Hypnoerotic stories are the bulk of my material. It's where I started and where I keep coming back to when the mood strikes me. My hypnoerotic stories are generally based on love, occasionally on lust. A couple of them lean toward the dark side more than the others; those have the notation (dark) in the description.

Final Exam (MF fd md hyp)

The final assignment in Tracey's Hypnotic Writing course is a tough one.


The Mice Will Play (FF MF fd mc)

While Master is out of town, Mindy takes advantage.

Yes, Mustard! (MF md hyp hu)

Danni's first hypnosis session with Russel takes a very strange turn.

Good Vibrations (Fsolo md hyp rom)

Margot is not enjoying her flight one bit, until Todd begins to point out some of the subtle effects of airborne vibrations.

Good Company (MF mf fd hyp)

At a hypnosis convention Tyler makes some new friends who help him with his shyness problem.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (MF md hyp hu)

When Dane discovers that Tessa has been seeing someone else behind his back he leaves her, but Tessa keeps coming back.

Tease Me (MF md fsolo hyp)

Dean bets Natalia he can give her an orgasm by sending text messages to her cell phone.

Toys (MF FD hyp cons)

A pair of hypnotists in training play with each other between classes.

Moving (MF FD hyp rom cons)

While helping his ex-girlfriend pack for a move, Rob finds his body in demand for more than just heavy lifting.

Busman's Holiday (MF MD hyp rom cons)

Jack left stage hypnosis behind years ago. But when he reluctantly agrees to do just a couple of shows at an adult vacation resort, his dark side comes out to play with a pair of attractive and interesting ladies. A hypnoerotic novel (92,000 words, 146 pages).

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Enchanted (MF FD MD hyp rom cons)

A tribute story to the late Soforia the Enchantress.


Here Comes the Next Contestant (FF FD Msolo mc)

Every night Frank watches the bar customers try unsuccessfully to hit on his girlfriend. Tonight ends up a bit differently.

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Tender Loving Care (MF hyp cons)

Lilly has been working way too hard, so her lover decides she deserves some very special pampering.

Playing Along (MF hyp cons)

Sadie's costume looked great to Bryan: tight, sleek, sexy. She even dared him to find out what she was wearing underneath. So when he saw the opportunity, he couldn't resist playing along.

Zebu (MF hyp cons)

It was a simple card game, designed to help them practice their hypnotic language skills. As often happens, though, suggestions can get increasingly suggestive.

A Matter of Motivation (MF hyp rom)

Those last few pounds are always the hardest to get rid of. An attractive personal trainer can help, but even with that Scott found his resolve weakening. Fortunately, his trainer knows just the person to help him.

Mistletoe (MF rom hyp)

Elaine wakes up in the middle of the night to find a strange man in her living room.

Hole In My Soul (MF rom hyp)

Doug is mired in depression over his failed marriage. Can Holly pull him out of it?

Empirical Research (MF fd hyp rom)

Brooke has a chance to interview her favorite erotic story writer for an online magazine.

Business Class (MF md hyp rom)

The author of an erotic hypnosis how-to manual meets one of his readers on a long train trip.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Coming of Age (MF fd hyp rom)

Jason has just turned 18, and Marie has arranged a surprise for him.

The Server (MF md hyp oral)

While relaxing at a bar, Mark bets his friends that he can hypnotize and seduce their attractive waitress.

Triad (MFF fd md hyp rom)

Nick becomes fascinated with the voice on a hypnosis MP3 and falls in love with its owner.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Sandman (MF mc md)

Gabrielle has a secret lover -- so secret even she doesn't know about him. (dark)

Play Time (MF md hyp humor)

Paul and Joyce borrow one of their son's toys for some adult play.

Blind Date (MF rom hyp)

Jake lets his friend Sherman talk him into a blind date.

In The Moment (MF+ fd hyp)

Brad accepts an invitation to the beach with his cousin Lori and three of her best friends.

Sign of the Rose (FF fd MF md hyp)

Rebecca finds herself in the power of a strange woman with a rose tattoo.

Adult Education (MF md fd hyp rom)

Meg and Patrick sign up for a class in Hypnosis for Couples.

Pleasure Cruise (various)

A collection of stories by several authors centering around a hypnoerotic sea cruise.

An Ounce of Prevention (MF mf md hyp)

A hypnotherapist uses his professional skills on his daughter and her date.

Fan Mail (MF fd hyp rom)

An MC author is hypnotized by one of his fans.

Seance (MF hyp group)

At their Halloween party, the gang from Quarters are possessed by the ghosts of lovers separated in death.

Boxing Day (MF md fd hyp rom)

A hypnotist/domme presents her submissive lover with a Christmas gift: for one day, she surrenders totally to his hypnotic control.

Original 1999 version 2005 Ruthie's Club version


Intimate Adventures (MF md fd hyp rom)

A married couple receive an anniversary gift that promises to rejuvenate their relationship.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Quarters (MF hyp group)

A group of friends tries a variation on the classic drinking game.

Photogenic (MF fd hyp rom)

Jen uses a combination of hypnosis and guile to seduce her business partner,

Simon Sez (MF md fd hyp rom)

Marlene trains Michael to obey without thinking any order beginning with "Simon Sez".


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