"I'll show you if you show me."

A thrill charged through her. She blushed bright red, her cheeks hot. She'd never masturbated in front of anyone. But, wow! Just the thought had her nipples aching for a caress or squeeze. Masturbating in front of Aidan sounded so naughty.

She studied the heat in his eyes, grinned, "Kay." Letting her knees part and fall to the bed, Weather slowly reached down, her hand cupping her pussy. She held one little boob in the other, her eyes fixed on Aidan's erection. Using an index finger to find silken moisture, slippery moisture, Weather pulled it up, shuddering as she found her clit.

She started masturbating for Aidan, little finger rubbing.

As Aidan crawled onto the bed, Weather spread her legs, watching as he knelt between them, his hand gently stroking his erection, slipping up and down the shaft. A bead of clear liquid appeared in the pee-hole. Aidan gathered it, spreading it, his fist sliding up and down.

Weather trembled, aroused, so horny. It was incredibly arousing to masturbate for Aidan. Her index finger started moving faster, strumming her clit, pleasurable feeling spreading through her body. She stared at Aidan, so big kneeling between her legs, his cock looking inflamed and red. Jeez, she'd had that big thing inside her!

Blood pounded in her ears, her climax approaching. She tweaked her nipple, nice pain, nice pain, eyes locked on Aidan's erection.

Dimly she heard him. "Cumming, Weather."

She'd watched as he gripped his cock harder, aimed it down, a small bead of white oozing out. Weather watched him freeze. She heard him gasp. And suddenly white semen blasted out in a long rope to splash hot and thick on her hand and pussy. She jerked as another big spurt exploded from his erection, spraying onto her pussy. Weather groaned, rubbed his cum over her, hot and slippery. She saw another rope spurt onto her tummy and pool in her belly button. She snorted, her body heaving as an orgasm exploded, finger strumming her clit, spreading Aidan's thick cum.

Her body arched. "Uh!" She shook, tremors of her climax thundering through her, finger strumming, cumming, wet, covered in Aidan's cum, watching his cock spit thick semen, feeling it land on her. Weather came hard, hard, dizzy, writhing, Aidan staring at her, those eyes, cumming Aidan! Cumming!

Eventually she'd managed to breathe. Eventually they'd taken a frisky shower together and later, after dinner, they'd made long slow love. As Weather cuddled to Aidan's side, his cum leaking from her, she whispered, "I love you, Dad," to his sleeping form. She cuddled a bit closer and smiled, sleep edging in.


Chapter Nine

WITH A SHIVER ALEXIS rubbed the goose bumps on her upper arms regretting her choice of the silk sleeveless blouse. She loved the turquoise and yellow pattern and, with the heat she was expecting, it should have been the ideal choice. It went so well with her cream slacks. Nevertheless, she'd forgotten how chilly airplanes were.

Alexis was blind to the majestic beauty of the blue Aegean Sea passing below the wings of the Airbus A318. She wasn't watching the intriguing display of Greek islands dotting the Sea, infamous islands of Greek legend; Mykonos, Milos, Serifos and Sifnos. Her mind was busy with other, more personal issues.

Hugging herself, Alexis wondered why she'd caved to Weather. In fact, she was still angry she'd acceded and absolutely flabbergasted Weather had resorted to blackmail; "Come to Santorini, Mom, or I won't come home, I'll stay here." Alexis knew Weather too well to underestimate her determination. It was one of the character traits she liked in Weather. So, angry and afraid of losing Weather, she'd reluctantly agreed.

A stab of fear intruded on her dark thoughts. She was going to see Aidan. What would he look like now, a decade older and no longer a young man? The prospect of having to face him brought butterflies to her stomach. Her mind slipped back further, way back.

Eleven years old, living in Accra, Ghana, Daddy posted to the new diamond mine. She'd been so scared, the local men with such dark ebony skin drunk in the middle of the day and leering at her as she walked back from school, hugging her satchel and trying to ignore their dirty comments about a white girl. She remembered one reaching and grabbing her shirt, and the spurt of acidic fear she'd felt. She remembered Aidan appearing, a fifteen years old hitting a twenty-something year old man and pulling her away to safety. Aidan had always protected her, been with her, her brother the most important person in her life after Mom and Dad. But that event and the way he hugged and comforted her had been the beginning.

She was twelve years old when she'd fallen in love with Aidan. He was tall and slender and feisty and funny. Living back in the States, Dad at Head Office finally, Aidan had kept her company until she gradually made friends with other girls. It was his eyes, steel-gray, Dad's eyes, and the way he would completely focus on her, wrap her in the warmth of his attention so that everything else in the world, shyness, angst, worries, and fears, would simply fade away. In the comfort of Aidan's attention Alexis felt at peace. Yes, twelve years old and with puberty raging through her, Alexis fell in love.

The Airbus banked, a Greek announcement of imminent arrival at Thira squawked over the intercom. Alexis missed it. She felt fear again. How could she face Aidan? She'd been responsible for him leaving University, for abandoning his PhD, for forcing him to leave everything behind. She'd ruined his life all because of a selfish moment of weakness.

But, the pain of loss, of putting Mom and Dad to rest and Aidan's eyes, so loving and caring, and the love she'd carried for eight long years, the dreams of kissing Aidan, of feeling Aidan's love, had finally overwhelmed her. Despite all the amorous and lecherous advances she'd had from men and women, she'd never been attracted, never been interested. There was only one man she loved. And, when he'd held her so gently as she cried letting her agony out, when he'd looked so deeply into her eyes with such love and caring, she'd broken down and sinned. She'd kissed Aidan. And, even worse, she'd seduced Aidan. She'd been a virgin, twenty years old and still a virgin. But he was everything she'd dreamed of, kind and gentle, loving.

When she'd woken towards dawn, feeling so peaceful in his arms, reality had rushed in. Suddenly, in the cold light of day she realised she'd committed incest and forced Aidan to sin! Her shame had driven her from his bed and away, far away, back to University. And even worse, she'd gotten pregnant! In her muddled state she'd rejected Aidan, afraid she'd hurt him more if he was near her. She'd refused an abortion, it was Aidan's child, Aidan's! She couldn't get rid of it.

Alexis trembled. She didn't feel the Airbus begin its descent to Santorini, the sudden weightlessness or grind of flaps extending. She smiled remembering Weather, beautiful Weather, Aidan's gift to her. In Weather she was forever close to Aidan, seeing those magnificent eyes. She saw Aidan in Weather, the love and inner strength, the sudden storm of anger that would appear, powerful and raging, lightning bolts of fury flashing and then fading as fast as it had arrived. Alexis smiled to herself. Weather had inherited her stubborn streak and her father's temper. She was a force of nature when she wanted to be. There wasn't anyone in the world that could resist her when she set her mind to something, except, perhaps, Aidan.

A screech of tires and thump of landing brought Alexis back, her stomach roiling. She was going to see Aidan. How much did he hate her? Had he forgiven her?

Stepping out into the radiant Aegean sun, after pausing to look around Santorini Airport, Alexis started down the stairs. The articulated bus waited to carry passengers to the terminal.

She still couldn't believe she was here. She couldn't believe she'd agreed to come. She felt like a virgin on her wedding night; excited yet scared. How much had he changed? How much did anyone change over almost fourteen years?

As she stepped from the passenger bus and neared the entrance to the arrivals hall, Alexis paused. Peering in, she spotted Weather. Her breath caught in her throat. Weather was holding Aidan's hand and with shocked surprise she noticed a familiar old Timex watch she'd given him on his wrist. Alexis looked at Aidan and felt the same old reaction, an ache. He was the only person she'd ever loved and now, at almost thirty-seven, he'd matured into a stunningly handsome man. Even from a distance she could see the crinkle lines that had formed at the edge of his eyes, a sign of laughter being large in his life. Her heart ached when she saw steel-gray. It was as if his eyes were hard-wired to her heart. She felt her face flush when he spotted her and smiled. It was devastating. Her knees weakened suddenly. God, it had been so long, so much had passed, he had so much to hate her for and yet he smiled!

Weather felt Aidan's hand shaking in hers. She saw him smile despite the shaking and followed his stare; Mom. Weather grinned and waved. "Mom!"

I HADN'T BELIEVED WEATHER when she told me we'd need to come to the airport. I hadn't believed her when she'd told me Alexis was arriving. It wasn't possible. It couldn't be possible. Alexis hated me; had never forgiven me for what I did to her. She'd never willingly set eyes on me. Yet, Weather insisted. I refused, not believing her. And then she'd looked at me, "Please, Dad." So here I was, knees shaking with fear.

And my God, Alexis took my breath away. Tall, elegantly slender and fine-boned, wearing a sleeveless turquoise and yellow silk blouse, cream-coloured slacks and open-toed shoes, with her dark chestnut hair cut to just below shoulder length and pulled back in a neat ponytail, Alexis looked exactly like I remembered her at twenty years old; exactly.

"C'mon, Aidan," Weather insisted, pulling at my hand. I glanced down at her pretty, pretty face and felt another surge of fear. What had Weather done? My leaden feet moved reluctantly, the smile of welcome on my face felt like it was painted on. My heart was racing. Alexis was going to kill me.

And then Alexis smiled. It hurt me. It was Weather's smile, big, welcoming, honest.

"Hey, Aidan," she said gently, her warm soft brown eyes watching me without a trace of hate. They almost looked hesitant! Why?

WEATHER STOOD BACK SLIGHTLY, her complete attention on Mom and Dad. She knew Dad loved Mom, he'd admitted it enough times. She knew Dad blamed himself for hurting Mom. But, what Dad didn't know was Mom loved Dad. Weather knew. Things she'd never understood had become clear as she lived with Aidan; why Mom was so unwilling to talk about her brother, why Mom wouldn't talk about Weather's father, and how, when Mom didn't realise Weather was watching, she'd pick up that one photo on her dresser, stare at it while gently caressing it with her thumb, a wistful smile on her face.

Yeah, Weather knew Mom loved Dad, even if it was her brother. And now she watched them. She saw the hesitancy, a smile, and their eyes seeing no one else. She watched, fascinated, as they seemed to edge closer, almost awkwardly, Aidan saying something that made Mom smile, how he gently took her hand in both of his. She watched, waiting for old feelings to emerge, for misunderstandings to be discarded. And finally, Weather sighed and smiled when Mom's arms slipped around Aidan's neck, Aidan's around Mom's still slender waist. Weather wanted to cry with Mom when she saw her tears, Mom's face buried in Aidan's shoulder, her body shaking.

They stood there a long, long time holding each other. Weather waited, smiling. Maybe Mom would forget how she had been blackmailed.

Two hours later they were sitting on the balcony, the first week in October unusually mild. Weather sipped her Coke, Mom and Aidan sipping cold white wine. Weather thought it cute how their eyes kept being drawn to each other, even when talking to her.

After inspecting her daughter, Alexis turned to her brother and asked, "How's her stay been, Aidan? She looks happy and healthy."

NOTICING WEATHER'S GRIN, I replied, "She is. Healthy at least. You'll have to ask her if she's happy. But I suspect that grin means she is."

"Uh, guys? I'm right here you know," Weather said.

"Has she behaved? I hope she hasn't caused too much trouble."

"Mom? I'm sitting right here!"

"Most of the time it's been nice having her here . . . Well, some of the time," I said with a smile.


"She can be quite a handful, you know. If you're not careful she'll try to run your life," Alexis said, smiling at Weather's increasing agitation.

"Tell me about it," I answered. "She'd been here less than an hour and started insulting me."

"I did not!"

"She had the temerity to insult my car," I continued to Alexis.

Weather blushed. "Oops. I did too, didn't I? But it's tiny!" she claimed holding up her hand, index finger one inch from her thumb.

Alexis and I both started laughing. Damn but Weather was cute.

That night I moved to the couch, giving my room to Alexis. And, that night, late, around midnight, Alexis woke me as she walked down the stairs, the creak from the third step quite loud.

I watched her make her way over to me in the bright moonlight. She was wearing a short satin nightdress that appeared cream-coloured. Her hair was loose and falling around her face. I rolled onto my side pressing to the back of the couch and patted the cushion for her to sit. The couch dipped as she settled.

"You're awake, too?"

I didn't tell her she woke me. I was distracted by her nipples, so clearly outlined under her satin nightshirt, the swell of her breasts so very noticeable. I remembered Alexis' nipples so well. She seemed to have grown ever more beautiful with age, maturity adding an elegant sexiness to her. The strong, strong attraction I'd carried all these years was still there. I wanted to continue from where we'd left off over thirteen years ago.

And then guilt rushed in. "Listen, Alex," I started.

Her finger stopped me. She leaned down, her soft hair falling forward like a curtain. Soft loving eyes regarded me.

Her hand found my forearm and started caressing with familiarity, comfort.

It was an odd conversation that ensued. I was quite astonished that she blamed herself for what happened so long ago. She seemed quite surprised when I corrected her, telling her it was the other way around.

As we smiled and chuckled at our ignorance, and the wall of distance and time and misunderstanding crumbled, old feelings came to the fore. In the moonlight her blush seemed pale when I told her I loved her. She understood exactly what I meant.

Alexis rolled onto her side and, as I spooned her and wrapped my arms around her, she admitted she loved me. But, despite the revelations, emotional exhaustion overwhelmed us. Alexis fell asleep in my arms, my bedroom left vacant that night.

It was the next night, when Alexis again tiptoed down the stairs. She took my hand and tugged.


I loved her blush, the one she'd passed on to Weather. I loved how she gently squeezed my hand as she led me up the stairs. I absolutely loved how she turned into me as soon as the bedroom door closed quietly and, for the second time in my life, I kissed my sister. Spaghetti straps slipped off slender shoulders, her cream satin nightie fell to the floor with a quiet swoosh and I had Alexis' naked breasts pressed to my chest. Her back was silky soft with a seductive curve that I followed from shoulder blades down to the base of her spine. The upsweep to luscious firm buttocks was thrilling, and holding my sister's ass was so arousing.

Fingers toyed with the waist of my boxers as silken warm lips lightly touched mine, Alexis looking at me with her soft, warm brown eyes. It was a gentle kiss but intensely exciting; the first in so, so long. When she pressed her sexy body to my erection I moaned, opened my mouth and probed. Boxers fell to my feet, Alexis' hand gently holding my cock. She teased me with her tongue and a squeeze; it was too much.

Tumbling onto the bed, I caressed her full, weighty breasts, still a perfect, perfect handful. I loved how turgid her nipples became, how responsive and sensitive they were. She lost her hold on my erection, her hands combing through my hair. I kissed and sucked her sexy breasts, loving how she moaned and arched up to me. My hand traced a still-flat stomach and found her trimmed pubic hair, silky soft.

It was my turn to moan. My sister's pussy was a full handful, mounded, sexy. But it was the moisture of her arousal dampening my fingertips that had me in a sexual frenzy. I couldn't wait. I couldn't take time. I needed my sister at that moment, aching for her.

No words had been spoken, just soft moans breaking the silence. It felt like thirteen years ago. Alexis parted her legs for me, her hands urging me on top. Soft thighs rose to my sides, slender legs caressing me. She smiled at me, one hand reaching to cup my cheek, the other slipping between us, reaching down to guide me.

Tremors shook my body at the heat and slippery moistness touching my crown, Alexis so aroused. I was shaking when she slipped the tip of my aching erection up and down through her cleft and moaned when the tip was carefully lodged at her moist entrance. She moved my cock around until satisfied, then let it go, her hand finding my waist, pulling, urging me to penetrate her.

"Gently," she whispered, "It's been a long time."

Arching my back, I found my sister's breasts, kissing then sucking. Her hand held the back of my head, pulling my mouth to her breast. Her sigh sounded loud. And, as if she suddenly relaxed, Alexis' pussy yielded, her small opening stretching over the flared crown pressed tightly to her. With an exquisite snugness, I penetrated my sister, pressing into her gently, sliding my erection in, out, in deeper, out, in deeper, deeper, silken moisture sheathing my shaft.

As I buried myself in her pussy, completely buried, her mons pressed to me, I gently lay on her, letting my full weight down. Alexis' mouth found mine, her tongue forceful, probing, excited. Her slender legs caressed me as she moved under me.

Reaching down, I cupped a sexy ass cheek and pressed into her until I felt her rubbery cervix. We both moaned. I withdrew and plunged back into her snug pussy, banging my groin against her clit. Alexis tore her mouth from mine and hugged me, her pelvis surging up at me.

Without a word having been uttered, we started fucking. This was not making love, this was fucking, rutting, pure sex, our need for each other too strong. I hunched and fucked my sister with long, deep thrusts, slipping into her snug pussy, withdrawing almost all the way, fucking in hard. Alexis held me tight, curled her pussy up to meet my thrusts. We fucked with my face buried in her neck, holding her sexy rear, fucking hard.

Pressure of an incipient climax built; an ache in my groin. I fucked my sister harder, getting close, chasing my orgasm, fucking my sister, fucking my sister. I felt her release, her body arching up to me.

"Aidan!" she gasped in my ear.

Alexis jerked under me, her hips stabbing up at me, burying my aching erection deep. I felt my climax rushing towards me. Reaching down I grabbed her ass with both hands and fucked hard, hard.

"Alex!" I gasped and heaven opened. Pleasure exploded, semen burning up my shaft. I came explosively, frozen, my cock buried deep in my sister's pussy. I gasped, withdrew and thrust hard, glorious release, beautiful release, semen exploding into her womb. The gates of heaven opened and I fucked Alexis with short hard thrusts, spurting hot, thick cum into her. Alexis thrust her hips at me, murmuring, encouraging me to cum. It hurt, my body ached as I spurted, cumming in my sister, desperately cumming in her, fucking hard, cumming until only twitches remained, breath rasping, perspiration coating my body, tired, drained.

Alexis' pussy twitched every so often, gently clenching my waning erection. I lay on her, sweaty, heart racing as she caressed my back. Eventually my soft penis slipped from her warm, moist pussy. I sighed at the loss and rolled off her.

Alex cuddled up to me.

"It's been too long, Aidan," she sighed, whispering. "I missed you so much."

Holding her tenderly, I agreed. It had been far too long. So much time wasted.


Chapter Ten

IT WAS THE THIRD day when Weather excused herself early and went up to her room. She lay on the bed after changing, the windows open, a cool October breeze wafting in. Weather was horny and frustrated and angry.

She hadn't considered the problems of having Mom here. She hadn't thought it through! No sex with Aidan was driving her nuts. Not being able to tease him, kiss him, hug him, and fondle him was aggravating. It was just as bad not having Aidan constantly chase her for a grope, fondle or kiss!

Damn! Why had she been so stupid? Weather rolled onto her side, pissed at everything and everyone, especially herself.

Downstairs Alexis asked Aidan, "What's wrong with Weather?"

Aidan's shrug didn't bring any light to the matter. But there was something going on. She could see it in the way Weather kept staring at Aidan. At first, she'd liked that Weather obviously loved him. That was very clear. But that expression tonight, the clouds of an incipient storm in her eyes, it was almost as if . . .

"Aidan, I'll be back. Just going to have a chat with Weather before she falls asleep."

"Yeah?" Weather said at the knock on her door. She watched Mom come in, closing the door behind her gently.

Mom sat on the bed, her hand combing through Weather's short hair, an intensely caring and loving gesture. Weather saw Mom smile softly.

"How long?"

"Huh? How long what?" Weather asked.

Mom, soft eyes studying her, spoke quietly. "How long have you and Aidan been lovers?" she asked.

Weather blushed furiously. Her heart rate spiked. Oh shit. "How did you know?" she asked nervously.

"I'd have to be blind not to notice how you two behave with each other. Tell me, was it Aidan that initiated . . ."

Weather dropped her eyes, speaking quickly. "No. He didn't. I sorta did."

Alexis smiled gently. She knew full well what the result was when Weather decided she wanted something. Poor Aidan. "I see."

Weather looked back at Alexis. "Sorry, Mom," she said abashedly. Then, with returning enthusiasm, "But have you seen him?"

Alexis laughed. "Yes, actually, I have."

Weather grinned. "I don't know what it is, Mom. It's not like he's the handsomest guy I've ever seen, but, jeez, he's the sexiest by far!"

Alexis stroked Weather's short hair. She liked her enthusiasm. Yeah, Aidan was sexy. With a sigh, she gathered her courage and began. "Weather, there's something I have to tell you. Something I should have told you long ago, but it's so hard to explain. You see . . ." She paused and took a deep breath.

Weather interrupted. "You mean about Aidan being my dad? I know already."

That startled Alexis. But, the conversation that ensued startled her even more. She'd never in her wildest imagination have believed she'd be talking with Weather about a sexual relationship, especially when their lover was the same person. It was very odd.

Nevertheless, Alexis remembered herself at twelve. She'd have jumped into Aidan's bed if he'd asked, she'd loved him so much. Weather grinned when told. Alexis could see the relief in her eyes. But, then their conversation turned to more practical matters. Exactly how did two people share a lover? Some of Weathers surprising and adventurous ideas made Alexis blush.

Eventually she left Weather's bedroom after getting a promise that Weather would keep Aidan in the dark about their chat. She'd decided her brother should pay the price for not telling her about him and Weather.

The next night, as they sat eating dinner on the balcony, Weather decided Mom was as bad as Aidan. She grinned. She and Aidan had cooked Mom a special meal of tender lamb shanks. And as they cooked, when Mom wasn't around, Aidan started groping and fondling like a teen making her horny and ache for him. They ate dinner leisurely, the autumn air fresh and cool enough for sweaters, houses lit up all around them, pools glowing with their pool lights on, and music drifting to them from a nearby tavern along with bursts of laughter.

Weather watched Mom and Aidan. She recognised the expression in Mom's face. Something was going to happen.

With no change in expression or hint of what she was doing, Mom took a sip of red wine and spoke, looking at Aidan. "I understand you've been sleeping with my daughter."

Aidan choked and then blanched, fear in his eyes. Mom looked at him without an expression. After their talk, Weather knew Mom wasn't mad. But it was sort of funny seeing Aidan cowed. He was deathly pale. And then Weather ruined it. She couldn't stop the giggle that escaped. He looked like a scolded puppy!

Aidan's eyes darted to her and back to Mom. Colour returned to his face and he grinned sheepishly.

"Sorry?" he offered.

Mom was hilarious. "Sorry? Sorry Aidan? As if it was an accident? How did that work? Did you just happen to fall into her bed, oops sorry? Was that what happened? Oh look, I'm naked, oops, sorry?" Mom's smile softened the delivery and Aidan's grin made Weather's heart patter.

He pointed at Weather. "Ask her. It was all her fault."

"Really? How's that?" Alexis asked, resting her chin on her hand, elbow on the table, leaning forward towards Aidan.

Weather, still grinning at his discomfort, watched as he glanced at her then back at Mom.

"She, well, the water and that lacy thing, you know. And then there was . . . and do you have any idea what your daughter can do with ice cream? How was I to know? I mean . . ."

He had Mom laughing as he explained nothing. He had Weather laughing, her heart aching and then blushing furiously at his recounting an ice cream incident, Mom looking at her with surprise in her eyes.

Weather masturbated in bed that night. But when dawn broke, she'd had enough. It wasn't fair. Besides, she was horny. Slipping from bed, she quietly made her way to Aidan's room, carefully crawling up the bed to rest between Aidan and Mom. She reached down and pulled the sheet over her, turned on her side and snuggled back against Aidan.

I WOKE TO THE feel of a warm little body pressing back at me. Rolling, I spooned the body. A familiar scent made me open my eyes. I had Weather in my arms, her sexy posterior pressed to my naked groin. She smelled delicious, fresh, sleepy, young and intoxicating. It didn't surprise me in the least when I grew a morning erection. I wasn't really thinking as my hand found a slender hip. Weather had remarkable curves when on her side. She also moved too sensually.

My erection found the valley formed by her lovely small buttocks. Her bum clench that let me know she felt me was delicious. I let my hand slide over her hip to find the hem of her nightshirt. Tugging gently I drew it up, fingers finding soft cotton panties. Unable to stop myself, I caressed her petite panty-covered bum, teasing myself by sliding fingertips under elastic.

Weather moved. Cotton panties were pulled down over one hip, her sweet buttock partially exposed. She lifted and shifted and, with a pulse of pleasure, two naked buttocks formed to my now straining erection. When they clenched, precum leaked.

No word had been spoken. I was horny. Weather felt so sexy. Reaching around her, slipping my hand under her nightshirt, I found a delectable little boob. When I caressed it, Weather responded by pressing her ass back against me and squeezing her little bum. Perfect.

Her hand found my aching erection and steered it down, the tip sliding through her bum crack, across her anus and slipping between slender young thighs. She let go, clasping me with her thighs. I thought I heard her sigh, but I did feel her body tremble and I did feel her hunch slightly, her pussy pressed to my shaft.

Fingertips found my crown and pushed. She hunched and, in an exquisitely erotic move, Weather guided the crown of my erection back through her slit to sink into her, spreading her labia as she raised her leg to rest over mine. In an exquisitely erotic move my erection pressed and slowly sank into her tight, tight vagina, hot and velvety. In a heart-stopping move, Weather pressed her ass back at me and sheathed my entire erection inside her, the tip nudging her deepest part.

For two or three minutes we lay quietly. I wallowed in the sensual delight of holding such a petite, young girl, one who smelled so outrageously good. I wallowed in the erotic thrill of having my erection held tightly, gripped by a small pussy, buried in a twelve-year-old. Weather was snug and hot and moist, flexing gently as if massaging my cock.

It was too much to bear. Hugging her slender body more tightly, I withdrew, her pussy desperately holding on to me, almost like a vacuum. She trembled in my arms. Before the crown slipped out I reversed, pressing into her slowly, gently, carefully, her soft walls parting, my shaft enrobed by hot liquid velvet.

Suddenly I remembered! Alexis was in bed! Alexis was next to Weather. God, I was having sex with her daughter in front of her! It made my erection swell and strain. It was incredibly arousing!

Weather moaned quietly as we hunched and thrust, sliding deep, slowly, slowly, long, gentle strokes that had me trembling. So, so sexy.

And then Alexis woke up. She raised her head from the pillow, soft brown eyes taking in the sight of her brother making love to her daughter from behind. She smiled, accepting, eyes twinkling and lay her head back on the pillow. Alexis stared into my eyes as I fucked into Weather gently, deep, intensely exciting thrusts, her pussy gripping me, so tight.

Weather trembled in my arms. She hugged my arms tight, held my hand to her small breast. I almost came when Alexis reached out to caress Weather's cheek.

"Mom," she whispered, pressing her ass back at me, pushing me deep.

Alexis smiled, bent slightly and kissed Weather on her cheek, moved back and watched. My heart skipped. And, as Weather started undulating, moving with more force, as I felt Weather's familiar breathing change at an incipient climax, I was stunned to see Alexis' eyes cloud, her body shudder, her nostrils flare. I saw where she was touching herself, her arm moving, hand at her crotch. I was floored to see my sister experiencing an orgasm as I fucked her daughter, my daughter.

The impact was immediate and furious and agonising. Weather jerked and snorted. Her bum clenched. With both of my loves climaxing, I exploded, thrusting her slowly, my erection aching and expanding as a massive load of cum rocketed out. I gasped and thrust into Weather's tight pussy, exploding, agony, semen bursting out in an endless spurt.

I hugged my climaxing, jerking, snorting little girl and started thrusting harder, exploding with pure bliss, semen flooding her little womb. I thrust and came, staring at my sister, feeling like I was spewing my insides into Weather, cumming hard, grunting, spurting, cumming, cumming until finally, finally, my orgasm released me.

Panting, I lay quietly, body perspiring. I held Weather tight, her seductive little bum pressed to my groin, my softening penis feeling her waning clenches. It was the hardest climax I'd ever had. Alexis watching me have sex with our daughter and cumming at the sight was exceptionally erotic, like nothing I'd experienced before. I knew we'd just entered a new and exciting phase of our relationship.

I saw Alexis smile when Weather started snoring. Amazingly, with my partial erection firmly held in Weather's snug twelve-year-old pussy, I felt sleepy, my eyelids drooping. I was sexually exhausted, drained. Smiling to myself, congratulating me on my good fortune, I let myself go.

ALEXIS STUDIED AIDAN AND Weather as they slept. She loved how Aidan held Weather with so much passion and tenderness. When she'd woken to see them and realised they were actually making love she'd been stunned. She couldn't believe how incredibly hot it was to see her brother having sex with her daughter. It was so damned erotic Alexis had touched herself, her hand caressing her pussy and rubbing her clit. As they'd made love in front of her, Weather's eyes radiating heat, arousal and love, Alexis had pictured Aidan's erection penetrating Weather, spreading her little pussy. She'd moaned and slipped a finger into her own sopping pussy. She'd stared at their body movements timing her finger with theirs, and when she saw Weather climax, a cute frown appearing, brows knit, eyes softening in pleasure, such a sexy and arousing sight, Alexis had climaxed with her daughter, pleasure and excitement thundering through her, breasts aching, pussy pulsing, climaxing hard.

For the first time in her life, Alexis wondered what touching her little girl would feel like. She trembled. Maybe one day she'd find out.

MAKING LOVE WHILE WE were all in the same bed changed things. Weather and Alexis stayed in my bed and seemed to have no shyness when I'd make love with one or the other. In fact, based on whispered conversations between mother and daughter and glances my way, I was quite sure they were enjoying themselves beyond sex with me. They'd refuse to include me in conversations yet I'd see Weather's eyes open wide as if astonished at something her mother had said, Alexis grinning. And, one morning I discovered some of what the two girls in my life had been up to; a surprisingly enjoyable discovery.

It started with a soft moist feeling waking me on an autumn morning, cool sunlight streaming through the windows lighting the bedroom brightly. I felt refreshed from a deep sleep, lazy and comfortably relaxed. It took perhaps three seconds for a sleepy mind to process; I heard quiet whispers, moistness on my cock, movement, teasing, and murmuring that I seemed to feel in my penis.

Eyes popped open.

"Oh, you're awake," Alexis said with a warm, excited smile.

I glanced down and groaned deeply. Weather had my crown in her mouth! She was sucking gently and I could feel her small tongue explore.

"Suck gently, Honey," Alexis said.

A wave of dizziness passed over me as Weather followed her mother's advice.

"So, Aidan," Alexis' smile was bright and wicked at the same time. "How does it feel to have your daughter sucking you?"

My groan made her grin. And then Weather bobbed her head, pressing down. I felt every millimetre Weather took into her wide open mouth. I felt the tip touch the back of her mouth. I felt her press harder, trying to get more of me in and her sudden gagging sent pulses of pleasure through me.

"No, Honey. You have to pretend you're swallowing food. Look, like this."

Cool air hit my erection. Feverish eyes watched my sister bend, her hand holding my cock upright. Alexis' lips slipped over the crown, mouth opening. She pressed down, her soft tongue tickling at first then caressing. I felt the back of her mouth. God, seeing Alexis with my cock in her mouth was so sexy. And, as I watched in astonishment, pleasure flooding my body, I felt her swallow, felt my cock slip deeper, felt her tongue on my shaft, and saw her lips slip down my erection. She had half of my length in her mouth then three quarters.

"Jeesuuuus," I groaned as her lips touched my pubic hair. I'd never been deep-throated in my life, never. And my God!

"Kay. Now me, Mom. Let me try." Weather glanced at me. A grin appeared. "I'm gonna try, Dad. Don't move, okay?"

Oh God. The way Alexis slowly lifted, her throat massaging my whole erection, and the little parting kiss on the crown had me aching. But seeing Weather's determined expression and her mouth open, slipping it over me, and taking my crown into her warm moist mouth, one hand holding my shaft, the other cupping my balls, it almost ended it for me. A pulse of pleasure hit, the type that precedes a climax.

"Remember, pretend you're swallowing food," Alexis advised. "And if he cums, try to swallow in time with his pulses so you don't choke."

Oh God, oh God! Weather's eyes looked up at her mother and she nodded! It pressed my erection to the back of her mouth. When I felt suction, it was too much. Seeing Weather sucking me off was too much.

"I'm . . ." Pleasure crashed through me. I heaved, my cock swelling. I thrust involuntarily pressing against Weather's throat. Semen raced and exploded into my daughter's mouth. Before anyone could react, I came again, a massive surge, semen jetting into Weather's mouth in a long, agonising spurt. I saw her cheeks puff out, semen came squirting out from her lips. I heaved again, exquisite pleasure pounding me as I spurted again, hard, hard. Weather's cheeks puffed out again, thick white cum leaking to run down my shaft.

Weather yanked her mouth off me gagging, cum dripping from her mouth as I exploded, a long arch of cum launched into the air. Alexis grabbed my shaft and stroked it as I climaxed, lost in ecstasy, cumming to images of semen exploding from my twelve-year-old daughter's mouth. I heaved and ached and came in an intense orgasm until finally, finally it released me from its grip. Collapsing, I panting, eyes closed.

"Sorry, Mom. I choked on it. He came so fast he surprised me. It feels like there's so much more when he cums in my mouth!"

"I think you did just fine for your first time," Alexis said. "But, you really didn't have to try deep-throating."

"I wanted to. One of the girls back home claimed she could do it. I wanted to try. I almost got there, too!"

"You'll get there. Hey, Aidan! Bro! Wakey-wakey lazy bones."

I grumbled without opening my eyes. I rather felt like taking a nap for some reason.

"C'mon, Dad! We're all taking a shower together!"

My eyes popped open.


Chapter Eleven

WEATHER LAY BY THE crystal clear turquoise pool, glancing down at her bikini, the pink matching her toenails very nicely. She liked how her boobs had grown and filled out the bikini a bit more. Aidan liked it, too. It was easy to tell, the way he groped all the time.

"Weather, put more sunscreen on!"

"Okay, Mom," she yelled back at Mom in the kitchen.

Weather liked the new house. When the neighbours had stopped renting it, Aidan had moved in and rented out his old place next door. She liked having a pool to cool off in. She'd been right; the pool was warmer than the sea. This house had lots more rooms, bigger rooms. It even had a big eat-in kitchen. She missed the old place sometimes, though. It was so cute, so compact you had to practically live in each other's lap and bump into things. That was nice. But this was better. She grinned. Aidan, despite all the room, still managed to knock into everything!

"Weather! I said put on more sunscreen or you'll have to come inside!"

"Okay, Mom! I will!"

She wondered if another dip might be better. She'd seen Aidan staring at her pussy after swimming. She knew he was looking at the dark shadow of her pubes, her bush still a bit small, but covering her nicely. With a twinge of pleasure Weather wondered if Aidan would like to give her a bikini trim. How fun would that be? The intensity of oral sex, Aidan eating her pussy, had shocked her the first time, but she'd become rather addicted. In fact, even Mom caressing her in the shower had sent her into heaven. That had been a shock, too. Sex was fantastic. This age of consent thing was stupid. How could feeling so good be bad?

"You'd better obey your mother. Put sunscreen on."

Weather glanced over at Aidan, stretched out next to her in swimming trunks, the sunlight bleaching his soft chest hair. Gorgeous sexy eyes looked at her. She felt a pulse of arousal. "You put it on me," she said with a grin. When he didn't agree, she added, "Please, Dad?" She knew exactly how he'd react. Yup, there it was, a slight twitch in his bathing suit. She mostly called him Aidan, but he always reacted funny when she called him "Dad." He'd get positively dopey if she called him "Daddy."

"I'd be delighted," he said sitting up, grinning, his eyes carefully trailing over her body.

"Lunch, guys!"

"Aw, Mom! Can't it wait? Dad was going to put sunscreen on me."

Aidan grinned at her. "Come on," he said offering his hand to help her up.

"Do we have to? It's Mom's cooking!"

"Shhh. Don't be rude, Weather. She's trying."

"How about a siesta after lunch?" Weather inquired, her eyebrows moving up and down. "Maybe Mom would like to join us? Huh? Whaddaya think?"

She couldn't stop her scream of pleasure at Aidan's grope and pinch.

I FOLLOWED WEATHER'S SPECTACULAR thirteen-year-old ass as it bounced seductively, watching it disappear through the wide double doors. I was intensely lucky, incredibly grateful, and happier than I had any right to be.

It had taken Weather and me almost three weeks to wear Alexis down, but finally, finally she agreed to make me happy; she agreed to stay. I told her that, here, on a Greek island called Santorini, our mother's birthplace, no one knew we were anything but husband and wife. I convinced her she could be a marine biologist here better than Illinois, of all places. I told her the truth, I wanted nothing more in this world than her and Weather. That's it, nothing more.

"Did you tell Weather we would take a siesta together? All three of us?" Alexis asked as I walked into the kitchen, interrupting my musing. Something smelled burned.

Weather sat at the kitchen table grinning at me, gorgeous steel-gray eyes sparkling.

My sister smiled and walked over to me, kissing my cheek softly. "Are you sure you have that much stamina, Tiger?"

I had a sudden vision of my sister on hands and knees as I gently took her from behind, her magnificent pear-shaped ass in the air, Weather lying on the bed, legs spread wide, her mother softly kissing her pussy. Damn!

Yes, I had more than enough stamina I decided with a smile.



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