“Another Friday Night”

It was a long week but Clark was looking forward to Friday. He was a good looking guy who was in his late 30s, had dark brown hair and had a fit body. He could go to the local clubs and get himself a date if he wanted but he wasn’t into the club scene. He quickly made his way home being very careful not to get pulled over by the police. When he pulled into his house he quickly made his way to his room. While walking down the hall way he quickly peeled off his clothes. He kept looking at his watch. The show would be starting soon and he didn’t want to miss a moment. He walked to his computer desk and quickly logged into his computer.

As soon as he was online he logged into his profile on level-rate. He went to his buddy list and saw he wasn’t too late. He licked his lips as he clicked on the person that was the target of his free time.

A sweet little blonde named Lisa!

He sat on her page for awhile. Soon the camera icon popped up on her profile. He quickly clicked on it. After a little bit of loading Clark was looking into the room of an 11 year old girl. He quickly pulled off his underwear. He was already half hard and she wasn’t even on the camera yet.

It had been several months since he stumbled upon this girl’s profile. It was a kind of by accident really. It was a couple weeks after his long time girlfriend broke up with him. Thankfully he was able to get her to do a film one of their last sex sessions so he could get the last level. He had some women comment about the video he posted so of course he checked their profiles out. From there he went on his own little version of a wiki hole by clicking one person’s buddy list, then finding someone there that looked hot or interesting. After so many clicks he found himself looking at his new goddess, Lisa.

He had seen various young kids on the site in different stages of undress. The first several times he saw those profiles he would quickly back away from them, not wanting to get busted by the police or something. But there was something about Lisa’s that made him stay on her page. She was so beautiful, a sweet little smile on her face that hinted at some naughtiness. The more he clicked on her pictures and videos the more he fell in love with her. And when he found out about her little webcam shows he was instantly hooked.

Soon his little angel was on screen. She smiled and waved to the fans that were filling the chat room. She was wearing a buttoned top and what looked to be a skirt, almost looking like a school uniform.

“Hey guys what’s up?” she asked.

Clark looked at the large amount of responses that filled the screen. Most were just “hi” and what not. He stopped looking at the chat. He was here for her, not the chat room. Lisa giggled, looking at the people who were viewing her.

“So, school was boring an all. Got to hang out with my girl Shannon might get into some naughty trouble with her and her man this weekend!” she said with a giggle.

Clark didn’t really know about her friends or anything but in his mind he could already see sweet little Lisa being nude with some other little girl. Both were in some man’s room as they would touch and kiss each other as the mystery man stroked his cock as he joined his two little guests. Clark’s hand started to move towards his cock when Lisa started to talk again.

“Sooooo, what does everyone wanna do with me tonight? Got like maybe 2 hours before mom comes home!”

Clark looked at the chat. Most were people suggesting it was up to her what she wanted to do. Of course there was asshole who demanded she “shut the fuck up and get naked”. He could tell she was ignoring those comments.

“Come on guys! I know all you pervy men and women have some naughty ideas for me to do for you!” she said with a little whine. Clark cracked his knuckles and typed.

How about you tell us a fantasy you would love to do someday!

Lisa looked at what Clark entered and smiled.

“Well, so far I lived out some naughty fantasies but I do have a couple I would love to try out. Just that I don’t think they would be possible cause of my age and you know... laws!” she said with a chuckle.

Of course the chat room wanted to hear them. Lisa leaned back in her chair and smiled as she slowly started to unbutton her top.

“Mmm... well. I have had many dreams of sneaking a man into my room, letting him fuck me on my bed before mom comes home. Or maybe while she is in the other room!”

Clark licked his lips. Yes he and so many others have seen her room from the cam shows. He pretty much had the whole thing committed to memory! He often had hot dreams about being in there, pumping his cock deep and hard into her little cunt. Hearing her moan and beg for his cum!

“Would be so hot. Trying to be quiet while being fucked. Not wanting to be caught! You guys I am so fucking wet right now!” Lisa moaned.

Clark opened his eyes. Lisa’s shirt was off, her little breasts and hard nipples exposed for all to see. She pushed her chair back and pulled up her skirt. The crotch of her panties was soaked. The chat room loved the view.

“Should I take them off guys?” she asked in a teasing way as she hooked her fingers into her waist band.

Of course the room answered with a resounding “YES!”

Clark moaned as she peeled the panties off, her still bald pussy on full display. After tossing them to the side she reached down and spread her lips.

“Thinking about the guy eating me out while I sit on this chair! Maybe I would have my cam on, let you guys watch!”

Clark loved that idea. He loved her videos. He would love to watch her doing a live sex show. Then again he would love it more if he was the one staring with her! He kept stroking his cock as he watched her slowly start to finger herself.

“Yes finger that cunt baby, get it ready for me!” he moaned, his hand moving up and down his shaft.

“Mmm, how about a little gangbang? Maybe have some lucky fans in here. Trying to fuck and fill all my holes before mom get home!” she said between moans as she fingered herself. Clark was too busy watching her to see the room having people volunteering for that little scene.

He tilted his head back and closed his eyes. The wet sound of her fingers pumping in and out of her cunt while moaning and talking dirty was all he wanted to hear. She went on and on with more details about the secret fuck. She wanted no condoms and the men must be nude. The more dangerous the better!

Clark’s mind created the scene. Five maybe six guys including him in her room. All nude and hard. Lisa had laid out some blankets on the floor since her bed wouldn’t be able to handle the combined weight of all those men. As she lay on the floor her legs wide open Clark took his position. He entered her tight pussy before rolling onto his back. He reach down to spread her ass cheeks open, letting one of the other men enter her anus! As she cries out for more another man slides his cock into her mouth. As she is stuffed and fucked the other stroke, waiting for their turns with a hole as one is made a look out.

His eyes popped open as a thought entered his mind. He leaned forward and typed up a question.

How do you know your mom wouldn’t join in if she caught you with so many men?

Lisa saw that and smiled.

“I doubt that would happen! But would be hot! My mom helping out while I'm being fucked hard!”

She never showed any pictures of her mom or talked about her but Clark had a little mental image of what she must look like!

She would have long blonde hair just like her little girl. Maybe a D cup breast size. Oh and she had to be beautiful! And the main kicker... she had to fuck like a porn star! His mind cobbled together some bits and pieces of MILFy porn stars for his version of Lisa’s mom.

She entered the scene already going on in Clark’s mind. She walked into the bed room wearing a tight top and short skirt. She gasps at first, seeing her little girl airtight with cock but soon the tiny bit of clothing the woman was wearing is gone and she is helping the other three men, giving them some holes to fuck as they wait for sweet little Lisa.

Soon Clark grunted, shooting his load all over his hand. He opened his eyes and looked at his screen. Lisa herself was cumming, whimpering about needing more cock! He smiled.

“God I love you Lisa!” he moaned as he looked down at his cum covered hand. He sighed as he got up to clean.

This was the moment he hated. What he called the come down. After cleaning and dressing he turned of his computer and sat at the edge of the bed. He felt some shame in this. He was falling for some girl who was god knows where. And worse off he really didn’t know anything about her! Yeah there were the pics and the vids but those didn’t mean shit! She could be some poor kidnapped girl forced into some kind of sex slavery. Her parents might be whoreing her out! There were a million bad thoughts about her and every one of them made the older man fell so guilty.

He really needed to date. He really needed to find some other way to spend his Friday nights!

= = =

His coworkers seemed to agree. They didn’t know about his little crush on an 11 year old girl but they did know he wasn’t seeing anyone and didn’t want to go out with them on Fridays.

It was Monday after noon and Clark found himself outside with a number of his work friends. There was Jody, an older woman Clark and many others called their “Office Mom”. She would often be flirty with younger guys. Barry was a younger black man who Clark got along with very well. They both started working at the company at the same time. And last there was Heidi. She was close to Clark’s age and wasn’t too bad looking. Some in the office would often say he should hook up with her but Clark didn’t like the idea of dating coworkers.

Clark didn’t smoke but he did like spending his breaks with his friends just chatting with them. Most times they would sit around and bitch about other coworkers or maybe what was going on in their lives. Today though it seemed like Clark was the center of all their talk.

“So, what did you do last Friday that stopped you from coming with us to Pepper’s Bar?” Jody asked between drags of her cigarette.

“Umm, nothing much. Just some personal stuff.” He said. Barry laughed.

“He had internet porn to jerk off to!” Barry said as he playfully hit Clark’s shoulder.

Clark gave a nervous chuckle. Barry wasn’t too far from the truth! Heidi shook her head.

“Come on you guys, leave Clark alone! He’s still getting over his break up!” she said with a little worry in her voice. Jody rolled her eyes.

“How long has it been?” the older woman asked.

“About a year.” He answered.

“Long enough! You have to get out there and mix it up boy!” Jody commanded.

“I think Jody just wants you to bang her!” Barry joked. Jody laughed.

“Maybe I am! I do like’em young!” she said as she smiled at Clark.

“I thought you only had eyes for me!” Barry whined. She looked over at him.

“I can share! Momma can handle more than one man!” she said winking at him. It was Heidi’s turn to roll her eyes.

“Of course the office slut tries to take all the single men for herself!” the younger girl joked. Jody took another drag off her smoke before she answered.

“Who says I am only for men? You could join in!”

Everyone laughed. Jody looked at Clark.

“Well, why don’t you go out with Heidi? You both the same age and single! What’s the deal?” Jody asked.

Heidi blushed a little. She did have a little crush on Clark and she did hope maybe he would ask her out some time. Clark did think Heidi was cute and all but he had a little rule about dating coworkers.

“Jody I don’t date coworkers! Heidi is a cute girl and all but I just don’t like the drama it causes!”

Barry nodded.

“Yeah, don’t shit where you eat I say!” he said.

“So you would rather pull you pud on the computer?” Jody asked.

“I... I don’t do that!” Clark responded.

“Could always try online dating!” Heidi said. Jody nodded.

“Yeah! I mean if you are jerking off to net stuff anyways you could go on a good number of dating sites! Hell go on something like adult friend finder. You can jerk it to horny naked people and maybe get some pussy! Might even find yours truly showing her best birthday suit!” Jody said with a smile that told the group that she wasn’t kidding about the pictures.

“You are a total slut!” Heidi said with a laugh. Barry looked at his watch and sighed.

“Well, after Jody tells me what sites I can check her out on we need to get back to work!”

They all laughed as they walked back into the office. Clark thought about it for the rest of the day.

Maybe an internet dating site would be his answer!

= = =

When Clark got home he sat at his desk. He made himself a list of sites he wanted to check out. Not on it was the more adult ones. If he wanted to see naked people he would just log onto level-rate.com and get his spank material there! No, he wanted something that was not so sex oriented. He was looking for someone who could be a friend, some one who could make him feel good and spend time with!

He tried the well known ones: OKcupid, Match, Zoosk and some others but either the membership prices were too steep or just trying to get to a decent local search was a pain in the ass. After awhile he found a site for local area dating. The search was easy to use and the membership price was a mere five bucks! He figured what the hell and became a member. After some time to set up his own profile and picking a good recent picture he was on his way to the local search.

The profiles for his area and age range (30- 42 years old) had a good number of hits. But when he saw some pictures of the women in his area he felt a little let down. None of the women were as beautiful or perfect as his sweet Lisa!

He stopped what he was thinking and shook his head.

“No! Knock that shit off! You are looking for someone that is real! Someone your age damn it!” he growled.

He kept clicking. He didn’t know if he was being too mean or just trying to sabotage himself. This girl was too thing, this one too fat! That one too old, this one too young! He spent a good part of an hour trying to find someone, anyone that he could see himself dating! Click after click he passed up women for the smallest nit-picks.

Not her, too tall...

Nope, too short...

No, too many tattoos...

No, not enough tattoos...

He was about to give up.

“One more click... if this one doesn’t knock my socks off I am canceling my membership!” he said to himself.

He clicked the profile, and his jaw hit the floor!

On his screen was a beautiful strawberry blonde named Kelly. She was 38 years old and a knock out. Clark pushed his chair back and looked at his feet to make sure his socks were still okay!

When he saw that in fact he took his socks off awhile ago he took it as a sign that this girl was perfect! He looked up at the screen. The picture looked to be taken at some kind of office function as she was wearing a nice looking professional blouse. She had a sweet, kind smile that said that she could be a sweet, kind person during the day and a naughty little lover at night. He wanted to know so much about her! He quickly clicked on the link to send her a message. It took him a while to figure out what to send her but soon he figured out a good way to say hi to her with out sounding like some kind of creep!

“Hi there! Saw your profile and would love to chat with you!”

After sending the message he sat there and waited. He couldn’t believe that he was doing this! He looked at the clock on the screen and saw it was about 7pm. No way she would be on now or message him the second his message got to her. Most likely her inbox would be flooded with men trying to get with her. He was about to log off when his inbox on the site chimed. He quickly clicked on the icon and smiled.

Kelly messaged him back!

Hi! Thanks for shooting me a message! I had this profile for like a month and you are the first guy to message me! I almost gave up on this site!!! I guess my profile scared off most guys. Speaking of profiles I looked your over and I would love to chat with you too! Would you rather chat either email or phone if you don’t mind. Hope to hear from you soon!”

She put her email address on the end of the message. Clark quickly got onto his email client and quickly sent her a reply.

“Hey there again! I am so glad you responded! You say I am the only person who messaged you? You have to be joking! You are a beautiful woman I figured would have had her inbox slammed with dirty messages and marriage proposals! If you would like to chat on the phone or text here is my number...”

He typed out his phone number and sent the message. He quickly pulled out his phone and placed it on his desk. As he waited he kept looking at Kelly’s photo. He couldn’t wait to hear her voice. His heart was beating a mile a second. There was a part of him that was telling him to calm down.

A scary thought came to mind. What if that picture isn’t really her? What if he just gave his cell phone number to some weird Russian phone hacker group or something? He was about to freak out when his phone rang. He almost thought about not answering it. But then he found himself picking up the phone and pressing the answer button.

“H...hello?” he said, trying to hide the nervousness in his voice.

“Hi, is this Clark?” a woman on the other end asked. Her voice had a tiny bit of nervousness it’s self.

To Clark though this woman sounded so sweet. He really hoped that picture was her.

“Yeah! And I take it you must be Kelly?”

She laughed.

“Yeppers! Unless you have been sending a number of women your cell phone number.”

This time Clark chuckled.

“Nope, I hadn’t been on the site long till I saw your profile! That is your picture right? I mean your not some weird Russian mail order bride or something right?”

Kelly cleared her throat.

“Nope, not my picture. My name is really Ivan and I got your social security number HA HA!” she said in a smart ass way.

Clark liked that!

“Well Ivan, if you could hook me up with the girl in the pic I would also give you my parents info!” he joked. Kelly laughed.

They both talked and joked for what seemed like hours. Soon their phones were giving them low battery warnings.

“I... I got to go.” Clark said with a disappointed sigh.

“Me too.” Kelly whispered.

“I would like to see you in person. Or is it too soon to ask that? I never really had done this whole internet date thing.” Clark said.

“I’m on the same boat! I mean, I hope I don’t sound too desperate or something.” Kelly replied.

“No way! I enjoyed talking with you and I just... I really want to meet you in person!”

Kelly chuckled.

“How about this Friday?” she asked.

He was about to answer when a thought came to mind.

Friday is Lisa’s show!

It took him a little bit but then he answered.

“Friday it is! We can hash out the details during the week!”

“Awesome! I can’t believe I’m going out on a date! So excited!” Kelly said, almost sounding like an excited teen.

Clark smiled. Maybe this will work out after all!

Chapter 1: A Good First Date

The rest of the week seemed to drag for Clark. He really wanted it to be Friday so he could meet Kelly face to face. She must have been thinking the same way because though out the week she would send a bunch of text messages. He would smile every time his phone buzzed with one of her messages. Most times it was her giving a cute little count down till their meet up or wondering if he would like to chat with her on the phone after work. Of course he loved to hear her voice. After work he would make sure to hook up his phone so it wouldn’t die during his chat with her.

As the day got closer Kelly would start sending pictures of different things. On Thursday she sent him a picture of herself in a sexy black dress, asking him if he liked it. Before he could answer she soon sent another, this time in a short red dress. Both looked super hot on her and he had to admit he was getting very excited. She would hint about maybe having a special treat for him if the date went well. His mind already was thinking of so many dirty thoughts.

Soon Friday came. Clark took off a little early from work so he could get ready. They agreed to meet up at a small coffee shop at Jefferson Park. Clark was wearing a pair of nice kaki pants and a button up shirt. He tapped his foot out of nervousness as he waited for her. He had a worrying thought that maybe she might not show up. He looked at his watch and saw she was running late. He sighed and was about to leave.

“Clark?” a woman’s voice asked.

He knew that voice! He turned to see Kelly. Sadly she wasn’t wearing either the sexy black or red dress but what she was wearing still looked good on her. She wore a nice blouse and a dark blue skirt. She smiled and waved as she walked up to him.

“I am so sorry I am late. Something came up at work, and I couldn’t get home to change with out my daughter asking a million questions!” she said as she walked up to the table Clark was at.

“You have a kid?” he asked, a little shocked.

Kelly looked a bit worried hearing Clark say that.

“Y... yeah. I mean it was on my profile. I thought you saw it.” She said.

Clark had to think back. He was so captured by her picture he was a little embarrassed to admit he didn’t really look at all of her profile. It did answer the question as to why other men didn’t message her. He saw the upset look on her face.

“That’s cool. I have to admit your picture kind of distracted me from the rest of your profile.” He said with a chuckle. Kelly smiled and laughed.

“Well thanks for telling the truth. I guess you missed the part where I am heavy into animal torture and also cutting the cocks off men and keeping them in a jar in my room?” she chuckled. Clark laughed.

“Well, I hope you and I could have a little fun with my penis attached to me before you add me to your collection!” he joked. She cocked her eyebrow.

“All depends on if you are any good at using it!” she said with a wink.

Clark smiled. He was falling for this woman and he hoped she was feeling the same way about him. They sat at the table for awhile, ordered some drinks, and chatted. He hung on her every word. She could just sit there and read the phonebook in German and he would be enthralled! After awhile she finished her coffee and looked at the love stuck man in front of her.

“So, has anything else in mind for this date?” she asked.

“This is a date now? I thought this was just a meet up.” He said. In his mind he hoped this meet up would become a date but then again he didn’t really plain for anything else!

Kelly reached over and touched Clark’s hand.

“I’m sorry if I seem like I am rushing things. It’s just... I haven’t been out with another man in so long and I am having a great time with you!”

He smiled as he took her hand in his. Her skin was so soft. He pulled her hand up to his lips and kissed it. He thought he maybe heard a slight moan escape her lips. He looked up at her.

“Well, it’s short notice but we could go have dinner somewhere. Maybe go dance or something.”

“Sounds fun!” she said.

They both got up, he paid for their drinks and they both headed to the parking lot. They both got into their cars and she followed him to a nice restaurant downtown. After a little waiting they got a quiet table so they could talk.

Kelly told Clark more about herself. She was a college graduate who got married right away to her high school sweet heart. Soon she had her daughter and when her husband was out of the picture she took care of her self and child alone. She works a decent office job involving accounts for both government contracts and private companies. It was busy and that and raising a child was ate up a lot of her personal time but as she told Clarks she wouldn’t change a thing!

Clark respected that! He wondered why someone would leave a smart, beautiful woman like Kelly to have to raise a young girl alone. He didn’t feel like he should push the subject since this was the first date and all. He couldn’t help but to watch her speak. He studied every little bit of her face, her neck, her body. He tried not to be a perv but he couldn’t help but to imagine how she would look naked. How her bare body would look as she was on top of him or maybe below him. Her little laughs and mannerisms translated into sexual moans and groans. He had to adjust himself as she asked for his details.

Clark was a college grad himself, mainly majoring in business. He also worked at a decent but boring office job involving filing reports about this or that. He really hated talking about his job since it was all so annoyingly boring and complicated. He then went on a bit about his personal life. He talked about being out of the dating game himself since his break up with his long term girlfriend. He joked about how his work friends pushed him to try online dating because they thought he was looking at too much internet porn.

Kelly laughed as she listened to Clark. She couldn’t help but to look at him. He was very handsome and seemed so down to earth. Why would any woman dump him? She nodded as he talked about his job. It sucked being an office drone. No matter what the job was it was always something so boring there was no way to make it sound exciting. She laughed and agreed with him about telling people his job since she was always on the same boat. As he joked about his friends she started to wonder about what he was hiding under those clothes!

Every time he shifted or adjusted himself she imagined how he would look on top of her, thrusting his throbbing cock in her. It had been so long since she had a real dick inside her! Of course she had toys and had many desperate nights of trying to quietly get herself off. She tried not to make too much noise to wake her daughter. She didn’t need her little girl seeing her mother naked, legs wide open and fucking herself with a toy. She found herself using her finger to toy with her lips a little. There was a part of her that thought about maybe letting him fuck her tonight! She caught a couple times how he looked at her.

“Calm down, don’t fuck this up! Don’t make him think you’re easy!” Kelly thought to herself as she smiled at him.

They both looked at each other. At that moment as if they both looked into each other’s dirty thoughts and made them both blush. They both shared a little chuckle as their meals came. After eating their dinner they heard that the place across the street had live bands on Friday nights. After paying the check the couple went across the street.

It was a small time local rock band. They weren’t too bad and they played mostly covers. After a couple of drinks Clark and Kelly took to the dance floor. At first they weren’t too close to each other. She used this moment to try to check out his body. His clothes weren’t too tight so she couldn’t really gage what he might have between his legs. As the music got faster they wound up getting closer and closer.

Soon Clark had his hands on her hips as they danced so close together. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she moved closer to him. There was still a little gap between them but she liked how he was holding her hips. She so wanted to kiss him, feel him pressed up on her.

Clark loved the way Kelly moved to the music. He couldn’t help but to think about her doing a sexy strip tease for him, slowly removing her clothes to tease him. As his mind wondered Kelly pulled back, breaking Clark’s grasp on her hips so she can turn around. She wiggled her ass. He smiled as his eyes were glued to her rear. She quickly moved back, making it look like maybe it was an accident as her ass bumped into his groin. She smiled as she felt that he was very hard for her. She licked her lips. She so wanted it in her. She thought about all the places they could maybe have a quick fuck! Maybe the bathroom or maybe the back seat of his car. She started to move her ass a little on his groin. Even though the music was loud she could hear him moan.

Clark grabbed her hips again. She leaned back onto him, letting him practically dry hump her on the dance floor. He was so hard for her if she wanted him to fuck her on the floor in front of everyone he would do it in a heart beat. He moved his head down to kiss her exposed neck. She moaned. She was so wet she would let him fuck her anywhere, any way he wanted.

Both of them needed each other so badly. It was so long since either of them had any real sexual contact that both would have been very willing to do things they wouldn’t have normally. He was about to move his hands towards her crotch when he stopped.

Kelly bit her lip as she grinded her ass on his groin. He was so hard she needed him! Pussy, ass, mouth it didn’t matter she wanted to feel him throb in her. She felt his hands moving from her hips. She closed her eyes. She knew where they were headed and she would let him in. She opened her eyes and moved her hands to stop him.

They both didn’t want to rush this!

They both were breathing hard as they separated. They looked at each other. They could see the lust on each other’s faces. A nervous little laugh escaped their lips as they both found a table and took a seat. The rest of the time they were in the bar they sat and listened to the music. Clark held Kelly’s hand, his thumb rubbing her skin as she leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder.

= = =

Soon she noticed it was a little after midnight. There was a part of her that didn’t want the date to end but she had a little girl at home with no babysitter! As they walked to their cars they held hands. She smiled as he walked her to the car.

“So, what now?” he asked, not wanting to let her go. Kelly looked at him.

“We could go to my place for a little bit. For coffee or something.” She whispered. He smiled.

“You sure you want me to know where you and your kid live?” he joked. She giggled.

“Well, I was hoping after tonight we would be seeing each other more.” She said.

“I would like that a lot.” He said, and then added jokingly.

“Should I be worried about your angry ex coming in and killing me?”

Kelly laughed.

“Well if he did show up, I hope you would be man enough to kill him!”

Clark was a little shocked hearing her saying that. She saw the look on his face and chuckled.

“If he walked in, he would be a zombie! My husband died a year after my daughter was born.” She said a little sadness in her voice.

Soon he was following her to her house. As they parked she smiled at him, placing her finger to her lips to let him know her daughter might be asleep. He pulled her to him and looked into her eyes.

“I have to do this.” he whispered. She didn’t say anything as he leaned in and kissed her deeply.

They both held each other as he kissed her deeply. As they kissed she knew she wanted to see more of him. She silently hoped and prayed that he wanted to be with her. They broke the kiss and looked into each others eyes.

“Wow.” She whispered. They stood outside for a moment holding each other. They both loved how they felt in each others arms.

“Let me get the door.” Kelly said with a quiet giggle. He nodded and let her go.

She quickly unlocked the door and let Clark in. He smiled as he walked into a nice looking home. Kelly did well for herself being a single parent. As she lead him towards the living room he heard what sounded like a little girl’s voice coming from another room.

“Mom? That you?” a little girl asked.

Clark thought the voice sounded familiar. As he stood there Kelly sighed.

“Why are you still up?” Kelly asked. The bed room door opened and a little girl came running up to the adults.

Clark’s eyes felt like they were about to pop out of his skull as he saw the girl coming towards them.

It was his secret goddess, Lisa.

Chapter 2: Conflicted

Clark stood in shock seeing the object of his nastiest fantasies standing in front of him. He couldn’t think about anything else but what she was doing in her last several web cam shows. He didn’t see her in her pjs, he saw her naked and on her back as she worked a thick dildo in and out her tight bald cunt. He didn’t see her smiling at him, he saw her face twisted in orgasmic lust as she was being fucked by a man on one of her many porn videos.

“Are you okay?” Kelly ask as she noticed Clark standing there looking a little pale.

“Hello? Earth to who ever you are!” Lisa said, waving her hand back and forth.

Clark had to bite his tongue to snap out of his daze. He put on a smile as he looked at the child in front of him.

“S... sorry. You are a little cutie and took me by surprise!” he said to Lisa. She smiled as she looked at her mom.

“Is this your boyfriend? He’s cute!” the girl said with a chuckle.

Kelly smiled. It seemed like Lisa liked Clark. She looked at the two in front of her.

“Well sweet heart, this is Clark. Clark, this little girl who should have been in bed by now is my daughter, Lisa!”

Lisa offered her hand to Clark and smiled.

“Pleased to meet ya!” she said. Clark took her small hand in his and first shook it, then kissed it.

“The pleasure is mine!” he said. He tired to remain calm and cool but his mind kept flashing the various videos and pictures of her naked, fucking and sucking. He hoped that he wasn’t hard right now and if he was he hoped maybe Lisa didn’t notice!

Lisa blush a little as Clark kissed her hand. He was handsome and she had to admit, she would have liked to see what he had to work with in those pants. Lisa looked at her mom.

“Well, I had to make sure you came home on time young lady!” Lisa said as she took her hand away from Clark and put them on her hips, acting like an angry mom.

“I’m sorry! Please don’t ground me Lisa!” Kelly said in a jokingly pleading way.

Lisa narrowed her eyes to her mom, then towards Clark. She suddenly started to poke her finger into Clark’s chest.

“And you, mister man! How dare you keep my mother out all night doing lord knows what with her!”

Clark chuckled and played along.

“I’m sorry! I swear my intentions are pure!” he said raising his hands up to defend him self. Lisa crossed her arms.

“Well, I guess I will let it slide for now! I’ll leave you two alone... BUT NO FUNNY BUSINESS!” the girl growled in a threaten manner. Kelly laughed, hugging her daughter and kissing her cheek. Lisa hugged her mom back and started to walk back towards her room. She looked at Clark one more time.

“Nice meeting you Clark!” she said and walked away. He watched her, his eyes fixed on her ass. That sweet yummy ass he dreamed of kissed and fucking so many times. He almost didn’t realize what he was doing until he felt Kelly grab his arm and tried to pull him towards the living room. Thankfully she didn’t notice his wondering glaze.

“Where were we?” she asked with a smile. Clark took two steps then stopped.

“I... I should go.” Clark whispered. Kelly looked hurt hearing him say that.

“Wa... what?” she said a little upset. He gave her a small smile.

“It’s getting late. I had a great time with you.” He said. She gave a small hopeful smile.

“I’ll see you again right? I mean my daughter was only joking and stuff!” she said, afraid that maybe he got freaked out by Lisa’s attitude. He nodded.

“Of course I would love to see you again! And soon! And don’t worry about Lisa, I mean she didn’t freak me out or anything!”

“Well, you looked a little flush when you saw her. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you how old she was.” Kelly said, trying to read Clark.

“I’m okay really! And Lisa is a doll!” he said, trying to reassure Kelly. She sighed.

“Well, I guess I’ll let you go. Let me walk you out.”

Kelly and Clark walked outside. He held her hands and smiled as he looked into Kelly’s beautiful eyes.

“I had a great time. And I hope we can do something soon!” he said.

“Maybe tomorrow?” she asked.

He didn’t answer. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply. She moaned in his mouth as their tongues danced in each others mouths. After they broke the kiss she smiled.

“Text me when you get home okay!” she whispered. He nodded and walked to his car.

Peeking out a near by window was Lisa. She giggled a little as she saw how much her mom was blushing after that kiss!

= = =

Clark was breathing hard as he drove home. His troubled mind racing with worry.

“I... I can’t date Kelly! I just can’t!” he said to himself in a panicked way.

Kelly was a great woman and he had so much fun with her. He wanted to see what all she would want to do on other dates, maybe see how far a real relationship with her could go...

But that little blonde temptress would be there. That yummy little body would always be so close. Would he be able to hold back? Would he snap and rape the poor girl? Would she try to steal him away from Kelly?

There was something else that ran though his mind. Did Kelly know about Lisa’s little show and web site? She didn’t seem like it. But then again, if she did know would she come right out and say it?

“Oh by the way guy I just went on a nice date with, my underage daughter runs a sex webcam show and fucks men on the side! Would you like to have a go with her right now?”

He shook his head. There was no way she would know what Lisa did! Lisa even said as much on her shows about her mom coming home soon and how she had to clean up and what not.

Clark’s heart was throbbing in his chest as he pulled into his drive way. He quickly walked in and sat on his bed. He placed his head in his hands and sighed. He had to think of a way to break it off with Kelly, but he had to make it seem like it wasn’t because of her daughter (even though it technically was because of Lisa). As he sat there and thought about what he should say his phone buzzed. He knew it was Kelly before he picked it up.

TXT From Kelly: Hey, you make it home okay? I had a great time and I can’t stop thinking about you!!!!!

He gave a little smile as he looked at the text. He tried to rack his brain with some kind of excuse as to how he could break up with her. He took a deep breath and answered.

TXT from Clark: Yeah just got in. Was about to message you.

He sat there, looking at the keyboard on his Smartphone screen as he tried to think about how he could do this! As he tried to form the right word in his mind his phone buzzed in his hand.

Kelly: Well, wanted to maybe give you something to dream about, and maybe get you

thinking about a date for tomorrow!

The message came with a picture. It was Kelly standing in front of a mirror; phone in hand to shoot the picture. She was only in her bra and panties! Clark’s eyes went wide as he tapped on the screen to make it bigger. It was a lacy white bra and panty set, nothing too sexy but seeing it on her was very yummy. Looking at the panties he thought maybe he saw a tiny bit of a wet spot!

At that moment any thoughts about breaking up with Kelly went flying out the door. His brain was already filling with major porn fantasies when it buzzed in his hand again.

Kelly: Like ;-)

Clark found himself nodding at the message, as if she could see him. He smiled and decided on how to answer.

= = =

Kelly giggled as she sent the picture of her in her bra and panties. She almost thought about sending nudes but she decided to leave a little something for later. She looked at herself in the mirror. She thought she still had a nice looking body. She bit her lips as she saw the wet spot forming on the crotch of her panties. She wished she could have done more with him. She was so turned on she might have slipped up and fucked him, or at least sucked him off! Her free hand slowly moved down towards her panties as she kept looking at her reflection.

She slowly pushed her hand into her panties and pushed past the tiny tuff of pubic hair to her hot wet lips. She slowly started to rub herself. She couldn’t really believe how wet she was. Her eyes were about to close when her phone buzzed. She quickly pulled it up and looked at the message that came in. Her eyes opened and she licked her lips as a picture loaded up.

It was of Clark’s underwear coved crotch. He was wearing light gray boxer briefs. They were tight enough to show an outline of his very excited cock. There was a little spot of precum showing. Kelly moaned as she saw the message he sent.

Clark: I think I do like what I see! J

She wished those shorts were off! The phone buzzed again with another message.

Clark: I’ll call you tomorrow! Night baby!

She smiled as she pulled her underclothes off and lay in bed. She didn’t send a message back as she looked at the pic of his crotch, using her fingers to get herself off. Tomorrow who knows what’s going to happen!

= = =

Clark pulled his boxers off and lay on the bed. He was about to move back up on the chat to look at the picture Kelly sent him. His cock was throbbing hard. He thought about maybe shooting one more picture of how hard he was for her but thought better of it. He wanted her to work towards seeing it for real.

His phone buzzed again. He thought maybe it was another message from Kelly but when he checked the screen and saw it was an alarm he had set as a reminder. During the date he kept his phone on silent.


He sighed as he looked over at his computer. A part of him wanted to ignore the message, maybe just delete his profile. But in a flash he found himself naked, sitting at his computer desk as he logged onto the site. Even though he missed the live show he knew the archive would be on her profile. One hand was on his mouse clicking though Lisa’s site while the other was on his cock, slowly stroking himself. He found the video and clicked on it. As it started up he saw the time stamp on the video was about 20 minuets into his date with Kelly.

Lisa came into frame. She had her usual bright smile on as she wore a cute looking top and her pink jeans she became so well known for. She sat down and waved at the camera

“Hey guys! Looks like you guys are going to have an extra long video tonight! My mom’s going on a date and won’t be back for awhile!” she said with a giggle. She then looked at the screen.

The recording of her show didn’t save the chat room so there were times were she just sat there, looking at her screen as she read the comments or commands from her viewers. She looked for awhile then giggled.

“I wish I could have some friends over. Maybe some of you guy! But I doubt my mom would like that much!” she joked.

She leaned back in her chair and gave her viewers a sexy little smile.

“So, what would you guys like tonight?” she asked.

She looked at her fan’s comments. Soon she stood up.

“I love these jeans! It seems like every person I hook up with want me to wear them, so they can peel them off me! Is that what you guys want?” she asked almost breathlessly. She leaned over and did something on her computer. Music started to play as she took a couple steps back. It was a sexy slow song as she slowly moved her hips to the music. She turned her back towards the camera.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled as she unbuttoned her pants. She hooked her thumbs into her jeans and pulled them down. She slowly exposed the white panties she was wearing under her jeans. She wiggled her ass a little as she stepped out of her jeans. She turned around and slowly rolled her hips as she looked at the screen.

“No, no thongs. Mom won’t buy me any.” She said as if she was answering a question.

She turned around again and pulled the back of her panties up, turning them into a bit of a make shift thong. Her sweet little asscheeks in full view of the camera. She moved her hips more as she slowly started to pull her panties down, making sure to bend over letting everyone see her asshole and pussy. She turned around and peeled her shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra under her shirt. She licked her lips as she step back and slowly danced to the music. She closed her eyes as she looked like she was getting real into the music.

She moved towards her bed, doing some sexy squats as if she was riding someone hard cock. She moaned as she opened her eyes.

“You guys wishing I was giving you a lap dance? Getting you hard in your pants before you take me?” she asked as she reached up and rubbed her chest. She looked at the chat and giggled.

“You guys asking if my mom is fucking the guy she is seeing tonight? I don’t know, maybe?”

She kept moving her hips and moaned. She had a little bit of a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Mmm you guys thinking my mom on all fours letting that guy fuck her?”

Clark moaned as he stroked his cock. The idea of Lisa getting off on the idea of her mom fucking a man on the first date turned him on so much. She was close to the truth since it felt like Kelly was very close to jumping him!

“Who would you guys rather have on a date, me or my mom?” Lisa asked as she reached behind her, under her bed. She pulled out a small box and opened it. She pulled out a dildo as she looked at her screen.

Clark kept stroking as Lisa looked at the chat with a smile. She licked the plastic toy as it looked like she was waiting for the results of her question. She slowly moved it down her chest as she gave the camera a lustful look.

“Mmm all of you rather have me? Thinking of little old me, in a sundress, nothing under it, easy access for your hands and other things?” she moaned as the toy made it between her legs. She teased herself with the tip of the toy.

“Then maybe after dinner you take me to your place. Getting my clothes off and getting so deep in me.” She whispered as she slowly pushed the toy into her pussy. She licked her lips as she made sure to show her viewers how she could take every inch of the toy.

Clark’s hand moved up and down his throbbing member. He was liking the idea of the “date” with Lisa. As he closed his eyes to picture this little scene he had himself a little shock.

When he closed his eyes he didn’t see Lisa in a cute sundress, he saw Kelly!

He saw himself pulling her dress up seeing her sweet adult pussy hot and wet for him. He stroked harder and faster as he saw himself entering Kelly. Her dress totally off now as he leaned in and sucked on her perfect breasts.

He could hear Lisa’s voice in the back ground, moaning as she slid up and down the toy she had but in his mind Kelly was the porn star! For a brief moment he opened his eyes to see what Lisa was doing. Lisa was on her back, legs open as she pumped the toy in and out her little cunt. He closed his eyes again.

Kelly was below him as he pushed every inch of his cock deep into this sexy woman. He drenched her deeply as he slammed hard and deep inside her. She wrapped her long legs around his lower back. Her finger nails scraped down his back as Clark thrust as hard as he could.

“MORE FUCK ME MORE!” Kelly screamed as she pumped back against him. All Clark could do was grunt like an animal as he fucked her.

The bed springs squeaked as Clark fucked Kelly with every thing he could muster. He knew he had to have her more and more. He was addicted to her!

“CUMMMMINGGGGGG!” He shouted as he shot what felt like the biggest load in his life. She moaned and kissed him again.

“Ohhhhh Shit guys.... Cummmmmmmiiiiinnnnngggg!” Lisa cried out, snapping Clark back to reality.

He looked down and saw his hand was covered in his cum. He looked up at the screen to see Lisa tensing up with the pained look of an intense orgasm. He reached up and stopped the video. Taking some tissues he cleaned up his hand then went to the bathroom. After cleaning up he laid in bed nude. He looked over at the computer. Yeah Lisa got him hard but it was Kelly that got him to cum! He wondered if maybe there could be some way to be able to be with Kelly and not be tempted by Lisa.

He started to close his eyes to sleep. He slowly started to dream about Kelly.

= = =

Across town Kelly was laying in bed. Most times when she was sleeping she would wear a large t-shirt or some kind of sleep outfit. But tonight she was nude. Her legs wide open as she worked her fingers and a vribator in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were closed tight as she bit her lip. Her mind was filled with a vision of Clark below her. She rode his thick yummy cock as she took every inch of him in her. It had been so damn long since she had real cock in her. He felt so hot; as good as he throbbed deep inside her. Clark reached up and grabbed her breasts as she bounced on him.

She tried to keep quiet. It wasn’t too often she masturbated with Lisa being home. If she did she tried to keep quiet. She didn’t want her little girl to freak out, thinking her mom was hurt or something. She really didn’t want her walking in, seeing her mom naked with her legs wide open and working a toy in her most private area. She bit her lower lip hard as she felt a moan trying to escape. Her eyes were closed tight as she pumped more.

In her mind Clark rolled her over making him on top of her. He put her legs over his shoulders as he drilled as deep and hard as he could. Her eyes rolled back as she was getting lost in lust. He leaned down and took her one of her nipples in his mouth and bit hard. She cried out as she felt his teeth on her flesh. He wasn’t wearing a condom and she didn’t care! She wanted to feel him unload inside her. She didn’t care if he could knock her up she just needed to feel that hot fluid deep in her.

“More, more, fuck morreeeee!” she forced herself to whisper.

She grunted, trying to force herself to keep quiet. She felt like she wanted to scream out in pleasure as she pumped the toy harder. She moved her hips more, trying to get deeper. Her body was covered in sweat as she got herself closer to cumming.

Her body tensed up as she pushed more and more. In her mind Clark was fucking her like a mad man! He grunted and moaned, not able to speak real words! He held her down as he thrust. She wrapped her arms around him, holding onto him as she felt like she was going to explode.

“S...so close.... Fill me up... pleaseeeeeeeeee!” she whimpered.

Her breathing became ragged as she started to cum. She bit down on her lower lip to stop herself from screaming. She wanted to scream Clark’s name as she came. She let go of the toy and let it slide out of her as she tried to calm down. She licked her lips and looked up at the ceiling.

Tomorrow, if Clark took her out on another date, she was going to fuck him!

= = =

As Kelly was getting herself off Lisa was in her room. She peeled off her pjs and was slowly rubbing herself down. She could hear the faint buzz of her mom’s toy coming from across the hall. Lisa smiled as her fingers rubbed up and down her hairless slit. She moaned. She had to admit that her mom’s date was cute and she did wonder if her mom may have fucked him. Hell, she hoped maybe they would have fucked in the living room! She closed her eyes as she rubbed herself more. She wondered if she could have been able to sneak a little peek of her mom and that guy in the act.

In her mind she could see the living room. On the floor were the adult’s clothes. She moved in closer seeing the man on top of her mom. They were kissing deeply as his hands roamed all over her naked body. Her mom reached down to the man’s cock and stroked it.

“Hurry up, fuck me before my daughter wakes up!” she moaned. Lisa smiled as she pushed her hand into her pj bottoms as she watched the man moved up, rubbing his cock up and down her mom’s pussy for a bit before he pushed inside her.

They both moaned as he pushed every inch of his member inside. Lisa slowly started to finger herself as the man started to fuck her mom hard. She had to keep quiet even though she wanted to encourage the man to fuck her mom hard! She moved around the couch to try to get a better look. She wanted to see his cock move in and out of the pussy she was born from! Yeah she seen up close her friends when they were getting fucked but there was something different about this.

Maybe it was the taboo thought of watching her mother being stuffed full of cock!

She slowly pulled her bottoms off as she hid behind the couch and fingered herself as she enjoyed the fuck show in front of her. She found herself wanting to join in. She wanted to suck on his balls or maybe sit on her mom’s face! She wondered if her mom would be a good pussy eater. That thought moved to wondering if maybe her mom had been with other women before!

After tonight a good number of thoughts and questions filled her mind about her mom!

How kinky was she?

Had she been with other women?

Had she had more than one man at the same time?

How did her pussy taste?

Would she be willing to fuck her own daughter?

Would she be willing to share men with her underage daughter?

Lisa’s body tensed up as she had her 4th or 5th orgasm of the night. Unlike her mom Lisa became rather skilled at keeping quiet while masturbating. As she calmed down she could hear her mom whimper and moan. She smiled as she got under her blankets.

She really hoped that her mom would keep seeing this guy, or maybe start seeing a series of men!

And maybe one or couple of them would like to have some fun with a very horny little girl!

= = =

Chapter 3: A Great Second Date

Clark woke up with a slight spring to his step as he hopped out of bed. He decided he was going to give this relationship a chance. He quickly grabbed his phone and saw sometime before he woke up that Kelly texted him. He smiled as he checked the message

Txt from Kelly: Hey sweetheart! Hope you had sweet dreams! I know I did!

Clark quickly typed up a reply.

Txt from Clark: Oh yes I did! You’re up early! What would you like to do today?

He was about to put his phone down for his morning shower when it started to ring. He saw it was Kelly trying to call him.

“Morning!” he said as he sat in his desk chair.

“Hey morning!” she answered. He could almost hear her smile though the phone. Just hearing her voice made his cock twitch a little.

“I’m surprised your up early.” He said as his hand moved down and slowly rubbed himself.

“Yeah, fun thing about having children! Then again Lisa is 11 so I really don’t have to wake up that early but hey, force of habit!” She answered.

“So, what you got planed for today?” she asked. He leaned back, partly in thought but also to stroke himself more. He tried to keep himself a little quiet so he didn’t freak her out or have her think he was only interested in her for sex.

“Well, I know there is a little farmer’s market slash craft fair a little bit outside of town if you want to maybe look around there?”

“Sounds like fun! How about you come by about noon to pick me up!” she said excitedly.

“No prob! See you soon!” he said as they hung up.

He quickly got up and went to the bathroom to shower. While in there and the warm water pouring down on him he jerked off, making himself cum. After cleaning up he dressed himself in nice polo shirt and kakis. At noon he drove out to Kelly’s house. As he pulled up to the house Kelly came out to meet him.

Kelly was wearing a nice t-shirt and jeans. She waved to him as she walked up and entered his car. He looked at her with a smile.

“Lisa not joining us?” he asked as Kelly got in and buckled up. She looked at him and chuckled.

“No, not this time! She had some plans with some friends so just you and me if that’s okay with you?” she said. He smiled and nodded.

“No prob! More time for me to ogle you in that nice outfit!” he said with a wink. She giggled.

“If you are a good boy maybe you get to see what’s under it.” She teased. Clark put the car into drive.

“So what do I have to do to be a good boy?” he asked as he started to pull out to the road.

“Oh you know, buy me hundreds of dollars of fresh fruit and veggies I will most likely not use before they spoil. And also buy me some super tacky, super expensive craft things then maybe you might see some bra... maybe even get to cup a feel!”

Clark laughed.

“Well then, I need to stop by an atm!”

= = =

After a bit of a drive the couple made it to the farmer’s market. They walked around seeing all the different stalls of fresh produce. Clark’s eyes were more fixed on Kelly’s body than some veggies!

She wasn’t wearing anything that sexy but they still hugged her very nice curves. Clark couldn’t help but to look at her nice c size breast and when he could, ogle her very yummy ample ass! He hoped she didn’t notice how much he was looking.

But Kelly did notice, and she liked it!

She wasn’t wearing anything anyone would consider as sexy. Really when Clark suggested the whole walk around farmer’s market date she just wanted to be comfortable. The t-shirt was a little tight but she liked it, and the jeans she wore weren’t some sexy hip huggers or anything. In fact Lisa would often lovingly call them “mom jeans.” She would catch Clark’s eyes as he would peek at her breasts or ass. She quietly smiled to her self as she would give him more looks. She would bend over, looking at something and slightly sway her ass.

There was only one other time in her life she had someone look at her like this and she liked it. It was back in high school with her high school sweet heart, Seth. Her sweet heart who would later become her husband. She remembered how he would look at her in the school hallways and soon they would sneak off somewhere for a quick hot fuck.

She saw that same kind of look in Clark’s eyes, and it made her hot!

She did pick up some fresh fruits and veggies. She did like cooking but sadly with a busy work schedule she often went for something quick so using fresh things was something of a treat to her eyes. Clark offered to pay for everything but Kelly couldn’t let him do that.

“But you said that’s how I can be a good boy!” he teased as she quickly paid for a bag of random veggies. She chuckled.

“Maybe there are some more expensive things down the row here!” she answered with a wink.

After looking around the craft section of the market and not really seeing anything either person wanted Kelly looked at Clark.

“So, what now?” she asked. He smiled as he looked at her.

“Well, we could go somewhere else.... Maybe...” he started to say but was soon cut off by Kelly.

“Maybe your place?” she asked with a cute little smirk.

Clark didn’t have anything against that idea as he led her back to his car.

= = =

Kelly was impressed by the nice little place Clark called home. It was a one story house, a good place for a single man. He smiled as he parked the car then let Kelly into his home. She looked around. She partly expected the place to be maybe a little messy but surprisingly was a very clean and neat place.

He walked up behind her and pulled her into his arms. She moaned as he started to kiss her neck.

“Mmm Clark.” Kelly moaned as she reached down to his hands. She pulled them up so he can feel her breasts though her shirt.

He enjoyed playing with her chest. He could feel her bra though her shirt. His hands started to move back down, but this time not to her hips but to the hem of her shirt. He wanted to tear that shirt off and taste her skin. She smiled and playfully pulled away from him. She turned around and hooked her thumbs into the waist of her jeans.

“How about you give me a quick tour?” she asked. He smiled as he quickly gave a tour pointing out his living room, kitchen/dining room, bathroom, and finally his bedroom/home office.

She walked into his bedroom and sat at the edge of his bed as she looked at Clark. She playfully bounced on the bed a little.

“Nice bed.” She said with lust in her voice.

Clark walked up to her and kissed her deeply. She moved her hands down and started to work on getting Clark’s pants off. He reached down and peeled her shirt off as she was able to undo his pants and let them fall to the floor. She pulled back and lifted her arms up to let him get her shirt off. She looked down at the boxer briefs and licked her lips as she saw the outline of his hard cock.

Clark stepped back and out of his pants so he could look at Kelly. She smiled as she took her bra off and let it fall to the floor, letting him see the sweet treats he will be enjoying soon! She stood up and peeled off her jeans. He stepped up to help her removed her panties but she pushed him away. She slowly, teasingly removed her panties. She tossed them to Clark to let him see how wet she was. He smelled her sweet juices as he looked at her beautiful naked body.

Her body was a beautiful pale color and her nipples were small and hard. His eyes moved downwards towards her crotch. She had waxed her pubes till there was only a tiny little strip of blonde hair remained.

“You are a goddess.” Clark whispered as he was about to hook his thumbs into his boxer briefs. Kelly pushed his hands away as she stepped up and frenched him deeply. She slowly got down on her knees so his groin was at her face as she pulled his underwear down.

As she pulled his waist band past his cock it popped out, throbbing in her face. She smiled as she let the bit of clothing fall to the floor. It had been oh so long since she looked at a real cock this close. Clark was a good six inches long! As it throbbed she had to admire how it looks. It was so hard and she was the cause!

“What a beautiful yummy dick you have here Clark!” she said as she wrapped her hand around the throbbing meat. He gasped as she lightly stroked him. He placed his hand on her head as she leaned in and gave his cock head a little kiss.

“I might need a little leeway, I haven’t done this for a couple years!” she said as she looked up at her man. Clark was about to ask what she was talking about but she quickly answer this question by taking his cock into her mouth.

He was about to say she didn’t have to suck him but as soon as his dick entered her sweet moist mouth. His hands found their way on top of her head as she bobbed back and forth. He closed his eyes and moaned as his hips moved to fuck Kelly’s eager mouth.

She missed how a cock felt in her mouth. She missed how warm and alive it felt as she used her tongue all over it. She missed the tiny taste of precum that gave her tiny bits of the salty taste of the load to come. She used one hand to rub his balls as the other grabbed one of his asscheeks. She took as much of his long cock as she could as he moved to fuck her mouth. She moaned as she worked her tongue all over his member. She gagged a tiny bit but she didn’t care! She wanted his load; she wanted Clark to know how much she wanted him to feel good!

Clark tried his best to hold back. He wanted to enjoy this as long as he could. The room filled with the slick sounds of Kelly’s slurping and Clark’s moaned. His balls lightly slapped her chin as he stared to fuck her mouth a little harder. She moved her other hand that was rubbing and playing with his balls to his ass. Her hands squeezing his firm ass as she sucked and licked more.

“Oh Kelly... I don’t know how much longer I... can...” he whimpered, feeling that he was very close to cumming.

Kelly gave him a happy moan hearing him say that. She wanted him to explode in her mouth. She wanted to eat his creamy load. She wanted to show him how naughty she could be. She bobbed her head more, trying to get him to release that salty load that was rightfully hers! She moved her hands back around to rub and coax his balls to give her that yummy treat.

Clark pushed his fingers though Kelly’s strawberry blonde hair as he kept fucking her sweet mouth. His eyes closed tightly as he felt her hands on his balls. She lovingly rubbed them. Soon she felt his hands tighten, almost pulling her hair. She knew he was about to cum and she was ready!

“Ohhh god I’M CUMMMINNNGGG!” He cried out as he shot his load into Kelly’s eager mouth.

The hot salty load entered her mouth. She drank down almost all of his cum, leaving a little bit too purposely dribble out of the corner of her mouth. Clark stumbled back a little as his cock was still semi hard. She smiled when she saw the little bit of cum on the side of her lips. He took his cock and with his cock head took up the drip and fed it back to her.

“Good girls drink every drop!” he growled. She nodded as she sucked up the remaining cum off his cock.

She popped his cock out of her mouth and she smiled as she rubbed his wet cock all over her face.

“God damn you’re so fucking hot!” he moaned as he took his cock and playfully slapped his cock on her face.

As he started to grow hard again Kelly stood up and sat at the edge of his bed. Her legs wide open to show her man her hot, wet cunt. She licked her lips as she watched Clark’s eyes as they were fixed on her pussy.

“Take what’s yours!” she growled. His cock was throbbing now as he walked up towards her. She expected him to just climb on top of her and shove that dick in her but he surprised her.

He kneeled down some, pulling her legs over his shoulders as he moved his head to her cunt and attacked it with his tongue. She gasped. She was already soaking wet she didn’t think she could be any more ready for a good hard fuck! Clark needed to taste her juices. He worked his tongue on her hot folds while using her thumb to rub and tease her clit. She reached down and pulled on Clark’s hair as he ate her out.

“Oh good boy, such a good boy!” she whimpered as her hips moved, grinding on his face as he worked her tongue as deep as he could.

It had been so long since she had her pussy eaten out. Her husband was great at it and there were times before she had Lisa where he would just eat her out and not fuck her. Then again he was so skilled she would cum hard and wouldn’t need to have his cock. She felt like maybe Clark could be a great replacement for her dearly departed husband.

Clark loved how sweet Kelly’s pussy tasted. He felt like he could never get enough of it! Also how her body reacted to his tongue and touch. He wanted her to explode all over his face! He kept licking all over, his fingers rubbing and toying with her clit.

She reached down, pulling his hair as she could form any kind of word or thought. She felt so close to cumming. She couldn’t think how long he had been licking but she didn’t want him to stop! He was hitting all the right spots and he pretty much won her over and he hadn’t even fucked her yet!

“Oh... CLLLLAAAARKKK!” she screamed out as she came all over his face. He moaned as he licked up every drop he could. After a moment to catch his breath he moved up and rubbed his cock up and down her hot wet cunt.

“Now the real fun!” he said as he started to push inside her. She groaned as she felt his throbbing cock push deep inside her.

Clark thrust deep and hard into the beautiful creature on his bed. Her pussy was heaven around his member as pumped in and out. She moved her legs up, wrapping around him as she tried to pull him more into her. Soon she moved her arms around him, almost hanging on him. She didn’t want him to ever leave her! Grunts and moans escaped their lips as they both moved their hips getting as much pleasure they can get.

Kelly’s fingers dug deep into Clark’s back as he kept fucking her. It had been so long since she had a real dick in her. She missed it so much! Clark’s felt like maybe it was a little bigger than her departed husband! It could have been that it had been so many years since she had him. She cried out in total pleasure as she felt him going deeper and harder.

“More... Oh god more!” she cried out as she held on to him tighter. Tears streamed down her face as their bodies slapped against each other.

Their bodies covered in sweat as the bed springs creaked by their action. Clark was so lost in lust he couldn’t make any kind of words as he kept thrusting deep and hard. His balls slapping against her sex. He leaned in and kissed her deeply, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. He didn’t think about not having a condom or any thoughts about maybe knocking Kelly up. He only wanted to fill her with cum again and again.

It was the same kind of thoughts he had when he would watch Lisa, but the little girl wasn’t popping up in his mind right now! He wanted to keep Kelly as his lover and he would do anything to keep her happy! He held back cumming as long as he could. He needed to experience all of her. He wanted her to cum again and again.

Kelly dug her fingers deeper in his back, drawing blood as she felt herself getting closer to release again. She leaned up and lightly bit his neck as she felt him hitting her sweet spots deep in her warm pussy. Her eyes closed tightly as she screamed in total pleasure as he soon flooded her womb with hot cum. They held each other tightly as she opened her eyes and looked deep into Clark’s. Nothing was said between them as they kissed deeply with all the love and passion of two long lost lovers.

= = =

Neither person could tell what time it was after their long post sex make out session. Kelly moaned as Clark broke off the kiss to get some air. She looked over at the alarm clock on his night stand. She saw it was close to 8pm.

“Shit... I need to call Lisa, make sure she is okay!” Kelly said as she got off of Clark’s bed and fished for her phone out of her jeans. She looked over at Clark’s computer desk. She looked back at Clark.

“Do you mind maybe after I call Lisa I could jump on your computer? I need to check my work email in case they tried to get in touch with me.”

Clark sat up in his bed, smiling at her.

“Sure, I need to jump on it before you do. I have a project running and need to make sure everything is working right.”

Kelly smiled and nodded.

“Well, you go ahead and hide your porn from me! I need to go bathroom real quick anyways!” she teased as she kissed him before leaving the room.

Clark laughed as Kelly left the room. The thing was Kelly wasn’t too far from the truth! He quickly jumped out of bed and got on his computer. He wasn’t worried that she would some how log into his level rate profile or find his well hidden folder full of naughty things. The main thing he had to hide was his wall papers. He had his desk top wallpapers set to random, and most of them were sexy pictures of Lisa!

After putting his password in to unlock his screen he was glad he was able to get on before he let Kelly on. The picture that greeted him was one of Lisa wearing a sheer sexy pink bra and panty set. Her thumb pulling the front of her panties down showing a tiny bit of her hairless slit. On her face was a look that said “get your clothes off and fuck me damn it!”

Seeing that look must have triggered muscle memory because his cock started to grow hard as he almost forgot what he was doing and was about to log onto his profile to see what his little fuck angel was doing. Maybe she was doing a cam show or maybe adding some new videos and pictures of her sexy tight body. As he was about to click on the browser icon the sound of the toilet flushing in the other room snapped him back to reality.

He quickly went to the options for his desk top and made sure to remove all the pictures of Lisa from his rotation. As he was clicking the apply button and closing out the menu screen his bedroom door opened. Now the wallpaper on his screen was some nice looking picture of a World War 2 fighter plane. Kelly walked towards him and kissed his cheek.

“I got her voice mail. I hope she is okay but I know I am going to have to go home soon.” She said with a sigh as she looked at his screen. He stood up and kissed her lips. She moaned as she reached down to his semi hard cock.

“Someone wants a little more!” she giggled. He reached behind her, squeezing her ass.

“Well, after you look at your emails from all your other studs I think we can fit in one more hump!” he said before kissing her again. She wiggled her ass in his hands before pulling away and sitting at his desk.

He went back to his bed and watched her. A part of him wished maybe she would surprise him. Maybe she had a level rate profile or some other naughty site full of her naked pictures but sadly those only existed in his mind as she went on a boring corporate email site. He kept watching her, stroking his cock as she went through what ever she was looking at. Soon she logged off and stood up. At this point he was throbbing hard for her. She licked her lips.

“Yeah, Lisa can be by herself for a little bit if she was home from her friend’s house.” Kelly thought to herself as she got on the bed and started to suck Clark’s cock.

= = =

Across town Shannon was pulling two beers out of Scott’s fridge. Her naked little body being exposed to the cold air making her already hard little nipples harder. As she walked back towards the living room she noticed on the table was Lisa’s purse. She heard something buzz. She looked in it and saw it was Lisa’s cell phone. She placed the beers on the table and picked up the phone. She saw it was a message from Lisa’s mom. She placed the phone under her arm as she picked up the beers and walked into the living room where the action was well under way!

In the living room were two older men. One was the owner of the house and Shannon’s boyfriend Scott and the other was Kevin. Both men were nude and both were enjoying getting their cocks sucked. Scott was being sucked on by Shannon’s best friend, Lisa. Kevin was getting his blow job from his 13 year old girlfriend Staci. Shannon walked up to the two men and handed them their beers.

“Hey Lisa, your mom called!” she said as she handed the blonde her phone. Lisa popped Scott’s cock out of her mouth as she took the phone from her friend.

“I think you just want back on Scott’s yummy cock!” she moaned. Shannon giggled and nodded.

“You know it!” the brown hair girl said as she got on her knees and was about to start sucking. But before she took the throbbing member in her mouth she looked at Lisa.

“I got the men beers, you can get us ladies sodas!” she said before taking as much of the throbbing dick in her mouth as she could. Lisa stuck out her tongue as she got up and walked to the other room.

She went to a quiet room, just in case she had to call her mom. She rather not have her mom hearing her two best girlfriends sucking off older men. She tapped on the icon for voicemail.

“Hey hun, just making sure you are okay. I’m staying a little late with my friend Clark. Let me know if you're going to be home or maybe spend the night with Shannon. Love you! Bye!”

Lisa smiled. Her mind was already filling with a porn scene of her mom and that cute guy she was with. She saw her mom on all fours, getting fucked hard by Clark! A small moan escaped Lisa’s lips as she felt herself getting wet. She cracked the door open a little to hear the action going on.

It sounded like one of the couples went from oral to full on sex. She could hear the slapping of skin and a young girl’s moan. It took her a little bit to realize the moans were coming from Shannon! Lisa giggled. She figured it would have been Staci who would have been fucking first. Then again this little hang out was already been a several hour fuck a thon! She smiled to herself as she closed the door again and decided to call her mom up.

= = =

Kelly was on all fours on Clark’s bed. She moaned and grunted as Clark was thrusting deep and hard inside her. His hands on her hips as he fucked her. They already fucked twice and she was going to get dressed but while she tried to get dress they started to kiss, then touch then soon the one tiny bit of clothing she had half way on (her panties that stopped at her ankle) was off and on the floor as she was being filled by her man. She licked her lips, once again close to cumming when she heard her cell phone ring.

“O...oh shit... Clark that... that might be Lisa! I... oh baby I need to get that!” she moaned, moving her body to meet with Clark’s movement.

Clark was too into pumping into Kelly to hear her. Then again she didn’t seem to try to pull away. It took several more rings before Clark snapped into reality again. He looked down at the phone on his night stand. He moaned.

“G... go ahead and answer it!” he moaned as he pumped into her again and again.

Kelly bit her lip as she looked at the phone. There was a part of her that wanted to yell at Clark. But there was that naughty, lustful side that wanted to see how far he would go with this. She found herself reaching for the phone as it kept ringing. It took a little bit but she was able to get a hold of her phone and answering it.

“H... hello Lisa?” she said, trying to hide the moan that almost escaped her lips.

“Hey mom! I got your message! Yeah I was about to call you. Is it okay if I spend the night with Shannon?” her little girl asked. Kelly bit her lip as Clark kept pumping. He tried to not make too much noise but there was the occasional slap of skin. Kelly silently prayed to herself that Lisa didn’t hear any of it.

“Sure honey... just... be home... tomorrow...” Kelly grunted.

“You okay?” Lisa asked. Kelly nodded.

“Yeah. Will see you tomorrow.” She said.

“Okay, you and Clark have fun!” Lisa giggled before hanging up. Kelly dropped the phone to the floor as she let loose with a series of moans and grunts.

Clark moaned, slamming harder and faster into her.

“I... I guess I’m spending the night!” Kelly said in between moans.

= = =

Lisa smiled as her mom answered her call. Right away it sounded like she was out of breath. The girl strained to hear what may have been going on in the background. After a moment she could have sworn she heard what sounded like skin slapping on skin. Lisa herself had to lightly bite her lip as she felt her little pussy grow hot and wet.

She couldn’t believe her mom would chat with her on the phone while getting fucked.

And she couldn’t believe she was getting so turned on hearing it!

Once her mom ended the call Lisa walked back to the living room. She smiled seeing her girlfriends being fucked hard by their boyfriends. She sat back, fingering herself as she waited for her turn. Her mind filled with visions of her mom getting fucked.

= = =

Chapter 4: Oh you little tease

The next several weeks Clark felt like he was floating on air! He looked like a man in love and all his co-worker friends knew it! Of course there was some light teasing but nothing could bring the man down! If he couldn’t be with Kelly in person they had text and long phone calls. When the weekend came or really any time both their schedules coincided with each other they would be together.

Most times they would be alone, either at his place or maybe out and about town. Almost every date ended with hot sex! They couldn’t get enough of each other. Of course during the day they tried to keep their text clean. But at some point one or the other would wind up shooting a naughty pic! Maybe it was Clark’s semi hard cock or maybe Kelly would somehow get a shot of her breast or wet pussy.

There were times though they wouldn’t just have hot nasty sex. Once in a great while they would spend a nice quiet night with each other, talking till the wee hours of the morning. They both had so much in common it was almost scary! It was a little bit into the second month of their relationship where he said the three magic words to her.

I love you!

He was terrified when she just sat there in silence. Maybe he said it too soon? Or maybe too late? She just sat there, tears welling up in her eyes as she grabbed him tightly. She was a crying mess but she just chanted over and over that she loved him too! They of course had a good long make out session, followed by some love making! After words she would admit she was close to saying it herself some time ago but was scared he would freak out. He just laughed and admitted the same thing to her.

There was one thing both of them were worried about, Lisa. Kelly was worried that maybe her little girl would maybe start to resent him for taking her mommy away from her. Maybe hate him for a number of reasons a preteen girl may hate on her mom’s boyfriend.

Clark worries about Lisa were far different!

He had to somehow get rid of his secret lustful need of the cute little blonde! She was much too temping and he didn’t want to somehow ruin what ever chances he had at happiness with Kelly. He tried many things to wean himself off of the child temptress!

First he tried to just remover her from his buddy list. He would find himself hovering his mouse cursor over the little red x to remove her. In his mind he clicks the x and that was that! No more naughty Lisa, hello happy life with Kelly.

But the reality was he wouldn’t click that x. He would click on her picture and soon be catching up to all the videos and pictures he was missing out on while being with Kelly. He would sit in his chair, dick in hand as he clicked on pic after pic or watch the saved show from a week or so ago.

He would cum, and then feel so guilty.

His next plan was just delete his profile! He didn’t really have many friends on the site just random hot girls who looked great nude and of course Lisa. No one would really miss him on the site and really it might be for the best since it may be only a matter of time till some police action would be taken and the site shut down for all the kiddy porn that was being made and hosted!

Yep it would be a simple task of just going into the options, clicking on the “delete my profile” link and that was that! His mouse cursor was on those three words for what seemed like hours.

“Just click it! That simple...” he whispered to himself as he just sat there.

Several seconds later he was out of that menu. He was back on Lisa’s profile, cock in hand as he watched a video she did just last night!

Lisa smiled on the screen as she pulled out a box from her book bag.

“Hey guys! Got something awesome in the mail today! A fan of mine got it for me and I can’t wait to show you what it is!”

Lisa opened the package. Her eyes opened wide as she pulled out what looked to be the tiniest bikini ever made. She held up the very small amount of fabric up to the cam.

“Give me a sec guy, I’m going to put this bad boy on!” she giggled as she stepped away from the cam. After a small bit of time past she came back on.

The top was just two very small triangles that barley covered her tiny nipples. The bottoms seemed more like a thick string of dental floss as her puffy little pussy was pretty much fully exposed. She giggled as she turned around and wiggled her ass. The way the string of the thong was it looked like she was wearing nothing at all. She turned her head to look over her shoulder at the camera and slapped her ass.

“Who’s gonna take me to the beach this summer?” she asked with a wink.

Clark moaned as he came in his hand. A sad sigh escaped his lips as he closed out the video. He had to clean up because he was going to go meet Kelly at her place in a little while.

= = =

About thirty minuets later he pulled up to Kelly’s house. He knocked on the door and was greeted by his sexy vision of loveliness. She was wearing a nice red top that hugged her chest very well and a pair of jeans that, even though most people would call them “mom jeans” Clark thought they looked good on her.

“Hey there!” she said with a smile before giving him a quick kiss on the lips. His cock stirred in his pants as she let him in.

“So, what do you want to do today?” he asked. A part of him hoped maybe they would just go to the bed room. Maybe fucking Kelly would somehow remove a little bit of the guilt he was feeling for not deleting Lisa from his friends list. He was about to say something when he heard the sound of someone walking down the hallway.

“Speak of the devil...” he thought to himself as he saw Lisa walking towards them.

Lisa smiled seeing Clark. She was wearing a normal looking t-shirt and a pair of pink shorts. She had her hair in a pony tail as she entered the room.

“Hi!” she said with that cute innocent smile she had. Clark smiled back.

“Hey there. How’s school treating you?” he asked. He really didn’t know what to say to the girl that not an hour ago he was looking at almost naked as he jerked off.

“Meh boring and stuff! I’m glad summer is almost here!” she giggled. She then looked at her mom. Kelly came up to Clark and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Sweetheart, would you mind if Lisa came with us today? Summer is coming and I saw there were some sales going on. I swear she is growing up so fast!”

Clark nodded.

“Sure! We can make today a ladies shopping day!”

The girls laughed as they got their stuff together. Clark stood there and watched. This was the first time he was going to spend with Lisa. There were a couple times Kelly said something about maybe having a day the three of them could go have dinner or something. He wasn’t against the idea but there was always the nagging worry about something happening. It was easy to not think about Lisa when he was alone with Kelly. He could pour everything into making the older woman happy. But every time he saw Lisa he couldn’t help but to flash back to the many videos and pictures the girl had done.

He had to clear his head, had to keep calm. He was a man taking his girlfriend and her cute daughter to the mall. He had to think of Lisa as just a normal little girl!

But when she looked over at him and smiled, there was a flash of her naked. She was using one hand to play with her little rock hard nipples while the other toyed with her pussy.

“Ready to go?” she asked in a lustful way as she pushed two fingers in her hairless cunt.

“Wa... what?” Clark asked almost gasping for air.

“You okay?” Kelly asked.

Clark snapped back to reality. Kelly and Lisa stood before him. Lisa was dressed and looked a little concerned.

“You’re not going to puke or something are you?” the young girl asked. Clark laughed, trying not to sound too nervous.

“No I’m good! Just was like a million miles away!” he said.

The three of them got into his car and drove to the mall.

= = =

The three walked around the busy mall. On this nice spring day the mall was a busy place. Mostly the stores were filled with teenagers being dragged here and there by parents trying to find the best deals. Clark just followed behind the two ladies becoming their big, strong bag holder as they went from store to store. He didn’t really mind it. It meant he could look at Kelly’s sweet ass all he wanted with out any fear of rejection.

But it also meant he could check out Lisa’s ass as well. He tried not to but every once in a while she would move in a certain way or bend over to do something and there it was! He would move the bags ever so slightly to cover his crotch, just in case either the girl or her mom might see the hard on forming looking at the underage girl.

After a little while they found themselves standing in front of a store that was for teens. In the display windows were mannequins dressed in bikinis. Lisa looked at the display for a moment. But that little moment was all Kelly needed.

“Summer is coming and I doubt your old swimsuit fits anymore. How about we go in here and have you tried on some bikinis?” the older woman said looking at Lisa. The girl scratched the back of her head.

“I don’t know. I don’t really think I want a bikini.” She said as she kept looking at the display models. Clark tilted his head to the side.

“I mean you already have the one bikini you could almost have more.” He found himself saying. Both Kelly and Lisa looked over at him with confused looks on their faces. At that moment a voice in Clark’s head started to scream at him.


“Lisa doesn’t have any swim suits like that... right?” Kelly asked as she looked down at her daughter.

Lisa shook her head.

“No... why would you say I have something like that?” Lisa asked as she narrowed her eyes at her mother’s boyfriend.

Clark was at a loss for words at that moment. There were so many ways Kelly could misinterpret what he said. And of course Lisa would most likely know that he was a member of the site and saw her! He had to think quickly before both women would think he was some kind of pervert! His eyes first darted over to Kelly, then towards Lisa.

An idea came to him; he just hoped it would work!

“Wait... you don’t go to the pool at Davies Street do you?” he asked Lisa even though he already knew the answer was no since Davies Street was way too far of a bike ride and there was a decent community pool near her house.

“No... why?” she asked, her eyes still narrowing on him as if she was trying to somehow glare the answer out of him.

Clark smiled. He had to sell this to not only throw off Lisa but also get Kelly to not question anything.

“I swear to god, when I go to that pool there was a girl that looked just like you! And last summer she wore a bikini! I must have confused you with her! I am so sorry!”

Clark stood there in silence for awhile. He silently prayed to any god that may be listening that this lie would work.

Kelly laughed.

“You wont believe how often someone mistaken Lisa for a model! I mean men and woman come up to us saying how she looks like someone they seen before! I keep telling her that she is a little cutie and maybe try to dress a little sexier or something but she is so shy! Isn’t that right Lisa?” Kelly said as she kept laughing.

Lisa blush a little.

“Moooom!” Lisa whined a little as her face went red with embarrassment!

It looked like maybe they bought the lie! But what Kelly said made him think, was Lisa’s fans seeing her on the street? A part of him got worried. What if one of those “fans” was disturbed and hurt her or Kelly? He wanted to say something but soon the two ladies decided to walk to another store.

As they walked Lisa kept shooting little side glances over at Clark. He kept his eyes on Kelly the rest of the day, not noticing the girl looking him over.

= = =

After a day of shopping Lisa wanted to go home. She told her mom she and Clark could go out she just wanted to get her new clothes put away and let the adults have some alone time. As she was dropped off she made a bee line to her computer. She originally had a show in mind but there was something else in mind now. She didn’t buy Clark’s bullshit pool line. Was he someone from the site? He had to be if he saw her in the bikini!

She quickly logged onto her profile. She skipped her usual sequence of checking her messages and responding back to them. She figured she could do that later right now she had to go to her buddy list! When she clicked on it she saw the number was close to five thousand friends! She knew she couldn’t click them all to see if Clark was there. Thankfully there was a handy alphabetical search feature! She didn’t know his last name, then again the site made it so you didn’t need to put your last name. After typing his first name she saw she had a hundred different Clarks.

“At least it isn’t a thousand!” she sighed as she started the process of clicking the profiles.

It took awhile as it didn’t help that a number of Clarks didn’t put the location of where they lived at. The ones that did she was able to skip over but that was only about fifteen. She grumbled as she clicked on Clark after Clark...

Click: Black Guy, not him

Click: 12 year old in New Mexico, next

Click: Dude in his 60’s, next...

As she kept clicking she started to doubt herself. Maybe he was telling the truth! Maybe he mistook her for some other girl!

Click: Married guy with wife, next

Click: Guy in wheel chair, next

Click: 15 year old in Canada, next...

Click after click and no luck. She saw she have about thirty more to go. A part of her wanted to stop. He wasn’t on here. She figured if he was on the site and one of her fans he would have said something or hell, maybe do something!

Click: another black guy, next

Click: Asian guy, next

Click: A reporter from Metropolis, next...

Maybe she was just trying to find something wrong with Clark. Maybe this was some form of jealously. She shook her head. Her mom seemed happy with him. Clark seemed nice and a good man for her mom. There was no way he was one of the many men who watched her!

Click: 50 year old, next

Click: Her mom’s boyfriend, next

Click: what looked to be a creepy looking circus clown...

Wait... back up one...

She went back and looked at the profile. On her screen looking back at her was Clark. Lisa sat there a bit dumb founded. She didn’t really know what to think or feel at this moment. The picture on his profile was him wearing a nice button up shirt and a smile on his face. She shook her head.

“No way! Can’t be! Maybe a look a like!” she said to herself as she just stayed on the main page. She saw he was the same level as her so that means he has nudes and vids of him with women.

If this was any other man she would quickly click on his nudes and sex stuff but this was different. If this guy was her mom’s boyfriend, it would feel weird to see him nude and stuff, even though she was already having sexual fantasies about the two fucking! She moved her mouse over to his level two folder. They would be him in clothes. Maybe he took outdoor shots and she could maybe see if he was in fact the Clark she was looking for!

The first batch of pictures was of him looking like maybe in college. He was a little younger than he is now. She kept clicking, seeing this man hanging out with friends in places she never seen before. She was once again second guessing herself. Maybe this guy isn’t him. Maybe she was just seeing...

As she clicked on the next arrow she saw it was a picture of him in a park, taken about maybe a year or two ago. He was standing in front of the Coffee Hut Café, a little place that was in fact in her town. She could ever see the old guy who worked there for years in the picture.

This was her mom’s Clark!

It seemed like now the flood gates were open as picture after picture was now places Lisa knew or seen! There was even a picture taken in front of her school! There was no doubt about it she found Clark and he was one of her fans!

A sick thought entered the little girl’s mind. What if Clark was only seeing her mom to get to her?! What if he was some creepy stalker? She went back to his main page. On this screen it showed helpful info like when he became her friend, how many comments he sent her and how many she sent him. She looked at the date. He became her friend almost a month after she got her Level 6.

She saw the number of comments he posted to her: 345!

She clicked on the number. A new window popped up showing links to pictures and what he said about them. A good number of them were for her level 2 stuff. The “softer” pics of her in cute outfits had some nice comments from him saying things like “you’re a cutie” and “you look so sweet!” When it got to her sexier pics, the stuff of her in sexy bra and panties or other revealing clothes the comments got more adult. When it got to her nudes and sex the comments were the expected things like “wish that was my cock” to “I want her mouth on my cock right now!”

She noticed the last time he commented on her stuff was about a week or so before he started to date her mom. It was from a web show where she answered his fantasy about fucking a man in her room!

She went back to the main page again and looked at the comments she left him: 85.

She clicked on the number then clicked on the first comments she left. Her eyes opened wide as she saw she commented on a picture of Clark nude, his cock hard as he gave the camera a look that said “go on, start sucking!” She looked and saw her comment.

“Mmm I need to have that in me!”

All her comments were on his nudes and sex stuff. She couldn’t believe she already seen this man. Then again she had so many other people who message and friend her that she couldn’t be expected to remember every hard cock or porn vid she said something about!

She then wondered if maybe he took pictures of him and her mom. She took a deep breath and clicked on his Level 4 folder. The folder was full of Clark with another woman. As she kept clicking she saw that there were no new sex pictures or videos. As she clicked on the pictures her mind started to drift. She wasn’t thinking about her fucking Clark...

She was thinking about watching her mom fuck Clark!

She closed her eyes. In her mind she was sitting in a chair in her mom’s bedroom. She was naked, rubbing her bald little cunt as she watched her mother slide up and down Clark’s hard member. Kelly licked her lips as she watched her little girl.

“Pay close attention sweet heart! Watch mommy take this cock!” she moaned as she moved up and down. Lisa nodded, moving close towards the action as she fingered herself. She could smell the hot juices of her mother and it made her mouth water. She leaned in and started to lick his balls and shaft as her mother covered his member with her sweet juices. Lisa started to finger herself. The idea of her mother showing her how much of a cock hungry whore she can be!

As she fingered herself the scene changed. This time she was in an alley way, her mom was on her knees in front of Clark. She had her shirt pulled up and her bra open as she sucked on his cock! The idea of her mom doing this out side almost in public was too hot! She wanted to encourage her, egg her mom on!

Lisa cried out as she came on her hand. She leaned her head back as she caught her breath. She took her wet hand to her mouth and licked her juices off. She still had a nagging thought about what Clark’s intentions were. Did he really want to be with her mom or was this some kind of plot for him to get with her?

She sat back in her chair and smiled. She had an idea of how to test him!

= = =

The following weekend Clark came by Kelly’s house. As he came in he kissed his sweet heart as she was getting ready for their date. The plan was for him and Kelly to go have a nice dinner and see a stage play. She smiled as she looked like she was still trying to get ready.

“I’m almost ready. Problem with having one bathroom in the house has to wait your turn!” she said as she kissed Clark’s cheek. He chuckled.

“Is Lisa getting ready for her own date or something?” he joked. Kelly shrugged.

“She said she had to take a quick shower.”

As Kelly said that the bathroom door opened. Kelly walked out, her hair wrapped in a towel and another towel wrapped around her body. She smiled as she walked toward the living room.

“Oh hi Clark!” Lisa said as she adjusts the towels. Kelly shook her head as she started to walk towards the bathroom.

“Lisa! Go get dressed! We have guest!” she said as she quickly went into the bathroom. Lisa rolled her eyes as her mom bitched at her.

“Okay, okay, god mom!” she said as she kept messing with her towel. For a little bit she acted like maybe she wasn’t paying attention to Clark. In reality she was biding her time. She caught Clark trying not to look. Once she heard the bathroom door close she set her plan in motion.

“So how ya doing?” she asked as she kept messing with her towel. Clark smiled, not trying to look at her too much.

“Well, nothing much. I bet you’re excited school is almost over.” He said trying to make small talk.

As they talked a bit she “adjusted” her towel a little bit. Suddenly her towel opened up and for a brief moment her little naked body was exposed to Clark. His eyes went wide seeing the body he only seen on his computer screen. Lisa had an “oops” moment and acted like maybe she was having some issues with the towel. She gave a quick glance up at Clark, a tiny smile on her lips as she saw his eyes were fixed on her.

“Stupid towel!” Lisa said in a huff as she finally got the towel back on her. Once her body was covered it seemed like the tiny trance Clark was placed under was gone. He blushed as he tried to look away.

“M... maybe you should do as your mom said and get dressed!” he stammered. Lisa nodded as she turned around. She took a couple steps towards her room.

Her mom was still in the bathroom. Lisa suddenly bent over, as if she was getting something off the floor. Her bare ass and pussy exposed toward Clark. He felt like maybe his heart could explode seeing that sweet little ass and the tiny peek of her little cunt. His cock stirred in his pants. He almost wanted to just grab her little hips and take here right there in the hall way! He swallowed nervously as she stood back up and walked towards her room. Before she walked into her room she let the towel fall on the floor, letting the man get another look at her naked body before disappearing into her room.

After her bedroom closed the bathroom opened and Kelly walked out. She smiled as she looked at Clark.

“Ready to go?” she asked. He had to snap back to reality again.

All he could do is nod and try not to adjust himself in front of Kelly.

= = =

Lisa giggled in her room after she heard her mom and Clark leave. Her little pussy was nice and hot from the teasing. She sat back and started to rub herself. She liked how he had his eyes on her. She could tell that maybe he wanted to jump her right then and there. She was thinking about only doing this the one time but how she was feeling she started to think about how far she could take this.

And so the next several weeks Clark had a hard time being in Kelly’s house while she was getting ready for what ever date they were going to go on. One day she sat across from Clark in the living room wearing a short skirt. As her mom was in her bedroom getting ready Lisa just sat on the couch, acting like she was reading something on her tablet as she opened and closed her legs. He tried not to look but after a couple minuets his eyes looked over at her and he saw she wasn’t wearing panties!

He couldn’t keep his eyes off her sweet hairless cunt. She smiled as she acted like she was looking at the tablet. She could feel his eyes openly looking as her exposed sex. Soon she stopped closing her legs and kept them wide open. Her eyes looked up at him. His mouth was wide open, almost like he was drooling. She almost wished he would just crawl over and start eating her out! She could see him adjusting himself. She wanted to ask if he was getting hard but she had to act like maybe she didn’t notice. She moved one of her hands down to her lap. She was about to move it under her skirt when she heard her mom’s bedroom door open. In a flash she closed and crossed her legs. She giggled when she felt Clark snap to attention as Kelly walked into the living room.

The more she did it the more she was getting turned on. She did feel a little bad getting Clark worked up. So far she had to admit he had some strong will power. She almost expected him to jump on top of her and ravish her like a mad man! But he seemed to be only for her mom.

That thought also made her feel a little bit guilty. Since dating Clark her mom seemed to be so much happier. She felt like maybe she should stop because of her but a nagging thought kept popping in her mind as if to give justification to her actions.

“How can I be sure he only wants my mom? How do I know he isn’t using her to get to me?”

The problem was with a test like that, she never thought about a stopping point. When would it end? How far would she have to take this to get any answer she may want?

= = =

Clark walked into his house and just crumpled onto his couch. He had a fun little day date with Kelly and it ended with her sucking him off. He didn’t mind that at all but he felt so damn tired and guilty.

Before Kelly was ready to go she had to do something in her home office. As soon as she left the room Lisa walked in. She was wearing a cute looking sundress. She chatted with him and was asking him a dozen questions about what he thought about her dress and if he liked it. Of course he said he did. It didn’t look weird or anything...

Until she walked into the living room, letting the sun shine on her though the window. At that moment he realized why she was wearing this dress. In the light the dress looked sheer! He could see a perfect outline of her young body. As he kept looking he could see though the dress. She wasn’t wearing anything under it! He could see her little nipples and the hint of her little pussy. She smiled at him as she modeled the dress, doing a cute little spin to let him see her ass!

“D... Did you’re mom buy that?” he asked. She only answered with a giggle. He took that as her saying “nope a fan got this for me!”

She kept giving him a look as if she was daring him to do something. A part of him wanted to grab her and group her little body. He wanted to bend her over, pull her dress up and just fuck her senseless. He wanted to live out each and every nasty fantasy he ever had on her little body! His cock growing hard in his pants as she did a cute little dance, letting his eyes feast on her!

Once again he was saved by Kelly. Not only her walking into the room but the thoughts of her. He loved Kelly and he knew that if he did even try to do anything with Lisa it would kill Kelly! It was his love for the older woman that held him at bay!

He swallowed as Lisa quickly sat back down on the couch, making sure not to sit in the sunlight to make the dress look normal. As Clark and Kelly waked out the door Lisa gave a small wave and wished the couple a good time.

That was hours ago. Clark was now nude, his hand stroking his cock as he thought back to Lisa in that sheer dress. Yeah Kelly gave him a blow job but before that though their date his mind kept going back to that dress! He was becoming more and more worried about if he could hold back. Sooner or later he might break down. But what will happen?

Would he just wind up raping her?

Would he just break up Kelly and keep his distance from them?

He grunted as he came. He just sat there and looked up at his ceiling. There was no hiding the fact that Lisa knew he was one of her fans. He knew that the girl was teasing and testing him. In his mind he kept saying he needed to tell her to stop. He needed to tell her he didn’t want her, that he only wanted her mother!

But he kept feeling that was a lie!

= = =

Chapter 5: Above and Beyond the Breaking Point

Clark was starting to dread going to Kelly’s place to pick her up. The vile eleven year old temptress seemed to get more and more brazen in her teasing. A tit flash here, a little pussy shot there, or sometimes a full view of her cute little ass. He often thought about just not going into the house at all. Just sit in his car, honk the horn for Kelly. But he couldn’t do that. Kelly would either know something may have been going on between him and Lisa or maybe she might think he didn’t want to be with her anymore. So he would have to endure more and more teasing.

Lisa on the other hand was having the time of her life! She loved the way he tried not to look. How red his face would get when his eyes would catch a glimpse of her sweet tight pussy. There were so many times she would cum like crazy after they would leave! Oh Clark would try to do little things here and there to avoid looking at her. He would stand around the kitchen or try to look at some magazine or even his phone. But all she had to do was make a little noise here or say something and he would look. Slowly she was losing the innocent act. He knew she was a sex crazed little slut, no more acting like she just forgot her undies or that there was a guest in the house!

And the longer he stuck around, the more daring she got! It didn’t matter if her mom was down the hall or in the same room. Lisa found ways to tease and tempt the older man. The worse of it was during the times Lisa would go with them on dates.

Clark thought maybe he would be safe. Who wouldn’t have that idea when the mother is in the front seat? Lisa could maybe behave for the ten or so minuets they would drive to the mall or where ever they were going. He would smile and think he would be okay.

Till he had to look in the review mirror!

The first time she flashed her little pussy in his car he almost lost control of the wheel! She figured out the perfect spot on the mirror where he had no choice but to see her and also still be hidden from her mom. She knew she had him right where she wanted him. She could see his face and neck turn red as he tried so hard not to look but as he looked to make sure no one was about to hit his car from behind he would get a peak at her hairless slit.

He wanted to say something. He thought about how maybe if he made some big deal like he didn’t like it Kelly would catch Lisa and the teasing would stop. But there was that tiny little part of him that loved it! She was so daring! Her mom could catch her at any moment and get them both in trouble but this little girl didn’t seem to care! Most likely Lisa already had a number of excuses to get out of any real trouble. The only one who would suffer would be himself, and mainly because he looked!

So he couldn’t say anything. He had to suffer under Lisa’s tempting naughtiness!

The other thing that was killing Clark besides not being able to just fuck the hell out of that hot little slut was the guilt. He loved Kelly with all his heart and would never think of cheating on her with anyone! When they were alone he couldn’t stop thinking about Lisa. He couldn’t stop thinking about how her pussy would taste, how it would feel wrapped around his throbbing cock. He would feel so bad when Kelly would sometimes catch him in a bit of a daydream while she would be talking to him about her day or about something happening. For awhile he was scared that maybe thoughts of Lisa would wind up ruining bedroom time with the sexy older woman.

But time and time again it seemed like Kelly would prove that fear wrong!

As soon as Clark and Kelly were in his bedroom he would feel worried. His mind was full of visions and dreams of Lisa’s tight fuckable body. But as soon as Kelly got her clothes off Lisa was gone! Kelly was a goddess! As soon as he felt her naked body on his there was nothing but the two of them. For however long they had sex his mind, body and soul was only for Kelly! Every kiss, every touch, every thrust and load of cum was only for her.

Once they were done, they would hold each other and Clark felt peace. There was no Lisa or anything to ruin this moment. It was just him and Kelly.

But once she left, his mind was full of Lisa once again.

= = =

Lisa was feeling guilt also. Not towards Clark but towards her mom. Yeah she was having fun with the guy and all but when she would see her mom coming home from a date or getting excited just getting a text from him that happiness would kill Lisa just a tiny bit. She would often think of just ending her little game with him. It have been three months now and he hadn’t tried to fuck her once! Looking on her profile he hadn’t updated his info or looked at her site at all! Some would consider that clear proof that really he didn’t want anything to do with her. But there was that voice, that nagging doubt that ate away.

“He’s just waiting for the right time! Sooner or later he will fuck you! Sooner or later he will show you the truth! Why have your mom’s old pussy when he can have a tight toy that would do what ever he wants!”

Lisa tried to come up with some kind of argument. She was only eleven but she could still have some kind of valid reasoning for Clark. But since this was her brain making these calms and arguments doubt was quick to come up with another reason the “test” had to continue.

“Do it for your mom! Think how much heart break you could stop if you knew what Clark really wanted!”

All Lisa could do was nod to that. She would tease and tempt Clark for her mom! If he still resisted that’s great!

But if it happened, if he did break down and fucked Lisa... then what?

= = =

It was another Saturday and Clark arrived at Kelly’s house about 2 pm. He had a thing of flowers for her as he knocked on the door. It was going to be another date where him and Kelly would just wonder about downtown till boredom and a good amount of horniness took over and the two would wind up back at his place, naked and fucking till they were both a sweaty heap! He really looked forwards just spending alone time with Kelly.

The door opened and there stood Lisa. She smiled at the older man as she was wearing a pink tube top and tight shorts.

“Hey there Clark! How ya doing?” she asked in her sweet little girl voice. Clark cleared his throat and tried not to look at the little vixen.

“I... I’m good. How’s school?” he asked as he walked in, still trying to hide his eyes from her.

She stepped back a bit, trying to get into his line of sight. Today’s outfit wasn’t good for quick flashes but then again, she liked the challenge! She already knew the kinds of things she could do in this outfit. When she sits on the couch she could pull the leg hole of her tight shorts to the side, giving tiny looks at her pussy. Of course she could just pull her top down, let her nipples show. Maybe she could rub and tease them, maybe even offer him a taste!

She was getting good at guessing how long her mother would take doing task in different rooms, and knowing what she could do before she could maybe get caught. It was almost like the two some how plan this out as if her mom was watching on a camera or something.

Clark tried to stay away from Lisa but the last time he tried to stay standing in the kitchen Kelly got worried about him. So he had to sit across from Lisa. He tried to do anything he could not to look at her. He tried to look at his phone or maybe just keep his eyes on the hallway as if that will somehow will Kelly to be done quicker. But it seemed like slowly but surely his eyes would drift over to the little blonde across from him. She would always have that little devilish smile on her face as she would have her little nipples out or a tiny view of her cunt for him.

After what seemed like forever Kelly came out of her room. She was wearing a nice blouse and skirt and had a beautiful smile on her face.

“Sorry for the wait. I hope Lisa wasn’t being too much of a brat towards you!” Kelly joked as Clack quickly stood up and gave his girlfriend a quick kiss. Lisa just giggled, wanting to hear what the man who just spent the past 15 or so minuets looking at the various naughty bits she showed him would say.

“She... she was okay.” Was all he could say with out giving away anything. Kelly looked like she was about to say something when her cell phone rang. She walked over towards where she had it charging and picked it up.

“Hold on, someone at work.” She said as she answered it. Clark and Lisa both watched the woman as she started to talk to who ever it was on the other end.

“Hello? Hey Jared I was just about to... what?” the happy look on her face suddenly turned sour.

“Well where’s Barry? Joe? You got to be fucking shitting me!” she said angrily but also seeming like she was trying to hold back yelling. Clark never seen this part of Kelly before and to tell the truth, it was kind of scary.

“Yeah, I can be there... Oh and if you reach those two fucking assholes let them know THAT THEY ARE FUCKING FIRED! I WILL PERSONALLY THROW THEIR SHIT IN THE FUCKING DUMPSTER MYSELF!” she yelled as she ended the call. For about five minuets she yelled a string of cuss words that made Clark feel like maybe he was some how to blame for whatever happened.

Soon the woman calmed down. Lisa cleared her throat.

“You okay?” she asked, trying to hide how upset she got seeing her mom like that.

Kelly walked over and hugged her daughter, kissing her cheek.

“I am so sorry baby. Just... dipshits at work decided to skip out and neither one was there to stop something bad from happening and now mommy needs to fix it!” she said as she gave her little girl another kiss on the cheek.

She stood up and looked at Clark and sighed.

“I’m so sorry you had to see that. Just... long story short I have to cancel the date tonight to fix some things. I hope you understand.” She said with a sad smile on her face. Clark held Kelly and kissed her lightly.

“It’s okay. Shit happens. I can just go home and we can talk about it later or something.” He said. Kelly shook her head.

“You don’t have to go home. I mean you can hang out here if you want! Lisa really likes you and you two could get to know each other better! I mean you aren’t really babysitting her or anything! Just hang out! I mean I might luck out and get this crap done in one or two hours tops! Maybe we can catch a late movie if that’s the case!” she said with some false hope in her voice.

Clark had a nervous smile on his face. He can’t say no to her. She will know something was wrong. He had to keep calm for his sweetheart.

“Okay, no prob! Just like text me or whatever! Give me some updates! I will hang tight here with Lisa maybe order some food or something.”

Kelly hugged him tightly and kissed him deeply. She then broke the kiss and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

“I will reward you good tonight! You know I am always good for it!” she said as she reached down and quickly touched his groin. She was surprised he was semi hard. She tried to mask her moan but Lisa’s giggle hinted she didn’t do a good job. She gave one more disappointed sigh before kissing Clark again. She gathered her things and quickly headed out the door.

Clark watched as she left.

“I can handle two hours. I can do that.” He said to himself, not knowing or really caring if Lisa could hear him.

Lisa stood to the side, a small smirk on her face. She really didn’t have the heart to tell him it won’t be two hours. This was a fairly regular thing that happens at her mom’s work place. Since she became a manager there have been many weekends ruined by some idiot she had to get rid of. Lisa’s smirk got a little bigger as she heard her mom’s car start up and drive off. Some very naughty plans had started to form in her pretty little head.

= = =

At first it seemed like maybe Lisa was going to behave as they sat in the living room and watch TV. For a while Clark thought that maybe Lisa only did her teasing when her mother was around. Maybe these two hours will go by quickly and nothing bad would happen. Lisa sat on the couch acting like she was watching the boring show Clark put on. She looked at the older man for a moment then stood up.

“Hey Clark. Do you think maybe you can help me out?” she asked. He looked at her.

“Help with what?” he asked, hoping it wasn’t anything “adult”.

She smiled her hands on her hips as she looked at the worried older man.

“It’s for a dance class. I need to do a dance number and I would like your opinion on it.”

He nodded. Surely there would be nothing bad about this! Lisa smiled.

“Awesome! Thanks so much! Wait here, I need to get my outfit and music!” she said as she quickly ran to her room. Clark just sat on the couch and continued to watch the random show on the TV. After some time he heard Lisa call out from the hallway.

“Okay, umm, please turn off the TV and close your eyes!” she said. Clark turned the TV off and covered his eyes. He could hear her walk past him and sounded like she was messing with the stereo for a moment. Soon a slow, sexy jazz song started up.

“Open your eyes.” She said in a hushed whisper.

Clark opened his eyes and as soon as he saw her his eyeballs felt like they were going to pop out of his head!

Lisa stood before him wearing a very sheer pink bra and panty set with pink thigh high stockings. There was a sexy, naughty little smile on her face as she slowly started to sway her hips side to side.

“Like it?” she asked. Clark couldn’t form the brain power to answer her.

She giggled as she started to move to the music, making sure to turn around to show him the bottoms were a thong, her asscheeks in full view as she continued to move. He felt like he should stop this but it felt like his entire body was glued to the seat.

“Is this what you dreamed of when you saw me?” she asked as she moved closer. She used her fingers to act like she was going to either remove her panties or maybe pull bra cups down but would quickly pull them away.

She could feel his eyes burning though her and she loved it! She knew she had him right where she wanted him. She saw his hands grab the arms of the seat as he looked like he was getting a little pale. She turned her back towards him and did a split. As he groin touched the ground she moved up and down, as if she was fucking someone under her. She could have sworn Clark made a whimpering noise as he watched her. She smiled. Those stripper videos she watched on line seemed to work as she stood up and slowly walked up to him.

“I bet you want to get these little things off me. I bet you want to get so deep inside me!” she moaned as she started to climb up on him. She slowly moved her groin over his pants. As soon as she felt the tent he had she gave a little gasp.

“Oh my! Did I make this?” she teased as she reached down and felt his hard cock though his jeans. She leaned in close, letting her little groin move closer to his. Clark felt like maybe he should do something, anything to stop this but the more that was happening the more powerless he felt.

Lisa was getting so turned on. Seeing this helpless man at her mercy was really making her hot and wet. To tell the truth she was surprised he hadn’t tried anything right now. The last time she did a sexy dance like this with a guy was about two months ago. She needed to test out this little dance number and a man who was on her buddy list was more than happy to volunteer. She was barley into this lap dance part when the man would start touching her and kissing her. In the end she didn’t get to finish her little routine due to the two fucking the rest of the night.

But Clark hadn’t moved, hadn’t tried to touch or kiss her. Some reason she liked this! It felt like more of a challenge, a challenge she knew she was going to win! She grinded a little more on his crotch. She could feel his cock begging to be released. She reached down into her panties and used two fingers to rub her hairless slit. She pulled her wet fingers out of her panties and let Clark see them as they glisten in the light. She started to move her fingers towards her mouth, as if she was going to lick them off. But at the last second she moved them towards Clark’s lips, smearing her juices on his lips and under his noise. She quickly hopped off of him and started to dance again.

He sat there in total torture. Her sweet sex juices entering his nostrils. He wanted to lick his lips, to taste that forbidden cunt but he had to use every tiny bit of will power he had to stop himself. Maybe if he tried to show he wasn’t interested she would stop.

But he knew she wouldn’t stop!

She turned her back to him again. This time she pushed her thumbs into the tiny bit of string that held the little triangle of fabric on her and started to pull them down. As she pulled them off of her she made sure to bend over, letting Clark’s eyes feast on her ass and the tiny peek of her hole and pussy. She turned around.

“Like it?” she asked before playfully flinging the wet panties at him.

She then lay on her back and spread her legs wide, letting the older man look at the sweet pink fuck hole. Her hands moved up and down her thighs, slowly getting closer and closer to her pussy. He tried to look away like all the other failed attempts but it was as if something else was controlling him. She got up and started to take her bra off. Her tiny hard nipples exposed as she tossed her top to the side. She licked her lips as she toyed with her nipples some.

“Wanna suck them?” she asked as she shook her flat chest at him.

Clark couldn’t speak. It felt like his heart was going to explode as Lisa moved up to him again. He tried to think of a hundred, no, a thousand different things that would kill his hard on and maybe get control of his body again. He tried to go though his go to list of boner killers but none of them were working. Soon even the list went out the door as he felt her hands starting to undo his belt and pull his fly down.

“Mmm, I think your little friend here has been cooped up a little too long!” she said as she pulled his zipper down. As soon as enough of it was open Clark’s thick cock popped out! It throbbed as a little bit of precum leaked out the tip. Lisa moaned.

“Oh my god! Was a beautiful dick! The pictures don’t do it justice!” she said as she climbed up on his lap again, this time she rubbed her bald cunt up and down the underside of his throbbing member.

He gasped, feeling her warm lips and juices coating him. He really couldn’t move now. He silently prayed to any and all gods that might be out there but they seemed to be busy with other things at the moment as the little temptress continued her “dance”.

He closed his eyes again. In his mind he saw Kelly walking in on this moment. He could hear her screaming bloody murder at him for trying to rape her little girl. He knew she would never listen or believe that little 11 year old Lisa could tempt him like this! No matter what he could say or do he knew he would lose Kelly forever! That thought should have been enough to take control! That should have broken him out of Lisa’s spell and put an end to this!

But he still sat there, the little girl rubbing her excited sex all over his cock.

“You’re so hard Clark! I could see why my mom loves being with you!” she teased as she moved up, placing the tip of his dick at her pussy. He opened his eyes in terror.

When she saw that look there was a little part of her that said stop. This was wrong! He doesn’t want you! He doesn’t want to fuck you at all! But the throbbing cock at her pussy was telling her other wise. Something mean, almost evil rose up out of her. She gave the frightened man a cruel smile.

“Tell you want. If you can say “Lisa, please get off me I don’t want to fuck you.” I will get off you, get dressed and never tease you again! But you have to say every word!” she said as she rubbed his cock head on her pussy.

“I will give you, oh how about twenty seconds!”

He swallowed nervously.

“Lisa... please...”

“Go on. 17 seconds...” she teased, slowly lowering herself onto his cock, his throbbing head slowly pushing her lips apart.

He tried again.

“Lisa.... Please....”

“14 seconds.” She moaned, stopping herself from just taking him all in at once!

He swallowed. He could see the whole sentence in his mind. Any other day, any other circumstance he would be able to say it front words and back words. But right now only two words escaped his lips:

“Lisa... please...”

“10 seconds...”

He closed his eyes and opened his mouth. In his minds he said every word. He was able to push her off of his lap and stand up. He yelled at her, telling her they were both in the wrong and how she should be ashamed of how she was acting. They then went to her bedroom as he made her delete her profile from that awful site and all the pictures and videos she may have saved.

But again, that was all in his mind. The only things that came out of his mouth was...

“Lisa... please...”

“I’m sorry! But time... is... up!” she said gleefully as she slid down his hard cock. Her eyes rolled back as she took every inch of him inside her. Clark also gasped and moaned as he entered her tight pussy.

Lisa started to slide up and down the throbbing cock, licking her lips and cooing. Clark’s body seemed to give in and let lust take over as his hands released themselves from the arms of the chair and moved to her hips. His own hips started to move, making his cock go as deep as he could inside the girl’s cunt. The music kept playing as the two fucked on the chair. At first their movements were slow, as if to feel each other out but soon they moved faster, a little harder. Soon the sounds of slapping skin and moans started to drone out the music.

She grabbed his head and forcefully kissed him, her tongue entering his mouth as she bounced on his member. At first he tried not to kiss back but it seemed like once again his body disobeyed him as his tongue entered her mouth. They kissed for a good long time before she broke it off.

“God damn your cock is great! I bet my mom loves it so much!” Lisa moaned, bouncing harder and faster.

Every time she brought up her mom it sent a little pain to Clark’s heart. Even though this was one of his greatest fantasies he knew he was cheating on Kelly. He wanted to stop, wanted to push her off him but his every movement betrayed him. His hands moved up, toying and pinching her tiny nipples as he moaned. His cock throbbed as it was close to filling the girl with a very large load of cum.

Lisa’s pussy tightened as she was getting close to cumming. She looked into his eyes. She could see how hurt he looked but at this moment she didn’t care! In her mind she won! She was able to get this man to fuck her!

Even though it proved nothing! He didn’t come on to her! He didn’t try to start anything with her! She was the one who pushed all of this and now she was fucking a man who had no chance!

Those thoughts were drowned out by that evil lustful growl in her mind. He was hers now! There was no way he could stop her or say no to her. He was like any other man from the web site! All he was to her was a cock to fuck and nothing else!

“Go on Clark! Cum inside me! Fill me up fucker!” she commanded, slamming down on him again and again. Through out the whole fuck session he didn’t say anything, just some grunts and moans mixed with heavy breathing.

A tiny part of him didn’t want to cum inside her. He knew if he did that then he truly lost to this creature! He kept trying to hold on, trying to maybe make her cum first but soon his balls decided it was time.

“NOOOOOO!” he cried out, his cock exploding inside her, flooding her womb.

She cried out in ecstasy as her pussy tightened up as she herself came on his shooting cock. She leaned in, placing her head on his shoulder. They both were breathing hard as his cock slowly went soft while still inside her. After a little bit of down time she moved back, lifting herself off if his lap and took a couple steps back to look at him. Her hands were on her hips.

“Come on, to my room.” She commanded as she started to walk towards her room.

At that moment he felt like he could say no. In his mind he could tell her that this was a mistake and this was over. He looked down at his still exposed cock. It glistened with their combined juices as is slowly started to get hard again.

Again, in his mind he told her no. But what felt like the blink of an eye he was in her room, nude and on her bed as she rode his hard cock.

= = =

As he lay on her bed as the girl slid up and down his rigid cock her couldn’t help but to think about her room. This was the room he watched her in countless web cam shows. Her showing her body, fucking herself with toys and her own fingers. Now he was here and it was just too weird. The main thing that made him nervous was her computer. It was across the room, facing her bed. He knew it was on since he could see the lights on the tower but the main thing he was worried about was the web cam that sat on top of her monitor. The light wasn’t on but that didn’t mean anything to him. There were many ways to turn that little light off so no one knows it’s on. His eyes kept darting over towards the machine with worry. Was she streaming this on her profile? Were there people watching them at this very moment?

As she rode him she looked down, catching him looking towards her computer. As if she knew what he was thinking she started to speak.

“D... don’t worry. I... I’m not like... fuck you feel good! I’m not streaming or any... anything... Just... enjoy this!”

He tried not to think about the cam or enjoying what was going on. He kept trying to fight this but it seemed like the more his mind tried to resist the more his body wanted more! He felt he had to hold back something for Kelly’s sake!

But after almost two hours he was broken. Again it seemed like in a blinks of an eye he was getting more and more into fucking Lisa!

Blink: He was fucking her doggy style, pulling her hair as he thrust hard in her

Blink: He was sitting on her computer chair, her on her knees sucking his hard cock

Blink: Back sitting on the bed, dick deep in her ass as he moved her up and down as they faced the computer.

He came in her again and again, pussy, ass, or mouth. He lost all track of time as he lay in her bed with Lisa snuggled next to him. He didn’t want to look at the time. He wished that maybe this was all some quick five minute thing. But soon he looked over at the alarm clock next to Lisa’s bed.

Four hours... He and Lisa had been at if for four fucking hours!

Lisa moaned as she heard Clark cuss to himself. She looked over and saw the time. She yawned and stretched.

“You better go take a shower. Mom might be home any time now.” She said tiredly. Clark just nodded as he got up, picked up his clothes and went to the bathroom.

He made sure to lock the door before starting up the shower. He need some alone time. He had to think about what happened. As the hot water fell on him he heard Lisa try to open the door. After trying the door a couple times it looked like she gave up and walked away. He leaned forward, his head touching the shower wall. A part of him felt like pukeing. He was so rattled with guilt he felt like he should just leave and never come back!

But if he did that he knew Kelly would demand some kind of answer. She loved him so much and he knew the truth would kill her. He couldn’t leave her. He hoped that maybe this rather long fuck session would maybe satisfy Lisa. Maybe this would be a one time thing and everything would go back to normal!

But as he thought about Lisa, his cock started to grow hard. Even though it was sore from all the sucking and fucking, it still wanted more of that tight little fuck goddess!

Clark felt truly defeated.

= = =

It would be another three hours before Kelly came home. She found Clark and Lisa watching TV. It looked like that was all the two of them did. She smiled as she walked up to Clark and kissed his cheek.

“I am so sorry it took so long.” She said as he stood up.

“It’s okay. I mean shit happens.” He said with a forced smile on his face. She sighed.

“I would say we could still go out but I am so tired. So much happened in the office and it might put all my plans on hold for the next several weekends.”

Clark nodded. He tried to hide the hurt look on his face but Kelly spotted it right away and it upset her.

“Oh baby! I am so sorry! I mean if you had something like totally planed out or something.”

He shook his head. He wasn’t hurt because of Kelly’s work.

He was hurt with guilt.

“No it’s okay Kelly. We’ll figure something out! I need to get going. You get some sleep okay!”

The couple kissed and Clark left. Kelly sat on the couch next to Lisa and sighed again before she started to speak to her little girl.

“So, did you two have fun while I was out?” she asked as her daughter laid her head on her mother’s lap.

“Meh, just TV and hung out is all.” Lisa responded.

She looked up at her mom. She could see an upset look on her face as she lightly toyed with her daughter’s hair.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. Kelly sighed.

“I don’t know. He looked upset. I hope he isn’t mad at me.”

Lisa could see the worry on her mother’s face. It wasn’t her fault some assholes at work fucked up her day and now couple weekends. The more she looked at her mom the more guilt started to enter the child’s mind. She knew why Clark looked upset and now her mom might pay the price. She couldn’t tell the woman what happened nor could she lie to get him in trouble. Maybe she should stop this thing with Clark. She could see how he really didn’t like it and how her little game could fuck up her mom’s love life.

But a hot little tingle went though her pussy when she thought about Clark’s hard cock and the guilt changed over to lust as she thought about how she could have him again.

= = =

It was a little bit before bed time as Lisa took her shower and went to her room. Kelly went to bed early because she would have to go to the office in the morning to make sure some things were in place for the rest of the week. Lisa quickly turned her computer on. She moved her mouse cursor over towards a program icon and clicked on it.

She didn’t lie to Clark. She didn’t stream their little fun time...

She recorded it!

= = =

Chapter 6: From Bad to Worse to Catastrophic

Clark got home and just sat on his bed. He put his face in his hands and just whimpered. He couldn’t believe he let Lisa get the better of him like that! He was an adult he should have been able to tell her no!

But sitting there his mind drifted to the girl’s tight little body. Her pussy and ass were so tight and how she sucked and swallowed every drop of his cum was just too much! He shook his head. Kelly was also great in bed! He took off his clothes and lay back as he tried to think back to the last time Kelly fucked him. He closed his eyes and tried to think about her long hair, her great breasts and how good she felt on him. His cock, still sore from before, was growing hard. But as he kept thinking back to Kelly she seemed to morph and change to a beautiful woman in her mid 30’s to a nympho 11 year old! His hand was about to move to stroke his cock when his phone buzzed.

He snapped out of the forming wet dream to see it was Kelly! He quickly picked it up and saw it was a text from her. He gave a smile as he looked to see what she said.

Txt from Kelly: Hey baby, are you okay? Did something happen between you and Lisa?

He tensed up. What did she mean by that? Did she somehow figure out he fucked her daughter?

Txt from Clark: No, why would you think that?

Clark had to thank god for text messages! Unlike chatting on the phone where any pauses or odd sounds in the voice text could mask any fear he had about that question.

Txt from Kelly: Just how you left. I mean, you aren’t mad at me because I had to break our date are you?

He sighed. There was no way he could be mad at her for that.

Txt from Clark: Baby its fine; I'm not mad at you! I was just worried about you.

As he laid there waiting for her to answer back he thought about how, if anything, would clear his mind of the guilt. Something soon popped into mind. Every time he felt guilty about looking at Lisa during her little peeking teases being with Kelly and having sex with her removed any and all thoughts of the girl! Sadly she was too tired and he was still sore to think of real sex with her at this moment but he could maybe try for a substitute.

Txt from Kelly: I just worry you wouldn’t want to be with me is all... I love you!

He smiled and responded.

Txt from Clark: I love you too! I miss your body! I wish I could have you in my arms right now!

He wondered what she would think about that as he sent it to her. After a moment she replied.

Txt from Kelly: What do you miss more? This:

Attached to the message was a picture of her pussy. It looked so good and wet that his free hand went right to his cock and started to stroke. Soon the phone buzzed with another picture message.

Txt from Kelly: Maybe this?

This time it was a picture of her yummy ass. Clark moaned, stroking his cock more as he wished maybe he could have stayed a little while, maybe got some kind of action from her. It buzzed once more.

Txt from Kelly: I know, maybe these!

It was a shot of her breasts! He cried out as he came. It wasn’t much since he came so many times before but still he felt a little better that in a way it was Kelly that made this happen this time, not her little girl. Maybe that’s what he needed! Maybe he needed to fuck Kelly good and hard to some how wipe away this horrible guilt! He hoped maybe there would be some ways to have this happen soon!

He would just have to avoid Lisa in the mean time!

= = =

Through out the week Clark and Kelly texted and chat on the phone. Hearing her voice really helped him though the dark cloud of guilt as they would chat about there days and how they missed each other so much. At night their phone chats would turn to phone sex as they both got each other off.

He really needed her so bad. He talked her into maybe stopping by his place the next Saturday, maybe for a quickie since her work wasn’t too far from his place! She kept saying it would be nice and maybe she might take him up on the offer. He was so eager for Saturday to come. He needed her so badly it almost hurt!

Early Saturday morning there was a knock at his door. He was dressed in shirt and jeans but he almost thought about just answering it nude. As he opened the door he saw his sweet Kelly standing in front of him, with Lisa next to her!

“H... hey there!” he said a little stunned. Kelly gave a small sad smile.

“Hey hun, I know I said I would try to... be with you before I head to work but I just don’t have enough time this morning. I didn’t mean to bring Lisa with me but she really wanted to see you and where you live. I hope you don’t mind.”

He looked over at the young girl. She was wearing a t-shirt with some cute little animal on it and a pair of pink jeans. Her hair was in two long braids. She smiled and gave him a little wave. He forced a smile on his face.

“Sure! No prob! I mean, my place is a little boring and all!”

“It’s okay, a couple of my friend’s live near by. If you get bored of me I’ll head over there!” Lisa said cheerfully. Kelly smiled and kissed Clark.

“I’ll miss you! I have some interviews today to replace the fuckers I had fired! So knock on wood I can have my weekends back soon!”

He smiled as she walked out. Lisa entered his place as he closed the door. She looked around and nodded her head.

“Cool place Clark!” she said as she walked around. He took a deep breath as he looked at Lisa.

“Why did you come here?” he asked, trying to remain calm. She just smiled as she walked into the living room.

“I wanted to see where you live. And also hang out! I mean most of my other friends are out this weekend and I really didn’t want to be alone. I hope that’s okay with you.” She said. He looked at her closely. She wasn’t teasing him with nipple flashes or pussy shots. She looked like a normal little girl who wanted someone to hang out with.

“Maybe last weekend was a one time thing?” he thought to himself. He gave her a real smile.

“Okay, sounds fine. I mean I have some video games and stuff. Would you like something to drink?”

“Soda if you have it.” She answered as she stood in the living room. Clark nodded.

“Soda coming right up!”

He went into the kitchen to get a glass, some ice and a can of soda. As he was getting the drink he thought to himself. If she tried to do anything here maybe he would have more power to say no. This was his house after all and in a way he had home field advantage! He nodded to himself as he tried to prepare himself mentally for any kind of attack! As he walked back to Lisa he stopped in his tracks. His eyes were wide as he saw what was in his living room at this moment.

Lisa was nude, sitting on his couch with a smile that said “Join me?”

“W... what are you doing?!” he stammered as he almost dropped the drink in his hand. Lisa shrugged.

“Sitting here, relaxing.”

His eyes were fixed on her exposed chest. Her nipples were hard as she sat there with her legs crossed. All he could do was stand there.

“Is that my drink?” she asked. He nodded.

“Well, come on bring it here! And join me I mean it is your house!”

He stood there a little longer. His mind screamed at him to tell her to get her clothes on. But he soon found himself sitting next to her, watching as she sipped her drink. She looked over at him.

“Soooo the real reason I wanted to see you was I wanted to say I can’t stop thinking about you! I mean OMG we fucked like four hours!” she said excitedly. He blushed.

“Please don’t remind me! Look I know I said some things to you on your profile and all. But Lisa... I love you mom! And I just... I can’t...”

She placed her drink down before moving close to Clark.

“Are you saying you can’t love me too?” she asked. Clark didn’t know how to answer that. Lisa got closer to the man, a hurt but wanting look in her eyes. He tried to look away but he felt like he was getting trapped by those beautiful eyes.

“I... I mean I do love you Lisa but... but ummm...” he couldn’t form his thoughts into words as the naked girl was climbing on top of him. She stopped him from speaking as she kissed him deeply. After a moment she broke the kiss.

“I can’t stop thinking about you Clark. And I know you can’t stop thinking about me too.” She said in the low, lustful growl that told the man she was telling the truth.

He wanted to push her away but before he could summon the will to do so she kissed him again. Slowly but surely he weakened, soon returning her kisses as his hands caressed her soft naked form. She moaned as their tongues danced in each others mouths. Once again he broke the kiss.

“Lisa... I love your mom...” he gasped before kissing her again. She moaned in his mouth as she grinded herself on his groin. Even though he was kissing her back there was still some guilt that Lisa could feel in his actions. She pulled back a little bit and looked into his eyes.

“I know, how about you do this... close your eyes.”

He looked at her for a moment then closed his eyes.

“Okay, imagine you have no idea about my mom, your not dating her or anything. You are still single and you just happened to win a contest were you get to fuck me all you want. You think you can do that? If you can I will make sure not to say anything else about my mom.” she asked.

He sat there, his eyes still closed. If the rational part of his brain was in control it would have said that was a stupid idea and stopped all of this right now. But the rational part must have been tied up and locked in a janitor’s closet somewhere because lust was in control and to him; Lisa’s idea was the greatest thing in the world!

He opened his eyes. He smiled at her and kissed her deeply as his hands went down and squeezed her little ass. She moaned as she took that as a sign that he was going to play along with this little scene. She reached down and started to work on his jeans before he stopped her.

“Not here.” He whispered before picking her up and carrying her to his bedroom. The whole walk there he kissed her deeply, his hands holding her tight as she wrapped her little legs around him.

As they entered his bedroom he walked her over to his bed and let her fall onto it. She smiled, her legs open wide to let him see every little bit of her. He stood back and undressed. As he pulled his jeans and boxers off his cock sprung out, throbbing for the little sex goddess in front of him. She licked her lips as she reached down to spread her pussy for him but he shook his head. Before she could speak he grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

His head went between her open legs and he started to work his tongue on her sweet sex. She gasped and moaned as her hands moved down, pulling his hair as he showed her how good of a pussy eater he was! She licked her lips as she moved her hip, letting him know how much she was enjoying his tongue work.

“Yeeesssss Clark eat my cunt baby!” she purred, both her hands on his head as she fucked his mouth and tongue. He moaned and complied, working more and more to make the little slut on his bed cum!

Soon he got his wish as she closed her legs around his head and started to grind away. Her breathing became ragged as her eyes rolled back.

“FUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!” she screamed as she covered his faces in her juices.

He moaned, lapping up her sweet hot cream. This was a dream come true! For far too long he watched her videos and looked at her pictures. That hot little body being used over and over and now it was his turn to enjoy every little bit of her! This was truly the “single” Clark in control as he moved up, slapping his cock on her wet pussy. There was no Kelly in this world; there was only him and his dream goddess. He didn’t know how long he would have her for but he was damn sure he was going to use her every hole!

She looked up at him as she felt him slapping his meat on her hot fuck hole. She moaned, rolling her hips.

“Put it in! Fuck me like you love me!” she growled. One hand he grabbed her hip and the other hand guided his cock into her pussy. They both moaned as he pushed every thick inch into her.

He thrust as hard and deep as he could. He didn’t care her age or anything. He seen her videos, he knew she could take his cock! She cried out as she grabbed the blankets on the bed as he stuffed her full. Neither one of them could say anything as he pounded her, rocking her body with each thrust. He grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders as he tried to go as deep as he could.

Lisa was in heaven! Yeah she had been fucked had by many men but this was so different. She couldn’t really explain it as she felt Clark move her with every thrust. He was on top of her, fucking her like some crazed creature. There was no way she could ever let this man out of her life!

“M... more... MOOOOORRREE!” she screamed, trying to move her body with his but how he was fucking her she could barley move. He grunted hearing her demands and thrust as deep and hard as he could with out hurting her.

The head board slammed against the wall over and over as he fucked her within an inch of her life! Her pussy growing tighter as she was cumming on him. She didn’t scream this time but made a loud gasping sound. Her body was red as she tried to catch her breath but it seemed like Clark was no way close to being done. He thrust several more times before he cried out, flooding her with his cum.

They were both covered in sweat as he collapsed next to her. They both just tried to catch their breaths and calm down as they just looked up at the ceiling. Neither of them said anything for awhile. Lisa started to move herself down towards Clark’s spent dick. All he did was watch her as she started to rub the semi soft wet cock on her face.

She purred and moaned as she worshiped this man’s penis. She rained kisses all over it as it slowly but surly started to grow hard. He placed his arms under his head to watch as she went from kissing to licking all over, tasting her juices and his cum while waiting for him to become fully erect. He just watched as his cock became throbbing hard. She quickly went from licking to sucking, trying to take as much of him as she could. She looked up at him. He looked like a king laying there watching her. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she wanted to please him! She wanted to show him how good of a fuck toy she could be to him!

A thought then popped up in her mind. Did her mom do this for him? She knew they were fucking but really did she also bring this out of him? Did he lay back and watch her mom suck him off? Would she look up at him with the same “does this please you?” look she gave him now? Did he fuck her the same way?

She wanted to ask him, but she told him she wouldn’t do that. She didn’t want guilty as sin Clark. She wanted this Clark! She kept sucking him, her hand reaching to rub his balls. Last weekend she was in full control of him and it was fun but this was different. He was in control and she loved it!

His hips started to move as he began to fuck her mouth. He didn’t move his arms as he watched Lisa eagerly suck as much of him as she could. After a little while he finally spoke.

“After you eat my cum, your ass is next!”

A lustful moan escaped her lips as she kept sucking.

= = =

The rest of the day Clark fulfilled all his wonton sexual fantasies with little Lisa. She was so very eager to let him do anything and everything to her.

“This was way hotter than the 4 hours from last Saturday!” Lisa thought to herself as she took a shower. Sometime during their fuck-a-thon Clark checked his phone and was dragged back to reality when he saw fifteen missed text messages from Kelly. He quickly made up an excuse of his phone being dead and that was an end to today’s fun. Kelly was on her way over so the two had to quickly clean up. Lisa did offer to share the shower with him but he thought better of taking that offer.

After they were done with their showers and dried off they sat in the living room, first trying to be normal and watch TV but soon turned into a heavy make out session. His hands were all over her little body as they frenched each other. He almost thought about getting on top of her for one last quick fuck before his phone rang. After talking to Kelly the two had to calm down before the older woman came. Soon she knocked on the door and Clark let her in.

“Hey you two! How was your little day together?” she asked with a smile as she kissed Clark. Lisa saw how quick Clark was able to jump from horny “single” Clark to committed Clark.

“It was fun. I think Lisa and I haven gotten a little closer today!” he said with a relaxed smile. Kelly smiled.

“That’s great! I just knew you two would get along! I mean Lisa seemed to already like you but I had some doubts about you Clark!” the older woman said with a giggle. Lisa just sat there quietly and smiled.

“Oh you have no idea.” The young girl thought to her self as she jumped up from the couch and walked to her mom.

“So how did the interview thing go?” she asked as her mom gave her a quick hug.

“Well, knock on wood that these people I talked with today will clear the background checks and will work out! Maybe a week or so and I will have my weekend back!” Kelly said hopefully. Lisa just nodded.

“Well, I hate to leave since I just got here but I am so tired and I figure Lisa must be hungry.”

Clark sighed as he kissed Kelly.

“I understand. I really hope you take your time with the interviews.” He said. Kelly looked at him a little confused and Lisa had something of a worried look on her face.

“Why you say that?” Kelly asked.

“Well, I wouldn’t want you to hire some random people and they turn out like the last guys who got you into this weekend mess in the first place.”

Kelly stood there for a moment then nodded. She then smiled and kissed Clark again.

“Don’t you worry! I’m making sure to only hire hard workers!” She hugged her man and gave him one more kiss.

“We best get going. Hope I can see you more soon... alone maybe!” Kelly said with a small sigh. Clark nodded.

“I can’t wait!”

As Kelly and Lisa walked out of the house Lisa turned to look at the older man. She gave him a naughty little smile.

“Don’t worry, you and I can always hang out!” she said with a wink. He smiled.

“I don’t see a problem with that!” he replied, winking back as her as they walked out the door.

As they drove off Clark sat back on the couch and took a deep breath. He had a weird feeling in him as he thought about what happened today. He had little to almost no guilt. Was it because of Lisa’s little head trick or maybe it was more the fact that he was in control this time? He tilted his head back and looks up at the ceiling. He still loved Kelly with all his heart but at that moment he was thinking about to how good Lisa felt. His cock grew hard in his jeans thinking about how many times the two of them fucked today. Maybe he should enjoy it while it last because it sounded like maybe it will end by next week. He will be back to fucking Kelly’s sweet body and maybe that will erase all that he and Lisa did in his mind.

But Kelly’s work situation wouldn’t end the next week or the week after that...

It would be almost four months before that happens!

= = =

Chapter 7: The Bottom Drops Out

The more weekends Kelly had to spend at work meant the more time Lisa and Clark could start their own relationship. Unlike with Kelly where there would be dates and dinners and just spending time together the time with Lisa was just pure fucking. They would bounce back and forth between his place and her house. Kelly would drop Lisa off; give Clark a sad kiss before going to her work place. When he would go to her place he always brought some kind of breakfast or meal for Kelly.

Kelly didn’t think anything wrong was going on. He was there to help see her off in the morning and to keep an eye on Lisa. And Lisa seemed to enjoy having Clark around the house. She would seem very tired when Kelly would get home. She never really asked what the two did because well, what would a man in his mid 30’s be doing with an 11 year old. Nothing dirty because she knew Clark wasn’t that kind of man! Kelly would just sigh, missing her boyfriend and be thinking about how she would really make it up to him the first weekend they would have together.

While poor Kelly just sat in her office and dreamed of spending time with Clark her daughter would be letting the same man use her body over and over again! When she was at his house the two would fuck in every room several times over. When he was at her house she made sure they only stayed in her room. She would make some kind of excuse of not wanting her mom to walk in but the real reason was that webcam. She still wasn’t streaming their little fun times but she was recoding them!

“Single” Clark didn’t care where they fucked as long as he can use Lisa’s sweet fuck holes. They would sound like wild animals as their bodies slapped against each other. He made sure every drop would be in or on that little body.

At times “committed” Clark would try to make some kind of excuse about what he was doing with Lisa. This was just a temporary thing and that he will end it when Kelly was back to not working weekends. But the more he was with Lisa the more “single” Clark was taking over. Soon that Clark was saying things it seemed that “committed” Clark couldn’t argue.

“This is all Kelly’s fault! She would rather be working than be with you! Lisa knows it and she is a lot better fuck than her mom!” “Single” Clark’s voice growled.

With that line of reasoning any and almost all guilt Clark had fucking Lisa was gone. But in a way, it seemed like it all transferred to Lisa’s little shoulders.

When Kelly would come home Lisa could see the hurt sadness in the older woman’s eyes. She could see that she wanted to spend time with the man she was in love with and also her little girl. Lisa would try to put on a happy face but inside she felt like maybe, some how, her mom knew what was going on. She would ask what her daughter and Clark did all day and of course Lisa would lie, coming up with some mundane things like watch TV or play video games. Kelly would just smile, say something about Lisa seemingly being a better girlfriend that she was being then would just go to bed or spend the rest of the day moping about the house. Seeing her mom like this broke the young girl’s heart and she kept thinking about breaking things off with Clark but it seemed like as soon as she was alone with him her lustful nympho side would take over.

“M... maybe next weekend?” she would think to herself as she felt Clark’s thick cock enter her.

= = =

Another Saturday was here and Lisa watched as her mom was getting ready for work. It seemed like she was up a little earlier than normal. She looked worried as she got her things together.

“What going on? You look upset.” Lisa asked as she rubbed her sleepy eyes. Kelly sighed as she was getting the last of her work stuff.

“The big wigs are coming in today for a meeting with me. I fear I might not have a job after today!” Kelly said not even trying to hide the worry in her voice. Lisa stood there and watched her worried mother.

“Why would they fire you? You are like, the hardest working person there!”

Kelly smiled at Lisa. The girl was still so young and innocent.

“In a perfect world hun that would make sense. But in the real world working too hard makes people afraid you are after their job and they make sure to remove you!”

Lisa shook her head.

“Mom, calm down! There is no way they will fire you! You are freaking out over nothing!” the young girl said, her hands on her hips.

Kelly looked over to see the angry look on her daughter’s face. She sighed and smiled, walking over and kissing Lisa’s forehead.

“I know, I know. Just... The big bosses don’t come in on weekends unless something real bad is happening!”

She gave Lisa a great big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Wish me luck! I got to get going! Clark said he might come by to check up on you.”

“Not going to see him this morning?” Lisa asked. Once again she saw a hurt look on her mother’s face thinking about Clark.

“No, I have to get to the office ASAP! Love you hun!” Kelly said as she rushed out the door.

Lisa went to the living room window and watched as her mom drove down the road. As she waited for Clark to show up she thought about what she should do when he comes in. She needed to talk to him. She needed to not only end this but somehow get him to be with her mom again. As she looked out the window she watched as he pulled up to the house. As she let him in she saw him smiling at her as he walked in.

In her mind she sat Clark down on the couch. She explained that they can’t fuck each other anymore, and how he needed to be with her mom.

Again, this was only in her mind.

In reality they were both sitting on the couch. Clark had her shirt pulled up and he was leaning in, sucking and biting her nipples as he pushed his hand into her shorts. He pushed two fingers deep inside her little cunt. She gasped as he wiggled his fingers inside her. Any thoughts about talking to him went out the door.

“B... bed room...” she whispered as he kept fingering her. He shook his head.

“No, today I’m fucking you in here!” he moaned, biting her rock hard nipples.

She was about to protest but he silenced her when she felt his thumb rubbing her little clit.

= = =

Across town Kelly walked towards the main offices. She sighed as she opened the door to a conference room. Inside waiting for her were three people. Two were older men and one was a woman who may have been a little older than Kelly. The older one who sat in the middle of the two was a manager named Martin. He was something of a mentor of Kelly’s. He hired her years ago and would often help her out when there was issues. He had gray hair and looked to be in his mid fifties. He always seemed to be laid back and relaxed.

To his left was a man a little younger than Martin. His name was Derek. He was the manager of a different section of the business. He had dark hair and glasses and was rather skinny. She didn’t really see him often around the office. When she did see him he looked like he was always angry and off putting. Even now he looked like he was upset being in the office on a Saturday.

To Martin’s right was Melissa. She was in charge of R and D of the company and some other departments. She was rather attractive with light brown hair with some light gray. During normal work hours she would wear the normal work outfit of a blouse and skirt but today she wore a professional but tight top that showed off her nice size chest. She always seemed friendly when she was around the office.

“Hello Kelly, please have a seat.” Martin said as Kelly entered the room. She nodded and took a seat. She tried to read the three faces before her bet they all seemed to have the same looks of annoyance.

“Do you have any idea why we called you in here?” Derek asked as he adjusted his glasses.

“I figured it was because I fired two people and have been trying to find their replacements.” She answered. Derek nodded.

“That’s part of it.”

Melissa was looking at a folder in front of her. She then looked up at Kelly.

“This isn’t the first time this happened.” The woman said as she looked back down at the pages in the folder. Kelly took a breath to calm her self.

“Yes, I know. But I did follow the proper guidelines and made sure to put in all my reports the reasons and evidence to support my decision!”

Martin nodded.

“Yes you do. Kelly you have been doing great work with us these past several years...”

Kelly started to get upset, almost crying.

“I... I knew it! I’m getting fired aren’t I!” she said as tears started to form.

The three before her looked upset hearing Kelly’s clam.

“Oh my... Kelly calm down! Why would we fire one of our hardest working mangers?” Martin said a bit confused.

Melissa stood up and walked over to Kelly and hugged her tightly. Derek shook his head.

“I... I’m sorry if you took our being here has made you upset... Umm... Martin...” Derek said, looking at if he was trying to deal with a crying baby. Martin chuckled a little then started to speak.

“Kelly, we came here today not to fire you but to tell you that for all your hard work you’re getting a promotion and a raise!”

The crying woman was now crying more. She looked at Martin and Derek and then to Melissa who was still hugging her.

“F...for real?” was all she could say. Derek smiled and nodded.

“The reason we came in today instead of waiting till Monday was so you didn’t have to spend all day here! We approved of the two you interviewed and decided to give you the good news now!” Martin said as he handed Kelly the paper work she would have to fill out.

“If we were going to fire you, we would have had HR give you the bad news! We wouldn’t come here on our weekend!” Melissa said as she let Kelly go. Kelly took the paper work in front of her and looked at it.

She would now be one of the regional managers. That came with a whole big laundry list of perks but the one she saw that she felt like should have been at the very top: NO MORE WEEKEND DUITYS!

Melissa took her seat back at the other side of the table.

“So come in Monday, get those papers filled out and we will get you set up with your new office and what not!” the woman said with a big smile. Martin could figure out what part of the list Kelly was looking at.

“The only time you would have to come in on weekends would be if the building was on fire or somehow sunk to the 7th level of hell!” he said with a chuckle. Kelly smiled looking up at her boss.

“Don’t take this the wrong way. But if I came here and saw a massive crater where the office use to be, I’m heading home so fast!” she said.

“I hear that!” Derek said with a laugh. Martin and Melissa joined him. After a bit Martin stood up, shacking Kelly’s hand.

“I would say we should all go out for drinks to celebrate but sadly my daughter is coming home from college and I need to pick her up from the airport in a little while.”

It was Derek’s turn to shack Kelly’s hand.

“And I just got back home from some off site visits so I have a wife and kids I need to remind that I am still alive! Again congrats on the promotion and I look forward to working with you. And again, so sorry we scared you!”

Finally it was Melissa’s turn.

“And I have to get some things ready for a family visit! I know you will do great and my office is always open to you if you have any questions!”

Martin smiled as he looked at Kelly who was still crying a little but not out of fear but with joy.

“Tell you what, this Friday after you get all settled in and what not. We will treat you and your little girl to the best restaurant in town! What do you two say?” he said to his partners. They both agreed that was a great idea.

Soon they left and Kelly was in the bathroom, calming herself down and cleaning up. She was so excited by this great news! She looked at her phone and thought about maybe calling Lisa up but smiled as she put the phone in her purse. She will surprise both Lisa and Clark. First she needed to stop by a store to pick up some wine for her and Clark and soda for Lisa.

She couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when she walked in the door like six hours early!

= = =

It had been two hours since Kelly left for work. And Clark already came twice inside of Lisa and was now having the girl slide up and down his throbbing member. Their clothes were all over the living room as they still haven’t left to go to her bedroom. She whimpered as his hands held onto her hips as he controlled how fast she rode him. He decided this morning before getting to her house that he was just going to keep filling Lisa’s little cunt and womb with cum. He wanted to see how much of his load she could keep inside her.

She already orgasmed a number of times and at this moment seemed almost like a rag doll. She felt like if he didn’t have his hands on her hips she would have melted into a puddle on the floor by now. She couldn’t really come up with any real thoughts in her head at the moment. She heard a bunch of times when she was with men that they were going to fuck her stupid. She figured it was just a figure of speech or something but did Clark some how prove it could happen. She whimpered as he kept thrusting inside her, his hands squeezing her little asscheeks as their bodies slapped together.

He already had plans for her tight little ass. When Kelly had to go to work tomorrow he was going to make Sunday “all anal” day. He couldn’t wait to see how many times he could empty himself in her cute ass. He wondered if maybe it will be at his house. He moaned thinking about how much more he could do with this sexy little toy. He felt himself getting close to cumming inside her again.

“Mmm you little bitch! You ready for another load?” he asked, knowing she wasn’t able to answer.

She almost looked drugged as her body bounced up and down his member. She mumbled something that he took as an answer as he slammed deep inside her and cried out as he started to fill her sweet little hole. He figured he would give her a couple minuets to gather her senses before another round of hard fucking. As he grunted deep inside her he leaned in to kiss her but he was stopped.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” a woman screamed. Both Clark and Lisa tense up hearing this voice. Clark leaned his head over to the side to see Kelly standing before them, a look of combined shock and horror on her face as she saw her boyfriend’s cock buried deep inside her little girl.

At this moment it seemed like Lisa had gotten her mental powers back as Clark made her slide off him. She just stood there as she looked at her angry mother. This was the thing Lisa always feared would happen but she never came up with any plans for it! Kelly’s eyes were on Lisa for only a moment before looking back at Clark and screaming.

“YOU CHILD RAPING FUCK! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THIS?!” she screamed. He tried to speak but he couldn’t really come up with any kind of answer.

“K...Kelly it isn’t what it looks like!” he stammered. There was no real way that line ever worked in the history of ever! His ex girlfriend tried to use the exact same sentence when he caught her cheating on him. Kelly looked real pissed hearing those words coming out of his mouth.

“Isn’t what it looks like?! I don’t know Clark it looks a lot like you are FUCKING RAPING MY DAUGHTER YOU SICK FUCK! THAT’S WHAT IT FUCKING LOOKS LIKE!” Kelly screamed.

Lisa tried to think of something, anything that might be able to stop her mom from screaming. At the moment nothing was coming to mind. But as her mother was screaming at Clark a dark, almost evil voice spoke up within Lisa’s mind.

“She thinks he raped you! Just keep quiet and you won’t get in trouble! You can get away scott free! Just stay quiet!” it growled. She mentally shook her head. She couldn’t let him get in trouble for her actions but she was still powerless to speak up or to think of what to say to get her mom to calm down.

Clark was having no way to get though to Kelly. The main issue was that there was no way of talking his way out of fucking an underage girl! It didn’t help that he was naked and his cock was wet with Lisa’s juices and his own cum. As he tried to talk Kelly would cut him off with more screaming. But it seemed like something clicked with the older woman as she looked at the naked man in front of her. She looked over towards Lisa and notice the cum leaking out of her used little pussy. Seeing this seemed to crank up Kelly’s anger to 11.


“I... I didn’t rape her!” was all Clark could say. Kelly wasn’t hearing anything the man was saying.

“When did it start you bastard? When I dropped her off at your house? The day I left you here when I had to go to work? How long have you been waiting to rape her you fuck?!”

He kept trying to find a way to prove he didn’t rape Lisa. He kept looking at the girl who just stood there, either too afraid to speak up or maybe she was just going to leave him out to hang for this. He narrowed his eyes. There was no way he was going to let her get away with getting him in trouble!

“Lisa has a website! She has been fucking people since last summer! She has pictures and videos!”

Kelly got silent hearing this. Lisa’s eyes opened wide in shock that Clark would rat her out.

“Clark no!” she whispered. Kelly’s eyes narrowed at the older man.

“Bullshit.” Kelly whispered. Clark shook his head.

“I’ll show you right now on Lisa’s computer!” he said.

Lisa just stood there as her mother walked past her and made her way to her daughter’s room followed by Clark. There was a part of her that wanted to run to her room, maybe closing and locking the door so she could maybe delete all her pictures and videos. But she couldn’t move. Everything in her body seemed to be glued to the spot where she stood, her sweat and his cum dripping off of her.

As Kelly and Clark walked into Lisa’s bedroom Kelly sat at the girl’s computer desk. She was able to get on her desktop with out a password and Lisa had the site bookmarked and the password remembered. Soon Kelly’s eyes were opened wide in shock as pictures and videos loaded on the screen. She sat in silence as she clicked on picture after picture of her little girl.

CLICK: Lisa sucking on a black cock

CLICK: Lisa riding a cock and looking like she was in a RV

CLICK: Lisa’s head in between a woman’s legs, licking her pussy

CLICK: Lisa laying on her back on a floor, several men standing around her, covering her with their cum...

“If you look at the dates she was doing this months before you and I met! I... I had her on my friend’s list but I swear I didn’t know she was your daughter until that first date!” he tried to say as Lisa finally walked into her room.

Lisa bit her lip as her mom started to watch the videos on her profile. The room was filled with the recorded moans and groans of Lisa and who ever was the man in the video. After a little bit she stopped that video and started another. This one was in what looked like an RV. An older man slowly fucking Lisa up her ass. After some grunts the person filming the two, sounded like a woman, spoke up.

“How does daddy’s cock feel baby?” the unseen woman asked. Lisa looked up at the camera.

“F...feels so good mommy!” the little girl moaned.

Lisa’s heart felt like it stopped in her chest. Kelly stopped the video and just sat there, not looking at either Clark or Lisa. Kelly mumbled something under her breath.

“W...what?” Clark asked scared to really ask what the woman said. Kelly didn’t even look at him.

“GET THE FUCK OUT!” she screamed.

Clark quickly rushed out the room. He only got his shorts and shoes on, grabbing the rest of his clothes and quickly driving away. That just left Lisa in the room with her mom. Kelly kept her eyes on the screen, the video pause with Lisa looking up at the camera, a stranger behind her his hands on her little hips as some of his cock was buried in her anus. The still naked little girl stood there, too frightened to really do anything for awhile. She just looked at the side of her mother’s face.

“M... mom... I...” Lisa tried to speak but Kelly cut her off.

“Get out... go to my room until I am ready to speak with you.” She said in a low way, trying to hide the anger that was still inside the woman. Lisa didn’t say anything as she quietly left her room and walked across the hall to her mom’s room.

Kelly just sat there, looking at that paused screen. She saw a look of lust on her little girl’s face. Kelly picked another video. It was the same RV, this time Lisa was eating out the woman who was talking to her from the other video. Happy moans escaping Lisa’s lips as the older woman had her hands on the little girl’s head as she moved her hips, fucking the girl’s face and mouth.

“Yessssss, eat mommy! Eat her horny cunt!” the woman moaned.

Lisa gave a little moan herself as she kept working her tongue. After a bit Kelly stopped the video and picked another.

There were so many videos. She couldn’t believe how much her daughter has done behind her back! She kept watching her as she fucked men, licked women, done things with girls closed to her age and shockingly with Shannon. She then stumbled upon the recorded webcam shows. Watching Lisa as she skillfully teased the viewer with sexy stripping. She seemed to know what to say and how to really use her young body. Kelly kept clicking till finally she got to Lisa’s first video.

This was the only video Kelly watched the entire way through. She watched as first Lisa made love to a red haired teen girl, and then she loses her virginity to an older man. The girl and the man were so sweet and tender towards Lisa for her first time. This wasn’t what Kelly thought happened to her little girl. After seeing that video she went back and looked at all the other pictures and videos. These weren’t proof of a little girl being raped and abused by evil people. These were evidence of a girl becoming a woman who loved sex!

Kelly bit her lip. She felt a little sick in her stomach.

She was getting turned on watching her daughter. She leaned back in the chair and looked up at the ceiling. She took a deep breath as a thought crossed her mind that she had to say out loud.

“My god... she is just like me when I was her age!”

= = =

Chapter 8: Kelly’s Fun School Days

It was in between periods and 11 year old Kelly Sharp was at her locker pulling out her books for her next class. The 5th grader sighed as she was getting her stuff together. This was the first year they tried to do a 5th through 7th “middle school” kind of system. She tried to get use to the whole thing of getting to the different classes on time and what not. Kelly adjusted her glassed and pushed a little bit of her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear. She was a cute little bookworm who many boys looked at. Of course the popular “mean” girl types thought of her as a gross nerd and none of them really liked her. Kelly didn’t care. She wasn’t there to be some boy’s eye candy or the most popular girl in the building.

Well, before school started it was partly true. She really didn’t want to be popular but there was one boy she didn’t mind being the eye candy/mental hump object of, and he was walking over to her locker right now.

His name was Seth Parks. He was a handsome 13 year old who was becoming an up and coming football star in the school. He had dirty blonde hair and a fit build to him and you would think a boy like him wouldn’t be caught dead with a girl the cheerleaders and the popular girls would consider a nerd.

But thanks to a little party that happened a couple weeks before school started Seth and Kelly were a couple! He walked up to her locker and making sure no teachers were around he grabbed the girl’s cute little ass.

“Hey sexy!” he said with a chuckle. Kelly looked over at her boyfriend, a little smirk on her face.

“Better watch yourself! Might get me all worked up and all!” She said as she took her books out of her locker and placed them in her book bag. She looked back at him.

“So, how you think you are going to do on your art test?” she asked with a giggle. He took a deep breath and shook his head.

The night before she had him come over her house so she could help him study. She was able to take some advance classes due to her high test scores even though she was only 11 and she told her parents she was tutoring the teen boy. At first it was going to be a normal study thing but soon kissing was involved, then touching, then removal of clothes and soon fucking.

Kelly didn’t have to worry about the test; Seth though had other things on his mind through out the test.

“Don’t blame me!” she said with a little giggle in her voice. He quickly grabbed her from behind and pressed her into him. She moaned as she felt his hard cock pressed on her.

She leaned her head back and kissed the boy. As they kissed a group of girls walked past the couple. The head girl was a dye blonde bitch named Tia. She rolled her eyes at the couple as she walked past them.

“So fucking gross!” she said. Both Kelly and Seth gave the girl the middle finger. Funny thing was, if it wasn’t for Tia and her party Kelly and Seth would have never gotten together!

= = =

It was two weeks before school started up and Kelly found herself at the house of the queen mean girl bitch Tia Carper. All around the shy girl was kids from her school. None of them were talking to her and to tell the whole truth Kelly didn’t want to be at this party at all! As Kelly stood there in the living room watching the others mingle and what not she really wished she could be back home reading or doing something more fun. Tia and her troop of vapid followers walked up to Kelly. Tia had a look of disgust as she saw the young girl.

All the other girls were wearing expensive high quality dresses they showed of skin and little bits of what might be breast someday but now were most likely stuffed bras. Kelly just wore a t-shirt and some jeans. Her choice of outfit seemed to be extra frosting on the hate cake Tia had cooking for Kelly!

“God why did you come here? You are bringing my party down with your nerd funk!” the stuck up little cunt said as she toyed with her fake blonde bangs. Kelly just rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t want to be here Tia! My mom forced me to come here. Besides this party looked boring as hell even before I got here!”

Tia narrowed her eyes. She really didn’t want to invite Kelly to her party. It wasn’t because Kelly was a nerd, far from it. The main reason was the little glasses wearing preteen was a lot cuter than her and she really didn’t want her to somehow get all the attention from the boys! She tried not to let the girl in her party but her mom forced her.

Kelly’s mom and Tia’s mom were best friends at their work place and for some reason the two women thought that since they were great friends then their daughters would naturally be friends too, but the older women couldn’t be more wrong! When Tia’s mom added Kelly to the invite list the spoiled girl made a big fuss about not wanting nerds at her party. It took the twin threats of canceling the party and grounding the girl for not only three months but she would also be banned from going to any and all school functions for the entire school year for the little bitch relented!

Kelly herself didn’t want to go. Her mom kept bugging her about not only getting some friends but also in a way try to be like the popular girls. Kelly didn’t want to be anything like those girls. She liked being home, reading a good book or watching a movie. When her mom excitedly told her daughter she get her invited to Tia’s party the cute little book worm bitched about going. Her mom put her foot down.

“Young lady, you will go to that party, you will spend at least two hours there before I will even think about letting you back into this house!” he mom said, pushing her little girl out the door before slamming it closed and locking it.

Now here she was, standing near a couch and looking at her watch, waiting for her time to be up so she could go home! She looked around the room every couple minuets. Yeah the room was full but even the other kids looked so bored to be there. It almost made her wonder if they were forced to come here by their parents also.

Tia looked around the room. She didn’t care that the other kids there looked bored or whatever, she was waiting for her special guest to show up.

Seth Parks!

This party was really her chance to try to get the teen quarterback to become her boyfriend! Oh she had it all planed out. Once he got to the party she would chat him up then with a select few party goers they would go to the other room and play seven minuets in heaven. She will somehow rig it up to where she would be the one in the closet with Seth. After some making out they would be the power couple of the school! She kept a watch on the front door. He would be here any moment now!

Down the street Seth and some other guys from the football team made their way towards Tia’s house. All of them just got done with a quick practice and meeting with the coach so all of them were only wearing jeans and their jerseys. None of them really wanted to go there because none of them really liked Tia. Seth especially thought of Tia as an unlikeable bitch who was way too stuck up for her own good! The only reason why any of them were going was because one of the guys on the team, a large black teen named Tone, had a hook up near Tia’s house that was going to score them some weed. They had to hang out somewhere for a couple hours before the hookup got home so might as well go to Tia’s shit party!

Tia was busy trying to get more chips and what not when Seth and the others walked in. The other players chuckled seeing how dead this party was. A couple of them talked about just going somewhere else to hang out but Tone and Seth decided to hang out here for a little while. Tone saw some girls he decided he was going to mack on, leaving Seth alone. The teenager sighed as he looked around. Really there was no one here he wanted to talk to or anything. He almost thought about leaving until her saw her.

A cute little strawberry blonde with round frame glasses who looked as bored as he was. He smiled as he figured he could at least chat with her a bit before deciding to leave or what ever! He started to make his way towards her. As he got to her he saw her checking her watch and sighing.

“That looks so much more fun than this boring thing!” he said jokingly. At first Kelly didn’t look up at her watch. She didn’t think any one was talking to her.

“You waiting for someone to pick you up or something?” he asked. At this point she realized someone was speaking to her. She looked up and gasped.

It was an older teen talking to her! And he was super cute! She gave a little nervous chuckle as she tried to answer him. After a moment they both just stood there quietly, trying not to look at each other.

Being this close to this girl Seth felt like she had to be the hottest girl in the room! It added some points that she wore glasses. Every time she looked over at him he saw that sweet little smile. When she caught his eyes looking at her she would blush in the sweetest little way!

To her this guy was very hot! She didn’t really think about having any kind of boyfriend or anything really. Her main goal was to just pass school and then maybe college or something. But seeing this handsome boy who seemed to be into her looking at her and wanting to talk with her she started to have some second thoughts about the whole no boyfriend thing!

Soon they started to talk to each other. Surprisingly they both seemed to have a lot in common. They both liked video games and reading. There were movies they both liked and things that were coming out they both really wanted to see. The more they talked the more they both seemed to like each other more and more. Soon he asked her something that made her heart skip a beat.

“So... do you like... have a boyfriend or anything?” he asked. She blushed and shook her head.

“N... no.” she whispered. He took her hand and kissed it.

“Would you like to have one?”

Her face turned a very deep red. She almost felt like she couldn’t speak. When she did finally speak though she felt like she asked the dumbest thing in the world.

“A... are you talking about you?” she asked. He busted out laughing.

“Oh no, not me! I was going to introduce you around to a bunch of random people! Of course me silly!” he said with a laugh. She narrowed her eyes and playfully hit his shoulder.

“Asshole!” she giggled. He smiled as he looked at her sweet face. She looked so kissable. He almost thought about just taking her in his arms.

“So... what’s your answer?”

She smiled and her mouth was open as she was about to speak but she was suddenly interrupted.

“There you are!” Tia said as she walked up to Seth. Both he and Kelly seemed to cringe at the same time as the host of the party came up to the teen boy.

“H... hey.” He said, trying not to look at the girl who had her hands on her hips. Tia looked at Seth as if he was already her boyfriend and he was doing something he wasn’t supposing to.

She looked and saw he was holding Kelly’s hand. She grabbed at his arm and tried to pull it away from Kelly as if he was grabbing dog shit or something.

“Ew! Stop touching him Kelly!” Tia said with disgust as she tried to pull Seth away. He quickly pulled his arm away from Tia.

“First off, you don’t fucking touch me!” he growled at the girl. Tia just stood there in shock as he pulled Kelly towards him.

“I’m here talking with my girl! What do you want?” he said as Kelly leaned her head on his chest with a coy little smile.

Tia stood there as if her brain just decided to stop working and it was trying to reset it’s self. The way the two before her were looking, they were a couple but the brat shook her head.

No, he was just messing with her! No way! Why would he want that nerdy bitch when he could have a popular girl?! She just laughed off the sight in font of her. It had to be some kind of joke or something!

“Umm well, I was going to have some people come into the other room, like hang out away from everyone else...” Tia started to say.

“That’s rather rude! I mean you invite people just to ignore them?” Kelly said as she looked a little annoyed by what Tia just said. Tia gave Kelly a “shut the fuck up” look before she started talking again.

“I figured like, you would want to like, I don’t know... hang out there.”

He nodded then looked down at Kelly.

“What you think? Wanna go to Tia’s secret party?” he asked. Tia looked a little upset as Kelly looked up at him.

“Sure if you are inviting me!” she answered with a smile. He looked over towards Tia.

“Okay let’s go!” he said as he took Kelly’s hand and walked towards the room Tia was talking about. Tia just stood there for a moment as if to process what just happened but then let it go.

= = =

Seth and Kelly walked into what looked to be some kind of guest room of some kind. There was a fold out couch and a little TV. In the room was a bunch of Tia’s girlfriends, a couple random boys either Tia or the other girls dragged into this and to Seth’s surprise, Tone!

“She roped you in here too?” he asked his friend. Tone chuckled and pulled at the football jersey he was still wearing.

“I guess being a football player gets me into all the fun places.” The teen chuckled.

He then looked and saw the girl that walked in with Seth. He cocked an eyebrow looking at the cute little nerd girl who looked like she didn’t really belong here. He had to admit she was cute and he wouldn’t say no to what ever she would be offering.

“Hi there, my name is Terry, but everyone just calls me Tone.” He said as he cranked up the charm and kissed Kelly’s hand. She blushed.

“I’m Kelly... umm I guess I am Seth’s girlfriend.” She said with a worried smile. Tone looked at Seth who was looking at the girl next to him.

“Thanks for the answer babe!” he said as he kissed the girl on the cheek. If she was blushing when Tone kissed her hand then she was really blushing with the little peck on the cheek. It took a moment for Kelly to get her composure.

“I tried to answer you sooner but someone had to...”

Before she could finish her train of thought Tia walked into the room and made a big deal about it.

“Okay everybody! If everyone could sit in a circle it’s time to play seven minuets in heaven!”

Her friend quickly sat down while the boys in the room just looked around, not realizing why they were picked to be in here. Kelly looked worried as she looked at Seth then the others. She leaned in and whispered to him.

“What’s seven minuets in heaven?” she asked. He leaned over and whispered an answer.

“Its when they spin a bottle and who ever it lands on picks out a person in the group to make out with in the closet or some other room.”

Kelly swallowed. Maybe she shouldn’t be in here! There would be no way Seth, or really any other boy would pick her.

And if things worked right, how Tia had this all set up she would have Seth no matter what! Her friends were all commanded that if the bottle landed on them they would give their turns over to Tia. And to make sure there was no real way she could lose she had more girls than boys in the room. If it somehow landed on one of the few boys well those girls would have to take one for the team!

She looked and saw how Kelly and Seth weren’t in the circle. She cleared her throat for them to sit down. Kelly looked a little upset as she sat down. Tia had a mean little smirk on her face.

“Aww what’s wrong nerd girl? You know no one wants you?” Tia thought to herself as she placed the empty coke bottle on the floor.

She quickly spun the bottle on the floor. She really hoped it would land on one of her idiot friends so she could get this shit over with. At the opening of the bottle slowed to a stop it didn’t land on any of the girls, it landed on Tone!

“Alright! Lucky lucky!” the black teen said as he clapped his hands. He looked at the girls around him. For a moment he looked at Kelly. To tell the truth she was the only really cute one in the room and he wondered how far she would be willing to go but seeing that it looked like maybe Seth already called dibs on her he decided on another girl.

“Okay... you!” he said, pointing at an Asian girl who was part of Tia’s little group. Her eyes opened wide as he stood up and walked towards her. She looked like she wanted to scream no and run out the room but when she looked over to Tia her “boss” gave her a look that screamed “fucking do it!”

Kelly watched as the Asian girl and Tone walked into the near by closet. Tia pulled out a kitchen timer and started it up. The kids sat there in silence as they tried to hear what was going on in that little space. There was a thump or two, followed by a whimpered “no” but soon there were moans and sounded like kissing. Soon the timer hit 0 and the little bell started to ring.

“Okay you two, time’s up!” Tia said as she knocked on the door.

There were some muffles before the door opened. Tone walked out first with a smile on his face. The girl followed her hair a mess and her clothes looking like she tried to get them back on before coming out. Tone didn’t sit back in the circle instead he sat on the couch. The girl followed suit, sitting on his lap and started to make out with the football player. His hands on her ass as it looked like she was grinding on him. Tia tried to clear her throat, as if that would somehow make the girl stop grinding on the boy but after a couple moments that was a losing battle. She rolled her eyes and started the game again.

It seemed as if the bottle had a mind of its own and it really didn’t want anything to do with Tia’s stupid plan. The bottle seemed to keep landing on the other boys who either picked out one of Tia’s friend or in one shocking case, another boy! After each make out session it seemed like the couple would exit the closet and find themselves a quiet place in the room to continue what was started. Soon Tia was running out of friends and she felt upset that it seemed like none of the other boys even attempted to pick her as a partner. She tried to hide the fact that hurt her as she kept the game going.

Soon it was Seth’s turn to spin. Tia suddenly got excited. There was no way he wouldn’t pick her! It was her party, plus she was popular and for a jock to not pick the popular girl was just bullshit and wrong! As the bottle spun Tia seemed to try to will it to land on her. Seth seemed to spin the bottle pretty hard and it didn’t look like it was stopping anytime soon! Tia’s eyes were glued to that bottle opening as it kept going around and around.

It spun past her once:

“Okay, no problem...” she thought to herself.

Spun past her twice:

“It has to stop soon, and it will stop on me!” she mumbled to herself, her eyes still on that glass bottle.

Past her a third time, but looked to be slowing down:

“Fucking Christ! I will fucking stop this myself!” she screamed in her brain as it slowed down more and more.

It past her for the final time, and it slowly landed back to Seth!

“Wow what are the chances of that!” he laughed. The remaining girls and boys in the circle also laughed. Tia smiled as she looked like she was about to stand up but she stopped when she watched what happened next.

Seth took Kelly’s hand and walked with her to the closet!

= = =

Kelly took a deep breath as she walked into the cramped closet with the handsome teen boy. There was hardly any room for the two of them but then again that was the point. She looked into his eyes as he held her close and slowly kissed her. She moaned as she felt like this was the most perfect thing in the world! He soon broke the kiss and smiled.

“Was that your first kiss?” he whispered.

She almost said the most boneheaded answer about being kissed by her mom and dad but had to clear that from her head to not embarrass herself. All she could do was blush and nod. He leaned in to kiss her again.

“Me too.” He whispered before kissing again.

The two held each other tightly as this kiss lasted a little longer. At some point her little tongue decided to kick it up a notch and enter his mouth. He just moaned a little as he did the same to her. Her hands rubbed his fit chest as they continued to explore each others mouths.

He loved how she felt pressed up on him. He knew after tonight if there were any other naughty games like this to play he wanted Kelly to be his partner! As they kissed his hands moved down and started to explore her chest over the t-shirt she was wearing. His hands felt the developing breasts that were hidden from view.

When she felt his hands there she felt like maybe she should stop him, maybe slap his hands away but she didn’t. She liked how he touched her and moaned, letting him know she wanted more! As his hands rubbed her breasts she took it upon herself to explore him. Her hands moved down towards his pants. She felt it was only fair for her to be able to touch his no-no area if he was doing the same to her! Her hands made their way to his thighs and slowly moved towards his groin. He did a half moan, half gasp as he felt her hands touch his hard cock. He pulled his head back for a second and looked at Kelly.

“Naughty thing!” he teased as he playfully squeezed her breast. She giggled as she did the same to his cock.

“Look whose talking!” she joked before she started kissing him again.

She continued to kiss and rub his groin as he moved his hands down. As they reached the hem of her shirt one hand went under, slowly touching her tummy as he worked his way up towards her breasts as his other hands moved towards her jean covered ass. It was her turn to gasp as his one hand went under the training bra she was wearing while the other hand not only grabbed her ass but the fingers went a little in between her legs from behind. Her hips moved as his fingers teased her sex as he used his thumb to rub her nipple. She felt a little light headed. Again she felt like maybe she should stop him but it felt too good!

They both stopped kissing as they looked into each other eyes as they molested each other. Her body felt like it was on fire and she loved it. Seth felt like he needed more and more of this sweet little thing in front of him. They both knew one thing:

They both needed to fuck!

He wondered if maybe they still had time to do it in the closet. He never gotten this far with any girl before but he tried to figure out what would be the best way to not only undress her but to fuck her. Kelly’s fingers moved to the fly of his jeans and slowly tried to pull it down. She wanted to feel his cock, wanted to see what a real dick looked like! Sure she saw naked men before in those porn vids and mags her older brother and dad had hidden away but this would be the real deal and she needed to see! As it felt like the zipper reached its end she was about to see the thing that was going to take her virginity...

= = =

As she unzipped him Seth finally figured out how to be able to get him inside Kelly! He was in she same boat as her sex wise. He seen porn from his dad’s hidden stash and what his friends lent him but this was different! This wasn’t some used up older tramp who already stared in a hundred plus videos, this was a cute, sexy girl close to his age and he was going to lose his virginity to! He moved the hand that was playing with her as to the front of her jeans and tried to start undoing them...

= = =

Tia sat there on the floor, her eyes fixed on the closet door as the kitchen timer seemed to slowly tick down the seconds till Seth and that... that gross nerd were done with their sick joke! Even though she could quiet clearly hear the moans and kissing of the two the girl knew they had to be fake. Every once in a while she would look around the room to what looked like some kind of orgy about to take place! Seth’s friend was still on the couch, the girl he made out with now had her shirt and bra off and they looked like they were really getting into their dry humping. As she looked around the room it seemed like everyone’s hormones were firing hard as the kissing and touched became more and more graphic! Hell even the two gay boys were making out hard core! The room was a little dark but Tia could swear it looked like they had their dicks out and were jerking each other off!

Her eyes went back to the timer. She wanted to just speed it up to make Seth’s little joke end but the other girls and boys who seemed to want to keep playing looked like they would jump her if she even tried to do that. She didn’t realize that at some point some more kids made their way into the room and most seemed down to have a little naughty fun. Tia didn’t care, she was going to have her turn with Seth and then the game would be over and for all she cared the party would end also!

With every tick of the timer it felt like Tia was grinding her teeth down to nubs. Her eyes felt like they were burning though that door in front of her. In her mind she saw the two kissing their own hands, trying to make Tia look like a fool. Soon the bell rang. Tia got up and quickly got to the door and started to open it.

“Okay, jokes over you two!” she growled as she flung the door open.

= = =

Kelly started to reach into Seth’s pants, she could feel his throbbing member though the fabric of his underwear. She gave a little pout. She wanted to see it now! She wanted to touch it, study it, and get herself ready for what comes next! She felt a little wet sticky spot as she tried to get her hand past those undies when the door opened and light flooded the little room.

“Okay, jokes over you two!” Tia growled as the door opened. Her eyes went wide as she saw what was going on.

= = =

Seth got Kelly’s jeans unbuttoned and the fly down. Even though it was a little hard to see in this cramped little room he could see the white panties she was wearing. He pushed his hand down into her jeans, still above her panties as he felt her hot wet sex though the fabric! He gave a little moan as her hips rubbed her moist spot on his fingers. He was about to ask if he could pull her pants and panties off when the door flew open, blinding him for a moment with light.

“Okay, jokes over you two!” Tia growled as she held the door open. Her eyes were wide with shock for the third time tonight!

= = =

Tia couldn’t believe it! How dare Kelly force Seth to touch her gross body?! The two just stood there in the closet, giving her a look that said “do you mind?” Seth moved his hand inside Kelly’s pants for a moment, and Kelly looked like she was doing the same for him! That’s when Tia also noticed that he had his hand under Kelly’s shirt!

“T... Time’s up...” was all she could say. The couple in front of her blushed as they looked at each other.

“Oh... okay... umm... next?” Seth said as he pulled his hands away from Kelly then helped her zip up her jeans. Kelly bashfully pulled her hand out of his pants and did the same for him.

Both of them were a deep shade of red as they walked back into the main play area. Kelly’s glasses were a little fogged up as she bit her lip. All around her were teens and kids making out, some in various stages of undress. She adjusted her eyes a little and saw Tone with the girl on the couch. She could swear those two weren’t just dry humping, but were having full on sex! Seth reached over, pinching Kelly’s little ass. She giggled and moaned. Tia stood there in shock.

“Looks a little... busy in here.” Seth said as he looked over towards Kelly.

“Wanna go somewhere else?” she asked looking back, inadvertently giving him “fuck me” eyes. They both smiled as they walked out the room.

Tia couldn’t move as she watched the two walk out the room. By the time she could process her thoughts there was an excited squeal. She looked down at the kids who decided to spin for the next turn.

The bottle landed on this fat little nerd named Earl. He looked to be close to 17 and just all around looked like a gross sweaty mess. He clapped his hands and looked at Tia with a large smile on his face.

“I pick you!” he said, standing up and walking towards his prize...

= = =

Seth and Kelly were still worked up from their turn in the closet. He tried to figure out where might be a good place to keep their little fun going. It was Kelly who came up with the best idea.

“How about we try one of the other rooms?” she said as she looked down a hallway.

There weren’t too many people left in the party. Those who didn’t make their way into the make out room must have left when Tia abandoned them. That meant the couple didn’t have to try to sneak around as they walked down the hall way. First room they found was the bathroom but it sounded like someone was already getting sick in there. The other doors were locked. No doubt Tia’s parents figured kids would be roaming around. As Kelly tried one door Seth stood in front of another.

“I think I found Tia’s room.” He said in a bored tone.

“Why you think that?” she asked as she tried to open a door but was locked. She turned around as he pointed at the door.

“Just a hunch.” He said dryly as he pointed to a little sign on the door that read “Princess”.

Kelly laughed as she tried the door knob but was locked.

“Naa, this might be her dad’s office!” she joked as she looked at the door.

Unlike the other doors, she really wanted into this one. Not only did she want to see what Tia’s room looked like but there was another reason.

She wanted to fuck Seth in there!

Seth seemed to notice how bad Kelly wanted in there. He moved her out of the way and had his back towards the door.

“Hold up, watch the hall make sure no one is around!” he said as he looked like he was about to raise his leg.

“Wait! Are you seriously going to kick her door in?” Kelly whispered in shock.

“M... maybe.” He answered sheepishly. Kelly shook her head.

“No idiot! Look on top of the door frame, see if there is like a metal thing that looks like a pin or something!”

He reached up and after some tries he found what Kelly was talking about. He handed the girl the item and after a few tried was able to unlock the door. She looked over and smiled at him as she shook her head.

“Going to kick down the door... wow.” She said as she opened the door. She took a couple of steps inside then stopped. Seth shook his head as he followed her in, quickly closing the door and locking it behind him.

“Well I am sorry I was thinking like a...” he stopped in mid thought.

Tia’s room had to be the pinkest thing in the whole universe! The couple just stood there and marveled at the pink walls, the pink furniture, the pink bed and matching pink bedspread. Even the posters on the walls were of super girly things like unicorns, ballet dancers and teddy bears, and even those were pink.

“Ummm... I’m a girl, and I like some girly things... but this is a bit much!” Kelly said as she looked around and noticed that even the carpet was pink. She looked back at the walls.

“I...is that glitter? I mean is the walls covered in pink and glitter?”

Seth just looked around.

“I... I feel like maybe I shouldn’t be in here. I think I feel sick! Kelly lets try...”

He turned to look at Kelly but was once again stopped in mid thought.

Kelly had her clothes off and was standing before him naked. The sick feeling he was getting quickly went away as he started to strip out of his clothes. Soon the two kids were looking over each other’s bare bodies.

Kelly swallowed nervously as she looked at Seth’s tone body. Her eyes drifted down towards his groin. She seen cocks in porn mags and videos but never live like this? She walked forwards towards the boy. She reached out and not even asking lightly started to touch his cock.

Seth moaned. This was the first time anyone besides himself touched him down there! Her skin felt so soft as her fingertips rubbed and touched all over his member. He tried to stand perfectly still, as if he was worried any kind of movement would freak her out or something. The more she touched the harder his cock felt.

Kelly knew of sex. She knew the whole reason behind it and what not but before today she never really thought about it. She figured it would be something she would have to wait till she was an adult or something to experience but now, at this moment her mind seemed blank as she stroked Seth’s hard cock. Her pussy felt so hot and wet that there was no way she could stop herself or Seth.

He moved in close to her. Both of them were breathing heavily as he leaned in and kissed her. Once again his hands started to explore her. One hand was now feeling the little bumps of developing breasts as his other hand moved down to lightly touch her pussy. This was the first time he felt a girl’s private area. Yeah he felt boobs before but never exposed like they were now! Kelly gasped and almost jumped away from him when his fingers touched her sensitive area. They both looked into each other’s eyes as he light rubbed her sweet pussy. She bit her lip as her hips moved a little. Her hand closed around Seth’s cock and started to jerk him off as he kept rubbing her.

No words were spoken as she let go and climbed onto Tia’s bed. Her legs opened wide for the boy as he climbed on top of her and kissed her deeply. After breaking the kiss he sat up and with his hand he rubbed his cock up and down Kelly’s virgin slit. She moaned as she wondered how it will feel. Knowing that Seth was a virgin also she didn’t know if he would know anything or what. He looked into her eyes. She took a deep breath and nodded for him to enter her.

He slowly pushed himself into her. Her tight pussy quickly grabbed his hard member as he kept pushing into her. She felt so good as he kept pushing into her. Soon his cock was stopped by something within her. He didn’t really know that this was the girl’s hymen! He pulled back some then pushed forward hard. The block gave way to the invading dick and Kelly cried out!

“A... are you okay?” he asked as he pushed the last of his cock deep inside of his lover.

“H... hurts...” she whimpered.

As he was about to pull out she grabbed Seth and shook her head.

“Please don’t move!” she said as her pussy kept the boy in place. He held her close and kissed her as she calmed down and got use to the throbbing member inside her.

After a little bit of time her hips started to move. He took that as a sign to move. The two started to move almost in unison. As they moved Kelly kept whimpering but those sounds turned to lustful moans. The bed springs creaked as they started to move more and more. The head board hit the pink wall over and over. Kelly reached up and wrapped her arms around Seth’s neck and pulled him down to kiss him as their hips moved in unison. Their skin slapping against each other. Her legs wrapped around his lower back.

“Kelly, oh god you feel so good!” Seth moaned, thrusting harder and faster. Kelly kissed him deeply, her fingers digging into his back.

Her pussy got tighter and hotter around his cock. He felt like he was about to fill her up but tried his best to hold back. He loved being inside her and never wanted to leave. And how she held onto him she didn’t want him to leave her either! Kelly’s heart was thumping so hard in her chest. She felt light headed as her pussy felt like it was getting so tight she was almost worried that she was going to hurt Seth’s penis. They kept moving their hips more and more.

“Ohhhh goodddddd KELLLLLYYYY!” Seth screamed out as he started to give Kelly her first load of cum in her pussy! Her pussy became vice like as she held him in place as she started to scream.


Her first orgasm made the girl feel like she was about to pass out. Her body felt hot as Seth lay on top of her and slowly kissed her. She whimpered as his clock got soft and was soon slipped out of her. They lay in bed, holding and kissing each other. Kelly looked into Seth’s eyes.

“Are we really boyfriend and girlfriend? I mean... I don’t want to find out you just did this to have sex with me or something.” She whispered nervously. Seth held her tight and kissed her again.

“Yes, we are a couple! Even if we didn’t wind up fucking, I want to be with you!” he said, caressing her soft body. She snuggled into him for a little while. He kept kissed her face and neck as he caressed her.

“So... you wanna stay here or maybe go somewhere else?” he asked her. She smiled.

“Can we go to your house?” she asked. He smiled back and kissed her again.

“What you wanna do there?” he asked. She looked him in the eyes.

“More sex... in a less pink area.” She giggled. They kissed as they got up and dressed.

Soon they were at Seth house, thankfully void of both parents and a room of total pinkness. And those two things led to a lot more sex for the new couple.

= = =

Ever since that party Kelly and Seth couldn’t keep their hands off each other (or their clothes on). When ever they had a chance for a quickie they would take it. With sex Kelly seemed like a different girl! Oh she was still a tiny bit nerdy, getting good grades and what not, but she was a little more adventurous!

At this moment between classes she looked at her boyfriend and smiled.

“So... what’s your next class?” she asked, biting her lower lip. He knew what that meant when ever he saw her do that.

“Study hall... you?”

“Free period.” She whispered. His cock was growing hard as he tried to think where they could duck to.

Kelly already had a place in mind as she quickly grabbed his hand and took charge. She led him to a section of the school that for the time being was roped off. Late in the summer the school was being expanded and when school started the workers had to wait till the weekends to continue to build. Most of the classrooms in the expansion weren’t ready yet or in most cases just empty. Kids would sneak into this area to try to skip class or in the case of Kelly and Seth, more naughty ideas.

There were suppose to be teachers who would patrol this area between classes to make sure no kids were in there but after awhile the teachers just let it go. Kelly and Seth make their way in this area and found a classroom that had a door they would be able to lock. As they walk in he locked the door. He turned and smiled as Kelly already had her t-shirt and jeans off. He walked up to his naked girl and kissed her deeply, his hands grabbing her ass.

She kissed him deeply as she worked on getting his clothes off. He broke his kiss and laughed.

“You sure you want to get naked in here? Someone might find us!” he whispered. She got on her knees and pulled down his pants and underwear.

One thing she was quick to learn was giving head! She found she loved feeling cock throb in her mouth as she licked and sucked it. He moaned as Kelly took him into her hot wet mouth. His hands rested on top of her head as he started to move his hips.

“God your so good at that.” He said as he started to fuck her mouth. She moaned as her head started to bob back and forth. One of her hands rubbing his balls as her other hand fingered her own wet cunt. He licked his lips as he looks down at his lover. He pulled his cock out her mouth and lay on his back.

“I’m hungry for that pussy baby!” he moaned. She smiled as she happily got into a 69 with him.

The two happily sucked and licked each others excited sexes. They both didn’t need to do this but they loved to make each other feel so good. His tongue lapping up her hot juices as her head bobbed up and down his member. Soon they would both explode into each others mouth, drinking up the yummy treat their bodies made for each other.

They weren’t done yet though. As soon as Kelly was done drinking Seth’s cum she moved her self around. His cock was still throbbing as the 11 year old made sure her pussy also got to have its own hot load of cum! His hands on her hips as she slid herself down on him. They both moaned. It had been hours since they both were able to fuck and every time they were able to, they relish it!

Kelly became an expert at riding and fucking Seth’s cock. It was as if she was made just for him. His hands moved up, playing with her breasts as she made sure every inch of his cock was deep inside her.

“Ohhhh baby yeeessss!” Kelly cooed as she worked herself up and down his pole. He moved his hips, trying to get himself as deep as he could.

“Kelly baby, your pussy is heaven!” he moaned, slapping himself in her again and again. She bent down, kissing him deeply as she tightened her pussy lips around him. His hands moved down, squeezing her ass as they both started to move harder and faster.

Soon they both were cumming at the same time. But again, in no way were they anywhere near done! They spent a good hour and a half fucking each other in that class room, missing a class or so.

When they were finally spent they laid on the carpeted floor, holding and kissing each other’s naked bodies. She smiled at him.

“Sooooo... what ya doing after school?” she asked.

He smiled, grabbing her ass.

“I think you know.” He whispered.

= = =

Kelly moaned, rubbing her pussy though her skirt. She snapped back from her little flash back as she remembered what was going on. These pictures and videos of her little girl fucking and sucking making her remember all the naughty times she had with Lisa’s father when she was her age. That anger that was in her mind some time ago was now gone as she was looking at a video of Lisa on all fours while a man was thrusting away behind her.

She reached up to the mouse and stopped the video. As she sat there for a moment in the quiet room she could hear faint whimpering coming from the master bed room. Kelly looked over at the door.

She had to talk to her little girl.

She stood up and made her way towards the master bedroom.

= = =

Chapter 9: A Mother/Daughter Chat

Lisa walked out of her mother’s bathroom. She had to clean herself after being caught with Clark. She didn’t feel right sitting on her mother’s bed with his cum leaking out of her. As she sat there nude she started crying again. She could hear her mom watching the videos from Lisa’s profile loud and clear. Every moan, every grunt, and every time she begged for more cock and cum. The fact that her mom was watching them turned her stomach more and more.

She always had a nagging feeling that sooner or later she would have been caught. Maybe her mom got on her computer and some how stumbled upon her profile. Maybe one day her mom walked in on her while she was doing her cam show. Maybe someone like Shannon or Staci would have ratted her out. She always feared she would have been found out but she never could think of any way to explain her actions. How could an underage girl explain to her mom that she loved sex and exposing herself to strangers online!

Her heart was beating very fast when she heard the videos stop and some movement coming from her room. Soon she heard her door open and footsteps towards the master bedroom door. The door opened and her mom entered the room. Lisa couldn’t look at her as she walked in and sat next to her little girl. Lisa sniffled as she didn’t know what to say to her mother.

Kelly sat next to her and smiled. She could feel the shame coming from her little girl as she took a breath. Even Kelly didn’t really know what to say to her little girl. They both sat there in silence. It was Kelly who broke the silence.

“Lisa, honey, why didn’t you tell me about... well... any of this?”

Lisa broke down crying.

“I... I don’t know why! I mean... I didn’t want to join the site at first but there was a bet with Shannon and then the later things and... and... and...”

The water works kicked on. She buried her head in her hands as she cried.

“I’m sorry mom! I’m so so sorry!”

Kelly wrapped her arms around her little girl. Lisa snuggled into her mom’s chest as Kelly caressed her daughter’s face.

“Its okay honey, calm down.” Kelly whispered.

“You hate me for keeping this a secret! You hate me for doing those things with people and having sex with Clark!” Lisa said as she kept crying.

Kelly held her tightly.

“Sweet heart, I don’t hate you! Yes I am upset that you hid this from me and felt you couldn’t talk to me about this!”

Lisa looked up at her mother, letting the woman wipe away her tears. Kelly smiled at her little girl. She was so beautiful. Kelly couldn’t believe her little girl could experience so much in her young life and loved it. She felt her pussy growing hot as she looked into Lisa’s beautiful blue eyes.

“If you want, I will delete my profile and all my pictures and videos! I won’t talk to any more people online!” Lisa said a desperate look on her face as if she hoped that this will somehow get rid of any trouble she might be in now!

“You don’t have to do that.” Kelly whispered as she kept caressing Lisa’s face.

“But... but mom, I will! I don’t want to...”

Before Lisa could finish she was suddenly stopped by her mom kissing her little lips! Her body tensed up for a moment but when she felt her mom’s tongue enter her mouth the child relaxed as her own tongue entered her mom’s mouth. Kelly’s hand moved up, caressing her daughter’s soft skin. Lisa moaned in Kelly’s mouth as her body seemed to melt into her mom’s embrace.

Soon Kelly broke the kiss and held Lisa tightly.

“Wow...” Lisa whispered, calming down as her mother’s hands caressed Lisa’s back. Kelly smiled at her little girl.

“Like that?” she asked. Lisa nodded.

“To tell you the truth, I thought maybe you would have never gotten out of your shell! I mean I figured you would have found yourself a little boyfriend or some kind of... safe hobby.” Kelly started with a little chuckle.

“Lisa, when I was your age I met and fell in love with your father. We took each other’s virginities and well, we fucked like non stop.” The older woman said as her face blushed a little. Lisa looked at her mom.

“Really? I mean like, I thought you and dad met in high school?” Lisa said. Kelly shook her head.

“I just told you and other so they won’t freak out. Thinking back on it, I am very surprised I didn’t get knocked up so soon! You and your father, we did so much! And seeing you on that site brought back so many memories!”

Lisa sat up, an excited smile on her lips.

“Really? Like what all you and dad do?” she asked.

Kelly had to think about what to tell her daughter. She didn’t want to seem like too much of a little whore or make her dearly departed father sound like some kind of sexual deviant. In her mind she ran down a quick list:

- There was that time she went with him to a party, she got drunk and fucked him and several members of the football team!

- She fucked him a bunch of times under the bleachers during school events

- Was several times they sneaked into empty classrooms to fuck during school

- There was the time his older cousin came home on leave from the military and she wound up fucking him a couple times.

- And there were many times they went on “double dates” with friends who wound up swapping partners!

Kelly thought she kept those to herself, and tried to find some “nice” way of talking about a part of her sexual history.

But she soon realized she was saying them out loud, and each thing made not only her horny, but it really got Lisa going also!

Any other kid would freak out hearing about their parent’s sexual history but not Lisa. She licked her lips as her hand reached between her legs and rubbed her hot sex.

“Mmm go on mommy! Tell me more!” she moaned as she used her free hand to reach up and start to unbutton her mom’s blouse. Kelly smiled.

“You naughty little girl! What do you think your doing?” she teased. Lisa licked her lips again as she pulled up her hand between her legs and worked on the blouse buttons. Kelly leaned back some to let her daughter undress her.

“Well, I’m naked and I think my mommy should be naked too!” Lisa said in a lustful way as she worked on the last couple of buttons. Kelly let her pull the shirt off and toss it to the side. She looked at her little girl as she reached up and undid the bra straps and soon had her mother topless. Before the bra could hit the floor Lisa moved her hands up and started to rub and play with her mother’s breasts.

“Do you think my boobs will be like yours when I get older?” she asked as she played with her mother’s c cups. Kelly moaned as she used her hands to rub Lisa’s chest.

“With all the sex you been having you might get bigger ones than mine!” she said, half jokingly. Lisa giggled the leaned forward and kissed Kelly softly on the lips.

After the small kiss Lisa went back to playing with her mom’s breasts, her thumbs rubbing her hard nipples. Kelly pulled back and quickly used her arm to cover her self.

“Young lady, I thought you said you were going to get my clothes off? I still have my skirt and panties on! I didn’t raise my daughter to be some half assed slacker!” she said in a stern voice. Lisa gave a huff and rolled her eyes.

“God fine!” she said in the way a prissy teen would say, then sticking her tongue out at her mom before hopping off her lap.

Kelly stood up, still covering her breasts as she watched Lisa find the button and zipper that kept the skirt on. She undid the button and pulled the zipper down, letting the skirt fall to the floor. Lisa looked up at her mom as she pushed her fingers into the waist band of her panties and making sure to grab the woman’s pantyhose at the same time she slowly peeled them off her. Kelly moaned but then felt a bit shy and embarrassed. As Lisa got the panties off of her mother Kelly realized she hadn’t really shaved her pubes the last several weekends! She would often keep at least a tiny strip but since she had to work and figured would be too tired to have sex with Clark she hadn’t kept up on it too much.

It wasn’t like she had some kind of 70’s porn bush but there was some growth and stubble down there. Lisa didn’t care! As she pulled the panties down she not only saw how wet her mom was, but moaned as she smelled how excited she was. Lisa’s mouth was almost watering as she looked at the bit of blonde pubic hair. She ran her little fingers over the patch.

“If you give me a bit, I could clean that up.” Kelly said as she looked down to the top of Lisa’s head.

Lisa’s response to her mom was to push two of her fingers into the woman’s pussy! Kelly cried out in shock as she felt those digits not only go in, but wiggle a little. Lisa looked up, a wicked smile on her face.

“No, it’s fine as is!” she giggled as she slowly started to work her fingers in and out of her mom’s sex. Kelly bit her lower lip as her hands moved down to the top of Lisa’s head.

“Mmm Lisa, you naughty little slut!” she moaned. Lisa leaned in close to Kelly’s pussy.

“I guess it takes one to know one mom!” Lisa said before she started to lick Kelly’s pussy. Kelly grabbed Lisa’s head as her hips moved on her daughter’s tongue.

Her legs wobbled some as she tried to keep standing but soon she had to step back and crawl onto the bed. Lisa followed closely as she climbed onto the bed. Kelly spread her legs wide for her little girl. Lisa licked her lips as she moved back between her mom’s legs and started to lick again. Kelly placed her hands on top of Lisa’s head again as her hips started to move to fuck the little girl’s mouth.

“Oh my god Lisa moreeee.” She moaned as her head tilted back on the pillow as she held Lisa’s head in place.

Lisa moaned and pulled back a little to look up at her mom. Kelly looked down and saw her sweet little girl’s face covered in her juices.

“You taste so fucking good mom! I never want to stop!” she growled before going back to her licking. She used her finger to find and toy with the woman’s clit.

Kelly cried out. She only had one other experienced with a girl before and that was in college! Yeah there were many times during middle and high school Seth and she were on the “double dates” but there were never any girl/girl moments. Mainly she would be focused on the hard cock that was fucking her! Thinking back to her room mate in college she was good but Lisa was showing that she was far and away a more skilled pussy eater!

She kept looking down at Lisa, watching the girl haply moaning and licking away. Kelly didn’t see her as her sweet little daughter, no; right now Lisa was a hot nympho bitch that Kelly needed to fuck over and over. Once in a while Lisa’s eyes would meet her mother’s. Lisa didn’t see her mom, no; she saw a hot older bitch she wanted to make cum over and over! They both saw the absolute lust they both had for each other.

“Lisa... oh god so close...” Kelly whimpered, her hips really moving now on the child’s face. She found her self grabbing and pulling Lisa’s long hair as she tried to get her self off. Lisa did her best to help her by pushing her fingers deep inside her, pumping them hard and fast as she licked and sucked anywhere she could fit her tongue.

Kelly cried out loud as she pulled Lisa’s hair as she came, covering the little eleven year old’s face with her juices. Lisa moaned, haply licking and drinking all she could. Kelly tried to catch her breath as she reached down and pulled Lisa up to her. They shared a long deep kiss, their tongues playing inside each other’s mouths. Kelly was able to taste herself on her daughter’s lips. After awhile Kelly pushed Lisa onto her back.

“My turn!” Kelly moaned as she started to climb on top of Lisa. Lisa eagerly opened her legs wide for her mother as Kelly got on top of Lisa and kissed her more.

Kelly started her fun with her little girl by first kissing all over face, working her way to her neck. Lisa moved her hands on top of her mother’s head. She pushed her fingers though the long strawberry blonde hair as the older woman kissed her way towards the girl’s hard tiny nipples. She lightly sucked them before giving a tiny bite to one, then the other.

“More mommy, more!” Lisa cooed. Kelly obliged her daughter by kissing her way to her tummy. She used her tongue to tease her belly button. Lisa moved her hips, as if to entice her mother to keep moving down. Kelly smiled as she kissed her way down towards Lisa’s hairless pussy.

She kissed the area where soon pubic hair will grow once puberty hits. She pulled back looking at the girl’s slit. She kissed Lisa’s thighs as she kept looking at that beautiful young sex. It looked so small! She couldn’t believe that little sex could be able to handle all those big, thick cocks that she had. Kelly leaned in and gave it a loving, motherly kiss before slowly pushing first only her index finger.

Lisa moaned as she felt her mom’s slender finger slowly push forward as deep as it could go. While this was happening Kelly used the tip of her tongue to toy and tease Lisa’s clit. After slowly pushing all the way in she slowly pulled her finger almost all the way out, only keeping her finger tip inside. Soon she pushed back in, this time adding her middle finger.

“Ohhh mommy please fuck me! Eat meeee!” the girl whined. Kelly kept licking and fingering, wanting her daughters sweet juices all over her.

Lisa kept pulling her mom’s hair as her hips grinded her little cunt all over her mother’s face. Lisa was so close to cumming she wanted to make sure her mom got every tiny drop her tiny sex could produce! Kelly reached up with her free hand to first caress Lisa’s face then to move down and play with the girl’s hard nipples. Lisa moaned, urging the woman to pinch them as she continued to fuck her mother’s face.

Kelly was more than happy to obey her daughter’s wishes as she lightly pinched and pulled her nipples. The girl cooed as she kept grinding her wet needy pussy all over her mother’s mouth.

“Oh... oh shit... oh god MOOOOOOOOOMMMmmm!” Lisa screamed as she finally came, her pussy tightening up around her mom’s fingers and tongue. Kelly drank down as much as she could of the little girl’s sex juices.

After a moment Lisa pulled on her mom’s hair, signaling that she wanted to kiss the woman’s damp lips. As Kelly moved back up to face Lisa it seemed like in a way Lisa changed again. Kelly didn’t see her as some sex crazed little girl, she saw her as her beautiful daughter who was not only in touch with her sexuality but was more free because of it.

And Lisa didn’t see her mom as some other older woman for her to fuck and make cum. She saw her beautiful mother who was experienced and so loving and gentle that she could look up to her even more than before.

As the two looked into each other’s eyes they saw something else.

They both saw each other as an equal. And as their lover.

Mother and daughter gave a passionate deep kiss as they held each other tightly. This kiss wasn’t some lustful half thought. It was filled with the purest love either had experienced. Their tongues danced in each others mouths, still getting a taste of each other’s sexes. Their hands roamed and explored, wanting to feel every little inch of each other.

After a kiss that felt like it went on forever the two had to pull back, catching their breaths. Lisa looked into her mother’s eyes once again.

“I want more.” She whispered.

“Me too.” The older woman replied.

Kelly got on her back as Lisa moved on top of her, working her way into a 69. Kelly’s hands quickly grabbed onto Lisa’s tiny ass as she once again started to lick and suck on her daughter pussy. Lisa moaned as she had to stretch a little bit to try to give her mom the same pleasure she was receiving. As the two licked and touched each other’s sensitive areas Lisa slowly pushed one of her fingers towards Kelly’s asshole. At first the woman seemed to try to edge away from the invading digit but soon that was a losing battle as she felt Lisa’s finger tip enter.

Kelly knew from watching Lisa’s videos that the girl was no stranger to anal, so she returned the favor by pushing her own index finger inside Lisa’s ass. The room filled with the sounds of slurps, moans, and kisses as the two kept driving each other towards another orgasm. Soon the two were full on fingering each others asses as they licked away. Both of them were crying out in duel orgasms but they still wanted so much more of each other. It was as if they were long lost lovers making up for so much lost time.

“H... hold on real quick!” Lisa said gasping as she crawled off her mother. Kelly moaned watching the naked young girl quickly leave the room.

She wasn’t gone long as she came back into the room with a box. She smiled as she got back onto the bed and poured the box’s contents next to her mom. Kelly gasped at the collection of toys Lisa seemed to collect during her time being a little sex object.

“There is one here I really wanted to try out but Shannon was too chicken to use. Here it is!” Lisa said excitedly as she pulled up a long double sided dildo. Kelly licked her lips as she looked at it.

“Now how in the world you get all these?” she asked, even though she already had some idea of an answer.

“Well, most of these fans online got me! Some a couple local boyfriends bought. Another fan helped me set up a mail account with this place so no one finds out my real address. And since I always seem to get home before you I was able to check the mail and hide them. I guess I don’t have to hide them anymore do I?” she answered in a cheeky manner as she started to lick one end of the toy.

Kelly smiled as she sat up and took the other end. She looked at all the different toys.

“No, no more hiding. But I do get to use some of these!” she said as she started to lick her end of the toy. Lisa moaned and nodded.

“We could watch each other! I mean I always got a little hot hearing you when you used your toy!”

Kelly blushed.

“Y... you heard me?” she asked. Lisa nodded.

“Every time!” she said before she started to suck on her end.

Kelly bit her lower lip. She felt bad that her daughter heard her all those times. But soon that embarrassment went away as she remembered what was going on here! She just came twice by her daughter and did the same to her and now she was watching her suck on a plastic cock as she was getting her end ready.

Kelly quickly started to suck on her end as well. The two watched each other as their heads moved to get as much of the rubber monster ready. Sometimes Lisa would act like she was jerking it off; as if it would magically cum. Kelly would do the same or in a couple playful moments pop her end out of her mouth and lightly slap Lisa’s face with her end.

“Yeah slut suck that dick!” the older woman said in a mock male voice. Lisa moaned, sucking more before doing the same to her mom.

The two laughed before Kelly pushed Lisa onto her back. The girl opened her legs wide as he mom took one end of the toy and slowly pushed it into Lisa. She moaned as Kelly kept feeding it into her until Lisa stopped her. Kelly leaned back and looked at the site before her. In a weird way it made her daughter look like some kind of weird looking sex freak with a little girl’s body and a large cock between her legs. She shook off the image as she took the other end of the “cock” and slowly started to push it into herself.

As soon as she had her fill the two girls took a moment to get use to the toy inside them. With out saying a word the two started to move their hips. They both held the middle of the toy to make sure it didn’t fall out of them as they fucked each other. Their moans grew louder as they slowly started to move a little faster.

“Oh Lisa, you look so fucking hot.” Kelly moaned, sliding back and forth on the toy.

“You too mom! Oh god I want to watch you fuck!” the girl replied.

They both kept moving back and forth. Their minds filling with graphic scenes of their partner fucking a real cock.

In Kelly’s mind she could see some older man on top of Lisa, stuffing his throbbing cock deep in hard as she lay near by. Maybe she had a camera to film the nasty close up of dick pumping in and out of tight little pussy. At that moment a thought entered the woman’s mind. Would she let her little girl keep doing her little sexual meet ups? Would Lisa still want to be a little slut now that her mother knew? A groan escaped Kelly’s lips.

Of course she would let Lisa keep fucking! She didn’t have to sneak around anymore. Hell Kelly wanted to watch... maybe even join in!

In Lisa’s mind she was laying next to her mom as she watched her get stuffed full of throbbing hard cock. But unlike Kelly’s daydream where the man was just some unknown person, in Lisa’s mind the man making her mother feel good was Clark! She watched as her mom had a screaming orgasm as Clark unloaded a large wad inside the woman. Guilt started to flood the little girl. Did she totally ruin her mom’s relationship? Could there be anyway to get her mom to forgive him?

A whimper escaped Lisa’s lips as a tear rolled down her face. She will try to get the two together! Come hell or high water this girl will make up for what she had done!

“L...Lisa I.... IM CUMMMMINNNNNGGGG!” Kelly started to scream as she slammed the toy into herself one more time.

“ME TOOO!” Lisa cried, tears streaming down her face as she came also. The two pulled the toy out of them and tossed it to the side as she lay next to her mom.

Kelly didn’t notice Lisa crying. At first she thought maybe it was just because she had an intense cum but soon she could hear the loud sobs.

“Lisa, sweetheart, what’s wrong?”

Lisa couldn’t look at her mom. She rolled onto her side facing away from her. Kelly started to worry. Did she some how hurt her little girl with the toy? Maybe she felt shame from having sex with her mother or maybe being caught?

“I... I messed up things between you and Clark didn’t I?” the girl asked.

Kelly sat up. She didn’t know how to really answer that question. This whole scene did start with her catching the man fucking her daughter. She reached over, caressing Lisa’s side.

“I... I don’t know. I mean. I guess he didn’t really want me. Maybe he found your profile and used me to get to you...”

Lisa turned around and shook her head.

“No, that’s not true! He loves you! He... he didn’t know you were my mom! I... I tested him.”

Kelly cocked her head to the side, a little confused.

“What do you mean you tested him?”

Lisa sat up and sighed. She explained how Clark slipped up during that shopping trip when he said something about the bikini she had. He tried not to show that he friended her on the site months before he met Kelly. She used that info to see what he was really after. After so many times teasing him, showing him her body she finally had to force him to fuck her. Every time she saw how he seemed to hate it. Seemed to look so upset and guilty about what he was doing with the preteen. The only reason he started to get into fucking her was how she used the fact that Kelly was busy with work to try to justify having a sexual relationship with her.

“I... I didn’t mean for it to go on so long! I just... I just wanted to make sure he didn’t hurt you. I guess he didn’t... because I was the one who hurt you!”

Lisa broke down crying. Kelly grabbed her daughter and hugged her tightly.

“I know you love him mom! And... and I love him too! I want you to be happy and... and please take him back!”

Kelly started to cry. She did love him so much! Hearing her daughter’s confession and seeing how the girl only did what she did to make sure he wasn’t a total creep but in a way screwed up her own little test show the woman that her daughter was in fact truly sorry. Lisa held onto her mother tightly.

“Please don’t be mad at him anymore!” she whimpered.

Kelly pulled back a little. She lifted Lisa’s face up and softly kissed her lips.

“I... I have to think about it! You are right. I do love him! It’s just...”

Lisa kept looking up at her mom.


“What if he avoids us now? I mean he might be a bit freaked out and all.”

Lisa smiled.

“I might have an idea to get him back.”

Kelly cocked an eyebrow.

“I’m listening...”

= = =

It was several days since that fateful Saturday and Clark hadn’t heard anything from Kelly or Lisa. He sat in his room and sighed as he had his mouse cursor hovering over the delete account button on the level rate site. He hadn’t looked at Lisa’s profile at all in the past couple days. He kept wanting to call Kelly, try to talk to her maybe somehow explain his side but the memory of how she looked not only when she caught him balls deep inside Lisa but when he showed her Lisa’s profile. That look of extreme anger haunted him.

He kept expecting the police to show up at his door or maybe at his work but nothing happened. Was Kelly going to use the whole threat of calling the cops her way of keeping him away from her? He didn’t want to risk upsetting her anymore as he looked to be able to click that delete link.

But then again he had this page up for several days, and for those several days he couldn’t force himself to click. For some unknown reason there was something that kept him from doing this one simple thing. He kept looking over at his phone as if he was waiting for a text or phone call from Kelly. Maybe somehow things would work out and he would be back in her loving arms.

“Yeah sure... just as soon as there is peace in the middle east and a cure for all known diseases!” he whispered to himself as he slowly lost the hope of ever hearing back from Kelly.

It was Thursday evening and tonight he was finally going to do it. He was finally going to delete the profile. Maybe this could be used as a first step to getting Kelly back! As his finger was about to click the mouse his phone rang. He quickly looked over and to his amazement it was Kelly’s number! He quickly answered the call!

“K... Kelly?!” he stammered.

“No, it’s... it’s me Lisa!” the young girl said, her voice sounding a bit odd, almost like she was whispering.

“What do you want? Where’s your mother?” he asked. At this point he wanted nothing to do with the girl. Yeah he was weak and yeah it was his fault that this happened but Lisa needed to take her blame as well and he had a weird feeling that maybe she was going to try to get him in trouble.

“I... I know you hate me and all. But... I need you.” She whispered an almost panic sound to her voice.

Clark rolled his eyes.

“No thanks, no more of my cock for you!” he said angrily as he was about to hang up before Lisa fired back.

“Not in that way asshole! I... I fucked up bad and I’m scared!” she said. It almost sounded like she was starting to cry.

It was that scared hurt that made him stay on the phone.

“What are you talking about? Where is your mom?”

“I... I don’t know! I came home and... Oh god...” Lisa was really crying. She was scared and that was starting to scare Clark.

“Calm down, tell me what happened.”

Lisa took a deep breath then started to tell her story.

“There was a guy from the site. He seemed cool at first and he kept asking to meet up. I kept saying no because he was too far from me, and I didn’t tell him where I lived. But he kept asked, then like, demanding we meet. Before I could block and report him... he hacked my account! Are you on your computer right now?”

Clark quickly got out of the delete profile page and went right to Lisa’s. When it loaded up the normal pictures of Lisa dressed, undressed, and fucking was replaced by distorted and corrupted image files. As he looked at them he noticed the captions for the pictures was changed from brief descriptions to things like WHORE, SLUT, CUM DUMPSTER, and other mean remarks. The last picture chilled Clark. It was just black text on a white background that read I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!

“A...are you looking at it?” she asked with a whimper.

“Yeah...” was all Clark could say.

“It gets worse. He hacked my computer! He has control of my web cam and he found our videos...”

“Wait... what videos?” Clark said, the first time he was hearing about this.

“I... I recorded every time you and I fucked in my room! I wasn’t going to post them or anything! I just... I don’t know. But he found them and I think he did something to my mom! The house is a mess and I found her cell phone on the table. I don’t know what to do!”

Clark was upset about the fact she recorded him with out talking to him about it but right now the safety of Kelly and Lisa was more important than anything else. He was about to tell the girl to get out of the house, to get to a neighbor and wait for him but something happened that stopped that idea from happening.

There was a loud noise on the phone followed by Lisa screaming.

“LISA ARE YOU THERE?” Clark yelled, quickly standing up and about to rush to his car.

“Who is this?” a mechanical voice asked. It sounded like one of those devices they used in movies kidnapers or some kind of criminal would use to hide their voice.

“What did you do to Kelly and Lisa?!” Clark yelled.

“Oh you must be the man in those video! I liked your work! The things I’m going to do to this little cunt are going to be epic.” The voice on the other end said with a chuckle. Clark was getting angry.

“Don’t you fucking dare...” he started to say but the voice cut him off.

“Her mom isn’t too bad looking either! I mean a little old for my taste but hey, a hole is a hole! And don’t you try to threaten me. I have many videos of you and Lisa being a bit... naughty. How would your bosses feel if they saw what you were doing? Or if the local police department just happened to get a copy of these videos with your address attached?”

Clark went quiet. This guy knew what he was doing.

“Please, don’t hurt them. I’ll do anything...”

“Anything?” the voice asked.

“Anything! I don’t have much money or what ever...”

“We’ll see. You have a pen and paper?”

Clark quickly got some.


“I will give you an address and room number. Be there in about an hour and we will hash out something. BUT NO FUCKING COPS! If I even think there is a cop near by, I will have no issue killing these cunts. I mean... I don’t need them alive for my kind of fun!”

Clark felt sick to his stomach as he wrote down the address the voice told him. Before he could say anything else the voice hung up. Clark felt like he was about to pass out but he shook it off.

Kelly and Lisa needed him!

= = =

Chapter 10: The thing that happened in Room 219

It didn’t take long for Clark to get to the address the voice told him. It was a cheap looking motel in a sketchy part of town. It wouldn’t be any surprise that this place was used for some illegal porn, drug deals, or murders. Clark swallowed hard as he started to walk towards the stairs. He wondered what was going to happen to him. Would he be another dead body in a nasty looking room? Would he really be able to save Kelly and Lisa?

He made it to the second floor and looked at the address he was given. The room number was 219. So he had to walk down the hallway and finally found the door. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The door cracked open a little. At first he thought about kicking the door down and just fighting anything that may be in the room.

But then he remembered he wasn’t a fighter. He didn’t really know how to defend himself or any real moves. And again he didn’t know how many people may be in there. And if he did do this, would he be able to really save Kelly? He took a deep breath and walked inside the room.

It was dark when he walked in. He tried to look around, tried to get the lay out in case he had to maybe somehow escape or something.

“H... hello?” he said nervously as he took a couple steps into the room. As he entered the door slammed closed behind him. Before he could turn around he felt someone standing behind him, jabbing something into the small of his back.

“Don’t move, don’t turn around, and don’t even think about doing anything!” the mechanical voice said as Clark went still.

“Okay, okay... Just don’t hurt Kelly or Lisa.”

“It all depends on if you can follow directions!” the voice said mockingly.

The item that was being jammed into Clark’s back pushed the man forward a little. As his eyes adjusted to the dark he could see the bed and a table. On the table there looked to be some kind of cloth or ribbon laying there.

“First, undress. All clothes off!” the voice commanded. Clark stood there for a moment.

“Tell me if Kelly and Lisa are okay!” he said trying to make himself sound more commanding. But that didn’t seem to work.

“Get those clothes off or you wont like what I do with this!” the voice said as they pulled back the hammer of a gun. He tensed up hearing that sound but did as he was told.

Soon he was nude, his back still towards the person with the gun.

“You see the thing on the table?” the voice asked. Clark nodded.

Put it on; tie it around your eyes!”

Clark took a deep breath and put on the blindfold. Now he was really scared. He felt the person walk around him, could almost feel their eyes looking his naked body up and down.

“Lay on the bed... on your back!” the voice commanded. Clark climbed onto the bed and lay on his back. He felt a gloved hand on his wrist and the gun jammed into his ribs.

“You try to fight me, I’ll shoot!”

Clark laid there as his hand was pulled up towards the head board of the bed. He felt himself being handcuffed to the headboard. Soon his other wrist and ankles were cuffed. He was now totally helpless to this asshole with the gun. The room was silent for awhile. Clark felt like maybe he shouldn’t breathe. After a little while it sounded like two people were whispering to each other.

“Well, before I finally decide what to do with you. My friend wants to have fun with you!” the voice said with a little laugh. With that machine on the laughed sounded more evil. He had no real way to say no as he just laid there.

His heart was thumping hard in his chest as he felt someone’s hand touching his chest. It felt like a woman’s hand but it maybe just a man with really soft hands. The hands moved down towards his cock.

“Let’s see if I can make you hard!” a new mechanical voice said as he felt the hand start to touch and stroke his member.

Clark swallowed nervously. He didn’t know if he could get hard during this whole thing. He felt two soft hands on his groin. One was rubbing and touching his cock while the other rubbed and lightly squeezed his balls. He whimpered a little as he felt himself starting to get hard.

“Lookie here! Getting hard and shit! What a weird perv!” the other voice said. His cock growing harder as the person jerked him.

Clark’s mind started to wonder who the person was jerking him off. He didn’t see some beautiful woman doing this. In his mind he saw a gross looking over weight woman who was most likely some kind of STD riddled druggie who was being paid by the crazy bastard who stalked Lisa. Or maybe this was a man! A gross man who was going to rape him before they kill Clark!

“Fun time!” the new voice said. Clark felt the person climb on top of him and started to rub his cock up and down their pussy. He was somewhat glad that it was a woman, but he still was scared that this could all end very poorly!

He felt his cock enter a tight cunt. It did feel very good, almost like someone he fucked before. He felt like every inch was deep inside this woman. The woman’s hands were on his shoulders as she started to ride him. His hips started to move as he started to fuck this strange woman.

“MMMM I’m much better than some underage cunt aren’t I?” the woman asked, her voice still being disguised by the machine.

Clark didn’t answer. The only reason he was doing this was to save Kelly and Lisa. He didn’t feel like he should answer any of these people’s questions! Suddenly he felt the woman on top of him grab his nipples hard and twisted.

“Fucking answer me asshole or you get to watch use cut up your little fuck toy!” the woman growled. Clark screamed out as his nipples were twisted.

“OUCH OUCH OUCH! Yeah you’re better, just stop!”

“I don’t believe you!” the woman growled.

“Know what I think would make him more willing?” the over voice chimed in. That person sounded like they were standing right next to him on the bed.

“What?” the woman asked as she kept riding Clark.

“If you take the blindfold off our little friend!” the other voice said.

Clark froze. He closed his eyes tightly as he felt the woman reaching up, pulling his blindfold off while she kept riding him. He didn’t want to see them. He figured if he got a look at them they would have no qualms killing him and maybe the girl’s as well! He felt the blindfold pulled off his head.

“Come on, don’t you wanna see what you have your cock in?” the other voice asked mockingly as the woman kept riding Clark. He felt the woman lean in close to him.

“Open your eyes or we kill Kelly.” She growled.

Clark slowly opened his eyes. If he had to die to save the woman he loved so be it.

His eyes slowly adjusted to the light that must have been turned on while he was cuffed to the bed. Soon everything came into focus.

Riding on his hard cock was Kelly. A smile on her face as she pulled off a weird looking device from around her neck.

“Hey there! Mmm missed this cock!” she moaned as she kept riding him.

Standing next to him was Lisa. She was nude, also taking a device off her neck as she licked her lips and watched.

“God mom, you look so fucking hot!” she said as she looked back at Clark and licked her lips.

He was so confused. If his hands weren’t handcuffed to the head board... and if he wasn’t balls deep inside the woman he missed and loved he wouldn’t know what to do.

= = =

Kelly kept riding Clark’s hard cock. She leaned back, her hands on Clark’s legs as she made sure he went as deep as she could get him. He broke out in a sweat as his hips moved under her. He wanted to yell, scream, anything but after so many days of no sex at all Kelly’s pussy was over riding any anger he had. He moaned as they both moved faster. Kelly looked down at Clark. She could see the weird mix of emotions on his face as she rode him. She looked up at his cuffed wrist. She looked over at Lisa.

“Uncuff him.” She moaned. Lisa nodded and took the keys and uncuffed his wrist.

As his hands were free he thought about what he should do. A part of him thought he should push Kelly off him. He should yell and scream at the two girls for putting him though this weird thing just now. He should just cut them out of his life forever.

But his hands moved up and grabbed Kelly’s wonderful breast.

“Oh Kelly... Ohhh God yesssss.” He moaned as he kept pumping in and out of her. She reached around and took his hands into hers as Lisa walked around, uncuffing his ankles.

Lisa stood back and watched the couple. Her hand reached down and started to rub her pussy. She smiled as it looked like the two were back into being a couple. She slowly pushed two of her fingers inside her pussy. She really hoped that her mom would let her have a turn with Clark!

Kelly fell forward and kissed him deeply. His hands moved down her back and grabbed her ass. The more he pumped the more his anger slipped away. The more he pumped the more he needed her!

“Oh Kelly, I love you! I love you so much!” he moaned, kissing her again and again as he was getting closer to cumming. Her pussy was getting tighter and tighter.

“I love you too. Cum in me, fill me up!” Kelly commanded. Clark held her tighter as he thrust hard and deep inside her.

They both slammed hard against each other as they both wanted to cum at the same time. Clark kissed her deeply as he thrust again and again. It was getting harder for him to move as he felt her tighten around him. Soon the moment came. They both looked into each others eyes and explode. His cock unloading deep inside her as she covered his groin with her juices. He held her tightly, kissing her with all the love he could muster and she returned it in spades.

At that moment it seemed like it was only them two in the room. All that happened the last couple days just some bad dream as Clark held Kelly. He needed to be with her, needed to spend the rest of his life with her. He almost forgot about how he got here, really what “here” was until a little girl’s moan brought him back to reality.

“God damn that was hot!” Lisa moaned, pumping two fingers in and out of her little cunt.

Clark looked at Kelly, who was moaning and watching her little girl. He was very confused.

“Umm... so... uh...” Clark mumbled, trying to form some kind of thought. Kelly seemed to notice Clark’s trouble so she sat up, looking down at her troubled man.

“I guess you have a bunch of questions.” She said to him as she reached down and caressed his face. He pulled back, also sitting up looking at Kelly.

“Yeah that’s an understatement! First off... is there a crazy fan kidnapper?”

Lisa stopped fingering herself and climbed onto the bed next to Clark and her mom.

“No, I figured like you would come see us if I made it seem like we were in danger. I mean you did sound like you were going to hang up on me when I called.” The little girl said as she looked like she wanted to touch the sweaty man.

“But what about your profile?”

Lisa giggled.

“My little pet Larry is like a web site and computer wiz! I asked him to help me out. If I had my phone on me I would show you my site is back to normal. I figured you were on your way so I called him up and had him remove all the weird “hacked” stuff!”

Clark sighed. He should have known that Lisa would know people who could make it look like she was in trouble. He looked at Kelly.

“And how come you let her do this? Why didn’t you call me any time this week?”

Kelly leaned back, crossing her arms across her chest and gave him a bit of a mean look.

“Two way street buddy! You didn’t call or text me! Besides I have been a bit busy myself! I mean not only have I been taking care of my little girl in many ways...”

Lisa moaned and giggled hearing her mom says that. Clark’s eyes went wide with shock as he just heard Kelly admit to having sex with Lisa! Then again he should have realized something like that must have happened since Lisa was in the room with them and she was naked. Kelly continued:

“The day I caught you two I had good news. I got a promotion so no more weekends for me! The last several days I have been moving my stuff to my new office and going though a bunch of training at work. So that’s why I haven’t called or texted! Then again, I was still on the fence about taking you back!”

Clark swallowed nervously.

“What made you change your mind?” he asked. Kelly looked down at him.

“What makes you think that? This could be just some break up sex! I still don’t know.” She answered a small hint of sadness in her eyes as she looked away from him.

Clark looked as if he wanted to say something, anything to get her to change her mind. Before he could think of anything she looked back at him.

“It all depends on how you answer these questions.”

The room went silent. Even Lisa looked scared as she looked at her mother. Kelly gave Clark a very stern look as she started to ask the first question.

“Question 1) Did you really stumble upon my profile by chance? I mean you didn’t reverse search Lisa’s profile to get to her or something did you?”

Clark nodded.

“Yes I found your profile by chance! I didn’t know she was your daughter till that first night. And if you want the complete truth, when I saw Lisa that night I almost thought about breaking up with you. Not because I knew where Lisa lived or that I would somehow hook up with her. I was scared. I was scared that I would force myself on her. That I would wind up doing something bad to her!”

He sighed.

“But then again it looks like it happened and I fucked up!”

Lisa shook her head. She looked like she was about to start crying.

“No you didn’t force yourself on me! I mean I was the one who made you fuck me! I... I tried to reason it out like testing you to make sure you didn’t hurt my mom... but reality of it. I was jealous! I mean my friend Shannon has a great boyfriend, my friend Staci has one too and now my mom has one. And seeing how you made my mom feel good and all, I wanted that too! I wanted Clark to love me too!” Lisa said as she broke down crying.

Clark looked down. He felt like shit thinking Lisa was fucking him because she was, lack for a better term, a slut. But now he knew she did it because she wanted him to love her like he loved her mom. He wanted to say something but Kelly interrupted his train of thought.

“Question 2) Do you really love me? You weren’t saying that just to get in my pants or try to worm your way into Lisa’s?”

Clark looked deep into Kelly’s eyes. He wanted her know that the next thing he was about to say to her was 100 percent god’s honest truth!

“Kelly, I love you more than anything else on earth! Every time I was with Lisa it killed me because I knew I was cheating on you. But I felt so weak towards Lisa! Before those things happened with Lisa I saw a future for the three of us! Kelly I want to marry you! Lisa I want to be a father to you! If there was anyway I can still make that happen I will try my hardest to do it!”

Both Kelly and Lisa were shocked to hear him say that. The two women looked at each other as if to ask each other if they really heard him say that! Kelly looked back at Clark, a stern look still on her face as she asked her final question.

“Question 3) Do you really love Lisa? I mean love her as a person not some kind of easy fuck toy? I know you just said you love her like a daughter but do you really mean it?”

Clark nodded again.

“Kelly, I love and care of Lisa. I mean I know I should have told you about her profile, and tried to make her stop what she was doing. I fear I wouldn’t be able to change her ways and what not but if me not having sex with her will show you I care and love her as a person then I will do it!”

Kelly smiled. She leaned in close to Clark and lightly kissed his lips.

“But what if I don’t want you to stop?” she whispered. Clark tensed up in shock.

“Wha... what?”

Kelly leaned back and smiled to him as Lisa got close to her mother and leaned her head on her.

“Kelly loves you like I love you. She wants you to be her lover and I can share with her. You make us both happy and we both know we can make you happy too.” The woman said as Lisa pushed Clark onto his back.

He was still at a loss for words as Kelly climbed off of him. Lisa moved in, leaning in and kissing Clark as Kelly lay next to him. For a moment he didn’t return the kiss but he felt Kelly’s hand on his chest as if to say “Go on, it’s okay!” Soon Clark and the little blonde we kissing like long lost lovers. Kelly moaned as Lisa pulled back and moved down. His cock was fully erect as she reached down and stroked him. She made sure her mom was watching as she moved to place his cock head at her entrance.

“Watch mom!” Lisa said excitedly as she slowly slid down his throbbing member. He moaned at the girl’s tightness as she took ever inch of him.

Kelly watched in amazement as she watched Clark’s thick member slide in and out of the 11 year old. Yeah she saw the videos and pictures and there was the fun mother and daughter had with the toy but this was different. This was a real live dick going in that little girl! There was a very tiny part of Kelly that screamed in her head that this was wrong and she needed to stop it. But that voice was downed out by the moans escaping the girl’s lips.

“You look so beautiful Lisa!” Kelly whispered as she slowly rubbed her pussy. She could feel Clark’s load slowly leak from her pussy.

Clark rolled his hips as his hands reached down and held Lisa in place. This wasn’t their normal hard fuck before Kelly came home. No, this was love making. He wanted to show Kelly how much he loved the little girl, how much he wanted her to enjoy this. It was as if he was at peace now. He wasn’t terrified that Kelly would report him. He wasn’t worried that Lisa would try to black mail him. This whole thing felt right. Feeling Kelly touching him as she watched her little girl ride him, knowing that Lisa was turned on watching her mom fuck him before it was her turn. This felt like maybe this was all meant to be!

“Clark more, fuck me more!” Lisa cooed, grinding her hips as he pumped in and out of her. Kelly moved close to Clark, kissing the side of his face.

“Yes baby, make my little girl feel good! Show her how much love you will give us!” she said lustfully. He turned his head and frenched Kelly as Lisa started to ride him harder.

Kelly moved down. She used her hand to rub his balls as Lisa bounced up and down on the throbbing cock. She used her other hand to play with the girl’s little nipples.

“Mmm yes, ride him good. Show mommy how much of a big girl you are!” Kelly moaned as she pinched Lisa’s nipples. All Lisa could do was nod as she rode him a little harder.

“Oh Kelly, Lisa is a very big girl!” Clark moaned as he kept pumping as deep and hard as he could.

Lisa leaned in and kissed Clark deeply. As they kissed Kelly played with Lisa’s ass. She playfully slapped the girl’s cheeks as she kept sliding up and down on him. Her fingers went between her cheeks to lightly tease her asshole. Clark reached down to also play with Lisa’s ass.

“Maybe I should have brought some toys; I think your little ass needs something in it!” Kelly moaned.

Clark thrust a little harder knowing Kelly was teasing her daughter’s ass. Lisa’s pussy became almost vice like as she was getting close to cumming.

“Fill me; please... fill... me.... UPPPPPP!” she cried out as she came on his throbbing cock. He thrust up one more time and did as she commanded. He unloaded inside her little womb as he pulled her head down and kissed her deeply.

Kelly smiled as she watched the two kiss and moan like lovers. She lay next to the sweaty couple, caressing both of them as they were done kissing and laid there. Clark looked over at the older woman. She didn’t wait for anything to be said as she leaned in and also kissed him deeply. After they were done he watched as mother and daughter shared a lover’s kiss.

They laid there for a while to catch their breathes. Clark looked over at Kelly.

“So, what now?” he asked. Kelly smiled.

“If I may make a suggestion, I say we get dressed and get the hell out of here! I feel like the longer I am in this room the more lice or crabs will attach onto me!”

Lisa and Clark laughed. The room was a gross one, but what do you expect when you rent a cheap motel room like this. Clark kissed the top of Lisa’s head as he started to sit up.

“I am all for that idea! I feel like I might be getting what ever STDs the last umpteen room guest may have left on this bed!” he said with a chuckle. Kelly nodded.

“Let’s shower up then head home! We can open that bottle of wine I got last Saturday to celebrate my promotion!”

Lisa shook her head.

“I say we shower at home! I hid in that bathroom and how that tub looks you might get jungle rot or something! I am glad I kept my shoes on in there!”

The three laughed as they were about to get up to get dressed Clark looked at Kelly.

“So, does this mean we are back together?” he asked.

Kelly thought for a moment then smiled.

“Hmmm... I think it will depend on how many times you make your two girls’ cum tonight!”

He smiled.

“I think I’m up for the challenge!

= = =

Chapter 11: A very special cam show

You had a long day and now you are finally home. You have some time alone to relax before the others in your house come home. Of course that means logging onto your level-rate profile to see who is on and what’s going on. You quickly check your inbox to find the usual friend request and spam messages when something on your feed pops up that makes you more excited than anything else! Scrolling across the little bar on top of the messages screen reads the following in big yellow caps:


With the quickness you get to her profile and click on her level 5 link. It seemed like forever since she did a show! You quickly get your clothes off for easy access as the chat room fills up with her loyal fans, all of them eager to see their beautiful princess!

It isn’t long before the little cam window comes on. After some flashes and looked like someones hand covering the camera the screen shows the star of the show. She smiles and waves at the camera. She looked like she is wearing a beautiful white dress with a cute head band and matching lace gloves. Her hair is done up in braids and she looks so innocent and beautiful.

“Hey guys!” she says still waving at the camera. You notice she isn’t in her usual room. This looks like maybe a hotel room of some kind.

“I know I haven’t been on a while. Last couple weeks have been sooooo busy! School is done so yay that! I am looking forward to some naughty fun and I know all you guys will be excited also!”

She pushed back from the desk she was sitting at and stood up, she did some cute little spins to show off the white dress. You notice it looks like she is wearing white shoes and what looks to be white lacy socks they might go up to her thighs but it is hard to tell with the skirt.

“Like my dress? Cute huh! Well this is one of the things that kinda caused me to be off line for a bit!” she quickly sat back down at the table.

“Well, the major thing is...” she cleared her throat in a somewhat overly dramatic manner.

“MY MOM GOT MARRIED! I GOT A NEW DAD YOU GUYS!” she shouted excitedly! The chat room explodes with happy messages. You don’t say anything. You never really chat in the room, you are here for the little sex goddess and nothing else!

Lisa giggled reading some of the nice messages people left her.

“Thanks! Well, they got married yesterday and I am on their honeymoon with them! We got this cool hotel room. It’s one of those like family suites things where kids can have their own room and there is a living room and stuff. Check it out!”

Lisa takes the web cam off her lap top and moves it around to show off the room she is in. There is a single bed but it doesn’t look slept in. She puts the camera back on the laptop.

“Well we got here last night but I didn’t sleep in here... I had to make sure Mommy and Daddy were having fun!” she said with a naughty little smile. Before anyone in the chat can ask what she mean by they the sound of a door opening makes Lisa look to her left. Suddenly a naked couple enters the girl’s room!

The woman is a knock out. She looked like a future vision of what Lisa will one day grow up to be. She looks to be covered in sweat as she gets next to Lisa and kisses her cheek. The man looks handsome, a good size cock on him and fit. He sits on the other side of Lisa and kisses her other cheek. She smiles and blushes.

“So this is my real mom, Kelly! She will have a profile on here soon and I know you guys will make sure she gets all her levels made quick! Say hi mom!” Kelly smiled and waves at the camera.

“Hey guys! It’s good to see all the pervs who corrupted my sweet little girl for the first time!” she joked while she reached over and grouped her daughter’s chest. Lisa giggled and stuck her tongue out.

“And this is my new daddy, Clark!”

He waves at the camera.

“Well, glad Kelly and I finished up when we did!” he chuckled.

He leaned over and started to kiss Lisa’s face, slowly moving towards her neck and sucking on it. His hand moving to touch and group her chest just like her mom was doing a moment ago. Lisa gasps as her mom moved in close, sucking on the child’s ear lobe. Lisa looked at the camera with a lustful look on her face as the two adults toyed with her.

“They made me watch as they fucked last night! They wouldn’t even let me take my dress off and play with myself! I am super horny!” the girl pouted. Kelly moaned as she pulled back.

“Well we told you daddy and I have to fuck first before it’s your turn! It is a very special moment it your first daddy daughter fuck!” the woman said before kissing Lisa deeply. Their tongues danced in each others mouths as Clark stopped his kissing and stood up.

His cock was semi hard as he walked over and sat on the bed. Kelly broke her kiss and smiled at her husband then at Lisa. Lisa bit her lip looking at her mom.

“Now what?” the girl asked. Kelly looked over at Clark again.

“That’s up to your father. Honey?”

Clark leaned back some, looking at his two girls.

“Well, I think the first thing my little girl should do is use that pretty little mouth of hers to get me fully erect! What do you think?” he asked Kelly.

She nodded in agreement as she stood up. She took Lisa’s hand and lead her the three steps towards the bed. Lisa climbs onto the bed and takes Clark’s cock into her mouth. Her head bobs up and down as it grows harder. Kelly licked her lips as she stood on the side and watched as Clark placed his hand on top of Lisa’s head. He moans as he looks over at Kelly.

“You should make sure your little girl’s pussy is ready for her daddy!”

Kelly pulled up Lisa’s skirt, letting her fans at home see the matching white lacy panties and thigh high socks. Kelly quickly took the cam from the lap top and pulled it over to let the people at home not only see how sheer the panties were but how wet the little girl was.

“What you think, viewers at home, she wet enough?” The older woman asked before using her free hand to rub Lisa’s covered pussy. The girl moaned, moving her hips onto her mom’s hand. After a little bit Kelly pulled her hand away, showing the cam how wet her fingers were.

“What you think of this?” she asked Clark as she offered him her wet fingers. He quickly took them into his mouth, sucking them clean.

“Mmmm, I think mommy needs to get her little girl’s panties off!” Clark said licking his lips as Lisa used her gloved hands to play with his cock and balls.

Kelly slowly peeled the soaked panties off of Lisa as the girl wiggled her ass. Once they were off Kelly made sure to give them a good long smell for the camera.

“So yummy!” she moaned. She tossed them to the side as she looked back down at her little girl.

“Clark, I think we need to undress our little girl so we don’t make her dress too messy!”

Clark nodded as he pulled Lisa off from sucking his cock. She smiled as she was about to undress herself when he stopped her.

“No, let us.” He whispered before kissing her deeply. She moaned and let her parents slowly undress her, teasing not only the little girl but the viewers at home!

Soon she was down to just her socks and gloves, and Clark made sure to let her know those will be staying on! He got off the bed to let Kelly lay her little girl down. Lisa moaned as she opened her legs wide as she looked up to her parents. Clark leaned in, kissing her again.

“Sweet heart, how about you spread your little pussy lips for all your little friends to see?” Kelly said as she held the cam to let the viewers see.

Lisa moved her hands down and with her fingers opened her sweet pink pussy; letting strangers all over the world feast their eyes on how wet and hot it was. Kelly moaned, handing Clark the cam.

“A mother’s work is never done!” she said as she moved in between Lisa’s legs and started to lick and suck on the sweet little sex. Clark moaned, making sure to get very nice close ups of mother eating daughter!

“So hot! Yes make sure she is really ready for daddy’s cock!” Clark said, stroking his member with one hand while filming the girls with the other.

Kelly loved how Lisa tasted. Never in a million years she thought she would be not only going down on her little girl, but willingly sharing her husband too! She slowly pushed one finger in her pussy as she licked and teased the tiny pearl of a clit. Lisa’s hands reached down, pulling her mom’s hair as her hips fucked the woman’s mouth. Lisa licked her lips as she looked up at Clark. She looked like she wanted to say something, maybe ask for his cock back in her mouth or something but with Kelly’s skilled tongue the girl was speechless!

Lisa was in heaven! It wasn’t just last night her new parents forced her to not masturbate or try to join them. The last several days were a whirlwind of trying on dresses, getting people to show up to the semi small court house wedding and then the travel it’s self! She didn’t have a proper time to be alone to either have a quick fingering or get one of her parents to get her off! She was already getting flustered when she heard her parents start fucking a little while before she started the show. She thought about just quickly rub a little before the show but her mom made it perfectly clear that if Lisa even thought about getting herself off, she would be grounded from not only the site, but no sex for all of summer!

That threat made Lisa sure not to diddle herself. Clark stroked himself watching his wife and new daughter. Lisa looked like she wanted to grab his throbbing cock and suck on it but he made sure not be close enough for her to reach. After a little while Kelly looked up at her husband.

“She’s ready!” she said, licking her daughter’s juices from her lips. He handed her the camera as he got in between her legs. Kelly made sure to point the camera at Lisa’s pussy as Clark moved his cock head up and down her slit.

“Get ready, viewers at home, for Lisa’s first daddy daughter fuck!” Kelly announced happily as Clark slowly pushed his throbbing member into his sweet little girl!

Lisa moaned as he pushed every inch inside her. Kelly made sure the camera captured every moment. Yeah she already fucked Clark several times before but now it felt different! This was some how more naughty than her normal “little girl fuck older man” sessions. She was fucking her daddy with her mom’s permission! Granted he was her step dad it didn’t matter to her. Feeling him pumping in and out of her as he leaned in and kissing her deeply felt like heaven to the little girl.

Kelly moved around to get another view of the fucking. She got behind Clark and got on her knees, the camera filming his pumping as his balls swaying and slapping the girl’s pussy. She moaned and moved her hand up to slap his ass.

“Mmm yeah fuck your little girl. Let her know how much you love her and how much you going to fill her up!” she moaned.

Clark pumped deeper and harder as Lisa moved her legs up. She wrapped her socked covered legs around his lower back to let him go as deep as her body would allow. She moved her hips to match his movements as she wrapped her arms around her and kissed him deeply. Kelly moved her hand up and rubbed his balls as he pumped in and out of her daughter.

“Mmm empty these bad boys in that little cunt!” she moaned as she gave them a tiny squeeze.

No one in the room was paying attention to the chat room. If they did they would be surprised that it seemed a bit quiet. It would almost look like maybe no one was watching them but looking at the viewer count the room was at max!

Across the world men and women viewing the show were getting them selves off! Men not only wished they were Lisa’s dad, but maybe as other family members as well. They wished they were uncles, cousins, brothers, or in the case of older viewers grandfathers! They just want to fill that girl with as much incest cum as they could.

The women watching wanted anyone in the show. They pictured themselves eating Kelly out while Lisa got stuffed with her dads cock. Some thought about cleaning his cum out of Lisa’s cunt after Clark filled her. And of course many wanted to have their turn with Clark!

The viewers were really getting hot hearing Kelly’s nasty dirty talk and how much she encouraged the nasty scene going on before her! Everyone in the chat room made a mental note to keep their eyes on Lisa’s profile to see when her sexy mom would make a profile because they all would love to see what else that woman would do! In a couple cases the viewers found Clark’s profile and instantly sent him friend request. There was no way this naughty family wouldn’t be the top three profiles on the site this week!

Clark frenched Lisa deeply as he kept pumping in and out of her. He felt her legs wrapped around him tighten as her hips franticly tried to speed up on him. He grunted like a wild animal as he wanted her to cum on his throbbing cock. Every thrust he did rocked her tiny frame as she dug her nails into his back.

“DADDDY MORE FUCK ME MORRRRRREEEEEE!” Lisa screamed. Clark was more than happy to obey as he fucked her as hard and fast as he could.

Their bodies were covered in sweat as he fucked her with all his might. He made sure to give Kelly the same kind of fucking the night before, giving his new daughter a preview of what she would be getting in the coming hours! Kelly moaned, one hand still on the camera while her other hand was between her legs, fingering her hot cunt.

“Fuck her Clark, FUCK HER!” Kelly yelled, pumping two fingers in and out of herself as she kept filming

Lisa cried out, her fingers digging deep into his back as she came all over his cock. Her body tightened making her pussy squeeze Clark’s dick. He thrust one more time, the extra tightness driving him over the edge.

“FUCCCCKKKKKK!” he bellowed, his cock unloading deep inside Lisa. Their bodies glistening with sweat as they shared one more kiss.

Lisa looked like she was slowly falling asleep. This hard core fuck she just had not only ended days of forced abstaincess but took away what ever energy she had left in her! Clark slowly pulled out of her, letting Kelly film the messy aftermath. She was quick to film the man’s cum leak out of the sweet freshly fucked 11 year old pussy!

“The first of many daddy made cream pies!” Kelly said as she kept filming the girls cunt. She then moved up showing the viewers her sweet sleeping face. A satisfied smile slowly formed as the girl slept soundly.

Kelly then put the camera back on top of the laptop screen. She smiled as she started to address the viewers.

“Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the show! That’s it for now. The rest of our honeymoon slash fuck-a-thon will sadly not be broadcasted or recorded but don’t worry. We will all make sure you have plenty of nasty jerking and jilling off material soon!”

Kelly blew a kiss to the camera before shutting it off and logging off the computer.

= = =

Chapter 12: A Happy Family

Married life and fatherhood seemed to fit Clark very well! Most would have been shocked by the very quick wedding between him and Kelly. They were only together for six months but most people just shrugged it off and said sometimes love cant wait! They would comment on how Clark and Kelly looked so much in love and how Lisa seemed to really get along with her new step dad.

If only they knew how well Lisa and Clark got along!

After a week long honeymoon at a near by beach resort that resulted in none of the new family leaving the hotel room to do much tanning or swimming they returned home. Clark sold his place and with the money Kelly and Clark found a very nice, very secluded home that wasn’t too far from Lisa’s friends. The house was in the woods but had a large back yard with a large privacy fence and an in ground pool that had a large pool/guest house that was fully furnished! Sadly the house wouldn’t be ready for them to move in till close to the end of July but Lisa already had plans when she saw the place.

She saw some hot pool parties/orgies in the back yard! So many rooms to fuck her parents and maybe others in! And when she saw the large room that would soon be her bedroom she saw so many photo shoots taking place!

The wedding happened about a week after school let out. Things happened so fast that when Lisa tried to get in touch with Shannon to let her know what was going on she found her self in the same place her friend was last summer. She was always just missing her friend as she went out to be with some friends or what ever her mom said. Lisa would just smile, thinking about her brown haired best friend sliding up and down her lovers cock!

Those thoughts though didn’t help her though. She was suddenly thrusted into dress shopping and helping to plan the quick wedding that she had no time to jump on her cam to get off for her fans or have sex with anyone! She would pout and whimper but she stayed focus on the entire task at hand.

Kelly would smile seeing her little girl suffer. In a little way this was a bit of punishment for not only fucking Clark but also keeping her little secret porn life from her! She loved her daughter and would make sure the girl’s tiny suffering would end soon but Kelly did like the little thrill of controlling her daughter with sex. Kelly had to suffer as well since she would spend hours having to plan and get things set up that at the end of the day she was much too tired to fuck Clark!

Clark, in a way, had to suffer the most! He proposed to Kelly several hours after the three left that gross motel. After some quick showers and a fuck or two he popped to question to Kelly. Of course he didn’t have a ring or anything available at the time but Kelly still said yes but to one condition...

She made him propose to Lisa as well!

So in a way he was married to both mother and daughter and he didn’t see a problem with that! He figured there would be nonstop sex all the time! But with the wedding planning and what Kelly called a “delayed punishment” for Lisa the man went to bed often with a raging hard on with no relief in sight. He could have just jerked off but Kelly told him to hold back. She whispered about how hot it would be for him to flood her and Lisa’s wombs with so much backed up cum! It was hard but Clark managed to wait the two weeks till their honeymoon! By the first time he fucked his new wife he felt like his balls could have really exploded!

It wasn’t all just sex with them. They did have many times where they were a real “normal” family. During the summer Clark and Kelly would work while Lisa did her own little thing. When the parents got home they would have dinner, talk about their day then some light TV watching. Of course at some point someone would get turned on by something then clothes would be gone and the moans and fucking would begin!

Lisa seemed to be even more relaxed since the marriage happened. She wasn’t just happy to have a father who loved her and seeing her mom happy. She was happy that she didn’t have to keep her naughty life a secret from her mom anymore! For awhile Lisa was a little worried that maybe her mom would make her delete her account but to her surprise she let her keep it! Her mom did set up an account for herself and with Lisa’s help it only took the woman two days to get up to level five!

Kelly did have some rules for her little girl though:

1) No more secrets!

Lisa had to tell her mom anything that happened during her time on the site and what was going on now. Lisa agreed to this rule and told her mom about her friend Staci and about Shannon and her teacher cum lover Mr. Edison and also the people she met and fucked last summer. At first she was worried that maybe her mom would freak out, calling parents and cops but no. As Lisa told her mom these things her mom would go from dressed and listening to naked and fingering, begging Lisa for more details! Lisa took to calling these little talks “Lisa’s Story Time”

2) No more secret meet ups!

If Lisa was planning on meeting up with someone from the site or with one of her little hump buddies (not including Shannon) she had to let her parents know. Kelly’s reasoning behind this rule was more for Lisa’s safety than anything else! Yes, the people Lisa met so far seemed to bee good people who didn’t want to hurt the girl and what not but that didn’t mean there wasn’t some crazy out there who would have no problems kidnapping the girl or worse! Lisa couldn’t argue with that kind of thought and she made sure to let Kelly and Clark know what was happening. With the new house her parents hinted that she wouldn’t have to have the person get a hotel, she could maybe bring them over and they could use the pool/guest house for their fun!

3) Final Rule: Some kind of protection needed for her to fuck!

Lisa didn’t really think about if she could get pregnant. She figured she was 11. She hadn’t had a period yet and all her other friends weren’t worried about it. Kelly had to explain to her little girl how anything could happen. And also she had to also worry about STDs! Nasty things like herpes and HIV/AIDES could hit a person at any age! Kelly knew in the back of her mind there was no real way to enforce this rule on her little girl but at least she could maybe get her some birth control or a place to maybe get her tested incase she did get sick. Sadly the area they lived in had some strict rules about age requirements for girls to get birth control. Thankfully Lisa’s friend Staci knew of a doctor who was into young girls and was always happy to help out. After a check up showed Lisa was clean and that he could get her some birth control pills he let Kelly know about some doctors in her area that were like him. All she had to do was say his name and those other doctors would be more than happy to look the other way to help out a sexy little thing like Lisa!

= = =

It seemed like since Kelly found out about Lisa and this site a whole new world was opened up to her! When ever she went out with Lisa to the mall or somewhere she noticed how both men and women would look at the girl. Were they members of the site? Did they some how know she was sexually active? Kelly had to wonder as more and more she notice little hints and tells.

At one clothes store the cute little teen Goth girl who was helping Lisa out seemed to like to touch her arms and shoulders a lot. When Kelly got home she search for the girl on the level rate site. Sure enough that hot Goth not only had a profile but put herself as lesbian. The pics showed her with girls both her own age and a couple that looked at young as Lisa!

There was the older guy at the shoe store who seemed way to into rubbing and tickling Lisa’s little feet, and rubbing Kelly’s own feet. Once again quick look up and shoe store man had a profile and was into feet!

The more Kelly went out the more she had to look and see who was on the site:

  • The annoying bitch at her office? On the site and into black gang bangs!
  • The twin teen brothers that lived down the block? On site and into gay incest with each other!
  • That sexy Middle Eastern girl with the equally cute pale black haired friend? On site and loves doing full nude pics, her friend not on but fingers crossed!

Kelly was shocked that it seemed like half the damn town was on this site one way or another! Any other “normal” mother would have been screaming in terror finding out they lived in a hotbed of secret perversion!

But it made Kelly super hot and turned on! When her profile went live she made sure to try to friend some of the sexier members that lived near by. Not only for maybe future hook up for Lisa...

But for Kelly as well!

= = =

Clark was quick to get into the life of a married man and father! He felt like now he enjoyed coming home from work to be greeted by Lisa who most times, shockingly enough, would be dressed and doing something normal like playing a video game or watching TV! Sometimes if he wasn’t too tired they would go over to the local public pool for a swim. They both couldn’t wait till their new home was ready because not only would they have their own pool, but they wouldn’t need to wear clothes to use it!

There wasn’t as much sex as he thought there would be after the wedding and really he was okay with that. He loved the “normal” moments with Lisa more than anything else. He would help her with chores and when school started he helped her with homework and projects. They would go out for ice cream or some other cute daddy daughter thing like a little date night of a movie and dinner the times her mom had to work late.

That didn’t mean there was no sex at all. Far from it!

There were many times those those nice little daddy/daughter dates bloomed into something more adult! Some times the movie they went to the film would catch the two by surprise by having a rather graphic sex scene. Before they knew it he would feel Lisa’s hand unzipping his fly and reaching in to jerk him off while his hand wound up under her skirt, his fingers rubbing her pussy though her panties. As soon as the film was over the two would quickly get to their car and try to get home but most times they wound up parking somewhere private for a hot back seat fuck! Of course once they got home the clothes would be off and daddy and daughter would be fucking each other’s brains out!

And as soon as mom came home, she would join in on the fun!

Clark would make sure to take care of Kelly and her wants and needs. He felt more and more in love with her every day. Every time the two were alone together they would have the time of their lives. They would spend time having dates and if you asked Lisa boring things. But after the dates they would fuck like no ones business! During their after sex cuddle time Kelly and Clark would talk about some nasty thoughts and dreams they had not only involving each other but also Lisa. They both decided that they wanted to watch each other with others. He wanted to watch Kelly fuck other men while she watch Clark enjoy other women. Soon they figured they would make some kind of way to slowly get into the open marriage/swinger lifestyle.

And it would be Lisa and her friends would be the ones to help them out with that!


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