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Updated 1 March 2018


  1. The Adventures of Captain Steve Johnson I: A Souvenir from Scotland, by StoTelAlex
    Mb fbslave/cons mast oral anal – spank castr
    31,500 words (63 pages)
    Link to story
    Captain Steve Johnson is ordered to go to battle in Scotland. Unfortunately he gets injured and is relieved of duty. On his way home he encounters two orphans who he takes as slaves. But are they really orphans?
  2. The Adventures of Stampley Plantation, by WannabeWhitman
    Mtfb – Slave nc anal oral rim – humil interr spank
    145,000 words (290 pages)
    Links to chapters: Introduction-1   2-3   4-5   6-7   8-9   10-11
    A Northern Abolitionist inherits his Uncle's Georgia plantation, along with its slaves, and discovers the many temptations and pleasures his new lifestyle provides. Realizing his power over the plantation's boys and men, he slowly abandons his conscience and surrenders to lust and obsession....
  3. Amazon Steppes, by Pueros
    Ft eunuch – nc anal mast oral – bd humil spank – castr
    8,000 words (16 pages)
    Link to story
    Alexander the Great was once supposed to have received the Queen of the Amazons in his encampment. The Queen requested that they mate, contending that the product of their union would be the greatest warrior in history. Alexander, amused and intrigued by the solicitation, obliged but, alas, their brief liaison was not fruitful. However, this three-part story attempts to describe the normal rituals carried out by the Amazons to identify suitable males for the purposes of reproduction, what the consequences were if the candidates did not meet their exacting standards and what happened when they were later deemed to have served their purpose.
  4. The Apprentices, by Michael Jacks
    Mtb bb gtslave cons mast oral anal
    13,500 words (27 pages)
    Link to story
    Screen play of a Greek warrior teaching his slaves and pupil to be warriors and prepares them for the Apprentice Trials.
  5. Atheense Jongens – 460 v.Chr., by Bill
    Mt Mb tt tb – cons anal oral mast – bd spank toys
    25,000 words (50 pages)
    Link naar het verhaal
    Het verhaal volgt de 15-jarige Jason als student in de Atheense academie en als tijdelijke meester van het huishouden van zijn mentor, inbegrepen de 12-jarige tweeling slavenjongens
  6. Athenian Boys - 460 BC, by Bill
    Mt Mb tt tb – cons anal oral mast – bd spank toys
    25,000 words (50 pages)
    Link to story
    The story follows 15yo Jason as student in the Athenian acadamy and as temporary master of his mentor's household – including the 12yo twin boyslaves.
  7. Benin, A Roman Slave Boy, by Brianski aka Brian
    Mt Mb tb tgoral anal mast – spank bd tort humil chast castr
    51,000 words (102 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-5  6-10 
    This is the story of Benin a 13 year old boy enslaved by the marauding Roman Army from his North African home, in the year 53BC. He is bought by a senator as personal slave for his 12-year-old son. The young master loves two things: sex with his slave and punishing him.
  8. Boy Auction in the Old West, by Parrafan
    Mb tb – anal oral – humil
    10,500 words (21 pages)
    Link to story
    Bill Jackson had to sell his five sons to pay his debts. They are bought by various villagers for several reasons.
  9. Brendan, by Koos Smit
    Mt tt tbSlave cons oral anal mast – spank interr
    100,500 words (201 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-8   9-14   15-18  
    This is the story of Brendan, a fourteen-year old Irish boy, and his cousin, who are taken captive by the English to be sold into slavery to work on English sugar plantations in the West Indies.
  10. Cai, The Slave Boy from Britannia, by CalvinC
    Mb – slave – null
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    Taken by pirates and sold as a slave in the Roman province of Gaul, Cai is desperate to be free and return to his native Britannia, where he hopes, as the oldest male of the family now, to inherit his father's lands and copper mine. One day he runs away from his master, and tries to make his way home, but he had not counted on the dogs.
  11. Changing History, by Giorgii Williams
    Mb tb bbcons oral anal mast rim – interr
    34,500 words (69 pages)
    Link to story
    This is a sci-fi, interracial, historical, adult/youth story it deals with time travel, changing history, southern platations, northern factories or sweat shops, sex and love between pre-teen and teen boys. The story is set in pre-civil war America and takes past the civil war period. The main twists are that the confederacy wins the war and Lincoln is assassinated before he declares emancipation of slaves. Another twist is that there will be some time travel from our time to the past n some sideline characters will also travel back to present time.
  12. The Country Manor, by James Stuart
    Mb Mt tb bbMdom cons oral analbd spank ws prost – boy-orgy
    225,000 words (450 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4   5-7   8-10   11-12   13-16   17-18   19-20   21-22   23-24  
    It is around the mid 1880's. Because of a small misstep, little Jamie Hemley has to work on the Manor in rural England somewhere north of London. Soon he finds out the squire organises monthly parties en he wants Jamie to take part. Later, Jamie and two of the squire's sons are kidnapped and sold as slaves. The father and an uncle search for the boys in an exotic land and the uncle discovers that local slave boys are useful for more than getting information.
  13. Father Christmas, by Bill
    Mbcons oral analspank
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    In the year 315, a Christian bishop in an eastern province of the Roman Empire finds a special way to celebrate Christmas.
  14. The Four Dancers, by James Stuart
    Mtb tb – cons oral anal
    15,500 words (31 pages)
    Link to story
    Flavius, a young bisexual Roman soldier, visits a Greek ruler for negociations and during dinner he learns everything about the Greek passion for pederasty. He manages to resist the temptation, but the next morning is gets a present… four presents to be exact, eleven to fourteen year old presents…
  15. Helot: The Adventures of Ayas the Slave-boy, by Zelamir
    Mtb bbSlave anal oralhumil spank tort ws castr
    172,000 words (344 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-7   8-14   15-22   23-29   30-36   37-42   43-49  
    Ayas, a helot boy, dreams of helping his father to free his people from the Spartan yoke. A rising is planned once the harvest is gathered meanwhile Ayas has to work in the fields and where he witnesses and experiences the cruelty of his Spartan Masters.
  16. Im alten Rom, by Flo
    Mt tt – cons mast oral anal
    3,750 words (7½ pages)
    Link to story
    Ein Paar Tagen aus dem Leben eines jungen Germanischen Sklaven im alten Rom.
  17. Het Landgoed, by James Stuart
    Mb Mt tb bbMdom cons oral analbd spank ws prost – boy-orgy
    225,000 words (450 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4  5-7  8-10  11-12  13-16  17-18  19-20  21-22  23-24 
    Dutch translation of The Country Manor
    Het is in het midden van de jaren 1880. Door een kleine misstap, moet de kleine Jamie Hemley op een landgoed, ergens in het landelijke Engeland, ten noorden van Londen. Al vlug ontdekt hij dat de landeigenaar maandelijkse feestjes organiseert en hij wil dat Jamie hieraan meedoet. Later worden Jamie en de twee zonen van de landeigenaar ontvoerd en verkocht als slaven. De vader en een oom van de jongens zoeken hen in een exotisch land en de oom ontdekt dat de lokale slavenjongens niet alleen nuttig zijn om informatie te verschaffen.
  18. Ludus: A Story of a Roman Gladiator School, by Calvinus
    Mb bbslave anal oral – null
    130,500 words (261 pages)
    Links to chapters: Book I
    Book II
    Book III
    Book IV

    It is 79AD and the Roman World is changing. The Emperor Vespasian is dead and his son is about to succeed him. But not everyone is happy to see the butcher of Jerusalem take the purple. A failed assassination attempt brings a ferocious new 12 year old boy into a small private gladiator school in Rome, but no one would have foreseen how this would kick of a chain of events that would affect the lives of all those he touches.
  19. The Lycian Prince, by Pueros
    Mtbnc cons anal oralbd cbt humil spank toys tort – null
    147,000 words (294 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-10   11-20   21-30   31-40   41-50   51-60   61-69
    A long saga describing the adventures of a young Prince in the Roman Empire of the 3rd Century A.D.
  20. The Lycian Prince (New version), by Pueros
    Mtbnc cons anal oralbd cbt humil spank toys tort
    28,000 words (56 pages)
    Link to story  
    A long saga describing the adventures of a young Prince in the Roman Empire of the 3rd Century A.D.
  21. Magnolia Manor, by Cutter09
    tb tgslavery mast oral anal – interr
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    Mark receives a slave for his birthday.
  22. The Overseer, by Daniel Climins
    bb tt MM – oral anal mast rim – interr
    4,200 words (8½ pages)
    Link to story
    A boy gets for his sixth birthday a slave of the same age. They explore each other.
  23. The Pirate, by Anonymous
    Mb or Mt – Mdom anal – bond spank
    4,250 words (8½ pages)
    Link to story
    A boy's father is killed by pirates. He himself becomes the slave of the captain of a pirate ship.
  24. The Plantation Owner's Son, by Callum McIntosh
    Mt t-pig Ft – non-cons slave mast oral analhumil castr best
    42,000 words (84 pages)
    Link to story
    14 year old Callum McIntosh' life is turned upside down when his father sells him to slave traders to pay his bank debt, the slave traders have plans for Callum that don't include his testicles… It is a continuing saga of a white planter's son who is sold into slavery under false pretences.
  25. Princes, by Pueros
    tb – anal oral – bd hist.fact humil spank – castr
    20,500 words (41 pages)
    Link to story
    In 1483, 12 years old Edward, Prince of Wales and rightfully the new King, and his 9 years old brother Richard, Duke of York, were imprisoned in the Tower of London whilst their uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, usurped the throne, becoming Richard III. The Princes, sons of the late monarch, Edward IV, later disappeared, presumed murdered by their uncle. However, your author has read a number of contemporary 15th and 16th century sources, many postulating other explanations for the boys’ disappearance. This story presupposes a particular one of these to be correct.
  26. A Roman Holiday, by Zelamir
    Mb – Mdom anal oral – humil spank tort
    112,000 words (224 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-7   8-14   15-20   21-23   24-26  
    This story is a fantasy set in a fantasy Roman Empire. I do not pretend to historical accuracy. I would say however that deeds of manumission did, in the later empire particularly, sometimes have a provision by which the freed slave was obliged to hand over his eldest child to his old master as a slave on the child attaining a specified age - usually some what younger than that specified in the deed in this story.
  27. Roman Slave-Boy, 143 AD, by Bill
    Mtb tb – Mdom anal oral mast – prost spank
    23,500 words (47 pages)
    Link to story
    Yosef is a 13-year-old slave-boy in Ancient Rome. He is owned by a tavern-keeper, who uses him for sex (and spanks him when needed), pimps him to customers at the tavern, and rents him out for orgies of boy-loving aristocrats. Yosef's life changes when his master buys a younger slave-boy and directs Yosef to train the youngster in the ways of pleasuring men.
  28. Romeinse Vakantie, by Zelamir
    Mb – Mdom anal oral – humil spank tort
    112,000 words (224 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-7   8-14   15-19  
    Dit verhaal spelt zich af in het Romeinse Rijk en is gebaseerd op fantasie en niet helemaal historisch correct. Ik wou toch vermelden dat het vrijlaten van een slaaf, vooral dan in het latere rijk, soms als resultaat had dat de vrijgelaten slaaf zijn oudste zoon als slaaf aan zijn oude meester moest geven wanneer die een bepaalde leeftijd bereikt had, meestal wel wat jonger dan deze in dit verhaal.
  29. Scilio and Artred, by Eff Del
    Mtslavery oral anal
    9,500 words (19 pages)
    Link to story
    A young boy is captured in a raid upon his village and is taken as a slave by the commander of the invading forces.
  30. Seaward Plantation, by Lance Kyle
    Mt MM Mg tg – cons anal oralinterr
    122,000 words (244 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-5   5-7   8-10   11-13   14-16  
    A young New Englander inherits a South Carolina plantation on a remote island. He owns boys and men, women and girls. Chapters include visits to a slave merchant and to mainland plantations with plenty of willing slave boys. Later chapters take the story into the Civil War era.
  31. Sejanus, by Zelamir
    MtbMdom nc anal oralhumil spank tort – castr
    110,000 words (220 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-7   8-13   14-18   19-24   25-30
    The Roman magistrate Sejanus had three children. After his treason, two were executed the fate of the third is I think unknown. One was a young girl and she was raped by the executioner before being strangled because virgins could not legally be executed. The story describes the life of the younges son Marius, who was sold in slavery. Over all this is a fantasy story set in a fantasy version of the early Roman Empire.
  32. Separation Day, by Dillon
    Mb bb – slave/coer anal
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    A man looks back on his life as a slave.
  33. A Slave's Tale, by Patrick
    Mb bboral anal – spank ws
    3,000 words (6 pages)
    Link to story
    A short review of a slave's life with a loving master and a sadistic son.
  34. The Story of Gracchus, by Vittorio Carvelli
    Mt tt – slavery oral analchast castration hist
    320,000 words (640 pages)
    Links to chapters: I. intro  1-6  7-13  II. 14-18  19-23  III. 24-28  IV. 29-32  V. 33-34  VI. 35-37  38-40  41-42 
    The Story of Gracchus' is not about one individual called Gracchus, but is rather the story of the 'House of Gracchus' during a period starting towards the end of the reign of the Emperor Nero. The story itself, however, does not begin with the House of Gracchus, but rather with events that befall Marcus, a young teenage boy. Marcus Gaius Aelius, a Roman citizen ('but not yet come of age'), born in Athens, was poor at his studies, and his Latin is spoken ungrammatically, and with a distinct Greek accent. His father was a minor Roman official. When his father is recalled to Rome, Marcus goes to Rome. The ship on which they are sailing his attacked by pirates, the ship is captured, and the boy's mother and father are killed, along with most of the crew. Marcus is sold as a slave to the House of Gracchus.
  35. Stripped by Teens, by Billy the Kid
    ttnon-cons oral – violence humil bond
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    Freshman kids take revenge on a 17 year old bully.
  36. The Sultan's Favorite Boy, by Bill
    Mb tbcons anal oralhumil spank
    48,000 words (96 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4   5-7  
    This is a story set in the year 1618 and is reasonably historically accurate. It's an account of the powerful Ottoman Empire and it's tradition of manning a highly-effective standing army - called the Janissaries - with slaves taken as boys from the subjugated Christian regions of the Balkans. The story tells the adventures of eleven year old Sacha who was collected by Sultan's as part of the boy-tax of his Bosnian village.
  37. Surprises, by Dirt
    Mtcons analinterr
    23,000 words (46 pages)
    Link to story
    A time machine malfunction brings a small 1864 era slave boy into the life of an early retiring entrepreneur. Interesting things happen.
  38. Tamerlane's Boys, by Pueros
    Mb eunuch – Mdom anal oralhist.fact humil spankcastr
    235,000 words (470 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-10   11-16   17-21   22-26   27-30   31-33   34-35   36-38   39   40
    A lengthy saga relating the lives and adventures of some of the boy catamites of Tamerlane, conqueror of an Empire rivalling that of Alexander the Great.
  39. The Traitor's Son, by Zelamir & Pueros
    MtbMdom nc anal oralhumil prost spank tort
    173,000 words (346 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-10   11-22   23-31   32-40   41-55   56-77   78-90   91-96   Eunuch additions  
    This is an adapted version of Zelamir's story Sejanus.
  40. Tribute, by Pueros
    Mb eunuchMdom oral anal masthist.fact humil spankcastr
    72,000 words (144 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-3   4   5
    Fifty freshly gelded beautiful 11 year-old boys were to form part of the annual tribute from Chios to the Persian king Darius I, along with a similar volume of gorgeous young virgins of the other gender. The story follows Dios, one of the Chios tributes, an unheralded hero of ancient Greece.
  41. De Vier Dansers, by James Stuart
    Mtb tb – cons oral anal
    15,500 words (31 pages)
    Link naar het verhaal
    Dutch translation of The Four Dancers
    Flavius, een jonge biseksuele soldaat, bezoekt een Griekse koning om te onderhandelen. Tijdens het diner leert hij alles over de Griekse passie voor pederastie. Hij slaagt erin om de verleiding te weerstaan, maar de volgende morgen krijgt hij een geschenk, vier om juist te zijn, elf- tot veertienjarige geschenken…
  42. A White Boy Enslaved, by Sailorboy
    Mt tt – slavery anal oral – castration
    10,500 words (21 pages)
    Link to story
    This story concerns a 13 year old white boy who goes from KY to live with his father in 1857. Financially troubled from gambling debts, the father decides to sell his son to slave dealers in Memphis. The boy is later purchased as a slave by the Bishop of St. Mary's Basilica in Natchez. Thrilled with his boy soprano voice, the Bishop decides to make a 'castrato' out of him by castrating him so his voice will not change, a step taken by thousands of boys in that period until banned by the Catholic Church.
  43. Wrecked, by Pueros
    Mb — Mdom nosex (yet) — bd humil interr spank tort best
    27,000 words (54 pages)
    Link to story
    After a shipwreck, eleven year old English twins James and John are stranded alone on the coast of mid-nineteenth century Africa. But that quickly becomes the least of their worries when they're taken captive by a tribe of fierce African warriors. Their capture sets in motion an "adventure" in which the boys suffer one painful, embarrassing, and humiliating ordeal after another.


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