by Funfla1965

The camp looked different, well... not really. This was my first year being head swimming camp counselor. I had been coming to this girl's camp for nine years as a camper, this year I am taking over the swimming program for the 12 - 16 year olds. My name is Kassidi Peterson. I am 17 years old, 5'6" tall with long blonde hair, brown eyes, a great swimmer's body with 34B chest; and I have an incredible sexual appetite. My appetite came from this very camp. The head counselor, Anna, took me under her wing four years ago and became my first lover. She taught me everything. As each year came and went, we would do so much together. We weren't girlfriends, more like special friends that would have fringe benefits together. Since we were so intimate and sexually connected, Anna got me this job as she was moving to the other side of the camp to take care of the 17 - 21 year olds. Knowing my sexual appetite, she made sure that I would have the best group of girls and the best area for naughty play. Anna, who was now 25 years old, had run of the camp since she was privately fucking the camp owner and his wife didn't know anything about it. So, anything I needed was easy to get. I also got this position because I am the state swimming champion and the camp advertised it.

I settled into my private cabin, which overlooked the lake, pool and the showers. I was surprised to find the cabin had a huge bed. This was Anna's old cabin and we always slept in a tiny bed together.

'Nice work Anna!'

The really nice feature of this cabin was that I could look into the showers and have a clear view of the girls as the cleaned-up or...

The afternoon started and campers were settling in their cabins. The camper cabins housed 12 girls in two rooms. My tasks of the day were to make sure the lakefront and pools were ready for the next day. I wouldn't see my camper girls until after dinner.

I met Anna near the mess hall and gave her a big hug and kiss. She whispered that we would need to try out her new bed. She also told me that I was in for a real treat with the campers selected to my group. I couldn't wait to see them.

As the groups were assembling after dinner, I couldn't believe my group, twelve of the hottest girls in the camp. There were two girls that had me in a total shock on how hot they were. I knew they would be my primary love targets. I was introduced to the group, which had mostly 14 and 15 year olds. My two targets were Cara, age 15 and Sandy, age 14. Although I would have been happy to sleep with any of the other girls, and I would try, these two girls were my mission. I made small talk with the girls, showed them their cabins and assigned them beds. I gave them a tour and told them about my program. Even though I would be instructing the whole 12-16 year old group, my focus would be my campers. I told them that I would expect them to be the best and to do anything I said if they really wanted to succeed. Everyone agreed and we settled into the cabin. I told them I wanted them on the dock right after breakfast to start.

I let them settle and then lights out. I went back into my cabin and I had to relieve myself of the incredible sexual build-up I had. I fingered myself to a couple of intense orgasms and fell asleep with my fingers still on my pussy.

The next morning my girls and the other groups were on the dock. I never saw so many hot bathing suits in my life. One girl even had a one-piece thong that was to die for. When I spoke to all the groups I gave them my instructions and expected them to follow. Then I told the group to swim across the lake and back. It wasn't that long of a swim since we were in a little alcove. Immediately I could tell that Sandy was going to be my speedster. Cara wasn't too bad either.

I worked the girls really good before lunch in the lake. After lunch they worked in the pool for more controlled racing. There was no doubt that Sandy was going to lead the pack, yet the other girls seem to thrive on her speed. They were so hot to watch that I was massaging my pussy in my chair. Not too obvious, but I did it whenever the opportunity was there. When the day was over we all had dinner in the mess hall. Normally I didn't eat with the group, but I wanted to get to know my group well to see how far I could go with them, and I wanted to really get to know Cara and Sandy.

Cara was very beautiful and extremely touchy/feely. She was about 5'4" tall with brown shoulder-length hair and hazel eyes. Her breasts were deceiving in her swimsuit. In her clothes they looked almost the same size at mine. Her body was a perfect specimen of an athletic body. Her ass was incredible. Sandy was almost identical to Cara except for her hair was shorter and her breasts were much smaller. The thing that made me drool over her was her face. It was so sexy and innocent at the same time and yet if she looked right at you, you could feel an intense devilishness in her.

I spent most of the dinner talking to the two of them to find Cara extremely outgoing and Sandy was more quiet and reserved. There was no doubt that I would have Cara in my bed by the end of the week, but Sandy was much more difficult to tell. Do I go with the easier path and have Cara or do I go for the more reserved Sandy?

I gathered the group and told them after lights out, I would have a surprise for them.

At lights out I went into their cabin and told them we were going to have some fun and a challenge. I explained that we were the best group and needed to practice like it. So, we were all going back to the lake and we were going to swim again. I told them to meet me at the dock in 10 minutes and be ready. I went to the dock and waited. The whole group showed up and was very eager. I asked them how dedicated they were and they all let me know that they were very committed. So I paired everyone up, of course Cara and Sandy were paired up together. Once I finished that, now comes the hard part. I was going over the line, but I wanted to do it.

"Okay" I said. "You girls think you are good?"

They nodded.

"We are going to swim out to that float and back. And the one that beats me will get a prize."

I didn't have a prize because I didn't think that anyone would beat me. But I had to make it interesting to them and the next thing I said was going to be interesting. All the girls were excited that they got to race me.

"And since I want everyone to prove they are committed to beating me, all of us are going to swim naked." I said a little scared not knowing how they would take it.

Well, ten of the twelve girls were fine with it. Two of them were hesitant. But when they saw that I was getting naked, they seemed to go with it.

I had twelve naked girls on the dock and I was in heaven. All beautiful girls of different shapes and sizes. All of them had nice little fur covering their pussies; some had a lot, some had a sparse amount. But they all made me really horny. Since we were in moonlight I couldn't really enjoy the sight too much... 'I have to get them like this where I can see them.' I thought.

"Okay, ready, set, go..."

We all jumped in and swam. I won handily.

We did it again and again. On the third try, Sandy was right behind me and I was in danger of being caught. I put on a burst of speed to make it to the dock before she did. When she finished, I feigned excitement and gave her a big naked hug in the water. She hugged back and her legs wrapped around mine and her small chest rubbed over my breast. Finally the other girls caught up and we all got out of the lake. I got to see some cold nipples! Wow, everyone had little pointed bullets, even me. I noticed a few girls looking at my breasts with envy or lust. Finally I led them up to the showers and we all went in to shower. I helped wash a few girls innocently, to them. And I made it a game to wash me as a dozen sets of hands were all over my body washing away. A couple hands were washing my breasts really good...well, too good. And there was one hand that had its fingers inside my pussy, but I could not tell which girl was fingering me. It felt sooo good. I bit my lower lip as a little orgasm came. I had to have them stop or I was going to be in trouble.

We stopped and started to dry off. I asked them why no one beat me and they all shook their head except for Sandy.

She spoke up, "Is it because you don't have any hair on your vagina?"

'Wow.. I have an idea.' I thought to myself.

"Very good Sandy." I said. "And you did really well because you only have a little hair on yours."

The girls were nodding and everyone was looking as each other's pussies and agreeing with the idea.

"Well, I think I can take care of that for all of you, if you like?"

They all knew what I meant and seemed to go with it. I told them that I could shave them in my cabin one at a time. They all nodded and I made the order leaving Sandy as the last one. I told Cara that I wanted her to apply lotion to each girl's shaved area when I was done, so she needed to be with me the whole time. I told them that once they were done, they were to go to bed and get some sleep. Most seemingly excited, we started with Cara and the first girl, Donna in my cabin.

I picked Donna first because she had the most pubic hair. I got the razor and cream and started to work on her with Cara right by my side watching intently. I placed Donna on the edge of my bed and spread her legs wide to allow my full access. I shaved her with no problem and had Cara apply the lotion. I had noticed that Cara did a good job, so good that she slipped a finger into Donna and she cooed at the feeling. This gave me an idea.

Donna left and the next girl, Lexi showed up. I shaved her like I did to Donna, however, this time I let a finger slide up, around and inside her, as if it was an accident. I really didn't get a response from her. Cara lotioned her up and out she went. The next girl was Amanda and as I was shaving her, her pussy was soaking wet and my finger easily slid into her to a very happy moan. So, I left it in while I finished up. Cara took heed on this and fingered her pretty good while using the lotion on her.

When Amanda left Cara spoke up, "This is so much fun."

Since we stayed naked from the shower I noticed that she was definitely turned on. It was obvious I was too as my nipples were standing at attention. I figured I would see how hot she was and told her, "Yea, it is. I am getting very wet doing this."

Her face lit up. "Can I tou.."

The next girl walked in before she could finish. I think her name was Courtney and she was going to be quick since she hardly had any pubic hair. We finished quickly and even before she went out the door, I asked Cara what she wanted to say before Courtney walked in.

Almost embarrassed she looked down and didn't say anything.

So, I pressed her, "Did you want to see how wet I was?" I asked.

"Yes!" She said quickly.

"Well, do it quickly before the next girl."

Her finger was inside my pussy so fast that I gasped at the penetration. 'This girl was good.' I thought to myself. Her finger was inside and reaching for my g-spot.

"Ohhh...." I let out.

The next girl was making her way in as she pulled her finger out. I noticed that she turned away to suck on her finger.

'This girl was mine!' Smiling to myself.

I finished everyone else up to Sandy. Of course I got good response from most of the girls from my finger sliding in and around their pussies. Sandy was real easy to shave, but I couldn't really get a finger in. She had a very tiny hole and it wasn't easy for me to work in. But the good thing is that she was panting to my finger around her lips and clit. I finished and Cara did her lotion thing. I asked Sandy to switch with Cara as I did Cara. I shaved her rather quickly, but I took extra time as my finger was playing good with her pussy. Sandy could see what I was doing and I wasn't sure if she was interested or confused. Sandy then applied the lotion to Cara and it was exciting watching as she did a good job and it looked like she was trying to put a finger inside her but wasn't having any luck. I thanked them both for helping and decided to be cautious tonight about having Cara sleep with me. I would use her to get reaction from the other campers. I hugged them both and the both reciprocated nicely. Of course, Cara was hot to trot.

The both went back to their cabin and I fucked myself silly with my dildo. I was fucking to the images of the naked girls in the shower, shaving them and Cara's finger in me. I came so hard and intense that I just about knocked myself out of my bed. Wow, it was awesome. Somewhat satisfied, I drifted to sleep.

The next day was our typical workouts and everyone seemed to be in a much more relaxed mode. I spoke to Cara and she told me that everyone seemed really cool about their shaved pubic area. She also said that she heard a few girls playing with themselves last night but didn't know who it was. After lunch I met up with Anna and she wanted to play tonight, so I had to make it a quick night with my campers. I think a few campers, especially Cara, were disappointed that we were not doing anything at night. I was disappointed too, but I was in for a very exhausting night with Anna.

Anna showed up at my cabin around 10:00 pm and had such a naughty look on her face. Then she showed me why, she had a strap-on dildo and a huge double-headed dildo in her bag. She had used the strap-on on me last year and it was awesome. The double-headed was new.

We embraced and kissed with a wanting desire between us. We could tell each other's desires since Anna taught me everything and she was a great teacher. We picked up where we left off last year. Tasting each other and making sure to savor the flavor of each other's body. There wasn't any hesitation as Anna found her way down to my pussy and began eating me.

"Ohhhhhh my... that feels so good." I moaned to her.

As if not hearing me she continued to suck and lick my lips and clit over and over.

"Arrrrgg... oooohhh..." I panted and moaned to her expert mouth and tongue.

Within seconds she had me cumming hard and long.


It really felt good to be eaten again since my girlfriend at home decided she like boys, which was fine with me since I liked having a cock in me once in a while, but I was too much for her.

Anna and I switched positions and I was on her breasts like a starving baby. While sucking away, I noticed a hickey on the side of her breast. 'I'd have to ask her about that later' I thought.

I worked my way down and found her bald pussy. That was new for her as well since Anna didn't like to shave. All the more, I went to town on her clit and pussy lips and tongue fucking her. I had a grasp of her legs as I was sucking away and she was bucking me.

"Oooohhhh...Kassi, how I missed your tongue" She said.

Hearing this, I tongue fucked her into a frenzy. And as her orgasm built I sucked in her clit.

"Yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwwwww.......oooooooooooooooooooooo" She screamed loud enough for the camp to hear.

I held on until she calmed down and relaxed. Her smile was genuine and she was ready for more as she got up and put the strap-on on. It was time for a doggie-style ride. I got on all fours and spread my legs as wide as I could on the bed. Anna was right up behind me and teasing me with the head of the dildo. I was getting antsy and pushed back, but she would play more... almost making me beg.

"So, you pussy shaved all your campers?!?" She said as she slammed the dildo all the way in.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhh..." I screamed as it felt great. But, who told her?

She slid in and out fucking me with a good pace.

"Courtney is my cousin and told me that you guys had an awesome time last night and you swam naked, showered and then you shaved all the girls." Anna stated in between her penetrating thrusts.

Feeling guilty, yet incredible filled, I didn't know what to do.

"Gee, I wish I thought of that on you girls. It would have made it easier to get into your pants. I'll have to watch you more, you are good." Anna said and really fucking me.

"OMG... I'm cumming." I screamed into the pillow.

Anna was slamming my pussy hard and intense. And every so often her thrust would have a little lift to it hitting my g-spot really hard.

"Aaaaaarrrrg.... Fuck me, fuck me hard..Anna, please"

Anna did just that as I exploded back into her with a forceful orgasm.

I collapsed on the bed and Anna joined me there. We cuddled for a while until my strength was enough to play more. As I turned, I realize that Anna was already putting the dual-headed dildo in her pussy and angled herself so I could ride with her. My pussy was sore from the strap-on but I wasn't going to miss out on this. I inserted it into my freshly fucked pussy and it made its way in rather nicely. Anna was already rocking to it and getting a good fuck from it. We positioned ourselves into a nice face-to-face position and fucked each other hard. It was amazing that Anna was cumming so easy from it.

"OOOOOOOOOOohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....Shit!!!!" She screamed into my shoulder. I wasn't that close yet... But it was building fast as she humped wildly.

I grabbed a hold of her and humped into an intense orgasm as she just kept cumming and cumming.

"Yeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss!!!!" I screamed into her.

We both collapsed into a pile of sex-exhausted bodies on my bed. No words were spoken or movement made as we fell asleep. The dildo must have slid out of me as we shifted positions in our sleep. When I woke, I kissed Anna awake and told her it was five in the morning. She kissed back and we had a quick 69 together before she needed to be back in her cabin for the 6:00 am wake up.

Jeez, I was sore! It took me a while to walk to the dock. My pussy felt so stretched from the action that I must have been walking awfully funny. I decided to work everyone hard today so they would be sore and not really be interested in fun later tonight. I don't think I would have been ready for it anyway. So, I was really tough on the girls. And true to form, everyone was too tired to do anything at night. The next day was different. I was ready for some younger pussy and I wanted to take Cara or Sandy to bed with me. So, I made games all day that they could win. I told the entire group that the prize was they would get my cabin for the night while I was away. Reality was that I wasn't going anywhere. Cara was keeping up but no such luck for Sandy. So I set my sights on her and made competitions that she would win. It was really close between Cara and Courtney, but in the end, I wasn't taking Anna's cousin to bed. After dinner I made the illusion to the group that I was leaving and Cara had my cabin for the night. I took Cara back to my cabin and was going to tell her the whole plan when she asked,

"Can you stay here with me instead of going?"

"Well," I said. "I could but there is only one bed and I sleep in the nude."

"That's okay, I do too." Cara replied back. "And I don't think either of us wants to sleep much tonight."

Wow, for a 15 year old she knew what she wanted and wasn't shy at all. I was a little surprised by it since most girls her age haven't unlocked their sexuality.

Being bold right back, I asked. "So, do you have a girlfriend at home? Or a few friends?"

Getting comfortable on my bed Cara replied, "I did have the start of a relationship with a girl named Amy, but I moved before we got really involved. I did know a girl that taught me how to kiss breasts and how to play with another's vaginas."

Well, she does have some experience, this was going to be fun. Without hesitation, I removed her clothes and she removed mine. We embraced in a very nice soft kiss. 'Wow, she can kiss.' I thought. This girl was surprising me more and more. I moved my kissing down her neck and around to her breasts. They were extremely firm and very erect as my tongue licked over her tiny protruding nipples. Cara's moan was soft and controlled to my tongue lashing her breasts. I laid her back on the bed, spread her legs and brought my face to her pussy. I nibbled on her thighs a little to get her going. But I was ready for her tasty prize in front of me. I licked the whole length of her pussy lips taking in everything I could. Her gasp begged for more. I continued to kiss and suck on her love box and it oozed fruity juices into my mouth.

"Ohhhhh...Kassidi." she whispered.

I licked her lips and then to her small clit. I suckled that for a few moments and then she exploded with a very nice orgasm into my mouth.

"Yessssssssss............" she bit back, not too successful.

I let her calm down for a little bit. She was eager to return the favor and go down on me. And wow, did she know how! Her tongue was lashing my pussy and clit so fast and furious I was cumming almost instantaneously.

"Holy shit...." I gasped.

She continued and positioned it just right and her tongue went from my clit to my ass. She was tonguing my ass and it felt awesome.

I couldn't take it anymore and screamed into a pillow. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh...yes!!!"

That was powerful! As if to not give me a break, Cara had found the strap-on dildo and was putting it on. I thought I hid it well, but I guess not. She had it on and was going to enter me doggie-style. Since there was a little height difference, I moved to make it easier. Her first thrust was a little awkward, but she did get it in me okay. Once she got a rhythm going she had me cumming again.

"OOOOOOOOohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OMG!" I let loose into the pillow again.

She didn't stop and was picking up a little speed when she slid out completely and pressed into my bum hole. I think we were both stunned because it went in about an inch and it felt great. Well, over the surprise, I coaxed her to continue in my pussy and I ripped another explosive orgasm. And this one made my body shiver.

After taking time to relax from that powerful experience, I figure that it was time to fuck her pussy. But I decided that it would be easier to use my six-inch vibrator. I didn't think Cara was ready for the strap-on. Well, maybe, maybe not. We kissed a while and I relaxed her on my bed by putting a pillow behind her back arching it just right. Just as I started massaging her pussy mound with my hands, I had to ask.

"Cara, how did you know how to use that strap-on?"

Nothing fazed this girl. "I watched you and that other girl the other night." She said with a big grin. "I watched how she did it to you and how she made you feel. I wanted to do the same."

Well, touch. She is a feisty one.

I brought the vibrator to her pussy and started rolling it over her lips and slightly over her love canal and then up to her clit. I kept it up until it sounded like she was begging for it and a plunged the vibrator into her pussy. I guess I was so hot from fingering myself, I didn't think about her cherry. There apparently wasn't one as it went in smooth and deep.

"Yes..." she whimpered again.

I brought it in and out and in and out again. Over and over I fucked her with it. She let loose of a nice little orgasm. I just kept it going too. I wanted to see if she had any more in her. I also wanted to get off from my fingers too and I wasn't done yet. I pulled the vibrator out and it went to her bum, just at the entrance and she screamed out a passionate orgasm that sent me over the edge and I keeled over into her leg and screamed as well.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." In harmony from both of us as we came intensely.

Naked and exhausted, we climbed into bed, cuddled up together and fell into out cum-driven slumber.

In the morning I made it look good and checked in on the campers before, so called, checking in on Cara. When they were all set for the morning activities, I thought back to Cara and the night of interesting pleasure. This girl could be my little camper. She had the body, wow! She had the attitude and she was downright good.

During the day I had a few campers ask for an 'after-lights-out' practice. So, I set it up again. We would swim naked again and shower. I would have more fun in the shower and then I would work on getting Cara for another night of fun.

We all met at the dock after lights out and they all were naked. Wow, this could be interesting. I made them swim the usual across the lake while I waited for them. Of course, I was going to finger myself the whole time they were gone. I sat on the edge of the dock with my legs in the water. I spread my legs open and fingered away. I closed my eyes for a second and then I felt it.

There was a tongue lashing my pussy. I looked down and saw that Anna had made her way there in the water and was licking me good.

"You're bad!!!" I chided her.

"And you're good... taste good too." She said back between lashings.

She did me quick and I came nicely. She told me to have the girls do it again and we could switch positions.

When they got back, I had them get on the dock and gave them each a hug. Yes, I was very horny. Of course Cara hugged me back and slid a finger right in my pussy.

"Very wet!" she said aloud.

I sent them out again and told them that I would join them on the third swim. They left and I jumped into the water and looked over. Anna was hidden until the girls left. She positioned herself right and I went clit tasting.

I had her cumming before the girls made the turn. As I licked up her pussy juices I noticed a different taste. Coming down Anna looked at me and noticed my perplex look.

"That's Robert's cum in me." She told me. "I wanted to hold a private girls-only orgy and I needed a few favors from him. So, I fucked him."

I knew they fucked so it didn't bother me. But I was interested in the orgy.

"He is a good fuck and gets me off a few times. This time was close though. His wife came home and we didn't know it. He blew his load in me and went to get a drink to find his wife in the kitchen. He made a bee line and got me out of the house without my clothes."

"So, I made my way down to you and found you here."

We could see the girls were getting close so Anna needed to disappear. Before going into the shadows back to her cabin naked she said,

"Next Saturday night. You better be there for the party. And bring a date."

She was just about gone and looked back, "Please don't make it my cousin though. At least, not yet."

This was so awesome I thought. I need to find out more about this party, but I knew who my date was going to be. In my excited thoughts I completely forgot about the girls as they all were on the dock.

Someone slapped my naked ass. I turned thinking it was Cara, it was Amanda. I smiled and she gave me a naughty look.

Back to swimming. I made them swim it for a third time and this time I joined them. We swam a little more and then went to the showers. I made it a game to wash a couple girls and I would be the last. I watched as they washed Sandy, Amanda and Courtney. I know a few girls were getting off on it. It was such a sight to see. Then it was my turn. Again I was finger fucked and didn't see who did it. Oh well. It felt good.

The next night we did the same thing and I swam with them the whole time. Same thing in the shower and I still didn't catch my mystery finger. When we were finished I feigned a project in my cabin that I needed someone to spend time and fill out forms. I was expecting Cara to jump at it and she did not disappoint. I told her in front of everyone that it might take a couple hours. She smiled and said okay. Naked, I walked everyone to their cabin and then Cara to mine. Closing the door we were on the bed in a flash. Our lips melted together in a passionate kiss. My hands were caressing her ass since she was right on top of me. I kneaded her ass as we kiss and tongued each other. She had worked her way down and she was sucking on my breasts with her fingers spreading my legs open. She was great at sucking my nipples and I was definitely at attention as she let her tongue swirl over each nipple. Her fingers were pumping in and out of my pussy at a good clip.

"Ooohhhhhh, Cara..." I moaned to her suckling.

She kept it up and really worked over each nipple. She started sucking harder and I was loosing my mind at her passion. Finally her fingers danced over my clit.


I opened my eyes to see Cara's head moving down between my legs and her tongue electrified my pussy. She had my legs spread wide and her head was bobbing at a good tempo. It wasn't long before I let loose and filled her face full of my hot cum.


And like a good girl she licked up the mess she made.

We switched positions and I was on her sucking on her nipples like she did to me. I looked up and saw her head moving to a pattern similar to my tongue lashing her nipples. No panting, just moving to the massage her breast was getting from me. I started to suck really hard and focused. Just like a shock, I stopped. I didn't want to leave a hickey. That would have been almost impossible to explain. Of course I was fingering her while licking her breasts and I was inserting as many fingers as I could. I barely got my third finger into her pussy. I don't think she is ready for the least not tonight.

I went down and let my tongue work on her clit.

Her boiling point hit as she screamed into the pillow.


Being the good girl as well, I lick her pussy clean and climbed up to her.

We kissed for a while and made passion with our hands and bodies. Finally it was time to send her back to the cabin. Dejected Cara was disappointed but understood.

Before leaving I asked, "Cara, there is a very 'special' party on Saturday night the is very exclusive. I want you to be my date."

Her smile grew.

I continued. "You understand that no one can know that you are going or anything about this party, right?"

She nodded.

"Do you want to be my date?"

With a grin from ear to ear, she came up face to face with me and whispered. "As long as you fuck me with that strap-on sometime, I will be your date."

I smiled, kissed her and then said, "Oh, you will be fucked, I guarantee that."

Off she went with a new feeling.

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