The Punishment Jar – Part Four (Exhib, Humil, mmmmfffFF)
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The Punishment Jar – Part Four (mmmmfffFF,Exhib,Humil,) BY: Hooked6

Carrie showed the photos to the girls. One spoke up giggling, "Is THAT as big as it gets?" Everyone including Chester and Carl laughed at her comment.

"Is that really a picture of Billy with a boner? Chester said as he eagerly made his way over to have a look for himself. "I'll be. Even I can do better than that!"

Carrie smirked and chided the boy, "Well you might get the chance to prove that what you say is true later on, big boy."

"In your dreams, sweet cakes, in your dreams." Chester said sarcastically.

Just then Mary Beth and Katie appeared. Mary Beth was holding the ceramic jar.

"What's that?" one of the girls asked.

"Oh, just Billy's Punishment Jar that's all. I thought you might need it." Mary Beth explained to the newcomers and the boys what the jar was used for.

"PEREFECT!" one of the girls said gleefully. "Billy was so mean to Carrie just a minute ago."

"He WAS, huh? Mary Beth said trying to act sincere. "What did he do?"

"He told Carrie to take the basketball and shove it up her butt!" the girl said helpfully, "And all she asked him to do was to keep playing so she could

"THAT DOES IT!" Mary Beth said disgustedly. "I'm taking you home to mom. You're in for it now!"

"Please don't tell your mom. I'm sorry. I really am!" Billy said fearfully recalling the story she had told him about the fierce whipping she gave that boy.

"Well, you can't just be allowed to disrespect my friends and get away with it." Mary Beth explained with authority. There was a long silent pause as the girls looked with anticipation at Mary Beth wondering what she was going to do. Finally she spoke up. "You can either come home with me and face my mom OR pick two punishment slips from the jar. What's it going to be?"

Mary Beth knew that the jar contained two different punishments slips both designed to humiliate the lad I front of the girls.

"Oh I'll pick two slips." Billy finally said with a sigh.

Mary Beth held out the jar and waited. Upon selecting a slip Mary Beth ordered him to read it aloud.

"You are to receive 10 whacks..." Billy paused to swallow hard to keep his voice from cracking before continuing, "on the bare behind from everyone present."

As he looked about he began to calculate the enormity of his punishment. There present were his sister, Mary Beth, Carrie, Carl, Chester, and the three girls he still didn't know! That would be EIGHTY whacks! Not to mention the humiliation of enduring all this at the hands of strange girls!

"I get to go FIRST," Carrie spoke up excitedly. "After all I was the one he insulted in the first place."

"That's fair," Mary Beth said calmly. "We'll take turns after that."

Carrie pulled over a lawn chair and sat down. "Come over here Billy," she said teasingly. "It's time for your spanking you naughty boy." The crowd all chuckled as they waited for Billy to make a move. For a few moments he just stood there but then decided to go through with it. He slowly approached Carrie and then stopped right in front of her. He stood there growing more embarrassed by the moment as he observed her staring at his penis. Finally she tugged his arm gently, guiding him onto her lap.

The first slap was almost instantaneous and caught Billy off guard. She then playfully and ever so softly rubbed his butt ostensibly looking for a place for the next blow! SMACK came the second slap followed by more playful rubbing.

Carrie knew what she was doing and she knew her plan was working because she could feel Billy's wiener growing against her bare leg. SMACK came the third followed by even more playfully rubbing of the poor lad's backside.

Billy was ashamed! He knew what was happening and trying as he might to prevent it his pecker kept rising. His only hope was that she wouldn't say anything and that it would go soft before he had to get up and face the crowd. After 7 more protracted slaps he was told to stand up.

"OH MY GAWD," some girl shouted. "He's got a boner!" Billy's face turned red and he looked toward the ground. "He actually LIKES getting a spanking!"

"Maybe he just likes the feel of Carrie's lap!" another girl kidded causing Carrie to blush.

"MY TURN!" Billy's sister Katie yelled enthusiastically. The humiliation for Billy couldn't get worse. He was going to have to lay across his own sister's lap with a hard-on!

Katie took Carrie's place on the chair and beckoned her brother toward her with a smile. Without saying a word Billy draped himself over her lap, grateful for the opportunity to hide his erection from the crowd. "Billy Wayne," she cautioned, "You'd better not squirt that crap all over my dress!" Everyone laughed hysterically at her admonishment. Even though she was really excited about spanking her brother, Katie wasn't about to take any chances. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!" she called out in rapid succession as she paddled his bare ass. "I've always wanted to do that!" she said with great satisfaction as she practically pushed her brother off her lap.

"He's still got it!" another girl laughed pointing at his still erect member.

The three new girls each took their turns and did their best to humiliate the boy by teasing him about feeling his pecker jump with each blow. Though his butt was now quite sore Billy did his best not to react and give even a hint that it was bothering him. To cry in front of all these girls would be a fate worse than death!

Mary Beth decided that it was her turn next and didn't waste any time. She forcefully yanked Billy over her lap like a piece of dead meat. Billy suddenly jumped as he realized he was lying on top of Mary Beth's left hand which began to secretly cup his pecker. Unbeknownst to the crowd as each blow found its mark on Billy's backside she simultaneously tightened her grip and yanked on his penis. "OUCH!" Billy yelled after the first blow. Everyone laughed as they thought it was because of Mary's hard slap.

By the ninth slap Billy's penis was as sore as it could get and he was close to tears. "TEN!" She announced with a wicked smile. You did better than I thought you would." She added as he stood up to face her. She paused long enough to look at her handiwork. The tip of his still erect penis was now almost a reddish-purple from her forceful yanking. She smiled a knowing smile and looked Billy in the eyes. His humiliation was obvious and she was totally enjoying every minute of it.

"Carl I believe you're next," Mary Beth announced.

"Oh no, there's no way BONER boy is laying across my lap!" The girls roared with laughter. "I'm not forfeiting my turn though," he said as he grabbed Billy by the arm and led him to the post supporting the basketball net. "You can stand for this one." He said as he gently pushed Billy over a bit against the post forcing his butt to protrude outwards towards the crowd. Everyone moved off to the side to get a better look!

Carl was strong, much stronger than the girls before him. His first blow caused Billy to jump as he winced in pain. His ass was already sore and quite red from all the slaps he'd received thus far. Carl's man-sized slap was like lighting his but on fire with lighter fluid!

The girls stood mesmerized by the bouncing penis as each blow found its mark as Billy tried to pull away. By the time Carl had delivered his ten slaps Billy had tears running down his cheeks and his penis was soft once again.

Chester quickly got up before Billy could change his position and proceeded to pick up where his friend left off. By the fifth slap Billy was openly crying. By ten, even a couple of the new girls where beginning to feel sorry for him. For Billy the worst part was crying. Boys don't cry, he told himself! But he couldn't help it.

They stood there silently for several minutes as Billy composed himself. Then in an effort to make up for his lack of manliness he confidently turned around and faced the group. "I believe I have one more slip to draw." He announced with poise.

"That's right," Mary Beth said sweetly trying to preserve the festive atmosphere. "Here you go," Billy reached in and drew a slip and handed it to Mary Beth, hoping it was just some chore he had to do like the many times before.

"Oh no, you read it to everyone." She was hoping with all her might he didn't pick the same slip of paper again as she had evenly divided the papers into the two separate punishments. She wasn't sure what she would do if he read the exact same words a second time. That was the weakness of her hastily concocted plan. She thought the odds were with her enough to take the chance. And they were as Billy spoke up, "Choose a person in the room to make up your punishment. Do whatever they tell you."

Billy sighed. Such an opened-ended punishment! As bad as they were, he reasoned, his mother's punishments were at least within the bounds of propriety. But this slip left it up to the imagination of the youngsters present. There was no telling what they would have him do. AND, to add to it all HE had to choose who to pick. Carrie was out as she was too wild. Mary Beth was out too for the same reason. Katie was perhaps a logical choice but she WAS his sister and had seen a lot these last two days and he really didn't want to let his own sister feel uppity by getting to decide his fate either. He was pissed at his so-called friends Carl and Chester. After all, they didn't have to paddle him so hard! They couldn't be trusted either! That narrowed the choice to one of the new girls – strangers. There was no telling what they might have in mind. What to do. Who to choose!

"I choose her," Billy said pointing to the youngest-looking red head.

"Can I really make him do ANYTHING?!" she asked excitedly.

Mary Beth smiled and said "Of course, as long as you don't kill him or anything."

"Oooooooooo" she squeaked. "I want to see him squirt! I've never seen a boy do that before!"

Billy's mouth dropped wide open. "OH COME ON!" he protested. "That's not a punishment! That's just sick!"

"You heard the girl. Either follow-through with her request or I'll take you home now. What'll it be?"

Everyone got very quiet and waited to see what he would do. "Fine!" Billy said reluctantly and took hold of his penis. Carl and Chester roared with laughter.

"He's playing with himself! They pervert's actually jerking off!" Chester yelled mockingly.

"Oh as if YOU never do that," Carrie chided.

Chester's face grew beat red and he moved sheepishly to the back of the crowd. It was clear that Carrie and Chester didn't really get along that well and she had scored a hit to his pride. It was the worst of insults and she knew it. No boy would ever want people to think that he played with his own cock!

Billy had a hard time getting himself erect. It was embarrassing to repeated pull on a small soft penis without results.

"Maybe you'd better help him Carrie," Chester teased bravely from his hiding place in the back.

Carrie shot him an evil, icy stare. "Maybe we should make YOU help him as you OBVIOUSLY know how to do this. You're an EXPERT on jerking off, right?"

The girls laughed as once again Carrie had put him in his place. Chester began to really get nervous as everyone kept looking at him. He began to wonder if they would really make him take hold of Billy's wiener and jack him off!

"There! It's getting bigger now," the red-headed girl said as she spotted Billy's semi-erection emerging from his palm right in front of her. Thank heavens for Billy's timing, Chester thought to himself.

Before long Billy was erect and stroking hard just to get this over with!

"What are you thinking abut, Billy, "Carrie teased as she had done once before.

Billy ignored her and concentrated on the task at hand. He could feel the pressure mounting but as he began to think that he might not cum the pressure would subside causing him even more stress. The harder he stroked the less he felt he was closer to actually achieving an orgasm.

The crowd began to get impatient.

"What's the matter, dude," Chester teased from the back, "Forget how?"

Carrie was growing tired of Chester and his comments. She too wanted to see Billy spurt again and she was beginning to think he wouldn't be able to do it. After a few more minutes with no obvious happy ending it sight, she carefully made her way to the front of the group. Then, without warning she called out sweetly, "Billy..."

When he looked up at her he saw that she was holding her skirt up to her waist revealing her panties to him alone.

That was all the incentive he needed! Pressure began building to a crescendo and BAM! The first squirt shot across the yard followed quickly by a second then a third.

"Oooooooo" the red-headed girl said excitedly. She was ever so thrilled.

"WHAT in the HELL is going on here?!" came an angry voice from behind the group. They all immediately turned around to discover Carrie's mother watching Billy shoot the last two streams of his stuff across the grass!

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