Tempting Her Mommy

by JetBoy

This story is adapted from a small portion of an erotic novel entitled "Choices," written by an author who goes by the pen name Tajod. His writing, "Choices" included, can be found at the storiesonline.net site, where you can read thousands of sexy tales for free... a handful of which will bring real pleasure to Leslita regulars.

"Choices" is the story of a man who saves a girl of twelve from an accident... and she ends up becoming his lover. There's much more to it, all superbly rendered, but I don't want to give the plot away. The main relationship is heterosexual, but there is plenty of lesbian sex as well... including a sub-plot where the twelve-year-old girl we mentioned above drifts into a love affair with her own mother. That part of the story became a focal point for me.

The buildup to the lovemaking between mother and daughter gets stretched out, in bits and pieces, over nine chapters of the novel. I took these bits and stitched them together, fleshed them out to make them cohere as a story of its own, changed a few details (bumped the girl up to fourteen, and gave mother and daughter different names), added a few new parts and made the actual sex scene about four times as long. (What can I say... I'm a hopeless romantic.)

Though this story is based upon the writing of another, I honestly do believe that it has been altered enough to be considered an original work. Imagine that an artist takes a small detail from a famous painting, blows it up to full size, then puts his own brushstrokes all over it. That's what I'm attempting here. Did it succeed? You be the judge.

Much credit is due to Tajod for creating the excellent story that I ended up mining for my own lesser scribblings... and for generously granting permission to make the final result public. My hat is raised to you, kind sir.

This story is dedicated to Leslita regular Ally (perhaps better known as "Ally!!!") for her boundless enthusiasm and nonstop encouragement of the writers on this site.


Evelyn stepped from her shower into the cool air of the bathroom, still yawning as she reached for a towel.

The banging of the shower door woke her daughter Cyndi. She struggled sleepily out of bed and slipped into the bathroom. "Morning, Mommy."

"Morning, honey." Evelyn smiled wearily at her daughter as she dried herself. Replacing the towel on the rack, she padded into her room.

Cyndi followed her naked mother into the bedroom, where Evelyn selected a pair of panties from her dresser drawer, then stepped into them. The fourteen-year-old studied her mother, admiring the woman's shapely form. "You're so beautiful, Mommy..."

"Thanks, darling... Here, fasten my bra, will you?"

"Oh, before I forget, I need to use your computer to do some research for school... I want to get a head start on my English assignment for next week," Cyndi murmured, furrowing her brow slightly as she carefully hooked her mother's bra.

"Good girl!" Evelyn held up two hangers for her daughter's appraisal. "So, honey... skirt or pants?"

"Go with the skirt, Mommy. It shows off your legs!"

"And freezes my buns off when I go outside… but I think you're right, it does look better."

She hung the pants back in the closet, then laid the skirt on the bed. "Go on, honey... take your shower now."

"Okay." Cyndi crossed her arms and hitched her nightie up over her head, where it got caught because she had forgotten to undo the buttons at the front. "Damn!" she swore as she struggled to pull her arms out of the long sleeves and free her head.

Evelyn stopped in mid-motion as she slipped a foot into her pantyhose, watching her daughter struggling with the nightie. She was naked underneath, and Evelyn took the opportunity to admire her child's bare body without having to pretend she wasn't looking.

Beautiful, Evelyn thought. God, she's growing into a lovely woman. Just... beautiful!

"Mommyyyy... help! If you're laughing at me...!"

"Hold still," Evelyn sighed as she grabbed hold of the garment. She reached for the top button on the neckline and undid it with a flick of her thumb. "There!" She ran her hands over Cyndi's shoulders as she grasped the hem of the girl's nightie, pulling it up and off. Cyndi growled in frustration, shaking her hair to take out some of the tangles.

Evelyn gave her daughter a slap on her bare bottom. "Get out of here, you, or you'll make me late!" she mock-scowled.

"Hey, watch it with the hand," Cyndi protested, but with a smile. She rubbed her bottom, then stuck her tongue out at her mother.

"Another one's on the way if you don't get out of here and let me finish dressing."

Cyndi grinned and scampered for the shower cubicle.

Nice butt, too, thought Evelyn... then she shook her head, as if to dispel such unmotherly thoughts. With a sigh she picked up the pantyhose, and once again began to slip them on.


With an empty house, homework finished and time on her hands, Cyndi headed for her mother's computer after snacking in the kitchen.

Once logged on, she began to search through her mother's files. Hmmm... any sexy stuff here? she wondered as she clicked in and out of various folders.

Right away, she found her mother's collection of erotic fiction... stashed away in a folder named "Stories." Reeeeal smart, Mommy, she thought, rolling her eyes. She eagerly rubbed her hands together, opened up the first story and began to read.

Minutes later, Cyndi was staring at the monitor in shock. Every story in her mother's file seemed to be about lesbian sex -- and the lion's share of them were tales of older women with teenage, even preteen girls.

Cyndi sat motionless, stunned by her discovery. Mom's into girls...?

Next to the "Stories" folder was another one marked "Pictures." Hmmm... I wonder, she pondered, then moved the mouse to click on it.

Her eyes widened as a gallery of photos filled the screen, every one depicting female nudity... and nearly all of them featuring two or more women having sex. There were a few solo shots, but the overwhelming majority of these pictures were of lesbian lovers.

Cyndi's heart throbbed as she slowly scrolled through them, catching glimpses of women engaging in all kinds of loveplay together. She paused, breathing "Oh, wow," at a photo of a teenage girl, her mouth fastened to an older woman's pussy.

Cyndi had never given much thought to lesbian love before... at least, not in any way that impacted her personally. She had to admit, though, that these photos were really hot. Come to think of it, some of the stories had made her feel uncomfortably tingly too.

So... her mother was interested in lesbian sex. It didn't mean she was gay, though -- did it? She had been married, after all, they'd had a child together, and Cyndi was certain that her mom had loved her father.

Dad had died of a sudden heart attack three years earlier, and her mother hadn't so much as gone on a date even since. She'd always assumed that her mom just missed her father too much to begin a new relationship with a man just yet... but this enormous collection of lesbian erotica told a very different tale.

Cyndi nibbled thoughtfully at her lower lip, intrigued yet puzzled by the mystery she had uncovered. Finally, she shrugged. Oh well, let's get this stuff copied... I can check it out later.

Taking out a blank disc, she inserted it into her mother's computer and began copying files.


Cyndi paraded across the family room and headed for the kitchen, dressed in brief bikini panties and a t-shirt that was old, too tight, and too short. Evelyn watched her with interest, admiring her daughter's youthful skin and slim limbs.

Lovely child, she mused. The girl was becoming more attractive every day -- sexy, even. Her legs were lithe and lovely, and her breasts were just beginning to ripen deliciously. What a desirable creature she was...

Tightening her jaw, Evelyn forced herself back to her magazine, acutely conscious of a tingling between her thighs. A flash of desperation shot through her. Desirable. Why had that word popped into her head? Why couldn't she stop having these thoughts about her own daughter?


For the third time that evening, Cyndi started a slide show of pictures on her laptop. They seemed to get more exciting every time she looked. There was something so soft and sweet about women making love... at the same time, there was a wildness, a raw heat to many of these photos that made them especially sexy.

A click of the mouse, and she started to read a story from her mother's collection. This one was about a girl named Allie, her best friend Vicki, and a hot night of sex they shared.

Wow, that sounds like fun. I wonder if I should try that with one of my friends...

As she read through another story, Cyndi found herself wondering, once again, about her mother's sex life.

Mommy was married to daddy, but she also likes these stories. I guess that means she's bisexual. She nodded thoughtfully. Yeah, that must be it. She must really be into younger women, too.

Cyndi tried to picture her mother naked, making love to a cute teenage girl. It was a strange thing to imagine, but something about it made her tummy feel all warm inside.

Suddenly she heard her mother coming, and quickly killed the screen.

Evelyn appeared at the door. "That's enough studying for one night, hon. Time to turn in, okay?" She disappeared.

"Okay, Mommy. Hey, wait up a second." She quickly shut down the computer and scrambled off her bed. Evelyn had paused just outside Cyndi's room, and the young girl approached her with a sweet smile on her lips.

"I love you, Mommy," she said, giving her mom a hug. She reached up to place a kiss on Evelyn's cheek, then, on some odd impulse she didn't understand herself, kissed her once more -- this time on the mouth.

Cyndi's lips brushed, then lingered against Evelyn's... and her mother seemed to respond for a heartbeat until, somewhat flustered, she pulled away.

"What was that about, honey?" Evelyn asked, a strange expression on her face.

Why had she done that? Cyndi wasn't even sure. Thinking quickly, she replied with a shy smile, "Um... well, I just thought I'd give you a, a grownup kiss, Mommy... like on TV."

"Oh!" Evelyn stood there for a moment. "Why, thank you, dear, that... that was sweet of you." She bent slightly to give her daughter a gentle peck before pulling away, her heart racing. "Let's wash up and get to bed now," she murmured, then continued down the hall on trembling legs.

Cyndi's own heart pounded in her chest as she turned away and, in a daze, headed for her bathroom. "That was beautiful," she whispered.

She touched her lips in awe. Wow... I like kissing Mommy like that... wonder if she'd let me do it again?


That kiss lingered in Evelyn's mind, tantalizing her as she tried to sleep. Dear Cyndi. So innocent, kissing me like that. If only...

"No," she whispered to the dark room. "Don't even think it. Don't!"

But it was so lovely, so sweet. I'm still wet from remembering it.

"Go to sleep, damn it," she muttered, turning onto her side.

Slumber finally came... she dreamed of Cyndi, naked in her arms. And she was happy.


Three nights later... four-fifteen in the morning. Evelyn leaned against the door frame of her daughter's bedroom, watching her sleep. Cyndi was sprawled across the tangled sheet, completely nude.

That's the second time this week she's done that. Sure, the weather's warm enough, but my guess is that there's more to it...

Heart throbbing, she slipped a hand under her own top to lightly brush her erect nipples with her fingertips. She does it because it makes her feel sexy, I'll bet.

And where did she discover that sexiness? One minute she's young and girlish, the next she's wise beyond her years.

Evelyn ran her eyes lovingly across Cyndi's body. Her legs were long and lithe, her frame elegant... and her budding breasts were flawless, topped with rosy nipples. She had never known a more beautiful girl.

That bottom of hers! The boys are taken with it, I'm sure. Well, angel, your mommy likes it, too. She gazed at its enticing roundness, wishing for a peek between her pert buttocks, at the cleft of Cyndi's anus.

I'd love to get my lips on those soft cheeks... kiss them, spread them apart and lick her there, my tongue buried in her crack...

She sighed. At least she had finally admitted to herself that, despite her attempts to resist these feelings, she was sexually attracted to Cyndi. Her own daughter. And she was so damned young, too. Nothing got Evelyn hotter than the sight of a sexy teenaged girl, she knew that... but how could she be feeling lustful impulses for a fourteen year old?

The real barrier for Evelyn, though, was that of incest. The ultimate taboo.

She sighed. I can think it all through, and admit my feelings for my own little girl without having a complete meltdown. But I still can't have her, not the way I want...

She went to bed lonely, cruelly taunted by fantasies of undressing her child. Of caressing her flowering body, exploring every inch of her with loving hands. Of kissing her, gently at first, then passionately, the way that real lovers do. Of tasting her soft, sweet skin. Of lying between Cyndi's trembling thighs, nuzzling the girl's sex. Of her daughter's eyes, filled with wonder, gazing down at her mother as Evelyn took that first loving lick...

And then she was masturbating, palming her throbbing cunt to visions of her body tangled with Cyndi's, mother and child sharing love in a wonderful new way. Evelyn panted as she probed herself with two fingers, pressing the heel of her hand against an inflamed clitoris.

When she came, it was positively cataclysmic... bucking frantically on the bed as bolts of pleasure flashed and sizzled through every inch of her frame.

Finally she lay exhausted, hands trembling as she wept, rolling over and burying her face in the pillow to muffle her sobs.


Three nights later, Cyndi listened attentively as her mother made final preparations for bed. She was so warm all over... desperate for sexual relief. It was a feeling that would have been foreign to her a couple of weeks earlier. Now that she knew the delights she could achieve with her body, she had developed an voracious appetite for masturbation. It was a hunger that was hard to ignore for very long...

She traced a pattern across her chest and tummy with her fingers while she waited for the click of her mother's light. When it came, she waited a while longer for Evelyn to fall asleep. A gentle brushing of her nipples and a caress between her legs every now and then helped to keep her arousal sharp.

She loved it. The softness of her skin, the sound of her own breath, the tightening of her nipples and how sensitive they became, the wetness of her pussy, the way it squished moistly as she fingered herself -- it was all part of the journey. She'd decided by now that the anticipation and buildup were almost as good as the final destination of her climax.

Cyndi rolled over and stuffed a pillow between her legs, rubbing her pussy along its seam. She loved being naked, loved feeling the cool caress of the sheets against her skin. So many of the things Cyndi did these days took on a sexual aspect. And after days of perusing the lesbian stories her mother enjoyed, she'd been seriously considering the idea of making love to another girl before giving up her virginity to a boy.

And she couldn't stop thinking about her mother being into young girls! One of Cyndi's favorite new masturbation fantasies was imagining her mom making love to different ninth grade friends of hers. Right now she visualized Evelyn with her friend Pam, a cute redhead. They were both naked, French kissing each other, and her mother was cupping Pam's bottom...

Cyndi fondled her moist vulva, quickly coating her fingers with the sticky evidence of her arousal. Bringing her hand to her lips, she eagerly sucked at her fingertips, moaning softly as she tasted herself. In her mind, she pictured Pam leaning close to lick at her mother's nipple, then suck it into her mouth...

A tiny sound, the hint of a sob wafted down the hallway, causing her to pause her fingering and listen intently. There was nothing for a few seconds, and then it came again, the barely audible sound, slightly louder this time. Oh... Mommy was crying.

Erotic fantasies forgotten, she eased off the bed, still naked, and crept down the hall to her mother's door. The room was bathed in the soft yellow glow from a bedside touch-lamp at its lowest setting. Her mother was curled up, face buried in a pillow, wearing only skimpy panties and a t-shirt.

From the darkened hallway, Cyndi watched her mother stretch out on her back, the pillow clutched to her chest. The dim light highlighted parts of her body and hid other parts in shadow, enhancing her beauty and creating a most erotic effect.

There was another sigh from underneath the pillow, and Evelyn pulled it away. Her eyes and cheeks shone with moisture from tears smeared across her face. She tucked the pillow behind her and lay quietly, staring at the ceiling, trying to compose herself.

Another lonely night, she thought. She rolled onto her side, pressing a hand to her lips as another tear slowly trailed down her cheek.

"Mommy, don't cry."

Evelyn gasped in surprise, her eyes snapping open. But before she could speak, Cyndi was in her arms and kissing her. It was a gentle, loving kiss, lips barely touching at first... but as their bodies pressed together, the girl's mouth lingered against hers.

"Oh, honey," Evelyn whispered. She held her daughter closer, head spinning. "T-thank you, dear. I'm okay. Just feeling a little bit lonely tonight, I guess." She stroked her child's hair lovingly, allowing her fingers to travel down the smoothness of her bare back, almost to Cyndi's adorable bottom.

Suddenly, Evelyn froze in shock. Oh, my GOD... she's naked!

And Cyndi's heart throbbed as she lay in her mother's embrace, lips still tingling from their kiss, her mind reeling with a sudden revelation.

Now... now at last she understood the true meaning of all the fantasies about her mother she had enjoyed over the last two weeks.

Cyndi now knew what she really wanted... had wanted, without even knowing it.

Then and there, she made a decision.

She lifted her head and gazed deep into her mother's eyes, then leaned down to kiss her again.

For a moment, their mouths brushed together lovingly. Slowly, Cyndi made the kiss more active, more intense. Dizzy with excitement, the young girl parted her lips and pushed her tongue into her mother's mouth.

It was her first French kiss... and it was wonderful.

"No!" Evelyn gasped, breaking away. "Cyndi, you can't..."

Cyndi stopped the protest with a finger to her mother's mouth. "I want to, Mommy," she whispered, her eyes alight with love. She closed the gap and kissed Evelyn again. "I want to."

It began gently, a tender kiss that gradually became a passionate one. Cyndi swung a leg across Evelyn's thigh to get a better position, cradling her mother's face as she kissed her like a lover.

Evelyn tried her best to resist... but these weeks of helpless desire for her daughter could no longer be denied. She found herself returning Cyndi's sweet kiss measure for measure, her own tongue emerging to join the loveplay. Their mouths parted further, and their kiss grew increasingly hot and hungry.

They parted slowly, tiny pecks and nibbles interspersed with tongues teasing, flicking.

"We shouldn't be doing this... I shouldn't be..." Evelyn murmured helplessly as she rolled her naked child back onto the sheet and hovered over her on all fours, kissing the nape of the girl's neck.

"But you like it." Cyndi smiled, her eyes dancing. "And I love it!" She reached up and pulled her mother down into her arms. "Let's make out, Mommy."

Evelyn hugged her tightly. Their hands traced patterns across smooth skin as they nuzzled one another like lovebirds. Within minutes the kissing began again, this time with even more urgency as they rolled back and forth across the bed.

"Touch me," Cyndi whispered. She nibbled at her mother's ear, pressing her sex against the older woman's leg. "Touch me down there, Mommy!"

The invitation burned in Evelyn's brain, igniting a fire of love and passion that overwhelmed any feeble cries of protest that still lingered in her mind.

"Like this?" she asked as she ran a finger delicately between Cyndi's legs, through the girl's barely downed slit.

"Yesss...!" Cyndi gasped.

Evelyn leaned down and trailed kisses over her daughter's chest, stopping at each breast in turn… continuing up to her neck and shoulders, then down again to the hard, erect nipples that were so inviting. While her mouth enveloped a budding young breast, she slipped the tip of a finger between Cyndi's moist labia, awed by how wet her daughter's pussy had become.

She teased Cyndi's clitoris with her thumb, brushing it delicately at first. Then her caresses grew firmer, more demanding; she grazed the girl's nipple with her teeth, and...

Cyndi came with a choked cry.

Evelyn watched in wonder as the little girl she had birthed fourteen years ago tensed and cried out, her body shuddering frantically in orgasm, finally slowing, relaxing.

Smiling weakly, Cyndi turned her head to focus for a moment on her mother. Her eyes took on a deep, dreamy look as she smiled lovingly at Evelyn.

"My sweet Cyndi... I love you so much." Evelyn covered her daughter's face with kisses.

Cyndi wrapped her thin arms around her mother, hugging the older woman tightly as her pounding heart slowed to its normal rhythm. Then she lay back, her warm hands on Evelyn's face, gazing at her mother with adoring eyes.

"I love you too," Cyndi sighed happily, drawing Evelyn's face down to hers for a kiss. Her tongue plunged into her mother's mouth, and Evelyn moaned. Cyndi kissed her mom hotly for a long time, then rolled the older woman over onto her back. "Mommy..." she breathed, "I want to make you feel good now."

Evelyn knew that she should stop this before it went any further, but she was on fire, her cunt throbbing with need. She had never needed to be loved so desperately in her life.

Cyndi didn't give her a chance to back out, either -- just grabbed at the bottom of her t-shirt and tugged. Evelyn raised herself up enough for her daughter to help her out of the thin top, baring her breasts.

"Now your panties, Mommy," Cyndi cooed, reaching for the waistband of Evelyn's cotton underwear.

Helpless in the face of her sexual hunger, the older woman lifted her hips, and Cyndi quickly slid her mother's panties down and off. Head spinning with anticipation, Evelyn lay back on the bed, legs parted for her daughter.

Without hesitation, Cyndi dipped her head and took one of Evelyn's nipples into her soft, sweet mouth. Evelyn gasped... oh that's so good...

Cyndi began to caress her mother's firm thighs, her hips, her tummy... fanning Evelyn's lust like a flame. The young girl's fingers danced and lightly brushed all around her mom's lower half, without touching her where she was desperate to be touched. A tortured moan issued from Evelyn's lips. Only fourteen, and she knows how to tease.

Cyndi licked and sucked at her breasts, switching from one to the other. The sensation of her daughter's mouth pleasuring her nipples had Evelyn panting furiously. She needed to be touched between her thighs, ached to feel the girl's fingers in her dripping cunt... but Cyndi tantalizingly held back. Finally, Evelyn could stand no more. Seizing her child's wrist, she drew Cyndi's hand into her crotch, pressing it to her aching pussy...

...and Evelyn gasped when her loving daughter immediately plunged two fingers into her, clutching the sheets with white-knuckled hands as an orgasm more powerful than any she had ever known before came crashing down. Her breath hissed through clenched teeth, body shuddering, out of control.

Cyndi fingered her hard and fast, rubbing her face against her mother's heaving breasts, licking and biting them as her mother sobbed with pleasure. Finally, Evelyn grabbed her daughter's pumping wrist. "Stop, baby," she gasped.

Cyndi's soft mouth drifted from Evelyn's breasts up to her lips, and they kissed lovingly. Finally breaking their kiss, the young girl buried her face in her mother's neck.

Mother and daughter held each other close for a long time, shifting only to become more comfortable, each lost in their own thoughts.

What have I done? Evelyn thought. I wanted to do the best I could for my daughter... and instead, I make love to her!


"Yes, dear."

"Have you ever, um, done this before? Gone to bed with other women, I mean. Or girls."

Evelyn hesitated, then spoke. "Yes, baby... I have." She sighed. "I... well, I knew that I liked girls when I was about your age, even more than boys. But I didn't actually get to make love to another girl until I was in college."

Cyndi propped herself on an elbow. "Didn't you meet Daddy in college, too?"

"I did, yes. I was... bisexual in those days, honey. I fooled around with girls, but I also had sex with your father -- and that's how I got pregnant with you."

"So you and Daddy got married. Was it hard for you, just making love to him? Did you miss doing it with women?"

"Yes, honey... I loved your dad, but I often did feel the need for the touch of a woman."

"What about now, Mom... since he left? Are you still bisexual?"

Evelyn buried her face in Cyndi's hair, savoring the delicate scent. "To be honest, honey... I haven't felt any interest in being with a man since the divorce. I... I guess that means I'm a lesbian now." She suddenly drew away from her daughter, gazing at her thoughtfully. "And what about you, little lady... coming in here and making a move on me like that? Have you done this kind of thing before?"

Cyndi shook her head. "No, Mommy," she murmured shyly. "But I've been thinking about it, a whole lot."

Evelyn gazed deep into her child's eyes, brushing Cyndi's hair from her face with trembling fingers. "You've been... thinking about me that way?"

"N-not exactly," Cyndi replied. "I've been, um, having these fantasies about making out with other girls." Suddenly timid, she stared down at the bed, nervously tracing along the pattern with her index finger. "Sometimes I t-touch myself, thinking about it."

"So... how did this happen, baby?" Evelyn asked, gesturing at her daughter and herself, naked and snuggled together on the bed.

Cyndi furrowed her brow. "I... I don't know, Mommy... I heard you crying, and I just decided to, to come hug you and hold you and make you feel all better." She looked up into her mother's eyes, encouraged by the love she read in them. "But when I got in bed with you, and we kissed..." She smiled bashfully. "All of a sudden I just -- had this big idea. I wanted to make love to you, Mommy. I don't know why, I just did." She paused, searching for the right words. "That didn't freak me out, though. It was like... like I had wanted to be with you that way for a long time -- but I didn't know it, not until right then."

"My goodness," a dazed Evelyn said quietly.

"And then, when I kissed you... I just didn't want to stop. I wanted to do more things with you than kiss, so I... I kept going. That's it, I guess." She glanced at her mother. "You aren't mad at me, are you, Mommy?"

Evelyn smiled. "Of course not, sweet angel," she whispered, resting her forehead against Cyndi's, their noses nearly touching. "I'm not sure how this happened -- but it truly was a beautiful thing. You made me... happier than I can say, sweetheart."

"Mommy? D-do you have a girlfriend? Or... ?"

"No, honey," Evelyn said. "I'm not seeing anyone at the moment."

"Can... can I be your lover, then?"

"No!" The answer was out before Evelyn had a chance to think, and she saw a hurt look flash across her daughter's face. "That wouldn't be right, dear," she added gently. "I'm your mother. It's one thing for us to, to share pleasure... but I don't think we should think of this as... a romance."

"But, Mommy," Cyndi whispered, nuzzling her mother's neck. "This is like a romance. I'm in love with you... and I want to do this with you again... lots of times!"

Evelyn's resolve was fading fast -- and all she knew to do was change the subject. "Oh, honey... this is too much for me to think about right now."

Cyndi was clearly disappointed... but she nodded, then asked "Can we sleep together tonight? Really close, in each other's arms?"

Evelyn pondered the idea for a few seconds, then reached for the girl's hand. "Yes, angel," she softly replied.

They snuggled together, sharing gentle kisses and caresses until mother and daughter drifted into a blissful slumber.


I love my baby girl. She's so tiny and so perfect. I love feeding her. Her little baby mouth feels so good when she nurses from me...

Evelyn drifted awake and looked down. Cyndi was sucking her nipple, lightly brushing at the entrance of her pussy with the tip of a finger.

Are you going put an end to this? It's incest, isn't it? Why don't you stop her?

Perhaps in a moment, she thought. She pulled Cyndi's head closer to her breast.

Seeing her awaken, Cyndi slowly eased a finger into Evelyn's vagina, mouth still fastened to her mother's suddenly stiffening nipple.

Combined with the dreams of the past few weeks -- not to mention the chance to live out her forbidden desires only a few hours ago -- this was more than enough to send Evelyn into a gentle orgasm that made her tingle deliciously. As it tapered off, she pulled her daughter's face to hers and they shared a tender kiss.

"That was unfair," Evelyn frowned. "You caught me off guard. That wasn't supposed to happen."

"Don't you want us to be lovers, Mommy?" Cyndi asked wistfully.

"I don't know, honey," Evelyn shook her head. "I can't... oh God, I don't know what to think anymore."

"Then don't think, Mommy," Cyndi cooed, an impish grin on her lips. "Let's just cuddle."

"All right, honey," Evelyn replied.

They settled into the pillows, snuggling together. Evelyn stared at the ceiling, too many thoughts crowding her mind for her to relax completely.

Incest, lesbian sex -- What sort of mother are you to allow this to happen?

But she's happy...

She began to touch Cyndi, fingertips lightly brushing across the girl's pale skin. It was what she'd wanted to do for so long... to marvel at her child's bare beauty without fretting about questions of right or wrong. To Evelyn, her daughter was a remarkably beautiful child. Lithe, fit, creamy skin and so gloriously young. She deserved to be loved.

Tummy, hips, thighs, breasts, bottom, all so beautiful, so beautiful... She traced her hand across Cyndi's hips, luxuriating in the satiny texture of her skin.

Cyndi's eyes slowly opened. "Mmmm... that's nice, Mom. Keep doing that."

Evelyn's doubts resurfaced. "Cyndi, are you sure this would make you happy? Do you really want to... to be with me?"

"I'm sure," the blonde nymph sighed as she wriggled into Evelyn's arms. "Making love to you was" -- she searched for a word -- "was colossal!"

"Oh, honey," Evelyn sighed, "it was nice."

"A-and there's still more we haven't even tried yet... can we do it again, Mom?"

"What?" Evelyn laughed, cradling her daughter to her. "More? She wants more?"

"Yeah, well, it was so good last night, and doing it to you this morning was really nice, too." Cyndi drew away, gazing longingly at her mother. "I love loving you, Mommy. I've been wanting to do these things with you for awhile, I know that now... and I don't want to stop. I like boys okay, but it's you that I really need. I... I really want to be your girlfriend, Mommy. I'd love for us to -- to be together," she finished as a pink flush spread across her face.

Evelyn sighed happily, on the verge of joyous tears. "Oh, baby... I've wanted you for so very long, you know... I never believed this would ever happen, but I'm happy it did. It's supposed to be wrong, us making love. But I can't give you up, Cyndi. I just... can't. My angel," she whispered, leaning into her daughter, "if you really, really want us to be lovers, then I want that too. More than I've ever wanted anything."

Cyndi melted into her mother's embrace. "Oh, Mommy... I adore you!"

"I love you too, baby."

They lay together for a while, then Cyndi raised her face. "What are you thinking about, Mommy?"

"That I need to ring your school and my office, and tell them we won't be in today."

"We won't? Why, Mommy...?"

Evelyn gave her a sly glance. "Because I want to spend the day in bed with my new lover."

"Ohhh!" Cyndi's mouth was round again, her eyes dancing.

"A little more kissing?" Her hand drifted down to cup Cyndi's pert buttocks. "A few small touches?" She smiled innocently. "Who knows what it might lead to?"

The young girl began to giggle.

"Cyndi," Evelyn murmured.


"I love your bottom, honey..."

Cyndi wiggled it and laughed. "Why, thank you, Mommy."

"In fact," continued Evelyn with a wry smile, "I love your butt so much that I'd like to give it some, um, special attention. Think you could spare me a moment for that?"

"Oh," replied Cyndi, screwing up her face in mock-concentration, then sighing, "I suppose... if it doesn't take too long." Then she threw her arms round her mother's neck. "You're so silly, Mommy," she giggled. "You can do... anything you want to me. Especially in bed."

Evelyn leaned in close to kiss her daughter, flicking her tongue into the young girl's mouth. Cyndi responded in kind, and the two kissed hotly for awhile. Gently breaking away, Evelyn murmured, "Get on your hands and knees, baby, facing the door... Mommy wants to play."

Eyes flashing with excitement, Cyndi slipped from her mother's arms and positioned her lithe body on all fours, glancing expectantly back over her shoulder at Evelyn. "What are you gonna do to me, Mommy?" she cooed.

"You'll see, honey," said Evelyn, rising to kneel behind her daughter, savoring the sight of Cyndi's adorable ass. She had fantasized of touching, tasting her child's bottom for weeks. Now she and Cyndi were lovers, and that cute little butt was hers to explore as she wished.

Evelyn cupped her daughter's ass in both hands, then began to caress her.

"Mmm, Mommy... that feels good," Cyndi sighed.

Rather than reply, Evelyn leaned closer and pressed her face against the girl's bottom, placing a warm kiss here and there. Cyndi purred with pleasure.

The scent of her daughter's skin, the softness... Evelyn felt lightheaded. Her kisses grew hotter and hungrier, her lips parting, the tip of her tongue emerging to join the fun as she made love to Cyndi's ass. Wanting more, she parted her child's buttocks with her hands, then slowly ran her tongue through the girl's anal cleft in one long, luxurious lick.

"Oh, Mommy!" gasped Cyndi. "Oh, that feels so... so..." and she moaned as her mother burrowed her face between her cheeks, exploring the young girl's asshole with her tongue. "Oh," Cyndi whimpered.

Evelyn's head spun from the sheer... overload of it all. The forbidden fantasy of rimming her own 14-year-old child had come to pass -- and it was even better than she'd imagined. She circled the pucker of Cyndi's anus with the tip of her tongue, then pressed a deep, soulful kiss between her daughter's buttocks.

"Oooooohhh," the girl responded, her head lolling back, mouth slack. "That... oh, Mommy, what you're d-doing to me -- it's lovely!"

Evelyn continued to kiss Cyndi's asshole, as if it were her daughter's pretty mouth. Then she began to lick again... slowly, sensually dragging her tongue up through the fourteen-year-old's crack, over and over again. Cyndi was trembling now, her body taut as an archer's bow. "I love you, Mommy," the girl was whispering. "I love you. I love you."

Her desire now whipped into a raging firestorm, Evelyn quickly reversed position to slide beneath Cyndi's outthrust pelvis, now gazing up enthralled at her daughter's sugary slit... the child's sparse pubes the color of winter wheat. Reaching around to grasp Cyndi's ass, Evelyn pulled the girl's beautiful pussy down to her already open mouth, tongue poised to explore her most intimate places.

Cyndi threw her head back with a soft cry of surprise at the sensation of her mother's hot mouth, now covering her pussy. It was everything she had anticipated... and more! She gasped, head spinning wildly as a warm, wet tongue pushed its way into her opening. "Oh, God," she breathed, her hands clutching the sheets.

Evelyn was feasting at the threshold of her daughter's womanhood, intoxicated by the taste, the smell, the heat and wetness of Cyndi. Her heart swelled with love for her child as she did her best to pleasure the fourteen-year-old nymph. She probed the girl's slit with a wriggling tongue, teasingly lapped at her sticky labia, drank deep of her essence.

Cyndi's body bucked and rocked atop Evelyn's face, Mommy's mouth plastered to her divine juncture, moaning and panting as her pleasure rose steadily higher. She felt her climax approaching, and welcomed its nearness.

Then Cyndi gasped as she felt her mother's finger pressing gently against her anus, the tip entering the toast-warm cleft between her cheeks, then the entire finger. Her moaning grew louder.

Suddenly Evelyn's lips fastened themselves to the little girl's clitoris to suck at the tiny nubbin... and Cyndi's world exploded in a searing flash of phosphorescent light.

Her daughter's thighs squeezing her face, Evelyn continued to lick and suck at the girl's sweetness as she came, the room ringing with Cyndi's cries of ecstasy. She took her child to the peaks of pleasure, then gently brought her down to earth... her lips barely touching the glistening slit as her daughter rested, still on her knees, her face buried in a pillow.

Evelyn scooted from beneath her now quiet daughter and sat up, then carefully rolled the flushed and trembling child onto her back. Eyes shining with love, Evelyn lay down next to Cyndi, taking the girl's slender form into her arms, placing a soft kiss on her cheek.

"Oh, Mommy," Cyndi sighed contentedly, snuggling into her mother's embrace, "that was the nicest feeling I've ever had." She raised her face to Evelyn's, and they shared a gentle but passionate kiss. Cyndi's tongue emerged to lick around her mother's mouth, her eyes lighting up as she sampled her own flavor. "Mmm, yummy," she cooed. "I love how my pussy tastes..."

"Mmm-hmm... you're luscious, sweetheart," Evelyn smiled, brushing a strand of hair from her daughter's face.

"So, Mommy..." Cyndi whispered, grinning shyly, "I want to know what you taste like now."

Evelyn smiled. "Oh, my precious... that would make me so very happy."

Grinning, Cyndi leaned in to plant a quick kiss on her mother's lips, but Evelyn's tongue darted into her daughter's mouth... and what was an affectionate peck quickly grew hot and hungry, parent and child kissing like the lovers they had become.

Cyndi climbed atop her mother's naked body and took Evelyn's face in her hands as their hungry mouths mashed together, tongues dancing in a ballet of passion. Evelyn was breathless with excitement when her daughter broke their kiss. "Cyndi... darling!" she gasped.

But by then her loving child was nuzzling her way down Evelyn's quivering body, pressing her lips into the hollow of her mother's throat, her hands sliding up to claim the woman's breasts. Cyndi playfully bit her mother's neck, and Evelyn inhaled sharply, a sharp buzz of pleasure spiralling through her. Sliding down further, the young girl flicked at Evelyn's nipple with an eager tongue.

"Oh, God," Evelyn moaned, reaching down to cup her daughter's bottom.

Cyndi responded by taking her mother's right nipple into her mouth, sucking at the soft tip of her beautiful breast... then switching to the left. Cyndi flexed her ass lewdly as her mother's fingers trailed lightly through the crack of the young girl's butt, brushing her anus.

Evelyn's breasts delighted Cyndi. They were so soft and nice, and the sensation of her mother's nipples growing firm in her mouth was thrilling. And Mommy's fingers feel so good playing with my bottom like that, she thought.

She was impatient to taste her mother's pussy, though, so with a goodbye kiss for each of Evelyn's nipples, the young girl squirmed further downward. Pausing to place a few pecks on her mother's tummy, Cyndi soon found herself lying between Evelyn's thighs, eyes wide at her first up-close glimpse of a woman's pussy. Even better, she told herself, it's my beautiful, sexy mommy's pussy. Her heart throbbed as she lowered her face to the glistening slit before her, placing a loving kiss on its pink folds.

"Mmmm..." Evelyn moaned, "my angel..."

Cyndi's tongue emerged to lick at her mother's labia... then she paused, sampling her first taste of another woman's cunt. Liking what she found, the girl buried her face between Evelyn's legs, eager to bring pleasure to the woman who had given her life.

It was like kissing a mouth, she decided... and she made the kiss a passionate one, sliding her tongue deep into her mother's moist opening. The moan that burst from Evelyn's lips just then was like sweet music.

Evelyn's fingers tangled in her daughter's hair as the child feasted on her dripping pussy. It was impossible, couldn't really be happening... but it was. Her forbidden fantasy had come true; she and Cyndi were making love. Guilt or shame seemed pointless in the face of how completely, utterly right their newfound relationship felt.

She gasped again as her daughter's wicked tongue slid down her slit and further, slipping between Evelyn's buttocks to tease her asshole. "Oh," she whimpered, a tear of joy slowly rolling down her cheek, "oh, yes."

Cyndi raised her wet mouth from her mother, taking a deep breath before dipping back down to take that little pink tip at the top of her mother's pussy between her lips... that special place that always felt so good when she touched herself.

Evelyn panted like a marathon runner, whorls of ever-growing pleasure winding through her body as Cyndi sucked at her clit. Her daughter's hot mouth was like a flame caressing her cunt, driving her to new heights of ecstasy with every kiss, each flick of the tongue.

Then Cyndi slid a finger deep into her mother's pussy, with a single stroke... and Evelyn cried out as a frenzied orgasm gripped and shook her like a rag doll. She shuddered in a helpless frenzy, teeth clenched as her sweet child continued to pleasure her cunt. Finally, after coming at least three times, Evelyn placed a hand on the girl's shoulder to stop her, gasping for breath so hard she could not speak.

Cyndi raised her head from her mother's pussy, then crawled into Evelyn's embrace. She gave her mom some time to recover, then kissed her mouth softly, lovingly.

"Mmmm..." Evelyn hummed, her heartbeat kicking up a notch as she tasted her own cunt on Cyndi's lips... and she made the kiss a heated one, her tongue emerging to lick around her daughter's mouth just like Cyndi had done earlier.

Finally they lay entwined, Cyndi's head resting on her mother's breast, sharing soft, languid caresses.

"That was beautiful, Mommy," the young girl sighed. "I'm so happy that we're lovers." Then she giggled. "It feels so good... just saying it!" Lifting her face to gaze at Evelyn with adoring eyes, she softly sang, "Mommy is my lover, Mommy is my lover, Mommy is my loverrrr..." She buried her face into her mother's breasts, squeezing her tightly.

Evelyn cuddled her child close, heart buoyant with joy. "Yes, I am, honey," she murmured. "I am. And you... you're the most wonderful daughter in the world."

Resting peacefully against her mother's breast, Cyndi enjoyed a contented yawn. "Can we take a nap now, Mommy? I'm all sleepy..."

Evelyn stroked her daughter's back. "Of course, honey. Just relax... I'll hold you while you rest."

"Thanks, Mommy," Cyndi mumbled. "Love you."

"I love you too, baby," Evelyn whispered... but the girl was already drifting off.

Evelyn held her daughter, her eyes growing moist as she marvelled at this miracle that had fallen into her arms... this bewitching creature that had come from her body fourteen years ago. Now they had discovered a new intimacy, a different way to share love. We're not just mother and daughter now, Evelyn mused. We've become something more.

But can I still really be a mother to Cyndi after this? she suddenly thought, a cold tendril of fear touching her heart. What we have here in this bed is heavenly... but I don't want to lose what she and I had before. The helping with schoolwork, teaching her to drive, baking her cookies, watching sappy movies together... can we keep those things and still make love?

Evelyn sighed... then she smiled, placing a soft kiss upon her daughter's head. There was no need to worry. It might not be easy -- setting boundaries, determining where being a parent left off and being a lover began... but they would make it work. Cyndi and I want it to work, she told herself, and that's enough.

A pleasant haze of drowsiness was gradually seeping into Evelyn's thoughts... and her jaw suddenly gaped wide in a luxurious yawn. Guess I'll nap too, she decided. With her arm draped protectively over Cyndi's bare body, Evelyn settled into the marshmallowy softness of her pillow.

And as she slowly, slowly floated into tranquil slumber, one final thought appeared. This is paradise that we've found... a sweet, loving haven for my baby and me. Just a little corner of paradise...

Mother and daughter slept quietly, peacefully.

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