You too

by Misty Meadow

Keywords F, g, panties, exhib

"That was lovely, Mommy," my new girlfriend Li says, as I roll off her and lie back on the bed. She likes to call me "Mommy" when we make love because she says I look exactly like her step mother looked a decade ago when Li was eleven, the woman who sexually molested by her; well not molested as such; the child was a willing and eager participant. She must've looked very young back then because even now she still has a very child-like appearance, as many Asian women do. When she lies naked on her back and her micro tits flatten out, given her narrow hips and cleanly shaved pussy, it's not hard to imagine she's prepubescent. She wakens my inner pedophile, and hearing her girly voice calling me "Mommy" perfects the illusion.

"You're welcome, Sweetheart," I say, closing my eyes.

I drift off for a while, then my snoring wakes me up and I look at my watch. I've been out for fifteen minutes. Li's sitting at my desk, still naked, gazing at my computer. As I swing my legs to the floor, she hears me and turns.

"You sly old dog!" she says, a smirk on her face. "Or should I say 'bitch'?"


"You are a dark horse!" Her smirk morphs into a shit eating grin.

"Have I missed something here?"

"Now I know why you want me to call you 'Mommy', and why you like it when I wear my schoolgirl outfit, you dirty old dyke."

"I'm not old," I protest, looking past her to my computer screen. "Uh, oh!"

"Yes, you fucking pervert. You left a thumb drive in the computer and Ohmygod, what an amazing collection of pictures you have!" Shit, I'm busted! "Lots and lots of little girls, not even in their teens, all dressed in their panties or less." Why is she grinning? Shouldn't she be outraged, yelling at me that I'm a fucking pervert?

On cue she says, "You're a fucking pervert." It sounds more like an observation than an accusation. "A pedophile. You've been keeping it pretty quiet."

I can't deny it. "Guilty as charged," I say, "but I'm not a child molester. I've never actually acted on my obsession. It's just that I just like to fantasise now and again. My secret needn't affect our relationship."

"Oh, it's gonna change our relationship drastically." Why is she still smirking?

She turns back to the computer and continues to scroll through the pictures. I get to my feet and stand beside her. She seems very intent, staring at the images. The next one displayed is a picture of a naked flat chested girl with her hairless pussy in full view, lying on her back as a kneeling adult female, her mother perhaps, decorates her torso with body paint.

Li takes a sharp intake of breath. "Oh, God, she's adorable!"

"I love the unselfconcious smile on her face."

"I wasn't looking at her face," Li says, moving the mouse so the little arrow lands on the girl's pussy slit. She slides it up and down, whispering, "Tickle, tickle, kissy, kissy." Fuck me! It can't be true! No fucking way! Is my girlfriend into little girls too?

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Li?"

"Like: wouldn't it be wonderful to take her mother's place, finish painting and then lick it all off?"

"Prescisely!" This can't be true! Just like me, my darling little Asian princess has been hiding her secret lust for little girls! Oh, deep joy! I look down at her and our eyes lock. "You, too?" I say, with a smile that I hope says 'welcome'."

"Yes, me too. Oh, look at this!" On the screen, two preteens in white undies embrace and kiss. She scrolls on and we see a set of two dozen pictures of another girl and in each shot she's wearing different panties, sometimes with a top, sometimes not, often pulling her panties part way down but just not quite enough to reveal her treasure. Her smile is dazzling.

"That's Juliette," I tell her. "She's all over the net."

"She looks so happy."

"That's what I like about her. She clearly enjoys showing off."

"Who takes the pictures? Daddy? A professional? Where d'you get these pix, anyway?"

"They're from a Russian website. I scan it every morning and though most of it is just family stuff, I find the occasional gem. Well worth the effort." I write down the URL for her. "Just look at it every day or so."

"Look at this!" Two preteens stand side by side facing the camera, their dresses lifted up as high as they'll go, lewdly showing off their panties, one pair white, the other, pink. "That's so fucking sexy! It's like they're saying, 'Look at us, look at us!' I used to do that for my step mom when I was their age. It used to drive her crazy."

"It drives me crazy when you do it for me."

"Ah, now I know why you buy me all those white cotton schoolgirl panties, just to fuel your fantasies."

"And the white ankle socks. They help."

Without taking her eyes off the screen, she slides her hand up the inside of my thigh and starts to finger my cleanly shaven cunt.

"Mommy's getting wet," she murmurs to herself. "Mommy likes sexy pictures of little girls. Hmmm, so do I, Mommy. They're getting me wet, too."

I lean down and try to embrace her, but from a standing position it's impossible and we end up falling to the floor, laughing. I pull her on top of me in a tight hug and we kiss. I push one thigh between her legs and feel her respond, pushing her pussy against me.

"I love you so much," I whisper in her ear. "I love you for the way you look, like a little girl, and the way you like to show off, and the way you make love with me, but most of all, I love the fact that you, too, love little girls, just like me. Now we can share our deepest secret lusts. I'm so happy!"

"Mommy, Mommy," she whispers back passionately, "Kiss me! Kiss me all over! Kiss your darling little girl on the lips and then on my nipples and then on my tummy and then kiss me on my little pee pee! And then I want you to let me kiss you on your big, wet, juicy cunt. Oh, Mommy I love you so much! I wanna stay being your little girl forever and never grow up."

I'm awash in an ocean of joy. My darling little girl has discovered my deep, dark secret and she's just the same as I am, a fucking pedo pervert lesbian and I know that we're gonna be having a whole lot of fun together.


No one but Li calls me "Mommy", and only in the bedroom. My name is Misty and I'm in my late twenties.

Of course I already knew about Li's stepmother and their sexual adventures. Li had been writting it all into a diary from the age of eight when it all started, just after her dad had remarried. (I sneaked a look at it; I know that was wrong but I couldn't help myself. Reading it got me all wet and I had to go in the bathroom and masturbate.) The union soon broke up and Li was left in the care of (or at the mercy of, depending on how you look at it) her step mom whose pedophilia extended not just to pubescent Lolitas, but to younger innocent, vulnerable children, and Li just fitted right in. It began with bathing and showering together, washing Li's little pee pee with a soapy finger inserted, and then their games migrated to the bedroom for nipple play and other intimate touching, then further progressed to kissing each other all over which quite naturally morphed to full blown cunnilingus, rimming and tribbing. In later years, sex toys were employed; vibrators, double-ended dildoes and strap-ons.

Li regarded her part in this relationship as being one who's duty it was to pleasure the older woman and she didn't find it in the least onerous. In fact from the beginning she threw herself into the role with enthusiasm and soon her little body began to respond to the kisses and caresses and as the thrill grew and grew it was she, little Li, who'd initiate the sex action, creating new ways to excite her step mom, and one day when she was ten, sitting on her mother's face, she had her first orgasm. So excited was she that she lost control of her bladder, and Mommy was treated to a golden shower right there in their bed. Having to do the extra laundry was well worth it.

Two years later, when Li's flat chest grew barely perceptibly into the micro tits she has today, and she got her first period and pubic hair, the step mother lost interest. Evidently, she was a true pedophile.

Li felt abandoned and lonely, took to alcohol and drugs, toured several rehabs and finally got sober. I met her in a A.A. meeting when she shared her heavily edited story, a tale of innocence lost, of addiction-driven self destruction, delivered by a girl who looked like a fifth grader. How could I not fall in love with her?


As for me, if you're interested, I started my adult life as a perfectly ordinary lesbian. I'd had the usual crushes on other girls and teachers from as early as I can remember, but I never saw any action until I was fifteen, when my family took a vacation at a European naturist resort and I fell in love with an older single woman on the first day. I followed ber about, excited by her naked body and she soon sensed my longing and invited me to her room where she embraced and kissed me. It was awesome! The electric jolt when her fingertips first touched my pussy, the thrill of sucking on her nipples, the sight and smell of the soft wet folds of her vagina, the exquisite joy of hearing her gasp when I first touched her, was all so utterly thrilling that my lesbianism was firmly established. My lust for little girls came later.

In my early twenties, I took up birdwatching and one afternoon I was walking quietly among the trees of a local wooded area, watching and listening for, well, anything actually. I saw a movement from the corner of my eye and trained my binoculars on it. About a hundred yards away, a young girl of about twelve or so was squatting, or sitting on a fallen tree trunk beside the footpatch, petting her dog and talking to it. Her knees were up against her chest and her calves and feet were together so I couldn't see anything except her face. She was an absolute angel! I moved closer, taking advantage of the cover of the trees until I was about fifty yards away. I rested the side of the binoculars against a tree trunk to steady the image and focused on her. She was gorgeous. She must have heard a noise behind her because she suddenly turned and looked back and as her body twisted, her knees spread wide open, like a theater curtain parting to reveal the well lit stage, giving me a perfect view of her white panties.

For a second, I thought I'd been struck by lightning. The sight of her parted thighs sent an enormous surge of adrenaline into my bloodstream and I felt like I'd been kicked in the chest. My stomach clenched with excitement and my heart began to pound and I wondered if I was having a heart attack. I put my hand on my chest and tried to slow my breathing, but something had reached deep down inside me and touched my soul. My binocs were 8 X 50, so she appeared to be about fifteen feet away, and I could see everything in detail, even the seam across the crotch of her panties and the scalloped elastic round the legs. My gaze was riveted on her as she turned back again, leaving her legs carelessly parted, and carried on petting the dog, completely unaware that I was there. For a couple of minutes I observed her, drinking in the sight of her spread thighs, burning it into my memory, my knees weak and my hands trembling, until she stood up and walked away, never having known that she'd changed my life forever.

Thereafter, although I had many affairs and one night stands with adult women, I was principly drawn to prepubescent girls, even as young as eight or nine, not that I had much chance to have a relationship. But I was lucky enough to get a babysitting gig for a ten year old which lasted a couple of months and on the first night, at bathtime, we showered together and although she let me soap her back, when I tried to touch her treasure, she pushed my hand away. "That's bad touching," she said. Nevetheless she seemed to like me watching her undress, even putting on a bit of an amateurish strip tease for me, and better yet, she let me watch when she'd lift her dress, pull her panties down and sit on the toilet, her legs deliberately spread to let me see the stream of pee falling from her little slit.

But she grew too old to need a babysitter so all I had left was fantasy and I started surfing the web for pictures of preteens, naked or in their undies, and downloaded only the most erotic ones until my collection reached the hundreds. I'd look at them as infrequently as possible, so as to not "wear out" their particular erotic quality and so they'd be almost fresh on those rare occasions when I'd sucumb to temptation, fire up the computer and masturbate myself to climax. God bless all those sexy little nymphets, with their happy smiling faces and their innocent bodies, displayed especially for me. They made a lonely woman happy.


Last week I got up in the middle of the night to take a pee. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I opened up my browser on to the Russian website and went trolling for photos of kids. Most of the tonight were just family stuff, but a significant proportion feature preteen girls in their undies. Some are amateur shots, some professionally posed. This is where I've assembled my collection of sexy little angels. There were a couple of dozen pictures of naked little girls posing provocatively and I quickly downloaded them. I looked at my "catch". A girl of about eleven was lying on a bed, legs spread wide, happily displaying her pretty little cunt in various poses. I saved half a dozen to a thumb drive and deleted the rest as they were repetative. I spent several minutes looking at the ones I'd saved, then went back to the website. In the interim, several new photos had appeared and the first was another collection of "forbidden" material. I downloaded three outrageously pornographic shots of a flat chested preteen, kneeling with her back to the camera, smiling oover her shoulder, bum up in the air, showing off both orifices. I sat back in my chair, pushed one hand down the front of my panties and began fingering my clit. My other hand was on the mouse, scrolling between the pictures I'd just downloaded.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Li come into the room. I carried on pleasuring myself. We often masturbate in front of each other. She came and stood beside me and when she saw what was on the screen, she gasped.

"Oh my God! She's awesome? Look at that lovely young body and her sweet little pee pee! Where did you find her?"

"Wait!" I said, feeling my orgasm building. "I'm cumming. Oh, shit, I'm cumming! Oooooh! Pheeew! Jesus, that was good!" I take my hand out from my panties and offer it to Li to sniff and taste. When my pulse returned to normal, I explained about how I'd used the small window of opportunity to snatch child porn from the internet before it disappeared. "We should check the website as often as we can, just on the off chance of finding gems like these."

Now a week later, I have a couple of dozen illegal pictures of children exposing themselves to the camera in the lewdest manner imaginable. My one criterion is that they must be smiling; not just a fake camera smile, but an indication that they want to show themselves off.


"We've got to get ourselves a little girl," I say to Li.

"You've got me, Misty."

"Yeah, and don't think I don't appreciate you, but you're twenty one and not exactly innocent and you do excite me more than you know, especially now that we share our special obsession, but I'm talking about a real girl, a darling innocent little preteen who we can teach the joys of gay sex. I mean the both of us, a little lover to share."

"A threesome?"

"Exactly! Threesomes are awesome. One time I was . . ."

"Yeah, they're awesome. Okay, lets look for a little girl to seduce. It seems like a long shot to me and we're gonna have to be really careful."


Where to start? I spent a few lunch breaks sitting at the bus stop adjacent to the neighborhood Catholic girls' school, enjoying the sight of slender legs disappearing up plaid skirts, hoping for a flash of panties, but no luck. I'd be at the bus stop again when school let out, trying to engage some of them in conversation, but they were not interested in me and soon became suspicious, so I moved on before anyone asked questions. I tried the local library, where a few kids hung out after school, but no luck there either. Those few conversations I started could be overheard by other patrons, even whe machine and sat down beside her. She's fucking gorgeous, eleven years old and goes to St. Agatha's. That's the Catholic school next to. . . "

"Yeah, I know it."

"I asked her if shen whispered, and I drew a complete blank.

Li's luck was no better. She hung around arcades but they were mostly populated by young boys so she tried the playground at the local park, finding only toddlers with their Mom's and nannies.

One Saturday lunch time, Li came home, bursting into my apartment, crying, "I've got one!"

"Got one what?"

"A girl. Her name's Zephyr. 'Call me Zeff,' she said. I was in the laundromat and there she was, sitting in front of a dryer, looking bored so I shoved my stuff into a believed in all that dogma bullshit they teach and she laughed and agreed it was all supersticious nonsense. She lives with her Mom, who's a bitch and her brother, who's a sonovabitch. We really hit if off and here's the best bit: she does the family laundry there every Saturday at the same time." Li's face is beaming.

"She nearly fell of her perch when I told her I was twenty one. 'I thought you were my age,' she said. I helped her fold her laundry and she wears white cotton panties, the kind you like. Afterwards, we went to Baskin and Robins down the street and had icecream and she kept touching my arm and she let me hug her when we said 'goodbye'. I took a picture of her." I look at it. Oh, my God, she's adorable! Big dark eyes behind unfashionably large glasses, a little snub nose and lips that beg to be kissed. I fall in love with her right there and then.

"We could stake the lau here," I say to Li. "I left my watch in the pocket of my white pants."

"Too late," says Li, "they're in the machine."

I try to look resigned. "Never mind. It only cost ten bucks at Walmart. I'll buy another."

We embark on a long conndromat out and coincidentally appear just as she arrives."

Saturday comes and our plan works to perfection. We're parked across the street and when Zeff comes, Li waits half a minute then follows her in. I give them time to get settled and then follow. Li fakes surpise when I show up and introduces me to Zeff who gives me a dazzling smile.

"I thought you might beversation in which we reveal to Zephyr that we're room mates living in a one bedroom apartment just round the corner. She figures out that we must be sleeping in the same bed, and asks, "Are you two guys like, an item?"

"We're girlfriends," Li tells her.

"Like . . ." She hesitates.

"Like lesbians?" I say, "Yes. We're a couple of dykes."

"Cool! I've never met a lesbian before."

"Oh, you have. You've met lots. You just didn't know, that's all."

Zeff's laundry spins to a stop and we help her load it all into a dryer. "You wear exactly the same panties as Li," I say, holding a pair up. They must be hers because they're too small to be her mom's. Li backs me up by looking about to see that no one is paying any attention to us, then briefly lifts the front of her skirt up, offering a quick flash of white cotton. Zeff's eyes grow big.

"Misty only likes white underwear," Li says. Our laundry is done and we load it into the adjacent dryer and sit back down, Zeff between us.

"I hope you don't mind me asking," she says, "But what do lesbians get up to in bed?"

Li starts to answer, but I cut her off.

"Sex between two consenting adults is a private matter between them and it's not polite to ask them what they do, but on the other hand, I imagine you're old enough that you won't freak out if we do reveal some of the naughty things we get up to. But this isn't the place for a conversation like that. When do you have to get your laundry home?"

"No rush, anytime today."

"So why not come home with us and we'll tell you a bit about what gay girls get up to. Don't worry, you're perfectly safe, we're not child molesters or anything." At least, not yet.

"My Mom always says I shouldn't go with strangers or get into their cars and stuff, so just to piss her off, I wanna go with you, okay?"

"Okay!" Li and I chorus.

"I just can't believe that you're tweny one, Li. We could be sisters, you and I."

If I can fantasize that Li is a child, I can work a little incest into my fantasy.


In the apartment, Zeff looks into our bedroom, steps inside, jumps on the big king size bed and sits with her back to the headboard, her knees up, thighs splayed, giving us that same vision that had dazzled me in the woods all those years ago. Li and I stand at the foot of the bed, my arm around her shoulder, looking at our sexy new friend. She doesn't seem to mind a bit that we're staring right up her dress, and smiles at us.

"You don't have any boobs, Li," she says.

"Yes I do," Li replies, lifting the front of her shirt up to expose her naked chest. She never wears a bra. What would be the point? "They're just little ones. Misty likes them. Show her yours, Misty." I lift the front of my own shirt to show off my small but firm tits and Li immediately puts one hand on the left one and tweeks my nipple.

"You bad girl!" I say to Li, faking disapproval. "You shouldn't touch my boob in front of a stranger!"

"She's not a stranger, she's my friend."

"Nevertheless, I'm gonna have to spank you."

"Oh no, Mommy!" she cries in mock terror. "Please don't spank me! I promise I'll be good, Mommy." Zeff grins, enjoying the game.

I sit on the edge of the bed. "Come and lie across my knee, you bad girl!" Li meekly positions herself facedown across my thighs. Zeff scrambles across to kneel beside me so she can watch the action close up. I lift Li's skirt up over her back and she raises her hips letting me slide her white cotton panties down. Zeff stares at her bare butt. I run my hand over it with gentle caresses, pressing my fingers down between her legs so that my fingertips touch her pussy.

"Ready? Six of the best," I say, giving her three mild slaps on her cheeks. "Your turn, Zeff." The girl grins, reaches in and delivers another three to Li's firm, narrow buttocks.

"Ow! Ow!" Li cries, faking pain.

"Now I have to kiss it better," I say, bending forward and planting a lingering kiss on her cheek. "You, too, Zeff." She slides of the bed and kneels in front of me so that she can lean in and kiss my darling's pearly cheeks. She sits back and Li rolls her body so that she's lying on her back, her upper torso on the bed, one leg dangling down with her foot on the floor, the other knee raised and allowed to fall sideways so that her cleanly shaven pussy is lewdly displayed, her body naked from her waist down to her white ankle socks.

Zeff stares at her, transfixed. "You've shaved your pubes."

"That's how Misty likes me, bald like a little girl."

I run the flat of my hand over her mound. She's slightly stubbley. "You need a shave."

"Let me feel," Zeff calls pushing my hand away and replacing it with her own. "Misty's right, you do need a shave, Li."

"Run into the bathroom, Sweetie," I say, "and on the counter you'll see a can of shaving foam and a razor, and oh, bring a towel." Seconds later she's back. I take the can and spray a big blob of foam on to Li's cunt and spread it round with my fingers. I pick up the razor, but Zeff is ahead of me.

"Let me do it!" she cries, eagerly. My heart is pounding as I watch her shave my little girl, carefully protecting her clit with the fingers of her left hand, dragging the razor with her right until most of the foam's gone. I wipe the remains off with the towel and run my hand over the whole area, my fingers lingering briefly on her lips.

"Feel that," I say and Zeff's hand is there, her palm stroking and then her fingertips lingering on Li's lips.

"Nice and smooth," she says. Li's face is getting flushed.

Zeff looks up at me. "I've never touched a girl there before."

"Really? How old are you?"


"When I was eleven," I say, "I touched lots of other girls down there and they touched me back. I was a very naughty little girl."

"Me, too," says Li. "I was even naughtier. You'd never believe what I got up to. One time I went into the school bathroom with one of my friends and we shared a stall and I let her watch me pee then I stood with my panties still round my knees and watch her take her panties down and pee. When she stood up I put my hand between her legs and fingered her pee pee and of course she did the same to me. It was thrilling. After that we did all sorts of stuff together, especially after we started sleeping over at each other's houses." She rolls off my lap, stands and pulls her panties back up, then sits on the bed beside us.

"What stuff?"

"Kissing, feeling each other's tits, kissing each other's pee pees."

She must have been doing all this at the same time that her step mother was having her way with her. She was a very sexually active little girl and given all this, it's perhaps quite reasonable that she should retain her penchant for preteen girls.

"I've never kissed a girl on her pee pee, not even on the lips," says Zeff. "Until just now, I mean."

"It was lovely, Zeff. You can kiss me down there any time you want."

"And you can kiss me too, Li." She gets up from her knees and sits between us, falling back to lie on the bed and lifts her dress invitingly. "Take my panties off."

My heart is pounding as I watch Zeff lift her hips so that Li can pull her white cotton underpants down to expose the little girl's mound disected by that vertical slit that is a girl's treasure. Li gazes at her body then looks up at her face which is lit up by an eager smile. Li's fingertips briefly brush her mound and then her head goes down and I have to bend down to see the action as Li's lips press against the little girl's cunt and her tongue goes to work. I'm awash with a mixture of jealousy and lust as Zeff lies there, letting it happen, then parts her legs even wider and pulls Li's head down with her hands, at the same time thrusting upwards with her hips.

"Oh, my God, this is awesome!" she whispers.

After a minute or so, Li lifts her head, looks at me and says, "Your turn, Misty."

I look at Zeff who nods, and I slide to my knees at the bedside and lean in to closely inspect the little angel's cunt, already wet with saliva and I part her lips with my fingers, then cover the area with my mouth, my tongue probing. Zeff's little gasps of pleasure gets my heart beating even faster. When I come up for air I look across at Li who's fallen on to her back, lifted her skirt and pushed her hand down the front of her panties. She masturbating furiously, sighing and groaning, then she let's out a whoosh of air and I know she's cum. I can feel my own panties are soaking wet. I go back down on Zeff, probing at her immature clit with my tongue until, with a little cry, she thrusts her hips upwards, then collapses back again.

"I think she came," Li comments.

"Oh, my God, that was awesome!" the girl breathes. "I've never cum that hard before." A warm glow spreads through my whole body and I feel a delicous sense of triumph. I made her cum! Oh, what joy!

"Jesus, look at the time. I gotta go," she says, rolling off the bed and searching for her panties. Finding them on the floor, instead of putting them on, she stuffs them into the pocket of her dress. "I'm gonna walk home with no panties on," she says, grinning at us. "Just because it's so fucking naughty."

"It's pretty windy out there," Li comments. "What if your dress blows up?"

"Oh, wouldn't that be awful. People would see my pee pee!" She puts her hand over her mouth in mock horror. Then, grinning, she asks, "Can I come and see you guys again?"

"Anytime!" we chorus.

She picks up her laundry and with a wave, leaves.


It's bed time. Li and I are naked, sitting at the top of the bed, reviewing the lastest downloads from the Russian website, which we've been checking as often as possible, dozens of times each day and we've made quite a haul. Our collection is approaching a hundred, every girl prepubescent, every girl lewdly displaying her darling little cunt, every girl smiling or laughing in the most inviting way. We have several pictures of the same two preteens, professionally shot in a studio, whose poses are about as provocative as one can imagine. The pictures cry out "Look at us! Look at our cunts!"

"I wonder if they're an item," Li muses.

"They could be sisters," I say. "Twins, even."

"Oh, how fucking delicious! Two preteen incestuous lesbian pedophiles! It doesn't get any better than that."

We scroll on. We see an adult/child composition, a mother and daughter perhaps, both showing their cunts to the camera and the girl is fondling the adult's breast.

"We should take pics of ourselves," Li says. "I'll be your daughter, your lust crazed little lesbian girl, eating your pussy and letting you push your vibrator up my cunt. We'd have perverts all over the world fantasizing about us, furiously masturbating. Wouldn't that be great?"

"Oh, Li, I love you so much. You seem to know instinctively what excites me. Yes, let's take some dirty pictures. We'll show them to Zeff and see if she wants to join in. Imagine, incestuous lesbian threesomes! Oh, I could cum just from thinking about it."

"A triangular lick-off," she muses. "Mommy and her two gay daughters."

"But who'd take the pictures?"

"We need a fourth person."

"Another little girl," I say. "We found one, so we can find another. Just imagine, Li: you, Zeff and Miss X in a preteen threeway, with me operating the camera, taking stills and videos."

"Oh, how fucking delicious! I'll take a load to the laundromat tomorrow and start looking."

The end.

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