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Harem'd (MF FF exhib interr reluc anal spank humil Mdom bd mc?) [Part 1/3]

If there was one thing Nicola enjoyed, it was posing for the camera. Preferably wearing as little clothing as possible.

The gorgeous Aussie starlet loved being the center of attention. She reveled in the admiring gazes of the men standing around watching her, as she ran through a variety of cheesecake poses for her cameraman.

On this particular assignment, Nicola had been jetted out to exotic North Africa. There, on the sparkling sun-drenched sandy beaches, the starlet was posing for a raunchy photoshoot, dressed in nothing by a tiny little pink bikini. The top was just two slips of material held against her exquisite breasts by strings. The bottom was a thong that barely covered her pussy and completely failed to cover her ass, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

Smiling happily to herself, Nicola reflected upon how great her life was. It was nearly a year since she left her native Australia, coming to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. In that time she'd been transformed from a conservative model who wouldn't even pose in lingerie, to a jiggly party girl who regularly stripped bare-ass naked either for work or play. Nicola had appeared in a number of raunchy movies, naughty TV appearances, and revealing photographs.

But it wasn't just at work Nicola took a relaxed attitude to her wardrobe. She had a reputation for having fun and any event that boasted her as the entertainment was bound to be hot. The busty Aussie beauty sure knew how to put on a show.

In short, Nicola Baron was a sex fantasy come to life.

She rolled around on the beach, sand sticking to her damp, bare skin. Nicola had a golden all-over tan which she carefully cultivated with nude sun-bathing sessions, preferably in public places. Basking naked in the sunshine was one of Nicola's favorite hobbies, especially with an audience to ogle her.

But it hadn't all been fun and games. Nicola had made a deadly rival in Hollywood: Angela 'Angel' Monroe. Tall, slim, athletic, the raven-haired beauty had been the bane of Nicola's stay in Hollywood almost since she arrived. Recently, their relationship had cooled off somewhat, but Nicola knew that Angela still disliked her.

It didn't help that they always seemed to be working together. Like on this modeling assignment. As Nicola posed by the sea-side, Angela sat a short distance away. Dressed in a skimpy black bikini, the starlet stared moodily into space, carefully maintaining her aloof persona and ignoring the crowd of European tourists and African locals who had turned out to watch the free T&A show. Nicola wondered if agents and producers didn't deliberately book the couple on jobs together, gleefully watching the sparks (and clothes!) fly whenever they were around each other.

"OK Knickers, that's a wrap," said the photographer. Nicola barely realized she'd been working, for her it had just been an afternoon's romp at the beach.

Nicola stood up and wiped the sand from her thong-covered bottom. Out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of Akumba, their African minder watching her with a big grin on his face.

"Enjoying the show?" Nicola teased him playfully.

"Oh, most excellent," he replied in his cultured English accent. The burly black man eyed her up with a look Nicola recognized as lust. Smirking, she set out down the beach, adding a saucy wiggle to her nonchalant saunter just for his benefit.

Nicola entered the small tent that had been set up for the girls to change clothes (it was there on Angela's insistence, Nicola was happy to change in public) and stripped off her bikini. In a moment the starlet was naked, baring her golden body. She bent over, rummaging through her clothes and wondering what to wear next.

Suddenly, the nude starlet heard someone moving around outside the tent. Angela? No, she would wait for Nicola to finish before getting dressed. It must be Akumba, getting an eyeful again.

Well, thought Nicola, her ass still poised in the air, never let it be said that Nicola Baron doesn't know how to put on a show. She lingered in this position, letting the horny bastard enjoy himself a while longer.

No sooner had Nicola stood up straight than a hand clamped around her mouth and nose. She gave a gasp of surprise and felt the scent of chloroform assault her nose.

Then the world went black and the naked starlet fell to the ground.

Nicola awoke to feel herself being gently buffeted. The starlet quickly took stock of the situation. She was on a light aircraft. She was naked except for a pair of white high-heels. Her hands were bound behind her back with cord. And next to her lay Angela, likewise naked and restrained, snoring.

This is not good, Nicola thought to herself. She rolled over to try and look into the cockpit to see who her kidnapper was.

A dark face caught sight of her squirming around and broke into a grin. Akumba.

"Welcome back, gorgeous. You're just in time, too, we're about to arrive at our destination."

"What are you doing?" Nicola demanded. "Where are you taking us?"

Before he could answer there was a thud as the plane touched down. Angela awoke with a start, groaning. "Where are we?" she asked, peering bleary-eyed around the small cabin.

Akumba was more intent on taxi-ing the aircraft to a halt. Once they had stopped he jumped out of the pilot's seat and made his way back to the rear cabin.

"Terribly sorry," he said (though he looked more amused than apologetic), "but I'm afraid you ladies have been, to coin a phrase, 'harem'd'."

"Harem'd?" yelled Angela. Before Nicola could inquire exactly what that meant the door swung open and several hefty black guards burst into the plane. Dressed in turbans and billowing silk pants, their bare chests glistening with oil and scimitars strapped to their waists, their antique appearance caught Nicola by surprise. The guards unceremoniously hauled the naked starlets to their feet and directed them out of the plane.

As Nicola stepped out onto the tarmac she felt a wave of moist, humid tropical air wash over her nude body. Things were going so fast her head swum. As the grumbling Angela exited the plane, Nicola took a deep breath and tried to orient herself.

She had been kidnapped and stripped of her clothes, taken to some unknown location. If she was ever going to get out of this she had to keep her wits about her.

Waiting to greet them was a short, fat black man dressed in flowing robes. "Akumba!" he called out, "Good to see you again."

"Pumbo, my old friend," Akumba greeted him in return. "It's been too long."

Pumbo cast a lascivious eye over the girls. "And what do we have here?"

Akumba clamped a hand over each of their shoulders. "Another American. Breasts are a little small, but its good to have a little variety."

"Hey!" Angela squealed indignantly. "I'm an American citizen! And a movie star! I demand you release me this instant!"

"A movie star?" Pumbo raised an eyebrow. "What have you been in?"

"Well," Angela suddenly sounded a little subdued. "I was in, uh, Undercover Cheerleaders..." she trailed off, a little embarrassed, obviously realizing that shaking her pom-poms in some nudie movie didn't exactly make her a movie star. "...and, ah, Bikini Quantity Surveyors..."

"Never heard of them," said Pumbo blankly. He switched his attention to Nicola, giving her a long look that could be described as 'undressing her with his eyes' if it weren't for the fact that she was already naked. Nicola squirmed against her bonds. Having her arms tied behind her back caused her to push her chest out, making her 38-inch boobs seem even larger. "And who is this double helping of deliciousness?" Pumbo asked.

"Australian," replied Akumba proudly. "Very rare."

Pumbo nodded, pleased. "His Highness will be pleased. Bring them down to the waiting room, I'll break them in as soon as business is concluded."

Break them in? Nicola's heart beat faster in her chest. What exactly did that mean?

"Welcome to Malabunga, ladies!" laughed Akumba. He gave Angela a swat on the backside, causing the raven-haired beauty to yelp. "I hope you enjoy your stay!"

With that, the guards led the girls away, Akumba's booming laughter still ringing in their ears.

The two naked starlets were taken into a mercifully air-conditioned building, through wide, lavishly-decorated corridors that looked like something out of the Arabian Nights. Their high-heels clicked across beautifully patterned marble floors. The guards kept them hurrying along at quite a pace, and with their hands secured behind their backs there was no way to hide their luscious bodies from the inquisitive eyes of everyone they passed as they jogged by.

"Where the hell are we?" Angela hissed.

"Malabunga," Nicola replied. She'd always been good at geography in school. "Tiny nation in West Africa. First discovered by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century, became a British protectorate in the nineteenth. Government: absolute monarchy. Primary export: copper sulphide. Gross national product..."

"Alright, alright, sheesh," grumbled Angela.

"No talking!" growled Pumbo. Quick as a flash, something smacked across Nicola's bare bottom, causing her to squeal in pain. Angela was dealt a similarly indignant blow to her posterior, causing the bitchy beauty to squawk in unison with her rival.

Rubbing their asses, the girls continued on in silence.

At last they arrived at what Pumbo called 'the waiting room'. Obviously, Nicola wasn't expecting it to be like the waiting room at the dentist's. In contrast to the palatial hallways they'd just been through, this was very much a small, functional room.

In the center stood two sets of wooden stocks. Nicola swallowed.

The guards removed their bindings and then man-handled the girls into the stocks. Nicola was bent over facing the floor with her neck and wrists placed into cut-out sections on a crossbeam. Then a block was lowered into place, imprisoning her. The guards then splayed Nicola's legs and secured her ankles onto another crossbeam close to the floor.

This left the Aussie starlet in a very vulnerable and indignant position. She was unable to move, hunched over at the waist. Strands of her long, chestnut-colored hair fell across her face and she had to arch her neck upwards to look at Pumbo standing over her. But worse still was her bare backside and pussy, exposed and open to whatever Pumbo had in mind for her.

Nicola was beginning to feel more than a little uneasy.

At least she had Angela with her, who was locked in a similar position in the other stocks. They had been arranged face-to-face so the two rivals could stare uncertainly at each other.

Pumbo dismissed the guards. The pompous little man then began to strut up and down, examining the naked girls at his leisure. He ran his fingers through their hair, then stooped and squeezed a downward-hanging boob (doubtless noting that Nicola's hung down considerably more than Angela's). As he worked Pumbo would make the odd cluck of displeasure, or ooh in appreciation.

Nicola burned at the probing. If he wanted to check her out nude, why didn't he just rent one of her movies? Or buy one of her magazines? Or go onto the Net? Or sit outside the balcony of her condo on a warm sunny day? Or... well, the list of ways to see Nicola in all her naked glory is endless. But she kept her mouth shut, her ass still smarting from the earlier assault.

When he was finished with one end of Nicola, Pumbo moved on to her nether regions. Nicola held her breath as he prodded her anus, and then let out a gasp of shock as he slipped two fingers right into her pussy.

"Mmm, good," he murmured.

After completing the same procedure on Angela, Pumbo took up a position behind Nicola, outside of her limited field of view. "It is my job to ensure that the two of you are broken in, as it were, before presented to his Highness." This was followed by a rustling sound.

Nicola craned to neck around to try and see what he was up to, but the stocks prevented her.

"Believe you me, I don't enjoy this one bit, I'm really just doing my job, but I think you'll prefer to receive this from me first before the Prince gets stuck into you with his whopper."

Nicola's eyes widened in shock as Pumbo slipped a finger into her ass. He was going to anally fuck her! Nicola had done many depraved things in Hollywood, but anal sex wasn't one of them. She squirmed as Pumbo fingered her sphincter.

Well, thought Nicola, I ain't about to start now. Think, girl, think. Quick!

"Oh, goody," said Nicola. "Yeah baby, fuck me up the ass."

Pumbo paused. "You've had anal sex before?" he enquired gravely.

"Mmm, I'll say," Nicola replied. "Loads of times. I just love it. Come on big boy, give it to me." She waggled her backside enticingly.

"I'll bet, slut," murmured Angela. Nicola did her best to ignore her, concentrating instead on what she hoped would be the performance of her career.

"And what about you, American?" asked Pumbo.

"Me?" squealed Angela. "God, no, you pervert!"

Pumbo let out a sigh. "Well, Australian, I guess my work on you is already done."

He stepped out from behind Nicola and walked around the captured couple. Nicola could now see Pumbo was naked, his semi-erect penis jutting out obscenely from underneath his paunch.

"Moving right along..." he said, standing beside Angela. She suddenly realized what was about to happen. "Hey!"

Pumbo produced a red handkerchief and tied it around Angela's mouth, resulting in frantic mumbling from the starlet.

Pumbo didn't waste any time in the discharge of his duties. A dollop of sweet-smelling jelly was liberally smeared into Angela's wildly clenching anus. Then Pumbo grasped Angela firmly by her imprisoned hips and rammed his cock home deep into her bowels.

As Angela's face was only inches from her own and there was no way she could avert her gaze, there was nothing Nicola could do but watch in horrid fascination. The bitchy beauty's eyes bulged in shock as Pumbo plumbed her ass. Much as she disliked Angela, Nicola felt a small wave of guilt pass over her. Her little plan may've worked, but it put Angela right in it.

Or rather, the plan had put 'it' right in Angela.

Bending over her lustrous pale back, Pumbo grunted with effort as he vigorously buggered Angela, his gut slapping against her ass with every stroke. She let out a sigh against her gag, resigning herself to her fate, but letting out little moans and squeaks of discomfort from time to time.

Nicola squirmed in her stocks. This was simply the beginning of their ordeal. It was time she started using her brains to get herself (and, she supposed, Angela too) out of this predicament before her ass was on the line as well. Literally!

Angela was walking a little bow-legged as they were once more marched down more corridors. The girls didn't speak, not wanting to risk another spanking from Pumbo, but Angela cast angry glances at Nicola the whole journey.

Nicola knew she had for the moment escaped an ass-reaming. But at some point in the future of her captivity, her tender bottom would be exposed to an onslaught, if not from Pumbo then from whoever it was he served. She had to think of a way to escape before then!

The guards arrived at a massive door made from polished copper that towered over the nude, quivering starlets. Pumbo produced a key the size of his forearm and unlocked the imposing gate.

The two sweating guards set their muscle to it, and with a baleful groan the mighty door swung open.

They were ushered inside a sumptuous apartment. Nicola gaped at the sheer opulence of it, overwhelmed beyond words. In her days in Hollywood she had come in close (very close!) contact with producers, gangsters and politicians, but never before had she seen such wealth.

The floor was made from slabs of marble, inlaid with obsidian, jade and precious gems. Nicola couldn't see the walls, the room seemed to be surrounded in gently swirling silk curtains. The ceiling was a giant mirror, polished till it shone brilliantly and finished with gold. The air held a hint of rose petals and camphor. Light splashed languidly from a hundred flickering candles. The whole effect was one of sensual repose, of perfumed sighs, and cool, moist Arabian nights.

If there was one thing that got Nicola's juices running it was displays of power and riches such as this. And this time was no exception, the horny little starlet feeling a familiar buzz rising in her loins despite the nagging fear of their situation. But as desirous as she was to meet the master of all this and spread her legs for him, Nicola didn't want to remain here a slave for the rest of her life.

A loud bang snapped Nicola out of her reverie, and she and Angela whirled around. While the starlets had been staring about them, Pumbo and the guards had turned and left the suite, heaving the door shut behind them.

Angela rushed to the giant portal and scrabbled uselessly against its beautiful facade, but there was no way to open it from the inside.

"We're trapped!" she wailed.

Nicola swallowed, waiting for whatever new torment was about to be thrown at them. The room was quiet, the only movement was the billowing curtains fluttering like silken ghosts in the cool breeze that wafted through the apartment.

Suddenly, four figures became visible in the haze of gauzy drapes. Lithe, sexy figures, they moved like delicate angels through a world of soft delights.

They were women. White women.

Nicola watched, stunned, as the four beauties stepped out from behind the curtains that partially obscured them. They were gorgeous, visions of pure sexiness, dressed in wispy bits of cloth that did little to hide their bodies. Smiling, they approached Nicola and Angela.

"Welcome," said one of them in a charming English accent, "to your new lives."

"Excuse me?" Nicola asked, staring at the girl's nipples which strained against the strip of silk that served to barely cover her breasts.

One of the others stepped forward. "You are now ze property of es 'ighness, Prince Seseke, ruler of Malabunga." Her voice had the sexy smooth tones of French.

"Hey, I'm an American," said Angela sharply. "I ain't nobody's property."

"Ah, a firey one," said a third girl, this time in the winsome voice of the Old South. "I once felt as you did, my darlin'. But now I know it is my destiny to wait upon my Master's cock."

"Slaves," said Nicola grimly. "I knew it."

"Slaves, yes," said the fourth girl. "But willing slaves." Her accent was Italian. This harem, Nicola realized, was a regular United Nations of pussy.

"Perhaps we should begin with introductions," said the English girl. "And then explain. My name is Susan, and I used to be a stewardess."

"I am Marie, au Francais. Wonze upon a time I was a travel agent specializing in adventure 'olidays in Afrique. Now, I am on the adventure of my life!"

"Just like yawl I used to have a life before I came to Malabunga. I'm Charlotte, formerly of Georgia, now of His Highness Prince Seseke's royal harem."

"And I am Isabella. Long ago I was a fashion model from Milano. But now I am less interested in what I want to wear than what my Master wants me not to wear!"

Nicola cast an eye over the quartet of captured cuties. Had they seriously chucked in their lives to live here under lock and key, imprisoned to fulfill the sexual desires of this 'Prince Seseke'?

"Whatever," said Angela, parking her naked bottom on a comfy cushion. "After all that walking I need a rest."

"Oh no, no time to rest!" admonished Isabella with a waggle of her finger. "Her Highness the Princess Amaria will be here shortly to inspect you."

"Wait, wait, wait!" cried Nicola, her head spinning. "Will someone please explain what is going on?"

Charlotte smiled, like an adult smiling to a child who just didn't understand. "You've been kidnapped. Of course, you're upset, unwilling to stay and probably planning to escape. Believe me, we all did. But all that changed the moment we saw... It."

"It?" asked Angela.

The four girls clasped their hands together and rolled their eyes toward heaven, as if in religious rapture.

"His Highness's cock," breathed Susan. "The Royal Truncheon."

"The Pride of Malabunga," murmured Isabella.

"Ze Wang of Wangs," whispered Marie.

"Three whole feet of black, glistening love gristle," sighed Charlotte in reverend yet excited tones. "The moment you set your pretty little eyes on It, you will want to stay here for the rest of your lives, wanting nothing more than to give yourselves to Prince Seseke and his magnificent cunt reamer."

Nicola and Angela exchanged worried glances. Could it be true? Were they not only prisoners for the rest of their lives, but upon witnessing their Master's cock unfurl they would embrace their fate whole-heartedly?

Somewhere in the distance a bell sounded, its melodious tinkle carrying softly on the Arabesque air.

"Quickly!" said Charlotte. The four harem girls grabbed Nicola and Angela and hustled them into the apartment, brushing through a maze of silk curtains. "The Princess Amaria approaches."

"And how does she fit into all of this?" asked Nicola, trying hard to ignore the fact that she was buck naked and about to be introduced to more complete strangers.

"Princess Amaria is the wife of Prince Seseke. She is also mistress of the royal harem, and personally inspects any new acquisitions. That's you two, sugar."

Nicola boggled at the thought of it. The Prince's wife selects his sex slaves? But before she could pursue the matter further they burst into a smaller room. The girls barely had time to catch their breaths when a door at the far end pushed open, and in swept a beautiful black woman.

The Princess Amaria cut an imposing figure. Tall, sleek, with an impressive cleavage threatening to burst out of the flowing silk gown wrapped around her tasty body, the young black princess cast a haughty eye upon the white women who were her charges. Behind her, their heads shaved and bowed, stood four scimitar-wielding guards.

Wordlessly, the four slave girls dropped to their knees, motioning for Nicola and Angela to do so as well. From the subservient position, Nicola glanced up at Princess Amaria, sensing a vicious streak behind that cruel smile.

"So," said the Princess, "these are the new acquisitions." Glaring down at the nude starlets she didn't sound too impressed. She swooped upon them, intent on making a more hands-on assessment.

Nicola swallowed as those dark eyes bore down on her. Before she could protest, the Princess reached out with both hands and seized Nicola's boobs. The Aussie starlet gaped in surprise. The Princess proceeded to squeeze and fondle her tits, expertly evaluating Nicola's chesty charms.

"Good, good," she murmured. "All natural. I know how you white Western girls like to stick things into your bodies."

What might've been a tirade against plastic surgery or a double entendre was lost on Nicola, who was rather beginning to enjoy the surprisingly sensual boob massage her captor was administering. Princess Amaria knew just how much pressure to apply, and Nicola found her pulse racing and breath shortening.

The Princess's roaming hands tweaked Nicola's puckering pink nipples, causing them to harden.

She let out a slight moan.

A smile crept across Princess Amaria's lips. "Excellent. We'll make a slave girl of you yet." She let go of Nicola's boobs (much to her disappointment) and moved on to Angela.

The bitchy beauty normally didn't take crap from anyone, but the Princess's withering glare was enough to reduce the nude Angela to cowering at her mistress's feet.

"I don't know about this one..." said the Princess with a sour face. She ran her hands down Angela's chest, sliding across her sleek, well-toned muscles and rather small breasts. "Not much up top..."

Angela blushed deep scarlet, she'd always been sensitive about her small bust size.

The Princess's nimble fingers tugged on Angela's perky brown nipples, tweaking and pulling, causing her to turn an even deeper shade of red.

"...still, I'm sure she will have some use." She let go and there was an almost audible twang as Angela's nipples sprung back into place.

Princess Amaria stuck her nose in the air. "Bathe them and dress them, and then present the new slaves to my husband." Without even pausing, the haughty black aristocrat turned on her heel and marched out, trailing her entourage of guards.

Angela perked up a little at the mention of being dressed. "It's about time," she mumbled as the naked captives were once again marched away.

It was the largest, most sumptuous bathroom Nicola had ever seen. Sunk into the center of it was a huge tub made from solid gold, and the air was filled with steam rising from the hot, simmering waters. The Arabesque washroom overwhelmed the adorable Aussie's senses, and she suddenly realized how tired and worn out she was.

Nicola and Angela kicked off their heels and the other slavegirls divested themselves of their scanty silk clothes.

Nicola let out a contented sigh as Susan and Isabella's gentle hands lowered her into the warm, sweet-smelling waters. She slid down till her bottom made contact with a shelf, her nipples just visible over the milk-white surface.

With a mild splash, Susan and Isabella slipped into the bath beside her. Nicola closed her eyes and let waves of relaxation pass over her as the slavegirls began to bath her. Cupping their hands they ladled hot water over Nicola's gorgeous body, the heat turning her tanned skin a glistening brown color.

Nearby, Nicola sensed Angela undergoing the same pampering from Charlotte and Marie. For once, Angela was not complaining and for all her avowed homophobia she seemed to be enjoying the experience as much as the bisexual Nicola.

The luxurious bath/massage gave her the chance to collect her thoughts. Here she was facing a lifetime of sexual enslavement. Her career in Hollywood as an aspiring actress and model was behind her, all Nicola had to look forward to was this. But was that necessarily a bad thing? Over the past year, Nicola had really come to enjoy sex in a way she never had before. Perhaps it wasn't such a bad thing to just go the whole hog and spend the rest of her days on her back with her legs spread?

But all this was pretty academic. Nicola was a slavegirl now, and had little say in her own destiny. She was now just a plaything in the hands of her captors, a pretty toy. And from what the other slaves said, Nicola would willingly embrace her fate the moment she clapped eyes on the mysterious Prince Seseke's cock.

(How did that work exactly? Nicola had heard snakes had the power to hypnotize their victims, perhaps the trouser variety had a similar ability?)

As Nicola's mind worried over her future, sensual female hands roamed across her body. The next thing Nicola knew, Susan's hands were on her breasts, stroking, fondling, caressing. Nicola let out a sigh of desire, giving herself over to the naughty pleasure of being groped. With the heat from the water and Susan's attentions, Nicola's boobs were practically glowing. Her nipples stood out, hot and pink, more than an inch from her chest.

Isabella wasn't idle either. The Italian model-turned-slavegirl busied herself stroking Nicola's thighs, her hands working beneath the water. As Nicola responded favorably to their caresses, Isabella's hands slipped between her thighs. Her fingers made deliciously slow and wicked circles around Nicola's engorged nether lips.

"Do you like this?" whispered Isabella in her sexy Italian accent.

"Yes," murmured Nicola, drifting on a cloud of erotic satisfaction.

She leaned in close, pressing her tits against Nicola's arm, her lips brushing against Nicola's earlobe. "Do you want this to go on forever?" she asked.

Without thinking, Nicola replied. "Oh, yes. Oyesoyesoyesoyes."

Susan smiled, pleased. She kissed Nicola on the cheek. "It is time for you to meet your master."

The two slavegirls arose from the pool, water streaming down their bodies. Charlotte and Marie also stood up, their naked bodies wet and glistening. Disappointed and a little bewildered, Nicola got out of the bath and followed them. Angela likewise joined them, and from her flustered appearance it was clear that she had been thoroughly 'bathed' as well.

A soft towel was produced and between them Susan and Isabella gave Nicola a vigorous rubdown to dry her. Still dazed from her ordeal in the bath, the sensation of the silken towel against her bare skin made Nicola's still-buzzing pussy sing for more.

Her ablution complete, Nicola was led into a smaller room adjoining the bathroom to get dressed. When Nicola saw what was provided for her, she raised an eyebrow.

The girls began by slipping a gold band around Nicola's slender waist. It hung high on her hips just below her belly-button. Next, Susan and Isabella each picked up narrow 3-foot strips of diaphanous white silk, and moved like gossamer around her so that Nicola was sandwiched between them.

Nicola watched quizzically as Susan slipped one end of the silk over the gold band and pulled it down so that it hung there securely like a towel on a towel rail. From the feel of cloth brushing against her ass, Nicola guessed that Isabella was doing the same with the back. Finally, the girls tightened the gold band so that the two little slips of silk were held in place against Nicola's body.

Next, Susan produced another thin strip of material, and wrapped it around Nicola's chest, forming a very flimsy bikini top.

Isabella slipped a pair of gold high-heels onto Nicola's dainty feet while Susan arranged a veil to cover her head and face, leaving only her baby-blue eyes peeping out.

Nicola stood in front of a large gilt mirror admiring her outfit. The starlet had something of a guilty passion for dressing up in sexy and revealing costumes. Even doubled over, the narrow slivers of sheer silk front and back did little to conceal her pussy and ass, while leaving her gorgeous long legs completely bare, as well as most of her hips and groin.

The top didn't so much as cover Nicola's boobs as draw attention to them. Even more transparent than her loincloth, it proudly put the starlet's best assets on display. And because it offered no support whatsoever, her tits bobbed and jiggled with every slightest movement, bouncing around inside the loose confines of the silk like a pair of ripe melons. Most extraordinary of all though was the effect of the soft material rubbing against her sensitive breasts. Nicola's already tender nipples responded warmly to this gentle caressing, giving her a pleasantly tingly sensation across her prize-winning chest.

"Princess Leia eat your heart out," Nicola murmured with a satisfied smile. When (if!) she ever made it back home, she vowed to get her hands on a set of these duds for herself. Imagine sauntering into the Woody Awards dressed like this!

While Nicola was shamelessly ogling herself in the mirror, Susan produced one last item to finish off the slavegirl outfit, jingling slightly as she handled it. Nicola glanced over at it and felt more than a little faint.

It was a set of chains.

They were only small, elegant links of gold that were more ornamental than functional, they nevertheless served to remind Nicola of her new station in life: sex slave.

She offered no resistance as Susan attached the light-weight bonds around her wrists while Isabella locked a second pair around her shapely ankles. The sight of them made Nicola a little nervous, although they did look fabulous with her new slavegirl costume. She looked like a fantasy artwork come to life.

Susan and Isabella watched her preening and posing, knowing smiles dancing on their lips. They were dressed again in the similar outfits, only slightly more chaste billowing harem-pants and their faces were uncovered.

"Come," said Susan. "It's time."

Once again, Nicola found herself marching through the luxurious marbled halls of the ruling palace of Malabunga. Marie and Charlotte joined them, a dejected looking Angela between them. The raven-haired beauty had also been dressed in a little slavegirl outfit, though, thought Nicola with a hint of smugness, she didn't look anywhere near as hot as her Aussie rival.

It wasn't just the ankle-chains that forced Nicola to take smaller paces. The scanty little slip covering her crotch would flap up with every step, giving everyone an unforgettable flash of her chestnut-colored pubic hair. Not that it seemed to matter; as the slavegirls were marched through the corridors all the servants, guards and minor bureaucrats they passed would only glance in their direction then go back about their business.

Nicola felt a little outraged at this. Here she was, utterly fuckable and dressed to kill, and they weren't taking much notice! With a toss of her hair, Nicola defiantly vowed that they would lust after this slavegirl. She held her head up high, making her strides as long as her chains would allow, letting everyone get a good look at her assets.

Looking more and more miserable, Angela hurried to keep up. She kept her head down, her lovely long mane of black hair covering her face, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible.

They were moving through an area of the palace where there seemed to be more and more people. Nicola guessed that this was the hub of Malabunga's government, the center of this Prince Seseke's power.

Nicola sensed a change come over their accompanying slavegirls, Susan, Marie, Isabella and Charlotte. They seemed to glow with excitement and anticipation of the moment they would be ushered into the royal presence of their master. Nicola noted the broad smile on their lips, the blush of red on their cheeks, the shining look in their eyes. Would she soon be joining their ranks as a brainless, cock-obsessed bimbo?

Finally they arrived at their destination: the royal throne room. The slavegirls stood outside a pair of massive, iron-girt doors that marked the entrance to the seat of Malabunga.

The girls stood outside, waiting. The two new "recruits" nervously shuffled their feet whilst the other four seemed to squirm with impatience. After what seemed like an eternity to Nicola, the giant doors swung open with a booming groan.

Susan gently took Nicola by the hand, smiling at her to try and calm the anxious starlet. Hand in hand, the six slavegirls marched into the throne room.

None of the other royal apartments Nicola had seen could prepare her for the sight that greeted her. The room was massive, it seemed to be endless the walls were so far away. The ceiling must've been fifty feet high, supported on two rows of golden pillars that ran through the chamber. The south wall was opened up by a series of immense arched windows through which streamed the bright African sunshine.

Nicola's eyes darted all around her, trying to take in her surroundings. But it was the throne itself that drew Nicola's attention. Made from solid copper, it sat upon a dais in the center of the room. Reclining on this edifice was a tall, imposing black man with a neat goatee beard dressed in splendid, flowing robes. As Nicola approached him, his handsome but haughty face turned to stare at the slavegirls, and under his powerful gaze she involuntarily lowered her eyes to the floor.

There weren't too many other people in the throne room, just a pair of guards at the door they just entered and another pair far, far away at the other end of the chamber. And the plump, officious little Pumbo stood on the dais. But despite the lack of audience, Nicola felt both thrilled and embarrassed to be seen dressed in this outrageously sexy and revealing slavegirl costume.

About ten feet from the throne the girls halted. "Kneel!" barked Pumbo. "Bow before his Highness, Ruler of Malabunga, Protector of Rusama, Rightful Heir to the Golden Crocodile Throne and All-Round Nice Chap, Prince Seseke!"

The slavegirls threw themselves to the floor, prostrating their nubile bodies on the flagstones before the Prince. Bewildered, Nicola and Angela followed suit.

Nicola could feel the cold hard stone floor against her barely covered breasts. From the prone position she peered up at the Prince. His dark, good-looking face continued to stare down at his slavegirls. Finally he spoke:


It was a deep, rich voice that made Nicola's insides quiver.

The girls all sat upright into kneeling positions, their bottoms resting on their feet. All six of them waiting silently for His Highness to speak.

"So," he said, words flowing over Nicola like liquid honey, "these are the new girls for my harem."

With a rustle of cloth Prince Seseke arose from his throne and stepped majestically down from the dais. He stood before them, hands resting on his hips, infinitely confident in the power that he wielded over the hapless captives.

Nicola became aware of the change that overtook Susan, Marie, Charlotte and Isabella. Their breathing was shallow, rasping. Their faces shone with anticipation. Nicola was even a little surprised to note they were so excited, their nipples made very obvious dents in their chiffon tops.

"From this point on your lives are no longer your own. Your days as wonton white women, wasting your succulent bodies on unworthy white boys, is over. You are now my slaves."

A sinister smile crept across his thick black lips. "And this you will do willingly."

The tension in the throne room ratcheted up several notches. The slavegirls seemed to hum with sexual desire, sensing what was to come. Angela, on the other hand, seemed to sink further into her misery.

This was it.

Prince Seseke grasped the front of his robe and in a single fluid movement yanked it aside. Before Nicola's eyes, His Highness's cock swung mightily into view.

It hung down several inches, a solid pillar of prime, gently pulsing African dick. The circumcised head shone brilliantly in the light, glistening with the Prince's potent juices.

The effect it had on the girls was electric. There was a sharp intake of breath as four beauties gasped in unison. Although they remained crouched on the floor, they seemed to strain forward as if their natural impulse was to pounce on the Prince's cock.

To Nicola's surprise, Angela seemed to perk up. The same glazed expression was visible in her eyes as well, staring transfixed upon Prince Seseke with equal parts dread and lust. "It's beautiful," she murmured softly.

His Highness's grin twisted wider across his black face as he stood proudly exposed to his slavegirls.

Nicola cast a more critical eye on his meat. It was a handsome dick, and Nicola felt her pulse surge at the sight of it. But still, it didn't flush her pussy quite the same way as it did the others.

"I've seen better," she said with a shrug.

A ripple of shock ran through the court. The other girls gasped in astonishment. Pumbo was puffing in surprise. The Royal Wang twitched indignantly.

"WHAT??!!" roared Prince Seseke.

Susan shook her pretty head and whispered, "No, no!"

"All I meant to say," Nicola tried to explain, "is that it's a perfectly nice dick, and I'd be glad to fuck you, but I don't really want to spend the rest of my life with that as my only option."

Prince Seseke was turning the most amazing shade of purple. His cock, which had just a moment ago hung proudly down his leg, now squirmed in agitation. The guards shuffled anxiously. The other girls looked shocked, as if amazed any white girl would even disparage her master's meat.

The look of fury on Prince Seseke's face wasn't hard to read. "Take her to my royal apartments!" he commanded. "I shall deal with her personally."

Nicola gulped, suddenly wishing she'd kept her mouth shut. The guards jumped to obey, seizing the starlet under her bare arms. She caught Susan's eye looking fearfully after her before Nicola was dragged bodily from the throne room.

Nicola was hauled none-too gently into yet another sumptuous room. The guards grabbed what little clothing she was wearing and with a vicious tug tore her lovely slavegirl outfit to shreds, leaving Nicola once again naked.

Thankfully, they also removed her chains. But a moment later, Nicola realized even more awful restraints awaited her.

Set up in the middle of the room was another set of stocks. Whereas the ones she and Angela had been locked into earlier had been rather functional, this set was crafted specially for the true connoisseur of the Sadistic arts.

It was a frame made entirely from metal, bronze that glittered menacingly. The nude Nicola was dragged over to it and her nubile young body secured to the harsh mount. As before she was pulled forward into a bent-over position, metal locks secured around her wrists. Her ankles where forced apart and they too were locked in place, wide apart so that her delicious long legs were spread like a wishbone. Finally a metal brace was lowered across the back of her neck, pinning the starlet in a very compromising situation.

Nicola wiggled with discomfort in her imprisonment. The metal felt cold and hard against her tender flesh, and she was once again forced into a position that left her charms bared. Her large, 38-inch boobs hung down beneath her, just waiting for whatever nastiness Prince Seseke had in mind. Worse still was her pussy, moist and juicy, held open by her splayed legs, exposed to her master's whims.

And it was in this pose that the naked Nicola was left to stew as the guards departed.

Nicola wondered why Susan and the others had fallen under Seseke's penile spell and she hadn't. The most obvious answer was that Nicola, as an aspiring Hollywood starlet, saw more dick than any normal woman, so his meat was nothing special to her.

But then why was Angela affected? True, she wasn't as arduous as Nicola at pursuing her career, but she was no stranger to the casting couch.

Nicola squeezed her eyes shut and conjured up the image of Seseke's dick in her mind. Sleek, black, pulsing with a raw animal energy. But Nicola's reaction was much the same as before. Sure, she wanted to fuck him, but she was hardly mesmerized.

Prince Seseke entered quietly through a secret door at the rear of his royal apartments and was greeted with the sight of Nicola's bare bottom, captive in his special set of stocks. Seeing the gorgeous, naked white girl cowed thus took the edge off his rage somewhat, and the Prince allowed himself a smile of satisfaction.

If anything else this was going to be fun, his first session with his new plaything.

Silently, the black prince glided up behind his naughty slavegirl. Seseke had had many a nude white girl cowering at his feet, but he had to admit it, this one was something else. He reached out a hand and brushed his fingertips against Nicola's backside.

At the sudden and surprisingly gentle touch, Nicola jumped, although her restraints limited her movements considerably. She squirmed hapless, trying to see who was groping her ass.

Seseke made no attempt to announce his presence. Instead he slipped off his clothes and stood naked behind Nicola, looked down on the captured starlet, enjoying the spectacle of her unfettered boobs quivering with her nervousness.

At last he chose to announce his presence. "You've been a very naughty girl," he said in his deep voice. "Most of my slavegirls fall in love with my beautiful black cock the moment they set eyes on it. I don't know why you didn't, but I intend to teach you some manners."

"Your Highness," Nicola replied. The Prince was still out of her limited field of view and it threw her a little to speak without seeing him, but she was determined to give this her best shot. "Forgive me, but my feelings are much the same as they were earlier. You have a perfectly nice cock, but I'm not going to swoon over it."

Again, Seseke felt that stab of rage. Seeing Nicola stretched out before him naked and helpless cooled it somewhat, but he still felt the indignity of being talked back to by this lowly slavegirl. He ran his hand up and along her spine.

Nicola shivered under his touch. Despite her humiliating position, she was beginning to get a little turned on. She'd always had a bit of a submissive streak and, well, being shackled into a set of stocks by a big black African prince made her feel more than a little submissive. But first, she had some probing of her own to do.

"And I would think you wouldn't care, seeing as you already have such a beautiful wife."

Seseke's hand paused abruptly. "The Princess Amaria," he murmured. Nicola thought she detected a hint of bitterness in his voice. "She has... her own interests."

"And that includes being mistress of the harem?" Nicola asked.

"Yes. Apart from her own burdens of ruling Malabunga, the Princess occupies herself a great deal with the harem. It is gratifying that she should spend so much energy on ensuring my sexual satisfaction, although mystifying that she doesn't see to it herself."

Nicola suddenly realized what was going on, even if Prince Seseke didn't. She guessed that once he had finished enjoying her, she would be summoned to the Princess Amaria.

"Now then," sighed Prince Seseke. "Back to the task at hand."

He strode past her, and for the first time Nicola was able to get a good long look at his naked body. The Prince was very well built, his bulging muscles rippling as he walked toward the far wall. Nicola was so engrossed at ogling his ass that she didn't notice what it was he was doing. The Prince suddenly turned around, his impressive but not-overwhelming cock swinging before him like a trunk.

Nicola gasped in shock.

It was a length of wicked black leather. It gave Nicola nasty memories of the strap the nuns at school used to use. At the sight of it she squirmed uselessly against her bonds, but there was no escape. The softest parts of her body were vulnerable and there was nothing Nicola could do about it.

The Prince circled her, enjoying watching her discomfort. Finally he took up position behind her. Months of nude sunbathing had left Nicola's exquisite ass a lovely even shade of brown, and right now Prince Seseke wanted nothing more than to see that peach turn a tender shade of red.

"Please," begged Nicola, "this won't change my mind." She was becoming desperate now.

"Do not worry, my precious possession," the Prince hushed her gently as he raised his arm high above his head. "I know how to do this so that you will not be marked."

There was nothing Nicola could do but squeeze her eyes shut. The strap sizzled through the hot, dry African air and cracked across Nicola's pert ass.

She gave a squeal of pain, twisting in her bonds. Prince Seseke smiled, watching the red bloom of pain and shame creep across her white backside.

Again the strap swished back and down on the tempting, heart-shaped target. Nicola's painful squeak was this time mixed with a little sob.

"Please," she cried, "I'll do anything, just stop!"

Prince Seseke paused. As peeved as he was at her refusal to bow before his mighty black wang, it suddenly occurred to him that it might be fun to break this haughty starlet.

"Anything?" Seseke asked.

"Anything!" Nicola wailed.

Prince Seseke stroked his beard thoughtfully. "For a start, call me Master. I wish to hear those words fall from your pretty lips."

Nicola rolled her eyes and sighed silently to herself, thankful he had at least stopped whipping her ass. She would just have to treat the Prince like any other producer, fawning over him and fulfilling his every whim, although this time it was more than just a plum role or a modeling assignment that was at stake.

"Yes, Master," she said wearily. She was tired and uncomfortable and her ass stung like hell, but she did her best to sound sincere.

The Prince puffed himself up with pride. His cock, dispirited by the humiliation in the throne room, gained some of its former vigor and began to stiffen. Grinning with victory, Prince Seseke made his way around Nicola to the front of her stocks, his hardon swinging to and fro before him. He stood in front of her, proudly erect, his hands resting on his hips.

"So, you are ready to submit to my power, and willingly become my slavegirl?"

Nicola peered up at the Prince, her eyes roaming across his naked, muscular body, down to his dick, which was beginning to pulse enthusiastically with excitement.

In spite of everything he was pretty good looking. She was getting horny again! Nicola wiggled in her shackles, sensing that warm, honey-like feeling spreading across her crotch. It wasn't such a bad cock, after all. She'd entertained worse in her career.

Nicola licked her lips and let out the slightest of moans.

That was all the encouragement Prince Seseke needed. He reached down, running his hands erotically through Nicola's long, chestnut-colored hair. The adorable little Aussie starlet closed her eyes and sighed with sensual delight. Was she still acting or did she really want this? Nicola didn't know and she didn't care!

Seseke pushed his groin into Nicola's face, feeding his cock into her little pink mouth. She eagerly opened wide, letting his thick black meat slide between her pearly white teeth and down her throat.

The black Prince began to fuck her mouth with gusto. Nicola tried her best to blow him properly, but with her head locked in place it was hard. Still, she was renown in Hollywood as a BJ princess and Nicola was determined to give her best performance under these difficult circumstances. And it was obvious he had done this before as well.

Nicola's tongue slithered up and down the shaft as he pumped it in and out of her drooling mouth, forcing her head as far forward as her shackles would allow to suckle eagerly on Prince Seseke's dick. All her discomfort and pain seemed to disappear into the background. It was certainly different to fuck like this, Nicola thought to herself as she slurped contentedly.

Standing over her, the Prince grunted with the effort of fucking Nicola's mouth. Sweat soon sprang up, glistening on his naked black torso. Seseke leaned even further forward, resting his hands on the stocks, his hips pistoning even faster.

Finally Seseke let out a sharp grunt. He froze mid-fuck, his rippling muscles tensing in orgasm. An instant later a torrent of cum spurted from his dick shooting down Nicola's throat and almost choking her. She gasped, trying to gulp as much of it down as possible, but her imprisonment threw her off rhythm. With a strangled cough, Seseke's cum starting flowing out of her nose.

The haughty black Prince paid little attention to his slavegirl's predicament, but instead pulled his still-pumping cock out of her mouth and began to hose his cum into the pretty girl's face.

By the time Prince Seseke had finished, Nicola's entire face and head were dripping with his juices. It was in her eyes, up her nose, matting her long tresses. It was all the starlet could do but gasp and sob in shock.

Nicola half-expected her master to switch ends and start giving her what she needed but Prince Seseke had what he wanted and instantly lost interest in his toy. Without looking at Nicola he walked over to a golden basin and washed his dick clean. Then he slipped his robes back on and without saying a word left the room.

So Nicola was left alone, still imprisoned and more than a little sticky. She was still out of breath and panting a little. After a while the door opened again and her guards made their way over to her. Wordlessly, they unlocked her shackles and once again they were off, wandering through the cavernous corridors of Malabunga's ruling palace.

Nicola was exhausted to the point of collapse by the time they reached their destination. Her eyelids had long-since fluttered shut, and the captive cutie allowed herself to be hauled along by her burly jailers.

They halted, and Nicola felt herself plonked onto a bed. Ah! She sighed. At last! She could hear the guards leave with a gentle soft clinking of their scimitars. Nicola was sore, tired and filthy. But now at last she could drift off to sleep.

She was just doing so when she could feel something moist sponging across her face, cleaning off the Prince's semen. Someone was washing her face, cool water trickling over her drowsy cheeks.

"Mmm, Susan," Nicola murmured. But the voice that replied was too husky, too dominant, to be a slavegirl's.

"My husband can be such a beast," whispered the Princess Amaria. Nicola opened her eyes, taking note of her new surroundings for the first time. She was lying on the purest white sheets she'd ever seen, in a sumptuous bedchamber lit by flickering lanterns. Night had fallen. Sitting over Nicola, her dark face bathed in shadows, was the Princess Amaria.

"Ah, my pretty," she cooed, "you will now experience the softer delights Malabunga has to offer."

Inwardly Nicola let out a groan. Not that she had anything against fucking another woman, on the contrary Nicola had been an enthusiastic convert to lesbianism ever since her friend Jennifer had seduced her several months ago. But if being a slavegirl at Prince Seseke's beck and call wasn't enough, she was also expected to perform for the Princess Amaria as well.

After cleaning Nicola's face, Amaria produced a silken cloth and dried her. All the while she murmured to her toy in a language Nicola didn't understand. The attention made Nicola feel light-headed. She began to feel horny again.

Amaria laid back in the bed and for the first time Nicola realized the Princess was as naked as she was. The iridescent lights played across her reclined body, making her skin look like liquid chocolate.

Nicola loved chocolate.

Amaria's breasts were large, bigger even than Nicola's, but not so huge that they lolled across her reclined chest but rather stood out proud and firm. Her thick areolas were the most amazing shade of black, like licorice.

The Princess slipped one hand between her open legs and toyed with her thick black pussy lips. Nicola glanced down, astonished to see how pink her cunt looked contrasted against her dusky skin.

"Come to me," Amaria purred, fingering herself. "Pleasure your mistress."

Exhausted, Nicola let out the slightest of sighs but there was nothing she could do but obey. The adorable Aussie crawled submissively up the bed, her head bowed, until she reached the lounging Princess.

She knew the drill. Without a word Nicola thrust her head between the Princess's legs. Her face hovered just above the Pearl of Malabunga, feeling the heat emanating from her pussy, the musky perfume of Amaria's desire in her nostrils.

The Princess let out an impatient moan of lust, urging Nicola to her task. She plunged in, her tongue diving between the juicy folds of Amaria's cunt, tasting the sticky-sweetness within.

The Princess threw back her long, black mane of hair and let out a squeal of ecstasy that echoed through the halls of the palace. Nicola carried on dutifully lapping away, eliciting a froth of free-flowing cunt juices from Amaria that left Nicola with a sticky sheen across her nose and chin.

Her mouth full of honey, Nicola reflected that her captivity might've been a lot worse...

(Continued in Part 2)

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