A Fan's Notes

(reflections while reading Laura's Story)

[used by permission]


Chapter 261:

I see that Laura is about to hit the big 3-O. It seems she will not take it that well. My oldest sister wailed and moaned on that day. Me, I could care less when I turned 13, 16, 18 or 21. Therefore, my thirtieth didn't bother me at all. What bothers me is seeing a new wrinkle start, still few, and parts wanting to migrate south. Oh well, all I can do is try and keep in shape and stay fit.

I know what Laura means about teenagers and their slang. Joann picked up a black high school cheerleader at the mall recently. She is a tiny thing like Joann. This always makes me nervous. When I was Tifeshon's age I wanted older women, but now that it is reversed it feels a little reckless. We did fuck her blind though and she keeps coming back for more. She speaks very educated but when starts talking "hood", we are completely clueless which she finds to be a hoot. She is in the process of making us a hood dictionary.

I guess SS is not longer a model for Victoria. To bad, she is a beauty, but it is a cruel business. I went to Miami to visit an old friend last year. She took me to a photo shot for a body builder. They had hired some local models to pose with him in various "he man" poses. They did some soft-core poses in some of the layouts. What was sad was listening to the director comment on one model in particular, talking about how her ass was not as tight as in the past. Still looked tight enough to me, and I know asses. She had at most one or two extra pounds there. Still, it lacked some quality he had the last shoot. Having to rely solely on one's beauty is a hard way to make a living.

The second paragraph made me initially drop my jaw. For the first time, Laura is seriously considering giving up her women for one woman. She has idly thought about it in the past. It was never serious, this is. I can understand her attraction to Sara. She is completely special. I think Laura has had these thoughts before, but never this strong. I remember she has toyed with this with Dawn, but never like this. I am happy that Laura has connected with this special woman; I just don't want it to happen for a long time yet; this settling down. Yes, I am being selfish here I know. I hope you continue to find inspiration for new chapters. You mentioned a long time ago that merely walking down the street you find it. You find beauty in all the black women around you. Hopefully, between that and hopefully, more positive feedback, you can keep your batteries going for some time.

I think that the change in living quarters has help trigger these thoughts. She has closed an old chapter of her life. She has lived there for a long time. I don't blame her for reexamining her life at this stage. Having a wonderful, sexy and truly compatible woman enter your life will do that. Did with me and Maria and Joann.

Loved the photos of Sara. Of the nine, I didn't have eight. I loved this wig big time. Wow, it really changes her looks. I can understand Laura's infatuation with it. Loved number nine, loved her smile and laughing. I love seeing this in women when they are loving each other. Having fun while making love. Loved the close up of her clit/pussy ring. Love her meaty cunt, I can feel it caressing my face as I bury my mouth in it. I have the photos in her home directory and will be on the next set of cd's.

I can see why Laura considers Sara and not some of her other sweethearts with thoughts of settling down. Sara is available in the here and now. Dawn, while special, is really just starting her adult life. She is trying to get threw college and does have a man in her life. I get the feeling though, that if she were to graduate tomorrow, Laura would find her much more available. I think Dawn sticks with Robert out of habit. She is in a holding pattern. Randi is Randi. She will never stop playing her games. Deshona can't quite make the leap and ditch her loser husband. I think she just isn't willing to buck society and take the risk. She is comfortable playing the "game". She is not willing to risk. Damn her (no anger here, just frustrated with her).

Then Laura starts thinking of the women she doesn't have any strong feelings of love for. These are the women she thinks of in a much more sexual way. Mavis with the burning, mysterious fuck me eyes. Charise with the beautiful smile and great tits and all star pussy. Wild and unpredictable Jane. If any of these teenagers were to appear, Laura must be free to service them. Shavon who has become a regular (yeah) and grinds her cunt on Laura's face. The other all stars like Ada, Yvette, Ada, Jonelle, etc. Laura has all these lovelies that she needs to make love to. I can see why Laura stops herself from thinking about all her lovers. It can get daunting when the count starts to go up.

I agree that for Laura to cut her self off would harm her wild sensual streak. This in turn would only cause Laura pain and thus any relationship she would be in would have to suffer. This would probably tear them apart in the end. Until Laura feels she has sown all her "wild oats" she would be unhappy with any monogamous relationship.

Still, I understand Laura's attraction to Sara [Sara was unattached, very good-natured, and phenomenally sexy. They had spent two more nights together following their first, and the deep happiness and sexual pleasure they derived from each other was palpable. They were beautifully compatible, Laura realized, and she knew that Sara felt it too, and that sooner or later this deep love and profound compatibility would impel them both to make a choice.] Of course the sex is great, but it is so much more than that. It is the "compatibility" that propels this longing. It is this joining of similar interests and the ability to just to get along. It is just having fun in each other's company. It is making each other happy.

I am so happy that she has now moved into her new apartment. I am not surprised she turned down sex with Rhonda and Yvette. I was happy to see them all together. It just goes to show that their relationship has grown to the friendship level and put aside their jealousy. I can understand Laura wanting to save herself for Sara, but I wonder if she could have resisted if she wasn't having her period. Seeing Rhonda, I do hope she and Laura get to put Stevie in her place in the not to distant future.

Now Sara arrives at the condo with wine and a "love candle". She immediately starts cracking jokes and making faces. I love her humor. She makes one so comfortable around her. Sara is wearing her red wig. Love the pictures you are using for this chapter. That wig makes her look so absolutely hot. I love their easy banter. Even though they have only been together on a few dates and three nights of love, they do seem to fit together so well. They put each other at ease. I can see why Laura so loves this woman's company.

Now they share their first kiss of the night. Laura kisses her right by the door. She takes the wine and candle from her hands. She must have her know. I want Laura to keep her current lifestyle for selfish reasons, but I can understand her attraction to Sara with kisses like this [They might have expected the kiss to incinerate them but their emotions took over, and instead it became a slow, warm, welcoming, then slowly simmering one, their lips curving together in agonizingly sweet harmony, their tongues not frantically stabbing but coiling and stroking in a slow rhythm of intense feeling. Near the end of it, Laura dropped her hands to Sara's firm, substantial ass and dug her fingers into it through Sara's skirt, making Sara grin as their lips finally came apart.] This is the kiss of true lovers. All that emotion. Love Laura digging her fingers into Sara's ass. Makes me smile and my pussy quiver.

I hope Sara knows that she has thighs and an ass to die for. She now sets down with Laura on the sofa and opens a book she has brought. Laura discovers that it is a book of super models. Sara shows her SS pictures and asks Laura what she thinks. I think she is a little surprised by Laura's reaction. I can understand Laura's reaction. Do you love me for me or because I remind you of someone. Sara quickly makes it clear that it is only cool that they look alike. It is Laura that Sara is falling in love with and desires to give her body to.

I love how you are always describing Sara's breast jiggling when she moves. I can see that. I know my body would be drooling to devour Sara. Watching this sweet show before my eyes.

Sara is so sweet. She takes Laura's discomfort and gloomy thoughts of getting old and uses her charm to make Laura immediately feel better. To Sara, Laura is the bomb. I love those funny faces.

I think it so cute and tender that Laura does not want to make love to Sara on the sofa. She has had too many women on that sofa. I smile when I think of some of them. She is like Shavon in chapter 239. Laura wants to christen the new bedroom with Sara. This woman, that has become so special to her. This is great dialog you have here. I wish I knew how you create such beautiful banter [Sara grinned back, getting to her feet too. "I don't know how to play the flute. Are we going to make music?" "Mmmm, what do you think." Sara flirted back. "I know how to play a few other things, though."] Their dialog seems so fresh and spontaneous. You have told me that these women tell you what they say. What can I say; these are special women.

I think it is REALLY cute how Laura has time to go to the kitchen, get glasses, light the love candle and start opening a bottle before Sara saunters into the bedroom. That is just so, I don't know the right word, but I like it lot. I think of sass. It seems she has explored enough to notice the second bedroom. She makes a comment about moving in. She makes yet another wonderful funny face and jokes it off. This really throws Laura, since she has had the same thoughts. Sara puts it off, for now.

It will be interesting to see where their relationship goes. I know, you know, I love Laura's wild side. She and I are a lot alike. We need our freedom, as do Maria and Joann. We love having our home life. It is our anchor and safe harbor. If they do get together, I can only hope they continue to see other women. I say this from a pure selfish viewpoint I must admit. In the end though, I want what is best for Laura. If she finds bliss with Sara and gives her old ways up, I will have to just smile and be happy for her. Geez, I hope that is many, many chapters down the road. In the end, I can only thank her for letting me come along for this glorious ride.

Again, I love the sweet dialog between the two, ["Please don't do that," Laura said, indicating Sara's hand that was still reaching to unbutton her blouse. "I want to do that." Sara flirted. "What a sweet thing to say. You really do like this short little body, don't you."] I think it so cute that they finally get to the point of making toasts and Sara wants to give Laura a long flowery toast, but she cuts her off. It is time for sweet loving. She tells Sara that they need to initiate her new condo and asks Sara what she wants must.

Needless to say, I love Sara's answer [Sara giggled as they drank. "You know what I want?" she said, fetchingly bashful for once. "I want to get rammed. Just seeing that champagne go off like that in your hands . . . it just made me want to get drilled, know what I mean? You ever feel that?"] Yes. I. Have. Reading this makes my pussy start quivering and juicing. One thing I really like about this, is the fact they are asking and freely telling what they want from each other. Women in general are such pleasing lovers. But, when you really connect, you want to really focus in on your love's needs, wants and desires. I just love how Laura is always doing this, striving to satisfy her lovers completely.

The next paragraph you touched on something I am very aware of and keen to pick up. Sara when asking whether Laura has a strap-on asks if "you" lesbians have such a thing. That is such an obvious indicator of where a woman is with their sexuality. Doesn't really phase me when I hear this, but I do notice it. I love it when a bi-curious woman falls for our lifestyle and the "you" becomes a "we". Love how Sara catches herself and does her now usual moue pose and immediately changes the pronoun from "you" to "we". It is pleasant for me to read that. So many of Laura's readers think of themselves it seems as straight with a taste for the wild side or very bi but sticking with guys mainly because it so much easier. That is one reason I treasured Barbara when she was in the story and Kim. They are totally gay and proud of it.

I smiled to see that Laura has a dresser drawer now for her toys. Beats having to grope under the bed for the toy of choice. See she kept the rope under the bed for logistical reasons but didn't get rid of it, because you "never know." Be interesting to see how it appears again. I do hope Laura gets to use the Double Penetrator on Sara. That is a wonderful dildo. Love the new details about her regular strap-on. Love the deep red color; I just assumed it was the same color as Rhonda's. Now I know it has an extra bulbous head. Oh yeah, I can feel my cunt clasping that head as it penetrates me. Sigh. I love how Sara runs her fingers over the ridges and head. Laura has not disappointed her.

Thank you for some sweet emotional undressing [She moved adroitly behind Sara and raised her hands. Sara had already unbuttoned two buttons, and Laura unfastened the rest, slowly, very slowly, kissing the dark brown skin that became available as each button left its buttonhole. At the bottom she had to tug the blouse free of Sara's skirt. Then she knelt and pressed her lips to the deep groove of flesh where Sara's spine disappeared below her belt.] I can never get enough of this. Sara says it tickles but tells Laura to take three years to stop. I think you are the only writer to have this. Some caresses DO tickle. I always thought it strange that other authors don't note this. It adds so much to the story when it is added like you do.

Oh geez, you then give me more glorious details of Laura slowly removing Sara's clothes and kissing and stroking the beautiful black skin as it is exposed. I too love to see a woman in underwear. I like both fancy and plain. I find they usually fit the woman's personality to the "T". I love how Laura unclasps Sara's bra and Sara then turns around and they kiss while Laura brushes off the now limp bra. I wish other writers would learn that a little detail like this is just so hot. Other writers just say they removed their clothes. Hello, that is so boring. Plus, now that I think about it, after 261 chapters, your descriptions are still fresh, exciting and hot. I really do wonder how you do this. All I can say is, "lucky me!!"

Got to love that voice that Sara uses to say her tits are saying, "suck me". Actually, I'm pretty sure that voice is one in my arsenal of silly voices. I'm saying it right now. Yip, I'm sure it's close to Sara's. Again, I simply can never get enough of how you individualize a woman's body and especially their breast and the obvious love Laura feels for each woman's breast [Laura was usually overcome by the beauty of each woman's naked breasts, all so differently shaped and exquisitely lovely, even when they barely existed, like Jonelle's or Taneesha's. But she had to wonder if Sara's weren't really up there at the pinnacle: the most beautiful she had ever seen, with their firm, oval shape and large, dark, soft nipples, flecked with bumps. She brushed her lips against Sara's cheek, dropping her hands to them, running her thumbs over the wide, silky nipples.] I can understand why male writers don't focus on this, they just don't see them the way we do. I just wish women writers would take the time to access their own knowledge and imagination and do this. I just guess they don't have the proper skill set. I am so thankful you do.

Laura lowers her face and starts to lick and suck. Forgive my French, but FUCK this is hot [Unable to wait, to tease her longer, Laura sucked the entire large bulb into her mouth, sucking it in deep, and lashing it with her tongue at the same time. She could feel Sara's body quiver, and her knees weaken.] I so love savaging a breast this way, and I know my women love it. Sara can't help but whimper. They quickly decide to take things to bed. They start to strip off their remaining clothes and get the bed turned down. Don't want any wet spots on that bed cover. They turn off the light since they have their love candle to fuck by. I love that "Moonlighting" affect it causes. I call it "that Maddie Hayes glow". I like the idea of hearing the sound of Sara ripping the bed cover to the foot of the bed. I just hear the desperation in her movements. These are two women who are feeling intense emotions that can only be calmed with some deep hard fucking.

I like how Laura ignores Sara's request to service the other breast and grabs her original treat with both hands ["Mmmm, I'm not finished with this one yet," Laura said, devouring the same nipple she had been sucking moments ago, this time more voraciously than before, causing little squeaks of pleasure and dismay to rise out of Sara's throat.] A woman must finish the job she has started. Laura continue with her exquisite skill [Laura continued to mouth-maul Sara luscious breast for another minute or two, now holding the firm globe in both hands and squeezing it while she sucked it creatively. Sara moaned but made no objection. She was panting very rapidly by the time Laura looked up.] Loving a woman's breast this ways just makes her quim melt with fresh hot nectar. Once a woman learns how to love like this they are total terrors I have found. They can't wait to return the favor ten fold. Now that I think about it, it is strange that other authors almost never,

or never, have their lover's massage, squeeze, and stroke a breast while sucking it. Strange.

As Laura is loving Sara's tits hard, she drives Sara to the point of begging to have them bit with the expected dynamite results ["Ahhnnnnn! Oh yes! Unghhh! Oh yes, Laura . . . oh yes! Just a little. Not hard. Oh . . . harder!"] I love that Laura always knows how much pressure to use. I have never had a woman complain yet with my technique. I know to go gradual with the increase in pressure until their body tells me the limit has been reached. Some women in their eagerness have really made me howl in true pain. One has to tell them be careful, can't replace it if you bite if off. I love how I know this is running a current of burning pleasure straight to Sara's cunt.

[Both of them, Laura realized, were becoming wildly aroused. In the soft candlelight, Sara's curvaceous, writhing naked body was infinitely desirable to her. She also realized, since this was the first time in her new place, that Sara's mewling and moaning, which was already pretty loud, didn't alarm her in the slightest, a feeling that overjoyed her, leading her even to make Sara yelp a few times, as if she were exulting in the soundproof privacy they now had. "Aiieee!"] What I want to comment here is how you are able to capture the essence of a woman in need, writhing in the throws of intense pleasure. Other authors just make them seem like some insect thrashing around. They have the motions without any explanation of the emotions or needs causing the thrashing. You never fail to make it both hot and touching because of the intense connection going on between the women.

Next I had to chuckle at Laura reveling in the soundproof nature of her new condo. She gets a little carried away with her nipple nipping. I'm a very good judge of how much pain to cause and so is Laura ["I'm sorry, did I do it too hard?" Laura asked, actually concerned, having forgotten herself. For a split second, Sara looked like she did not understand the question. Then, she quickly shook her head, her red bangs sweeping back and forth on her forehead, mysteriously fanning Laura's lust to an even higher pitch. "Do the other one," Sara cawed, before her head fell back again. "Ohhhh!"] She is giving Sara exactly what she wants. When a woman tells me she likes to be pounded, I'm already pretty sure she will crave good hard love bites. I love how you show this kind of lovemaking but yet keep it romantic. Other writers when they try this make it almost gaudy and cheap.

Now you have some give and take between Laura and Sara, like real lovers. Sara is ready to be rammed but Laura feels she must get a taste of heaven and go down on Sara. Sara tells her okay, but to be quick. She is extremely wrought up. I like Laura's reflection on the pussy ring. They are fun to play with. When in the lips you can stretch them out and in the clit hood you can do all sorts of nasty things with it. I love to tug on them and stretch the hood and rock the clit. I do always remember to be very gentle tough. While continuing to twirl those dynamite nipples Laura starts to lick and kiss her way South. Sara stops her by grabbing her head and pulling her back up to her face. She makes it clear that Laura must meet her demand to be rammed. Now. It is beautiful, this give and take and real communication between them. They talk and discuss how to please each other. To other authors, this would seem to be an almost foreign concept.

Laura now gets strapped in and asks Sara how she wants it. Again, you show us communication between lovers. I see the word "love" being used between them. It is so obvious that a really strong connection is being formed here. Sara, since she was asked, is able to tell Laura that she wants to be taken from behind and then flipped over to be finished off. I didn't know I was missing this communication in my erotica until I started reading your stories. Laura as usual, takes the "I can't come from behind" as a challenge and wants to make it happen in the future. I love the so on target reply by Sara, "I know my own body". I love a confident woman who knows her own body and is not afraid to express her desires.

Of course, Laura wants to satisfy Sara as Sara desires. As she buries the large dildo into Sara, Laura wonders if Sara can handle such size. Sara says she may be small but her pussy is deep. I kind of chuckled at this. It is so true. I notice Laura yelps when her cervix gets nailed by large cocks. I can take them big and deep. I feel like I'm stuffed to the gills and being split in two, but I'm not really exceeding my limit, though I am right at it. Though a few times I haven't been to sure and wonder if I haven't bitten off more than I can take. I do yelp some. I'm built like an Amazon though, so expect myself to take it. Joann is probably about Tiffany's size, but she can take them just like Sara. Maria is 5'8" and is like Laura. She's wincing and yelping all the way. She always wants it deeper, but I know she is at her limit. Kind of a wonder how women are so different in this way.

Had to chuckle at Laura's guts curdling at Sara mentioning being pounded by a boyfriend with an even bigger cock. Laura still feels her jealousy, but for the first time I can remember, she works through it [I want her to love it and . . . oh, forget about anybody else who ever did this to her.] Another thing your characters do is show some emotional growth. It is such a pleasure to watch these change. I have noticed that any changes are positive. They may run away some, but still, their personal growth is almost always positive.

I love how you make it clear that Laura clears her head and concentrates on the task at hand, pleasuring Sara as deeply as she can [Ashamed of herself for this weakness, this minor, flaring jealousy she felt, Laura swept it aside and turned every bit of her attention solely to Sara, to her luscious, desirable body, and to the expressions of pure bliss and sexual transport that passed across her face as Laura continued to fuck her slowly.] All men reading this should focus on this paragraph and what it is saying if you want to truly pleasure your woman. Focus on her needs and desires and you will be surprised at what happens. Just remember, you will never, ever, be as good as me! Hehehe.

I love how they dissolve into a slow romantic fuck, nice, slow and deep strokes. Laura is kissing Sara's back and nape of Sara's neck. She rubs her tits along Sara's back. Sara always has humor going it seems using fuck and suck in rhyme and saying she is a poet. She is just a treasure. I love how Laura presses herself into Sara's back and proceeds with short strokes that seem to really pleasure Sara. Love that skin-to-skin contact.

They develop that wonderful rhythm of fucking [Now with both hands Laura grabbed the back of her neck and began to massage it passionately while she gyrated her hips, pushing the long strap-on cock deeper into Sara's cunt with each plunging thrust. Their rhythm had now changed, but it was still a rhythm, completely felt and understood by each of them, not a wild, flailing, uncontrolled motion but instead a fluid, regular rocking that brought their increasingly urgent bodies together and apart, until, Laura realized, they were both shaking and keening with a fierce need that took over their slow rhythm and made it a surging, moaning fury of hot love.] Love how you are able to capture that slow building up of passion and need. You are able to capture the emotion through the sexual. I feel this is very hard to convey. I notice that Sara is still comfortable with the depth of the stokes.

I love how Sara takes command when she decides it is time to turn over. She almost brushes Laura aside when she doesn't move fast enough. I love an aggressive woman like this. Show and tell me what you want from me. I love how Sara holds her arms open for Laura to nestle in as she plants her cock back into Sara's festering, oozing cunt. I love how you make it all seem so raw and animalistic. The heat of fucking. Love the wild ride. Like the detail of Laura holding onto Mr. Dildo to guide him while slamming Sara. Love how Sara thrusts back [now thrusting and fucking the delicious girl very rapidly and fiercely, feeling Sara's pelvis almost jump off the mattress to meet each thrust.] That is just so intense and true. Of course I love the convulsive orgasm that rips Sara's body. I can see her tits rolling wildly on her chest as she trashes. Love the now free and unfretted screams. Love how Sara goes for every maximum once of pleasure

["Aiiinnnnnnggiiieeeeeee! Ohnnnnggg! Do it . . . harder! Unggh, yes . . . Laura . . . oh yes oh don't stop, don't stop!" she groaned, grinding her hips up into Laura, pleading with Laura to keep fucking her, while fresh waves of orgasmic intensity wrenched her flesh.] As I keep saying, I always want my women to get every ounce of pleasure out of my services possible. I strive and hunger to pleasure my lover(s). I think we are the same in this.

Laura demonstrates what I just said I see. I love this little post-coital time together [it was not over, since Sara was wracked by sharp little spasms of coming as Laura lay on top of her, cooing, stroking her cheek, kissing her forehead. She did not dare to move, and any thought of extracting the strap-on from Sara's still-throbbing pussy was very remote. Let her enjoy every last instant of it, Laura thought, feeling, as she sometimes did, that this moment was very holy. Especially between the two of us, she reflected. It's always good for us.] Other writers really don't have any post-coital time. The vast majority of time the women will break the position they are in, losing that immediate intimacy. They may lie in each other's arms and coo a little, but never with the details and intimacy that you provide. If one doesn't provide details how can I, the reader, share it with the women in the story? Liked the final details of there mashed breast almost glued together with sweat and their gentle clutching. Yip, love those details.

Love how Laura is so happy with Sara's obvious love of her being plowed ["Tell me about it. That one nearly put me in the grave. That thing with the ridges is a killer, Laura. I think I may never get enough of it."] Music to Laura's ears. I chuckled at the pride that Laura felt at having not to worry about the neighbors anymore hearing screams of pleasure emanating from her condo.

To bad Laura didn't get to lick Sara's juices off the dildo. Sara is impatient to repay Laura. They then proceed to have that banter that has already become so special. I love how Sara is always laughing and giggling. It has to be infectious. Loved their toast and how they break out in gales of laughter afterward. This is lovers enjoying each other's company. They are almost like high schoolers at a slumber party ["Look at you . . . can't take you anywhere," she chided, kissing Laura and sliding her tongue deep into Laura's mouth. "You better tell me how you want it, or you're going to get it any old way I dream up," she threatened.] Love your subtle heat.

Laura shows her by rolling on her back and positioning Sara's thigh properly. I hope that Sara really does like her thighs. I love nice, thick, meaty thighs that are tight and hard. I cringe when Sara seems to put them down. I always want the women I love and long for to love their body's. That was one the first things I noticed about Sara's pictures where her divine thighs. I love how the idea appeals to Sara once she understands [Sara's eyes became heavy-lidded as she looked questioningly down at Laura. "I think I may know what you want," she murmured in a thick voice, murky with sexual overtones.]

A little personal aside. This is one of the things I have learned form you. I have always humped and tribed like crazy, but it never occurred to have a woman slam me with their thigh like that. Love it! Then I got hot when you later show Sara pushing down on Laura's shoulders while ramming up with her thigh. Needless to say, I have made this happen in my personal life and my pussy wants to give you a very big thank you.

I love how once they are in position, Laura immediately starts to nurse on Sara's nipples again. She can never get enough. I couldn't either. I can just see them swaying before my mouth saying "suck me" in that tiny voice. I can feel and taste those nipples in my mouth. I know from Laura to spread one's cunt lips out to get that muscle nice and snug in the channel. Love Sara's smoky sensuality here ["Is this what you want?" she asked softly, smiling coyly, teasingly, knowing exactly what Laura wanted. Laura nodded slowly, holding her breath as she felt the smooth hard muscle suddenly push into the warm, wet, throbbing groove of her open cunt.] I love getting my love juices on it and feeling everything getting all slippery and greasy.

[The smooth, warm skin of Sara's thigh pressed into the wet pulp of Laura's flooding cunt, and Laura could feel, it seemed, every micro-inch of it kissing and pushing into her most intimate being. Her feelings were not only sexual but a blissful intermingling of all her deepest emotions for Sara with an aching need to be consumed by her. In a remote region of her mind, she now recalled her feelings of surrender when Brandi had fucked her this way. It was so powerful and stirring because, for Laura at least, it involved a total yielding, and not even the kind of surrender that being tied up and brutally usedas, for example, she had done in the past with Karencould bring, but instead a pure and almost virginal surrender to everything that was good in both Sara and herself.] When you give such details as this, I can't help but become completely enamored with the sex described. I love rough sex and this ranks right up there. This is something that I only share with women I really care for and trust. This is showing a complete trust in your lover. A woman can't get much more vulnerable than this. I do feel like I'm being overwhelmed as my cunt is being mashed and thrilled and my body rocks from the thrusts. I love your raw sex. It is so real life.

This is real intense stuff. Sara gets in the grove. Sorry, couldn't resist the pun. She starts to pump that piston with the power that her compact body can deliver. I love Sara clenching her thigh to deliver even more pleasure. Then you add the details that make you supreme. Laura and Sara gaze deeply into each other eyes with hypnotic power and then kiss ravenously. I love how you detail the raw power of that thigh sliding and mashing through Laura's swollen flowing cunt. This is beautiful [Still, they kissed while Sara thigh-fucked her, kissed in slow but ravenous hunger as their bodies slid rhythmically together, melding their lips and tongues, Sara still holding Laura's face in both hands, until the muscle between Laura's thighs began to drive her into a writhing urgency she could no longer conceal. She held Sara's face too, searing Sara's mouth with her own, but soon panting so hard that she had to release it, and tear her mouth away too, just in order to breathe.] I Just Love This Emotion. This is so fucking wonderful. I, for one, will never tire of this. I hope for many more installments of the pleasurable bliss you create for me.

I love how Laura is able to finally get out that she wants Sara to fuck her even harder. The way that Sara's eyes throb with passion and hunger and then delivers. This is almost enough to make me come when I see this in a lover's eyes. Boy, does Sara deliver [Sara's hands slid down Laura's neck to her shoulders, and Laura suddenly realized, as she felt Sara's thigh grind harder into her flaming pussy, that this gave Sara better leverage. Now she could push Laura's body down into her rising thigh in the same, fluid motion, rocking up, rocking back, jamming Laura down, crushing Laura's throbbing pussy with each upward thrust of her thigh, until continuous, tiny, mewling, nearly hysterical clotted cries began to escape from Laura's throat.] FUCK!!!! That is so hot. I have since been fucked and fucked like this. It is simply divine, that extra leverage grinding into your pussy or thigh if delivering the thrusting. We all thank you for this idea. I love how Laura is captivated by Sara's swaying breast that are just above her face. They demand to be sucked and Laura does. She brings those beautiful, plum like nipples to her mouth. I can feel that silky bulb sliding past my lips and teeth into my hungry mouth and then lashing it with my tongue will love sucking it. I think this sums it all up [Laura held the luscious, firm globe in the fingers of both hands and sucked Sara's plump nipple deep into her mouth, feeling it stiffen even as her tongue swirled over it, and hearing Sara gurgle excitedly deep in her chest, feeling her hard thigh jump even more forcibly into Laura's flooding pussy. Oh god . . . oh god yes! she thought, her whole body shaking now as the first shocks of a crushing orgasm swept through her.] It is amazing sometimes. I wrote the above when I read that Laura was going to guide a nipple to her mouth and then Laura delivers the same way I want to love that exact nipple. Got to love that girl.

I always love the all-consuming nature of Laura's and her lover's orgasms. I keep repeating that other authors just say the came hard with some screaming. I know on average it is one to two sentences. I am not exaggerating this at all. I could take them from one story and plop down in the middle of another story and you would never notice the difference. They are described so generically that they are interchangeable for any type of fucking. The orgasms never change with the authors. Everyone is the same, from story to story. Yours on the other hand ["Annghhummnggghh!" she grunted, her eyes rolling up, her mouth opening in spite of her hunger for Sara's breast and letting the wet, shiny nipple slide out. A startling, electrifying stab of excruciating pleasure shot through her, radiating from her pussy out through her body in all directions, even to her fingertips, stunning her, then gripping her in a horrific tremor of fierce ecstasy. Her flesh went into helpless convulsions through which she could still feel the rising, driving force of Sara's smooth thigh crunching up into her flaming, throbbing pussy, ramming her, slamming

into her groin so fiercely that Laura's ass rose an inch off the mattress.] Now that is an Orgasm!!

And still the fucking and orgasm continues. Sara is pressing down on her shoulders and jamming up with her thigh. I now know how divine that is. I can totally understand Laura's screaming. One can't help themselves with this kind of soul consuming pleasure. [A startling, electrifying stab of excruciating pleasure shot through her, radiating from her pussy out through her body in all directions, even to her fingertips, stunning her, then gripping her in a horrific tremor of fierce ecstasy. Her flesh went into helpless convulsions through which she could still feel the rising, driving force of Sara's smooth thigh crunching up into her flaming, throbbing pussy, ramming her, slamming into her groin so fiercely that Laura's ass rose an inch off the mattress.] Geez, this is still the same glorious orgasm. I get a little starry eyed thinking of being slammed so hard that by ass bounces an inch off the mattress on the rebound. Now that is how I want to fucked. HARD. I love putting myself into this sex and just floating along for the ride. I love how your lover's commit themselves totally into their acts of love and sex. They commit 100% to the effort and the results are so glorious.

Now Sara slowly slows her rhythm and then just holds Laura and starts to coo to her. This is another thing that makes you so special. Now that they have, at least temporarily, satiated their bodies, now they sate their souls. I love how you describe Laura in the aftermath of her orgasm [Tears had leaked from the corners of Laura's tightly-shut eyes, she realized as she was finally able to open them. Sara's face was only about an inch away, and Sara's soft, sensual, pillowy lips were brushing her cheek, her forehead. She had also screamed herself briefly hoarse, which she heard when she tried to speak.] I know about screaming myself hoarse. I can just see opening my eyes after a crushing orgasm and seeing Sara's beautiful face just above mine.

Now Sara rests her full weight on Laura. As I have told you, I can never get enough of that. I just love it, makes me feel so comfy and drowsy and loved. I like how Laura tells Sara to ab-so-lutely not move. Now Sara has evidently realized that her own pussy rests upon a thigh and she can trib. Which she does [Oh god, she's going to come too! Laura realized. "Let me help," she murmured to Sara, sliding her hands down Sara's back to her wonderful round ass, cupping her buns and helping her rub her pussy against Laura's thigh.] I can feel my fingers sinking into her ass and helping her to hump my thigh. Oh yeah. Laura really digs in and Sara quickly achieves her orgasm. I have to smile and laugh myself when Sara comes with mainly chuckles instead of screams. Sara is just so full of happiness and being content that her happiness and mirth bubble up even during an orgasm. There is nothing wrong with chuckling out of a simple love of life and the person you are with.

Only twenty minutes have passed. I know the feeling. Great sex really does pass by. Makes you want to go for more. I do like how Sara comments that the sex has never been this good and she has never felt this content.

Loved the final scene with Terrell. With what Laura is feeling with Sara, I can totally understand her being upset. After feeling these emotions of love and being connected, to discover the proverbial business card with a name and phone number on the back would be devastating. To Laura's credit, she does try to hide her hurt feelings and be the adult and act normal when Sara comes back from the bathroom. She wasn't snooping, she found the card innocently. Sara being Sara is not really mad when she finally gets Laura to tell her what is wrong. She uses humor to diffuse the situation. She goes on about "black" sounding names. Most of which I like. Only when I hear three or four names put together do I shake my head. I think Sara was not really angry; she was just making Laura pay a little for being jealous. I think Sara was flattered with Laura's intense reaction and what it shows about Laura's feelings for her.

For once, Laura doesn't seem upset when a woman declares that she only wants Laura. It will be so interesting to see how this dynamic will work out. I have to give you credit with introducing this new element to "Laura's Story". Your story has been so successful with same formula, Laura needing her complete freedom. I can't wait to see you developing this new wrinkle

I notice that the next chapter will have both Dawn and Tamara. I can only hope it is together with Laura. I'm hoping this was setup with the last chapter that featured Dawn. It will be interesting to see how Laura gets the word out to all her lovers where her new condo is located, especially the less sophisticated teenagers.

With the actual coupling, it will be interesting to see what dynamics develop between Tamara and Dawn if any. Will it just be a heavenly fuck? Will Tamara, especially, get swept in the newness? She seems to be easily swept by the force of emotions that good strong sex and loving produces. Will Dawn feel anything more; fucking a childhood friend. Could she get beyond Tamara's lack of sophistication and lack of intellect? I would think that Dawn requires both, thus, her strong attraction to Laura. Could Tamara and Dawn be opposites who attract? However it happens, I will love it. It is like life. When two forces come together, you can never know how they will combine and interact. I never saw Sara and Laura bonding so quickly. I love it.



Chapter 262:

I really had to smile at how this chapter began. I really loved how Laura and Sara fucked gloriously throughout the night. I like the rhythm you established of how they fucked and then rested and then fucked some more. That is how you keep going, getting plenty of power naps and breaks to let the body rest for the next round of glorious fucking. Loved how they fucked all over the house. Sigh, that must have been glorious.

I can fully understand Sara's reaction to all this lovemaking ["I've never been fucked so much in my life," Sara admitted finally in a fatigued whisper, her head on the pillow next to Laura's, her dark eyes swimming with wonder.] I really smiled to myself when Laura of course agrees but thinks to herself that she has fucked like this in the past. I love these little white lies. I mean, what else can she say in this situation. She can't tell this lovely creature that I've fucked like this more than once and with various women. Laura is right though; she has never felt this kind of connection though. Not even Laura's love for Dawn has generated this kind of emotion. ["Don't you feel like it's more than just . . . oh, fucking?"] I am surprised by this new emotion. I love seeing it, I just get a little nervous. This is purely selfish on my part. I want Laura to continue in her pursuit of these lovely women and hopefully new ones. I think this chapter helps define their relationship more clearly. I am starting to get a feel for the new emotions and how she they are affecting Laura.

I love Sara's shedding of her red wig. It is so cool seeing her with and without the wig. It is like fucking two totally separate women. The one constant is Sara's making of funny faces. Besides her amazing gentle nature, what I love most is her constant joking manner. I can just close my eyes and see these funny faces in all their varied mannerism.

I myself wonder about why Sara didn't want to admit to Laura any deeper feelings. I think that she herself is afraid to admit the strength of her feelings. I know she must be feeling what Laura is feeling, but I wonder if she is ready to admit to anything deeper yet. She has just discovered the wonders of lesbian sex. I wonder if she will feel the desire to pollinate some other flowers before she is ready to commit. If she does sleep with others, geez, I will be split in two. Part of me will be happy to see her fucking other women, but the other part will feel strongly for the jealousy I know this will cause Laura. I always hate to see Laura in real pain that is caused by her jealousy of her lover's other trysts. After thinking some, maybe Sara is just afraid of these feelings. To feel these strong emotions can be fearful. I get the impression that she never felt any strong emotions with the men in her life and Evangeline was ten years ago and probably just great sex. Only the future may clue me in to these mysteries.

It has been a while since I have seen Laura sing the full lyrics to her "theme song." This song has been reserved for the women she has felt that "something special" for. Deshona and Dawn come to mind. What is different here is the strength of these emotions. I thought her feelings for Dawn had been strong, but they were nothing like this in the beginning of her relationship with Dawn. She felt that deep connection, a deep sexual longing, but no dreams of just hanging. This is a first, just dreams and thoughts of sharing one's life in the everyday events of life. It is kind of cute, dreaming of playing Yahtze together. These are the kind of the things that make sharing a life special. It is these things I cherish most with Maria and Joann. The sex is wonderful, but it is this kind of sharing that makes me want to be in their presence in a day-to-day life kind of way. Without it, I would just appear to have my brains fucked out and then disappear again. I guess Laura dreams of what could be. I love seeing Laura so flushed with happiness from these lovely dreams. I have to be honest though, I was initially very nervous with these thoughts. This is purely because I am selfish. I want nothing to interfere with Laura's pursuit of beautiful black women. I myself have come to love these women as individuals and wish them only the best. In the end I only want their happiness.

You mentioned in an email that you feared sometimes, that maybe all this talk of emotions and Laura expressing her desires to be a "little overly-cerebral". I for one want to say that I don't find this so. If there is one thing I am not, it is being very cerebral. It is this exact facet of your story telling that makes these stories so special. Other stories just have the standard "unmovable object meets irresistible force". Everything is so preordained and monotonous. Your stories on the other hand actually let the readers know why your characters are doing what they doing. Your women live and breathe. It is your characters emoting that allows the reader to become involved with these women and want to follow them chapter after chapter. It is this emotion that keeps these stories from becoming just boring repetitive sex acts. You have mentioned that sex by its definition is repetitive. It is the emotions that we humans put around it that keeps it dynamic and exciting. Without the emotion and reflections of Laura it would just become animals lost to base instinct and pheromones and mindlessly rutting. All I can ask is that you please continue to give us, the reader, this marvelous character development and reflection. Your sex is divine, but it is the trappings around it that truly make it so mind blowing.

Now Dawn calls Laura. I will always think of Dawn as a seductress. It was Dawn who led the seduction in her and Laura's first trysts. I love the smoky quality to her voice. I can just see her face as she is talking to Laura, laying her web of seduction. I can see her beautiful half smile squint.

Knowing what this phone call initiates I can't help but wonder how Dawn worked this. Did she take the opportunity of Tamara wanting to take a shower and then quickly calling Laura and getting her over to her place in hurry? Or did Dawn plant the seed and told Tamara to take a shower to freshen up and then called Laura to get her there? I personally think that Dawn knew of Tamara's return and set this all up. I have got to love this girl even more than I have in the past. She has learned from the master.

The phone call immediately sets Laura into another Riviera of reflection. She once more recalls her affection for Sara but she can't deny that she still feels very deeply for Dawn. This has always been one thing I have loved about Laura. She always feels so strongly for the woman in her presence. She immediately recalls her deep physical attraction [she was plunged into warm glow of vibrant physical desire brought about merely by the sound of Dawn's husky, suggestive voice. Thoughts of Dawn's marvelous naked body suddenly intruded into her reveries, Dawn's deeply black, glossy, smooth skin, such a wild sexual turn-on for Laura, Dawn's wiry hair, her glinting black eyes, her taunting half-smile, her delicious long coal-black pussy with it's wet shiny magenta insides.] As usual you give such loving details of Dawn's physical beauty. You always describe the whole woman and not just her breast and ass. I love how you describe the timbre and quality of Dawn's voice. I can just hear her calling to me, seducing me into a deep overriding hunger for her body.

I am so happy that Laura allows herself to feel this strong emotion. Dawn also has a strong affect on Laura's heart. Laura has felt the strong feelings of love for Dawn. She did bring her flowers on impulse. I think that Dawn's station in life has prevented Laura from forming the deep bond she is forming with Sara. It is a shame in a way. I think both Sara and Dawn are such special women. They both seem so balanced and kind. I love Dawn's easy going way with her half smirk and I love Sara's outgoing humor.

I find it interesting how Laura and Sara are making sure to not be clinging and cloying with each other. They are avoiding the phone calls every other minute, clinging and trying to monopolize each other's time. I think they are being smart to not rush into anything. Plus, this keeps my pussy very happy. Sara herself doesn't want to verbalize anything to soon. I wonder if Sara will want to explore her reawaked lesbian sexuality. It didn't sound like the men in her life really satisfied her and she has waited ten years for soul satisfying lesbian sex. I remember that Laura felt these same feelings of betrayal when she had sex after her first tryst with Dawn. Her feelings were not as strong as with Sara. I think the fact that Sara is more mature and has no romantic attachments is allowing this strong bond to form so quickly.

Of course, Dawn is able to pickup on the hesitation in Laura's voice caused by her consternation. I don't blame Dawn for getting a little defensive. She is not used to Laura hesitating at all when she is trying to setup a sexual moment. Laura quickly recovers when she realizes that she desperately desires Dawn. I can understand Laura's fear she might have blown it. I would never want to miss an opportunity to fuck gloriously with Dawn. I love how Dawn hesitates for effect when she tells Laura that Robert won't be there. Yes!!!! I hope that Dawn is starting to realize that she needs to lose Robert and explore her lesbian sexuality fully. Laura is not forgetting her true self. She cannot deny herself all these beautiful women. Such sweet temptation these beautiful women present to Laura.

I love Dawn's coyness about her wanting to surprise Laura. I love the smoking sensuality behind this. Laura knows it will be wonderful. On the drive over she beats herself up one last time. She realizes that she longs both physically and emotionally for Dawn as well as Sara. Laura wonders about this and feels like she is betraying Sara, but she can't deny her feelings for Dawn. I love how she realizes she wants them both. She eventually makes peace with herself about Sara, but the feelings are more plangent this time. Sigh, I love this angst. I love how all these questions just simply disappear once Dawn opens her door.

I love how you make a simple greeting between your women into something sweet and magical. First we notice that Dawn is actually well dressed. She is wearing a nice shirt and her white cut offs that show off that great ass of hers. It is so full and meaty; one can just grab a hold of it and dig your fingers into it. I am simply captivated by how Dawn turns around to let Laura gaze upon it. Then the touching moment of Laura holding her hand and almost begging to kiss Dawn right by the door. Then you add to the romance by showing Dawn melting before Laura's eyes with love and desire [coming into Laura's outstretched arms with a pliant willingness, her eyes now smoking, and pressing her mouth to Laura's eagerly. Everything else but the feel of the girl's wonderful hard, young, shapely body left Laura's mind and her entire being.] I love this molding and melting of bodies in a soft haze of love.

I can't help but get caught up in their exuberance in their kissing. I love how their mouths come together in immediate hunger and their tongues waste no time in stabbing into each other's mouth. Laura wants to fall to the floor and fuck but she hears the shower going. I can understand Laura's confusion. The only name that can come to mind is Robert. I love the mischief and coyness of Dawn's answer when she tells Laura it isn't him. As Dawn drags Laura to the bathroom Laura spots the suitcase. I fully understand Laura's lust meter spiking, it can only mean Tamara or Shayla.

I had to smile at Dawn and Laura's interaction at the door to the bathroom. I find Dawn so delightful when she teases Laura by not telling her who is in the shower. Again you show humor in your stories. I love their relaxed banter they have between them. This is two women who truly like each other. Only one other author even comes close to catching this dynamic. Only you make me smile while I read erotica stories.

The whole interaction at the bathroom door just makes me smile. I love how Dawn and Laura interact with each other. Dawn continues to be coy. I love how they strip in haste. Again I love how you describe Laura getting turned on by Dawn's very black skin coming into view as they strip. I really smiled when Dawn keeps slapping Laura's hand away when Laura tries to grope and squeeze those perfect tits. I can just hear the mirth in Dawn's voice. Once more Dawn demands reciprocity from Laura and has her strip at the same rate as herself. I like how Laura keeps trying to cop a feel while following Dawn into the shower. Like the description of all the steam in the bathroom swirling around. Makes it very sexy sounding.

I can't enough of Dawn's forwardness. She literally drags Laura into the small shower stall. Here I am totally blown away by the dynamics you show here. First I love the reactions that you show with Tamara here. Most authors here would just show her succumbing from the love assault with maybe some fearful resistance at the beginning because she is still almost a lesbian virgin. Instead you show her having both desire and fear at the same time. This is so subtle. First she is startled by the sound of Dawn's voice in the bathroom. This shows that is totally unprepared by what is about to happen. You then show her startled reaction and fear upon the entry of Dawn and Laura [At first Tamara's eyes were almost terror-stricken, but then she turned her gaze to Laura, then back to Dawn, and a small smile began to curve her lips.] This is what I really love. She has fear but she at the same time is intrigued and shows she really wants this to happen. She is having her barriers worn away. She has tasted lesbian love and desires it again but she is still unsure on how to get there. I can imagine her planning on eventually getting up with Laura, not having her AND Dawn appear in the shower stall with her as soon as she arrives back in the states.

At first Tamara acts skittish, Dawn has really surprised her with this seduction. Dawn is the seductress supreme ["You don't mind us joining you . . . do you?" Dawn asked, coyly]. I love how you describe her as being trapped in the small confine and how Dawn and Laura swarm over her body. You show Tamara's reluctance with this suddenness [But as far as Laura could tell, it wouldn't matter if Tamara did. There was really no way she could escape. Laura's hands and Dawn's were all over Tamara's naked, wet body, and Laura's mouth was fast approaching her mouth, then curving into it and unleashing a scorching kiss. At first Tamara would not open her mouth, but Laura's and Dawn's hands on her body seemed to warm her up fast, and she soon parted her lips to allow Laura's tongue inside.] I can't get over how you are able to show both Tamara's desire and reluctance. She is still new to the wonders of lesbian love and needs to be coaxed along at this point.

I love the sheer passion evident here. Laura and Dawn simply consume Tamara. Laura and Dawn take turns ravaging Tamar's mouth. I love how you describe them stabbing their tongues deep into her mouth. I like the way that their hands roam all over her body. What I really like is the way that you have your women kiss and caress areas other than the main erogenous zones. Other writers just concentrate on a woman's mouth, breast and ass. You always have your women, especially Laura, kissing and licking a woman's neck, upper chest, thighs and stomachs. You don't forget the rest of a woman's body in your lovemaking.

It is interesting to read about Dawn and her desire for Tamara. I can just imagine the hunger she must feel for Tamara. She felt tinges of lesbian lust for Tamara for a while now. Once she tasted lesbian love with Laura, I'm sure that the isolated flicker must have slowly grown to a raging bon fire. I wonder what she thought when Tamara appeared at her front door. She must have been like a little girl in a candy store. She wasted no time in getting Laura there. I wonder why she invited Laura also. I have two theories. The first that is that since Laura introduced her to lesbian love she feels the desire to share this with Laura. If it had not been for Laura appearing at her door those months ago, I feel Dawn's true desires would still be buried. Maybe never to be explored. My other theory is the security blanket theory. Dawn knows of Tamara's tryst with Laura since these helped to stoke the fires of her own lesbian desire. Still, there has to be some doubt in Dawn's mind. This is a childhood friend she is seducing. A friend she is seducing without any verbal seduction between them in the past to help pave the way. Having Laura there with her guarantees success. I agree that the dynamic of seducing a childhood friend must make this all the sweeter for Dawn. Her cunt must be

on fire. I made love to several childhood friends. One not until college. It was different though; we had been flirting for years. It was divine sex. She is married now, but when I visit them, I still fuck her brains out all day while her husband is at work. Hehehe.

Now we get to the woo-woo of this part of the story. I like how you describe Laura's hair getting ropey and Dawn's glistening with water droplets. It are these kind of little details that I so love. I think it is so cool how Laura and Dawn keep tag teaming Tamara's mouth with scorching kisses and great tit mauling. Finally, Laura drops to her knees to get so some good gash. [Dawn was sucking her nipples, and Laura took the opportunity, after having ravished Tamara's mouth again hungrily with her own, to drop to her knees and press her face between the girl's clenching wet thighs. "Oh god!" Tamara gasped, now able to get a garbled cry out of her mouth again, leaning back into one tile wall. "Ungghhiiee!"] Again, your great use of sounds makes this first contact again so special. I like the weakness that Dawn and Laura are producing in Tamara.

I simply can't believe the sultry seductive sex kitten that Dawn has become. She is almost sex personified here. She must really want Tamara bad [Laura glanced up to see Dawn's teeth playfully tugging one plump, swollen, purplish wet nipple. She saw Dawn release it and give Tamara a kittenish smile. "What's the matter, baby . . . ? You don't like that?" she asked in a sultry voice, barely audible above the crash of the shower water, looking into Tamara's eyes while twirling the stiff, pointing nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Tamara's eyes rolled upward briefly. Then she looked hotly into Dawn's. "I love it."] Love those great breast worship details. Love that tugging of nipples. Dawn has learned from Laura how to love breast hard.

[In the next instant Tamara's swollen, shiny nipple and some of the springy surrounding wet flesh of her breast disappeared again into Dawn's mouth. She moaned and quivered, her knees shaking, and Laura wrapped her arms around both of Tamara's legs to help her keep standing, fearing she was about to dissolve into shivers of excited sexual pleasure.] How do you keep giving us these great details chapter after chapter? I always love it when a woman wraps her arms around a woman's legs / hips and dig her fingers into her ass or back. Bringing that cunt nice and snug up to my hungry mouth. Love Dawn sucking nipple and tit flesh into her mouth and the resulting weakening of knees in Tamara.

I liked the reference to the rainbow of colors that Dawn mentioned in an earlier chapter. I agree that that shower stall must be a beautiful sight at this moment. Laura's pale skin, Tamara's brown café-au-lait skin and Dawn's dark black skin. Those colors all blending together in a hot dance of love. I wonder if anyone could keep from getting turned on by this mental picture. This is all heightened by all that steam and shower droplets. Again, you give me beautiful details of a woman's vagina [She desperately wanted to lick both of their pussies at once, no matter how impossible it was. Her nose was only inches from the water-beaded black patch above Dawn's succulent quim, and she could see the winking, glistening red shininess below it, beckoning her tongue. But when she turned her face only slightly, her lips were just as close to Tamara's. The wet petals of her sweet pussy were swollen and puckered. Tamara's pussy, as Laura now recalled, protruded from her groin a little more than most, becoming an enchanting and beautifully sculptured little love chute, all primed and festering for Laura's kiss.] Other authors only mention if a woman's twat is hairy or not while you give us such rich details. It so obvious that Dawn and Tamara have totally different but beautiful cunts.

I like the compromise that Laura comes up with in deciding which cunt to bury her tongue into. She buries her tongue in Tamara's love chute and her fingers up into Dawn's cunt. I can just feel Tamara's succulent cunt clasping my tongue and my fingers feeling Dawn's warm grasping cunt on my fingers with those love juices starting to run down my fingers. Love them giving a double gasp. Dawn doesn't stop ravaging Tamara's mouth and breast. She is a sexual whirlwind. Love the details as usual that you provide of Laura feasting on Tamara's love chute [Just having her mouth again on Tamara's sweet pussy after all this time was intoxicating to Laura. She tongued and sucked it hungrily, slurping and stabbing it, pressing the flat of her tongue against Tamara's little clit and waggling her head, stimulating it so much that she could hear little desperate whimpers escape from Tamara's throat in response to each separate motion of her head back and forth.] Only one other author gives the details of what a woman actually does with her mouth on a woman's cunt. You do it chapter after chapter. These are the reasons I so cherish each new chapter. Love how you describe the emotions of the moment. Other authors only talk about the physical side (not very well, sad to say) and only skim the emotional context. You delve into how Laura revels in the emotions that sex brings her. It is so obvious that Laura truly worships these women and is intoxicated by them.

Now Laura does something that I would never think to do but which shows her kind and thoughtful nature. She is slurping on Tamara's tasty cunt and she looks up and sees Dawn devouring her tits and mouth. She realizes that Dawn has orchestrated this whole event and feels that Dawn should be the one devouring Tamara's quim. I would never volunteer to give up my cunt candy. If asked, yes I would. But, I would never do it without prompting. I just love the fact that Laura does out of the simple goodness of her heart. It is so cool that she does this. I love how she separates Dawn from Tamara and then gently pushes her down with both hands with eye contact. She tells Dawn with her eyes that this is your gift; I don't want to take that from you. You have worked to make this all possible. I just have to give you credit for having the great imagination to write this. Again, you show your women to be good and decent women, especially Laura. She may tell white lies and get carried away from time to time, but she always wants to do right by her women.

I think one thing you are always able to capture is simple abandon. You are able to capture so well when a woman is being overwhelmed and driven insane with lesbian lust. I have alluded that at first I kept saying to myself when reading your stories that I love the sex and the interactions that quickly developed but I kept saying to myself "where are the LESBIANS". Now I keep saying to myself, thank goodness that most of Laura's women aren't lesbians. Yes I know, quite a turn around. What I realize now is that all these straight women allow Laura to seduce them. She gets to overcome their barriers or reawaken sleeping desires (like Sara). This overcoming of barriers allows the reader to experience women being overwhelmed by new sensations that totally rocks their bodies and their worlds. It is this I crave. Tamara is a prime example. She has tasted lesbian love in the past and run away from it. We discover later that she has come back because it has been gnawing at her, the wonder of the supreme sex of lesbian love. Still, this is all new to her. She reacts with such emotion and is nearly physically overloaded by the sensory input. It is all still so new to her and she reacts with wonder and supreme joy. Thus, I, the reader, gets to experience this with her. My pussy is sopping wet reading this again for the third time. It is just so on target. You make my pussy very happy. When I read the second time I did at leisure for pleasure. I masturbated to a crushing orgasm that had me screaming in my reading chair and flopping on the floor.

An example of the above is ["Aujngghh!" Tamara suddenly groaned, throwing her head back as Dawn made her presence known, now sliding her own tongue up into Tamara's flowing pussy. "Oh! I'm going to fall!"] I can just hear the pleasure and wonder in her voice. I just love the abandon of Tamara throwing her head back in helpless abandon. I love how Laura supports her and devours those purple colored nipples and how Tamara starts to grind her beautiful cunt up into Dawn's devouring mouth. I can just close my eyes and see Tamara swirling those hips and rocking her cunt up into Dawn's hot mouth. I really, really like how you so often describe Laura getting in tune with her lover's body. I too can feel those quakes deep in my lover's belly that signals the approaching orgasm or the way that you see the incipient spasms crossing their beautiful face. The hissing or clenching of breath. These are all things that you continue to capture over and over.

More of what I was just talking about ["Oh! Oh!" Tamara cried, slumping one second, so that Laura had to struggle to keep her upright, then stiffening, pressing her back against the tile for leverage, pumping her pussy forward into Dawn's assault, grunting and snuffling a little in the effort. "Oh god!"]

Now you have Dawn do this [Just a brief glance down showed her that Dawn had wrapped both of her glistening black arms around Tamara's hips and was nearly swallowing the girl's pussy, digging her fingers sharply into Tamara's light brown ass, and just devouring her cunt in a mad fit of lust. This is excited Laura more than ever, though her thrills were trivial compared to what it did to Tamara.] You are the only author to show this. This wrapping your arms around your lover and grasping a hold of them, allowing you to bury your mouth into their cunt with extra leverage and then to help you hold on when the orgasm commences. I always hang in there as long as possible, like a cowboy on a bucking bull. You now show some more of those beautiful details of the first feathery touches of a crushing orgasm [Watching her face, Laura suddenly saw her wince. Then an expression like a beautiful agony of excruciating pleasure passed across her lovely features.] I know my face beams with pride when I observe this and know I am the cause or am part of the cause.

Of course you give me all those lovely vocalizations that I so cherish. Then you have some nice details and a moment or two of gentle touching humor [Arms flailing helplessly, legs twitching, Tamara's whole body went into convulsions as she came, with Laura desperately pinning her to the wall as the water continued to pour down on all three of them. Again Laura glanced down to see that Dawn was not letting up. God, she's a monster, Laura grinned, watching Dawn slurp and suck Tamara's pretty little love chute even though the most powerful jolts of her orgasm had already occurred.] I smile when I see Dawn just going crazy on Tamara's cunt and Laura noting her wild abandon. This is how I am. I want to eat a woman's cunt until the orgasm is finally, completely over and get every list gram of cunt cream or stop if she is has the kind of pussy that gets real sensitive with a climax. Always got to make sure not to overdo it in that case. Love how Dawn keeps going until is finally completely over and then gives it a parting kiss. Almost like saying I'll be visiting you soon again you lovely pussy. The sex ends with some more gentle humor ["You might want to give her a chance to recover," Laura smiled down at her, somehow swelling with pride at the thought that she had helped the two of them achieve this. "Sorry," Dawn grinned up at her, with mock shame.] Again, I can't get enough of Laura's basic goodness and how she revels in her helping these two women discover the joys they can bring each other.

Now you have a little post coital time. I just know other authors would have their characters immediately leave the shower and dry off. You have them holding and caressing each other. Basking in the sweet after glow. Then you show the mild confusion and wonder that Tamara must be feeling at this time. Her childhood friend has just seduced her with her first lesbian lover and devoured her cunt like there was no tomorrow. I think that Tamara's skin is sufficed with a reddish glow of happiness and pure pleasure. I like how you describe Tamara's eyes as being saucer like, this denotes such innocence and a child like manner. I don't think Tamara has a mean bone in her body. I like how Tamara is now flirting with Dawn. This is the same woman who wouldn't go down on Laura the first time they had sex. Tamara has come a long way.

I have to admit I was a little perplexed when they got out of the shower and [Dawn broke into joyous laughter and opened the shower stall door, popping out, grabbing towels for them. "I'm afraid you girls are going to have to carry this on over at Laura's place. I have a class at seven and a meeting first with the professor at six-thirty. And Robert will be home from work at 8. He's got a new schedule."] I was thinking to myself the first time I read this, that she must have really wanted Tamara really bad to fuck and run like this. Then I really got confused when she seemed to desire no more sex. I see that Laura wonders the same thing. Love how Laura realizes her strong feelings for Dawn, the burning love she still feels for her.

Had to chuckle at Laura's reaction of "Yes!" at the thought of getting Tamara alone with herself. I loved Tamara's child like reaction. NO! She wants Dawn and immediately starts to beg her to reconsider. I can't get over her innocence shining through here. She has discovered this new realm with Dawn and wants to explore it. Like her unselfishness here. She wants to make Dawn come; she thinks it unfair that she has not been able reciprocate. Again, I can't get over her change in demeanor here. I love how she strokes Dawn's breast while talking to her. You just feel the longing here. Her pleading works and Dawn agrees to go Laura's after class.

I love a woman who is confident and proud of her body. You show that in this paragraph and with such beautiful prose [Dawn, who knew the power of her naked body over Laura, and probably now over Tamara too, drew back slightly from them both and struck a pose. Her jutting breasts were breathtaking, her long, sleek, black midriff hard and glossy, her thighs strong and shapely, her mouth again curved in her characteristic half-smile. She ran both hands down her body in a slow, sensual motion, smirking sexily, and slid her fingers into her crotch, parting her thighs at the same time, watching their eyes as she pulled her pussy lips apart so that they could both see the shining raw magenta flesh inside.] Damn! That is simply beautiful, her parting her pussy lips apart like that. I'm beginning to think that not even Laura has anything on this girl when it comes to wanton seduction. She knows how to use her whiles and her body to get what she wants. Again, your words just caress Dawn's body. Even without the pictures I would desire her greatly. Her body is so voluptuous and yet hard at the same time. I could eat her pussy for hours. She knows the power of her body and is not embarrassed or uptight about it. Damn, I'm really attracted to her strength of spirit that is so evident in this and previous chapters.

I like the banter between Dawn and her two lovers. They have fun talking dirty and making innuendos. Again you show your women just having fun with each other. I like Dawn's strength by showing her resolve to go to school and resist temptation. Now that I know she will be going to Laura's condo and not going home to Robert I'm happy with everything. Dawn knows that her education will be her ticket to freedom. With her education she can choose her life and not the other way around.

Now we get to spend some quality with Tamara and Laura. I like this break in the sex. I think once other authors start sex, they keep it going to the end of the story. Only you have the imagination to have interludes between your sex scenes. This gives your characters a chance to interact and allow the reader to learn more about them. I think it so cute, Tamara gazing out the windows of Laura's car with happiness while Laura is squirming with a cunt on fire. I had to chuckle. We get to the burning question, where is Stewart the detestable cad of a linebacker. I find I dislike him even more. When Tamara complains to him about the Italian men hounding her, his response is to stay inside. How typical of an egotistical male. He doesn't try to help; instead he wants to hide her away for his selfish pleasure. Plus, I get the feeling he spent little time with Tamara except when he was pawing her for sex. Tamara confesses that they have split up. YES! Doing my little victory dance.

I can fully understand Laura having to fight herself when talking to Tamara in the car. I myself felt anger at her for going to Europe with Mr. Loser. I was not quite as mad as I was with Ada. At least Tamara was running away with someone. Still she was a coward. She ran from her true feelings. She knows she was feeling emotions of love for Laura. Instead of exploring her new emotions she ran away. I mean she told Laura she was in love with her. Jealousy has always been Laura's tragic flaw. Tamara deserves the barbs that Laura can't quite swallow. Fortunately, Tamara is so innocent and carefree, plus, still basking in the after glow of lesbian sex that she doesn't even notice.

Tamara confesses that she couldn't get her mind off Laura. She has been dwelling on her experiences. She couldn't forget them, though I'm sure she tried hard too. I am so thankful that she listened to her heart. Some women try lesbian love and it is just not for them (are they crazy!!!!), but I think they are the exception. Once they have tasted the forbidden fruit they are hooked. They may deny it and torment themselves with unrequited lust and love but it is always there gnawing at their very essence. I'm glad Tamara has the innocent wisdom to listen to her true desires calling to her. She has freed herself of society's conditioning and is following her heart and true desires. I had to smile at the feelings this all produces in Laura. She feels hot lust for Tamara, her love for Dawn has been reawakened and she is still a little confused on how Sara fits in. I remember Laura feeling the same confusion after her first coupling with Dawn. It was just not as strong.

I love how Tamara confesses once in Laura's condo that she was totally blown away with the sex with her and Dawn. I know she must have been totally shocked to see Dawn standing with Laura in the shower stall nude. I'm sure she never imagined such a thing with her childhood friend. I know her belly must have given her the most pleasant of clinches deep in her womb.

I had chuckle at Laura's description of Tamara; it is so on target [Laura took her inside. She could barely keep her hands off the girl. Even though Tamara was a sweet and simple airhead with a killer body, she had delicate, sensitive feelings, and you couldn't just drag her to the floor, like Dawn or Yvette, for instance, and smother her with hungry fucking. You had to move gently forward. Accordingly, Laura took her into the living room first instead of pulling her down the hall immediately to the bedroom.] I could never truly a love a woman this innocent and childlike but I would cherish her as a love partner. You just want to hold and protect them and then fuck their brains out, repeatedly.

I think this child like character is so perfectly captured with Tamara's squealing delight about the fireplace. I love her ["Oh pleeeease!" Tamara begged.] In getting Laura to give into her desire. My nature is to be quiet and some would say a little solemn. In many ways, I'm a mirror though and when I am surrounded by this childlike innocence I can just feel myself lifting and feeling happy and carefree. I cherish my time with women like this. I can share in their childlike world for a time. I just don't want to live there. I love fucking in front of a fireplace and getting hot and sweaty, but I have also learned too throw down a sheet or blanket. I don't notice those rug burns at the time, but the next day they are a real bitch let me tell you.

I am struck at what Laura finds after changing clothes in her bedroom [Tamara had got the artificial log going and was standing before the fireplace in her underwear, floral panties and matching bra.] Tamara has gotten sexy waiting for Laura to give her hot lesbian fucking. This from the girl Laura had to coax and coax to get her in the same bed and who would only masturbate Laura the first time. Then she tried resisting Laura the second time they got together. Tamara has really come a long way. I love it!

I have to agree with your assessment of Tamara's beauty. She is truly beautiful. While I love fucking women this perfect I think I'm actually as attracted to women with "flaws". I find Dawn and Sara to be her equal. I have met women who at first I actually thought were not so pretty to be nice about it. After I got to know them, next thing know I'm dying to get in their panties. They are such wonderful fucks. I learned long ago that pure physical beauty means little.

I just have to quote this next section because it so completely captures all the things that Tamara has been through to get to the point to where she can be sitting in front of a fireplace in her underwear and Laura only in a short robe and is totally comfortable and is ready for the lovemaking to begin. ["Alone at last," she whispered, feeling her eyelids grow heavy with sensuality. Tamara nodded. "I thought about doing this a lot when I was in Italy," she confessed. "I mean, being like this with you. When you and Dawn surprised me like that . . ." She was momentarily speechless, remembering how they had swarmed all over her in the shower. Laura caressed her cheek, looking deep into the marvelous large brown saucers of her eyes. " . . . it was so exciting . . . shocking," she continued. "But what I had really been wondering about was how I was going to get in touch with you. I know when I left . . ." She looked down, unable to meet Laura's gaze. ". . . it was a little . . . shall we say, abrupt? I felt so guilty. I . . . really couldn't face you. I was so confused." Laura slid her fingers under Tamara's chin and pulled her face back

up until their eyes met again. "Are you confused now?" "Heck no," Tamara smiled, eyes sparkling.] Let me shout this out loud and clear, no writer in lesbian erotica has come even close to this. You are the SUN shining brightly in the cosmos and the others are only the specs of dust floating out in the orbit cloud at the very fringes of the solar system. It is you who are the master of this domain. This is such sweet emotion and a true seduction of a soul. Other authors (with a couple sections) only seduce the body. The two others who know of the emotions of love and sex simply can't match this. By having the pervious chapters with Tamara you allow her to grow and to actually change and grow. This makes this chapter very special. The thing is your chapters usually have at least one nugget of personal truth, enlightenment or spiritual growth in them.

Now they start to undress each other before the freshly started fire. What I really love about this section is how you make it so clear that Laura finds each time with her woman to be so special. She doesn't allow things to get old and stale. It really is a state of mind. Don't take your lover for granted. Even though they fucked heatedly only thirty minutes before, Laura makes it like they haven't fucked in ages. She always treasures each delightful fuck with these angels. As usual you have much kissing of skin and them delighting in each other's fresh scent. Laura summarizes my thoughts [It was extraordinary how you could do this over and over again without getting tired of it. I was sucking her nipples and licking her pussy less than an hour ago, and now it feels so magical, so new, so fresh, so exciting, just to be undoing her underwear. She got the bra unfastened and filled her hands with Tamara's lovely warm breasts, but only temporarily.] Men are especially guilty of losing the uniqueness of a woman's body.

This next part very pleasantly surprised me. Tamara takes the imitative once their clothes are removed. She pushes Laura down onto the sheet and commences to make love to her breasts. This is really a 180-degree turn. I feel she must have been really thinking of this moment since she left for Europe. She has probably dreamed and masturbated herself into frenzies thinking of what she wanted to do to Laura's body. It is this past fantasying that guides Tamara now. Tamara wants it to go on and on. [Tamara seemed to want it to go on, too. She did not pounce on Laura's breasts in a feverish haste, pawing and slurping them in a voracious frenzy. Presumably she had had no girl-girl experiences since Laura, but she seemed to have grown immeasurably in the meantime. She was very slow and patient, even teasing Laura by licking the skin around her nipples but not touching them, until Laura was clawing the sheet, and helplessly squirming her hips.] Yip, she must have fantasized a lot to develop this skill set. I love the helpless abandon she puts in Laura's body. I love those details of clawing and squirming. That shows a woman being overwhelmed with sweet desires clawing her sweet flesh.

Tamara is evidently doing things right. She quickly reduces Laura to begging and whimpering ["I don't . . ." Laura panted, "think you . . . could've felt this . . . way . . . or you would've . . . exploded. Oh shit! Please . . .Tamara . . . please!" Tamara gave her a devilish grin. "Now I can make you beg," she teased. "I waited all this time to make you beg." "Please," Laura said again, enjoying the buildup and the banter just as much as Tamara was.] Once more I am enjoying so much the change in Tamara. The seeds that Laura planted a year have taken root and are now producing such sweet succulent fruit. I love Tamara deliberately making Laura beg for it. I love making my women beg for my touch. I chuckled when Laura got the potty mouth.

You of course give me the wonderful details of breast worship. Tamara first licks around the nipples, then gives it big slurping tongue strokes before she takes the nipple deep into her mouth and starts giving it deep sucks. It seems this action has the same affect on Laura as it does me [Her muscles clenched without warning, and her ass even leaped off the floor temporarily, a fierce, unexpected, spastic jerk upwards] Love that fire that shoots from my tit to my cunt. I simply adore Tamara's response to the effect her ministrations are having [Tamara, alarmed, quickly released Laura's throbbing wet nipple from her mouth. "Laura . . . you can't come yet," she whined. "I haven't got to have all my fun yet."] I do believe that Tamara is turning into quite the glutton. Got to love that girl. I'm laughing when Tamara responds to Laura's increasing desperation for relief with ["Oh shit," Tamara whined again. "I want it to last!"]

I love that gentle pushing of Laura on Tamara's head to get her heading south and how it takes no pressure at all now. Tamara is eager to get to Laura's quim and do unspeakable things to her streaming cunt. Where once Laura almost had to fight with Tamara to get her to do anything to her body we now have ["Mmm, you're so pretty," Tamara murmured, kissing Laura's midriff, her smooth belly, caressing Laura's inner thighs with her fingertips. "I forgot how pretty your body is. So smooth and white."] Love it when one of Laura's lovers remarks on their skin color contrast. Almost with the first contact of Tamara's mouth to her cunt she comes. I sometimes have that happen to me. I get so turned on with the situation and foreplay that it only takes a touch to set me off.

I love Tamara's reaction to Laura's orgasm [Fortunately, Tamara was still not willing to be cheated out of this moment, and she pressed her whole mouth against Laura's pussy only a micro-second after Laura erupted in hot coming. Laura churned and bucked so violently at first that it was hard for Tamara to hold on, but she was determined, and she slid her tongue up into Laura's spasming channel, mashing her sensual lips against Laura's pulsing cunt, and tongued Laura so passionately that Laura was convinced her orgasm lasted longer than it would have ordinarily, prolonged by two or three more intense shocks caused by Tamara's hungry mouth.] I myself go for every last drop I can lap up. Plus, I want to give my woman every ounce of pleasure I possibly can. I know for a fact that a hungry mouth on my orgasming cunt can give me a few extra jolts of pure almost painful pleasure. It is almost like that lapping tongue almost wrenches those last spasms from my cunt. With each new facet I am discovering about this new Tamara I am thrilled and almost ecstatic. I just adore this complete turn around in behavior and


Laura does have to work a little more on Tamara I see. Tamara goes to wipe off Laura's cunt cream from her lips. I like how Laura stops that by pushing her hand aside and giving her a schorching kiss. Laura and I are a lot alike in that we recover pretty quickly from even the most devastating orgasms. Laura has waited a year for this and can't wait to taste this so sweet flesh. I love how you describe the firelight playing over their bodies and their groping and rolling around like real honest to goodness lovers. Then you give some of those sweet details [Laura dropped one hand immediately to Tamara's crotch, meanwhile sucking her ear, then her neck, feverishly, feeling with her fingers the oily warm fluids that bathed Tamara's charming little love chute, knowing that she was again aroused and eager to be ravished by Laura.] Those little details that mean so much and other authors never give.

Laura whispers to Tamara, stoking the fires of lust. Tamara has become so hot ["Ahnnn!" Tamara moaned, grabbing Laura's head too and seizing Laura's mouth with her own, drilling her tongue past Laura's open lips.] Tamara has learned to give and take pleasure. I just love how you find new ways of describing French kissing. You are always making it varied and hot. You always leave a lot of the actual technique to the reader, which I find hot. Then, sometimes you give rich details for the reader to savor. You seem to have such a masterful touch for this. Now Laura talks to Tamara like how I love to talk to my lovers ["Do you want me to fuck you?" Laura teased, whispering in her ear, frenching it with her tongue, feeling Tamara's flesh leap with a sharp spasm of pleasure, hearing a soft, helpless squeal escape from her throat. "Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want to feel my tongue up inside your sweet little pussy?"] I love telling them what I'm going to do to them and then making them whimper in need and finally moan and scream in pleasure.

Now Laura takes her turn at loving the breast before her. I love how you describe Tamara's breast and make it so clear with words just how beautiful and perfect they are. I love how you detail Tamara's nipples and their purplish color and the way they darken with blood when lovingly sucked. More wonderful details [But Laura did not let that stop her. She tongued and sucked Tamara's soft, puffy nipples sensually, slowly, relentlessly, moving from one to the other, then back again, until they were both wet and shiny and wrinkled and stiff with excitement. Tamara's purplish nipples grew even darker as Laura sucked them, drawing blood into the stiffened, sensitive buds, and Tamara's whimpering grew increasingly desperate.] Other writers just say that their character sucked their lover's tits passionately and leave it at that with a few exceptions. I simply can't get over how they don't give details. I know that they don't make love to breast like that in real life. It is almost like they are trying to hurry to get the story finished and they feel like the details will get in the way of that finish. As I so often say, I find that strange. I can understand why Tamara really moans with Laura's ministrations. Laura as she always does, makes sure she isn't causing pain. As usual, she needn't worry [Tamara

shook her head from side to side rapidly. "God, I love it."] Men just don't seem to know how to really make love to a woman's breast. Tamara must feel like she has opened Pandora's box. It is so hot how Laura grasps Tamara and rolls them over so Tamara's on top of Laura. Love how Tamara takes advantage of this [She threw her head back and pushed her breast down into Laura's face, humming and grunting deep in her chest, rubbing the rest of her body almost insanely against Laura's. When Laura again switched her mouth to Tamara's other nipple after a few moments, she heard the girl groaning softly and mumbling almost crazily.]

With Tamara's whimpered pleas for Laura to "fuck" her [Laura, her mouth still full of pulsing wet chewy nipple, grinned and let it slip out. In a quick, fluid motion, she slid down, kissing Tamara's taut, heaving midriff on the way. Since Tamara was half-straddling her already, it was not difficult for Laura to slide between her tawny thighs, and in a second she was staring straight up into the succulent, glistening, dark-purple gash of Tamara's slightly protruding, fully blossomed pussy.] As you know, I love this position that is almost never written of in erotica. I love how you give all the details of how Laura transitions from mauling Tamara's tits to getting below to Tamara's "love chute". I just know other authors would just say that Laura got her head between her thighs and started eating her out. Ho Hum. How boring. When you provide these plangent details, this allows the reader to almost become the character and sense all the lovely events being described.

You mention something here that I think is so true. When a woman sits on your face with her cunt right over or on your face it really concentrates her musk. It is so intoxicating having that smell fill your being. I love how Laura breathes in deep to draw that musk deep into her lungs. Plus, you describe the differences between Tamara and Shavon and then compare her ass to Jane's and Chanitra's. I think everyone has thoughts like this when making love and I love your writing this in your stories. I love how Laura hungrily pulls Tamara's cunt to her mouth [She inhaled deeply, at the same time slipping both hands around Tamara's firm round buns. Tamara had an ass nearly the equal of Jane's or Chanitra's, and Laura dug her fingers into the incredibly round globes, pulling Tamara's pussy down into her mouth.] I love pulling a cunt down onto my hungry mouth. Then you describe Tamara's cunt some more and show them starting up the fuck rhythm [Her pussy was warm and fragrant and greasy to Laura's lips, squirmy and tart, very wet, and Laura slid her tongue up as far as it would go, wriggling it wildly. This thrilled Tamara so much that she erupted in shivers and squeals, then clenched her thighs, rubbing her pussy up and down against Laura's mouth.] You are the only author who gives details that engage all the senses. The smell and sight of Tamara's cunt. The sounds of there love making. The feel of fingers as they bury themselves in that

wonderful ass. And of course the wonderful taste of aroused pussy.

As I have noted, you now have Laura on her back with Tamara riding her face. You have given great details so far. The reason I say this is that you are just getting started with this phase of their lovemaking. Where you are just getting started, other authors would have pretty much exhausted themselves with their descriptions. I love how you compare Tamara to Shavon and that Tamara leans forward onto her hands and starts go grind down with the added leverage. She starts to rub and grind her succulent cunt into Laura's mouth. Of course you have Laura grasping Tamara's ass and back. I can close my eyes and see Laura's pale hands roaming Tamara's flesh, stroking, grasping and digging her fingers into that soft skin and supple muscle. I liked the sweet detail of the threatened invasion of Tamara's backdoor with Laura's finger. You always keep your characters true to themselves. Laura is in perfectly in tune with Tamara's body. Tamara is not a woman who likes it too rough. Only the threat of the penetration is enough to produce the desired results ["Ohhnngggg! Ungghhh! Oh . . . oh Laura . . . oh shit

unnghhhmmnnggiieee!" she squealed, her body shaking and trembling.]

I must wax poetic with the next two paragraphs [But she did not come. Not yet. She was quivering and moaning, crouched over Laura, subsiding from her first eager gyrations into a smoother rhythm, rubbing her long wet pussy up and down across Laura's eager mouth, groaning and grunting softly as Laura's lips sucked her cunt lips, and Laura's tongue stabbed her exposed clit. Her cunt became so wet that Laura could feel the warm juices trickling down her chin and her cheeks. She's like me, she doesn't want to come yet, Laura realized. She's loving this too much and doesn't want it to stop. Laura too, following Tamara's lead, settled into the slower, more sensual rhythm, now licking the girl's oily, tangy pussy lips instead of mauling them, now tickling Tamara's clit instead of stabbing it, cooing to her and caressing her lovely ass with her fingers.] My first comment is that the sex is still happening. I am telling you that no one has ever given the details that you do with lesbian lovemaking. I am almost positive that others have never gone beyond more than two paragraphs of lovemaking. Other authors only say that their character ate the pussy. You describe how. I really, really loved the detail of the cunt juice trickling down Laura's face. Then you actually have them change the rhythm from frantic to sensual. Other authors once they get their characters going full speed that is it. You know how to vary the rhythm of the lovemaking like real lovers do. Smiled at Laura cooing to Tamara will licking her cunt. That is a nice touch. It is the little things that really turns a woman on. Lastly, other authors don't have their women make any noisy until the climax. You have Tamara grunting and making little love noises throughout her ride. Again like real life. The other stories are almost like watching a silent movie. Sorry, they just don't cut it in the talky movie world.

Laura increases the furiousness of her attack [For the first time, Laura had slipped a finger up into the tight, greasy channel of Tamara's pussy, and taken the girl's clit into her mouth at the same time. Tamara groaned in pleasure. Her body began to churn and pump again, almost uncontrollably.] As the lovemaking progresses Tamara becomes so weak from passion that she can't even support her weight. Laura grasps her and rolls them over onto Tamara's back. Again, I don't think other authors have the imagination to show this. They just get in the one position or technique and that is how the lovers are going to finish. They have been programmed and are not able to deviate from the preset course. Laura fucking Tamara is still progressing after pages of fucking. I simply am agog when this is compared to what other authors give me. I would be embarrassed to fuck that fast.

Before I proceed with the rest of the thrilling sex I want to comment on the difference between how Shavon rides Laura's face and Tamara. Shavon really pumps her cunt down into Laura's face. Almost with violence to the motions. It is animalistic fucking. While Tamara is grinding her cunt into Laura's face, it is different. There is a sensual softness to it. It is controlled without the wild excess of Shavon. I love both ways. Again, you show that even the same basic technique can be totally different and done in a totally different atmosphere. You are the only author who is always varying the sex. This is one of the things that keep your stories so fresh and intoxicating.

As I have been stating, you have the love making varied. It seemed hot to begin with, but is nothing compared to how you have ratchet up the heat and now Laura goes for the finishing move [Now Laura, knowing Tamara was only seconds away from an explosion, really worked to make it special. Again she pressed her fingertip to Tamara's tiny, wrinkled anus, since just the touch of it earlier had seemed to ignite a fresh fire of excitement. She also slid a second finger up into Tamara's flooding cunt, and lashed the girl's tiny exposed clit with her tongue, fucking her, lashing her, while Tamara's hips squirmed and bucked crazily.] You just keep adding more heat and erotic action. You bring the reader along on the ride to sexual fulfillment. Again, this is how experienced lovers do it. You start slow and then build up for the punishing end game. What I mean by punishing is delivering a soul and body wrenching orgasm that has your lover screaming in lost abandon and pleasure.

Of course what I am writing about, Laura now produces [Sometimes you could feel the snap in the other person's agitated body, the exact moment when the egg cracked and the glory began to explode outwards. Laura felt a deep inner twitch in Tamara's writhing body and glanced up to see Tamara's lovely face grimacing in a fierce seizure of pleasure so intense it almost looked like pain. Oh yes, honey! "Auuoowwnnggggg!" Tamara suddenly howled. A torment of fierce ecstasy ripped its way up out of her throat, and, wincing visibly, she hammered her elbows into the rumpled sheet, her hips jerking and rising into the air. "Auungghhh! Ohnnnngggg! Aunngghiiieee!"] Only you (no exceptions) do a glorious orgasm credit. Only show it for the holy event it is. You allow through your rich details the ability for the reader to go along for the orgasmic rite. Only you have realized this and has the skill set necessary to produce this beautiful symbiosis between reader and story. I love how you describe the orgasm reaching a crescendo in Tamara's body and then that feathery fading away into aftershocks and finally the lassitude of a spent body.

Of course I am totally happy to see Tamara realizing the ramifications of there beautiful fucking. In the past she was disturbed by the intensity and raw power of their fucking. I remember her feelings of consternation when she realized this before she ran away. Now she has the same realization again. Only this time, she smiles and fully accepts it. Again the 180-degree turn around. She has been awakened to true desire and now completely and willing accepts it totally. She is ready to become a lesbian. She has tasted the forbidden fruit and is now willing to accept her true desires. Of course she realizes that Laura is the bomb supreme. All lesbians must bow down before her imagination and skill. I see the wide innocent devotion to Laura springing to life again. Now that Dawn has entered the picture, hopefully, Tamara can learn balance and not go overboard on simply great sex. She needs to get some experience with other women to fully discover herself.

Again you give us another wonderful interlude. I love this breaking of the action. It is almost like multiple stories in one. I always like it when I get to be with your women when they do the mundane things in life like ordering and eating a pizza together. The little things that truly bond people. You show your women to be real living breathing persons. Other authors just have them fuck and then the story is over. I cherish this slice of life experiences in your chapters. I can just see Laura and Tamara in those robes with all that exposed flesh.

Now Dawn arrives early. Class let out early and Dawn has jumped in her car and gotten to Laura's as fast as possible. I find this to be very interesting. Earlier, Dawn talked about having to go to class and then getting home to meet Robert since he now got home at nine o'clock. Instead of going home she has gone to Laura's instead. I'm guessing she has told Robert that she is going out with the girls. She has got her priorities in the right order it seems. Her women first and Robert last. Sorry guys, that is just the way it is supposed to be. I also am thinking that when Robert is away, Dawn and Tamara will be fucking each other's brains out. He will probably never know what is going on.

I like Dawn noticing the short robes and the rumbled sheet on the floor before the fireplace. ["Looks like two she-cats had a terrific fight there." Laura leaned close to her, putting one hand on Dawn's shoulder, brushing her lips in a very sensual, suggestive way against Dawn's impossibly smooth black cheek. "It was terrific, all right," she whispered. "Wasn't necessarily a fight, though."] Dawn and Laura have stoked the fires of love and now we are ready for the conflagration. You then give the nice detail of Laura and Dawn kissing passionately and very visibly in front of Tamara. First, the tongues coil outside of their mouths and then their lips come together lightly to still give Tamara a show. Only you have the imagination to have all this variation in only a kiss and then the underling emotions and reasons for the kiss. You have more in a kiss than a lot of writers have in their whole story.

Now Laura grabs and caresses that paragon of an ass. It might not have that perfect shape like Tamara but it is perfect for me. It is so meaty and shaped just right. That ass just says ram a big dildo up me and bury it to the hilt. I smiled at Dawn's request ["I'd like to feel those fingers against my skin instead of my pants," she breathed into Laura's open mouth.] It is time to move to the next level of sweet debauchery. I smiled again when Laura suggests that Tamara remove Dawn's white hot pants since she is kissing Dawn. Instead Tamara requests to kiss Dawn. She hungers for some of her sweet kisses. I have to completely agree with Laura's assessment of their changed relationship [Laura was thrilled to see the welcoming smile spread across Dawn's face as she turned her mouth to Tamara. She realized that for both of them their relationship had now changed, laced by a new hot danger and risk of sex that had not been there before. They had every reason to be a little tentative, to feel one another out, and it was refreshing to see them kiss for the first time with sweet, slow passion, while she herself slowly sank to her knees and found Dawn's zipper with her fingers.] It is truly a sweet emotion and dynamic to suddenly get to make love to a girl or woman you have known for many years. For me, it was like getting the keys to a candy store. Getting to taste something that you thought would forever be beyond your grasp. In this case though, it may be even sweeter. Here the feelings have been buried to suddenly arise. This really adds to the dynamic. For Dawn, her new found dreams have been answered and for Tamara it is almost like a gift from the Greeks gods of old. Something unasked for and, thus, to even be more treasured for its unexpectedness.

I see that Dawn has got sexy underwear on. I think she is celebrating the turn of events. Laura as usual caresses every inch of Dawn's dark black skin that becomes exposed. I like how Dawn almost woodenly steps out of her shorts. I think her attention is focused on Tamara's tongue in her mouth. I like Laura and Tamara working in opposite directions to remove Dawn's shirt. I love it when you mention the wonderful smells of aroused pussy [and by now she could detect the sweet fuck-odors wafting her way from Dawn's excited pussy as she and Tamara began to kiss more passionately above Laura.] You never forget to engage all of one's senses. Now they drag her over to the sheet before the fireplace. I think Tamara captures the moment perfectly ["We're going to make you the chocolate filling of the cookie," Tamara whispered].

Though Dawn is wearing sexy panties she still wears her trademark white bra. I too would love that stark contrast between it and her deep black skin. I am so happy that Tamara sees this wonderful contrast also in a positive light [Tamara too seemed to love the contrast. She lay her pale café-au-lait fingers against the swelling top of one of Dawn's full breasts, still encased in the bra cup, and smiled. "Look at how dark she is," she said to Laura, her voice filled with wonder. "Put your hand next to mine, Laura. You're even whiter. Look at our skins together. God, it's so beautiful."] I myself love the contrast between myself and a woman of color. I revel in it.

With Laura behind Dawn, she unclasps Dawn's bra to reveal her full tits. I like how Tamara is now so actively involved and helps Dawn get her bra straps down and her bra off. Tamara no longer has to be coaxed. I am so happy to see that Tamara's eyes now flicker with lesbian lust without fear or constraint. She finds Dawn's body to be perfection. Now you give some of those great original details that only you give [Laura slipped her arms under Dawn's, encircling her body from behind, and took both large naked breasts in her hands, squeezing them as Tamara watched. Dawn's large soft shiny black nipples swelled and bulged through her pale fingers. Laura kissed Dawn's shoulders, wishing she had slipped out of her own robe before doing this so that she could feel her own naked breasts pushing into this long, smooth, gorgeous back, twisting Dawn's nipples in her fingers until she felt them growing rubbery and thickly pulpy.] Need I say that no other author comes even close to this wonderful prose? I have always been in awe at your writing ability and how it has grown with the chapters. But recently I have come to the realization that is also your imagination. Your mind keeps coming up with new twists and novel approaches to how these women interact. Then you have the

imagination to keep each tryst fresh with new details and new approaches. Plus, you just have your women make love like real lesbian lovers. Without this imagination, your writing skills couldn't be put to use. I hope you can continue to keep your creative batteries fully charged.

Tamara admits her full lesbian lust [Tamara looked down briefly, as if she were going to say something amazing and embarrassing, then looked up again boldly. "I want your body," she said in a hushed voice.] I have been ranting I know about this turn around in Tamara. It is the fact that a year ago we got to read of Tamara initial resisting of Laura and then her fleeing with Stewart. It is the fact that there is a past that makes the present so powerful. Since you are detailing Laura's life and not just telling a story, we get to see the growth of Tamara. Without this past, this story would lose a lot of its emotional kick. For the readers who only read for the sex, they will be completely satisfied. But, for readers like me, who crave the emotional high, you deliver for me also. You are writing is complex and has many layers that are interwoven together. If one will take the time to see the whole tapestry they will find so much more than just hot fucking. I guess I just want to thank you for the extra effort you put into your stories.

Now they proceed to get naked on the floor. I like how Dawn's eyes widen when Tamara drops her robe to the floor and exposes that goddess like body of hers. I like the way they mold themselves together [Tamara kneeled down next to them. Almost as if they were both thinking the same thing, Dawn and Laura came apart and enfolded her into their bodies at the same time, pulling her down with them. They began kissing her, and she began kissing back.] Again, this is just so on target. This is women who truly sexually love and actually care for each other. There is a tenderness in your stories even when the women are heatedly fucking each other's brains out. I smiled when Tamara has to be reminded that she has just done a three way a couple hours before. She is still being overwhelmed by the newness of everything.

Now Laura and Tamara start to get serious in loving Dawn. Of course they get things going with your usual serious tit loving. First Laura uses her patented two hands to hold and squeeze the breast and then lick and finally deep suck the nipple. She encourages with her eyes for Tamara to follow suit and she doesn't hesitate [And Tamara did not miss it. Following Laura's example, she took Dawn's other naked breast in both of her hands and approached it with her lips as if it were a treasure of infinite value. Unable to hold back any longer herself, Laura sucked Dawn's shiny black saliva-wet nipple into her mouth, drawing it in deep and feeling Dawn's body shudder faintly in response. From the corner of her eye she could see Tamara coiling her tongue around Dawn's other nipple, then sucking it into her mouth too.] Sigh. I can never get enough of these wonderful details. I know I keep nattering on about this but I can't help it. Your chapters are just so much more powerful than any other author that I am always so happy to read one of your chapters. Your sex just doesn't repeat itself. Of course each chapter has it scenes of breast worship but you keep it always fresh. It is like when I make love to a woman. I never know what I'm going to do ahead time, thus, I keep it fresh. This is exactly how you write your stories. I think your women tell you what they are going to do and not the other way around. You say they tell you what they are thinking, saying and doing. I think your writing reflects this. It is never boring or repetitive.

Still, the breast worship continues with the fires raging hotter in Dawn's by now writhing flesh and she makes her now normal request ["Oh! Unnhhhh . . . oh yes," she panted. "Do it . . . harder!"] I have come to think of Dawn as my avatar. Her tastes and my are so in sync. The only difference I guess is I like it nice and gentle too. Again, I'm thrilled by Tamara's new found insight [Tamara released Dawn's nipple from her mouth long enough to look over at Laura. "I want to lick her pussy," she murmured, her eyes flashing with a frantic hot lust that aroused Laura wildly. "You know where it is, darling," Laura smiled back. "Here, I'll take over for you there."] She has become a disciple of Sappho it seems. Yeah!!!! Thank you for giving me this great change of heart in Tamara.

As Laura sucks harder and harder on Dawn's tits ["Oh . . . shit!" Dawn grunted helplessly, almost inaudibly, her words obscured by feverish panting as Tamara now pressed her mouth against Dawn's hot, flowing trench.] Tamara has arrived at nirvana. I can't get over how you are able to devise new ways to describe a pussy that is all swollen and runny with love juices. Your word pictures just conjure up for me the sight and smells of an aroused pussy. I can see Dawn's pussy all splayed out and ready for hot loving. You had one earlier in the chapter that had the same affect on me. I could just see the pussy all swollen and gaping ready for fucking. More of that imagination of yours again, of which we your readers are the beneficiaries.

Now Dawn pleads to be fucked up the ass like the good girl she is ["Make me the in-between . . . you know," Dawn pleaded, almost desperately, incoherently, her eyes imploring Laura, throbbing with hot sexual fires. "Between you . . . you know . . . you do me from behind . . . ohhhnnnn!" "You want me to fuck you in the ass?" "Yes!" Dawn nodded.] Laura hurries to get her ribbed strap-on and is greeted with a beautiful scene that you so lovingly paint with words [When she returned to the living room, the scene before her was almost too sublime to believe. The firelight bathed both of their naked bodies in a soft orange glow that constantly changed as the shadows flickered, and they were coiling together, kissing now, though Tamara still had her hand on Dawn's glistening red pussy, slowly swirling Dawn's clit under three fingers. Laura was torn between wanting to fuck them and wanting to watch them.] This is true erotica fiction not mindless rutting that ninety percent of writers right. They fuck with only rutting lust and not with any other emotions. I always love it when you describe your lover's bodies coiling together. I can just see the limbs entwining and moving to new positions and clutching each other in lust.

I have to smile at the shock that Tamara is receiving by hearing Dawn's request for anal penetration and then seeing Laura's big, long, ribbed strap-on. She may desire lesbian sex now, but I wonder if she will want this more kinky kind of loving. Hopefully, since she and Dawn are to become lovers, she will become comfortable with fisting and anal penetrating Dawn. I think it won't take her long to start loving giving Dawn what she desires, like a true lover does. I love how Dawn lets Tamara know about her desire to be fisted [Tamara had no idea what Dawn was up to, but Laura spotted it immediately. Tamara's hand, like Laura's, was fairly small. Almost dainty, in fact. While Laura and Tamara watched, Dawn released Laura's hand and used her own fingers to bend Tamara's down against her palm to make a loose fist. Puzzled, Tamara turned her large baby brown eyes over to Laura] Again, it is so refreshing to see Tamara's childlike innocence. I

like the shock we see her going through. Again, though, this shows your superior imagination to come up with this tender and slightly humorous way of introducing fisting to Tamara. I can understand Laura fearing a little about Tamara's reaction, because of her innocence.

I have to like how Dawn doesn't moderate her desires to compensate for Tamara's innocence. It is better for Tamara to be exposed up front to Dawn's true desires. Thus, nothing is being hidden and Dawn is being totally honest with Tamara. She wants Tamara to see the true her. Dawn, being the seductress she is knows how to bring Tamara into her web of sexy sultry sexuality. This is good wholesome hard fucking [There was no whipping, clamping, or tight ropes, just straightforward, healthy, wildly exciting hair-pulling and double penetration and incandescent, thrilling orgasms.] Tamara is only innocent and not a RR ruined woman. She quickly warms up to her new world, though, still with a childlike wonder.

Now we get to the sweet sex. At first Tamara is still kind of stunned so it is up to Laura and Dawn to get the show going [But that would have to wait. Tamara would have to join in when she felt she could, or be coaxed further. But right now both Dawn and Laura knew what was necessary. The fingers of Laura's left hand were still oily from lubricating the dildo, and she pried open Dawn's round, warm buns with them, sliding her forefinger immediately up into Dawn's tight anus. "Ungghh!" Dawn grunted softly, her black eyes going momentarily glassy. Laura fucked the tight little hole slowly, rotating her finger to widen and loosen it, then slipped her middle finger in too. Again Dawn gulped. Her eyes watered, and she gnawed her full lower lip briefly. "Unhhh!"] Again I love the detail of Laura using first one and then two fingers to open her backdoor treasure and the grunts this elicits from Dawn. I can just see Tamara staring at this as it proceeds. I guess she and Stewart had pretty much straightforward het sex. I think soon, Tamara will be ecstatic with this new world that is being opened for her.

As I have said, I always love your initial penetration. You always make it so supremely special [Laura had loosened the taut little orifice enough so that the entry was fairly easy, but the full penetration was a little more difficult. Dawn clenched her teeth and emitted a low, tortured moan as Laura, holding the shaft steady with the fingers of one hand, slowly pushed it up into her ass, leaning into it from behind with her own pelvis. [Auunngghhhhh!" Dawn groaned, her eyes watering again, her facial expression both piteous and sublimely enraptured as she again looked back over her shoulder Laura.] I see Tamara is still in shock. I can't help but chuckle at this. Other authors would just have them start fucking without any of the supreme moment of feeling your vagina or rectum being invaded. Laura keeps pushing until it is all the way buried. Yumm!

Again you describe Dawn's pussy with such loving details, all swollen and juicy [And Tamara, Laura noticed, could not take her eyes off it. Laura knew why. Dawn had a beautiful, scrumptious, juicy black pussy, and right now it was all oily and wet and hot red on the inside between the curving, shiny-wet black pussy lips, and puckered, and oozing, a perfectly delicious feast. Tamara's tongue even ran over her lips as Laura watched her. "I want to lick it," she confessed as she saw Laura staring at her.] I think you must have a computer working overtime to constantly supply these gems. Each description is so unique and hot. Needless to say I love them. I love how Tamara can now so openly express her desires for lesbian love. I am simply loving this change in her. I love how you once more describe the beauty of their contrasting skin tones and how the firelight plays over their coiling bodies to paint a masterpiece of sublime lesbian fucking.

I really love how you detail Tamara feasting on Dawn's inflamed gash [Laura could hear in her sigh the fulfillment of a long-standing desire, as if Dawn had dreamed of this moment often, the instant when the tongue of a girl she had long wanted finally touched her most intimate treasure. Laura looked down to see Tamara holding open Dawn's wet black cunt lips with her fingers and slowly licking the glistening, fiery furrow from top to bottom. Laura had stopped the gentle thrusting she had been doing, fascinated to see Tamara's mouth exploring Dawn's beautiful pussy, but Tamara's tongue excited Dawn so much that she began bucking back into Laura even more aggressively, making the greased shaft of the dildo slide in and out of her ass without Laura's aid.] Other authors would just say that Tamara started going down on Dawn. You actually describe with great details what Tamara is actually doing to her. You then also describe the feelings that are flowing through Dawn. You describe how she must be so happy that she had made her dreams become true. I really like the way that Tamara is opening up Dawn's vagina to get to the succulent treasures inside.

Laura now starts to pound the dildo up into Dawn's ass. Of course, Dawn's only request is for Laura to do it harder. Now Dawn starts to beg for Tamara to start fisting her. I love all the dialog in this section. Dawn begging to be fucked harder and be fisted. Laura talking to Tamara, trying to get Tamara started fisting and then having to explain how and coax her along and then the startled responses by Tamara. I love the fact that you show Tamara having to be instructed. In the other stories, the characters always know how to do something they have never done before. This all allows such sweet interactions to flow between them. Finally, Dawn gets what she wants from Tamara, though it seems that she is still a little overwhelmed ["Please," she croaked. "Tamara . . . please . . . please." "I can't believe I'm doing this," Tamara said under her breath as she put her fingers together into a small wedge, as Laura had demonstrated to her.] It is these little asides that draw a smile to my face every time you plant one of them.

You are the only writer to explore this facet of lesbian lovemaking and boy do you deliver. You capture the passion this intimate penetration induces [All three of them watchedalthough Dawn was nearly delirious by now with sexual needas Tamara's entire small hand gradually disappeared up into Dawn's pussy. When it was in up to the wrist, Dawn threw her head back, and her whole delicious black body strained and rippled with fierce pleasure, making even her large breasts bounce and slide over her chest. A sharp moan of unbelievable intensity poured out of her throat. [Aooowwnnnnnnggggg!" she groaned, now undulating and quivering as Laura picked up the pace. "Oh . . . fuck!" Dawn cried out, her face contorted by exquisite sexual agonies.] I myself will just stare at my hand as I slide it into my lover's cunt. It almost hypnotizes me. I love the feel of that cunt clasping my hand as it slides home and you capture this as well as the feelings of the recipient. Must women go nuts when I have fisted them for the first time I have found. I am just so thankful that you explore all facets of healthy lesbian lovemaking.

Now Laura and Tamara can both fuck her at the same time, which drives Dawn wild ["Oh FUCK!" Dawn cried out at that very moment, uncontrollably, throwing her head back, stretching with amazing sensuality, as if to emphasize Laura's words. "Ungghh!"] Laura still has to coax Tamara along. She is still frightened by what she is doing. A few of the women I introduced fisting too reacted this way. I always go first to show them how to do it and see the affect it has on my body. A lot of women are simply floored that something so big can be introduced into a woman's vagina. Love the little detail of Laura reaching around to pinch and pull Dawn's nipples. Finally, Tamara starts to fist Dawn, first reluctantly but quickly sheds her inhibitions and starts to ram it home the way you are supposed to. Where other authors would just say that Laura was ripping the dildo into Dawn's ass and that Tamara was now fisting Tamara you add so much more. You give the details that real women would do in this situation. Women have more imagination than to just fuck away. We know how to pleasure the whole body and thus the soul as you show [At first fascinated by the sight of her hand shoved up above the wrist into Dawn's wet cuntas was Laura; she too couldn't take her eyes off Dawn's glossy black distended cunt lips clinging to Tamara's light brown armTamara quickly became just as intrigued by the rest of Dawn's writhing, undulating body as Dawn grew increasingly frenzied in her gyrations, keening and mewling and clearly heading for a dangerous explosion. Laura still held both of Dawn's breasts in her hands, encircling Dawn's writhing body from behind, and Tamara, her hand still embedded in Dawn's pussy, raised her mouth to them, sucking one of Dawn's large nipples into it while Laura held the springy globe steady for her.] Yip, that paragraph had everything that I would make happen in real life. I guess your writings reflect life and other authors only right stories that have no connection to what happens in the real world.

Another little chuckle moment [Overcome by a fierce spasm of intense pleasure, Dawn's body jerked and jackknifed unexpectedly, making her breast pop out of Tamara's mouth and nearly causing the strap-on dildo to be ejected from her ass. Fortunately, Laura grabbed it in time. The shock and surprise of it caused both her and Tamara to giggle half-nervously as they caught each other's eye.] Only you have these little moments of real life events that add that little touch of humor that add so much to life. The fucking is getting hotter and my belly is doing its familiar "Laura Clench" right now as I am reading and writing this ["I hope she doesn't come yet . . . I want to suck her boobs some more," Tamara panted, and now Laura could see her big baby brown eyes glistening and throbbing with sexual heat too. "Better hurry," Laura smiled, panting, grunting softly, pumping Dawn more and more vigorously with the dildo, swirling her hips forward and plunging the stalk deep into Dawn's body with each thrust. "Anngghh!" Dawn groaned, holding Tamara's head with her feverish hands, pulling Tamara's mouth over to her other

nipple. "Oh god yes, Tamara! Do it hard! Bite it! Please! Annghhh!"] All I can say is that the above is simply and totally fucking hot. This is raw passionate loving lesbian sex at its greatest.

Oh geez, now we get flooded with the sweet details of a sweet fucking [She seemed caught between the need to collapse between them, letting them fuck her senseless, or encouraging and goading them on to ravish her harder, more roughly, more completely. One second her body went slack, sagging and quivering in a deep sexual delirium as Laura held her hips and planted the dildo deep into her ass with each probing lunge, and Tamara twisted her hand inside Dawn's clinging, crammed-tight pussy. The next second her body was tense and alive again, churning, writhing, stiffening as intense spasms gripped her flesh. At these moments her swirling, pumping pelvis made the dildo and Tamara's hand slide in and out of her body as if she were fucking herself on them, and Tamara and Laura were only along for the ride.] Now my pussy is flooding. I love how Dawn becomes slack with overwhelmed passion and then revives to jam her ass and cunt into their invaders. You then you give more paragraphs that leave me besotted with happiness and my cunt a wet gooey mess and I might add very wound up but very happy. You just know how to keep the sex going and still be able to racket up for the crushing final.

Now Dawn's orgasm has arrived in all its glorious power and soul ripping pleasure [Again her lovely, sweat-glistening black body jackknifed between them violently, but this time they were both ready for it and hung on, redoubling their efforts now that they knew Dawn had begun coming. Tamara now released Dawn's breast from her mouth and quickly slid back down to the girl's pussy, hungrily licking Dawn's clit that protruded like a swollen berry just above Tamara's wrist, holding on as Dawn's jumping, gyrating pelvis tried to shake her off.] As I so often say, this is an orgasm. Other writers just say the came with maybe the adjective "hard". I can't get off on that. This I can get my rocks off too.

I sort of wondered if Dawn would be finished off with hair pulling. I didn't know if they would hold off because of Tamara. But like you said earlier, Dawn is not going to deny herself because of Tamara. She needs to bring Tamara into her world as quickly as possible so they commence to immediate hot fucking. I was fascinated by Dawn pulling her own hair when Laura wasn't doing it hard enough. I have tried that when I masturbate roughly, ramming my fingers up into my cunt. I just can't quite get the full thrill. It still sends electricity to my cunt, but I need another doing it to get the full thrill of not knowing when the next yank is coming. I love how Laura starts to deliver [Laura took over. She brushed Dawn's hand away and grabbed even more of the girl's hair in her hand, yanking it back roughly. Dawn, as if shot through by a spear, suddenly stiffened, then came again in shrieks of wild pleasure. "Annngghiiieeeee . . . annngghiieeeee!" she wailed, now falling into hot convulsions, her long body twitching and quivering helplessly on the floor between them as every last spurt and flame of a crushing orgasm wrenched her.] I am just so thankful that you allow your women to achieve spectacular orgasms that rip their sweet flesh to shreds of pure ecstatic pleasure. Your stories always

leave me with a peaceful feeling of fulfillment. Of course I often need a good fucking to cool the physical fires.

I am so happy that this sweet fucking has reawakened Laura to her extreme love for Dawn. Dawn is just so special that she deserves to stay special in Laura's life. I chuckled at Tamara's continued stunned disbelief at what she has just experienced. I think that Dawn will soon have her completely comfortable with this hard fucking. I wonder and hope that Tamara will come to want and demand this kind of sex in return from time to time. I know I would be like Laura at this point in time. I would need more hot lesbian fucking to completely cool the fires that would be burning in my body at this point.

You start to close the story with some sweet dialog that shows that Tamara has now become a certified lesbian just like Laura and Dawn ["Shit, you two guys are a couple of wild rapists," she grinned. "Laura, you and I are sweating like a ram goat. What happened with her?" She pointed at Tamara. "I'd think fucking my poor little black pussy with your hand would be enough to make you sweat, Tamara, like the rest of us." Tamara giggled shyly, not sure how to take this. Then she had an inspiration. "I'd be happy to lick it," she said, her baby brown eyes suddenly bold, hot with sex. Laura realized that fucking Dawn this way had heated Tamara up again too. "I mean, if you want me to make it up to you." This transformed Dawn's half-smile into a broad, beaming grin. "Will you listen to that? I think we got a convert, Laura." She winked. "I don't think that ugly gorilla of a linebacker is going to get any of this brown sugar any more. We're gonna get it all."] YES!!! I am doing mentally my "pogo bop" (a punk rock dance). Tamara has become what I have hoped for. I just love how easily Tamara can now say "I want to lick your

pussy". I love this dialog because it is so natural and fucking hot. This would turn on any woman for more fucking. Again, others don't do this, so the reader is given no reason why lovers would continue to make love other than primal instinctual rutting. Hum, let me see, which do I prefer, emotion based lovemaking or two elk in heat. I think I will choose Laura every time.

The ending was nice and sweet. Dawn and Laura get Tamara between them and proceed to make her sweat with sexual fires. I figure that Dawn arrived at eight thirty and they didn't leave until almost midnight. That is a lot of sweet fucking. I think I would be satiated and tired also.

In ending I want to say I liked how this chapter was laid out. The fact that you had three separate distinct fucking episodes almost made this seem like three separate chapters. It was just so fucking hot, each episode. Then the interludes allowed for sweet interactions that increased the eventual fucking heat immeasurably.

Lastly, I loved the length and the character development that this allowed you. I just want you to know that you will always have at least one fan who loves all this character development and exploring of Laura's emotions. It's these facets that make these chapters so extra special for me. I of course love the fucking, but this chapter was necessary I feel in the exploring of Laura's new feelings for Sara. Sara has introduced a totally new dynamic to the story. Also, this chapter had to explore Tamara's newfound insight to herself and coming to understand the needs of her childhood friend Dawn. Lastly, we get to see just what kind of sultry seductress Dawn really is. As far as I am concerned, this chapter should be used in Basic Erotica 101 on how to write truly captivating erotica stories.







Chapter 263:

I really like how this chapter started with Brenda calling Laura at work and showing some real emotion. She is immediately querulous and combative. As can be so true, despite Brenda's querulous words, Laura is turned on. As is always the case, Laura is so turned on once she is the presence (even if only on the phone) of one of her lovers. She remembers all the wonderful times together. It is kind of cute how Laura reminisces about Brenda teaching Mavis how to fist fuck and then having an attack of conscience and stopping their trysts and how this made it possible for Laura to substitute herself.

Brenda quickly quickly gets to the point and wants to know if Laura has moved. I can understand why Laura thinks that Brenda is looking to meet her for a night of sweet debauchery. It will be interesting to see how Laura gets the word to all her lovers. We discover that Mavis has gone to Laura's old address and discovered that she has moved and is totally devastated. I found it sweet that Mavis misses her so, but I also found it touching and I felt for Mavis so. I can just see her face when she rings for Laura and another person answers and informs that "a Laura" doesn't live here anymore. I have wondered how the teenagers will react to Laura's move. I figured that the three of them, Mavis, Charise and Jane would be devastated (with Jane then getting really, really pissed). It is amazing though; actually reading of Mavis's hurt really touched me. I never thought that Mavis might think that Laura had run away from her. That really touched me.

We find that Laura has tried to forget Mavis recently because of their time together with Eric. She fears that Mavis has developed a taste for cock. I can so totally understand where Laura is coming from. I simply can't stand the idea of losing a woman to a man. When confronted with this situation I too tend to get petulant and feeling defensive. I can compete against another woman. If a woman is attracted to men I can't fight that and I feel impotent against that. I try to distance myself from this situation to save my ego and emotions. I think Laura has done the same thing. Due to Laura's basic goodness again, though, she immediately starts to feel those positive thoughts and emotions again when she stops and reminisces about Mavis. I so admire Laura in this ability to see and remember only the good times with her lovers.

Laura tries to defend herself my saying she did not know how to contact Mavis and this is true, but I too would have felt a little trite inside knowing that I haven't let the women in my life know of my new situation. I really admire Brenda in this situation. Once she gets the basic information about Laura's new situation she immediately sets in motion a plan to take care of her little sister. I love Brenda for doing what the situation requires. She doesn't hesitate to buck society's rules and gives Mavis what she so desperately needs. Mavis needs Laura, nothing else will do. It doesn't matter if it is a lesbian relationship or if Laura is an adult and Mavis is still sixteen. Brenda accepts the relationship between Mavis and Laura. She realizes that Mavis was the one to initiate this relationship. Brenda shows the love of an older sister for her younger sibling and protects and supports her in her time of need. I was touched at Brenda not hesitating or procrastinating and acting so proactively. I think to often people waste too much time fretting in situations like this while the person in question continues to suffer.

I smiled while Laura reminisced about her first meeting with Mavis at the Wall-Green and then when she agrees to meet Mavis there after work. I have to admit I was very curious when Brenda told Laura that Mavis had been through a lot recently. My initial assumption was that something must have happened between Mavis and Eric. Maybe that Eric broke her heart or the always dreaded she got pregnant. Again I can fully understand Laura's consternation when thinking of Mavis and Eric together. I wouldn't be able to stop these negative thoughts either.

With their actual meeting you give us the little extra details that you are always giving. Other authors wouldn't have the cute interaction of Laura observing Mavis reading a black hairstyle magazine and commenting to Mavis that she thought her hair looked just fine. It is these little extra interactions that so energizes these stories. This again makes it so human and real to me. Other writers keep the interactions between their characters so limited that I can't really get into their stories like I can yours. I need these details to engage me. Without them, the stories are just "fuck me" stories that don't really touch me. I like reading the sex, but it really leaves me untouched. I guess it like watching a so-so movie, the next morning you are already fuzzy on the details. Your stories on the other hand remain vivid in my memory. The sex is great of course, but is the story that makes the story so vivid and lasting in one's memory. By making the story mimic life you allow the reader to connect their own life to it and this allows your stories to touch us, even if only on a subconscious level.

I really love Mavis's reaction [Mavis tensed, and her head whipped around. She broke into a broad smile when she saw Laura.] I can just feel the joy surging through Mavis's body at this moment. Her prayers have been answered. I like the interactions here. Mavis makes sure to get a jab in about Laura moving and not telling her and Laura is in her hurry to get her out of the store, always looking to make sure no one is noticing this adult women and underage child together. Still, you can tell that this is two women who like each other. There is humor just below the surface with their dialog. I always get the impression when reading your stories that these women truly like each other for so much more than just their bodies. Other stories make it seem like the women only want the physical body in front of them. Your women actually converse and interact.

Now Laura has gotten back to her car in the dark garage. She hesitates to initiate anything sexual. She knows the risk of trying to do anything in such a public place with an underage girl. I don't blame her at all. I don't think I would have the courage to risk myself at all. I have to admit that I'm a total coward when it comes to taking a risk. I'm a firm believer that cowards live to run away another day. But then again I have never had a Mavis in my car either [Those eyes, she thought. How could I have forgotten those eyes. Mavis's remarkable eyes, deeply sexual, knowing, experienced, fuck-me eyes, glowed in the half-light.] Your readers will be able to see Mavis's eyes with her pictures. They almost seem mystical to me. If I had her in my car saying ["Aren't you gonna kiss me?" she whispered to Laura, noticing that Laura did not start up the car.] I know I would be oh so tempted. Mavis is just so sexual. Her very pores seem to exude sexual allure.

I can totally understand Laura giving into her desires [Laura looked around furtively, just as she had done in Walgreen's. "God, yes, I am," she gasped, leaning over the shift lever, grabbing Mavis's face in both hands. "I can't stand not kissing you." Close up like this, Mavis's extraordinary eyes nearly burned down deep into Laura's soul. "Good, I want you to," she breathed to Laura, parting her lips, lifting them.] I love the raw passion that Laura is feeling here. You make it so special how Mavis just sees into Laura's soul and parts her lips in invitation. I think you are able to capture more emotion in these little interactions before the main action that most other authors are able to invoke during their whole stories. So many stories just lack any emotion or sweetness.

They embrace and hungrily consume each other mouths. It is cute how Laura loses control of her lust and takes the risk to mouth rape Mavis in public. Finally, good judgment prevails and they start to drive to Laura's apartment. Several times we have gotten watch as Laura squirms in her car seat while driving home. I can just see and smell her aroused pussy and Laura not being able to do anything about it. I love seeing her hands working the steering column in frustration. To make the time pass she initiates some idle conversation.

She notices that Mavis is looking a little thin and makes a catty remark about Eric fucking her so much she has lost weight. Laura simply cannot control her jealousy. I can fully understand her thinking. I know I would be totally a bitch if I thought a man took a woman from me. Now though, you drop a total bomb. Mavis has asthma and been in the hospital for a week recuperating. I was totally blown away by. I immediately had the same contrition that Laura did. All of a sudden, who Mavis slept with doesn't matter at all. I have never seen this turn of events in erotica. This is just such a humanizing event. It just makes me want to take her in my arms and comfort and coo to her. I think this is a total masterstroke on your part. I mean this was totally unnecessary for this story. But, by giving us this, you make Mavis such a symmetric character. It is these kind of details that you use to make these women real and thus so much more captivating to read. I

think I could babble on for a long time on this. I Love It.

You then give physical details of Mavis gaunt appearance. Your descriptions made me cringe a little and want to baby Mavis more. I know how Laura is contrite and wants nothing more than to apologize over and over again to Mavis. Again I think that shows Laura's good side again. Believe me, I know women who would not have been that upset at these revelations. Laura is a nice, kind person who just happens to have a big jealous streak. To her credit, she is always trying to keep it in check. I love how Mavis responds to all this contrition from Laura ["You don't have to worry. I can still fuck," Mavis giggled. "I'm better now. All I have to do is take my medicine and my inhalers."] Of course this is a very sexual remark, but I think that Mavis delivers these lines with an underlying innocence that must belie those eyes of hers.

Before I go on, I want to talk about how you are able to develop your characters using the three "underage" girls: Mavis, Jane and Charise. You have made these three women into separate and distinct characters. Mavis of the burning sexual eyes but seems to exude a basic innocence. Jane of the insane jealousy and crazy directness. Jane who can act like a five year old afraid of a bee and then call out from the shower "Laurrrraaaaaaa". Jane who calls Laura "old lady". Then there is sweet Charise. Charise who longs for Laura to caress her and call her "Inky". Charise whom smiles like an angel but then can make direct comments to Laura about sex and her desires like a true adult woman. All these examples hopefully show how you have made these three teenagers into three distinct women. Almost all other stories we never learn anything about the women beyond what is necessary to get these women in the sack so to speak. You go beyond this and give your characters a life. They breathe because they are alive. I think about these women during idle times at work or driving. When I masturbate, sometimes it is with these women. Not characters but these women. When I have sex with them I don't just jack off to their bodies. I create a scenario or situation where these women's personality's can come into play and we do our dance of mating before we make sweet hot passionate love. All I can do is thank you again for giving me these wonderful women.

You touch my heartstrings with Mavis confessing how Laura hurt and bruised her heart is. [Mavis put a hand on her knee. "You almost broke my heart, lady," she said seriously to Laura. "I thought you ran out on me. I . . ." She fidgeted. "There really ain't anybody like you in my life, Laura. Not even Brenda.] With other stories their dialog is only for the purposes of advancing the sex. To me this is Mavis the woman speaking to Laura the woman. It is just so honest and sincere. Only Laura can really touch Mavis. Not her sister, nor Eric with his big dick. They only touch her body; Laura touches Mavis's soul. And Laura's response to this heartfelt flattery is so cute ["I know," Laura said, getting all dewy-eyed, feeling her heart pulse and throb. I'm such a sucker for someone who loves me.] Your stories are full of these "cute" scenes and they make the story so special and real.

Now we get to watch Laura put herself through some funny angst. First she can't quite decide what to do about Mavis having asthma. She can't help but think how do you screw a woman with this malady. Then starts to fret about Mavis's age again. From time to time Laura worries about these trivial matters. Still I can't blame her for worrying about the age I guess. We can't have Laura in prison having to fight off some bull dyke. I always enjoy these scenes of her discomfort. I have to admit, I'm not sure what to do if I knew I was fucking a woman with asthma. I think I would ignore it until I thought she was having an attack and then I would absolutely freak out and probably have my own attack. I have to give Laura credit for being genuinely concerned with these matters. You almost always add a little humorous tit or tat with these stories that always make me smile.

Finally, Laura has to ask Mavis her age and I love Mavis's reply [Mavis walked around, touching Laura's furniture with her fingers, admiring everything, as if she had never seen anything so fine. "I'll be seventeen next Wednesday. The third. Why, you afraid of breaking the law all of a sudden?" She turned her swirling, pulsing, please-fuck-me eyes on Laura, and Laura felt the insides of her womb quiver and melt. "You never were afraid before."] Mavis is just so cool with those eyes. I hope people can see that when they gaze upon her photos. Mavis is so comfortable with herself. She knows what she wants and feels no guilt or hesitation in getting it. Another thing I really like about this part of the story is how you have Mavis taking in her surroundings. Other authors would have Mavis exploring things and describing the condo but you go further. You have her taking off her shoes to dig her toes into the thick carpet; touching things; thinking the outside surrounding trees partially hidden in fog are like an elf story. You personalize the story so much that makes this story go beyond a mere story. These are the type of details that

one gets in the great novels.

Laura sings some song lyrics to Mavis. She hasn't heard the song but she sincerely compliments Laura on her beautiful voice. This is another thing I like about your stories. Your women find things other than physical beauty to admire and compliment. Other authors never really do this. To have their characters get deep enough with each other to allow the reader to discover cool things about them.

Mavis starts to seduce Laura by undoing the buttons to her sweater. This seduction is taken nice and slow. With other stories, once the stripping begins they almost invariably have them consumed with a wanton uncontrollable lust that forces their characters to rip their clothes off in create haste. Here we have Mavis going slow because she knows it is making Laura's pussy boil. Again I always love how Laura is totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the woman she is with. This was one of the first things that strongly attracted me to Laura in the beginning. I love how you continue this slow sensual striptease [The sweater was nearly unbuttoned. Only the bottom button remained. As a result, it gaped away from her body, revealing her thin white bra, her gleaming black skin, accentuated by shadows and planes of light, all fiercely alluring and erotic. Laura knew Mavis's body well, but it still had this effect on her, as if she had never seen it before, making her wet, making her blood thump and course wildly.] This is subtle heat and thus all the more affecting. Plus, again only you use this great imagery to describe arousal. Two other authors can describe arousal very well but not with these beautiful words. They use the more direct two-by-four approach, which is effective but nothing can match great word imagery. I love how Laura speaks so directly to her lovers with language that is sensual and not coarse ["I love watching your body come into view gradually," Laura said, swallowing dryly. "I love your skin. It's so smooth . . . and dark. I want to touch it. I want to kiss it."]

Of course Laura is totally turned on by her dark black skin. I for one love seeing this contrast being writing about. Then we have you making the observation that Mavis's thinness comes from her asthma. I just think that is such a masterstroke on your part. We then have Laura commenting that Mavis's thin frame is not the equal of some of Laura's other bedmates [Laura reflectedand was not gifted with the kind of spectacular full round ass that Dawn had. In fact, compared to Dawn or Tamara or many others, she did not have a remarkable body at all, and yet Laura was completely enchanted by it, worshipping and hungering for it, almost comically eager to see each new expanse of smooth black skin appear.] What is great here is that it doesn't matter that Mavis is thin and kind of average body wise. She is still totally fucking beautiful and Laura can see this completely and totally. I wish more people had Laura's gift.

They then slowly undress themselves. I always like to gaze upon Laura's underwear. I myself only wear simple plain white underwear except for special occasions but I do so love to see what other women may have on. I always find it to be such a turn on to find women in frilly underwear. Maria and Joann wear the expensive stuff for the same reason as Laura. They also feel it makes them sexy to have it on. I always look forward to seeing what Laura has on for a given occasion. Plus, I like her view in that one never knows what may happen (get lucky). Got to admire that positive attitude. I know I would have the same reaction as Mavis when I discovered Laura's panties [Laura's panties, which matched her thin black lace bra, were if anything even sexier. Except for a small patch of solid black over her pussy, the rest was made only of the black filigreed transparent lace, edged at the thighs and waist by more scalloped black lace. They dipped low on Laura's hips but were not flagrantly skimpy, just impossibly alluring, and she could see Mavis unconsciously biting her lower lip gently as she looked at them.] Very nice.

You really are able to capture the subtle shift in emotions and passion so well. How the subtle gentle striptease between Laura and Mavis is now shifting into a hotter and more combustible state [Laura stepped back and pulled the loose straps down Mavis's arms, tossing the bra over onto the chair on top of her silk blouse. Now all the clever striptease they had been performing for each other seemed to evaporate in an instant, and only the hot, throbbing emotion and heady sexual desire they felt took over. They both wore only their panties now, and Mavis uptilted her lips to Laura, while Laura moved closer, closer, until their naked breasts brushed, and their nipples pressed together.] I love how they now start to probe each other's mouths and start clutching each other. I am so glad you emphasize Mavis's nipples. They truly are bullets. I would love to feel them pressing into my tits here and everywhere else later.

Woo Wee, we now get to the magical breast worship I always love so much [Mavis had small, widely-spaced breasts and large, jutting nipples that seemed to stand up a full inch from the surrounding puffed black flesh, proud and tempting. Laura lowered her mouth to one immediately, stroking it with her tongue, then lashing it harder, while Mavis looked down, watching. When it was all wet, stiffer than ever, Laura sucked it and the puffy little areola around it completely into her mouth.] I have been reading a pretty hot story recently but the author has yet to describe any of the women's breasts beside their general size. With you, even without the pictures I know exactly what each woman's breast look like. Plus, this author talks about devouring breast flesh and talks about sucking and licking but never the extra details like what Laura or one her angels is doing to it inside their mouth or how they might caresses the tit around the nipple area or what they do to the areola. It is these details that make your breast worship stand supreme.

I think that Mavis has asthma is something to be taken seriously but I do have to smile when Laura gets all flustered whenever Mavis breathing starts to get heavy because of her excitement. That must be hard for Laura. To have to constantly worry about that. I agree with Mavis though, it didn't matter in the past; don't let it be a problem now. Still, again this shows Laura's good side when she worries about this. Laura truly cares. Laura eases up [Quickly, she eased up, loosening her ravenous lips, laving the hard little berry of Mavis's erect nipple with her tongue, modulating into a more sensual, tender rhythm but still not releasing Mavis's small breast. Instead, she kneaded it with the fingers of both hands and tongued and sucking Mavis's excited wet nipple until Mavis began to coo helplessly.] You are the only writer to really have your characters vary their lovemaking. Other writers, once the sex begins, it is full speed ahead. It is the mixing up of things that keep sex vital and exciting.

Of course Mavis quickly begs for Laura to do it harder and Laura can only respond to this request in the positive. Laura tries to keep it under control but Mavis has other ideas [Mavis grabbed Laura's head and pushed her small breast roughly into Laura's mouth, grunting softly, wildly, at the same time. "Auungghh!"] I love it when you allow your women to take charge and let their lover know exactly what and how they want it. The heat quickly notches up. I always love it when your women knead the breast they are worshiping. No other author shows this. Again Laura has to turn the heat back down. Mavis has gone a long time without orgasms and is truly desperate for the relief that only Laura provides. Again you truly worship the whole woman [She kissed Mavis's smooth black chest and her collarbones and her throat. Mavis was a little skinnier than usual, as Laura had earlier noticed, and her bones protruded more, but Laura licked them and ran her lips hungrily over them until she got to firm flesh, which she then nipped and sucked, running her mouth up Mavis's neck to her ear.] I have been reading two other authors who are tied for second with me I guess. While their sex is good, they still forget about the areas that are not the main erogenous zones. You are the only writer to love and caress these neglected areas in erotica.

It is time for Laura to get to paradise [In order to get them all the way off Mavis's legs, Laura had to slide down, but she did not waste the opportunity. She kissed Mavis's smooth, heaving belly, and her navel, and her thighs, finally extricating Mavis's feet from the leg-holes of the panties and flinging them wildly into the air and across the room, her nostrils almost throbbing from the thick, ripe odors of the girl's sweet pussy.] Love the kissing of heaving belly and the smell of aroused pussy. One thing I like about this odyssey is the fact that Laura and Mavis have made love many times in the past and have developed tendencies about their lovemaking. You build on this by commenting on this and then introducing something new and exciting to their lovemaking. Laura decides she wants to scissors fuck Mavis. I love this introducing something new to keep the lovemaking fresh and novel. I have to dig Mavis's response ["Oh Laura!" Mavis whimpered, writhing again violently, deliciously sexy. "Just fuck me . . . I don't care how you do it! Unhhhhh! Oh!"]

You start this off with a bang as far as I am concerned [And until she began swarming all over Mavis, coiling with her, entangling her in her arms and legs, kissing her warm, resilient flesh and mashing her own wet pussy into Mavis's sopping wet crotch, she realized that she had explored only a fraction of what this kind of fucking could offer, if you were truly demon-obsessed with the need to completely consume the other person.] Again you are the only author to really have their lover's limbs all tangled up. Now before I continue I want to say that this was the pussy-to-pussy fuck of all time. I was simply stunned by the time it was consummated. That has to be one of the best fucks I have ever read. I have masturbated to a lot of what you have written, but I went into frenzy with this scene. It is just so fucking intense and detailed. I will try to detail my feelings and thoughts but I'm not sure it will fully show just how fucking hot and good this was. This is now the standard I will always use to judge twat to twat fucking.

Fuck! Just starting to read this is getting me hot immediately. Control. Control. Okay. I immediately like the python allusion. I think this perfectly describes what is happening here. Laura just wraps around Mavis's body to generate maximum friction and pleasure. I love when you describe a virgin to this kind of fucking showing their shocked pleasure with their eyes widening in rapture. Of course this takes a whole other level with Mavis. Mavis eyes are special, with their deep fuck me mysteries swirling deep within them. Of course, Mavis reciprocates Laura's maneuvers ["Ohhnnnn . . . god!" she groaned, arching her back, pushing her wet pussy into Laura's forcibly.] I love how you describe the warm gooey mess of their two wet cunts mashing together.

Now the python dance begins. I don't think I have ever assumed so many positions while scissors fucking. I love how Laura keeps their groins mated while she goes from lying on the bed to up and then folding forward to embrace Mavis and clutch her while still jamming their cunts together. This allows the two women to grasp and knead each other's flesh. I love all this embracing while making love. This just brings you so much closer to your lover on a spiritual level. Now they shift positions again. This is one of my favs [Again Laura sat up, feeling she could get better leverage that way, and began pumping harder, so hard the bed began to jingle and creak, so hard that she found if she let her forward leg creep up onto Mavis's stomach, bending it at the knee, she could get a fairly tight pinch on the girl's streaming crotch and ram her own cunt even harder into Mavis. This position seemed to send them both into a hot frenzy of whimpering and frantic churning, until Mavis was actually rising up off the bed too onto her elbows, grinding her own pussy up into Laura's.] I love this position. I really feel I can get good leverage to grind my cunt down into my lover's open pussy. I love it when Mavis (and my lover) when they thrust back into my thrusts. You make it even hotter by constantly verbalizing your lover's feelings and rapture ["Unh! Unhhh! Oh! Laura . . . oh god shit it's good unhhhh!"]

Now they shift positions once more to a truly incendiary position [Again Laura, unable to keep any part of her body off Mavis's squirming flesh, changed positions. They were jamming each other so heatedly that their bodies had settled onto the side, and their frantic grinding had turned Laura nearly onto her stomach. Now she grabbed Mavis's long slender black leg and hugged it between her breasts while digging her knees into the mattress and pumping Mavis hard with backward, downward thrusts. Mavis quickly picked up the tempo and, turning onto her own stomach, began meeting each one of Laura's sharp thrusts with her own churning hips, and soon they were both gagging and grunting almost hysterically in a fit of crazy fucking, both face down, their hands flat against the sheet as their mated groins danced and bucked in the air.] Off the top of my head, I don't think I have it done it in quite this position. Maybe in the heat of the moment we wound up this way and I can't recall but this is FUCKING hot. I simply love this position and how you can rotate you twat up and into your lover's twat and using the bed for pushing yourself up into your lover's thrust. I will have to try this when the opportunity presents itself.

The python dance continues with Laura twisting up and sitting down on Mavis's twat with Mavis still on her stomach. Laura immediately strokes and kneads Mavis's back. What I like about you here is that you always have your lovers caressing each other's body. Laura's twat is hard at work and that is what other authors focus on. You always have your lovers using their hands to stroke and love their partners throughout the act of making love. Again Laura changes positions by flipping Mavis over and pressing herself down on Mavis where she now caresses Mavis's upper body. Finally, Laura reaches between them to open up their cunt lips and get their clits aligned. I always cherish the moment of clit to clit contact [Then, still struggling, gyrating, panting, she managed to get her own pussy open further too, and she pushed forward, mashing it into Mavis's splayed furrow, feeling feathery electrical shocks flow through her body as the raw wet inner flesh of their cunts actually rubbed fully together for the first time, without wet hair or skin or anything else in the way.] You always make this time so fucking hot and special.

Of course Laura's orgasm is beautiful ["Aunngghhhhh!" she cried out, suddenly falling back, her body stiffening and twitching, her wet, pulsing cunt glued to Mavis's as she felt a succession of hot, jolting shocks hit her. "Ungghh! Oh! Aunngghiiieee!" she cried out again, coming exultantly, stretching full-length on the bed and flexing, screaming happily, knowing that no one could hear her squealing ecstasy but Mavis.] It think is cool where Mavis didn't come with Laura. This is real life. Often, one partner finishes before the other. With women, we immediately try to correct this. Laura does once she recovers enough to see this. She starts the rhythm up again and finishes Mavis off who had been humping her cunt into Laura's trying to get off. I love Laura giving Mavis her beautiful orgasm. I love Laura observing Mavis orgasm. I love watching my lover come [Oh god, she is so beautiful when she comes! Laura thought, propped on her elbows, watching the whole thing, and gently stroking Mavis's hard black thigh with one hand, keeping her pussy mashed against Mavis's until the last final flutter of Mavis's orgasm began to die away.] I love Mavis's reaction to this ["I ain't never been this okay," she laughed. She looked straight at Laura with a happy little smirk curling the sides of her sensual mouth. "If you told me you were going to do that, I wouldn't have believed you."] I love how your lovers sweet-talk and cuddle after great orgasms.

Now you give some sweet time between love bouts. Mavis makes her wishes known to be fisted and Laura gives her cute reply about Mavis's asthma. I love Mavis setting the score straight by informing her that things were okay in the past and it will be know. Then we have the cute interchange with Mavis changing the subject and asking for a drink. Then Laura's play anger and "grrrrrrrr" and chasing Mavis naked to the kitchen and then sharing a romantic kiss. This is the stuff of lovers and adds so, so much to the story. This is two women who love each other and are sharing themselves and bonding on a truly emotional level. I agree with Mavis about the root beer. The thought of drinking that stuff wants me want to hurl too. I love how this sweet interchange between them has stoked Laura's fires and know drags Mavis and root beer back to her bedroom for sweet fisting.

Again you allow your women to interact with such sweetness back in the bedroom [Mavis giggled softly, trying to open the can, pushing away Laura with her free hand. "Off!" she laughed. "Down, Fido. Let me get this ugly-ass ole root beer open first, okay?" Laura took the can and placed it beside the glass on the bedstand. "Drink it afterward." She grasped both of Mavis's small naked breasts in her hands, twisting Mavis's bulging nipples gently but meaningfully in her fingers. "Let me fuck you again."] Sigh, this is lovers taking to each other. I love how Mavis's eyes are now once more filled with that mysterious sexual adore and takes Laura's fist and rubs it against her cunt and makes it clear that Laura needs to satisfy her deepest primal needs.

Before this though, Laura has to get a taste of the heaven that lies between Mavis's legs. I like how Laura keeps commenting on how much she finds Mavis's thin body to be so sexy and appealing. I just love Mavis's body. She is just cute with that pixie smile and sexual eyes. She is the bomb. Thank you for bringing out front and center those dynamite nipples of Mavis. I just so love a woman with bullet nipples. They just give one so much to suck on and torment. I love how Mavis runs her fingers through Laura's hair. I always find that to be so hot. Again, Laura's fear of Mavis's asthma crops again. It is just so humorous Laura getting all worked up each time she works Mavis up. Gives a nice touch of humor to the story.

Laura now moves her way south to Mavis's honey pot. I like how you describe the process of Laura settling for the feast. Other writers just have them get right down to business. You make it more touching and entertaining by showing Laura taking a little time to make it just right [Smiling, sliding both hands under Mavis's smooth buttocks while they were so obligingly poised in midair, Laura continued downwards with her lips, at the same time gently nudging open Mavis's quivering thighs with her shoulders, settling between them. Now she had Mavis's ass in both hands, her mouth poised only inches from the gaping, wet, succulent feast of the girl's small, puckering cunt.] This is truly a feast indeed. You then as usual describe give the vivid details of Mavis's lovely pussy. You describe it so visually that one doesn't even need the photos you provide to get a complete picture of just how beautiful it is. I thank you for giving these details. I have been reading another story recently that is pretty hot. The only problem is that I still have no idea what their breast look like except a general idea about their basic size. Forget having any idea how their vaginas look. Zero details on them, one would almost have to think they are all the same. I love how you describe each woman's vagina and make them so unique and beautiful. Of course, Laura knows exactly what to do to Mavis cunt [Now Laura slid her tongue into the creamy hot pink pit, pulling it open with her thumbs, but not licking fast or passionately, just a slow, sensual stroke that nearly set Mavis on fire. She whimpered and writhed excitedly.]

Laura proceeds to drive Mavis wild with her excellent skills. Finally, though the time arrives to fulfill Mavis's dreams [Her magical eyes, which earlier had been throbbing with deep sexual meanings, were now imploring Laura, begging her, pleading with her. Laura knew what they were begging her to do. Mavis wanted it in the worst way, and even though Laura was still skittish and nervous about the asthma, she knew nothing could stop her from giving in.] You then describe the slow opening of Mavis's flower to Laura's fist. I love how you describe the slow gentle coaxing of a woman's pussy for this invasion. How you slowly introduce more fingers and then forming the wedge. Only you give the loving details [Already, she noticed, looking down at her hand, she had two fingers up Mavis's tight, greasy, warm pussy, gently fucking her with them while she continued periodically to flick the tiny whitish seed of Mavis's clit with her tongue, making Mavis twitch and groan softly. Slowly, carefully, Laura introduced another finger, then after a few seconds, yet another. Now the four-finger wedge was pushing up into Mavis's expanding pussy, and finally Laura joined her thumb to it, pushing a little harder with each slow forward thrust.] Oh yeah. This is almost pure perfection.

Finally, Laura's fist slides home. I love Mavis's reaction ["Oohhnnaggunnggghh!" Mavis exhaled, her eyes rolling up, her head falling back.] I think that is pretty much my reaction. One of the things I have always liked about your writings is the fact that you concentrate so much on the emotions that this sex generates. Other writers just have the women reacting physically, but you show that your women are connecting on a deeper level. You show that your women are attracted to more than just the physical flesh in front of them. This deeper connection allows you show that sex can be so much more than just physical; it can be a joining of souls. [With her hand sunk in Mavis's tight pussy up the wrist, Laura suddenly felt enveloped by the mysterious, deep, throbbing intimacy that for some reason this act always aroused in her. Even though Mavis now lay flat on her back, her eyelids twitching, her mouth slack, her breath labored, Laura could somehow feel through the warmth and rhythmic movement of her body that Mavis felt it too, a kind of deep, inviolable linkage of their two selves, their whole beings now wrapped together in an intense physical communion so profound that nothing else could break through it.]

I love how you pace this part of your story. I really like how Mavis is in a kind of sexual stupor at this point. Almost all other stories just have the their women get immediately turned on to the highest degree and are thrashing around in maximum arousal. Now there is nothing wrong with this. It is very hot to read. The only thing is that it is always full bore ahead. Sex is not always like this and I love the fact that you show all the degrees of sex. The wild and abandon to the sweet bonding.

I then love how you give all the cues for all the senses to the beauty of fist fucking. I especially love how you talk about the snug fit and feeling a woman's clasping vagina on your hand the way you can slowly feel the inner walls relaxing and then being able to make the fist and then slowly start the rhythm of fist fucking. You gave a ton of visual cues of [She couldn't keep her eyes off the sight of her white wrist encircled by Mavis's taut, distended black cunt lips, or the winking wet fire of the glistening pink flesh inside Mavis's pussy which appeared around the edges, especially at the top, just under Mavis's clit, when she pumped and Laura's hand slid briefly outward.] When I read that the first time I was just agog. That is just simply fucking hot and so on target. Then you have the wonderful detail of Laura getting turned on by Mavis's pubic hair and then burying her nose in it and breathing in deep Mavis's essence. No other author has the imagination to have this and make it both highly sexed and sweetly sweet at the same time. I think this description should be in the erotic hall of fame of writers [Mavis, though aroused before, was now approaching the outer reaches of total sexual mania, and her pussy was emitting a sweet, almost acridly pungent fragrance, the olfactory equivalent of her knowing, fuck-me eyes, a hot, fatally alluring odor that turned Laura into an animal, making her want to consume the delicious girl in one gargantuan, unholy gulp.] I'm not sure all the principles of the English language you used her but I absolutely loved it.

You made me smile with a little more humor with Laura almost freaking with Mavis's asthma [Mavis was certainly too far gone to answer. She was in a deep fuck-trance, undulating, wheezing (oh god! Laura thought, listening carefully; is she okay? She isn't having an attack, is she?), gurgling, her body surging and arching, her thighs clenching as she drove her pussy down onto Laura's hand. Now they were really heating up, getting completely out of control, Laura knew.] I am really amazed how you are able to weave this gentle humor into the story and still keep the sex so fucking hot and at the same time you are not trivializing Mavis's condition. You are only describing how Laura is reacting to it. Again, this is proof of your superior imagination and then writing skills to pull it off.

You give that wonderful detail of feeling those knuckles twisting and rubbing up against the inner walls of a tight pussy. Geez, I really love that. Then you show Mavis really getting into it and jamming her cunt down on Laura's hand [Mavis was writhing, squirming, moaning semi-hysterically, shuddering each time Laura's arm went into too deeply, but then, as if to contradict the shudder, jamming her pussy down on Laura's fist almost immediately, her pelvis twitching and jerking, as if demanding more.] I so love it deep and hard and you capture this so wonderfully and beautifully. Mavis is so excited that she starts fucking herself on Laura's fist and wrist. Finally, Mavis finishes herself off in the most beautiful of ways, making sure she gets the depth of penetration she needs [As she had done a few times in the past when especially aroused in this situation, Mavis reached down with both long arms, grabbing Laura's forearm right above the wrist with her hands, and held Laura fiercely while she jammed her pussy down on Laura's fist.] Mavis needs it deep and hard to reach the maximum level of soul ripping orgasm. Got to love that girl.

Of course you make the orgasm so fucking hot, even now reading the story for fourth time I feel my womb doing its "Laura quiver" [Laura could actually feel Mavis's tight pussy contracting around her hand, squeezing, rotating on it. Mavis grimaced and groaned, then fell back, her body impaled on Laura's arm, and began to caw and shudder as if gripped by a horrible seizure, her face contorted in a grimace so sharp that Laura was not alarmed only because she had seen it before, when Mavis came unbelievably hard.] I will continue to say this over and over again and again only you really make the act of orgasm so special it reaches the level of mystical holiness that only the most intense of soul searing orgasms gives one. You make almost all your orgasms seem like this. I thank you for always giving me orgasms that are just so special and intense and true to life. These are the type of orgasms that all women live for.

I always like how your women have a little gentle time between rounds. You always give them time to relax and have some sweet bonding time. This is so much sweeter than just full steam ahead all the time. [She quickly returned to the bed, after drying off her hand, and lay down next to Mavis, embracing her, running her hands all over Mavis's smooth naked body. They kissed slowly, and Mavis was marvelously warm and pliant, coiling against Laura, sighing again. "Nobody can do it like you do, Laura," she whispered. "I want to do it back to you . . . but right now I feel so weak. You know? God, I really just . . . I don't know . . . came apart there. It wiped me out."] This makes it clear that there is more here than just primal rutting. You always make it clear that this is truly two women who care for each other on emotional and spiritual levels. They are making love to more than just physical flesh.

I had to smile though. Before the flesh has been totally satiated, post coital time can only last so long before ones needs must be met [Lying there with her naked body pressed everywhere against Mavis, feeling every warm, smooth inch of Mavis's skin against hers, feeling the taut, hard bullets of Mavis's long nipples raking across her own breasts, feeling Mavis's fingers on her ass, on her thighs, on her back and arms, Mavis's tongue in her mouth, soon had Laura quivering, even mewling softly into Mavis's round shoulder. "I think I . . ." she panted, but Mavis quickly got the message. "You're trembling, Laura," she whispered. "You need me to get busy."] I always love how you describe women coiling together before, during and after sex. I love to feel my lover's body pressed to mine. Makes me feel like we are almost merging. I just love feeling all that skin and the friction of bodies rubbing together. I again really dig you describing those wonderful nipples of Mavis digging into Laura's flesh. Only you write of this sweet coupling that lesbians do.

Now with Laura under Mavis's ministrations I love how you have Laura setting the parameters of how she wants to have it. Again you are the only author that truly has their lovers communicate. Other authors always have the aggressor suggesting whatever and the recipient is whole hog for it. You actually show your women expressing their desire of how they want to have their love make love to them. You then sometimes show your lovers taking matters into their own hands and making the other woman do what they want. Deshona and Sara have both recently almost brushed Laura off themselves and the redirected Laura into the position that they wanted. Again this is so real life between two women who care enough to please their partner and willing receive instructions from their lovers on how to please them. I feel most lesbians are so willing to let their partner direct them on how to best please them in a given act. I love lovers who have the confidence in themselves and in their partners to express their wants and desires.

Of course, Mavis being the sweet girl that she is, is so happy to do what Laura wants. She even takes it to the next level and tells Laura she is going to make her beg for it. Again, your lovers having fun when having intercourse. I love Mavis's mischievous side here. Great detail of how after Laura has requested nice and slow and Mavis is delivering while giving head, Laura has to fight herself not to grab Mavis's head and ram her face into her cunt. I have had this problem many times. You are trying for nice, slow and easy and your lover is making you crazy and you want to take it to a more extreme level. Alas, I usually wind up giving up to my baser desires and start pressing my lovers face deep into my pussy. I have to rely on my lover to keep the initial pace, which usually produces much begging and weeping on my part. This makes it hot deep in my belly when they keep to my original request and bring me off slow despite my pleas to the contrary.

Love that sweet detail of Mavis going nice and slow and hitting all the right spots with spectacular results [She knew how to tease, and her deep desire to please Laura made her more inventive by the second. Her tongue seemed to find places in Laura's pussy that had not been touched in months. At one point, Laura's squirming ass actually levitated up off the bed, shaking in the air, her voice squealing excitedly up out of her throat, as Mavis somehow touched a raw sexual nerve that shot sharp electric flashes through her body.] Love that ass levitating off the bed in ecstasy and Laura's primal wails of pleasure.

Now Mavis starts her fist fuck of Laura. I think it is a total blast to show that Mavis is learning from Laura [Now she got some of her fingers up into Laura's juicy channelat first Laura could not tell how many, maybe three or fourand began to saw them slowly in and out while flicking Laura's clit with the tip of her tongue. Hey, that's my technique! Laura realized, through the hot, throbbing excitement of her body, half-giggling to herself.] Thanks for showing this. . So much of what I do while making love I have learned from wonderful women over the years and over the last year and half even a few ideas and tips from these wonderful chapters plus a few from other stories. One should always be open to learning new techniques. Mavis is so lucky to have such a wonderful teacher at such a young age.

Now we get to the point where Mavis makes Laura beg for it. I kind of like the competition here between the two of them. I don't think Laura wanted to give Mavis that bit of control over her. Mavis on the other hand knows she has the upper hand is determined to play that for all it worth. My, my, Mavis is quite the temptress. [Now Mavis was moving again, slyly, subtly, stroking the edges of Laura's pussy with her tongue, sliding her fingers further up into Laura, until Laura could feel the hard swellings of her knuckles. Yes! Yes . . . do it! She got control of herself long enough to look down at Mavis's solemn, determined face, seeing the familiar fires in the girl's mysterious, knowing eyes as Mavis looked back up at her. Mavis drew her long tongue slowly across Laura's clit, never taking her eyes from Laura's, and Laura nearly dissolved in hot quivering.] That is just so fucking hot how Mavis deliberately ratchets up the heat and only then really starts on working on making Laura beg for it. Laura never had a chance of resisting.

With Laura's penetration you again show that almost mystical union it produces [Again she could feel the sweet, intensely mysterious sense of intimate union that had come over her earlier when she had thrust her own hand into Mavis's tight young pussy. She held her breath for an instant as she felt Mavis's hand slide up into her, stiffening slightly, then relaxing, letting the full sweep of the intense bliss that accompanied this moment envelop her body.] You always make that initial moment of penetration so special for which I always want to thank you for. You make this fuck really touching by how gentle this is. Minutes of sweet slow thrusting. Mavis following her instructions all the way. The way Laura's channel relaxes enough for Mavis to make a fist and while still keeping the strokes slow she adds that oh so sweet twisting of the fist while stroking it in deep. You make it more intense by having them maintain eye contact. This is a huge turn on and with Mavis's eyes looking into your soul it must almost be a configuration. I love how you describe it all ratcheting up [She wanted to gaze into Mavis's scintillating, loving, passionate eyes and feel the tiny curvature of each knuckle as it slid across the buttery, squinchy inner walls of her cunt, feel the nudging of Mavis's wrist up against the swollen berry of her aching clit, feel the certainty that only seconds from now she would dissolve in hot waves of billowing fire.] Have I said how much I love all your sweet details? Only you capture both the details and emotions. It makes for truly hot fucking reading. My pussy is very happy reading this sex right now let me tell you.

I love how you describe Laura wanting it to last forever. To be able to ride the sweet high of fucking until eternity. Of course it can't last [Oh shit, I don't ever want this to stop! she realized. "Oh honey . . . I don't ever want it to be over!" she gasped desperately to Mavis, feeling the flesh in her arms and legs quiver involuntarily, a hint that her wishes were now immaterial, that her body would hurtle toward its fiery climax no matter what she wanted.] I think you capture so well those conflicting desires of having the fuck last forever and at the same time craving the sweet release of orgasm. Again you have your lovers communicating. Mavis asks if Laura wants her to speed it up and Laura responds in the negative. I love this actual communication and following of desires. I think it is important for writers to show this. Now that I think it about it a little more, communication is so important in love making that it really does deserve to be front and center like you put it. Again, this is you making your women real living breathing persons. This is how women who care for each other make love. They do it with communication, understanding and sensitivity to their partners needs and desires.

I don't think you have ever captured better this slow sweet fucking between Laura and one of her partners. I love how you have Laura maintaining control of herself also. I can almost guarantee you that all other authors always have their lovers accelerate until the point of orgasm is reached. Sometimes it nice to just go on a slow leisurely drive to your orgasm as evidence her [True to her word, Mavis did not accelerate the pace a bit. Slowly, she kept fucking Laura, slowly, patiently, deliberately, sliding her hand in deep, pulling it out, pushing it in. Laura went crazy, but she too refused to pump or squirm wildly. Instead, she relaxed her body, patiently undulating, moving her hips, biting her lower lip, feeling the unbearable pressures swell to the bursting point deep in her belly and her womb.] First you give us this sweet slow fuck and then you give us those small little extra details that just make you reign supreme and also make the story so fucking hot [Without knowing she was doing it, Laura suddenly realized that she had grabbed fistfuls of the sheet with both hands, and was bearing down with her clenched buttocks into the mattress, trying to hold on, trying to postpone the final explosion.] Those are simply wonderful visual details. I can close my eyes and just see that. I Love It.

Oh god, this next section has my womb quivering again, I will be seeking major league relief in a little while let me tell you. I love how you detail that Mavis does speed up just a little to give that little squirt of pleasure but is still keeping to Laura's wishes. Again that womb quivering detail of the scraping knuckles and the resulting explosion deep in Laura's belly. Now, Mavis being the excellent lover that she is rams her fist in deep and hard to make Laura's orgasm as hard and intense as possible [Now, almost imperceptibly, Mavis did pick up the pace, but only a little. Laura could feel it, but barely. Mavis's hand seemed to grow harder inside of her, and Mavis's knuckles scraped along the raw inner flesh of her pussy more noticeably, and Mavis's tongue now lashed her exposed clit, and Laura groaned, and arched, and then melted into a long shuddering sigh as waves of sweet pulsing rapture began to roll through her quivering body. "Ohhnnnnn! Oh Jesus!

Ahnnnnnnn! Oh . . . oh Mavis! Ungghhhh!" Laura's climax began like a warm, thrilling fever dream, sweeping through her body like an ocean wave, but quickly it turned into a tornado, and Mavis was suddenly thrusting hard, bringing hot, violent groans up from deep in Laura's chest. "Ungghh! Auungghh! Oh yes! Oh yes! Ungghmmnngghiiieeeee!" Laura wailed, suddenly feeling the whole cataclysm jump up another rung to a fierce, clenching seizure of hot coming.] I can't really add anything to this. It is just sheer perfection of an earth shattering orgasm that rends the flesh bare and claws the soul. That may sound extreme but that is what a superstar orgasm gives one and you never fail capture this.

Nice touch with Laura asking Mavis to keep her hand in her and let her hump it a little more to get a few more aftershocks out her orgasm. I love how Mavis tells her "to go for it". Your women are always so in tune with each other. You always make me smile with such sweet lines as this ["I wish I could take this home in a bottle and smell it whenever I get horny," she said, flirting again with Laura. "Laura's pussy perfume. Makes me hot."] Your little touches of sweet humor add so much to your stories. I love how Laura determines they still have two more hours to make hot fucking love and then you give us some humor with Mavis giving Laura a big tease [Mavis squinted. "Ain't you tired. We just did it, Laura. Give me a rest, okay?" Laura felt instantly contrite, remembering the asthma. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean" Mavis bubbled over with giggles. "Look at you. You think you trying to fuck a sick person, right? Like I'm going to have an asthma attack while you licking my pretty little black pussy. Right?"] That is just so cute Mavis making Laura squirm. Laura is such an easy target in that she cares so much for her women they can easily tease her by making her think she is being too aggressive. I love Laura's women teasing her and her sweet nature.

I love how the chapter ends with Mavis so confident in herself and her ability to control her illness with proper medication and vigilance. I love seeing a woman confident in herself. That confidence shows in the closing lines where Mavis is promising Laura even hotter sex. How hot that could be I don't know but I envy Laura in that she gets to find out. What a lucky girl.







Chapter 264:

This chapter starts with Laura going over her emotions about Sara. I find it very fascinating reading about Laura's thoughts and emotions. She longs for the woman and it is so obvious that her emotions run deeper for this woman than any other. She is in love with Dawn, but nowhere near this degree. While fucking Dawn she knows she loves her, but only with Sara do we have this depth and purity of emotion. Nowhere else in erotica do we have this kind of emotion being emoted. There are stories of women finding love, but is always predestined and almost instinctual. We get the feeling with Laura that this almost a work in progress.

Though she loves Sara, Laura's nature still involves her with other women. She must have her other angels to be truly happy. Thus, when a Dawn or Mavis come a calling, Laura gladly succumbs to their siren calls. She longs for and cherishes these women, but only a few truly touch her and none like Sara. I do find it humorous that she knows her own promiscuity but the thought of it in Sara makes her stomach curdle with bile. I have found this to be Laura's tragic flaw, her intense jealous streak. I think the depth of her feelings and attachments almost insure this reaction. In this one area, Laura is incapable of fairness. She cannot accept her women desiring any others than herself.

I enjoyed the phone call between Laura and Sara. I think with just this phone call you show more subtly and depth of emotion than a lot of stories that are supposedly about primal love. Again I think it is because you have allowed these women time to interact and grow in their understanding of each other. Other stories just have the women meet and have that instinctual attraction. I think the stories just don't have the length to develop their characters and their interactions. By having spent chapters in getting here, you allow the women to know and interact like lovers. Persons who can make innuendo and react gently because of their shared history. Other stories (erotica stories tend to be short anyway) simply must have the women react to each other almost immediately and with primal force. The lack of story length almost forces this. You on the other hand take as many chapters as necessary to develop something before you move on to the next stage.

Now Laura goes to Sara's apartment to have their love rendezvous that they just arranged. Now I have to admit that I was wondering when in the heck this "Dee Dee" was going to appear. Then this strange woman comes and answers the door to Sara's apartment. I still had not put two and two together. I was anxious to get to this new woman. The pictures made me hunger for her. I do agree that the facial expressions almost seem deaden, I find her body to be almost perfection. Just enough of everything to make her mouth wateringly beautiful. The woman knows who Laura is and then knows where Sara has gone. I still thinking this must be a friend of Sara and know I'm thinking, okay this Dee Dee. Oh boy, some real hot fucking will be commencing soon. I had to chuckle at Laura chastising herself for falling in thrall of Dee Dee's butt.

I was totally stunned when we discovered that this was Demetra, Sara's sister. I was totally floored. I absolutely didn't see this coming. Again, I have to give you credit for developing this neat plot twist. After the way Sara described Dee Dee I expected to see a woman bone thin with a tooth missing or something. I was totally expecting a skank. Laura comments that she is thrown since she doesn't look like Sara. I noticed the hesitation here. I think she was expecting a skank here also. We learn that Sara and Dee Dee have different fathers and that Sara's is terminally ill and she has gone to his home to be with him. I love the exclamation when Laura is thinking about Sara and empathizes with the pain and distress she must be feeling. I can't really think of another erotica story that allows their characters to interact in such real life situations. Again we see Laura's basic goodness. She really feels for Sara and her pain.

We now get into territory that I would never expect except for you to see in erotica. We are now getting into some complicated emotions and perceptions here. Dee Dee begins to question Laura about what Sara has told Laura about herself. Even though Laura denies it, Dee Dee is sure that Sara has told Laura a lot of "shit" about her. Dee Dee is one hundred percent correct. Sara has given Laura the lurid and vivid details of Dee Dee's recent past. Sara by only portraying the negative aspects of Dee Dee personality leads one to form a very negative image. Without the positive details we soon discover one is lead to very dark image of her. The mental picture I developed of Dee Dee is not the woman we see here. Again I find this to be an accurate portrayal of human nature. I am very attuned to this. I am so used to people only part of the information on a person. Sara is not being sinister or mean, she is just letting the events of her interactions with Dee Dee color her account of her. Many times I have had people describe people and events either way too high or low depending on whether they have positive or negative feelings about the person or situation. Again I say this is human nature. Because I am so aware of this I always am very careful to describe people and events. I always try to give a completely fair account and present all facets, even if it works against me. But to show I am still very guilty of falling prey to incorrect perceptions, I was totally blown away by Dee Dee's appearance and demeanor. I should have kept an open mind. I once read that there are three realities when dealing with people. The reality I perceive, the reality you perceive and then the true reality. Sara didn't physically describe Dee Dee or her mental prowess, only her actions

I don't mean to imply that Dee Dee is without faults. She almost immediately shows a certain waspishness. She immediately starts to badger Laura about what Sara has told her about herself. She is looking for dirt, seeking the negative. We quickly discover that Dee Dee sees the worst of things as a general rule. You can almost feel her petulance when she makes dour remarks about Sara caring so for Laura. She shows insensitivity with her comment ["Sorry he's dying, or sorry she isn't here?"] when Laura expresses sorry over Sara's situation. We have just meet Dee Dee and she is showing a glaring lack of couth.

By now Laura has had enough and makes a move to leave, to which Dee Dee asks her to stay and have a drink. For the first time, Dee Dee speaks in a civil manner. Laura decides to stay. We can see that Laura is in trouble. Only the fact that Dee Dee is Sara's sister is stopping her from madly desiring to make love to Dee Dee. She does have a body to die for [She was very black, always a physical turn-on for Laura, and her body was tightly compact and curvaceous, not as fleshy as Sara's, harder, younger, more athletic.] She really is beautiful.

Now Laura herself is coming to terms with her mental image of Dee Dee and the reality setting across from her. This is not a woman who has allowed wild living to destroy her body. This is not a woman who just crawled out of the gutter but a model you might see in "Ebony". Here one has to careful to not allow Dee Dee's beauty to mask the reality either. It would be so easy to discount everything Sara said because of Dee Dee's beauty. Discerning reality can be such a bitch sometimes. [She looked so clean, intelligent, and well-mannered. She might be a little sharp and skeptical, her black eyes a little vacant and glassy now and then, but she seemed educated and well-spoken.] Dee Dee is definitely a puzzle.

When Laura makes a move to leave again, Dee Dee then offers her drugs, but Laura is slow to catch on to the street jargon for the drugs. As a person who doesn't even drink I am sad to see Dee Dee so enamored with drugs. I have watched drugs absolutely ruin two women. They are starting to look like the mental picture that Laura had of Dee Dee. I can only hope that Dee Dee gets help soon. Now she offers Laura a drink. Dee Dee really seems to want to keep Laura around. Dee Dee does show a kind streak when she seems to acknowledge Laura's discomfort at the situation. One gets the sense that Dee Dee craves the company of another person. Makes me wonder how and with whom she normally associates with. I get the feeling already that she is lonely. This is reinforced later on. Dee Dee now fixes them both a drink. One can see by the size of Dee Dee's drink that alcohol and her are close friends.

I was now really surprised when I now discover that Dee Dee has a masters in sociology. I am totally impressed. I am then impressed with her knowledge of philosophy. I myself have read some of the masters. I can follow all this but I have to really, really concentrate. Anyone who can really get into this and understand the deeper meanings has my up most respect. It does seem that Dee Dee is being a little pretentious here; I think she is trying to impress Laura, but, also, a true love for this subject shines through. I think Dee Dee needs people with sharp minds to truly stimulate her. I do find the theory espoused her to very interesting and I agree with almost all of it. I perceive what Dr. Adorno says; I'm just not sure what the answer is. I truly hope Dee Dee can get her act together and stop this self-destructive behavior behind her and get back into grad school and develop this intellect of hers and stop destroying herself. I hope she finds the money to continue her education.

I really felt for her getting pregnant and having an abortion. I wouldn't wish that on any woman. Dee Dee is so obviously affected by this. When I read Sara's account I got the impression that Dee Dee was not that affected by it. We now see the truth. I'm really starting to think that Dee Dee needs to find an intelligent, strong willed and compassionate person to love her. This person would need to be strong to help Dee Dee overcome her demons. Dee Dee is so complex I feel a woman would have a better shot at helping and loving Dee Dee though I'm sure there are men out their with the right stuff. It would be very difficult but if the relationship could survive, and the wildness and cynicism could be removed you might find a strong and intelligent woman to be your partner. Sigh, I always want the best for everyone, especially when I see a person in such pain and such need.

Now Dee Dee admits to some biased perceptions. She knows of Sara and Laura's relationship. She was expecting a "dyke". I'm quite sure she expected some mannish looking woman dressed in jeans or leather. I had to cringe at Dee Dee describing the beating her hair is taking. The idea of all that beautiful hair falling out is completely heinous.

I like how you are able to take a character that is hard to like and then show vulnerability to make the reader feel for them. When Dee Dee starts to panic when Laura tries to leave again, it pulls at the heartstrings. You can almost feel Dee Dee's desperation. The way her eyes go vacant makes me want to baby her. What pain or abstraction causes them to go blank? Makes me feel sympathy for her.

Now Dee Dee drops the bombshell ["You know, I've never had a lesbian experience," she said, staring directly into Laura's eyes. "I think maybe"] Laura has now had enough, and jumps up to leave. In all other stories, the character may say the want to leave but deep down they want it. Not here. Laura wants out of there. She truly wants to avoid the temptation and try and stay true to Sara. This just rings through. Still, Laura is indecisive. I can understand her situation completely. When a beautiful woman is being seductive like this, it is like the bird before the weaving snake. Now Dee Dee removes her sweater to reveal her white bra holding those beautiful breasts of hers. Poor Laura, she is a woman who loves and craves sensual pleasure and is having this offered right before her very eyes. When Dee Dee offers to unclasp her bra, Laura finally breaks free of the spell and lurches for the door. Dee Dee ups the pressure and places Laura's hand on her back. Laura can feel the firm muscle tone and perfect skin. I don't know how Laura continues to resist feeling that wonderful back. Once I started feeling that wonderful skin and body, I would be instantly sunk.

It is sad almost when Dee Dee catches Laura by the door and pushes her up against the wall, still offering her body and Laura can smell the strong smell of alcohol. That would be a mood destroyer for me. Then Dee Dee shows her inner pain clearly with ["I want you to do it with me," Dee Dee breathed, her breath soaked in rum. "I want to know what Sara knows. I want you to make me as happy as you make her."] To me she so obviously needs loving and isn't getting it. She sees her sister getting it and desperately reaches out for it. In her state, she definitely can't see that sleeping with her sister's lover will not provide the happiness she seeks. The happiness that Sara has comes from the emotional aspects of her relationship with Laura of which their lovemaking is only a manifestation.

I think the desperation that Dee Dee feels is clearly shown in how she is reacting to Laura's rejection of her advances. She ups the pressure, she can't to take no for an answer. Her true desperation is shown when she pleads for the same happiness that Sara is feeling and the looks of pain that cross her face. You show Laura's distress quite clearly also ["No," Laura almost wailed, slapping Dee Dee's hand away from her bra clasp, between the cups. "Let me go, Dee Dee," she pleaded. "I . . . I love Sara. I . . . can't do this."] This is not a woman who is just putting on a show and wants to quickly succumb to the situation. Laura is feeling real pain in this situation and really, really wants to get away from Dee Dee. Again, I want to repeat that I have never seen such real raw emotions. It is so clear that Laura really wants to be true to Sara. She accepts her desire for other women (with some angst) but not with Sara's sister. This is a line that she doesn't want to cross.

I like how you slowly racket up the tension between the two women. There is an ebb and flow between the two women. First, one and then the other seems to advance her will. Finally, Dee Dee goes nuclear and removes her bra. I thought it was a little humorous and very true when you observe that no one can keep themselves from looking at a beautiful set of breasts on a beautiful woman when they are naked before you. Laura can't refuse to look. I know I couldn't refuse. [Dee Dee was right. Her breasts were beautiful. They were as unlike Sara's as possible, small and pert, upswept, with large but not huge nipples, not the mammoth, soft, puffy areolas that Sara had, but much blacker, coal black, like April's. Laura looked up again, quickly.] I feel they are very close to perfection. The perfect size and oh so firm.

Finally, this confrontation is coming to a close [Dee Dee looked at her in disbelief. Clearly she could not believe that anyone, male or female, would turn down her delicious, half-naked, sleek black body. Laura couldn't believe it either but was biting down as hard as she could on her determination, clenching her teeth, making fists, trying to summon up the last ounce of her strength and loyalty.] What I really love about this part of the story is the humanizing pain that you show Dee Dee is experiencing. Through her facial expressions and her words you see her extreme pain. There is no wailing or cursing only almost silent pain. That looking out the window would have killed me. This is a woman who is really searching for someone to make her happy. I hope she realizes soon that she must first search to find it from inside first. My heart almost breaks for her here. I really have to give Laura credit in refusing her here. This really makes it clear that Laura is serious about her feelings for Sara. In this situation I would given in right here (though I feel Dee Dee would have seduced me earlier). Knowing I caused all this pain would have broken my will. I really admire Laura trying to be true to Sara here. I know Laura must have been bucked up in her refusal when Dee Dee informs her that Sara has a special page just for Laura in her address book with lots of drawn hearts and silly little scratching. I know that would warm my heart and put a big smile on my face.

After winning this battle of wills Laura drives off and then goes and parks her car to reflect. I like the comparison to the big battles she has had with Shontay. Here the dynamics were almost opposite. Their battles were because Laura wanted to fuck Shontay, not refusing her advances. Plus, the fact that Shontay is successful makes it easier to accept Shontay's antics. Dee Dee is not successful. She has the raw tools for success but is fucking up her chances. I almost want to get angry when people with so much talent waste themselves like Dee Dee is doing. I don't blame Laura for feeling proud in refusing Dee Dee; she has remained true to Sara. Still I understand her angst [This made her feel warm all over, tingly with happiness, and yet the moment by the door as she was leaving kept coming back to her. She couldn't get the image of Dee Dee's delectable half-naked body out of her mind either.] Refusing a beautiful woman's sexual advances would almost be impossible for me and then adding Dee Dee's pain on top of that would make any victory tainted for me also.

Laura finally goes home and relaxes basking in her victory. It doesn't last long for that to end. The doorbell rings and Laura sees that it is Dee Dee. Round two is about to begin. I fully understand why Laura doesn't want to let Dee Dee in her condo. If Dee Dee gets in the door, I think Laura knows she is cooked. Unfortunately for Laura, her goodness does her in. When Dee Dee starts to hop around and starts pleading to use the bathroom because she REALLY has to pee, Laura can't refuse her. Laura is incapable of not helping a person in need. It is always humorous seeing a person desperately trying to hold it in [Now Dee Dee began to wince and shift back and forth on her feet. "I'm not kidding. I really have to go bad." She was half-squealing now, looking desperate. "It just all came on me at once. Please."]

Once Dee Dee has answered nature's call she immediately starts her sexual press again. Laura trying to do right is making coffee for Dee Dee in the kitchen and Dee Dee goes to her and starts to flirt despite Laura once more telling her nothing is going to happen. Dee Dee is almost relentless in her efforts. Plus, Dee Dee is absolutely beautiful. I know drool would have been running down my chin looking at that beautiful ass swaying in front of my eyes as they head back to the livingroom. I smiled when Laura tries to draw Dee Dee into a conversation of philosophy with her favorite author. Smart move actually, but Dee Dee is not to be denied. Dee Dee counterattacks with a request to see the condo. Laura with good upbringing simply can't refuse this request even though she must know that Dee Dee will be angling to get into the bedroom. Laura does try to buck up her own resistance [Nothing is going to happen, she repeated to herself, as she had told Dee Dee. You are Sara's sister. Sara has a whole page devoted just to me in her phone book. She cares about me after all . . . the same way I care about her. I am not going to do anythinganything!to endanger that.]

Of course Dee Dee comments when she gets to the master bedroom. I know she must have loved the size of that big bed. She then wants to see the master bathroom. I love how Laura reflects on Ada and their beautiful first fuck in Ada's bathroom. Dee Dee flips over the Jacuzzi in Laura's bathroom. I got a little irritated with Dee Dee getting all huffy with Laura when Laura tries to be funny with her ["Oh god, I would die to take a bath in that," Dee Dee said. "You could just sink back into some bubbles . . . and read Theodoro . . . or something . . ." Laura grinned. Dee Dee scowled at her. "You're patronizing me, Laura."] Dee Dee really needs to lighten up. Smell the flowers so to speak. Now Laura has to use the bathroom. I was pretty sure what Laura would find when she exited.

When Laura exits she finds Dee Dee in her bedroom only in her underwear and not only that, but Dee Dee is going through her drawers and found her instruments of pleasure. She has found the double penetrator. My pulse immediately leaped. I can't blame Laura for going purple in anger. I am very easy going, but having a stranger go through my private drawers would steam me also. I would have the same problem as Laura though. What in the world do you do in this case? To remove Dee Dee one would have to almost have a fight. I am totally unwilling to do that just like Laura. Laura is too nice to really force the issue.

I have to agree with Laura about Dee Dee style of seduction. Dee Dee is like a shark going about a kill. Almost without emotion. When Jane and Mavis are seducing Laura I have a big smile on my face. I love their mirth in seducing Laura. Dee Dee approaches it like a hostile take over. Despite the beauty in front of her Laura still tries to get Dee Dee to stop. She calmly asks Dee Dee to put her clothes on and leave. Of course she refuses. Dee Dee then inquires as to whether Laura and Sara have fucked with this wonder. Dee Dee is unbelievable with her straightforward questioning of Laura. Dee Dee lets Laura know she finds anal sex to be "rad". I love this part [She looked through the Double Penetrator's two upthrusting, obscene stalks at Laura. Dee Dee's eyes, though glazed, were smoldering. The sexual tension in the bedroom was electric and palpable.] That would have sunk me right there.

Still Dee Dee is pressing for acceptance. I think her ego really needs for Laura to find her attractive and desirable. I think Dee Dee lacks confidence and needs to win in this seduction. Laura finally admits her physical desire for Dee Dee. The beginning of the end has started in this battle of wills. Now Dee Dee presents the handcuffs and gag. It has been a while since these were used. I am not big fan of the gag but I was happy to see it. It makes for a nice change of pace. I love Dee Dee's kink factor. Laura is still pleading with Dee Dee, but it is falling on deaf ears. Dee Dee is confident in her body. I think she is truly puzzled by Laura's ability to refuse her. Sensing Laura's weakening will starts to stroke her fire. Laura has lost the battle [Laura was lost. In a brief twinge of self-awareness, she felt the warm nectars in her pussy almost overflowing, even trickling down her inner thigh, since she was wearing no panties under her housecoat. Dee Dee's sensual lips brushed her cheek.]

I love the final seduction. What makes it so special is this whole fight, it really builds up the final conquest of defenses ["You want to fuck me," Dee Dee whispered, pressing her lips now into Laura's. Laura's mouth opened, and Dee Dee's tongue was inside it in an instant. Instead of embracing Laura, she dropped her hands to Laura's and drew them up to her naked breasts, placing one of Laura's hands on each one. They were marvelously firm and warm, and Laura's breath quickened at the feel of Dee Dee's soft nipples pushing into her palms.] I can just feel those wonderful breasts in my hands. Dee Dee adds to the fire by whispering to Laura, letting Laura know she knows that Laura wants to "fuck the shit" out of her.

I love that once Laura decides to capitulate she gets aggressive [But since they were going to do it, there was no way she could keep her hands off Dee Dee's body. Dee Dee stood up again after pulling down the bedspread, and Laura was all over her. She dug her fingers into Dee Dee's long naked back, and dropped her hands to the girl's phenomenal ass, slipping them under the elastic band of Dee Dee's panties. She nearly drove her tongue down Dee Dee's throat.] I love how Laura makes love here. I love how Laura almost rips Dee Dee's panties off in her haste once they fall onto the bed. All these emotions from her refusal has ignited Laura's blood. I love how Dee Dee completely accepts this new desire for lesbian sex. She will not let society cloud this newfound desire. I love the way she doesn't hesitate to nearly swallow Laura's nipples and the squirts of fire it sends through Laura's body.

Dee Dee's lust allows her to make love with focus despite her half drunk state. Laura of course shows her excellent lovemaking technique [Laura rolled the girl onto her back, kissing her naked body everywhere, unable to get enough of Dee Dee's sleek black skin, licking it, licking her shoulders, her collarbones, her neck, her throat, then descending to her marvelous young breasts. She bunched them up in her hands and began to lick Dee Dee's coal-black nipples sensually, curling her tongue around them, watching them harden, watching the nubby centers rise and the areolas wrinkle as Dee Dee became more aroused.] I always love the way Laura licks and kisses all of a woman's total body. I can't blame Laura for wanting to fuck Dee Dee's brains out. After all the aggravation Dee Dee has put her through and the fact that Dee Dee is a lesbian virgin would make me want to orgasm her to death.

As always, you give those wonderful details of breast worship that you constantly change from chapter to chapter. This chapter Laura is curling her tongue around the nipple and deep love sucks. I never get enough of your variations [Dee Dee stiffened, then relaxed, following the same rhythm Laura's body had fallen into earlier in the same situation. Her nipple was still inside Laura's mouth, but Laura had momentarily relaxed the grip of her lips on it, and Dee Dee was enjoying the fierce wave of pleasure that shot through her when Laura sucked harder. Now Laura did suck it harder, pulling it way in, lashing the rubbery wet bud with her tongue, feeling Dee Dee's body shake.] Part of the enjoyment for me is the way you describe the woman receiving the ministrations and how they react to all this loving. I love all the cawing and gurgling and the moans of deep pleasure. You show the affects of breast worship. I always love to see your woman lifting their

heads trying to see what is being done to their breast or cunt. More great details [She sucked Dee Dee's other nipple deep into her mouth, now holding Dee Dee's small breast in both hands, kneading the round firm flesh, pinching her thick wet nipple between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, until Dee Dee was literally thrashing and moaning under her.] I am sure Dee Dee must be stunned by the feelings Laura is causing in her breast.

I think it is an interesting dynamic with Laura feeling that she is fucking Dee Dee so aggressively because she never plans to fuck Dee Dee again. Laura has given into her lust, but she is planning on being strong in the future. I think her best plan is stay far, far away from Dee Dee. After the fucking Dee Dee is receiving here, I think she will desperately want more in the future. Laura starts to work her magic down her lovely body [Soon Laura moved lower. She wanted all of Dee Dee, all of her delicious black body, every inch, every crevice, every moist secret. Her lips skimmed across the girl's taut stomach and she quickly realized that Dee Dee had magnificent abs, which Laura had not noticed before, firm but contoured ridges of hard muscle beneath the sleek smooth skin.] I wonder if any man has ever worshiped her body like this. I know the vast majority don't. Dee Dee must really be loving this sexual tornado she is in right now. I noticed her beautiful hard abs immediately. My hopes were instantly stoked.

Now we get to an interesting part of the story. Laura now hungers to eat Dee Dee's cunt. I know I would be starving for it. The only problem is that there is no way that you can. With Dee Dee's history of venereal disease you simply can't risk it. I am just happy that Laura got a warning about Dee Dee. I have to agree that Dee Dee doesn't fit the picture of a woman with venereal disease. You don't expect a woman who is so beautiful, articulate and intelligent to have had these diseases. Of course, the clap doesn't ask about your background before it infects you. I would be insulted if a woman refused to go down on me, unless she is a virgin who is still skittish. Recently, a cousin told me her father might have hepititstis C. She told me after I hugged him and shook his hand. I have to admit I felt a little funny with that news. Dee Dee really needs to clean up her act.

Fortunately, Dee Dee gives Laura an easy out. She makes her desire known to be handcuffed and have the rubber ball put into her mouth. It seems to be obvious that Dee Dee is a woman who likes her sex rough, cant' blame her for that. [Dee Dee nodded. "I want it." She could see Laura's reluctance. "I want you to fuck me so hard I scream."] That would ignite my blood on fire. Geez, Dee Dee seems to get upset easily when Laura hesitates a little. In a way she is unknowingly firing Laura up to fuck her brains out. You as usual give all tons of visual details. Other writers would just give the details that Laura cuffed Dee Dee. [Now that her arms were stretched upward, her whole torso was unnaturally distorted but in a very alluring way, her ribcage protruding a little, her breasts pulled up, her hard stomach more exposed and beautiful than ever. It was an unnatural, tortuous position, but, Laura realized, wildly erotic. She ran her hands over Dee Dee's body, squeezing her breasts again, pinching her sensitive nipples meaningfully, caressing her smoothly rippling abs.] Seeing that really makes me want to bury my face in Dee Dee's cunt. I can just see Dee Dee writhing in sexual excitement with your details.

Laura is again saved by Dee Dee wanting Laura to get going and fuck her with double penetrator. With Dee Dee having only known men she is anxious for some deep penetration. I like the confidence that Laura feels here. She knows she is good and knows she can deliver a mind blowing fuck. I love confidence in a woman. I chuckled at Dee Dee observing Mr. "Twofer". ["God, will you look at that thing?" Dee Dee laughed, a little nervously, Laura thought, as Laura walked toward her and the two huge curved prongs bobbed up and down. "I'm going to faint, I think."] It is a little unnerving seeing that sight. Seeing something that you will not see in nature. Thank goodness for plastic. Hehehe. I love anyway seeing a strap-on bobbing on a woman as she walks toward me to fuck my brains out, seeing a twofer is awesome.

I like Laura feeling playful here [To emphasize Dee Dee's powerlessness, Laura brushed her own naked breasts across Dee Dee's face before straightening back up, loving the thrillingly wicked feel of the rubber ball brushing her own excited nipples.] I love how you show Dee Dee's defiant nature [But her eyes showed no fear. They were hard and clear, as if this moment had sobered her up completely. Her eyes bored into Laura, daring her, taunting her, almost goading Laura into giving her a sexual experience she would never forget.] All that defiance would make me fuck her with loving violence. I would bang the shit out of her and she would love it.

I love the description of Dee Dee's untouchable pussy and soon to be speared ass [With her dry hand, she reached down and spread apart Dee Dee's incredible buns. It was a moment of almost breathtaking sexual excitement for Laura, because by now Dee Dee's wet pussy was completely blossomed, its shiny pink inner folds all buttery and raw and inviting. And below it Dee Dee's miraculous ass, which she was touching with her fingers, was enough to make Laura herself faint with desire.] I love how you have Laura prepare the way by lubing a finger and the driving it up Dee Dee's asshole. Love those love sounds when you make that penetration. She then loosens it up some more with another added finger. I love talking to my love while I'm fucking her ["Oh yes . . . you have a tight little asshole between these absolutely gorgeous buns, don't you," Laura purred to her, fucking it slowly, gently, probing, loosening. "We have to make way for Mr. Ass Rammer."] I love communicating with my lover. I think it brings one closer. I especially love it when they communicate to me their desires and wants and their pleasure.

Of course you make that initial moment of penetration so special. I love working a dildo into my lover. With the double penetrator you have that double thrill of filling both holes at once, feeling that extra resistance [Dee Dee's black eyes were wide and shiny, imploring Laura, begging to be taken, ravished, consumed, and Laura was dying to do it. She removed her wet fingers from Dee Dee's ass, wiping them hastily on the sheet, and used the same hand to guide both monstrous appendages toward Dee Dee's well-lubricated passages. The upper prong, of course, slid easily into the girl's puckered wet pussyit was fat enough to stretch her glistening black cunt lips taut as it sank in, causing a tight little groan deep in Dee Dee's chestbut even though Laura had loosened it, Dee Dee's asshole still clenched tight to prevent the bottom one from sliding in fast.] Love that silent communication that Dee Dee does with her eyes. The eyes can say so much. Then I love how you describe that Dee Dee's sphincter is resisting penetration. Other writers always have the dildo just slide in home. Love how Laura works it all the

way in with gentle communication ["Just a little . . . more . . ." she panted, also watching, as the last few inches disappeared slowly inside Dee Dee's impaled pussy and crammed asshole, between her amazingly round and hard black cheeks.]

Dee Dee had been asking for hard all along but Laura decides to do it her way ["Why not soft?" Laura teased, beginning to slide both dildos in and out of Dee Dee's body with a smooth, gentle rhythm of her slowly gyrating pelvis. "Why not slow . . . I like it slow. I want to take a while. I want to enjoy your beautiful body, Dee Dee. I want to fuck you slow."] Sometimes it is fun to give and take and do things your own way. That is okay as long as you deliver a great fuck. Of course, this is something Laura always does. Of course you give the small details that are so vivid and add so much. You describe how it takes a few strokes to get the rhythm up and going and then you describe how the penetrator rubs against her public bone and mashes Laura's clit. Some even have projections to go in the wearer's vagina. You then describe so beautifully the beauty of missionary position fucking [Fucking her missionary-style had been Laura's choice specifically because of this opportunity, and she wasted no time in bending close, sucking Dee Dee's smooth neck, biting the flesh between her neck and shoulders, squeezing her small upswept breasts, twisting her nipples, all the while pumping her in a smooth, deliberate, forward motion, noticing that Dee Dee's eyes were increasingly delirious. A constant low guttural moan now came from her throat, and she tossed her head and gyrated her own pelvis in synchronization with Laura's.] I so love being able to kiss and caress my lover while cooing to her while peering into her eyes. I always hope and long to see impossible pleasure sparking in them and knowing I put those sparks there.

I love fucking my partner and feeling her overcome with passion and thrusting herself more forcefully into my thrusts ["Oh yes . . . oh yes," Laura could not help panting, nipping Dee Dee's very black, delectable earlobe, dropping her mouth to Dee Dee's coal-black nipples once again, sucking her gently, then more passionately, feeling Dee Dee's hips leap up, pushing her body into the probing shafts more urgently as Laura sucked her harder. "Oh . . . you want it harder now?" Laura panted. "Harder . . . now? Faster?"]

I want to give you great big thank you for how you describe this dildo fuck. Authors either do it from behind or a basic missionary style without any vivid details or variation. You deliver wonderful details of a good ole het style fucking [Laura was gripped by a fierce, hungry mania of sexual passion for this beautiful naked girl, who had come into her life so unexpectedly, so disastrously, only hours ago. Dee Dee's thighs were scrunched up, her knees close to Laura's shoulders already, as Laura pumped her heatedly and energetically, and Laura could not resist the temptation loop her arms under each knee, lifting both of Dee Dee's legs high into the air and rolling her ass slightly up off the mattress. This gave Laura even greater leverage, and she now slam-fucked Dee Dee mercilessly, piercing the squealing girl with sharp thrust after thrust of the hard stalks.] This is the first dildo fuck I can remember with the legs pushed back and legs flailing. Needless to say I absolutely love it. I love how it brings the hips up so you can really ram down into your lovers pussy. I love how it opens one up to really be slammed. I love being on the receiving end and being pounded let me tell you.

I love how you constantly describe Laura ramming both channels hard; really slam fucking both holes. ["Yes . . . oh yesssss!" Laura purred to her, softly murmuring to the increasingly delirious girl, cooing to Dee Dee, her soft voice belying the sharp, piercing thrusts of her hips as she plunged the two dildos deep into Dee Dee again and again.] You continue to describe the failing legs which makes my pussy tingle. I like how you describe the beauty of both dildos sliding in deep in tandem. That is something I have always noticed when I get dp. It is almost impossible to get three bodies positioned and moving in complete unison with their thrusting. That is part of the beauty of it, the uneven herky jerky thrusting and how the rhythm almost constantly changes. How one lover holds a shaft deep in a hole while the other woman plunders the other hole or they piston one in while the other is working out. The beauty of a double-headed dildo is they work in unison and that is so fucking rad to quote Dee Dee. The sensation of having both holes fucked in perfect tandem is awesome.

I just got off so big time when Laura just keeps slamming Dee Dee. I do think that part of the passion comes from Dee Dee forcing herself on Laura. Dee Dee wants every slam she gets. Love how you describe Laura throwing herself on top of Dee Dee and feeling every squirm and shudder running threw her body. Finally Dee Dee's thighs start to quiver in per come ripples. Love how you describe the little clues of a coming monster orgasm. As I always say, only you give all the sounds of lovemaking. Most authors either don't given audio cues or have them scream out words; only you give the animalistic sounds that women make in heat during lovemaking. You then have the nice detail of Laura coming first even though she tried to hold it off. Love the fact that you show real life and not have you lovers coming in perfect unison or exactly how they planned it.

Love this fresh detail you provide during Dee Dee's orgasm [The force of her orgasm was so powerful that she lifted Laura up too in the same arching convulsion, and they both fell back to the mattress together.] Oh yeah, that was a monster convulsion to die for. As usual your orgasms are to die for. I love all the shuddering and animalistic sounds then you always give the great details of how the orgasm slowly fades to aftershocks and then away. I always love how a woman's eyes look blasted or far away after a shocking orgasm. Almost all other authors just don't show the pay off. They give almost no details of the orgasm itself. If I were an alien reading about human sexuality and using this as a basis I would think, what is the big deal. That would be until I read your stories. Then I would be going, I got to get me some of this and real quick.

Now Laura has to satisfy her needs and those wonderful stomach muscles of Dee Dee are beckoning. I noticed them immediately. I love how Laura mounts her and gasps. She needs "to have her wonderful abs". It is not penetration but you describe that wonderful contact of Laura's opened pussy to those abs. I like that even though Dee Dee is still handcuffed she is considerate. She immediately starts to undulate her stomach to help fuck Laura. I love how Laura is always trying to give pleasure even while she is receiving pleasure. She reaches down and squeezes Dee Dee's breast while riding her stomach. Love the details of Laura getting Dee Dee's stomach all slavered up. I love how you so clearly show the almost hysteria that grips one when trying to get that maximum pleasure out of fucking [Laura forced herself upright, throwing her head back, riding Dee Dee, bucking, groaning, her long flag of hair swishing and tossing in the air behind her as she surged and bounced, scissoring Dee Dee's waist with her thighs, jamming her cunt down fiercely into the lovely smooth slippery hard flesh of her stomach. Dee Dee looked up at her as if amazed, awed by Laura's deep, wanton fuck-mania, and the fierce, athletic urgency of her striving body as she hurtled toward the ultimate explosion.] Of course the orgasm is a wonder to behold. You show Laura losing it and falling forward like a rag doll with much screaming of rapture. Really love this description [From her spasming cunt shockwaves of shattering pleasure spread up throughout her shuddering body.] That is just a wonderful description of a ten level orgasm.

We do have post coital time here but it is strained. Dee Dee of course is all cooing and lovey dovey. She immediately let's Laura know she doesn't mind staying handcuffed and let Laura have her way again. With any other woman, Laura would have must probably taken the opportunity immediately. With Dee Dee she goes for the key. There is still tension in the air despite the incendiary fucking that has just occurred. Laura is kind of humorous not knowing how to respond to Dee Dee. Laura loved the fucking, she just isn't sure about the woman. Again, Laura tells Dee Dee she needs to leave. I had to smile at Dee Dee bucking up when Laura gives her a compliment. What woman doesn't love being complimented? [Dee Dee pouted. "You didn't like doing it with me." "I . . . loved it," Laura said introspectively, drawing an invisible circle with one fingertip on Dee Dee's bare, black, shapely, gleaming shoulder. Dee Dee suddenly became sprightly and perky, a very big change from her usual solemn, serious, or devious manner. "I want to take a bath in your Jacuzzi bathtub," she said, as irresistibly innocent as a young child.

"Please."] I always love seeing one of Laura's women getting all innocent over one thing or another.

Laura again shows her basic goodness. She simply can't kick Dee Dee out. She may not really like Dee Dee but she won't let that keep her from showing her good manners and innate kindness. She shows Dee Dee how to operate the Jacuzzi. Dee Dee starts her siren song with an invitation to join her. Laura knows she won't be able to resist. [Oh god, it just gets worse, doesn't it, Laura thought.] Even though she doesn't really like Dee Dee, she knows she can't resist such sweet temptation. I don't think I could either. Dee Dee is totally beautiful. Laura decides to go to the kitchen and leaves Dee Dee to make herself at home.

You totally surprised me with Sara calling at this point. This just drives the emotional angst to a whole new level. This is true emotion that Laura is experiencing with this new found love for Sara. Laura has loved others before but never with this white hot incandescence. I can totally understand Laura's flubbing when she asks Sara where she is. Dee Dee has her totally discombobulated. I really believe Laura when she says she is sorry for Dee Dee's loss of her father. Her connection to Sara allows Laura to feel Sara's loss. I am truly touched by her tears for Sara's loss. I love this side of Laura so much. Sara in turn is comforting Laura which touches me. These are two special women. I think women are so much more in touch with their emotions and thus can feel the others pain and then offer comfort for that pain. You are really touching on emotions that just aren't touched on in erotica. These emotions and having plot twists like Dee Dee with her problems are things I expect in novels and not erotica. Needless to day, I love all this superior writing and your use of the English language. This is truly superior writing. I am really blown away with all this emotion that you are putting into your stories of late. Other stories keep my almost on autopilot, but you are keeping the plot twists coming and keeping me on my toes.

Now the emotional level is jacked again. The reader can tell that Sara is about to confess her love for Laura. It is in the cards so to speak. It is funny though how she tries to joke about saying the words because her plane may crash on her way back home. I smiled at Laura almost wailing for her not to say such things. I agree with her one hundred percent. I'm not afraid about talking about such things, but I never want to tempt the fates so to speak. The words are spoken by both ["Laura, I love you. I" Laura rushed her words into the mouthpiece of the phone, speaking very softly, as if Dee Dee in the master bathroom would overhear her, which was absurd. "Sara, oh god, Sara, I love you!" she said.] They have both finally confessed this deep connection and feeling between them.

I find this to be real emotion. For me it is so powerful because it has taken Laura almost 260 chapters to develop this strong kind of feeling for a woman. She has loved other women in the past, but never with this depth. What makes this so strong is we have been allowed to see how Laura has lived her life since her awakening to her true Lesbian self. This strong need to profess a love has not been present in the past. Its appearance now means that for Laura this is the real deal. Other stories with other authors of course have dealt with women in love, but that was the story. The story begins with them in love or it soon occurs this strong love. The love between the women is the story. We have been allowed to view Laura's life and seen her arrive at a point where she is ready to feel these

emotions for a woman. I guess, a lot of it is she has finally meet a woman who could touch her soul and was at the right station in life to return Laura's affections. I am happy for Laura. Being the selfish woman I am, I hope this doesn't interfere in Laura's pursuit of beautiful black women. I want the journey to continue for a long while yet. I do so cherish these erotic masterpieces. I think their reunion will be a real scorcher.

One of the things I like about Laura besides her basic goodness is her love of the sensual pleasures of a woman's flesh. She simply can't resist their sweet taste. It is humorous her commenting to herself about being naked in her kitchen just telling her woman she loves her and then commenting to herself that her love's sister is in the bathroom waiting to fuck. It is funny when it is presented like this. Laura once more resolves to send Dee Dee home but crumbles as soon as she sees that lovely creature waiting for her in the Jaucizzi. It is impossible do refuse such a beautiful treasure. It doesn't matter that she doesn't really like Dee Dee and the fact she is having to practice safe sex with her.

Poor Laura she has to tell a white lie to Dee Dee. Dee Dee did hear the phone ringing and is curious as to whole called. It would do no good to tell Dee Dee it was Sara so I don't blame Laura telling Dee Dee that it was her mother calling. Sometimes telling the truth serves no earthly purpose. Laura joins Dee Dee in the Jacuzzi. There is no way Laura can refuse this beautiful creature. Having this beauty near ignites her hunger [I want to kiss her, god help me, Laura thought. Suddenly, as if to quickly extirpate from her mind all thoughts of Sara and what she herself was actually doing, Laura was overwhelmed by a fierce desire to kiss Dee Dee. They had only kissed once, in a brief flare of hot passion when they had been standing by the bed, before falling onto it in a hot hunger. This time they kissed slowly and sensually.] I can understand Laura distancing herself mentally form this, with all the guilt about Sara. Laura has figured how to keep her mental bearing while allowing her body to experience the supreme sex to follow.

Damm, this having to practice safe sex sucks. Laura and Sara are kissing with heat and caressing each other's breasts and pinching nipples. Their groins are coming close together in the close quarters and Laura starts to do a groin lock and do some serious grinding only to stop in a jolt fear. There is no way that one can take the risk of cunt-to-cunt contact with the threat of disease in the water so to speak. I love how you never stop your foreplay even after great sex has already occurred. You never forget to use foreplay before each coupling. Women always so appreciative of good foreplay [She looked down at Laura's fingers on her thick black nipples. Laura bent forward and kissed her wet neck, then dropped her mouth to Dee Dee's small, lovely breasts, cradling one in her palm and lifting it slightly to her mouth. She licked it all over, licking off the water droplets, licking Dee Dee's large black nipple before sucking it into her mouth.]

I love how you tell of Laura love mauling Dee Dee's tits for long minutes feasting on their perfection. Laura decides to finger Dee Dee to orgasm and slides a couple fingers into her oily receptive love cannel. Nice detail of her scissoring Dee Dee's clit and pussy ring. That friction must feel great. I love Dee Dee chanting "fuck me" and then Laura begging for Dee Dee to reciprocate, which she quickly does. I can understand why they both get so close to orgasm so quickly. The past orgasms have them primed of course, but I think all the emotional friction between Laura and Dee Dee is keeping Laura on a short fuse and Dee Dee is simply getting her brains fucked out. Lucky girl. I love how Laura's orgasm is different, not a violent shocker but a wave billowing bliss. You are always making each orgasm unique. I always love the detail of eyes rolling in the back of head, like Dee Dee's does here. That is a sure sign to me that I have robbed my lover of control and driving their body insane with pleasure. Always love those beautiful moans you give us. Love the sounds of lovemaking.

I thought the ending had many elements wrapped in one. Like the gentle humor of Dee Dee now asking for the bottled water she refused as ghastly earlier. I think Laura fucked her so hard she boiled all the water out of Dee Dee's body. Then we have the angst of Laura getting a little choked up thinking about her love for Sara and at the same time rutting with Dee Dee. Laura is in a tough pickle here. I was touched by Dee Dee almost sounding like a little girl not wanting to be sent away. ["You aren't going to make me leave, are you?" she asked in a small voice. "I hate being alone."] That would have defeated me right there. For all her intelligence, feistiness and belligerence she is so fragile. I really hope she kind some inner peace and find happiness with the right person (woman). I always feel sorry for people who are not happy and are so self-destructive.

That last line was really cool. Laura really tries to resist and keep "true" to Sara. I can understand her thinking, but it is simply impossible to resist such sensual pleasures as Dee Dee offers. That is just a cool line to end a story with. [And so Dee Dee started on the sofa, but by morning she and Laura were both entangled in the sheets.] Makes me wonder if Laura will have any more entanglements with Dee Dee. I wonder what Dee Dee will do, now that she has experienced nirvana.






Chapter 265:


You start this chapter off with a slightly different twist. In the past, the chapters usually start with Laura thinking over her current situation or a sexual scene "in the middle of things". This was a nice way of starting the chapter with Laura accidentally running into Deshona. What makes the situation exciting is the way Deshona is acting. She is like the proverbial little girl with her hand caught in the cookie jar. Laura being Laura immediately starts to grill her. I know that Laura must be jealous at this behavior.

I like here where you describe the way Deshona is dressed. I have always raved about the way that you describe these women's physical features, which I have come to treasure. Here it is important for you describe with rich details, the immaculate and stylish dress of Deshona. This is important. Deshona is a woman who takes great pride in her appearance. She is a woman who is in control and this is shown with her meticulous dress. [She wore a business suit, but instead of the severe, chalk-striped charcoal she often sported, this one was pale orange and showed off her café-au-lait skin to perfection. A choker of genuine pearls (Laura knew they had to be real since Deshona had money and was not inclined to hide it) drew attention to her exquisite throat.] I can almost guarantee no other writer would do anything even remotely like this to help develop a character's personality. They never do anything this subtle. Of course, Laura observing this lovely outfit immediately starts her down memory lane and reminiscing about her divine beauty.

Laura starts to think about Deshona and there past relationship. Once upon a time, Deshona was the "Sara" in her life. The one woman that she thought she couldn't live without. The one she burned for more than any others. Deshona was one of the few women that Laura actually felt for deeply. The feelings were much more than physical. Unfortunately, Deshona was not at a point in her life where they could connect like Laura is with Sara. Deshona can't shake her old connections to her loser husband. Also, I feel they were both too much the same. They were both fiercely jealous and competitive of each other's dalliances. Instead of there relationship becoming stronger as the relationship with Sara is, it started to come apart. Only recently has Deshona started to thaw and really soften in her personality. Unfortunately, all the past conflict almost destroyed their relationship. Fortunately, they have repaired their relationship to where they are now good friends who know how to fuck each other's brains out. Their last meeting was when Deshona came to comfort her as a friend after her tooth incident. Of course, their lust won the day.

In this section of the story Laura goes through a virtual maelstrom of emotions. Laura is being torn with her feelings and emotions for Sara, Dee Dee and Deshona. All three women are causing different feelings. With Sara is the all burning love she inspires. This flame is burning brightly in Laura and all other emotions bounce off this paradigm. With Dee Dee we have all the guilt that Laura has over sleeping with Sara's sister. She really doesn't want too, and tried very hard to resist her, but her beauty and sheer persistence wore her down and defeated Laura. I feel for Laura here. The sister relationship between Sara and Dee Dee will never allow Laura to fully luxuriate in her sex with Dee Dee. Then with Deshona we have all the past emotions and love she felt for this woman. This is a lot of emotion to have to deal with.

I liked how the last chapter ended with the line that in the morning Laura and Dee Dee were intertwined in the sheets. This is reinforced here. We discover that [This morning, awakening all coiled and tangled together with her, inhaling the musky fragrance of her marvelous deeply black naked body, rubbing her lips against it, and feeling Dee Dee come to life against her, had been especially hard for Laura.] The beauty of Dee Dee beckons to her and she can't resist her sensual flesh. It is shame that it all must be tainted with the sibling relationship between Dee Dee and Sara. I admire Laura for wanting to be true to Sara and not see Dee Dee anymore. She knows that she has potentially something special with Sara and doesn't want to ruin it by sleeping with her shallow sister. I liked the observation that their morning tryst produced orgasms that were almost painful. Those last orgasms at the end of a night of intense fucking can seem painful as strained tired flesh is jolted with fresh shocks of pleasure.

It was a nice touch Deshona observing Laura's distress and offering to walk Laura to her office. I can understand Laura wanting to walk on her own. I wouldn't want to show that weakness either. This is really strong emotion that Laura is going through. She is really tearing herself up over what to do about Sara. I really try and get into these stories and I can empathize with these characters. I myself can't stand these kind of strong emotions. I can't stand conflict with others or from myself. Thus, I can really feel the distress that Laura is feeling. Being torn like this is not any fun. Laura tears herself up with the love she feels for Sara and then thinking of the hot sex with Dee Dee. Then adds to the mix by remembering all the past emotions with Deshona and her jealousies of any liaisons Deshona may have. This causes Laura to think of Deshona meeting Rhonda. This can only set Laura off. She immediately starts to question her.

Deshona immediately goes into her deep freeze mode. This seems to be easy for Deshona. She was almost in this mode perpetually when Laura first met her when

she was angry and bitter with her recent divorce. Laura has definitely thawed her out. I am simply amazed that you have developed your characters into these amazing complex women. This is such subtle stuff, this shifting of Deshona's moods and actions. I personally don't blame her for getting frosty. I really hate to be attacked. I love watching Deshona. I thank you for being the only author who has the ability to make their women so subtle in their actions and interactions. I love how Deshona may be frosty but she is the one keeping control. She lets Laura know that she's acting like a "twit" and to get over it. Nothing was happening with Rhonda and she was coming to see Laura directly. Now not only do you show this delicate emotional range you show how Deshona has actually changed over the stories. In the past, Deshona was always very reserved and would never initiate anything. Now she tells Laura that even though it is only 10:30 am they should go to lunch. Laura knows exactly what she means and balks a little. She is being practical and tries to refuse because of a meeting at 1:00 pm. I love Deshona's not pleased reply [Deshona glowered at her. "How many times do I drop by and ask you to lunch?"]

Of course Laura crumbles. I would also. Unless, the world was going to end, if I am asked by someone I know to do something, I am going to give in. Once they get into Deshona's car, Deshona tells Laura she wants to see her new condo. Laura tries to demure but Deshona ignores her and quickly bends Laura to her will. You now give us one of those nice little touches that only you give [Laura gave her directions. Deshona, accustomed to driving in the suburbs, was a little spooked by the reckless mayhem of the San Francisco streets, but Laura calmed her and guided her until they pulled up outside Laura's new condo.] These are totally unnecessary for the story but add so much to it. I just love these little touches.

Now they reach Laura's new condo. Deshona is impressed but she has other things on her mind. [But the moment the door closed behind them, they were all over each other. Deshona wheeled in her tracks and grabbed Laura, pushing her back into the wall next to the door, sliding her hands around Laura's body and digging her fingers into Laura's ass as she kissed Laura ravenously.] Again, for those of us who have followed Laura's story this is such a kicking change. When Laura first met Deshona, she was way too repressed to ever show such wanton passion. This woman has really grown and changed into a much more responsive and warm person. A person who can acknowledge her desires. Deshona hungers and needs to have hot sex with Laura. Even Laura is a little flabbergasted by this wanton desire.

As usual, Laura wonders about her ability to be constantly turned on by these women even when she has been fucking heatedly the night before. I know why, these women are totally hot and Laura can't help but have her body respond to such beauty and their beguiling nature. Deshona's very presence excites her [But Deshona's fragrance, her hot little body, her frigid exterior and completely wanton need for Laura combined to fan a flame in Laura that always began to burn when she saw this fantastic woman.] Deshona feels the same fire and wants only to make love to Laura. We now have another of those cute moments that I so love. We have Laura commenting about Deshona liking sexy underwear like herself. This is just another of those personalizing touches that you use to make these women so real and complete individuals. You then give me a touching moment ["Why are you suddenly so hot for it?" Laura asked, mischievously, flirting. "I'm always hot for you, Laura." Deshona winked, a slow, salacious wink. "Anyway, you looked so glum when I ran into you. God, it made me horny. When you're depressed, I just want to take you to heaven, I guess."] First I like Deshona being so hot for Laura. But, secondly, Deshona really touched me by feeling so much for Laura. She senses Laura's pain and wants to comfort her in the best way she can, which fortunately means hot fucking sex. Hehehe.

They are still by the door and the doorbell ringing nearly scares them death. I love the humor in the situation. Having a hot sexual moment like that interrupted by something so sudden would give me a heart attack. I love Laura's comment when she looks out the peephole and sees Dee Dee again [Does anyone else ever ring this fucking bell?] I can only imagine what is going through Laura's mind when she sees who it is. It is nice to see again that Laura doesn't have to worry too much about Deshona meeting Dee Dee. As I have mentioned, Deshona has grown so much from the women we first met.

Dee Dee is her usual vacant eyed self. It becomes an interesting dynamic with Deshona peeking around the door and Dee Dee seeing this. Dee Dee being her usual self-absorbed self tries to make Laura squirm ["God, Laura, you already got somebody else in there? You're really a horny one, aren't you."] No couth here. It seems pretty obvious that Dee Dee is hoping to get in so she can initiate another round of sex. It is kind of funny her using the "I got to pee" excuse again. With most people this wouldn't work, but Laura is such a nice person that she simply can't ignore this transparent attempt at entry. While Deshona is handling the situation well, she can't resist a little dig [You should be more careful who you get involved with, Laura," she whispered, with a tiny hint of a superior smirk.] She is right, but still, one doesn't need to be reminded of the situation.

Nice little dynamic here. Laura is pissed at the remark but lets it slide. What is cool is that a little dose of fear is the main reason she lets it pass. Deshona can be a dangerous woman and one doesn't need to stir the hornet's nest. Once the anger flashes away, her innate desire for Deshona starts to thrum again. Dee Dee now leaves the bathroom and returns to them, shaking her moneymaker for all she is worth. Deshona is captivated by her beauty but Dee Dee ruins the mood [When Dee Dee reached them, she paused and looked at Deshona, a very meaningful stare. "You like the sistas, don't you Laura." She let her gaze drift down at the gaping jacket of Deshona's suit, where Laura had unbuttoned four buttons and the top black lacy edge of Deshona's bra showed, as well as the bulging moons of her delicious breasts.] While Deshona may be thawing she is still a very proud woman and must be disconcerted to be caught in the act of disrobing in the heat of foreplay. Plus, being caught with another woman is still something she is not ready to deal with yet. This gives Laura the opportunity to get control of the situation.

I know that Dee Dee is a total pest but I do feel for her. When she tries to invite herself Laura responds with "I'll call the police if you don't go". Poor Dee Dee, she almost un-invites herself with her crassness. I really think Dee Dee is hurt here [Dee Dee's face suddenly fell. She appeared to be deeply insulted. "You don't have to do that," she said, moving through the open door, out onto the steps. "You don't have to be so cold about it."] I think deep down she craves love and affection but she has become so jaded and drug addled that I fear she may never achieve her goal. I feel for anyone who is becoming so dissipated. Frankly, I was surprised she folded so quickly. Probably more proof of her lack of self-confidence. She may appear strong at first glance, but that is only a front. I smiled as both Laura and Deshona look at her butt as the goes to get in Sara's car to leave.

Of course this has totally destroyed the mood between Laura and Deshona. I find it fascinating that Deshona wants to know whom Dee Dee was talking about when she mentioned, "I still won't tell her". What is cool is that this wanting to know is again generated by Deshona wanting to comfort Laura in an obvious stressful situation. Deshona is really becoming an angel of late. This is such a turnaround from the cold bitch from hell she use to be. It is quite amazing to witness this turnaround. I think that a lot of the credit must go to Laura in this thawing out of Deshona's heart. Laura's love and attention has worked wonders on Deshona. Laura senses her caring and agrees to tell her but only if they do so in her bedroom. She says this in a voice that lets the reader know that they will soon be tearing Laura's bed apart in the throes of hot sex.

I had a great big grin on my face when Deshona turns the corner and sees Laura's bed. I can just see that twisted mess. That is just such a beautiful moment. I can see the horror on Laura's face. I know what a bed looks like in that state. Again we are treated to this big change in Deshona. No jealousy, instead we have her bending down to smell the sheets. That is Fucking HOT. I love the smell of sex. That is just so sexy. Deshona is not jealous; she is turned on. Again, this big change. Like Tamara, this is such a 180 turn. I love it. Deshona now waves off Laura's apologies [Deshona rested both arms on Laura's shoulders and brought her face close. She rubbed Laura's nose playfully with her own. "I think one kiss might get me there," she whispered. "But first I insist you tell me what she meant. Tell who?"] Deshona is really becoming a favorite of mine.

Now Deshona cajoles Laura into telling her about Sara. Laura does with some prompting, with the emotions and words just flowing out at the end. Again we see this huge change in Deshona. She's only supportive and caring. It is almost like she has become a Zen master. Deshona only wants to offer comfort and support with total confidentiality. This is the kind of woman you can really bond with. At the end Laura gets up to with her tear stained face to wash off in the bathroom, I just cherish Deshona's remark ["Let me kiss away your tears."] Geez, she's becoming a romantic to boot.

The door bell rings and it can only mean one thing: trouble. They debate about opening the door, but what real choice do they have. I would die to have a woman made a scene on our front porch. Laura gives Dee Dee a full dose of sarcasm. Dee Dee weathers the storm and requests to gets something that she left in the bathroom. With the way she is acting I'm thinking it must be drug paraphernalia. Of course Laura gives in when [Dee Dee looked suddenly sick at heart. The stricken, pained, desolate look Laura had seen so many times passing through her eyes last night returned.] There is simply no defense against that. She lets her in and thinks about the guilt she has for treating Dee Dee with disdain and remembering their heated fucking and screams of pleasure. A confusing cocktail of emotions. Of course Laura becomes frustrated when Dee Dee refuses to enter the bathroom and get her belongings. Dee Dee thinks Deshona is in the bathroom.

Now the reader gets another shock. We find out that Deshona is indeed in the bathroom. This is strange to Laura since she wonders why Deshona didn't use her private bath in the bedroom suite. She gets the answer when Deshona finally exits the bathroom [She also, to Laura's deep shock, had unbuttoned the rest of her suit coat, so that now it gaped open, revealing her black slip and lacy black bra, and more of her bulging, very round breasts than had been visible before. Just like her, Laura thought. Tastefully stripping. Not too much . . . just a hint . . . just an accident. A very elegant tease. Look at that smug little kittenish smile on her face. Oh! Are you both here? I . . . you know, I didn't know anyone would be looking at me . . .now that I'm showing off a little more of my perfect body. Oh dear.] Again I am almost shocked by this change in Deshona. She is going out of her way to make a seduction involving Dee Dee. This from Miss aloof and remote ice queen. She in a subtle way sets the scene to where Laura is comfortable enough to fold her cards. I do like her act of innocence while coming out of the bathroom, to paraphrase "of excuse me, do you want to get in here." She knows exactly what she is doing. I think of this act as a Dawn Lite seduction. Dawn is forward and comes on like a Mack Truck but Deshona is more like satin and silk.

Laura doesn't need that much convincing and quickly gives in but can't resist a dig at Dee Dee ["Well, I guess you got your way," Laura said to Dee Dee under her breath. "I don't know why you're so mean to me. I thought you liked me." Dee Dee's eyes were wide and mock-innocent.] I love this interaction between them. I feel that if other authors had the imagination to have this scene that as soon as the seduction stopped the interaction would stop between the characters. You always go that extra mile and allow your characters to interact and show the shades of their personalities. I smiled at Dee Dee's comment that Laura had her hooked on lesbian sex now and what a great body Deshona has. I would have smiled but Laura is a little steamed that Dee Dee can't be subtle about anything. With all the aggravation that Laura has had though, Laura has little patience for Dee Dee.

Deshona continues her sultry performance and asks Laura to introduce to "this beautiful woman". I can tell Laura must really feel for Sara because she breaks down crying when she contemplates Dee Dee's relationship to Sara. I can understand her angst. She can't really enjoy Dee Dee to the fullest because of this. Deshona with her new caring attitude quickly comforts Laura. Even Dee Dee offers comfort. With her past use of tears to get a conquest, I can understand her analyzing her feelings here. She determines that yes indeed she is truly in love with Sara. Her feelings are in such a welter that she can't really determine why she is crying. I think Dee Dee is divinely beautiful, but for Laura's sanity, I hope that Laura can avoid her in the future, though I will miss Dee Dee's beauty.

Deshona continues to comfort Laura as she gets control of herself [Deshona's lips moved lower, onto Laura's neck, then up to her ear. Laura could feel Deshona's warm breath everywhere on her skin, which made her shiver and press her thighs together. Deshona's fingers began to unbutton Laura's blouse and caress the skin of Laura's back.] I love the gentleness you show so much of. Dee Dee on the other hand shows behavior I abhor. I simply detest people who abuse drugs or alcohol. I try to avoid people like this at all cost. Dee Dee is so totally wrong. Drugs are not "rad" or give one a "bump". They Suck. Period. They deaden and destroy. I think Laura captures my feelings without the anger I feel [As if sunk in some zombie, sleepwalk state, Laura shook her head slowly, again unable to believe this phantasmagoria of weirdness she had got herself into. I can fall over the edge without any help from that, thanks, she was thinking. She looked at

Deshona, who seemed equally befuddled.]

Deshona and Laura now proceed to start making love to each other. What I really like about this that it is so slow. They start with slowwwww undressing and gazes. You know how to take your time. Other authors are always full speed ahead. They never vary the rate of their foreplay or sex, it is always one hundred miles per hour straight ahead. Nice reflection by Laura about needing sex with Deshona to help alleviate her guilt over Dee Dee. Of course Dee Dee showing up again must have thrown her emotions for a loop. Nice humor with the meeting at 1:00 pm from time to time popping up in Laura's mind to give her that moment of pure fear of missing it. I just love the gentle pacing here ["Ohhhh!" she moaned, as Deshona's lips moved over her shoulder, across her bra shoulder strap, down her chest.] This is how lovers who know each other make love. Sigh, I feel my pussy starting to get wet [Reaching behind Laura with both hands, Deshona unfastened her bra clasp, then skimmed the thin straps off Laura's shoulders, quickly drawing her hands around to the front again and filling them with Laura's warm, naked breasts. Her soft lips continued downward until they arrived at one of Laura's throbbing nipples. Laura quivered and mewled excitedly as she felt Deshona's wet tongue on her nipple.] I always am so thankful that I discovered your erotica literature. Damm, this stuff makes me very wet.

As they proceed with their slow foreplay Laura reflects on these changes in Deshona that I have commented on. She like me is completely surprised by this change. This woman who seemed totally straight except for Laura helped to setup the situation with Dee Dee and is completely comfortable with the situation. In fact, it's totally obvious that Deshona really, really wants to bury her face in Dee Dee's cunt. Deshona is not running away from the situation, she is running to embrace it. Now Laura removes Deshona's sexy bra and gazes at Deshona's oh so beautiful breast. Laura catches Dee Dee peeking too. Now Laura gets to worship those spheres of perfection.

Having finished her "bump" Dee Dee now joins them on the bed. Dee Dee is also totally mesmerized by Deshona's breast and immediately wants to partake of their perfection. I know this feeling so well and I know that she is in heaven [Now Dee Dee began tonguing and sucking Deshona's other nipple, and the sensation of both of them doing it at the same time suddenly brought a hot gasp of sharp pleasure from deep in Deshona's chest.] Having two beautiful women worship your breast simultaneously is pure bliss. We get a real life moment of humor when Deshona suddenly realizes her expensive clothes could get mussed up and insists they remove their clothes. I can't blame Dee Dee here ["Yes!" Laura agreed, glancing over at Dee Dee, who was still slurping and sucking Deshona's other nipple, holding Deshona's firm breast like a drinking cup in both hands, unwilling to stop.] It is hard to stop when you have such tasty candy in your loving mouth. Dee Dee gives the perfect response here ["I just love your boobs," she said softly, almost solemnly.]

Laura and Deshona quickly disrobe but Dee Dee because of her drug-addled state removes her clothes as if "under water". It works to her advantage because it almost becomes a striptease for Laura and Deshona. Here we find out that Deshona is a little surprised herself that she has so willing become involved in this seduction. Still, she has absolutely no regrets of what she is doing. I am very hopeful that she is awakening to her lesbian desires and will be more willing in the future to explore these desires and hopefully discover that this is where she belongs, not in hetville. Deshona makes a comment that Sara must be a beauty because of Dee Dee's beauty. Laura has to inform that they are totally different physically. Someday Laura will need to show her a picture of Sara.

While Laura is more than willing to fuck Dee Dee in this situation she still wishes she had Deshona all to herself. Laura needs so some loving form Deshona to help calm her nerves from this run in withDee Dee.

From here on through the rest of the chapter you just loaded the sex scenes with little things that I just so love and cherish from your writings. These are the things that only you provide. First you have Laura just burying her face between Deshona's breast and kissing the bulging sides and drinking in Deshona's sweet musk. Again I must repeat that only you give these sweet subtle details of lesbian lovemaking. You then really make me melt when [They felt the mattress sink slightly again as Dee Dee rejoined them, almost climbing on top of Laura's back, pressing her warm, naked flesh against Laura's body everywhere in a move that nearly sent Laura's sexual arousal meter through the roof. She felt a happy little squirt of sexual fire shoot through her as Dee Dee's hands encircled her and scooped up her breasts. She kissed the nape of Laura's neck at the same time, burrowing her lips down into Laura's hair to push it aside.] This is just so much of what I love. I love to feel my lover pressing her hot sweet sensual flesh against mine and kissing me all over. I love the pressing of flesh and the friction and the sweat.

They move around until Laura is the meat pressed between Deshona and Dee Dee. Now they press and clutch Laura between them and each other. This is something I know so well and treasure so much. This is the beauty of having two lovers. [Oh god, I'm glad I didn't make myself miss this! Laura realized, feeling a warm surge of thrilling sexual pleasure course through her body. They are both so beautiful!] I think that sums it up. Deshona has waited long enough. She heads south to feast on Laura's beautiful cunt. I always love that first contact of nirvana [She slid lower immediately, slipping between Laura's yawning thighs, kissing Laura's smooth belly, and then pressing her mouth directly into Laura's blossoming, tingling cunt. "Anngghhh!" Laura groaned, surprised that she did not come almost instantly.] You never fail to make it so special for me. I like when you describe one of your women having to exercise great self-control to delay the orgasm as much as possible. I definitely know what it feels like to be overwrought and having to fight to prolong the pleasure, which sometimes, like Laura, I come after just a few licks.

I like Deshona's reaction to this situation [Deshona knew how to please Laura, having done it often before, and she also knew how to tease her. "Oh no," she breathed, drawing her mouth momentarily away from Laura's dripping, throbbing pussy. "You're not going to come that fast . . . and spoil all my fun."] This is how I feel. I never ever want to be denied my cunt candy. I can eat pussy for hours on end. I never tire of burying my face in a hot cunt: the smells, tastes and sheer beauty of a woman's vagina. I love the interaction between Deshona and Dee Dee here. Dee Dee has observed this and leaves Laura's breast and moves south and tries to push Deshona to the side. Unlike Laura or myself she resists [Laura's eyelids fluttered open long enough to see Deshona give Dee Dee a bemused and faintly hostile smirk before she lowered her face again between Laura's thighs and pushed her lips into Laura's greasy, smoldering vulva.] I like Deshona's aggressiveness here. She wants Laura's pussy and is not going to give it up. Reminds me of Joann.

To Dee Dee's credit she willing accepts her rejection by Deshona. I like the fire Deshona showed here. I give Dee Dee credit for going with the flow and once again making love to Laura's face, upper body and breast. Together they quickly bring Laura off. I love how you have Deshona cooing to Laura as she slurps and brings her closer to orgasm. I almost went nuts with these details (I love having my ass squeezed during orgasm) [Dee Dee's eyes widened, and she sucked one of Laura's nipples deep into her mouth, harder than she ever had sucked it until now. At the same time, Laura felt Deshona's hands slip under her ass and squeeze her buns sharply, and suddenly everything exploded in a searing shower of coming. "Aunngghhiinnngggiieeee!" Laura screamed, flipping and stretching, her body shuddering as the fierce impact of several rolling shockwaves wrenched her. "Ungghhh! Oh! Unnnggggaaiiieeee!"] I love having myself destroyed, like a jackhammer is pummeling me with sweet bliss. I do like here how you comment that this orgasm was not a "sweet, surging". Only you make it clear that they're all different classes of orgasms.

I can fully feel the bliss Laura has when she comes out of her sexual stupor and observes that Deshona and Dee Dee have moved together above her and are now clutching, caressing each other. I love how Laura remarks on the beauty of their contrasting skin color and how she can't believe that Deshona has become so wanton in her lesbian desires. [The contrast of their skin colors was also fascinating. Deshona's skin was a rich, deep cross between mocha and café-au-lait, while Dee Dee, of course, was about as black as you could get, her smooth skin glossy and sleek and black as night. Deshona's paler hands moved hungrily over Dee Dee's young, delicious body, finally arriving at her small, perfect breasts, twisting and squeezing them, gently plucking Dee Dee's coal-black nipples, while Dee Dee's dark, spidery fingers enclosed Deshona's small waist, then moved down to Deshona's taut little buns. Dee Dee dug her fingers into Deshona's ass while the two of them kissed, now with their tongues, their breath quickening.] As I keep repeating like a broken record, only you know how to show the little details that truly make love making so hot to read. All other authors are always so over the top in their sex. Everything is full speed ahead. Your writing shows how the subtle can be so much more powerful than what most would think is the more powerful depiction of wild wanton lust.

I always love it when Laura remarks on the beautiful color contrast between her lovers and then adds herself to the color contrast to further show this. Now Laura reaches up and starts messaging their sopping cunts, letting their juices run all over her fingers and hands. Oh Yeah! Of course this excites Deshona who whimpers while Dee Dee probably because of the drugs only starts to pump her cunt harder into Laura's fingers. Laura like myself is in heaven feeling those wonderful gushing cunts and smelling their musk, filling my body with bliss and desire [Despite just having had a sharp climax, Laura was very hungry for both of their bodies, and feeling their warm, buttery cunt juices oozing over her fingers didn't do a thing to dissipate her hunger. The fragrance of their two aroused pussies was also intoxicating. She lay between them, inhaling every bit of it, and it nearly made her head swim, and her blood thunder.] Just more wonderful little details that make your writings so wonderfully hot.

The great thing about making love to two women is the fact that they are adding to the heat of the lovemaking. Here Dee Dee increases Deshona's pleasure by kissing her fiercely and pinching her nipples. I love fucking a woman and having another woman helping me take her to heaven. Being on the receiving end is great too. Hehehe. Now Laura heads south for paradise [while Laura naturally slid between Deshona's spreading thighs and came face to face with the woman's exquisite pussy, all wet and ripe and festering, its red interior slick and juicy and inflamed, the wavy black lips enclosing it all shiny and swollen.] I will never tire of your descriptions of these women's excited vaginas. Like I say, with two women, Laura can feast on Deshona's cunt while Dee Dee feasts on her breast. Threesomes just can't be beat for my money. Plenty of those little details that make me cream my panties. Laura pulls open Deshona's pussy with her thumbs and proceeds to dine. This produces those wonderful sounds and vocal descriptions you use and finally those spastic fingers clawing in exctacy ["Ahhhnnnnnnn!" she moaned, clawing Laura's head almost spastically, uncontrollably.]

Laura and Dee Dee continue to devour their respective areas of Deshona's body. Of course Deshona can't help but vocalize her pleasure. As they continue, Dee Dee once more desires too eat some pussy. Dee Dee slides down to Deshona's groin and makes the same to demand to Laura that she did earlier to Deshona. Here though the outcome is totally different which is so cool. Laura has a totally different personality. She can't help but give into Dee Dee's request to allow her to eat Deshona's pussy. It is just in her nature to give in. It is cool to read of Dee Dee eating pussy the night before and has developed an arsenal of talents to pleasure Deshona with. I love how you are constantly showing the differences in these women's personalities. I do love this picture of Dee Dee at work ["Unhh! Oh . . . unhhhhh!" Deshona gasped, squirming, looking down at Dee Dee's head bobbing between her spread thighs.]

Laura quickly develops another way to derive pleasure in pleasuring Deshona's body. Laura remembers how she nearly made Deshona die from pleasure when she invaded her asshole with her tongue. Yum!!! I think other authors would just say that Laura got in position and started her task. You give the details of how Laura positions Deshona on her side and props her leg on her shoulder. Then you give that wonderful detail that no one has ever given [She knew that Deshona would object if given the opportunity, or if she even realized what Laura was up to, and so Laura moved swiftly, sliding her thumbs into the crack of Deshona's ass, between the smooth round little buns, and pulling open Deshona's rectum with them, then pushed her face between the ass cheeks and burying her tongue in the tiny, warm, tight aperture before Deshona could buck or recoil.] Other writers just have the act happen. The woman just gets behind and buries her tongue. On most women you usually do have work at least some to get her asscheecks open and then you give the detail I never seen in print of using your thumbs to open that tight aperture to allow one to just bury your tongue in deep immediately. Oh yeah, my cunt is twitching here just thinking about this. I love Deshona's reaction ["Mmmnnnggeee!" Deshona wailed, a soft, swelling whinny suddenly keening up out of her throat. "Oh! Oh . . . Laura . . .goddamn you! You bitch! Unnnmmmggeee!"] Deshona is like Randi in that she always gives the act of being violated or frightened.

I always crave to have my lover twitch and thrash like Deshona. I just so hunger to see my woman losing control of her body. I love those movements that are so strong that they almost or DO throw you off her. Of course Laura and Dee Dee quickly "remount" Deshona and continue her pleasuring. I am sitting her thinking and I don't think I have seen another author have that sudden spasm shake lose a woman from her lover's body. Thanks for the imagination to put this in your stories. Also, I like how you have a few of your women who don't come easily or don't have a "hair trigger" like Laura or myself. Many times I have to work to keep from coming quicker than I want to.

Dee Dee seems to almost have an instinctive knowledge of lesbian lovemaking. Her hunger is inspiring her [But the penetration of her asshole by Laura's tongue, coupled with the half-insane, demon-driven way Dee Dee was devouring her pussyand now fucking it with two fingers, too, her palm turned toward her face, probing the front wall of Deshona's pussy with her fingertips as if trying to find her g-spothad brought Deshona right to the edge in only seconds.] As usual you paint such vivid word pictures. You give that cool detail of Deshona rolling and messaging her own tits while whimpering like crazy ["Ohhnnggg!" Deshona groaned, her body leaping and churning. "Yes! Yes! Ohhnnnggg! Ungghh! Fuck! Fuck me! Yes! Ohnnggg!"] As I always say, only you give me this. One other author has his women make a lot of noise but they are always shouting words out at the tops of their lungs. From time to time this is very good, but more often than not we make noise like you portray. You write the real deal. You then have the wonderful detail of Laura sensing that first twitch of an insipient orgasm. She then starts to shake with major tremors but this time Laura and Dee Dee hang on.

I know you don't read other stories but they do seem to make sex so boring and repetitive. They just don't do it justice. They simply don't describe the orgasm at all. The reader puts in the effort to read the story and they then don't deliver on the pay off. I still read the stories but so few writers give the details of the orgasm and only you truly do it justice as this example shows ["Auunngghhiiieeeee!" Deshona wailed, her whole pelvis quaking as shock after shock struck her. "Onnggg! Ungghhnngghiieieee! Oh god!" Just when it seemed that the most violent shocks were past, her body suddenly jerked up off the bed again, nearly throwing Dee Dee and Laura off for the second time, and a loud, wrenching moan ripped its way up out of her chest as a completely new orgasm shattered her. "Auunnggghhhhh! MMNNGGHIIEEEEE! Oh! Oh! Nnngggeeeee!" she sobbed, coming fiercely a second time, her pussy now gushing fluid all over Dee Dee's face, and her asshole pinching shut in spasms so tightly on Laura's tongue that it was expelled.] This is what I call a payoff. I am just so thankful that I found a writer who truly makes her orgasms so special. Plus, you give me so many other things in these stories. I feel really lucky to have found you.

Again you are the only writer who really shows their lovers just holding on to each other after sex and basking in the afterglow and holding their lover close. I love clasping my spent lover's body against mine. I almost feel like I'm melting into her through osmosis. With two lovers you get double the pleasure. Had to chuckle a little at Laura getting Dee Dee to wipe up Deshona's ejaculation off her face. Dee Dee loved it but Deshona is still embarrassed at how she gushes during extreme orgasms. I wonder if her cad husband can cause such reactions. Now Laura hungers for Dee Dee. It is interesting seeing this dichotomy with Dee Dee. She is still beautiful and very intelligent and yet Laura knows she is also drug addicted, a tendency towards VD and not that pleasant to hang with. I have slept with women I didn't really like or admire to just fuck them but I never met a woman like Dee Dee. I'm not sure I could rise above everything like Laura does. Again, this shows Laura's basic goodness. Dee Dee now cups her tits and offers them to Laura knowing that this will ignite Laura's blood with hot lust. It sure would me.

As usual Laura starts with her great breast worship [She swarmed over Dee Dee so passionately that it appeared to startle them both, scooping up the girl's marvelous little breasts in both hands and hungrily sucking Dee Dee's soft, coal-black nipples until they grew thick and rubbery between her lips and Dee Dee began to whimper uncontrollably.] I can just feel her nipples in my mouth getting rubbery in my mouth. Geez, I love your writing being able to inspire this in my body. Deshona quickly revives and starts to assault Dee Dee's tits. The pictures shows that Dee Dee has the kind of breast that you just shallow and love torment. Just enough beautiful flesh do whatever your heart desires. Dee Dee jumping up here to get another snort is really sad. I really hate drug abuse. She doesn't need this; instead of making her more alive it is really deadening her body. I admire Laura and Deshona to stay only bemused by this. My desire to fuck this lovely creature would probably overcome any other thought but I would be tempted to throw her out the door. We have a policy of no drugs in our house and no getting drunk.

Once Dee Dee comes back from getting her "bump", Laura and Deshona swarm all over her body with hunger. They love her breast for awhile together but then Deshona starts to move south and comments ["God, will you look at the ass this girl's got?" she panted, as if speaking to Laura but really speaking to no one but herself. "Dee Dee, you have a beautiful ass."] Deshona has become completely besotted with lesbian lust. It is amazing to see this new lust. Deshona is finally learning to heed her true desires. I did wonder about how Laura was going to handle this situation if it came up. I wondered what love making techniques they would use to avoid mouth-to-pussy contact. Laura continues to devour Dee Dee's tits. We observe that the cocaine has dulled Dee Dee to the point where she is not reacting to the heated assault, which flummoxes and frustrates Laura. Laura now looks down and sees the unthinkable.

[After observing this, Laura glanced down to see Deshona now pressing her mouth vigorously into Dee Dee's pussy. Nothing in Dee Dee's expression had given her reason to suspect this, and her first reaction was shock. Oh god, don't do that! She wanted to gasp out loud, but she held it back. How could she stop her? The damage, whatever there might be, was already done. Dee Dee might have a festering pit of horrible germs down there, for all they knew, but it was too late. Anyway, Laura could smell the delicious fuck-odors wafting up to her, and they made her pussy absolutely jangle and throb.] Deshona is now feasting on Dee Dee's hot streaming quim and it is evident that the sight and smell of excited pussy is going to make Laura give in. I thought about this the last chapter. I would have to avoid this situation because I'm pretty sure that I would not be able to resist eating her pussy. My hunger would almost force me to feast away and take my chances. Laura still is not even sure she is currently infected. It was nice to see this dynamic work out this way. [Did you forget I fucked her last night? Though I didn't kiss it, like you're doing. Laura suddenly felt herself filling with envy. I want to kiss it, she realized. I wanted to like crazy last night. I still want to.]

Finally gets to bury her face into that lovely pussy [Deshona had spread open Dee Dee's pussy with her fingers, and the insides were fiery magenta colored and oozing shiny juices. Oh god, what a pretty pussy! Laura thought. It was as black as midnight around the edges, the vulva puffy and puckered. She inched her body forward, taking over, and thrust her tongue deep into it. Many women would have twitched or groaned at this tongue-penetration, but Dee Dee gave no sign she noticed.] I will always get a little wet when I read your descriptions of these women's vaginas. Again, no other author even comes close to this, which I have come to think of as a little weird. Though, when I think about what I would write if I wrote erotica I can see where this would take a lot of imagination to write this like you do. I really love to just gaze at a pussy and try and memorize it before I bury my face in it. I always want to lick their womb if I could.

Laura works her magic with her able boded assistant and gets no real reaction. The cocaine has done its damage. Soon Dee Dee starts to chant that she wants to be "fucked". Laura and even Deshona know that she wants to be fucked with a dildo. Deshona once more shows her positive change by immediately wanting to do this. She queries Laura about getting it. I think Laura is a little frustrated here about not getting a reaction to her heated pussy eating and controls the situation by not giving Deshona permission to get the strap-on. Soon though, after working her magic to the maximum degree she gives in. I know I would have in this situation. I would have gone to plan B,C,D. in my effort to make her come. I get very pissed if I can't get a woman off (a few experimenters have done this to me too uncomfortable). Had to chuckle when Laura belatedly realizes that when she shows Deshona where the strap-on is stored, she must have seen the two headed monster and all her other toys.

I love how once Laura gives Deshona permission to get the strap-on she is off the bed in a flash. I had to smile great big. Deshona LOVES to fuck with a strap-on. Seems like a little girl in the candy store. Cute dynamic of Dee Dee sensing Deshona climbing toward her with the strap-on and coming out of her stupor enough ["Oh yessssss!" she sighed, stretching out, letting her deeply black thighs yawn even more widely open, even holding up her arms as if to receive Deshona. "Fuck me . . . yes . . . fuck me . . ."] That is a totally hot picture of Dee Dee holding out her arms. Knowing that soon they will cocoon me once I plant my cock deep into her pussy and meld my body to hers. ["Ohhhnnnnn shit . . . oh shit that feels good!" Dee Dee moaned, again whimpering as Deshona began to fuck her, moving the cock in and out, leaning forward, her large breasts swooping forward.] Finally, they are starting to get a reaction out of her.

We observe how Deshona fucks with a slow intensity and total concentration. It is so obvious how much she enjoys plowing her cock into a pussy. I love how you show variety by having this a slow sensual fuck. Laura lies near and watches the cock slowly pump into Dee Dee' cunt. Seeing those black lips cling to the cock as it slips out and the cherry red flesh visible around the edges and their juices coating the dildo. I can watch women fuck for hours. I will need to be fucked eventually (by others or myself) but I just love to immerse myself into their fucking. To let all five of my senses just wash over me with their lovemaking. I often prop myself up beside them and masturbate myself to screaming orgasms. Laura remarks to herself of all the pain that Deshona has caused with Charles and then reflects on Dee Dee's beauty. Unfortunately, conversely, she is a cad and she is Sara's sister. As usual, you show that relationships are such complex things.

I like how Laura stops these thoughts by worshiping Deshona's back as she fucks Dee Dee. Only you worship all parts of a woman's body. Finally Deshona becomes frustrated at a lack of response and Laura quickly volunteers to be fucked. Smart girl. [Laura nodded slowly, eyelids heavy, breath coming quick. "Guess you want Mama to give it to you instead, eh?" Deshona cocked a suggestive eyebrow.] I love how you detail Deshona removing the cock from Dee Dee and Deshona pivoting over to Laura's now supine body and buries her cock into Laura's cunt. Oh yeah! I can feel it sliding home, deep into my waiting, clasping cunt. I can just feel those ridges stroking my wet, hot cunt. It is just so obvious that Deshona loves this.

I love getting fucked all ways with a dildo, but I guess I am a traditionalist because I love this way the best (though I love spoon from the rear) [It was as if she had not already climaxed twenty minutes or so earlier. Moreover, they were fucking face to face, as a man and woman usually fucked, but something Laura wondered if they had ever done before. Deshona leaned down to embrace her, and Laura felt the hard balls of her breasts mash into her own, and opened her mouth as well as the rest of her body to this sweet invasion. Deshona's tongue snaked into it, and at almost the same instant Laura could feel the stalk of the strap-on dildo pierce deep into her pussy, until the head of it rammed against her cervix.] I love that face-to-face and frantic kissing and swapping of spit. I love feeling a woman's tits mashing mine while she pierces me with her cock. Feeling our hot sweaty flesh grinding together. I love my dildos big and I want to be impaled like Laura and fucked balls deep. Oh yeah, this is heaven on Earth stuff here.

I love how they get into a sensual rhythm and just fuck for minutes face to face. Love the description of feeling like the cock is becoming part of you. Finally though, all good things must end and the orgasm starts to approach. [She had held it off until now, but suddenly it began to light her up. Deshona clasped her body even harder, and jabbed her with the strap-on, and Laura simply dissolved in a hot bath of coming, moaning and undulating as the shocks wrenched her. "Unnnhhhhiieeee! Unnnhhhhiieeee! Oh! Unnnhhhhiieeee!" she wailed, her flesh throbbing as waves of honeyfire rolled through her.] Love how you always detail the woman doing the administrating increasing the pace and strength to increase the pleasure as much as possible. I so adore all the clasping in this chapter. I will always adore your roars and screams of pleasure. I often make myself hoarse with all my screaming.

Now you detail something again I have never seen in lesbian erotica. Often the woman doing the fucking with a strap-on can get pretty near an orgasm herself. This is how Deshona has gotten. She begs Laura to not move and fuck her cunt with her fingers, which Laura is only too happy to do with the expected results. ["Oh Jesus . . . oh Jesus!" she groaned, her fingers digging into Laura's back, her breasts mashing down into Laura's as she rubbed her body against Laura urgently. "Oh . . . oh! Unngghmmnniiiiaaaaaa!" she cried out. "Oh! Unngghmmnniiiiaaaaaa!"] More heavenly clasping of a woman in the throes of orgasm to ones body. I can never get enough of the wet friction. I believe this sums it all up as only you can [The beginnings of a violent orgasm stiffened her body, then released it into a succession of convulsive shocks. With her free hand, Laura embraced her, pulling her down into her body, sucking her shoulder and her neck and still rubbing her pussy vigorously with her fingers as three sharp jolts of coming shook Deshona and left her gagging and sputtering, slumped now on top of Laura's body. For several long seconds they lay that way, glued together, panting, totally oblivious to anything but the tingling and aftershocks of their shared orgasms.] I wrote my comment before reading this last paragraph and then I'm stunned to see you capture perfectly what I desire. I will never cease to be thankful I discovered your writings.

Finally, Dee Dee comes out of her stupor and whines about Laura and Deshona doing each other and not her. I love the comment Dee Dee makes about their sweat covered bodies. Now Deshona gets behind Dee Dee in a spoon position and readies to bury her cock from behind. Now Dee Dee goes nuts and wants another "bump". I am so thankful that Laura and Dee Dee restrain her. One more bump and she would be comatose. I love Deshona panting to Dee Dee that she is going to fuck her. I just love how they swarm over her knowing they will need to use maximum heat to set Dee Dee off [They overwhelmed her with everything in their arsenal, and Dee Dee was soon writhing and whimpering, twisting excitedly between them. Laura was all over her marvelous young breasts, while Deshona managed to slip the dildo into her from behind and began fucking her with it much more forcefully than she had done earlier. She and Laura both seemed tacitly to realize that the only way Dee Dee was going to come was to be inundated by sharp, fierce, heated fucking, before she could lapse into her reeling trance.] I would dearly love to feel Dee Dee writhing between me, Maria and Joann.

I dearly love how Laura quickly realizes how to get Dee Dee off. She quickly gets Deshona to pull the dildo out of Dee Dee's cunt and uses her ever handy baby oil and lubes two fingers and quickly rams them up that beautiful asshole and twists them around to get ready for the dildo. It is a little humorous that Deshona is a little reluctant to do this. She just needs a little encouragement [She pulled her fingers out and guided the dildo with them up into Dee Dee's ass. Deshona, who had never really done this before to Laura's knowledge, not in the ass, was wooden and reluctant and needed encouragement.] I love showing a woman a new facet of lesbian lovemaking. Deshona starts up her rhythm and Laura does what I would be doing here [But she quickly whipped it back to the front as Laura began to simply inhale her pussy. Hell, if I'm going to pay for this, I might as well enjoy it to the max, Laura thought. She sucked and slurped Dee Dee's wonderful black-lipped pussy voraciously, stabbing her tongue deep into the squinchy wet hot-pink flesh in the deep glistening trench, finding Dee Dee's clit and tormenting it with her tongue and her lips until the girl was whinnying and jackknifing as she never had done earlier.]

I love the look of concentration on Deshona as she plunges her cock up into Dee Dee's ass. I can fully understand this. This wanting to focus on this almost mystical rhythm and letting it just flow into yourself and absorbing it into your very pores and essence. I love how Dee Dee slowly starts to respond and Laura can recognize those very first sparks of the approaching orgasm. This is something that I always try to be attune too. I so dearly love seeing that first feathery touch of an approaching orgasm. Also, here I love how you describe the fucking. Most writers just basically say they fuck with the dildo, you always talk about plunging the shaft (or fist) deep in your lover hole ["Ohhnnnnn . . . ohhnnnnn! Oh yes! Ohnnggghhhh! Ungghh! Aungghh!" she groaned, wincing as Deshona plunged the dildo up deep into her ass.] This is what makes this act so fucking hot to read here. This is the passion and power of truly hot fucking.

Another thing that I love about your sex acts is that you constantly add to the sex act. Here, first you start with tit and pussy worship and then you add the ass penetration. Now you increase the cunt munching by having Laura only now thrusting two fingers up Dee Dee's tight love hole. Then you give the wonderful details of Deshona's grunts of thrusting and the strangled moans of pleasure from Dee Dee. Alone, as other authors use these details, I get a little heat but when you mix them all together like you do, the mix is totally incendiary. You set my pussy on fire. Now as usual you give those intimate and sublime details of that first touch of a killing orgasm [Suddenly, she felt an involuntary twitch in one of Dee Dee's silky black thighs, against which her free hand was resting. She glanced up to see Dee Dee almost crunching her lovely small breasts in both hands, twisting her nipples, her face frozen in a grimace of excruciating ecstasy. A deep shudder then shook her body, and a helpless throttled cawing arose from deep in her throat.] This is how fucking killing orgasms happen. I can never get enough of this. I, like Dee Dee,

am addicted, only my addiction is your truly wonderful stories.

I like the detail of how Laura and Deshona realize that anymore fucking here would only be superfluous. Dee Dee has been wiped out. I am glad that Laura was able to orchestrate fucking that was able to get through the cocaine. I know that Laura has truly enjoyed this exhilarating tryst but I think she is glad also to know that soon Dee Dee will be on her way. I know I would be hitting the Listerine and bacterial soap heavily here also. I chuckled when she just tells Deshona to do the same thing. I don't think Deshona will be asking to know why. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Now Laura sees she has missed her meeting and freaks a little and gets everyone to dress quickly, though Dee Dee is still moving as if underwater. I thought it was noble that Deshona offered to let Laura use her as an excuse for being late, that she delayed Laura. Just some more of this new caring side showing through. I also thought it was nice of Dee Dee to offer to give a message to Sara when she picks her up latter that night. One has to hope that Dee Dee will use the honor that she says she will use. Normally I would have wanted Deshona to take up Dee Dee's offer she made with her eyes when they parted. But with this woman and her drug use and VD past, I think Deshona was wise to pass. Also, as it should be, it was Laura that truly "rattled my cage". Finally, we discover that Rhonda had asked Deshona to dinner earlier that morning when she acted surprised to see Laura. I Dearly, Dearly hope that the two of them do become lovers. Hopefully, Laura has made enough peace with Rhonda to allow this. I also can hope that some day the three of them can have a complete conflagration that we are privy too. A girl can dream can't she? I loved how the chapter ended with Laura promising to keep in touch. I really hope she does. Deshona is becoming one incredible woman.






Chapter 266:


This story started with a major, major dose of angst. I pretty much figured that this chapter would be about Sara with Dee Dee going to pick her up later that same day. I was very curious as to how you would begin this chapter. I didn't really think it would start later that same day. Now that I read your story, it has to begin in this time frame. With the love that Laura feels for Sara, of course she would be pinning for Sara to call upon her arrival home. I would be feeling the same with the phone call Laura received in chapter 264. What I really love about how you have set everything up is you so clearly show the turmoil and emotion. I think other authors would try to show this angst, but they just don't have the imagination and skill to get it across in a believable and enjoyable read. Others come across as trite or boring or same old, same old.

I like how you slowly racket up Laura's concern. Laura is constantly trying to convince herself everything is all right. She does convince herself at first, but as time moves on, she is less and less able to convince herself. I know no other writer in erotica would be able to write this scene and make it real and convey Laura's growing fear. I loved how the times were almost called out, marking Laura's march into despair. I like how Laura throws herself into housework to take her mind off her troubles. I do the same thing. I work myself into a stupor to avoid a problem. Only problem, like Laura, I discover the problem is still there. I feel Laura's despair with [At nine-fifteen Sara had still not called. Laura sat in a chair by the window, looking out at the fog swirling through the tall eucalyptus trees in the grove on the hill above her condo development.]

I had to agree with her assessment of her fears. She has to wonder if Dee Dee spilled the beans on her. With Dee Dee's detachment and cynicism, I think Laura will always wonder if Dee Dee will some time in the future betray her. I have to agree completely with Laura [What would I do if I were her? she wondered. What if I found out about Dee Dee fucking my . . . my love? Or worse, my love fucking Dee Dee . . . and enjoying every second of it. Fucking her alone, fucking her with someone else. Having orgasms in her arms, making her have them, even when it was almost impossible, when she was so stupefied by drugs that she could barely wake up long enough to climax.] It is a little humorous in a gallows kind of way. Sara is investing a lot of herself into Laura and will be hurt and probably very, very pissed if she discovers this infidelity. While she is humorous by nature, she shows signs of having a strong jealous streak. It will be interesting to see how she reacts if and (when?) she discovers that Laura has other angels gracing her bed.

Laura goes to bed weeping and finally drifts off to a restless sleep. I love how she reacts the next morning when the phone rings and she dives for it almost breaking her neck. Her prayers have been answered; it is Sara and she is her usual sunny self. Laura's secret is still safe. I love the connection here when Sara wonders if Laura is mad at her for not calling. I just love Sara's tender ways. She is the kind of woman one wants in their life. They quickly make a date for the evening and have a little more of that sweet bonding that makes me worship your work ["God, yes! Does that mean you'll come?" Sara chuckled sexily at the other end of the line. "There you go, making zee leetle joke, no? Of course I will. You know how to make that happen."] I have read some other stories recently in the "slash" world that are PWP (plot what plot), basically pure sex. They just fall flat when compared to yours with a few exceptions (still don't deliver on the sex). A couple of stories were pretty cool with neat situations, but that was only a few stories, the rest I could barely or not even finish. They just seem so cookie formula. The situations seem flat and boring and same old, same old. Only your stories are real and life affirming. These stories breath with real life emotion, dynamics and character driven stories. Your women are just so completely real. This is real life I'm reading in your stories. They end with plans for a weekend of sweet debauchery and your usual humor ["Oh, yes! And the night after, and the night after too!" Laura exclaimed happily. "Please stay over!" "Control yourself, girl. You acting like a lovesick dodo."]

Now at work, Laura is humming some of her lyrics. When she is singing her songs one knows all is right in Laura's world. Now you totally blew me away. I am always amazed how you are able to add plot twists that have nothing to do with the main story line. I love your planting of seeds that the reader waits to see if and how they will bloom. Last chapter you planted seeds of Deshona and Rhonda. In chapter 263 we hopefully have Laura making plans to meet Brenda. Now we get a new seed with Shontay suddenly and imperiously entering Laura's office. I and I think everyone else are totally surprised and extremely turned on.

What I really like about this whole Shontay episode is the raw emotion that you show here. When I read this it really hits me that this is a glaring weakness of other stories. They simply are not able to convey the emotions of passion. Oh sure, they try and sometimes are able to show the wanton physical lust, but only you are able to capture the actual "emotions" of passion. The emotions that love and sexual love engender. You are able to capture this every time. You are able to capture all the nuances from the extreme like what Shontay is displaying to the much more subtle interactions like when Laura and Rhonda play cat and mouse later in the chapter. With Rhonda trying to get information for her seduction of Deshona and Laura trying to lead her astray. Only in your stories do these characters truly interact in a true seeming way. Other stories are either solely focused in the bedroom or their characters react in the same old stereotypical ways. Your women are always dynamic and unpredictable. I know their personalities but I can never be sure what and how they will react. Just like real people.

Shontay is literally radiating anger. With this whole section, the reader can feel Shontay's anger, pain and longing. You are able to convey with little actual kilobytes all these emotions so clearly and so real life. I have seen other stories that try to capture passionate emotions throughout a whole story and never capture them. With Shontay we get so much more than just her anger. I think the vast majority of other authors would only focus on one emotion. I'm not sure most other author's can capture multiple emotions like you can. What I really like about Shontay here is the obvious pain. [She was again wearing one of her drab, baggy brown business suits that hung on her bony frame like ill-arranged drapery. Her hair was pulled back around her head in the most severe hairstyle Laura had ever seen her wear, as if she were primed for battle.]

I feel that Shontay feels abandon and unloved. Laura was opening her up to new feelings and showing her that her body is capable of great pleasure. Laura has fought past all her barriers and fear. Laura spent a lot of time and effort to get Shontay more comfortable with herself and her body. Slowly over many trysts Shontay seemed to be thawing. This was shown with her relaxing of her hairstyle and clothes. Her new sexual freedom and feelings of self-confidence were evidence by these changes. Now that she feels abandon by Laura I think she now feels unloved and wonders if it has been a cruel jest or maybe a now unreachable dream. Now she has gone back to her old ways with a severe vengeance. Almost, like she is donning armor to protect herself from her loss. This is such great psychological stuff. Shontay feels she has lost everything.

We discover that Laura has indeed abandoned Shontay. Though they had fucked since the "rape" a few times, Laura has felt the need to distance herself from Shontay now that she has discovered Sara. Sara has clouded Laura's mind to all the other angels in her life at this current time. Still Laura can't help but recall her basic regal beauty [Moreover, even in this sharp, angular, threatening, semi-hostile mode, Shontay was wildly attractive to Laura. Under that baggy business suit was a long, supple, lean, sinuous, light-molasses-colored body to die for, with gorgeous little teacup breasts that you could barely even guess were there under that flat, straight suit jacket, mouthwatering caramel nipples, and a long, dark-lipped pussy that could keep you yearning for weeks.] A woman can't help but hunger for her.

Finally, Shontay stops fuming and begins her interrogation ["Is there a reason you've been avoiding me?" Shontay snapped, but in a soft tone of voice, in order not to be overheard.] They begin a mini argument that is a little humorous and a little sad. Humorous because of the evasion of Laura and a little sad because they have to hide themselves from the office, not because of their sexual liaison but more because they are lesbians. It is obvious that Laura is being evasive in her answers and this only angers and hurts Shontay more. I love her agitation [Shontay seemed not to know what else to say and merely paced around the small office, invisibly steaming. "You haven't even invited me to your new place," she finally pouted, but with a steel-honed edge of accusation in her voice.] Finally she has had enough and prepares to leave.

I think it so Laura (and me) that she is now hungering to fuck Shontay with desperate hunger. This woman's anger would fuel my desire to have rough sex with her. I would love to love rape her knowing that she would "rape" and fuck the hell out of me in return. Taking my body with rough hunger. Bending me to her will, for though it would be wild and seemingly violent your "cat fights" are still just sweet sex wrapped in wild abandon. There is no hate or desire to degrade in your "cat fights". You never cross the boundary that cheapens this rough lovemaking. You always show the lust and desire just below the surface. I really felt for Shontay here. Laura trying to make things right between them offers to show Shontay her new condo, though the invitation is a little late. What I loved here is how Shontay shows her desperate hunger for sex and love from Laura ["Sorry." Laura was contrite. "Look, when can you come over." "Tonight?" Laura shook her head. "Not tonight." "Got a date?" Shontay sneered, then suddenly yanked the door open and left abruptly.] Shontay wants Laura immediately. I can feel the desperation in

that one word "tonight?" I really feel for Shontay here. I can't wait to see how this works out. It will truly be incendiary; I can feel it deep inside my pussy.

Now you throw me for a loop when we immediately segue to a lunch date with Rhonda. Wow, yet another great character development vignette. As you know, I carry a soft place in my heart for Rhonda. I just wish it was a spot in my bed also. I was happy to see Rhonda querying Laura about Deshona. I desperately want to see the two of them develop a relationship between the sheets. I want Deshona to pull further and further away from that damn loser of a husband and I always pull for the underdog. Plus, if they do become lovers, hopefully somewhere down the lane, Laura will get involved in a tryst with them. My pussy would be quivering with pleasure let me tell you.

I was really happy to see they only live a neighborhood apart now. I do hope that Laura takes Rhonda up on her offer to visit from time to time. It is so obvious that Rhonda desires Laura, though her true hunger is for black angels. I am so happy that their basic animosity has evaporated. This allows them to talk about Deshona without Laura wanting to scratch out Rhonda's eyes. I think Rhonda it is just so damn cute when she starts to ask about Deshona and she can't make eye contact. She really presses Laura for details about Deshona. Though they have buried the hatchet, Laura is still her basic jealous self and starts to boil on the inside. Fortunately, they have come far enough that she controls these base impulses. Instead of getting catty, she tries to throw Rhonda off the scent by accentuating Deshona's cold bitchy exterior. Laura expresses all of Deshona's shortcomings and doesn't reveal any of her many good qualities that she has developed of late. She is putting stumbling blocks in the way of success for Rhonda.

It is easy to understand why Rhonda would seemingly lose interest in pursuing Deshona here. With out Deshona being present to excite her, Laura can cool the fires of her desire. Rhonda then mentions Shontay and her icy demeanor and makes Laura and the reader wonder about her intentions for Shontay. It seems like Laura has succeeded in her mission of dissuasion ["Best not to fool around at work," Laura said, a smarmy platitude if ever there was one, though she delivered it with aplomb and gentle humor. "I guess you're right," Rhonda sighed.] I give Laura credit for being able to give that platitude with a straight face. I would have stammered if I tried that line. I dearly hope that once Rhonda is in Deshona's presence again, that her confidence and desire will once more resurface and pursue her prey once more. I think Rhonda will continue her pursuit. I can only hope and wish that she is successful. I think Deshona is becoming more and more ripe for lesbian seduction.

These visits do occupy Laura so that she doesn't drive herself to distraction waiting to meet Sara. It is cute that Laura has to buy dinner due to the fact she is too nervous to cook. Laura worries about Dee Dee. I myself wonder about this. I could see Dee Dee doing something out of spite while high or saying something when she is hurting or just doing something in one of her vacant states and not knowing what the hell she just did. I love how Sara immediately puts the situation at ease with her arrival ["Look at this," she grinned before Laura could even get her inside the door. "First I unpacked it last night, then I had to pack it up again when I got home from work. I'm a traveling fool."] Sara's good-hearted nature is a balm to one's soul.

I love how Laura pulls her in roughly and makes her intentions immediately known [She closed and locked the door, then pushed Sara back into it and kissed her ravenously, squeezing her firm flesh through her clothes.] I know if I had Sara coming inside my door I would devour her. I simply adore her and especially her thighs. I'm a big thigh girl. I can kiss and stroke them forever. I love humping thighs like Sara has. I love how Sara keeps telling Laura to "down Fido". Then we have some love kissing [Laura eased up. She gave Sara another long, lingering, very emotional kiss on her fantastic mouth, and Sara responded in kind. This time they did not grope one another but focused all their passion on their tongues and their lips, ingeniously exploring each other's mouth, until it seemed they had never kissed so long. Even this kiss had to end, but neither of them wanted it to end.] This is the kind of stuff that makes my pussy melt. This is how lovers kiss. Sigh. I never get enough.

Laura now drags Sara to her bedroom. We find that Sara has been dreaming of something special with Laura. Didn't matter that she was in Mississippi for the funeral of her father. While others are wailing she is fantasying about Laura. That is how I would want it to be if I was the one in the casket. Life is for the living. I would be elated that someone is celebrating life and the pleasures it can give. I love how Sara teases Laura about their first time ["You did," Sara teased her. "You sure did. I never gave you the least cause. You just wanted my body then, just like you do now, you horny old lady. God I missed you, Laura."] We know that Sara was right there playing her part in the seduction. She was ready and very willing to explore her true lesbian self.

It seems that Sara has dropped a few pounds because she was constantly aroused thinking of Laura. I personally think that Sara is perfect. I simply adore her butt and thighs. I would gladly bury my tongue up that perfect tight asshole. I hope Laura can convince Sara that anal sex is totally "rad". I fantasized after reading this chapter the first time about probing Sara's ass with my tongue, fingers and strap-on and Sara dying with screaming orgasms.

Now you bring a really, really touching and sexy moment. Sara has brought the "tents". She wants to recreate their first time together. That is such a 'Beautiful' moment. I would never have thought of that and I have never read it either. You are simply a treasure. I love that romantic mind of Sara. She wants to recapture the magic of that first time. I love how your women always talk to each other ["I'll help. I love looking at your ass when you walk in front of me." "Oooohhh, I can tell it's gonna be another night to remember," Sara laughed as she went down hall, back to the front door, with Laura following her.] Laura loves the sway to Sara's ass. I can just close my eyes and see it. When I do this and fantasize like I'm doing now, my pussy really starts to get wet. I Love Women. Poor Laura tortures herself a little with thoughts of Dee Dee and her wondrous ass. An ass that has been totally pleasured like I hope that Sara's will be one day.

Sara takes out the pajamas, claiming the striped ones now that she has become "skinny". I like how Sara is always showing humor in everything. It will be interesting to see how she displays anger if the situation ever occurs to cause it. I have found that persons like Sara rarely get angry but, whoa Nelly, when they do, look out. I had a great big grin on my face when she tells Laura to go down to the bathroom and put on her PJ's. Sara is definitely recreating the whole atmosphere. This flirting between these women is making my pussy cream a little. Romance is such a sweet aphrodisiac. It shows such caring and love.

I think a lot of erotica readers probably wouldn't find much in this paragraph but it has so many things in it I love [Oh god, my hands are shaking, I'm so excited, Laura realized as she quickly shed her clothes and pulled on the huge pants and top of the oversized pajamas. She nearly disappeared into them, feeling clownish and bizarreas she also had felt when wearing them for the first timebut also sensual and tingly as the very fabric seemed to bring back memories of her first night with Sara. The pajamas were freshly laundered and had a clean, aseptic smell, but nothing could prevent her from recalling that they were the ones Sara had worn that night, the pajamas that Laura had slowly and lovingly removed from her naked body for the first time.] First we have the nervous energy of Laura, that Sara has caused by recreating their first time together. By Sara doing this, she is almost spreading a little fairy dust on this night and weekend of sweet fucking that is about to commence. Next we have the sweet sensual fact that now Laura is wearing the pajamas that Sara wore last time. This is the same fabric that caressed Sara's skin last time and now Laura's is feeling the same fabric that graced Sara's skin. That would make me wet let me tell you. Then we have Laura basking in the memories of removing these same pajamas from off Sara's voluptuous body. A body I dearly wish I could make love too all night long. Sara's beauty and personality have captured my heart and more importantly my pussy. Hehehe. This paragraph has so many of the things I love about your writing.

I like how you detail that it is still dusk out and Laura pulls the draperies closed and lights a candle. You are adding to the romantic scene with slow loving strokes of your pen. Finally, Sara appears in her bedroom and Laura has tell her that she never would have thought that wearing these comical pajamas could have created such a romantic haze. I wouldn't have thought it either, but she is completely correct. I love how they embrace and fall on the bed. This next short paragraph really hit me. My head lulled to the side, my eyelids fluttered and I felt that quiver deep in my belly and womb ["Mmmm, this is what I dreamed of," Sara sighed, her eyelids fluttering as Laura gently sucked her sensual lips and slid her tongue into every secret crevice of her mouth. "Being loved by Laura."] This is lovers loving each other. Only you give me these sweet details. I learned long ago that sweet foreplay is what makes sex so incredible and only you truly capture this.

They commence to worshipping each others mouths and necks with Laura saying ["Did you know I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you?" Laura murmured, rubbing her lips sensually against Sara's marvelous dark brown throat, inhaling the marvelous smell of her body, a delicious, wholly unique, and sweet odor she now realized she had longed for.] I think she is correct, never has she felt this strong for any woman. She is truly infatuated with Sara. She is feeling real love. I love how she breathes in deep Sara's musk. I love the scent of my lover. I can never get enough. I think this line by Sara captures me perfectly ["But I'm not disappointed if you loved others before. I've got you now."] I for one want experienced lovers and like it when they have learned already how to be excellent lovers though I like to think I make an excellent teacher also.

I like Laura's comment about almost coming from looking into Sara's eyes. I have sometimes felt that. Staring into a woman's soul, gazing upon her innate beauty. I think all other authors should have to take lessons from you on how to slowly racket up the heat. Your foreplay is just so perfect [Laura got a hand under Sara's pajama shirt, running it up along her smooth warm back. Meanwhile, Sara was unbuttoning the front of Laura's pajama top, kissing Laura's throat and collarbones. Not content to let her hand explore only Sara's back, Laura now slipped it under the elastic waistband of her pajama bottoms and plunged it down, squeezing one large, firm ass cheek. Sara's thick, marvelously sensual lips moved lower on Laura's body, and she unbuttoned the large buttons one by one.] Other authors just have them hurriedly remove their clothes or rip them off each other. I love your slow exploring of the flesh of your women. Your women explore each square inch as it becomes available. I love how you are always stroking these women's bodies. Other authors never revel in the tactile. Slow is good. Most authors just devour a woman's breast, you make love to them for which you have my deepest gratitude [Laura's shirt was half-unbuttoned, and Sara's lips were moving around the upper slopes of her small breasts, approaching her nipples, teasing her with the anticipation that she would finally suck them, then moving away again, down under Laura's breasts, sliding her tongue up into the secret crease where each firm globe met Laura's body.] Other authors leave me cold with their lack of imagination and boring, repetitive breast foreplay.

Things progress nicely with much stroking, kissing and groping. Finally Sara starts taking it to the next level [Now she kissed her way up to Laura's throbbing, excited nipples again and took one into her mouth. The intensity of the sensation as her nipple disappeared into Sara's sensual, warm, wet mouth nearly made Laura faint.] Foreplay always makes this magical moment so much more powerful. You continue with scorching breast worship and make it very deep and stirring by having Sara maintaining eye contact with Laura the whole time. This can really make it so hot. Straining to keep your eyes locked while your lover makes sweet love to your breast or pussy. I love how you never overuse a technique or style. I never know when an old one will show up and thus it stays fresh and always hot when you use it the next time. I don't think Sara believes Laura when she begs Sara to slow down, that she might come from this exquisite breast worship. Sara doesn't have a hair trigger like Laura. I love Sara's sassy comeback [Holding Laura's breasts in both hands, still licking her wet, erect, throbbing nipples with her tongue, Sara laughed throatily. "That would be something. You must really be hot, girl. Have you been lying around here just waiting for me to return with my magic mouth?"] Sigh, my panties are now sopping wet and I'm just on the foreplay. I love Sara's pleasure in pleasuring Laura and her confidence here.

Now Laura starts to return the favor. I'm turned on by how Sara is always twisting her shoulders to get those beautiful breasts to swaying across her chest. That really gets my mouth to watering. Then you do something that you again just don't see in print and that is your women bringing their breasts together and rubbing and mashing them together. Getting your excited nipples to dig and rub your lover's tits. Then Sara lifts her breasts and offers them to Laura. This always makes me instantaneously wet. Before Laura can latch on, Sara stops her with a "you won't believe what I did" question. We discover that Sara is able to suck her own nipples. Damn, this is a totally hot visual. THANK YOU for having this. I totally understand Sara loving doing this. Laura is so fortunate to be witnessing this. [She lifted one of her breasts, now with both hands, drawing her large nipple up to her lips. Then she extended her tongue and ran it all over her soft, gleaming areola until it was shiny with her warm spittle. Laura could feel her whole body throbbing as she watched. Now, pulling up just a little harder with her hands to bring her large nipple even closer to her mouth, Sara parted her lips and sucked it inside.] I guess my only question is how can this not set one's pussy on fire. I smiled when Sara mentioned her quartet. I love masturbating and love seeing it in print.

Now Laura is supper heated and makes this comment to Sara ["I'm here now," she whispered to Sara, her eyes smoldering with the heat she felt radiating through her body. "I love you, and I'll never let you go."] Only time will tell if these words become prophetic. They now quickly remove their pajamas and pull the bedspread down. I think Sara is totally right here ["I think you just want to fuck me, lady," Sara grinned.] As Laura starts to rub Sara's cunt she discovers the clit ring is gone. Seems she only thought of Laura because of it. That is cute. Sara gets serious for a moment [Sara held Laura's face in both hands. "I love you, Laura. There. I never got to look you right in the eyes and tell you that. I love you, Laura."] This is real vivid emotion. I have to admit I do get a little nervous when I see this kind of obvious emotion. I am so happy for these two women, but I don't want anything to interfere with Laura servicing all these divine angels.

Though Laura is chocked up with emotion she never lets that stop her from her goal [They kissed again, but this time more passionately than romantically, sucking each other's lips, tongue-fucking each other's mouth wildly. Finally, Laura kissed her way down Sara's smooth brown shoulder and her chest to her breasts, the beautiful firm globes she had enshrined in her fantasies, their large dark nipples all puffy and swollen. In this dim light, Sara's areolas were black, but Laura had noticed that they were a deep burnt umber color when the light was brighter, not the coal-black of her sister Dee Dee's nipples, but a deep reddish chocolate brown, these changeable, chameleon nipples that so forcibly drew her mouth to them, like a powerful magnet.] I'm simply agog over all this beautiful mouth tongue fucking. I am in heaven here. Then you give those oh so visual cues of your lover's bodies. You are the ONLY writer to actually describe their women's body. Other writers leave their women as faceless and nondescript bodies. Only you make these women so vivid they almost seem to leap off page and into my mind. I thank you for doing this. I didn't know what I was missing until I discovered your writing. You are the only writer who makes it possible for me to see these women with my mental eye.

I love how Laura makes love to Sara's puffy nipples and we can see them stippling up in excitement while Laura swirls her fingers in a "duet" in Sara's divine pussy. I had a major smile when Laura uses the "suck me" voice before she once again devours Sara's nipples. I like how your women communicate. Sara urges Laura to move over to her other nipple but Laura lets her know that she won't move on till she has had her fill of her first nipple. I love this give and take. Other writer's always make the lovemaking seem almost scripted. Laura shows her usual jealous self when Sara shows confidence in her tits and the desire and hunger they inspire. I love this humanness in Laura. I wish Sara had this confidence in the rest of her body.

Laura's ministrations start to have their desired effect with Sara's pelvis starting to grind. I love how you always do multiple things at one time. As Laura sucks Sara's nipples she is swirling her "duet" over Sara's clit and then dipping deep into her quim to get some lubrication and then rubbing her clit. Back and forth for glorious minutes. Just this slow sensual rhythm, slowly taking Sara higher and higher. Oh geez, this is lovers making love. I love how you show Sara's rising desperation and her divine declaration that with other lovers (male) it takes them forever to get her off, and Laura is already got her getting near to orgasm. I love how Sara begs Laura to take it up another notch with ["I never take long with you. Ungghhh! And I . . . don't think it's going to take very long now. Ahhnnnn! Oh yes! You can bite it a little, if you want. Just gently . . . like that. Ungghh! UNGGHHH! Yes!"] I love that small squirt of pain to make the pleasure so much more intense. Laura is opening Sara up to new avenues of pleasure. I have always loved your technique of having a lover asking Laura to do something and you don't show Laura actually doing it, but the reader knows Laura has done it with smashing success, with a divine vocalization of extreme pleasure. Again, a technique other's never use. I wouldn't of thought of it.

I love the gentle communication while still loving your partner ["Do you want me to suck your clittie too?" Laura murmured, pinching and twisting Sara's large, wet nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, kissing the warm dark brown skin between her breasts.] Laura makes a little more love to Sara's breast and talks to Sara of loving Sara's body and Sara herself. You always come up with wonderful dialog between these women ["Oh god . . ." Sara made a face of mock-distress, her dark eyes, however, dilated and pulsing with frantic lust. "Now I'm about ready to explode, and you want to talk of love." She crossed her eyes briefly at Laura. "Don't adore me . . . just fuck me," she panted, then let her head flop back to the sheet as Laura began to slide down between her spreading thighs.] Thank you for giving me real life communication.

Finally, Laura arrives at nirvana ["Anything you want, darling," Laura purred, filling her nostrils with the sweet, thick odor of Sara's oozing pussy, pulling the already-parted plump black lips open even farther with her fingertips, exposing the raw, glistening wet, shiny dark pink insides. "I love your pussy just as much as I love the rest of you."] I always love the smell of excited pussy. I never tire of how you describe opening a woman's vagina and just describing its great beauty. By now Sara is so excited her hips are churning and Laura has to loop her arms around her thighs to hold on. I love having to hang on like this. I love to have that pussy jumping into my mouth. I grinned when Laura encourages Sara to slow down and Sara gasps out she'll try. Again that real life communication between women. You capture that essence of women when Laura thinks to herself that she "wants to make it so good". This is what makes women such great lovers. Laura proves this by deciding how to lick Sara's clit. She determines that she can still use broad tongue strokes on it and not have her come yet. Laura is in tune with her woman. I really don't think most men do this at all. They are too selfish. A woman's goal is her lover's pleasure. Her pleasure comes from the pleasure she gives.

The tension mounts ["Oh yes . . . oh yes!" Sara whimpered, now squeezing her own rolling breasts, since Laura had abandoned them for her swollen, aching pussy, tonguing and sucking it more and more passionately. "Unhhhh! Oh yes! Ungghhhh! Oh yes . . . oh yes!"] Only you show a woman pleasuring her own breast. This is something I do quite often. Then you always describe a woman's love swollen cunt is such beautiful prose. You are the only author who focuses on a woman's essence of pleasure. Again, I have come to find this so strange. Most authors almost talk about a woman's vagina as if it is not anything special. Not the center of our sexual being. Strange. Then as always you make the orgasm so intense and special. I love that exploding off the mattress of a woman's body in exctacy and Sara's desperate clutching of Laura's head to her spasming cunt. Then you give this absolutely beautiful description "Auunnnmmmnnggghhiieeeee!" she finally wailed, arching again, quaking, her thighs clenching, her toes curling as she dug her heels into the mattress and pushed her pussy again and again forward into Laura's face. "Ooonnnggghmmnniieeee! Oh yes . . . auunnggghhhhh! Oh yes . . . oh yes yes YES!"] I so dearly love having a woman's exploding cunt humping into my mouth. I love doing this to my lover in return. This is fucking perfection.

I can understand Laura basking in Sara's powerful and long orgasm. After long minutes Sara is finally able to hoarsely croak out that Laura almost killed her. I love their post coital time of brushing of hair and sensual kissing. This is when true bonding occurs. I almost squealed with delight when Sara comments that she likes the taste of her own pussy on Laura's mouth. I love the taste of my cunt in another woman's mouth. I bask with Laura when Sara confesses that she has never come with anyone like she does with Laura. Only with Laura does she explode. I nearly swoon when I have a lover tell me this. My greatest goal is her pleasure.

Finally, Sara has recovered and is ready to reciprocate ["Oh no . . . oh no," Sara murmured, now caressing Laura's breasts, then dropping one hand to Laura's crotch. "You're not going to spoil my fun. I get to make you pant, too. Look how wet you are. Gosh, Laura, you got a river going down here."] Only you truly make lesbian love making the supremely divine experience it is [Again Sara explored her small, perfect breasts, sucking Laura's nipples until they were tight and throbbing in her mouth, pinching them with her lips as Laura watched, her own eyes fastened on Laura's throughout. Without a word, she went lower, still with her eyes glued to Laura's, full of love and promise. Laura could hardly bear the sexual excitement in her body, and she squirmed and bit her lower lip, tossing and grabbing the sheet in her hands as those phenomenal lips reached her gaping, wet pussy.] Only you marry the sweet details with the adjectives that show the pleasure these women are feeling. Only you give the little details like Laura gripping the sheets in hopeless pleasure. While other authors hardly even mention the vagina, you always give them the divine brush strokes they deserve. You never fail to make these pussies so vivid. I can see and smell them in my mind's eye.

As this shows, you really know how to describe the voracious consumption of a pussy [Laura knew it was futile to try to make it last, and Sara didn't care to either. She knew they had all weekend. She grinned to see how Laura reacted at the feel of her lips on her pussy, and she immediately ratcheted up the heat, licking and tongue-probing and sucking Laura's cunt lips and her clit voraciously, sliding two fingers up into the flooding channel and fucking Laura with them, at first slowly and gently, then more rapidly.] Only one other author really details this voracious eating of pussy. I really enjoy reading it, but only you know how to make special. His is straightforward while yours is sublime and thus the more special and divine. I love how Sara does something new by taking her cunt lubricated fingers and teases Laura's asshole with them. I know that unexpected touch would have made me come in a sudden rush like Laura.

Like Laura I too can come very quickly that first time. Many times I need that first quick orgasm to release the pressure of extreme arousal. Like Sara, my women generally feel cheated when I come so fast. Fortunately, they are always happy to fuck me again now that my hair trigger has been pulled that first time. Love that picture of Laura's cunt juice on Sara's lips. Of course I love their coiling of bodies in post orgasmic bliss. More cute dialog with Laura telling Sara that she's the magic and produces the most divine of orgasms. I smiled when they discuss Sara's tickling of Laura's backdoor. One thing I really like is how you don't rush things. Sara makes it clear she is not quite ready to have her rectum explored yet. We discover that it doesn't happen in this chapter. Other authors, when they bring something up always feel rushed to do it. Here you have planted a seed that may or may not take root. I dearly hope that soon Laura has her tongue buried in Sara's divine ass. I would tongue fuck her so well, like we know Laura will, if given the opportunity. Laura like her normal great self, backs off and doesn't pressure Sara for what she is not ready for.

Sara now gives Laura permission to fuck her again. Laura finds that a little humorous but of course is dying to do so. Now Laura gets Sara to turn over and gives her one of her patented back rubs. Again that wonderful back worship. I really like how Laura immediately makes it sensual by kissing Sara's back while she massages her back. We get another hint that Sara has a jealous streak when she first inquires and then doesn't want an answer when she asks where Laura learned her back rub skills. I think this shows that if Sara ever feels betrayed by Laura the fire works will be real spectacular and probably painful also. This is another dynamic that you are planting now for possible use later.

Laura continues her back rub and I really love that detail of rubbing her cheek on Sara's back. That is so Sweet! I thought it cute that Sara is cooing that Laura can do anything she wants 'except' for invading her booty. I know I would love running my fingers down into her quim and finding it all wet and gooey. I like Laura continuing her exploration of Sara's butt. I think she is exploring, hoping that Sara will succumb to her passion and allow her to invade that sweet backdoor [Now she was kissing every inch of Sara's round buns, taking the firm flesh between her teeth and snarling happily, feeling Sara yelp and giggle uncontrollably, then noticing Sara's shiny black wet cunt lips, all puckered and vulnerable, just below these swelling moons, an inviting slit of bright, glistening pink showing between them. Her fingers slid down and started toying with them while she continued to nip and suck the round, springy flesh of Sara's magnificent bottom, darting her tongue over into the deep, dark crease between her large cheeks from time to time, making Sara shiver and squeal excitedly.] I love your skill in capturing so perfectly making love to a woman's bottom. Then you always make a woman's love swollen vagina so delectable. Only you describe a vagina that all swollen and runny with love juice. Makes me lick my lips with desire. Yum!!! Again, only you have the imagination to have Sara now turn over and stop this seduction of her booty. The reader will have to wait for another day to have this seduction. Maybe we will never have it, though I reverently desire it. Like real life, one cannot be sure of the future. Thank you for giving me real life in these stories.

Laura quickly adjusts to this change in her plans and happily fucks Sara the more traditional way. She quickly reduces Sara to hot need [Now gently fucking Sara with her two fingers, not wanting her to come or even to get close to it yet, Laura leaned forward and with her free hand guided one thick, dark, swollen bulb into her mouth, squeezing Sara's firm breast with her fingers and sucking Sara's nipple slowly and sensually. Both of them had already gone through their initial explosions, their first happy orgasms in each other's arms after an unfortunate separation, and now they could revel in the nuances of love-fucking, savoring each infinitesimal motion, each clever stroke or loving probe. Laura fucked Sara and sucked her nipples, both of them, so slowly and sensitively that Sara was in no danger of climaxing, and yet after several minutes of it she was reduced to hot jelly under Laura.] Again you are not just finger fucking Sara. Laura is loving her completely. You make it so romantic how you describe Laura guiding that ripe plum to her hungry mouth. You now detail how deep emotion can take fucking to that next level.

You almost feel like you are becoming one with your lover. Feeling the slightest quiver or smallest hitch in breath. Being completely in tune with your woman through emotion. This emotion and connection always heightens an orgasm to the levels of supreme bliss. Laura and Sara are now true lovers of both body and soul. Deep emotion does add so much to the experience. This was one of the things that initially attracted me to Laura. She feels so much for all her angels. It is just that Sara has become an archangel to her.

This being in tune with Sara allows Laura to sense that Sara's nipples are even more erect than usual. Sara's nipples are so plump that they normally don't become as stiff in erection as most women's. Before I continue I just want to say I was thinking before this chapter that when Sara next appeared a "fist" fuck would be perfect. They have become so close that they need to connect on this deep intimate level. Needless to say, I did a small squeal when I got to this part of the story. In the heat of her fucking Sara, Laura has slipped a third finger into her tight pussy. Sara's reaction is immediate [And Sara was clearly enjoying it, pumping, gasping, undulating.] Of course this excites Laura who ["Mmm, you love it when I fuck you, don't you," Laura panted. "You love it when I fuck your beautiful pussy . . . hard . . .like this."] Of course Sara goes nuts. I love how Laura now works a fourth finger in and starts to pump deep. That is a beautiful detail of Sara's pubic hairs tickling the back of Laura's hand as it plunges in deep. Now Laura is sunk in a trance of fucking and folds the thumb under and starts to wedge fuck Sara with hard loving strokes. My pussy is clinching just thinking how divine this must feel to Sara. I love how your women always communicate how they are feeling ["Oh yes . . .fuck me . . . oh yes . . . fuck me," Sara panted, now gyrating more aggressively, mewling and whimpering in increasing sexual abandon.]

Finally, the inevitable occurs [Miraculously, it seemed to Laura, Sara's pussy was so wet and receptive that one extra forceful push was enough to get her whole hand inside Sara's cunt. Both of them seemed momentarily paralyzed by the shock of it. Laura had not planned or intended it, and Sara had probably never imagined such a thing possible. Her eyes grew wide, both with horror and fierce sexual stimulation, as she looked into Laura's.] This is just so fucking intense. Laura in the past has suddenly introduced her fist in wild bouts of animalistic fucking with Randi and Deshona. With those women and those almost violent situations, this is a natural expression of their wild out of control lust. Here though, Laura is aiming for a totally different dynamic. This has been a wonderful sensual fuck up to now. This is something that most women never consider and I can see Laura wanting to prepare Sara for such an intimate act. I love their combined reactions. Laura's trepidation and Sara's stunned silence.

It is cute, watching Laura waiting for a reaction. The fact that they love each other makes this intimate act all the more powerful and alluring. Finally, Sara gives her response [She looked down her body to Laura's hand, embedded up to the wrist in her cunt, her slick and puffy black cunt lips clinging to it tightly. Then she slowly gnawed on her full lower lip, her eyes smoking, and gently nodded her head at Laura, beginning to slowly churn her hips so that Laura's hand moved inside the tight channel.] I love this slow realization of Sara and then her eager acceptance. Love that detail of Sara's cunt clasping Laura's hand in its warm embrace. It is such a pleasure to listen to Sara's vocalizations of pleasure, seeing her increased desperation [Sara was now beginning to ride Laura's hand, pushing her cunt more forcibly down onto it as the passageway loosened. She was also becoming more wildly aroused than Laura had ever seen her, grunting and groaning, pumping, her breasts rolling and swaying, bouncing, her face contorted as she urged Laura to fuck her faster.]

Now Laura makes her love fist and starts a love rhythm of fucking. Sara is completely consumed by these new sensations ["Oh Laura . . . you're making me come!" Sara finally whimpered in a small, helpless voice, her dark eyes suddenly streaked by an electrifying knowledge that the moment was arriving and nothing would stop it.] I love how you detail that they are in a moderate sensual pace of fucking. It is so cool how you have Laura flinging herself on Sara's body to love maul her tits and neck. What is extra cool is part of the reason she does this is to control her mad "rapist" thoughts. She doesn't want to ram Sara's cunt with her love fist. Only you are able to show the wild abandon of divine fucking ["Unnnnnn . . . aunnnnnnn!" she moaned, almost flinging Laura off her writhing body, then stiffening, a sure sign to Laura that she was about to come.] Fortunately, Sara is able to vocalize her true desires ["Do it HARD!" she suddenly cried out.] Sara is like me; she wants it hard and deep.

Laura true to her gentle nature hesitates to ram her fist deep with her full strength. This again shows her beautiful character. Still, Laura always knows how to deliver the coup de grace with the necessary force [Laura jammed her hand up into Sara's spasming pussy, and Sara dissolved into the most violent convulsions Laura had ever seen her have. "Anngghhmmnniiggghhiieeeee!" she screamed, a loud, ripping scream that seemed to Laura to fill her entire condo. Sara's body surged and rolled, stiffening and shaking again as yet another fierce shock of coming tore her apart."OOUNNNGGHMMNNGHIIIEEE!" she cried out, even louder than the first time, still pumping, her pelvis shuddering in mid-air, with Laura's hand still sunk deep in her cunt.] Sigh. I can never get enough of your prose. Other authors would only say that Laura fist fucked Sara's cunt. You use adjectives or verbs like "spasming" to make it so much more intense. Then those divine screams of the purest rapture. Then the most rare of divine events, an all caps scream of pleasure. Thus, it remains so rare and treasured. Then a mental picture that makes me agog, the sight of Sara's pelvis in mid-air pumping in ecstasy, with Laura's hand still buried deep in it. This is the stuff of the most pleasant, sweet dreams of rapture.

You now start the sweet after glow time [Then her body fell back to the mattress and she seemed to sink into a swoon for almost a minute, her luscious flesh quivering everywhere, her hips twitching, her eyelids fluttering, as yet another phase of this crushing climax passed through her. Laura had relaxed her fist by now and was merely waiting for the intense sensations to pass, not daring to move for fear she might somehow hurt Sara, who was still gasping as if she were about to die of suffocation.] Only you know how to show that slow passing of a truly killer orgasm that leaves one totally spent. I love how you then detail that slight sheen of fuck sweat on Sara's voluptuous body. I think you again show a real life moment when Sara wants to keep Laura's fist in her plundered pussy to memorize all the sensations. Laura goes ahead and extracts her hand because she lets Sara know they still have the rest of the weekend to fuck themselves blind and into total exhaustion. Again, Laura is so wrought up that she comes with a hair trigger. I think fucking Sara would cause this effect in me.

They then kiss romantically and Laura is filled with such love the she serenades Sara with a song. That is just such a romantic and loving moment. Thank you for sharing that with us the reader. They now speak words of flirting and love. They are such sharing lovers here. Sara inadvertently interrupts the mood by asking about Dee Dee. I can totally see why Laura chokes up here. I love this little humorous moment [Laura held up her hand, cawing. "I . . . I'll be okay. Honest. Something . . . a crumb, I think . . . down the wrong pipe." Sara smiled and returned to her chair. "Dee Dee will be thrilled," she said, mordantly. "I'll tell her you got all choked up when I mentioned her name."] If Sara only knew. They now do what lovers do as exampled by watching an old black white movie together. Sharing of themselves. Of course they do fuck gloriously throughout the rest of the weekend. Sigh.




Chapter 267:


With this chapter we find Laura basking in the love that she has shared with Sara over a weekend of glorious fucking. I can fully understand her thinking here. It is so nice to be able to spend time like this with a woman that you love. Instead of leaving after a session of lovemaking or leaving the next morning you are able to bask with your lover for a weekend. Fucking and then sleeping and waking up and spending quality time with your woman and then fucking when the energy and mood hit and then just sharing time together and then fucking again for a wonderful three days. Knowing that you have her sweet flesh for three wonderful days without interruption. I can understand why her emotions and feelings of closeness are running so high. Still, when Laura gets into work on Monday she discovers she is being sent to Dallas. That can only mean two things Jonelle or Ada. Laura leaves with promises of calling Sara every night. Laura is in love. There parting is difficult because of all this love and emotion.

Still Laura has to be true to herself. There are other angels in her life. Two of these angels now are foremost in her mind. Laura is like me. She simply can't refuse any of these beautiful women. She must have them. One simply can't refuse these wonderful women in one's bed. Plus, with these women, they are getting so much from Laura that it would be a crime for Laura not to give herself to them. Since Laura saw Jonelle the last time she was in Dallas, she decides to try and catch up with Ada on this trip. I have to admit that I squealed a little when I read this. I so love Ada and her conflicted ways and her love goddess body that was so made for lesbian loving. I also had a great big smile on my face when Laura decides to put in her suitcase the ribbed strap-on dildo. I too remember the hot fucking that Laura and Ada did with the big double-headed dildo monster and how Ada fucked the living hell out of Laura with it. I like how Laura's mind works. She thinks of how Ada will be able to fuck her with this beauty.

I was a little sad when Laura reminisced about how Ada ran away from Laura and San Francisco when this wonderful fucking occurred. In fact, I felt some outright anger at Ada for this. She ran away from her true desires and wants. It is true though that her mixed up actions were caused by her religious upbringing. She has been erroneously taught not to enjoy the true pleasures that her body can provide. Plus, I'm sure she got that shit about homosexuality being so evil drummed into her head. I so hate that brainwashing that is put upon us. So many persons are made to hate their very essence. These people should be defrocked and thrown in jail for hate crimes. I do believe that Laura is slowly but surely curing Ada of her brain washing. Ada needs Laura. She needs more loving from Laura to help her further listen to her heart's true desires.

I had to smile when Laura pats the dildo thinking of what Ada can do to her with it. I shuddered here a little myself thinking about it. I can't wait! On the plane flight to Dallas Laura can't help but think of Sara on the flight. Laura knows she can't moon over Sara like this because she will drive herself crazy. She tries to work on papers form the job but she can't stop thinking of her lovers. When she is not thinking of Sara, she thinks of Ada. Laura does her patented beating herself up over the fact that she loves Sara but she can't stop thinking of Ada. Laura will always feel a little of this guilt over having to love all these angels in her life. Laura will never be able to fully accept her desire for other women when she feels so much love for Sara. Laura will always fret over her supposed indiscretions and their possible repercussions.

Fortunately, the closer Laura gets to Dallas the more she focuses her thoughts on Ada. She feels her body being drawn to Ada. This is how I feel when I am near one of my angels. I must answer their siren call. I can't deny myself their sweet flesh. Laura remembers her love goddess body. She has such a voluptuous body. I can't get over how perfect her proportions are. Ada has the body that Aphrodite would be based upon. It is cute how Laura even remembers with fondness the "Voice". The high-pitched Texas nasal twang. I think it is so cute that Laura now desires to hear it when in the past she always cringed when even contemplating it. I guess it is true; absence does make the heart grow fonder. Laura remembers all the beautiful moans of rapture that Ada makes when you stroke her pussy with your loving tongue. I have thought that Ada made the most beautiful of noises when she is being made love to. I think she is so shocked and surprised at the feelings her body is producing she can't help but make the most heavenly of noises in rapture.

Once Laura gets to Dallas she quickly asks around and gets Ada new phone number. I think it is true life how Laura stews over what to do. Should she call immediately or should she wait?. What would Ada do when she called? These kinds of thoughts can truly drive one crazy. She knows that whatever happens Ada will make her work for any possible seductions because that is Ada's nature. I think Laura is again correct in thinking that Ada feels safe here in Dallas away from Laura and the desires she awakens. I fully sympathize with Laura and her feeling hawkish and snappish. When you have these kind of conflicting thoughts running around in your head it can make one a bear to be around. She finally calls and discovers that Ada is away on business and won't be back until tomorrow. Again I can fully understand the conflicting sadness and relief Laura feels in missing Ada. Any potential conflict has been avoided.

Now you produce a spasm in my pussy that you so often do. Laura meets another angel out of the blue. Another woman soon to know the sweet touch of Laura. An experience we will be so lucky and get to experience also. It is a receptionist at the Dallas office. I was thinking to myself I couldn't wait to see how Miranda works this woman into the future story line. She has the beautiful exotic name of Shaniqua Branch. We watch the WNBA all the time and several players have variations of this name (all of which I desire so badly to fuck). It is such a pretty name. We discover that she is about twenty-five and has a wholesome beauty. I love how you then use past women to help describe Shaniqua [But Shaniqua was immediately more appealing, with a brisk, friendly, even vivacious manner, sparkling black eyes, an easy smile. She was dark but not deeply black like Dee Dee or Charise, more like Ada herself, or Saraa rich, dark, creamy chocolate color. She had long black hair falling softly around her shoulders, and long bangs, which on a lovely girl were always enough to make Laura's pussy flutter.] I so often complain about other authors not describing their creations while you paint such full pictures of each woman. You now use these past women to help describe this new conquest. You then start to describe her facial features and hair. You are slowly painting this woman into an individual woman that I will soon be dying to make love to. Not only are you starting with her physical description you're telling us about her essence. What kind of person is she? The kind of personality she has.

Shaniqua is pleasant and vivacious. She is happy that Laura actually takes the time to ask about her name and how to pronounce it. I do this by nature. I want to know about the women I meet in my life. I want to know them irregardless of whether or not I want to sleep with them. This just wanting to know them I think scores a lot of points for myself. You now describe Shaniqua some more [Laura tried to keep her eyes from roaming all over Shaniqua. Even though she was sitting, she appeared to be as tall as Laura, lean and tall, though not skinny. She wore a gray sleeveless sweater, more like a jersey actually, and her shapely dark brown arms were smooth and lovely, her breasts not huge but just right for her lithe, lean body. Laura tried not to look.] This is like one hundred percent more than what other authors describe. I already have a very good idea about Shaniqua and her generally looks. I know you will slowly fill in more and more details.

Shaniqua really gets excited when she realizes that Laura is from San Francisco. It seems that Shaniqua has had thoughts of moving out there. My pussy spasmed here some more. She starts probing Laura about any jobs being open at the home office. I smiled a little when Laura hesitates over answering this because she knows she will have to have her if she comes to California. I chuckled about the remark about San Frisco being cool. I heard the saying that "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco". I admire Laura for not thinking only about pussy and being truthful and wise with Shaniqua and telling her not to do anything rash. Shaniqua then mentions she will take a vacation and check it out. She asks Laura to show her around. Laura surprises herself with ["Of course. You can even stay at my place, if you want. That'll make it cheaper. San Francisco is very expensive."] I had to smile. Her libido is whispering to her. Laura knows she will not be able to refuse this angel. Laura can't help but think about Sara and this new desire she will face if Shaniqua visits. Now Shaniqua asks if she can bring her boyfriend. Laura basically tells her to leave the cad behind and Shaniqua accepts that with aplomb. Where I have changed totally was this news about a boyfriend. In the past I wanted Laura to meet lesbians. Now I absolutely don't want her to meet lesbians. I want her to find these straight women who can be seduced. I have come to long for this. I revel in it. These women who don't know the truth. I just bask and my pussy flows with nectar when Laura so slowly and lovingly brings these women into lesbian lust and love. Laura shows them the truth. I think so many women will embrace lesbianism if you can just overcome society's brainwashing. I simply can't wait for Shaniqua to call Laura for her visit. It will be divine. They part with Laura desiring her in her bed that night. That is what I would be thinking.

Back in Laura's hotel room that night she thinks of Sara. It is time to make her phone call. It is true; Sara does produce in Laura the strongest emotions that I have seen in Laura. They have connected on some deep level. While Sara has a divine body I think it is her personality and her innate goodness that has really drawn Laura in. Laura and Sara murmur their love to each other. After hanging up she starts to worry about Dee Dee. I can understand this completely. Dee Dee is so duplicitous. She has given Laura her word but with her past and her longing for Laura I just don't think one can trust her completely. It would take the smallest thing to make her go off or do something in a drunk or drug stupor while not thinking clearly. I don't think Laura being home could prevent Dee Dee from spilling their secret. It is human nature to think this way. Laura is right though that if she is home she can do damage control. I feel exactly the same way. When I'm away from work during a problem or an emotional situation I always fret like crazy. I want to be near to immediately do damage control and put my spin on things. I had to chuckle great big when she remembers making love to Dee Dee twice "Gulp". That is precious.

At work the next day she tries and get in touch with Ada again and understands that she has gone off on another work mission and won't be back until tomorrow yet again. This seeming avoidance rightly upsets Laura. I hate having a woman avoid me like this. Just tell me what you think. Laura is so human and real in her stewing [Laura didn't know what Ada was 'still,' but it clearly seemed that her fear or rejection of Laura had not diminished or faded. You'd think I was going to drag her down on the floor and rape her or something, Laura thought, feeling very insulted. All I want is to see her, for Christ's sake. To talk to her. To look at her. She acts like I'm a goddamned sex maniac or something.] I love how you make Laura so human with her thinking and emotions.

When Laura calms down she remembers the wonders that is Ada's body. How beautiful her naked body is or how she looked in her Venus Williams outfit. How her body glistened with sweat and how her bulbous nipples showed through it. We discover that Laura kept Ada on the run to observe her goddess body in motion. Laura throws herself into work and gets a phone call just before she is about to leave for her hotel room. Yes! Finally Ada has returned her phone call. Of course Laura is ecstatic. We find that Ada has indeed been busy. Laura chuckles to herself listening to Ada's voice. Though her voice is soft and gentle now Laura can't help but remember its more grating qualities. They decide to go out to dinner.

They meet at a little quite restaurant with dark lighting. Humm, I wonder why Ada picked such an intimate setting. Laura then observes Ada [She realized that most people might not feel this way since Ada was dressed, as usual, in a businesslike though stylish way with a flamboyant yellow scarf around her throat, a tailored jacket, and a skirt that came nearly to her ankles. On top of that, her hair was swept back in a fold behind her head in a hairstyle that Laura had always loved pulling loose. Ada was actually very reserved and shy, not to say repressed, and when her hair was pulled loose and all messy and shaggy around her face, she was to Laura wildly sexy.] Again, you are describing Ada in a non-sexual manner. You are describing her as a woman, a person. I love how you describe the whole woman. This allows the reader to become so much more attached to these women by learning all we can about these women.

Laura then comments to herself about Ada's businesslike demeanor and dress and how this hides the voluptuous body waiting to be explored. What I think is so cool here is how you are able to compare her to Deshona here. Both are very businesslike but the similarities end here. While Ada is tall and voluptuous, Deshona is short. Ada is friendly and Deshona is aloof. It is just so cool that you have developed these wonderful women, that you can now compare them to each other and show their differences. No other author has developed their characters to even come close to this. Now Laura reflects on the intense and soul stirring fucking they did in Tucson. Laura thinks that with that kind of fucking, Ada must have found a lover since then to experience those exctacies again. Laura thinks that Ada must have grown enough spiritually to now seek the pleasure she so richly deserves. Though they are in this intimate setting they never speak of the incendiary sex they have shared. I love these undercurrents you have with Ada. The sex is simmering just below the surface. The question is how to get it to the surface. Laura doesn't push because she doesn't want to appear demanding and Ada is naturally shy. I agree with Laura that this shyness is part of Ada's great charm. There is not a duplicitous bone in her body. Ada is incapable of playing games. She is a lot like Sara in this. Again you have developed women who have such complex personalities and we get to watch them interacting with other. See how they react and play off each other. No other story line provides this. They are just one-shot stories with no time to develop anything or stories with some length with sex that isn't so great and no development of anything.

Ada distresses Laura by asking Laura where her hotel is. The tone tells Laura that Ada is only planning on dropping her off and nothing else. Ada is still not listening to her soul I see. This gets Laura to thinking maybe Ada <does> have another lover. Laura thinks a woman would be preferable but that a man would be okay. I think the former is far preferable. Ada is such a shy creature that a woman would be much more likely to try and not override her. Also, she has had men physically abuse her in the past. This does happen in our world, but it is much more rare. A woman would know how to relate Ada as only a woman truly can. Still, Ada does deserve love. With such a goddess like body, she is committing a crime by not letting someone love her. Ada has shown that when she lets herself, she is a total fuck succubus. She is a lesbian just dying to experience her truly divine body and needs to let go. I do hope that if she has another lover it is woman. That is the only thing that feels right. Someone like Randi, Sholandra or Kendra, male lovers feel right. Laura is slowly getting Ada accepting of her true sensuous nature.

Finally, they arrive at Laura's hotel and I am so thankful that Laura finds the courage to not let the night end. Ada tries to shoo her away but Laura refuses. Laura offers her a drink, which Ada refuses, and finally Laura begs her to come upstairs. Ada is flustered when a taxi honks and flashes her and Laura gets her to move down the block where she can continue convincing Ada. Ada tries deception and pleads tiredness but Laura calls her on it and Ada pulls the car off the road and they talk. Near tears Laura asks Ada to come up and share a shower with her. I had to smile great big at that. That is not playing fair. Yes!!! Ada agrees with me [Laura knew if there was a shortcut to Ada's sweet pussy, it would be mention of the shower. Ada smiled in the shadows that swathed the car and would have blushed, Laura was certain, were she pale enough to blush. "You don't play fair, Laura," she whispered.] I would have done the same exact thing. Laura has won the night with this alluring reminder.

Ada now croaks out that she has been a "good girl" since she last saw Laura. This tells me that Ada has been celibate since her last meeting with Laura. What a shame. Ada shows her capitulation to Laura's conquest with [Ada shook her head. She gave Laura a wan, yielding smile. "I'd love to kiss yuh . . . but I just washed my hay-uh," she said, quoting Bette Davis, a joke she and Laura had shared now for a long time.] Love how this line has come to show Ada's acceptance of her true desires. Now Ada surprises and delights Laura and myself by telling Laura that they should go to her place since it is more private. Wow, I love this development. I smiled when Laura squirmed in her seat. I did miss the fact that the dildo was left behind. I figured I wouldn't be seeing it this chapter. Not all of one's plans come to fruition.

They arrive at Ada's new high-rise abode. There Laura holds out her arms and Ada comes to her. I love Ada's comment to her though I don't agree with its end ["Laura . . . you're evil," she whispered, smiling, eyes shining. "You just make me melt. Now you see why I had to run away."] Laura is only showing her, her true desires. You now begin the actual seduction with the gentle brush strokes that you use for situations like this ["Don't talk," Laura said, pressing her lips into Ada's full mouth, kissing her slowly, sensually, running her hands up and down Ada's back, dropping them suggestively to her large, firm round ass and squeezing it, digging her fingers into the firm moons, then raising her hands again to Ada's face, caressing her phenomenally smooth cheek tenderly.] This is such a beautiful way to start. It is gentle and loving. Other authors simply don't seem to know how to start out slow like you do. You can just feel the emotion simmering and building. Ada asks Laura if she is going to use those "dirty" words again. Of course Laura tells her she definitely will. Laura kisses her more aggressively and Ada just looks at her in love and wonder. Finally, Laura tells Ada she is "so dirty" and they need to take a shower to get clean. Ada is her usual cute scandalized self and a little flustered. I love that you have given us this gentle soul who so easily gets flustered. Laura knows how to keep Ada moving forward [Laura took Ada into her arms, finding her pliant and willing, kissing her again, raising her hands to Ada's breasts, fondling them aggressively through her blouse and bra. "I can," she whispered. "I want you. I want this luscious body."] I think Sara has a lot of the same personal qualities but is so open and accepting of her sexuality that she would just go with Laura and easily accept her directions. I love how you have made all these women so distinct and individualized.

Laura starts to disrobe Ada while kissing her but Ada tells Laura to take her clothes off and get into the shower and she will meet her there. Laura does and gets the water going and get the temperature just right. It is cute when Laura notices a Jacuzzi while getting in the shower and beats herself up again over Dee Dee. Laura's guilt is beating her up a little. Ada soon joins her and they get into the shower. I noticed this time Laura didn't have to wait for Ada to come to her. In Tucson Laura waited so long for Ada to join her in the shower she started to wonder if Ada had backed out of joining her. I think this shows that Ada is slowly getting more comfortable with her awakening desires. I love how you show their initial coming together [Laura's knees grew suddenly weak as she realized what pleasure was in store. The warm water from the shower immediately poured over their naked bodies, making them shiny and wet. Laura pulled Ada's voluptuous, glistening body to hers and sucked the water off her neck, pushing her wet breasts into Ada's, feeling Ada's soft, puffy nipples rubbing against her taut coral buds, excited both from the water and the from the swelling sexual desire she was feeling.] Again you show that tenderness has its own heat. I love how you always have your women talking to each other, telling each other how much they love each other and find each other so beautiful. You show love and heat while others only show boring repetitive sex. Also, you use the little details to paint such vivid pictures that the reader can't help but get all wet and hot.

Now you again show your ability to capture real life. Once a sex act is commenced with other author's they seem to only focus on that. They quickly stop all foreplay and all the other little things lesbian lovers do to each other while doing the "main act". Laura doesn't just go for Ada's cunt like all other writers would have them do now that they are in the shower. Laura now kisses and breathes in Ada's ear and digs her fingers into Ada's goddess like ass. Then you have Ada moaning out that she needs to kiss Laura. It is imperative and Laura moans back that she wants to kiss her forever. This is true heat. I like how you often point out that often sex with your lover can seem so fresh, hot even, though you have made love to her in the past many times with great heat. Laura always basks in the here and now and thus gets the most possible sensual pleasure out of her current lover. I so dearly love this aspect of Laura.

You now have a hot detail that really makes me hot. Mussed up hair. I love to see a woman's hair all disheveled and wild. This Laura proceeds to due to Ada's and her neat business coif. She takes the pins out of her swept up hair and lets Ada's hair fall around her face and shoulders and it starts to bead up with water. This is just so fucking hot for me. I can just see it. What kills me is that little detail of Laura throwing the pins over the shower door. That is priceless!!!! I Love It. Laura then starts kissing Ada's breasts. Again here you are kissing the valley between them and licking off the water. Other authors always go straight for the nipples. You so often take your time and then you describe Ada's breasts so lovingly [dropping her face between Ada's large, pendulous breasts, these full, jutting, beautifully-sculpted masterpieces of flesh that she knew no one could have ever appreciated as much as she did.] Laura speaks for me.

Laura now prepares to feast on Ada's divine breasts. Here again you show your superior skills. Not only do you actually describe her breasts in great physical detail you use descriptors that just make the mouth water to consume them. Words like "bulging, bursting and swollen." When other authors don't use words like this, it sounds like they are in an anatomy class when talking about their creation's breast. Of course, other authors almost never let the reader really know what a woman's breasts look like. They just say they had "young and pert" breasts. I have grown tired of that description let me tell you. Now Laura gives herself nirvana [Laura didn't make her wait. She quickly took one wet black plum deep into her mouth, sucking the water from it and swallowing eagerly, pulling on Ada's plump nipple so sharply that she could hear a tiny cawing gurgle rise up in Ada's throat, even over the noise of the shower water.] I can just feel and taste this wonderful treat from the gods in my loving mouth as I love maul it. My pussy is really spasming here. I love that detail of pulling on the nipple while it is deep in your mouth. I know the pleasure that is pulsing through Ada's nipple right now. Burning arrows of pure pleasure through her flesh and to her pussy.

Ada starts clawing Laura's shoulders in helpless abandon. I love how you show us these little things that show the pleasure that is coursing through these women's bodies. Ada starts to fear she will fall. Laura is affecting her sense of balance. I love how Laura pushes her more firmly against the shower stall. What is so neat is we get to compare this current shower scene with the two previous ones. I so dearly love the history of this story. This makes it seem so real life. I love how Laura as she is reassuring Ada is constantly kissing her upper body and face and then driving her tongue deep into Ada's warm receptive mouth. I really love this little detail ["Oh!" she gasped, half-giggling, clutching Laura's wet, slippery flesh awkwardly, but craning her neck, giving Laura every access to this beautiful part of her body. "Oh! Oh . . . Laura!"] I love to have my neck kissed, sucked and given hickies. I will become your complete slut for this. Another beautiful detail of kissing underneath Ada's collarbones. I am simply agog over your ability to bring in details that I or the other authors just would never think of.

You now give us another dose of intense breast worship [She held Ada's large, wet breast in both hands and devoured Ada's nipple like a starving woman, kneading the firm globe with her wet fingers, watching the rivulets run down the shimmering wet black skin, then pulling on the soft pulpy bulb of Ada's nipple until it grew thick and hard between her lips. She could almost feel it pulsing and throbbing.] This would drive any woman insane with need. I love this next part where you describe Ada's body slumping with need. Her body is being overwhelmed. You are able to so lovingly describe Ada's goddess voluptuous body. She is a big beautiful woman. Laura is filled with superhuman strength. You then describe how Laura pins Ada's body against the wall to devour her upper body. What simply makes me agog is how you are able to describe this and make it so damn special. If I had tried it, it would have sounded like an engineering paper. Others like me would never have thought of it. I so love your use of the English language [She found that by squatting and bending slightly in a tensile crouch, she could hold both of her arms under Ada's armpits to keep her from slouching, then pepper Ada's delicious, jutting, water-dripping breasts with kisses and sucks that soon had her gasping

and half-squealing, writhing, trembling so sharply that Laura's was convinced she might actually come.] Sigh, sheer perfection.

Laura quickly finds that the dynamics are different this time and she can't support Ada's slumping body. She slowly lets Ada slide down to the floor and gets Ada to spread her legs enough in the small quarters to not cramp up. She love assaults Ada [Curled up between Ada's yawning thighs, Laura got two fingers up into her meaty wet cunt, scissoring the large pulpy grape of Ada's clit between them, rubbing her pussy sharply while again slurping and sucking her bulging wet black nipples. Ada went wild.] I love to do that to a woman's clit, scissoring it and pressing in on it from the sides and slightly beneath it with my fingers if the cunt is nice and meaty. This really makes it pop out of its hood. A tasty treat to be devoured. It made me smile when Laura is elated when she starts to produce that nasal whine of Ada. Laura might cringe but she knows that Ada is approaching nirvana when she hears it ["Auunngghmmnngghhh! Anngghaaiiiii!" her voice keened up, a piercing whine loud enough to shatter the glass of the shower stall, Laura was sure.] Part of me wants to hear her voice and part of me doesn't. It must be

something to behold.

Laura is sucking her nipples hard and finger fucking her hard. I nearly swooned when Laura kisses Ada and swallows her moans of exctacy. I love doing that. You bring us to the beginning of the end with a myriad of details that make your sex so fucking hot, rad and real [The hot water and steam were intense, spraying them, drenching them, relentless, but both of them, though slumped and curled together at the bottom of the cramped shower stall, were flexing and gasping and clutching each other desperately as Ada hurtled forward to her inevitable climax. Laura dropped her mouth again to Ada's wet nipples, licking the rivulets of water from her large round breasts, and Ada began to churn her hips awkwardly up into Laura's thrusting hand.] Only you are able to really capture in words the act of making love. No other author comes close. I have really come to be in awe of your skills. Thank goodness I discovered you. I would never have known that I was missing the Hera of lesbian erotica (probably all).

Before proceeding with the sex, that was a wonderful detail of their bodies squeaking over the tiles as they squirm with pleasure and need. Wow, what a wonderful detail. Your ability to capture these details really amazes me. Laura continues her love assault and starts to drive Ada to great vocalizations of divine pleasure while clutching Laura ["Auunngghmmnngghhh!" Ada wailed again, this time gyrating the lower part of her body more forcibly, her nails biting into Laura's shoulders, her face torn in a grimace of intense pleasure and striving.] Now Laura does another one of her deep throat nipple devouring. I love how you describe this nipple worshipping so aggressively. It makes me wet. To finish Ada off she gently but forcefully nips Ada's areola. Oh geez, you kill my pussy with the way you are able to capture that first moment of a killing orgasm hitting a woman and then describing how you strive to increase your partner's pleasure [A sharp tremor shook Ada's flesh, and, looking up, Laura saw her eyes go suddenly glassy and her head fall back. At the same instant she felt Ada's hips twitch forward and up, then felt her pelvis quiver spastically. Laura sucked Ada's thick, rubbery wet nipple even harder, pumping even faster with her hand, thrusting her fingers up into Ada's buttery, clenching channel. Then she felt the dam burst.] This is fucking beautiful.

You then have four paragraphs of Ada coming in extreme screams of rapture and then the always beautiful coming down and slow fade away of aftershocks. Cute detail how Laura helps Ada to stretch out to avoid cramping in the small stall. Love all the details that you lavish on the end of the shower scene and how the water is pouring over them and their matted hair. More real life that allows the reader to really bond with this story. Now Ada suggests that they move to the bed because she is getting "stiff". This makes Ada "blush". I loved the use of the "blush" throughout this chapter. I like it when Ada calls Laura her " wet white rat". They start some foreplay with Ada playing with Laura's little doves but they quickly start to get chilled and move into the bedroom. While drying up they can't refuse ["I love feeling my wet body against yours," Laura whispered into her silky black cheek.] Laura is a woman after my own heart.

You really surprised me here. You have the imagination to stop the sex in Ada's apartment here. Ada reciprocates but we only get this told to us. This is so masterful. I have never read a story that will stop the flow like this to only continue in another setting. I sure wouldn't have thought of it. Now we immediately segue into Laura's bed in her hotel room later that week. We see that Laura has come to cherish her seductions of Ada. She realizes that she must do this every time but realizes now that she will be successful from now on. I think secretly that Ada loves it too. Now Laura's women's intuition comes into play. Somehow she senses that Ada may have another lover or potential one. Laura uses the post coital time while Ada is relaxed and basking in the afterglow to pump her for information.

Ada as her usual self tries to deflect Laura's questions. Laura persists and gently kisses and strokes Ada, comforting her and giving her the courage to confess. I admit I had to squeal when Ada ["Actually . . ." she said in a soft, distant voice, very unusual for Ada, whose normal voice could cut through marble, "there is someone . . . this woman I met at work who . . . I think she . . . oh, I don't know."]. Yes!!! With much fist pumping. I really think Ada with such a gentle nature needs another woman to worship and treat her like the wonderful person she is. Ada is not sure of this woman's feelings but I am sure that this is her innocence talking. This women must be dying for Ada, waiting and praying for Ada to respond to her overtures. I am so happy that Laura has no jealousy in this and instead is doing all in her power to get Ada to accept this good fortune and follow her heart in the matter ["Repeat after me," Laura teased her solemnly. "This woman wants to fuck me. She wants to lick my beautiful black pussy and suck on my big beautiful clit. She wants to suck on my nipples and give me nipple orgasms, like Laura does. In fact, she wants to do all those things to me that Laura does. I think I might like it. I think I might like having her eat my pussy. Go on, now. Say it."] I am almost giddy over this development.

Now Laura goes to her suitcase and gets her strap-on and hides it behind her back and returns back to the bed. I had totally forgotten about it. This is just so masterful the way you weave your stories. I had just figured that the strap-on was not going to be used this time. My engine is starting to rev up. When Laura reveals it, Ada is totally shocked. She exclaims that it won't be used on her. Laura shocks her even further when she informs Ada that she wants Ada to plunge it deep into her own cunt. Ada is so innocent that she didn't know such things existed. It is high time she learns. Ada is her usual conflicted self. Her initial slow smile tells me that her soul deep reaction is "I want to do this" and then all her conditioning and societal brainwashing take over. Laura must work to overcome these artificial barriers. Ada's accelerated breathing gives her away also. Laura now talks to her and starts to rub the head of the dildo around her stiffening nipples. I have done that and that is a totally fucking hot visual. Laura goes for the "coup de gras" ["You know you want to," Laura murmured, very softly. "Remember when you did it to me . . . back in San Francisco? When you fucked me? God, Ada, I've dreamed of it ever since. I loved it. I came so hard. I loved it when you fucked me." Now she ran the dildo up and down gently in the deep valley between Ada's large, out-thrusting breasts. "I want you to fuck me again. Can you do that . . . just for me? Please?"] Laura is only telling her the truth and her own true desires. I think Laura is very wise and coy to end with "please". With Ada's gentle giving nature she almost has to give in to the gentle plea from Laura. This is the straw that breaks her resistance.

I think Ada has decided to give in but she still tries to resist. She starts to say that this is against her upbringing but Laura stops this incorrect reasoning with ["Goes against what?" Laura replied softly, now kissing her shoulders, her earlobes. "You want to give me pleasure, don't you?"] Focus on what your heart desires not what society and its fucking rules say. The world just needs to but out and let us have peace. I love how you show Ada's fascination with the strap-on [Ada's eyes had left Laura's and were traveling every inch of the dildo. "It's so . . . long." She ran her fingertip over the ridges. "These little things must feel . . ." "Incredible," Laura supplied the word.] Ada now inquires about how the strap-on is worn. Laura starts to work it up her legs and Ada tries to deflect her by asking her to go first but Laura is on a mission [Acting almost as if she didn't hear her, Laura kept on pulling the harness up, across Ada's large, beautiful, smooth black thighs. Ada's hand, still on Laura's wrist, rode up with it. In the back of her mind Laura was wondering if Ada wanted her, Laura, to try on the strap-on because she really wanted to be the first to be screwed with it. But she knew that couldn't be true. Instead, she was just trying to prevent this, the fait accompli, the dildo in place, jutting out from her own groin, and ready to ram.] I love how Laura does what is necessary in the gentlest way possible to get these angels to do what their souls truly desire. Laura and I know that deep down that Ada longs to bury her artificial cock deep into Laura's tight channel and ram it home deep and hard. Ada only needs to be shown how to let go. To listen to her heart and desires.

Laura is wise to bend and kiss Ada sensually. She needs to keep the fires burning brightly. She needs to make sure that she keeps Ada from falling under the spell of her brainwashing. She needs to shed these shackles and embrace her lesbian true self. She also needs to learn that her body was designed to give her pleasure and to not be afraid or revolted by this. Listen to herself and not others. They joke about Ada's father dying if he could see his little girl now. They kiss again and in Ada's clutching, Laura feels the truth. Ada's body is literally tense with need. She is dying to bury her cock in Laura's sopping wet cunt. I like how Laura makes a love nest of pillows for Ada and then rolls Ada onto her back on her love nest. She then gets ready to rid Ada cowgirl style ["Just lie back . . . like this . . ." she coached, straddling Ada's thighs as Ada leaned back into the mound of pillows. "Now . . .hold onto it a little bit, like I'm doing." Laura grasped the dildo with her fingers and watched while Ada did the same. In a fluid motion, Laura lifted her crotch over the upstanding dildo and carefully, after rubbing the thick head a few times between her puckering labia, lowered her pussy onto it.] I love doing that when I'm in this position. Running the head of the cock up and down my slit before I impale myself on it. I love doing it and I know by lovers love seeing it.

I love how Laura impales herself until Ada has to move her guiding fingers because Laura's groin is mating with Ada's. I love that maximum penetration. I often just shake with helpless desire and lust. Laura captures this totally [Laura was completely impaled on the rod, and the sensations were stark and intense. She froze and clenched her teeth, throwing her head back, keening deep in her throat.] Ada true to her nature fears she is hurting Laura. Silly girl, she's driving Laura mad with pleasure is what she is doing. I think is so cool how Laura has to fight from screaming in joy and exctacy. I then love how you always talk of the deep penetration and how Laura's cunt is running with juices. I love fucking from this position. This way I can watch my cock plunging up my lover's cunt. I can then watch as their cream builds up on my cock as it slides up and down and then pool and runoff onto my crotch and thighs and then build up again. I love girls who cream heavily.

Even though Laura is the one being fucked here you never forget the other party. So often the writers of other erotica only focus on the woman being fucked. It is like they can only focus on the one receiving. You on the other hand lovingly describe the woman doing the fucking [It was a heavenly moment. Laura was not too far gone yet in her sexual mania to fail to enjoy the vision of Ada, propped up on the pillows, her voluptuous black body sleek and smooth against the white sheets, her large, firm breasts swirling as she reacted to Laura's gyrations, her dark eyes pulsing with sexual excitement, her face scrutinizing Laura's as if to absorb through her gaze the acutely intense pleasure Laura was obviously feeling. Earlier she had raised her hands to Laura's naked, bobbing breasts, but now she had dropped them again, holding Laura's thighs with her fingers, now even churning her own hips, sliding the dildo deep up into Laura in response to Laura's undulations.] Other authors seem to forget that making love involves two people and is a give and give proposition. I never tire of when you explain of a woman's breasts swirling on her chest as her body makes love. Then you give the wonderful detail of Ada focusing on Laura face to see her pleasure. This is such a great pleasure in and of itself.

Ada works to increase pleasure and tweaks Laura's nipples. Laura starts to talk to Ada of her fucking Laura. Ada never really can get into the dirty talk back at Laura but she moans her replies letting Laura know that she is getting swept up into this emotional fucking. They fall into a sensual rhythm of deep soul fucking. They fuck slow and deep with much communicating of souls through their eye contact. Even thoughts of Sara are quickly pushed away by Laura. This is her time with Ada and Sara has no part of this beautiful moment. My pussy is flooding reading of this slow deep fuck [Laura rose up on the pole, then slid down slowly on it again, feeling it probe and penetrate her so deeply it felt like it was riding fully up the length of her body, the bulbous head of it tickling the bottoms of her lungs. She began to quiver and whinny softly each time it became buried to the maximum in her body, feeling all her swollen nerves flutter with sexual fire, feeling Ada's slim black fingers on her nipples even more sharply than before.] One thing about cowgirl is it does allow you to really impale yourself all the way. I often go nuts and buck myself to a bouncing screaming orgasm. Laura has a little more control during this deep romantic fuck. This type of fucking is too sensual for a wild bronco ride to orgasm. Love that little detail of Laura feeling the dildo "tickling" her lungs. That was a blast to read. I will have to remember that for future use in a hot moment.

I love how Ada has fallen into a spell of fucking. She is deep into a love trance. She just gazes at Laura with love and lust as Laura rides Ada's cock deep into her tight cunt and then rises again for another cycle of heaven. Laura is doing most of the work and is doing what I love to do when I'm not going for the finish line [while Laura did most of the work, pumping and swirling her hips slowly, biting her lower lip as the dildo slid up deep into her pussy, then whinnying softly as she flexed her thighs and rose again on it, feeling the thick head nearly escape from her clinging cunt lips before she began another slow descent.] Love feeling that bulbous head at the edge my cunt before I ram it back home deep into my clenching cunt. Slowly this fuck is working its magic on Ada. She can't help but getting excited watching that ridged dildo sawing in and out of Laura's cunt. I bet those cunt lips are clinging to the cock on the way out. Of yeah, I can see that in my mind. Ada feeling Laura's warm buttery cunt nectars when she holds the cock for Laura as Laura rides it.

I like how you describe the changing dynamic of this fuck. It is time for the sensual to be left behind for more forceful fucking. Laura desire and needs for Ada to fuck her hard and deep. This can so easily happen. The emotions that a deep soul fuck can produce can almost force a change of tempo or technique. Laura needs for Ada to do her hard, for Laura to achieve maximum pleasure. Ada is still at the point that Laura must still guide her in this new direction. Laura starts to plead with Ada to fuck her hard. I know that Ada wants too, but she is still having a hard time leaving society's burdens and restrictions behind. Laura increase her own need by [Laura reached up to Ada's head and pulled her hair loose, mussing it more urgently than playfully with the fingers of both hands. "I love it when you look all disheveled and naked and sexy," Laura breathed. "It makes me want you to fuck me."] Seeing a woman like this when I'm making love to her or vise versa makes me almost wild with need and desire.

Since Ada is slow to respond to Laura's needs Laura takes matters into her own hands [In a very smooth maneuver, considering how sexually overwrought she already was by this point, Laura lifted herself completely off the dildo and lay down on her side, turning her body so that her back was to Ada, and her ass directly adjacent to the strap-on. It was wet with her warm cunt juices, and the sticky fluids smeared the taut skin of her buns as she maneuvered her body into position in front of Ada.] I nearly swooned when I read this. I love spoon. Plus, I love how you show how your women change from one position to another. Other authors just say they changed form cowgirl to spoon. How extremely boring for the reader. They need to do what you always do. Give the reader the sweet details. Then you nearly drive me crazy by detailing the strap-on all wet with Laura's juices and how these juices smear along Laura's ass as she guides her ass and dildo into position for Ada. This is just so fucking hot and I have to thank you so much for this. My panties are a swimming mess right now and I LOVE IT.

Now you kill my pussy with [Ada seemed momentarily paralyzed, but she quickly came back to life as Laura spread her own thighs and, reaching behind for the wet dildo, slid it back up into her pussy again from the rear, pushing her ass back into Ada's groin at the same time. Ada moved closer, rolling off the pillows now, and Laura could feel her large, firm breasts pushing into her naked back, even feel Ada's moist, warm breath on her bare shoulders.] I love how Ada comes to life as Laura reaches behind herself and guides the dildo up into her waiting pussy. Two things I love about spoon is the straight path the cock can take up my vagina and the way my lover can press her sweet flesh to my body. This adds so much to my pleasure feeling her hot sweaty body clasping mine while she works her hips to plunge her dildo deep up into me. You know me; I want it hard and balls deep. Love that detail of Ada's hot breath in Laura's ear and on her shoulders. This is something else that drives me wild with need. Especially if they are whispering how they are going to fuck me to paradise. How they are going to take my body and fuck me hard.

Love the fact that I get multiple paragraphs of this sweet intense fucking. Now we have the details of Ada's thighs rubbing along the back of Laura's and Laura feeling Ada's excited puffy nipples rubbing along her back. I love this total immersion of the sense of feel. I always want to feel as much of my lover as the position will allow. Now Ada is starting to let go of her inhibitions and is starting to fuck Laura with more abandon and desire [Ada was panting too, gasping a little as she looped her free arm around Laura's body from the rear, clasping Laura more tightly against her, thrusting harder now, dropping her hand to Laura's breasts and squeezing them, squeezing them harder now too.] More of the sweet details that only you give us [The convex ridges on the shaft rippled across the wet, sensitive flesh of Laura's pussy, making her quiver and buck as Ada relentlessly kept up the pace, plunging it up into Laura's body, now even sucking and biting the strip of flesh between Laura's neck and shoulder as she too became fiercely aroused by Laura's frantic squirming and whimpering. Laura was delirious, panting and writhing, groaning each time the long rod split her pussy and jabbed deeply up into her. She shuddered, briefly alarming Ada, who froze momentarily.] With your unique use

of detail we are able to fully understand why Laura's body is being overcome with sensations that are making her frantic. We get to see Ada becoming more and

more excited herself and willing to let go of all of Daddy's fucked up teachings. Then you have the wonderful details of Laura's cunt being split open with the dildo.

Describing those ridges rubbing along Laura's inner sleeve. I love that word picture of Ada biting the strip of flesh and muscle between Laura's neck and shoulder. I love to have this love mauled and savored when I'm fucked with a strap-on.

Ada true to her gentle soul once more worries of being to rough but Laura quickly dispels that myth ["Oh god, yes, Ada . . . fuck me!" Laura gasped in a sharp, guttural plea, swirling her ass back into Ada's groin. "Fuck me harder . . . harder . . . yes!"] Finally, Ada is letting go all her inhibitions and is delivering a good hard fuck like a woman with her voluptuous body is capable of [She was piercing Laura's hungry pussy with each powerful thrust, holding the dildo in place with one hand, then unleashing one fierce plunging jab after another into Laura's body.] This is would be putting me into heaven right now. I love being fucked period, but women like Maria or Dodie who are the big boned voluptuous kind of women who are just able to generate such power when they ram their hard cocks up into my clenching channel. I do so love to be fucked hard. Joann can deliver a vicious fuck with her five-foot frame but still you can't find a perfect substitute for sheer mass and energy. You now describe that first feathery moment when you can feel the first touch of a killing orgasm approaching. Again you are the only author to really describe this. Some hint at it, but most just say they came hard from the fucking. No build or telling of its coming except that it is coming like a "freight train". You give the details of this wonderful limbo between straining for release and the orgasms arrival.

When I am having strap-on sex and going for rough I always hope for that perfect timing on my lovers part. That they can sense that moment when I'm straining, on the precipice of coming. That is when they do what Ada does to Laura right now ["Oh . . . Laura!" Ada panted and chuffed, gripping Laura's body hard with her arm, mashing her large breasts into Laura's back, grunting softly herself as she up-jabbed the cock into Laura's flaming slit, a strong, plunging penetration that made Laura see stars briefly. "Yes! Ungghh! Yes! Awoonggggg! Oh shit! Oh Jesus! Ungghhh!"] This is right up there with me for one of the supreme sex acts. To have my cunt split wide open with a killing stroke right when I'm almost there straining for release. This just kills me and I'm sure has me screaming like would do Ada proud. To really finish me off, I want my lover to grab my hair and yank it and my head back hard in time with my spasms. There have been a few times where I was sure my pussy was going to tear itself apart I was coming so hard. Sigh! Yours is the only erotica that can produce these feelings of remembered bliss so well within me.

You now detail how this orgasm is not the shocking fist punch kind of orgasm that just hits and rocks you. It is the fiery rolling wave kind of orgasm that just envelops one's body with fiery waves of intense bliss. I love the tenderness that Ada shows here as Laura starts to come down from her orgasmic high [She shuddered, perhaps more deeply and for longer periods than she had ever done with Ada, her whole body stretching and quaking interminably as each wave poured through her throbbing flesh. By now Ada had stopped thrusting and was just holding Laura, still pressing Laura tightly against her body, holding one of Laura's small breasts in her hand and squeezing it gently as Laura came.] That is so true to life. I am telling you that no other author does this period. Like I have said in the past, I have come to find this a little weird. Laura has another paragraph of intense coming. Feeling Ada's breath, her pillowy breasts pressing into her back, the dildo deep in her love aching cunt all prolong her bliss. Sigh. This is so fucking real life I can't believe it. Again, thank you; thank you for giving us these details.

Finally the orgasm fades away and we have a little humorous moment when Ada awkwardly removes the strap-on. This is a skill I hope she quickly develops with the hope for new female lover. Hopefully, this woman is open minded like Laura and will know how to show Ada all the pleasures that a woman's body can provide. We then have a little humor when Ada freaks a little over the cunt juice on the dildo when she touches it. Geez, that is something I hope she gets over real quick. Lesbians are supposed to love all properties of cunt cream. I like how Laura feels as if she is looking at Ada for the first time. It is almost magical they way you describe Laura gazing upon Ada here [Laura's eyes seemed to lick Ada's dark, gleaming, chocolate skin, and burrow into the shadowy places: behind her knees, for example, or under her large breasts, or the dark vee of her crotch. Ada saw her looking.] The mysteries of Ada. Ada is again humorous when she twitters over the lechery painted on Laura's face. I love how Laura starts to stoke the fires again [She coaxed Ada down with her so that they were lying on their sides, face to face. Now Laura could caress her, and she wasted no time, running her fingers over Ada's shiny black shoulder, bending her head forward and kissing the smooth upper slopes of her breasts.] Ada is totally blown away by Laura and her own stamina when it comes to sex with Laura. Ada still has to learn it seems that this is one of the benefits of lesbianism. We women just have more staying power when it comes to sex. Nature has blessed us and hopefully, soon, Ada will embrace this.

Ada confesses to Laura that instead of strap-on sex she craves a little trib action. Laura is only too happy to comply but only if she is allowed to have some cunt candy first. Love the way Laura thinks. Ada is already primed from her fucking of Laura and asks her not to make her pop. I always love it when your women communicate with each other and tell each other their wants and desires. Laura gets between Ada's thighs and prepares for the most special of delicacies ["Ohhhhh . . . Laura!" Ada sighed, rolling onto her back and spreading her thighs, unable to prevent a strong moan of pleasuregiving scary hints of her airhorn tendenciesfrom escaping as Laura went lovingly to work on her gaping wet cunt.] That voice must really be something. I never get tired of your descriptions of a love swollen pussy. It just makes me long to bury my face in it and make oral love to it for hours and hours. You now make me fall in love with Ada's pussy even deeper with yet another loving description of her quim [It was a beauty, and Laura had been feasting on it for days, whenever she got the chance. Ada's pussy was thick and meaty, almost fat, the lips plump and black and shiny, the interior a glistening juice-pit of wet pink flesh, very tangy to the tongue. In Laura's experience, only Randi had a larger clit than Ada's, a large pinkish-white marble at the top of her thick-lipped slit which Laura attacked passionately with her lips and tongue, lashing and sucking it so hard that Ada was soon cawing and churning, her pelvis bucking off the mattress.] I am really finding this lack of details in other authors to be a distraction. I still read it, but I sure wish they would describe their women in more detail. It would make my hunger increase exponentially. Love how you detail Laura love lashing Ada's clit and the resulting pelvis bucking. Love my lover's pussy rocking into my mouth.

Soon Ada is begging her to stop worshiping her pussy and proceed with the trib. Ada is nearly ready to pop already. I love this position so much in trib, I love being able to grind down on my lover ["Mmmm . . . are you going to come?" Laura half-teased in a very sultry, sexy voice, now sliding up Ada's body and sitting up at the same time, slipping one leg under one of Ada's. "Are you going to come, baby? Is Laura going to make you come by fucking your pussy with her pussy?"] More of that communication between lovers. Here Laura is stroking the fires deep in Ada's belly. Laura slowly brings their cunts together and soon Ada is begging for firmer contact ["Oh, yes! Unhhhh!" Ada's eyes rolled up. She let out one of her keening, curdling whines. "Awwwooiieennnnn!"] Laura like myself loves to make her lovers whine in uncontrollable passion and need.

They fall in to a rocking rhythm and Laura enjoys all the pleasures this trib brings. Ada is clearly losing it. She is totally blown away by this pleasure. What woman wouldn't love [She enjoyed the gentle, persistent rocking of their hips in synchronized motion together as they felt the wet, slippery flesh of their pussies sliding up and down, felt their clits periodically collide, rubbing together, giving each of them a little added jolt of pleasure.] Love how Laura guides their clits together to give themselves that extra jolt of exctacy. Again you are the only author to have their women do more than just the current main sex act [Laura leaned slightly forward and placed her hands on each of Ada's large breasts, not squeezing them hard, just holding them in her hands as she stared directly into Ada's smoldering eyes and began to pump her harder. Oh god, when she comes, they're going to send the fire department, she thought.] It is this additional loving that truly makes sex incendiary.

They had been grinding incessantly nearing orgasm but you do what skilled lovers do when the mood strikes and back off from the divine moment. Laura wants to prolong pleasure for them both. This will make the final conflagration only that more intense. Laura slows the rhythm and kisses Ada's slack mouth and caresses her tits. Still giving pleasure like a good lesbian. I find it cute how Laura is getting the pillow ready to drown the worst of Ada's bullhorn screams. I guess I would be worried about security busting down the door to save the woman they thought was being murdered with a weapon instead of pleasure. Love the new rhythm Laura establishes [Instead, Laura modulated into a slow, smoldering motion, moving her hips sensually in a half-circle and staring deep into Ada's glazed black eyes, letting Ada know how much pleasure she was getting out of this. Again she could not keep her hands off Ada's firm, rolling breasts and Ada's thick, gleaming black nipples, and with her fingers she caressed and twisted them while her pelvis slowly swirled. Ada seemed mesmerized, swirling her hips back and up into Laura's motion, occasionally biting her lower lip as the sensations grew more intense, her eyes rolling up, her eyelids fluttering helplessly.] Your descriptions make it so clear that

Ada is in heaven with intense pleasures building in her body and you show the loving ministrations of Laura's hands. Love the deep eye contact between them. This alone can raise the sexual heat five hundred degrees.

They keep this divine rhythm going for a few more minutes but paradise can only last so long and an even greater paradise awaits Ada [She began coming in sharp, crushing spasms, her body undulating beneath Laura in violent waves. Fortunately, her climax was powerful enough initially to deprive her of breath, and only seconds later did a deafening wail begin to pour forth from her lungs. By this time Laura was covering Ada's mouth with her own, kissing her, trying not to bump teeth with her, but almost swallowing and inhaling Ada's moans into her own body, finally pulling the pillow closer and gently turning Ada's face into it as the worst passed. "Awwwooieengggghmmmnnnggiiieee!" Ada moaned, her hips bucking now, shuddering above the mattress, then falling back as Laura kept churning. "Oh . . . god! Aunnngghmnngghiiie!"] I love kissing my lover when she is about to start screaming out her rapture. I love that swallowing of sounds of exctacy. This alone can make me come if I'm near the precipice myself. True detail of not trying to knock teeth and really bruise lips in this frantic mashing and swallowing of mouths. Love how Laura keeps her cunt churning into Ada's while Ada is coming, prolonging her pleasure as long as possible.

As soon as Ada regains her wits she pleads for Laura to come too. Doesn't matter that Laura came earlier that night, Ada wants, no needs to reciprocate. I think this so perfectly captures one of the main essences of lesbian love. We long and need to give our partners pleasure and love, not just receive it. You capture with these next two paragraphs the hot sex we can achieve and the deep soul connection that comes so easily for us [It was an easy matter for Laura to slip back down and press her own gooey quim into Ada's again. Their two hot, very wet vaginas sloshed and slid together, both overflowing, both throbbing and pulsing as they resumed the rhythm, starting slowly again but quickly accelerating as Laura began to feel the swelling bubble of fire expand throughout her own body. She was still half-sitting, leaning forward, with Ada on her back, reaching up and holding Laura's breasts, her eyes gazing deep into Laura's, renewing a deep intimate connection that had begun long ago. Neither of them said a thing as Laura began to pant and grow more and more feverish. Ada was solemn, serious, adoring Laura with her eyes and swirling her hips up into Laura's increasingly frantic thrusts.] Love that description of two overflowing pussies. Two excited pussies pumping out lubrication and thus making a divine lubricated mess to rub together. I can just hear those wet cunts grinding together. You again show that connection and communication that the eyes can give. The eyes are truly the portals to the soul and you show your lover your total commitment to her pleasure though them. Then I love how you so clearly show Ada's seriousness here. She is determined to the depths of her soul to reciprocate the pleasure Laura has just bestowed upon her.

Ada tells Laura she wants to look into her eyes when she comes and then waxes sexually poetic [Ada smiled. "Good. I can feel your pussy . . . I can feel every wet wonderful inch of your pussy on mine, Laura."] Ada I think is slowly learning to listen to her sensual inner being. Laura pleads out her primal need to Ada ["Now . . . fuck me," Laura looked up at her, eyes pleading, commanding, begging, beseeching. "Fuck me fast . . .fuck me hard . . . Ada. Please!"] Never get enough of that communicating. Laura smoothly [She pulled Ada upward and fell onto her own back in the same fluid motion, bringing Ada to a sitting position, their crotches still locked together. From the look on her face, Ada barely knew what was happening until she suddenly found herself on top, and Laura on her back.] I always love how you take the time to show how they change positions. This again is something that other authors just don't do. A little chuckle but true to Ada's nature that she is momentarily befuddled when she finds herself in the aggressor position but she is quickly learning to go with the flow. She quickly gets into the fuck rhythm. Love the visual detail of Ada's large breasts swirling with her grinding.

As Laura reaches the pinnacle she pleads for one of Ada's bursting plums in her mouth. Ada complies just as a rupturing orgasm strikes Laura ["UnnngghhuungghhhUNNGHHH!" she cried out, feeling Ada's wet nipple slip out of her mouth, her body suddenly slammed by a huge fist of orgasmic shock.] Love how you show that this orgasm is totally different in quality than her pervious orgasm, though just as divine. This one pummels Laura with waves of orgasmic bliss [It was so different from her earlier orgasm that she was completely stunned by it, hammered and shattered, her breath knocked from her lungs after the first groan. Gasping for breath, she stiffened and quivered violently for a full ten seconds, her body seized by fierce pleasure, her mind obliterated by this white-hot ecstasy. Ada stopped moving, almost paralyzed by the spectacle of Laura's climax.] Cute how Ada is always overwhelmed by the spectacle of Laura's crushing orgasms.

They get a little emotional with their coming parting. They know it will be some time before they cross paths again. Now Laura starts to fret some over Sara. She has been late in calling a few nights and skipped one night because of her frantic fucking of Ada. I can fully understand her need for Ada, but I would have found time to call Sara on time. I wouldn't have the courage to face her otherwise. I sense that Sara is capable of blowing like a volcano. Ada finally arises to leave; she must prepare to leave for a trip in the morning. Reality is forcing this sweet reunion to end. I love how Laura presses Ada to let this other woman pursue and capture her. She is giving Ada the courage to let this seduction happen. She is giving Ada the strength to listen to her heart and to embrace the pleasure that is longing to take her. This other woman will need to give Laura a very big thank you someday. I will be very disappointed, sad and mad at Ada if she doesn't have the courage to pursue this. She needs to listen to her sexual fairy godmother and let destiny run its preordained course. I dearly hope that we are privy to the communications that Ada is agreeing to give Laura on her progress in accepting love and fulfillment. Ada needs to stop hiding herself away in her chaste tower of loneliness and want. She has a goddess's body and should enjoy all the pleasures she was meant to experience. I am so proud of Laura for taking on the responsibility of pushing Ada to accept her destiny. Just goes to show Laura's basic innate goodness.

With Ada gone, Laura once again remembers Sara and panics. It is late again and she calls after calming herself and filling her thoughts with Sara. Sara isn't home even though it is a work night. I can sense Laura's panic. There are many reasons for why Sara is not home that have nothing to do with a calamity for Laura, but Laura's guilt can only focus in on Dee Dee and a possible betrayal. Laura almost becomes sick with dread. I really feel for Laura here. She will get no peace until she sees or talks to Sara again. Only the next chapter will tell us if the blow up she fears is to occur then or will it happen in the future? Love the cliffhanger you have given us.




Chapter 268:


This chapter starts with Laura all worried and in panic mode. She is all worried about what may have happened with Sara. Some may think she shouldn't worry about what she can't change but I totally understand Laura here. I know all about worrying about things. I can make myself absolutely sick worrying about what might be. When things happen at work and between people and me I tend to think the worst. I am getting better but I still have to work at not killing myself with worry. I worry because, though it almost always is nothing, that one in a million will kill you. So I fully understand Laura racing to the phone to see if Sara left a message when she gets home. I have got to know myself. Actually, I was surprised at what Laura discovers. I didn't think it would come so soon or in such a devastating manner. That's how life is. It doesn't care about you and you had better be prepared for it when it comes for you.

This hit me in the gut like I know it did Laura. I just didn't think it would happen so badly. It seems that Dee Dee has indeed spilled the beans. She has gotten drunk or drugged up and she confessed her trysts with Laura. What is especially sad is that part of it is out of spite for Sara. She is envious of all that Sara has and has accomplished, but especially this wonderful love between her and Laura. Dee Dee is beautiful and talented but is wasting it all away and must look on Sara with envy. Dee Dee didn't miss a chance to hurt Sara. I feel for Dee Dee and hope she gets help but she is a very common person I am afraid to say.

Sara's message and the way it is delivered are simply heartbreaking. Those long pauses show the pain that Sara is feeling. One can just feel Sara trying to control the pain she is feeling. I really can't blame Sara from her perspective. Sara was investing a lot of herself into her relationship with Laura. I could tell her telling Laura she "loved her" was a big confession on her part. I noticed it took several chapters to admit this but once she did, she was emphatic with her declarations. From Sara's perspective she has every right to say she doesn't want to see Laura anymore. It is bad enough that Laura is sleeping around on her, but with her sister is the killing blow. What makes it even worse is the fact that Dee Dee is a loser who is on the way down (though I do hope she finds her way one day). Back in college I worked at company that had a guy named Ed. He was a cocks-man and proud of his prowess. A girl got pregnant on him deliberately and he married her because of duty. The girl was stupid. He never struck her but he treated her like dirt. He felt trapped. She got him back though. She slept with his brother and got

caught (probably deliberately). Ed was never the same. It destroyed his relationship with his brother and he never was quite as cocky. Damn Dee Dee's eyes. With Sara's backbone of steel, Laura will have a very hard time getting back into her good graces.

When Laura hangs up she is a total wreck. I know I would be almost throwing up here. I hate emotional turmoil and this is on a Mount Everest level. You are the only author who really shows the down part of relationships. Other stories are always about the highs of relationships and wonderful sex. You are the only author who has the courage to show the bad part of relationships. The jealousies, spite and deliberate hurting of each other. Love is not always pleasant. You allow the reader to share Laura's pain with all her tears raining down her face, pain in her stomach and chest and whimpers of pain. This makes Laura so real. This revealing of her pain and crippled emotional state. This makes Laura human like myself. We get to see that Laura lives in a real world where pain is often present in our life. The positive side to this is the fact Laura will recover and move on like humans do in real life. This makes this story so vital and true to life. We get to see all aspects of life. It will be interesting to see how Laura recovers from this devastating event. She will because she is a strong self-confident woman. She has survived past

pain and become a stronger woman because it.

Laura first must reflect on what has happened. She sits on her sofa and contemplates events. She knows she should have been stronger but who can resist such beauty. Laura is right though that Dee Dee simply couldn't be trusted to keep her mouth shut. Laura has ruined her special relationship with Sara. I did bask in their closeness and Sara's wonderful ways. She wants to talk to Sara but knows she would be rebuffed, plus, at present Laura is still to upset and would only blubber. Laura remarks on a high school guy (ugh!) that was stolen from her and her high school overreacting, but the important thing is she survived. The emotions are truer now and much more powerful, but she will survive. Laura is just now sure how at present. Laura is wise to not dwell on events and just accept she will always love Sara and start trying to accept her current situation.

It is neat how five hours pass for Laura and is not sure where they went. When I am worried time just flows past me. I focus so much on my fears that all else fades into nothingness. Now Laura does what I am slowly learning not to do and that is not obsessing on my problems. Laura tries to figure out how to get back in Sara's good graces. She contemplates strategies and how Sara will react to them. Laura comes to the correct conclusion that the best course of action for now is doing nothing. Laura must let time pass and let the wounds start to heal. Sara may joke all the time but steel is just under the surface and one doesn't want to test it. Anything that Laura does at present will only make things worse. The wound is still too fresh. It will need to heal some before one can attempt to repair the damage. Sara must be like a wounded tiger right now. She will slash and kill anything that comes near her. It is cute watching Laura coming up with all her plans and then rejecting them in despair. The real kicker is the sister angle. This is no Shavon and Vanessa (though that ended badly) or Mavis and Brenda. There we have love between the women where here we already have a very strained relationship. Which I guess is now ruptured. I hope Sara can overcome her animosity and take care of Dee Dee when she really needs it. I hope Dee Dee has not cut her nose off to spit her face. Dee Dee needs Sara to protect her from herself.

I do have some hope though. Sara is a very loving woman and once the pain is past it will be hard for her to keep her thoughts so negative toward Laura. It will be very interesting to see how Laura eventually tries to repair the relationship. I know you will make it seem real to life. What Laura must do at this time is get through the present and let her spirit start to recover and heal. Time makes all things seem better. I have never experienced what Laura is going through but I have seen others go through it and they do think they are going to die at first but they slowly find a way to move on and hopefully grow. One thing I always admire about Laura is that she never dwells on the past. She recovers and moves on. I will have to admit that this a little different. This is the most Laura has been I love. Only her feelings for Dawn and Deshona come close I think. Her feelings for Sara are so much stronger. It will be very interesting to see how Laura moves on from this. I hope for her happiness and continued glorious fucking.

Laura doesn't eat well or sleep and goes into work in a daze. I used to be a lot like that when I was younger when life was treating me like shit. I have learned to control this to a large degree. Now Randi enters the picture and a great big smile came across my face. I was thinking to myself, just what Laura needs, one of her long time angels to cheer her up. Randi is so pleasing to the eye [Randi might not have this effect on everyone, but to Lauraeven in this depressed, abstracted statethe girl was just as vivacious and ravishing as she had been the first time she had seen her. Randi could be a mischievous and coy little twit, but with her sexy long braids swishing around her shoulders and her beautiful face and tall, supple body, which Laura had so thoroughly devoured on many occasions, she was eye-candy and catnip rolled into one.] You capture her physical beauty as well as her personality that makes her both so beguiling and frustrating at the same time.

Randi comes into Laura's office acting coy like her usual self and showing off her great beauty that she knows Laura can't resist and indeed Laura starts to revive. Then the complete bombshell ["It's going to be even longer next time," Randi flirted. "This is my last day. I came to say goodbye."] I was in total shock the first time I read that. This is horrible. This reminds me of a show years back that showed the inner thoughts of a guy. He had three voices played by two guys and a girl. The girl was the romantic. One show he meets a new woman and the girl is literally floating on air and floats off the top of the screen. Then the woman the guy met says something that bursts his illusions and then the girl comes crashing down from the top of the screen and bounces off the floor. That is how I felt. I was devastated just like Laura. But again this mirrors life. Sometimes you can see the bad times coming like Sara and sometimes you don't like this situation.

I can fully understand how Laura goes from such pleasant expectations of debauchery to this horrifying reality. That is horrible, thinking of pressing your flesh with a woman you have known from years and suddenly have her tell you she is leaving tomorrow in essence. This, though, is a truth a about today's society. I have mourned people leaving my life. Friends and lovers both. It is so easy to move around the country. We try to keep in touch but more often than not we drift apart. I feel sadness whenever someone leaves my life but I have tried to be more positive. This moving around brings people into by life also. New angels to lust after and hopefully seduce or be seduced.

Unfortunately, Randi shows her shallow side by playing this up on Laura. She knows Laura would be deeply hurt by this sudden revelation. Of course with Randi, everything is about her, according to her way of thinking. She strikes poses that emphasize her pleasing flesh [Randi looked down at her. To look into her eyes, Laura's gaze had to travel up her body, across her jutting breasts, which was the way she had planned it. Laura loved those breasts. Randi knew it. Her eyes were flickering a message: Don't you wish you could have them again? Don't you wish you could just rip this blouse off?] Randi is a complete bitch for doing Laura this way but it would easy to forgive her knowing that I would have to have her sweet flesh one more time. I would not able to refuse this woman if I knew she was soon to move away. Plus, in Randi's defense she can't know of Laura's situation with Sara and her already weakened state. I like to think she would have shown a lot more compassion if she new the complete situation. Randi may be selfish but she never struck me as outright cruel like Dee Dee is proving to be.

We learn that Randi is moving back home to North Carolina. I like that idea that Laura has women waiting for her in four states now (Michigan, Minnesota, Texas and now North Carolina). One can hope for future visits. I chuckled when Randi vented some on Shontay. She really hates her. I like your stories because one never knows where you will take your plots. One wondered if maybe something would happen between these two. I wonder if this part of the reason for Randi's leaving, her unhappiness with her current boss. It is a hoot to know the full truth when Randi is telling Laura she can now have some of Shontay's ["Maybe when I'm gone you can suck her little Neegro pussy for her and get her to lighten up a little bit, eh?" But then she sneered with contempt. "On second thought, it probably looks and smells like a rotten old prune.] Geez, we women can be so mean sometimes.

This double dose of bad news causes Laura to cry some and almost break out weeping. Of course Randi is totally flattered when she thinks this all for her. She is one conceited person. I find her personality so foreign. I hate to cause anyone pain. Randi now dispenses more insults and starts attacking another perceived rival, the "dwarf" Deshona. I hate this kind of actions in a person but reading them and knowing Randi like I do, I have to smile. Randi is just being Randi. Laura knows how to let her go on and ignore these diatribes and concentrate on Randi's good points. This is something I so admire in Laura and something that I strive for in my own life.

I do love how Randi will not miss Nate at all when she goes back to Charlotte, North Carolina. Nate was just a make time guy. Laura is the one who truly lights her fires. I dearly hope that Randi has learned the truth and finds her plenty of women in North Carolina to make love to. They are there waiting for her. Randi is so damn beguiling with her insults and in her self absorbed ways. She can't refuse taking more shots at Deshona and then making an offer to Laura [Randi continued to smirk and angle her long, curvaceous body in provocative poses for Laura, her hips tilted forward. "Sure you don't want to give me a going away party?"] Randi is moving away and Randi knows she probably won't find another who can take her to heaven and is making sure she gets a divine going away fuck.

Laura is bothered by the fact that she is so easily captured by these women's beauty. It is Dee Dee's beauty that has caused her current problems. I do feel so much for Laura here. She loves Sara so deeply and Sara doesn't realize yet that Laura needs her freedom to fuck all these glorious angels. Hopefully, she can come to some kind of peace with this in the future. I can hope for reconciliation, beautiful seductions and totally hot, awesome, womb quivering sex. Laura and Randi both know she can't resist. Laura can't leave work but makes a date to see Randi after work. Randi demurs wanting to know if Laura will make it special. I perked up immediately. When Randi starts talking like this, I know she is angling for rough sex, which gets me to quivering with anticipation. Laura gives her directions to her new place and Randi leaves Laura's office with this remark [Randi leaned down again, very close, whispering in Laura's ear. "You know, we won't see each other for a very long time after this. I hope it's a very good present."] Yes, Randi wants some rough sex, most definitely.

As soon as Randi leaves Laura's thoughts turn once more to Sara and worrying over her current situation. This is understandable; the wound is still so fresh and has not started to heal yet. Laura starts creating all these scenarios of making the situation worse or how to get Sara back. One can drive oneself insane with all these scenarios. I, myself, when I get like this, seeks out sexual release like Laura is doing with Randi. Sex is such a great tension reliever and for a little while at least one can forget ones problems. If I couldn't find someone in the past I would masturbate myself into a frenzy. Laura is so wise to focus on the beauty and the sexual charms of Randi. Sara will have to be resolved in the future. Accept the gift that Randi is offering in the now. Laura starts to hum some of her song lyrics, which I have come to associate with Laura's great happiness or her great sadness as in this case. Sometimes love can seem so ethereal and fleeting. I find it touching how her thoughts always quickly drift from Randi's lean lines to Sara's more voluptuous body. It is hard to forget a woman when she is so on your mind.

Laura goes over one more bout of what to do about Sara. She has more visions of talking to Sara. I feel that this would be a huge mistake at this time. Sara needs time to let the initial anger and shock dissipate some. Plus, I have always thought that Sara is capable of great rage if she is truly angered and I think this qualifies. My legs would be shaking with out right fear at the prospect of meeting her again. I can't wait to see how Laura gets her back in the fold. I do hope this happens but we will have to wait and see if this is in Laura and Sara's future.

They both arrive at Laura's apartment at close the same time and Laura breaks out in tears again. Laura has taken a lot of emotional abuse in the last twenty-four hours. Randi of course thinks all this emotion is for her, she can' know about Sara. I am smiling reading Randi remarks about remembering how Laura and Kim fucked the hell out of Randi. I always love how Randi mock complains about her abuse when it is so obvious she relishes and craves such treatment. Randi is already baiting Laura about not missing her and proving her adore for Randi. Laura really needs the sweet fuck she and Randi are commencing here ["Oh, but I am," Laura purred, embracing her, running her hands up and down Randi's long body as she kissed her very slowly and thoroughly. Randi kissed back. She slithered her tongue into Laura's mouth, exploring the under-flesh of Laura's lips, then inviting Laura's tongue back into her own mouth, sucking it playfully.] A sweet fuck can so sooth frayed nerves. You show how lovers truly ignite the flame with a gentle flicker that will soon turn into a raging inferno of passion.

Randi is soon swooning and complimenting Laura on her kissing and then accusing Laura of wanting to "stick her hand up her cunt". Got to love Randi's lack of subtly. When Laura acts like she might not want to, Randi IMMEDIATELY backtracks and lets it be known she wants just that and that she wants some BDSM thrown in to. I like Laura's reactions to all these rushed requests ["Whoa, now," Laura stopped her, putting one finger up to Randi's luscious lips. "Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves?"] Randi knows she won't be seeing Laura as much in the future and she needs to get the mind blowing fuck she knows Laura can deliver. I do hope that Randi finds many women to love her in Charlotte, but we all know that Laura is the queen of love. I love Randi's hedonism [Randi smirked. "Yes." She nodded. "You did. Now . . . take me in that bedroom and do something I'll never forget."]

Laura is feeling pain but realizes that some intense fucking with Randi will help her with her pain. Recently, some shit went down at work and I have been getting some hard loving to help take my mind off things and to get over it. I need hard fucking when things are going bad. I need to feel my body signing with orgasmic bliss when life is trying to shit all over me. Randi makes Laura promise to fuck her hard and Laura solemnly gives it. I can't wait! I am constantly amazed how you use the subtle to so accurately capture real life sex [Randi, following Laura down the hall, had her blouse off by the time they reached the bedroom, and when Laura turned and saw her half-naked upper body, all smooth and dark and sleek and gleaming slightly in the dim light of the bedroom, the white straps of her bra vividly etched against the marvelous black velvet of her skin, she was quickly overcome by sharp physical hunger.] Other authors just overlook these gems of life and always get their women immediately in bed and fucking without any of the little things that truly make making love so special. A woman disrobing is one of the most special sights in the world.

I will never tire of Randi's sass like when she so accurately teases Laura about only loving black pussy. Amen for that! Randi has bought Laura a going away gift [She went to her purse, which she had tossed onto the bedside chair along with her blouse, and came up with a pair of fur-lined handcuffs, dangling them in front of Laura's face. Laura felt an instant hot flush spread quickly throughout her body. She smiled.] Whoa, I have never bought these but Joann and Maria have them. I have been a tie my hands up with rope, silk or hose or some such. They also have the regular kind and the fur kind are a hell of a lot easier on the wrist though the extra pain is a turn on. This is a definitely pleasant, hot surprise. Seems like the regular kind hurt Randi last time and she wants something a little more gentle for her last time with Laura. Laura immediately warms to the idea of using them on Randi.

Laura is now ready to take things beyond the first tentative phase ["I want you naked." She kissed Randi's shoulders, each side, next to the bra straps. "I want to kiss every inch of your body." She let her lips travel down Randi's smooth chest to the valley between her breasts, still covered by the white bra.] Again the subtle loving of real life. I will never tire of how your lovers kiss the complete woman. I especially love kissing breast in their valley and that crease underneath where breast meets body and the tops of breast while still in the bra. I love all this and this is exactly what you give me. Lucky me. You then have Laura and Randi murmuring to each other about how they excite each other. You never forget to marry the spoken word with one's action to increase and stoke the fires of passion. Laura tries to give Randi a hickey but she squirms and squeals for Laura to stop. Me, I would grabbing Laura's hair and pressing her mouth into my neck begging her to mark me as her slut.

Sigh, I do so love your subtle heat [Her bra, now loose, collapsed and slid down her arms, exposing her delectable breasts, which swayed delightfully as Laura kept trying to suck her neck. Laura raised her hands to cup them and caught some of the bra fabric in her fingers as well. She pushed it aside and gently but passionately clipped Randi's large, soft black nipples with her fingers.] I so love the exposing of delightful flesh and then the sweet consumption. We discover that Randi has put another tattoo on her body. I will never put a tattoo on my body; they just don't do anything for me. I don't particular like them on other women. They can be interesting and cute but I always want to make love to the real woman and I feel that tattoos and piercing detract from that, though I will never tell a woman that.

Laura kisses her new tattoo and then tells Randi what she plans to do to her ["I'm going to take your big, juicy clit between my lips and make you beg me to suck it," Laura whispered, looking up from under her heavy eyelids, panting herself too by now.] My pussy just pulsed with wetness. I so love telling my woman what I am going to do her and I get weak with need when my women do it for me. I so love sucking a warm love swollen clit into my mouth and lathing and feasting on it till a woman comes screaming in my mouth.

Now Randi starts trying to take the sex into the BDSM realm. She remembers when she and Laura encased her tits with rope and fucked her mercilessly. It is funny; as much as I love rough sex I can't quite go here. I love to be made to feel vulnerable but the closest I can come to explaining my aversion to what Randi wants is I feel claustrophobic and frightened when I even contemplate this. It is like I can crawl in the crawl space under our house and do what is necessary but I hate it. I love rough but I hate true pain. This is the reason I am not sure I will be able to read a lot of the Karen and Earlene chapters. Anyways, Randi is looking for kinky and not true pain.

Another thing I love about your stories is they seem so real life and not scripted. Once something is mentioned in other stories it automatically happens. Here we have a real honest to goodness conversation about whether this is going to happen. Randi wants it and Laura wants to avoid doing it. Randi becomes more incessant but Laura reflects that she has been trying to leave this kind of sex behind her. Plus, with her relationship with Sara, Laura can't help but recollect how healthy and wholesome their sex was. I love how you have created such unique relationships that Laura can compare them to each other and nothing seems false or scripted. I did love the observation that eventually she would have to have Sara's ass. I know I would have. Hopefully, somehow it will happen in the not to distant future. You then continue the wonderful give and take of real life women talking, cajoling and almost negotiating. Real life conversing. It is cute having Laura lying about putting the rope in the garage and Randi observing she has no garage and then Laura saying she meant a storage place. That is just so real life with innocuous words. Most of our communication in life is like this.

Finally, Randi starts to buy her white lies and Laura further distracts her [To distract her, Laura now opened her mouth and sucked one of Randi's big, soft nipples into it, laving it with her tongue, slowly drawing the large bulb deep into her warm, wet mouth. Randi's eyes rolled up and she quivered.] Yum!!!! Randi admits that only Laura makes her feel like pure bliss and now demands they get naked and start getting serious. You then spend several paragraphs describing how they strip each other down and consume the sweet flesh as it appears. While starting to consume Laura's tits, Randi reminisces about how good she felt when Laura tied her tits up and bite them. Laura starts to reconsider [Randi's words, while she was busily licking and sucking Laura's own breasts, sent a hot, thrilling sizzle through Laura's pussy. It didn't sound so bad to her, from the way Randi put it. In fact, it was pretty arousing. She was almost sorry she had lied about the rope. What would a little light bondage hurt, especially if Randi craved it?] What I really love here is the communication. By having Randi talk to Laura she is able to convince Laura

to her way of thinking. You are the only author who really allows her characters to actually talk and interact in such a real life and vital way. I never tire of your real conversations. You also show Laura's basic goodness by always striving to please her lovers to the utmost of her ability.

You again are the only author who shows how each sexual encounter has its own dynamic. Laura and Randi started out with urgency but as they strip off the rest of their clothes and fall onto the bed they slowly twine their bodies together in a sensuous dance of love. Other authors make their sex seem so scripted. You on the other hand lets your sex just flow. These dynamic shifts just happen. They aren't planned or even hoped for. They just happen as two women bind their bodies in love. You now give me some sweet kissing, which I always crave [They kissed hungrily for a long time, tongues intertwining, sucking each other's lips, until they were both panting and squirming together.] Oh yeah, love the details of kissing.

Laura finally relents and lets Randi know that yes she does have the rope. I love Randi's response "YES!!" I chuckled a little when Laura makes one more attempt to dissuade Randi with cooing and promises of gentle love but Randi responds ["I'm waiting, Laura!" Randi looked down at Laura's fingers and lips on her breasts. She lowered her voice, which was now more smoky and thick. "I'm waiting."] I will be happy when Laura visits Randi. Randi is so in tune with her inner voice and desires and is not afraid to ask for them to be satisfied. While getting the rope, Laura spies the double penetrator and thinks of Dee Dee. I love how you show the dynamics of how a woman's emotions zig zagging all over the place. Again, other authors don't dare insert all these little plot twists and emotional dilemmas. Other authors keep their stories so boring and LA Law like, boringly predictable.

I remembered the prickly rope. I have to admit that I find the concept to be devilish. Randi remembers it with reverence. I had to chuckle when Randi express some desire for self preservation [Randi's dark eyes were glassy with sexual excitement. "You aren't going to do it real tight, are you?"] Randi also requests the new handcuffs and the strap-on. I like how Randi thinks. She wants to be fucked hard. I use the idea myself of using two handcuffs together to allow a little more range on the bed. I really love how Randi confesses that she thinks of Laura when Nate is fucking her. He is just a substitute for the real thing. I love hearing of Randi reaching orgasm with Laura on her mind while Nate is banging away thinking what a stud he is. Now Laura kisses Randi while putting on the handcuffs and [Randi's eyes suddenly flashed with fear and excitement. "Oh," she exclaimed softly, almost uncontrollably.] I always love the mixture of fear and excitement that Randi feels. When I feel myself being made vulnerable I just thrum with excitement.

I have not read many stories of this kind of BDSM and role playing but I love how you go beyond the details and talk of Randi getting into submissive mode and playing her role that gives her so much excitement [Obediently, eyes wide and shiny, Randi, falling into the game along with Laura, acting as if she were being disciplined, raised her other arm, offering her wrist. Very slowly, as if to enjoy each micro-second of this loving imprisonment, Laura opened the fur-lined shackle to receive Randi's shapely dark brown wrist, then pushed the metal together again until it locked with an audible click. Randi chewed her lip, the one Laura had been nibbling.] I love how you show Randi moving slowly to prolong and intensify her pleasure. They are both wet with need.

My eyes loved how you describe Randi's body when it is cuffed in this position. I know other authors would just have the event happen and move on. How boring. You give us the visual details that show how this is so fucking beautiful and hot. I love seeing women like this and I love being in this position myself. All vulnerable and ready to be taken [Following Randi's suggestion, Laura quickly fastened one ring of the old handcuffs to the chain between the ones imprisoning Randi's wrists, then snapped the other one to the corner bedpost. Randi's arms were stretched now above her body, pulling up her lovely breasts slightly, and her smooth black stomach dipped between the protruding cambers of her ribcage on either side. Her collarbones were contorted upwards too, and her whole torso was somehow alluringly distorted by this unnatural position, which somehow aroused Laura's sexual hunger fiercely.] I will never tire of how you are able to paint such vivid word pictures that so perfectly capture so many different kinds of sexual acts.

I love it when Randi comments that she can see that Laura wants to fuck her. I love that direct communication. I then love how Randi and Laura communicate about how Randi wants the rope. Other authors never have their lovers communicate while making love. They just do things in complete silence and yet are able to do everything exactly like the other wants. It takes communication to reach that perfect symbiosis. I love this description of what Randi is looking for ["Then you know. You know how it feels. There's a second, just an instant, when it's just right . . . and I can feel my whole body suddenly . . . I don't know how to describe it, like it just comes alive . . . with some hot juice, some electrical current, though it's really not a shock or anything like that. More like a thick, spreading syrup that suddenly fills your body. And when it happens . . . god, I nearly lose it."] What a beautiful description. You are the only author to really give us these deep intimate insights of what soul satisfying sex gives one. Knowing your own body and how to achieve that maximum pleasure we all seek.

I loved the communication between them as Laura gets the rope out and Randi squirms with need. They communicate while Laura gets the rope tight with Randi panting out instructions and getting the tension in the rope just right. I like Randi's response to Laura about how she is feeling ["Are you okay?" Laura asked before continuing. "God, yes."] Laura wonders about why she is getting so excited about this BDSM sex. We both know why, exciting sex is just that. Doing what you love just makes your body so alive with need and energy. I had to chuckle when Randi tells Laura to not love her breast while tying them up ["I want to suck them," Laura murmured, voicing her deepest need at the moment, which was not to follow Randi's wishes but her own. "Wait!" Randi gasped, not loudly, but very firmly. "Don't do it yet. I'll . . . I'll go off, Laura."] I know of that heat and need and nearly exploding with that first touch. They finish off the rope tying with much looping around breast and shoulders and crossing of the groin. Randi is about ready to be taken to heaven [Randi's mouth was slack and her eyes pulsing. "I don't know if I can make it any further," she panted. "I . . . I'm dying for it, Laura."]

Laura starts to pleasure Randi but you show how lesbians keep in close contact with their lover's needs and wants. Laura knows that Randi is close and that Randi wants this sweet bondage to continue so Laura keeps hers senses focused on Randi and adjusts her lovemaking accordingly [She bent her head down and began licking Randi's gleaming, swollen, black nipples, but very carefully, knowing how aroused Randi already was. Laura knew that only a little more tension on the rope would bring the girl to that precipice she was seeking, and she knew exactly how to accomplish it.] This is one woman trying with all her essence to pleasure her bedmate to the highest levels of exctacy. Randi starts panting in need and you never fail to show the beauty of a woman's body in the throes of passion [Randi squirmed and panted, her hips jumping and twisting, her long body flexing and arching uncontrollably. Laura trailed one of her hands down the girl's smooth, dark flesh to her crotch, running two fingers through the tight, glistening black curls of Randi's pubic patch, just above her gaping, festering pussy.] I love how you can show such gentleness and love with Laura running her fingers through Randi's pubic patch and finish the sentence with a wonderful description of Randi's excited cunt all wet and open for feasting.

Randi is ready for the next level and wants the rope run through her glistening trench but Laura demurs again. I love this give and take you show between lovers. Each trying to assert their will and working out a most pleasurable and agreeable compromise. Laura has to touch that huge grape of a clit. I love all clits but a huge one is so fun to love torment. So much sweet flesh to torment. I had one woman who had a stalk of a clit like a big chunk of a thick candy cane. I was aghast at first sight but by the next morning I was dearly in love with it. I just consumed it with my tongue, mouth and teeth. She loved for me to gentle rake her clit with my teeth. It was so huge and tumid; I can close my eyes and just see it and then pulling it into my mouth and loving it with my all. More of that give and take with Randi pleading for tighter and Laura saying "all in good time" and with Randi whimpering that she'll come if Laura licks her clit and Laura thinking she will prove her wrong. You are definitely the only author who shows the fluid dynamics of lovemaking.

Laura then starts to tease Randi by kissing and licking her whole frontal body starting at her neck and slowly working down. Fortunately, we are privy to Laura's thoughts and you show how Laura is loving this teasing. She relishes driving Randi wild with need. She is deliberating taking Randi to the edge and pulling back. Other authors only focus on the physical aspects of this and by not allowing the reader to experience the emotional part we are deprived of half of our pleasure. You show how love and emotion drives this sweet tormenting between two long time lovers. Finally, Laura reaches paradise [Finally, she reached Randi's groin with her lips, skirting the shiny black puff of pubic hair, flicking the tender inner flesh of Randi's delicious thighs with the tip of her tongue, inhaling the thick, pungent odors of Randi's aroused pussy. It was not a perfectly-shaped little slit like some but instead a juicy, meaty, fleshy cunt, large and gaping, and at the moment runny and slick with flowing nectars, deep purplish-red inside.] As you know, I love all pussies so I am totally enraptured with Randi's delightfully wet and festering cunt aching for consumption.

Laura now starts to feast on Randi's waiting cunt, but very CAREfully. She fully explorers Randi's vulva from top to bottom and back. Licking up all that divine nirvana flowing from Randi's essence. I can just feel and taste those lips as I suck and slurp as much of them into my hungry mouth as I can. Feeling her vulva flare around my lips as I press my face in as deep as possible trying to lick her womb if I could. Love that detail of Laura just tracing her anus only threatening penetration. How lovely that sensation is. This produces the desired effect. Randi is now churning and having that wonderful hitching of breath and now is starting to curse Laura for not making her come. Ah, sweet music to my ears. I just had a "Laura clench" and the lulling of my head ["All in good time," Laura purred, again rubbing Randi's anus with her fingertip, encircling Randi's bulbous, swollen clit with her tongue but not touching it, making Randi crave to feel Laura's tongue on it. "I want to drink a little of this sweet pussy juice."] It doesn't really get any better than this. Thank you.

Now Laura does what I was writing earlier, she buries her face deep into Randi's fiery cunt and laps up divine cunt cream feasting on Randi's essence. I can eat pussy for hours. Now Laura moves up and you give the wonderful detail of Laura placing Randi's tumid clit in the center of her tongue and running its length up Randi's clit. Wow, that is such a fucking hot detail to read in erotica. Why can't other authors capture the small real life details that take sex from okay to soul stirring? This next part is such sweet perfection that I can't help but be agog with it. As much as I love sex and reading about it, I doubt I could drag these details out of myself like you are able to and then put on the page. You must be a wonderful lover as evidenced by this next part. No other author has come close to the same universe as this stuff [Laura did not move. Slowly, Randi's body relaxed again. Oh, I love the feel of her clit in my mouth, Laura thought. I've got to have it. Again working ever so slowly, she drew the taut, bulbous berry between her lips, feeling Randi's flesh quiver and strain. I can't suck it, Laura thought. I want to suck it, I want her to explode, but I can't. I have to wait. Maybe later. Instead, she held the throbbing bundle of nerves motionless in her mouth for a few seconds, then reluctantly released it, sliding two fingers into Randi's greasy quim and kissing the sleek muscles of her thighs, as if to distract her from the sensations that were centering relentlessly in her tormented clit.] Fucking hot details that are so subtle. No over the top fucking or wild abandon. Just gentle loving that is perfectly in tune with what you and your lover are trying to capture. You are so able to capture the spiritual essence of lovemaking and not just the physical. The physical you capture with divine penetration and inspiration.

The time has ended for teasing. Both Randi and Laura know it. Randi is ready to take the kink to the highest level. She is all wet and lubricated and ready for fisting. Laura quickly abandons Randi's clit and gets her hand and fingers positioned and starts that divine penetration. I love how you detail the slow smooth penetration but having to slow down and work her knuckles past Randi's fiery distended lips. Finally her hand has arrived at its sacred home. I chuckled at Randi's response to Laura's question of if this is what she wanted "Oh Shit." Laura is so in tune to Randi that she comes to halt again in her lovemaking. She realizes that Randi must come down a little to prolong the pleasure. This allows them to bask in that intimate connection that fisting always produces in ones body. I love that full linked feeling. Looking down my body and seeing that hand buried in my cunt and locking eyes with my woman and feeling the electricity flow between us. Randi now pleads for the ropes to be tightened and that she will scream. I am so TOTALLY happy that Laura can now tell her scream her head off. Finally, the privacy

that Laura deserves and needs.

Laura now starts to pump Randi's divine cunt and Randi is near the end of her tether [Randi was already straining and flexing, her arms extended above her head, her wrists securely shackled by the handcuffs, her entire sleek naked body undulating rapidly, her lovely face torn and contorted by the fierce sensations she was experiencing. Some may not have thought it a beautiful facesome people are blind, too, Laura thoughtbut to Laura Randi's face had always been exquisite enough to pierce her heart with its beauty. Seeing it now, all distorted in a sweet agony of pleasure, was so sharply arousing to Laura that she thought she too might come just from the overheated intensity of this moment.] You capturer so much here. The beauty that is Randi. I find so many black women's face to be the paragon of beauty. I can just stare at black women's face for hours. Of course, I can do that for just about any woman. I love trying to memorize all the little details. Love how you show Randi's body all contorted and stretched out. I love doing that to a woman and having it done to me. I love that feeling I get in my diaphragm when I'm stretched out tight with my arms at full extension behind my head. Finally, you capture the beauty of a face torn with need. A face that is slashed with the agonies of pleasure that only makes the face more beautiful to behold. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman's face just before and during orgasm.

Laura loops the rope a little more to allow her to squeeze Randi's tits a little harder like she knows Randi will want. Now her fist is starting to thrust a little harder. I so dearly love Randi's cry that no one can love her like Laura. She is absolutely right. She is the queen we must all bow down before. Randi is ready ["Do it HARD! Oh god, Laura!"] I love the gentleness of Laura. She does do it harder but only enough to finish Randi off. Laura only uses the force necessary to make her die from coming. Why inflict more punishment than is necessary, use only enough to give your women what she needs. Laura is the embodiment of what good lesbian lovemaking is all about, being in complete tune with your lover and thus being able to give her everything she craves and needs [Laura reached up and grabbed the two strands of rope with her free hand, letting the full connection she had with Randi's striving body and Randi had with hers seep into every pore of her being, feeling her deepest core vibrate right along with Randi's seething, clenching spasms as the girl rose to the moment of her complete sexual immolation. When she began to pull on the rope, Randi's frantic eyes suddenly caught hers, and Laura glimpsed the deep recognition in them, the affirmation that the moment she had been seeking had arrived.] I marvel at how you are able to capture the mystical as well as the absolutely fucking hot physical details of lovemaking.

Now you capture as only you do that moment of seeming infinity when your body is on the cusp of orgasm and that oh so sweet falling over [There was a split second of almost suspended animation for both of them, when they were both caught briefly in a freeze-frame of Randi's impending ecstasy, immobile, paralyzed, poised on the edge. And then everything poured forth.] Randi the next instant does fall over "Unnggmmmhnnngggiiiaaaiieeeee!" she wailed, surging off the bed, her body suddenly alive with three times the strength it usually had, her thighs clenching, her wrists yanking painfully at the fur-lined handcuffs, her toes curling so dramatically that Laura was worried she might have a foot cramp. "Auungghh! Ungghhh! Oh . . . oh oh . . . annnnggghiiiieeeee!"] Sigh, your sweet details allow me ride along for this divine moment. My body whispers to me the sweet echoes of past orgasms and builds in me the need for fresh divine raptures that soon must be quenched. I so adore your writings.

I love how Laura finds her angels most current orgasm to be the best ever. They probably are. I always bask in my lover's current orgasm. It is such a beautiful sight. Laura unties her and gets a few licks on those big juicy nipples of Randi's. I love how Randi gasps out that with sex like this she might need to be tied right back up again and start all over again. Laura has given her lover exactly what she wanted, exactly what a lover is supposed to do. I had to smile great big at Laura's segue to having her needs met [Laura buried her face between these delectable breasts that she so enjoyed love-mauling. She looked up at Randi. "I think I'm next in line."] I loved the observation that was so true, that normally Randi is full of barbs about her just finished rough fucking, but this time she only has one and then [When Laura had released her, Randi wrapped her arms around Laura's body and mashed her naked breasts into Laura's, kissing Laura enthusiastically.] Sigh, I so love entwining my body with a lover's whose body I have just exhausted with sweet bliss. I love all that hopefully slicked skin pressing and skimming my own. Pressing her spent grateful flesh to my own. Trying to absorb her through osmosis.

They now coo to each other about how much they mean to each other and how they long for more sweet sex before their separation. They know they must soon part, but I see some visits in the future. One can hope can't they? I love finding what Randi now finds [She pulled Laura down on the mattress, kissing her again, dropping one hand to Laura's crotch. "Woooeeee . . . you are wet, girl!" Laura turned sultry and very seductive. "Wet for you," she murmured in a husky, hungry voice, twirling a few of Randi's sexy braids in her fingers. "What are you going to do about it?"] I so adore finding this with my lover and I can almost guarantee they will find this condition with me. I get hot and wet very easily. I would be swooning if Randi stuck her long tongue in front of my face and wiggled it around showing what she can do with her tongue and then telling me that soon that wonderful thing would soon be buried deep in my wet cunt. That soon I would be her cunt candy to feast upon.

I feel that Dawn and I are by far the closest alike in our demeanor and how we liked to be fucked but so often Laura says things and has thoughts that mirror mine almost exactly. I guess this is another reason I so quickly became enraptured with Laura and the saga of her life. She is so in tune with her body and her desires and the realization that she must fulfill her inner most desires. I love everything that Laura thinks here [Laura could feel the pulse leap in her neck, and a hot, fervent fluttering started deep inside her pussy. Of course fucking any lovely creature made her wet and horny, especially when they ended up fist-fucking and throbbing together in that hot, mystical trance that accompanied it. But Randi's face was a needle of the heart to her, too, and she suddenly felt like she might just melt away with lust at the sight of Randi's wet, naked tongue wriggling suggestively in front of her like that, and Randi avowing that she was now going to eat Laura's tingling, aching pussy.] I so dearly love to fuck women who have captured my heart and to be fucked in return. I love women who are aggressive and tell me what they are going to do and then do it. I also love getting women who start out repressed and getting them to listen to their body and forget society's rules and let loose and enjoy what nature has given us. Bodies that are made to experience the pleasures that only another woman can truly give.

Once Randi starts her loving, Laura quickly realizes that her hair trigger pussy wants to come immediately. I love how Randi doesn't just dive right in but starts as slow as all this passion will allow [Randi grinned, now kissing Laura's shoulder, her upper chest, stroking her hips, purring and sighing softly as she made her way down Laura's body. "Mmmm, you don't have to wait," she purred. "All you have to do is lay there and take it."] Again those promises that turn my belly to jelly. I like how you don't always have reciprocity. So many authors feel the need to have both partners do exactly the same thing in their lovemaking. You show the spontaneity of lovemaking. Laura doesn't feel the desire at this time for handcuffs. She herself is evolving away from this. I am so happy that some of her women still like to be handcuffed and restrained.

I love how you show lovemaking lasting long minutes. Most authors almost make it seem like their women do something for a few seconds and then feel the need to quickly move onto something else. You show the opposite here [Now Randi took Laura's nipple completely into her wet mouth, and Laura nearly swooned with pleasure. For several minutes they did not speak while Randi, very patiently and skillfully, using the techniques she had learned from Laura herself during their lengthy affair, made love to Laura's naked breasts. By the time she looked up again from Laura's erect, saliva-wet nipples, Laura was quivering and mewling with sexual need.] You give the details to make the breast worship so divine and you show that women want to spend minutes if not bunches of minutes doing what we so love to do. Pleasuring our partners.

Randi now wants to know if Laura wants to be fisted back. This is such a true observation. When Laura gets Randi to look at her nails we see that she has let them grow out. Lesbians and bi women who are active with women keep their nails short. Long nails are heinous. Hopefully, when Laura gets to North Carolina we find Randi with real short nails, i.e. she has many women lovers. They communicate about how to use that wonderful tongue of Randi's and come to a consensus ["Can I slip it in your booty hole too?" Laura was gripped by a delicious shiver, which was very apparent to Randi.] I love how you show Laura just surrendering her body to Randi and then Randi's desire to be gentle in her lovemaking for a change [Laura lay back, surrendering completely. All thoughts of Sara or Dee Dee vanished like dissipating smoke from her mind as she felt Randi's tender lips and caressing fingers on her skin, Randi's warm breath on her thighs, Randi's wet tongue on the sensitive borders of her vulva. They had often loved roughly, urgently, even with a twist of perversion as they had done only a few moments ago, but for some reason Randi seemed now overcome with sweetness and slow, simmering desire for Laura.] For me it is so true too, that a sweet fuck lifts all the cares of the world lift from my shoulders for at least a short while. It is the best tension reliever in the universe.

Randi's gentleness reminds Laura of the love she once felt for Randi. While it is not as white hot or pure as with Sara it was once very strong. This remembered love quickly fills Laura's body with the molten fire of lust. Randi arrives at Laura's flowing cunt and slowly starts to lick her yummy quim prompting ["Oh!" Laura gasped, grabbing Randi's head in both hands, feeling the coarse, rippling rows of braids under her spastic fingers. "Oh! God! Oh!" Randi pushed her entire moving mouth into Laura's wet pussy, giggling softly, affectionately at the same time. "Careful, girl . . . you're going to pop too soon."] It usually doesn't take me long before my hands are on the back of a woman's head urging her to bury her tongue deep in my pumping cunt. I love humping a loving mouth for long minutes.

Randi wants her feasting to continue like Laura earlier and backs off slurping her cunt but you always show how you can do several things at the same time [At the same time, however, she slid one hand back up Laura's undulating body to her breasts, still damp with Randi's warm saliva, and scissored one of Laura's nipples between her long fingers, pulling and kneading it, while Laura could feel the fingers of her other hand slithering between her tight little buns.] You are the only author who doesn't focus on only one thing at a time and I am so thankful for that. Randi know starts to massage Laura's sensitive anus and makes Laura jump with pleasure. Now you do something that is so real life but is really beyond other authors. They only focus on one sex act at a time and they would never even conceive of this ["No . . ." Laura panted semi-hysterically, pulling Randi up by the hand that was caressing her breasts and pinching her damp nipples. "Kiss me . . . kiss me first! Oh god, I want you to kiss me!"] Sometimes the need to kiss your lover overrides all other concerns. Oh geez, you just made my womb spasm again [Randi slithered up until she was face to face with Laura. Her sensual, kittenish smirk was something to behold and made frantic little fire alarms go off deep inside Laura's already excited pussy. Randi extended her long, pink tongue and ran it playfully around the edge of Laura's lips.] You are always capture the sensuous and the gentle love of lovers while you surround it with bed burning sex and mind blowing orgasms.

I love how you show that Laura has moved beyond the need for rough pain filled sex to get over the painful moments of her life. Laura has grown beyond that. She has matured to the point that she can handle these set backs internally and try to grow from them. You now have such a tender moment with you having your lovers twining their bodies like I so dearly love [But now, with Randi kissing her so tenderly and aggressively in the same instant, she felt herself almost melting with bittersweet emotion and molten sexual need. Randi's long, wet tongue explored the inner recesses of her mouth, Randi's fingertips caressed her face, Randi's thick, erect nipples brushed against her own, Randi's thighs clamped one of hers, and the smooth, sleek muscle of one thigh pressed against the wet, blossoming lips of Laura's throbbing pussy.] I really like that clamping of a thigh with the other's thighs. I so love to do that and humping my cunt into a nice smooth strong thigh. I have to give a big heart felt thanks for all this wonderful kissing in this chapter.

Randi now has Laura roll over so she can get at her tasty ass. I sure do hope that Laura is wrong and that she is able to get out to North Carolina for a taste of Randi from time to time. I love your initial details of Randi's loving of Laura's ass [Randi was immediately all over Laura's body with her hands and mouth, kneading Laura's taut little ass cheeks, and kissing Laura's lower back, slithering tongue sexily into the crack between Laura's buns.] I so love slowly working my tongue deeper and deeper into a woman's ass crack and slowly pulling her buns open to get to that wonderful anus treasure. Love Randi's nipping of Laura's ass cheeks. Randi is just so sassy. You now give the wonderful detail of Randi stuffing two pillows under Laura's groin to get her pussy and ass at just the right angle for devouring. Again, I have never read this in another story. This is something I do a lot to get everything just right and nice and comfy so I can feast for a long, long time. Love how you detail how this puts the groin at an uptilted angle. Hopefully, some readers have learned something here.

Randi wastes no time in going for her anal candy ["Oh! Ooooiiieeee!" Laura squealed as she felt Randi's fingerswith just a hint of her long nailspulling apart her cheeks, then felt Randi's long wet tongue slide into the crack.] I agree with Randi, why delay one's pleasure. That is so cool how you have Randi using her long nails and the threat of using them to give Laura that little squirt of pleasure as Randi opens up her buns. Now we start to get the big payoff [Laura squirmed and panted, face down on the sheet, suffering agonies of anticipation. The first touch of the tip of Randi's tongue against the small ring of her asshole, pinched so tightly shut but wildly sensitive, nearly sent her through the roof. "Aaooiiiioo!" she howled, twitching uncontrollably. "Oh shit . . . oh shit that feels good!"] Love that howl of pleasure. I am famous for my cries of pleasure.

Oh god, this is just too good [She inched the pads of her thumbs down even closer to Laura's tightly clenching little rectum, pulling it open too, then wriggling about an inch of her long tongue into the acutely sensitive passage. It was all Laura could do to keep her body from leaping crazily off the bed, straight up into the air. She whinnied softly and gulped down two quick deep breaths.] I can just feel that tongue snaking up my tender rectum and wiggling around. Now I can just feel myself looking back over my shoulder and seeing my lover's face pressed into my ass as she takes my tender asshole. Finally, Laura's body cracks [And then she totally lost it. Randi's tongue in her ass felt like a hot, wriggling worm, shooting sexual flames deep up into her writhing bowels and making her insides melt into a foamy froth of exultant coming, a billowing, swelling bubble of exploding pleasure. At almost the same instant that Laura spilled over with coming, Randi's hand slipped underneath to Laura's flooding pussy and began to rub it wildly, making the sensations in Laura's ass even more piercing and fiery.] You are the only author that has her women rub or squeeze a pussy in orgasm as a means to stimulate a spasming cunt into further throes of ecstasy. I love feeling all that cream pumping out flowing through my fingers and over my hand. I love having it drenched in love juice.

You have yet another variation of an orgasm that I know well ["Auunnnggghnmmmggniiieeee!" Laura cried out, her body not flipping or surging but simply straightening out into a stiff, vibrating plank of flesh, shuddering as spasm after spasm rocked her. "Unngghhmmnnggiiieeee! Oh! Ohnnnnggggg!"] Sometimes by arms and legs just shoot out and become ram rod straight and everything just locks up. I am normally a shrieker and a thrasher but when this happens my body is full of micro tremors and I'm forcing air threw my clenched teeth. I can just feel my cunt and womb ripping themselves open, pumping pure pleasure into every sinew of my body. I can feel each divine spasm deep in my belly, ripping my womb open again to pour forth more bliss. Slowly they slow the rhythm of their lovemaking. Randi's frantic rubbing becomes slow lazy circles on Laura's happy cunt.

Laura feels that her body is ready for more. She senses that a little roughness will send her over the edge into more bliss. I love how Laura reaches down and grabs the hand that Randi has been rubbing her cunt with. I can just feel that wet hand as I guide it to my hair and knowing that my juices will now be smearing my own hair. I love it. I love how Randi is enraptured with this turn of events and Laura is panting out her desire. Randi really knows how to deliver a good hair pulling [Randi did not gather her energy, or her determination, or waste any time whatsoever. Immediately she gave Laura's hair a savage backward yank that caused Laura to be simply incinerated by a short but killing string of orgasms so shattering that she could not even cry out. At nearly the same instant that she pulled Laura's hair, Randi's hand closed like a voracious clam on Laura's throbbing pussy, squeezing it, while she held Laura's head up by her hair from the mattress. Laura's back was bowed, and her body flailed and jerked as an unmercifully acute succession of crushing spasms wracked her.] Love that violence of Randi's hair pulls and how Randi uses her other hand to now squeeze pleasure out of Laura's love plundered pussy. This rough stuff just makes my body explode with multiple orgasms many times. I normally scream out my pleasure but I love how I can't get out my screams when I am having my head being ripped back. All I can do is sputter and caw. Love that helpless jerking that fills my body when my lover is bowing my body back and making me her rag doll. Using me, which only makes me come in total rapture. You capture this so well.

Again Randi slows the rhythm of her ministrations and slowly Laura's body becomes super sensitive to where she can feel everywhere Randi is touching her. I love Randi for getting sensuous with Laura [By the time she came to her senses, Randi was stretched out beside her, gently nudging her body off the pillows, turning Laura to face her. Randi was beaming, grinning from ear to ear.] They twine and press their bodies together. I think it is so true how one's sadness can intrude once the sexual high starts to dissipate. I feel this will happen less and less as time starts to heal Laura. Laura will need many more sweet fucks to heal from this Sara debacle. Randi admonishes Laura for crying not knowing anything about Sara. I am so happy with the ending. They end with more intense fucking just starting, but, more importantly, Randi makes it clear that they will meet again. With distance, they can be much better friends. Distance will remove any competitiveness between them. I can't wait for the first visit.

Now that the chapter is done, I like how the strap-on is not used while we are privy to Laura and Randi's lovemaking. They probably will wind up using it later that night in their lovemaking. What I like is this shows again how sex just flows. I am sure that Randi planned on having the dildo used rather quickly but the sex took its own path. Other author make their sex seem so scripted. Brief kissing, brief breast play, kiss down the belly very quickly and then eat pussy quickly to orgasm. If a dildo is presented, use it quickly. I am overstating her but it seems like this so often. Other authors make their sex seem so straight and narrow with no variations. You sex is the personification of variation. This is real life lovemaking for which I am thankful.




Chapter 269:


This chapter starts as I expected it too. Laura is grieving over her recent loses. She is suffering through a double blow. She has lost not one but two lovers. I was totally expecting the disaster of Sara. One knew that Laura's dalliances with Dee Dee would result in disaster. Dee Dee is just too drug addled and vindictive of Sara's successes to not ruin things for Sara and thus Laura. I was shocked and hurt for Laura with the seeming shocking finality of the breakup. It was a sudden jarring ending full of pain of sorrow. But still it was expected. Randi's news was a blow to my gut. I was just reveling in her appearance last chapter when we get the devastating news that Randi is moving to the East coast. I was stunned. I was thinking when Randi walked in how nice it was to have women like Randi and Yvette whom one has known for years. A woman whom you have fucked for years and have gotten to know their sweet flesh on such a intimate level and gotten to know their soul. Then she gives the shocking news. I was devastated just like Laura.

We discover that part of the reason for Laura's depression is that she realizes that Randi leaving is closing a chapter in her life. That is pretty much what I felt when Randi gave her news last chapter. That is how I feel when people leave my life, lovers and friends. I hate it but have to accept it. I like stability and this moving around disrupts that. When you have known someone for years they become like a bedrock of stability for you and it is painful to lose them. Laura is right that the distance will probably help their relationship by removing the jealousies and competitions but is still painful knowing that a person you saw regularly will now only be seen rarely. I know that when they do meet again it will be incendiary. It will be interesting to discover what Randi makes of her life in Charlottesville.

I fully understand Laura slipping into a deep depression. Her waking moments are full of pain and she looks like a zombie at work. Liked the observation of how some people try to give comfort and others try to ignore the situation. Reminds me of a song lyric "other people walk on by, pretending not to see." Love how you show the fates stepping in. Laura decides to go out and get a sandwich to eat and discovers that someone is hiding out near the building and is shocked and very pleased to discover that it is Inky. Yeah!!! If Laura was in a normal routine she would not be outside getting her lunch like this and thus Inky would not have caught up with her like this. I have often wondered about things like this when I am able to perceive it. Events that I know if they had been just a little different something wonderful and sometimes awful would not have happened. I am simply fascinated by this playing of the fates in ones life.

I like how you introduce Inky. I think other erotica authors would just have her waiting outside for Laura to appear and initiate a seduction. You immediately add so much more [She was hunched back in the shadows, wearing her big blue parka. She was scanning the sidewalks almost mournfully and did not see Laura approach.] I love how you immediately put Charise in a sympathetic light. The picture of her "hunched" and looking "mournfully" for Laura automatically makes the reader want to shelter and protect her. We want Laura to bring joy in her life. Which fortunately for us will involve much sweet fucking. Hehehe. When Charise turns to Laura's voice, we discover that she has a new hairdo and that she still has that "angelic" look to her. I love her photos. Her smile transforms her face into a thing of beauty. I find her to be beautiful and would grrrrrrr at anyone who doesn't think so. I would be happy to have her by my side and get in anyone's face who dared say she was less than beautiful. I would hunger to have her in my life and in my bed.

We immediately discover where Charise's heart is ["Laura. Finally," she said, though without exasperation.] I feel that Laura is the only person to bring her true joy in her life. Laura focuses in on the person and truly responds to Inky's needs while I get the feeling that others don't see the true Inky and sort of see past her. They don't give the attention and love that Laura provides. It is always interesting how Charise brings out the mother hen in Laura. Laura's initial reaction is to enfold Charise in a chaste embrace. I think Charise's angelic demeanor brings this out. She seems almost the personification of innocence with her sweet smile and quiet demeanor. Interesting reaction of Charise to the fact that the building has guards. Makes me wonder what has happened in the past to produce this ambivalence towards men in uniform.

I had wondered how Laura's teenage lovers would react to her moving and not knowing about it. Mavis went into a tailspin of depression and know we find Inky all mournful wondering if Laura still wants to meet her [Charise squint-smiled at her but said nothing. She looked away, then looked back, half-evading Laura's eyes. "You moved and didn't tell me."] I figured Mavis and Charise would take the news badly. It will be interesting to see what Jane's reaction would be. I see her getting really pissed and fucking the hell out of Laura for it. I had to chuckle as Laura starts to disassemble and uses the fact that Charise was near her due date with her baby to explain away her guilt. Laura does know she is guilty for not letting her teenage lovers know of her move. Charise then opens her parka to reveal her now svelte figure. I don't blame her for showing off her divine shape that she has regained. Laura is still in mother hen mode when she sisterly hugs Charise again. I always smile when Laura gets protective and in maternal mode when she is near one of her teen angels and they are in some distress. Again it shows her great personality.

We discover that this is the third time that Charise has been here looking for Laura. When trying to guide Chaise into her building she makes an observation [Laura started to steer her by the elbow toward the huge glass doors. Under her parka Charise wore a thin, dark green, ribbed cotton jersey, and Laura could not help noticing that while her stomach had deflated, her breasts, always so surprisingly full for such a slender, adolescent body, were even bigger than usual.] I had to smile at Laura's reaction to her observation, "milk". She then remembers all the wonderful orgasms she had with Cecilia during her lactating days and the wet sticky mess they made. I always chuckle when Laura then commences to beating herself up over her desires and lust. She has problems over Charise's age. For me, seventeen is plenty old enough. I love how Laura remembers these milk orgasms with almost awe. You do make them seem almost mystical. I have never experienced these but you are planting the desire for this experience. I will seek it out if it presents itself in the future.

I again notice Charise's reluctance to enter this place of power speaks of her humble origins and lack of any pretension. Laura makes the decision to get her things and take Charise home. I love how she again goes through her litany of self-disgust [She tried to ignore the happy flutter of physical excitement that hummed through her body, the sweet promise of making love to Charise, because such an impulse seemed to her impossibly crude and coarse. The darling child just had a baby, Laura realized. She's almost a baby herself. And you, Laura, are just a disgusting, criminal lecher.] It is always so cute to see Laura fighting her desires. I love reading all this angst. Other stories never give us any emotional conflict or real desire. These conflicting emotions and desires show the real life dynamics that are so a part of our life. Laura is a complex woman with real life conflicted desires.

Laura arrives back outside to find Charise hunkered against the building Laura works in. Charise is completely overwhelmed by the traffic and noise of this busy city street. Charise is vulnerable looking shrinking back into the shadows. This vulnerability makes the reader want to enfold Charise in their arms and protect her against the cruel world. I love how you plant these seeds for the reader to water and make grow if they so desire. It makes me love Charise all the more. Next the subject of Charise child comes up and Charise beams with motherly pride. She crows about what a jewel her daughter is. This is in perfect character for Inky; she will make a great mother. I'm just so sorry that she must assume this responsibility at such a tragic young age. She will show her girl all the love and respect she probably feels she didn't get as a child. Love that middle name "Desiree". It has always sounded so beautiful to me. I love the pride Charise shows when she comments on her baby's beauty.

I love this next part, Laura as usual with Charise, feels the need to be chivalrous with Charise and as usual Charise has to set her straight [Not wanting to presume, and feeling suddenly very virtuous to have controlled her physical and emotional hunger for Charise, Laura asked, "Did you want me to drop you home . . . or do you want to do . . . something else?" Charise was silent for so long, staring out the window at the traffic, that Laura wondered whether she had heard the question. Finally, she turned her face back to Laura and said, grinning, almost in a whisper, "What do you think?"] What is especially cool about this part is how you are able to define Charise as basically such an innocent and yet drop lines like the above. She is such a shocking mixture of an ingénue and seductress rolled up into one. The great thing is you pull it off with your masterful character development. This is Inky. She still has so many of the schoolgirl ways with her beatific smiles and giggles and yet she has the desires of a woman and knows how to act on them to achieve her desires. Sweet fucking from Laura.

I had two smiles in a row here. First I had smiled when Laura once more tries to steer the talk of innocent things like having a nice dinner. Then Charise "harrumphed" her response that she wants something else. I just get this mental picture of Winston Churchill doing that grumpy motion he always did when not pleased with something. Yes, I know I am weird. When they arrive at Laura's place the fog is once more swirling around the trees with the day getting late. I am a big Tolkien fan and I think of Rivendell at dusk with the high elves journeying to the Grey Havens. Once Laura gets Charise inside she again offers dinner but Charise complains about her weight. This is a problem most women have. We are so bombarded with images of impossibly slim women; we are never satisfied with our figures.

Charise now removes her parka to show Laura her now svelte figure. She has removed all her weight. She once more has that goddess childlike body with a mature woman's breast, except they are now swollen with milk. Charise in her seductress ways [Charise formed a little shelf under her breasts with the backs of her hands. "Look at these. I used to have such pretty ones. You even said so, Laura. Now they big fat blubber bags."] Charise knows exactly what she is doing. I love how Laura observes that she needs to see them free of restraint to really know. Though Charise shows sign of being a seductress like Mavis and Jane she quickly reverts to the innocent schoolgirl she is and looks down at the carpet all shy. She needs to have Laura help things along now. Laura goes through another bout of angst [Laura herself was shocked to remember that she was only seventeen, and seemed even younger, except for those jutting, swollen breasts. God, this is criminal to be here alone like this with this young girl, she thought. Even though she's a mother, for god's sake. Even I'm not a mother.] Again this shows that Laura is not some predator seeking out girls who aren't mature enough to know what they want from Laura. Laura makes one last offer for dinner and Charise lets her know what she looking for. I loved Laura's obvious segue [Laura took a deep breath and pulled herself up straight. "Want to see the rest of the place?" she asked brightly, trying not to be too obvious.]

Laura know experiences what I do when I am under stress. There is nothing like some sweet loving from your current angel to relieve the sadness and forget about the unpleasant things for a little while. I have always admired this in Laura, the ability to totally immerse herself in her current lover and give her all to the exclusion of all else. I like the sweet dynamic of Laura not being able to just drag Charise down on the carpet and commencing wild rutting. Charise is too sweet for that kind of wild sex. Jane would love it but Charise deserves a sweeter seduction. With thoughts of fucking Inky into a comma Laura finally gets Charise into her bedroom and takes her into her embrace and they gaze longingly at each other. Finally, Charise is where she has wanted to be from her first sight of Laura ["Didn't think you were ever going to get around to it,"] Laura is about to give her what she so desperately needs.

When Laura expresses her fear of hurting Charise, she literally takes matters in her hands [Charise beamed. She lifted both very black hands to Laura's face, pressing Laura's cheeks with her palms, and pulled Laura's mouth down forcibly into her own. Charise's warm, wet mouth was already open, and Laura's lips were parting too, letting Charise's searching, stabbing tongue inside. In all the times she had slept with Charise Laura wondered if they had ever kissed so heatedly.] I love this innocent ramming her tongue down Laura's throat. Charise is becoming more of a woman taking what she needs. I love how Laura goes from caressing Charise's face with her fingers to digging her fingers deep into Charise's lovely ass. Grinding their bodies together. I can never get enough of touching, caressing and gripping my lover. I love pressing and grinding our bodies together. Trying to make that perfect fit and pressing and grasping your flesh together in sweet heat.

Laura mind drifts as it can even while making love. I can be thinking of the weirdest things while making love. It can help to keep from coming to soon. Laura reflects on her fucking up with Sara and how Charise is now a mother and though this is a sweet fuck that will temporarily make all Laura's problems disappear for a while, things have changed. The sweetness of her old relationship with Sara can never be the same and Charise now has a child she is responsible for. I then like how they are so desperately kissing and how this is affecting Charise [Charise was panting, her teeth clattering against Laura's. Soft little moans came from her throat. She was even shaking, quivering. Laura pulled her mouth away momentarily, afraid they were both getting too aroused, too quickly.] I love reducing my lover into helpless jelly in my arms with my expert kissing. They don't call kissing upper persuasion for lower invasion for nothing. I so love kissing and always hunger to read it.

Laura now starts to whisper into Inky ears how she adores her deep black skin. She whispers this knowing that Charise hungers to hear her woman telling how her black skin is such a turn on. I simply can't understand how white people in general just don't find women of darker skin color to be the biggest turn on. Black really is beautiful. I love the next part where you tell us how the more Laura can see and touch Charise's young flesh, the more she becomes wet with need. This is me; I get so wet when I can start running my hands all over my lover's flesh. I need to feel their flesh so desperately as you show here [Laura slid her hands up from Charise's firm ass, slipping her fingers under the bottom of the thin green jersey, feeling fresh juices seem to flood into her pussy as her fingertips and palms came into contact with the smooth, warm, impossibly silky flesh of Charise's lower back. She kissed her smooth black neck and nibbled her earlobe. "Oh god, I love your beautiful black skin," she murmured to Charise, licking it, tracing a sensual line from her ear down to her throat, pulling the green jersey up with her hands at the same time. "Your black skin makes my pussy throb and ache. I want you . . . I want all of you."] I so adore Laura giving Charise what she needs, sweet declarations of desire for her black flesh. Nice sweet detail of Laura running her tongue over Charise's body as it is exposed. I love tasting my lover's flesh, especially when they start to get that salty sweat sheen.

It is sad that Laura is correct when she comments to herself how some whites think derisively of dark skin color and even blacks have conflicts over skin hue. I am so happy that Laura is the exact opposite like myself [They loved having Laura in their thrall, hopelessly and helplessly groveling for the opportunity to touch their lovely bare bodies, quivering with sexual desire at the mere glimpse of their delicious ebony skin. They reveled in it, and Charise perhaps most of all.] Charise of course laps this all up and again shows that mixture of innocence and seductress ["Tell me again," Charise teased her. "Tell me how much it makes you want to . . . you know, lick me and eat me . . . and suck me and fuck me."] I love this talking dirty. I love to hear it and especially to have those words flow off my lips. When Charise talks like this it is pleasantly shocking. Her innocence gives it an extra squirt of heat.

Laura is shocked and Inky beams that she is able to shock like this. Charise wants more ["Tell me more," she whispered to Laura, her dark eyes pulsing. "I love to hear it. Tell me more . . . about how you dig my skin."] By now they have most of their clothes off and must other authors would now have things moving at reckless speed with little details of what is happening. You do the exact opposite, you slow down and drown us in with sweet details [Charise quivered sharply, then uptilted her face to Laura's, as if expecting another kiss. But Laura did not kiss her. Without taking her eyes from Charise's, she ran one finger along her collarbone to the edge of her throat, then let it slide slowly down Charise's smooth, very black chest until it disappeared in the cleavage between her two large breasts. When it got there, nestled between the two bulging black globes, she whispered, "And I want to lick you here."] I love the heat you can produce with just one finger and that smoking eye contact. It is amazing how wet I get when I lock eyes with my woman and I can feel her heat just waiting to devour my willing flesh. I so love your

gentle loving her. Gentle can produce such heat.

Charise now unhooks her bra and lets it drop away with Laura's finger still between them. Charise now in a deep fuck trance tells Laura ["Okay . . . lick," she murmured, eyes smoking as she glanced up at Laura.] Laura is trying to control her rising desires looking at this child with a voluptuous woman's breast now swollen with milk. I chuckled at the coded speak [She looked into Charise's eyes with unspoken questions. "I . . .don't want to hurt you." This, as they both knew instantly, was code for: How wildly can I fuck you?] Charise has waited since their last tryst and is dying for it. She doesn't mind if it results in a little pain. She needs it. Still, she just had a baby and Laura knows she will have to show some restraint. She needs to protect Charise from her own lust. I love Charise's increasing maturity [Charise was skimming off her own panties, her only remaining garment, her full dark breasts swooping out from her body as she bent forward, her thick black nipples gleaming. She smiled at Laura knowingly.] She knows the power of her body over Laura and myself. I would fuck her all night long.

Laura makes the mood romantic by lighting a candle, which makes Charise coo with happiness. Charise decides it is now time to tempt Laura into action [Charise nodded. "You better." She pushed her heavy breasts together playfully with the backs of her hands. "See what I mean? You really like these big old balloons?"] Charise knows what treasures they are. Laura is drawn in. Where other authors would just go for the nipples you have Laura [Again she placed the tip of her finger in the deep valley between Charise's breasts. Then she slowly lowered her mouth to it, pulling the finger back, and pushing her face between the swollen globes. She ran her tongue up and down the warm, shadowy cleavage, licking and kissing it, feeling Charise's breath quicken.] This is just so real life. This slow ratcheting up of the heat adds so much heat to the soon to happen conflagration. With teasing alone she is filling Charise's body with sweet need.

It is Charise who broaches the question. Want Milk? Of course this sets off a fire alarm in Laura's pussy. As in the past Charise effectively and quickly blocks all of Laura's arguments to not commence to sweet debauchery. She quickly lets Laura know her nipples ache for her strong sucks and she has plenty of milk to spare. Laura's teasing and their talk of her breast has done its work on Charise [Charise was now panting rapidly, and her body quivering. "You can suck as hard as you want," she panted to Laura, her fingers now scrabbling spastically in Laura's hair. "Just do it, okay? Please?"] This is all before Laura has sucked her nipples. I hope some guys are taking a lesson from this. Laura now gives Charise what she has been longing for [Laura hesitated no longer. She held one of Charise's large, swollen breasts in both hands and ran her tongue all over the bulging black nipple, then sucked the shiny wet bulb into her mouth. Almost immediately she felt the warm, sweet fluid bathe her tongue. A throbbing, aching delirium of sensuality seemed to enfold them both as Laura began to suck, gently, but insistently, feeling Charise's warm milk flow into her mouth.]

It is funny how things happen. I was talking to a guy I work with. He has a five month old son and somehow the subject of breast milk came up and he told me that he heard it doesn't taste good. He never has sampled his wife's milk evidently. Hehehe. I know better because of you. I love Charise's panted grunts of ["Unhhhhh . . . unnhhhh!" Charise panted. "Swallow . . . yes, swallow . . ."] I have had women tell of how nursing has given them pleasurable stimulations and even mild orgasms but they evidently haven't used the lactation in a sexual way with their partners like Laura and her lactating lovers. It is really turning me on more and more reading how this can be such a mystical event. It really must be special. The milk sliding down Laura's throat is igniting the fires in Laura's own womb. I love Laura's greed here and how Charise in a sexual casual way [Charise smiled and shook her head. Almost lazily, she let one of her own hands drift down Laura's naked body to her crotch. Laura scooted her body slightly to the side so that she could open her thighs. "Ahhnnnn!" she gasped as Charise's fingers found the sopping-wet crease of her inflamed pussy.] They are both approaching orgasm. Their bodies and souls are coming into perfect pitch with each other.

Laura is now squeezing Charise's breast hard enough to make milk bead before she laps it up but I love how this is not good enough for Charise [Charise was clearly becoming more aroused too. She mewled and whimpered, sucking air down her throat, her fingers growing stronger, more clawlike, in Laura's hair. Finally, she grabbed the same breast Laura was gently squeezing, her quick fingers zeroing in on her bulging, distended nipple, the pale, salmon-tinged undersides of her tapered fingers making a striking contrast to the silky, wet, coal black velvet of her large areola. She pinched the edges so hard that warm milk spurted out onto Laura's lips.] That is Fucking Hot!!! Love the little detail of the color of Charise's hand's underside. Also, always love that digging of fingers into my scalp. Love making them lose control or them taking control, doesn't matter to me. I can just see that stream of warm milk. I am almost swooning with Charise's womanly commands to Laura ["Do it harder!" Charise gasped. "Like that. Suck it harder. And swallow."] I would be her complete thrall with that tone of voice. I would drown myself in her milk if she so ordered. I loved being told what to do in pleasuring my partner.

I love how you have them giggling as Charise is feeding Laura streams of warm milk. I can just sense the mirth and joy that Charise has squeezing her breast hard to deliver her streams of milk to a slavering Laura. You just make this seem so joyful. I always love how your lovers are in tune with each other. Here Charise is aware of the affect her milk is having on Laura [Laura was gripped by a sexual shiver so deeply exciting that she was paralyzed for a moment, just quivering and gasping. Charise saw it and instantly squeezed another long stream into Laura's mouth.] Women just naturally please their lovers. You continue this lovemaking with such sweet details that are so plangent that the reader can't help but be drawn into the story [They were lying on their sides, facing one another, but at this point Charise pushed on Laura's shoulder, pushing her onto her back, then rolling over on top of her, dangling the swollen, smooth, black globes of her breasts in Laura's face. She held the swaying balls with both hands, pushing them together, playfully pushing them into Laura's cheeks, then guiding her other nipple, the one Laura had not yet tasted, into Laura's half-open mouth. Laura, wildly excited, her body throbbing and jangling, opened her lips wide and took it inside.] You are the only author who captures the languid change of positions in lovemaking. Other authors keep their characters locked in one position with maybe one basic variation. Your lovemaking flows like real life.

I love how you allow your lovers to writhe together. I love coiling with my lover. I feel so one with my lover when we coil and take each other to heaven as Laura and Charise are starting here [Since the margins of their bodies seemed to be disappearing for Laura, she hardly knew what movements ensued to bring them closer and closer to the ultimate explosion, but she could feel Charise's thigh muscle against her own flooding, aching pussy, and she again had insinuated her own hand into Charise's dripping, oozing crotch, rubbing the girl's swollen clit with two fingers in a rapid circle as she continued sucking her nipple, gulping down the sweet milky nectars that flowed from it. They were surging and writhing together, but not in a frantic, urgent tempo. Instead, they undulated slowly, rubbing the length of their smooth bodies together, moaning, sinuously coiling and uncoiling, their flesh so harmoniously united that everything outside them ceased to exist.] As you know I love humping thighs. I love smearing them with my love juices and riding away to orgasm. I love feeling my thigh slavered with copious love juice. I want it all over me. Another thing I like here is Laura starting to frig Charise. I love friggng a woman in this position, thus, I can stare into her eyes when they cloud over in orgasm and see her face ripped apart in orgasm. Wracked with the sweet pain of pleasure.

They are both approaching that moment of paradise and Charise gasps out that she needs to lie down. She is becoming weak with need. Charise tells Laura to suck her hard to make her come [Laura had no trouble in consenting. She scooped up Charise's swollen, milk-streaked breasts in both hands and began to love-maul them, tonguing and sucking the girl's swelling black nipples as aggressively as she dared, though in no way as lustfully as she might have done in the past. Still, the warm milk flooded into her mouth, and leaked out the sides too, as she gulped hungrily for every drop, feeling her body simply melt, the nuclear meltdown she had experienced several times when doing this with Cecilia. She lost all track of everything but Charise's throbbing, spurting nipples in her mouth and the expanding, radiating cloud in her womb that seemed to grow and grow . . . and then burst in a shimmering implosion of heat.] It is all the details that really make this great. Other authors just say what their characters are doing without describing it. I feel most other authors would just say Laura sucked Charise's spurting nipple and leave it pretty much at that. They forget to describe the emotions and the actual pleasure. They just go through the mechanics and not mention any of the feelings until the orgasm actually happen. They don't provide any of the build up as you do, thus, when their orgasms occur they are so hollow. They come across as mere words on a page. I have to do all the work on the actual pleasure being given and received where you clearly lay it out for the reader. Thus, I can just dreamily close my eyes and go along for the ride and joyfully add my thoughts and desires and achieve true pleasure. Other authors make me work so hard providing what they don't that I can't really get off on their writings.

With the actual orgasms here they just flow. I love how it commences with Laura losing her grip on Charise's nipple but this time it is a nipple flowing with milk. Hot visual I must say. I love how Charise holds Laura's head tight to her breast while she [She dropped one hand to Laura's crotch only a few seconds before Laura began to come, groping clumsily but managing to slide two fingers up into Laura's clenching channel. In response, Laura dropped her hand too, finding the gooey mess of Charise's soaked pussy with her fingers too, rubbing frantically, knowing both were going to spill over any second.] Just another example of women trying with all their will and might to bring each other maximum pleasure and binding of souls in sweet rapture. I love my sex hot and sweaty and I love how the milk just clings their bodies together as they start the climb up to exctacy [She shuddered, this time more violently than before. Laura knew the girl was coming, and it took just a micro-second for her own orgasm to answer. Suddenly the hot cloud inside her own body burst, and she dissolved along with Charise into a moaning, quivering mass of flesh, stuck together by the rivers of mother's milk that had spilled from Laura's mouth and leaked down between their two struggling bodies.] I

would so love that wetness between our bodies. I would love that delicious wet friction.

They start to come with much divine moans of love and rapture. I love how Laura notices that this milk induced orgasm is different than her past ones [Undulating with her as if they were one body, Laura nearly swooned as her quivering flesh was enveloped in a hot swirling cloud of radiant ecstasy. It was not a violent, jolting orgasm, but another like she had come to expect at similar moments with Cecilia, a slow, throbbing, incandescent miracle of sweet coming, as if her roiling insides were just sliding and melting into a soft, mushy, pulsing core of obliterating rapture.] You are the only author to capture this divine truth of how orgasms each have a life of their own for which I am so thankful for. I love their looooonnnngggg drawn out moans of coming. I love those sounds of exctacy that just flow on and on. It is such sweet music to my ears. I know I produce such notes in my moans of exctacy. I love how you then detail that orgasms can just flow from one to the other driving one almost insane with pleasure [Meanwhile, Charise's climax had waned, only to be replaced by an even stronger one that again was again not violent, but

which drew from her throat the most intense moans of sexual ecstasy Laura had ever heard. Charise's eyes were tightly shut, and her lovely black body, all wet and streaked and blotched with shiny patches and rivulets of drying milk, shuddered again as a fresh wave of bliss crushed her. "Unnhhhhh . . . unnhhhhh . . . ooouuuuaauuunnhhhhhhhh!" she moaned, twisting, clenching her teeth, hissing, twitching a little as each wave passed, while Laura held her, still nestling her face deep in the wet valley between Charise's breasts.] Charise is going through yet another variation of coming. This is so much more pleasurable to read than the standard she came "hard". How can writers write that kind of stuff when this is the sweet reality? They sell sex so short by not capturing this divine nature of a woman in orgasm. I must guess it is just too much work and effort for other writers to write this. I know I would nearly make my head explode trying to come up with the sweet prose that just seems to flow from your fingers. Love that hot visual of Charise's body all streaked and blotched with sweet warm mother's milk. I love the messiness of great sex.

Laura is a woman who is in tune with her body and is not afraid to revel in the joys it can provide. I get the feeling that so many are brainwashed into not enjoying their body and great sex. I am like Laura; sometimes I can just feel that my body is capable of another orgasm with almost no effort. I always go for the brass ring when it is presented. Laura wants more milk and goes for Charise's nipple again but wants to such harder which Charise happily encourages ["I can't get enough," Laura gasped, letting her eyes drift up to Charise's. "I want it all." "Take it, Laura," Charise panted.] As always your women constantly communicate their wants and desires and you show how women always long to completely satisfy their partner. You are really impressing me with the wonders of breast milk orgasms [Somehow when the warm milk hit bottom it ignited the hot, swirling cloud again inside Laura's body, and almost without warning she began to come in shocking convulsions. She slumped forward onto Charise's damp, trembling body, keening and groaning as blossoming spasms of acute bliss gripped her flesh everywhere, not wrenching her so much as fiercely squeezing the pleasure out of each pore of her skin, and every inch of her clenching flesh. "Auunnggghhhhhhhh!

Ummmnnggggouunnnhhhhh!" Laura moaned, quivering, shaking, finally shuddering deeply as the last shockwave gripped her.] I think you are planting the seeds that are going to be causing a lot of lesbians to be looking for lactating women to love. Heck, probably a lot of guys too.

You now have that wonderful post coital time when lovers cuddle, coo and joke with each other. Laura and Charise are basking in each other and their own orgasms. I love Charise comparing Laura and her daughter on their hunger for her milk. Laura quickly develops a hunger to have some tender cunt meat. Charise though expressing exhaustion quickly and happily parts her thighs for Laura. Laura does something I love to do [Laura rubbed her chin and her cheek in the bristly, shiny patch of black curls as her mouth descended lower. Although she had made love to several women who had given birth, she found herself wondering bizarrely if this cherished pussy, this fragrant, sculptured flower of juice that she so loved and adored, would be in any way altered. After all, it was so perfectly shaped. And it had to stretch and expand so much to let out a whole baby.] I love gently rubbing my face all over a woman and often rub my face in a woman pubic patch and cunt. I love the smell and feel of her juices on my cheeks. I had to chuckle at her fear of what she may find when she gets to Charise's beautiful vagina. That is just so cute when she discovers that is still the same masterpiece it always has been. I love your gentle touches you so liberally sprinkle throughout your chapters. Nice touch with showing Charise's episiotomy scar. Makes one want to be gentle with her and take her to heaven even more than normal. I love this gentle interchange between them ["May I kiss your beautiful pussy?" she whispered to Charise, using soft, sexy questions to feel her out, to find out how far she dare go. "I promise to be gentle." Again Charise giggled, looking down at Laura's head between her thighs, squint-smiling in her usual adorable way. "Just don't rip it open, okay?" she laughed softly. "It just healed."] This is just so gentle and loving. This captures the beautiful relationship between women. You always capture that beautiful spirit between women.

I love how the humor continues as Laura starts her feasting and Charise first starts giggling with her renewed lust but quickly succumbs to her body's awakening to lust. Often I will coo and talk to my lover when going down on her. Telling her how beautiful she is and how I am going to take her to heaven [Now Laura raised her tongue a little until it came into contact with Charise's clit, stroking it softly, very tenderly. "Oh, I love your beautiful pussy, darling Inky!" she sighed.] Always love that detail of a woman clenching her own thighs in loss and exctacy. I like the observation that Laura hopes Charise's recent orgasms will delay the current orgasm. You show how often ones desires are not always met exactly like one wants. Charise has evidently been saving up her orgasms just for Laura.

Laura feasts on her tangy slit slurping up her divine cunt cream. I love how you always have your lovers working the whole slit. I had not really realized until you wrote it that usually some penetration is involved in their fucking. Charise is not healed up enough for any penetration yet. Laura quickly deals the coup de grace [And from the way Charise was writhing and quivering and whimpering, Laura knew she would probably come easily in another five seconds. She took the entire upper portion of Charise's beautiful wet cunt into her mouth, wildly tonguing her clit at the same time, and then knew that it would be less than five seconds. Whooping and stiffening, Charise began to come again almost instantly.] Wow, I love devouring a cunt in my mouth and feeling it come in my hot hungry mouth, swallowing all that cunt cream from that divine spring. Again you show how the previous orgasms were feathery for Charise and this one rends her flesh with pile driving strokes of bliss.

Cute moment during this post coital time when Charise says she can die happy now and Laura admonishes her about having a child now and now Charise lets her in on the secret [Charise crinkled her nose comically. "I know. I was just trying to get you to call me 'darling' again." She beamed. "Worked, too."] Laura thinks a little of Sara with all this tenderness but quickly banishes these thoughts and basks in the moment. I totally agree with Laura here. They notice their messy condition and Charise quips ["We need a shower," Charise said, looking down at the sticky patches. "You pretty messy at nursing, Laura."] You are the only author to show this humor between lovers. They head into the whirlpool to get cleaned off. Cute how Laura is still hungering for more milk. Laura is a real glutton for mama's milk it seems. Can't really blame her.

I have to love how Charise is blown away by this hedonist pleasure but quickly develops other thoughts ["Be fun to fuck in something like this, wouldn't it."] By now Laura is no longer shocked by these statements. [Laura scooted closer, lifting one leg over Charise's so that their groins came very close. She enfolded Charise's upper body in her arms, pressing her own naked breasts into Charise's milk-swollen globes. They kissed very romantically.] Oh yeah, some sweet tribbing is coming. I am nearly swooning here with this interchange between them [Charise's dark eyes were pulsing and swirling again. She pulled Laura's head down to her breasts. "Suck," she murmured softly, but loud enough to be heard over the burbling water jets. Laura gazed up deeply into her eyes, cherishing her, adoring her. "Suck hard," Charise prompted. "Hard as you want. Drink it."] I love the command in Charise's voice. I love to be ordered around when giving pleasure. I am so happy that Charise is confident enough with Laura to be so dominate. Laura's love is giving Charise confidence. I love it.

Laura is not about to refuse. Nice detail of their bodies covered in a thin film of sweat as she guides another swollen nipple into her mouth and starts to literally milk Charise's breast. Love the result of this ministration ["Oh GOD . . . that feels good!" Charise gasped finally, again holding Laura's head in both hands while Laura sucked, intently watching her thick nipple in Laura's mouth.] I know Laura is hitting the mark when I see all caps. Of course Laura is once more in heaven as Charise's sweet milk starts gliding down her throat. She wants the other nipple and Charise quickly helps [Now Charise held her other breast up for Laura with one hand, also reeling from the sexual intensity of the moment, the sensuality of the whirlpool bath, and the elemental pleasure that they had created between them. Both realized that it rarely got this intense or intimate among two people. Charise pushed her nipple against Laura's lips until they opened and Laura sucked it inside her mouth.] That is just so fucking hot. I simply am besotted with Charise being so forceful and then commanding Laura to suck her harder and harder. I can't get over how you keep the divine sex just flowing and flowing with paragraphs of divine sex where other authors just give us a few staid lines. We have more great sex coming at us [Suddenly, her head fell back, her eyes rolled up. Laura now sucked her harder than before, and milk gushed out of her nipple so copiously that only by gulping it down could Laura escape choking. She sucked and gulped, and Charise began to squirm and even thrash, leaning back against the side of the tub, mewling incoherently, pulling Laura with her, even arching her back and bowing her body as the pleasure apparently grew excruciating.] You capture so well a woman being overcome with passion. You are the only author to capture a woman's body suddenly being overwhelmed and almost falling apart in bliss.

It is cute Laura trying to get in position for some tribbing but the hot tub won't allow it. Laura quickly gets them out and dried off and back in the bed. I like how you describe how they get there. It is the little details that add so much. I like how you bring in reminisces with Laura remembering her recent epic trib fuck with Mavis and knows she can find any position desired after that marathon of trib fucking. You then give that lovely dialog between lovers that I so adore. The mirth and simple friendship so evident in your dialog ["Mmmmm, you want it bad, Laura, don't you," Charise teased her. "I want you bad." "You still got milk all over your chin," Charise grinned. "Want some more?" "I can never get enough," Laura panted, positioning their legs to that their oozing, throbbing cunts were just inches apart. "I'm not hurting you, am I?" Charise frowned. "Will you quit asking that?" She scooted her ass forward on the mattress, looping one leg over Laura's. "Do it."] This is real life women talking and listening to each other.

Laura pushes Charise back on the bed and quickly mates their groins together and starts that delicious friction. I love how you describe them sagging in bliss and "mewling" in surprise at the always intense feelings of cunt to cunt tribbing. I always love the detail of Laura opening their cunts up [First, she slid one hand down between their bodies and spread her cunt lips, then Charise's, so that all the warm, slippery, raw, wet flesh of their slits could completely meld together. This heightened the already intense sensations, so that both of them began to buck and churn almost instinctively, and Laura had to consciously slow down the rhythm, lest they plunge across the finish line too soon.] Laura is such an accomplished lover knowing how to draw out every last once of pleasure possible in a given situation.

I love how Laura is twisting her body to get at Charise's nipples and is now squeezing them to where milk is once more beading up. Cute detail of how this breast mauling makes Charise open her eyes open where they had been squinched shut in a sexual stupor. I like what Charise orders in response to this breast squeezing ["Suck . . ." Charise gasped, her eyes imploring Laura as their mated groins began to swirl and pump together in a firm, relentless rhythm that both knew would bring them to the desired destination. "Suck, Laura."] I so adore this ordering by Charise. It would make me her love slave let me tell you. I really love how you describe this sexual bliss that fills Laura when she once more ingest this sweet mama's milk. You really make this seem so special. I think other authors would just have this lactating without this deep emotional level. I have seen women lactating on each other in film and after the novelty wore off it seemed a little boring. These emotional connotations that you have shown has totally changed my thinking. Maybe I could experience this myself. To paraphrase Yogi Barrow "ninety percent of sex is half mental". I think I would be prepared know to see the total sensual pleasures possible in this act of true giving and receiving.

Next you have something that happens to all of us. Sometimes the body just can't quite do what we are asking of it [Charise moaned and pumped more rapidly under her. Things were getting quickly out of hand, and Laura, sucking and pumping more urgently by the second, began to feel a cramp, in fact two cramps, one in her lower back, the other in her abdominal muscles. Oh god, I can't keep this up! she realized.] That is just so cute to read. Again you show how women are just so in tune with each other. Even though Charise is in a dreamy state she realizes Laura's predicament. She embraces Laura and rolls them over so that now she is on top. Now she can feed her breast to Laura. This allows Laura to nurse in comfort. Charise even in a fog is taking care of her lover's need. This is something that is just so true about women. When making love they get to revel in the reciprocity of this. Het women I fear rarely get this beautiful dynamic that lesbians just take for granted. I love what Laura does with this freedom. One must often take as much pleasure as one can in a situation because in doing this you are really giving maximum pleasure back to your lover as you capture here [Laura, now free of cramping, went suddenly mad for them. She held Charise's breasts in both hands and assaulting the girl's flowing nipples with abandon, pinching and sucking them voraciously, feeling the warm, sticky milk spurt into her face and trickle down her cheeks. But most of it went into her mouth, and down her throat, somehow having the usual effect on her, transforming her squirming, writhing body into a nuclear furnace of sexual fire.] I really love the excess milk splattering their bodies.

I love how they are rubbing their sopping wet pussies together and Laura is in constant rapture with Charise's sweet milk filling her mouth. It is so true how you can start in a basic position but as the passion builds you simply lose the strength to maintain it. At first Charise was able to hold herself up but is quickly weakening with Laura tribbing her and sucking hard on her nipples. You show this weakening with [But now she was weakening, overcome by the stronger waves of sexual excitement that were surging inside both of their bodies. She was whimpering, even crying out as the intensity grew. "Oh! Ungghhh . . . oh Laura . . . ungghhh! Yes! Oh!"] Again, it is the fact that you detail the actual sex and then how it is affecting these women that make it so divine and incendiary to read. Other writers give absolutely no details or quickly fall into a rut and use the same basic MO over and over until it becomes quickly boring and trite. You on the other hand constantly make each event so unique that the reader is able to experience it like they are there with these women. You show that sex doesn't need to become boring. Lovers work to keep it fresh by reveling in each other's flesh and welcoming this joining of bodies and souls. You do this by concentrating so hard on your partner that your own pleasure just comes with almost no work.

Now you prepare for the divine finishing line by showing how Charise is simply being overcome and then how Laura racket up the heat by increasing the force and speed of their tribbing. Laura knows how to constantly increase the stimulation until her lover is destroyed with pleasure [She had a hard time holding herself up, with her palms planted on either side of Laura's head. Her arms quivered and weakened, and she slumped forward. Laura knew what was happening, since they were both about to die of hot, rapturous coming. Even though nearly suffocated by Charise's large breast pushing into her face, she did not release the thick, wet bulb in her mouth. Not having to worry now about it escaping, she dropped both hands to Charise's ass and began pulling the girl's pussy almost violently into her own, increasing their fuck-rhythm until they were both frantically pumping and grinding and whimpering wildly.] The orgasm that is soon to occur would be no where as powerful to read if you didn't take the effort to detail this slow (and real life) building up of the passion between these women. It the beauty of seeing and thus knowing that Laura is filling Charise's body with sweet sexual weakness. It is these details that truly allow the reader to experience these wonderful couplings. The

reader needs these details. Without them, the reader is robbed as far as I am concerned.

Now you detail that Charise is squealing with rapture and approaching orgasm. Other writers never allow their women to make these sounds of love. Or else they have them scream in all caps all the time. All the time, over and over, does quickly become boring. You on the other hand constantly find ways to keep these divine rutting noises unique chapter after chapter. I guess you just let your imagination run wild and make up these ruttings on the fly and thus you keep them so unique. I am so thankful, however you accomplish it. They now shudder through another powerful orgasm that is made so crystal clear with these divine vocalizations ["Ungghh! Auunnnggghhhhh! Auungghiinnnieeeee!" Laura cried out, feeling her body shattered by pleasure so intense that she could only clench her teeth and wait for it to pass. "Ohhnnggggg . . . ahhngggg!"] You are absolutely the only author to ever capture this dynamic of lovemaking. No one is even close. I have really come to find this to be so very, very weird.

Nice detail of them being wrung out from their wrenching orgasms. I have often lie in the arms of my lover totally spent, my body pressed close to hers. Feeling her breath and heartbeat and our slicked bodies just lying in spent bliss. I really like how Charise feels totally free to communicate her desires. I often get the impression that women with men don't feel the freedom to tell them their true desires. Women with women know that their lover will listen to their needs and try to meet their desires. [And when Laura finally started to move, Charise clung to her, her fingers digging sharply into Laura's arms. "Don't move . . . yet," she gasped. "You gonna make me come again!" "Are you . . . ?" "Yes! Unnnhhhh! Move your . . . pussy a little . . . against me . . . yes, like that." Charise's eyes rolled up, and her head lolled to the side. "Oh shit . . . here it come!"] A woman will go to the highest extreme to bring pleasure to her lover. It is just in our nature to do this. Charise falls into a Jonelle swoon (again you have developed your characters so much we can compare their orgasms) and has a sexual seizure of sheer bliss. Finally it breaks enough for her to vocalize her pleasure [The rest of her silky black body undulated slowly, her pelvis swirling, her pussy still moving against Laura's, who was thrilled by the feeling. Finally, a low, guttural moan escaped from deep in her chest. "Ooouuggghnnnnn!" she groaned, now twisting more than undulating, grimacing, groaning again. "Ooouuggghnnnnn!"] To me this is the sweetest music in the universe. I so love to hear my lovers vocalize their pleasure and always work on the quiet ones to let go of society's brainwashing about be being lady like and not expressing our sexual desires and pleasures.

That is just so fucking hot that picture of Charise reaching up to squeeze her nipples and sending jets of milk into the air. I love the idea of Charise almost unconsciously bringing herself additional pleasure. All women should have this goal of achieving maximum pleasure for both yourself and your partner. I fear het women have the problem of selfish men as a rule and lesbians / bi have the joy of having partners who believe soul deep in reciprocity. They now coo to each other and Charise rightfully wonders how Laura can be such a divine lover. Laura is the total bomb I must admit. Charise jokes about licking off the milk on her body but has to tell Laura that she has to save the rest for her daughter. Laura will have to wait for the next time. I like Charise comforting Laura and getting a little exasperated with Laura for worrying about how hard she sucks her nipples.

The story ends with Laura reflecting on how this interlude has helped her to begin the process of getting over her debacle with Sara. Laura has again reveled in the woman she is with and used this as a healing moment in her life. They discover they must hurry to get her back home to her aunt on time. I like the idea of Laura wanting to fix her dinner. She wants to spend quality time with her lovers. It is so much more than just sexual for Laura. They get back into the hot tub and Laura valiantly keeps her lust in check and Charise revels on being waited on like a princess with her handmaiden. Love how they part [They kissed romantically before opening the door to leave, still isolated from the world, still together, still wound in their deep intimacy.] Smiled at the parting line by Charise letting Laura know that she will make sure she has plenty of milk for their next coupling. A girl does have to keep her priorities in line.




Chapter 270:


This chapter starts with Laura finally spying on Sara. I wondered how long she would be able resist trying to see Sara. I knew eventually her great love for Sara would drive her to risk all. I like the idea of her leaving work directly to get to Sara's early. To make sure there is no way she will miss Sara. Laura leaves nothing to chance. Unfortunately for Laura, Sara does indeed come into her clutches. The only problem is Sara is already clutching another woman. Laura is stunned. The woman is a beautiful Hispanic woman with midnight eyes and long black hair that must sheen in the sunlight. They are obvious in their gestures that they are intimate. It is so obvious when two women are sweet on each other and not worrying so much about the bullshit that society can heap on us. Sara is being her usual captivating self with this woman [Sara's pillowy, sensual lips, her dark, laughing eyes, her sweet, malleable, face, so easily changing into one droll expression after another.] Sara has the personality that must quickly ensnare any woman she chooses.

I see that Sara wasted little time in finding another love. I think she in a way is getting revenge on Laura for hurting her so. Even though she must think that Laura has no idea, still Sara knows she has already picked another lover. She has found another woman to love her. I'm sure Sara is hoping this woman will be more true to her. I wondered immediately if this is the Evangelina that she made love to in college. If it is, I really wonder who got in touch with whom. I get the feeling Sara got in touch with her. She probably needed a shoulder to cry on. I also wonder if Sara wondered if she could rekindle their old relationship. I have this mental picture of Evangelina coming down with hope in her heart but probably thinking that Sara has gone straight. I can just feel her wonder and ecstatic joy when Sara took her in her arms and made sweet love to her. Evangelina must have thought she had died and gone to heaven.

The torture continues for Laura as she hides in the shadows near the stairwell to Sara's apartment. It is obvious that they are intimate with their whispers and giggles. I can just see that distance between them, the closeness of lovers. Laura has now gotten herself into a slight humorous situation. Laura is now deathly afraid that maybe they might happen to look out a window when she attempts to leave this dreadful situation. It is humorous to see Laura fretting over what to do. Unfortunately, while she is fretting she can hear first their shared laughter and then she almost surely hears a moan of rapture from a love struck woman. Finally, she has to get out of there and puts a scarf over her head and prepares to bolt out of this hellish situation. As she is walking down the sidewalk we get yet another surprise. She is stunned as I was by seeing Dee Dee walking towards her.

I was totally floored by this. Though now that I think about it, it does makes sense that Dee Dee may be in the same neighborhood as Sara despite their recent troubles. Still I did not see this beautiful woman being in Laura's life and certainly not anywhere this soon. My pussy is very happy. I see sweet debauchery on the near horizon. As you know I really get into all the possibilities of couplings for Laura. I see many possible couplings that I hope to see in the not to distant future. I love seeing these happen but I really love being totally surprised like I was here. I just thought that Dee Dee had really screwed Laura over and that it would be a long time before we saw her again. I am so happy to be wrong. This is such masterful story telling, always having the reader anxiously awaiting the next installment to see what will happen next in Laura's life.

Another humorous moment when Dee Dee does a slight double take at the scarf on a warm September's day. After Laura removes her scarf she can't help but drink in the beauty that is Dee Dee. As I have so often said I love how these women are so individualistic that you can compare them. You now compare the dress that Dee Dee is wearing and how it is similar and yet different from the type that Tamara wears. I love all the details you caress us with here [This one was almost slinky, a dark brown background with deep orange and umber flowers merging together in a gorgeous thicket of color. It was also long, coming down nearly to Dee Dee's ankles, with a slit in the side to show her leg. She wore leather sandals on her shapely black feet, the pink undersides glimmering a little at the edges. And on top there was nearly nothing, only two thin spaghetti straps.] You are by far the only author that gives the reader such lovely details of things that we notice in real life and that other authors never really give us. Love the little detail of the lighter undersides of Dee Dee's feet. That color demarcation on a black woman is so beautiful.

I never cease to be amazed on how you continually caress your women with sweet details that just make them so beautiful [All of Dee Dee's incredibly beautiful back was bare, and her shoulders, and most of her chest, down to the tops of her breasts. Her delicious black skin shone and gleamed in the twilight. She looked good enough to eat. She could not be wearing a bra, not with this unbelievable dress, and yet Laura could not detect, though she looked cleverly, the swelling bumps of Dee Dee's nipples through the fabric.] Before I discovered your stories I had gotten very used to having no real details given for the women in the stories beyond the normal young nubile woman and the older sophisticated woman seducing the young innocent. Plus, I always love when you describe the clothes they are wearing. I mean here Dee Dee is wearing a dress that should almost be worn as an evening gown. You just don't expect that to be walking down the street. I know men and a lot of women would be noticing with sexual feeling awakening at the sight of the beautiful serious woman walking down the street.

Dee Dee informs Laura in her emotionless way that she shouldn't go to Sara's apartment. Laura informs her that she has discovered the horrible truth. We now learn that the Latina beauty is indeed Evangelina Torres and she and Sara are getting "jiggy" fucking their brains out. I can't really blame Sara here. She was hurt deeply by her perceived betrayal by Laura. If I were in that situation I would be finding women to help me recover from my pain. The sweet emotional release of great sex. I have no anger what so ever for what Sara is doing in this situation. In fact, I feel the happiness Evangelina must be feeling. I wonder if she has been dreaming for ten years of the love of Sara. She seems to have jumped at the chance to renew their relationship. I wonder if she will be moving closer to Sara now. Reminds me a little of that old movie "Love Among the Ruins." Waiting for your lost love. I hope we get to meet Evangelina. You know my weakness for Latinas.

Of course Laura gets angry when Dee Dee tells her that fucking Evangelina is the best way for Sara to get over her recent betrayal. I give Dee Dee credit here when she tells Laura she looks like she could use some comfort. Laura knows exactly what she is offering. I would never offer that to a woman I just abused so recently. I would be afraid she would scratch out my eyes. Laura then throws out the barb of Dee Dee coming to Sara's to join the "orgy" but we discover she is coming looking for a cash handout. I guess Sara has already started to forgive her a little if she is willing to give her little loans. I absolutely love how Dee Dee looks a little embarrassed. I love this little softening of her character. I don't think Dee Dee is evil she is just misguided in her pursuit of chemical highs. I guess I am always drawn to the "underdog" and want to coo to them and take them in my arms and comfort and love them. Of course Laura cannot ignore the beauty that is Dee Dee [Trying desperately not to think of Sara and Evangelina, Laura was focusing on the beauty of Dee Dee's body: her perfect collarbones, her dainty, exquisite throat, her gleaming black shoulders, so well-shaped, her flawless skin, so perfect.] You actually tell the reader why our pussy is getting wet being in the presence of such beauty. I know my pussy would be moistening thinking of making love to this beautiful woman again.

Laura being the sweet person she is offers to give her money but must take her to her condo to give her more than ten bucks. Dee Dee is genuinely happy with this news. It is cute how Dee Dee keeps mentioning Sara's name and Laura nearly going nuts over it. I think Dee Dee is sometimes forgetting the situation and sometimes trying to dig at Laura. We women can be so competitive with each other when we should be banding together against the patriarchal society. Oh well. It is nice to see that Sara didn't abandon Dee Dee in her anger. She is still trying to get Dee Dee to straighten out. It seems to be working with Dee Dee evidently get her own pad, plus, this does allow Sara to fuck her new girlfriend without distractions. Again Dee Dee mentions Sara resulting in Laura feeling another stab of pain. Dee Dee seems truly sorry ["Okay, okay. I'm sorry. Okay? Can I apologize?"] But one does have to wonder some about Dee Dee's motivations. .

They get in the car and start to drive to Laura's place. Again I have to give Laura credit. She remembers all of Dee Dee's bad traits and still wants to help her. Laura is such a positive woman. Also, Laura is wise enough to not let the past, which cannot be changed to distract her from Dee Dee's charms. Dee Dee (which her pictures show) has a way of looking at you blankly that does make you wonder what she is thinking, like when she catches Laura looking at her but keeps her expression blank and merely looks back out the window. She is a secret wrapped within an enigma. She now purposefully riles Laura with news that she is getting her life back together and while working on her schoolwork she met a Czechoslovakian woman who took her home and then fucked her all night. Laura and me are both happy to hear that Dee Dee is embracing her lesbian self like Sara is also now doing. While I would only feel only happiness, Laura also feels hot jealousy and makes her want to fuck Dee Dee in sweet debauchery and to forget her recent pain. Again Dee Dee does that strange for me going back to staring out the window. Either she really does zone out or I think she might be baiting Laura, slowly stirring the fires in her womb. Laura is getting wet and her nipples are tingling. I always

love it when Laura is told that though these women are great in bed, still they can't match Laura and her skills and passion. Who can?

Now we get to come delicious character development for Dee Dee. As soon as they get home Laura of course immediately takes Dee Dee into her arms and tries to commence their lovemaking. I would have made the same exact summation about the situation. Dee Dee immediately rebuffs her. Laura is not sure what to do because Dee Dee keeps her emotions so under wraps. She tries gentle caresses and soft words of affection but Dee Dee ["You just want to fuck me," Dee Dee glowered at her. "You're just like everybody else. All they want to do is fuck me. Men. Women. They don't take me seriously. I wish I didn't have this body if . . . if that's all they want to do."] I think I can understand her feelings here though not through personal experience. I am quit sure that the men in her life have treated her only like "a peace of ass". Men when they only want to fuck almost never worry about the woman. They are too wrapped in their own egos and I feel this Czechoslovkian woman showed her much more affection but it was still a one-night stand for her. Dee Dee, though she shows a tough exterior, really does want someone to truly love her for the person and not the body only. Fortunately, she has met Laura and is now starting to reveal the real Dee Dee it seems.

Laura is strong (as usual) and is willing to forgo sex though Dee Dee's sweet flesh torments her with longing. We now have more real life communication [Laura tried to breathe calmly. Obviously, this was not going to go in the direction she had expected. "I . . . love Sara. That's all I can say. Sometimes . . . you just love someone. You don't have to know why." "Why can't you love me instead? I'm good. I'll bet I'm better in bed than she is." "It doesn't have to do only with sex," Laura said quietly.] This is so true. When you feel a stronger attachment to a person(s) it is not really the sex. It is the person that really draws you in. Great sex for me is very, very important, but what keeps a relationship going is compatibility. The reason I live with and love Joann and Maria is because of the persons they are. True the sex is what first ensnared me, but it their wonderful personalities that truly captivates me and makes me want to share of myself with them along with the great sex. Great sex doesn't matter after a time if the woman you are with is driving you nuts. We mesh because all three of us believe in open relationships that Laura's women can't seem to understand. I can also understand Dee Dee's cry that she is better than Sara. This is the cry of a little girl questing for love and true acceptance. To be loved for more than a great peace of ass. A girl once told me during a one-night stand "I just wish once a woman would fuck me for love". This is Dee Dee. I think Laura is starting her healing process by truly loving the whole woman that is Dee Dee.

Laura greaves that Dee Dee is being so ornery and difficult making friendly lovemaking impossible. Dee Dee continues in her angry vain when she remarks that sex is important since Sara is fucking to forget Laura and Laura wants to do the same with Dee Dee to forget Sara. Laura shows her goodness again when despite all this back-biting by Dee Dee she offers to cook her a meal. She is really beginning to care for Dee Dee. I was so happy to see that Dee Dee is starting to work and has impressed her employer. Dee Dee wants a drink instead. She still has some more growing up to do I see. I chuckled over Dee Dee whining about it being Friday and needing a stiff drink to start the weekend. I love how Laura through all this keeps focusing on the body of Dee Dee [I just wish I could throw a sweater or a smock or something over that beautiful body of yours so I wouldn't have to look at it and die to touch you, Laura thought. And I thought Charise had beautiful skin. I can hardly bear to look at your back, Dee Dee. And your neck . . . and your collarbones . . . and your delicious smooth chest. I want to touch you so badly.

I'm sorry I want to fuck you so much, just like all the rest.] I am so easily ensnared by a woman's beauty. I do want to fuck almost any pretty woman I meet. I long to bury my face in their sweet pussy and ass.

Another cute chuckle when Dee Dee is trying to grab the freshly made drink to gulp it down and Laura having to brush her hand away to make a toast. Dee Dee has a one-track mind sometimes. Ah, that sweet communication, a little binding of souls [Now Laura handed her the glass. "How about 'To your success in getting your life back together'?" Dee Dee grinned at her, one of her rare grins. "I guess I can drink to that."] She is making Dee Dee smile more and more. I Love It. She is helping Dee Dee overcome her inner demons. I can only hope it continues. I always love how Laura has by now convinced herself that no sweet sex is to occur between them. Dee Dee did seem to make it clear. Now we see that Dee Dee was merely yanking her chain. Dee Dee may feel some pain about people truly desiring her but she needs Laura in her arms ["I meant what I said in the car," Dee Dee said in a soft, distant voice. "About what?" Dee Dee's dark, intense eyes caught Laura's and held them. "About her not being as good as you. The woman in Berkeley."] Dee Dee may be conflicted but [She doesn't like it that everyone wants to fuck her, but she sure likes having power over them, making them gawk and beg. Including me.] Every woman likes having this power over the women in her life. I love the famous "Laura blush" and Laura saying she thought there would be no sex between them.

Dee Dee now pushes down a spaghetti strap and then the other making her dress hover above her breast just waiting to slip off. They now spare again over Sara. Dee Dee I think is trying to get Laura to focus on her and start forgetting Sara. Dee Dee feels she is enough for Laura. Dee Dee is willing to accept for now that she is number two. I think she feels that soon she can change things if she can just get Laura to love her sexually. To make love to her with wild abandon. Plus, with her getting more focused as she gets her life back together will maker her more dangerous in a way. It will be interesting to see how things work out. Another cute moment when Dee Dee tries to finagle another drink out of Laura. Laura becomes exasperated ["Dee Dee! That's like prostituting yourself for . . . merely for liquor."]

You now bring up the interesting dynamic of not wanting to kiss your lover. I always want my women in all ways but I can understand Laura here. Dee Dee has been very exasperating and been outright mean to Laura and the love of her life, Sara. Kissing is so intimate I can see Laura not wanting to do this in the past. Dee Dee didn't seem to want it either. Seeing Sara with her new love makes Laura want to share all with Sara's rival for her affections. Also, I am a complete sucker for the woman trying to better herself. I have thought a few women were pure bitches at first until I got to know them. Sometimes first impressions are not correct. I am so happy I didn't deprive myself of their wonderful sweet bodies. Such sweet mouth watering pussies they had. Dee Dee can't help but testing Laura with declarations of Laura really wanting Sara. Kind of reminds me of Shontay making Laura literally fight her to prove her love to her. I love Laura's reaction ["Are you trying to make me angry?" Laura suddenly exclaimed, growing exasperated.] It does get tiring being tested.

You now give us more wonderful dialog of them sparing over who Laura really wants and Dee Dee proclaiming that the right woman (Laura) can make her come and come. The edge closer as they spare until they feel each other's breath. Tasting each other's sweet breath. All this verbal foreplay has the desired affect [Even though their teeth were colliding and bumping and clattering together, almost enough to cause pain, as they tried to swallow each other, Laura raised both hands to Dee Dee's face, releasing her exquisite breast momentarily, and held her silky black cheeks between her palms while she purposely slowed the pace, slowing her tongue, sucking Dee Dee's lips sensually, cooing softly to her, finally melding their open mouths in a long, searching, expressive kiss that seemed never to stop. Dee Dee yielded, astonishing Laura almost more than anything. She became pliant and soft, letting Laura kiss her, not trying to break it off, finally wriggling so that the other half of her dress fell too, while still kissing Laura back.] You capture perfectly both the dynamic of that initial rushing together of your mouths in absolute hunger and trying to swallow your lover's tongue. Then you show how it almost always evolves into a sweet dance of love in your mouths. I so dearly love sucking my lover's lips and running my tongue all around her mouth, playing with her lips and ramming my tongue down her throat. I love how this deep kissing illicts such sweet moans from our bodies and how plaint it makes my lovers just like you detail. They become putty in your fingers. I love all sex, but I would be lost without kissing.

As I have often noted, you are the only author to show how lovemaking can have such varied rhythms. It is not always full speed ahead. Here we have Dee Dee getting very excited and wanting to simply devour Laura's mouth with raw lust but Laura controls the situation and slows it back down and they continue their serpentine dance of love in their mouths. I just clinched thinking of Dee Dee's long tongue spending long minutes dueling with my tongue and snaking into my mouth to feast in my waiting orifice. I know my knees would be weak with need. Again you show how you can actually do several things at one time [But again Laura backed off, slowing it down, again curving her lips into Dee Dee's, sliding the tip of her tongue along the wet crease between her lower gum and her lip. At the same time, her thumbs and forefingers found Dee Dee's soft nipples, twisting and pinching them gently until the centers thickened and the areolas tightened.] Other authors just don't show this.

When they finally pull apart Dee Dee is breathless and exclaims that no one has kissed her like this since high school. No wonder she has become jaded. Guys being typical were only interested in her pussy. Had to chuckle that Dee Dee continues to mention Sara. She just can't stop competing. Laura gives her a somewhat hard love bite and threatens more if she won't stop. I can feel Laura's exasperation with this name dropping. Cute dialog with Dee Dee asking for a drink and some hot fucking. I always love your dialog between your lovers.

I am right there with Laura as they half run down the hall to the bedroom and Laura is watching Dee Dee's little doves bounce and jiggle. Dee Dee is soon naked with her already lack of clothing and then she ["Here, let me help with that," Dee Dee murmured, after kicking off her sandals, now completely naked. She took over unbuttoning Laura's blouse. It was a surprisingly intimate gesture and caught Laura off guard. She and Dee Dee had in the past never treated one another so tenderly. They had fucked heatedly, yes. Certainly more roughly, more perversely, with more scorching recklessness, than Laura had ever dared with Sara. But they had always sparred with each other, never daring to get too close emotionally.] I am amazed at how you are changing Dee Dee before our very eyes. I always pull for the underdog and felt for Dee Dee in the previous chapters when we saw flashes of her vulnerability. Now it is coming front and center and it is just showing her in such a more positive light. You are simply a masterful storyteller that you can make these revelations happen so naturally in the flow of the story. Dee Dee is slowly starting to worm into Laura's heart and thus mine. That is just so tender, that moment where Laura bends down and kisses Dee Dee's forehead as she is unbuttoning Laura's blouse. I think Dee Dee is genuinely touched by this intimate gesture.

I love how your women just continue to actually talk to each other. Other writers don't ever (except for a few exceptions) give this talking. I love to talk to my women. I hate the silence other authors impose on their characters. I always love it when Laura's loves her women and they say another woman (here Deshona) fucked them well but that Laura is the best. I love how Dee Dee revels in Laura being turned on by her black body. I know I am. I love this comment by Dee Dee [She felt Dee Dee's warm lips on the smooth skin of her flat belly. "Does it make your little pink clit just throb and tingle?" "God, yes!"] I am so thankful that I have discovered a writer who knows that the spoken word is its own aphrodisiac. I love Laura knowing that Dee Dee must be inhaling her divine musk as she bends over to remove her panties.

Now we get to an exciting twist. Dee Dee requests that she be blindfolded. I have done this a few times when a lover really wants me to do this. I want to use all my senses and thus it doesn't do as much for me but I always want to please my lover if possible. I can understand the thrill though. Not seeing your lover and thus not knowing exactly what is next. I do feel this myself I just don't get the charge that others get. Maria really likes this from time to time. For her it makes her feel totally helpless which she craves. They find a silk white scarf and Laura loves the color contrast between it and Dee Dee's black fingers as she holds it. Dee Dee now opens Laura's drawer of goodies and picks out the handcuffs. Oh Yeah. Laura herself grabs the ribbed strap-on. I see divine fucking on the way.

Dee Dee smirks at Laura and gets on the bed [Dee Dee smirked at her, the I-know-what-you-want-to-do smirk. Without replying, she walked back to the bed and stretched out on her back with her arms spread. Looking suggestively at Laura, she carefully snapped the ring of the first pair of handcuffs to one of her wrists, then snapped one of the fur-lined cuffs to her other wrist. Her lovely, small, black, naked breasts jiggled while she did this, making Laura's blood pound harder.] This is so hot and shows clearly that Dee Dee is leading this slightly kinky sex. She wants to be made vulnerable. This shows her complete trust in Laura. I wonder if she has ever trusted another enough to be made this vulnerable. Her jaded demeanor makes me think not. Dee Dee requests that Laura finish her immobilization. I love how she keeps asking if Laura is going to "fuck her." That is just so cute.

I love how I never know what little detail you are going to hit me with next like [She licked the bottom fullness of Dee Dee's naked breast teasingly, and Dee Dee was gripped by a sudden shiver. "Oh!"] You are absolutely the only author that really kisses a woman in areas other than her face, breast and groin. Laura now kisses up from Dee Dee's breast to her shoulder and down her arm to her wrist to then handcuff it to the bedpost. I am so thankful to find a writer who writes real life. It would get very boring, almost I fear like het sex, if we lesbians only concentrated on the areas that ninety-nine percent of men do. While latching the handcuff Laura's breast is in Dee Dee's face and she really tries to get at Laura's nipples as they brush her face. Laura pulls away since she wants to be in total control ["Oh, but you can't do that," Laura panted too. "You are my sex slave . . ." She clicked the other handcuff shut on the opposite bedpost. "You are completely mine . . . and I can lick you all over and make you beg." "Oh god . . . Laura . . ." Dee Dee suddenly half-whimpered, showing more loss of control than Laura had seen from her in a long time.] I love it when your characters tell their lover what they are going to do to them. This makes me completely wet with need when it is done to me. I love it. I love how Dee Dee is getting more and more vulnerable all the time. It really does soften her character.

Now Laura does something I love to do ["Ohhhhh . . . yesssss," Laura purred, now pressing her cheek against the long, rippling black expanse of Dee Dee's phenomenal stomach, the firm, ridged abs she had rubbed her pussy so heatedly against their first time together, coming so gloriously that she could still remember nearly every second of it.] I so love to rub my cheek against a woman's body. I feel like I can feel every baby hair on her body and each minute contour. Laura is falling into a fuck trance with Dee Dee of shocking intimacy. It is amazing what seeing the real person will do to you. Seeing that Dee Dee does indeed feel and have emotions is really warming Laura towards her. Now Laura informs Dee Dee that she will be riding her hard abs to orgasm and Dee Dee can only gasp out "oh yes." I love being told what my lover is going to do to my body. I love having my abs used as means of pleasuring women. I keep them in rock hard form partially just for that. I like my physic but love the idea of women using them to pleasure themselves. Especially, since a lot of women don't do this. Now Laura really makes love to Dee Dee's belly button, which pleases Dee Dee needless to say.

You now do what I so dearly love. You flood the reader with these sweet details that are out of the mainstream of erotic fiction. You show how women make love. With lots of detours out of the main erogenous zones. I love exploring all the slopes and plains of a woman's body. That is beautiful kissing up the hips from the belly. All that sweet flesh to explore. Sigh, such beauty. I love how Laura kisses and strokes the flesh. Then she approaches heaven on Earth. She is nearing that sweet, sweet pussy. All aromatic and ready for devouring. All excited and plenty of juice to swallow in happy glee. [Now Laura began to explore, moving her lips very slowly over Dee Dee's flat, sleek belly, detouring to her hips, first one, then the other, kissing them, stroking the delightful rise of each pelvic bone, inching her lips down, breathing the sweet, unmistakable perfume of Dee Dee's frothing pussy. She wanted that pussy, she wanted it badly, she thought, while circling it with her lips, kissing Dee Dee's smooth, beautiful black skin everywhere, inhaling the wildly erotic odor of her wet, frothing, festering cunt.] Laura slowly works her way south until her chin is rubbing in Dee Dee's public hair.

Now a very interesting emotion appears. Fear. Though she and Deshona buried their faces in Dee Dee's delightful cunt last time that was getting caught up in the heat of the moment. Deshona not being warned went to town and Laura got caught up in the heat. Now that she has time to think about it she simply can't do it again. Sara's stories of VD are ringing in her ears. In a panic, she quickly moves up to Dee Dee's breast and assaults her nipples. This despite Dee Dee's obvious body language that says she is expecting some feasting on tender cunt meat. Laura love assault on her nipples initially pleases Dee Dee ["Awwonnnnggg!" Dee Dee cried out, her body bucking and jumping uncontrollably. "Oh shit . . . that feels good!"] With technique like this it is obvious why [She took Dee Dee's small, firm breasts in both hands, bunching them together, and began licking both of Dee Dee's swelling black nipples hungrily, as if to distract her from the meaning of this unexpected detour. She kissed the valley between them, and kissed each breast heatedly, then cupped one in both hands and sucked Dee Dee's wet black nipple deep into her mouth.] This is the real deal. I love breast that are just the right size to seize in each hand and be able to totally massage and work the whole breast with each hand. I love the rhythm I can setup working each breast separately and then together as I go back and forth with my mouth devouring their nipples. Again you are the only author to really give the details of breast worship. I simply amazed at how most other authors always write only that the nipples are sucked hard. I long for much more and you always provide for me.

Sweet torment like this can only go so far though when your pussy is demanding loving ministrations. Dee Dee begins to plead for Laura to get back down to her pussy and finish what she had started. Laura is now in a panic. She tries to distract Dee Dee with more breast worship but the game is up. Dee Dee finally puts two and two together ["Did Sara tell you some shit about me?" Dee Dee asked, sharply. "Did she tell you about me having VD?"] Now we learn some startling news from Dee Dee ["Oh FUCK!" Dee Dee swore. She glowered hotly at Laura, Laura knew, through the blindfold. This time her voice was low and menacing. "My pussy is as clean as a baby's pussy and has been for a year and a half. My doctor said I am completely clean, and I don't have anything to fear, and neither does anybody else!"]

I think this opens a very interesting dynamic. Sara has filled Laura with tales of Dee Dee's misspent sexual encounters. Sara made it seem like she is currently getting re-infected with VD. If it is has been eighteen months since she has been infected I think this shows she is already better than she has been in the past. Sara made it sound like this is a current problem. I don't think Sara has done anything really wrong. Sara must feel set upon having to take care of Dee Dee and her annoyance must make all of Dee Dee's mistakes seem amplified. We as persons tend to make too much of people's mistakes sometimes. Sara was being truthful in what she told Laura it is just that her situation colored reality to her. More news to cast Dee Dee in a better light. Laura is rightly worried about the moment being ruined and she turns up the heat ["I want you . . . I want you . . ." she panted, running her hands all over the girl's delicious, slender, hard, naked body, hoping to push them both past this moment.]

Now that Laura has discovered this new truth she ["I want every part of you," Laura murmured, sliding lower now, quickly sliding between Dee Dee's thighs again, and then pressing her mouth to Dee Dee's wet, inflamed pussy before either one of them could revert to the angry moment that had just occurred. "I want your beautiful pussy."] I love how she wastes no time in burying her face in that wonderful pussy. I so love pussy I would have had a hard time resisting if I had already tempted the fates once in the past. Now Laura can feast with peace of mind and she gives us another of those wonderful descriptions of a woman's love swollen vagina [Now she could enjoy its beauty completely. Unlike her sister Sara's small, plump pussySara's outer cunt lips were the thickest Laura could rememberDee Dee's was another long dark masterpiece, not unlike Charise's, in which Laura had been burying her face only days earlier. The outer lips were not puffed up at all but merely long, sheltering folds encasing the wavy black glistening petals of her inner pussy, which was absolutely swimming in warm juice, and deeper red inside than most, almost ruby red. It was also delightfully tangy and tart to Laura's tongue, which she burrowed in as deeply as it would go.] I will never tire on you giving us these loving descriptions of each of these women's vaginas. I get so tired of reading other stories and never knowing what their vaginas look like. I mean for a lesbian this is where we spend the majority of our time. We are oral by nature and thus get an up close view and I want to have that view given to me. I so love to view a pussy up close and see all those glorious details and variations that make each pussy unique.

As Laura slowly turns up the heat with much divine cunt munching we hear Dee Dee ["Unh . . . unh!" Dee Dee panted, twisting, legs twitching and jerking as Laura turned up the heat. "Oh! I never . . . came this way . . . by licking, I mean . . . until that woman . . . I told you about . . . unhhh! Oh Laura! Ungghhh!"] I love that she is being exposed to this wonderful new world that totally destroys the het world of sex. I love how she loves this lack of control and has to get her comments out between heaving breaths of excitement. You now give me the details of pussy worship like you give me breast worship [And yet she couldn't let herself give in to it quickly. She knew from the way Dee Dee was moaning and pumping and grinding her hips that it would be an easy matter to make her come in seconds. But she wanted to enjoy this long, wavy, juicy black pussy forever and lick the glistening, ruby-red inner flesh until the end of time. Dee Dee was a copious lubricator, and the warm, tangy nectars flooding her pussy seemed almost to trickle down Laura's adventurous tongue into her throat. She slurped and swallowed them thirstily, now turning her palm up so that she could probe the inner wall of Dee Dee's pussy with her fingertips more easily.] Other authors always have their characters move full speed ahead while you show how we always want to prolong our pleasure when giving. We want to lie there and gobble down all that love cream pumping out a love swollen cunt. Feeling that pelvis working your head as it bucks. I love women who give me plenty of cunt cream to lap up like a cat. I love dragging out my pussy eating until you sense it is time to take them to heaven. It seems that Laura is being competitive again and is seeking a g-spot orgasm to give a better orgasm than the Czechoslovakian woman.

Now you show how ones plans don't always come about. Dee Dee's body announces in clear evidence that it is about to orgasm. Laura will have to try another time. Now, again, you show something that I have never seen anywhere but in your literature. Dee Dee has a little trouble falling over the edge. Dee Dee needs a little help here. Some women need that little extra effort to achieve orgasm. I never have that problem. I have to worry with holding off. My clit has a hair trigger way to often. I need an orgasm or two sometimes just to get control. I am so happy that this delay in orgasm is natural and not drugged induced. Hopefully, between Sara and Laura they can get Dee Dee straightened out (not the het way fates forbid). Hopefully, Dee Dee will continue exploring her true lesbian self. Dee Dee is slowly healing. I hope her train doesn't jump the tracks with this recovering. Laura being a woman quickly picks up on this and also being a woman focuses her entire being on producing a soul shattering orgasm [Laura gave up probing and concentrated quickly on raising the heat level to the point of no return. Again she turned her palm down and simply began fucking Dee Dee's sweet, tight, very slick pussy with her fingers, and tonguing and sucking the girl's clit urgently at the same time. Here it is, here it is! she kept thinking, trying to transmit this confidence to Dee Dee through her mouth, through her plunging fingers. It's here, honey, it's here!] Lesbians just naturally want to give every ounce of pleasure to our partners that we humanely possibly can. I so love how you detail pounding your fingers deep into a clenching cunt with your mouth glued to a throbbing clit, pistoning it through your loving lips with gentle love tugs.

The payoff arrives with much jerking and thrashing of Dee Dee's body with divine screams of rapture ["Awwwonnngggnnngghiiieeee!" she suddenly screamed, then subsided into more shuddering, accompanied by tight, pinched off whimpers deep in her chest. "Ohhnnnnn!" she finally moaned again, after the worst (or best) had passed.] I so long to hear screams of exctacy. Such sweet music to my ears. Love how Dee Dee has a delayed spasm of rapture from her love plundered cunt. A little extra gift of divine pleasure. Laura says it all here ["I love making you come like that," she purred to her, finally sliding up Dee Dee's body, removing the blindfold with her fingers so that they could see each other.]

You now have that interesting fact of looking into a woman's eyes during and after orgasm. I think that a woman's soul is so exposed after this complete lowering of all barriers. You so often see such love and gratitude and you just fall into these portals to their sweet souls and just drown in the essence that is her soul. I love seeing her face destroyed by pleasure and then that transport to bliss. It is such a bonding moment. This is evidenced here. In the past Laura and Dee Dee have been very antagonistic but now [Dee Dee, whose eyes were often vacant, who could make you wonder hard about how she had got a Master's Degree when she often seemed barely there, her vacant stare a sign of deep abstraction, or some congenital stupefaction, or a brain flayed and perforated by too many drugs, looked up into Laura's eyes and smiled. Her dark eyes were still throbbing in the aftermath of a sharp orgasm, but at the bottom of them Laura could see more than she ever had before: a sweet, frightened, but also immensely happy young girl whose needs were sometimes too complex even for her to understand.] You are so right, this is the one time that all defenses are down and you can see the inner essence of a woman. I try not to hide myself but others do and it so cool to see that vulnerable person that so many of us hide. Dee Dee has totally changed for me. She was kind in the Taneesha category but she is moving into one of Laura's true warm lovers that you want to spend time with and share of yourself with.

I always love it when a woman exclaims that Laura is absolutely the best. It is nice to see that again Laura is the "bomb". After Laura uncuffs her, Dee Dee wants to know if Laura is going to "fuck" her. Dee Dee needs to be pounded. I love how she thinks. But Laura has built up a need and announces [Laura unlocked both sets of handcuffs before replying. "Darling," she said, her voice husky and low and smoking, "I am going to fuck you from here to the moon and back. But first . . . I got a little aroused myself doing that . . . and I want these." She ran her fingertips over the smooth, rippling muscles of Dee Dee's stomach.] Oh yeah, I love having my stomach used as a rutting tool. It is so clear that Dee Dee has started working out again, getting her abs even harder. I love the faith this shows. Dee Dee is working out not sure she will be making love to Laura in the future, but she has hope deep down. I am so happy her dreams have been answered. Dee Dee needs to show all her future lesbian lovers this way of fucking.

Laura mounts Dee Dee but before she can get her cunt glued to Dee Dee's abs Dee Dee requests that Laura feed her one of her breast. Laura is happy to comply and is soon swooning with intense pleasure as Dee Dee first licks it and then sucks it deep into her loving mouth. I love lesbian love because in giving your lover pleasure we are actually giving pleasure back to ourselves. Dee Dee is in heaven sucking Laura's nipples and all this pleasure is through the act of giving it. We lesbians get so much of our pleasure through giving. Laura is a little kinky herself and wants a little teeth action. Dee Dee gives her some nips, which ignites Laura's by now sopping cunt. Love that playful snarling by Dee Dee. She is starting to show more and more humor. Finally, Laura can't resist any longer [She had enough self-control left to reach down and spread her already puckering cunt lips open before letting her whole dripping, aching crotch come into contact with the smooth hard ripples of Dee Dee's fantastic stomach. The sweet, intense sensation was nearly overpowering.]

Oh yeah, I love that cunt to hard muscle contact. Dodie has such abs and a few of her lovers have such abs. Dodie has a small gym over the garage that she basically uses to workout and seduce women. Poor husband has no idea. He is happy traveling all the time and fucking his flings thinking his wife is so dutiful waiting for him. Fucking jerk. As you know by now I will trib just about any part of a woman's body. I have rubbed by cunt on many a woman's belly but while I always love it, few are truly supreme because of that lack of hardness. It is like rubbing your pussy and clit on silk. Pleasurable, but something is missing. That something is what you capture here. That feeling of your raw cunt hitting rock hard muscle and all the delicious friction that causes. Dodie and a weightlifter lover of hers, Polly, give me the washboard I need to have soul screaming orgasms. Plus, they have the strength to really upthrust and grab my hips and grind me down with awesome power.

One other story had this pussy to stomach fucking and it had no details. Just that the woman fucked herself until orgasm. I finally found another author who writes this and no details. I was totally bummed. You on the other hand [Laura was shaking, but she forced herself to get control of the muscles in her quivering body and began to slide her pussy up and down slowly across the phenomenal smooth ridges. She could feel each one glide past the wet, exposed flesh of her pussy and even feel the hard little berry of her clit throb when it nudged and mashed into one of Dee Dee's firm muscles. Oh shit . . . I am going to come so hard! she realized. I am just going to die here.] Of course I love feeling my cunt feeling this but conversely I love feeling a woman's cunt moving over my stomach muscles. I just love feeling that little impact as her cunt hits each muscle. I can just feel my stomach getting all slathered up and with the copious lubricators their juices running off my stomach in rivulets to soak underneath me. I love looking up at their face and the exctacy this produces in them. All those jolts of pleasure.

Laura needs a little rough treatment here and begs Dee Dee to bite her nipples harder. I love two things here. First, I love the rough factor as you know but I also love that Dee Dee only slowly increases the pressure she is using. She is gauging her affect on Laura. She is new to this and Laura's body and is making sure she only gives as much as Laura wants. Again, just a woman being in tune with her lover. Thank you for showing this so clearly. Hopefully, some men are reading this and actually seeing the truth here. Maybe they will read this and not be so selfish in their ways. Dee Dee senses she can increase Laura's pleasure by [And now, knowing what Laura wanted, she began to undulate and clench her body under Laura, at the same time holding Laura's hips in her hands and rubbing Laura's slippery cunt roughly up and down over her hard abs.] This style of fucking is all about friction and Dee Dee is learning how to deliver maximum pleasure. Dee Dee continues her gentle biting and [It was almost as if she were fucking Laura now, instead of the reverse. Dee Dee clenched her stomach muscles to make them harder than ever, then pushed her torso up into Laura's lunging, urgent thrusts.] Oh geez, my cunt is spasming just feeling those muscles tormenting my cunt to a womb destroying orgasm.

After an especially effective nipple bite and deep love suck [But it was not so much from pain, in spite of what Dee Dee might think, as a reaction to the lightning bolt of sexual fire that shot completely through Laura's body just after Dee Dee's teeth pulled back. And the sharp sucking afterward only heightened the effect. Laura was crushed by a fierce upwelling orgasm. It seemed to rise up from the place where her oily, aching cunt lips were stuck to Dee Dee's ridged midriff and spread like a radiating explosion throughout her body, wrenching her, killing her with sweet, ferocious ecstasy.] Please, please never stop making your orgasms so unique and breath taking. I get so tired of other authors taking the easy way out and just saying they came hard and always have them scream words out in all caps. They have no variations just a numbing sameness. You show how each orgasm is alone unto itself and thus to be treasured deeply.

I love how they just remain locked together with Laura's spent body pressed down on Dee Dee. Dee Dee is making no move to get Laura off her. I think she must be like me. She loves feeling that heavy weight of her spent lover pressing her down into the bed. All that warm, slicked flesh pressing down into me. I especially love this kind of sex because I usually have my abdomen completely slavered in love juice. I love feeling that wetness enveloping my torso. Especially if they are copious lubricators like Dee Dee and myself and juices have run off my abdomen and did little rivulets over my side and wetting the bed underneath me. I really love that for some reason.

Once Laura has recovered, Dee Dee once more requests that she be "fucked". She needs a good ramming. I do wonder if she is forgetting the Sara issue and is innocently mentioning her name. I sort of think she does forget the situation. She is nowhere the cynic I thought she was. My head just lulled to the side with this [As if to seal this moment of intimacy, and block out all thoughts of rivals, ex-lovers, broken hearts, petty jealousies, Laura embraced Dee Dee lovingly, again sliding on top of her but this time rubbing their naked bodies together sensually, and kissed her long and deep. She could still feel the stickiness of the warm juices her cunt had exuded gluing their stomachs together as they kissed.] I always love how Laura blocks out everything and concentrates on Dee Dee. Worrying about past events will solve nothing. I now love what I like to call the serpentine dance of love. That coiling of bodies and then tongues; feeling all that warm flesh sliding together made even nicer feeling with all that love juice still on Dee Dee's stomach. That would have me swooning. I would be tempted to lick her stomach clean of my own juices. Yumm!!! I would give her the cat lapping up milk routine.

I had to smile with Dee Dee being so proud of Laura slurping her cunt with no fear of disease. I can't blame Dee Dee here for calling Sara a bitch. Sara did not make the situation completely clear to Laura. Dee Dee now requests a gentle fucking of her asshole. It seems she remembers Deshona's violent pounding of her ass to make her come in her drug coma. Dee Dee loved it, but desires some gentleness and love with this fuck. I love how you spend two paragraphs describing the beauty of Dee Dee's back and ass. You so love the complete woman. Other authors have never done this at all. This I feel comfortable enough to say no other author has loved a woman's body like you. Now Dee Dee adds to the heat with this little love taunt [Dee Dee knew that it was special, and she wiggled it at Laura suggestively. "You dirty old lady, you want to stick that long thing in my black ass, don't you," she said to Laura, her dark eyes glinting with bold invitations. "You want to fuck me like a man would fuck me."] This would really be firing me up to fuck her real well with my strap-on.

We discover that Dee Dee has many sexual nerves endings in her rectum. She almost always reaches orgasm with a good ass fucking. I too can almost always come with a good ass fucking. You never stop fortunately with these great little details ["It's really the most beautiful one I've ever seen," Laura said softly, running her fingers down to the bulging underside of one spherical globe. True, there were a few others, but Laura was not going to quibble. "I want to fuck it bad."] Dee Dee tells Laura to cuff and blindfold her again. Oh Yeah!! I love how Laura tells Dee Dee how they can use the cuffs together to give more range of motion. I like both ways. It is nice to able to move around more but I love that immobility and the helplessness it causes me. Also, the latter if done taunt really stretches me out and I love that tightness in my torso. That is such a true observation that when you hear those clicks of the cuffs it is so fucking exciting. Another truism is how being cuffed does tend to make the most fiery woman docile like you detail here [Dee Dee, who was not exactly a shy wallflower, suddenly became doe-like and docile, looking up at Laura in passive obedience as Laura took the scarf and began to blindfold her again. Maybe this is part of her charm, on top of this spectacular body, that gets these men, and now women, in her thrall, Laura thought. Me included. I should have just turned away from the lethal Dee Dee at the very first chance. And now look at me. I'm as deeply involved with her as I can get.] You are able to capture such emotions in the middle of hot fucking sex. I am totally amazed. Joann wants some sub action from time to time and she will get completely docile herself when you are tying or cuffing her up though she usually makes a show of initial resistance. She likes to be conquered. I guess one just can't help it, this becoming docile. I know I love it.

I had to smile when Laura calls her Demetra and Dee Dee begs her not to since this is what Sara calls her when angry. Laura will be tormented by Sara's name being dropped it seems. Now Laura starts her loving like the lesbian she is. A guy would just go for the ass but a lesbian [But she did not stop kissing and caressing Dee Dee's naked back. In fact, she really gave it the works, massaging Dee Dee's firm muscles and kissing the long, shallow groove between her shoulder blades, working her fingers into the smooth flesh, making Dee Dee smile and moan with pleasure. "I love your back . . . and I love your beautiful ass," Laura purred, moving lower, now filling her hands with the round, hard, bulging globes of Dee Dee's incredible ass, digging her fingers into the spongy flesh, watching the deeply black skin around the edges of her pale fingers shine and stretch.] Women want so much more. We want the whole body and thus their soul. Only by making love to the complete woman can you truly open the doors to her heart. Only by making love to the whole woman do all the defenses drop and you can see the soul like

Laura did earlier with Dee Dee. Again, I thank you for showing me how a woman's back is an area worthy of intimate exploration. My lovers have just cooed while I massaged, stroked, licked and kissed their complete back and neck. Love that detail of Laura sinking her fingers into that heavenly spongy ass.

I love how you detail that you don't just go for the anal candy. You slowly work your way into the crack. Massaging the moons and slowly parting them and zeroing in on the rosebud of anal love. That detail of gently rubbing the sphincter is so FUCKING hot. That really sets my ass and blood on fire. Laura now gets her always ready baby oil and produces one of those moments only you create [Carefully, she opened the little bottle and swabbed the shaft with oil. Then, while there was still some on her fingers, she slid them between Dee Dee's marvelous firm buns, finding her little closed anus and slipping one finger into it. "Unh!" Dee Dee half-grunted, snuffling into the sheet, then turning her head, looking in Laura's direction, as she had done earlier, though she could see nothing because of the blindfold.] Love feeling that finger worming its way past my tight sphincter. I just so Fucking Love It. Love Dee Dee's grunts of pleasure. You always remember to show what the woman receiving is feeling. Other authors never really show that supreme moment of penetration.

Laura works in another finger working the sphincter loose as you show here ["Oh yes . . . oh yes!" Dee Dee panted, feeling it open, as did Laura, feeling the tight muscles give way as the passage enlarged.] Oh yeah, some nice spoon action [Laura rolled her onto her side and settled in behind her, pulling up on Dee Dee's top buttock to open the crack. Then she slowly began to inch the shaft of the dildo into Dee Dee's ass. Dee Dee whimpered, then panted rapidly. Laura could feel her flesh stiffen as the first couple of inches penetrated her. Laura eased up for a few moments, her hips remaining motionless, only her hands moving.] I just feel like I can get maximum penetration plus my lover can really get her body close to me and I get maximum skin contact, which I always crave. Love how you show Dee Dee having to get over that initial penetration which usually produces some pain or at least initial discomfort. I have always loved the pain because I know that soon it will be replaced with divine pleasure. I so love have having my asshole taken. Laura as usual is completely in tune with her lover and pauses to let Dee Dee get acclimated with this sweet invasion.

Now Laura does that clasping I so love [Laura clasped her now, pushing her own breasts into Dee Dee's wonderful naked back, running her hands up the fantastic abs she had just fucked her pussy to paradise on, until they reached Dee Dee's marvelous small breasts. God, I didn't get to suck these enough, she thought, tweaking Dee Dee's tightening nipples, rolling them in her fingers, pinching them lightly.] Laura is loving the whole woman like lesbians do by instinct. Dee Dee comes to life and starts to swirl her ass back into Laura's stalk. She really gets off on the ridges sliding past her rectum. I wonder if she is clamping down on the inward strokes to make her sphincter really grip and thus ripple over those ridges. I had to smile at Dee Dee screaming out that they feel like heaven. I love screams like that. Makes me know I am doing it right.

I love how Laura has to work but does succeed in finally slowing down the dynamic to prolong this heavenly fuck. I would want to bury my cock in this wonderful ass for hours if I could. Love how Laura finally sinks it all the way balls deep [For several minutes now they did precisely what Dee Dee had requested. By slowly thrusting, sliding it deeper, Laura finally got the entire dildo into Dee Dee's tight ass. She could feel the tops of her own thighs pressing against the glorious hard moons of Dee Dee's bottom. Dee Dee, though nearly paralyzed by the intense pleasure, was pliant and relaxed, her mouth grimacing a little, but often melting into a half-smile too.] Love working my thighs to my woman's ass. I can't get any deeper than that. Love how you never forget to show the reader the pleasure of the woman receiving pleasure. Other authors forget this until they have them scream once and usually only once when the orgasm happens. No signs or hints of sublime pleasure before then. Kind of makes me wonder why these women even fuck to begin with. Other authors make their sex seem like it only happens in spurts and starts and instead of just flowing and flooding the body with continuous pleasure.

After minutes of this slow patient fucking with nipple play from Laura, nature starts to take its course. They can't help but start to accelerate their rhythm of love. Laura starts to mouth sweet obscenities to Dee Dee ["I love your body . . . I love your beautiful ass . . . I love fucking your beautiful ass . . . I want to fuck it forever . . . I don't want this to stop . . . I want to fuck you everywhere . . . I want to fuck every part of you . . . I love this . . ."] I so love using the word fuck in my love making. I can't help myself. Laura tries to keep it slow but Dee Dee is being driven insane with pleasure and wants it to increase. I love to be fucked slow but I can usually only last so long before I need faster and harder like Dee Dee here ["Oh! Oh god . . . I think I want to go faster!" Dee Dee whimpered. "Fuck me deeper . . . yes! Ungghh! Awwonnggg!" she howled as Laura complied and plunged the dildo deeper into her ass. "Yes . . . deeper! Awwonnggg!"] I so long to drive my women wild with need like this. I love howling my pleasure like Dee Dee is here. I want my lovers to know what they are doing to me. I so believe that verbal communication adds so much to love making. My womb always quivers with desire when you write of plunging a dildo deep into a wet cunt or quiver asshole.

I love how you show the work that Laura is putting into keeping the rhythm slow. Laura is fighting the tide of Dee Dee's need. I am so happy with the sounds of their lovemaking that has nothing to do with the women themselves. The sound of the bedsprings getting a good work out. The sounds of the handcuffs clinking and scraping. This is details that others never give but allow you to get the whole ambiance of the lovemaking. Love the detail of Laura reaching down to swirl Dee Dee's clit and feeling that berry work under your fingers. Then she plunges two fingers up her hot tight pussy. I so love how you always keep the reader aware of what is happening in the lovemaking. It is the details that make sex divine like this [Dee Dee's pretty black cunt was running like a river, and Laura rubbed both it and her clit while beginning to fuck her asshole a little faster, a little harder.] With details like this I can feel her warm juices on my fingers and my dildo plunging deeper and deeper up her tight asshole.

Laura has to hold the dildo as the plunging gets more wild. Don't want to lose that rhythm will getting the dildo back up her ass. Laura loves to revel in her senses like I do. Laura glances down to see as much of the dildo as she can sliding up into Dee Dee's tender rectum and tender bowels. Laura revels in the increasing animalistic moans she producing in Dee Dee. I so love hearing my woman sound like an animal in heat. Reducing her to instinctive fucking. Stripping away her higher thought processes. Dee Dee cries out what she needs ["Do it harder!" Dee Dee panted, now in a guttural, half-crazed voice, twisting her body back and up into Laura's probing forward jabs. "Deeper . . . and harder . . ." she panted. "Oh yes! Do it deeper, Laura! Oh shit, it feels so good!"] She is getting closer to a soul crushing anal orgasm that will rip her soul apart with the deepest pleasure possible. Laura is always adding pleasure with clit rubbing and egging Dee Dee on with whispers of love.

Dee Dee now gives a clear signal as to what she wants [Suddenly, she twisted her body in such a way that she was lying completely face down, forcing Laura to rise up behind her if she didn't want the dildo to slip out completely. Now Dee Dee uptilted her ass, presenting Laura with a perfect drilling target. Laura was no anal virgin either and knew exactly what she wanted.] Dee Dee is no anal virgin and is with her body telling Laura to rise up above her and get the angle to where she can drill straight down into her asshole. I love doing the same thing when I am sitting on the edge of a sofa and bringing my legs up and placing my ankles on the cushions with a slight tilt of the pelvis to present my asshole to my woman. There can only be one message here: plunge your cock deep and hard up my waiting asshole. Make me grimace and groan in pain followed soon by screams of exctacy.

It was very interesting and pleasant to read that Laura has grown to where she doesn't need to revenge fuck Dee Dee here. She has grown beyond that need for retribution. Laura has learned to revel in the here and now. Once she realizes this, Laura [And that was all it took to nudge Laura over the edge. Still clutching the slippery, ridged shaft with the fingers of her right hand, she leaned forward over Dee Dee, slipping her other hand around Dee Dee's pelvis and into her crotch at the same time. Almost in the same instant, she drove the dildo deep into Dee Dee's ass, and grabbed her pussy, sinking two fingers into the warm, gooey trench and almost crushing Dee Dee's clit with her palm.] Laura is listening to her lover and giving her the rough ass fucking she is dying to receive. Love the cunt stimulation. Women always adjust to what their lover needs because we actually listen to our love and long to give her what she needs. Men are simply too selfish for this.

Oh god, my breath just caught and my cunt spasmed with [But Laura barely gave her a chance to say anything else. Almost in one fluid motion, she drew the shaft out, then plunged it in deep again. Dee Dee howled. "Ooowwnngghh!"] After I have been loosened up, I love to have that cock taken out to the very edge and plunged back through my sphincter and up my bowels. It drives my fucking insane with pleasure. It is just so fucking hot to read. Wow!! Dee Dee can't help but swoon with the rough cunt rubbing and plunging with wild stabs up her asshole. There can only be one end for the glorious fucking; a glorious wrenching orgasm that causes these divine vocalizations ["Annngghnnniiiggggiieeee!" Dee Dee cried out as the air finally poured back into her lungs. "OOOWWWNNGGHHIIIEEEEE!"] I so love watching my lover being destroyed by a killer orgasm and watching them slowly fade away [Her second shriek, startling Laura, was much louder and more piercing than her first. The spasms hit her one after one, spaced about one second apart. Laura counted four violent quakes, then felt Dee Dee's body slackening, still twitching, but growing weaker.] I again so thank you for showing us these women's orgasms with such clarity. All others keep it boringly brief except one, but unfortunately they are almost exactly the same and have thus become boring. Yours are each a freaking miracle to themselves. I have no idea how many of your orgasms I have basked in but I have yet found one to mirror any of the others. For that you have my supreme gratitude.

You give us the sweet time of Dee Dee coming down from her orgasm high and then Laura gets out of her harness and commences some serious post coital time [Laura scooted sideways off the bed to slide out of the harness. Then she slid up to Dee Dee again, unable to resist the chance to press her entire body against Dee Dee's as she unknotted the scarf that covered the girl's eyes. She let it fall away and kissed her hungrily, surprised at herself for this spontaneous surge of affection. It was mixed with lust, though, which had percolated within Laura's body while she was administering this heavenly ass fuck to Dee Dee.] I so love kissing hungrily and squeezing my lover's spent body to mine after I have seriously fucked her to heaven and back. Divine fucks like this can't help but build up deep affection for your woman. Great sex does bring you closer, especially when you are discovering that a person is real after all. A person that you can truly like and have deep affection for.

You now have some delicious verbal interchange between them where we see their bonding only increasing. Laura is allowing herself to feel more toward Dee Dee now that she thinks Sara is truly lost. Also, we have Dee Dee wondering if she can give a rough fucking back to Laura, since she likes to be on the receiving end. Interesting to see Dee Dee seeming still solemn. I guest she doesn't smile easily. As long as she is nice it doesn't really matter all that much though it can cause lack of confidence during the rough times. I love Laura's comment about not being sure about the blindfold because she likes to see her women while she is fucking. I am touched when this touches Dee Dee herself. I don't think that anyone has ever treated Dee Dee like an individual in the bedroom. I think she has been treated like a piece of ass only and is shocked to be treated like a woman who is truly important. I love it.

Dee Dee offers to try and give Laura a rough fuck but Laura wants something else at this time [Laura shook her head. "Maybe later. Right now, I can't wait. I'm so close. I want you to eat me and fuck me. I'm so close."] More of that lovers communicating their needs and desires that I so love. Ah, nothing like a passionate attack that causes a quick orgasm [And in fact it took only two or three more minutes for Laura to come. Dee Dee, while not an expert yet, made up for it in enthusiasm. She slid down Laura's body and began to suck and lick Laura's inflamed pussy so passionately that Laura was quickly carried away by a fierce, hot whirlwind of ecstasy. She grabbed Dee Dee's head and pulled it into her streaming pussy, bucking and arching, and splitting the air with her happy cries. It was all over in four minutes.] Nice truism about a newbie still working on her skill set but whose wild enthusiasm makes up for it. The skill will come soon enough. I love Laura grabbing the back of Dee Dee's head and jamming her cunt up into Dee Dee's loving mouth with cries of exctacy.

Now in that post coital time you can ask the questions you might not ask another time. Laura asks why Dee Dee spilled the beans and we discover that indeed she was in a drugged up state and just fucked up. I think they are both truly sorry for the past but are willing to try and put it behind them and shoot for the future. They banter some more with Dee Dee being touched yet once more [Laura found a spare robe for Dee Dee in her closet, and one for herself. She tossed one to Dee Dee. "Cover up. All that beautiful bare black flesh sets my pussy on fire." "Oh Laura, you say the sweetest things," Dee Dee smiled back saucily. "Bet if I don' get too drunk, you gon' fuck me some more, right?"] I so love this gentle dialog that mirrors real life. I know they will be fucking more this given night and maybe over the weekend. Dee Dee can never be as close as Sara to Laura but it will be interesting to see where their relationship goes. Just something else to revel in and see what happens.

In ending I just want to say again I am really in amazement over how you have in one chapter totally changed Dee Dee and the reader's perception of her. We have discovered that she is indeed a woman that a woman can truly love. You have shown that one needs look past initial impressions many times. It will be interesting to see what Dee Dee does in the future. As she becomes more lucid, I think Sara will find her a much more worthy opponent for Laura's affections. Also, I can't wait to see where Sara and Evangelina go. As usual, I can't wait to find out.




Chapter 271:


I have to admit that when I saw that this chapter was going to be about Shontay I immediately thought of all the possibilities that she brings to the story. I was thinking that we would soon be seeing cat fighting event supreme occurring soon. This was reinforced almost from the beginning when Laura [Shontay by now would not even speak to Laura. She would only scowl at her coldly if their paths crossed at work, sometimes even moving to the other side of the corridor in an aloof and frigid manner, to show that Laura was leprous and untouchable. Her hair was yanked and knotted back behind her head more severely than ever, and she walked stiffly and with military precision, head high.] The reader can see her palpable anger that is seething just under the surface. I feel sorry for Shontay. She has been hurt and she knows no other answer than her old anger. She is not able to grasp what Laura was presenting her and find an answer that doesn't involve anger and being severe.

It is interesting to read Laura's thoughts on Shontay's behavior. Laura realizes that Shontay feels totally abandoned. Shontay wanted all of Laura's love for herself even though she should have realized from the start that Laura had other women. When Shontay realizes that other women are higher in the pantheon than she is Shontay loses it. Shontay is not the kind of women to get sad. She gets angry. She feels that life is treating her wrongly and gets pissed about it. I am not sure where this anger came from but it is so obvious that Shontay has become very comfortable with it and treats it almost like a security blanket. When in doubt but on your imperious air and get very mad. It is interesting how different people handle their emotions differently. I tend to get withdrawn when under stress but others react totally different. I guess people fall into what they have used in the past to get through difficult situations and thus want to use them in the future.

I can sense that Shontay has a very low opinion about her personal appearance. She is a beautiful woman and yet goes to extremes to undermine her best physical qualities [awkward, baggy, even aggressively ugly business suits]. When Laura was bringing her happiness she started wearing summery dresses and letting her hair be more stylish. I am so sorry that her self-image is so weak that she was not able to take her progress in self-image and use it to move on and instead finds herself trying to recapture this rock hard woman of the past.

I can understand Laura's attraction though. When a woman whom you have fucked in the past is so icy it does almost put them on a pedestal. You just gaze at them dreaming of getting in their panties and making them scream in exctacy again. Once I have had a woman, I always want more of her oh so sweet pussy. To feel her humping her cunt into my starving mouth screaming out my name or wild screams of abandon. Liked the cat and mouse of Laura using a meeting and hiding behind two burly guys so she can gaze at Shontay without being caught. I have done that myself, getting in just the right position to observe the object of my affections without observation. I like how Laura's observations are able to cut through Shontay's fabric defenses [Today she wore the off-white, ivory version of her baggy business suit, which hung on her bony frame like ill-cut draperies, the expensive fabric contrasting wildly with the awkward folds and ripples. The contrast of the ivory fabric with her skin, though, was ravishing.] Laura is still able to see the real beauty underneath. I have always loved how Laura is able to compare her lovers to each other. Laura is thinking about Shontay's light skin hues and then thinking back to her recent trysts with the innocent Charise and the enigmatic Dee Dee, both women of extreme dark skin color. I love how Laura is able to find all these women to be so beautiful.

You now continue to show that despite Shontay's efforts to hid her beauty that a person who only looks can see the truth before them [Her long swan's neck was delectably visible, even more so with her hair bundled up so tightly behind her head, and the shape of her jaw and her exquisite brown ears were just as perfect as they could be. She was really quite lovely.] It has always been these descriptions that have nothing to with a woman's breast and ass that have always so drawn me to these women. Just your word pictures alone make them so desirable. Laura reminisces about Shontay really being "scared shitless" a lot of the time and uses her aloof manner to hide this. Nice little observation that one can so often feel eyes on yourself and Shontay whips her head around trying to see whom is looking at her, but Laura is too well hidden to be seen.

Here I give Laura so much credit. Shontay is being so mean to her and yet she able to risk a meeting in the hall. Against that kind of hostility I would wilt. I have to give her credit with giving her a bright perky "hi". She is going to make Shontay work for it. I like Shontay's initial confusion. She must be a little surprised that Laura is willing to confront her with all the vibes she is throwing off. Like the observation about height. I am tall so when I am around someone taller than me I really notice it and I do feel intimidated. Having a woman tower over me four inches would automatically put me on the defensive. Laura tries to make pleasantries and realizes with horror that she is using one of Dee Dee's lines. That was humorous. I guess she and Dee Dee are spending some time together. Shontay is a little right about Laura wanting her pussy but what woman wouldn't [Shontay had accused her often of only wanting 'black cunt,' her way of saying Laura was only after her sweet little pussy. And even though Shontay had exquisite skin the rich color of light molasses, her pussy was indeed very black, Laura knewthe lips, at least.] This is a pussy to be savored in ones mouth for long minutes of fine dining on tender cunt meat.

Shontay quickly tires and moves around and on down the hall. Laura has failed for this time. I loved how Laura sees again the beauty that Shontay is working so hard trying to conceal [She watched Shontay disappear, unable to keep her eyes from straying to the woman's marvelous high little rump that yawed and swayed ever so slightly as she walked, that jutted out a little, something not even the loosely hanging swaths of cloth could conceal.] It is a little sad when Laura reflects that a lot of Shontay's problem is that she can't accept the other women in her life and especially the fact that others are much more important to her.

I always love reading of Laura getting some loving from some of her other angels while waiting to make love to main angle of the current chapter. I was so happy to see Shavon's name again. It gives me hope that she will be in a future chapter soon. I love the idea of her rubbing her cunt in wild abandon on Laura's face. I wonder if Laura has returned the favor yet. Shavon is so beautiful. Happy to see her connecting again with her third lover Yvette. I am so happy that Yvette has shed the restrictions of her husband from earlier days and is getting the pussy she craves and needs. I hope she and Rhonda are fucking each other blind when she can't get sweet loving from Laura. Dee Dee we discover is now in Ann Arbor (Michigan?) trying to get started on finishing her PH. D. program. Again we see that Sara is such a nice person by still paying her way despite the recent past. I know siblings who wouldn't come close to do that for each.

It is interesting reading about the changing dynamics between Laura and Dee Dee. Because of her seeming permanent split with Sara and I think discovering that Dee Dee can be a nice person to be with, she has commenced a relationship with her with much sweet, soul satisfying sex with her. I can see both sides. Sara feels totally betrayed by Dee Dee and Laura. Laura feels like she has been abandoned by the love of her life because of her own actions and thus is seeking solace where she can. Dee Dee I think is just so happy to have this wonderful woman in her life. Laura has some hope in the smallest corner of her mind that maybe she and Sara will get back together. It will be so interesting to see how that happens. The dark cloud is her current situation with Dee Dee and how this may affect the future. It has great potential for angst I think. It will be interesting to see if any of her premonitions come to pass.

Laura now has to go to a management retreat and drives herself down thinking about Sara and will they get together again and will Dee Dee use her body to further her aims. I sure would. Laura now hums her famous lines and thinks some of Shontay and fantasies of making love to Sara in glorious details. Making love to that voluptuous body and making Sara scream in extreme pleasure. I love Laura's fantasies [imagining what it would be like at this very instant to be pressing her lips to the swollen, dewy black petals of Sara's lovely wet pussy, nuzzling with her nose the silvery pussy ring (or 'captive bead ring,' as Sara always, with scrupulous accuracy, referred to it), letting the tip of her tongue find the little firm nub of clit underneath it, hearing Sara gasp.] It never hurts to fantasy about the woman you currently love.

We now get to spend time with Laura unwinding at the retreat. She goes down to the pool dressed in a killer bikini I am sure and has the men and not a few women drooling over her. She has a great body is willing to let people see and dream of making love to her beauty. She reflects that she knows she won't see Shontay here. Shontay has relayed to Laura the humiliation she was made to feel toward her body when she was a teenager and kids can be so cruel. I know they must have teased her mercilessly. I think this is where she gets this desire to hide her body. It is such a shame. She has matured into a beautiful, if thin woman. With the right clothes in any situation she can make herself look ravishing and highly desirable. Hopefully, one day she will discover this about herself. I like the idea of Laura having a great time playing trivial pursuit with other co-workers.

Finally, Laura runs into Shontay in a lobby shop. Before now she has only been able to spy her from afar. To Laura's credit, she once more begins the joust. Shontay is buying a magazine and Laura kills time till she finishes her transaction and follows her out and tries to initiate another conversation. Of course Shontay blows her off. She is busy being severe. I loved this comment about Shontay because it is so true [Shontay looked tired and a little distracted. No wonder, Laura thought. Trying to keep up that cold, hostile exterior all day, all the time. Must be a real effort.] This is so true. It takes a lot of effort to be sour and the only person that you really harm is yourself. All it does is harm your autoimmune system. You may be able to hurt others with your bile but it is yourself that you hurt the most. I feel for such a lovely creature rejecting all love like she is. Laura tries to get Shontay to have a drink with her at a bar but Shontay is full of excuses. She is really trying to avoid Laura but you are able to show her true inner feelings [Shontay's pale light brown eyes clouded over briefly, as if this conversation were causing her

as much distress as it was causing Laura. "I'm tired. I'm going to my room. Good night, Laura."] You show with such subtly the true inner feelings of these conflicted women. You make the reader desire for Laura to succeed in her seduction to help ease Shontay's pain.

Again the fates step in. Once in the past the fact that Shontay's parents had a cat enable Laura to seduce Shontay and it looks like asking about Willie will again open the door, if only a little. Shontay would have walked off without this reference about Willie. This causes Shontay to pause and allows Laura to comfortably close the distance and once more Laura tries to get Shontay to let her guard down and have a drink with her or go set by the pool. Shontay resists and Laura gets a little romantic and tells Shontay ["I just like to be near you," Laura whispered. "Just for a few minutes?"] Shontay weakens a little but she is still able to resist and slowly walks toward her room with Laura following. At least the distance has been shortened between them. Shontay turns and says, ["Are you following me?" Her eyes looked amused as well as angry.] She is weakening. Then suddenly Shontay gives in and invites Laura into her room. I love how the reader is never quite sure how these women are going to react in a given situation. Just like real life.

They get into Shontay's room and the atmosphere is still chilly and strained. Laura tries to get Shontay talking and she is not cooperating. Laura tries to get her to soften and Shontay rewards her with a pinched smile. Finally, Laura goes for the heart of the matter ["I want to kiss you," Laura said, so softly that both of them could barely hear her. "Laura, you are such a cunt."] I have to love that response. Laura gets up to leave and Shontay asks her to say. I love how you are able to show these conflicted emotions of these complicated women. Shontay is angry and yet her soul is yearning for what Laura has given her in the past. Soul shattering satisfying sex that left her on the edge of nirvana. Her body must be thrumming with need. I still remember so clearly that request to meet Laura "tonight" from the previous chapter. She hungers for Laura. Shontay starts to smoke which is always a sign of nervousness with her.

I have always admired Laura's courage ["May I kiss you now?" Laura whispered, getting up from the chair, as Shontay snubbed out the second cigarette.] Laura knows how to keep the sexual pressure on a slow simmer. She can see Shontay weakening. Still she resists and rebuffs the attempt at kissing. It is cute how Laura makes a comment about not getting all that excited about the conference and Shontay gets a little huffy because she is on the planning committee. You never know when you might put your foot in your mouth. This is a real thrill kill and Shontay rebuffs any further attempts at intimacy. In fact Shontay is really starting to get angry and remarks about the past rough seductions. I had hoped for this but I can tell that nothing is going to happen like this. The whole dynamic is not right. The reader can tell that this will take another path. And yet I don't feel let down in the slightest. This is the way the story is supposed to happen. This is their reality.

Laura has no stomach for another confrontation. Shontay asks her to leave even though the reader can see her confusion and sense of loss. Shontay simply doesn't know what else to do. I love how Laura parts [She raised one finger to Shontay's cheek and caressed it, slowly, meaningfully. Then she turned and walked down the dark corridor to the fork, then up the other wing to her own room. She did not know if Shontay was watching her as she walked away, but she did not hear the door shut.] That simple gentle caress had to have an effect on Shontay. It should sure would with me. I love the observation that she doesn't hear Shontay's door shut. Gives one hope.

Laura gets to her room and relaxes and even takes a nap when she is awakened by a knock on her door. Can it be? Yes, it is Shontay outside getting exasperated that Laura isn't opening the door quicker. It seems Shontay did follow Laura to her room. I love the sight that greets Laura [Laura opened the door, and Shontay slipped inside. Laura's heart had started thumping inside her chest when she noticed that Shontay had taken her hair down. It hung in disheveled clumps around her ears and cheeks. She was wearing a cream-colored terry cloth bathrobe that made her honey-hued skin more beautiful than ever.] Earlier, Laura had tried to get Shontay to lower her hair from her bun because it softens her so much. Now it is down. Shontay has won the war within herself and soon sweet fucking will commence. She has listened to her soul and needs and not her pride.

I really like how you use this simple gesture to signify so much [Since Laura did not dare to say anything else at the moment, she closed the door and refastened the chain. Both of them watched her fingers, as if it were a significant gesture, resonating with sexual overtones, the mere slipping of a knob of metal into a slot. Laura turned off the TV. She looked at Shontay, who seemed petrified.] Sort of reminds me of the door in the hotel scene from Desert Hearts. Laura quickly closes the distance and asks if Shontay is ready for her kiss and Shontay confesses she didn't want to make Laura leave. I love those conflicted emotions you bring to Shontay. That wanting to so desperately and yet having fears prevent your reaching out for what your heart desires. This next part is just so cute with Shontay making one more play at leaving and having Laura tell her that she really wants her to stay. It is so cute Shontay needing that one more reassurance. I love this capitulation [Now Shontay's pale, light brown eyes swam with sexual meanings that she could not suppress. "Okay, then," she said, very softly. "I'm ready."] She has finally listened to her heart.

I love how you make this initial kiss so special. I love taking a lover's face in both of my hands and slowly bringing our mouths together. I love feeling her cheeks in my palms and my fingers caressing her temples and hair. Watching her eyes lock with mine and often flutter shut in helpless abandon. She is mine. Then you give the rich details of taking your lover's mouth and preparing for the lovemaking to come. This is the foreplay that all women do to stoke the fires deep in our bellies [Shontay's mouth was warm and sensual, and Laura's lips curved into hers slowly, with agonizing sensitivity, before their tongues even met. She was in no hurry and wanted to enjoy every micro-second of this to the fullest. Finally, Shontay's teeth parted, and Laura's tongue slithered inside her mouth, probing, dancing, exploring the entire warm wet cavity, coiling with Shontay's tongue now. She still held Shontay's face in both hands. Shontay was soft and yielding, so different from her earlier sharp, hostile manner. She yielded her mouth to Laura's, letting Laura's tongue fuck her mouth without any counter aggression, until finally the fire inside grew too hot and she began to kiss Laura back more hungrily.] Sigh, this is making oral love on the level of the divine. I can just feel Shontay's womb quivering with the

beginnings of a raging fire of need and love.

I love how you detail Shontay driving her tongue deep into Laura's receptive mouth and taking from Laura what she needs. I love having a woman who starts out passive in her kissing then ramming her tongue down my throat, taking my tongue in her lips and sucking and stroking it with her lips like a dick. Makes my cunt run with fuck nectars. They now get their hands inside each other robes and start to explore all the wonderful flesh. I love getting my hands on my lover for the first time and starting to stroke and clutch her sweet flesh. As I have said, you have made me into an ardent lover of backs [Shontay had a long, supple back that was just a dream of rapture for Laura, who ran her fingers all over it, feeling the long smooth muscles that ran the length of it from her shapely shoulder blades all the way down to her dimpled sacrum.] I now hunger to love my lover's back, doesn't hurt that often I reward myself with some yummy anal candy. Hehehe.

Laura starts to knead Shontay's teacup breasts. I have made love to women that others thought were not worthy and unearthed treasures such as this. Hidden from the stupid. I love this totally hot detail [Shontay pulled back from kissing Laura long enough to smile. "You like those too, don't you," she panted, her lips wet with Laura's saliva, her eyes shiny and hot.] I love seeing my saliva on my lover's body. I love how you detail Shontay's attributes that show her faults but how they are blended into rapture by her good physical qualities [Shontay was very tall and thin, even skinny, some would say, with thin thighs and marvelously-etched bone structure, prominent collarbones, rounded but also slightly bony shoulders. Her ribcage protruded slightly, and her elbows and knees were occasionally a little awkward. But she had a model's body, and certainly a model's face, when she let her hair down, and once you got used to the length of her body and its angles, you could easily become enraptured by it] I love how you are always making these women so special. Each of these women is a complete individual with weaknesses and strengths.

I like how you show that it is Laura's love of her body that has started to build confidence in her body. Laura is giving Shontay strength. Now Laura starts to bring her talents to Shontay's breast [Laura dropped her mouth to Shontay's breasts, holding them in her hands and peppering them with hot kisses, enchanted by seeing more and more of Shontay's rich honey-velvet skin come into view. In the dim light of her room it glowed with a fine sheen like light molasses, and Laura extended her tongue, licking wide swoops around Shontay's glimmering caramel nipples, then letting her lips approach closer to one, while Shontay looked down at her mouth.] I love little titties I can fully control with each hand and love massage or maul according to the atmosphere. Of course Shontay gasps with pleasure when Laura sucks it into her mouth. I love the details of how you show Laura laving her nipples with her tongue and the harder it gets the harder she sucks. Laura is making her weak with need and Shontay needs to get to the bed. Laura has made her warm and pliant with need.

They get the bed ready and get naked on it and Shontay is ready for more [Shontay, half-embarrassed but saucy at the same time, cupped her other breast in one hand, looking down, offering it to Laura. "You can do it a little harder, if you want," she murmured.] Most women do want it harder once she experiences what deep love sucks provide. I love Laura asking Shontay if her cunt is getting wet. I love asking my lover these types of things. I already know their cunt is sopping wet and smelling heavenly. Laura increases the heat on Shontay by [But Laura was unwilling to leave Shontay's marvelous small breasts just yet and resumed sucking the wet, pointing nipple she had just released, then returned to the first one, mouth-mauling it passionately now. Shontay squirmed. Her fingers fluttered in Laura's hair, and she arched her back a little, pushing her wet nipples into Laura's face.] I love mauling breast and having my woman pressing her breast desperately into my mouth, begging for more.

That is such a neat thing, Laura asking Shontay if she wants Laura's tongue or finger in her sweet pussy. Often digital is great but I would be needing desperate tongue action like Shontay here. She needs to feel Laura's tongue snaking up her love channel. I love these details [Now that she had Shontay in her bed, Laura was in no rush. Though many may have thought Shontay's naked body to be overly angular, bony, and thin, Laura found it enchanting. Shontay's honey-gold skin was covered with a fine, silky down that Laura reveled in rubbing her cheek against, and she could feel the fine silk under her sensitive lips as they inched slowly down the taut, heaving muscles of the girl's very long midriff.] I love trying to use my sense of feel in my fingertips and cheeks to bring myself more pleasure. I so love kissing and caressing with my cheek a heaving belly.

Laura reaches nirvana and takes in the sight and smell of Shontay's excited cunt and then you describe with your aching details her beautiful pussy [Unlike the rest of her bodylong arms, long legs, long torso, long neck, everything very longShontay's beautiful pussy was a small treasure, a juicy little wet magenta slot enclosed by glossy black cunt lips that were now gaping and swollen. At the top, presently concealed, was, Laura knew, a tiny but very sensitive clit that she loved to coax out with her tongue] I always long to read your descriptions of these women's love swollen cunts. I oh so love talking to my lovers like Laura does here ["Oh honey," Laura murmured, kissing the smooth, warm inner skin of Shontay's slender thighs, "this pussy is so wet for me. I'll bet you want me to kiss it . . . and lick it . . . as much as I want to."] Letting her know that I am dying to devour her sweet cunt candy and make her die of coming in my starving mouth. Pumping her love juices down my love parched throat.

They reiterate to themselves they must keep quite. This is something I don't mind once in a great blue moon. I can actually keep from screaming but I feel like my head is about to explode from keeping it all inside. Nice change of pace but only that. Laura tells her to use a pillow if necessary and that she will control her lovemaking to make her orgasm seem almost feathery. We will see about that. You now bring out the great variation that it is hard for some women to fall over the edge (thank goodness I ain't one) [Shontay was one of those women who did not come easily. She required absolute concentration and focus, and very great patience from Laura, to get to the finish line, and often by the time she got there her physical tension was so supreme that when her climax finally erupted, there was no way she could restrain her piercing cries.] All that means to me is that I am going to have a lot of cunt candy before the oh so sweet orgasm in my mouth.

I think you are the only author who ever talks of a lover opening her lover up so she begin her intimate explorations [Holding Shontay's small, slick, oozing pussy open with her thumbs, she began slowly to lick the wet, exposed, inflamed cleft sensually with her tongue, starting at the bottom and ending at the top by wriggling the tip of her tongue up under the little hood that sheltered Shontay's tiny clit.] Yumm, opening that treasure for my long tongue to explore and devour. I love how you always show the woman receiving responding with sweet vocalizations of love and surrender. You detail Laura feasting on this divine cunt for long minutes of bliss until she notices signs of Shontay reaching the end [Finally, Shontay's clit began to swell and become more visible, and Laura could not keep her tongue from sliding over it too.] This is always music to my eyes, seeing that clit swell with love and excitement. I will never tire of how you detail one starting with slow loving patience with your oral ministrations but soon nature takes its course [It was hard not to remember it all now as she patiently, carefully, tenderly, then more passionately, licked the wet, shiny, bright magenta insides of the lovely, complicated girl's gorgeous, small, festering pussy, bringing low, guttural moans of pleasure from deep in Shontay's chest.] I will never tire of how you describe a woman's cunt. I never tire of your beautiful word pictures.

Laura continues to murmur Shontay her love and passion and soon must have more divine cunt candy [By now Laura was being much more adventurous, sucking Shontay's clit, hood and all, into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, kneading Shontay's pretty, smooth little buns with her fingers.] I so love taking a woman's vulva and clit into my mouth and love mauling them in my lips and mouth. That is very nice detail of Laura calculating about sending a long finger up Shontay's quivering asshole. I know it is very tempting but Laura knows that if she does she will scream no matter the situation. Instead she massages the perineum. That it is such sensitive area. I so love Shontay's reaction ["Ahnnggmmiiee!" Shontay cried out, her body almost jackknifing at the touch, her cry much louder than anything Laura had elicited from her so far.] You are ABSOLUTELY the only author that has anything like this, trying to read the situation and giving your lover the absolute maximum pleasure you can in a situation. I thank you so much for showing this dynamic that women bring to their lovemaking.

Shontay is starting to buck her hips but she is still struggling to cross the plateau. Laura continues to whisper to Shontay, helping her aurally to reach nirvana ["Yes, honey . . . yes, honey . . . I'm going to suck your beautiful pussy so hard . . . you're going to come so hard . . . I'm going to fuck you so hard . . ." Laura murmured, knowing also that even though she would deny it, Shontay got aroused by having Laura talk dirty to her while fucking her.] I love hearing and talking with a potty mouth. Makes me so hot. I love how Laura only takes this slow rise to the pinnacle as only a supreme blessing and feasts in rapture [But Laura had helped her overcome them dozens of times in the past, and now she only redoubled her efforts, half-gratified anyway that it wasn't going to end too soon, that she still had plenty of time to slurp this delicious small wet black pussy she was so hungrily devouring. The warm, thick nectars that flowed from Shontay's inflamed slit were tangy and tart and sweet and buttery all at once, and Laura drank them, grunting and snuffling almost comically herself with fervent lust as she rubbed Shontay between her anus and her pussy more and more insistently, and lashed Shontay's nearly-bursting clit with her tongue.] You are the only author again who shows her lovers slowly racketing up the heat slowly. Feasting as long as possible and yet working on bringing your lover off. Working so hard on pleasuring her you only provide bliss to yourselves. Also, I love how you capture that grunting a lover makes when feasting on tender cunt meat. I love to coo and talk to my lover but I reach periods of time where I must concentrate with animalistic instinct on my juicy tender pulsing cunt before me and devour it like a famished lion with all the noises of happy consumption.

Finally the orgasm arrives with a little more heat applied and Shontay is only prevented from screaming because [the first lightning bolt of Shontay's orgasm struck her so severely that the breath totally left her lungs. Only a tiny, hysterical squeaking could escape from her throat as her long, gangly body stiffened and then collapsed in spasms.] This does often happen. The orgasm almost hits like a lightening bolt and robs you of voice and even thought. Fortunately, this allows Laura to muffle Shontay's resulting screams of pleasure with her palm and a pillow. Another thing I like about this section is how you detail Laura getting so in tune with Shontay's body and knows the exact moment of Shontay's orgasm. This can be so true. I think that lesbians are by far the best lovers to get in tune with their lovers to the deepest levels and thus bring them the highest level of pleasure possible.

I so love your descriptions of the aftershocks and how a woman tries to prolong the pleasure as much as possible [Laura was briefly alarmed that Shontay's cries were too loud, but before she could grab the pillow and turn Shontay's face into it, they began to subside into long, tremulous sighs of pleasure. The undulations of her body began to slow too, and the fluttering of her eyelids grew still. Laura held her, removing her hand from Shontay's mouth now, but still gently moving her fingers inside the warm, greasy folds of Shontay's still-throbbing pussy, unwilling to let the smallest twinge of pleasure die away.] You always take the reader through the scorching foreplay, soul ripping orgasm and the magic of the heavenly aftershocks and afterglow.

Interesting words in the afterglow. Shontay lets Laura know that she hurts her but that only Laura can fuck her like this. She is making peace with the fact that Laura can give great fucks but can't concentrate on her exclusively. Shontay shows a little immaturity when she is happy to hear that Laura has suffered some heartache recently. We now have the comical situation of Shontay being almost horrified over her own cunt juices. I have only met a few women like this and was almost bewildered by this reaction. I love my own juices and have gotten almost all of them to come to love their own juices too. I love what Laura does here [She waved her shiny wet fingers in Shontay's face, threatening to touch her with them. "It's your pussy juice. I love it. Watch." Sensually, she wrapped her tongue around her two fingers and licked them clean.] You need to show women like this that ones cunt nectars are beautiful thing to savor and cherish.

You are again the only author who can make hot sultry sex have such connotations of sweet emotion and bonding like this [Then, turning to her most sultry, submissive manner, she cuddled closer to Shontay. "Make love to me, honey," she whispered. "Make love to me. Make me come. Just put your hand down there and let me kiss you while I'm coming so I don't scream."] This is just so sweetly romantic and touching. I only wish other authors could write this kind of stuff. It is cute how Shontay is still playing a little hard to get when she tells Laura that maybe they won't fuck in the future. Right. She needs this soul satisfying sex. Still, I like the impish behavior. Shontay quickly gets busy satisfying her lover [Shontay sucked each one slowly, skillfully, passionately, stopping only when Laura began lowing and groaning softly, twisting, pushing her pelvis forward into Shontay's body, giving every indication that she would not last much longer and desperately needed Shontay to bring her off.] I love having my breast love assaulted like this filling my body with a sexual fever that must be released. I so adore having my nipples loved and then given deep hard love sucks.

I love seeing Laura reduced to begging in need. I love my lover reducing me to begging and whimpering for orgasm. I love how you show Shontay has forgotten her animosity. She has let this love fucking soothe her soul. Hopefully, it will stick and it will allow to grow from here. I have always been enamored with the communication that you allow your lovers like here ["Kiss me, you idiot," Laura panted, half-smiling. "You sex maniac. You rapist. Kiss me and fuck me with your hand." Shontay's magical pale eyes flickered with mischief. "What if I don't?" "Oh god, please," Laura panted, her face contorted by fierce need. "Mmmm, I love you to beg me," Shontay said, kissing Laura's neck, breathing in her ear, sliding one long, graceful hand down Laura's body to her crotch, which was so hot and wet it was nearly steaming.] You are the only author that truly allows your women to communicate with each other. Not only that, you show such mirth and love of life and each other. I love it.

Shontay slides two fingers deep into Laura's cunt and whispers that she loves the smell of Laura's hair. That is so fucking sweet and that is what lovers say to each other. Things other authors don't allow their women. Their loss. You now have Shontay begin to pleasure her lover deeply [Laura began to gyrate her hips in slow, sensual fuck-rhythm, feeling Shontay's long slender fingers slide in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Shontay knew the effect her hand was having on Laura, and she was quickly drawn into the whirling vortex of Laura's gathering need, moving her fingers faster, letting the bottoms of them slide across the throbbing nub of Laura's clit, even clutching Laura's body harder against hers with her other arm.] I can just feel those fingers pounding up my hot cunt and swelling clit. I am always amazed at how you capture chapter after chapter such dynamic lovemaking. You are the only author that keeps their sex so fresh and dynamic.

I love how the lovemaking slowly rackets up with some emotional resonance. Laura is using this wonderful interlude to further heal over the situation with Sara and the happiness she feels over finally getting Shontay back into her bed. The resulting has this effect ["Owwmmmnngggwwoommmmmoouunngghh!" Laura screamed into the pillow, her body stiffening, then collapsing into several sharp spasms as a stirring orgasm wracked her. "Unnmmmgghh . . . ohngghhh!"] I love that total loss of control. I have said I can control my screams if I must but that is only for the first orgasm. After that I need to scream into something. I remember the last time I visited Katy and her husband was at work and her four year old daughter was taking a nap. Katy was fucking me like Shontay. She had her free hand behind my head and was cooing to me words of smut and love. She had made my come twice already and my control was shot. She kept me looking in her eyes and she saw the moment my eyes went opaque and I fell over the edge. She grabbed the back of my head and melded our mouths together and I just screamed as she rammed her tongue deep down my throat. That was a supreme orgasm.

You show how sex doesn't always happen like one had initially hoped. The sex is still great but they didn't get to look into each other eyes and didn't get to kiss while Laura came like they had hoped. You show this dynamic so well. Laura begs for another orgasm because her body is still wound so tight. I love how you show that this orgasm is so different from the previous one [This time she was not so afraid of screaming and merely pushed her face into Shontay's smooth shoulder, squeaking and mewling as a fresh orgasm streamed through her body like a radiant wave, filling her flesh with warm honey, then melting into small feathery spasms that seemed to last an eternity. Shontay held her throughout, then kissed her gently on the face as Laura began to recover.] You show why we fuck. It is this supreme event that we are reaching for. I also feel that only lesbians are able to achieve this because only we focus so totally on our lover and her needs.

I can't blame Shontay being envious of Laura coming so easily and frequently. They then joke and bond some and Laura is always quick to praise Shontay who has low self esteem [Laura nodded. "You did. I guess it was necessary. I don't know what came over me. Just having you . . . hold me like that, and doing everything to me . . . and I just came and I couldn't help screaming."] I always love Laura bucking up her lovers who need it. This is showing Laura and her great sensitive nature. Laura is just such a positive person. I am nearly agog of this sweet post coital time [They dozed dreamily, nestled together, for a long time. Laura luxuriated in pushing her face into the messy clumps of Shontay's hair, inhaling the clean, somehow sexually stirring, odor of her scalp, and the musky perfume that now seemed to wreathe her skin as the consequence of their sweet coupling. She knew she probably smelled the same way to Shontay.] This is lovers sharing each other and bonding on a deep soul level. This is real life and I so thank you for it.

After resting Laura starts to revive and tries to induce Shontay into another round of lovemaking but Shontay is too nervous and lets Laura know they will fuck once they are back home. Laura makes sure she is serious and she is. Yes!! They will once more fuck sweetly. Laura has made Shontay see that she simply can't live without it. I just adore this sweet dialog [Shontay softened. "I can't . . . stop wanting to," she confessed. "I told you . . . I never came that way except with you. I can't stop wanting it." Even though Shontay looked like she wished she could stop wanting it, Laura understood. "Great. Then, when we get home, we have a big fucking party at your place. How about it?" Shontay frowned. "You're making fun of me." "Am not," Laura grinned. "Are too." Shontay cocked an eyebrow. "Why can't we have it at your place? Have you got something to hide?" "Only the depths of my lust for your wonderful sexy skinny body," Laura laughed, dragging her down on her back on the mattress and swarming all over her in a passionate fever of mock lechery.] This is such nice stuff that other authors just don't allow their characters to do. To have real life interactions and conversations.

They play wrestle some and then Shontay has to go back to her room while everyone is still asleep. One doesn't need the gossip. I love how Laura makes sure to give Shontay a romantic kiss as they part. Making sure that Shontay feels the depths of her emotion. They will be fucking sweetly in the future. The chapter ends with Laura thinking of Sara but that is natural because the pain is still so fresh and yet the pain is not as fearful. Laura is healing.

Finally, I just want to say that I am so impressed in the way that you are able to show these women as such complex persons capable of personal spiritual growth. Last chapter it was seeing that Dee Dee is not the callow, complete cad we thought she was. She is a woman worthy of respect and love. She is finally using her innate skills and is growing, mainly because of the love that Laura is giving her. We have watched Deshona slowly grow and become a warmer person. Now we have Shontay. It has been such a blast watching her overcome her fears and reach out. One is filled with hope that this reaching out will enable her to become a stronger woman in the future and further her spiritual growth and leave this severe person behind for good. Again, with the love and support of Laura.top



Chapter 272:

As this chapter starts we find that Laura is suffering greatly from her enforced separation from Sara. Her pain has been growing with the passing of time. She is almost dying with her need to see Sara again. She is willing to risk all to have one more glimpse of Sara. The reader has seen glimpses of this pain in the recent previous chapters. She has expressed this pain but not to this depth. She has been very wise and has used her glorious fucks with her other angels to ease her pain. When I am in pain with a life situation I seek out the comfort of my angels. I need to have my angels to pour sweet bliss into my soul and body. I have admired Laura in her knowledge to seek these women out for glorious fucking to alleviate her pain. There is nothing like a mind blowing orgasm to take your mind off your problems and then repeating it until you and your lover(s) body is spent and then you coil together in sweet slumber. Of course the problems are still out there but I am better able to deal with them when I have the sweet release of great fucking.

I think that Laura has been able to go this long without risking all and confronting Sara this long is because of her sweet fucks that kept the pain at bay. The pain has become too great. I do admire Laura for having the courage to confront Sara after such a disastrous falling apart. I tend to run away from such strong emotions. This really shows the depth of her feelings with Sara. She must try and reconnect with Sara. The love they had was too special. I think I would risk much if I screwed up with Joann and Maria. When you have something special you must be willing to risk much to get it back. Sara is so special that Laura is like a moth attracted to the flame. She must heed the call.

It is interesting to read of Laura's back and forth within herself. She considers it to be over and yet she can't stop herself from trying to make contact with Sara. I think Laura shows very human traits when she is talking to herself about being strong and pleading her case to herself and in the next breath she tells herself that she is sounding way too pleading. I now that negotiating with myself when I'm trying to come to some decision over something that is stressful. Trying to buck up my courage. Laura has bucked herself up and calls Sara's apartment. She will demand a meeting. She is ready for anything that Sara has to say. Unfortunately, it is not Sara that answers the phone but Dee Dee. I love how Laura is thrown these little "roadblocks". This is the last person she wants to talk to when trying to reconnect with the woman she loves so dearly. The woman who directly led to the rupturing of the relationship to begin with.

Immediately the reader can see the dynamics of the whole relationship here. Laura is clearly disappointed that Sara didn't answer the phone and Dee Dee is not too pleased when she hears the tone of Laura's voice when she realizes who is answering the phone ["Don't sound so happy about it," Dee Dee cracked. "Are you disappointed that your little passion flower, the love of your life, didn't pick up the phone?"] One can just feel the jealousy here. Dee Dee is desperately trying to become the alpha female of Laura's affections and figuratively kick Sara out of the pack. We discover that Dee Dee is still working on getting her further education in Ann Harbor. Would this be in the same neighborhood as Taneesha? Laura finds out that Sara is working at her place of work. I love what Laura does next. I am a big believer that "a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush." I will always put my efforts on the immediate and focus on the woman who is in my presence and is offering me her sweet pussy. I will focus on the other later. I will never turn away a sure thing.

It is cute reading Laura beating herself up over inviting Dee Dee over but she can't help it. Neither could I. Things are so bad with Sara that if Dee Dee were suddenly in my clutches I would have to have her. She has proven to be such a divine fuck that I would nearly be swooning at thinking of having her in my bed in only a few minutes. Unfortunately, Dee Dee has another meeting in Berkley with the Czech woman. Laura wonders if she hears regret in Dee Dee's voice. I know it is there but if she were talking to me I would have the same self doubt. It is amazing how often we women loose confidence in ourselves. I think that Dee Dee reveals a few things about herself here ["Oh, I will," Dee Dee said, with a lilt in her voice, as if to torment Laura further. "Call me. At home. You know, my room. Not here. I only stayed here last night because I got back late." She lowered her voice to an almost threatening whisper. "You know Sara doesn't give a shit about you any more, Laura. Call me."] First she can't resist digging at Laura a little. Dee Dee is immature in a lot of ways. She seems to be improving but still shows flashes of childishness. I do love how she makes it known that soon she will be burying her face in the Czech woman's hot pussy. She wants Laura but she will not deny herself this woman's sweet cunt. Dee Dee has discovered heaven on Earth and will not deny herself the opportunity for some sweet tender cunt meat. I bet that European woman is one hot fuck. Lastly, we see a harbinger of things to come maybe with Dee Dee's clear jealousy of Sara. She is planting seeds as fast as she can to dissuade any further interest in Sara. She wants all of Laura's sweet pussy for herself. It will be interesting to see how Dee Dee comports herself if Sara and Laura start to repair their relationship.

Despite Dee Dee admonitions Laura finds herself almost like in a dream heading towards Sara's place of work. I like reading of Laura's constantly plucking herself up with what she is going to do when she confronts Sara. I do that all the time. Talk to myself about how I am going to confront some difficult situation. Funny thing is I do what Laura does when she arrives at Sara's place of work. Laura finds herself shaking and thinking herself a coward. When it is time I get so damn nervous. She starts thinking negative thoughts of how Sara will just refuse to see her. Though I am a lot better now I know about thinking negative in such situations. I love how you even set the atmosphere with the buildings itself [The building was an old art deco masterpiece with marbled hallways and frosted glass office doors. It felt cold and marmoreal, and you could hear your heels click and echo down the corridors as you walked. On a Saturday there were very few people in sight.] This cool air and echoing sounds already start creating a sense of foreboding. The reader feels the tension and the possibility of failure.

Laura now continues to be cute by pacing outside the door of Sara's work place door. She is pacing in circles in her agitation. I have been guilty of that. Pacing and tying to open a door when I am very nervous. Of course once I sense someone else's presence I will put on an air of confidence and just go ahead and do it. It is amazing how confidence just flows into me when I am forced to go ahead and act. I know this well here [Laura fell back, releasing the door knob. She took a few deep breaths, trying not to panic, not to be completely irrational. What'll I do now? Knock? Yes, knock. I can't come all this way and then chicken out.] I love the fact that Laura is not always in control of her life and her feelings. She is human like all of us. She has the same strengths and weaknesses as all of us. I guess all those gyrations outside her door got Sara's attention [She was about to advance on the door again, after several deep breaths, when Sara opened it and peeped out, brow furrowed. "Laura?" Her face was opaque, expressionless.] It is now time for the jousting to begin.

Of course Laura is flustered by Sara's sudden appearance and Sara quickly makes it clear that she doesn't want Laura there. Laura doesn't help her case when she lets Sara know that it was Dee Dee who informed her that she was at work. Divulging that morsel would have probably made me wilt. Laura to her credit presses on [Laura risked putting a hand on Sara's hand, which was still on the inside doorknob of the door. Surprisingly, Sara did not shrug it off. "I won't take more than a minute," Laura whispered. "I promise."] I have always admired Laura's courage. Again I love how you show the ambiguity of human emotions. Sara is telling Laura to leave and yet she doesn't shake off Laura's hand. When you really dislike a person you can't stand their presence yet alone their touch. Sara unconsciously is sending off signals to Laura to proceed with her declarations.

One thing that other authors never show is the confusion of emotions that relationships bring. Other stories only focus on the emotion of a new relationship. I am trying to think of a story in erotica that deals with an ongoing relationship and only a couple come to mind. One did a good job of showing some of what you do and the other did to some degree. I think you show so well the confusion of emotions that relationships bring. Nothing is clear cut and clear, it is usually the confusion that you show when a relationship is in turmoil [She was trying fiercely to control her emotions, which were a tortured profusion of desire, deep love, and wrenching pain. Sara looked so desirable to her, since she had not seen her in over a month, that Laura felt a sharp physical yearning for her. She wanted to grab her and kiss her. But Sara was standoffish and prickly. She seemed, however, to be resigned to Laura's visit.] I love how you show that nothing is cut and dried. I find other stories are like episodic TV with the lack of depth of characters and cardboard reactions. You thankfully show us real life emotions and reactions.

Sara relents and lets Laura in with a warning that it is only for a minute. I always love the subtle things that only you give the reader [Sara left the door ajar as they moved beyond it, as if to make it very clear that this was a short meeting.] The subtle things that we humans fill our relationships with. The darkened office sort of gives a negative foreboding feeling. Again reinforcing the feeling of possible failure. I also love how you describe a woman crossing her arms over her breasts in a sign of defiance and self-protection. You give the reader a small humorous moment when Laura notices that Sara has dressed for comfort and thus has no bra under her sweatshirt and her delightful breasts are swaying underneath. That would be an arrow to my pussy. Poor Laura. She is trying to be good and keep sex out of the conversation and now it is almost front and center. She has dreamed of these breasts and now she has been shown their beauty before her very eyes. The sweatshirt is just teasing her. Laura is her cute self, walking in circles trying to hide her agitation over her budding lust.

Laura shows another truism when she completely loses her stratagems. She has planned how to present her case and how to act when Sara makes her responses. Responses she knows will be negative. The stress of the moment makes Laura's mind go blank. I have had that happen. All my perplexed stratagems and thoughts are blown out in the heat of the moment and Laura must follow the dictates of her heart. I have learned to do this. When I know I must confront a difficult situation I try to not think about it or plan ahead. I just go into it and handle what comes up. I have learned to save myself a lot of stress this way. Easy to say though, but hard to do I have found. Laura risks all and tells Sara her feelings and risks pain ["I . . . love you," Laura said softly, realizing that it sounded both sincere and lame at the same moment. "You can skip the shit, Laura," Sara said, impatiently. "Why did you come here?"] I give Laura so much credit for being willing to open up and expose her soul when she knows what the response will be. Laura is very brave that she is willing to accept pain to try and repair the relationship.

Once again to Laura's credit she confesses all the pain she has been feeling exposing all her inner turmoil to Sara. Showing all her vulnerability and revealing all her guilt and longing. I again admire how she is so willing to show to her women just how much she is hurting for them. I have never been willing in the past to show such vulnerability. I guess I have never felt so strongly for a woman in the past. I feel I would risk all for Joann and Maria if necessary but reading Laura laying it all out for Sara shows me just how terrifying that would be. Laura does the honorable things and accepts all the blame for the current rift in their relationship, which is only right. Now that Laura has confessed all she is ready to leave but something truly wonderful happens [She began to turn, to leave, and glanced up one last time, for one last glimpse of Sara's face before Sara was excluded from her life forever. It was so dim in the outer office, and the backlit glare of the reception area so distracting, that she almost did not see the tear sliding down one of Sara's cheeks. But she did see it.] It is amazing what honesty will do for you. Laura's honest heart felt confession has touched Sara with its pure sincerity. The truth will always win out. Laura has opened the door to healing the rift.

I like the fact that Laura is temporarily frozen in place processing what she is seeing. I now it must be touching her heart with pain to see this expression of Sara's inner hurt and yet Laura knows she has touched Sara with her confession. Of course Sara asks her to leave because the situation requires that but Laura refuses now that she senses she has hope. She advances on Sara and backs her against the receptionist desk, which Sara is standing in front of. I love these little real life details that other authors fail to give. The dynamics of the environment the characters live in. You now show Sara's humor that even in this stressful environment she cracks a joke about the guards being almost comatose with age when Laura tells she will need to call the guards to stop her from kissing her. Now other authors would have Laura go for a lip lock and deep thrusting of tongue but you give us two lover's trying to reconnect [Laura was very close to her, close enough so that they would be touching if she moved forward only two more inches. Fearing what might happen if she did not seize the moment, she did lean forward, kissing Sara's smooth, gleaming forehead. It was easy since Laura was five feet eight and Sara a mere five feet tall.] Ah, the gentleness that touches the soul. Of course Sara cracks a joke about being short. She is so endearing.

The next part was simply awesome. You capture all of Laura's simmering emotion and express it in a way that is simply way beyond erotica. You make it so clear that Laura is feeling very deep emotions here and you show it with such sweet tenderness that the reader can't but help feeling how special this kiss is between Laura and Sara [Both of Laura's hands swept quickly up to Sara's face, cradling it, and she pressed her lips firmly into the pillowy miracle of Sara's mouth. Since this might be the most critical kiss of her life, Laura had to restrain herself from pouring all her tortured longings into it at once. She kissed Sara slowly, curving her mouth into Sara's exquisitely sensual lips, not opening it, not forcing her tongue into Sara's mouth, just letting her adoration flow through her lip movements, and letting her fingertips caress Sara's smooth cheeks with infinite tenderness.] I am positive that other authors would not show this deep emotion and show how much of herself Laura is putting into this kiss. That this is a special moment that has nothing to do with raw sex. This is a woman trying to win back that special woman back into her life. This is really a special moment. I am just happy to find an author who captures these emotional moments in life.

I like how you show that Sara is very slow to respond to this tender moment. She has been deeply hurt and would not be immediately swept away. Sara does not pull away either. She is on the cusp and Laura must be very careful here with no sudden moves. Laura slowly increases the heat by slowly increasing the pressure of her kissing and beginning to run her hands on Sara's sweatshirt caressing her body through it. This slowly warms Sara up. She can't help but listen to the music Laura is causing in her flesh. But [Just when they seemed to be getting to the point where the fires would truly flame up, Sara pulled her mouth away from Laura's. Tears were now streaming down her cheeks, but she made no sound. Laura could taste the salt on her tongue. She realized she was crying silently too, though not as profusely as Sara.] I don't feel you are teasing the reader here. Sara must be feeling the pain of Laura's infidelity and yet she obviously still loves her and these are conflicting and colliding. Sara must be in a maelstrom of emotions. To love a woman who has hurt you terribly. Fortunately, Sara is a very loving and forgiving woman as evidence by her continued support of Dee Dee.

I love how Sara tells Laura to stop but doesn't stop her when Laura kisses her again. This time the heat comes more quickly. Sara still loves Laura but needs Laura to show her that she has a reason to still love Laura. To forgive her. Laura now stabs her tongue deep into Sara's mouth. Sara complains that Laura is only about sex and feebly tries to push her away. Laura continues her love assault and gets a hand up under Sara's sweatshirt and starts to caress her warm back. What I like here is you show how Laura is breaking down Sara's defenses without demeaning Sara. Sara could at any time have stopped this seduction if she truly wished by strongly and loudly pushing Laura away. Her mind and body must be warring with each other. Sara is resisting but weakly. This is such a delicate thing to show. A woman who is resisting and has her defenses overcome with love and passion. You show this happening with true depth of emotion and feeling. It rings true. This is two women trying to reconnect and Sara is in no way having her sanctity being violated.

I now love how you show all this loving by Laura causing a rising tide of joy and mirth to build and escape from Sara [Laura was feverishly kissing her neck and her ear. She had got her other hand under the sweatshirt too and was trying to pull it up, to expose Sara's breasts so that she could get her mouth on them. Sara batted her hands away, though more playfully than seriously. She broke out in laughter. "Away, girl! Maybe I'll have to call those senile old guards after all."] I have always enjoyed the joy of life that you show with these women. Other authors always have their characters so serious in their interactions and lovemaking. All this passion has finally made Sara's eyes go glassy and she goes to close the door that she had left open. She is showing Laura that there is hope here. She comes back and says ["One more? For old time's sake?"] I can fully understand Laura shaking here with this wonderful turn of events. Thinking that only disaster would come of this meeting and having these events happen must be making her heart sing with joy.

Laura is bursting with wonder and curiosity over why Sara is allowing this seduction to happen. Laura knows she hurt Sara very deeply and yet she is not really fighting off her advances. Myself, I would not ask anything and just be thankful for this turn of its. In matters such as this I believe in the saying "ignorance is bliss". Laura though wants to know but Sara simply tells to be happy with her acquiescence. Laura is happy with this and ups the heat by digging her fingers into Sara's lovely rump and again Sara tries to put on the breaks. Sara seems to be putting "speed bumps" before Laura like she wants to make Laura work for her forgiveness. From Sara's viewpoint I can see this easily. Laura must work to undo the damage to their relationship she has caused. I really do love the lovely back and forth of Laura murmuring her desire and Sara weakly trying to put the breaks on the situation. Makes for wonderful gentle dialog. I think of it as them working

out through this slow seduction the beginning of the healing of their rift. The gentleness of everything is so soothing like a balm to Sara's soul.

By now Laura has worked Sara's sweatshirt up over her breasts which she could never have done if Sara had really not wanted this to happen [The most startling thing was that Sara made no attempt to stop her. Laura had her face between the delicious mounds before Sara could do anything. She held them in her hands, rubbing Sara's large, soft nipples with her thumbs while she kissed the flat warm expanse of skin between them.] Laura is really fortunate to love a woman who so easily forgives her. Laura may not be sure to as why but it is obvious that Sara has already forgiven her to some degree at least. Sara seems genuinely concerned that someone may come in on them and stops the proceedings. This gives time for Laura to realize just how fortunate she is to have Sara forgiving her. This starts her tears flowing which can only touch such a sweet person such as Sara. I think Sara is a little embarrassed at Laura's emotions for her and calls her with an endearing voice a "cuckoo". Laura tells her that she was in heaven with their past relationship and Sara makes it clear that all is not forgiven when she tells Laura

[Sara shook her head. "I doubt it. Stratospheric, maybe. Heaven, no."] One wonders if they will ever be able to recapture fully their past depth of feelings and love.

Laura is becoming exhausted at all this emotion just like I do. Stressful scenes just completely drain me. This next part is interesting when Laura asks to sit and Sara

[Sara shook hers. She again stared up at Laura, as if enjoying Laura's desolation at this refusal. I guess that means I have to leave, finally, Laura thought, feeling her heart drop to her feet.] I can see Sara trying to subtlety to jab at Laura a little. It is human nature to want the other person to feel some of your pain. I have been guilty of this a few times I must sadly confess. Then Sara throws Laura and myself for a loop by kissing Laura gently and saying it is time to back to Laura's place. Laura fearing a little that Sara is trying to hurt her asks to make sure this is real and Sara uses humor to tell that yes she wants to talk some more at Laura's place [Sara crossed her eyes. She gave Laura one of her most devastating funny faces, a wildly loopy, dorky grimace. "I'm not being mean, cuckoo brain. I think I can still remember how to get there."] Sometimes it is hard to accept one's good fortune. I smiled at the humorous situation of Laura not wanting to leave until everything is filed and Sara having to shoo her out the door. Sometimes it is hard to just accept ones good fortune.

As they walk to their cars Laura ponders why Sara is forgiving her. Like I said earlier I just try to accept such things. Often I'm not sure why I do the things I do. Trying to figure out other people's motives can really start my head to spinning. Now Laura does something I have done way too much in the past. I had a saying that I "would trust you as long as I don't have to." When Sara doesn't appear soon after Laura gets home she starts to panic and think the worst. I know that feeling myself. I immediately start to think the worse of the situation. I am trying to do better but I still find it hard. I am so sure I am going to get hurt. You capture the see-saw battle I think all of us go through in situations like this [Laura began to wonder if she had been taken in. That would be a way to get rid of me and get her revenge too, all in the same moment, she reflected. She could be sitting somewhere just laughing herself silly, imagining me here waiting for her, stewing, longing, and crying. Then the better half of Laura's nature would reassert itself. Oh, you're just getting all worked up over nothing, she told herself. She got stuck in traffic. She had a flat tire. She took the long way. Anything could explain it. I'm being silly. Self-centered, selfish, adolescent.] I guess this is human nature having to overcome our more negative selves.

Laura once more ponders deeply as to why Sara is forgiving her. Laura is a little concerned that Sara hasn't actually said the words of forgiveness I think. I don't think those are coming any time soon. I think Sara herself is working out how she can forgive this woman who hurt her so deeply. I give Sara credit for making it so easy for Laura. I think this speaks volumes of her deep feelings for Laura. Laura is a woman of action. I would be sitting in a darkened room being depressed when Sara didn't arrive but Laura jumps in her car to find her and have another confrontation. As it always seems to happen, as Laura is going, Sara is coming. It is funny Laura breaking a few laws getting her car turned around to race back to her condo. Of course we find out that Sara had no sinister motives. She was merely getting money from an ATM machine. I have really embarrassed myself once over something like this once in the past and I really learned a lesson. Fortunately, Laura never accused her of anything like I did to a girl I was sweet on at the time. Laura merely confessed her fears, which I know, touched Sara's heart [Sara tossed her purse onto the chair with Laura's. She grinned. "I'd kiss you again to make you feel better, but we already went through all that wet, sloppy stuff back at the office," she said. "Why don't you make me a cup of tea and get it through your head that I'm not the kind of person who lies. Cuckoo brain."] Sara is such an honest person that I feel one can really trust her. My father has a phrase "let your word be your bond" and Sara is this I feel.

Sara continues her usual comical antics and Laura continues to wonder why Sara has been so pliant and was the one to suggest they come back to Laura's place. Laura confesses she "would have died" if Sara had not come over and Sara says [Sara gave her a crosseyed moue. "Oh, they all say that."] This is why I don't pry too much to the "whys" of life. Laura knows of Sara's relationship with Evangelina and thus wonders if Sara is referring to this in a coy way. I am thinking that Sara is more willing to forgive Laura to some degree because she has been able to even the score so to speak. She herself has sought a relationship outside of hers and Laura's relationship. A balance has been achieved. Laura must be very careful to conceal her knowledge. She doesn't want Sara to think she has been spying or conversing with Dee Dee. Laura is so noble thinking all she wants is for Sara to still love her even if that means no sex. I am so touched at the depths of Laura's feelings for Sara. She asks if they can still be friends and Sara replies [Sara smiled warmly. "I don't think we'd be sitting here like this if we weren't."] Sara has to be such a special woman. She really is letting Laura off the hook pretty easily and the curiosity is really getting to Laura. I can only assume that Sara is a forgiving soul and truly feels deeply for Laura.

Though Sara seems to be genuinely forgiving Laura she reveals that she has had to work through the pain and confused emotions. Her comments about "shit happens" and her having "feelings" makes it clear that she was hurt and felt great anger over it. Laura continues to touch Sara with gentle strokes trying to reconnect on a physical level in a subtle way though I'm not sure she realizes it. I love their humor while feeling each other out ["If you say you love me again, I'm going to scratch your eyes out," Sara said, with a straight face. "I can't wait," Laura breathed. "I love you again."] I would laugh just like they do here. I will never tire over how you show the little things in life pushing two people together. Here it is Sara choking on a crumb from her laughing at the above and Laura thumping her on the back to clear it and [Sara stopped coughing and looked up, her eyes watering. She nodded but still seemed unable to speak. However, Laura's face was so close to hers that she could not keep herself from covering Sara's mouth with hers and kissing her ravenously, much more heatedly than she had done in the dentist's office. She kissed her hungrily, tasting the cookie crumbs on her tongue, drinking Sara's mouth, and quickly thrilling as Sara started to kiss her back, having recovered from her brief choking fit.] You are the only author to show this subtle working of the fates in our life.

I love how Laura pulls Sara up out of the chair and how Sara rises eagerly and they kiss with a ravenous hunger with much stabbing and twining of tongues. I think Sara is trying to keep things on a more physical level for now with her constant admonitions to Laura to not "adore her" and telling Laura to stop looking at her boobs she has exposed and to do more than "hold them". Sara definitely hungers for down and dirty sex without the deep connotations they earlier shared. Maybe that can be recaptured later but not now. Now is time for some intense fucking to soothe some battered souls. Some sweet orgasms to start healing the rift. I love Laura's response to the boob statement ["I'm going to do everything to them," Laura said, solemnly. "These are the most beautiful boobs in creation."] That is how I feel. I want to love every woman's breasts with my all. I try to think like this and never take anything for granted. This always keeps me hungering for my lover and being thankful and working my hardest to please my women in bed. They deserve nothing less than my best.

Wow, very interesting dynamic of Sara almost asking Laura to compare her breasts to Dee Dee's and Laura begging with her eyes not to and Sara acquiescence not to. This is really deep stuff to read in erotica and I simply LOVE it!!! Again Sara shows her beauty. Laura has plenty of other lover's who would have taken this shot. Sara is ready for the bedroom and move from the kitchen but Laura has more important things to do first [Laura did not move. Instead, she dropped her mouth slowly to one of Sara's breasts, running her tongue all over the large, dark, puffy areola, then flicking the center nub with the tip of her tongue. In the fairly bright kitchen light, Sara's nipples had taken on their dark burnt umber hue, and Laura could see the tiny bumps appear on Sara's soft areola as if the sensual sweep of her tongue had raised them.] Only you give the rich details of a woman's breast and how the areola steeples in excitement and gives that wonderful detail of the hue of Sara's breast. It is these details that truly draws the reader into these stories and lovely women. I crave these details. They stimulate my mind and excite my pussy.

I so love how Laura sucks a nipple into her warm mouth and loves it. I love feeling a nipple swelling and becoming turgid in my mouth. Then working my tongue all over it in my mouth before I pull hard with deep sucks. I love how Laura uses two hands to hold the breast she is loving. This allows you to really massage and manipulate the breast you are loving with your mouth. My women love this a lot. Sara is soon doing her characteristic begging to give the other tit equal treatment and Laura makes a case for going to bed. Here Sara confesses her desires also [Sara nodded. "I've been dreaming of it too, you know," she said quietly, without a trace of irony.] Sara may have been hurt but she still longs for Laura. It will be interesting to see how Sara lets this healing progress between them. Laura leads her to her bedroom and closes the door. I know that this means that Laura is going to focus her all on Sara. The rest of the world is going to cease to exist while they make sweet debauchery. I so love to forget about the world while I'm fucking. This is a time of sharing when the world doesn't really matter.

I love Laura commenting that it is only four in the afternoon and can they do this. My answer is any time is the right time. Sara's is a lot more eloquent [Without answering, Sara pulled her sweatshirt the rest of the way off, over her head, the tossed it behind her without looking. Her full breasts swayed. Now her eyes glinted again with mischief. She knew what a fool Laura was for her body. She held her naked, magnificent breasts in both hands, offering them.] I will never get tired of Laura's women presenting their breasts to her in this way. It sets my pussy on fire. I so love the humor you constantly sprinkle in your stories ["If you're going to turn these down, just let me know," she murmured back, her dark eyes murky and smoking. Their eyes were locked as Laura unbuttoned her own shirt and slipped out of it. "I'm not turning down anything," she smiled. "I know when my luck is going good."] I can't think of one other author in erotica that shows this humor. It is really weird since I love this humor in my own life and cherish finding it in erotica. You are treasure. Humor so lightens a mood and relaxes the soul for some good

hard fucking.

I like reading them taking off their clothes after Laura has gotten the bed ready. I love watching my lover's body revealing itself as the clothes shielding it from my hungry eyes is removed. I love seeing Sara's swaying breast as she bends over to remove her jeans. Laura is still nervous and excited over this unexpected turn of events. Laura wants this to be the best sex between them ever. Especially better than with Evangelina. This is so natural for Laura's personality. Another touching, endearing moment [Sara actually held out her arms for Laura as Laura skimmed off her own panties. "Luck has nothing to do with it, darlin'," she said, her voice murky and thick, her eyelids heavy. "Now come to Mama."] I love how your women invite their lover to their sweet embrace. This shows so much more emotion than the normal frantic fucking that other authors give me.

The situation has Laura's nerves on edge and she starts blubbering in her relief at her good fortune. Sara gently admonishes her and calls her cuckoo brain and finally finds something to distract her ["Now look . . ." She took one of her breasts in her hand and offered it to Laura. "I told you the other one was getting jealous. You better be nice to her or she gonna find another mouth to suck her."] I really like this next sequence. I love for my woman to do this for me [Laura sniffled again, sucking back her tears, and smiled. Sara gently rolled her onto her back and rose up over her, straddling her hips, dangling her wonderful breasts in Laura's face. She brushed her soft, black, bulbous nipples across Laura's lips, grinning down at Laura. Finally, she paused, letting the nipple Laura had not yet sucked linger over Laura's mouth.] I love for my woman to feed me her breast in this way. Having her tease me and then giving me her breast and filling my starving mouth with her sweet flesh. Laura guides her breast with her two hands and Sara crams her tit into her mouth with groans of extreme pleasure. Music to my ears. I love this position and feeling that weight on me. It allows my hands the freedom to work her breast and hold, caress, stroke and grip lovingly the rest of her body also. Also, sometimes I will start rocking her pelvis and try and get a good stomach pussy rubbing fuck going. I love looking up at a woman's face as she pleasures herself on my stomach as I grip her hips and grind down and upthrust with my stomach until she comes with a powerful orgasm and I can just see it all on her face as her orgasm rips her apart. I so love to see a woman's face slashed with that extreme pleasure of a killing orgasm.

I love how you show Laura is always using varying technique and making it last [Laura did, but not too hard. And she quickly stopped sucking and licked it instead for a few moments, unwilling to arouse Sara too fast. I want it to go on forever, she realized. May it never end. We'll just fuck like this until the end of time. I love her body. I love her completely.] You are absolutely the only author to show this varying of technique. Other authors just say the character took the nipple into her mouth and suck and that is about it. You just make it so real with all these details that you always lathe upon us. This is real life lovemaking while other writers are only writing about it from a great distance. Thus, no details and no heat of real life are evident in their writings. I again thank you for giving me writings that make me hot and my pussy wet. Also, you always make it so clear that your women so love their partners and desire to focus their all on bringing them pleasure. This is so natural to women and I feel somewhat unnatural to a lot of men though not all. Only rarely do you find the truly selfish woman and if I can't educate her then we must part ways. Let her find some man.

Another thing you are willing to do and other authors don't really do is deal with the complex emotions of a relationship with its up and downs. Laura knows that she can't tell Sara anymore that she loves her. Sara once cherished these declarations but no more. Laura has a lot of repairing to do before Sara will be ready for those words of love again. Instead Laura wisely focuses on the physical. I am a strong believer in letting my physical love speak for me. Laura concentrates on loving Sara's breasts and produces [while Sara, with her eyes tightly closed, moved her head back and forth in a kind of maniacally sexual rhythm, groaning softly with unbelievable pleasure.] I so love seeing this animalistic reaction to my lovemaking. I know I am touching them to the deepest levels of their minds and body. Though Sara is in heaven she is a woman and soon develops the desire to pleasure Laura back. Sara reverses their positions and starts to love Laura's breasts the same way. I always cherish the contrast in skin color. This is something I love to see. I have always been attracted to women of color. I hunger for women of color though I'll fuck a "white" woman any chance I can get also. I'm a slut and I'm happy to admit it. I love pussy and want every woman I can love and fuck. I love how Laura reflects on Sara's mouth and how she dreamed of it for weeks before she was able to kiss them. I will dream and daydream of women I want and long for and plan on getting them in my bed. I love to fantasize about the pleasures we will share.

I like this next part ["Ohhhh!" she sighed, gnawing her lower lip, watching, watching the pale coral edge of her areola finally disappear into Sara's warm, wet mouth.] I love how you capture the visual. I love watching lovemaking. It is such a turn on. You focus on this where others only give it the merest mention. Wow, I love the way you have Sara making direct eye contact while sucking Laura's nipples. This is a sure way to set a fire in my pussy. All that emotion and communication passing between us. Her promises of delivering soul ripping orgasms. It makes my pussy flood with fuck juice. My cunt is getting ready for awesome womb shattering pleasure. Again you show all the facets of lovemaking ["Oh god, honey . . . oh god, honey . . ." she panted, hearing her voice keen upward, feeling Sara's lips between her breasts, feeling Sara's arms encircling her back.] The visual and aural and Sara moving between Laura's breasts to give pleasure and Sara wrapping her in her loving arms. I can just feel those arms wrapping around me and that pressure and warmth flowing into me.

They now do a full body coil that I so dearly love, that full body contact ["I love your body," she breathed into Sara's ear, thrilling to the feel of their excited flesh rubbing together from shoulder to foot, their legs tangling, their arms coiling.] It is cute how Laura says she wants them to come together while looking into her eyes and also wanting to go down on Sara. I know that feeling of wanting to do it all. Sara finds it all humorous. Sara is starting to warm to Laura and Laura sees glimpses of the old love and I know her heart must be soaring. This is a real tender moment that you find in novels and not erotica (thank goodness for you) [Laura smiled and lay her head on Sara's naked shoulder, looking up docilely at her, drawing an invisible circle around Sara's large, swelling, gleaming black nipple with her fingertip. "I guess we can do everything we want to . . . if you stay," she murmured. "I mean, you're not going anywhere afterward, are you?"] Such gentleness. Sara is ready to stay. Laura must be doing things right.

You now capture the sense of smell and reveal how the physical and emotional often come together to produce that overwhelming lust for your lover [The only thing that seemed to overcome it was the thick, pungent whiff she quickly got of Sara's excited cunt, which as she inhaled it seemed to send a streak of hot, animalistic lust through her own body. She might love and reverence this delicious woman above any other she had ever held in her arms, but the sheer physical craving she had for Sara's flesh was almost more powerful and magnetic and stirring than any emotional turmoil she might be feeling.] You are the only author who really shows how the physical and emotional really do work together to make us love our women. Laura heads south to a pussy she knows will be sopping wet. I like Sara looking down at Laura, as she gets ready to munch on her cunt. I love to be watched when I'm loving my woman.

Laura wants to prolong their lovemaking. This is something I desire also. I want plenty of time to savor my cunt candy. Also, I want to give my woman constant prolonged pleasure. Filling her body with unbelievable pleasure. I think you capture some of my thoughts here and give us yet another beautiful word picture of a woman's passionflower [She wanted to make her beg and shuddershudder and beg, groan, plead, and whimper. Sara's pussy was one of the most enchanting with its silvery little pussy ring dangling from her clitoral hood, and its plump outer lips that now were parted enough to reveal the dark, shiny pink slash of her raw inner cunt flesh. It glimmered, runny with pungent nectars.] I have really come to miss this in other stories. I so long to be told of a woman's pussy and breast and I am not given that. It simply isn't fair. Laura now opens up Sara's pussy and makes eye contact before she penetrates this heavenly flower ["Oh god, I love your pussy . . ." Laura sighed, now slithering her tongue into the warm, runny depths of it, feeling Sara's whole body tremble and clench with excitement.] As I so often say, only you truly capture that magical moment of penetration.

As Laura feasts on her warm tangy juices Laura looks up [Laura grinned. She looked up, drinking in Sara's desperate expression. Sara's face was torn by a grimace of acute sexual pleasure. Which is only going to get better, my darling, Laura thought. I can guarantee it.] This is exactly how I think. I love making my women quiver and I always think to myself that I want to make it even better. I love how Laura now concentrates on NOT making Sara coming too quickly. She deliberately misses Sara's magic spots and doesn't torment her clit. I will always love these little details you give that add so much but are not important to the flow of the actual story line [For a short woman, Sara had a remarkably voluptuous body, and since her arms were pressed tightly to her sides, her gorgeous breasts were jutting up. She looked down over the firm, jiggling mounds, peeking through them at Laura, her face animated by humor even though she was caught in the grip of an inexorable sexual momentum. "Don't be mean, Laura," she panted, grinning.] It is these details that make this seem so real life.

Laura is simply in heaven being able to once more eat this heavenly pussy for the first time in long weeks of abstinence. I know that feeling that Laura is feeling of simply wanting to ingest your lover in wild abandon. She knows that Sara and her are reconnecting with this intense lovemaking. Now Laura decides to use her immense skill to prolong her lovemaking and take Sara up and down on the ladder of passion until she is so wound up she explodes with her orgasm. Other authors would just have her prolong the pussy eating while you show what skilled lovers do [Accordingly, while Sara thought Laura was going to eat her streaming pussy until she came, instead Laura swarmed up again all over her writhing body, mashing her own breasts into Sara's, sucking her neck, digging her fingers into the firm flesh of Sara's back, covering her body with hot kisses.] The way to make a woman explode is to love the whole body like you are always showing. In her passion Laura moves Sara to the side of her body and starts to love her voluptuous ass. In the past she has paid homage to this masterpiece but Sara has always demurred about Laura getting too far in her lovemaking to her ass. Laura is once more going to try and show Sara what pleasures she can give her by worshiping her ass.

It is a little humorous Sara gasping out what she is doing and Laura ["Nothing . . ." Laura snuffled, her face completely buried in the warm, moist, dark crack of Sara's ass.] This is exactly where I would be in Laura's situation. Laura finally remembers Sara's aversion to anal play and moves up to embrace Sara but [She drew the fingers of one hand up into the crack of Sara's ass to replace her face, and began gently massaging the tight little aperture of Sara's asshole with the tip of one finger while she continued to kiss and stroke the rest of her body heatedly, clutching and squeezing one of Sara's marvelous breasts with her other hand.] Sigh, such real life details that no one has even come close too. The level between what you write and what everyone else does is truly amazing. It is almost weird actually. Laura tells Sara she wants to fuck Sara "everywhere". I think Laura is giving her a chance to put limits on her actions. Sara confesses that Laura is simply setting her body on fire. I love the comment Laura makes about Sara being the sister of "miss anal" Dee Dee. Laura remembering again Sara's previous avowals of not letting any guy ram his cock up her ass decides to once more back off.

I really like this next part [Then it suddenly seemed to dawn on Sara what Laura probably meant by 'fuck you everywhere.' Over her shoulder, she gave Laura a look that said: You got a nasty mind, cuckoo brain, but that feels kinda good.] You are showing the fruition of what I call the "plant the seeds" approach to seducing a woman. I love seducing anal virgins but if I meet resistance I am willing to back off after I have verbally and physically started my seduction of their sweet asshole. I know that after that they will remember the sensations I was producing and the next time we fuck they will be much more willing and desiring to explore this new for them way of fucking. I almost always get my girl so to speak. It just takes time and sometimes multiple encounters of seduction to get them to realize just what they are missing. Most want to give in but one does have to respect the exceptions that one can't overcome their brainwashing or past bad experiences.

Laura's past work is now paying fruit. Instead of stopping Laura, Sara confesses that she is truly enjoying what Laura is doing to her. Laura sensing this crumbling of defenses and Sara's awakening desire ["I want to fuck you everywhere," Laura repeated in a smoky whisper. "I . . . know," Sara gasped, her eyes rolling up as she almost imperceptibly undulated her hips so that her asshole pushed against Laura's fingertip harder.] Though it seems Sara is falling, Laura can sense she is still a little resistant and being her true gentle self once more decides to back off and try another day. She rolls Sara onto her back and brings both hands to Sara's breast and starts to love them but Sara decides that she is indeed ready to proceed ["Put your hand back there," she panted softly, urgently. "It felt . . . so good. Put it back."] Laura complies and Sara whimpers her pleasure. Yes, with a great big smile on my face! Sara is starting to see the truth. Laura whispers that she will make her come so hard. You always need to reinforce verbally what you are doing physically. I love how Sara whimpers her reply ["Do it . . ." Sara whimpered. "Just go ahead . . . and do it!" she gasped, her eyes red with fiery sexual need as she looked deep into Laura's. "Do it. I want you to do it."] My heart always sings when I hear my woman begging for me to take her. I know I am about to take her to paradise.

I like how you remind the reader that the eyes are the portals to the soul. Laura and Sara lock eyes and they pass to each other their burning passion for each other. Laura's eyes are filled with love also but Sara's eyes only have a hint of that and mainly overriding lust fills Sara's eyes. It will be a while before Laura sees love filling Sara's eyes I fear. Laura breaks the moment reaching for her ever ready baby oil and lubes a finger for the long dreamed anal penetration. I love how Laura has slowly worn down her senseless defenses to this sweet moment. Women so need to be educated when they lack the proper knowledge of anal sex. It IS so rad!! I love how Sara says with her eyes that no one has ever made love to her in this area before. Though their relationship is damaged, she is still willing to give Laura this part of herself she saved from others. That is very touching. Sara finally does confess that she still feels love Laura also. I love how you have Laura now give her some oral ministrations to make her really hot for her anal penetration. I know that other authors once they introduce the idea of anal penetration would have focused only on that while you show a lover filling her partner's body with sexual fire that makes her die for the promised invasion [Laura's heart was overflowing, but she struggled to control her emotions. I have to make it so good for her, she realized. I have to make it the best ever. She began kissing and licking Sara's inflamed, glistening, flowing pussy, flicking the tiny silver pussy ring with the tip of her tongue, sucking it and Sara's clitoral hood and clitoris all together into her mouth too, but only gently, afraid to trigger an explosion too soon. This sent Sara into transports of bliss. Her eyes rolled up, her head lolled back, her breasts shimmied as her body twisted and shook, the large circles of her puffy dark nipples gleaming, covered with bumps. Laura realized she could make her come just from this gentle sucking, if she kept it up.] I feel it so important to pleasure the whole body like you always show. This excites her whole body and makes her ready for just about anything your loving heart wishes to do to her. Passion and love mixed together is such a powerful elixir I believe.

Laura now releases her cunt candy to let Sara concentrate on the finger she quickly inserts halfway up her tight asshole. Of course Sara ["Oooooohhh!" Sara suddenly half-laughed, a strange, nervous half-laugh. "Ooohhh, that feels good! I thought it was going to hurt . . . but that feels good! Weird . . . but good!"] That's the reaction I get when I penetrate an anal virgin with my finger. Some I take with my cock and there I have to help them over the initial greater discomfort or pain but I quickly fill their body with killing pleasure and have them begging for hard ramming. I have often thought that a woman's pussy does seem to swell and expand when she is being anally penetrated. I guess that pleasure just excites her cunt to the ninth degree. Of course Laura must bury her face in that juicy cunt while starting to fuck Sara harder with her finger. I love how you show Sara just coming alive with this new pleasure filling her body. I like for my lover to look down her body at me working on her cunt. It always inspires me to really love maul her cunt to exctacy. Laura does what I always try to do [She would prove her love by her actions, and she could see from the pathetic pleas in Sara's dark, pulsating eyes that Sara was absolutely in the last stages.] I let my passion and skill show my love to my lovers.

I love the detail of Laura slowly working her finger in and out all the way now and watching the pleasure she is producing cross Sara's face. Laura wonders about trying to prolong the lovemaking longer but when Sara screams out her passion Laura realizes that the time has come. You are the only author to talk about having to be in tune with her lover. Laura realizes that the time to make Sara come is now. To try and prolong the lovemaking will miss the supreme moment and Sara's chance for the highest levels of heaven will pass by. Maybe into something not so special which I detest giving my lover [Laura knew you could spoil something like this if you missed your chance. A powerful, scorching orgasm could dribble off into a few disappointing spasms if you missed the critical moment. She knew Sara was nearly there. She needed to deliver.] Thank you for showing this almost mystical communication between lesbian lovers striving to give and receive maximum pleasure together. Something most men and women never reach I fear.

I always love how you racket up the heat in your lovemaking like real life lovers. Laura is now plunging her finger roughly up Sara's spasming asshole and stabbing hard into her passion pit giving maximum stimulation at this critical moment. I so cherish how you make it so visually clear the woman receiving is being taken to paradise [Sara was hissing and gurgling incoherently, clawing the smooth, dark flesh of her own thighs, gyrating her hips so that her pussy rode up and down on Laura's mouth.] I so love feeling a woman working her cunt hard into my starving mouth. She now verbally encourages Sara to climax, which I feel is so important. I love encouraging my women to come for me. Sigh, this is what I aim for in my lovemaking and I am so thankful that I have found an author who so accurately captures this [Now Laura again took most of the upper part of Sara's small though swollen pussy into her mouth, including the pussy ring, and began to lick and suck the wet, slippery flesh hungrily, bringing Sara quickly even closer to the edge. Sara began pumping frantically, almost maniacally, moaning and keening, her ass cheeks clenching as her whole pelvis churned up off the mattress, wailing in shocking sexual excitement as Laura's tongue found her clit and stroked it rapidly.] This is one woman taking another woman to heaven with all her focus and skill. Giving and receiving like it is supposed to be and that only lesbians can truly deliver. I so love trying to swallow my lover's vagina at this moment of sheer perfection on Earth.

Where other authors would have long ago exhausted their repertory you still have more divine sex to offer the besotted reader. Sara now grabs her own tits and pulls those puffy nipples hard flooding her body with new streams of fiery pleasure shooting to her about to explode cunt. I love doing this to myself when I am about to come. I love to pull hard and twist my nipples like you show feeling my breast fill with pleasure and that pleasure stabbing deep into my cunt and womb. I guess I'm a hedonist. I love masturbating and giving myself as much pleasure as I can. Laura is right that a time does come where technique and skill is not so important and what is pumping as much sensation into your lover's body as possible. This is the time for maximum pussy mauling and finger thrusting ["Mmmnnnneeee . . . oh! Ungghh! Oh shit . . . oh! Ungghh! Anngghhh! Oh shit . . . oh Laura oh god!" she gasped, her pelvis gyrating in the air as Laura plunged her finger now deep into Sara's ass, knowing that intense sensation would only help at this point, and make the final outcome even more piercing.] You show Laura and how lesbians are so focused on giving maximum pleasure to their lover and thus receive it back in equal measure if not greater.

I am always happily amazed at how you make every orgasm the unique creation it is. Though they do fall into classes each one is different in some way. You never fail to capture this as here [She didn't know how long it could last now, and in fact it didn't last much longer. As if she were coiling, conserving her strength for the coming eruption, Sara sank briefly back to the bed, her body briefly still, her breathing ragged and punctuated by small hysterical whimpers. Then, without warning, she grew stiff as a board, then uncoiled and erupted in several violent spasms, screaming in ecstasy as she came. "ANNGGHIIIEEEEEE! OH! OH! UNNNGGGMMNNIIEEEEEE!" she cried out, her body flipping and jackknifing so violently that Laura was actually flung to the side.] This is what I live for. Filling a woman's body with almost unendurable pleasure and having her body ripped apart with pleasure I gave her (with maybe others) and just seeing and hearing the most beautiful sight in the world. A woman's body in the depths of a soul crushing orgasm. It doesn't get any more wonderful than this.

I find it cute that Laura is almost overwhelmed by the force Sara's climax. She removes and cleans her finger and then moves up to embrace her dear temporarily satiated lover. I love that coiling of spent flesh after orgasm. Sara being Sara jokes about not poking her asshole again. That is until she asks (begs?) for it again. Like the little groans of pleasure Sara makes while trying to talk. Love feeling and seeing those aftershocks in my lover's body. Love seeing Sara's body covered in a sheen of sweat. Love seeing, feeling and smelling that on my lover's body. Love rubbing our sweat slicked bodies together. Love that slippery friction. Makes me all hot and gushy inside. Of course Laura has made her come harder than ever before. Harder certainly than with any man and even with Evangelina it seems. I don't blame Sara for stopping Laura from again confessing her love. Sara is simply not ready to take their relationship back to this level. Laura will have to show patience in this. Sara is now ready to reciprocate ["My turn," she breathed, nibbling Laura's lips. "Or should I say, your turn?"]

I love how Sara now informs Laura that she has trimmed her fingernails back. The hets might not get it but we lesbians do. Sara must be embracing her true lesbian nature. Laura remembers their mystical union they had the last time they were together when Laura oh so sweetly fist fucked Sara. It was a very intimate and divine moment. Your dialog always puts a great big goofy smile on my face [Sara had begun to kiss Laura's body sensually everywhere, her shoulders, her chest, the upper slopes of her breasts. "The better to . . . pleasure you with, my dear," she teased, looking up.] That is simply precious beyond measure. I love how you describe Sara moving slow and with great deliberation with her lovemaking. Other authors always have their creations move at breakneck speed. I usually don't do this unless I am totally out of control with wild lust. I prefer to racket up the heat though sometimes the lust demands that wild abandon take control. The problem I have is that most authors don't show the more normal racketing up of one's lovemaking. Again, something I have come to find strange. Other authors just have the lovemaking happening without qualifying and giving it texture by showing this varying of ones technique and speed of lovemaking. They make it seem so textbook

while you bring your lovemaking to life with the details you flow into your stories.

Also, other authors just have their characters do something without details while you give the sweet details such as [Sara covered Laura's small breasts with her dark brown hands and squeezed them gently while continuing to kiss every inch of skin around and under the perfect globes.] Other authors just say she squeezed her tits. Hello, please wake me up. I love how Laura almost swoons when Sara starts loving her breasts. I can just feel Laura's pent up love for Sara exploding forth with their lovemaking. I love how you show that Sara spends minutes massaging, squeezing and sucking Laura's nipples. Sara soon has her on edge and fearing of coming before she wants too. Know that feeling. Again you are the only author to show how women get in tune with each other and try so hard to find that harmonious balance [And Sara knew she might. Their bodies and minds were very much in harmony and had been from the very beginning. Sara knew that Laura, after having fucked her so beautifully only minutes ago, could only be seething and yearning inwardly for release herself. And so she was careful not to bring Laura to the absolute point of no return too quickly. Nevertheless, by the time she resumed her descent down Laura's body, Laura was in a state of helpless, frantic need.] You show us the emotions of sex while other authors only show the physical side of sex. This is not bad but does seem hollow. Without the sweet emotions and merging of souls that sex brings us humans we are reduced to the mindless rutting of herd animals. Like elk. This is what so many authors reduce their sex too. Some show me the emotions of sex but only you bring it front and center and thus allow me to bask in it. To experience in the written word what I experience in life and for that you have my sincerest thanks.

Sara moves south for some tender cunt meat. You now kill me in a good way with these wonderful lines of dialog you always give me [Sara looked up at her, grinning slightly. "Are you ready for Auntie Sara to give you, shall we say, the finishing touches?"] I love it! I love the mirth, sass and confidence. You now touch me with a very sweet moment. Laura starts to think that she has given Sara many reasons to hurt her if she so choose. She is opening herself completely and having to trust Sara completely. Fisting is a total surrender of oneself to your lover. Laura starts to think of how this would be the perfect opportunity for Sara to exact some serious revenge for her moment of weakness with Dee Dee. She expresses her complete vulnerability ["Don't . . . hurt me!" she whimpered, the words escaping her mouth before she had planned to say them, before she could reconsider. Sara looked up at her, bemused. Her eyes flickered with recognition, and Laura knew in that instant that Sara knew exactly what she was feeling, what she was fearing. Then a wholly different expression slowly took over Sara's face. It was a warm, loving, deeply affectionate smile. "Laura . . . I would never hurt you," she said, quietly. "Never."] Wow, this is pretty intense stuff actually. A very subtle and dynamic interaction of real life women. Women who are alive and dynamic and full of real life possibilities. I love Laura showing her vulnerability so touchingly and Sara's soft reassurance. Sara may be angry but she would never hurt Laura like this. She I feel is just totally incapable of hurting Laura or anyone for that matter in such a mean spirited way.

Now that Laura has been reassured she pleads for her fist fuck and Sara chuckling proceeds. Love how you tell of Laura's copious lubrication easing the fist inside and Sara concentrating on the penetration. I myself always concentrate when I am fist fucking my woman. I always fist fuck with great awareness of my lover's reactions and state of body. What I concentrate on is watching her body react to the invasion making sure I am proceeding slow enough and seeing that bliss and sometimes wonder on their face. Locking eyes and just feeling that connection forming and the love pouring forth between you and your lover. You with your writer's touch capture it much better than I can [This was the moment, Laura knew, both had been waiting for. Their eyes locked, pulsing slowly, rhythmically, in mysterious harmony. For Laura, though she didn't know why, fist fucking was almost always a ceremony of piercing intimacy and shockingly deep emotion. Maybe it was the absolute linkage, the fact that your two bodies were completely united, though it was never something she felt with a man's cock in her. She had ceased trying to figure it out, but she knew that when she had done it to Sara, during their last time together, they had both felt the same thing, this unreal, throbbing, intense closeness, this sense of being completely merged, this feeling of all-enveloping love and incredible sexual joy that they were now feeling again.] It is the vulnerability and trust involved that really makes this so special. You are totally opening yourself to your lover showing the greatest depths of trust and belief in her. I don't fist fuck with a woman unless I truly trust her. This is something I only share with my more intimate loves.

Sara starts the rhythm of fucking and asks Laura if it's good. Of course it is!!! Laura is already getting delirious. I always love this part of fist fucking [Sara smiled, now bunching her fingers into a fist inside of Laura's very tight pussy, then twisting her hand slowly so that Laura could feel the hard bumps of her knuckles against the squinchy, soft, wet flesh. She glanced down at her wrist protruding from Laura's crammed cunt, then up again into Laura's eyes.] Feeling those knuckles move against my wet vaginal flesh just sends me into orbit. It is so fucking intense and pleasurable that I can just feel my juices gushing. I can really lose it with much eye rolling and drooling and helpless cawing and moaning. You now show again that mystical bond between women. Sara is able to prolong the lovemaking because she is so in tune with her lover. She watches Laura intently and slows her strokes when Laura starts to get to excited and even stopping to bring her back from the edge when necessary. This can only be done by focusing on your lover and really getting in tune with her body and soul.

Again you show Sara being in tune with Laura's body and knowing when to administer the coup de ta [But it could only go on so long. Even though she enjoyed the smoldering buildup, she was also consumed by a sharp and relentless need and could feel the heat inside her body swelling and throbbing and crying for release. Sara knew it too. Tearing her eyes from Laura's, she dropped her mouth to Laura's plundered pussy, flicking Laura's distended clit with her tongue as she now began to fuck Laura a little harder.] I love sensing that moment and then attacking her cunt with my hungry mouth and tongue and driving her over the edge with a sudden infusion of exctacy to over excited clit. It makes them simply explode with exctacy. I love pushing a woman over the edge into bliss. Sara produces what I am always aiming for in my lovemaking ["Unnggghhhmmnnieee!" she wailed after her breath returned, her body flipping and surging in helpless, spastic jerks as several shattering spasms struck her. "Oonnmmmgghiiieee!"] I need to see that I have given my woman a mind-blowing orgasm filling her body with extreme bliss.

You are the only author who shows the beauty of those moments after an orgasm starts to wane but bliss is still shaking your flesh [Finally, exhausted, she fell back, still quivering, still moaning softly, obliterated by a more emotional climax than she had experienced in months. Several minutes passed before she could even lift her arm. During that period, tiny, feathery waves of infinitely sweet pleasure spread through her tingling flesh, and a few fresh, startling aftershocks of ecstasy made her shudder again. She looked up to see Sara gazing down at her and stroking her side, her arm, her shoulder. She had evidently removed her hand from Laura's pussy without Laura even noticing it.] Love that sweet lassitude that only a great orgasm can bring one. I always do what Sara is doing here. I always want to stroke my lover and then take her in my loving arms and just caress her and coil her spent body next to mine. I want to feel her sweat slicked body rubbing mine and feel her heartbeat beating against my body and feel it calm against me. I feel post coital time is so important and a great time for bonding.

They use this time to communicate their feelings and share this very sweet moment ["You knock me out every time," Laura croaked softly, still finding it difficult to speak. Sara almost visibly melted before Laura's eyes at this comment. A broad, delighted smile spread over her face. She lay down next to Laura, stretching out, pushing their bodies together from head to toe. "Give us a kiss," she whispered. "I'm finally happy." "Me too," Laura said right before their lips came together in a lengthy, very emotional kiss, one that went on so long they both broke it off finally to make breathing easier.] When there is true emotion between women great fucking really does bring you so much closer to that woman. This is the true sharing and twining of souls that only lovemaking can produce. Laura initiated the healing between them but this sweet fucking is what is truly starting the healing process. It can't cure it all but it can act as a sweet balm and really help and speed the healing process.

You now show the humor of relationships with Sara calling Laura her new pet name "cuckoo brain" and they then have an honest to goodness tickle fight that leaves them breathless with laughter and exertion. Needless to say I have never seen this in any erotica. This is almost too real life for other authors I fear. After recovering they then relax and gently share of themselves [They embraced slowly, side by side again, pushing their naked breasts together, kissing gently, soft, brief, love-peck kisses, nibbling each other's lips.] Gentle bonding just for the sheer joy of loving your lover without trying to generate any real heat. Sometimes it is nice just to just gently stroke and kiss and enjoy the totality of your lover without the heat of sex.

Laura is confused by this gentle time and finally confronts Sara as to why Sara has surrendered to her advances. She knows she has hurt Sara deeply and knows that Sara found solace in the arms of Evangelina and yet she is now in Laura's bed fucking ardently. Sara finally answers without evasion [Sara swallowed, not evading Laura's eyes, looking simply and painfully honest. "I . . . couldn't help it," she said, so softly she was nearly inaudible. "I . . . love you too, Laura," she whispered. A tear suddenly appeared at the bottom of each of her eyes. "I wish I didn't . . . but I do."] After these words Laura wants to kiss her passionately but Sara is honest enough to tell her the whole truth ["Yes. You have to hear it all." Now Sara did look away, briefly. She looked like she was having trouble framing her thoughts. "I don't think it can ever be . . . the way it was. You know?"] This is complicated real life emotions that so complicate the story. This is what other authors avoid and thus reduce their stories to just that while your "Laura's Story" rings with the elements of real life and thus is such a more satisfying read. These are real life women searching and groping for the answers to their lives just like the rest of us.

It is interesting seeing Sara saying that there is only Laura when Laura and the reader knows of Evangelina. It will be interesting to see exactly what Sara's game is with this. Is she still seeing Evangelina and will she in the future. What does she feel for this woman and what does Evangelina feel for her. Does Sara now have two special women in her life? Laura confesses the same emotion to Sara but she knows [She did at least know what she meant herself. There might be others, there might be scorching sex and sweet, soft moments, but there was no one higher or more intense in her mind than this woman in her arms. It was very confusing to her to love someone this deeply and yet have to come to terms with all these others on the periphery, on both sides. I don't know how we'll manage it, she realized. But one thing is clear: this is so much better than before. We have to figure out a way.] This is how Joann, Maria and I feel. We have our other dalliances some more special than others but the main focus is each other. We are there for each other and are each other's safe harbor. Though sometimes the waters do get choppy but again that is real life. Nothing in this life is perfect and takes work to make it work.

You now end this chapter with that sweet dialog that only you deliver time after time. You are really a great writer to develop these characters and then breath such life into them ["I love you," she breathed into Sara's ear. Sara giggled suddenly, a small, startling laugh, since they had both been so solemn. She nipped Laura's earlobe. "Don't adore me, just" "Don't say it!" Laura laughed softly, squirming her suddenly hot naked body into Sara's voluptuous curves. "I already know. 'Don't adore me, just fuck me.'" Sara pulled her head back far enough so that Laura could see the excruciatingly funny, loopy face she was making. "You're a mind reader, cuckoo brain." She beamed warmly at Laura, then lowered her eyelids again. "No more talking." "Promise."] This is just two women talking to each other in that warm way lovers do. Other authors only have dialog that leads directly and without subtlety to sex. Their dialog is between characters while yours is between real life women. They end with the heat slowly racketing up with the start of more divine breast loving. I know that much sweet fucking will happen over their weekend. Lucky girls!!!





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