Kimmy's Family, Part 1

by Gladys Stoatpamphlet

DISCLAIMER: This is a perverted story and is a complete work of imagination. This means it should never be confused with reality. If you have a problem distinguishing reality from fantasy you should seek psychological counsel.

If you are offended or disturbed by graphic depictions of sex with young girls, under aged lesbian sex, incest, bestiality (maybe, haven't actually decided on that yet) or any of the other taboo breaking activities that I'm going to play with here then you should close the file, shut down the browser and step away from the computer/hardcopy. DON'T READ WHAT MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE.

"You know, sometimes you're just unbelievable." Kim Downey was in the car on the way home from the mall. She had just been out shopping with her mother.

"I really can't see what you're upset about," her mother Beth replied, "You got the swimsuit you wanted, you got the skirt you wanted, you pretty much got everything you wanted. Besides, what's wrong with a bikini? Every girl should have at least one sexy bikini."

"Mom! I can't wear that bikini anywhere! It's worse than being naked! You might as well hang a sign on me and say 'Hey perverts, come and get it.'"

"Oh now you're just being dramatic. You're becoming a young woman now and sexy just goes with the territory, especially with a cute little body like yours. You don't have to wear it anywhere you don't want to. Just wear it at home if it makes you that uncomfortable. I assure you nobody you live with is going to mind seeing you in it. I think you look adorable in it and I know your father will love it. Julie will probably get jealous and want one of her own."

"Yeah. You'd probably get her one too but they don't make suits like that for nine year-olds." Kim intended that as a jab at her mom. Her mom was such a perv. A year ago Julie, her little sister and an incorrigible sneak, had found some porn stashed in their mother's underwear drawer. She had showed it to Kim but Kim had quickly lost her fascination to her anxiety. She had suspected that her mom was looking at her inappropriately from time to time and the porn had fueled that concern. Worst had been the magazine "Sweet Tots". It was filled with pictures of naked little girls in all sorts of lewd poses. Julie had thought it was "cool" but Kim said she didn't want to see anymore. Julie had just shrugged. She probably still looks at it Kim thought.

"Yes. Pity. Honestly I was a bit surprised that they had one in your size. I was only intending to get one for myself." Beth seemed very relaxed about the whole thing, not at all disturbed by her daughter's jibe. "But then you are rather developed for a girl your age." Beth turned her head and looked directly at Kim's thrusting twelve year-old tits. Kim's not-so-little breasts had come in over the past year and had quickly filled up a succession of training bras. She was both sensitive about them and proud of them. She could feel her nipples begin to harden under her mother's stare. It didn't help that Beth was looking at them like they were made of candy. "When I saw one that would fit you I just couldn't resist. You do look absolutely fabulous in it honey. You have to admit that. And don't tell me you don't want your Daddy to see you in that outfit. I know you too well to believe that."

Kim didn't have a clever reply to that. Just the thought of her handsome father seeing her in that suit made butterflies dance in her stomach and an itch to build between her legs. She was twelve now and she knew about the birds and the bees. She had discovered the pleasure that could be found between her legs in her wet young pussy. Her clit was her new best friend. Late at night when she thought her little sister was asleep she would touch herself and enjoy the rolling waves of pleasure that she could make happen by teasing her little button and probing her wet little slit. More and more her recent fantasies had been dominated by the image of her father. She was ashamed of it, but couldn't help being drawn back to images of her Dad. Her mind had hung on to some of the pictures she had seen in her mother's porn stash, that of a handsome adult man fucking a young girl about Kim's age. She had substituted the faces of her father and herself in her fantasies and it never failed to make her cum. No, she wanted her Daddy to see her in that bikini alright. And more.

"Actually," her mother continued, "I thought that salesgirl was going to have a heart attack when you came out of the changing room." She laughed gently at that, her low throaty laugh that was so sexy. Kim had to admit also that her mother was very sexy. She was frequently jealous of her for a list of reasons, not just because her mother was so very sexy and she felt like an awkward child around her, but also because it was so hard to get attention for herself when her mother was around.

"Yeah, what about that?" Kim brushed her long, wavy, dark hair aside as she turned to look at her mother. "Why did I have to come out of the changing room for you to see me in it? You could have come in you know. At least I wouldn't have had to parade around the store in that thing."

Beth turned to meet her daughter's gaze. Her hair was rather lighter than her daughter's. It was straighter too, a lustrous warm brown with natural blond highlights falling in gentle waves past her shoulders. Kim's hair was darker, like her father's. "Well, honestly honey I thought being alone with me in a changing room wearing that outfit would make you uncomfortable." She smiled at Kim. Kim couldn't hold her mother's gaze. She never could. There was just this power about her mom that intimidated her and it was a heavily sexual power. Her mother reached over and placed a gentle hand on her bare thigh. She didn't tense up, but the car seemed much warmer all of a sudden. "I know what you think of me baby. You're 'dirty old mom'. But I really do love you sweetheart and I don't want to make you feel bad. It's no secret that I think you're attractive, but baby everybody thinks you're attractive. Have you looked in the mirror lately? For a girl your age you are really starting to develop. I bet you have the largest breasts in your class don't you? Lord knows you didn't get that from my side of the family. I want you to be happy Kim, and I want to see you in control of your developing sexuality. That's important. You can't control what you fear."

Kim was quiet for a bit. Now she felt guilty. Her mom had never done anything bad to her. She knew she could tell her anything. Her friends had always remarked on how cool her mom was. She didn't know why she was so uptight about her body and her new feelings, maybe her Mom had a point and she was just afraid of her own desires. She knew that was true when it came to her Daddy. A small voice way back in her mind said, you just resent her because she's in your way. If she wasn't around you could seduce your Dad. But there's no way to do that with the Sex Goddess around. She was embarrassed of her desires.

Kim reached down and placed her hand over her mother's. "I know Mom. I'm sorry if I'm bitchy sometimes. I just get real self-conscious sometimes and I get embarrassed and that makes me kinda temperamental. I don't hate you. I love you too Mom, it's just real weird to think that my mother is checking me out sometimes."

There was silence for at least a full minute, so long that Kim looked up and gazed over at her mom's face. She was shocked when she saw that her mom's eyes were wet like she was fighting back tears. Beth cleared her throat and her voice was thick when she said "Thank you baby. You have no idea how much that means to me. I'm not a normal woman, you don't even know how far off the norm your mother really is, but I've tried to be a good mother. I love you so much." Her hand squeezed Kim's thigh. "But I am what I am. I don't regret it either. Hell, I like who I am. I just don't want to destroy your trust in me. You really should try trusting me a bit more. You'd be surprised by how much you and I want the same thing."

Yeah, the little voice in Kim's mind said, we both want Daddy. Kim tried to still that voice.

"I'm sorry my looking at you bugs you baby. I can't promise to stop, but I can try to be more discrete."

"It's okay Mom." Kim said. "I mean you're right, I get checked out a lot. God, the boys at school are just awful about it. I think I need to get more baggy shirts so they won't notice my boobs so much."

"Sweetheart, no! That's just what I'm talking about. When you start hiding your body then you put them in control of you, of how you see yourself. Let them drool. Don't let them intimidate you."

"So what do I do?" Kim was a bit exasperated.

Beth thought for a second then a wicked little grin lit up her face. "Tell them that the first one to drop his pants and show you his dick in public will get a free flash."

Kim looked at her mom in shock. Beth grinned back. Then they both erupted in giggles. "God, can you imagine it?" Kim said between laughs. "They'd freak!"

"Well it's unlikely that anyone will take you up on the offer." Beth was smiling broadly. "Young boys like being the teasers but aren't too keen at being teased and showing his willy in the schoolyard will certainly get a boy ridiculed."

"Oh man, it's perfect." Kim laughed a bit more. As her mirth receded she asked "But what if one of them does do it? What then?"

"Well then honey, any boy brave enough to drop his pants in public deserves to see your titties. You'll just have to keep the bargain."

"Mom!" But both girls were laughing too much now and Kim's distress was not real.

As the laughter died down Beth asked her daughter, "Baby, not to get too personal but can I ask you a delicate question?"

Kim paused. Her mom's questions could be quite provocative. But she was feeling real good now. She hadn't had such a good time with her mom in a while and she didn't want to spoil it. "Sure," she said.

"Have you ever checked out a girl?" her mom asked.

"Well, I mean, yeah. Sorta. I've looked at what they're wearing and stuff. Like, does she look good in that or, you know, like that."

"Have you ever looked at a girl sexually?"


"Baby, c'mon. I told you it was a personal question."

Kim thought for a second. She was acutely aware of her mom's hand on her thigh now. It seemed like it had started out lower down, like it had edged up a bit when Kim hadn't noticed.

"I... well, I mean, I suppose."

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about sweety. Girls are very sexy. I would be surprised if you hadn't to be honest."

"Yeah, well it's not easy to talk to my mom about this sort of thing." Kim shrugged a bit. "But then you're not exactly the standard issue mom so I guess I can tell you."

"Can I ask who?" Beth asked.

"Uhhhhm, well." Kim felt her face start to flush but she was determined to go through with it. "Tiffany Lambert is really hot. I've checked her out."

"Mmmm, excellent choice baby. Yes, that girl is very hot. Delicious."

"Yeah, but she's really stuck on herself. She's kinda snotty." Kim considered her next words very carefully. "Uhm, actually Mom, I've checked you out too." There, it was done. She'd said it.

"Really? Oh baby that's wonderful!" Kim was a bit surprised at how delighted her mom sounded. "That makes me feel like I've still got it."

"Oh please! You're joking right? You're totally hot and you know it. Jimmy Daniels' dad almost fell over when he met you at the parent-teacher meeting. You thought that salesgirl was going to faint when she saw me? Well I thought she was going to make a pass at you. When you came out of the changing room to ask her 'opinion' of the suit she was practically drooling."

"Actually, she did make a pass at me." Beth was all smiles now.

"What!? What do you mean?"

"She gave me her phone number", Beth said. She looked over and winked at her daughter.

Kim was almost speechless. Almost. "You see! This is exactly what I'm talking about. Most girls don't go out shopping and have the salesgirl try to pick up their mom!"

"She was pretty cute," Beth said idly. "Nice tight little ass."

"Mom! You can't pick up the salesgirl! What about Daddy?!"

Beth turned to give her outraged preteen a long steady look. In the sort of voice used to explain something to someone who was a bit slow Beth said "Your Daddy likes girls too Kim."

Kim was speechless at that. No almost about it. Beth wasn't done though. "Don't worry sweetheart. I'm not going to be bringing salesgirls home anytime soon. I'm just teasing. I know I have my charms. I just thought you were totally immune to them that's all. I really am very glad to know that you've checked me out. You were very subtle though, I usually notice. I don't feel so bad about checking you out now. No wait, that's a lie. I never did feel badly about it." She smiled over at Kim and gave a wink. Turning back to watch the road she said "Really, if I had my choice I'd take you over the salesgirl any day. You really are very sexy."

"Uhh, well thanks." Kim felt like she was having a dream conversation. Perhaps that was why she said what she said next. "I think you're sexy too Mom."

"Glad to hear it baby. But we both know who you've really got the itch for."

"What? Who? What do you mean?"

"Don't be coy baby, every time I mention you wearing your new bikini around your sexy daddy you go quiet and start to blush. I may not have noticed you checking me out but you couldn't be more obvious around him."

"That ... that's ..." suddenly Kim's mind was a total mess. Could her mother really suspect her most hidden yearning? Was it really so obvious?

"Don't worry about it Kimmy. We all have fantasies. I have a few doozies, but you probably already knew that. Now that I've seen you in that new swimsuit I have a few more." She chuckled low. "If you like I can try to dress a little more provocatively, maybe show you some more skin? I could ask your daddy to be a bit more casual about clothing too if you like."

"Does he know?" The words were out before she knew it. Kim thought she was going to die of embarrassment. She had practically admitted to her mother that she sexually fantasized about her father. "I mean, does he get the same impression you got? Because it isn't true. I don't ..."

"Please Kim. We were being so honest with each other." Beth slid her hand a few inches higher being deliberately obvious about it. Kim gasped but otherwise stayed still. "Of course he suspects. Your father sees _everything_ . He's actually quite amazing at it. When we first started seeing each other I thought he was a magician he was so able to read my mind. If I've noticed it's a dead certainty that he has.

Kim was devastated. "Oh my God", she said under her breath. "He must be disgusted with me." She didn't even realize she was talking out loud, not until her mother answered her.

"Hardly sweetheart. Your father has to cover his lap every time you go by so you won't see his hard-on. I've been meaning to say thank you for that too. I've gotten some great sex out of your skimpier outfits, especially your cheerleading outfit. He wants you badly."

This is like Alice in Wonderland, Kim thought. I'm falling down the rabbit hole. "Daddy wants me?" She couldn't believe it.

"Oh yes. Very much."

"I ... I don't understand. Why would he want me when he's got you? And why are you telling me all of this?"

Beth paused for a second before answering. Quietly, almost inaudibly, she said, "Spread your legs further and I'll tell you."

Kim felt her heart hammering in her chest. This can't be happening she thought. But she needed to know. There was something rising up in her, a lust and a will that she normally kept hidden deep inside and it would not be denied. She gulped and slowly spread her thighs apart as wide as they would go in the confined space of the car.

Beth looked over at her daughter and saw the need in her eyes. She saw her confused willingness. Most of all she saw the passion that was slowly consuming the girl. She looked into Kim's eyes and saw her consent. In one smooth motion she slid her hand up the rest of the way and firmly cupped the young girl's pussy.

"Uhhnnggg! Oh. Mother!" Kim gasped and moaned. She knew this was so wrong but for some reason she didn't try to stop it.

"Nice", her mother said with a yearning moan. "Why am I telling you? Why do you think baby? He wants this. He wants this sweet young little puss, because he's a man and that's what men like. I want it too, just so you know. And I'm telling you this because I want to see it happen. If I have my way you're going to be the sweetest little daddyfucker the world has ever seen, and I'm real good at getting my way." Kim groaned again. Her pervert mom knew her secret fantasies and was trying to make them reality. She could see the raw lust and hunger on her mother's face, the sex goddess revealed. But what she was saying made Kimmy's head spin even more. She knew, she knew all along, and she wasn't standing in her way at all. Her mom _wanted_ it to happen. It was a sexual epiphany for the girl.

She couldn't help the involuntary roll of her hips as she bucked her pussy harder against her mother's hand. Beth responded by giving her a quick circular rub through her panties. It was awesome. Kim gripped her mom's wrist and closed her legs tightly trapping her mother's hand in place. She might be struggling with her desires, but her body knew exactly what it wanted. "Oohhh Kimmy", Beth sighed wiggling her trapped fingers. The damp heat of her daughter's sex was driving her out of her mind. With a convulsive effort she pulled her hand free and gripped the steering wheel with a white knuckle grip. "Baby. I'm telling you all this because I promised you father that I wouldn't do anything until he did first and I'm at the end of my patience! The absolute freaking end! Twelve years is as long as any woman can be expected to wait." Kim could see that her mother was obviously struggling for control. Every time in the past when her mom had looked at her it had seemed invasive but now in her haze of passion she wanted the invasion. The thought kept repeating in her mind like a mantra, Mommy's going to help me get Daddy, she wants it, we want it.

The whole world seemed different to the young girl. Something trapped deep inside her had reached the surface and found acceptance. A division within herself was closing, like healing a wound so old she had forgotten she had it. Everything seemed different now. She had never felt so close to her mom. She leaned over and hugged her. Beth flinched at the contact. She feared her control was really slipping. "So", Kim asked in a voice barely above a whisper, "You're really going to help me get Daddy?"

"Absolutely", Beth said through lust thickened lips, "You're going to be getting him daily. You and me, we're going to be his little harem."

Kim giggled at that; a vision of her and her mom in harem girl outfits. "Will you teach me to dance with bells on my ankles? hee hee"

"I'm going to teach you things you've never even dreamed about baby girl. I've been dying to teach you things for years."

Something about that made a connection leap in Kim's head. "What about Julie?"

A slow predatory smile spread across Beth's face. "That little bitch is mine. The little sneak thinks she's so clever going through my porn, I'm going to make her beg."

Kim said, "You know about that? About her and the porn?" She was surprised again. Deeper down she was slowly processing what her mom had just said about her little sister, about making her beg.

"Oh yes. I don't normally keep that stuff in my underwear drawer you know, I just leave some there for her to find. She seems to really enjoy it." Beth's smile was positively lascivious now. "I'm going to have that little cunt live through everything she's been masturbating too."

Kim shivered at the sound of lust in her mother's voice. "She'll probably like that."

"Like it? I'm going to make her love it. Now please baby, you have to back up before I crash the car or break my promise to your daddy. I can't stand having you this close and not touch you."

Kim gave her mother a gentle kiss on the neck saying "If you help me get Daddy you can touch me all you like." She was surprised at her own boldness, at her own willingness to give in to her mother's desires. She had checked out girls before, more than she let on with her mom, and privately she called her mom the "Sex Goddess", which was part of her jealousy and frustration. She was curious about sex with girls but had always been too ashamed to admit it to anyone. But now everything was different. Somehow, in the time it took to drive home from the mall, she and her mother had become co-conspirators in a scheme to make her hidden fantasy a reality. The Sex Goddess was on her side! It changed everything. Kim snuggled up to her mom and said "Do you want to touch me too Mommy? You and Daddy both want to touch me?"

"Unghhhh! Shit! Kimmy! I'm going to crash the car if you don't back off!" Beth looked at Kim's lust glazed face in bewilderment and said, "You sure changed your spots quickly sweetheart. I thought I was practically going to have to rape you. I can see that won't be necessary. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy about that but I've kept this promise for twelve years and I can't fuck it up now. Please sit back in your seat before I pull into a parking lot somewhere and, ... well let's leave the rest unsaid, I'm sure you have the idea."

Kim settled back. She barely recognized the way she felt. But she knew she liked it. "Mommy?"

"Yes Kimmy?" Kim could hear the struggle in her mother's voice.

"Thanks for buying me the bikini."

"Mmmm. You are very welcome baby. Trust me, it's as much a gift for me as it is for you."

"Can we use the pool tonight?"

"Oh yes." Beth's voice had taken on the tone of a predator closing in on her kill. "Things are going to get very wet tonight."

Kim giggled again. She couldn't remember laughing so much with her mom in ages. I'm wet now she thought and squirmed in her seat. She reached over and took one of her mother's hands and placed it firmly on her bare thigh. Her mother squeezed her thigh but otherwise didn't try anything. Neither did Kim. Both of them were eager to get home.

:: END Part 1

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