Lessons In Incest

(Incest - whole family, group (MFmg), oral, anal, teen, first)

Colin and Stella had started raising a family when they were young. They'd known each other since they were knee-high and knew they wanted to be with each other as soon as they were old enough to understand the concept of love. Their early marriage was not, however, entirely voluntary as they'd had to escape from their families to truly be together.

Both Colin and his wife Stella had come from very prudish households. Raised in a smalltown in Georgia, they'd been neighbors from childhood. Colin's father was a preacher and Stella's parents in the congregation. That's how Colin and Stella had met, when they were kids. They dated in their teens but were constantly watched by their respective parents, lecturing them on the horrors of sex and the virtue of self-denial. Luckily, Colin and Stella were smart. The intelligently realized religion was just a pile of shit, spouted forth by cowards and primarily used as a means of supressing natural desires and individuality.

"If God didn't like humans fucking he wouldn't have made them so keen to do it all the time," Colin used to tell Stella (though not in earshot of their parents!).

They were the same age, were in the same class at school and were inseperable. At fourteen they started fucking, sneaking off to a big barn behind Colin's parent's house where they'd hump in the hay. Condoms were hard to come by so to avoid pregnancy at the appropriate times of the month Stella was happy to take Colin in her arse or suck him off. When they were both sixteen, the inevitable happened. Stella fell pregnant. Their parents were horrified and tried to keep them apart. The following year Stella gave birth to a son. Refusing to give the child up for adoption, Stella named her son Eddie and, together with Colin, took off, leaving their small hometown behind. They struggled in Dallas for a while until they were on their feet, then moved on to the East Coast. Colin was a very talented engineer, a bit of a tech-head, and so despite not having a college education he managed to get a good position with a large electronics company in New Jersey. Stella, meanwhile, raised Eddie at home and when she was eighteen gave birth to a daughter, Maria.

Colin and Stella decided to be open about sex with their children when they entered puberty. Sex was great fun, they knew, and it was only fair to be honest with their kids and let them know this, rather than attempt to supress their natural desires or scare them off like their own bible-thumping parents had done to them.

It was December 2002. Colin and Stella were now both aged thirty, fairly young for parents of two pubescent kids. The couple still possessed a great deal of energy when it came to fucking, rutting in their big double bed here in their suburban home every night as they had done in their teens. They'd just finished screwing when they lay back and discussed how to approach the subject of sex with Eddie and Maria.

"Let's give them a practical demonstration," Stella had smirked to her husband.

"Practical?" quizzed Colin, "How do you mean?"

"Well," shrugged his wife, "I dunno. Let them watch us!"

"That's freaky! Heh! It would be fun though."

"Then get them to fuck each other. Then join in!"

"Stella! Fuckin' hell, are you serious?"

"Absolutely! Why not? I've seen you eyeing up Maria."

"Well...she is very pretty," Colin admitted, "she's turning into a little lady."

"Then there's Eddie," Stella said, "For a thirteen year old boy he sure is handsome and strong looking. I bet he'd fuck me just as good as you do, and I'm sure you'd love to screw little Maria."

Colin stroked his chin and found himself thinking that this was a very interesting suggestion. It had been Maria's twelfth birthday a couple of months ago and she was very pretty and virginal looking, and Colin had found himself eyeing up his affectionate little daughter many times and idly fantasizing about how it would feel to fuck her, to squeeze his prick up into his own daughter's cunt then to flip her over and fuck her lovely little arsehole.

"It's definately a good idea," he smiled.

"That's why I suggested it," Stella said, snuggling up to Colin, "I've seen the sticky tissues under Eddie's mattress, I've seen him giving little sly glances towards Maria's arse or to my big titties. I want that boy to fuck me, and I want to watch him fuck Maria."

"Shall we do it then? Give our kids a practical demonstration in sex? Then fuck them!"


Stella kissed her husband hard on the lips, reaching under the covers and discovering his prick was erect once again.

"Let's fuck," he said to his wife, "I'm gonna fuck you then, tomorrow, we're going to teach our kids the wonderful world of sex!"

It was Saturday the next day and it was a crisp and cold morning outside. Frost had crept over the window pains overnight but the large house was warm with the central heating.

Both Colin and Stella recalled their discussion last night as soon as they woke up, whispering their further plans to each other and getting hornier and hornier at the thought of what they'd be getting up to later. Neither had any doubts that it would go to plan.

"Let's bring them in here," Colin concluded, "This bed is huge, it'll do for the four of us."

"Agreed," his wife said.

Their bedroom was at the back of the house, a large warm room with dark oak furniture and plenty of ornaments and pictures decorating the place. The King Size bed lay under the window which overlooked the back garden, the lawn green/white with frost, the trees bare of leaves.

"You wait here," Stella said, giving her husband a kiss before she slid out from under the black satin sheets, "I'll get the troops together. They're probably still asleep the lazy rascals."

"Okay honey."

Naked, Stella got up and stood briefly in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror near the wardrobe.

Early motherhood had certainly not taken it's toll on Stella. She was as fantastic looking as she had been a decade ago. Tall at five-foot-seven, she had long, light brown hair and a very pretty face - emerald green eyes, high cheekbones and a beautiful smile that radiated warmth. Her tits were average in size but well shaped, firm and round, and her long legs were smooth and toned. Her arse was firm, shapely, and her cunt hair neatly trimmed. Watching from the bed Colin admired, as he did every day, how gorgeous his wife was and he knew for sure his son would not hesitate to fuck her. Colin himself was six-foot tall with short black hair. His eyes were dark blue and he had a rugged, handsome look, and like his wife he worked out when he could at the gym to keep in shape. His prick was rock hard under the covers as he pondered the prospect of fucking his own daughter, Maria.

"Back soon," Stella smiled as she flung on a red silk dressing gown, "Don't go jerking off either."

"I won't."

Stella left the room and went down the hallway to her son's room. She could hear the sounds of gunshots and screaming. Opening the door, Stella saw Eddie sitting at his desk playing Quake III on his PC in just his blue boxer shorts. He was five-foot-one, not having had his growth spurt yet, and lean with a good torso sculpted by some after-school weight training. His black scruffy hair and blue eyes made him look a little like his father, though his pale, baby-smooth skin meant thirteen year old Eddie looked very much like the youthful child he still was.

"Hey mum," he smiled, briefly looking away from the computer carnage on the monitor before him.

"What do you mean 'hey'?" grinned Stalla, "Does 'hey' mean 'good morning' now?"

"You know what I mean mum. Is breakfast ready?"

"No. Do you know why?"

"Why mum?"

"Because no-one is making any."

"Ha ha mum. I guess that means it's my turn to make it."

He hit the PAUSE key on the computer and stood up.

"Forget about breakfast," Stella said, "Come on, follow me honey."

"What? What are we doin' mum?" the boy asked, curious.

"Just follow me. We'll get your sister on the way."

Stella went into the hallway and lightly knocked on the door with a little floral sign on it reading "Maria's Room".

"Yeah?" came a girl's sleepy voice.

"Maria honey, come on, get up."

"It's Saturday mum, no school."

"I know, but we've got things to do."

"Oh. Okay."

"Lazy bones," called Eddie, who was standing next to his mum and still intriuged by this behaviour from his mum. She was a relaxed mother, easy going and easy to chat too, so he was confident it would be something cool, whatever was being planned.

"Get lost," Maria retored, and Eddie refrained from responding as they listened to Maria stagger out of her bed and, presumably, sling some clothes on.

"You don't need to get dressed honey," Stella said.

"What?" came Maria's bemused voice, "I'm not going out there naked. Not with that brother of mine there."

"I won't look," laughed Eddie, "I promise."

"Yeah yeah."

"Seriously, don't put much on honey, you won't need it," Stella said. She gave a sly grin to her son who was seriously puzzled.

"What's goin' on mum?"

"You'll find out. Maria? You ready?"


The door opened and, finally, out came the bedroom's occupant. Twelve year old Maria was five-foot-tall, just an inch or two shorter than her brother, and very slender and pale. Her hair was the same light brown shade as her mum's, slightly wild looking from her having just got out of bed. Her eyes were big and blue, like Eddie's and Colin's, and she had the cutest little pixie nose and sweet young smile you could picture. She was wearing a long white T-shirt that reached half-way down her slender pale thighs but through the thin cotton material you could make out the dark blue panties she had on underneath.

"What are we up to mum?" she asked, yawning.

"Come along kids," Stella said, and headed down the hallway and into the master bedroom, Eddie and Maria exchanging shrugs before following their mum.

The three of them went into the master bedroom and saw their father sitting up in bed, his upper torso exposed, the bulge in the black satin bed-covers making it fairly evident he was erecting a tent there.

"Hiya kids," he smiled.

"Mornin' dad," Maria grinned.

"Hi dad," said her brother.

"Right then," said Stella, shutting the door behind them, "It's time to get started."

"On what?" Maria asked.

In reply, her mother stepped up to the foot of the bed and slipped off her gown, rendering herself totally nude.

"It's time for some sex lessons," Colin said from the bed, whipping the covers from the bed and sending them sliding to the floor, his naked body revealed and his nine-inch prick throbbing erectly over his flat belly.

"That's right," Stella confirmed, "Your dad and me will be teaching you all about sex this morning! Won't that be fun kids?"

Maria and Eddie blinked.

The girl was looking at her father's hard cock, never having seen one before in real life or otherwise. Eddie was reacting to his mother in the same way any thirteen year old boy would react to a naked lady in front of his very eyes - he just stared, open mouthed.

"But," Maria began, "how do you mean? Teach us sex?"

"That's right," her dad confirmed, "Sex Education. With your mum and me."

"Well, we did it at school," began Eddie, unable to take his eyes from his mum's lovely body, "You know, where babies come from and that."

"That was just the boring stuff," Stella said, sitting at the foot of the bed, "The biological facts. What they don't tell you at school is how much fun sex is, how it's for pleasure more than just for having kids, and furthermore all the little extras. You think sex is just putting your dick inside a girl's cunt Eddie? It's not, there's plenty more to do. And with four of us here there's a lot more fucking methods we can try."

Both children were a little taken aback by this speech, especially by their mum's profanity.

"So what are we going to do exactly?" asked Maria, excitement evident in her big blue eyes, although she was still a little overwhelmed by this.

"Well," her father said, stroking his erect cock now, "you and your brother are going to have sex with each other. Then, Eddie will have sex with his mother and I, dear Maria, will have sex with you. If you want to back out at any time just say so. Just say now if you don't like the idea of it."

"I'm cool," Maria said immediately.

"Me too," Eddie grinned, "Me too," he repeated, "Wow, this is going to be fun."

"It certainly will be son," Stella said, "Okay, the basics first of all. Have you got a stiffie Eddie?"

"Er...not really. Shall I get one now?"

"Your sister can help," Stella continued, "Slide your shorts off honey, come on."

Eddie did so, kicking his shorts aside so that he stood naked. The thirteen year old boy had a small amount of pubic hair around his nuts, not much, and his prick was pale and currently semi-hard. It was fairly sizable for his age, his mother thought with a grin.

"Okay Maria," Stella said to her daughter, who was admiring her brother's nakedness with fascination, "See your brother's prick? It's soft at the moment. See your dads? Nice and stiff eh? Well, your job is to get your brother stiff like that. He can do it on his own by just thinking about sex or watching a porn movie or whatever, but it'll be better for him if you could get him up and ready."

"How do I do it mum?" the girl asked, eagerly.

"Jack him off," Colin said from the bed, "Kneel down and touch him, then stroke his prick. It'll soon react favourably."

Maria, still in just her long T-shirt and panties, knelt before her brother and they exchanged shy smiles. Then Maria reached out and stroked her fingers over her older brother's cock.

"That nice?" she asked, just running her delicate fingers over the prick.

"Yeah sis."

"Try rolling the foreskin back," Maria's mother instructed her.

Maria did so, gripping the cock lightly and pulling back the foreskin, exposing the purple glans. The organ began to stiffen immediately Maria rolled the skin back, then repeated this exercise a few times.

"It's getting stiffer," she commented, "Whoa, this is cool."

Her brother's dick was throbbing and getting bigger with every stroke of his sister's little fist. Soon it was fully hard, five-inches of solid manhood throbbingly erect in Maria's grip.

"Fantastic," Stella said, standing nearby and feeling very hot at the sight of her son now sexually aroused thanks to his sister's touch, "Well done Maria. Now your brother's nice and hard, he's ready to fuck."

"Are we going to fuck now?" asked Eddie, decided that he could swear if his mother was going to.

"Not yet," Colin interjected, "We've got all day so let's take things one at a time. Let's give your sister the sight of ejeculation close up shall we?"

"Is that where sperm shoots out?" asked Maria, still on her knees masturbating her brother.

"That's right honey," Stella said, standing nearby and stroking her hand through her daughter's hair, "It's what makes babies, though that's only one minor function of it. It feels fantastic for a man to squirt sperm, which is also called spunk, semen or cum. It's just as nice for a woman to receive it too, in one of various ways."

"Shall I cum now mum?" asked Eddie, working his hips a little and lightly fucking his sister's pumping fist, "I'm really hot here, I think I could cum in a moment or too."

"It'll go in my face," squealed Maria, who then giggled, the cock she was jacking off indeed pointing straight at her pretty little visage.

"We'll save that activity," Stella said, "That can be done later. There's lots to do but we've got lots of time. Stop jacking off your brother Maria. Come on you two, onto the bed."

Maria let go of her brother's cock and they hopped up onto the vast bed.

"Okay Maria," said Stella as she stood nearby, "Care to get acquainted with your father's prick? Do to him what you did to your brother."

"Sure mum."

Colin was still lying on his back and he felt such esquisite joy as his daughter knelt by him and took his prick in her right hand.

"Wow, it's huge," Maria commented, "I can barely get my fingers right round the shaft."

"Your brother will be just as big one day," Stella said, "Now, just do to your dad what you did to Eddie, roll the foreskin back and forth, nice strong strokes honey."

"Not too fast though," Colin said, his daughter's fist pumping his meat, "I don't want to shoot my cum just yet."

"I want to though," Eddie said, "I'm gonna cum soon whether I like it or not I'm so turned on!"

"Let me take you in hand honey," his mum said, getting onto the bed. She knelt next to her son and began stroking his prick, slowly and gently, "That good son? Don't worry, I won't let you cum, I'm pretty skilled at this."

"You sure are mum," Eddie panted, unable to believe his own mum was masturbating him, feeling the warmth of her naked body near his, "That feels good."

"Are we gonna see the boy's cum?" Maria asked after a moment.

"That's right honey," said Stella, "Everyone move aside. Colin, Eddie? You two are going to cum on my tits."

Positions were arranged so that Stella lay on her back in the center of the bed, propped up on her elbows, her lovely plump tits the center of attention.

"Okay boys," she said to her husband and son, "Kneel either side of me and whack off all over my tits. Spray them with cum. Maria honey?"

"Yeah mum?"

"Kneel between my legs and lean forward, I want you to watch your father and brother's cocks at the moment of discharge to get a good close-up view of them at the moment of ejaculation."

Maria did so, kneeling in front of her mum, between her parted thighs and leaning forwards over her mum's belly so that she had a perfect view of her mum's quivering breasts, over which Eddie and Colin's pricks were thrust. The guys gripped their dicks and began pumping, their fists a blur as they jacked off with their swollen cock-heads pointing down at Stella's breasts.

"I'm about to cum mum," Eddie soon gasped, "Just about...there...uuuh!"

"Squirt it all over my tits," his mother ordered him.

The explosion commenced, a series of thick pumps from Eddie's cock sending wads of sticky white fluid splattering over Stella's tits. The cum splashed over her, across her tits and some stray drops flinging up to her neck or down to her belly. Eddie's face was a picture of ecstasy as he cummed all over his mother's tits and even once his orgasm had finished he still stroked his semi-stiff cock whilst looking down at the magnificent sight of his mother's beslimed flesh. Colin had been incredibly turned on by this sight and his orgasm quickly followed. His jism erupted out and he had to grip the headboard with his left hand to steady himself whilst his right hand pumped his prick. His semen was more prodigious than his son's, a big stream of sperm that joined his son's in raining down over Stella's tits so that, eventually, her fleshy mounds were coated and dripping with thick white fluid. She stroked her hands through the cum, slowly rubbing it in so that her breasts were glistening and moist.

"Wow," was all Maria could say, "There's a lot of it!"

"Sure is honey," Stella smiled as the two guys flanking her moved aside to get their breath back.

"Can they do it again?" her daughter asked.

"Not just yet," Colin replied, "It'll take a little while for me and your brother to get stiff again. But it won't take too long. In the meantime, I think it's about time we got acquainted with you and your mother's bodies."

"Yeah," agreed Eddie, "Get naked sis, I wanna see your titties and cunt."

The girl smirked then, obediently, stood up on the bed and tugged off her T-shirt, flinging it aside. Then off came her little panties, joining her T-shirt on the floor near their mother's gown and Eddie's shorts.

Maria's body was a true delight to look at, Eddie, Colin and even Stella wide eyed as they looked up at the twelve year old cutie. Like her brother, Maria was fairly pale and very slender. Her tits were beginning to develop but were still small and not even a small handful each. The nipples were rosy-red and showed up well against her white skin. Her cunt was bald but the lips showed some sign of development, the slit slightly moist thanks to her aroused state.

"You're gorgeous sis," Eddie said, sincerely.

"Yeah," confirmed Colin, "I'll be stiff again in no time looking at you sweeheart."

"Thanks," smiled Maria, kneeling down and blushing a little, "So what do we do now?"

"It's time to show your brother how to please a woman," Stella said, moving aside, "Lay down Maria, on your back, and spread your legs."

The girl did so. Colin knelt to oneside, stroking his semi-hard dick whilst watching as Stella knelt to the other side of their daughter. On his mother's instructions, Eddie knelt between his sister's wide flung legs, his eyes tranfixed to her cunt. He'd been fascinated by the sight of his mum's cunt but that was adorned with some hair so he hadn't seen it fully yet. His sister's cunt was bald, however, and he delighted in the detailed sight of her pink, glistening lips.

"Eddie?" Stella began, "Just play with your sister's cunt. Just use your fingers to probe and stroke between her legs, just use your instincts on what to do."

"Okay mum," the boy said.

He reached out with his right hand, his warm fingers touching his sister's cunt lips. They were warm and slightly slippery when he pushed his fingers in an inch.

"Go careful," Stella warned him, "Don't push your fingers right in, it'll be your dick that'll be deflowering her."

"Sure mum. Shall I rub this here? Isn't it the clit or something?"

"That's right Eddie," Colin said, "Rub that with the thumb of your other hand whilst rubbing her lips with your other fingers."

Eddie did so, the tip of his tongue sticking out as he carried out the appropriate instructions, rubbing Maria's clit whilst stroking and lightly fingering her slit. Maria was slightly flushed with pleasure, her eyes rolling up as she began to breath heavily.

"Have you frigged your cunt before?" her mother asked.

"Yeah," gasped Maria, ripples of pleasure running up from between her legs, "I do, but it's so much nicer when someone else does it. Eddie's very good at this."

"Let's see if we can make you cum," Colin announced, reaching out and placing a warm hand over Maria's left breast. He kneeded it lightly, feeling the firmness one only finds in the tits of girl just entering puberty. Then he rubbed the red nipple with the tips of fingers and felt it stiffen, Maria sighing pleasurably at this touch. On the other side of the girl, Stella did the same with her daughter's right breast, stroking the nipple before she leaned in to suck on it. Maria was delighted at this, her mum's mouth warm and wet over her nipple. Her father did the same so that both her titties were being suckled whilst her brother continued to frig her.

"That feels lovely," she panted, hotly, "Oh, oh that's good. Mmmm!"

"She's almost cumming," Stella smiled, raising her mouth for Maria's breasts, "Eddie? Lick out your sister's cunt."

"How mum?"

"Just lick it, push your tongue up it. Make sure you frig her clit throughout. Let's make this little darling climax!"

Stella got back to sucking on Maria's right nipple whilst Eddie bent down and started lapping at his sister's young cunt. He ran his tongue up and down the slippery vulva, still frigging her clit, his sister's slim thighs clapped at the side of his head as her legs twitched. He could hear her moaning with pleasure, his mum and dad noisily sucking on the girl's tits, and finally she came. Maria's pretty young face flushed red and she shut her eyes, panting and moaning under the heavenly treatment she was being subjected to. For almost thirty-seconds she was lost in ecstasy, uttering quiet, barely comprehensible little oaths and rambling sighs as she came.

Satisfied the girl was exhausted through orgasmic pleasure, Stella and Colin took their mouths from the girls stiff little nipples. Eddie raised his head, a big grin on his face, idly looking at his fingers which were both glistening with his sister's juice.

"That was so good," he said.

"Damn right," Maria laughed, "Shit, I've never had a climax like that when just frigging myself. Oh, thank you mum. Thank you dad."

Her parents hugged and kissed the girl.

"Do want a go mum?" she asked Stella, "I bet you'd cum hard if we all worked on your cunt and tits."

"Yeah mum," Eddie said, "Lay back, we'll take care of you."

Maria shifted aside so that her mum could lay back, her legs spread.

"I'll frig you know mum," Maria said, "I want to taste your cunt."

"Okay honey," Stella smiled. She'd wanted to get it on with her daughter, to satisfy her bisexual curiosity, but wasn't expecting the girl to instigate it.

"Eddie?" said Colin to his son, "Let's lick you mum's tits. Just suck on the nipples, hard. When your mother climaxes I want you to kiss her. There's nothing like sealing your lips to those of a woman or girl when she's having an orgasm."

"Sure thing dad."

Maria bent down and subjected her mother to the same treatment as she had been, licking her mum's juice cunt whilst frigging her clit. Eddie and Colin, meanwhile, were kneeling either side of Stella and bent over, sucking on her tits. Stella's nipples were rock hard and the boys suckled on them whilst Maria hungrily ate out her mum's cunt. It didn't take long for Stella to hit a climax, moaning with joy, and as planned Eddie took his mouth from her nipple and clamped his mouth to his mother's. They kissed hard, their tongues sliding into each other's mouths so that Eddie could drink down her sighs of pleasure. Maria's tongue was busily working it's way on her mum's cunt whilst Colin sucked on one breast and groped the other. Stella's climax last a while and was very powerful. When it was over the family of four all sat back, smiling happily. Stella kissed Maria, tongueing the girl's mouth whilst stroking her tits.

"Look at the boys," Stella then said, moving back from her daughter as they both looked at Eddie and Colin, "Nice and stiff once again."

"We sure are," Eddie announced, proudly stroking his prick which was very stiff looking.

"Time to blow our loads again now," Colin said, also erect.

"Let's give them some oral," Stella told her daughter, "You two boys? Lie down will you. Maria? Kneel between your brother's legs and suck his cock. Just take it into your mouth and suck. I'll give your father the same treatment."

So, Colin and his son were soon laying back, alongside each other. Between their legs, Stella and Maria got to work. Though he'd got a blow-job from his wife many times before, Colin still loved the feeling of Stella's mouth over his prick as she bobbed her head and deep-throated him. This was, of course, Eddie's first blow-job and he couldn't believe how good it felt. It was even better than being jacked off by his sister. Maria's mouth was warm and wet and hot, and she looked at her mum out the corner of her eye to see what to do, lightly bobbing her head. Her long brown hair cascaded over her brother's stomach and tickled him slightly whilst he lightly fucked his hips, fucking his sister's cute little mouth.

Colin came first, holding his wife's head in his hands and letting out a long sigh. His sperm erupted out and came in thick globs, shooting down Stella's mouth. She gulped it down, every single drop, and had a big spermy grin when she finally took her husband's organ from her mouth.

"I'm gonna cum mum," Eddie announced, "Shall I cum in Maria's mouth?"

"Yes honey," Stella said, "Shoot your load. Maria? Keep sucking, keep taking your brothers nice hard dick into your mouth. Keep your lips over the shaft when he starts spurting, you won't regret it."

Maria obviously couldn't reply but she obeyed her mum's instructions. She continued sucking without interruption as her brother's salty jizz began blasting out. It was warm and sticky and Maria found that it tasted very nice as she guzzled it down, feeling it slide down her throat. She drank thirstily from the pumping prick, proud that she was giving her brother all this pleasure, Eddie groaning with ecstasy as he came down his sister's mouth. When the flow ended, Maria sat up, smiling.

"That tasted nice," she announced.

"Let me have a taste," Stella said, leaning in and sucking Eddie's soft prick, tasting the sperm of her son and the saliva of her daughter on the delightful, youthful organ. Maria offered the same service to her dad, getting down and licking his spent prick of sperm, giving the father a real thrill.

Finally, they were all feeling tired and moved apart.

"That's the first lesson over with," Colin announced, "Having fun kids?"

"YEAH!" they declared together.

"Great fun eh?" laughed Stella, "Well, you've seen each other naked, and your parents. You've got acquainted with the various body parts of the opposite sex, you've learnt how to masturbate and suck each other and what happens when each of you climaxes. There's still a lot more to go though."

"Like fucking?" asked Maria, "I can't wait to try that."

"Be patient honey," Colin said, stroking his daughter's thighs and kissing her on the forehead, "Your brother and me will take a little time to recover and you and your mum look tired too. Let's have some breakfast, relax for a little bit, and then we'll have Lesson Number Two."

"What'll we be doing then?" asked Eddie.

"Fucking," grinned his mother, "You are going to deflower your sister's cunt. Then you'll fuck me whilst your dad fucks Maria. Sounds fun eh?"

"Sure does mum!" Eddie agreed, kissing Stella and stroking her tits.

"Come on," Colin said as he got off the bed, "Let's all get cleaned up and get some food."

It was almost noon. The family were recovered, refreshed and ready for more. They all stripped naked and went back into the master bedroom, clambering onto the bed.

"See how the boys are recovered," Stella told her daughter.

"Yeah," Maria smirked, admiring that her father and brother both sported stiff looking pricks that wobbled erectly in the air as they in turn surveyed the gorgeous females before them.

"So am I going to fuck Maria then mum?" asked Eddie.

"That's right kid," Stella replied, "Okay, Maria? Lie down honey. Lay on your back and part your legs."

"Okay mum."

Maria lay back, spreading her legs, her bald little cunt exposed and ready for penetration.

"You'll have to prepare your sister first," Stella said to Eddie, reaching out and lightly stroking Maria's slit, "You'll have to get her moist and you just do that by doing what we did earlier, stroking and licking and frigging her. Here, take over here will you honey."

Eddie did so, stroking his sister's cunt and lightly frigging her clit. His parents watched the boy's patient and delicate touch as he lightly frigged his sister. He leaned in and gave her a bit of oral, running his tongue up the moistening slit, Maria enjoying this very much but most of all looking forward to getting fucked by her brother.

"She's all ready I think," announced Colin, "Mount her son and ease your dick into her cunt."

"Right away dad. You ready sis?"

"Yeah. Come on bro, fuck me."

Eddie grinned and raised himself up, placing his hands flat on the bed either side of his sister's chest and looking down at his hard prick which was wobbling between his sister's thighs. The head was pointing directly at her pink slit.

"I'll guide it in," Stella said, reaching under her son, "Just lower yourself honey."

Eddie did so, easing his hips forward whilst his mother gripped his cock. Maria gasped as she felt the head of her brother's dick push up against her cunt lips then sink in an inch or two.

"Keep going," Stella whispered to Eddie, and he push forward a bit more, four inches of his prick sliding up into Maria's puffy little hairless cunt, leaving just an inch of the shaft out. Stella took her hands away and stroked her daughter's hair.

"It's in me," the girl panted, "Oh yeah, it feels good mummy. Eddie's prick is in me. Mmmm!"

"Fuck her son," Colin urged the boy, lower yourself onto your elbows, that's it, now push yourself right in her."

Eddie was laying atop his sister, his firm torso pressed to hers, their bodies intwined and his prick wedged right up in her. He began to work off his instincts, his arse rising then falling as he began to fuck his own sister.

"This is good," he grunted, "Holy shit this is good! You're so tight Maria! Oh yeah!"

"Fuck me Eddie," his sister whispered, "Fuck me. Faster. That's it, start driving it up into my cunt! Oh yeah, oh yeah this is good!"

"You're no longer a virgin honey," Stella said, kissing her daughter and then her son, "Both of you have lost your cherries, what better way to bring a brother and sister closer together?"

Eddie was humping a bit quicker now, kissing his mum nearby then turning back to Maria and kissing her, sliding his tongue into her throat as he drove his cock into her womb.

Stella sat up, frigging her cunt whilst she watched her children have sex which was turning on the thirty year old brunette more than anything else had done in years. Colin was stiffer than he'd ever been in his life, stroking his cock as he enjoyed the show too. He was thinking of all the fun to have in the future - he couldn't wait to fuck Maria himself, and then there was the possiblity of double-penetration. He thought how fun it was going to be to put Stella in a sandwich, he and his son fucking that gorgeous woman in her cunt and arse, and then doing it to Maria. Colin had to take his hand of his dick before he shot his load just thinking about this.

"I'm gonna shoot my load," Eddie announced, his chin resting on his sister's shoulder, "Up Maria's cunt! I'm gonna cum...uh uh...OOOOH! FUCK!"

"Cum in me," Maria panted, "Fuck it up me, cum up my cunt brother! Yeah!"

"Oh sis, oh fuck! Oh fuck I love your cunt! I'm shooting it up there. UUUUH! God! God yeah!"

The boy ejected the last of his jism up into his sister's freshly-devirginated cunt before he let out a long and satisfied sigh.

"Wow," he concluded, giving his sister a kiss then dismounting her, "What a great fuck!"

"Yeah," laughed Maria, agreeing, "Sex is cool. I want more."

"Then keep your legs spread honey," Colin said, Eddie moving aside so that his dad could take his place.

Colin's prick was nine-inches in length and quite thick, but he had no real difficulties in easing into Maria's cunt, freshly licked, moist and muddied with Eddie's sperm. In no time at all Colin's thick member was up to the hilt in his daughter's hairless slit.

"Oh dad," the girl moaned, wrapping her arms round him, "Mmmm! Your dick feels nice in me! Fuck me! I want your cum in my cunt along with my brother's."

Colin fucked the girl at a steady pace, his orgasm just around the corner thanks his high state of arousal. To make sure his mum wasn't left out, Eddie had Stella lay back and he licked her cunt, driving his tongue up into her neat cunt and eating her out and bought her off to an orgasm in only a few minutes. Crying out with pleasure, Stella climaxed with her son's tongue working up into her cunt whilst next to her Maria hit a climax too, wrapping her thin legs round her father's pumping hips as he drove his dick into her cunt. Finally, it was Colin's turn to cum, and his thick sperm fired up into his daughter's cunt, joining Eddie's in her womb. He kissed his pre-teen daughter and withdrew from her, laying on his back and getting his breath back whilst Maria did the same next to him. Eddie raised himself up from between his mum's legs and kissed her mouth and stroked her hair, his prick already showing signs of life, almost fully hard and jabbing lightly into his mother's side as he lay next to her. They kissed passionately and stroked each other's bodies.

"Lay back honey," Stella shortly said to her son, "I'm going to suck your cock until it's nice and hard and then I'm going to take it up my cunt."

"Okay mum!"

He lay back and his mother knelt aside him, bent over, long hair draping over his hips like his sister's had done that morning. Stella took her son's cock into her mouth and sucked him, feeling the prick inflate further in her hot, wet mouth. Her head bobbed and she soon sucked her son until he was fully stiff.

"You're about to become a motherfucker son," she told Eddie as she knelt astride him, reaching down and holding his prick upright.

"Good," Eddie smiled, "I can't wait! Come on mum, take me in your cunt."

Stella teased the lad for a moment or two, rubbing his prick-head against her moist cunt before she lowered herself. The shaft of the teenager's cock slid easily up into his mother's cunt, Stella pinching her own nipples and sighing with pleasure as she felt her own child's cock burrow into her cunt.

"You're hot mum," Eddie said, reaching round and gripping his mum's buttocks, "Oh yeah, you're cunt is nice! Ride me mum, I want to fuck you and cum up your cunt!"

"Fuck me son, fuck it up me. Work with me, fuck your hips as I ride you. Yeah, yeah that's it."

Eddie humped upwards, driving his cock into his mother's slit as she rode him.

"Yeah mum, fuck me! Oooh! Uuuh, that's good!"

"Eddie," panted Stella, "Oh Eddie, my son. Fuck me! You hot little motherfucker, drive your cock up mummy's cunt! Mmmm!"

As she rode and rocked the bed, Stella kept rubbing her tits and urging her teenage fucker on with her sluttish talk.

Maria meanwhile turned to her father who still lay on his back, idly watching his son fuck Stella.

"You ready for more daddy?" she asked, reaching out and taking his cock in her hand. It was half-erect.

"Gimme a suck honey and I might be," her father smiled.

Maria did so, getting down between Colin's legs and taking his prick into her mouth. She sucked hard, tasting her own juices and those of her father and brother on the pulsating organ, feeling it growing in size and stiffness thanks to the delicious work of her hot little tongue. Soon Colin was hard again.

"Mount me honey," he told Maria, who took her dad's dick from her mouth and smiled.

She got astride Colin, copying her mother by reaching down and holding upright the big thick cock and rubbing it over her slit. The nine-inch member looked quite outsized compared to the skinny twelve year old's tight cunt, but she was already getting good at this. Letting out a long moan, Maria lowered herself, taking first the swollen glans of her dad's cock into her slit then sinking down and down until Colin was fully buried in his daughter's cunt. Maria rode her father at a fast pace, her arse-cheeks smacking onto her dad's thighs as she bent over and kissed him, their tongues sliding over each other. Next to them, Stella was doing the same thing, riding Eddie's prick and leaning down to kiss him sluttishly. Moans and cries and slaps filled the air for a solid ten-minutes as the incestuous couples mated hotly on the bed, oblivious to the cold winter day outside.

"This is so good daddy," crooned Maria, kissing her father as his prick thumped up into her cunt.

"I agree honey," said Colin, "It's an experience for me too. Your mum and me have only ever been with each other. You're the only girl I've fucked aside from your mum, and likewise your mother hasn't had any cock other than mine up until now when she's being fucked, there next to us, by your brother."

"Cool," Maria smiled, "I'm honored dad! Fuck me hard now, I want you deep in me!"

The humping continued, the bed springs tested to the limit by the fucking family.

"I'm gonna cum mummy!" Eddie began crying out, "Oh fuck, I'm about to cum! Ride me mum, fuck me!"

Stella increased her pace, planting her hands flat on the mattress either side of her son's slender shoulders as she bounced on his dick.

"Fire it up me," she panted, lustily, "Shoot your cum up into the cunt you came from! That's it, fuck it up me! Fuck me! Fuck mummy! UUUUH, I'm cumming myself. AAAH, motherfucker! Yeah!"

"Here it is mum," wailed Eddie, humping upwards, "Oh yeah, it's spurting into you! It's shooting up your fucking cunt!"

"Oh son, that's fantastic! Fuck mummy! Mmm! Yeah!"

Eddie fired the last wad of sperm into Stella's cunt then fell limp, out of breath, his mother just remaining on top of him motionless. They looked aside to see Colin commencing his climax too. He held Maria's hips and pulled her down on to him, firing his hot cum up into his daughter's cunt whilst Maria climaxed at the same time.

"Fuck me dad!" she urged him, "Fuck me! I'm cumming, I'm cumming with your sperm shooting up me! Ooooh, yeah!"

Colin just let out a long groan of ecstasy as he ejaculated deep into his daughter's hot little cunt. When he'd finished, he hugged Maria close to him before she finally dismounted. Stella did likewise, the family of four all lying in a row, naked and tired and smiling.

The four of them showered and dressed for a second time, Stella insisting that they wait until about four o'clock, just before dinner, before they fuck again. This was agreed as they all felt rather wasted.

However, sitting at his computer in his bedroom at about two-thirty, Eddie felt his prick begin to stiffen. He was dressed in just boxer-shorts and a T-shirt. His mum and dad knew that he'd find a way to get porn on his PC even if they attempted to install some sort of censorware on it, so they didn't bother. In fact, they didn't care, they hoped the lad would find porn. That's what he was surfing right now, surfing around a few lolita sites that depicted some soft-core shots of naked girls in their early teens or even younger. Feeling stiff, Eddie flicked off his PC and got up. He went out of his room and saw that his sister's door was slightly open. He knew their parents were downstairs, doing parent-stuff, but he had heard his sister go up to her room earlier.

"Hey Maria," he said, pushing her door open and stepping in.

His sister's room was mostly done out in pastel shades, a nice bright and airy room. The girl was sitting on her bed, wearing just a pair of light pink cotton panties and painting her toe nails with nail-varnish.

"Hi Eddie," she smiled, "Whatcha doin'?"

"Just bored," he shrugged, "And horny. I can't wait to fuck some more."

"Another hour-and-a-half yet, Eddie. Be patient eh?"

"What about you? Why are you painting your toes?"

"It's toe-nail varnish. It's moms. She let me borrow it."

"I see. You've replaced your virginity with vanity eh?"

"Haw haw. Very funny. Here, come and help will ya?"

Eddie went up and sat on the bed, in front of his sister. She'd squealed with horror the other month when her brother had blundered into the bathroom when she was just getting out of the shower, even though she had a big towel already wrapped round her. Now the twelve year old was content to sit there in just her panties, her little titties out on display. Her fingernails were all painted red and she was half-way doing the same to her toe-nails.

"You want me to paint your nails?" asked Eddie.

"Yeah. Here you go, just apply it on thinly. It's easy enough. Don't get any on the bed clothes though."

Eddie took the varnish and began painting it on his sister's nails, the girl humming happily as she watched. After a few minutes it was done and Eddie put the varnish on the floor.

"How about a fuck?" he asked, "My cock is hard. Let's do it!"

"But Eddie we can't," insisted his sister, "I'd love to, but mum and dad said to leave it until later, otherwise you won't be able to get it up if you're all spent."

"Well...can't we do it a bit? I won't cum."

"I guess we could. But don't shoot your load will you?"

"I won't, I promise."


Maria slid off her panties and lay back naked on the bed, eager for her brother's dick. Eddie took off his shorts so that he wore just his shirt. He mounted his sister, easing his cock into her cunt, guiding himself this time until he'd planted himself fully in her cunt.

"That's so nice," Maria said, wiggling her freshly painted toe nails, "Mmmm! Fuck me slowly Eddie. Push it in deep!"

"Okay sis. You're cunt is so tight! It's fantastic isn't it? Fucking, I mean."

"Yeah! Mum and dad are cool."

For five minutes Eddie gently humped his sister, kissing her lips as he fucked her cunt with his stiff rod. As promised he didn't cum, instead withdrawing intact.

"It's a bit frustrating," he said, putting on his shorts, "pulling out before ejaculation, but I guess it'll be worth it later when we have another lesson from mum and dad."

"Yeah," agreed Maria, sitting up naked and slightly sweaty, "I wonder what they'll teach us. There can't be much more to learn about sex. We've frigged each other, performed oral and fucked in a few positions. You've cum all over mum's tits. What else can there be."

"There must be more," Eddie insisted, "I'm sure there is. It'll be fun finding out. Anyway, I'm off to get back to playing my computer games. Fancy joining me? We can have a two-player game of something."

"Okay," Maria chirped, and she got off the bed, wandering naked after her brother and following him into his room.

"Right then," Stella began, clapping her hands together as she knelt at the head of the bed, "time for Lesson Number Three!"

"Cool," Maria and Eddie said together. They were kneeling at the other end of the bed, nude like their mother and father, Eddie's dick sticking up stiffly in the air. He'd had the urge to fuck his sister as she sat naked with him for an hour playing computer games, but he just knew that he'd have been unable to resist shooting his cum into her so he'd held himself in check. Now it was four o'clock and time for more fucking!

"What'll we be doing?" Maria asked.

"Well," began Colin, getting onto the bed, his own prick fully hard as he stroked it with his right hand, "it's time to for some anal sex."

"What's that?" asked Maria.

"It's bum-fucking," her brother wisely explained.

"Oh," frowned Maria, "is that possible? What is it? Is it a guy sticking his willy up a girl's bum?"

"That's right," Stella confirmed, "It's very nice. It's great for a guy because it's very tight and affords plenty of variations in terms of positions, and it's nice for the girl because it feels very different from being fucked in the cunt, and furthermore it's wonderfully kinky! There's nothing better than spicing up sex with acts that deviate from the norm, taking a cock in the arse being just one way a woman can vary the method of her fucking."

"Will a dick fit up a girl's arse?" Eddie asked, "I know it must be possible but it still seems as if it'd be too tight."

"Dad's is much too big for my bum for sure," Maria commented, looking at her father's thick member.

"Oh, it'll go up your arse alright," insisted Stella, "Believe me honey, in the next twenty-minutes that prick will have been right up your bum to the hilt! In fact, your father will be deflowering your arse Maria. Your brother took your vaginal maidenhead, your daddy can have your anal one."

"Okay," Maria smiled, entrusting the proposed operations to her parents.

"Can I fuck you up the arse mum?" asked Eddie, stroking his hard five-incher.

"Of course sweetheart," Stella replied, ruffling the boy's hair, "First off though, your dad will demonstrate the correct way to do it."

Stella got on her hands and knees, her arse thrust out towards the foot of the bed, her children either side of her and watching carefully. Stella had a fine arse, her cheeks soft, smooth and shapely, and in between them lay a hairless little hole. It was puckered and tight looking, even though it had been invaded by her husband's prick many, many times since she was fourteen.

"First off," said Colin, kneeling behind his wife, "we need to prepare the way. Your mum's anus looks tight doesn't it kids? However, if it was impossible to open an anus to a diameter of a couple of inches then we wouldn't be able to take a shit to er...put it bluntly. Anyway, it just needs some help. We can use lubricant like Vaseline or, even better, saliva."

"You mean lick mum's arsehole?" Maria asked.

"That's right honey," Colin confirmed, "As long as a girl's anus is nice and clean, such as your dear mother's is, there's no problem. It's very pleasant. Here, watch."

He leaned in and began running his tongue over Stella's butthole, working the tip round in circles then just drawing it up and down the puckered hole. The sighs of pleasure Stella emitted made it clear she found pleasure in this too.

"Can I have a go?" asked Eddie.

"Go for it kid," said his father, moving aside so that Eddie could lean in and lick his mum's anus. He tongued Stella's butthole and felt it begin to loosen when he pushed the tip of his tongue into it, Stella's sphincter relaxing a little.

"It's opening a bit," Eddie commented, moving back.

"Let me try," Maria said, and in a flash she had her pretty young face between her mum's spread buttocks as she flicked her tongue in and around her mother's anus.

That procedure complete, the children now flanked their mum's behind whilst Colin sat directly in front of it.

"Now," he stated, "I just need my dick wettened. I can push it up your mum's cunt to get it juiced or it can be sucked. Maria? Care to do the honors?"

Without a word the girl took her father's cock in her mouth and sucked deeply on it, oozing spit across the head and the shaft and licking the stiff pole so that it was nice and glistening and slippery.

"Excellent," her father said, "Now, it's just a case of shoving it up there. Just remember to go careful. Whether a girl is an anal-virgin or whether she's taken it up the shitter a thousand times before, it's always best to go delicately."

Colin placed the spit-slimed head of his dick to his wife's loosened anus and began to push, his children watching carefully as their mum's arsehole slowly relaxed. Suddenly, it gave way, Stella tensing as the thick round head of her husband's prick squeezed up into her.

"Wow," gasped Maria, "That's cool. It's going up there dad."

"Shove it right up there dad," added Eddie, "That's cool. Do you like it mum?"

"I do honey," she confirmed, lust in her eyes and bent over like a slut, "Oh yeah, yeah Colin push it right up me. Right up my arse!"

Slowly, Colin slid forth so that his dick inched it's way into his wife's behind. Still with a captive audience the well-hung father had soon squeezed his entire length up into the clasping depths of his wife's rectal passage. It was in to the root.

"All nine inches up there," he panted, triumpantly, "Good eh kids?"

"Yeah dad," Maria laughed, "I can't wait to take your dick in my arse."

"I can't wait to fuck mum's arse," Eddie said.

"Just give us a moment kid," Colin pointed out, "Just let me enjoy your mum's arsehole for a moment. Here, Eddie, why don't you prepare your sister? Maria? Get on your hands and knees next to us honey, with your cute bum in the air. Eddie? You lick your sister's arsehole so it's nice and slippery for my prick."

"Okay dad. Come on sis, give me your arse to kiss!"

Maria giggled then got on her hands and knees next to her mother, her cute white arse thrust out with her delicate, rosy arsehole on display. Behind her Eddie knelt down and licked her arse hungrily, gripping her cute buttocks and working his tongue up into Maria's anus. The girl loved this feeling, her brother's wet tongue wriggling and squeezing it's way into her bum.

Watching this, Colin almost felt the urge to ejaculate, to fuck his wife's arse and fill it with sperm. However, he knew he had to save himself to deflower his own twelve year old daughter's behind. He was still hard and unspent when he finally slid his long pole from Stella's anus.

"Ready dad?" asked Eddie, moving aside.

"Yes son. Time to fuck your sister's shitter. Ready Maria?"

"Go for it dad! Eddie's lubed my arse up well with his tongue."

"He has indeed. It's very wet looking. Nice and slippery. I'll have this dick up your bum in no time dear."

Colin edged up behind Maria and placed the head of his menacingly large organ to his daughter's delicious little arsehole. Eddie stayed nearby to watch his sister's sodimistical deflowering, his eyes full of wonder as his father skillfully pushed his dick forward until Maria's anus bloomed open.

"Nnnng!" she gasped, "Holy shit!"

"You okay honey?" asked Eddie.

"She'll be fine," insisted Colin, the head of his cock snugly wedged in Maria's arsehole, "Just let her get used to it. Okay honey?"

"I'm okay daddy," the girl declared, "I can feel my arsehole accommodating itself. Yeah, oh yeah. It feels nice! Mmmm! I want more! Put it all up my bum dad!"

Colin pressed forth, sliding another few inches of his dick into his daughter's arsehole. Maria was holding up well so, with a final heave, her father slid the remaining length of his pulsating rod into her rectum. After a breather to let the girl get used to it, Colin began fucking his daughter's arse in long strokes, pull all but two inches of his cock from her anus before plunging back in to the hilt, Maria sputtering and moaning with delight at this treatment.

"Hey Eddie," Stella called, "You forgotten about me honey?"

She was still in position, bent over, arse in the air.

"Sorry mum," Eddie smirked, scooting over to his mother, "I was too busy watching Maria getting fucked in the arse by dad. Anyway, I'll not let you down now. I'm going to squeeze my cock up your shitter! My first taste of buggering a woman! This'll be cool!"

He mounted his mother, sliding his hard rod up into her rectum to the hilt.

"Wow, this is nice," he commented, "You're arse is nice and tight mum! Very tight, even though dad's prick has just been up here."

"That's the good thing about anal sex," declared Colin, still performing that very act on his daughter with long strokes of his prick, "a woman's arsehole never looses it's tightness. Come tomorrow, or indeed this evening, Maria and your mum's assholes will be as tight as they were before they were deflowered in their back-doors. Now, come on son, less chatter...let's fuck these beautiful ladies in their shitters!"

"Okay dad!"

Maria and Stella grunted with delight as they were energetically sodomized. Colin fucked the arse of Maria with his hard cock whilst Eddie did the same to his mum, both guys often looking over at each other and grinning, enjoying the little game of trying to outpace each other with their frantic thrusting.

Colin ejaculated first. It was a major achievement that he'd last this long, a full ten-minutes, before unleashing his sperm. His thick load pumped out into his daughter's shitter, flooding her bowels and causing her to cry out with ecstasy as her arsehole spasmed with electric pleasure round her father's squirting member. Out of breath, Colin withdrew and slumped back on the bed, Maria turning and kissing her father, thanking him for the fuck whilst cum leaked out of her dilated arsehole.

Eddie finished up shortly afterwards, hunched over his mother and firing his semen into the depths of her buttery shit-chute. He was in heaven, almost passing out at the sheer pleasure, his pubescent sperm fountaining up into his mother's rectal passage. Stella was likewise in the throws of ecstasy, feeling her bowels flood with slimy semen whilst her son energetically drilled her shit-hole with his cock.

"That was fantastic honey," Stella said once her son had pulled out of her arse, "Totally fantastic! Give me a kiss honey."

She stuck her tongue down the boy's throat, snogging him lewdly whilst the boy stroked his mum's tits. Then they moved apart, grinning.

"This has been a fantastic day," Maria declared, "I've given my brother a blow-job and drank his cum, he's fucked my cunt and shot his load up there, daddy has fucked my cunt twice and now I've been fucked in the arse by daddy!"

"Yeah, thanks mum, thanks dad," Eddie said, hugging his mother and father, "This has been a great day."

"There's even more fun later," Stella declared, "We'll go out for dinner now then spend the early evening back in here."

"Wow, what else is there to learn mum?" asked Maria.

"Well," replied Stella, "There's double-fucking. That's where a girl is fucked by two men at the same time - one cock in her cunt, the other in her arse. I've only ever fucked your father so I've never had the chance to try that out. I'm sure it's good though. We'll do that tonight Maria, both of us taking your father and brother's cocks in our cunt and shitters at the same time. That'll be fun. What else? Oh yeah, your brother hasn't had the chance to fuck your arse yet honey, so he's got that to look forward to. Then there's facials. You know when your dad and Eddie came on my tits? A facial is like that, but on your face. It's very nice. It feels great, slimy jizz all over you! Then there's...well, you get the idea kids. There's a lot to try, a lot to discover. Right now I'm fuckin' starved!"

The four of them once again cleaned up and got dressed. Like a normal family they then went out for dinner, dressed in their best clothes, Colin taking them to a fancy restuarant in town where they all ate ravenously, their appetites vast thanks to the energetic day they'd all had!

Lesson Number Four took place after supper at eight o'clock that evening. This time it was in the living room, the coffee table pushed aside, the drapes shut on the dark winter night outside and the place lit up with soft lighting.

Once again, prior to the start of the lesson, all the family shed their clothes. Already the children were completely comfortable with being nude with each other and their parents.

"So what now?" Maria asked eagerly, sitting on the sofa next to her dad and putting an arm round him, "I fancy some of this double-fucking mum mentioned earlier."

"That's certainly something we'll be doing," Colin said, "We ought to prepare your arsehole for fucking first, and as your randy little brother there hasn't yet had the pleasure of fucking your arse he can prepare the way with his prick. So, Eddie will bum-fuck you Maria and afterwards myself and your brother will fuck your mum, at the same time. You'll get the same treatment after that. Sound good?"

"Yeah!" his daughter replied. She kissed her father, then turned to Eddie, "Wanna come and fuck my arse dear?"

"Absolutely sis! Come on over here, let's do it on the floor."

"Why don't you do it on the armchair," suggested Stella, "Maria? You sit down and lay back, spreading your legs and exposing your anus to your brother. That way Eddie can fuck your arse whilst facing you and you can watch the joy in each other's faces."

"Good idea mum," Maria agreed, and sat down on the armchair. Leaning back, she spread her legs wide and hooked them over the armrests, her cute little bum thrust out, her arsehole easily accessable to her brother who soon knelt before her.

"Want me to lick your arsehole Maria?" he asked.

"Yes please honey! Go for it, stick you tongue up my pooh-hole."

Bending forward, Eddie began tongueing his sister's arse, rimming her sphincter with his hot tongue whilst jacking off his prick which was very stiff and pulsing madly. He lapped hungrily until Maria's bum was nicely lubed up with spit. Then he got up and nudged his prick to the tiny orifice he was about to penetrate.

"Ready sis?"

"I am Eddie! Fuck your cock up me."

Eddie started applying pressure, watching his cock-head slowly force his sister's arsehole apart so that he could begin to march up into the breach. Maria clenched her teeth, shutting her eyes and panting as she felt the discomfort that always occured during the initial stages of anal penetration for a girl so young and delicate. Luckily, it didn't last long. Eddie was a considerate buggerer, waiting until his sister's arsehole had grown used to the invading member before he continued on his journy. He looked down and watched the fantastic sight of his cock slowly squeezing up into his sister's bum, the tight hole below her bald cunt steadily swallowing up his cock. Shortly he was in to the root, his full five-inches wedged hotly in Maria's gripping rectum.

He began fucking his sister's arse slowly, stroking the girl's little titties as they exchanged childish grins, Eddie's prick gliding to and fro in Maria's sphincter.

Nearby, Stella was on her hands and knees on the floor, facing her children so that she could watch the sodomistical, sibling union taking place across the room. Colin was kneeling behind his wife, eating out her cunt and arsehole before sliding his long pole up her cunt. He was in to the hilt and began humping her moist slit hard, holding Stella's hips and banging her, both moaning in pleasure.

After five-minutes Eddie withdrew his dick from his sister's anus. As enjoyable as it had been to fuck Maria's bum he wanted to ensure his parent's plans went to schedule. It was time for some double-fucking. Not having tried this before Stella was excited too, and she had a wild look in her lustful eyes as her husband withdrew from her cunt and allowed her to stand.

"You're going first right mum?" asked Eddie.

"That's right," she confirmed, "I want you to lie down honey, then I'll get astride you. I'll take your prick in my cunt then your dad can get behind me and work his dick into my rear. Pay close attention Maria, you'll be subjected to this wonderful exercise next."

"Okay mum," the girl said, sitting on the armchair still, her arse exposed to the room, her anus yawning open from it's recent fucking.

Eddie followed instruction and lay down, holding his dick upright so his mum could impale her cunt upon it. With her thirteen year old son's cock buried in her snatch, Stella leaned forwards and reached behind to clap her hands to her buttocks, pulling them apart so her rear entrance was flashed to her husband. In no time at all Colin knelt astride his son's lower legs and edged up to Stella's bum, stroking his hard dick and licking his lips at the sight of his wife's arsehole, below which was her cunt, currently filled with their son's nice, stiff cock.

Colin placed his purple tip to Stella's well-licked anus and began to push his way in without ceremony. Stella was fired up and ultra-horny and she easily ignored the initial pain caused by her husband's over-zelous entrance.

"Fuck it up me," she gasped, "That's it Colin, honey, fuck it up my arse. OOOOOOH! Aaah, it's going up me, it's going up. I can feel it. Almost there honey? Maria, check for me will you, see if your dad is all the way in my arse."

"Not quite," commented Maria, now leaning forwards to get a good view, "A good four inches of dad's dick is outside your bum mum. That means he's just got the five in there. Go on dad, keep burying it up mummy's shitter!"

Colin had no intentions otherwise. He grunted and thrust more of his cock forwards and, with a final lunge, buried his entire shaft up into his wife's arse.

"That looks good mum," Maria said, frigging her cunt.

"It is darling," sighed Stella, dreamily, "Oh the pleasure! My GOD that's fantastic! My son's cock in my cunt, my husband's big dong in my arsehole. Such pleasure! Mmmm! You gotta try this Maria!"

"I will mum."

Eddie was not entirely passive as he lay back. He gripped his mum's tits and fondled them whilst thrusting up into her cunt, working his cock up into her womb. Colin was drilling his wife's bum, meanwhile, matching his thrusts to his son's so that his cock slid into Stella's arse as Eddie's was sliding almost the whole way out of her cunt, and when Eddie drove upwards into his mum's womb Colin would be sliding all but a few inches of his dick from Stella's rectum. It was driving the woman mad with lust, her hair soon stuck to her sweaty face as she bucked and humped in the sandwich.

"Fuck me," she wailed, "Oh God, you two fuck me! Son, fuck mummy's cunt. Fuck it! I need your cock deep in my cunt. Colin, darling, fuck my arse! Aaah, fuck I'm going to cum!! FUCK! UH! UH UUUH!"

She collapsed, almost fainting, neither her son or husband showing any mercy as they fucked her holes continuously. Eventually they stopped, tired out, and allowed Stella to pull herself away from her double-impalement and drag herself to oneside.

"Go for it Maria," Stella urged her daughter in between deep gulps for breath.

"I will!" insisted Maria, the naked twelve year old girl springing up and hurrying over to her brother and father who remained in position. Maria got astride her brother and reached down to feed the boy's slick, hard prick into her cunt. Then she leaned forwards, her head resting on Eddie's chest, so that her arsehole was gaping out at her dad. It was still loose from being penetrated by Eddie earlier but Colin, of course, was much bigger than his son. Nonetheless he managed to enter his daughter's rectum without too much fuss.

"Oh mum," Maria wailed, "Holy shit this is good! Fuck! My brother's cock in my cunt is good, my dad's cock in my arsehole is good. Together it's heaven! Oh yeah, fuck! Fuck me you two, make me cum like mum did!"

"You'll be making me cum soon," Eddie grunted, thrusting his prick into the girl's cunt, "I'm going to shoot my sperm right up your cunt sister dear!"

"Do it Eddie! Fuck it up me! Glut my cunt with semen whilst daddy fills my arse with his sperm! Oh yeah, fuck! God, I'm sensing my climax approaching already! Shit yeah!! UUUUUH!"

The girl followed her mother's example in failing to keep her composure, flopping limply and spluttering obsceneties as she was rocked with a solid climax. The two fuckers did not show mercy to the girl. They humped her fast and hard, their own orgasms rapidly approaching. Colin came first, grabbing his daughter's shoulders and driving his steel-hard prick into the depths of Maria's rectum and blasting out his cum nine-inches into her bowels. His cum sloshed out, thick and sticky, flooding the charming girl's guts. Just as Colin was finishing his cum Eddie was beginning his. He kissed his sister hard on the lips and thrust his tongue into her gullet whilst his prick began spewing sperm into her womb.

Finally, Colin slipped his softening prick from his daughter's arsehole. Maria rolled off her brother and the family all lay sprawled on the floor, tired out and thoroughly satisfied after yet another lesson in incest.

"That was fucking fun!" Maria concluded, "We gotta do that again haven't we mum?"

"We sure do honey," Stella agreed, "It was superb. We could always try spit-roasting another time."

"What's that mum?" asked Eddie, softly pawing at Maria's little titties.

"It's when a woman gets on her hands and knees with a guy kneeling either end of her," explained Colin, "The woman sucks the cock of the guy in front of her whilst the man behind fucks either her cunt or arsehole."

"Sound's neat," said Maria, "We can do that tomorrow. Or tonight. Who's up for more sex?"

"Me," replied Eddie.

"Any more lessons planned?" asked Maria.

"Not today," Colin answered, "What we'll do relax for the evening then go to bed. You've got a double-bed Eddie so Maria can sleep with you tonight. Sex is best when it's spontaneous, and you two ought to have some time alone to just try out whatever you want, so you can stay up as late as you want and screw the fuck out of each other."

"Cool," concluded Eddie, and gave his sister a kiss.

"Then you can sleep with me tomorrow night," Stella told her son, "Maria can sleep with her father. We can do that occasionally, just swap partners, but mostly Maria should sleep with you Eddie."

"I can handle that," said Maria, "As long as he doesn't snore."

Her brother elbowed her gently in the arm.

"Let's get dressed," Colin said, "It'll be bedtime in an hour or so. Then you two horny siblings can scamper off to Eddie's bedroom and fuck."

"That's the plan," Maria confirmed. They all got up and dug around for their clothes.

At eleven, Eddie took his sister off to bed with him, their parents bidding them goodnight and heading into their own room.

Eddie had tidied up his bedroom earlier, his bed nice and neat and ready for some serious fucking action that he could never have imagined taking place there when he'd woken that morning as a virgin.

"Let's fuck," Maria smiled, kissing her brother. She stepped back and began tugging off her clothes. Eddie did likewise and in no time at all the randy siblings were on the bed, nude.

"What shall we do first?" asked Eddie.

"How about I suck your cock. Lie back dear, I'll give you a nice slurpy blow-job."

"Whatever you say sis."

Eddie lay on his back, parting his legs so his sister could kneel between them and lean down. She took the boy's cock in her delicate hand, stroking it so that it quickly went from semi-stiff to a full on boner. Then she placed her lips over the end and began sucking it down into her mouth.

"Wow Maria," gasped Eddie, "You give good head! You suck cock really well, just as good as mum."

Maria didn't reply. She just continued bobbing her head and deep-throating her brother's prick. Her tongue rolled over the swollen glans whilst she jacked the base of the shaft in her fist, Eddie pumping his hips a little and fucking his sibling's mouth. It wasn't long until the thirteen year old lad felt his orgasm approaching, his nuts ready to blow yet again.

"I don't wanna cum just yet," he announced, "Why don't you lie back sis so I can prepare your cunt! I'll lick you out honey."

Maria flashed the boy a grin and took his place, lying back with her thighs flung aside. Her randy brother went down on her, running his tongue up and down her moist, bald pink little slit, pushing his tongue up there into her cunt. Though he was not masterful at this yet, Eddie's efforts were still very much appreciated, his sister squirming under his licking, running her hands through the boy's hair and panting with lust. She was rocked by a gentle orgasm, her pale, naked pre-teen body shaking as she climaxed under Eddie's cunt-eating skills.

Finally, Eddy moved up and mounted his sister, sliding his stiff young rod up into her cunt.

"Push it right up me," sighed his sister, hugging him close, "Right up my cunt!"

"It's all there Maria, right up your cunt."

He began fucking his sister, pumping his hips gently and kissing her hard on the mouth. His sister was very tight still, despite all the attention her cunt had received that day. Eddie shafted her for a full fifteen-minutes, the day's previous efforts having drained him just enough to render him spent enough to last for a long time. He slid his cock from out of Maria's cunt.

"Turn over honey," he said, jacking off his glistening prick, "I want to fuck you up the arse Maria. I want to shoot my thick cum up your shitter."

His sister grinned and flipped over, pushing a pillow under her lower belly so her arse was raised off the bed, her legs parted. Eddie clapped his hands to his sister's pale little buttocks and parted them, exposing her anus which, as his father had promised earlier, was perfectly tight and neat looking as if it'd never been penetrated before. Diving in, Eddie ate out Maria's arse, licking her bum-hole and pushing his tongue up there into her musky rectum. Then he mounted her, carefully guiding his cock into the cleft in her bum and forcing himself into the twelve year old's tight arse.

Gripping the bed covers Maria restrained herself from squirming too much as her brother entered her arse. Soon enough the boy was buried to the hilt in his sister's rectal passage. He began fucking hard, thrusting deep into Maria's shitter, the girl's minor discomfort now completely transformed into ecstasy. Her brother was laying flat on top of her, his torso pressed against her back, his legs alongside hers and his prick wedged right up her twitching rectum.

"Fuck my arse," she panted, eyes shut, "Eddie, honey, fuck me! Fuck your cock right up my shitter! Oh that's good. That's so good!"

"You're bum is so tight sis," Eddie panted into the girl's ear, "So hot and tight! It's great! I'll cum soon, I'll spurt all my cum up your rectum you horny little slut!"

"Go for it motherfucker! Bang my arse, shoot your load! Uuuuh!"

Eddie picked up his pace, both he and his sister growing sweaty as they humped on the bed. After ten-minute's the boy finally ejaculated, his cock spasming as it sprayed forth it's sticky load.

"Uuuuh, I'm cumming," he groaned, "Up your arse sis, oh fuck! Uuuh! OH GOD!"

"Fire it up me," Maria grunted, "I can feel it, oh fuck I can feel it! Shooting up me! Oh yeah! God!"

WIth a final thrust Eddie shot out the last of his salty sperm into his sister's clasping rectal passage. He let out a long sigh and remained on top of Maria for a moment or two before he finally dismounted her. He lay to oneside and took a deep breath, Maria also recovering.

Eventually, the pair of them got under the covers, turned out the lamp and went to sleep in each other's arms, dreaming of all the things to learn and discover with each other and their parents tomorrow.

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