Chapter 20: Property

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Chloe lay on the floor, on her side, watching Jamal talk quietly with Mistress Joanna at her front door. Buck sat obediently at the Mistress's heel, panting heavily. She felt Taesha spread her ass cheeks open and relaxed as her friend began diligently licking the cum from in and around her asshole.

Jamal kissed Mistress Joanna lightly on the cheek and opened the door. As she made to leave, tugging on Buck's leash, the German Shepherd resisted, and remained sitting. He looked as tired as Chloe felt. Mistress looked over at Chloe and Taesha.

"You girls have really tired him out!" she called over. Her voice sounded pleasant, but Chloe now recognized the playful cruelty. The Mistress laughed, tugging harder on Buck's leash until she finally roused him to his feet. As they left, and Jamal closed and locked her door, Chloe found herself thinking how they must look just like any other woman and her dog, out for a walk. No one who saw them out could ever guess how the animal had spent his morning.

Chloe's reverie broke as she realized that Jamal was crouched next to her.

"You did well today, both of you."

"Thank you, Sir." Chloe said, without looking at him. Taesha lifted her face from between Chloe's cheeks.

"Thank you, Jamal."

"Taesha, I want you to get the two of you cleaned up. I have plans for this evening that don't involve the two of you, but we're going to take a little trip first.

An hour later the two women were in Jamal's Lexus, tinted windows thankfully hiding their nakedness as they drove down the highway; Jamal did not permit either woman to wear clothing in his car. Chloe crouched lower on the floor of the car and pressed her mouth firmly against her friend's pussy, sliding her tongue into her. Taesha rocked her hips slowly and continued bobbing her head up and down in Jamal's lap.

The ride was long enough that Jamal had them switch positions, but not before Chloe had given Taesha two orgasms, licking up her friend's cum each time. Chloe did not cum, as she had nothing in her asshole, but concentrated on taking Jamal deep in to her throat as Taesha sweetly licked her.

When they arrived at their destination, Jamal gave them time to dress themselves, forcing his own hard cock back into his pants and buckling up. Chloe pulled on the pair of jeans that Jamal had given her, and then the tight t-shirt, which had the word "SLUT" in large, black letters across her tits.

She looked up nervously at the building where they had parked. It was a tattoo parlor, and more than a little shady looking. She looked over at Taesha, whose t-shirt read "CUM SLUT", just as she pulled it on over her head. Taesha gave Chloe a quick look that let her know that she did not know what would happen next just as Jamal opened his door.

"Follow me."

The women got out of the car and followed Jamal. He walked them around to the back of the building which was far shadier than the front had been, and pushed a sturdy, but beaten up looking doorbell. Chloe heard a buzzing sound from inside the building and soon a heavy, metal door opened, revealing a short-haired woman in a ratty t-shirt and jeans. She was in her forties, at least, nearly as tall as Taesha, with weathered, white skin.

"Jamal!" she said, smiling, and taking his hand, pulling him to her for a short hug. She's a lesbian, Chloe thought immediately, though she didn't know why she should be so sure of it. "I am very glad to see you," she said, looking Chloe and Taesha up and down, hungrily, "These are the two you were talking about?"

"Yes, this is Chloe and Taesha."

"I like the shirts. Cum slut, huh? Does she only like your cum?"

"Taesha will lick your cum just as well as she swallows mine, I promise. Isn't that right, Taesha?"

"Yes, Sir." Taesha said.

"Mmmmm." said the woman. "We have to put that to the test. This one's just a plain slut, then, huh?" She gestured to Chloe.

"More or less." Jamal sounded slightly annoyed, but the woman didn't seem to notice. "They'll both do whatever I ask them to. May we come in?"

"Sure. My name's Shirley, girls. That's so you know what to call out when I'm fuckin' you." She laughed heartily.

They followed Shirley in through a dimly lit hallway, into a room with a two padded tables, where a man in his forties sat on a stool, waiting. He laughed when he saw them.

"Oh, very nice shirts for a couple of sluts, Jamal. Are you girls good sluts?"

"Yes, Sir." They both said.

"And do you know why you're here, White?" he asked, standing and walking toward Chloe.

Chloe looked to Jamal, but his face revealed nothing. She looked back at the man and spoke.

"I'll do whatever Jamal asks me to."

He laughed at that, too. "Oh, I know you will, pretty, white slut. They don't know, Jamal?"

Jamal answered from behind her, that same annoyed tone in his voice. "They'll know soon enough, Reggie. Who do you want to do first?"

Reggie licked his lips, looking back and forth between them. "We'll do White, first."

"Her name is Chloe." Chloe was surprised to hear a touch of anger in Jamal's voice.

"I don't give a shit about her name. White, get your pants off."

"Chloe, do nothing."

Chloe stood, obeying Jamal, as the two men faced each other. For a minute it looked like it might come to violence, and then Reggie let out a loud laugh.

"I'm only fucking with you, you great big psycho. You want me to get to know the little bitches, fine. Nice to meet you, Chloe, and nice to meet you..."

"Taesha." Jamal finished. "Chloe take your pants off, please."

Chloe unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off, folding them neatly and putting them on a nearby table. She stood with her legs slightly apart, making no move to hide her nakedness.

"I wouldn't mind seeing them tits." Reggie said, hopefully.

Jamal sighed. "Very well. Chloe, take off your shirt as well, please."

Chloe stripped off her shirt and stood with her arms behind her back after she'd folded and placed it. Reggie stared hungrily at her heavy breasts.

"Okay," he said, finally, "Have her get up on the table."

"Chloe, do as Reggie asks."

Reggie directed her onto the padded table, and had her lay face down. She saw Shirley come over, helping him with some equipment, then she buried her face in the padding of the table. She knew she was getting a tattoo, and she did not want to see anything.

The actual tattooing barely hurt at all. It was done on her left ass cheek, and took a good deal of time, but was really surprisingly painless. When it was done, Reggie handed her a mirror, and held another up near her ass. She adjusted her mirror until she could see the reflection of her new tattoo. It read "Property of Jamal" in clear, dark lettering. All she could think, as she returned the mirror and laid her head back down was that it was certainly true. She was only glad that it was somewhere private.

"Thank you, Sir." Chloe said.

"You're welcome, Chloe." Jamal said. "Shirley will put a bandage on and tell you how to care for it."

Chloe turned her head and watched Taesha strip off her pants and allow herself to be led up onto the second table as Shirley bandaged over Chloe's tattoo and explained how to take care of it. As she spoke, her hand moved softly along Chloe's inner thigh, working slowly up to lightly touch her pussy. Chloe found it difficult to concentrate on the instructions as Shirley's finger slid into her and began moving along her g-spot. The woman knew what she was doing, but without anything in her ass, Chloe was careful not to allow herself to get close to cumming. Shirley Pushed a second, and then a third finger into her and began working her roughly.

"Girl, you're hard to get off, aren't you?"

"I can't cum without something in my asshole, Mistress."

"She called me Mistress!" Shirley laughed hard at that. "I ain't no mistress sweetie. Just a horny dyke who's gonna fuck you, that's all. But I'm only interested in that sweet little pussy, not your asshole, so I'll leave that fucked up shit to the men. Meantime, how bout you make me cum with that pretty mouth of yours?"

"Yes, Mistress... um, yes... Shirley."

"You're not gonna wanna sit down on that ass, so why don't I lay down?" Shirley helped her down off of the table and took her own jeans off. As she got up onto the table and spread her legs, Chloe saw that she had multiple piercings along her labia and in her clit hood. "Take a taste of old Shirley now, you sweet little thing."

Chloe half bent, half crouched down and began to lick Shirley's pussy. My fourth pussy, some part of her brain reminded her. Fifth, if I count my own, and one of them my own sister's... Shirley wove her fingers through Chloe's hair and wrapped her legs around her head, drawing her in deeper.

It took her only a few minutes to make Shirley cum, and she was very loud about it, and got very wet. Chloe licked up all her cum and continued working, bringing her to a second orgasm in just another minute or two.

"Holy shit, Jamal, these girls of yours are good."

"I'm glad you approve. Chloe, what do you say?"

Chloe lifted her face from Shirley's soaked pussy, and spoke, a little out of breath. "Thank you, Shirley."

"Actually I think I like that mistress business, you can call me that."

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."

She pushed her face back between Shirley's thighs and let her tongue slide along her slit, up to her small clit, licking her there until Shirley sat up and put a hand under each side of her face, lifting her up and kissing her on the lips. Chloe parted her lips, letting Shirley slide her tongue in. They kissed for a minute, and then Shirley began licking at her lips and around her mouth, licking her own cum from Chloe's face.

"Mmmm, I want to taste you now, girl. Come up here on the table with Shirley."

Chloe looked over at Taesha as she made her way up onto the table with Shirley. Her tattoo was identical to Chloe's, and it looked nearly finished. She straddled Shirley's face and felt her mouth press up against her pussy, licking eagerly. She forced herself to remain calm, knowing she could not cum without Jamal's permission, and without something in her asshole. As Shirley licked her deep inside, she bent over into a sixty-nine position, pressing her face back between Shirley's thighs.

Shirley was skilled, and it was clear that she was still trying to get Chloe to cum. Her tongue lightly flicked Chloe's clit, while she worked Chloe's g-spot, three fingers buried deep in her pussy. After several minutes of this attention, with no sign of orgasm from Chloe, Shirley pulled her head back.

"Jesus, you've got this slut trained well, Jamal. Can someone press the button that lets this bitch cum - preferably that other bitch - I'd rather not have a dick this close to my mouth."

Chloe heard Jamal's voice. "Taesha, Chloe needs your fingers in her asshole so she can cum."

"Yes, Jamal."

Chloe felt Taesha's hand on the small of her back, then a finger pushing up her ass. She groaned, and tried to relax as Taesha worked first one, then another, then finally a third finger into her ass.

"Chloe, I'd like you to cum for Shirley, please." Jamal said.

Chloe lifted her face from Shirley's pussy long enough to say "Yes, Sir." then moved back into place. She stopped holding herself back, and in less than a minute she cried out in a powerful orgasm, Shirley's fingers rubbing her g-spot, her tongue flicking her clit, and Taesha's fingers deep in her ass. As she came, Taesha ran the fingers of her other hand gently along Chloe's back. Shirley did not let up, even when Chloe had finished cumming, and forced her rapidly to a second orgasm.

As this second orgasm wound down, Shirley stopped licking her clit, and slowly let her fingers slip from her pussy.

"Okay, you sweet thing, get back down there and give mama one more orgasm."

"Yes, Mistress." Chloe said, climbing down from the table, and moving back between Shirley's spread legs.

"And you, what was your name?"

"Taesha, Mistress."

"Taesha, climb on up and give old Shirley a taste of the dark meat."

"Yes, Mistress."

As Chloe bent to lick Shirley once more, Taesha climbed up and straddled her face. Her tattoo had been covered with a bandage as Chloe's had. When the two women gotten into position as Shirley had asked, Jamal spoke.

"Taesha, cum for Shirley, please."

"Yes, Jamal."

For the next several minutes, Chloe licked Shirley's pussy and clit, listening to her friend build to orgasm after orgasm. It was at least ten minutes before she felt Shirley begin to tense, and then cum a third and final time. Taesha lifted her pussy up from Shirley's face as she finished cumming, and climbed down to stand near Chloe, putting a hand on her shoulder. When Shirley finally calmed, and Chloe had finished licking up her cum, she sat up. Chloe stood, taking Taesha's hand in hers.

"You sure have trained these bitches right, Jamal." Shirley said. Chloe looked over at Jamal who seemed pleased at the comment. "Be a nice dear and hand me my jeans, Taesha." Shirley stood as Taesha handed her the pants, then quickly put her hand to Taesha's pussy, eliciting a gasp of surprise. "I like the way you cum, you skinny little cunt, now just one more time for mama."

Taesha whimpered, parting her legs for Shirley. "Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."

Chloe put an arm around her friend as Shirley worked her pussy  Taesha turned her head and the two kissed.

"Oh you two are just too much," Shirley said, fingering Taesha hard and harder until Chloe felt Taesha's legs buckle. They broke their kiss, and Taesha put her forehead against Chloe's as she came.

Shirley lifted her hand from between Taesha's legs and licked her fingers, looking at the two of them. From the side of the room, Reggie cleared his throat, meaningfully.

"All right, Reggie, old Shirley's had her fill. Just let me get the fuck out of here before the dicks come out, if you don't mind."

"You better hurry up then." Reggie said, and laughed, hoarsely. Shirley glared, but pulled her jeans on quickly, kissed the two women each lightly on the lips, and left the room.

Chloe looked over at the men. Jamal was still leaning against the wall, but Reggie already had his shirt off, and was pulling down his pants and underwear. He kicked them to the side, and stood, stroking his hard cock.

"So, what's this I hear about you needing something in your ass so you can cum, White?"


An hour or so later Chloe and Taesha were back in Jamal's car. The taste of Shirley's pussy had been drowned out by the taste of Taesha's and her own asshole, and of the two men's cum. They undressed themselves in Jamal's car, but he let them rest. They sat side by side, holding hands with their fingers interlocked, Taesha leaning, resting the side of her head against the top of Chloe's.

When they arrived at Chloe's home, Jamal pulled his car into her garage, but left the engine going.

"I'm running a bit late, so I'll leave you girls now. Take care of your ink, both of you. Taesha, I'd like you to stay here tonight, and both of you should sleep in Chloe's bed. Otherwise the rest of the day and night are yours. 

Chloe was very surprised, but tried not to show it. "Thank you, Sir."

"Thank you, Jamal." Taesha said from beside her.

"Chloe, you've earned back the right to call me Jamal, though you may call me Sir or Master, as you wish."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Good. Now go. I'm late."

The two women hurried to gather their clothing and exited the car. Jamal pulled out the moment they closed the door and was soon gone. When the garage door closed, Chloe put her arm around her friend.

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