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Here is a new story titled Pregnancy Perversions. Hope you like it!

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The Hall was a huge square room, 150 feet on each side, with a 30-foot
ceiling.  The walls were hung with fine paintings, interspersed with metal
hooks set into the walls at various heights above the floor, and large
wooden crosses scattered around the room along the walls.  The central area
was richly carpeted and furnished with comfortable armchairs for the

members to use while viewing the perversions that went on in The Hall.

   And along every inch of the wall were pregnant women and girls, ranging
in age from 9 to 71, and they were there to suffer the most painful,
humiliating perversions that the members could devise.

   CHAPTER 1: God Hates Girls

   The Hall existed for only one purpose -- to teach girls that they were
worthless, so hated by God that He gave them empty holes between their
legs, heavy bags of tit meat that hang off their chests, and wombs that
destroy and expel their eggs each month when they are not impregnated, to
remind them how worthless they are without men to validate them and give
them purpose.  God cursed girls with menstruation so they would never
forget their only purposes in life -- to serve men, and to have babies.  It
is fitting that childbirth involves painful labor and prolonged
contractions -- these serve to remind girls how much God hates them, how
much He enjoys inflicting pain on them along with their pregnancy.  When a
girl is stupid enough to let herself get pregnant, God's wrath rains down
upon the little bitch, in the form of an ugly, bloated, swollen body;
swollen and painful breasts; vaginal and internal pain, sickness, and
cramps; and it all culminates in childbirth, the most painful process

   God gave His finest gift to men: a penis.  There is no greater glory on
earth than a fully erect penis, heavy and throbbing, full of life and love.
Men were chosen to receive God's perfect gift, and every penis is just
that: perfect, without flaw or blemish.  An erect penis is a symbol of
God's love for men, and it is to be worshipped by girls of all ages.  Girls
were put upon the earth for one reason: to love and adore a man's penis. 
Girls -- ALL girls -- wish they had a penis, but the closest they can come
to one is to find a man and worship his penis.  Girls were created by God
as an afterthought, a mere flick of His finger after He had created the
holy perfection of a man's penis.  God withheld a penis from girls because
He hates girls and He wants girls to adore and love the penis He gave to
man.  God not only withheld a penis from girls -- He also gave girls a
constant, unavoidable reminder that they have no penis.  God, in His
infinite wisdom, saw fit to give girls a wet, stinky, empty hole between
their legs, a worthless hole that attains value only -- ONLY -- when a man
sticks his penis in the girl's hot, wet hole.

   A vagina is the dirtiest, most foul-smelling, most disease-prone organ
on earth, and God made vaginas that way for a reason -- so girls would
never forget that God hates them.  Every time a girl looks at her vagina --
a hairy, sloppy, ugly wound between her legs, like a knife was used to cut
her open -- she is reminded of her worthlessness.  Vaginas are called by
many nasty names -- cunt, slit, gash, twat, fuckhole -- and there should be
even more degrading names for this symbol of God's hatred for girls.  A
vagina can be washed all day and all night, washed and douched and
scrubbed, but it will never be clean.  A vagina always smells like dead
fish, like burning rubber, like battery acid -- a pungent, acrid, stinking
odor that follows girls throughout their miserable lives.  Girls spend huge
amounts of time and money trying to clean their vaginas, to make their
holes worthy to receive a man's penis -- but no amount of time or money or
effort can change what a vagina is or how it smells -- it is a sinkhole, a
bottomless pit full of slimy juices that ooze out of a girl's insides and
leak out of her vagina and stain her clothes and make her smell like a
sewer, like a dirty toilet that has not been flushed.

   When a man sticks his penis into a girl's vagina, with all the foul
odors and filthy juices inside her fuckhole, the girl should thank him for
allowing her the honor of receiving the glory of his penis.  She should
work hard to please the man, to give his penis pleasure while it is inside
her, because the men will not leave his penis inside her longer than he has
to.  Sticking his penis into a girl's vagina can be dangerous, since a
vagina is the perfect place for diseases and infections to grow.  Girls
know how filthy they are between their legs, and they know they have to be
devious to get a man to stick his penis in their dirty little holes.  This
is why so many girls get breast implants -- they are willing to do anything
for the ultimate feeling in their miserable lives.

   For a girl, the greatest thrill on earth is being penetrated by a man's
penis -- and she will do anything to make this happen.  Buying bigger tits
is just one way the girl tries to make herself look attractive enough so
the man will stick his penis in her.  But the girl is too stupid to realize
that she will have to walk around for the rest of her life with two big
bags of silicone hanging off her chest.  She will have to endure constant
pain in her back from the weight of the implants, serious infections when
the implants leak inside her body, possible removal of what's left of her
real tit meat if she gets infected, and finally a double mastectomy -- the
medical term for having her breasts cut off.  All the pain and misery is
worth it for the girl, as long as she gets rewarded with a man's penis
shove up her fuckhole.

   Girls worship the penis because they know they will never have one
themselves.  Instead of a penis, girls are punished with an empty hole
between their legs.  Girls spend their entire lives yearning for a penis,
willing to do anything to touch a penis, to be allowed to kiss a penis, to
have the thrill of taking a hard penis in their slutty little mouths and
sucking on it.  The girl's ultimate reward, if she is a good little
cocksucker, is a mouthful of warm, sticky sperm for her to swallow
gratefully.  Every girl should be required to swallow semen at least once
every day, to help her remember what she is -- a sperm toilet, cursed by
God, with holes in her body for men to use for dumping cum.  Every girl has
three holes available for men to use -- her slutty mouth, her empty
fuckhole, and her tight asshole.  Those useless, empty holes are for men to
use to dump their jism when they have a climax.

   CHAPTER 2: Punishing Girls

   Since God hates girls so much, it is only fitting that men inflict
punishment on girls -- doing God's work.  And it's fitting that men use the
girls' fuckholes to do the punishing -- to remind the girls they are
useless sluts with nothing but empty holes between their legs.  God denied
a penis to girls, and instead, in His infinite wisdom, He cursed the little
whores with a smelly, wet, filthy hole between their legs, a hole that
bleeds every month.  When a slut fails to get herself impregnated, God
shows his anger by destroying her unfertilized egg and making her bleed for
three days.  With menstrual blood oozing out of her dirty hole and staining
her clothes and making her smell like a sewer, the girl is properly
reminded that she is worth nothing, nothing at all, without a man to
validate her existence.

   The best way for a man to punish a girl -- to punish her for just BEING
a girl, born with a hole between her legs -- is to get her pregnant.  A
pregnant girl is more vulnerable, less able to defend herself, and has
sensitive areas that can be used to hurt her in ways that are totally
different from a normal girl.  Whether the girl is allowed to carry her
baby to term is up to the men who punish her every day while she is
pregnant -- if the men decide to take her baby, or to force it out of her
body, the girl is allowed no say in the matter.  Losing a baby is the worst
thing that can happen to a girl.  It's genetic -- it's built into her
psyche -- and there's nothing she can do to change that.  A girl will do
anything -- ANYTHING -- to protect her baby, and that makes her a perfect
target for abuse, because she will accept any pain, any hurt, if she thinks
it will save her baby.

   CHAPTER 3: Procuring Pregnant Girls for The Hall

   The members of The Hall created it specifically to display pregnant
girls, to subjugate them completely, to destroy their self-esteem, to make
them understand how worthless they are, to inflict as much stress and pain
on them as possible, to make carrying their babies difficult, and to change
the act of giving birth from a private, peaceful, beautiful experience into
a painful, hurtful, stressful spectacular for the entertainment of the
members.  There was a constant need for pregnant girls to fill The Hall,
and they were obtained in a variety of ways:

   1.  Baby Farms - All over the country, perverted men are paid to get
their daughters pregnant, then sell them to The Hall.  A lot of men start
raping their daughters as early as the girl's tenth birthday, before she
reaches puberty.  Raping a pre-pubescent girl cannot possibly get her
pregnant, because her internal sexual organs have not developed -- but by
starting the raping at such a young age, two advantages are created: the
little girl is conditioned to spread her legs on demand, which makes it
easier to turn her out later as a whore; and many of the little girls get
pregnant without ever menstruating for the first time.  This kind of
pregnancy is preferred, since the girl has never experienced her period,
never had blood run out of her cunt for three days while she suffered
painful cramps.

   2.  Kidnapping - Both ordinary girls and famous actresses and models are
regularly kidnapped and used for gangbangs, where they service as many as
100 men each day for a week.  The gangbangs are timed to occur during the
girl's peak of ovulation, so the chances of getting her pregnant are

   3.  Incest - Like the fathers in Item 1 above, there are brothers,
cousins, and uncles who have very young girls as relatives, and the men
either seduce the girls or simply rape them to get them pregnant.  The
girls are then sold to The Hall.

   4.  Runaways - Crews of men patrol bus and train stations all over the
country, looking for young girls that have run away from home.  The girls
are promised money and help, but instead they are sent to The Hall to be
impregnated and tortured.

   CHAPTER 4: A Girl's Life in The Hall

   A girl's life in The Hall could be long or short, depending on several
factors -- but however long she lived, she would be in pain for the rest of
her life.  A girl's willingness to submit to tortures in order to save her
baby from harm could prolong her life -- though probably not the life of
her baby, no matter what she was promised.  Most of the babies that entered
The Hall in their mother's wombs, alive and well, left The Hall dead,
sometimes with terrible mutilations performed on them both before and after
they died.  The willingness of a mother to harm her own baby, either before
or after birth, could prolong her life.  Pregnant girls were starved during
whatever time they spent in The Hall, receiving no food at all, though they
were allowed to swallow all the semen they wanted -- and they ALL wanted
it, every drop they could get from the cocks that were forced down their
throats.  They were given no water, but were allowed to swallow the urine
that the members dumped in their mouths.

   A girl is supposed to gain weight while she is pregnant, and some of the
pregnant girls in The Hall did gain a little -- but most of them lost ten
pounds or more during their pregnancies, depending on how skinny they were
when they were impregnated.  Girls that are anorexically skinny, but with
huge baby bumps, are very exciting to look at, especially when they are
being tortured or humiliated.  The health of their babies Is of no concern
-- just the visual image of a skinny pregnant girl under stress.  A lot of
the girls could not take the extreme stress of the tortures inflicted on
them, and they died at various stages of their pregnancies.  In these
cases, the baby was usually removed from the mother's dead body in time for
the baby to be tortured or raped before it died.

   The younger girls, being more resilient, lasted longer in The Hall -- so
the members preferred pregnant girls under 15 years old, and no older than
12 if possible.  The average age of first menstruation in girls is 11.8
years, with breast development starting about 15 months earlier, beginning
with a firm, tender lump under the center of the areola of one or both
breasts, occurring on average at 10.5 years of age.  This is the reason
most of the girls on the baby farms were raped beginning at age 9 -- to get
them pregnant before their first menstruation.  A girl impregnated in this
way was said to have "a golden pregnancy" and was highly prized among the
members, since her vagina was fresh and clean, unsoiled by the
foul-smelling menstrual blood and uterine tissue that is flushed out of a
girl's twat every month when she is stupid enough to avoid getting

   But even the younger girls have their limits, and most of them
eventually die during their tortures in The Hall.  The final minutes before
death are highly interesting to the members -- before and after a girl
comes to realize that she is going to die with her baby still in her womb.
Before that moment, when she still clings to hope that she can do something
-- anything -- to save her baby, she will agree to literally anything being
done to her, no matter how degrading or painful, if she has the slightest
spark of hope for saving the life of her baby.  Heavily pregnant girls have
willingly submitted to branding on their breasts, to having their breasts
cut with knives, to whippings that literally flay the skin off their
bodies, to drinking cleaning fluid, to eating feces freshly deposited on a
plate in front of them by three men, to taking in their mouths heavily
soiled tampons from girls at the height of her menstrual period and
swallowing the blood that oozes out of them.  The members especially enjoy
seeing the look on the girl's face AFTER she does one or more of these
things, then realizes that she is still going to lose her baby -- the
horror and desperation are displayed so clearly on the girl's beautiful,
sweating face, it never fails to induce huge erections for the members.

   If a girl does survive the extreme rigors of childbirth in The Hall, she
still does not get to keep her baby, even if it survives.  Many of the
babies are born dead, the finale to one of the favorite scenes played out
for the members -- a girl's baby is killed while it is still in her womb,
and she knows it is dead, but she still is forced to go through the agony
and pain of extended labor, culminating in the birth of her dead baby.  The
girls that do survive usually have long-term damage from being starved
while they were pregnant -- their wombs sustain permanent scarring from
malnutrition, their ovaries are impaired, and their birth canals are
injured when their labia are sewn shut and the baby has to be forced out.

   If the girl lives through the horrors of giving birth in The Hall, she
usually has to have one or more of her internal sexual organs removed, or
sometimes ALL of them.  What's left is an empty shell -- a beautiful young
body on the outside, but a barren, soiled, damaged wasteland on the inside.
The very organs that MAKE her a girl -- her womb, her ovaries, her vagina,
her breasts -- are often gone after her tortures in The Hall, but her life
is not over.  Surgeons are kept on retainer to repair what damage they can,
and to remove the organs that are too far gone to repair.  Complete
hysterectomies are common, with removal of the womb, ovaries, fallopian
tubes, and sometimes parts of the vagina.  The girl knows she is no longer
really a girl after the surgery, but she is forced into the only life
remaining for her -- prostitution.  Girls who come out of The Hall still
alive are often dead inside, their sexuality left on the floor of the
operating room after being cut out of them.  But their bodies still look
youthful and attractive, which makes them absolutely perfect for one job
and one job only: being a whore.  The girl is shipped off to a whorehouse
in Mexico, where she spends the rest of her life on her back, naked,
servicing 75 men a day in a continuous gangbang.  Or she spends her life on
her knees sucking cock, getting whipped savagely if she fails to bring a
customer to orgasm.  Watching a 59-year-old white woman, on her knees,
naked, giving a blowjob to a 17-year-old Mexican boy is something to see.
She works so hard to make him shoot his load in her slutty little mouth,
knowing she needs to be a good little cocksucker or she will be beaten
viciously.  White girls in Mexican whorehouses are covered with scars from
beatings, and from cuts and bruises their customers inflict on them while
they screw the whores.

   While she is in The Hall, the pregnant girl is given no food or drink at
all, and after a day or two, she figures out that the only food she will
get will be semen, and the only drink she will get will be urine.  She is
allowed to eat and drink only the fluids that come from a man's penis, and
this reinforces her love and adoration of the cock -- any cock, all cocks,
erect or not.  If a cock is hard, she can fellate it to a climax, and
sometimes she will be allowed to swallow the sperm.  If a cock is soft, she
can take it in her mouth and hope and pray the man will piss in her mouth
and allow her to swallow the urine.  The girl quickly learns to be grateful
for every drop of sperm and urine that she is allowed to swallow.

   CHAPTER 5: Fun With Pregnant Girls

   Some members enjoy toying with the girls in The Hall.  A heavily
pregnant girl is told to squat -- terribly painful, with her massive baby
bump hanging out and her high heels making it hard to keep her balance --
and the member demands a nice, slow blowjob.  She is instructed to hold his
sperm in her mouth when he ejaculates.  He tells her to squeeze his balls
with her hands while he cums, to milk more sperm from his testicles into
her mouth.  When he finishes his long, wet climax, the member carefully
pulls his cock out of her mouth and rubs it over her face, leaving strings
of sperm on her cheeks while he reminds her to hold his warm jism in her
mouth -- and then he tells her to spit out his sperm on the floor.  If the
girl defiantly swallows the cum, she receives a beating across her pregnant
belly by two men using baseball bats -- and all the girls know this because
they have seen it done.  This keeps swallowing to a minimum when it is not
allowed by the member.  It is highly enjoyable to see the expression of
anguish on the starving girl's face when she is not allowed to swallow even
the fluids from a man's penis.

   Some of the girls are used as human toilets.  There are always naked
pregnant girls squatting at intervals along the walls of The Hall, their
hands cuffed behind them, and their ankles cuffed to a 30-inch spreader bar
so they can't close their legs.  These girls keep their mouths open all the
time the are squatting, ready to serve as a urinal for any member who needs
to piss, and their lips are always dripping urine from the last member they
serviced.  When a member pisses down her throat, a toilet girl swallows the
piss as fast as she can, but some always runs out of her mouth.  The warm
yellow urine drips down over the girl's swollen breasts and down between
her open legs, puddling on the floor between her high heels.  Toilet girls
serve 12-hour shifts, and they are not permitted to urinate themselves
until the end of their shift.  The pressure of the baby on the girl's
bladder makes it horribly painful to hold her water for as long as that,
but if she allows any piss to leak out of her slit, she is required to lean
down and lick it up immediately.  When a girl finally is allowed to relieve
her bladder after a shift, she squats over another pregnant girl and pisses
into her mouth.  If she needs to defecate, she moves her asshole so it's on
the other girl's mouth, then she shits right into the open mouth.  The girl
receiving the feces has to chew and swallow them so nothing soils the
floor, or she receives a beating.

   CHAPTER 6: Giving Birth to a Roach

   Some of the girls are impregnated with a non-human fetus, then forced to
carry the thing to term and give birth to it.  One girl, Joanne, was 16
years old when she was brought to The Hall.  She was a tiny girl, 5 feet 2
and 98 pounds when she arrived, with long red hair and wispy auburn pubic
hair.  Her areolas were light pink, and very large and puffy -- her thick
nipples sat atop the little mounds of her areolas, looking all puffy and
swollen.  Joanne was led in on a leash wearing a slave collar, naked except
for her black high heels with ankle straps.  The straps had small padlocks
so the girl could not take off the slut shoes.  She was led over to a table
that resembled a gynocological table, but this one had a rough slab of wood
for the girl to lay on, with splinters sticking out of the wood.  There
were splinters in the wood footrests, too, so the girl would get scores of
splinters in her soft skin when she lay down on the table.  The footrests
were positioned much further back than on a normal exam table, so the
girl's legs were forced painfully wide apart while she was on the table. 
Her knees were bent back harshly and she had to keep her high heels on
while she was on the table.  Her vagina and anus were totally exposed and

   Joanne was to be impregnated with a large South American tree roach. 
This creature would grow to the size of a small human baby -- six pounds or
so -- while it gestated in Joanne's womb, and then she would give birth to
the roach.  Joanne was a virgin when she was brought to The Hall, so the
roach would be her first baby.  Wood clothespins were put on Joanne's
nipples before the procedure, just to increase her pain and discomfort.  A
female roach was placed on Joanne's slit, and it crawled between her labia
into her vagina.  The roach burrowed its way down Joanne's birth canal
until it reached her cervix, then worked itself through the tightly closed
cervix into Joanne's womb.  Joanne was screaming in horror the whole time
-- she could feel the insect moving inside her.  The roach deposited its
egg in Joanne's uterus, then crawled back out, moving down through her
vagina until it emerged from her cunt, glistening with the girl's vaginal
secretions all over it.  It crawled up over Joanne's slit onto her stomach
as she screamed, and then it crawled up onto her left breast, then up her
neck onto her horrified face.  Finally it crawled into her hair and fell
off the table.

   The gestation period for roaches is about three weeks, and after that
time had passed, the egg hatched inside Joanne's womb.  Her screams were
incredible as she actually felt the roach emerge from its egg, inside her
womb.  Following the hatching, Joanne had a menstrual period when the egg
fragments were flushed out of her pussy, mixed with blood and uterine
tissue.  The baby roach grew inside her womb for another three weeks until
it reached adult size, five to six pounds.  Joanne's womb expanded as much
in those three weeks as in a normal nine-month pregnancy -- but her body
did not have as much time to accommodate the growth, so every minute of it
was painful for Joanne.  Then Joanne was given injections to induce labor,
and she had normal contractions until the roach moved down through her
vagina and was born like a human baby.

   For the birth, Joanne's upper body was elevated, and a block of wood was
wedged behind her neck to force her head to tilt forward, so she had no
choice but to watch the roach coming out of her vagina.  She worked her
legs and arms madly, trying to get loose, but she was strapped in tightly.
She kept trying to close her legs, like that would prevent the roach from
crawling out of her birth canal.  Her eyes widened as her labia parted, and
her face clouded over with shame and horror when the filthy roach crawled
slowly out of her twat, covered in a glistening coating of her vaginal
secretions.  The roach shook itself off, splattering Joanne's pussy slime
all over her, then crawled down off the table.  Joanne never stopped
screaming, though she had done so much shrieking in recent hours that her
voice was almost gone -- just a hoarse, raspy sound came out when she tried
to scream.  Blood was oozing out the sides of her mouth where she had bit
her lips and her tongue while she had been forced to watch the horrible

   While she was pregnant, none of the members wanted to stick their cocks
in Joanne's pussy, after the mother roach had crawled in there to lay her
egg.  So some prisoners were brought in from a nearby jail to gang-rape the
little bitch.  These guys didn't care what had been inside her pussy -- as
long as it was wet and tight.  Joanne was raped continuously during the six
weeks she was in The Hall, and the prisoners were told that she liked her
sex rough.  The men hit her and slapped her while they were raping her, and
then they got the idea of one rapist beating her while another man was
screwing her.  So one man would stand at her head and punch her in the face
or breasts while she was being raped.  Her arms and legs were soon covered
with bruises that quickly turned black and purple.  The exam table was
tilted so Joanne's head was lower than her body, so the men could use her
mouth like a urinal.  Joanne had to really work to swallow the piss that
streamed into her mouth, with the table tilted that way, and her head lower
than her stomach.  Sometimes she just couldn't swallow fast enough, and the
warm yellow urine would back up in her throat and fountain out of her
nostrils, flooding her face and eyes and ears and hair with foul-smelling
piss while she coughed and gasped and tried to catch her breath.  She
smelled bad, with urine dripping off of her, and dried sperm on her stomach
and thighs where it had leaked out of her rapists' cocks when they pulled
their cocks out of her cunt.

   Like all the pregnant girls, Joanne was given no solid food at all while
she was in The Hall, and she dropped from 98 pounds to 70 pounds, so skinny
and exciting, just a thin layer of pale white skin over her bones, with her
elbows and knees looking like knots on a tree.  Her face developed that
exciting look of desperation and frustration that always appears on
starving girls, and her eyes were huge and wild with desire.  She was
eagerly sucking every cock that came to her lips, hoping to swallow some
protein-rich sperm, but sometimes her fuckers pulled their cocks out of her
mouth and dumped their loads on her arms or her tits, where she couldn't
reach them to scoop up the jism and put it in her mouth, and laughing at
her as she tried desperately to salvage the sperm.  She drank plenty of
urine, but she still got dehydrated from the stress of the continual rapes.

   CHAPTER 7: Megan's Story -- Part 1

   One of the favorites of the members was Megan, only 11 when she was
impregnated by her father -- before she ever had her first period, and she
had been brought to The Hall then.  Her father had started raping his
daughter on her tenth birthday, fucking her in front of his friends and
then passing her around, and this continued every day, trying to get her
pregnant so he could sell her to The Hall.  He got $500 from the sale --
and he has three more daughters, age nine, seven, and four, who would end
up in The Hall later.  Megan was two months pregnant when she first came to
The Hall, and she was allowed to give birth to her baby without a lot of
torture.  She was mostly used as a blowjob girl for the members while they
watched other pregnant girls being tortured and humiliated.  Megan crawled
around the room on her hands and knees, totally naked except for her ballet
heels, which were impossible to walk in -- they had six-inch platforms with
14-inch metal stiletto heels as thin as pencils, and Megan looked SO hot
wearing them.  Megan crawled along until a member motioned to her, which
was a signal for her to get between his open legs and give him a blowjob.
She was required to keep her hands on the floor in back of her at all
times, so she touched the cock only with her mouth, tongue, and lips.  With
her hands behind her, her milk-swollen breasts were thrust out toward the
member, inviting a gentle caress or a hard squeeze.  Megan started to give
milk early in her pregnancy -- her milk was triggered by other girls
sucking on her tits in two-hour sessions, four times a day.  Lactation can
be induced by physical stimulation, by sucking on the nipples alone.  The
nipples need to be consistently stimulated by suckling (several times a
day), and the breasts massaged and squeezed ("milked") to encourage the
flow of milk.  Once established, lactation responds to demand.  Two very
old women, 67 and 71, were assigned to suck Megan's nipples, because the
old women knew how to suck to produce lactation.

   After she started to lactate, Megan was milked like a cow every day in
front of the members, on her hands and knees with her bare breasts hanging
out like udders, swollen and huge, with a bucket underneath.  The same two
old women did the milking because they knew how to get every drop of milk
out of Megan's jugs.  And their own tits were so saggy and shrunken, they
made a nice contrast with Megan's udders.  The milking hurt Megan every
day, but she tried to smile like she was enjoying it, because she knew what
could happen to a girl here who did not appear to be enjoying the
perversions done to her.  So she smiled like a whore while she was being
milked, even as tears of pain and humiliation ran down her cheeks.  Megan
wanted her milk for her baby, and the members knew this, so they made a
point of using her milk for other purposes, or making her drink it herself.
They liked to make her watch while they poured her breast milk over their
cocks, to get them hard.  Sometimes, instead of being milked, Megan had to
nurse the two old women at her breasts while they sucked every drop of milk
from her tits and swallowed it.  Megan always cried the whole time she was
nursing the two women, knowing her baby would not get her milk.  When the
women finished sucking, Megan's tits looked like two empty bags, all
shrunken and saggy -- but by the next day, they were big and swollen with
milk again.  The members made the two old women make little cuts on Megan's
nipples and areolas with razor blades, to heighten the sensation while her
breasts were being sucked.  The tiny cuts were irritated every time the
women nursed from Megan's tits, so the cuts took longer to heal.  The old
women made new cuts every day in Joanne's soft boobs, so her pain never

   When it was time for Megan to deliver her baby, she was forced to stand
behind a chair and bend over the back of it, with her legs spread and her
breasts dangling.  Her ankles were cuffed to the back legs of the chair,
and her wrists were cuffed to the front legs, and she had to give birth
standing up, without any help.  To add to her discomfort, the members took
turns raping her in the ass all the time she was in labor.  She already had
hemorrhoids from being pregnant, and the constant screwing irritated her
already-sore anus and rectum.  When she had a contraction, her asshole
would clench tight around whichever cock was inside her, giving the member
a little extra tingle.  All the men ejaculated in her bowels, and she had
warm cum leaking down her legs while she was having contractions.  It would
have been much easier for her if she could squat, but the had to remain
standing the whole time, since she was cuffed to the chair.

   It took 14 hours for Megan to give birth, and she was ass-fucked the
whole time.  When her baby started to emerge from her gaping vagina, she
begged for some help, but the members just laughed at her and kept raping
her.  Her screams of pain during each contraction kept every cock in the
room hard.  Her fuckers could feel the baby through the thin membrane that
separates the vagina from the rectum, and the thought of their cocks
massaging the baby while it was being born was hot.  Megan received load
after load of sticky sperm in her ass, and it ran down her legs and puddled
on the floor between her legs.  Each time she strained to push her baby out
of her vagina, the muscles in her bowels pushed in the same direction,
against the force of the cocks impaling her asshole, and this caused her a
lot of pain because of her hemorrhoids.  The natural flow of fecal matter
out of the rectum was countered by the thrusts of her rapists as they
forced their cocks up her ass, tearing her anal sphincter and weakening the
muscles that control her intestines.  She would never shit right again, and
her loose sphincter would allow feces to leak out of her ass all the time.

   Megan finally gave birth after 14 hours of labor, but there was no one
to help her, so her baby just slid slowly out of her gaping fuckhole and
hung in mid-air, suspended by the umbilical cord.  The strain on Megan was
unbearable, with the baby's full weight tugging on the umbilical cord,
which was still attached to the afterbirth in Megan's womb.  Her screams
echoed through The Hall as the members continued to take turns raping her
ass, with their thrusts into her anus making he baby swing back and forth
between her legs.  She kept straining and pushing, and finally the
afterbirth was expelled from her womb.  As the mass of bloody tissue
emerged from her pussy, her baby dropped slowly to the floor between her
legs, landing wetly in the puddle of semen that had leaked out of her
asshole while she was being raped during her delivery.  The baby started to
cry, and Megan struggled to get loose so she could pick her up -- it was a
little girl -- but the members kept on screwing her in the ass for another
half hour after she gave birth.  Finally she was uncuffed and allowed to
pick up her baby, and she tried to let it nurse from her breast, but she
had no more milk -- her tits had been sucked dry by the two old women. 
Megan cried quietly in frustration and humiliation, unable to feed her baby
-- but then the baby was taken away from her, making her sob even louder.
She was forced to stand there with bloody tissue hanging out of her pussy
while the members deflowered her daughter.  The little girl was barely one
hour old, but she had a cunt, and the members never failed to fuck any cunt
that came to The Hall.

   The little girl was held by one man, who spread her tiny legs apart, and
another man rubbed his twelve-inch cock a little, then decided to let Megan
help him deflower her daughter.  He forced Megan down on her knees and
stuck his cock in her mouth so she could fellate him to a nice erection. 
Megan was sobbing as she sucked his big dick, but the man just laughed as
he looked down at her sad face.  He held her head in place and fucked her
mouth, forcing his cock down her throat and making her cough and gag.  He
pulled out of her mouth with a huge erection, then turned to the baby girl
and deflowered her with one savage thrust into her tiny slit.  His cock was
way too big for her virgin pussy, and his thrust tore the baby's labia, and
she started bleeding.  Megan was wailing now, as she watched her daughter
being defiled.  The man thrust into the little girl again and again, and
finally her rammed his big dick so far into her that he tore the membrane
between her vagina and her rectum -- and the head of his cock poked out of
her tiny asshole!  Blood spurted out of the little girl's ass and vagina as
the man raped her, and it didn't take long before she died right there in
front of her 11-year-old mother.  Megan broke down as she watched her
daughter being fucked to death -- she curled up in a fetal position on the
floor and sobbed woefully.  The rapist kept screwing the little girl's body
until he was ready to cum, then quickly pulled his cock out of her body and
stuck it in her tiny mouth, tearing her cheeks as he forced his cock down
her throat.  The dead baby's eyes were open, like she was watching the man
as he rammed his cock down her throat and ejaculated like a horse.  As his
semen flooded into the little girl, her stomach actually began to bulge a
little as it was filled with hot sperm.  The man took a long time to cum,
thrusting into the little girl's gaping mouth the whole time.  Finally he
finished, and after he pulled his cock out of her mouth, he took the baby
and leaned down and nestled her in her mother's arms, positioning her tiny
mouth on Megan's breast, in a lewd parody of breastfeeding.  Cum was oozing
out of the little girl's mouth onto Megan's breast as she clutched her
daughter to her and cried.

   CHAPTER 8: Megan's Story -- Part 2

   Megan was taken to a whorehouse in Mexico and put to work servicing 50
men a day, laborers who paid 10 pesos -- about 80 cents -- to screw the
little whore as long as they wanted.  Underage white girls are very popular
in Mexican whorehouses, and Megan was kept naked on her back for 21 hours a
day, and allowed to sleep from 3 AM to 6 AM each day.  She spent her 12th
birthday doing a special party, a gangbang with the owner and his friends
-- she was the only girl there, with 32 men, and they screwed her in every
hole she had, for two days and a night.  She needed a week to recover from
that party -- some of the men went a little crazy when they saw her.  One
of her rapists did her on the floor, and kept banging her head against the
wood floor all the time he was fucking her.  After that, Megan was a little
stupid in the head, which made her a perfect little whore.  Two weeks after
the gangbang, she was brought back to The Hall to be impregnated and have
her second baby, at age 12 -- but this was to be a very special pregnancy.
Megan was going to be impregnated with donkey sperm -- sperm that had been
altered chemically so it would work on a human female.  The little bitch
was going to get pregnant with a donkey and carry it to term.

   Megan was impregnated with all the members watching.  She was strapped
to an exam table -- naked except for her high heels -- and her legs were
spread painfully apart, so her slit was totally exposed.  The donkey sperm
was inserted with a large plastic instrument shaped like an erect cock, 16
inches long and two inches wide, with a narrow nozzle at the tip for
penetrating Megan's cervix.  The sperm pump had a reservoir at the base,
shaped like a scrotum, and it was filled with donkey sperm.  The pump was
inserted into Megan's slit, then forced through her vagina until the tip
made contact with her tightly closed cervix.  Forcing the tip of the
plastic pump through her cervix into her womb was horrifically painful, and
Megan's screams filled the large room, giving the members big erections. 
After the pump penetrated Megan's womb, several ounces of the altered
donkey sperm were injected inside her, and then the pump was withdrawn,
which was fully as painful as the insertion.

   Megan was left there on the exam table in full view of the members for
three days, to give the donkey sperm time to fertilize the egg in her womb
-- this was timed for the peak of her ovulation period.  She was examined
in utero after three days, with a microscope tube inserted through her
vagina and cervix into her uterus, and her pregnancy was confirmed -- the
first case on record of a human girl getting pregnant from an animal.  The
members applauded loudly, and to celebrate, the lined up and fucked Megan
continuously for three days.  Since she was already pregnant, additional
sperm in her vagina would just be absorbed into her body, so the members
could screw her without wearing condoms.  She was raped more than 300 times
in three days, and when they were done with her, her cunt was raw and sore
and bleeding.

   The gestation period for a donkey is around 12 months, so Megan would
spend a year of her life carrying the donkey fetus before she gave birth to
the foal.  It was expected that her uterus and cervix and vagina would
sustain severe damage during the birth, due to the large size of a donkey's
head, and its hooves passing through Megan's birth canal.  And carrying the
foal for a year would be severely painful for her, due to the shape of the
donkey and its large size.  A donkey foal weighs between 19 and 26 pounds
at birth, about two to three times the weight of a human baby, so Megan's
internal reproductive organs were expected to be damaged beyond repair
during the birth.  She would probably have to have a complete hysterectomy,
where her uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes would be removed, and would
never be able to have children, assuming she lived through the stress and
trauma of giving birth to a donkey.  It was planned that the foal would
nurse from Megan's breasts, and her swollen udders would be damaged by the
foal's teeth while it nursed.

   Megan was raped every day while she was pregnant, either by the members
or by convicts trucked in from nearby prisons.  The convicts were all
non-white, mostly niggers or spics, brought in to rape Megan because her
father had raised her to hate any men who were not white.  She hated having
to submit to the black and brown men that were brought in by the truckload
to fuck her, but she had no choice.  She laid there on the exam table with
her legs open and serviced more than 100 men every day.  Her cunt got so
raw and sore than yellowish pus was oozing out of it, streaked with blood,
but an internal exam showed that her pregnancy was proceeding without
problems -- the pus was coming from the interior walls of her vagina, raw
and irritated because she was being raped so many times, so that was OK. 
The rapes continued 24 hours a day -- when Megan fell asleep, or passed
out, the men just kept on screwing her.

   It was important for the foal's development that Megan got sufficient
protein, and the men she sucked off did not provide enough protein in their
cum that she swallowed, so she was given donkey sperm to drink -- thee
16-ounce glasses a day.  She hated the taste of the sperm, but she forced
herself to drink it.  The smell was terrible, and her stomach lurched every
time she drank it, but she managed to keep it down.  One reason it smelled
so bad was that it had a little of Megan's own feces mixed in with it. 
There was a bucket on the floor under the exam table, and when she needed
to defecate, she just pooped out the shit and it fell into the bucket --
her rapists didn't even have to stop screwing her while she took a shit. 
When it got half full, the bucket was given to some of the other pregnant
girls to eat, but a little of her shit was removed from the bucket and
mixed in with the donkey semen she was given.  This was not done for any
medical reason -- just to degrade her a little more.

   As the foal grew inside Megan's womb, she began to have bouts of
sickness far worse than morning sickness.  A donkey fetus was never
intended to grow inside a human female, and the hormones generated by the
fetus fed into Megan's bloodstream through the placenta, and had a bad
effect on her system.  One effect was that Megan's breasts began to swell
up like the udders on an animal.  Soon her tits were the size of soccer
balls, and her nipples became elongated and turned almost black, like a
cow's teats.  Her nipples were as big as her thumbs, stiff and erect and
ready for a donkey to suckle from them.  Megan began to vomit regularly,
and since she was strapped down on the exam table, all she could do was
turn her head so the vomit didn't run into her nose and eyes.  Each time
she vomited, another pregnant girl was brought over to clean up the mess
with her tongue, licking up all chunks of vomit and swallowing them.  This
usually made the second girl vomit, and she had to clean up her own mess
along with Megan's vomit.  This all happened while Megan continued to get
raped by an endless line of convicts, and sometimes by the members.

   CHAPTER 9: Megan Gives Birth to a Donkey

   When it was time for Megan to give birth to the donkey, she was taken
off the exam table and made to squat with her legs wide apart, Her arms
were cuffed behind her, to insure that she went through labor and delivery
using only the muscles in her body, without being able to use her hands at
all.  With her arms forced back, her breasts stuck straight out like
basketballs hanging lewdly off her chest.  She looked like a stripper
giving a private show, except she was only 12 years old, and she looked
even younger, with a sweet innocent face and tiny arms and legs.  Her erect
nipples were leaking milk already, in anticipation of the donkey being
born, and two young pregnant girls were told to suck the milk out of
Megan's udders while she was in labor.  Megan's contractions were not like
normal labor, because she had a donkey in her womb, not a human baby.  An
ultrasound had shown that the foal weighed about 19 pounds, at least 50%
bigger than the biggest human babies generally were when born, so the
damage to Megan's internal sexual organs would be extensive.  Her womb had
already sustained damage from the donkey kicking inside the womb -- its
hooves had torn the lining of the womb and caused bleeding.

   As her contractions began, Megan was squatting in front of the exam
table with her arms cuffed behind her at the wrists and elbows, and her
milk-swollen boobs were sticking out like melons.  The first contraction
made her scream, and a gush of blood came out of her pussy and splashed on
the floor between her open legs.  She squatted a little lower, trying
desperately to ease the pain inside her, straining to push the foal out of
her body.  As her cervix expanded to allow the foal to pass through, the
pain was like a knife -- a girl's cervix was never intended to expand like
this.  Her incessant screaming was annoying the members, so a penis gag was
inserted in her mouth and strapped around her head to hold it in place. 
The strap held a large dildo in the shape of an erect penis, five inches
long and two inches wide -- big enough to muffle Megan's shrieking.  She
was drooling from the sides of her mouth now, and her eyes were wide with
terror as she kept screaming.  Her whole body was jerking each time the
donkey foal kicked inside her -- the hooves were like stones raking against
the sensitive walls of her uterus and vagina as the foal moved slowly along
her birth canal.  The little bitch had never felt pain like this, and she
was terrified at what might be coming.

   Now the donkey's head started to emerge from Megan's gaping pussy.  Her
labia were stretched to their limit, and then they tore, and more blood
dribbled down onto the floor.  Megan strained, her whole body covered in
sweat, and a little more of the head appeared between her legs.  Her face
was flushed a deep red, and she was starting to smell bad, with all the
sweat pouring off her body.  The donkey's body and four legs were still
inside Megan, and she yelped and jerked as the donkey kicked.  Then the
front legs emerged from Megan's twat, and the donkey's midsection followed,
stretching her birth canal painfully, and the tear that started in her
labia now extended up almost to her navel, as the donkey tore her body
apart as it emerged.  The strain was so great, Megan suddenly lost control
of her bowels, and a long brown turd oozed out of her asshole and hung down
for a long moment, then dropped to the floor.  Some wet farts pooped out of
her ass, and then more turds emerged, then some loose feces that dribbled
down to the floor.

   Each time Megan strained during a contraction, more blood was forced out
of her cunt, and now she was starting to feel dizzy from the loss of blood.
She was having trouble staying on her feet -- she was still wearing her
high heels with the ankle straps locking them on her -- and two other
pregnant girls were told to hold onto her shoulders and keep her standing
up.  As Megan strained hard, her peritoneum -- the flesh between the bottom
of her labia and her anus -- started to tear, with more blood oozing out of
her.  The pain was like a knife cutting her between her legs, and her
scream was loud and agonized, clearly audible even with the penis gag
filling her mouth.  But the rip in her sensitive skin did provide more room
for the donkey to emerge from Megan's tortured vagina.  As she strained,
the entire peritoneum tore apart -- and suddenly the girl had just one long
slit between her legs, starting just below her navel and running down all
the way to her asshole!  Her body was literally being split in two by the
donkey foal as she gave birth to it.

   Some of the members had huge erections from watching Megan in labor, and
they wanted to fuck her, but the only holes she had open at the moment were
her ears and nostrils -- so two members stood on either side of the
sweating girl and masturbated on her.  One of them dumped his load on her
face, aiming for her upper lip and nose, so she would have to inhale his
sperm and swallow it.  The other member shot his jism into her left ear and
in her hair, and the sticky semen slowly started oozing down her neck.  Two
more men stepped up and repeated the scene, then two more, and soon Megan's
face was unrecognizable -- totally hidden under a thick coat of creamy
sperm that blinded her and made it hard for her to breath.  A lot of the
semen she inhaled through her nose went into her lungs when she tried to
swallow it, making her breathing even worse.

   Megan was squatting lower now, pushing with each contraction, desperate
to get the donkey foal out of her body.  She had lost so much blood that
her skin was pale all over, and she was right on the edge of passing out.
The donkey's front legs now touched the floor, and its hind legs slid
slowly out of Megan's bleeding vagina, the hooves tearing more flesh off
the walls of her birth canal as it finally emerged.  Megan strained one
more time -- and the foal fell free of her, onto the floor.  The umbilical
cord ran up into Megan's twat, still connected to the placenta, which now
started to emerge from her snatch.  It was a mass of bloody tissue that was
almost as big as the donkey, and Megan had to push several times to force
it out of her.

   Megan's breasts were leaking milk now, and the newborn donkey was moved
close to her so it could nurse from her swollen udders.  The two pregnant
girls eased Megan down so she was sitting on the floor in the puddle of
blood and uterine tissue that had spilled out of her cunt during the birth.
The two pregnant girls squatted and held Megan's shoulders so she could sit
upright.  Her legs were splayed wide apart, and her arms were still cuffed
behind her, so her big jugs stuck out in front of her, capped with nipples
that were almost black and more than an inch long, sticking out like little
fingers on her chest.  The donkey instinctively took one of her teats in
its mouth, and Megan grimaced as her breast was mauled by the hungry
donkey. Human breasts are not as tough as animal udders, and Megan's
nipples felt like they were on fire as the donkey roughly nursed from her.
She was crying with pain and humiliation and shame, while all the members
watched her suckle the donkey foal.  She yelped again and again as the
donkey bit her tits and sucked milk out of her.

   CHAPTER 10: Megan's Choice

   Finally the donkey was led away from its mother, and Megan was told to
get on her hands and knees and clean up the mess she had made -- by licking
it up.  The placenta was laying there on the floor between her open legs,
along with some bloody uterine tissue and other fluids that had leaked out
of Megan's gaping twat during the delivery.  The girl obediently started to
lick the bloody mess off the floor and swallow it, her pendulous udders
hanging down heavily and swinging loosely as she worked.  The members
decided she should be fucked, now that she wasn't pregnant anymore -- but
giving birth to a donkey had damaged Megan's vagina and her insides, and
none of the members wanted to stick their cocks in the massive bloody wound
between her legs -- she didn't really have a pussy or an asshole anymore;
she just had one long slit that started below her navel and ran down all
the way to her asshole.  So the members had to be content with masturbating
on Megan, rubbing their cocks while they stood over her and watched her
licking up the mess on the floor, and dumping their loads on her back or
her legs or in her hair.  Some of them made her stop licking long enough to
raise her head and receive their cum in her mouth, then swallow it and go
back to cleaning the floor with her dirty little mouth.

   Megan did eventually recover, if that's what you want to call it.  Her
bleeding was stopped, but she had to have a radical hysterectomy, where her
womb and all her internal sex organs were removed, including her clitoris,
which had been torn by the donkey's hooves.  Her breasts were severely
damaged from the donkey's suckling, and she was given a double mastectomy.
When the doctors were done with her, she didn't even look like a girl
anymore -- a flat chest, a worn-out face, and just a tiny pee-hole between
her legs, too small to be used to fuck her.  Her anus was beyond repair, so
the opening was sealed up and she was given a colostomy, with a small duct
installed in her side for solid waste to empty into a colostomy bag that
she would have to wear for the rest of her life -- and she was only 12 now,
so the colostomy bag would be with her for maybe 60 or 70 years.  She would
never have an orgasm, since her clitoris and breasts had been cut off, and
of course she would never have any children.  All the things that made her
feminine were destroyed, leaving a miserable, ugly, sad little bitch.

   Megan knew what she could expect for the rest of her life -- nothing but
misery.  She was no longer a girl, and she would never become a woman now,
with all her female sex organs removed.  She was a dried-out husk, an empty
shell that would never know a man's caress, a gentle kiss, or the infinite
pleasure of being penetrated by a man who loved her.  Nobody could love
what she was now -- there was nothing left to love, just an empty shell.

   So, after several months of surgery and recovery, Megan was brought back
to The Hall and given a choice: she would be taken out and dumped on a
highway, naked and alone -- or she could hang herself voluntarily.  The
members always were on the lookout for girls stupid enough to willingly
hang themselves, because there was nothing hotter to watch than that. 
Megan cried for a while, but finally chose to hang herself and end her

   Megan was dressed up specially for her hanging.  Her high heels were
removed and replaced with ballet heels that had nine-inch heels.  Megan had
taken ballet before she was brought to The Hall, and she could actually
walk in the fetish heels.  The slut shoes did not support her feet at all
-- she had to do all the work of standing on her toes herself, and it was
incredibly painful.  Except for the ballet heels, the girl was totally
naked, with the wounds between her legs exposed for all to see.  Her chest
was flat, since her breasts had been cut off.  A small dildo shaped like an
erect penis had been inserted in her pee-hole, the only hole she still had
between her legs.  She was wearing her colostomy bag, and it was about half
full of watery feces.  It smelled bad.  She smelled bad -- she was sweating
like a horse and she was terrified.

   She was led over to a noose hanging from the ceiling, with a chair on
the floor underneath it.  She walked slowly in her ballet heels, balancing
each step carefully, and then she climbed onto the chair, almost falling as
she balanced on the seat of the chair.  She took the noose and looped it
around her neck, as tears of hopelessness ran down her cheeks.  As a last
gesture to her femininity, she put both hands between her legs and started
to rub her groin, in a parody of masturbating -- but she could not bring
herself to orgasm, since her clitoris had been cut off and her vagina had
lost all sensation after her complete hysterectomy.  It was pathetic to
watch the little bitch rubbing her cunt furiously, standing in the chair
with her legs apart, anguish on her face because she could feel nothing. 
She was a pitiful excuse for a girl now -- her femininity totally destroyed
for the pleasure of the members who had been privileged to watch her body
destroyed by giving birth to a donkey.

   After a minute of rubbing her cunt, Megan raised one foot and kicked the
back of the chair, and it fell over, leaving her hanging by her neck.  The
noose tightened, cutting off her breathing, and her face started to redden.
The little slut kept rubbing her pussy, then put one hand on her chest
where her breasts had been -- now it was just the torn skin and detritus
left from her double mastectomy.  Her hand moved around, like she was
searching for her nipples, and more tears flooded her cheeks when she did
not find any nipples there, just tatters of torn flesh.

   Megan began to strangle.  The noose had tightened, with her full body
weight on it now, and her feet instinctively felt for the chair, to save
herself, flailing in the air -- and then she was hoisted slowly higher,
about 18 inches, so the chair was totally out of her reach as the rope was
pulled closer to the ceiling.  The reality of her situation showed on
Megan's tortured face -- but along with the panic that came from knowing
she was going to die, there was a submissiveness, a willingness to keep
going.  Somehow Megan knew she was pleasing men by hanging herself, the
last chance she would ever have to excite men with her body, and her
submission showed in her face.  It was a look that gave every man watching
her a huge erection.

   Megan's face was flushed deep red as she strangled slowly.  She kept
trying to breathe, but her airway was totally closed now.  Sweat popped out
on her whole body as the baser instincts came to the top.  She lost control
of her bladder, and a thin stream of yellow urine arched out from her
pee-hole and splashed on the floor five feet below her.  In a moment, her
bowels relaxed, and a string of dark brown watery turds oozed into her
colostomy bag.  The bag was full, and suddenly it started to leak as her
bowels overfilled it.  Feces splattered down Megan's legs and dripped off
her ballet heels onto the floor.  Her body jerked spasmodically a few
times, but her eyes were still open, and she could see the men below her
watching her die, rubbing their big cocks, excited by the sight of such a
young girl choosing to hang herself for their enjoyment.  A tiny smile
flitted over Megan's lips, and tears of pleasure replaced the tears of
agony on her face.

   Megan's eyes were shining as her eyelids fluttered a few times.  She was
very near death but the members wanted to humiliate and degrade her one
last time while she was still alive.  At a signal, a vent opened where the
rope hung from the ceiling, and a load of horse semen oozed down the rope,
over the noose around Megan's neck, and down over her bare body.  Another
load of semen came flooding down, coating Megan's neck with a shiny
necklace of sticky sperm, then oozing down over her chest into her groin
area.  The little bitch was covered with jism as she hung there, looking
sexy even without breasts or a clitoris.  Her eyes were wide as her chest
slowly stopped moving and her breathing stopped.

   The last thing Megan saw as she died was a member below her, looking up
at her hanging there and dying for him while he masturbated, the sight of
her bare body giving him a huge hard-on.  She watched him with her vision
fading as he rubbed his cock fast, then groaned and looked straight at her
as he ejaculated.  The little bitch lived just long enough to see the jism
flooding out of the head of his erect cock, and she smiled a little, and
then she died, her eyes still open, like she was still watching the
member's hard cock as he finished cumming.

   Megan's body was lowered to the floor, then left there as a lesson to
the other pregnant girls.  The members stopped to piss on it all day, and
some of them masturbated on Megan's sweet face.

   CHAPTER 11: Three Pregnant Girls

   Three pregnant girls were featured in a little show in one corner of The
Hall.  The girls were very different in age and appearance.  Melissa was
the oldest, 17, with long blonde hair and a very skinny body.  Her huge
baby bump looked weird on her skin-and-bones body.  Debrah was 14, short
and petite, with brown hair down to her waist.  Gretchen was the youngest,
11, with a "golden pregnancy" -- she had been impregnated before she ever
had a period, so her vagina had never been soiled with menstrual blood. 
Her father and three uncles had celebrated her tenth birthday by giving her
a cake and ice cream -- and then they gave her a gangbang.  Gretchen was
raped for a week, on and off, strapped down on her own bed for the rape
sessions.  After her father and uncles had screwed her as many times as
they could each day, she was passed around to their friends, who paid $10
apiece for a session with the little girl.  The rapes continued for four
months, until a home pregnancy test confirmed Gretchen was pregnant, and
then she was sold to The Hall.

   These three girls had been selected specially for this show, because
they were all small for their ages, and very delicate in appearance.  They
all looked very fragile, as if they might shatter at a loud noise.  The
plan was to see just how much punishment each girl could take before she
lost her baby through miscarriage or premature labor.  The girl who lasted
the longest before she lost her baby would win a special prize.  As usual,
all three girls were being starved during their pregnancies, to give them
that exciting skinny look and to soften them up, make them more willing to
submit to degrading treatment.  To start the show, they were all in the
same position, bending over with their wrists cuffed to their ankles.  It's
very hard for a pregnant girl to bend over like that in the late stages of
her pregnancy, and all three of these little sluts were in the late stages
-- Melissa was 8-1/2 months along, Debrah was eight months pregnant, and
Gretchen was actually two weeks past her due date.  Gretchen's labor had
been inhibited with injections that prevented contractions, but this came
at a high cost -- her baby had been damaged because the injections, besides
stopping Gretchen's contractions, also inhibited the placenta passing
nutrients and oxygen to her baby.  Gretchen's baby had been starving for
two weeks, although Gretchen knew nothing about this.  The baby's kicking
inside her womb, which Gretchen thought was a good sign, was actually the
baby's involuntary spasms as it was deprived of oxygen and suffered brain

   After all three pregnant girls were bent over and cuffed, they were
beaten with canes by three men standing behind them, whipping them mostly
on their buttocks, but also down the back of their legs.  The screams of
pain were exciting to the members, who watched the girls teetering in their
high heels as they fought to keep their balance under the assaults.  The
men also used the canes to jab the girls between their legs, poking the
canes into their slits and thrusting a little, and poking into their
exposed assholes.  The girls were all standing with their legs spread wide
apart, so the holes between their legs were easy to reach.

   After the beatings, the girls were gang-raped for two hours, just to
keep them submissive.  All the rapes were done in their assholes, leaving
their pregnant pussies untouched.  Then it was time for the main event.

   The girls were cuffed to three large wooden crosses in an X shape, so
their arms were lifted and spread, with their wrists cuffed to the upper
arms of the wood, and their legs splayed apart and cuffed at the ankles on
the bottom arms of the wood.  They were totally helpless, unable to defend
themselves or their babies.  The crosses were then inverted, so the girls
were hanging upside down by their wrists and ankles.  The pregnant girls
were going to be crucified, by having large nails driven through their
ankles and palms, and they would have to give birth without any help,
working to deliver their babies against the force of gravity that would
hold the babies inside their bodies and make it harder to push them out. 
While the girls were in labor, they would be beaten and tortured and
degraded for the amusement of the members.  If the girls didn't die in
labor, they would be scarred for life, after going through the pain and
stress of childbirth in The Hall.  If the baby survived the birth, it might
-- or might not -- be allowed to live.

   CHAPTER 12: Melissa

   Melissa weighed 78 pounds after being starved for three months, allowed
to swallow only semen and urine, the two fluids that come out of a man's
penis.  She was five feet nine, and her baby bump looked gigantic, in sharp
contrast to her anorexic-looking body.  She had dark circles under her eyes
and hollow cheeks and a desperate look etched on her face, all indicators
of starvation.  After she was turned upside down, cuffed to the cross, her
ankles were nailed to the wood.  Blood spurted as the nails were pounded
in, but it soon stopped.  Melissa's screams were repeated when her wrists
were nailed to the cross.  She was given an injection to induce labor, and
she immediately had a strong contraction that left her gasping.  Her womb
was trying to push her baby out, but gravity held it inside her.  She
screamed as another contraction hit her, only two minutes after the first
one -- the injection was strong.  Then Melissa smiled -- she felt her baby
moving inside her, starting to push through her cervix to emerge from her
womb.  But her cervix had not had time to flower open as it should in a
normal pregnancy, and as the baby exerted pressure on it, Melissa's smile
was replace with a grimace as she felt the worst pain of her life stab
through her midsection.  Her scream echoed through The Hall, stiffening a
lot of members' cocks.  As her cervix opened painfully, the baby moved
slowly upward, starting to enter Melissa's birth canal.

   But the members did not want Melissa to give birth so soon, so an
attendant was instructed to insert a large dildo in her twat to plug her
vagina.  The man used a 12-inch plastic dildo, three inches wide, shaped
like a nigger's erect cock, with a large scrotum at the base.  The dildo
was weighted with some metal inside, and it weighed several pounds.  The
man forced the dildo into Melissa's slit, ignoring her pleas to stop.  She
yelped as the dildo penetrated her, and she whimpered in frustration as the
man pushed it down into her vagina.  The man forced the full length of the
dildo into Melissa until only the scrotum was showing, resting in her pubic
hair.  He gave it one more little push, drawing a scream from Melissa. 
Another contraction hit her, and she pushed, but the dildo filled her birth
canal, totally blocking it, and the head of the dildo was touching her
baby's head, which had emerged from her womb.  The baby was stuck, halfway
out of the womb, with the cervix expanded to its maximum, and the pain was
unbearable for Melissa.  She was in agony, and pushing didn't help at all.
Her vagina was creaming heavily, lubricating itself for the baby's passage,
and the secretions oozed out of Melissa's slit and ran down into her pubic
hair and over her baby bump.  She was sweating like a horse as she pushed
frantically, and her baby actually moved into her vagina a little more,
lifting the heavy dildo out of her cunt an inch or two.

   But the pressure of the weighted dildo slowly pushed the baby back down,
so it inched back into Melissa's womb slightly -- and this made her pain
ten times worse, because the baby was only supposed to move in one
direction.  When it was pushed BACK into the womb, the baby's body
irritated the sensitive cervix, which allows movement in only one
direction, and Melissa screamed hoarsely.  It felt like her insides were
being torn out.  She pushed again, hard, her face reddening with the
effort, and this time the dildo was lifted halfway out of her tortured
pussy -- but when she stopped pushing, as the contraction ended, the dildo
again forced the baby back down, and Melissa burst into tears.  The stress
was getting to her.  On the next contraction, she took a deep breath and
gritted her teeth and pushed as hard as she could.  The baby rose up into
her vagina, pushing the dildo almost all the way out of her body.  But at
that moment, Melissa lost control of her bowels, and a series of loud wet
farts belched out of her asshole, followed by a bowel movement -- a whole
string of brown turds that bubbled up out of her anus and oozed down over
her pussy, coating the dildo with feces.  Some of her shit ran down into
her cunt, and Melissa screamed at the thought of her own shit getting on
her baby.  Her pushing to try to get the baby out of her body used the same
pelvic muscles as a bowel movement, and Melissa suddenly stopped pushing
when the stinky feces flooded out of her ass.  The dildo sank heavily back
down into her pussy, forcing a big gush of vaginal secretions streaked with
shit to ooze up out of her slit and run down over her baby bump onto her
swollen breasts.  She could smell herself now, with her shit oozing down
onto her neck, and her face twisted into a grimace.

   Melissa was totally exhausted and frustrated with her failure to deliver
her baby, but she made one more attempt, taking some deep breaths first,
then closing her eyes and groaning loudly as another contraction hit her.
She pushed, causing more turds to slide out of her ass -- and then the
heavy dildo moved up and up out of her pussy until only the head of the
dildo was inside her.  Melissa grunted like a pig and her face contorted
with pain as she pushed again -- and the dildo slowly leaned forward,
teetering a bit as the baby's body pushed it upward, and then the dildo
fell out of the girl's sloppy vagina.  The heavy dildo fell down over
Melissa's baby bump and bounced off her breasts and hit the bottom of her
jaw, making her yelp in pain as the dildo fell to the floor under her head.
It was slimy with her pussy juices and her shit, and sticky vaginal
secretions oozed slowly off of it onto the floor.

   With her vagina unblocked, Melissa's baby moved further up as she kept
pushing, inching slowly through her birth canal.  The members wanted
Melissa to have more pain, so one of them stepped up to her and attached a
nipple clamp to her left nipple.  Both of her nipples were huge and swollen
and almost black, sticking out like little fingers on her chest.  The clamp
was an alligator clip with metal teeth that bit into her soft flesh, and
Melissa groaned with frustration and pain.  The member pulled out her right
nipple and attached a clamp to it, bringing tears of pain to her eyes.  A
chain dangled between the clamps, and the member forced his fingers between
Melissa's lips and draped the chain in her open mouth, like a bit on a
horse.  Melissa had another contraction and raised her head, forgetting
that the chain was in her mouth -- and the slack came out of the chain, and
Melissa's nipples were stretched painfully.  She yelped in pain, but kept
pushing with the contraction, and her baby started to crown.  She could
feel what was happening, and she smiled in spite of the tears of pain in
her eyes.

   The member who had put nipple clamps on Melissa now picked up a large
wood mallet.  He showed it to Melissa carefully, so she would know what it
was -- and then he brought the mallet down on her baby's head.  Her pussy
lips were stretched like rubber bands around her baby's head as the baby
crowned, and the top of its head was all that was showing between her legs.
The mallet made a sickening crunching sound as it hit the baby, and the
baby jerked spasmodically.  Melissa screamed in horror.  She had lifted her
head so she could see what the member was doing, and now her head fell back
down limply as she let out a horrible scream, trailing off to a whimper. 
The member raised the mallet and hit the baby a second time, and the baby's
skull shattered.  Blood gushed out of the baby's head, running down over
Melissa's cunt and over her stomach and breasts and down her neck onto her
face.  She started screaming again when the baby's blood touched her face,
trying to get her arms loose so she could wipe it off, but this just tore
up her wrists where she was nailed to the cross.  She was working her legs,
like she was trying to get loose, but this just tore up her ankles where
she was nailed to the cross.  Her wrists and ankles were bleeding as
another strong contraction hit her.  She was sobbing in pain and
frustration, knowing her baby could not survive the blows from the mallet,
knowing her baby was dying in her vagina, but she still had to deliver it,
to get it out of her body.  The baby was twitching in her pussy, having
death spasms, and the member stepped back and dropped the mallet and sat
down to watch Melissa give birth to her dying baby.

   All over The Hall, members were watching Melissa's agony while they
masturbated or received blowjobs from other pregnant girls.  Melissa could
see them enjoying her anguish as she strained to push her baby out of her
body.  She gave a huge push, and her baby moved upward in her vagina.  Now
the crushed head was fully visible, and it was clear that the baby was
dying or already dead.  Melissa's pussy squeezed again, and the baby moved
up so that only its legs were still inside Melissa.  Between the baby's
legs, there was the tiny smooth line of a slit -- it was a girl.  Melissa
gave one more push, and her little girl rose up out of the slime in her
sloppy cunt, and the baby leaned forward and fell out of Melissa's gaping
twat.  The umbilical cord held the little girl in place, dangling out of
Melissa's snatch and laying where her baby bump had been.  Now the placenta
was moving out of Melissa's womb into her birth canal, and as Melissa
delivered the afterbirth, her little girl slid down against her
milk-swollen breasts, and the girl's lips came to rest on Melissa's nipple.
The clamps still held her nipples closed, and Melissa sobbed as she watched
her little girl against her breast.  The little girl's face was deep blue,
and it was clear that she had died, but all Melissa could think of was
nursing her.  The member stepped over and removed her nipple clamps and
pushed her nipple into the baby's mouth, and Melissa smiled sweetly as she
at least tried to nurse her baby.  Then the placenta emerged from her cunt,
and the baby slid down past Melissa's tits and over her face, making
Melissa squeal with delight as she felt the soft skin of her daughter
against her face.  But then Melissa caught sight of the baby's crushed
skull, and she started to scream in horror.

   The little girl was left there against Melissa's face, and the placenta
was left in her vagina, as a member picked up a baseball bat.  It was time
for Melissa to die, to join her daughter.  The member swung the bat and hit
Melissa, a downward blow directly on her vagina.  The placenta squished out
in all directions as the bat smashed into Melissa's groin, and her whole
body jerked as a monster pain shot through her midsection.  She screamed,
and the member hit her across her stomach, a hard blow that forced the rest
of the placenta out of her twat.  It shot out, landing with a splash on the
floor beneath Melissa's head.  Her daughter fell down to the floor on top
of the placenta and lay still, half of its head smashed in.  The member hit
Melissa again and again with the bat, up and down her legs and arms and
torso, drawing agonized screams with each blow.  There were angry bruises
all over her skinny body now, and blood and uterine tissue was leaking out
of her torn vagina.  But the stupid bitch was still alive.  Three members
stood over her and urinated on her face and breasts, the hot yellow piss
running down into Melissa's nostrils and her eyes and ears, Piss dripped
off her long hair onto the floor below where she was hanging on the cross
upside down.  The members finished by pissing on Melissa's daughter as the
baby lay there on the floor, dead.  Melissa was still conscious, and she
saw what they were doing to her baby, and tears ran out of her eyes.

   To end it, the baseball bat that had been used to beat Melissa was
inserted in her ruined cunt, handle first -- and it was forced down into
her body.  The bat slid through her vagina and cervix into her womb, then
punctured the wall of the uterus and continued through her body, past her
stomach and lungs.  Melissa's eyes widened as she felt the bat penetrate
her totally, like the biggest cock she had ever had.  She opened her mouth
-- and the handle of the bat emerged between her lips!  The wide end of the
bat was now inside her pussy, and her whole body had been impaled on the
thick wood shaft, and she was still alive.  The bat was pulled a little out
of her pussy, so the handle went back in her mouth, and she was fucked a
little, with the bat being moved up and down.  The handle kept poking out
of her mouth, then going back in as she got screwed for the last time in
her short life.  She could not breathe with the bat blocking her throat,
and she started to suffocate slowly.  Her wide-open eyes caught sight of a
member carrying an ax.  He showed it to her, and Melissa nodded slightly --
and the member swung the ax, cutting off her head.  She was still upside
down, nailed to the cross, and her head fell away from her neck and landed
on the floor, blood flowing out of the gaping wound.  Arterial blood
spurted from her neck, and splashed down on Melissa's detached head.  Her
eyes were still open, and she lived just long enough for a dildo to be
inserted between her lips.  She actually opened her mouth to receive the
dildo, then died with her eyes wide open, as if she was staring up at her
ruined body hanging on the cross.

   CHAPTER 13: Debrah

   Now it was Debrah's turn to be the star of the show.  They started by
crucifying her, but nailed only her ankles to the cross -- there were plans
for her hands.  Debrah had tiny wrists and ankles -- she was only 14, four
feet ten, and she weighed only 90 pounds even before she was impregnated.
Like the other girls, she had been starved while she was pregnant, and now
she was down to 75 pounds, even with her huge baby bump, or at least it
looked huge on such a petite girl.  She was now eight months pregnant, but
she would not be allowed to carry her baby to term.  As part of the show,
she would soon be given a choice that would determine what happened to her

   Debrah's impregnation was the result of losing her virginity to her
uncle when she was 13.  He was 64, and told her he loved her.  His wife of
22 years had died the year before, and he was living with his brother and
niece, and he saw Debrah getting ready for school every day, and one day he
watched her through a tiny hole in his wall as she took a bath, and the
next night he came to her room after midnight.  He told her she was a
beautiful child and he wanted to make love to her like grown-ups do. 
Debrah was thrilled -- she had always felt so plain.  Her uncle explained
that what he wanted to do to her would hurt her, but it would feel good for
him, and what the man feels is more important than what the girl feels.  He
convinced Debrah that his seeing her in pain would make him feel good, and
all Debrah wanted was to make him feel good, so she willingly and lovingly
took off her nightgown and lay down on her back in her own bed and spread
her legs and asked him to make love to her.  He raped her three times that
night, deflowering her with his first penetration.  After he took her
virginity, he taught her how a girl sucks a penis, and Debrah fellated him
until he was hard, and then he raped her again.  He had to rest for a while
after the second rape, but Debrah took his soft penis in her mouth and
licked and sucked it.  It took longer this time, but finally he pulled out
of her mouth with a big erection, and this time he took her anal virginity.
It hurt Debrah a lot -- she was still bleeding from her vagina -- but she
told him it was OK.  He explained this was his special way to show her how
much he loved her, and then he thrust into her anus.  She cried from the
pain all the time his cock was in her tight little asshole, but finally he
groaned and kissed the back of her neck as he ejaculated in her rectum, and
Debrah smiled through her tears.  She felt his love flowing into her bowels
as he filled her with his sperm.

   He had ejaculated in Debrah's vagina the first two times he raped her,
and she got pregnant.  He knew about The Hall, and arranged to sell Debrah
to the members for $600.  After she was taken away, he told his brother she
must have run away, calling her a slutty little girl and saying he had seen
her having sex with boys in her class at school.  The police and the family
searched for months, but Debrah was never located.

   While the search for Debrah went on, she was in The Hall, stripped and
pregnant and ready to entertain the members.  She was desperate for food
after several months of getting nothing but semen to eat and urine to
drink, like all the girls in The Hall, and after she was nailed to the
cross upside down, with nails driven through her tiny ankles, she was told
she had a choice to make.  A large ham sandwich was shown to her, and she
actually started drooling -- saliva was running out of her mouth and
dripping down into her nose and her eyes.  She begged for the sandwich,
reaching out with her arms frantically, and she was told she could have it,
if she would do one thing for the members -- abort herself.  She was given
a large metal hook, pointed on the end, and was instructed to insert the
point in her slit, then push the hook into her pussy until it penetrated
her cervix and entered her womb.  She was to impale her baby on the hook,
then drag the baby out of her vagina.  If the baby somehow survived all
this, Debrah was told she would have to strangle the baby before she would
get the sandwich.

   Debrah had been looking forward to the birth of her first child.  It
didn't matter to her how the baby was conceived or who the father was --
she just wanted a baby to nurse and love and care for.  She had watched her
tiny breasts get big and swollen with milk as her pregnancy advanced, and
she had watched her areolas get huge -- about three inches across -- and
her areolas and nipples had turned dark brown.  Her nipples were big and
long now, sticking out like the teats on a cow, and nursing her baby was
what she was living for.  So when she was told to abort her baby, she burst
into sobs that would not stop.  But finally she stopped crying and made up
her mind -- it would do her baby no good if she starved to death.  She knew
her baby had already been hurt by the men starving her -- she had read a
little after she got pregnant -- and she was afraid the baby would have
brain damage or it would be underdeveloped.  But still...  aborting herself
would mean she would be killing her own baby -- how could she live with
herself after she did something like that?  But her empty stomach, and the
months of having to get by on the little bits of sperm that the men let her
swallow after she gave them blowjobs, made the decision for her.  There is
a desperation that comes with deliberate starvation that corrodes the
spirit and eats away at a girl's soul when she knows she is being starved
not because of a food shortage, but just for the amusement of the men
watching her and enjoying her suffering.  Eventually a girl will do
anything -- anything -- to get some food, and Debrah was about to prove it.

   She took the metal hook and moved it up so its pointed tip was touching
her slit.  Then she slid it inside her pussy, just a little, and when it
didn't hurt, she pushed it in some more -- and then the hook raked along
the wall of her vagina, tearing the sensitive tissue, and Debrah let out a
squeal of pain and surprise.  Some blood welled up out of her pussy and
trickled down over her baby bump.  She wanted to stop, but she could smell
the ham sandwich a foot from her face, and she had to have it.  She gritted
her teeth and yanked the hook a little deeper, and it slid into her cunt
until it hit her cervix, and she screamed in pain.  The cervix is
terrifically sensitive, and becomes moist with cervical mucus during
ovulation, when it flowers open to allow sperm to enter the womb.  But
after impregnation, the cervix closes and becomes firmer, and extremely
sensitive.  So when the sharp tip of the metal hook touched her cervix,
Debrah's scream was hoarse and gutteral.  She broke out in a full-body
sweat, and then took a deep breath and forced the hook deeper inside her
twat.  The point penetrated her cervix and poked into her womb, and Debrah
felt hot tears of shame and humiliation flooding her eyes.  She could
barely see as she grunted like a pig, trying to bear the unbearable pain,
and drove the hook deeper.  The hook lanced into her womb as she wailed
like a wounded animal, and then it hit her baby.

   Now Debrah had to maneuver the hook under her baby, so she could draw
the hook upward and snag the baby.  It took her a while to move the hook
around, but finally the point was lodged against the baby's left side, near
its chest.  As Debrah jerked on the hook, the metal tore a hole in the
baby's side and poked into its heart.  It took about one minute for the
baby to bleed to death inside Debrah's womb.

   Debrah somehow knew her baby was dying inside her.  She felt bloated
from the baby's blood filling her uterus, and the baby was no longer moving
inside her as it had been, and Debrah burst into tears, hot tears of
longing and desperation and the worst pain of her short, miserable life. 
She wrenched the hook inside her, finishing the job, putting an end to her
baby's existence, forcing the hook all the way through her baby's body. 
The sight of this little girl hanging there upside down, nailed to the
cross, with her hands between her open legs, driving the hook into her
gaping snatch, was so hot!  Almost all the members watching her were
masturbating now, excited by the idea of a girl degrading herself this way.

   Now came the hard part for Debrah -- she had to pull her baby's body out
of her own womb.  She pulled just a little bit on the metal hook, and the
baby's body shifted inside her womb, and a monster pain shot through
Debrah's midsection.  She yelped loudly, waited a moment for the pain to
subside, then tried again.  She was dislodging the baby and the placenta
from the wall of her uterus, which is supposed to happen during labor --
but Debrah did not go through labor, and she had no contractions, which is
how the body slowly works the baby loose from the uterus so it can be born.
The placenta dislodges after the baby is born, and normally comes out of
the vagina like the baby.  But nothing about this pregnancy was normal. 
Debrah was trying to force the baby to emerge from inside her, and her body
was fighting her all the way.  Her uterus grasped the baby firmly, and
Debrah had to jerk the hook back and forth a few times to tear the baby
loose from the wall of her uterus.  It felt like she was being stabbed from
inside, and Debrah screamed and let go of the hook as she balled her hands
into fists reflexively, shaking them in the air, trying desperately to
assuage the intense pain inside her.  Her upper body rose to a 45-degree
angle from the cross as she tried to bend over in pain, but she was lifting
herself against gravity, and she was too weak to lift herself any more. 
She dropped back down, hitting her head against the cross with a loud bang
that made the members laugh at her.

   Debrah took the hook in her hands again, and tried lifting it out of her
cunt, but the pain was just too much.  Tears were streaming from her eyes,
and running down over her forehead into her hair because she was hanging
upside down.  She tried moving the hook just a little, and pulled an inch
of the metal shaft out of her slit.  Her baby was close to her cervix,
where it would emerge from her uterus, but when she took a deep breath and
pulled some more, the baby was too big to fit through the tiny cervix,
which had never dilated as it does during childbirth.  So the hook slid
deeper into the baby, but the pressure of the baby against Debrah's cervix
was too much for her to bear, and she released the hook and started crying
again, in frustration and humiliation.  She could hear the men laughing at
her, and she could not believe they enjoyed watching her suffer.  She could
hear the sloppy sounds of them masturbating as they looked at her, and it
made her cringe inside.  The best thing was to finish it fast, she thought.
She took hold of the metal shaft and jerked it upward, screaming as the
pain seemed to explode from her insides -- and the baby got wedged in her
cervix, halfway out of her uterus.

   This pain was far worse than anything she had felt, even today with the
new horizons of pain Debrah had endured.  Her cervix was expanded like it
is in childbirth -- but with no contractions to prepare it, to allow it to
flower open slowly.  Her cervix had been forced open as the baby got wedged
in the opening, and pain that was supposed to last for a short time was
going on and on, eating away at Debrah's meager reserves of strength and
willpower.  She knew she would die if it went on much longer, so she took
hold of the metal shaft and jerked upward on it as hard as she could -- and
her baby popped out of her cervix and into her birth canal.  The relief was
short -- her vagina was now expanding to hold the baby, and this, too, was
happening with no labor and no contractions to prepare the vagina.  It felt
like a bowling ball had been shoved up her snatch, and she felt like her
whole body was just an empty, hollow shell wrapped around the baby filling
her pussy.

   But at least Debrah's vagina was creaming heavily, lubricating itself
because of all the sexual activity, and it was easier to slide the baby
along inside her until its head came up against her labia.  A major part of
labor involves the expansion of the labia to allow the baby's head to pass
through while it is being born -- but Debrah's labia had no chance to
expand slowly, since she did not go through labor.  As she tugged on the
metal shaft, the baby bunched up inside her birth canal, with its head
blocking the opening of her labia.  Debrah realized she was going to just
have to force the baby out of her twat -- it would take too long to wait
for her labia to expand slowly over the next few hours.  So she held onto
the metal shaft with both hands, and pulled as hard as she could.  Her red
face was covered with sweat as she strained, and her whole body smelled bad
from all the sweating she had done.  Her arms were trembling with the
effort as her muscles twitched and cramped, and she screamed hoarsely,
trying to urge herself to just DO it.  Her cunt lips were stretching as the
top of her baby's head began to emerge from her tortured pussy.  She tried
to spread her legs wider apart, but with her ankles nailed to the cross,
she could not move them much.  She opened her thighs a little, bending her
knees, with her ankles staying where they were, and she screamed as the
pain hit her legs and ankles.  Both ankles were bleeding where the nails
had been driven through them.

   Debrah tugged hard, and more of her baby's head emerged from her slit.
Its head and face were blue, and that was the first proof Debrah had seen
that her baby was in trouble.  She knew the hook had caused damage, but she
still hoped for her baby to be OK -- but it would not be OK.  She was
sobbing as she yanked more of her baby's body out of her sloppy cunt, and
now most of the baby was out -- and she could see it was a little girl. 
Debrah wailed when she saw the tiny slit between the baby's legs -- she had
a daughter!  One more pull on the shaft lifted the baby's legs out of her
twat, and all the men could see the hook buried in the baby's side like a
spear.  Blood was oozing out of the wound, and from the baby's eyes and
nose and mouth, and its whole body was blue.  It was dead.  She was dead.
Debrah's daughter was dead.

   Debrah pulled the hook out of her little girl as gently as she could,
and dropped it on the floor.  She cradled the baby's dead body in her arms
and brought it to her breast, in a grotesque attempt to nurse her.  Debrah
pushed her erect nipple into the baby's mouth and held the body close
against her, squeezing her swollen tit, and a little milk spurted out of
her tit and ran out of the baby's mouth and down over Debrah's chin and
face.  Debrah finally realized her daughter was dead, but she still
clutched the cold, dead baby to her breast.

   The members never let a vagina go to waste, and one of the men took
Debrah's daughter, prying the baby out of her mother's arms.  Debrah's arms
remained extended, reaching for her child, sobbing as the man unzipped his
pants.  As Debrah watched in disbelief, the man rubbed his cock quickly
until it was hard, then held Debrah's daughter in front of him and
positioned the head of his big cock against the baby's tiny slit.  As
Debrah let out a high wailing moan of disgust, the man looked right at her
as he penetrated her daughter's tight little cunt.  His erect cock was far
too big, of course, and he had to jab it into the baby several times.  The
baby was deflowered when the cock broke her hymen and split her virgin
pussy apart, tearing her labia as the man forced his cock all the way
inside the baby.  He destroyed her cervix and rammed his cock into her
uterus, tearing it apart as his cock protruded into the baby's body.  The
man lifted the baby's body a little, then rammed his cock back into her
hard, making a squishing sound as the baby was impaled.  The man fucked the
baby, not moving his cock, but using the baby's body to masturbate himself
as he moved Debrah's daughter up and down on his shaft.  Debrah watched him
with her face twisted into a mask of disgust and disbelief.

   There were three other members standing there now, forming a line to
take turns with the baby, and Debrah couldn't stop crying.  The first man
speeded up his thrusts into the baby's splayed vagina, then grunted like a
pig while he ejaculated into the baby's cunt.  Warm semen poured out of the
baby's slit -- it was a huge load.  When he was done, the man handed
Debrah's daughter to the next man in line, and the whole perverted thing
started again.  The second man was naked, his penis already hard and long,
and he forced it into the baby's quim with one deep thrust, then raped the
girl for a long time before he was ready to cum.  He exploded inside her,
then wiped his penis on her face before he handed her to the third man. 
This man turned the baby over -- oh, god -- and took her anal virginity,
sodomizing her with one deep stroke in her tiny asshole.  His big cock tore
her anal ring and split her body open in back, and he ass-fucked her for a
long time before he dumped his load in her bowels.  The fourth man dropped
the baby on the floor, then masturbated over her, finally cumming and
letting his sperm drip down on the baby's face and body.  Then all four
baby rapists stood over Debrah's daughter and urinated on her, their warm
yellow piss splashing in the baby's face and all over her body.  Debrah
cried quietly while she watched in misery.

   The members were done with Debrah and her slutty daughter.  One of them
picked up a machete and inserted the end of the blade between Debrah's
distended labia.  Her eyes were wide as she stared up at him and at the
blade in her twat.  The man slowly forced the machete down, extending
Debrah's slit all the way to her navel -- and then continuing to cut her
open, all the way down to her milk-swollen breasts.  The machete stopped
between her tits, and the man pulled it out of Debrah -- and with two
strokes, he sliced off her breasts.  Milk spurted from her erect nipples as
each breast was cut off.  The man held onto each tit while he removed it,
and then he took Debrah's breasts and impaled them on her high heels, which
were pointing straight up as she lay there nailed to the cross.  Breast
milk oozed out of the ruined boobs and trickled down Debrah's slim legs.

   Debrah was staring at her chest where her breasts had been, not quite
believing what was happening to her, thinking this was all just some sort
of fantastic dream and she would wake up.  Then the man stuck his hand into
her body and pulled out a handful of her intestines and showed them to her.
Debrah's mouth hung open loosely as she tried to make sense of all this. 
The shock of the evisceration had blotted out the pain or having her body
cut open, and she felt like she was floating.  The bitch actually smiled at
the man, a wan little twitch of her lips, and then she died.  The man
draped her intestines across her chin and left her body there.

   CHAPTER 14: Gretchen

   Gretchen had watched what happened to Melissa and Debrah, and she was
terrified when the members gathered around to watch her.  She had been
crucified along with the other girls, and had to hang there upside down on
the cross, supported only by the nails driven through her wrists and
ankles, while Melissa and Debrah lost their babies.  She cried each time a
new punishment was inflicted on them, and now she just knew she was going
to hate whatever came next.

   The injections Gretchen had been given had inhibited her labor and
prevented contractions, and now she was two weeks past her due date.  But
the injections also inhibited the placenta passing food and oxygen to her
baby, which had been starving for two weeks now, and it had sustained brain
damage and lost weight inside Gretchen's womb.  The members enjoyed looking
at Gretchen's huge baby bump, in contrast to the rest of her tiny body. 
Gretchen was the youngest of the three girls in the show, just 11 years
old, and she had a "golden pregnancy" -- she got pregnant without ever
having a period.  Her father and her uncles had passed her around to their
friends after they finished raping her on her tenth birthday, and four
months of gangbangs had resulted in Gretchen getting pregnant without ever
menstruating.  Keeping her vagina full of sperm every day had caused her
very first egg to be fertilized when it emerged from her ovary.  The
members always preferred a little girl with a "golden pregnancy" because
the girl's pussy and birth canal were unsoiled by menstrual blood --
totally clean and pure.

   Gretchen was small for her age, a petite little angel with long red hair
that reached down to her waist, although now it was hanging down from her
head as she hung upside down on the cross.  She was so tiny and
underdeveloped, she looked like she was about eight years old, which made
the sight of her huge baby bump all the more exciting.  Her innocent, sweet
face looked a bit haggard after months of being starved, and she had large
black rings under her eyes.  Her eyes had the desperate look that always
came with deliberate starvation, and she had always been willing to give a
blowjob, on the chance that the member would allow her to swallow his cum
when he ejaculated.  Some of the members enjoyed promising her they would
cum in her mouth -- this always made Gretchen suck harder.  After a long
blowjob, where the member made a point of thinking about other things,
keeping his cock half hard so Gretchen had to really work to get him to
cum, the member would pull out of her mouth and ejaculate on the floor,
then spread his semen around with his shoe so she couldn't lick it off the
floor.  Gretchen's look of desperation and humiliation made this a great
way to spend time with her.  She was always willing to do anything for a
chance to swallow some sperm, since that was the only food she was allowed.
She would lick a member's ass if he promised her some semen later.  Like
all the other girls in The Hall, she received only urine to drink, and she
was quick to drop to her knees and open her mouth to receive a member's
penis when he needed to piss.  Some members enjoyed denying Gretchen their
urine -- they would piss in her face and in her long red hair and on her
milk-swollen breasts, so she could only scoop up tiny amounts of the urine
with her fingers and lick them.

   Gretchen lost weight as her baby bump got bigger, the opposite of what
is supposed to happen, and now she looked very weird -- her baby bump was
huge, but the rest of her body was just skin and bones, like she was
severely anorexic.  Her elbows and knees where big and knobby, but her arms
and legs with like sticks.  Her breasts were totally undeveloped when she
got pregnant, just breast buds that were barely visible.  Her pregnancy
made her breasts develop far earlier than nature intended, and there wasn't
enough time for her skin to adjust to the added weight and size of her
boobs.  So now she had tits like a stripper, but there was no sag at all
because her skin was stretched tight over her breast meat.  Her areolas had
expanded to four inches wide, and her nipples were as big as the first
joint on her thumb -- long and thick.  Pregnancy had turned her areolas and
nipples almost black, and her tits had milk when she was seven months
along. The members noticed milk leaking out of her nipples, and immediately
started to collect it every day, milking her like a cow.  Three times a
day, Gretchen had to get down on her hands and knees, with her swollen tits
hanging down pendulously like a cow's udders, and metal tubes were attached
to her teats, with tubes running to a commercial milking machine.  The
machine exerted painful pressure to extract the milk from Gretchen's jugs,
and her milk was used by the members any way they wished.  Gretchen always
cried while she was being milked, knowing her milk would never get to her

   It was time to induce labor for Gretchen.  The injection was given to
her in a special way: a long needle was inserted into her left nipple and
pushed far down into her breast meat for the delivery of the drug, and then
the procedure was repeated on her right nipple.  Gretchen hated needles,
and she mewled softly like a caged animal while she was being injected in
her big swollen tits.  She had not been milked today, and her boobs looked
like basketballs, ripe with breast milk.  When the needle was inserted in
her nipples, some milk leaked out, and the member doing the injections
leaned down and licked it up, grinning cruelly at Gretchen while he took
her milk.

   The drug acted fast.  Gretchen gasped as a contraction hit her hard,
like the worst cramp of her life.  It felt like her stomach was tied into a
knot.  Her whole body jerked in pain, tearing her wrists and ankles where
they were nailed to the cross.  Blood seeped out of the nail holes as she
wriggled in pain.  Her body had been ready for two weeks to go into labor,
and the delay meant her contractions would be far more severe and painful
than normal labor.  It felt like her midsection was clamped in a vise, like
she was being squeezed hard, and her body could not stand the pain.  She
gagged, then vomited, the messy liquid pouring out of her mouth and flowing
down into her nose and eyes.  She coughed explosively and accidentally
sniffed some vomit up her nose, and that brought on even more coughing and
gagging as her stomach acid burned her nostrils.  She was desperately
trying to swallow the vomit, but hanging upside down on the cross made that
hard.  She spat out some yellowish thick liquid, her face twisted into a
grimace.  It tasted horrible, mostly stomach acid mixed with semen from
blowjobs she had performed on the members, along with their urine that she
drank so willingly.  The whole scummy mess spewed out of her mouth and into
her nose as she vomited some more.  The girl had broken out in a full-body
sweat, and she was glistening in the strong lights as she tried to swallow
her own vomit.

   Another contraction hit Gretchen.  She tried to bend at the waist, but
she couldn't because she was nailed to the cross.  She spread her legs a
little, opening her thighs as much as she could with her ankles nailed to
the wood, trying to open her body to let her baby move up into her birth
canal.  But her baby was still in her womb, and her cervix was still closed
tight.  It had to be dilated before the birth could happen, but Gretchen's
delayed labor meant her cervix had to open faster than usual, and that is
very painful.  In a normal delivery, the cervix opens very slowly over a
period of hours, not minutes.  Gretchen's midsection was gripped in a
monster cramp as her cervix slowly dilated.  Contractions kept hitting her,
and the muscles in her uterus kept straining to push her baby out into her
birth canal -- but her closed cervix held the baby in her uterus, resulting
in painful waves of cramps that seemed to spread through her whole body.

   The members were enjoying the show Gretchen was putting on.  Her screams
of pain kept their cocks nice and hard, and the sight of her struggling to
open her thighs more was entertaining.  Blood was seeping from her wrists
and ankles where she was nailed to the cross, and her long red hair flowed
loosely down from her head to the floor under her.  The lack of solid food
for so long had reduced her weight at the very time she should have been
gaining weight during her pregnancy, and her skinny little body, with a
huge baby bump protruding, was a real sight to see.  Her milk-swollen
breasts hung out like a cow's udders, with milk leaking from her dark
nipples every time she strained with a contraction.  The milk dribbled down
over the tops of her boobs and ran over her chin and face into her hair,
then dripped onto the floor, since she was still nailed upside down to the

   The members wanted more action, so one of them took a baseball bat and
showed it to Gretchen, who started wailing and pleading for him not to hit
her.  He just laughed at her, and started with a blow to her left hand,
which broke most of the bones in her hand.  Gretchen screamed in pain, then
screamed again as another contraction hit her.  Her cervix was only
partially dilated now, and her baby still could not move out of her uterus.
The member hit her right hand with the bat, shattering her bones and
wrenching another scream from the girl.  Next he hit her left leg below the
knee, breaking her tibia and fibula about midway between her knee and her
ankle.  Gretchen was sobbing in pain now, but then she got hit in the same
place on her right leg, and the bones shattered.  She screamed hoarsely,
her throat raspy from all the screams so close together.

   The next blow of the bat was to Gretchen's left arm, above the elbow,
breaking her humerus, followed immediately by a blow to her upper arm that
broke the two bones there, the radius and ulna.  Then the bat slammed into
her right arm, twice, breaking the same bones there.  Gretchen was a real
mess, her arms and legs and hands shattered.  The pain was monstrous,
especially combined with the pain from her contractions, which were now
three minutes apart.  Her cervix was still dilating, but not enough yet to
let her baby move into her vagina.

   The member put down the baseball bat and lit a cigarette.  He leaned
down and blew a cloud of smoke in Gretchen's face, making her cough.  He
puffed on the cigarette to get the burning end nice and hot, and then he
reached out and touched the tip of the cigarette to Gretchen's left breast,
above her nipple.  The girl screamed hoarsely, several times in quick
succession, panting as she tried to catch her breath.  The man burned her
right breast in the same place, and she let out more screams, her face
twisting into a grimace, showing desperation and frustration and anger. 
She received burns on the bottom of each breast, and then the member made a
line of burns down her chest, from between her breasts down to her navel.
Then he continued below her navel, burning down into her pubic hair and
drawing some exciting, wild screams from Gretchen.  He burned her pubic
mound several times, still descending, and then he came to her slit.  He
used his other hand to open her pussy lips, exposing her clitoris, which
was erect and sticking up half an inch -- and he touched the burning tip of
the cigarette to her clit.  The result was something to see.  First
Gretchen seemed to levitate up off the cross, her body rising off the wood,
with her wrists and ankles still nailed there.  An unearthly scream echoed
through The Hall, ending as a long wailing tone that faded out to
whimpering, like an injured animal.  Gretchen's body slowly sank back onto
the cross, every muscle quivering like the string on a bow after the arrow
is released.  Her whole body was covered with heavy sweat, and all the
members could smell her -- because the shock of the burn to her clit had
caused her to lose control of her bowels, and watery feces had bubbled up
out of her asshole and run down over her cunt and her baby bump and her
breasts.  Some of the feces ran down over her chin onto her face, and
Gretchen's face clouded over with disgust as she smelled the foul odor. 
The shit oozed over her cheeks and her forehead and got in her hair as she
shook her head violently, trying to get rid of the smelly excrement.

   The members wanted Gretchen's baby out of her -- now.  The man with the
cigarette took some quick puffs and burned the insides of the girl's
thighs, just below her slit, making her scream some more.  Then he reached
down and put out the cigarette on Gretchen's left cheek, grinding the
burning tip into her soft skin as she mewled in pain.  The man picked up
the baseball bat again, swung it back -- and hit Gretchen just above her
baby bump.  The girl howled in pain, and sweat poured off her face and
body. The man was trying to force her baby out of her uterus, and he hit
her again in the same place.  Gretchen grunted in pain, and she felt the
baby shift inside her as it was forced into her partially open cervix.  The
pain as her cervix was stretched was like a knife driven into her.  The man
took another swing, this time directly across the biggest part of her baby
bump -- and there was a sort of crunching sound from inside Gretchen's
body, which made her scream more urgently.  But the blow forced the baby
almost all the way through Gretchen's cervix, with only its legs still in
her uterus, so the pain in her cervix was greatly reduced -- although the
pain from the blow by the baseball bat was huge.  An angry red welt
appeared on Gretchen's baby bump, and she had purple bruises where the
earlier blows had landed.

   The man gave Gretchen another blow with the bat, this time right across
the middle of her baby bump.  There was another crunching sound from inside
her, and she gave a loud snuffling grunt of pain.  Her baby was forced out
of her uterus and into her birth canal, and her cervix closed up again,
bringing a little relief in her pain.  But now the man was intent on
forcing Gretchen's baby out of her, and he gave her another hard blow with
the bat, this time just below her baby bump, trying to move the baby along
in her birth canal.  In between screams of pain and terror, Gretchen could
feel her baby moving down into her vagina, stretching it as it moved
slowly, The baby was actually moving upward, since Gretchen was hanging
upside down on the cross, and gravity was hindering its progress.  Another
contraction hit, and Gretchen pushed hard, hoping to avoid another blow
from the bat.  She was sweating like a pig, but she pushed hard and felt
her baby move upward in her sloppy vagina.  Her labia parted as the top of
the baby's head appeared.  Gretchen was thrilled -- she was about to give
birth!  She pushed with the next contraction, and the baby crowned,
stretching her labia painfully.  Her pussy lips were wrapped tightly around
her baby's head, and the pain was intense as she gritted her teeth and
strained.  She pushed so hard, she once more lost control of her anal
sphincter, and some brown turds oozed up out of her asshole as she tried to
push her baby out.  The turds remained in her ass crack -- at least they
didn't get on her baby.

   Now the baby's head was fully out of Gretchen's fuckhole, and she pushed
hard and the baby rose up enough so she could see the slit between the
baby's legs -- it was a little girl!  Gretchen was ecstatic -- she was
hoping for a girl.  But now the man with the baseball bat decided to hurry
things up a bit -- and he hit Gretchen between her navel and her slit,
trying to force the rest of her baby out of her.  Gretchen was terrified he
would hit her baby, and she pushed through the pain of the blow from the
bat and really bore down on the next contraction -- and her baby emerged
from her cunt, and leaned over and started to fall down.  Gretchen gently
caught her and brought her daughter to her breast, and cuddled her,
murmuring to her and kissing her.  Gretchen didn't care how this had all
happened, all the perversions she had endured to get to this moment, all
the rapes and blowjobs and starvation -- she had a daughter!  Her heart was
full of hope and joy as she worked the thick nipple of her left breast into
her daughter's tiny mouth -- and the little girl started to suck!  Gretchen
felt her milk flowing into her daughter's mouth as she nursed her -- the
happiest moment of her life.

   Gretchen's pussy was a real mess -- bloody uterine tissue and vaginal
secretions were oozing out and trickling down her front, and the baby's
umbilical cord ran up and disappeared into her fuckhole.  Before she could
really do much breastfeeding, she was hit with more contractions as the
placenta moved into her vagina.  It had to come out of her, and Gretchen
pushed, still holding her daughter to her breast.  It took three
contractions to work the placenta out of her pussy, and finally it
slithered out and down to the floor, still trailing the umbilical cord. 
The baby was still nursing from Gretchen's swollen breast as she talked to
her daughter softly.

   The man with the baseball bat approached, and Gretchen looked fearful --
but he put down the bat, then he leaned down and took Gretchen's right
breast in his hand.  He squeezed, and a squirt of milk spurted out and fell
on the floor.  He grinned at her, then leaned down further and took her
swollen nipple in his mouth.  Gretchen's face was troubled as she watched
him start to nurse from her big tit.  He squeezed her breast again, and
swallowed her milk as it flowed into his mouth.  Gretchen felt terrible
that her breast milk was going to waste -- it was for her daughter!  The
man nursed from her breast alongside her daughter, both tits producing a
good flow of milk.

   Then the man stuck three fingers into Gretchen's sloppy vagina, still
gaping open and oozing sticky secretions after the placenta came out. 
Gretchen frowned and tried to close her legs, but she was still nailed to
the cross, and she was helpless to stop him.  He swished his fingers around
inside her, grinning down at her cruelly, then he finger-fucked her a
little, moving his fingers in and out of her twat while she held her arms
to shield her daughter from what was happening between her legs.  She
closed her eyes in shame, her soul dying a little as she realized she was
feeling sexual pleasure from the man's fingers inside her while she nursed
her newborn daughter.  She thrust her hips as far upward as she could,
raising her groin to meet the man's thrusting fingers, helping him
finger-fuck her even as she breast-fed her infant daughter.  What an
incredible slut!

   It was time to end the show with the grand finale.  This had been
planned from the moment of Gretchen's arrival at The Hall, though of course
the little bitch knew nothing about it.  If she had, it would gave made her
soul-sick to know the cruelty the members were going to inflict on her now.

   CHAPTER 15: Finishing With Gretchen

   The man jerked Gretchen's daughter away from her, sending breast milk
spraying out of her tit as the sucking baby was pulled off the teat.  The
man put the baby on top of Gretchen's soppy cunt, sitting the little girl
right in Gretchen's slit, still gaping open after the birth.  He set the
baby so it was looking at him, so it could watch what happened next.  He
put his hands on Gretchen's breasts, squeezing them hard, and milk spurted
out of her nipples onto the floor.  He laughed, and picked up a pair of
garden shears.  He showed them to Gretchen, and her eyes opened very wide
as he held the open shears against her left breast.  Her erect nipple was
between the blades, and Gretchen felt a cold blast of fear that made her
shiver.  No, surely he wouldn't -- and just as the thought formed in her
mind, the man cut off Gretchen's left nipple.  The girl screamed like she
had never screamed before in her short life.

   The cone of dark flesh fell to the floor as a sharp, intense, monstrous
pain shot through Gretchen's breast and radiated out through her whole
body. Blood spurted from her breast where her nipple had been.  Before she
could even react, the man moved the shears to her right breast -- and cut
off her other nipple.  More blood, and pain like no one should ever have to
endure.  Gretchen's world came down to two bright, hot points of pain on
her chest, and suddenly she was no longer a girl.  A girl can breast-feed
her baby, and now Gretchen would never be able to do that ever again.

   The man who disfigured Gretchen was naked from the waist down, and his
cock had hardened as he cut Gretchen's chest -- he clearly enjoyed
inflicting pain, deriving sexual satisfaction from the girl's suffering. 
His big cock throbbed heavily as he looked down at her ruined breasts --
and he noticed her tits, as she hung there upside down on the cross, were
at just the same level as his cock.  He dropped the shears on the floor
with a clatter -- and leaned in and stuck his erect cock into the hole in
Gretchen's left breast where her nipple had been!  Gretchen closed her eyes
and grimaced, not believing any man could do this to her.  The man forced
his stiff cock into her soft breast meat -- it felt just like he was
fucking her pussy, tight and warm and wet.  He started to thrust, in a
perverted parody of the act of love, his thick cock pistoning in and out of
the bloody hole in Gretchen's tit.  After a few minutes, he pulled his cock
out -- and penetrated her right breast.  It was just as tight and warm and
wet as her other tit.  The man spread his legs and stood closer, so his ass
crack was right above Gretchen's face -- and he closed his legs around her
head, with his hairy scrotum against her upper chest.  He rocked back and
forth as he fucked her breasts, rolling her trapped head between his legs.

   The other members wanted to screw Gretchen this special way, so the man
pulled out of her as the others lined up and started gang-raping her
damaged breasts.  Gretchen was sobbing, and kept her eyes closed while the
men took turns with her.  Each man ejaculated in one of her breasts, and
warm cum mixed with her blood oozing out of the holes where her nipples
used to be.  Gretchen cried the whole time she was being raped.

   After all the members had some fun with Gretchen, it was time for the
end of the show: Gretchen's baby daughter was going to be forced back into
her vagina and down into her womb, in a perverted reversal of childbirth.

   Gretchen screamed when the man reached for her daughter, knowing
something bad was about to happen, but not knowing what.  She found out
soon enough, as the man picked up her daughter and used his other hand to
open her cunt lips so he could insert the baby's legs into her twat. 
Gretchen was wailing now, an urgent howl of anguish, trying to grab her
daughter from the man.  It was time to nail Gretchen's wrists to the cross.
A second man came over with a large hammer and six-inch nails, and drove a
nail through each of her wrists, immobilizing her totally.  Tears of
frustration were streaming from Gretchen's eyes as the first man pushed on
the baby's shoulders, and her legs disappeared into Gretchen's gaping
vagina.  Another hard push, and the baby disappeared up to her waist, as
Gretchen let out a cry of agony.  The baby's feet were jammed up against
her closed cervix, and the pressure caused intense cervical pain.  The man
just pushed harder, and the baby's feet were forced through the cervix and
poked into Gretchen's tortured uterus.

   This was not how things were supposed to work.  The uterus was never
intended to have anything put into it after a birth -- it needed time to
heal after the delivery.  Instead, the baby was being forced back into
Gretchen's damaged uterus, and the pain almost caused her to pass out.  She
could feel the baby's feet prying open her cervix, then sliding into her
uterus as the man kept pushing.  The baby's head disappeared into
Gretchen's pussy, her labia stretching painfully to allow the head to pass
through into her vagina.  Her slit closed over the baby's head, and
Gretchen let out a mournful wail that trailed off into a whimper.  She knew
her daughter was drowning inside her cunt, her own vaginal secretions
filling the baby's nose and mouth and throat so she couldn't breathe. 
Gretchen could feel her daughter thrashing around in her pussy as the man
pushed her further down.  The man was fisting Gretchen now, his hand
totally inside her as he forced the baby deeper into Gretchen's gaping
twat. The baby was halfway into Gretchen's womb now, and the man shoved
hard, and the baby slid through the cervix painfully.  Getting the head
through the cervix seemed impossible -- the cervix had closed up tight
after the birth, and wrenching it open was horribly painful for Gretchen.
It was like a knife was being used to pry her open inside -- a stabbing
pain that cut right through her.  She screamed as the baby's head started
to expand her cervix.  The man's arm was in her cunt halfway to his elbow
as he pushed the baby hard.  With another sharp stab of pain, the baby's
head slipped through the cervix -- and Gretchen's baby was back in her
womb, as if she had never been born.  The baby was dying, strangling on the
fluids that filled the womb.  Gretchen felt the baby kicking -- and then it
was still.  Her daughter had died in her womb.

   Gretchen sobbed, mourning her baby daughter, but she didn't have long to
do it.  The man took his arm out of her pussy, glistening with her cunt
slime and blood, and picked up the baseball bat.  It was time to make sure
the baby was dead.  He swung the bat in a wide arc and hit Gretchen across
the baby bump that had reappeared when her daughter was forced back into
her womb.  She looked pregnant again, and the bat slammed into her
midsection with a crunch as it shattered the baby's skull inside Gretchen's
womb.  Her womb hemorrhaged, bleeding into her body, destroying any chance
she would ever have any other children.  The man hit her again, and a gush
of vaginal fluids and blood and uterine tissue spurted out of her slit like
a fountain, splashing down over Gretchen's front and down onto the floor.
The man shoved the baseball bat into her pussy, pushing half of the bat
deep inside her.  He left it there, sticking straight up out of her gaping,
useless twat.

   Gretchen hung there on the cross upside down, her breasts mutilated, her
nipples gone, her vagina filled with the baseball bat sticking out of her
slit.  There was one last debasement to be done to her.  The man picked up
the garden shears and held them between Gretchen's open legs.  Her clit was
long and erect, sticking out like a little finger at the top of her sloppy
slit.  The man held the blades of the shears at the base of her clitoris --
and cut it off.  The pain shot through Gretchen's body like an electric
jolt, and every muscle she had suddenly cramped painfully.  She felt like
her soul had died, and nothing would ever be right or feel good again. 
Without a clitoris or nipples, Gretchen would never have another orgasm,
never feel the sexual pleasure of a man's touch, never know love -- but now
she was the perfect whore, a ruined, empty, hollow excuse for a girl on the
inside, but outwardly still with a pretty face and a wet cunt.  The men who
would screw her all day every day in a Mexican whorehouse would not care if
she could have orgasms, would not care if she could have children, would
not even care if she had nipples -- these men were only interested in the
holes between a girl's legs where they could dump their loads.  If a girl
could lay there and open her legs while a man fucked her brains out, that
was all the man cared about.  The girl was just a piece of meat, a tight
little hole for him to stick his cock in, a warm pussy with a girl attached
to it.

   Gretchen was left there, still nailed to the cross, while every member
came forward to use and abuse her body one last time before she was sent
off to live out her miserable life in a Mexican whorehouse.  Since her cunt
was such a mess, and her asshole was inaccessible for fucking, her mouth
and breasts were to be used as fuckholes.  But the members didn't want to
take a chance on the bitch biting them, so before the rapes began, all of
Gretchen's teeth were removed, but not by a dentist -- one of the members
used some pliers to do the job.  Gretchen's screams of pain and humiliation
echoed through the hall, stiffening every cock in the room.  After all her
teeth were pulled out, some gauze was stuffed in her mouth briefly, to stop
the bleeding, and then the rapes began.  This would be the last chance for
the members to hurt and humiliate Gretchen, and they all made the most of
it.  They raped her breasts, sticking their big cocks in the empty holes
where her nipples used to be, screwing her tits like they were cunts, and
filling her breasts with warm, sticky sperm.  Her breast meat felt just
like a cunt, warm and wet and tight.  They raped her mouth, forcing their
cocks down her throat so she gagged and coughed and spluttered, and she was
rewarded with load after load of semen.  While she had each cock in her
mouth, the man's scrotum hung down over her nose and eyes while he screwed
her, blocking her nostrils and making it hard for her to breathe.  Most of
the men farted while they were fucking her, just to give her an extra
little shot of humiliation.

   Gretchen was the only one of the three pregnant girls to survive
childbirth, if you want to call it survival.  She had to have a complete
hysterectomy, with her uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes removed.  She
really wasn't a girl anymore -- just a pretty face and a disfigured body.
But she had a mouth -- with no teeth, perfect for giving blowjobs -- and
she had a cunt, warm and wet and tight, and that's all she needed where she
was going.  Her broken bones were splinted by a guy with no medical
training.  It took a week for Gretchen to heal after her operation -- she
needed a month, but she didn't get it -- and she was taken to Mexico, tied
up naked in the back of a produce truck.  When she got to the whorehouse,
she was hosed down, then given a very short black dress to wear -- because
some of her customers liked to rip the clothes off their whores.  She was
taken to a room, eight feet square, with nothing in it but a bed and a
bucket, and put to work.

   Gretchen spent 21 hours a day servicing her customers, and she quickly
became the favorite prostitute in the whorehouse.  There were two girls
that were younger -- eleven and nine years old -- but those little sluts
were ugly, and Gretchen's sweet face made the men overlook her damaged
body. She had to use the bucket to piss and shit, and she was responsible
for emptying it once a day in the bathroom down the hall -- the only time
she was let out of her room.  She slept three hours a day, from 3 AM to 6
AM, then it was back to work.  She quickly learned to do what she was told
-- whatever she was told -- no matter how perverted or filthy.  The lessons
came in the form of broken arms and fingers, when she was slow to take a
cock in her mouth or slow to spread her legs for her next fucker.  Her
broken bones were splinted by the guy that checked all the girls for
gonorrhea each week -- can't have the customers getting infected.

   Gretchen had been working in the whorehouse for seven years when she
tried to kill herself.  She swallowed a lot of her own feces from her
bucket, along with her own urine, hoping it would poison her system.  It
didn't work, and the 19-year-old girl -- who looked like she was 45 by that
time -- was whipped for an hour, then put back to work.  Early removal of
her sexual organs had induced premature menopause, and she was aging fast.
Her skin was dry and scaly.  Without her sex organs, her body could no
longer produce estrogen and other female hormones, and she started to show
un-female characteristics like a little mustache, and body hair, and
heavier sweating.  When her pussy dried up, the customers screwed her with
no lubrication, and her vagina was constantly raw and irritated.  Pus
oozing from sores on the inner walls of her cunt provided a little
lubrication, but there was constant pain when she got screwed.  She became
very good at giving blowjobs, hoping the men would let her suck their cocks
and not fuck her raw.  With all her teeth removed, her blowjobs were smooth
as silk, and she really worked hard while she sucked, jerking her head
forward and back on the shaft, deep-throating the full length of even the
biggest cocks.  She could take a 15-inch cock in her mouth and take more
and more of it down her throat until her lips were buried in the man's
pubic hair.  She would kiss the base of his cock, nuzzling her face into
his groin.  Most of the men let her suck them to start -- but usually they
finished by screwing her pussy, or sometimes her tight little ass, staying
inside her as long as they could before they ejaculated in one of her
holes, listening to the sounds she made when she cried.  She always cried
while she was being fucked, because of the pain in her cunt.  She had huge
hemorrhoids in her rectum and anus, and she had severe rectal pains when
she got ass-fucked, so the only way for her to avoid pain was to give
blowjobs -- and to offer to do things none of the other whores would do. 
Gretchen would lick a man's ass, burying her whole face in his ass crack
and working her mouth in close to his anus and licking and kissing his ass,
even sucking his anus and swallowing his feces, hoping he would be
satisfied and not decide to fuck her -- but most of her customers still
finished in her pussy or her ass.

   Gretchen worked in the whorehouse for the rest of her life.  Her breasts
were big and pendulous -- but the holes where her nipples had been cut off
looked ghastly.  The scars from her mutilation were still vivid and scary
to look at.  Each breast was full and round, hanging down heavily, with a
large pink areola -- but at the center of the areola was a pit, a shallow
depression left when her nipple was sliced off.  The rough edges of the
cuts had healed, but there was a lot of scar tissue that looked like ragged
reddish scabs around the holes.  Some men would not use her because of
those breasts -- the sight of her deflated their cocks, and flaccid cocks
are not the point of going to a prostitute.  But other men selected her
BECAUSE of her mutilated tits -- the same men that liked to break her arms
occasionally, or strangle her while they screwed her, easing off just as
she was losing consciousness.  These men liked to fuck Gretchen's tits,
using the holes in her breasts like they were cunts.  The breast meat felt
a lot like vaginal tissue, and because of the constant stimulation, she
always had milk.  Her milk ducts had been cut when her nipples were
removed, so now her milk just flowed freely, dripping out of the holes in
her breasts -- and the milk made good lubrication when a man fucked her
tits, so his cock slid in and out of the fuckhole in her breast smoothly.

   When Gretchen was 24 -- and looked 60 -- her owners decided to make her
a fetish prostitute -- so they had her hands and feet amputated.  There are
men that like to fuck an amputee whore, and Gretchen was busier than ever.
She was unable to dress herself any longer, so she was kept naked all the
time.  When she gave blowjobs, of course she had to use only her mouth,
since she had no hands.  Men liked to cum on her face so they could watch
her use her arm stumps to scoop the semen into her mouth and swallow it. 
After two years of this, Gretchen's owners went even further -- they had
her arms and legs amputated, so all that was left were her three fuckholes:
mouth, pussy, and ass.  The men that wanted to fuck her like this were men
that also liked to beat a whore while they fuck her -- they liked their
girls with bruises.  These men also like to cut the girl while the fucked
her, using knives or razor blades on her body and her face.  Gretchen's
breasts got cut a lot, and one customer paid extra to cut her face -- a
long, painful, ugly slash that started above her right eye and went down
across the bridge of her nose and her left cheek to her jaw.  She looked
like a creature from a horror movie.  The man gave her a towel to sop up
the blood -- and raped her for an hour before he ejaculated in her cunt. 
He fucked every hole she had -- mouth, pussy, ass -- even the holes in her
breasts.  He left his sperm in her twat, and her owners let her facial
wound heal without calling a doctor.

   Gretchen became the whore that men dared their friends to fuck -- and
laughed when the friends recoiled in horror when they saw what she looked
like.  But then they all fucked her, as many ways as they could, for as
long as they could keep getting erections.  The men would make her suck
their cocks until they were hard, then they would screw her cunt or asshole
and dump a big load, then start all over again.  If Gretchen failed to give
them an erection, she was beaten viciously.  She always had two black eyes
now, and her midsection was covered with black and purple bruises from her
beatings.  This went on for five years, and when Gretchen was 29 -- and
looked 80 -- her miserable life finally ended.  She gave a blowjob to a man
with a 13-inch cock, and kept deep-throating him, and finally swallowed his
cock meat just as he pinched her nostrils closed.  He was sitting on her
face, and her struggles were wasted.  The man looked into her eyes, and she
realized what he was going to do to her -- and she stopped struggling.  Her
eyes widened as the man kept thrusting into her throat, totally blocking
her windpipe -- she was suffocating on his cock while he fucked her mouth.
He screwed her savagely, his hips jerking wildly as he pistoned in and out
of her mouth.  She was losing consciousness when he finally grunted like a
pig and ejaculated down her throat.  The final act of her life was
swallowing his sperm, gulping down his big load as her face flushed a deep
red.  Her pupils dilated, and she died with the big cock in her mouth and
the man sitting on her face.

   Gretchen's body was kept at the whorehouse until it started to stink. 
She was made a lesson to the other girls -- what would happen to them if
they failed to please their paying customers.  A six-foot metal pole with a
sharp tip was set in the floor of her room, and her body was impaled on it,
with the pole going into her slit and coming out of her open mouth.
   [End of story] 

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