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Abbreviated Story Codes in A.S.S.
Readers' Version

Version 4.2 -- June, 2005

What are all of those funny letters after the titles of stories? And what do they mean?

They are story content codes. They try to describe the genre of the story, whether it is the type of story some readers might want to download, whether it is the type of story some readers might want to avoid.

NOTE: If you have written a story, this is not your FAQ. Look up the story-code FAQ for authors.


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These codes break down into two or three categories.

"caution"      Something in the story might offend (or even 
sicken) you, but the author isn't telling you what.

Sex and Age:

"M,m,b" are all males.  
"b" is always a young boy, should be up to 12. 

"F,f,g" are all females.  
"g" is a young girl, should be up to 12.

"M,F" should be adults, 18 and older.
"m,f" should be teens, 13 - 17.
"t"   Teenage male (used in gay stories).

They aren't always, because posters are careless (or 
clueless).  Also, in the bondage/dominance community, "M" is 
sometimes a male dominant, "m" is a male submissive, etc.

MF        is adult heterosexual sex
ff        is teen lesbian sex
MMM~f     means adult men gang-banging a teenaged girl
MMM/f     sometimes means adult men gang-banging a teenaged girl
M+F       Means several men and one woman
MF+       Means one man and several women

Fembot    A female robot, designed to give sexual pleasure.
fembot    A version of the same, designed to look like a teenaged girl.
H         A hermaphrodite adult.
h         A hermaphrodite under 18.

If the story is coded interr, meaning "Interracial," The characters might be listed as BF Wm etc. The preceding letters mean Black or White.


All of the following might be capitalized.  Usually no difference.

1st       First time intercourse; also first time FF or MM.
anal      Anal sex.
bd        means bondage (and discipline)
beast     Bestiality, sex with animals.[Should be "best"]
best      Bestiality, sex with animals.
bi        Bisexuality of one or more characters.
blackmail Sex through threat of exposure 
bondage   Bondage (should be bd)
caution   Something in the story might offend (or even 
          sicken) you, but the author isn't telling you what.
cbt       Cock and ball torture.
cheat     Married or committed people having sex outside of the 
          commitment, cheating on their partner, as distinct from 
cons [or con]  The sex is consensual.  This should mean that 
               ALL the sex is consensual, but some authors use 
               "cons nc" to mean that only some is.
copr      Coprophilia (Fun with feces)
creampie  is one man's ejaculate as sucked out of a woman's
          vagina and consumed by (usually another) man
dom       refers to dominance and submission, should be ds.
ds        [or d/s]  dominance and submission.
exhib     Exhibitionism.
enem      Enemas
Fdom,     [or femdom]  a dominant female
Fembot    A female robot, designed to give sexual pleasure.
fembot    A version of the same, designed to look like a teenaged girl.
filk      New lyrics to a familiar (originally a folk) tune.
fist      Fisting, insertion of the entire hand into anus or vagina. 
furry     Animals with human characteristics.  
goth      Gothic (dark) setting
hist      Has a historical theme 
humil     Humiliation.  
inc       Incest.
interr    Interracial.
lac       [Lactation]  Milk, not from a cow.
magic     Magic, or ghouls, or that sort of background.
mc        "mind-control" a big subgenre.
Mdom      a dominant male.
nc        is non-consensual.  This is rape in law, but the style 
               may be different.
nec       [Necrophilia]  Sex with a dead person
nosex     There is no intercourse in the story.  This is a preemptive code
               in the sense that it overrides any implication of 
               intercourse by other codes used.
oral      Oral-genital contact
parody    Imitation of a style or particular story with
               the intent to amuse.
ped       [Pedophilia] Ages 12 and below.  Should be Mg or something similar.
pett      Heavy petting 
piv       [Penis in vagina]  "Straight" sex.
preg      Either impregnation or sex with a pregnant woman.
Preteen   Ages 12 and below.  Should be Mg or something similar.
rape      Violent rape.
reluc     Woman says no, but loves it when she is raped.
rom       [Romantic]  Sex in the stories stems from the love that 
          one character has for another.  These stories should 
          always be consensual but some writers use it very 
sad       [Sadism]  For "just" inflicting pain. 
safe      Safe sex 
scat      [Scatology]  Involving feces.
ScFi      Science fiction setting.  Please note spelling.
slash     (Usually) homosexual intercourse in fanfic.
sm        Sadomasochism -- inflicting pain for the pleasure of 
snuff     Killing which is supposed to arouse you.
_-solo    Masturbation, as in F-solo = masturbation by an adult woman.
span      or spank [Spanking]  Mild sm.
teen      Teenagers.  Should be mf or something similar.
tg        Trans-gender, men being changed into women (or vice 
tort      Torture.
toys      Vibrators or other adult toys
veg       Vegetable. Sex with food. 
viol      Violence, not necessarily connected to the sex.
voy       Voyeur,  peeking.
wife      Wife watching; consensual cuckoldry.
wl        [Wedded Lust] Sex within the marital relationship.
ws        Water sports.  Pissing.
zoo       [Zoophilia]  Caring and consensual sexual relationships
          between humans and animals. 

Nothing forces writers to use these codes, there are others and many authors make up their own. But these are a start. More nearly comprehensive lists may be found at:

The alphabetical list of all story codes.


The list of all story codes by type of story.

Also, there are a variety of life-style groups whose stories spill over into and We've attempted to give a short description of what you'll see in these stories, but we don't capture the subtleties, much less the points under dispute within the groups themselves.

There is a list of recommendations for authors being published concurrently on and permanently at:

The story code for authors.

These codes should, but might not, be included within ( parentheses ).

More of what should be, but might not be, on the subject line at:

The ASSM subject line FAQ

- = - End of FAQ - = -

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