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Reviewed: 9/4/02

There are bondage stories, and then there are bondage stories, as far different from scarves-and-bedposts tie-me-ups as Rottweillers are from toy poodles. I don't mean just leather corsets and whipping frames. I'm talking about padlocked rubber catsuits, vacuum-pumped body bags, and full-body mummification. Gromet, the creator of this site, has put together a prime selection of such stories, all of them free and updated weekly.

I suppose some of you are now scratching your heads wondering why anyone would want to mummify, or be mummified by, someone else. It is an unusual fetish, even taking into account the mummy aspect is more figurative than literal. But there are many ways to make a human mummy. Rubber, latex, saran wrap, bandages, duct tape, all suffice, as long as the person is immobilized completely by having their limbs pressed tightly against their body so that the blood throbs through their veins; in such an immobilized, suspended state the mummified one finds sexual ecstasy. The stories go about this end in a number of ways. Sometimes the plot concerns revenge, or people experimenting with their home grown techniques. Sometimes a machine is used, with or without a high tech or science fiction setting. A few stories had mythic Egyptian tones, or involved fantasy characters or aliens.

For my review I picked eleven stories from the mummification and latex sections, which together held about two hundred stories. The quality ranged from very good to eh, not so good. Some writers made the fantastic nature of their bondage setups seem real and convincing; others did not. In the poorly written "The Slave Trial" by Matt L., for example, three gorgeous slaves vie, through being as submissive as possible (which meant doing nothing) to win a place as their Master's "permanent latex bondage submissive" locked in a rubber sheet on a strapped table -- a dubious honor, if you ask me. Silliness also reigned in RbrBill's "Alien Rubber" in which the whole human race is transformed, by aliens into rubber bondage slaves, not so much Ricky Horror as Rocky Horrible. But Fringe's delightful "The Rubberisation of ElectraWoman and DynaGirl" took the silliness and turned it into camp, with the two eternally perky heroines threatened by "Rubber Queen" and her community of bondage aficionados. Unfortunately, after an excellent start, it was left unfinished, ending at the point where the "rubberisation" would begin.

Other stories were quite serious, reaching a level of intensity and imagination rivaling that in regular bondage fiction. Perhaps the most intense of these was Toran's "Do You Want to Continue?" written as a sort of love letter from Toran, one of the site's principle writers (and a dom male) to another writer, Jenny (a sub female.) The idealized affair takes the two from a polyamorous Master/slave relationship with two other submissives to a fulfillment of Jenny's most extreme fantasy, that of being mummified and buried alive in a faux-Egyptian tomb, which Toran is only too happy to grant her. The story strains its plausibility in places (such as the contact lens/cameras glued to the victim's eyes so she can access live action views of her entombment) but the overall effect is dark, majestic, and deliciously cruel, an A+ work of fiction in any genre:

Jenny tells herself that this is what she wants. Enjoy it. Savor it. It's at this moment, as she focuses on the feed from the tiny camera inside with her the one that shows her mummified body rigidly trapped in her sarcophagus, a bound girl for which there is now no escape at this moment the vibrator comes to life with the first of its damnable bursts of power. She feels the first uncontrollable ripple of giddy warmth race through her body and the feeling builds and the fear that is racing right along with the warmth only adds fuel to the fire. Forever she could be here forever. Fucking forever... The massive hoist is attached to the entire sarcophagus now and with barely a tug, it lifts the heavy wooden tomb a few feet. The floor underneath the sarcophagus trembles then and slides away to reveal a huge and gaping black hole. Inside the sarcophagus, sealed in by elaborate locking mechanisms that now not even the hoist could rip the top off, Jenny doesn't feel any movement as she's lowered into the black darkness. He's going to bury her!

A little while later she's sealed in for good, with cement. But her lover still gives her a choice:

"Do you want to continue?" There is already hundreds of pounds of cement, a heavy wooden coffin, six layers of linen and sealing compound wrapped around her. She's sealed in. Totally sealed in. But he can still stop it. She knows it. He's surely thought of how to get her out, otherwise he wouldn't ask her, now, when she's making the last decision. She has to say no. She has to put a stop to this right fucking now because this is real, this is no turning back.

She moans her answer. "Yes."

The vibrator kicks in just as the cement fills the pit completely, and its panic and fear and arousal and everything that she's ever dreamed about and fantasized about and when she sees Teri, naked, fighting furiously against the chains that bind her, being attached to the hoist and when she hears Toran's voice in her ears telling her that every mummified queen has her pets sealed in with her forever and Teri surely qualified as her closest pet, and when she sees Teri, crying around her thick gag, being lowered into the still liquid cement until only bubbles, lazily popping at the surface shows she's ever existed the biggest hardest longest orgasm erupts from deep inside Jenny and as she's powerless to stop anything now, it rolls through her and sends her into satisfied blackness.

Probably the quintessential mummy story, and one of the best pieces of gothic erotica I've read. Poe would be pleased.

Most of the stories, however, had less dom-sub interaction. I found self-bondage machines figured strongly in a lot of them, ranging from virtual reality units that fulfill one's every fantasy to coin-operated amusement machines that offer unspeakable delights. The genre inspires far more of these than other I've read, besides ASFR. In "The Factory" by Tr_Veller, an amateur spy gets sucked into a machine that dresses and poses life-sized dolls in rubber fetish gear, with the same results for herself. In "Virtual Bondage" by Russ, the machine is a virtual reality headset, causing the user to experience what it's like a for a fly to be trapped in a spider's web; the writing here was especially gripping. XVX'S "Bound to Happen" features a self-mummification device that binds its victims in decorative wrappings that simulate those of nature: butterfly chrysalis, bat, mermaid, the process coordinated with pieces of classical music. As in so many of these stories the device malfunctions or works too well, treating its goth-chick victim to a three-day orgy of mummification, after which both it, and her, are repossessed. Silly or stimulating? You decide. In Jenny's "The Entertainment Center" the device is more sinister: it literally mummifies its victim alive, Egyptian-style, which includes having your brains sucked out of your nose by a straw. Definately not for the squeamish.

The other strong theme of these stories is that of revenge. In RubberH's "The Effects of Downsizing" a surly, unemployed husband becomes a rubberized pleasure slave when his wife gets fed up with him; in "The Widows' Surprise" by Glassmummy a gold-digging widow is mummified and placed in public with a sign around her neck denoting her misdeeds (not much of a revenge considering her face is covered.) "The Sentence" by Filador50 has a more extreme punishment: the male victim is mummified alive and plastered into a coffin, the story going into fetishistic levels of detail about it; no two stories had exactly the same process, which made the long passages interesting, if not exactly arousing, to me. This story also utilized mythic elements of wetwi, ancient Egyptian specialists in making mummies, though they didn't disembowel him and put his guts in a jar, as the real wetwi did. (There were just as many male mummy victims in these stories as female ones.)

But the best revenge story for my money was "Emily's Folly" by Tom. Tom was a particularly sadistic writer whose stories have no happy endings, though the victims do get what they deserve, or what the author thinks they deserve. Poor Emily is after Tom's job and pays the price when he drugs her and sticks her in a pallet wrapping machine:

Now John, controlling the winch, moved her up and into the machine. What was she going to do if it covered her nose? Surely she would suffocate. She was lowered down towards the floor and then jerked to a stop. John with a look of pure malevolence and pleasure flicked the red switch and the machine began to wrap. It started at the top with her feet and pulled them snug together as the wrap was wound round and round Emilys squirming legs. The wrap was overlapping every time creating an incredibly tight shrink wrapped package. Emily could feel her legs being constricted together as they were being forced into each other. The machine reached her thighs and bottom and squeezing her ass into a pert peach and continued its journey enslaving her tied hands and stomach. Emily was being mummified in the black shiny wrap and there was nothing she could do about it. John was stood there with his erection plainly showing through his trousers still glaring at the marvelous spectacle before him.

The machine encircled Emily's chest and breasts with hundreds of metres of wrap and carried on towards her neck and face. She could not even wriggle through the numerous layers and she truly though she would die. The wrap connected with the neck and tightly bound it stiff but left her enough room so she could breathe.

That's not going to help once my nose is covered thought Emily darkly. Then her vision and air supply were completely cut off and she was thrust into darkness. She could feel her head being securely bound. Then there was a pause while the machine made ready to wrap her vertically. Then it began again but this time it only took 20 seconds. She felt her body being lifted out of the machine and laid out on the floor. Almost at the point of blacking out from lack of oxygen and being hung upside down for so long she was almost exultant with joy when John carefully opened the wrap at her nose so she could breathe.

"How do you like that," laughed John while he stood over her like a hunter who has caught his prey.

Don't try this at home, folks! I mean it.

This story ends when Tom hoists his mummy into the rafters and leaves her there: "With a last lingering look at the shadows far above him he turned of the lights and headed home. Emily never did get to ring her Mum that weekend, or ever again for that matter."

Strong stuff, this.

The site was for the most part clear of annoying ads, and well organized, if garish (lots of bright reds and blues) and easy to navigate. In addition to the mummy archive and latex archives there were self-bondage, vacuum pump (with warnings), regular bondage, and guest archives, each searchable by author and title. There were also sections on bondage techniques ("The Beginner's Guide to Clingfilming"), reader correspondence, the experiences of Gromet's "other half" regarding her SO's startling hobby, and a writers' guide. There were also lots of mummy photos, though I couldn't tell if there were real people in there or not. It's clear the site's creator is doing all of this as a labor of love for his community. All in all, the site is a good place to get your mummy fix in a friendly fashion and perhaps pick up some pointers along the way.

Interface: B+
Content: A+ to B-
Will I visit again: Yes.

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