Getting to Know His Little Sister

It was late in the afternoon when I pulled up to my father's house. It had been almost ten years since I last saw him. My parents got a divorce when I was ten and I had to live with my mom. She had issues with not only him but mainly herself. My new born sister was given to my father since he was more stable and since I was older it was decided that I would be able to handle myself (well at least call the cops if anything bad happened). Now I was 20 and out of school. I got a pretty good job but I had to leave my mom's place.

I had to say moving out of my mom's house was very freeing! Granted I was leaving one parent to live with another but I had a feeling my dad wouldn't be as over bearing as she was. I will admit I purposely looked for jobs that would get me as far away from her as possible! The one problem I found once I got the job was trying to find a place that was even remotely affordable! My job was in the heart of the city and finding any open place was far too much for me. I was afraid that maybe I would have to give up the job because driving from my mom's house to the city would be hours upon hours of driving.

I have to say, thank god for social media! A couple years ago I connected with my dad though facebook. Once my parents divorced I hadn't seen or heard him. It wasn't that I hated him and was doing some off hand punishment or anything; it was all my mom's doing! Talking to my dad though the web kept me from hearing my mom's ramblings and ravings about how he was an asshole and how he was "destroying her soul."

Chatting with him I told him about my problem about maybe having to not take this great job. When I told him about not finding a place he told me that I could move in with him and my sister! They were close to the city and the only money I would have to pay for the time being would be pitching in for food and anything extra. So I packed up my things and kissed my mom good bye to start this new chapter of my life!

Of course I didn't tell her I was moving in with my dad! I just told her I was going to move in with a couple friends. I really didn't need her to freak out on me!

After a bit of a drive I pulled up to my father's house. He lived a bit outside the suburbs of the city in a nice looking two story house. It looked like he would have plenty of room for me to be free. As I put the car in park the front door opened and a handsome older man walked outside. He smiled and waved at me. It was so weird to see him in person after being away from him for so long!

My father had dark black hair and a fit build. I showed some of my friends his pictures and all of them said I looked just like him. As I walked out of the car and walked up to him I could see a tiny bit of gray hair forming. The closer I got to him the little bit of memories I had of him when I was young came flooding in. I had to hold back crying as he opened his arms up for a hug.

"God damn Will you grew up on me! Give me a hug!" He said. I could see in his eyes he was about to start crying himself.

We gave each other a big hug for a bit. He gave me a bit of a pat on the back as he took a step back to look at me again.

"Spitting image! And that black hair, not dyeing it are ya?" he asked as he tussled my hair. I laughed and shook my head.

"Naa, all natural!" I replied with a chuckle. He turned towards the house.

"ANNA LEE, GET YOUR BUTT OUT HERE AND MET YOUR BROTHER!" he shouted. I chuckled as I took a step back.

I have to say, I was very nervous to meet my little sister. I saw her pictures on my dad's profile but the only memories I had of her was being a baby. I wasn't able to talk to her online because dad didn't want to have her have a profile where some pervs might try to get her. The pics he had of her on his profile showed a cute little red head who I bet she would grow to be a knock out. I heard her coming towards the door my heart was pounding in my chest.

Soon my cute little sister came out the door. She had short red hair and cute glasses that sat on her little nose. She was wearing a nice looking button up top and shorts. She was ten years old and her body was developing. I think I was blushing because she giggled and was blushing as well.

"H… hi!" she stammered. She seemed so friendly as the sweetest smile came across her face.

I got down on one knee to look her in the eyes. She had the most beautiful green eyes that seemed to shine.

"My name is Will, and I am very happy to meet you!" I said with a smile as I held my hand out for a hand shake. She stood there for a moment and looked at my hand. I was worried maybe she was too scared but suddenly she rushed at me and gave me a great big hug.

"I have a big brother now!" She said as I could hear her start to cry. He hugged her tightly.

"And I have a little sister!" I whispered as she kissed my cheek.

= = =

I was brought into the house and dad showed me around. It was very nice, much nicer than my mom's place. My room had a king size bed, night stand and dresser. It was a lot bigger than my old room.

"This was our guest room but we hardly have anyone come spend the night. I hope you don't mind this being your room now!" he said. I smiled.

"As long as you don't mind me maybe hanging some posters up or something." I said to him. He patted my shoulder.

"This is your home now! Just don't knock down any walls or anything." He said with a laugh.

After the tour was done we had a quick dinner of pizza. I started to unload my stuff from the car. I didn't have to start work for about two weeks but I wanted to try to get my stuff set up quickly and quietly. I didn't really bring much from my old house, mostly clothes, some personal electronics and little keep sakes. As I was setting up my TV and video game system I heard a little knock on my door.

"Come in." I said as I messed with the wires. The door opened and I heard someone walk in. I didn't see who it was since I was busy trying to get the wires hooked up right.

"All settled in?" a little voice asked. It was Anna. I smiled but didn't look at her since I was getting close to getting it done.

"Getting there." I answered. I could feel her watching me as I kept working on the wires. She stood there for awhile quietly before she gave a little sigh.

"Well… umm… if you need any help… my room is across the hall." She said, sounding a little disappointed. I turned my head to see if she was okay.

She stood there rocking back and forth on her heels. The nice blouse she had been wearing had it top several button undone and I could clearly see she wasn't wearing an undershirt. If she would have made any kind of wild movement she would have most likely exposed her nipples.

"You should button your shirt up, don't want dad to get mad at you or something." I said to her with a small smile. She gave me one back and walked out of my room. I shook my head and chuckled.

Silly kid.

= = =

For the several days I had before I started my job I got closer to my father and sister. During the day Anna was at school I would tool around the house. I found out that most of the week my dad worked from home. He didn't mind it much since that meant when Anna got home someone was here for her. Sadly my job I wouldn't be able to telecommute to work for the moment but then again dad said since I was young and single so it might be good for me to be out there, get some friends and met up with other people my age. I agreed with that. I mean if I wanted to work from home I would have never left my mom's house.

When Anna got home from school I would help her with what ever home work she may have. She was very eager to tell me about how her day was and this and that. Dad seemed happy that Anna was warming up to me and was very eager for me to be a part of her life. While dad made dinner I would hand out with Anna in the living room. We would play a video game or just watch some TV.

One day while dad was in the kitchen I was sitting on the couch and watching TV as Anna finished up her homework. She came into the living room while I was flipping though the channels. She walked up to me with her cute smile.

"What ya watching?" she asked as she suddenly hopped up on my lap. It took me by surprise as she wiggled her little butt on my lap. I gave a little nervous chuckle.

"What do you think your doing?" I asked as she kept grinding her butt on me.

"Trying to get comfy." She said with a giggle as she leaned back on me. Her head was under my nose. I could smell the sweet scent of her shampoo on her hair. She reached down and took my hands and placed them on her tummy.

"Hold me!" she said as she kept her hands on top of mine as if she didn't want me to let go. I didn't thing anything of it as we sat there and watched what ever channel I stopped on because of her.

We figured out we landed on a music video channel. I didn't really like most of the music that was playing but Anna seemed into it so I kept it on for her. Soon a rap video came on the screen. At the start the main rapper was chatting with his friend about various girls and their big asses. I almost felt like maybe I should turn this off but Anna stopped me, saying how she likes this song. Soon the song began. It was a typical "in da club/look at all these bitches" type of song. The video was chalk full of women hardly wearing clothes and twerking real hard.

"I can do that dance!" Anna said excitedly.

She hopped off my lap and suddenly started to twerk right in front of me! I was shocked a girl her age was dancing like that! Granted with music videos like this and so many how to's on youtube I wouldn't doubt 3 years olds knew how to twerk now! As I sat there watching Anna move her butt I couldn't help but to notice that she did have a nice little bubble butt! I couldn't believe I was sitting here watching this! Anna turned her head back to look at me as she moved her hips. At first she gave me that same cute smile she always had. Suddenly her look changed. It was something I could only say was a look I seen in many more adult twerking videos. It was a look that said "Come on and fuck me!" There was no doubt Anna was giving me the exact same look right now!

"A… Anna you need to stop." I whispered.

"Why? The older boys at school like it when I do this!" she said, still pumping her hips to the music.

My eyes kept darting back and forth from Anna to the kitchen door. My heart was beating like crazy. That's all I needed was dad to walk though the door to tell us dinner was ready to see his little girl doing this adult dance while his son sat back and watched. I really didn't want to be kicked out his house hardly a week into my stay. I could have swore I heard a sexual type of moan coming from her lips. She didn't look like she was going to stop anytime soon so I had to do something!

I quickly grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my lap and quickly turned the channel. She pouted.

"Awww… but I like that song!"

"A girl your age shouldn't be dancing like that! And what was that you said about doing that in front of older boys at school?"

She leaned back onto my chest. Once again taking my hands and wrapping them around her stomach.

"Me and my friends, during recess, go to a spot where the teachers don't see. Some older boys either buy us candy or give us money and we twerk for them!"

I shook my head.

"I don't want you doing that anymore, you got that! If dad finds out he would spank your butt so hard you wouldn't be able to sit or do anything for a whole year!"

She kept bouncing her little ample ass at me. I quickly grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my lap. I quickly grabbed the remote and change the channel to something else. She wiggled her butt a little bit on my lap and giggled.

"Okay, I wont do that at school anymore, but I'll do it for you when ever you want!" she said as she snuggled into my chest. I was about to say something when the kitchen door opened.

"Okay you guys, dinner's ready!" dad called out. Anna hopped off my lap and happily jogged towards the dinning room.

= = =

From that day on it seemed like I kept seeing more of my sister than I wanted. The house only had two bathrooms, one being in the master bedroom and the other being in the hallway. There were many mornings I had to wait for Anna to get done in the bathroom. There were several days I walked up and found the door unlocked. Being half asleep I walk in and get a shock.

One morning I caught Anna on the toilet. She was totally naked! I didn't know if she was really using the toilet or not but before she could say anything I quickly turned around and walked out. I heard her giggle as I closed the door behind me. Of course when she was done I would lecture her about how she should lock the door when using the bathroom. She would just giggle and nod.

But she didn't listen!

Almost every morning I would keep walking in on her. Even when I would knock on the door she wouldn't answer. I would open the door and she would be nude. Sometimes she would be brushing her teeth or hair, other times doing something that I don't think was getting ready for anything. I grumble and bitch at her, but every time she would just giggle.

When I got home from work Anna and I would sometimes be alone for a couple hours before Dad came home from where ever he had to go to. I would use this time to bitch at her for the morning antics. One of these days she just looked at me and said something that stunned me.

"We can share the bathroom you know. I don't mind you looking at me if I can look at you!"

I couldn't really express in words to her why that was wrong! Seeing her cute green eyes looking at me as I just stammered. Being with mom for so long I had to make sure to lock almost every door so she wouldn't bitch at me about what ever bullshit reason her messed up mind could come up with. It wasn't like I was walking around naked and jerking off all the time or anything like that but I learned quickly to lock the door.

Of course I felt like I couldn't really say anything to dad about this. I mean I didn't think dad would have been angry or super upset about what Anna was doing but there was some kind of weird nagging in my mind that if I said something about seeing my little sister naked almost every morning that I might be the one getting in trouble!

I know that sounds silly but I guess any threat of going back to my mom's house made me fear saying anything!

I started to figure out that maybe the best thing to do was either try to wake up a little earlier than her or if dad was already in his home office I would just use his bathroom. But those moments were far and in between since dad didn't have to wake up super early most days! The days I got to beat her to the bathroom I would make sure to close and lock the door. Those times I could hear her try to come in. She wouldn't knock she would just keep trying the door knob. Once I would be done in the bathroom I would open the door to see her pout. Every time this happened I would open the door to see her with pajama top unbuttoned as if she was starting to undress in the hallway while waiting for me. She would look upset as I walked past her as if I should have done something while she stood in the hallway.

One morning I got to the bathroom before Anna. As I closed and locked the door I started to undress as I was about to hope into the shower. As I was naked I was about to pull the shower curtain to the side when suddenly I had to jump back and almost shouted in shock. Standing in the shower was Anna, naked with a giant smiled on her face.

"Hee hee I got to see you naked now!" she said as her green eyes looked my naked body over, ending at my cock. I don't know how long it took me to snap out of the shock before I figured I needed to cover myself.

"A… Anna?! Get the hell out of here!" I cried out. She climbed out of the tub and started to walk towards the bathroom door.

I tried to keep my back towards the wall as I kept my self covered. I noticed she didn't have her clothes in the room at all as she walked out the hallway. She looked back at me one last time.

"Nice butt!" she said with a wink before rushing out the door.

I blushed hard as I quickly closed the door and lock the door.

= = =

After that day her teasing became more and more bold. She would sit on my lap every chance she got and would grind on me some. When dad came into the room the grinding would stop but she would still keep her self on me. Dad would just say something about how cute it was that she liked me and what not. She would just giggle and nod to him.

When she wasn't almost dry humping me she would do some "accidental" flashes. She would come out the bathroom as if she got out of the shower wrapped in a towel. She would stop me in the hall way and try to chat with me. After a moment or two her towel would just "happen" to fall off her. For a moment another full view of her naked body. After awhile she knew I was catching on when I would avoid her in the hall way as soon as I saw her with that towel. So she came up with another way to get me.

She would often get home a little bit before me. She started to do what I called "ambushes". The first time she pulled this was one of the days Dad was out doing something. I came home to find Anna sitting in the living room. She was wearing a nice top and a skirt that I didn't remember her wearing that morning. She just sat there watching a show. As I walked in I saw her book bag in the middle of the floor. I stepped over it and sat next to her.

"You better pick up your bag before dad gets home." I said to her. She nodded and hopped off the couch and walked over to the bag. She seemed to purposely take her time to pick it up. As she bent over my eyes just looked over for a moment and got an eyeful!

Right in front of my face I saw that Anna wasn't wearing any panties! Her ass and pussy in full view as she slowly acting like she was having a problem lifting her bag up. After a moment she even started to wiggle her butt. I quickly looked away as she finally picked up her bag. She looked back at me and smiled as she walked away. My heart was pounding in my chest.

I wish I could say that was the only time she did that. But that was just the start!

Every day Anna found new ways to get me to see her. If it wasn't the morning bathroom shocks it was the evening ambushes. She would make sure to wear skirts with no panties and when ever she could she would make sure to show me her hairless sex. She knew I couldn't say anything to dad about any of it. At first she made sure not to do any of these flashes when dad was around but after awhile she seemed to know when to do it even when he was in the room!

I figured that maybe if I could just ignore her maybe she would stop. I knew trying to talk to her, telling her to stop would just get her to giggle and keep going. Maybe showing I didn't want to see her privates or butt will make her stop. But she seemed to know how to get me to look. She would make some noise, ask a question or just time something just right to where I would turn my head and bam, her vagina or butt right in my view.

After about a month of this I felt like I couldn't really avoid her with out dad figuring out that something was wrong. I thank god when my job started to pick up and caused my work hours to get a bit messed up!

= = =

My job was being an office IT person for a company. I mainly did phone support but I also did IT work for the other departments in the building. It wasn't too hard since I liked computers and the people I worked with were easy to get along and great to work with! The money was good to so I didn't mind it when my boss told me that because of some mess up at the main office that my hours would have to be extended to try to help fix the issues. Hearing about all the overtime I was going to get I jumped at the chance!

But it wasn't just the money that I would be getting, but the chance to avoid Anna and her wanting to show off her body to me was an added bonus!

So for about two weeks I had to work some long late hours. It played havoc with my sleep schedule but that nice sized paycheck made all the work worth it! I got a lot of experience during the time.

The problem I had after that time like I said was my sleep schedule. For several days I found myself restlessly lying in bed unable to fall asleep. On this night it was almost three in the morning and I couldn't sleep. I felt like I had the worse case of cotton mouth ever. Only in my boxers I got up and made my way to the kitchen to get some water. I grumbled as I tried to make my way though my room and the hall in the dark and as quiet as possible. I didn't want to wake dad or Anna up. As I made my way to the living room I could have swore I could hear something like the TV or a computer monitor being on.

Dad had a computer in his office and I have my own laptop in my room. Anna had to have her computer in the family room so she wouldn't be on any kind of naughty websites or maybe chatting with people online with out dad maybe seeing. Even though he would most likely be in his office or somewhere else in the house she seemed to behave herself. I been on that computer a couple times to quickly look something up or print something off. There were no netnannys or other parental web blocker stuff on it.

As I walked closer towards the kitchen I could feel or maybe hear the screen being on. I had to wonder if maybe I forgot to turn the TV off or maybe dad was up watching something. But it couldn't be him because he had his own TV and stuff in his room! As I kept walking I thought I head something move. Was there someone in the living room? I was starting to get worried. Maybe some thieves came in and were robbing the house! I took a nervous swallow and kept moving forward.

The closer I got the more I started to figure out what was on. It wasn't the TV as I could hear the sound of a computer tower's hard drive and fan working. Did Anna maybe forget to turn the computer off after she was done? Ever closer I hear the sound of some typing on the keyboard. Was dad out here doing something? Maybe his computer was messed up or maybe he just didn't want his system heating his room up. It was a pretty warm spring night and maybe a part of my sleep issue was being a little over heated. But as soon as I entered the living room I saw it wasn't dad on the family room computer…

It was Anna!

The past several days Anna seemed to be a bit tired in the mornings. Sometimes she would even skip out on the daily teases and ambushes. I figured she got over her naughty fun due to me having to work long hours. I was getting worried about her being tired though. Even dad complained that the normally chipper red head was bogging down and hinted about her teacher calling him about Anna falling asleep in class. As I walked closer to her and the computer I was set for another shock.

Anna was sitting at the computer desk naked.

Granted the last several months I have seen her naked body many times. I shouldn't be that shocked but the idea of my little sister being naked on the internet made me more worried than shocked. The screen reflecting off her glasses as I noticed that she was wearing head phones. She wouldn't be able to hear me as I walked closer. Terror filled me as my mind started to create a dark scene. What would I see if I saw what was on the monitor?

In my mind I saw my little sister watching some gross old man. He was naked and telling my sister what to do to her self for his sick enjoyment. Was this sicko blackmailing my sister into doing these late night cam shows? I have read many articles about young girls either being conned into being accidental child porn stars by people who threaten to post these pictures and videos on line or maybe exposing their info to the public! I still remembered the story about that poor teenage girl who wound up killing herself when the guy who talked her into giving him nude pictures sent them around her school, causing her to be bullied till she couldn't take it. I didn't want that fate to fall upon my little sister.

As I got closer I noticed her hands weren't on the keyboard. One hand was rubbing her chest, playing with her nipples. Her other hand was in between her legs, rubbing her sex. As I got even closer I started to see what was on the screen. Thankfully it wasn't some gross pedo who was demanding my sister to fuck herself for his enjoyment.

My little sister was watching a porn video!

From where I was standing I could see that the video she was watching was standard porn. A porn actress had her hair in pigtails that was most likely acting like she was some underage girl. There was an older man who looked to be jack hammering away at the girl's pussy. From a distance the girl did kind of look like she could be maybe early to mid teens till the camera changed and there was the various back tattoos that showed the woman's real age.

Anna moaned slightly as I noticed her hand moving up and down on her lap. I couldn't tell if she was just rubbing or maybe even fingering, and really I shouldn't care! My sister was masturbating and I was hiding in the dark like some creep! I didn't know if maybe I should walk up to her and snap her out of her little trance or just leave her be. As I stood there and debated to myself as to what I should do I suddenly heard Anna moan and whimper something.

"W… Will…."

I froze. Did she maybe see me or know I was in the room? I stood as still as possible.

"Will… fuck me… fuck meeee!" she whispered as her hand seemed to move more. From where I was standing she kept closing her eyes. As she had her eyes closed I heard her moaning my name. Her hips moving to her hand as she kept watching the video for a moment before closing her eyes and moaning my name.

She must have been using the video to fuel her sex dream of… me?!

I didn't know how long I stood there. I was confused but everything. Did she know what she was saying or that what she was thinking was wrong? I found myself suddenly not wanting that drink of water anymore. I quickly went back to my room and lay on my bed and looked at the ceiling. I had to talk to her. I had to figure out some way to see how and why she was doing this!

= = =

The next morning was Friday. Both Anna and I came to the kitchen looking tired. Dad was surprisingly up and dressed in a business suit. The one day a week he had to show up at the office he was usually in some kakis and a polo shirt. At the front door was a small suit case.

"What's going on?" I asked. I had to admit seeing this brought back those bad memories of when dad first left mom. Dread filled me as bad thoughts of him ducking out on me and Anna for some reason. Dad was waiting for the toaster to pop as he kept looking at his watch.

"Hey there. Well this morning my bosses called me saying how something of an emergency popped up at two of our offices out of state. I have to go out this weekend to check on them. I should be home by Sunday night. I hope you two can manage to be alone this weekend." He said as his toast popped up. He grabbed it and started to head out the door. He patted my shoulder and gave Anna a kiss on top of her head before leaving.

We went about our day, me going to work as Anna went to school. As I sat in my cube at work my mind wondered about how I should go about talking to her about what I caught her doing this morning. I mean I was her older brother but I did feel like maybe I should be able to explain to her what could be issues with what she had been doing. I figured maybe me chatting with her would somehow calm her down before she might hurt herself or get caught by dad!

I was able to get home before her. I changed into my "lazy" clothes and sat on the couch waiting for her. I figured maybe catching her before she could put on her "ambush" outfit would make the talk go easier. I watched as she came in. To my surprise she was already wearing a short skirt. I figured she must have been changing her clothes before coming home or maybe some where in the woods or something because this morning I remember her wearing jeans! She smiled as she saw me on the couch. She walked up towards me and looked like she was about to climb onto my lap. I shook my head as I grabbed her hips and sat her next to me. I moved around on the couch to face her.

"Anna, we need to talk." I say trying to be as stern as possible. She smiled as her hand reached down to her skirt. I already knew she was planning on showing me she wasn't wearing panties.

"Anna stop! I saw what you were doing this morning!" I said almost shouting.

"You did?" she asked, her eyes open wide and looking at me. She looked like maybe she was trying to hide her excitement.

"Yes, I did. Anna, I'm worried about you. I heard dad saying that your teachers were calling because you were falling asleep in class."

She looked down towards her feet. She seemed like she was upset about me bringing this up. I took a deep breath and continued.

"And there is the things you been doing towards me. You exposing yourself, trying to see me naked and well making sure I see you naked. Why are you doing these things? Is someone making you? Is someone hurting you at school or something?"

She shook her head. She was still looking down at her feet.

"N… no… no one hurt me."

"Why are you doing it?"

She looked up at me. Her eyes were so watery I knew any second she was going to start crying.

"Because I like you!" she said as the tears started to flow.

"I like you too Anna, I'm your brother! Brothers and sisters should like and love each other!" I said trying to give her a warm smile.

She shook her head.

"No! I like you and want you for a boyfriend! I want to kiss you and… stuff…" she whispered and blushed deeply when she said the stuff part.

"What "stuff" did you have in mind?" I asked. I had a sick feeling I knew what she was getting at but I had to make sure she understood what she was saying.

She chewed on her lower lip for a bit before she answered.

"Sex… I… I want you to be my first! I want to make love to you a lot! I want you to love me and want me to be your girlfriend!"

I nodded.

"Where did you get this idea?" I asked

"I wanted to be your girlfriend since I was five. When mom would send your pictures to us." She said.

I was shocked. My mom was sending dad and Anna pictures of me? How mom acted when I would brought up dad and Anna she seemed to want nothing to do with them.

"When she sent your bathing suit pics I really wanted you." She said.

"Bathing suit pics?" I asked. She nodded.

"I can show you!" she said as she quickly hopped off the couch and rushed to her room.

After a moment she came back with a shoe box. She handed it to me and sat back next to me. For a moment I was almost afraid to open it. I don't know why but soon I removed the lid of the box to find it full of pictures of me from the past several years! On top of the pile was a picture of me from five years ago. It was taking during the summer when I was part of the swim team. I was fifteen years old, skinny and wearing a Speedo. I felt a little embarrassed seeing the picture again after all these years but hearing the small moan that escaped my sister's lips shook me.

That's when I noticed there seemed like something was on the picture, like something dried on it.

"I like to rub myself looking at it." She whispered.

"Anna, why do you like to rub yourself to me?" I asked.

"Well, I would show my friends your pictures and they all said you were hot. And I agree with them." She answered.

I placed the photo back in the box and placed it on the coffee table. I looked back at her. I was about to say something but Anna kept talking.

"When I went online to look up stuff about sisters loving brothers I found sites and chatrooms about it. And when you came to live with us the people I talked to helped me out by telling me about showing you my pussy and ass!"

Hearing her say those words shocked me. I was about to shout at her about using those words but my brain had to remain me about what she said about the "people" telling her what to do.

"These people you chat with. Do they know how old you are? What kind of room is it?"

"Yeah they know, and the room's titled was brosisincest."

My sister was on an incest chat! I cleared my throat before speaking again.

"Do you know what that word, incest, means?"

She nodded, a naughty smile creeping on her face.

"Family fucking each other!" she said happily.

"A… and you know its wrong right?" I asked.

She slowly started to move onto my lap. She moved tightly onto me as she moved close to me. Her beautiful green eyes looking into my eyes. She looked so cute as she wrapped her arms around me.

"So? I want to be your girlfriend, and I want you to be my boyfriend! Who cares if it's wrong!" she whispered as she looked into my eyes.

I took a deep breath. I tried to come up with a hundred different ways to explain to her why incest was wrong and how she shouldn't be taking directions from strangers online and what not but that all vanished from my mind when Anna leaned in and kissed me!

It was a sweet innocent peck on the lips but it somehow took my breath away. I just sat there, looking at her with her little glasses on the tip of her nose as she leaned back. She pushed her hips down, pushing her panty less pussy onto my groin.

"I can be a very good girlfriend! I will suck you, let you fuck me how ever you want when ever and where ever you want!"

I couldn't speak. Hearing those naughty words coming from her lips in her sweet voice seemed to do something to me. She smiled as if she knew this was happening as she started to move her hips on me. For the moment my mind went blank. It was as if I was trying to tell myself this wasn't happening.

In my mind I saw myself pushing her off my lap and explaining that it was all wrong and how she needed to not only stop but maybe needed some kind of help. I then called my dad up to tell him what was happening with Anna. I didn't care if that meant I had to find somewhere else to live it that mean Anna would get some help it would be all worth it…

But that was in my mind. I was brought back to reality when I heard her moan and talk.

"Will… you're so hard!"

I gasped as I looked down. Sure enough I had a tent forming in my jeans as she covered the fabric with her pussy juice. There was only one thing I could say.

"S… sorry."

She smiled as she looked up at me.

"It's okay. Will… could you kiss me like they do in movies and stuff?"

I knew what she meant and I found myself leaning in and giving her a real adult kiss. She moaned as my tongue slowly entered her mouth. I found my hands moving toward her hip, slowly moving under her skirt and slowly playing with her ass. I felt her tongue play with mine. I couldn't believe I was doing this with her…

And I liked it!

I found my hips moving to rub her sex as I was growing harder. I felt her hands moving under my shirt as she broke the kiss. I had to chuckle as her little glasses were fogged up.

"That was my first kiss!" she giggled as she kept moving her hips. I smiled as I humped back. She smiled as she reached under her skirt and rubbed my hands that were on her butt.

"Guessing the first of many things this weekend?" she asked.

She moved her hands from mine and moved to the fly of my jeans. My hand moved from her ass and stopped her. She looked up at me and looked like she was about to pout.

"If you want to do more… lets go somewhere else." I whispered.

A huge smiled came across her face as she hopped of me and grabbed my hand as she led me to her room.

= = =

I had been in this house for a couple of months and I have to admit this was the first time I was in her room. It wasn't overly girly or anything. Her bed had pink sheets and the walls had posters of some boy bands and some characters from what ever shows and books were popular for girls her age. For the life of me I couldn't tell you who they were or anything.

As I stood in her room Anna quickly got naked and sat on her bed. I could feel her eyes looking me up and down, waiting for me to undress. For a moment I almost felt like I should stop. This was going way too far! But my hands seemed to not want to listen to my worries as I pulled my t-shirt off and tossed it to the side. Anna bit her lower lip, trying to hold her excitement as I worked on pulling my jeans down. I purposely kept my underwear on maybe in a little way to tease her for all those times she teased me first.

I stood there letting her look at me in my underwear. My cock was semi hard but I knew it was giving a good size tent for her.

"A… aren't ya going to take those off?" she asked as she looked up to my eyes.

Something came over me at the moment. Any worries seemed to just vanish as I placed my hands on my hips.

"How about you come over here and take them off me!"

That sweet smile on her face popped up almost instantly as she eagerly jumped off her bed and quickly rushed over to me. I looked down at her as she slowly pushed her fingers into the waist band. She slowly started to pull them down, almost teasing herself as she started to expose first my pubes. As she kept pulling the beginning of my cock shaft was exposed. A moan escaped her lips as she pulled my underwear down even slower. I found myself placing my hand on top of her head, pushing my fingers though her short red hair as she kept pulling.

My cock finally was free. Anna's eyes were now totally glued to my semi hard cock. I'm not some uber hung and thick porn star or anything. I was maybe close to six inches I never measured or anything. And I wasn't a virgin either. I lost my virginity at age 16 with the only girlfriend I had. We had sex a couple times but my mom chased her away. It had been a long time since I had any action (well not counting jerking off). Anna looked up at me, almost upset.

"How come you're not all the way hard?" she asked.

"Because you have to work on it." I said with a smile as I messed with her hair.

She looked back at my dick and looked a little worried. It was as if she was trying to remember things the people in those chatrooms and forums she went to told her or maybe trying to remember all the porn videos and what all the women on them had done to the men they were with. I moved my hand from her hair and caressed her face.

"You could jerk me, maybe even suck me." I said as my thumb rubbed he lips. She smiled and sucked on the end of my thumb for a moment before her hand reached up and slowly wrapped around my cock.

My cock looked so big and thick compared to her hand. And it was so soft as she started to stroke me so tenderly. It didn't take long for me to become fully hard. I swear I felt like maybe I would accidently cum all over her little face at any second! Her beautiful green eyes were fixed on my cock head as she moved her other hand to jerk me. Both of my hands found their way to the top of her head as I looked down at her.

"Stop jerking." I whispered. She nodded and dropped her hands.

She moved her head, looking at my fully erect cock from all over. I had a feeling she wanted to see a real live dick. She leaned in close to look at every bit of it. I moaned as I felt her warm breath on it. She looked up at me again.

"Do you think you will get it all in me?"

"I don't know. I mean maybe not at first…"

She smiled and gave my cock head a quick kiss.

"We got all weekend to try!" she giggled.

I chuckled. I was going to explain that since she was so young that it might be awhile before she could take all of me but she quickly silenced anything I was going to say as she slowly started to take my cock head into my mouth. I gasped as I felt her tongue licking the underside. My hips slowly pushed my member forward as her hands moved to rub my balls. I kept my hands on her head to mainly help control her. I didn't want her to try too much that might choke or hurt her. She slowly moved her head forward, taking a little more in her mouth.

"Mmmm, Anna, take it nice and slow." I moaned. Her green eyes looking up at me, almost asking if she was doing it right. I nodded as she took a little more.

She got half my dick in her mouth before she started to gag. I pulled back a little and caressed her face.

"You okay?" I asked. She nodded with my cock still in her mouth.

She worked her tongue all over my member. It took everything I had not to explode right then and there! I felt her slowly moving her head back. I kept my hands where they were to control her speed. She seemed to figure this out quickly as we slowly started to move, creating a rhythm between us. My moans and her slurping filled her bed room as her dolls and stuffed animals watched us. Never in a million years did I expect to be getting a blow job from my little sister in her bedroom. I had to admit she was a little too good at this for being her first time sucking dick. Not once did I have to warn her about her teeth or biting me. As I kept fucking her mouth something popped up in my mind, something she said when she was twerking for me.

"Some older boys either buy us candy or give us money and we twerk for them!"

For a moment I thought about if maybe she did other things besides dancing! In my mind I saw her somewhere in her school, maybe under some bleachers or behind some bushes. She was on her knees, cock in her mouth while she placed the few bucks or the candy bar in her purse. I know I should have been angry that maybe some boys were taking advantage of my sisters, but then again the thought of my sweet little sister being some hot little whore drove me over the edge.

"Oh fuck!" I cried out as I came in her mouth. I was going to try to warn her but it was too late!

She stopped moving her head and whimpered as she sounded like she was trying to swallow a much of my load as possible. I felt bad because I had a feeling it was going to be a rather large load since I haven't really jerked off in a while thanks to the busy work schedule I had. I slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth. She quickly raised her hands up under her mouth. I thought maybe she was going to spit my load out on her hands but to my surprise she swallowed as much as she could. Her hands were there to make sure none fell onto the rug.

"You need some water?" I asked. At first she shook her head no. But I could see it in her face the salty taste was kicking in and soon she was nodding yes.

I went to the kitchen and got a cup of water and returned to her room. She smiled as she stood up and took the cup from my hand. Before she drank the water she opened her mouth wide, showing me she drank every drop of my seed! I moaned as she finished her water. She placed the cup on her nightstand. She looked back at me as she got on the bed.

"So… now what?" she asked as she spread her legs.

I knew she expected me to just climb up on her and shove my cock inside her right away but there were some things I wanted to know first.

"Anna, let me ask you something… have you sucked cock before?"

She looked confused at first but realized what I was getting at. She giggled.

"I'm pretty good at it right? No you are my first! I did practice though!"

"How did you practice?" I asked, my turn being the confused one.

"Bananas!" she said.

"I would watch some people on their web cams showing me how to suck cock. I would have a banana and try my best to mirror them and they would watch me and tell me how to get better!"

I chuckled. A part of me wanted to scold her about the dangers of doing things online and how dangerous it was but I had to stop myself. It wouldn't really feel right me telling her things are bad and right and wrong right after I nutted in her mouth and now about to commit more acts of incest and child molestation!

She took a deep breath as she reached down to spread her pussy lips but I stopped her. Not saying anything I moved my face down to her sweet sex. She was already so wet and the smell that was coming from her was so intoxicating. It had been awhile since I went down on a girl but as I would come to find out, sex was like riding a bike, you never forget!

Before I did anything I had to look at her little cunt. I mean I did let her look at my cock up close it was only fair I could study her too! I moved my fingers up and spread her little pussy. It was so pink and beautiful I almost wanted to grab my smart phone and snap so many pictures! I looked up at her and saw Anna blush some. I smiled as I leaned in and gave it a nice long lick. She gasped and sucked in some air. I kept licking around her area as my hands moved to hold her hips in place. She whimpered and moaned as I started to lick her pussy more.

"Will… oh… god…." She whimpered, her hands reaching down to my head and pulling my hair.

I kept licking, loving her juices as I worked my tongue more and more into her sex. Holding her hips I could feel her move a little, trying to hump my face but in a way me stopping her was going to let me eat her sweet snatch longer! As I kept licking my hands started to move down to her ass. I didn't mean to squeeze her cheeks too roughly but her bubble butt was just begging for it! Her hips now free she started to fuck my face and tongue while she flexed her cheeks. She kept pulling my hair but that just made me lick more and more!

"D… don't stop… please don't stop…" Anna repeated over and over as I kept licking. Her juices were so good I couldn't stop if I wanted to!

My cock was growing rock hard as her moaning and begging turned me on something fierce! I didn't care anymore that she was my sister or ten years old. I was going to fuck her and love every fucking second of it! I kept licking more and more as one finger rubbed her tight little asshole. I just knew my dick will be in her ass. I will break in her every hole all weekend long! I gave a low growl as I kept working her sweet cunt. Her body glowing red as she seemed to not be able to breath. She whimpered as I felt her little cunt tightening up. I needed her to cum! I needed her to scream my name!

"W…Will… I… I feel funny…" she whimpered as her hips kept desperately fucking my mouth. I just kept licking, moaning more as her juices kept flowing.

"W…Will….Willl…. WILLLL!" Anna screamed as her pussy exploded, covering my mouth and tongue with sweetness! I kept licking, going slower and slower to clam my sweet sister down. She whimpered as I soon pulled my head back.

"Did I cum?" she whispered. I smiled and nodded. She smiled back as she looked like she was about to fall asleep.

"We aint done yet!" I said as I moved up, slapping my now throbbing hard cock on her soaking ready sex.

Anna looked both frightened and excited. I took this as being my turn to take the words from her mouth as I slowly started to push my cock head into her. She gasped as I slowly entered her. I watched as my cock head stretched her entrance.

"At some point this will hurt a lot…" I started to say as I watch my cock head get sucked into her. Anna nodded.

"T… they told me my first time will hurt… and you breaking something called a hi man?" she said first looking up at my eyes then down to her pussy. I had to chuckle at the sweet way she talked.

"It's called a hymen. It's a little thing in side you that makes you a virgin." I explained, dumbing it down enough for her to figure out what will happen.

"When I get to it, I will push past it, tearing it open."

"And… and that will hurt." She said taking a small breath as I pushed a little more into her.

"Yes. But the pain will go away and you will like it!"

She nodded. She looked into my eyes again.

"Will… kiss me… please." She whispered.

I leaned in and kissed her deeply, slowly pushing a little more into her. I throbbed inside her and I could see that she was keeping a brave face on as I pushed more into her. My dick was forming her pussy around it. It grabbed me more as I kept going deeper. Little pained whimpers coming from Anna seemed to make me keep going. After pushing in a little more I would lean in and kiss her. I would also whisper things like:


And of course

"I love you!"

Soon my cock came upon her hymen. She gave a tiny whimper when my cock first pressed up on it. I stopped moving and looked down into her sweet face.

"Are you sure you want this?" I asked, even though I was already in her. She looked up at me and gave me that beautiful smile that made me fall so much in love with her.

"I want to give it to you! I want to show you how much I love you!"

I smiled and kissed her deeply one more time. Our tongues danced in each others mouths. After a bit I broke the kiss.

"Okay, I'm going to push in. It's going to hurt."

She nodded, took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"Do it!"

I nodded and pushed forward. For a brief second her hymen seemed like it wouldn't let me though but it gave way. Anna's eyes shot open and a loud scream followed. I pushed a little more into her before stopping. I held onto her as I tried to calm her.

"It's okay… it's okay…" I kept saying, trying not to move to let her get use to my dick. She whimpered and nodded.

"J… just give me a sec…" she whispered.

I held her for as long as it took for her to calm down. I kissed her cheek as I looked into her eyes again.

"Okay… ready." She said. I just nodded and started to move.

Her pussy was super tight as I started to move in and out. A small whimper or cry of pain kept coming out of her as I pumped. Looking at her face I could see the sweet mix of pain and pleasure as her tiny body got use to me. My hands once again grabbed her hips as I started to pump hard and fast. Her little body rocking to my thrust as I grunted like and animal.

Anna whimpered less and moaned more. For awhile she could form words but when she did what she said fueled me to fuck her more.

"Will… more… fuck me more… fuck meeeeee!"

Her pussy was already tight but as I pounded into her she became vice like. Her hot juices covered my dick and groin area as she cried out in orgasm. The extra tightness made sure I came with her.

"ANNNNAAAAA!" I screamed as I flooded her womb.

She just lay there, breathing hard, her body a pink color from her intense orgasm. I kept my cock in her as long as I could before her cunt pushed me out. I looked down to see my cum with the pink hue of her blood mixed in. I carefully lay next to her. She turned to me and smiled.

"Does this mean I am your girlfriend now?" she asked.

I smiled.

"Oh fucking A it does!" I answered, pulling her into my arms and kissing her deeply.

= = =

We laid in her bed for awhile, kissing and touching each other. I think in our minds we were both ready for another round but our stomachs decided to growl in unison to signal that there would be no more fucking until there was some food in us!

"I could make us a pizza!" I said to her. She smiled and liked the idea.

We decided since dad wasn't going to be home for about a day and a half we would go with out clothes. We first stopped into the bathroom so I could try to clean us up a bit. I figured if we had to keep this a secret from dad it would work if maybe we didn't leave snail trails of cum all over the couch and dinning room chairs.

I preheated the oven and put the frozen pizza in. As I walked back to the living room Anna had put on the TV and turned it to a music channel. As soon as I sat next to her that rap song came up again with the twerking girls. Anna got excited and quickly hopped up from the couch and started to twerk.

I have to tell you, seeing my naked little sisters bubble butt bouncing to the song was a beautiful site! I sat back and enjoyed the view, slowly stroking my cock watching her.

"You know what happens to girls that dance like that?" I asked as my cock was throbbing again. She turned; giving me that "come fuck me" look she gave me all those weeks ago.

"They get fucked hard!" she growled.

I quickly got up and pushed her onto the coffee table. Her tummy slapped the table top as she grabbed the edge of the table. She was facing the TV as I enter her pussy from behind. Fucking her at this angle I had a view of that ass of hers. As I thrust in and out of her those sweet cheeks wiggled and slapped together.

"Damn Anna, you have a sweet ass! Anyone tell you that?" I asked as my hands toyed with those cheeks.

"Y… yes… the older boys… mainly the black and Spanish ones… they say it all the time! A… are you going to fuck it next?" she asked, moaning.

"I… if you want!" I moaned, thrusting harder. I already made up my mind that I needed all of her but I also wanted it to be her choice though.

"Yesssss, Fuck meeee, fuck all of meeeeeee!" she cried.

I pumped hard and fast and soon once again I flooded her womb with cum. It was perfect timing because at that moment the oven timer with off. We both laughed as we cleaned up quickly and had dinner.

The most of the remainder of Friday night we were fucking in Anna's room. I think we would have spent the whole weekend in there but when at one point I had her on her back, her legs on my shoulders as I was fucking her deep and hard her bed suddenly made a noise that sounded like it was about to break we decided it might be best to continue our fun in my room. Since my bed was king sized and the frame itself was made to hold adults I figure it would be strong enough for our kind of fun!

By the time we were both about to pass out from pure exhaustion I was able to get every inch of my cock inside her with no real problem!

= = =

The next morning I woke up before Anna. We were both naked and holding each other. I smiled and kissed her cheek. She was in a deep sleep, so deep I was able to quietly dress and sneak out of the house. I quickly able to go to the store to pick up some things. When I came back in she was slowly waking up. I leaned over her and kissed her forehead.

"Morning sexy!" I whispered. She yawned and smiled at me.

"Where ya go?" she asked. I caressed her face.

"I had to get something for some fun we will have in a bit. Come on wake up and I'll make you some breakfast!" I said as I kissed her again.

"Do I have to get dressed?" she asked. I licked my lips.

"Of course not baby, I want to see that body!"

She giggled as she put her glasses on and walked to the dining room. I kept my clothes on because I didn't want to burn my privates with grease or something. I made pancakes and bacon. We both quickly scarfed down our meals. When we were done she patted her tummy and smiled.

"So… what ya get at the store?" she asked when she spotted the bag near by. I stood up and took the bag and opened it up. I pulled out a tube and showed it to her.

KY Jelly.

"What's that do?" she asked as she took the tube from me and looked at it. I leaned in and smiled.

"That's for your ass."

"Really? Why you need this for?"

"Well, it will be your first time. Your butt is much tighter than your pussy and if I just push into it I might hurt you. I want you to enjoy it!"

"But the girls on the porn videos don't use this stuff!" she said. I chuckled and kissed her cheek.

"They have been having sex back there a lot longer. Let's just say they are a whole lot more open than you. They won't need much lube, if any!" I joked. She giggled as she stood up.

"Okay! Let's go!" she said excitedly.

"Lead the way!" I said. She knew that I just wanted to watch that little bubble butt move. She made sure to give it a bit more of a wiggle as we got to my room.

As we entered the room she quickly crawled onto the bed and lay on her stomach. I quickly got my clothes off and climbed on top of her. I slowly started to kiss the back of her neck, lightly sucking on it some as my hands moved up and down her back. She cooed as she moved her hips on the bed.

"Getting hot?" I whispered. She bit her lower lip and nodded.

I continued to move down, kissing down her spine as my hand moved to rub her ass. Her hips kept moving, fucking the mattress as she moaned. My slow, long journey towards her ass seemed to be making her hotter and wetter as I could start smelling her pussy. My cock was hard and for a moment I thought about just fucking her pussy but I pressed on. I pulled back a little as I looked at her ass. My hands spread her cheeks open so I could view her virgin hole. It looked so tight I made myself worried. I wasn't that thick but I was stilled worried that I could hurt her. As she moved her hips her asshole moved a little, almost as if it wanted me in her! I leaned in and planted kisses on her cheeks. There was a tiny bit of a musk that came from her back here. I kept kissing, even giving her hole a quick peek before I started my kissing voyage again. I kissed down her legs and finally her feet. She giggled as I playfully tickled her.

I put her legs down and picked up the lube. I gave her ass a playful slap. My red hand prints quickly fading away as I opened the tube and poured the liquid on my fingers. She had her head turned to watch me. I didn't have to say anything as she reached back and spread her cheeks for me. First I rubbed the lubed on her asshole. I tried to warm it up the best I could but she whimpered about it being a bit cold. I poured some more on my finger and slowly pushed it in. She cried out as her body tightened around my digit.

"C…calm down… relax." I said, trying to hide my little bit of pain as her ass got tight around my finger. She just nodded, trying to hold still as I pushed my finger, trying to coat her insides with lube.

After sliding my index finger all the way in and pulling it out I added more lube to it and repeated this cycle a couple times. After a couple times she seemed to like it as she moved her hips to my hand movements. I took this as a sign to get myself ready. I pulled my finger out of her ass and poured as much lube as I could onto my member and slowly rubbed it all over. She watched as I moved my lube covered dick towards her ass.

"Okay Anna, This will be a bit thicker than my finger. So just try to relax and I will try not to make it hurt as much." I said as I tried to give her a very reassuring smile. She nodded and took a couple deep breaths.

"Okay… do it!" she whispered.

I nodded and slowly started to push into her. She kept her ass spread as long as she could as I pushed my cock head into her hole. As soon as the head was fully in she let go of her cheeks and grabbed the bed sheets. Even though I did my best to lube her tunnel she was still so tight! Pushing into her ass I could feel her bowels trying to push me out. A pained whimper filled my ears as I looked up towards her face. She had her eyes closed as she grunted.

"Relax baby, relax…" I kept repeating as I pushed a little more into her ass. I could tell she was trying to let me in but her body was trying it's best to stop me.

I would look down to see how much of me I was able to get inside. How it felt I figured it was only a little bit past the cock head but when I looked down I saw how wrong I was.

Half of my dick was in her, and I was pushing more in!

"W… wait… hold on." She whimpered but I found my self not able to stop.

More of my throbbing member was going inside her. I took the lube and poured more down there. I leaned in and kissed the side of Anna's face.

"I'm almost all the way in!" I whispered excitedly. She looked a little hurt at first but then she nodded and let me keep going.

After a little more pushing I felt myself deep inside her. I held her close to me as my cock throbbed. I kissed her face and neck as she whimpered.

"Are you okay?" I asked. She just nodded. I rained kisses on her face as she slowly got use to me inside her ass.

"I… I think you can move now." She said. I kissed her face one more time before I adjusted myself to move a little easier.

I slowly started to move my hips. As my cock moved pained sounds came from Anna. Her ass was so tight. When I pushed in it felt like it was trying to stop me from moving but when I pulled out it felt like it was trying to keep me inside. I would pump in and out, sometimes stopping to use more lube. It seemed to take awhile but Anna was soon getting into this.

"M… more, more please!" she moaned as I felt her hips move to try to match my pumping.

"More what? More lube? Or more cock?" I growled in her ear as I slowly started to move faster.

She whimpered with some pain as it looked like she was trying to figure out the answer to my question. She never answered as I kept pushing in and out of her ass. The sound of my grunting and skin slapping on skin filled the room. I was very worried that maybe Anna was hurt because she was very quiet. I leaned in and kissed her neck.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I kept fucking her ass.

A smile slowly crept up on her face as she nodded.

"Mmm hmmm… it… it feels good. Feels so good…" she moaned.

I kissed and sucked on her neck as I started to fuck her ass harder and deeper. Her body rocked under me as she started to moan. Her hips moved as she seemed to try to control the muscles of her ass. There were moments her ass was super tight and some times I was able to pump with no issue. Her hands kept grabbing the bed sheets tightly as I leaned in and lightly bit her neck.

"Will fuck me fill me uppppp" she whimpered.

I found my self fucking her as hard and fast as I could. Her sweet moans of pleasure egging me on as I grabbed her hips as fucked her hard.

"OHHHH GOD WILL FUCK MEEEE!" she screamed. I reached up, pulling her hair as I thrust harder.

"You want my cum in your tight ass?" I asked. She nodded. I grabbed her hair and pulled it hard.

"Say it!" I yelled.


I let go of her hair and continued to fuck the hell out of her ass. My cock was now sliding back and forth with ease. I was getting closer to cumming. I held her tightly as I was ready to empty my balls inside her.

"OH ANNA… I…. I… LOVE…. YOU!" I cried out as I slammed into her one more time before I emptied my balls in her ass.

She moaned in pleasure as my cock slowly grew soft and popped out of her. I spread her cheeks to watch her asshole slowly close, my cum leaking out of her. I lay next to her and slowly caressed her body. She turned her head to look at me, a tired smile across her lips.

"Like it?" I asked.

"Yesssss… but it might be a little bit before I want it back there again." She answered. I laughed and kissed her as I held her close, letting her ass recover before we had any more fun.

= = =

The rest of Saturday was almost non stop fucking! After Anna's ass recovered I quickly cleaned my cock off before letting her have it. We moved our fucking to the living room. There was something so nasty about sitting on the couch, buck ass naked and having a little girl on her knees, happily sucking my cock! There were no neighbors about but the window blinds were wide open. If someone did look in we would have been in so much trouble!

After a fuck on the couch it was lunch time. We had sandwiches and for my desert I had her on the table as I ate her out. I couldn't get enough of her and thankfully she wanted me the same way! Later on in the day we tried to clean up some. First sharing a shower that became a fuck, then a bath that of course became another fuck! Later that night we had another anal session. This time I took more of a slow gentle approach that she seemed to like a whole lot more than the harder first time.

After one more attempt at a clean up (another fuck) we prepared for bed. I know dad said he wasn't going to be home till maybe late Sunday but I really wanted to make sure we were both cleaned up and had our stories strait. Even though all day Saturday I had no worries or hang ups about fucking Anna the fear of what could happen if dad found out crept back into my head.

Anna didn't seem worried about it at all, even after I explained how I could be sent to jail. She just flashed me that sweet little girl smile and moved her body down under the blanket to give me one last blowjob before falling asleep. I had my smart phone alarm set rather early. Maybe like how I went to the store before Anna woke up Saturday I could get up, clean up and make sure to clean up any sex messes we made!

As I drifted to sleep I wondered if there was any way Anna and I could keep having our sexy fun. I figured we would figure something out when the time comes. I knew I would miss having Anna in bed with me at night, feeling her naked body pressed up on mine felt so good.

= = =

The next day I slowly woke up. The sun was shining though the windows as I looked around for my phone. I found it on the floor. I must have slept though the alarm and Anna must have knocked the phone off my nightstand to stop the noise. I grumbled to myself as I wanted to wake up early.

Anna moaned and pressed her back on my chest. I leaned in to kiss her neck when she moved his hips. At that moment her warm little kitty rubbed up on my cock. I was going to wake her up to try to get her to shower and dress but as soon as that special warmth rubbed on me my cock decided it wanted more. Even though I was still a little sore from all the fucking we did yesterday it seemed like her juices was a healing potion and what ever soreness my cock had was gone as I became fully hard!

Her leg was draped over mine as I carefully took my cock and slowly fed it into her pussy. A very happy moan escaped her lips as I leaned in and sucked on her neck a little.

"Good morning princess." I whispered as I pushed in every inch of my dick inside her.

"Mmmm morning!" she said with a smile as she moved onto me.

My hands rubbed her chest as I pumped in and out of her pussy. I leaned in and kissed and sucked her neck as she reached up and grabbed my head. She turned so we could French as I kept pumping in and out of her. My hands moved to her chest and toyed with her nipples. Her hips moved on me driving me deeper inside her. I moved my head to suck on her ear as I pinched her nipples.

"Ohhhh Will… I love you! More baby more!" she said moving her body on me.

"I love you too baby!" I said.

We kept moving, kissing and fucking as we needed to make each other cum. I knew in that moment I could never get enough of her. As I kept pumping in and out of her I had to think about how I could fuck her every day with out dad catching us. I knew it would be almost impossible to do since dad worked mainly from home. Yeah I could rent hotel rooms or drive her out somewhere and fuck in her car but I knew that wouldn't be enough.

The bed moved, the head board hitting the wall with every thrust. I heard a little giggle coming from her.

"Check it out." she said as she nodded towards the closet. The closet doors were mirrors and the way we were laying gave us a perfect view of the action.

Watching my cock sliding in and out of her tight cunt was so wild! I felt like I was watching a porn film and not actually fucking her. Watching how her tight cunt stretched around my member as I pushed in and out made me want to fuck her harder and deeper. Seeing her green eyes watching herself as she was getting stuffed full of my cock made me move more. I kissed her face and neck more as she reached up and pulled my hair.

"Will… oh god can we fuck more today?" she asked as she pushed herself downwards as I pushed up.

I did know how to answer her since really I didn't know what time it was or when dad might walk into the house. I just kept pumping in and out of her. In my mind I was telling my self that right after I cum I had to get her in the shower, I had to make sure she was clean and dressed, had to make sure there was no proof of what we did. But Anna made sure to let me know none of those thoughts were in her brain at all.

"I want to fuck outside in the back yard! M… My friend Jessica has a pool in her backyard… I wanna try skinny dipping and fucking in water! A…. and can we fuck in your car too?" she asked.

Again I didn't answer as I kept thrusting harder and deeper. As I grunted I thought I heard something from the living room. I shook my head as I kept pumping more and more. It could have been anything, maybe ever this bed just hitting something. I felt like I was getting so close to flooding Anna's womb again.

"Don't ever stop! Keep fucking me Will!" she cried out. I felt like I was about to cum.

"About time you two hooked up!" an older male voice said at the bedroom door.

I froze. My eyes closed tight as I really didn't want to see who it was even though I clearly knew it was dad!

"H… Hi daddy! Look how deep Will is in me!" Anna said excitedly as she kept sliding up and down my member.

My mind tried to come up with a hundred, no, a million different things I could say to my father to some how explain why I was fucking my sister but I knew that none of them would defuse any anger the man might have. I wanted to push Anna off me and beg for him not to call the cops or send me away. My eyes slowly opened as I heard him walk towards the bed.

I guess my brain decided that if I was going to be beaten to death I might as well see it coming. I tried to prepare myself for what had to be an angry look on my fathers face. But when my eyes open I wasn't seeing the look of an angry man ready to kill me.

I saw a very happy smile.

"Daddy, can I sleep with Will for now on so we can fuck a lot?" she asked. Dad smiled.

"Well sweet heart that's up to your brother. What ya say sport?" he asked as he messed with my black hair.

"S…sure… you're not mad at this?" I asked as Anna kept sliding up and down on me. My hips seemed to figure out they weren't going to be broken so they continued to move to help me empty my balls.

Dad laughed.

"Not at all! You two finish up, shower and dress and we can all go out to celebrate!" he said.

I was still dumb founded. My hips and cock didn't care as I thrust on last time, filling Anna's womb once again with cum.

"But my age… and she's my sister…" I stammered. Dad chuckled.

"Let's just say your mom and I had the same kind of relationship!" he said with a wink before leaving the room.

Anna moaned as she came on me. She pulled off of me and happily left the room to shower as I had to lie there alone and deal with a brand new revelation…

My parents were brother and sister!

= = =

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