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Latest Updated - 07/07/11

Abby's Reply (MF, cheating, humor, preg)

Dear Abby's advice to a woman who wonders whether to confess.

Accident (MC, Fdom, preg, humor)
Steve's superheroine wife keeps having "accidents".

A Cop too Far (Mf, Mf, MC, preg)

Two government agents are seduced, enslaved and impregnated by a drug lord.

After Reawakening (MC, Fdom, humor, preg)
A coda to "Reawakening" that does throw a different light on things.

Again? (MC, Fdom, preg, humor)
Allison and LW have confessions to make to each other.

Alexandra's New Practice (Fm, Ff, MC)

Alexander's new receptionist helps the horny doctor when her boyfriend is out of town with unintended consequences for Alexandra.

Amenity Project Epilogue (MF, cheat, in, preg)

In her story "The Amenity Project," Softly told a sweet, sexy, funny story of four women who design to "protect" their sons -- who are just starting college - - from a group of predaceous local girls intending to get the boys make them pregnant in order to entrap them into marriage.

Knowing that "boys will be boys," the women (naturally ) decided that the only way to save the boys was to keep them so well fucked they wouldn't have time or libido left for their “rivals.”

An Author's Fantasy (MC,Fdome, preg, humor, preg)

Homer writes about meeting the kind of reader he's always hoped to "have."

A New Infection (MC, Mf, FF, Fm, humor, Cabinet, CNN, preg)

A group of women scientists searches desperately to find a cure for The Virus which turns women into sexy bimbos. The world will never be the same.

Anniversary (MF Mdom MC, preg, humor)

It's been a year since three sexy superheroines tried to capture The Geek. The operation was unsuccessful, but things have not turned out too badly.

Another One Of Those Stories (MF, wife, irr, preg, humor)
A wife keeps up with her husband's fantasies.

Ask Dr. Vargas (MF, M+f, Manichaeism)
Dr Vargas advises on very different sexual problems.

At Last (MC, Mdom, Rom, preg)

Aphrodite is tired of contradictory petitions from Steve and Wonder Woman. She sends Eros to fix things. Big mistake!

A Woman Who Loves Men (MF, cuck, preg, ir, wife, inc, teen, cheat, humor)

A young wife turns to Mother Debbie with a problem. Which of her lovers should be the one ot make her pregnant?

A Woman Who Loves More Men (MF, cuck, preg, ir, wife, cheat, humor)

Sequel to "A Woman Who Loves Men" A pregnant cheating wife worries about the future...

A World Upside Down (MF, rom)

Some of you may remember my story of a while ago "Wonder Woman's Most Fulfilling Adventure." As it ended, our favorite Amazonian Princess was definitely out of the crime-fighting business. The busty ex-super-heroine had just borne a daughter for the tribe's ancient enemy, Pan, and was facing a life of slavery, making more babies for the horny god.

More to the point of Pan's plot, without a strong feminine role model and unprotected against Pan and Althea his witch Queen, the world was vulnerable to their Pan's schemes to reestablish traditional male dominance over women.

Updated 08/20/08
Ayo (Fm, mast, toys, quantum cosmology, preg)
"What makes a woman sexy?"

Bred (MC, Mdom, wife, preg)

A frigid snooty career woman, her frustrated husband, her resentful brother-in-law and his hot, ever-pregnant wife. They live happily ever after. - By Jenny and re-scripted by Homer Vargas - with additions by Sakka

Celeste Withdraws (NC, MF, FF, cheat, preg, postmodernism humor)

The story of Celeste's temporary withdrawal from reviewing internet erotica.

Chloe and Mom (MF, Fdom, Mdom, humor, cuck, preg)

Chloe writes to Mom about her need for sex with other men and what she is doing about it.

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7
Cromwell's Court Case (MC, Mdom, preg, humor)

Everyone knows by now that Downing Street is my favorite writer. His way of telling how uptight women gradually are transformed into tarty sluts is without peer. But is it "conceivable" that he is telling the "full" story? The "expanded" consequences of these changes "bear" further examination.

Cutters Creek (MF, oral, preg)

Some of you may have been following the goings on over in Fertile Valley. I hope so. My good buddy, Jimmy Davis, has been trying to keep you up to date about all those BIG bellies being made over there. But Fertile Valley's not the only place where strange things are happening.

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5
Part 6 - Part 7
Part 8

The Cutters Creek Saga in HTML

Dad (MF, rom, preg)

I was typing away, answering the usual morning emails, trying to politely turn down unsolicited plot ideas that I "do not believe I can do justice to." You know the kind: "dear mr vargas I want u to rite me a story about me and my mama, like we r both left handed and..."

Dark Bred (Mdom/F, intr, wife, MC, preg)

Professional woman falls victim to a conspiracy to make her pregnant by her husband's Black employee.

Dawn and Ken and Maria and David
(MC, Fdom, preg)

David has a problem with his dominant housekeeper. Dawn has a problem with her dominant boyfriend. Dawn solves both problems, but not the way David thought..

Examinations (Ff, Mf, Fm, MC, preg)

Katie, the founder of a militant anti-male society undergoes a delightful transformation after a visit to a certain clinic.
Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Fantasy Aftermath (MC, Mdom, orgy, humor, preg)

A news report growing out of the meting of Homer Vargas and a reader of his stories told in "An Author's Fantasy."

Fantasy Therapy (MC, Mdom, rom, preg)

Dr Vargas has an unusual solution for a man with a common problem.

First Mate (Fdom/M, humor, preg)

His first voyage as Frist Mate and he had the bad luck to serve under Captaing Ethyl Walters. Or was it?

NEW 07/01/11
Heiress (FFM, mc, preg)

A your woman is the target of a mind control plot.

NEW 07/07/11
Guidelines for Hotwives (MF, exh, cheat, intr, preg)

Homer's sister advises hotwife wanabes.

Ruth's Big Baby (MF, humor, preg)

The vision of the large soft breasts that first ensnared him now danced inside his drooping eyelids.

Judith and Me (Fm, FF, Mf, MC, preg)

A young man goes to a woman psychologist with a problem and soon finds himself with an even bigger one, one he comes to love.

      Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Lilith (MF, preg)

From Whose Bourne... Lilith. A story of a dark and stormy night told from two POV.

Lovebright Academy: The Real Story (Mf, Ff, MC, preg)

Downing Street left out some important things from his tale. Dr. Vargas sets the record straight

Makin'Pagins (Mf, Ff, Fm, MC, preg)

The Gods have a Y2K problem: declining worshipership. Solution: more pagan babies. But how to find enough sexy pagan mommies-to-be and pursueade them to do the deed? Well, if Hermes's eloquence is not enough, thre are othr ways.

Marta and Robert (MC, Fdom, preg)
Robert falls into the hands of the wrong woman.

Meanwhile, Back in Cutters Creek (MF, preg)

The Finch family is new in town, but soon Jill and her mother, May, have expanding tummies just like the other women of Cutters Creek, while one of the local girls has John Finch making a baby with her.

My Doctor, My Maid (MC, Fdom/M, rom, preg)

A man visits a new doctor only to find to his discomfort that she's a female. Things quickly heat up when his "doctor" tries to seduce him during the examination. - Part 2 - Part 3

New Cow Hand (MF, Rom, Preg)

Cindy climaxed with a cry of release, shuddered and spasmed for what seemed minutes as a series of pulses shot through her and then fell full length on me beneath her, limber and loose-limbed. I patted her back. "You on the pill?"

Nick and Mommy (Fdom/m MC, preg)

This is a "concept" story. It's obvious that a successful internet hypno-domme would want to rear her daughters to be dommes themselves. But what would she do with a son?

No Deposit, Return (M/F, cuck, preg, humor)

I wish to acknowledge use of an altered scene from the hot story, "Ebony and Ivory Acres" by Stormbringer. The spirit of the story, however is much closer to the stories of CDE.

Pearls Before Wine (MC, Fdom, preg)
The invading army of a small Queendom gets a pleasant surprise

Pillow Talk (F/superhero, MC, preg)

A satirical look at the man of steel's blissful married life -- what would it be like to Finally marry the ravishing Lois?

Pregnant Puzzle (M/F, preg, humor)

A young man writes Dr. Vargas for advice on dealing with the pregnancy of his mature superheroine's first pregnancy.

Principles (Cons, Rom, preg)

A handsome young ecologist has firm principles against couples having children. The woman who sets her sights on him has other ideas.

NEW 07/01/11
Reversal (FFM, houmer, preg)

A frustrated wife takes extreme measures with her shy husband.

Ruth's Big Baby (MF, humor, preg)

The vision of the large soft breasts that first ensnared him now danced inside his drooping eyelids.

Sabah (MF, MC)

This story is a revision of the "Lilith" half of the story "From Whose Bourne No Traveler Returns/Lilith" by Trey Gallant and me. "Lilith" is his character. I needed my own to continue the story along my lines, as he has his. This is the proper prequel to "Sabah and Rod."

Sabah and Rod (MF, preg)

This was inspired by "From Whose Borne No Traveler Returns/Lilith" by Trey Galant and myself It imagines what might happen as the aftermath of a situation portrayed in the former story.

Sabah at the Ball (MC, Fdom, preg, Rom)

A sequel to "Sabah and Rod" Rod's Mistress deals with some jealous rivals at the ball.

Sabah's Mother (MF, Fdom, humor, Rom, fantasy, preg)

This is a continuation of the Sabah series. I know it has been a long time and reading "Sabah," "Sabah and Rod," and "Sabah at the Ball" first will make this story more comprehensible, but all you absolutely NEED to know is that Sabah (and Mother) are slightly supernatural females who can control men and live by feeding on their sexual energy.

Sherry's Mom (M/F, preg, humor)
Mom has a problem. Sherry refuses to cuckold her husband to get pregnant.
Part 2 - Part 3

Solon: First Contact (Fm, Ff, MC, preg)

The men of the first Federation starship to visit Solon are seduced and enslaved by the beautiful women who rule the planet. The women cannot help them as they are seduced and impregnated by the the studs of the Solonian women.

Summer Holidays: Epilogue (MC, Mf, Ff, preg, humor)

I hope everyone has read and enjoyed "Summer Holidays" (published on by Downing Street, a sequel to his fabulous "Lovebright Academy." (ibid.) In that earlier story, Downing Street left out some critical elements, which I felt compelled to revise in my "Lovebright Academy: the Real Story."

Unfortunately, it's happened again, although this time I think it must be from ignorance of what went on AFTER the conclusion of "Summer Holidays." You should, of course read that story first because it was complete as far as it went but afterwards... With Downing Street's permission, I give you: SUMMER HOLIDAYS: Epilogue

Teaching the Tomboy (MC, Fdom, MF, preg, teen)

Toni is more interested in cars than guys. Maybe someday, when she is finished with university and is established in her engineering career, she may have time for men and having babies. Her mother has different ideas.

The Girl from "Principles" (FM, FF, MC, B Movie, preg)

Someone you may remember is back and so is Josh who is captured by a tribe of sexy women who need his "services." Can his his clever, horny wife rescue him? Does he want to be rescued?

Terri (M/F, F/F, inc, preg)
Terri's friend turns her on... to her son.

Toni's New Life (MF, Fdom, Mdom, MC, Preg)

Toni's summer job becomes a life-changing experience. Readers will note a strong resemblance between this story and "Teaching the Tomboy" by Jenny and Homer. Much of the language is the same; yet ultimately it turns on a different plot device and goes in the direction of the Fertile Valley/Cutters Creek universe.

Wonder Woman's Most Fulfilling Adventure (Ff, Mf, MC, preg)

Wonder Woman saves a village of beautiful women who seem to procreate magicly. Caught up in their magic, she finds too late the magic is of a blacker kind.

WOPI Chronicles (MC, Fdom, Mdom, MF, FF, preg)

North Atlantic Security Agency battles the powerful feminist organization WOPI, which brainwashes men with sex. But what if their own agents are vulnerable? Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7
Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11

World Lit 101 (MF, MC, inc, preg, bd, gang, voy, intr, stc.)

Fantasy Train Story in which Allison, Bronwen, Janey, Maria, Miss Behavin's, and Virago Blue visit authours of the past.

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