Cathy and the Bus Driver

A Doctor Darkness story

Author: Doctor Darkness
Title: Cathy and the Bus Driver
Summary: A young woman and an older bus driver have sex on a public bus
Keywords: MF, exh, oral


Disclaimer: This fictional story is intended for the entertainment of consenting adults. If you are not an adult, or if you disapprove of detailed, written depictions of sex acts, please leave this page immediately. By continuing further you are affirming that you are of adult age as recognized in your community and that you will not be offended by anything you read here.


Cathy smiled as the bus bounced along the road. It was a hot day outside, and it was hot inside the bus, but she didn't mind. She was barely dressed, and she was happy. She liked being almost naked in public, and hot, summer days like this gave her a chance to show off her young body.

Nineteen years old, the slender girl's breasts weren't overly large, but they didn't droop at all. No, they stood out proud and firm. And when she was sexually excited, as she was now, her nipples poked out noticeably against the thin fabric of the light tops she favored. The blouse she was wearing today was little more than a piece of light cloth wrapped about her breasts, closed with buttons and adorned by a few fancy bows. Her neck and shoulders were bare for everyone to see. And her perky, jiggling breasts bounced playfully every time the bus hit a bump in the road.

The short skirt she was wearing barely covered her thighs, and if she chose, she could easily let it ride up higher, letting everyone see that she wasn't wearing any panties. Sometimes she did that, giving eager eyes a surprise show, and giving horny men hard dicks.

She was happy for another reason, too. In just a little while she was going to be playing with the bus driver's cock. She just loved playing with strange men's cocks. Everyone thought she was a shy, timid girl, and maybe she was in some ways. But she loved showing off her slim, young body. And she absolutely loved looking at men's hard dicks, especially if she was the reason they got hard. Of course, the men sometimes wanted her to touch their cocks, and to rub them, and sometimes to jack them off. But that was okay with her, too. Actually, she thought it was great fun. Sometimes she enjoyed herself so much playing with a stranger's cock that she would stick it in her mouth, sucking it as she stroked it and swallowing the cum when it spurted out.

She never really thought about having sex with the bus driver. Actually, he wasn't anything like her boyfriend, Miro, the man she had fantasies about all the time. Miro was older than she was, but at twenty-five years old he was still a very young man. And he was muscular, and athletic, and ... oh, just thinking about him made her pussy wet.

This bus driver, though, was middle-aged. He was maybe forty-five or fifty years old or so. And he was fat, and he was ugly. He was not the kind of man that Cathy ever thought about having sex with. But he had been thinking about having sex with her. She knew that now, and the thought of it was making her excited.

She had climbed onto the bus several stops ago, just as she did every afternoon when she got off work. The bus ride to her village wasn't very long, it only took an hour or so to ride from the big city where she worked.

He had asked her, "You look so sad, pretty lady, is anything wrong?"

She looked at him and replied, "Oh, I'm not sad. I'm just a little tired from working all day, that's all. After a nice bus ride home, I'm sure I'll feel much better." Then she noticed that he was staring at her young breasts. His attention made her happy and she reached a hand up and squeezed one of her nipples as he watched, making it stick out hard against her thin blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra so she knew he could see it really good. And she knew he liked that because she was looking at his lap. His stiffening cock was causing a bulge in his pants.

"I have an idea," the bus driver said to her then. "why don't you stay on the bus instead of getting off in your village? You can ride with me to the end of the route, which is only two more stops down the road. We'll be alone on the bus, then, and we can stay for half an hour before I drive back. I can let you out at your village then."

The driver was touching his now very hard cock through his pants when he asked her this, so Cathy knew exactly what he wanted to do for that half hour. "Well," Cathy was starting to get excited when she answered. "I don't want to be that late getting home." Then she bent down and whispered in his ear, "But if we only stay five minutes at the end of the route instead of half an hour, I'll rub your cock and jack you off. Would you like that?" And she kissed him lightly on his ugly cheek and reached down her hand to give his cock a squeeze through his pants. His face got all red and sweaty then, and she thought he was going to cum right there in his driver's seat. So she giggled and stood up straight, her barely covered tits now right in front of his face.

He smiled and looked up at her gratefully. "Oh, yes!" he said. "We'll stay five minutes and you can jack me off!"

So she had walked back down the aisle to an empty seat. Having this unexpected sex play to look forward to put a smile on her face, a tingle in her breasts, and happy wetness in her pussy.

The bus had stopped in her village and most of the people had gotten off then. After that, the bus made its next stop at the fork in the road, and the rest of the passengers got off there. Now she was alone on the bus. It was just her and the bus driver. Excited at the fun she was going to have when the bus stopped at the end of its route, Cathy started playing with the buttons on her blouse. With a naughty, happy little smile, she started unbuttoning it.

There was a big mirror up in the front of the bus next to the driver. It was there so he could look back and check on the passengers he was carrying. Cathy could see that he was looking in the mirror now, looking back at her. She smiled up at his wide-eyed face in the mirror and unbuttoned the last button of her blouse. Then she took it off and tossed it all the way to the back of the bus and giggled.

Facing toward the front of the bus she started playing with her tits as the driver looked back at her through the mirror. She could see that he was smiling as she raised one tit to her lips and started sucking the nipple. Oooh... she was having some fun now!

Cathy leaned back in her seat and stretched her arms over her head, which caused her perky little breasts to rise seductively. She closed her eyes and licked her lips as the bus began to slow. She knew they were getting close to the end of the route where the driver would park, and she would spend five minutes jacking him off.

With a slight bump, the bus stopped. She watched the driver rise from his seat and walk back to where she was sitting, unzipping his pants and pulling out his stiff dick as he got near. She watched it stick out in front of him and bounce with each step he took. As he sat down on one of the longer, bench style seats facing her, she was already licking her lips and reaching out for it.

It no longer bothered her that he was fat and ugly and older than she liked her men to be, he was smiling as he looked at her now semi-nude body, (she was now wearing only her sandals and her mini skirt), and his hard cock was right there for her to play with. She was happy as she stood up and stepped over to him. She bent and gave him a little kiss on his cheek, then she kneeled on the floor in front of him and wrapped one hand around his dick.

She began rubbing her hand up and down his shaft, then she gripped it harder and began stroking it faster. So that it would be wetter and easier for her to rub, she bent her head down and started licking the head of his dick, moving her tongue in a swirling action, letting her warm saliva run down to her fist. Then she stuck the head of his dick right into her mouth, sucking on it like a piece of candy as her hand continued to pump it.

Cathy felt him start to shake slightly and she thought he was getting ready to cum, so she took her face away from his dick and looked up at him as she kept stroking. To her surprise, she saw a small stream of tears coming from his eyes as he looked down at her.

"Is something wrong?" she asked softly.

"Oh, no," he said. "It's just that I've never had a woman do that to me as good as you are doing it. And, never ... never in my whole life have I ever had such a beautiful young woman as you be so nice to me!"

Her heart was touched by what he had just said, and she smiled. "Thank you," she said back to him. "It makes me happy to hear that."

She then bent down again. This time she took his cock deeper into her mouth. The bus driver had agreed to her just jacking him off, but she was feeling so happy now that she decided to give him a blow job. Her head bounced up and down for a short time, taking his dick all the way to the back of her hot mouth. Then she heard him say, "Oh, ... please."

Cathy took her head off his dick and looked up at him. "Yes?" she asked with a smile.

"Please, young woman. I know you said 'no' once, and you are already making me so happy I won't be upset if you say 'no' again, but ...." and the bus driver paused.

She knew what he was going to ask. He was going to ask to fuck her, to stick his dick right up inside her. When she said 'no' the first time, it was really for two reasons. The first reason was that she really wanted to get this over with quickly so she could be back home sooner. The second reason was that she wasn't taking birth control pills, and she didn't want to worry about getting pregnant. But now she was feeling so happy, and she was so excited about being almost naked right here on a public bus and playing with and sucking the driver's hard cock that she didn't really care about those things anymore.

Cathy started purring like a cat in heat, and she said, "Yeah, ... let's fuck!", before he even had a chance to finish his question.

She stood up then, kicking off her sandals and taking off her little mini skirt, and she threw them all the way to the back of the bus where her blouse was. Standing in the aisle of the bus now, completely naked, she knew that anybody outside could look in through the windows and see her. That made her even more excited.

Cathy knew her pussy was already hot and wet so she sat down on the bus driver's lap facing him and lowered herself down onto his hard dick that was now standing up like a flag pole and throbbing. She knew he was about ready to cum. Spreading her legs as wide as she could, she took his dick all the way up inside herself. Then she started rocking back and forth, riding his cock in rhythm to her heavy breathing.

Soon she felt him stiffen even more and take a deep breath, and then his sperm started shooting, splashing up inside her with spurt after heavy spurt. Ooo .... She liked that.

Cathy continued to ride his dick until it began to soften inside her. Then she came to a stop and slowly rose off his lap, his cock slipping out of her with a plop. She stood in front of him for just a minute so he could watch his cum dripping out of her pussy. And she smiled.

She bent down quickly and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek before slowly walking to the back seats to get her discarded clothes. As she began to get dressed she heard the engine start up and knew that she'd be home soon.

Cathy smiled as the bus started moving again. It was a hot day outside and hot inside the bus, but she didn't mind. She was happy.

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