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Planet Kylie

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blonde inside.jpg

White Cock Only!...oops! I mean Adults Only!


   Hi, Welcome to Planet Kylie...Bet you didn't think you'd ever get here, huh? Just be careful cause the air is a little thin and the sun gets pretty hot, but the night sky is fantastic! A little somethin somethin about me...I'm Kylie X. and I'm a girl. I go to college and spend my free time doodling. I'm pretty creative and I'll write on anything that isn't moving too fast, so you better watch out for that. I give great pen! I'm sort of in a relationship and that just means I'm as confused as the next girl. I have secret relationships, that's my thing. But here on Planet Kylie it's all good, baby! :)))

   My stories are all black and white...You know, like what's black and white and red all over? Me, the night I lost my virginity to a white boy! Blonde hair, blue eyes, I'm weak for a boy like that. Weak in the head. Weak in the heart. Weak between my legs...I'm all of that. So that's what I'm writing about because I like to express it and sometimes doodling on a napkin just ain't enough, you know? I want to date white men, marry a white man, and have a white baby...That's as easy as I can say it and if you're lost already, or if it ain't your thang, you need to give me a kiss goodnight. Cause that's all I'm promoting, interracial love with me on the bottom! Wait...No, that's right...I had to think about it for a second. I don't want my parents to know about that!


bww sm.jpgThe Bride Wore White

M+/F, Interracial, First, Cheat, Oral, Size, Preg?

Synopsis: Kylie is a young black woman who finds out that she just can't say no to a hard white cockNot even at her own wedding reception.

Plain Text Download: brideworewhite.zip (21Kb)



black magic 01 sm.jpgBlack Magic Vol. I

M+/F, Coercion, Blackmail, Interracial, Oral, Anal, Exhibition

Synopsis: Kylie thinks she's found the perfect way to live her interracial fantasies, but things aren't always as they appear and soon the black college coed is forced to examine the delicate balance between fantasy and reality.

Plain Text Download: blackmagic.zip (32Kb)



fantasy6 sm.jpgFantasy #6

M/F, Interracial, First

Synopsis: Kylie is looking for some quick fun and for a black slut like her, that means something long, hard, and white. When she hooks up with Carl, it should be perfect...But virgin white boys are always a little more complicated than they should be.

Plain Text Download: fantasy6.zip (11Kb)



fantasy11 sm.jpgFantasy #11

M/F, Romance, Interracial, Oral, Preg, Cream Pie

Synopsis: When nineteen year old Kyle meets the man of her dreams, the black college coed learns about love, sex, and the magic of non-bake desserts.

Plain Text Download: fantasy11.zip (16Kb)



daydreamin01 sm.jpgDaydreamin'

M+/F, Interracial, First, Romance, Oral, Anal, Size, Preg?

Synopsis: When Kylie sneaks off to Vegas with four of her best friends, the black college coed doesn't plan on meeting Elvis, getting a tattoo, or losing her virginityBut some people only get a t-shirt.

Plain Text Download: daydreamin.zip (28Kb)



ewo01 sm.jpgEyes Wide Open

F/M, Romance, Black Couple, Cuckold, Cons FemDom, Foot Worship, Sperm Fetish

Synopsis: A black 19 year old college coed finds herself emotionally challenged by her new boyfriend. When Rodney reveals his submissive nature, Kylie must decide whether she should be honest with him, or exploit the man's trust for her own secret desires.

Plain Text Download: eyeswideopen.zip (22Kb)



ewo2_01 sm.jpgEyes Wide Open 2

F/M, Romance, Black Couple, Interracial, Cuckold, Oral, Cons FemDom, Foot Worship, Sperm Fetish

Synopsis: The sequel to EWO catches up with Kylie and her fianc Rodney a week before their wedding, as the young couple examine their relationship and expectations for the future.

Plain Text Download: eyeswideopen2.zip (30Kb)



planc sm.jpgPlan C

M/F, Rom? Interracial, Oral, Anal, First, Cheat

Synopsis: Kylie is black, beautiful, and eager to lose her virginity. Can she somehow talk Jamie, a handsome but married white man who works for her dad, into breaking her cherry?

Plain Text Download: planc.zip (26Kb)



time enough sm.jpgTime Enough

M/F, Romance, Interracial, Impregnation, Oral

Synopsis: When college coed Kylie has one small slip, allowing a boy she just met have unprotected sex with her, the black coed suffers through a long day of ups and downs before making a fateful decision.

Plain Text Download: timeenough.zip (19Kb)



fatherdaughter_sm.jpgFather-Daughter Day

M/f, Romance, First, Interracial, Pregnant

Synopsis: When sixteen year old Kylie's father is up for a promotion at work, her mother decides to take advantage of the upcoming Father-Daughter Day and gives the teen some worldly advice, never expecting that her virginal black daughter would fall in love with a white man old enough to be Kylie's father!

Plain Text Download: Father Daughter Day.zip (21Kb)



likemother_sm.jpgLike Mother, Like Daughter

M/FF, [M/D] Incest, Interracial, Oral, Cheat, Slut, Humil, Impreg

Synopsis: When Kylie's white boyfriend Michael insists that all black girls are sluts for white cock, Kylie puts her virginity on the line and bets the man that he can't seduce the one woman Kylie knows is pureHer own mother!! 

Plain Text Download: Like Mother, Like daughter.zip (18Kb)



kissing booth_sm.jpgKissing Booth Surprise

M/F, Romance, Interracial, Oral, Anal, Sperm Fetish

Synopsis: When a black college coed meets the man of her dreams, it's bound to create quite a sensation in Kylie's conservative family to discover that he's white. When it turns out that Kylie's seventeen year old sister, Natalie, has a white boyfriend of her own, however, that's when things really get crazy!

Plain Text Download: Kissing Booth Surprise.zip (31Kb)




While you're busy reading...I'll be working on this bad boy!!!

Have fun!


Miscellaneous Other Stuff

Everything you never wanted to know about Kylie...
and weren't afraid to ask!


Heyyyya! I figured I'd do this...just cause I got a lot of emails asking the same kinds of questions, so maybe that means a lot of people like me, or a lot of people think I'm full of it! :))) Probably both, huh? That's okay cause the net is what it is and if it wasn't I wouldn't have anywhere near enough bravery to write and post what I'm doing, you know? So yeah, there's some factors 'n aspects an all that to annoy us and stuff, but those same things are what brings us closer. It's like a paradox or something! Shoot! I'm a college girl! Paradox! :))

This page isn't for hooking up either, let me say that. I'm not looking for a date or anything. I just wanna talk about the stories and how they relate an all that goody stuff. So all this is gonna be boooooring!! If you're reading this, then...Wow! I guess that's cool, but I don't have any secret keys to life, the universe, and how to bake a perfect pie, you dig?

Okay, um the basic facts is that I'm female and my real name is really Kylie, but X is just...An X, okay? So like if I'm giving all the other Kylies a bad name and they wanna beat me down, bring it on, bitch! I like my name. I'm nineteen and black, African-American black, which means I probably got some Thomas Jefferson in me. That was a white boy who knew what a black girl is for!! I grew up middle class suburbia in the middle of the midwest and that's where I still am, so I don't know shit about the hood and gats and drive-by ghetto strollers, you hear me? A drive-by where I come from is checkin to see if your boyfriend's car is in his driveway, or if he's out mowing some other ho's lawn! Then I get my gat and shoot his cat and turn it into a hat and dat's all phat!



Characters I use and who they are...Or aren't...This isn't important, I'm funnin with myself :))

Kylie - That's me!!! Pretty much me as I see myself in real life, for better or worse. You can get the full scoop on the Everything About Kylie page, no sense repeating myself!! :))

My parents and my sister - If they're in a story, it's probably pretty close to what they're really like. No incest!!

Rodney - A real guy, but a different name and we date, sometimes, but he's my parents pick, not mine. He's black and pretty good lookin and he's got a good job and all that. But I want a white guy...Sorry, Rodney!

Jamie - A very real guy and I didn't change his name!! Too sexy, blonde and big and blue and oh shit! :)) I got the hots for him since I was like 15 years old!!!! He doesn't know I'm alive...Well, he does, but not like I wish he did, you know? He's married, but I don't care...Someday :))

Karen - A real person, different name. She lives next door to me in my college dorm and like my best friend at school. She's cool and fun and totally gay and I should devote a story to just her cause she's fine and if I was a lesbian, yeah! But I ain't so...Sorry Karen! I'll let her do me in a story, maybe, I dunno. I love her. She's my big white sister.

Kevin, Steve, Will, and Bobby - All real guys, but different names, and actually there's more guys and so they're kinda combined a little. Like every white boy I know at college and some I knew from high school are in those characters someplace. I do have a study group with these four guys in it, but there's like a dozen people in the group, so it's different than my story, and we hang out and there's some flirting and mostly if I wanna daydream about someone I pull one of those guys into my head, add a dash of one or two of the other guys, and you know...Let my fingers play some Bolero on my keyboard :))

Carl - Kind of a combination of guys I knew in high school, two guys in particular. One I wanted to fuck and the other wanted to fuck me. They were both pretty sweet and innocent and physically not like Carl at all...Unfortunately!

Dave - I stole that character from a guy I met at a party and he was so attached they needed to use the Jaws of Life to pry his girlfriend off him so he could use the bathroom. I swear, that bitch was KaRaZy!! Dave was seriously cute though and funny as hell and we never hooked up or nothing, but it was one of those looks, you know, like...Someday!! I have no idea how he feels about cream pies either...I was foolin with him. I hope he reads it, I didn't change his name!

Becky - That's Dave's bitch of a girlfriend and I didn't change her name either. I made her into Will's girlfriend and we don't like each other a whole lot. Yeah, I'm childish and a bitch and I hope she contracts Munchkin's Disease and grows to be 30 inches tall :)) Serves her right!!


I'm getting silly...It's Planet Kylie though, less gravity here. I don't talk like that in real life and so I don't write like that, I hope. I talk like, I dunno, the blonde that lives next door to you, giggles and all. One of the pictures on this page is me, by the way, but I'll let you pick the one you want. It's better that way :)) And that just shows how silly I really am anyway. Probably not a recent picture though!! But then again, I'm not old enough to have old pics either, so...

Okay, what do I look like? I got way, way too many requests for pictures and it's nice and flattering, but...I'm not a model, first of all. That's why I write instead of put my pictures up all over the internet and get famous that way. There's pics of me out there, I spent a lot of years on friendster and myspace and making little sister pages on the high school website, you know? There's a hundred pics of me floating around, I bet, but there ain't none of my bare butt, okay? Don't ask to see my bare black behind cause that's not what I'm about at all. I write nasty dirty sexy pornography, but that's different than taking a snapshot of my sweet black ________ (fill in the blank) and putting it on the web.



Knock up a black girl today! (She might be me!)


I'm almost exactly like the Kylie in the stories. My body and my face and personality-wise. The thing you gotta remember is that you read the words and imagine what you get from them, right? So when I describe Kylie in my stories, it's pretty much me with the little added bonus that I can leave out the stuff like I have big ears, and when I don't think about it I stand kinda pigeon toed for some reason. I leave that stuff out and talk about what great boobs I have, or how my ass is nice and round and not too big! :)) I'm five foot eight and I'm dark and my eyes are brown. I have sorta oriental eyes, I think, but other people disagree and say I look like a Vulcan. I'm not a Trekkie, btw, so don't start. I exercise my ass off everyday just running from class to class. A health club membership would be a lot cheaper than college, I know, but the results are the same. I have nice legs, a pert butt, and a flat little tummy that deserves a kiss.

Do I really love white guys? Yeah...That's the whole point of why I'm here. White guys push all my buttons and maybe it's just cause I'm mad at mom and dad, I don't know. Probably it's something deeper than that, but it is a theory. I love white men, particularly if they are (A) Tall and fit and smooth, I'm not into hairy guys; (B) Blonde with blue or especially blue/green eyes. Like that shade just between blue and green, oh fuck! I love that every time!; (C) Smarter than me (not a challenge) and funny, a guy has to be funny as hell or I'm lost; (D) He's gotta be like 18-35, although I've never actually dated any guy older than 26 so that 35 number is just, I dunno, a number; (E) and this is important...He's got to be into black girls, or not black girls specifically, but like he's gotta be into me and I'm black and so, yeah, you get it. I wanna be loved and respected and all that if I'm gonna give it back, you know?


Grow baby! Bust some cups, yo!


People ask me if I hate black guys...No, I don't hate anybody except terrorists, child molesters, and well, all the people who do stuff like that. Black guys are fine, I get along and I have black guy friends and everything. My dad is a black guy, okay? I like black guys just fine, but I don't want to date one, for one thing. I don't want to marry one or have a black guy's baby. White Cock Only, that's my deal, and now I'm old enough to know it's my body and my decision who gets to play with it. That could change tomorrow though, we don't know who we're gonna meet, or where and when. I could meet a black man and he could sweep me off my feet...But he better be one Prince Charming motherfucker!!! :)))

I took just a little rub from one or two people for using the word "nigger" like I do. The thing with that, and it comes out of my life like a lot of stuff in the Kylie stories, the thing is you have to have it in context, right? Is that the word, context? Nobody ever calls me that in public, it happened once when I was like fifteen and some kid said it cause he wanted to hurt me. Fuck him. It don't mean anything. What I like, and what Kylie likes in her stories, is hearing that word "nigger" along with other words, like "slut" and "whore" and "nasty cocksucking bitch" all that dirty talk during sex. I like it, I swear, and I don't know why. It just turns me on and I tell guys when we have sex that I want to hear it. I love dirty nasty talk while I have sex. I want a guy to call me names and kind of degrade me or humiliate me like that. It trips me hard.

So, in my stories you probably see it isn't the white guy bringing it up, it's always Kylie asking for it. Sometimes guys don't like it and that's cool. It happens to me in bed, it happens in my stories, but a lot of guys'll do it if I ask nice. In the stories Kylie is always asking for it at some point and that's just cause it makes her as much like me as possible and helps me enjoy the story more. I try to make it clear in my stories too, that that kind of talk is just for the moment, just for the bedroom, right? I ain't into it out and about at the mall, or walking around campus. It's a private thing, a sex thang!! You know? Like getting my tits slapped, it feels good. A white guy telling me he's "...gonna fuck my nigger cunt hard!" that's just slapping my ego down and it makes me hot and juicy all over! Why? Beats me. I got my guesses, but it doesn't matter anyway. I'm not gonna stop.


gotbra.jpgPregnancy? Yeah, I'm into the risky sex thing, except I never take the risk :))) I mean it's like I'd love to get knocked up by accident with some white guy's baby, but God!! Talk about the end of the world, that would be it. So my story "Time Enough" is a lot of fantasy autobiography that way. I'm not on the pill, I tried two kinds, they like tested me first and I was sensitive, hyper to whatever the stuff is, too much hormones or whatever, so no way. I gave up looking for a pill that would work and I always use the condoms anyway, so that's my birth control method. No glove, no love!

They say it was really cool using condoms like ten years ago, it was the hip thing, but now people are less scared or something, or too used to it and condoms are like kind of iffy for some people. It sounds dumb, but I've had like ten sexual partners in my whole life, which might be a lot, or a little depending...It's a lot for me when I think about it, but anyway, three or four of those guys really tried to talk me out of making them wear a rubber, at least one time just so they could "feel me inside" :))) I was like...Go feel your hand in the shower, dude!! So, yeah, I'm clean and careful, but my mind is always like "Oh God I wish that rubber would break!!!!" and then later I'm like "Thank God that rubber didn't break!!!!" so it's a mood thing, a moment thing when I'm doing it. A weakness!

Anyway, in my stories I like to get pregnant cause...Hey, it's my story and me in it and I want to have a little white baby that's half me. I mean, I'm dying for one to love and hold and teach and raise and...Shoot, I'll cry! :))) I gotta change the subject cause I'm like ready to breed!

What else am I into? Sexually, I like more than one guy, but I guess that's obvious. I mean I never cheated on a guy I was serious with, but I was never all that serious with any guy anyway. I like more than one guy at a time though, honestly. Like three or four guys at once? Hell yeah! I want it. I did two guys before, a boyfriend and one of his friends and it was fantastic. I mean, I was all over the place and the best sex ever. No romance cause it's hard to get all romantic with one guy while the other one is shoving his cock in my mouth, but yeah, sex-wise, wow!! I'd do a gang-bang, if I knew all the guys and trusted them and all that, but trying to get like six guys together? Maybe I gotta try harder!! :))

I like being watched. I mean, like seriously watched which is like multiple partners, if half the guys are just sitting there jerking off with their girlfriends staring at me. Like, okay, my real fantasy, one of them is fucking like four white guys in front of their white girlfriends or wives even. I'm way off into that! I don't wanna be caught on a bus or something, but like in a house, with other people into it, a white girl watching me getting some of her boyfriend's white cock and yeah...Okay, I gotta stop writing like this!

Um...That's about it for my really weird fetishes. I guess I'm into oral and anal is great, in case you ain't figured me for that yet. I like it all different ways, but oral is the best. I like getting it and I love giving it. I could probably be real happy just going down on a guy and I swallow. Mostly, sometimes...I mean some guys, I dunno what it is, diet or something. Some guys just taste...Wrong :)) But nah, mostly I swallow that stuff down and it's good and yummy in my tummy and I can deep throat too, but not like huge cocks. Like a normal cock, you know? I can swallow around it and get it all the way in, it's cool. Huge cocks are fun, but I only knew one guy who was huge and it was too huge, it kinda spoiled it really. Average is good, big is better, but huge is on the other side of the bell curve, the down side...Sorry you massively hung studly guys :)) I'm not into the size thing past about oh...eight inches is really nice. And thick is better than long for me. Talking about cocks now...Jesus, Kylie!

Anal sex is a pain in the ass! :))) I like it okay though, this one guy I dated was really into it and pushing and pushing and finally I said yeah, okay I'll try one time and it wasn't that bad. I mean, it didn't hurt like I always thought it would. I read some stories and it's always like the girl is dying, you know? The worst thing in the world! But it felt good for me so we did it more and more and now I'm fine with it, but I don't go looking for it, you know. If a guy wants to fuck me in the ass though, yeah I'm okay with it and it feels nice. Maybe I got a big ass inside to make up for my little booty outside :)) I dunno.


off the hook.jpgWhat I'm not really into? Ummm...I'm not really into the cream pie thing :)) I wrote a story about it and I like sloppy just fine, but I don't have any weird sperm fetish or anything and I don't really want a boyfriend who's going to clean me up after, you know. Guys who don't mind making out after I give them a blowjob, that's cool though. Some guys aren't into it, some guys don't care. Sex is all sex for me though and I got no problem sucking a tongue that's been in my pussy for half an hour, so... :))

I'm not into other girls at all. I got hit on before by some girls, a friend of mine is gay and she's kinda hitting on me from time to time, but that's just fooling around mostly. She knows I'm not even a little "bi-curious" it just doesn't interest me. I like boys and cocks and Tab A in Slot B, all that. I'm not into BDSM or getting hurt or spanked or whatever, except I like it kind of rough with my tits sometimes. Like good hard biting and pinching and pulling. Spank my tits, yeah, I'm okay with that, but playfully, you know. Maybe my pussy, this guy was like spanking my pussy once and that actually felt pretty good too, but don't break out any whips and chains or tie me down, okay?

Non sex stuff? I'm an undeclared major. I have no idea what I'm going to college for. Seriously. I'm just doing it to meet guys, mostly. I figured that much out. I'm totally not serious about school, which is bad. I never got really good grades anyway and I like to goof off too much. So I'm looking for guys and hanging out and probably I'm gonna meet a guy and fall in love and get married and drop out and have babies and be really happy doing that. Liberated huh? Not me!

I swear, I just want to be a mom and a wife and all that and the fun part right now is just meeting the people and figuring out what I want and don't want in a guy. I have a boyfriend, a white guy right now, but we're never getting married or anything, I know that. It's just fun. There is a "Rodney" a black guy who is almost sorta could be my boyfriend if I'd give him half a chance. My parents like him and he's nice but we just go out once in awhile and sometimes, I dunno, I don't love him, but I like him and respect him, you know. My personal life is a mess, really so...

I'm into outside. I like water skiing in the summer, way cool!! And cross country skiing in winter. I never really tried downhill just cause there aren't a lot of big hills around where I'm from. I like hiking and fishing, but just so I don't have to like bait my own hook or take the fish off while I catch one. I like sitting in the boat mostly.

Classical music is way good for me, I'm into it. I worship Mozart and well, yeah all the big guns, you know. Beethoven and Tchaikovsky especially, but I'm into some other stuff too. Ravel is my recent kick and old Bach, the really phat organ shit he did, and you can read his life in it, you know? I like hip-hop and rap, yeah. Some rock stuff, like Chili Peppers are cool and Black Eyed Peas, they're hookin, so I dunno. I'm all over musically. I don't read a lot, um I collect thimbles, but only cause my grammy gave me a hundred of them when I was little so I'm always looking for old cool ones. I'm a huge movie freak, I love Johnny Depp and okay, the best actors man...My list of the best actors alive today: Depp, Chris Cooper, Sean Penn, Don Cheetle, you get the idea...Those guys can do anything. I mean, I dunno, I'm into acting more than looks, even though Depp...God!!!!! And Brad Pitt is way underrated I think, he does some amazing stuff, but he's so pretty...Poor man!!:)))

I'm pretty boring huh?


My 10th grade math teacher showing me how 1+1=3...Sometimes :)


Thanx for hanging out here and looking at my stuff...It's all fantasy, nobody got hurt here, right? I put my stories on SOL and on ASSM so you can go score my stories on SOL if you want. I like high scores so don't feel guilty if you give me a ten!! :))) Nah, vote your heart, right? Vote Bush...No, the other bush, you know the one. Vote for what you feel! Shoot, this thin air is making me silly and I'm late for my next class. I'm gonna take off so be cool and come back anytime.




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