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Following is a complete index of all stories in TYGER's collection. For a month-by-month listing of stories added over the past year, please see the Monthly Updates section on the main page.

1943.txt 1943 [454]
By Rider
The privilege of power exhibited by the commander of a Nazi concentration camp in 1943.

Rider has given us a refreshingly unique setting for a provocatively erotic story.

3rs.txt The Three R's [554]
By Larry Mason
Richard had agreed with his twin sister Rachel that he shouldn't be the first guy to penetrate her. Then Ron joined them for an afternoon down by the creek...

Here is one of those hard to find stories which manages to avoid the pitfalls of so many while remaining highly erotic. Realism is one of its strengths.

3time.txt Triple Time [433]
By Amy K.
Another episode in the story of Amy and Samantha, this tale describes the cousins first sexual intercourse with a boy as they share Sam's boyfriend. This episode follows "Our First Time" (our1time.txt).

The first two-thirds of this story seems to hold a promise of eroticism to come, but alas, the excitement is dashed as the real action begins. Better than some of the previous episodes, this series still has a ways to go and time is running out.

7yonymph.txt Seven Year Old Nympho [454]
By Leslie Schmidt
When his sister is called to active duty, a junior in college moves into her apartment to take care of her 7 year old daughter while she is away. He soon discovers a side to his niece that he would never have expected.

This is a hot little story. Sure would like to know what happens next.

a-c01.txt Amanda and Christine - Deflowering Christine [453
By Chris Cummings
Accepting an invitation to check out her best friend's new hot tub, Christine and her dad are invited to do even more than that.

More could have been done to improve the realism and eroticism of this story, but it's good for a stroke.

alison.txt Alison [554]
By Lisa Cohn
Every father thinks that there is something very special about any daughter of his. He loves them from their birth and watches them grow, shares with them all the difficulties of growing up, and finally sees them leave the nest to continue with their own lives. There is a love, a special kind of love, that means that they will always be there for eachother. A love which gives each the desire to comfort and protect eachother in times of need, sadness or distress. Sometimes this love goes further to the point when a greater physical love plays a part. This story reaches that point and beyond.

This is better than the typical "daddy deflowers daughter" story. It's written with sensitivity and sensuality.

amanda01.txt Amanda's Accident [433]
By little_girl_watcher
A father describes how he carried out his first "molestation" of his young daughter.

Although this story didn't receive my highest rating, I must say that there were elements of this story that were very arousing and exciting. I certainly hope to read more about Amanda.

amanda02.txt Amanda's Questions [444]
By little_girl_watcher
The next time Amanda and her Daddy engage in sex play it's in the middle of the night. This is the second part in what will hopefully be a series about Amanda and her Daddy. (See amanda01.txt for part 1.)

Being a series, these first parts of this story concentrate on setup. I anticipate that subsequent parts will continue to increase in eroticism as this part was even better than the last.

amy.txt Amy [345]
By EdensGift
A girl's best friend is pregnant and the father has run off, so she assumes his role, both emotionally and sexually.

As lesbian stories go, this one's pretty good and tastefully done, showing a side of the feminine reaction not often found in similar stories written by men.

angel.txt Touched By An Angel [554]
By Tyger and Daphne
A businessman flying from Boston to Seattle on a business trip is seatted next to a sexy and precocious young girl travelling by herself. A malfunction with the aircraft necessitates a landing in Fargo, resulting in an overnight delay.

Having collaborated on this story, what can I say? It's good! Read it!

babybob.txt Bobby's Baby-sitter [044]
By The Keeper
A teenage babysitter sexually molests her infant charge.

Although not arousing, this is an interesting and unusual story.

beerprty.txt The Beer Party [343]
By Blackwind
Twelve year old Chelsea sneaks out at night to attend a beer party and gets gang raped.

Violent rape is described in this story, but to say much more would spoil it. If you can handle the topic, it's worth the read.

blakfam1.txt Black Family Love [332]
By Ebony Love
Ebony describes her initiation into "family love" beginning at age two.

This is a rather straight-forward telling without much embellishment. The author promises more to come.

bonus.txt The Baby-sitter's Bonus [543]
By Velvet Rose
A high school girl takes a job babysitting for a former teacher on whom she has a crush. She receives a bonus in the form of fulfillment of her fantasies.

The plot of this story is predictable, but the author manages to avoid most of the pitfalls usually found in such stories, thus making it more arousing than the average tale of its kind.

brenda01.txt Brenda and the Preacher [553]
By Brenda Reynolds
Brenda describes the summer after her twelfth birthday -- the summer of her first sexual experience.

The credibility of this story is enhanced as much by what is omitted as by what is described. This is a very exciting story!

bro-love.txt A Brother's Love [554]
By Stephen Peters
After their mother leaves and their father becomes a drunk, a brother and sister find solace in each other.

This story is not quite as fully developed and thought out as the other stories by this author, but it is still above average and a very good read.

brownose.txt Brown Nosing [544]
By Phil Phantom
A wife and mother describes "brown nosing" her husband's boss by allowing him sexual favors with her daughters.

This is primarily a stroke story, very arousing, but not outstandingly interesting. It is well written and entertaining in a sexual way.

camptrip.txt The Camping Trip [553]
By C. B.
Two years after the death of his wife, events unfold during a camping trip with his daughter which turns this architect's life around and changes their relationship forever.

This new author has shared a fantasy which gets right down to business. I hope to see more from this author.

candream.txt I Can Dream, Can't I? [354]
By Larry Mason
Meg let me pop open the snaps at each side of her shorts and pull them down. She wasn't wearing any underwear - girls in a dream never wear any. "Your thing gets hard when you just look at my bare skin," she observed. "Wow! I guess I have a sexy body, even if I don't have breasts yet."

This story barely qualified for my collection -- making it solely due to the dream sequence. It struggles to be arousing, but at least it doesn't suffer from many of the pitfalls so common among more erotic stories.

chelsea1.txt Tales of Chelsea 1 - Chelsea at the pool party
By Mr. Jones
Ostracized by the other girls at a birthday party, Chelsea befriends the father of the birthday girl. The friendship soon leads to intimacy of a sexual nature.

As part of a longer story, this makes a good beginning. It does not stand by itself so well, however. Let's hope for more development in part 2.

claswork.txt Class Work [332]
By Velvet rose
This is a sequel to "The Baby-sitter's Bonus" (bonus.txt) where the now ex-babysitter trysts with her teacher-lover at school during a pep rally.

As sometimes happens with sequels, this story is a severe disappointment. The writing and storyline seem rushed, the events seem stereotypical and contrived, as though the author felt compelled to add them. Regretfully, the story is not as interesting or as arousing as the Baby-sitters Bonus.

clayton.txt Clayton's Children [545]
By Clayton
A glimpse into Clayton's pedophillic lifestyle where he describes babysitting 2 young sisters; the elder sister seducing him based on his reputation.

The slow progression that this story takes in developing lends to its eroticism and entertainment. It makes for a very enjoyable read.

cling.txt Static Cling [434]
By Project Leader
Sexual tension between a brother and sister overheats when she decides to get revenge for a lusty dream.

This story is quite well written. Just the slightest bit of editing would improve this story tremendously.

comp-man.txt Company Man [544]
By Phil Phantom
A man will go to any length to get a good promotion, even if it means making his wife a "company" woman.

As with other stories from this author, this is a stroke story. Unfortunately, it only eludes to the sex involving young girls, but the story is arousing, so I've included it in the collection.

dadangel.txt Daddy's Little Angel [553]
By Aspen
From child to woman -- she was always the center of his attention.

This story is a bit weak in character development, but it certainly has some hot scenes.

dadstory.txt Angel...A Father's Story [445]
By EdensGift
A father tells the story of how he begins a sexual relationship with his 15 year old daughter.

The author expects to continue this story. The writing style is good, but the plot is not very original. So far, it has not inspired me to great heights of arousal. Watch for updates to this one, does have potential.

dickjane.txt Dick and Jane [454]
By Larry Mason
Dick and Jane spend a few days together discovering the joys of sex. Then Jane's friend Sally makes Dick an offer he can't refuse.

If you enjoyed the "Three R's" by this author, you'll probably like this story. There are some incongruities in the characters which detract slightly from the eroticism, but the author has managed to mostly avoid the pitfalls which afflict so many erotic stories.

enigma.txt Enigma [454]
By C. B.
A wealthy Bachelor takes a young hooker off the streets and gives her a good life.

Be aware that this story contains some violence, but not directed at the main characters. It would be best categorized as an adult fairy tale.

friends1.txt My Daughter's Friends [553]
By Blueboy
A widower is seduced by his daughter and her girlfriend. Then, the two girls throw a birthday party for him that he'll never forget.

There is so much about this story that is unrealistic. Indeed, it exceeds the realm of possibility, but it does provide much fodder for fantasy. Pick yours and enjoy!

gina.txt Gina [554]
By Rider
A 12 year old boy is "stuck" with babysitting his 6 year old cousin -- a task he doesn't relish until she teaches him a new game.

Another very good story by Rider, again with a fresh approach to a common theme.

hookie.txt Hookie [333]
By Stella Teller
This is a take-off on J Edwins' story called "At Risk With Lena" (lena.txt), about an older man "teaching" a young girl about things sexual. This story is a follow up on the girl/girl sex aspect, introduced in Lena's story. The names of the characters and title have been changed by request from J Edwins.

The pretense of "teaching young girls about sex" seems a bit deceitful, tarnishing the storyline slightly, but the author's handling of dialog between characters in this story is some of the best I've read in young girl erotica.

icerink1.txt ICE ARENA [554]
By Q. Kimber
This "inside story" about an up-and-coming figure skater looks "behind the scenes" at what it takes to make a talented skater into an International champion and ice skating star.

It's about time someone wrote a story like this! This is part 1 of what promises to be an excellent series.

icerink2.txt ICE ARENA -- PART II [554]
By Q. Kimber
This is the second episode in the story of Holly Martin's climb to the top of the International ice skating world. It's clear that her talents extend far beyond the ice arena!

Part 2 of this story was well worth the wait. It's every bit as good as part 1. I can't wait for part 3!

icerink3.txt ICE ARENA -- PART III [444]
By Q. Kimber
This is the third episode in the story of Holly Martin's climb to the top of the International ice skating world. She's gaining a winning reputation...on and off the ice.

This episode turned out to be a disappointment. Holly's behavior in the final scene is quite out of character and there are a number of inconsistencies between this and previous episodes which detract from its appeal.

inc3some.txt Threesome In Incest [452]
By [email protected]
A 15 year old boy tells us about a time when he spent the night with a friend his age, and by way of a porn video, they both had sex with his friend's younger sister. This episode is complete, but the author indicates that the series will be continued.

This story is by the author of "The Lesson" (lesson.txt) and the comments made there genrally apply here as well.

indian.txt Indian Babe [344]
By James Campbell
A geography teacher befriends a new student and is rewarded beyond his wildest imaginations.

This story is a good first attempt by this new author, but it's certainly not outstanding.

jenny.txt Jenny [453]
By Blueboy
This is the story of a beautiful half cast Indian girl called Jenny and the man who became infatuated with her.

I can't find anything to rave about in this story, but it's good.

jenny01.txt Jenny's Sleepover [553]
By Christopher Burg
Due to a family emergency, Jenny needs a last-minute babysitter. Her parents ask their neighbor, a widower, if he would mind and he accepts.

Christopher Burg has done it again! His second story is every bit as good as his first. Let's hope he writes a sequel.

jessica.txt Jessica-Sitting [544]
By The White Rabbit
Jessica grew up next door to Steve. He was always there for her when she needed him, even when others were not. He was there for her, too, when she was ready to learn about and experience sex.

This is an erotic love story which I hope to see the author continue.

jessica2.txt Jessica-Sitting II [544]
By The White Rabbit
Continuing Jessica's story, she invites her best girlfriend/lover over to share in her newfound experiences with Steve.

This is a very good second part to Jessica's story. I hope it continues.

jill.txt Jill's Odyssey [535]
By NyteMyst
A 15 year old runaway is travelling by bus, and during a long layover, she reminisces about her past sexual experiences while observing her surroundings, finally accepting a "date" with a man who approaches her.

NyteMyst tantalizes us with some of the most arousing scenes found in erotic literature, only to leave us wondering what happens next and wishing for more -- not just once, but after each flashback. The end of the story is particularly unfulfilling and disappointing.

jules.txt Jules [554]
By Samara
A photographer shooting fall scenery in the woods finds himself being watched by a young girl. When she asks to have her picture taken, he agrees and discovers she is an exceptionally willing model.

Realism is the strength of this story, making it one of the more erotic in my collection.

juliet01.txt Juliet [553]
By Yoncray
A widower meets a young girl during his walks through the valley behind his house. They exchange greetings, and before long, a relationship begins to develop. His new video camera provides a vehicle for their mutual seduction.

This is an intriguing story. It's an intergenerational story where one wonders whether the man or the girl is the more active seducer. More is planned for this story -- something to look forward to in this case.

katie.txt Katie [553]
By James Milano
A precocious 14 year old girl seduces a good-looking and fit forest ranger during her vacation with her family at their cabin.

This author's first contribution to this collection turns out to be a very nice little story.

kayleigh.txt A Date For Kayleigh [554]
By The White Rabbit
A "little girl watcher" observes a group of girls teasing one of their group and learns that she is being teased because she can't get a boyfriend. She asks him if he'd "take her on a date" just once and he cautiously agrees.

This is a heartwarming tale of compassion, desire and burgeoning romance.

landlady.txt The Landlady's Daughter [555]
By NyteMyst
A college professor takes a room in a boarding house and finds himself attracted to and ultimately seduced by the landlady's young daughter.

NyteMyst has created another masterpiece of erotic literature.

lara01.txt Church and the Picnic [554]
By Mad Mick
Every year all the churches in my religion have a large get together and picnic in one of the large parks in our area. This is what happened at the last one.

This is the debut story for this author and he's off to a great start. He's considering a sequel and I'm looking forward to that.

legend.txt The Legend [454]
By Larry Mason
"Don't you wish you'd lived around here in those days? But you'd have to be eligible. Are you?" she asked. I blushed and nodded. "Me too," she said. "When's the next full moon?"

There is a bit more plot in this story than in much erotica and it takes an interesting twist, but still, it's just another boy meets girl story.

leilani.txt Leilani [554]
By Spectre
A middle-aged bachelor finds himself drawn into a relationship with a young girl -- a relationship unprecedented in his experience before or since.

This is an excellent first story for this author. The only thing one might wish for is more dialog -- a way to get to know Leilani better.

leilani2.txt Leilani Part 2: Paradise Lost and Found [454]
By Spectre
Leilani returns a year after her departure to renew her relationship with her middle-aged lover.

I was surprised to receive this sequel to Leilani as I didn't really expect one. It was a slight disappointment, perhaps because it was less complete -- not only with respect to what comes next, but so many questions were left unanswered. I hope the author continues what he has begun again.

lena.txt At Risk With Lena [343]
By J. Edwins
This is the story of an older man who "teaches" a teenage girl and her girlfriend about sexual things.

This story is unfinished. Installment 1 contains the first three parts. It's moving very, very slowly -- a benefit when character development is strong, but even that is moving slowly. At this rate, this will be a novel. The coercion towards lesbian sex is also somewhat disturbing.

lesson.txt The Lesson [452]
By [email protected]
A 16 year old boy describes a sexual experience he has with his 12 year old cousin while he is helping her with her history lesson.

In this story, the narrator (author?) claims to be 16 and that English is not his native language. It is easy to conclude from the writing that either or both are true. However, this is a bit of a blessing. The story is not encumbered with much of the baggage that many authors feel compelled to include in stories of this nature. Overlooking technicalities, this story is erotic.

lilsusie.txt Little Susie [555]
By Robin Smythe
Little Susie envies her big sister until she attends an unsupervised party hosted by her older sister and discovers her sister has nothing on her.

This author has worked very, very hard to make this story extremely erotic and it shows. This story is definitely among the hottest stories in my collection.

linda.txt My New Stepsister [354]
By fred-fan
The author describes "the game" he plays with his new step sister.

Written as a compilation of true events, this story is low on the arousal scale. The fantasies mentioned at the end of the story might make for much more interesting reading.

lisapnty.txt Lisa's Panties [335]
By NyteMyst
Lisa walks in on her 13 year old cousin as he is masturbating with a pair of her panties in the barn. He's humilliated, but Lisa finally convinces him that it's ok and she's not mad.

With his usual excellence, NyteMyst has handled the "masturbation discovery" very well. But, unless you're a TV or anal fettishist, this story is limited to just a few arousing tidbits. All in all, the story is a nice introduction to 2 characters who have found a sexual relationship together, but all their exciting sexual encounters have been left to the reader's imagination.

litlslut.txt The Little Slut [544]
By Writin' Roy
A high school boy tells of a party he attends with a young promiscuous coed.

The author places a bit too much emphasis on the "sluttiness" of the girl in this story and the lesbian scene is a bit contrived, but overall, this is a good story and a hot read.

lori.txt Lori [535]
By NyteMyst
A freelance author working at home observes Lori playing with his dog one day. Lori notices him watching her and she strikes up a conversation. Gradually they get better acquainted and develop an intimate friendship.

This story contains one of the most erotic "miniskirt" scenes I've ever read. In contrast, the end of the story was a huge disappointment.

me-betty.txt Me and Betty [252]
By GeorgeDB
A teenage boy finds some sexual relief through his 8 year old cousin, Betty.

This is a very, very short story -- almost not a story at all. There's very little plot, very little action and very little sex. It is believable.

megan01.txt MEGAN [554]
By Q. Kimber
A wealthy and powerful bachelor adopts his 7 year old niece after her parents, his brother and sister-in-law, are killed in an auto accident. He soon discovers that his niece is far from sexually innocent and he learns where and how she came by her experience.

This is an excellent beginning for this new author. His style and realistic perspective give this story an edge over most stories of its kind. We can truly look forward to future stories by this author.

megan02.txt MEGAN 2 [554]
By Q. Kimber
In this second part to Megan's story, Megan initiates a plan for expanding her sexual experiences and those of her father/lover.

The author continues to keep this story grounded in reality. Even as Megan gets older, she remains exciting and erotic.

megan03.txt MEGAN 3 [554]
By Q. Kimber
The plan initiated in part 2 of Megan's story comes to fruition in this third part.

This part was almost obligatory after part 2, and it was handled quite well indeed under the circumstances. However, the author claims this will be the final part of Megan's story, abandoning it in favor of another story project which just might be for the best.

meghan.txt Meghan and the Wedding Reception Party [453]
By Mr. Jones
While attending a wedding reception, Mr. Jones has a brief sexual interlude with a 13 year old girl also in attendance.

This is a nice little story and actually quite believable, but it does leave one wondering why more didn't happen and whether another encounter might take place. We can certainly hope so!

michele.txt Michele [555]
By Stephen Peters
A 16 year old girl, Michele, seeks refuge with her neighbor, John, to avoid her parents who are constantly fighting.

This is definitely one of the best stories in my collection. It is as much a moving story as it is an erotic story. But, there is plenty of both: emotion and arousal.

minister.txt The Minister And The Little Girl [554]
By Daphne
A minister gives "special instruction" to young girls in his flock.

Written from a young girl's perspective, this story has just the right blend of tension and eroticism.

momsaid.txt My Mother Said I Never Should [454]
By The White Rabbit
Lucy finds herself being raped by the vicar, who intends to kill her when he's done. But, she's saved by a handsome gypsy who takes her back to his camp where he shows her the pleasurable side of love making.

This story stands out with its uncommon setting, but much of the premise of this story is a bit far-fetched. A girl who has just been violently raped isn't likely to be able, let alone be ready to enjoy pleasurable sex within a few hours. She's also not likely to fall in love in that time frame either.

myjacket.txt My Jacket [554]
By Larry Mason
Michelle came downstairs wearing my jacket. Her lace trimmed panties peeked out below the jacket hem, crowning her bare thighs.

This is a short story for this author, but it's packed with everything it needs to be highly erotic.

nbrgirls.txt Neighbor Girls [554]
By Typoman
The author says, "A bit of true memory with a lot of I wish thrown in!" He describes his early childhood sexual experiences with a couple of neighbor girls.

This touching little vignette manages to convey some of the passions, insecurities and fears that drive our sexual awakening.

neighbor.txt Neighbors [545]
By NyteMyst
Kelly and Mia are cousins who befriend Kelly's next door neighbor, a real estate agent. Upon noticing his camera which he uses to photograph property he sells, Mia informs him of Kelly's interest in making a movie -- a porno movie...

Here's another excellent story by the author of "Sweet Torment" (storment.txt). Not quite reaching the lofty pinnacle set by that story, "Neighbors" is not far behind.

nextdoor.txt The Girl Next Door [553]
By Shannon DeMarco
Don't judge a book by its cover. Those words were never more appropriate than when they were applied to the girl next door.

This story would benefit most from further character development, but it is a rather nice little piece as it stands.

oldfarm1.txt The Old Farmhouse [553]
By Zocolis
A man catches kids playing in the vacant old farmhouse down the road and is quite pleasantly surprised to discover the games they are playing.

This is an excellent beginning to a story. What is written so far is very arousing. Unfortunately, it ends quite abruptly and is expected to be continued.

our1time.txt Our First Time [343]
By Amy K.
Amy tells us how she lost her cherry at the hands of her female cousin on her fourteenth birthday. [A sequel to "Summer Camp"

Although this story is entitled "Our First Time," it doesn't really seem like their first time at all. Both girls seem comfortable with and knowledgeable about lesbian sex right from the beginning. It seems incongruous that Amy would be made to feel uncomfortable by small kisses from her boyfriend, but she accepts French kisses and much, much more without question from her female cousin. Also, the aggressiveness and language of the cousin seems more befitting of an adult male rather than an adolescent girl. Actually, the eroticism of this story would be improved greatly if it was rewritten to make the cousin an uncle. I don't think it would be a difficult task either. As with "Summer Camp" however, there are gems of eroticism found in this story.

petal.txt The Story Of Petal [444]
By Adversity
Dr. Coward has trained and conditioned his daughter from a very early age to please men. This is her story.

The writing is good. The story is strange. Just a little too far out overall, but it has moments of eroticism which make it worth the read.

pleasure.txt The Pleasures of Sex [333]
By Blueboy
A man describes his sexual history from early childhood to adulthood, including his sexual experiences with his brother and swinging contacts with his wife.

Although one might be able to imagine this as being the tale of someone's sexual history, it's not a very erotic history.

safe-sex.txt Safe-sex [444]
By Frank McCoy
A boy and his 2 younger sisters engage in incest as a method of "safe sex."

"Safe sex" in this story must be defined as avoidance of disease, not birth control -- I don't think Frank McCoy can write a "birth control" story.

safesex.txt Safe Sex [544]
By Sarah Ann Talley
Two brothers loosen their younger sister with alcohol then take advantage of her sexually. With her cooperation, they continue to use her as their "safe sex" partner because she is too young to become pregnant.

Written in response to "Safe-sex" (safe-sex.txt), this story more directly addresses the "birth control" issue and ultimately is a much better and more arousing story.

sam1tree.txt Samantha in the Tree [454]
By Rider
It's been 3 years since he's seen his cousin, Samantha. She's now 11 and curious about sex. Being 14, he's equally interested, so one day as they're sitting in a tree, they begin their sexual explorations.

This is the first in a series of stories about Samantha and her cousin. It's a good start.

sam2rtrn.txt Samantha Returns [554]
By Rider
The day after Samantha and her cousin begin their sexual explorations, they are alone together at her cousin's house while his parents are out for the evening. This is an opportunity they cannot pass up.

This is the second part in the series about Samantha and her cousin. It's one of the better "first time" stories I have in my collection.

sam3sitr.txt Samantha's Sitter [544]
By Rider
Samantha and her cousin get another chance to be alone together for the evening -- this time at her house while her parents go out. She has a swimming pool in her back yard.

The third story in the series about Samantha and her cousin, this is a setup for the fourth (and final?) part.

sam4prty.txt Samantha at the Party [554]
By Rider
Samantha and her cousin attend a preteen sex party.

This is the fourth (and final?) part in the series about Samantha and her cousin. It's one of the best group sex stories in my collection.

sarah.txt Sarah [554]
By Lisa Cohn
A sailor, home on leave, is seduced by the 11 year old girl living next door who has learned about kissing from her boyfriend and about sex from a porn film.

This is a very good story.

sarahdad.txt Sarah's Daddy [554]
By Ms. Which
A man's alienation from his wife fuels his lust for his daughter which she encourages.

For a change, the girl talks and acts age appropriately in this story. The scenario is quite believable, lending to its eroticism.

sex-ed.txt Sex Education [453]
By Cherry Popper
A teacher fulfills a life-long fantasy by seducing three of his very young and willing students.

Good try, but this story is just too contrived and unrealistic. It would have been much better to divide these events into three distinct occasions, one girl at a time.

shauva1.txt Shauvaghn and Mr. Jones [453]
By Mr. Jones
Shauvaghn tells about bumping into her first lover at the mall.

This is Mr. Jones third story and his hottest! It's also his most complete.

shed.txt Shed Behind The Garage [454]
By Larry Mason
Three boys "initiate" a girl into their club which meets in the shed behind the garage.

This adaptation of another story certainly improved over the original in terms of eroticism. Unfortunately, the plot was weakened in the process.

sibinc01.txt Sibling Incest [543]
By Carol Martin
Carol tells us about her incestuous relationships with her brother and sister beginning just before her eighth birthday.

A very arousing "true" story which makes one want to hear more.

sislove.txt Sisterly Love [554]
By Ms. Which
While caring for her severely injured older brother, a 14 year old girl decides to take advantage of the situation to learn about boys and sex.

This author writes very arousing stories around believable scenarios. This story is a prime example.

slumber.txt Slumber Party [554]
By Amy and Larry
A single mother gets called away on an emergency while her teenage daughter is having a slumber party with 4 of her friends, so she asks her neighbor if he'll "babysit" while she's away at the hospital overnight. Her neighbor, a teacher at the daughter's school, agrees and before the night is over, he and the girls are playing sex games.

This is one of the best stories in my collection. The only criticism I can make is that it might be slightly overdone. Five girls is just too many to allow this story to work perfectly, but it's a minor distraction and one finishes the story wondering what happens next.

star.txt Shooting Star [544]
By Max Manion
Fulfilling a promise to take his niece on a camping trip results in a star performance by his niece.

This would be an excellent story if it weren't for the abuse of drugs by the main characters. That's a serious turn off.

stokholm.txt Stockholm [434]
By Rider
A young girl is kidnapped and held prisoner. She decides to cooperate to avoid harsh punishment but eventually becomes attached and cooperates as much from desire as fear.

The strength of this story lies in its unusual theme. As with other Rider stories, most notably 1943, the theme is quite rare in erotic literature. He also handles the nonconsensual elements of this story much more realistically than do so many authors of erotica.

storment.txt Sweet Torment [555]
By NyteMyst
Jo comes to spend the summer with her Uncle while her grandparents, whom she lives with, deal with some medical problems. Jo's uncle finds himself extremely sexually attracted to her and tries to resist the temptation, but Jo eventually breaks down his resistance.

This is quite possibly the best story I have published on this site. What more can I say?

sumrcamp.txt Summer Camp [343]
By Amy K.
Female cousins, 8 months apart in age, are both sent to the same summer camp. There, they explore nature -- and sex with each other.
[see "Our First Time" (our1time.txt) for a sequel.]

A few elements of this story are fairly arousing, such as some of the French kissing scenes and the attention the girls gave to each other's legs, but unfortunately, these were rather sparsely spread throughout the story. Overall, it was not powerfully erotic. On the other hand, this story did manage to avoid most of the "turn offs" that seem to plague this sort of tale.

sumrcoll.txt Summer Collection [544]
By Rider
Summer, Cory and Barbie come to live with their great uncle when they are 4, 2 and 1 respectively. He discovers they have been sexually abused by their mother's boyfriend before they came to live with him and he encourages the sexual behavior they exhibit.

In many ways, this story is very good. It does require a stretch of the imagination to believe that children of this age can engage in some of the activities described. Also, part 3 seems a little inconsistent with earlier parts of the story and even with itself. Still, it is a good story.

sumrcons.txt Summer Consequences [012]
By Amy K.
A continuation of the story begun in Summer Camp (sumrcamp.txt) where 2 female cousins, 8 months apart in age, are both sent to the same summer camp. In this episode, they "get caught" by one of the camp counselors.

Although this story is a continuation of Summer Camp, this episode is quite a departure from the previous episodes. Unfortunately, this one did not manage to avoid the "turn offs" and in fact, seemed to be written solely for the purpose of including them. I hope that's the case and that the author got that out of the way and will get back to writing more erotic stories.

sumrtime.txt Summer Time [355]
By NyteMyst
Two girls at the same summer camp for the third season, but sharing the same cabin for the first time, get to know each other very intimately.

Although this author writes some really excellent stories, this is not one of his best.

swornsec.txt Sworn Secrets [554]
By Jack Handee
A father's fantasies about his teenaged son's girlfriend turn into a reality when she discovers an erotic story about her on his computer.

This story was inspired by a net legend and was written to follow a photo series of the teenage model, resulting in a slightly erratic flow of the storyline. Despite this minor distraction, the story is well written and quite erotic.

thebox.txt The Box [554]
By Rider
This is not a love story. A boy, age unstated but probably teenaged, loses his father and begins to search through his father's possessions. In this search, he discovers something about himself, and something surprising about his father as well. His younger sister helps him to complete this voyage of discovery, but perhaps not exactly as you might expect.

This author continues to surprise me. Here again is an erotic story with a unique twist.

thebox2.txt The Box - Part 2 [554]
By Rider
In this episode, we enter the world of abnormal psychology. How would a girl whose whole life had been spent engaging in sexual activities with her father react after his death?

I didn't really expect a sequel to The Box, and this isn't quite what I would have imagined the sequel would be, but it's still hot in the traditional Rider style.

theclub.txt The Club [555]
By NyteMyst
Although a year older than the oldest of a group of boys who hang out together in his new neighborhood, Bradley is not welcomed into the group. However, the group leader's precocious little sister comes to Bradley's rescue and the two of them decide to form their own club. It turns out to be a much more gratifying alliance for both of them.

This is an entirely believable story, told by one of my favorite erotica story tellers.

thepool.txt The Pool [445]
By NyteMyst
Chad and his friend are visiting Chad's girlfriend and her little sister, Becky. Chad's friend and Becky watch as Chad and his girlfriend make love near the pool, stimulating them into a little sex play of their own.

This sexy little vignette illustrates the difference between reality and fantasy. Describing a realistic situation, it reminds one of those missed opportunities of yesteryear, leaving one fantasizing about what might have happened.

thestar1.txt The Star [332]
By Mr. Green
Lilly is a rising star. But both she and her mother perform behind the scenes as well.

In theme, this story is terribly similar to Ice Arena, but it's not nearly as well written or erotic as Ice Arena. We can hope that future parts show an improvement, but unfortunately, they don't have much of a foundation on which to build.

tinasbf1.txt Tina's Older Boyfriend - Part1 [453]
By Wolfie
A man who has obviously been lusting after a neighborhood girl sees an opportunity to make her acquaintance and seizes the moment.

This story is pretty weak in the creative writing department and it needs considerably more development, but it is to be continued, so it does show promise.

travel.txt Travelling Companion [555]
By NyteMyst
A man travelling by bus to a southern Texas military base finds himself seatted beside a young Mexican girl during much of the trip, and despite their language barrier, once the sun sets, they engage in some silent amorous exploration.

This is one of the sexiest little vignettes I've ever read. Bravo!

trishjen.txt Trisha and Jennifer [455]
By Stephen Peters
Two 13 year old girl's friendship expands into love as they explore their sexuality with each other and the brother of one of the girls.

This is a rather lengthy story delving deeply into the emotions of the main characters. It's really more of a love story than a sex story, although there is plenty of sex, too.

twins.txt Twins [353]
By Blackwind
Kim persuades her twin brother to introduce her to the pleasures of sex.

This is a rather predictable and unimaginative story -- nothing particularly distasteful -- just dull and plain.

uncledan.txt Uncle Dan [555]
By EdensGift
A girl who has learned through experience about sex from her father goes to live with her Uncle and proceeds to seduce him.

This is a very arousing story -- the best one yet by this author.

unclespa.txt My Uncle's Spa [444]
By Larry Mason
Sandra readily accepts her Uncle's open life style when she is first exposed to it in his new spa.

This is a typical Larry Mason story with respect to plot, although it's told from the girl's perspective which isn't so typical for this author.

vickie.txt Vickie [555]
By Solitaire
The author recalls in eloquent detail his introduction to the pleasures of sex by an experienced girl "who did it."

Although the sex in this story when viewed by itself is not particularly extraordinary, the eloquent and vivid details describing these events are bound to move anyone old enough to remember "their first time."

whitehse.txt At the White House [554]
By Larry Mason
Paul was invited to spend his 13th Christmas holiday with the White family (twin teens, their parents, and an 8 year old sister), who devoted all their spare time to sexual adventures. (Influenced somewhat by Ebony Love's "Black Family Love.")

This is quite possibly this author's best story yet. He manages to make this normally unrealistic situation seem possible. And, I applaud him on his consistency with respect to ages and dates.

widower.txt Widower [554]
By Rider
After the death of her mother when Anna is 5 years old, she begins sleeping in her father's bed at night. He finds himself having sexual thoughts and fantasies about her, and gradually he begins to act out those fantasies.

This is arguably Rider's best story to date. Unlike 1943 and Stockholm, this is a story about a common incest fantasy, but it's told in a uniquely realistic fashion, rendering it much more arousing than other stories of its kind.

wrecker.txt Little Home Wrecker [545]
By Phil Phantom
A woman describes events as she lies next to her husband and daughter as they make love.

An unusual little story, but very well written.

yc-lake.txt Yellow Creek Lake [554]
By Larry Mason
I was 15 and Beth was almost 13 when we met at the lake. After Beth asked me to be her boyfriend, she feared that she'd started something she couldn't stop.

This is a rather ordinary story about 2 teenagers, but it does contain some highly arousing scenes, making it a worthwhile read.


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