Stories Containing Facesitting

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  • The Art Teacher - 3/31/2006
         Josh's hot art teacher is a real bitch sometimes . . . (F/M, Facesitting)

  • The Assecutioner: Episode 1 - 5/9/2004
         Crystal is a hitwoman that has a most unusual method of ending her victim's lives. (F/M, NC, Facesitting, Snuff)

  • An Awkward Position - 2/9/2003
         An overly competitive girl gets taught a lesson. (F/F, NC, Facesitting, Farting)

  • Bethany's Bottom - 12/5/2004
         Chrissy's boss needs her to baby-sit her sixteen year old daughter. (F/F, Facesitting)

  • The Better Woman - 2003
         Christa and Sharon wrestle to see who's the better woman. (F/F, NC, Facesitting, Watersports, Scat)

  • Boxing Hellene - 1999
         Karen squares off with rich bitch Hellene in the ring. (F/F, F/M, NC, Facesitting)

  • Cathy Takes Control - 1998
         Cathy facesits Tom into submission, and then his girlfriend arrives... (F/F, F/M, NC, Facesitting)

  • Conrad's Secret - 1999
         A network administrator discovers a VIP's secret facesitting fetish. (F/M, NC, Facesitting)

  • Cristina's Story - The Confession - 1998
         A beautiful young Latina exerts her power in church. (F/M, F/F, NC, Facesitting)

  • The Cycles of Ginny's Life - 2/9/2003
         Ginny's life undergoes radical change. (F/F, NC, Facesitting)

  • Date Rapist Revenge - 1998
         Two girls teach one guy a final lesson. (F/M, NC, Facesitting, Farting, Snuff)

  • Erin and Crystal - 1999
         Erin gets fantasy fulfilled when her beautiful friend Crystal passes out at her place. (F/F, Facesitting)

  • Eve's Enchanted Ass - 5/1999
         Eve gains a nasty power and uses it on her friends. (F/F, MC, NC, Facesitting, farting)

  • Fat Teen Smother Queen - 2/1997 (continued 5/24/03)
         Jane and her friend get smothered by Jane's fat sister Mandy. (F/F, NC, Facesitting, Incest)

  • How I Became Miriam's Slave - 1995
         Carol clashes with her cheerleader rival. (F/F, NC, Facesitting, Farting)

  • Locker Room Domination - 1999
         The volleyball team catches a pervert taping them in the locker room. (F/M, F/F, NC, Facesitting)

  • Megan's Secret - 10/6/2004
         A college girl discovers her younger sister's secret. (F/F, NC, Facesitting)

  • My Big Mouth - 1999
         Donna offends her black friend Yolanda. (F/F, NC, Facesitting)

  • My Descent Into Lesbian Tit Slavery - 1999
         Sarah helps her beautiful neighbor during a storm. (F/F, MC, NC, Facesitting, Lactation, Farting)

  • My Friend Tanya - 1998
         Tanya explains to Cindy why Maria left their school. (F/F, NC, Facesitting)

  • My Sister's Tits - 1995
         Pam's sister Nora develops some mind-altering breast milk. (F/F, F/M, NC, Facesitting, Lactation, Farting, Snuff, Incest)

  • Nicknames - 2000
         Annette's sister Michelle gives Annette and her friend strange new nicknames. (F/F, MC, NC, Facesitting, Incest)

  • Not Feeling Like Myself - 2000
         Hanna finds herself doing things she doesn't want to. (F/F, MC, NC, Facesitting)

  • Porn Bitches - 8/3/2004
         A hot model and actress run into some mean-spirited porn stars (F/F, NC, Facesitting)

  • Stanley's Peril - 1999
         Stanley comes out on the short end of an argument with his sister and her friend. (F/M, NC, Facesitting, Incest)

  • Step-Mummy - 9/7/2004
         A middle-aged woman is forced to go camping with the hot young step-daughter she hates. (F/F, NC, Facesitting)

  • Sunbathing With Cheryl - 2000
         Three girls are sunbathing when a fight breaks out. (F/F, NC, Facesitting)

  • Veronica's Slave - 1996
         Veronica teaches her friend Lena how to wrestle. (F/F, NC, Facesitting)

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