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I just love torturing my girls, especially my youngest daughters.

A few weeks ago a dental abscess drove me crazy with pain and I realized that teeth pain is really terrible, it grows up in your head and you'd prefer to die than to let it continue.

So I decided to do a little social experiment on two of my youngest daughters: Lily, 8 years old, is the nicest girl I have ever met, always forgiving everything and everyone. And she loves dearly her younger sister, Peach, 5 years old.

I took Lily and in front of all the other girls I told her I was going to start torturing her right now until she was dead.

The poor girl began to cry, asking me to allow her to live, to spare her.

And so I proposed her a deal: if she killed, anyway she liked, her sister Peach, I spared her the torture and I just would kill her.

All my daughters and wives froze, as they all knew what I was asking her.

I ordered Peach to come in front of the little crowd, and I placed a knife in the hands of Lily.

She looked me up in the eyes as if I was crazy, but all she could see was my seriousness.

After a pause, she trembled and let the knife fall down, shaking from the sobs and unable to watch Peach in her blue eyes.

"So be it" I told her aloud. With the help of Lily's natural mother who kept her daughter's head still, I took a pair of pliers and started pulling out her teeth, one by one!

After each one, I paused for a moment, to enjoy her pain and to let her savor it at its fullest. And truly she was going insane, howling like a mad dog, crying and flailing around like crazy.

When I pulled out the 10th tooth, I stopped and waited for her to calm down.

Then I placed Peach again in front of her, gave Lily back the knife and asked her whether she wanted the torture to go on or she preferred to murder her little sister.

She kept her head down for so long that I was starting to think she still would prefer the torture. But then she raised her hand and in one swift motion, pushed the knife through her sister's neck, in a generalized gasp of the audience.

Peach didn't have the time to react, she opened wide her eyes and collapsed on the floor, dead in front of her older sister, covered in her hot blood.

Lily started to cry, the knife still in her hand.

My point proved, I took the knife from her hand, extended her head back so that her throat was well exposed to everyone and then slowly drove the knife across it, watching her blood streaming up in the silenced room.

Then I kept her shaking body until she rested still.

Lily's body, still warm and soft in my hands, weighted almost nothing, now that she was in peace. I lifted her up, scooped her sister's body from the pool of their mixed bloods on the floor and addressed their mother, who was sobbing silently: "What are you going to prepare for my dinner with these little two meat steaks?"

Still crying, she took the bodies of her daughters and brought them to the kitchen, to chop them up and roast them for her Master and Owner.

I doubt that on that night any of my slaves liked her dinner as much as I did.


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