title: All-Time Favourite Stories List


The lists


- Alecia D's List -

My list of favorites, in no particular order except for 'Mallory' which is my number 1, is:

  • 'Mallory' by Katie Mcn

  • 'A Letter to Vanessa' by Katie McN

  • 'Tiny Toy' by Pred

  • 'Scales and Arpeggios' by Oosh

  • 'Valentine's Day' by Hecate

  • 'Romancing Jack' by Souvie

  • 'Sight' by Lord Malinov

  • 'Debt Without Honour' by Alecia D

  • 'Ice Cream Sundae' by Bronwen

  • 'Summer Camp' by Michael D

  • 'Call Girl Cheerleaders' by Richard Bissell

- List -

First, thank you, Shy Boy. I couldn't believe that I made anyone's list. Now I feel obligated to de-lurk for a day and list my 'FAVORITE' stories, those I saved and reread from time to time. Some may consider them to be of inferior quality but I like them anyway. As noted, this isn't a 'best' or 'most popular' list.

All my favorites are D/s, usually bdsm tales so I won't add the codes after the titles. The stories on my list describe the characters' mindsets, thoughts, and feeling, what I call 'erotic peril.' Some are heavy, others light, but all deal with what's going on in the characters' minds rather than or in addition to a narration of events.

  • 'Soul Mate' - by Tigger

  • 'Dark Musings' - by dark (if ASB counts)

  • 'The List' - by Nurse Jones (if ASB counts)

  • 'Doing It All Over' - by Al Steiner

  • 'The Adventures of Heather' - by Ramapo

  • 'The Valley' & 'On the Water' - by Leviticus

  • 'Breaking Paula's Limits' - MarArch

  • 'The Adventures of Terri and Jennifer' by TCARPEN103

  • 'Keiko' author (?)

  • 'The Bet' - R Dragon; posted by Felix.Dartmouth

With very honorable mention of:

  • 'Games' - by deirdre

  • 'Logic' - by Ming

  • 'Kristine and Mrs. Anderson' - by Krissy L.

  • 'Lotto' - by ?

  • 'Mall Strut' _&_ 'At Home Dares' - by Maria G

  • 'Well Hung' - by Hans Von Lieven

  • 'Blind Date' - by Suspiera (I like mine, too)

  • 'Captured Caroline' - by Quin

  • 'Kathy's (Katy's) Surrender' - by Kate

  • 'Acquisition' - by Headhunter

Some of these are so old that I have no idea where they can be found today. Here are sources for a couple that weren't already listed.

'Soul Mate' by Tigger

'Games' by Deirdre


Now to start reading the ones on the list that I haven't yet discovered and read....


- Denny Wheeler's favourites -

I've not seen anyone mention one of my all time faves: 'Angie Baby' (Foreplay) by Tom Bombadil. For those unfamiliar with it, it has foreplay only, and is sorta sf-ish.

Another very good story: 'Autumn Sonata'(MF Rom) by David L.

I also think highly of Stasya's 'Taste of Her Smile - version 1'. This is the zoophile version, and in my opinion, the better story by far.

And I won't soon forget Dr Spin's 'The Blue-Blood Slut' (MF rom, slow).

I'm also quite fond of 'Brenda - A Love Story' (M/f f/f) by Tom Bombadil, and of 'Twice The Fun'(which is an adaptation of Randu's 'Double Trouble') adapted by WaywardOne.

And for this revision of the list: Souvie's 'Romancing Jack' and its anonymously written companion piece, 'The Lady and the Ladder'. Both are MF Rom - the same story, told from the woman's pov in one case, the man's in the other case. Very real, very touching.

Oh, yes - anything by Margie Donnadieu.


- Dr Spin's list -

After a bit of hunting and scratching around, I submit a list of 12 stories -- which is not comprehensive because they are so many I have just simply forgotten. But here are 12 which stuck with me for various reasons (Not in any ranking order):

  1. 'Me and Martha Jane' (m/F,teen) by SJR

  2. 'The Siren' (Mf inc bdsm anal) by Margie Donnadieu

  3. 'The Substitute' (M/F Inc-in-law Con Hum) by Losgud

  4. 'From The Land Of Snow' (MFf) by Richard Rivers

  5. 'Find A Penny' (MF, cons, cheat) by J.Boswell

  6. 'ekiN' by Morgan Preece/Joyce Melton

  7. 'A Yank In The Outhouse' (M/FFF; F/voyeur: reluc.)
    by David Shaw

  8. 'Breakup' (MF, violence) by Jack Of All Trades

  9. 'Couch' (MF, Voy) by Deirdre (* yep; she was great)

  10. 'Paper Angels' (MF rom mast oral anal) by Margie Donnadieu

  11. 'She Let me Pull it' by Richard Rivers

  12. 'The Pain of Love' by Mr Slot

* I was monster Deirdre fan. She influenced my own writing here.


- Frank Downey's List -

The All Time Favorite List? I'd love to throw in my two cents <G>

My tastes run towards romance, teen romance, and sexual awakenings (as anyone who's read my own stuff has well figured out<G>). A lot of this list reflects that, but not all of it.

Some of these stories were part of what inspired me to write myself, and some of them I discovered *after* I started writing, because one of my readers twigged me on to them.

In no particular order:

  1. 'Adoration' and (especially) it's prequel 'Graduation' by Jack of All Trades. The esteemable Dr. Spin, after reading my first posted story, twigged me on to Jack's work. I am forever grateful <G>

  2. 'Brenda' by Tom Bombadil. Another one a reader directed me to.

  3. 'Mallory' by Katie McN. Katie's a heck of a writer, and I consider her a friend. This is my favorite by her.

  4. 'Dog and Bitch' and 'Taste Of Her Smile--hetero version' by Stasya T. Canine. I've seen lots of kudos for the zoo version of 'Taste', and I like it, but here's a voice for the hetero version, which I like better. Just my taste, I suppose <G> . And 'Dog and Bitch' is a love story, a zoo story, and a manifesto, all in one!

  5. 'Sunset on Roses' by MichaelD, and 'My Sister, the Cum Addict', by his Richard Bissell alter-ego. I told Michael I loved his stuff once in an e-mail, and mentioned 'Sunset' as my favorite, and he jokingly chastised me for picking one of his first stories. But I like 'My Sister' just as much. Even though it amazes me that the same person came up with these two stories. Maybe Richard Bissel *is* an alternate personality <G>

  6. 'Confessions' and 'Eyeliner' by Henrik Larsen. Great first-time coming-of-age stuff, and 'Eyeliner' has a particularly cute and inventive twist.

  7. 'Teen Cunnilingus Tournament' by Daphne Xu. There's a story that precedes this, 'Teen Blowjob Tournament', and it's good, but I like the second one better, because it's longer and more developed.

  8. 'Cheerleader' by Deirdre. I can't describe it--just go read it <G>.

  9. 'Rush' by Virago Blue. Your monitor will melt <G>

  10. 'Encore' and 'Heaven Sent' by Slowhand. Mushy romanticism, my favorite!

  11. 'Laurie' by E Z Riter. I like most of EZs stuff, but this intergen romantic tale is my favorite.

  12. 'Summer Awakenings' by John A. I like a bunch of John's stuff, but this is teen-first at its very finest.

- George Crossgrove's favourites -

Hi All;

I gave some thought to forwarding my Top Ten List ... but I couldn't. That is, I couldn't keep it down to ten.

Then, I read Shy Boy's offering ... wherein he listed writers, rather than specific stories. I still couldn't keep it down to ten.

So ... what I'm offering ... from the Version 1 list ... are my favourite authors. I'm not going to worry about whether it's ten ... or fifteen ...or twenty. We'll see at the end.

There is one writer of smut (as she said) that is missing. Some of the older ASSD regulars will also remember her contributions to this newsgroup. And no ... she was never one of the inner clique. <grin>

I am referring, of course, to Kim. I have read everything of hers ... and continue to recommend her work ... without reservation. She was also a good e- friend and encouraged me to write. She belongs ... IMHO ... at the top of this list.

  1. Kim

    Both what she called her stroke stories and her sad stories. I'm putting her Number One because she hasn't been mentioned yet.

    The rest are in Rui's alphabetical order.

  2. Al Steiner

    I haven't read all of his. Those that I have, have never failed to please.

  3. Anne 747

    Anything by her. Besides, she lives in the same city and will sic some were hounds on me if I don't. <grin>

  4. Ann Douglas

    Now in retirement again (!), this lady can write a story. What more could a reader ask for?

  5. Bronwen

    From silly to sublime, this writer is one of the treasures of ASSM.
  6. DrSpin

    I've just started to read the good doctor's work. So far, I've liked everything! Single-handedly, he may change my opinion of Oz males.

  7. Jane Urquhart

    Through all sorts of trials .... rave reviews and unmentionable reviews ... Janey continues both as a writer and as a worthy contributor to this ng. (She's also a really good person.)

  8. John Jameson

    With March 17th lurking, it would impossible not to include his. Again, I don't think I've read everything ... but I've liked what I have.

  9. Losgud

    I've read more of his in the past. Despite a genre that would squick some readers, I really appreciated his humour ... not to mention the incredible scene settings. <laugh>

  10. Michael D

    In all his various and skillful incarnations.

  11. Morgan Preece/Joyce Melton/Erin Halfelven

    Maybe I should have reserved the above comment for her. Once again, I haven't read 'em all ... but I'm gonna.

  12. Poison Ivan

    Not only does he write worthy of Olympus itself, he had been very helpful in offering crits on my own stuff.

  13. SJR

    Like others, I've read my way through 'Me And Martha Jane'. It's a keeper!

  14. Taria

    Not only was she a writer of note, she also served to stimulate a number of other writers.

  15. Tom Bombadil

    Tom once told me that he tried to write a story in every genre out there. I'm not sure whether he succeeded but every story he wrote is worth reading ... and re-reading.

  16. Virago Blue

    What can I say about our very own broadsword wielding, chain mail wearing writer ... muscularly shouldering her way in the ng. I bet even her eyelashes are tough. <grin> Mr. Blue is some lucky guy (or very tired). The little Blues should be also proud of their mom ... even if they don't know why.

That's it. Interesting list. For many of the others that I didn't include, please don't assume I don't read and like your work. It's just that someone has to be dropped from my list of those writers I think are better than most.


- Hecate's list -

Here it is (in no particular order):

  1. 'Foreign Affair' (FF, Interracial) by Ann Douglas

  2. 'Awakenings' (FF, Interracial) by Ann Douglas

  3. 'Into the Maelstrom' (F+/F, reluc) by LCDRJMC

  4. 'Mall Strut' (MMM/F, F/F,exhib) by Maria Gonzales

  5. 'Peephole' (mf, ff, exh, voy) by Kristen

  6. 'Scales and Arpeggios' (ff, 1st) by Oosh

  7. 'The Teachers Conference' (FF) by Ann Douglas

  8. 'Love Lessons'(fff) by Candy Kane

  9. 'Sight' by Lord Malinov

  10. 'A Six Pack of Hecate' (FF, nc+ parody) by Katie

  11. 'Chocolate Dreams' by Kim_Lotuseater

  12. 'In The Ladies Room' by Kim_Lotuseater

  13. 'Debt Without Honour' by Alecia D

  14. 'Joanne and Lexi' by Admiral Cartwright

  15. 'Everything Goes (The Game Show)' by Maria

  16. 'Romancing Jack' by Souvie

  17. 'Attitude Adjustment' by LCDRJMC

  18. 'Mallory' by Katie McN

  19. 'The Server' (Gang Bang/f, Claudette, other) by Katie McN

  20. 'The Server' (M+F+f bdsm exhib oral anal) by bobbi jo

and anything else by Ann Douglas!


- Jack of All Trades Favourites -

Deana's comments really made me aware of how much input by others was needed. So I guess I need to throw my hat into the ring and list my top ten favorite stories. My problem is that it isn't just 10, and I'm sure I'm going to be leaving out great stories that deserve to be in the list. I'm afraid it's the nature of the beast. My list in no particular order.

  • 'Orange County Babylon' by MichaelD, this story resulted in me becoming a huge MichaelD fan, I've read all that he has posted, including his alter-ego Richard Bissell. I strive to write as well as he does.

  • 'Time Out of Time' by Crimson Dragon, I'm not a big fan of NC sex, but this story reached out and grabbed me. I found myself waiting anxiously for each posting.

  • 'My Inheritance' by E.Z.Riter, like Michael, this story made me a big enough E.Z. fan to read everything he has posted since.

  • 'Savant' by Deana Johns. I love long stories and character development. It's not finished but what was there made me a fan. I've read everything on Deana/Doc's site since.

  • 'The Golden Mule', by Artie. I discovered this one by accident when searching for some decent stories on ASSTR. Artie hooked me and like 'Savant' I'm dying to see how it ends. I'd like to add 'User Centered Design', 'Life Cycle of the Kaelen', 'Sanctuary' and 'Confessions of a Poodle Shaver.' See Artie I did read your site thoroughly. Any hope that 'Sanctuary' will be continued?

  • 'Kathy' by Morg105829. I've read his other two stories that were posted as well. Kathy has always been a favorite of mine.

  • 'Mother's Adulteress Affections' by DrSpin. It nosed out 'Blue Blood Slut' and 'Red Shouldered Mangrove Warbler' for my favorite story by him, not to mention a doctor character I found sexy to the extreme.

  • 'A Master's Ring' by El Sol. The idea of a secret society, signet rings and so on fascinated me. Then I got hooked in the story. It's another uncompleted one that I'd like to see the ending to.

  • 'The Lottery' by ?. Hmmm, I beginning to see a pattern. It's not that I'm into BDSM, just the opposite really. Yeah, I bet you'll all buy that. :>

  • 'Romancing Jack' by Souvie. Hey its about me, how could I not pick it? No really, I can paint, I even have been known to climb a ladder. OK, its not about me but it is a really good story. Rui has the link to this one.

  • 'Doing It All Over' by Al Steiner. Another that made me read everything he has done. When he publishes I wish he would let us know, I'll buy anything he writes. Rui already has the link to this one.

  • 'My Lady and the Dragon' series by Krystelflame. She's posted some sections to ASS/ASSM but her website is full of sequels that are funny, touching, and worth reading.

  • 'Donna' and 'Irish Spring' by John Jameson, my cup of tea, romantic love and discovery (You will finish these won't you John?)

  • 'Blind Date' and 'Five Hours' by John A. 'Blind Date' is absolutely the funniest sex story I have ever read. I laughed so hard I almost woke my wife and children.

  • 'Intimate Adventures' by Wiseguy. I liked 'Fan Mail' as well.

  • Ann Douglas's 'A Place to Call Home.'

  • Virago's 'For the Love of Becca' and 'Paternity'

  • And let me be the first to add Mr Slot's 'The Pain of Love'

I'm over 10, and I could keep on going. If you aren't mentioned it's not that your stories are without merit. Just that I've run out of space. Now if we did a top one hundred, I might not be able to fill it.


- JG Favourites -

  • "Beach Balls" by Pervitron

  • "Mommy's Botton Drawer" by Pervitron

  • "SitterCam" by Pervitron

- John Jameson Favourites -

I'm not nearly as widely read as I'd like to be, so let me stress that this list is of my favorite stories so far and, like everyone else's, is subject to change over time. And there's no way I could submit it without including some non-authors whose postings to ASS* have been as fascinating as some of the stories, beginning with Rui.

Thanks, Rui, not only for your kind words about my own small body of stories, but for being such an invaluable reference source for all of us.

Denny, you crusty old curmudgeon, you always seem to have something to say that's worth listening to, even on those rare occasions when we disagree.

And to all of those who labor 'behind the scenes' to make the authors look better, the editors and proofreaders who keep us (especially me!) from tripping over our own fingers--in my case, Miss B, David, and John R--thank you for your time, your effort, and your insights.

And now, on with the list:

  • Anything by Miss Behavin', but especially 'Thunderbolt' and her latest, 'Not a Chance.'

  • M1ke Hunt's entire collection. What can I say? He's the best I've ever encountered at making me laugh at the same time his stories arouse me.

  • Michael's (as Richard Bissell) 'Call Girl Cheerleaders' may not be his best work, but it kept me fascinated because I never knew what he'd come up with next. I didn't stop until I'd read the whole thing.

  • Souvie's 'Romancing Jack' and its anonymously penned companion ('The Lady and the Ladder') make a wonderfully romantic and arousing story even more compelling because of the different perspectives they offer.

  • Jack's 'Graduation' series. (Do I detect a pattern here? I seem to like recurring characters.)

  • Uther's Brennan stories, at least all of them I've read so far. (Not nearly enough, I'll admit.)

  • Bronwen's 'Barley Legal Teens' made me itch, but in the most delightful way. <g>

  • Virago's 'Paint'--screw the safety and health issues, the raw lust between a husband and his very pregnant wife made me want to redecorate the whole house.

  • Shon Richards' 'Laura in Green' fits in here somewhere.

  • Joyce's (as Erin Halfelven) 'Dirty and Dangerous' is raw and gritty and thought-provoking.

  • Maria's 'Beside Myself' was another one that engaged the brain as well as the hormones.

  • Anne's 'What Would Happen if We Met' may not be a realistic picture of a meeting between online friends, but who cares? Also, her free story FAQ is one of my favorite resources for finding new authors and stories.

  • DG's Cindy series. Yeah, I know, more recurring characters.

  • Elf's Journal Entries. Even though some of them aren't to my taste, the overall body of stories is one of the most ambitious and coherent series I've ever encountered.

There are more that I could (and probably will) list as I go back and read some old favorites or discover new ones, but these are the ones that come most readily to mind right now.


- Katie McN List -

  • Alecia D: 'Debt Without Honor'

  • Bronwen: 'Ice Cream Sundae', 'Taxi'

  • E.Z. Riter: 'Slaves', 'Freed'

  • Frank McCoy: 'Her Father's Daughter'

  • Generic Joe: 'Benjamin', 'Thoughts of Him'

  • Hecate; 'Valentine's Day', 'Divertimento'

  • John A: 'Love is All You Need', 'Meaner Than A Junk Yard Dog'

  • John Jameson: 'Ginger', 'Inspiration'

  • Michael D: 'Summer Camp', 'Call Girl Cheerleaders' as Richard Bissell

  • Paladin: 'Helen', 'Mothers Owner'

  • Parker: 'Stacy's Senior Year', 'Office Girl'

  • Pred: 'Tiny Toy', Pred TV-WB (Series)

  • Souvie: 'Only a whisper', 'The Right Wrong Spell'

- List -

  1. 'Good Friends are Hard to Find' by Hecate

  2. 'Curiosity Satisfied' by Oosh

  3. 'The Arrangement' by Ann Douglas

  4. 'A Six Pack of Hecate' by Katie McN

  5. 'The Student' by Steven Gordon

  6. 'Reception' by Deirdre

  7. 'Making the Sale' by Tayla

  8. 'Cabled' by Shawn O

  9. 'On the Steps of the MOMA' by Karina

  10. 'The Adventures of Heather' by Ramapo

  11. 'Being Taught a Lesson' by Jon Grossberg

- Marc's Favourites -

Tonytony3's 'A Voyeur's Wife's Story', and his 'How Wife Watching Happens'.


- Maria Gonzales' All Time Favorite Writers List -

OK, since I have a hard time remembering titles, I'll just name my favorite authors and the story of theirs that I have enjoyed the most (If I can think of one and remember the title). Not in any particular order:

  • Jenny Wanshel - Makes me wish I had been sexually active when I was a young. If I had known how enjoyable sex is, I would have been very sexually active. Now I'm married, faithful and it's too late to act like a slut.

  • Shon Richards - The entire Kiko series.

  • Miss Behavin' - 'Batteries Included,' and 'Visions,' which is one of the best things I have ever read.

  • John A. - 'Love Is All You Need?' (lousy title, but great story).

  • Jimmy Hat - Everything I've read by him, I have to read the rest of his stuff.

  • Ann Douglas - All of her F/F stories.

  • Vickie Morgan - 'Amazon Adventure' is a cute little story that I really enjoyed, and 'A Midsummers Night Orgy' was also very good.

  • Virago - Who has quickly improved and become one of the better writers of erotica on the Internet.

  • Bronwen - Her Christmas story ('Stocking Filler') is my all time favorite story, make that favourite story.

  • M1ke Hunt - EVERYTHING. He is so funny. I love the 'accidental' sex in his stories.

  • Kristen - Who should write more and leave the collecting to others.

I kept the list down to ten writers, but could have added many more. Just because somebody isn't on this list, doesn't mean that they aren't among my favorites. There are better and more creative writers around, but the above list has what I think is the best combination of writing ability, creativity and humor... oh, and sexiness.

There are also a few (Allison, are you out there?) that would be on my list but NEED to write more. I am also positive that there are more than a few writers out there that I have never gotten around to reading (Sorry Uther, I have your stories, but haven't read them yet, MichaelD too).


- list -

Here are my 22 all-time favorite ASS sex stories, or at least off the top of my head tonight. Tomorrow night's list might be different.

  • 'A Helping Hand' (M/F, Cons, Rom) by Dulcinea

  • 'A Summer Day' by Anne 747

  • 'A View of Alcatraz' by Anne Arbor

  • 'Bay Bridge Soliloquy' (MF) by Richard Rivers

  • 'Bearing Gifts' by Malinov

  • 'Blush' by RC

  • 'Climbing' by (MF) Poison Ivan

  • 'Connections: Kirsten' (MF cheat rom) by Peter Principle

  • 'Connections: Laura' (MF cheat rom) by Peter Principle

  • 'Duty' by (Mf rape viol) Uther Pendragon

  • 'Excluded Middle' by Plainman

  • 'Hands On' by Deidre Ng

  • 'High Rise' by M1ke Hunt

  • 'Intersection' (mf, rom) by David Lawrence

  • 'My Friends the Allens' by Mark Aster

  • 'One O'Clock Jump' (MF) by Taria

  • 'Rollo and Jeanette Are Dead' by Please Cain

  • 'Taxi, Sofa, Bedroom' (MF cons) by Deidre Ng

  • 'The Bedpost' by Michael K Smith

  • 'The Orgasm' by T. Carvett

  • 'A Train Ride Marked by a Crying Baby' by Eli the Bearded

  • 'Vamps' by Michael K Smith

Note that My Friends the Allens is really 70 or 80 stories, so I could probably use this for my hot 100 if necessary.


- Top Ten Favourite Stories -

  • 'Owning Corey' By Don Boettger

  • 'Entertainment' By deirdre*

  • 'Sisters' By Parker*

  • 'Pet Games' By Vermillion

  • 'Suzy and Bobby And Me By' Unknown

  • 'Trust By E.Z. Riter

  • 'Erin & Crystal' By Cactus Juggler

  • 'Dangerous Wagers' By Blairbrek

  • 'Foreign Customs' By Kim

*I could easily pack my entire top ten list with the stories of dierdre and Parker. I've chosen two stories that stick out in my mind instead of trying to actually rank each of their wonderful collections of works.


- Pami's Favourites -

I thought and I thought and I thought, and I went through my own little saved collection of smutty stories to find the ones I read and re-read most. I guess those must be my favorites, huh? Anyway, I thought I might add my own little top ten list. :) Most of them have at least a slightly kinky twist to them, of course. And I placed them in alphabetical order according to story title, not by author or by most favorite-est.

Pami's Top Ten Favorite-ly Re-Read Stories:

  • 'Around the Cape of Good Hope' by MarArch

  • 'At Home Dares' by Maria Gonzales

  • 'At My Brother-in Law's Mercy' by Jane Smith

  • 'Anne's Punishment' by Tiramisu

  • 'Big Tits' reposted by Ted E. Bear, author unknown

  • 'The Control of Louis' by Nessus

  • 'December Bride' by Shon Richards

  • 'Five Hours' by JohnA

  • 'Triked, Tricked and Trolloped' by David Shaw

  • 'Toying with Tiffany' by Doktor Wu

- smilodon's Favourites -

Following the posts on ASSD, here is a list of my favourites:

  • 'Midsummer' by H Jekyl

  • 'Casting the Model' by Henrik Larsen

  • 'Monsters' by Alexis Siefert

  • 'Moon Ghosts and Memory Boxes' by Desdmona

  • 'Vanessa and Me' by Shon Richards

Short list but all absolutely brilliant and different from the run of the mill.


- Rui Jorge's Favourites -

In no particular order:

  • 'Visions' (MF, rom), 'Thunderstruck' (MF, rom) 'Not a Chance' (MF, rom) and 'Other Plans' (MF, Rom) by Miss Behavin'

  • 'Janey's June' (FM con), 'Janey's September' (small, friendly orgy), Janey's August (FM cons, exhib, tease), 'Erotica 101' (humor, FM cons) and 'Janey's Friend' (FF Rom) by Jane Urqhuart (aka Janey)

  • 'Aftermath' (M/F, mdom, bond) 'The Auction' (M/F, mdom, bdsm) and 'The Club' (M/F, rom) by Pami

  • 'A Letter to Vanessa' (ff, rom, 1st time, love story) and 'Mallory' by Katie McN

  • 'Ripe' (MF, rom, preg) by Bronwen

  • 'Basic Training' (FF), 'Snowbond' (MF, intergenerational) and 'A Study in Scarlet' (FF) by Ann Douglas

  • 'A Scandal in Beverly Hills' by DG

  • 'For The Love Of Becca' (MF, preg), 'Paint' (MF, preg), 'Paternity' (MF, orgy, mf, oral, Rom) and 'Rush' by Virago Blue

  • 'Ginger' (MF, Rom, Oral) by John Jameson

  • 'Love is All You Need' (M/F Rom Cheat Teen) by JohnA

  • 'Every Girl Has Her Price' (M/F, F/F, exhib), 'The Auction (Lisette's Story)' (MFF, FF, exhib) and 'Fiesta' (M/F M/F, F/F, exhib) by Maria Gonzales

  • 'The Folly of Eros' (M/F, oral), 'Romancing Jack' (MF, rom) and 'Jitterbug' by Souvie

  • 'The Tie That Binds Us' (MF), 'Exposed' and 'Hatred (Spiders)' by VickieMorgan

  • 'A Matter of Need' (MF ROM) by Watcher

  • 'Doing It All Over' by Al Steiner

  • 'The Watching Trilogy' by Alan Mathews

  • 'Good Friends are Hard to Find' (MF, FF, oral, F solo, slow) by Hecate

  • 'Great Grandpa Fucks Sherry 18' (Spam Parody, humor, nosex, golf) and 'An Extraordinary Woman' (MF, rom, oral) by Jack of All Trades

  • 'Dead Wallaby Incident' (MF) and the The Misadventures of Ace Dyson by DrSpin

  • 'Expanding Julie's Sexual Horizons' by Father Ignatius

- My Favorite Stories List by Ruthie V4, November 2000 -

Dear Readers -

After using up too darn much of my hard drive to store my favorite stories, I decided to use Zip disks instead. I'm now into the third of my 100 Meg disks. That's not to say that all of the Zip disks are full or all of the stories stored there are favorites. Not by a long shot. They're simply stories I'd be loath to lose if my computer suddenly decided to go south for the winter.

There are lots and lots of great stories around, but certain ones stand out from the rest. Here they are, in no particular order, my remembered favorites, ranging from fresh-faced newies recently posted to golden oldies by authors long gone from the scene. You can find most of the Authors and stories on the amazing ASSTR site: //kino-fun.ru/p-a-c-k-s/authors.html. Thanks, Rey and team.

  • 'Sometimes Love Is Not Enough' (mf, rom, Mf, inc, violence), 'Ruthie's Smile' (MF, rom), 'An Extraordinary Woman' (MF, rom), 'Breakup' (MF, violence), and 'Betsy Laughed' (MF, rom) by Jack of all trades

  • 'Mother's Adulterous Affections' (F/M+ voy cheat), 'The Blueblood Slut' (MF rom, slow), 'The Red-Shouldered Mangrove Warbler' (F/mmm), 'Betsy Fifty Bucks' (MF), and all Ace Dyson stories, past, present and future, by DrSpin

  • 'See Betsy Run' (MF, oral, humour) and 'Welcome To The Hotel California' (Mf Halloween, horror, caution) by Mr Slot

  • 'Karen' (MF cheating), 'The Best Woman' (MFF Rom), 'Finding Betsy' (MF), and 'Baby' (i/r, humil, nc, preg, adultery) by E.Z.Riter

  • 'Amber, The Making of a Fuck Toy' (Mf, MFf, Mm+/f, teen, bdsm, humil, mast, piercing, oral, anal, gangbang) by Richard Bissell, and 'The Eye of the Beholder' (MF, rom, bdsm) and Vector (MF, MFF) by MichaelD38.

  • 'Mardi Gras' (MF, rom) and 'Woman In Control' (MF mast, rough) by Maggie McGee

  • 'Painting on an August Morning' {MF, paint} by Shon Richards

  • The Bangkok Slaver series Marlissa began with 'The Newlywed' and 'The Stewardess and Her Daughter' (m/f, f/f, b&d, forced incest, white slavery), which Parker continued with 'A Bangkok Slaver's Story' (m/f, nc, slavery), which Stroker Ace extended with 'Lollipops,' 'Beyond Chiang Mai,' and 'Sex, Slaves, and Punishment.' These stories have plot, imagery, and unforgettable sex scenes.

  • 'The Island' (M/F, cons, sex) and 'The Reunion' (M/F, cons, sex) by MissLilyO

  • 'His Face' (M/F oral casual) by Felatricks

  • 'A Yank in the Outhouse' (M/FFF; F/voyeur: reluc) by David Shaw

  • 'A Deer in the Headlights' (MF, F/car, BDSM, rom) by NightShade

  • 'Box Office' (BDSM, sex slavery) Cobalt Jade //kino-fun.ru/p-a-c-k-s/~cobalt_jade/OTHER/

Clearly, the story list could go on forever.

Other favorite storytellers, some of whom are no longer writing (drat!): M1ke Hunt for laughing at himself and letting us join in the fun, SarOfTreve for the brilliance that shines in the darkness, Vickie Morgan for having storyteller genes, Henrik Larsen and KatherineT, two new shining stars, the awesome Miss Behavin, Al Steiner for his entire body of work, and of course the renowned Anon for such winners as 'Vertically-Challenged Red Riding Hood' () and 'Master's Little Pet' ().

Clearly, the author list could go on forever too.


- Shy Boy's Favourites -

Since Rui Jorge asked I thought I would bring this back to the top. These authors and works are among my favorites and among the best I have read bar none.

'I thought I would post my opinion of who is the best of the best among the authors at ass.

  • Probably the top of them all is Uther Pendragon. I have so enjoyed his Brennan saga that he is on my positively must read list. Bob and Jeanette are a happily married couple in love with each other. Stories of this sort I would even share with my wife.

    Without a doubt Uther is a master of the craft

  • Bronwen, what can I say about this sexy lady who is also a master of the craft. Although her stories are different than Uther's in content she too is a master of the craft of writing fiction. Anyone who can tell as hot a tale as stocking stuffer is in my book of must read (I will get to her website someday and read all her stories.) Maybe I will even go to the specialty store and see if I can find her commercial work.

  • With only one novel S J R still tops my list of if you want to read a story which will make you laugh and cry and take all week (or more). Any one who wants to write erotic fiction couldn't find a better example of steamy erection causing pussy wetting sex scenes. 'Me and Martha Jane' is in a class by itself.

  • Frank McCoy, incest is Frank's specialty and told in his manner I have few complaints. Any day at Franks page on asstr is worth my time even if I have read most of his stories and now have them zipped on my computer.

  • White Star's CAMP is the best MC story I have read. The author doesn't waste my time foreshadowing events that he has no intention of telling. Why read this story? Well I guess we all once in awhile want to imagine what it might be like if we could have any one or anything we wanted.

  • Artie, weighing in with TGM entered my better than average authors list and tells a fine tale which I hope to see the end of some time there is plenty of material in this to make another 100,000 plus word novel.

  • Stasya T. Canine, while Stasya has no novel length stories but he is a master of the craft and the best I have seen at his chosen genre. Phil Phantom has written a couple of bestiality stories but I just can't deal with the violence in his writing. I'm not sure why because some B&D I like such as 'A Man With a Maid' and others I will get to later.

  • Bobbi Jo, as far as I can tell this author has only written one story that I have found; that being GWU any way I liked this one enough to include it in my best of the best. This is a novel length story waiting for the sequel like TGM so I hope that the author carries through on writing it. Truly if I weren't in the middle of my own writing this is one I'd like the chance to proof read.

  • Al Steiner is also a master of the craft and his novel DIAO ('Doing It All Over') is worth anyone's time and all his other work is on my must read when I see it posted. I sometimes wonder who Al is in RL as he must have in print work somewhere.

  • J R D, hey he (she?) makes me want to go out and buy a dress. What else can I say? I hope that J R D finds a new home for his entire collection of work. As the ones he has posted to assm is just part of all that I know he has written. When I see work by this author again I don't waste time in downloading it and reading it, as he is a master at his chosen genre and a good storyteller who can stand with the best.

  • I've tried to stay with active authors and I have just one more recommendation and that is 'Watching' by Alan Mathews. As far as I know this author is not writing nor at the newsgroup but the two books at this site are worth reading even without the last one being complete. '

- Souvie's Favourites -

  • 'Angie Baby' (Foreplay) by Tom Bombadil

  • 'In the Heart of the Heart of the City' (MF anal nc) by Margie Donnadieu

  • 'Laura in Green' by Shon Richards

  • 'Awakening' by Georgy Donaldson

  • 'Simile Sally' by Stasya

  • 'Sometimes Love is Not Enough' by Jack of All Trades

  • 'Taxi' (MF, cons) by Bronwen

  • 'Timing Is Everything' (MF MFF oral) by Jimmy Hat

  • 'Paint' (MF, preg) by Virago Blue

  • 'The Blue Blood Slut' by Dr. Spin

  • 'Good Friends are Hard to Find' by Hecate

  • 'Expanding Julie's Sexual Horizons' by Father Ignatius

- Favourites -

OK, I've gone through part of the zoo/best stories I have and while I have more than 200 of them I've truly enjoyed over the years, There are 4 that really stand out in my mind.

There are other authors I consider 'must read'. For various reasons, the following three people and their stories are not only among my favorites, they are special for some reason.

  • 'Driver' by Hoss Topper. A male truck driver who has a genetically modified mare as his co-driver. She is a horse in form and the truck is modified so she can drive it. The friendship eventually deepens into a sexual one.

  • 'It had to Be Ewe' by Zooropa. Man and a ewe. One of my favorite stroke stories.

  • 'First Flight' and 'Trial by Fire' by Rhanvark. Two parts of his 'Interfacer' series. I would certainly like to see him do more. No sex in them but definitely good SciFi with zoo overtones. Intense emotionally and very well written IMO. In this case, dogs and wolves have computer interface implants that allow them to speak though a computer when interfaced or when flying their spaceships. Otherwise, the animal-human partners communicate using a specially developed language.

As far as I know, Rhanvark and Zooropa haven't posted in years. Hoss Topper died last Sept. All three are folks I consider candidates for the Hall of Fame.

I'm not trying to slight other authors. Due to a respect for their wishes regarding privacy, I will not name specific names or stories. Some are on my site and others are stored in my offline archives.


- List -

FWIW, here is my own personal (incomplete) list of 'must read' stories. Mostly, its stories I've read and just can't forget... the stories and the characters have become part of my own inner, personal map...

(In no particular order)

  • 'Marie' by Friar Dave

  • 'Doing It All Over' by Al Steiner

  • 'Climbing' by (MF) Poison Ivan

  • 'I Wonder' (MF) by Poison Ivan

  • 'Me and Martha Jane' (m/F, teen) by SJR

  • 'The Subtleties of Justice' (bdsm, *caution*) by MichaelD

  • 'Ellen' by Emerson Laken-Palmer

  • 'Brenda - A Love Story' (M/f f/f) by Tom Bombadil

  • 'Sisters' (ff, incest, teen, romance) by Jan V

  • 'True to Life' (MF, Intergenerational) by Ann Douglas

- Victoria's Favourites -

OK, to be going on with and pretty much off the top of my head and in no particular order, these are the ones that stuck in my head (I'm doing my best with titles but I can't be certain about some of them):

  • EZ Riter - 'Speed'
    Great driving descriptions, good plot, just a fun read.

  • Lostgirl - 'Tommy Fucks Meg's Brains Out'
    Really funny, she takes the phrase literally. All of the Tommy & Meg stories are good, I especially also like "B.O.B. and Me".

  • Uther Pendragon - 'Vials' Great plot, one of those stories I wish I had thought of.

  • Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Pretty much everything. Her stories are the reason I started trying to write and post myself. In particular I like:

    'Fleeing Gods' Great concept and always makes me laugh.

    'Composition in Cream and Chocolate' Brillant and evocitive descriptions, not much happens but the images stick in your mind after reading.

  • Sven the Elder:

    'Summer Rain'

    'Coming In Last'


    'Long Ago and Far Away'

    His writing is deceptively simple and but he always conveys a really strong sense of location. Also his characters are always nice people you'd like to meet down the pub.

  • Bronwen:

    Brillant writer. If I had to pick any out probably:

    'Sam's Bad Day', really funny.

    'Taxi', if only because she claimed she had researched the situation with her husband. Now I can't get into one of those black cabs without smirking all the time.

    'Ripe' & 'Well-Known Sayings' Her characters have a realistic solid everyday marriage which also is sexy.

  • Maria Gonzales - 'A Sexy Story', Very funny.

  • Poison Ivan:

    'Climbing' (of course)

    'November Third'

    'Seeing Stars'

    He's just a great writer, with a lovely turn of phrase.

  • DG - 'The Garden Of Tranquility', Just loved the plot.

  • Souvie:

    'A Knight to Remember' - Revenge is great and there aren't enough medieval stories around.

    'Skalding Hot' - Again liked the setting.

  • Miss Behavin' - 'Boldly Going' I can't help being a Star Trek fan.

  • Janey (aka Jane Urquhart) - 'Murder on the Orient Express' - Great idea.

  • Jimmy Hat:

    'Seven Veils for Four Fools'

    Maytag & Stanton series - Funny even if you don't imagine Mulder and Scully in the roles, even funnier if you do. 'She Was a Boy Band Groupie' is probably my favourite, I was just so impressed with all the songs he came up with.

  • Crimson Dragon - 'Thunder Struck'

  • Delta - 'Anything'
    I liked the fact the plot didn't go the predictable way.

  • Nick:

    Hard to find one I don't like:

    'Replacement' Simply fantastic.

    'Builders' It's just so British.

    'I Just Want to Talk' Great plot.

    'The Starry Night' It's different, interesting plot that's not too predictable.

  • Shon Richards (aka Lord Shon):

    Again hard to think of one I don't like:

    'Dangerous Riders' - Reminded me of Star Wars for some reason. Great setting that is improved by not being over-explained.

    'Laura' Trilogy - Lovely romantic stories.

    The 'Kiko' stories Unique and hilarious.

    'Jesse' - Different idea well handled.

    'December Bride' - Another great idea well written.

    Both Fantasy Train Stories, 'The Hunt' and 'Pirate Duel: The Tale of Captain Shon'.

- Xanthos Pendragon Favorites -

If I had to make a list of favorites, it would probably include:


  • Alien's Gift - JR Parz

  • Alternatives - Deana Johns

  • Biochemistry - JRD

  • Call Girl Cheerleaders - Richard Bissell

  • Camp - Netwolf

  • Castle in the Sand - Deana Johns

  • Change of Power/Fate/Life - JRD

  • Destiny - Al Steiner

  • Doing It All Over - Al Steiner

  • MasterPC - JR Parz

  • My Inheritance - E.Z. Riter

  • The Reward - WG

  • Savant - Deana Johns

  • Shantaa - Deana Johns (Oops - Am I supposed to talk about this one?)

  • Stone of the Phalanx - Enterprise 1701

  • The Book - Blackie

  • The Lottery Winner - Unknown (Still trying to find out who wrote this!)

  • The Treatment - The Umpire

  • The Witch Chronicles - JRD

  • Tim - The Teenage MC - Rass Senip

  • Caretaker - Artie

  • Growing up with Beth

  • Tales of the Golden Mule

and a few others I can't think of at the moment. There are lots of other good or great stories out there, but there's only so much you can keep track of.

As far as Authors:

  • Al Steiner

  • Artie

  • Blackie

  • Deana Johns

  • Elf Sternberg - without whom, I wouldn't be reading erotica today

  • Enterprise 1701

  • E.Z. Riter

  • JR Parz

  • JRD

  • WG (Bill Green?)


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