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Found on the Web: Reports of Forced Nudity, The Sequel
by Childe Harold
More material from active discussions and debates online on the topic of forced nudity, mostly in regards to nude swimming in schools, nude swimming at the YMCA, nude physical examinations for school (or military), and a few other select contexts.
Chapter 1 May 26, 2019
Chapter 2 June 23, 2019
Chapter 3 August 4, 2019

My Life
by WW
The following story is about the embarrassing life of Hayden Elliot and his adventures as a twelve-year-old boy. Along with his family who all live in Edinburgh Scotland. His 2 Sisters Harley and Lisa, along with his mother Jessica.
Chapters 1 and 2 November 25, 2018
Chapters 3 and 4 December 19, 2018
Chapters 5 and 6 June 23, 2019
Chapter 7 August 4, 2019

Mom Knows Best
by Soromp
A 7-year-old girl is taken to a medical exam.
Chapter 1 August 4, 2019

The Temple of Venus
by Peaceful Bard
In a near future dystopia slavery is legal. A desperate mother sells her beautiful young daughter Lillian to a slave school for prostitutes. Lillian is appraised, bought, and taken to the school completely naked. She is introduced to her new “buddy”, and the two bond in a unique way.
Chapter 1 April 28, 2019
Chapters 2 and 3 June 23, 2019

A Childhood Memory
by Oldpurple
A 9-year-old boy plays with some girls.
Chapter 1 June 23, 2019

SSC: Back Tomorrow
by dodo77
A young boy and his female teen babysitter. A SSC entry.
Chapter 1 June 23, 2019

Strip of a Lifetime
by WW and Elixir Soup
It was a multi-night summer school trip that Hayden signed up for. What could go wrong? Except his sisters are coming with, his mom is a chaperone, the supervising teacher has a sexist and draconian idea of discipline, the bus has no AC, he's the only boy who opted in for the trip, and he seems to be short on clothes... At least one girl seems to be on his side.
Chapter 1 May 26, 2019

Seventh Grade
by Childe Harold
A boy has to take a nude swim class from female instructors as he passes through junior high and high school.
Chapter 1 May 26, 2019

by Backfish
Two young boys start streaming for fun and pocket money. The viewers in chat quickly begin to take advantage of them, pushing the content into more and more humiliating territories.
Chapters 1 and 2 May 26, 2019

Found on the Web: Reports of Forced Nudity
by Editor_N
Material from active discussions and debates online on the topic of forced nudity, mostly in regards to nude swimming in schools, nude swimming at the YMCA, nude physical examinations for school (or military), and a few other select contexts.
Chapters 1 and 2 December 19, 2018
Chapters 3 to 5 January 18, 2019
Chapters 6 to 8 February 17, 2019
Chapters 9 to 11 March 24, 2019
Chapters 12 to 13 April 28, 2019

Little Sisters' Discipline
by Stainen
Adam, a very small 17 year old boy is being stripped an diciplined by his 14 year old adopted little sister Sofie, who is a very cocky girl and big for her age. Their parents aren't sure how to handle the situation and Sofie is making a good jobb convincing them Adam might get what he deserves.
Chapter 1 March 20, 2018
Chapter 2 April 25, 2018
Chapter 3 August 1, 2018
Chapter 4 October 28, 2018
Chapter 5 April 28, 2019

Real Examples of Boys
by Mr. M
Reading stories is amazing and all... but nothing beats seeing it for yourself. These are short reports of things that I was lucky to witness... This will be a series of short stories where I tell real examples of boys in embarrassing situations that I was lucky enough to witness. I have noticed that boy’s nudity is quite common in my area. I will not exaggerate any aspect in these stories, so I apologise if you find them boring, but the idea that real little boys experience these should interest some.
Chapters 1 and 2 March 24, 2019

But What If...
by His story, buff
This is a story in the genre 'What might have been, if only...' The first part of the tale, including background information, is totally true and leads up to one summer afternoon in 1955 when I was nine-going-on-ten years old. I was to be initiated into a club formed by my older brother and his buddies.
But What If... September 2, 2018
But What If... Older and Bolder September 2, 2018
Joining a Teen Boy's Club Early September 2, 2018
Chapter 4 September 30, 2018
Chapter 5 September 30, 2018
Chapter 6 October 28, 2018
Chapter 7 March 24, 2019

Unfair To Girls - Emily's Letter
by Sofia
A girl taking Pericil G sends a letter to a magazine telling how she had to go through an embarrassing physical exam at her school. Things not always are as they look, and after her letter, the magazine also publishes one reply from a reader. A Puericil-G story!
Letter 1 February 17, 2019
Follow-up by NAMB March 24, 2019

Shower Buddy
by Mr. M
Statistics show that middle school boys don’t wash themselves properly after sports class. How do the schools solve this problem?... By letting the girls wash them.
Chapter 1 February 17, 2019

Sun, Sand and Naked Boys
by Mr. M
Trips to the beach are a lot of fun… That’s what 13-year-old Josh used to think, thanks to his female cousins that all changed. The beach isn’t as fun when your willy is out!
Chapter 1 January 18, 2019

Haunted House
by Sofia
On a dare, a girl walks into a haunted house.
Chapter 1 January 18, 2019

Time For a Bath
by English Boy
Being bathed as children is a common thing, but Steve was bathed until he was nearly 15 years old by his parents and others. He thought this was quite normal and it never really bothered him apart from some quite embarrassing moments.
Chapter 1 November 25, 2018
Chapter 2 January 18, 2019

When a Boy Loves a Depraved Valkyrie
by Harriet Marwood
A young boy must surrender his boypussy to earn the affection of his babysitter.
Chapter 1 January 18, 2019

Nurse Jones at St Barnaby’s School for Boys
by English Boy
Nurse Jones, a single mother of a ten year old girl, was appointed Matron and Nurse at a private school for boys in England. The boys are naturally shy on some of their visits to see the nurse, especially when Sammy, her daughter offers to help.
Chapter 1 December 19, 2018

Stripped by Girls
by Jeepman89
A group of 13-year-old girls asks an older boy to strip for them.
Chapters 1 and 2 December 17, 2017
Chapter 3 February 18, 2018
Chapter 4 July 8, 2018
Chapter 5 November 25, 2018

by BIC
Victoria Hyde is a shy 14-year-old girl who wants to impress older kids in her new high school.  She's told she's been given the honor of representing the school in an annual Halloween tradition. Dressed in special costumes, she will go trick or treating. But, in fact, she gets tricked and ends up streaking.
Chapter 1 October 28, 2018

Let Me Go
by Ben Jackson
This is the story of Peter and his peeter. It was supposed to be one week without his parents, without rules, without being told what to do, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine spending it without clothes. This accidental nudist is in for quite the week when he gets a surprise visit from his older sister which changes the power dynamic and rest of the week completely.
Chapter 1 October 28, 2018

Bully For Me
by His story, buff
A boy watches some bullies stripping younger boys, and he daydreams about the same happening to him.
Chapters 1 to 4 September 30, 2018

The Locker Room Physicals

by Mikey
Due to excessive absences from school aged teenagers. Supposedly an out brake of influenza, and other illnesses. The County Health Department, decided that it was time for them to step in.
Chapter 1 June 10, 2018
Chapter 2 July 8, 2018

Stripped by Girls
by Jeepman89
A group of 13-year-old girls asks an older boy to strip for them.
Chapters 1 and 2 December 17, 2017
Chapter 3 February 18, 2018
Chapter 4 July 8, 2018

Unfair To Girls - Laia's Letter
by Sofia
A letter to the advice column "Unfair To Girls!" in the monthly magazine Teen Miss published for girls six to twenty. The letters are usually from girls who protest and complain about things they don't like generally about lack of privacy and that (frequently younger) boys are in charge. A Puericil-G story!
Letter 1 February 18, 2018
Letter 1 Response (by Red Rover) March 20, 2018
Letter 2 March 20, 2018
Letter 2 Response (by Red Rover) April 25, 2018
Letter 3 (plus response by Red Rover) April 25, 2018
Letter 4 (plus response by Red Rover) June 10, 2018
Letter 5 (plus response by Red Rover) July 8, 2018

Harry's Embarrassing Punishment
by Paulton
15 year old harry is forced to strip for the enjoyment of group of  ‘YOUNG GIRLS AND WOMEN’ including his family as he lost a humiliating bet with his sister
Chapter 1 June 10, 2018

Liam's Worst Day
by Richard Harling
It was time for Liam to face his punishment. For his mother, it was a perfect opportunity to make her son learn a valuable lesson based on pure humiliation.
Chapter 1 April 25, 2018

Mother Keeps the Keys
by JQHeart
A 12-year-old boy's mother decides she needs to take control of his masturbation. To do this, she puts a chastity cage on him and explains that he'll still get to have his orgasms, but only as often as she says.
Chapter 1 December 17, 2017
Chapter 2 January 14, 2018
Chapter 3 February 18, 2018
Chapter 4 March 20, 2018
Chapter 5 April 25, 2018

Everyone's Got Something To Say
by Ben Jackson
Everything changes for Ben one Thanksgiving - not just in how he’s viewed, but how much is viewed of him. The combination of manipulative younger siblings and humiliation-happy parents leads to a new normal for 15 year old Ben. The question is, will Ben be able to turn back the clock or will he learn to love his new life?
Chapters 1 and 2 April 25, 2018

Dana's Pool Embarrassment
by Shad Enfreude
It is summer and Dana wants to show off her beach bod, unfortunately the family beach trip is cancelled. Dana having bought a new bikini goes to the public pool and realises why bikinis are for beaches.
Chapter 1 April 25, 2018

Unfair To Girls - Nina's Letter
by Shad Enfreude
A letter to the advice column "Unfair To Girls!" in the monthly magazine Teen Miss published for girls six to twenty. The letters are usually from girls who protest and complain about things they don't like generally about lack of privacy and that (frequently younger) boys are in charge. A Puericil-G story!
Letter 1 (reply by Red Rover) April 25, 2018

The Paperboy
by Daniel Pereira
14 year old Brandon delivers newspapers in his neighborhood. On a hot summer day, a couple invite him in for a drink. Brandon soon learns that some people don't believe modesty is necessary for boys.
Chapter 1 April 25, 2018

Undeserved Rewards - Our Scheming Backfires
by CrackCorn
13-year-old girl cousins make devious plans to catch older brothers naked.
Chapters 1 April 25, 2018

Millie's Punishment
by Richard Harling
Millie was usually a very well behaved girl, but damaging the principals’ car landed her in hot water. A humiliating ordeal awaits the tormented preteen.
Chapter 1 March 20, 2018

Matthew Gets Punished
by Richard Harling
A new approach to behaviour management is being trialled, and Marcia has the honour of trying the new approach on a thirteen year old boy. For the boy, a tormenting ordeal is on the cards.
Chapter 1 March 20, 2018

Daniel's School Physical
by Daniel Pereira
16 year old Daniel gets an unexpected physical at school.
Chapter 1 March 20, 2018

by Han Jobz
A 13 year old boy is surprised by his parents with a new babysitter, who happens to be a really pretty 18 year old girl. She proceeds to force him to let her give him a bath and makes him stay naked.
Chapter 1 March 20, 2018

It's Not Fair - Peter's Letter
by Mike Ploog
A letter to the It's Not Fair column, from 18-year-old Peter.
Letter November 19, 2017
Letter 2 March 20, 2018

The Embarrassment Spell
by Quozax
A young girl gets revenge from her older brother through magical means.
Chapter 1 February 18, 2018

Pajama Day
by Danny Boy
It's Spirit Week at a school where some students attend Pajama Day in their underwear. The main character is 16, it mostly contains male masturbation but also sex with the main characters friend and little brother.
Chapter 1 February 18, 2018

What A Season
by CrackCorn
10-year-old Buddy has a good life to which a babysitter brings lovely improvements. Later things get even better.
Chapters 1 January 14, 2018

On Midnight's Wings
by Patrik Razmuzzen
Sequel to The Other Side of Midnight.
On Midnight's Wings 1 July 21, 2016
On Midnight's Wings 2 October 17, 2016
On Midnight's Wings 3 January 22, 2017
On Midnight's Wings 4 April 6, 2017
On Midnight's Wings 5 June 25, 2017
On Midnight's Wings 6 January 14, 2018

by MB
Kenny's elder sister and her friends have never seen a boy's penis, and they are determined to correct that deficiency.
Chapter 1 December 17, 2017

Stripped for Florida - How Rachel Met Jayden
by Morgan Jamissan
A story set in Willie B's Stripped for Florida universe.
Chapters 1 to 11 December 17, 2017

Amber Ashley and the Virtual Reality Etch-A-Sketch
by Jazman
Much to Amber’s delight and her step brother’s chagrin, the Updated Virtual Reality Etch-A-Sketch is far more reality than virtual.
Chapter 1 September 10, 2017
Chapter 2 October 22, 2017

It's Not Fair - Tiffany's Letter
by Wanderer159 (with Red Rover)
A letter to the It's Not Fair column, from 12-year-old Tiffany. A Puericil-G story!
Letter October 22, 2017

Babysitting Little Dylan
by Pilot
6-year-old Dylan has been treated like a little kid all his life by his mother, and has generally accepted his life as a little boy. But when Dylan finds out his new babysitter will be an 11-year-old girl, will he rebel and give her a hard time? Or will he obey, and be the good little boy he is meant to be?
Chapter 1 September 10, 2017

Beach Embarrassment
by Anonymous
One day during the summer between 4th and 5th grade my neighbor's mom, Mrs. Klein, took the day off from work so she could take me and her kids to the beach. It was the start of a very embarrassing experience.
Chapter 1 September 10, 2017

Single Mom Paradise
by Kitty
A struggling 29 year old single mom finally gets her big break after enrolling in a special program to raise boys. An offer beyond her wildest imagination: a dream job located in a tropical paradise - an exclusive island resort that caters to women desires. Not so much to their sons'. An eight year old Jimmy is about to find out he was brought to the exotic island for his mom's, her friends', and complete strangers' amusement: to satisfy their unconventional motherly and sisterly love.
Chapter 1 April 6, 2017 (very long chapter)

A Female-Dominated Household
by David P
A woman with two daughters - ages 10 and 13 - and a 15-year-old son tells about her family and her home, and who is in charge there.
Chapter 1 April 6, 2017

Doctor Cameron's Casebook
by Gymnopedies
A teenage boy feigns illness to avoid school and ends up being given a very thorough and embarrassing examination by the doctor while his mother watches.
Doctor Cameron's Casebook: Austin March 16, 2017

Old-Fashioned Family
by Sofia
A teen girl, living in a male chauvinist environment along with her family, her father, older brother and two younger twins, they all live in a small village, where spankings are common, but while her friends stopped getting them since they grew old, she is still getting them. It's a serie, but probably without any end, It'll have some jumps back and forth in time, could be read just as a standalone group of histories, but the main characters will be the same along all the chapters.
Chapters 1 and 2 January 22, 2017
Chapters 3 and 4 February 12, 2017
Chapters 5, 6 and Final March 16, 2017

The Deal
by Sofia
After a car accident, a girl is forced to accept a deal that will change her way of life. For a whole year, she will be at the orders of the boy she ran over. The whole story takes place in a fictional nation, with different systems and laws to any known.
Chapters 1 and 2 January 22, 2017
Chapters 3 and 4 February 12, 2017

Short Stories
by Dante
Short stories about kids who like being naked but sometimes it also makes them embarrassed.
Batch 1 February 12, 2017

Martin Johnson
by Willy Wanka
When their mother goes to work to Europe, Martin and his sister move in with their Aunt Margret and her family.
Martin Johnson 1 February 15, 2012
Martin Johnson 2 March 2, 2012
Martin Johnson 3 April 12, 2016
Martin Johnson 4 January 22, 2017
Martin Johnson 5 January 22, 2017

Sprayed by Skunks
by Mberger
A group of boys on a family outing get sprayed by skunks.
Chapter 1 December 20, 2016

What a Week
by Inhibitionless
Three highschool friends on the verge of self-discovery are at the center of a series of events and misadventures which result in prolonged exposure and humiliation. They are eventually joined in their naked predicaments by friends and enemies who happen to encounter them along the way.
Chapters 1 & 2 November 19, 2014
Chapters 3 & 4 December 21, 2014
Chapters 5 January 12, 2015
Chapters 6 February 8, 2015
Chapters 7 February 8, 2015
Chapters 8 February 8, 2015
Chapters 9 to 13 March 1, 2015
Chapters 14 to 18 March 25, 2015
Chapters 19 to 22 April 22, 2015
Chapters 23 to 27 May 17, 2015
Chapters 28 to 34 April 12, 2016
Chapters 35 to 40 May 8, 2016
Chapters 41 to 49 May 29, 2016
Chapters 50 to 55 November 27, 2016
Chapters 56 to 64 December 20, 2016

Misty Jones
by Mikey
Misty Jones an out of control 16 year olds. Mother decides her daughter needs to be took down a notch. She is striped down and humiliated in front of the whole school. And also put on display in front of the entire town.
Girlfriend's Arrest August 4, 2013
Girlfriend's Arrest 2 October 21, 2013
The Halloween Costume November 10, 2013
Caught and Punished December 20, 2016

Forced At School

by Steve DeSomer
A 12 years old boy is stripped at school at his mother's behest.
Chapter 1 October 17, 2016

by Fred
A 17 year old boy is kept naked by his Mommy and little sisters.
Chapter 1: Billy's Play Date June 19, 2016
Chapter 2: Billy’s Arousal Day July 21, 2016
Chapter 3: Billy’s Trip to the Mall July 21, 2016
Chapter 4: Billy Goes to a Birthday Party August 21, 2016
Chapter 5: Billy Gets a Babysitter September 18, 2016

A Letter from a Doctor
by Tubwheat
When a pediatrician finds out one of her patients is worried about his upcoming physical, she writes him a letter to try to calm his fears.
Chapter 1 September 18, 2016

The Other Side of Midnight
by Patrik Razmuzzen
Derek's new friend is behaving strangely - but why?
The Other Side of Midnight 1 November 10, 2013
The Other Side of Midnight 2 January 5, 2014
The Other Side of Midnight - Mark's Diary January 5, 2014
The Other Side of Midnight 3 January 27, 2014
The Other Side of Midnight 4 February 23, 2014
The Other Side of Midnight 5 April 27, 2014
The Other Side of Midnight - Mark's Diary 2 April 27, 2014
The Other Side of Midnight 6 June 8, 2014
The Other Side of Midnight 7 August 29, 2014
The Other Side of Midnight - Mark's Diary 3 April 22, 2015
The Other Side of Midnight 8 April 22, 2015
The Other Side of Midnight Final Chapter August 30, 2015

Hiking Trip
A hiking trip became a little embarrassing as I had to be naked in front younger girls and a girl I had a crush on.
Chapter 1 July 21, 2016

Lucy's New Son
Mad Hatter
A woman is convinced by her friend to adopt a little boy, all for the purpose of doing housework and offering some eye candy.
Chapter 1 June 19, 2016

Getting Mikey on Track
by Chris
Lizzie is a regular 13-year-old girl that lives across the street from her old friend Mikey Bingaman. When circumstances force her to have to spend the summer with Mikey and his mom, she is shocked to discover that discipline in the Bingaman household can be quite severe, and one that she finds especially fascinating.
Chapter 1 June 19, 2016

Modern Health Care?
A young, injured, male baseball player receives special treatment from his stepmother, neighbor, and classmates and a female Doctor in the local emergency room.
Chapter 1 June 19, 2016

School Carnival
by Kate
A boy is volunteered by his mom to be the jester for the school carnival.
Chapter 1 June 19, 2016

Jessica’s Birthday Cake
by Mad Hatter
A boy helps his mother bake a cake.
Jessica’s Birthday Cake May 8, 2016

Exposed to Modesty, Masturbation and Small Penis‏
by Portila
In a modest household, where 10 year-old Maran has begun to have his privacy, his younger sister spots his erection and consults their Mother on this new strange phenomenon that leads to more shameful incidents.
Exposed to Modesty May 8, 2016

by Nicholas
Matt takes a naked picture of his girlfriend without her permission, and is punished for it.
Chapter 1 January 10, 2016
Chapter 2 February 11, 2016
Chapter 3 March 14, 2016

My parents are nudists, but I'm just naked
by Ragnrok
A 13 year old girl is stripped and spanked at the beach by her dad, and in later chapters of the story her parents will demand that she maintains a nudist lifestyle whenever it wouldn't be inappropriate or illegal, which leads to a lot of bad situations for her.
Chapter 1 December 18, 2015
Chapter 2 January 10, 2016

Volunteering at Dilworth Private School for Girls
by Burning Tiger
In a feminist dominated Australia, 15 year old Daniel is blackmailed into participating in an advanced, interactive health class for junior girls at a private school - a new educational program developed by the government.
Chapter 1 July 26, 2015
Chapter 2 December 18, 2015

It's Not Fair!
by Crimson Kid
A letter from a boy complaining about double standards in the It's Not Fair series. Set in the Puericil Universe.
It's Not Fair! February 8, 2015
It's Not Fair! 2 March 1, 2015
It's Not Fair! 3 April 22, 2015
It's Not Fair! 4 September 20, 2015
It's Not Fair! 5 December 18, 2015

CPCCP In America
by Implausible Situation
CPCCP has forever changed the experience of growing up in America. The program's strict guidelines ensure zero teen pregnancy, with harsh punishments for anyone who disregards authority.
Chapter 0 FDX Morning News July 26, 2015
Chapter 1 Experiences with CPCCP September 20, 2015
Chapter 2 Entering Chastity September 20, 2015
Chapter 3 October 15, 2015

My Shorts
by Travis
A boy at a pool party finds his shorts are too large.
Chapter 1 September 20, 2015

by Tedy
A mischievous boy is forced to enroll in the scouts.
Chapter 1 August 30, 2015

Modern Family - Production Value
by Implausible Situation
A Modern Family fan script...
Chapter 1 August 30, 2015

It Sure Is Fun!
by Crimson Kid
This is a letter from one preteen girl to another about her older male cousin being spanked nude with her watching, then a response by a psychologist. Set in the Puericil Universe.
It Sure Is Fun! June 2, 2013
It Sure Is Fun! 2 February 8, 2015
It Sure Is Fun! 3 May 17, 2015
It Sure Is Fun! 4 July 5, 2015

The Shaming of David
by WritingCouple
David is a 15-year-old boy who starts getting out of control after his father leaves with another woman. Set in the Puericil Universe.
Chapter 1 March 1, 2015
Chapter 2 March 25, 2015
Chapter 3 April 22, 2015

The Commercial
by Kbmontrose
Cody enjoys acting in commercials and small parts in movie and tv shows. He hopes to get better and bigger parts some day. However, he ends up in certain productions that require just the right look. To get that perfect look, those in charge will subject poor Cody to some embarrassing moments.
The Commercial February 8, 2015

The Naked at Home Programme
by Y Lee Coyote & Steam Train 
Based on Mogg's stories (see links inside).
The Naked at Home Programme 1 November 19, 2014
The Naked at Home Programme 2 November 19, 2014
The Naked at Home Programme 3 November 19, 2014

Beach Blues
by Dashface
During a visit to the beach, a boy soon learns just how embarrassing things can be in the name of "helpfulness" and modesty.
Chapter 1 October 21, 2014

The Farm: My Cock Milked For A Week
by Truckernaut
In the future, a shy 16-year-old boy gets in trouble with the law.
The Farm August 29, 2014

The Girl Guides
by Adrian
True story - a young scout discovers the inadvisibilty of upsetting girl guides.
The Girl Guides August 29, 2014

Swimming Lesson
by Mike
A 14-year-old boy loses his trunks and is made to take his swimming lesson naked.
Chapter 1 August 29, 2014

Farm Life in the Summer
by Cyclone
When Daniel's parents send their ten year old son to stay at his uncles farm for awhile, he learns how embarrassing a farm can be over the summer.
Chapter 1 April 27, 2014
Chapter 2 June 30, 2014

Demoted (continuation)
by Kona-chan
Continuation of the story Demoted, by Steam Train. Written with permission from the original author.
Chapter 2 May 18, 2014

Male ADP (Alternate Discipline Program)
by Brad
The main tenant of ADP was that teenagers stop responding to normal punishments as they get older, and that they only reacted to threats of a much more dire punishment. That punishment was the loss of the privilege of wearing clothes in public.
Chapter 1 April 27, 2014

Masturbation Therapy
by Rat Tails
Pastor John Skelly and his wife Rachel preached the evils of masturbation to their flock on a regular basis.
Masturbation Therapy April 27, 2014

Welcome to the Neighborhood
by Cyclone
When two twins and their younger brother move into a new neighborhood to accommodate their parents new jobs, they soon learn that there are certain rules they have to follow. The rules are humiliating, the punishments are worse, and they soon learn that their modesty was a thing of the past.
Chapters 1 to 3 March 16, 2014

An It's Not Fair Letter
by Latebloomer
A letter to the It's Not Fair! column in the magazine Boy Stuff.
An It's Not Fair Letter January 5, 2014

Becoming Buster
by Barelysubmissions
After a boy's dog dies, a friend of his offers to be its substitute.
Chapters 1 and 2 September 16, 2011
Chapter 3 November 15, 2013

The Baby-Sitting Job
by Latebloomer
An eleven year old girl and some of her friends learn that baby-sitting an older Puericil boy is fun, and a seventeen year old boy learns it's not a boy's age that's important but his perceived maturity.
The Baby-Sitting Job 1 October 21, 2013
The Baby-Sitting Job 2 November 10, 2013

Oregon Boy
by JK Churchill
First a boy cousin is exposed and humiliated as a sex education lesson in front of his aunt and neighbors, then the girls learn the facts of life and female orgasm. The aunt develops a thing for the boy and, as the story goes on, word gets out and more boys and girls come around to the little red house in rural Oregon.
Oregon Boy August 28, 2013
Oregon Boy 2  October 1, 2013

by Big Paul
Fourteen-year-old Steven Blacks is "volunteered" without his knowledge to test a drug designed to control teenage boys and keep them under female authority.
Steve July 21, 2013

The Skiing Trip
by Edwap

14 year old Phil is enjoying his first skiing trip with school. He is sharing a hotel room with his 12 year old friend Liam. What could possibly go wrong? Phil soon finds that a design defect in the hotel room as well as a 12 year old intent on revenge conspire to make his trip memorable...for all the WRONG reasons!
The Skiing Trip 1 April 28, 2013
The Skiing Trip 2, 3, 4 and 5 May 12, 2013
The Skiing Trip 6, 7 and 8 June 2, 2013
The Skiing Trip 9, 10 and 11 June 16, 2013

The Fraternities And Sororities Of Wildwood High
by Rat Tails
Hazing experiences are narrated of the fraternities and sororities of a small southern town and in the athletic program of its Wildwood High School.
The Fraternities And Sororities Of Wildwood High February 24, 2013
The Cheerleaders Of Wildwood High April 28, 2013

Jeff - All Eyes On Me
by Chess1972
A week in the life of a 13 year old boy who is manipulated out of his clothes by a family group of females and their friends and guests for their education and entertainment.
Jeff - All Eyes On Me 1 February 24, 2013
Jeff - All Eyes On Me 2 February 24, 2013
Jeff - All Eyes On Me 3 February 24, 2013
Jeff - All Eyes On Me 4 March 17, 2013
Jeff - All Eyes On Me 5 March 17, 2013
Jeff - All Eyes On Me 6 April 7, 2013
Jeff - All Eyes On Me 7 April 7, 2013

Afternoon Tea With Lady Birchfield
by Rat Tails
Lady Birchfield's four o’clock teas are an important social occasion. She maintains a stable of boys that would be the source of entertainment for the ladies, first communal and then private, following tea.
Afternoon Tea With Lady Birchfield March 17, 2013

Stacy the Iron-Claw
by Clark Savage

A couple of boys are taking advantage of their superior strength when fighting the girls in their karate class, and teasing them about it. Soon they'll find out that there's always someone stronger...
Stacy the Iron-Claw September 30, 2012

Phil Brown's School Days
by Edwap

When Phil and his family move from London to a small, rural community in South Wales, he finds that his life is going to be very different.  Phil’s intelligence and ‘towny’ ways rub the local boys up the wrong way.  Humiliation and pain become a staple diet for this young teen.
Phil Brown's School Days 01 to 04 August 19, 2012
Phil Brown's School Days 05 to 08 August 19, 2012

Bare Cadets
by Ember Day
A group of schoolboy Air Cadets with a history of excluding girls (including their corporal's little sister) faces inspection by a female NCO.
Bare Cadets July 28, 2012

Nudity Loves Company
by Roy
Jack, at 9, was what you might call a rough and tumble example of boyhood. He was inordinately hard on clothes with frequent rip and tears from falls or sharp limbs. His parents had both spoken to him about it, but their words didn’t seem to have the desired effect.
Nudity Loves Company July 7, 2012

The Sisters' Plot
by JC6
An annoying twelve-year-old boy is unaware that his elder sisters have a plan to turn him into a bedwetter.
The Sisters' Plot 1 February 1, 2012
The Sisters' Plot 2 February 15, 2012
The Sisters' Plot 3 February 15, 2012
The Sisters' Plot 4 March 2, 2012
The Sisters' Plot 5 March 20, 2012
The Sisters' Plot 6 April 10, 2012
The Sisters' Plot 7 May 18, 2012

by Tedy
Quintin forgets to do his math homework and then beggs his teacher to spank him rather than give him detention.
Quintin Part 1 May 18, 2012

Big Sisters Can Be Such A Bitch
by Anna Partridge
Sam is caught spying on his big sisters' slumber party. The revenge is harsh.
Big Sisters Can Be Such A Bitch February 1, 2012

Sunny Fall Day
by DontBeScared
12 year old Mark Stevenson feels attracted by his older sister's friend, a gothy girls called Erica.
Sunny Fall Day Part 1 September 16, 2011
Sunny Fall Day Part 2 October 2, 2011
Sunny Fall Day Part 3 November 30, 2011
Sunny Fall Day Part 4 January 11, 2012

by Felix & Jennifer
A young boy is very modest around his new stepmother, but she has different ideas...
Step-Mommy December 18, 2011

A Judicial Caning
by Jack Jones
In South Africa, during the sixties, judicial canings for boys and teens was the normal sentence given by the courts there for juvenile offenders.
A Judicial Caning December 18, 2011

Tom and Huck
by Suitcase
Two friends are out of money for the municipal swimming pool so they decide to visit their local swimming hole, where boys usually go to skinny-dip.
Tom and Huck November 30, 2011

Frankly Disappointed
by Frank Lee
Ten-year old Frank Lee is dying to get into his older brother's club but his brother and his friends have other ideas which are designed to embarass and humiliate his younger brother into giving up on the idea of hanging out with the older boys. Based on a true event.
Frankly Disappointed November 9, 2011

Bend Over, Ben Dover
by Ben Dover
Ben Dover is a 12-year-old boy who feels aroused when thinking about female domination and forced nudity. As a little boy, he used to play games with his older sister, but it's been a long time since the last time he did so.
Bend Over, Ben Dover Chapters 1 to 4 October 25, 2011
Bend Over, Ben Dover Chapters 5 to 8 November 9, 2011

by Willy D
Jake secretly likes swimming naked. When his stepmother catches him he has to make up a likely explanation.
Prologue August 29, 2011
Chapter 1 August 29, 2011
Chapter 2 September 16, 2011
Chapter 3 October 2, 2011
Chapter 4 October 2, 2011
Chapter 5 October 25, 2011

A Visit With Auntie Brown
by Barry Roberts
Jane Bronski decides to use petticoat discipline on her 14-year-old son Billy.
A Visit With Auntie Brown October 2, 2011

The Stakka
by J. Stone
The author, an Antropologist, witnesses a secret “rite of passage” involving seven naked youths, their mothers, their pastor, and his wife.  His wish comes true on his thirteenth birthday at the hands of his family, his teachers, and his friends.
The Stakka September 16, 2011

by Tedy
Tom gets a new babysitter, and it's a girl! She also knows some humiliating games.
Tom Part 1 September 16, 2011
Tom Part 2 September 16, 2011

by Tedy
Dustin is a very modest boy. On a pool birthday party, he tries to avoid changing in front of his classmates, since he doesn't want them to find out he was recently spanked by his mom.
Dustin Part 1 September 16, 2011

Jason Here
by J. Stone
A bright kid (thirteen-year-old Jason) tells his friend that he would like to know what it felt like to be spanked (and, therefore, loved).  His wish comes true on his thirteenth birthday at the hands of his family, his teachers, and his friends.
Jason Here August 29, 2011

The Todd House
by Rule of 34
The Todd House is a small school owned and staffed by the Todd family. Parents who send their children to the program are fully aware of the style of humiliation and punishment used to bring about behavioral changes in their children.
The Todd House August 29, 2011

by Tedy
An unpopular boy named Cody goes to one of his classmates' birthday party.
Cody Part 1 August 29, 2011
Cody Part 2 August 29, 2011

Mike's Jeans
by Tedy
Mike Allen has to wear jeans to a school outing, but he doesn't own any.
Mike's Jeans Part 1 June 16, 2011
Mike's Jeans Part 2 July 3, 2011
Mike's Jeans Part 3 July 21, 2011
Mike's Jeans Part 4 August 29, 2011

by Big Paul
To his dismay, thirteen-year-old Ed is sent to spend his holidays with his aunt and female cousins. He is determined not to allow them to repeat the humiliations he suffered the last time he spent his holidays with them, when he was nine.
Ed July 21, 2011 

The Big Change
by Tedy
Unknown to the boys of the third grade, their teacher Miss Bell, their mothers, and the girls of their class and their mothers have been discussing a big change in the way they are treated. The principal and even the mayor of their town are a part of the plan. Life is about to change for these boys!
The Big Change July 21, 2011
by Barelysubmissions
While visiting his grandma, eleven-year-old Matthew Taylor goes skinny dipping and his clothes disappear. Unbeknown to him, a local tomboyish girl has taken them, and she intends to make him pay if he wants them back.
Captured Part 1 June 16, 2011
Captured Part 2 June 16, 2011
Captured Part 3 July 21, 2011

by Big Paul
From his very first day at his new female dominated boarding school, soon to be thirteen year old Anthony is repeatedly subjected to embarrassing, humiliating and sometimes painful ordeals.
Anthony April 15, 2011

Dick Sanders Claims Justice

by Fenixero, with the collaboration of Steam Train
With the aid of his mother, thirteen year old Dick is able to claim well deserved justice against his bullying arrogant fourteen year old brother Justin.  Ajustice that will change the relationship with very embarrassing and humiliating consequences for Justin.
Dick Sanders Claims Justice Chapter 1 December 14, 2010
Dick Sanders Claims Justice Chapter 2 December 14, 2010

Jim and the Farmer's Daughters

by Bob's Your Uncle
When fifteen year old Jim is sent to his aunt's farm for the summer, his three female cousins concoct a plan that guarantees his stay will be extremely embarrassing, humiliating and painful for him and very entertaining for them.
Jim and the Farmer's Daughters Part 1 May 15, 2010
Jim and the Farmer's Daughters Part 2 May 22, 2010
Jim and the Farmer's Daughters Part 3 June 3, 2010
Jim and the Farmer's Daughters Part 4 June 10, 2010
Jim and the Farmer's Daughters Part 5 June 19, 2010
Jim and the Farmer's Daughters Part Epilogue June 25, 2010

Bob Loses Everything

by Bob's Your Uncle
Due to ever escalating problems involving him, twelve year old Bob's mother continually escalates his embarrassing and humiliating consequences to the point that he eventually loses everything that previously protected his modesty and dignity.
Bob Loses Everything Part 1 March 17, 2010
Bob Loses Everything Part 2 March 25, 2010
Bob Loses Everything Part 3 April 2, 2010
Bob Loses Everything Part 4 April 9, 2010
Bob Loses Everything Part 5 April 16, 2010
Bob Loses Everything Part 6 April 23, 2010
Bob Loses Everything Epilogue May 4, 2010

Digital Grandma

by Horizon
For posterity and for the education of those who take care of him, ten year old Brian's up to date grandmother uses modern digital technology to record his embarrassing and painful punishment sessions.
Digital Grandma January 16, 2010

The Ghost Children Story Universe
ThatStings, the author of Spirited Intervention, passed away on November 22, 2009.  His brother relayed in a message, "As for the story, if anyone wants to pick it up, I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded. Authors interested in writing additional chapters of Spirited Intervention or in writing their own story set in the "ghost children" story universe are most welcome to do so. I'm sure ThatStings would be most honored and pleased for both his story and his fictional  universe to be continued.

Spirited Intervention
by ThatStings
With considerable pain, embarrassment, and humiliation 13 year old Brian learns that even forces other than natural are completely fed up with his behavior and that of some other kids. Feeling its time for drastic action, these otherworldly forces send out agents for the sole purpose of punishing these severely misbehaving youngsters.
Spirited Intervention Part I September 3, 2009
Spirited Intervention Part II September 19, 2009
Spirited Intervention Part III October 28, 2009

Due to serious illness, Amy House, the author of the first three chapters, was unable to continue writing The Girl Bully.   She invites and encourages others who are inspired to do so to continue the story for her.
The Girl Bully
Kelly is a fourteen year old girl bully who loves forcing younger kids of both sexes to engage in embarrassing and humiliating acts.
The Girl Bully Chapter 1 by Amy House
The Girl Bully Chapter 2 by Amy House
The Girl Bully Chapter 3 by Amy House
The Girl Bully 4: A Letter to Sarah by Tina21 December 11, 2009

Mrs. Henderson Takes Back Control
by Mister X
Mrs. Henderson has had it with the constant disrespect and misbehavior of her three sons, ages 12, 10 and 8, making life miserable for her and their three older sisters.  After her divorce is final, she decides that its time to take maters in hand by taking control of the root of the problem.  This decision results in painful, embarrassing and humiliating consequences for the boys, to the delight of  the girls.
Mrs. Henderson Takes Back Control Part 1 August 19, 2009
Mrs. Henderson Takes Back Control Part 2 November 21, 2009

Discovery Scouts

by farfromitall
His stepmother enrolls 14 year old James and his 13 year old stepbrother Eric in the "Discovery Scouts" program. It doesn't take long for james to discover that the program is a comprehensive hands on and practical practice sex education course that almost from the beginning publicly places him in embarrassing and humiliating predicaments.
Discovery Scouts Part 1
Discovery Scouts Part 2
Discovery Scouts Part 3

Max's New Life
by Gymno
Thirteen year old Max is adopted by a family whose views and practices are far different than that of his recently deceased parents.  Used to a religious home and school, he has much trouble adapting to some of the rules and expectations of his new family and school. He finds compliance with these rules to be very embarrassing and humiliating.  He also quickly discovers that in addition to being even more embarrassing and humiliating than the everyday requirements, home and school punishments often are very painful affairs.
Max's New Life Part 1
Max's New Life Part 2
Max's New Life Part 3
Max's New Life Part 4
Max's New Life Part 5
Max's New Life Part 6
Max's New Life Part 7
Max's New Life Part 8
Max's New Life Part 9
Max's New Life Part 10
Max's New Life Part 11
Max's New Life Part 12
Max's New Life Part 13
Max's New Life Part 14
Max's New Life Part 15
Max's New Life Part 16
Max's New Life Part 17
Max's New Life Part 18
Max's New Life Part 19
Max's New Life Part 20
Max's New Life Part 21

The Testing
by Paul Graham
Every Thursday, Ryan's stepmother insists that as a precaution he submit to drug testing. For the fourteen year old this was always a humiliating experience invovling urinating in a cup while she watched. Things become even more embarrassing for him, starting with the week that due to her unavailability his stepmother arranges for her good friend Mrs. Hirsh to administer the test..
The Testing Chapter 1

Dartmouth Mansion
by Leo Kestrel
In exchange for a hefty fee, 20 boys ages 14 to 16 agree to serve as part of the staff for Dartmouth Mansion's week of fun. Their duties involve performing services for the guests that are often embarrassing, humiliating and painful.
Dartmouth Mansion Part 1
Dartmouth Mansion Part 2
Dartmouth Mansion Part 3
Dartmouth Mansion Part 4

Party Plan - The Scoutmaster's Model
by Paul Crewe
Based on Nialos Leaning's story Party Plan
More Paul Crewe stories can be found on at the
Cyberspank has expanded to Europe, where, based on research and market studies, some modifications have been made. A boy scout troop buys one of the machines for use on errant members. The unit is kept at the home of the Scoutmaster, to the dismay of his ten and eight-year old sons.
Party Plan - The Scoutmaster's Model Part 1

Second-Hand Trousers
by M/P
Twelve year old Steven has just been given his first pair of long trousers. Which are to be used for best only, not school. A neighbor of his grandmother offers some trousers that her son has outgrown. Steven's stubbornness and refusal to try his new second hand trousers on in front of the neighbor's daughter results in his receiving an embarrassing bare bottom spanking in the presence of the girl.
Second Hand Trousers Part 1
Second Hand Trousers Part 2

by Doctor J
Tommy Snowden is a 12 year old boy with a penchant for mischief. When his parents go away for an extended business trip they send Tommy to stay with his Uncle Jake and family in the hopes that Jake's disciplinary methods will improve their son's attitude. Uncle Jake firmly believes the best way to cure misbehavior is to administer hard long spankings to the bare bottom and when warranted other exposed body parts of the offender. Spankings that are always given with the misbehaving child completely naked and in front of the entire family.
Tommy Part I
Tommy Part II

by Ricky Stratton

Three fourteen year old boys have a grudge against twelve year old Ryan, the most popular boy in their middle school.  Fueled by their jealousy  and hatred of the athletic seventh grader, the older boys concoct a plan to "get even."
Ambushed Part 1
Ambushed Part 2
Ambushed Part 3
Ambushed Part 4
Ambushed Part 5
Ambushed Part 6
Ambushed Part 7
Ambushed Part 8
Ambushed Part 9
Ambushed Part 10
Ambushed Part 11
Ambushed Part 12
Ambushed Part 13
Ambushed Part 14
Ambushed Part 15
Ambushed Part 16
Ambushed Part 17

Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School
by Darwin's Duck

On the first day of the new school year, fourteen year old foster child Davy unwillingly becomes the most popular boy at his new high school.  All because the two other foster kids with whom he's living coerce him into spending a most embarrassing and humiliating day in front of everyone at the school, staff and students alike.
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 1
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 2
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 3
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 4
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 5
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 6
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 7
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 8
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 9
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 10
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 11
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 12
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 13
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 14
Davy, the Most Popular Kid in School Part 15

Aborted Paradise
by Masked Man
In the distant future, Genesis IV is truly the "planet of children." All of the human inhabitants have been genetically altered to stop growing at age 10; even at adult age they are "children" forever. When the Galactic Federation becomes desirous of a valuable resource on the planet, it invades and quickly conquers the planet. All of the "children" are dispersed to adoptive families throughout the federation. The federation is a society that believes that children need to be subjected to strict discipline, including corporal punishment. Additionally, the adults have little regard for nor see the need for modesty in children. Unfortunately for the adoptees, both these concepts clash with the values and traditions of their own culture. Editor's note: English is not the author's native language. Despite the non-standard syntax, I believe most readers will encounter little, if any, difficulty in comprehension
Aborted Paradise I

Aborted Paradise II
Aborted Paradise III
Aborted Paradise IV

Summer Camp
by Josh Brown
Shy about his body twelve year old Timothy Radcliffe did not want to go to his first ever summer camp. He was worried about being naked in front of other campers and the possibility that as he occasionally did at home he might wet his bed. When he's put under the supervision of several older campers, he's in for some very embarrassing and humiliating experiences well beyond anything he had imagined possible.
Summer Camp Chapter 1
Summer Camp Chapter 2
Summer Camp Chapter 3
Summer Camp Chapter 4
Summer Camp Chapter 5

Learning to Share
by Danny Boy
On one fateful Saturday, a fourteen year old goes through some embarrassing situations as he learns to share with his nine year old brother Brandon and the rest of his family.
Learning to Share

Barber Shop
Barber Shop Coda
by GGman
A twelve year old boy is subjected to public bare bottom spankings, embarrassment and humiliation when he's sent to stay with his uncle for a week.
Barber Shop
Barber Shop Coda

The New Relationship
by Conor
Twelve year old Jesse is sullen and moody toward his new stepmother and unfriendly to his eleven year old stepsister. When he develops a medical problem, the treatment plan requires his stepmother and stepsister to render direct hands on care to him. Then the mother and two younger sisters of his best friend Jeremy volunteer to help with his treatment Thus begins a new relationship between Jesse, his stepfamily and Jeremy's family. A relationship that includes many embarrassing and humiliating moments for him and at times Jeremy.
The New Relationship Part 1
The New Relationship Part 2

The Next Generation
by Sean

As a boy, the now grown up Sean was in need of some very strong discipline to straighten his behavior out. (See Wheel Boy and Help Thy Neighbour on this page for those stories.) Now Sean's nine year old son Clive is similarly in need of an ongoing extremely embarrassing and humiliating discipline regimen of his own.
The Next Generation

by Big Paul

When thirteen year old Ben is sent to spend the summer on his Aunt's farm, he quickly gets into trouble. The kind of trouble that much to the delight of his fifteen and sixteen year old cousins lead to an embarrassing and humiliating time for him.

One Day in the Woods
by H.P. Porncraft

Walking one day in the woods, a young girl comes across a naked boy being spanked by his aunt. Much To her delight and the boy's embarrassment, she's invited by the aunt to stay and watch the proceedings.
One Day in the Woods

A Summer at the Comeuppance Lodge
by SusieQue

The four Roberts children, ranging in age from 8 to 12, are constantly misbehave and get into trouble. When their exasperated mother finally has had enough, she decides to enroll Jordan, Rebecca, James and Jeffrey in the summer program at the Comeuppance Lodge.  A program the Lodge promotes as highly effective in correcting and reversing  the misbehavior of even the most disruptive child.  Immediately upon arrival, the Roberts kids learn that even minor infractions result in painful, embarrassing, humiliating and often public consequences for the transgressor.
A Summer at the Comeuppance Lodge Part 1
A Summer at the Comeuppance Lodge Part 2

Swim Pool Summer
by Benedict Goodbody
In the 1970's going on thirteen Ben spends the summer with distant relatives in affluent Eastern European Country.  On his very first day, his refusal to follow local customs quickly puts him into an embarrassing and painful situation.  But, by bedtime of that first day, despite his earlier experience he's much happier and optimistic that he'll enjoy his stay after all.
Swim Pool Summer Part 1

Rebirth of a Tradition

by Bawling Boy
When twelve year old Tommy misbehaves at the community swimming pool, he quickly discovers that his mother and a pool official think it's a perfect time for the rebirth of a tradition.  The tradition of public bare bottom spankings for naughty boys, that is!
Rebirth of a Tradition Chapter 1

The Visitors from Utopia
by Masked Man
Ten year old Daniel lives in the far future in an utopian society where corporal punishment is outlawed, modesty is strongly ingrained, and children are treated as equals to adults in all ways.  But one day, when working in the lab with his adult assistant August, one of his inventions malfunctions and he and August are transported back to the year 1975.  August wants to stay, Daniel doesn't - especially as he's having a hard time adapting to common practices of the time such as giving bare bottom spankings to misbehaving boys. Editor's note: English is not the author's native language. Despite the non-standard syntax, I believe most readers will encounter little, if any, difficulty in comprehension
The Visitors from Utopia

Josh and the Strange New Kid
(sequel to The Visitors from Utopia)
by Masked Man
In this sequel to The Visitors from Utopia, ten year old Daniel encounters eighteen year old Josh, who continues Daniel's lessons of a boy's life in 1975.  Especially those relating to bare bottom spankings and modesty. Editor's note: English is not the author's native language. Despite the non-standard syntax, I believe most readers will encounter little, if any, difficulty in comprehension
Josh and the Strange New Kid

by Horizon

Ten year old Timmy must undergo a series of allergy tests involving numerous needle sticks.  But he is very afraid of needles and won't cooperate, leading to a bare bottom spanking right in the exam room.  But that's only the beginning of his humiliating embarrassing experiences at the doctor's office.

Scott Versus the farm Girls
by Masked Man
Twelve year old Scott is sent to live for a few months with his Aunt Henrietta and her two daughters, ages twelve and ten. Unfortunately for Scott, his aunt is a firm believer bare bottom spankings, in front of whomever is present. Editor's note: English is not the author's native language. Despite the non-standard syntax, I believe most readers will encounter little, if any, difficulty in comprehension
Scott Versus the Farm Girls

For a Flower III: Gwen

by Horizon
Fourteen year old Gwen is late in returning from a school dance, earning herself an embarrassing bare bottom spanking from her mom Dagmar and her Aunt Alice.  Note: while this specific installment is outside the site's guidelines in that it exclusively deals with a young teen girl's punishment, it's being posted as it's a continuation of a series that is within the guidelines, feature some of the characters from earlier episodes, and presents an interesting story.
For a Flower III: Gwen

For a Flower II: JJ at Macy's

by Horizon
JJ's mother drags him along shopping with her.  Predictably, the nine year old can't stay out of trouble and quickly earns himself a very public bare bottom spanking by a lady, a stranger to him, whom he accidentally ran into.
For a Flower II: JJ at Macy's

For a Flower I
by Horizon
Nine year old Jeffrey John Bennet (JJ to family and friends, except when his mother is upset with him) accidentally pulls a rose out of neighbor lady's garden.  Net result for the boy is an embarrassing and painful bare bottom spanking involving his mother, the neighbor, her sister-in-law,  and JJ's spying twelve year old sister Kay.
For a Flower

Rory's Educational Holiday

by Sean
After spending  several months at his Nan's,  Eight year old Rory, brother of Sean from the Wheel Boy and Help Thy Neighbuor stories, is spoiled rotten.  He has developed a very bad attitude problem and a particularly chronic case of false modesty.  To correct these problems,  Rory is is sent to a spend a month with his strict Uncle Bob and Aunt Alice, firm believers in "spare the rod and spoil the child" and  that children should not be modest, especially boys.
Rory's Educational Holiday Part 1

Wheel Boy
by Sean
Ten year old Sean's very prolonged, very naked, very public, very embarrassing, very painful punishment continues as he now must spend most of his time, day and night, on the "wheel."
Wheel Boy

  Help Thy Neighbour (and Enjoy It)
by Sean
The mother of the boys next door enlists the aid of her neighbor in disciplining her very poorly behaved sons.  The neighbor, from whom the boys have stolen, quickly has ten year old Sean and eight year old Rory undergoing a very public, very embarrassing, very humiliating prolonged naked punishment.
Help Thy Neighbour Part 1
Help Thy Neighbour Part 2
Help Thy Neighbour Part 3

Richard in a Foreign Land
by Masked Man
Eleven year old Richard's single parent father must devote more time to his failing business, so the boy is sent out of country to be cared for by relatives. In the to him strange foreign land he finds himself, he quickly learns that boy modesty and discipline is vastly different than in the United States. Editor's note: English is not the author's native language. Despite the non-standard syntax, I believe most readers will encounter little, if any, difficulty in comprehension
Richard in a Foreign Land

Springfield Academy
by Conor
Soon after turning thirteen, Gary's parents send him off to his Aunt Leona to give him a "new start" in mending his ways.  His aunt has been given a free hand in dealing with him.  Between his aunt and his new school he's in for an embarrassing and humiliating time, including "red balloon" treatments administered by the school nurse and a student assistant, treatments intended to cure him of a "disgustingly nasty" habit.
Sringfield Academy Part 1
Sringfield Academy Part 2

Naked Joe
by Sara
Little Joe is only five years old when the girls in his life begin getting him naked for their games and amusement. Soon, the periods of nakedness grow longer and longer, including most of the time when home. After a year, he moves away his family.  Years later, when Joe starts seventh grade at a private school, he's reunited with the girls and the naked times begin again.
Naked Joe

Basketball Spanking Dairies
by Irish Spanker
Bud Lathorp's four nephews love playing Basketball. But sixteen year old Jaren, fifteen year old Scott and ten year old twins Dan and Brett, as well as their neighborhood friends, just can't seem to keep out of bare bottom spanking trouble.  As a result, spankings, nudity, and sexual punishments come fast and furious.
Spanking Dairies 1

My Naughty Weekend
by James Tanner
During the weekend, eleven year old Jimmy is repeatedly naughty, earning as punishment spankings, bare time and a writing assignment.
My Naughty Weekend

by Big Paul
When Tom's parents are transferred overseas, the happy thirteen soon to be fourteen year old is sent to live with his male hating Aunt Patty for the remaining two months of the school year. Soon, he learns just have strict she can be, with spankings, forced nudity in front of others, and other assorted embarrassing humiliations.
Tom Part 1
Tom Part 2
Tom Part 3
Tom Part 4
Tom Part 5
Tom Part 6

Majority Rules
by Blackdog
Tim Waterman is a thirteen year old boy who often blithely ignored his mother's instructions and displayed a general disrespect for females. When dad has to go away on an extended business trip, mom decides with the help the help of her sister and her two daughters, to take matters into hand. Once Tim's Aunt Becky and two cousins, fourteen year old Leslie and twelve year old Donna arrive for the summer, Tim quickly learns the consequences of his actions and the results of not obeying and respecting.  Continuous nudity, numerous embarrassments and frequent sexual humiliations soon have Tim deeply regretting his past ways, vowing to change.  In the end, however, Tim manages to get his revenge on those who let things go too far.
Majority Rules

Hard Lessons
by Blackdog
Eleven year old Jack is enrolled by his parents in the special "Advanced Program For Gifted Curriculum and Conduct" class at his middle school. A class taught by the notorious Miss DeFlores, a tough disciplinarian especially strict with boys. A program with 24 girl students and only 4 boys. Boys who through various "corrections" involving nudity, spanking, sexual humiliation, and embarrassment learn to be well mannered, studious, and docile males submissive and obedient to the females in their lives.
Hard Lessons

Nurse Mommy
by Rachel Cummins
Fifteen year old Tommy is home from school ill, being cared for by his mother, a nurse. When he resists his mom's intention to take his temperature rectally, his situation quickly takes an emabarassing and humiliating downward spiral. Embarrassment that greatly increases when mom allows Tommy's ten year old sister, Katie, to get in on the act, starting with an impromptu male anatomy lesson.
Nurse Mommy Part 1

Jimmy the Big Boy
by Big Paul
When high school freshman Jimmy's mom is called out of state to attend her ill sister, he's elated he'll be staying with his mom's best friend and next door neighbor, Betty. Betty's daughter, Ann, is a senior, beautiful, and the captain of the cheerleading squad. At the determined hands of Ann and her friends, Jimmy's elation is short lived, quickly turns to ongoing embarrassment and humiliation.
Jimmy the Big Boy

Gym Shorts
by Inkling
The eighth grade of Clive Staples Middle School had a very rigid social structure, and every student understood it.  Peter is the kingmaker among the boys, and Susan was the big cheese on the girl's side. When Susan asks Betsy to do her a favor, the young teen eagerly jumps at the offered ticket to the "in crowd."  Little did young teen Betsy realize what was in store for her.
Gym Shorts Part 1
Gym Shorts Part 2

by Agni
Eleven year old Robert's mother arranges for the new next door neighbor, a pretty young teacher, to tutor him. Unfortunately for our young hero, his new tutor believes in firm attention to the "seat of learning" to facilitate learning. This leads to a series of embarrassing naked spankings for the boy, often in front of other females, adult, teenage, and preteen.
Robert Part 1
Robert Part 2
Robert Part 3
Robert Part 4
Robert Part 5
Robert Part 6
Robert Part 7
Robert Part 8
Robert Part 9
Robert Part 10
Robert Part 11
Robert Part 12
Robert Part 13
Robert Part 14

Punishment School
by The Pro from Dover
Young David, the illegitimate child of the wayward daughter of a strictly religious family is abandoned by his mother and sent to to live with her family. Our story begins at age thirteen, when he's enrolled in a parochial school run by a small obscure Catholic order. A school where, he learns the meaning of severe punishment and humiliation, intended to "cleanse" him.. (The first seven chapters, originally posted to Usenet news groups in 1996 and 1997, are being reposted here by the original author's request and permission.)
Punishment School Chapter 1
Punishment School Chapter 2
Punishment School Chapter 3
Punishment School Chapter 4
Punishment School Chapter 5
Punishment School Chapter 6
Punishment School Chapter 7
Punishment School Chapter 8
Punishment School Chapter 9

Young Frank's Punishment
by Justin Zane
A thirteen year old boy receives a punishment that changes the course his life when his next door neighbor catches him spying on her skinny dipping preteen daughters. He's taken to the family barn, escorted by mother and daughters. A barn filled with the instruments of his punishment, canes, stools, whips, chains, harnesses, and dozens of dildos in a wide array of shapes and sizes.
Young Frank's Punishment Part 1

Billy's Story
by A. Swineburne
Thirteen year old Billy is watching TV with his friend Hilary when his fifteen year old sister Katie comes home with her friend Barbara. The older girls take over the television, Billy objects. In the process of his protesting, Billy calls Barbara some names she doesn't particularly care for, leading to the declaration that "this brat's getting to big for his britches. He's begging for a a spanking."  And that's when Billy's day, and his pants, go way downhill.
Billy's Story 1

Little Jimmy in Trouble Again
by Johnyxxx
Jimmy's sister catches him wanking into her dirty knickers.  She blackmails him by threatening to tell their mother about it. Jimmy becomes his sister's sex slave in preference to getting a whipping off his mum. He is beginning to regret this decision, as his sister starts to use her new found power. And then mum discovers the kids at their fun and games.
Little Jimmy in Trouble Again Chapter 1
Little Jimmy in Trouble Again Chapter 2

Training Big Brother
by Statue550
Big Brother Brad, seventeen, is "trained" to be a proper young man by his fifteen year old sister Annie, her friends, and assorted family members.
Training Big Brother 1
Training Big Brother 2
Training Big Brother 3
Training Big Brother 4
Training Big Brother 5
Training Big Brother 6
Training Big Brother 7
Training Big Brother 8
Training Big Brother 9

Early One Summer Afternoon
by Scott Charleston
Early one summer afternoon, ten-year-old Scott was in spanking trouble with his mom for breaking a window with a ball he had been bouncing against the side of the house.  Unfortunately for him, before mom gets around to tanning his bare bottom, the Fuller Brush man makes a house call.  To Scott's distress, she takes the salesman up on his offer for her to take a certain new brush for a "test drive" before purchasing.
Early One Summer Afternoon

The LaSalle Academy
by Adam Hall
The LaSalle Academy is a very special private school in New England which each year under the tutelage of three Mistresses trains a very small select class of six boys ages twelve to fourteen in submissiveness to and servicing of females.  Strong sexual, fetish and spanking content.
The LaSalle Academy 1

The Boys' Revenge
by Naive (with Mozzy24's permission)
The Boys from Mozzy24's The I Hate Boys Club finally get to extract some revenge upon the girls.
The Boys' Revenge 1

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